What a dear deer boy

by Thatbadwriter

 Eric’s undersized brother Jayden finally hits his growth spurt—then keeps hitting it.

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“Now remember, Eric, if you or your brother need anything your aunt is just a phone call away,” your father told you as he and your mother prepared to leave for a prolonged business convention, or something, you hadn’t really been paying the most attention. At twenty and forced to spend your vacation watching your brother for some reason you weren’t exactly thrilled, interested, or listening, even if they had been talking about it for weeks now. Rather you were upset to now have your dweeby little brother hoisted onto you. Sure it’d been easy to keep him in line after all he was a runt to runts, he’d even convinced your parents to let him partake in some crazy drug trial a couple months ago, or was it hormone therapy, either way it didn’t matter, and he remained as puny and needy as ever.

“You two be good, all right? No parties or anything,” your mother half joked, but only half, pulling you into a hug. Next she moved to hug your brother, Jayden, and had to bend slightly. God the kid was eighteen and already graduated, but he looked like a kid still, and your mother wasn’t even that tall. You’d outgrown her years ago, now standing at five foot eleven inches, but he was like a foot shorter than her at four foot six inches.

Your parents then departed leaving you in charge of the house, something you’d have killed for when you were younger, maybe even now if you’d been alone, except you weren’t alone—you had a cumbersome little ball and chain to look after.

Hearing your parent’s car speeding away you made your way inside and sat down on the couch, flipping the TV on. It took all of ten seconds though before Jayden whined, “Eric, can we play a game or something?”

“No, Jay, I literally just sat down to watch this.”

“Okay,” he moped before pulling out his phone.

For the length of the show Jayden mostly just played on his phone, creating the occasional beeping sound, but then he would occasionally just kinda stare at you for a minute. God, it was weird when he did that, but the little guy, being so exceptionally short, definitely idolized you for being tall. You would have maybe even gotten a kick out of it if he didn’t just blatantly stare like a creepy horror movie child. You were the tallest in your family, you’d been two inches taller than your dad for about a year, and deep down you knew it was more of a “my parents are short” thing than a “Eric is the tallest man who ever lived” thing, but it definitely wasn’t hard to find being the tallest cool.

The instant the show was over Jayden’s head snapped up “Okay, Eric, it’s over now. Let’s do something fun,” he insisted.

“Fine, what do you wanna do?” you asked, knowing the coming answer.

“Let’s wrestle!” Jayden cheerfully requested, as he always did.

“All right, all right.” You got up off the couch as your brother immediately sprang at you. For whatever reason the little weirdo always wanted to wrestle you, despite his obvious disadvantage. Best you could figure it was part of his whole hero worship thing, always fascinated by how much taller and stronger you were. For a few minutes you just tussled with on the ground, letting him have his fun, but when a hot something jabbed your stomach you nearly had an aneurism. Now resolved to end this as quickly as possible you pinned Jayden, saying, “Looks like I win,” and standing to walk away, but not before seeing the slightest tent in your brother’s shorts.

For the next hour or so you just sat in your room, not sure what to think of what happened, or rather trying not to think at all. You wanted to rationalize it away, after all he’s eighteen and you’re twenty, boners are as common as breath at that age, but a nagging part of you wondered what if this was why he was so obsessed with you. Frankly you had no clue how to process that, but your overthinking was shortly interrupted when there was a knock at your door.

“Eric, it’s getting late and I’m hungry.”

“Oh right, you’re supposed to feed him or something,” you thought, rolling your eyes at how coddled he was just for being short. “I’ll be downstairs in a minute Jay then we can order pizza or something.”

“Awesome!” with that you heard him rush downstairs.

Not much later the both of you were sitting in front of the TV eating, something you weren’t exactly supposed to do, but who was gonna tell. The cartoon you’d compromised on was almost over and the pizza almost gone so you decided this was as good a time as any to call it a night. “After this it’s lights out,” you told Jayden, somewhat enjoying that you got to make the rules.

“All right Eric,” he pouted. Another five minutes and you were turning the TV off while Jayden said, “Thanks for today big bro, it was really fun!” He then began scouring the couch for all his necessary belongings, namely his phone he always seemed to lose.

As your brother fished in the couch cushions, distracted by his search for anything he may have misplaced before going to bed, you leaned forward to grab the last slice of pizza for a bit of solitary indulgence when he was gone. However, you were paralyzed as, yet again, you swore Jayden was pitching a tent with little to no provocation. “Calm down, it’s probably just the light, or it’s just his knee. Yeah it’s his knee!” you internally rationalized. When he stood though you couldn’t lie to yourself anymore. That was the familiar “camping equipment,” and definitely not just his knee.

Your brother now upstairs, you began to tidy the box and plates before going to bed yourself. “What does this mean?” rang louder in your head with every step up. Surely, surely, the little dweeb was just finally reaching puberty or something, but as your head hit the pillow there was still a nagging that refused to dissipate.

“-ic? Eric are you awake?” you awoke to a nervous question through the wall.

“Ugh, what?!” was all you cared to snap back at the hated cause of your sudden lucidity.

“I-I’m sorry Eric, but can you come here, please? I-I don’t know what to do…” Jayden practically whimpered.

“All right,” you got up with a groan, “But I swear to God if you woke me up for nothing…” When you opened your brother’s door though you were instantly hit with a shock nothing could have prepared you for. Standing there by the bed was Jayden, or what you assumed to be Jayden, because clearly you hadn’t just gone through the Looking Glass, you were in another reality altogether. Jayden now stood taller at around five foot four inches, still a bit short but much more appropriate for his age, and poorly hidden behind a soaking wet bedsheet that, like the room in general, reeked to high heaven of musk. The kicker to end all kickers, what made you truly doubt if you were even awake, was your brother appeared to be some kind of… deer… person. His body was covered in a light brown fur, save for his torso and a few spots which were a soft white, and though he still had fingers and toes they appeared to be jet black as if to mimic hooves, and all of this was topped off by two buttonlike antlers protruding from his skull in between his now pointed ears.

“Jayden how the fuck did this happen?!” you couldn’t help but blurt out more aggressively than you’d intended.

“I-I don’t know Eric, I woke up this morning and my head really hurt, and then I noticed all the hair, and, and,” he sniffled and sputtered, mistaking your shock for anger, “I’m sorry…”

This instantly tripped your fraternal instincts and you took a step towards him, gently assuring him by saying, “Jay, I’m not mad at you, I’m worried because this sort of thing just doesn’t happen.”

“R-Really,” he mumbled before noticing your approach. “Wait! Eric I’m naked!” he took a step back, his blanket retreating with him to reveal the tattered remains of his clothes.

“That’s not really our biggest problem right now. We need to figure out what happened.”

“Should we call Aunt Carol? Won’t she know what to do?”

After a frankly derisive snort you told your naïve brother. “Are you joking? She’d just freak out and to have you sent to the circus, or the zoo, or something. Hell, she’s mean enough she could send you to get dissected for the right price, no we need to keep this between us until we figure out what happened.”

“Well if you say so Eric, but what do we do about… this? My clothes won’t fit anymore,” he jostled the bedsheet to indicate his nudity behind it.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure you can just wear something of mine.”

“Okay,” Jayden simply replied before dropping the sheet outright with a surprisingly wet sounding impact, modesty apparently forgotten. You were again struck with shock when you saw that your younger brother had what was very possibly the biggest penis you’d ever seen dangling between his legs atop two extremely fat nuts. It was not exactly record breaking, but the fact it hung so casually as if it weren’t about three sizes too large for his body created quite an effect. Not to mention you could feel a gnawing primal resentment in the back of your mind from knowing his flaccid member was probably only an inch or two shorter than your erect one, and just as thick.

“…Just grab some underwear for now Jay, we can figure the rest out after breakfast,” you told him after giving your brain a moment to reboot. As he departed for your room you were surprised to see, even if you probably should have guessed as much, your brother now sported a small teardrop shaped tail that stuck straight up above the plumpest, roundest ass you could imagine. Not a single girl back on campus came close to having an ass that ho—“What the fuck Eric? Were you actually thinking about that? Get a grip!” you chastised yourself.

While Jayden got some boxers for himself you were now left standing in his room, clad in only in your own, with what was possibly the biggest mess you’d ever seen. The smell emanating from his bed was omnipresent, and as you stepped closer you knew that cleaning it would be unavoidable. You picked his blanket from the ground and were met with an unsettling squelch, “Jesus could this thing be any more drenched?” you asked aloud, for no one’s benefit but your own. After stripping his bed you made your way to the washing machine with an armful of what was somehow simultaneously the wettest and crustiest thing you’d ever held, and ferociously trying to ignore some movement around your groin.

Now downstairs, furiously washing your hands, you wondered what was keeping Jayden. You had taken care of his sheets while he’d only needed to grab a pair of boxers, yet you’d still beat him downstairs. He didn’t leave you wondering long though as you heard his descending footsteps only moments later. Back still turned to him, you asked, “What took you so long, Jay?”

“Well I had to find a pair I liked, but also they just keep fitting really weird.”

“What do you mea—” but you instantly got your answer when you turned to him and saw the pair of boxers he’d put on was more or less fitting in the weirdest way possible. They were exceptionally tight around his package, but that was about it for tightness. Everywhere else they revealed loads of flesh, or rather fur, the upper portion of his hips were openly visible and his butt was constantly fighting for freedom, as every few minutes he needed to hike his shorts. You’d known they’d fit weird since you were still bigger than him, but clamped around his dick and barely able to handle his ass was something you weren’t ready for.

“So, what’s for breakfast?” Jayden asked innocently, oblivious to the fact he looked less weird and more come-hither-my-love.

“Uh… I didn’t really have time make anything,” you said, distracted again by his endowments that effortlessly dwarfed your own. “Just make yourself cereal or something, I’ll make some toast.”

After you’d both finished your breakfast you and Jayden went upstairs to get fully dressed, both picking out of your closet. You half wanted to stay in your boxers all day, but you couldn’t quite trust yourself with all of Jayden’s… stuff… going on. Scratch that, you could trust yourself just fine, it was Eric Jr. you doubted. Between the uninvited thoughts of this morning and what might happen if he saw your erection and said something like “wow it’s so much smaller than mine” you weren’t taking any chances, so you donned a simple t-shirt and some basketball shorts. Jayden on the other had was being much more choosey until he came to a white tee with some various designs on the edge. When he put it on though it slipped right over his shoulder no matter which way he tried to wear it. The khaki shorts he picked out fit about as well as his boxers did, just longer, so his ass still peaked out beneath his proud standing tail and his bulge was as present as ever.

The two of you had then spent well over an hour trying to discern what could have happened, but having only the internet as a resource you were ultimately left sitting on your hands. Jayden for his part though didn’t really seem to mind, frankly he’d told you he thought it was kind of cool being taller. So for now the plan was just to roll with having a button buck brother until a better idea came along, because you sure as shit didn’t want to risk exposing your brother to the potential danger passersby presented.

The day, life altering developments aside, had been largely uneventful. Jayden still acted like your shadow most of the time, and you were about ready to return the affection by lovingly tearing out his jugular. In truth it wasn’t that bad, but you’d already been rather prone to getting sick of his neediness, given the standard disposition that came with guys your age, and his… enhancements… were something you didn’t care to be constantly reminded of. Now you were turtling in your room, listening to loud music, and taking a much-needed moment to simply breathe. Your escapism was short lived, however, because a startlingly loud crash came from downstairs.

Getting up and unlocking your door you called out, “Jay, what was that?”

“Uh, nothing, Eric. You, you don’t need to come downstairs!” he answered, practically tripping over himself as he tried to convince you nothing happened.

Your brother’s terrible I’m-definitely-not-lying voice was all it took to get you moving. His panicked scurrying once he’d heard you coming was all the more proof you needed that he probably broke something. When the living room came into view, as expected, there lay the shattered porcelain of what used to be a lamp. Unexpectedly though your brother was sitting on the couch beneath every pillow in the immediate vicinity, and sweating bullets. “Jay… what happened?” you asked your twitchy guilt-ridden brother.

“The, uh, it just kinda, and then…uh…” Jayden nonsensically sputtered.

“Slow down there hotshot, tell me slowly what happened. For that matter what’s up with the pillows?”

“…well I accidently knocked it over…”

“And the pillows?”



“Promise you won’t be mad…”

“Ugh, yes, what’s the big deal?!” but when he slowly freed himself from his cocoon of pillows you saw exactly what the big deal was. No longer was there the barest amount of slack in Jayden’s clothes—well, the bottom half, anyway, as they were pulled tight against his body straining to conceal a monstrous erection. That thing was easily double the size it’d been this morning, if not more, and with the most burning of blushes your brother was staring intensely at the floor, too embarrassed to meet your gaze.

“…I…uh…accidently…hit it…with…with this…” he gestured to his huge erection.

“But what… I mean how did it happen?” you asked while trying to ignore the dick that put yours to shame twice over.

“Well… I was playing a game, and this one guy looked really really cool and then I—”

“No, no Jay,” wait… a guy? “I meant how did you knock the lamp over.”

“Oh, my controller died so I went to get the other one, and when I came back I kinda… bumped it…”

Bumped it nothing, it looked like he hit it with a baseball bat… well, nope, bad thought. “Okay, well you just… uh… calm down, and I’ll sweep it up. After that I’ll make some dinner, sound good?”

For dinner that night you afforded Jayden the luxurious choice of some boxed mac & cheese or a can of ravioli. One box later you were presenting your brother with his meal, and fixing a bowl for yourself. Jayden seemed particularly eager to scarf his down, saying something about being tired and wanting to go to bed early. Although suddenly growing about ten inches taller and becoming a deer could tucker anyone out, or so you guessed, it wasn’t exactly your field of expertise.

After scampering off to his room, doing his best not to look like some overeager weirdo, Jayden shut his door behind him. He was stripped to his, or rather his brother’s, boxers and lying on his bed in approximately ten seconds, and allowing himself to dwell on the thoughts that had been coming to him over the last two days. Feeling his penis becoming once more roused as he thought of the fun he’d had wrestling and the, dare he admit cute, guy Jayden pulled the boxers down until they were around his knees to let the beast stand freely. Timidly he reached out to touch his still somewhat alien erection, but the instant his fingers reached the sensitive flesh he found his nervous eagerness replaced with unbidden pleasure. Moans began emitting from his lips, momentarily he became nervous Eric would hear him, but he didn’t possess the ability to stop himself. With each fevered stroke he came closer and closer to climax until finally, with a barely stifled scream, he erupted. His fur was absolutely painted as massive shots of seed collided with his chest and face, for almost a full minute he coated himself in the warmth of his sperm. His mind gave way almost instantly as succumbed to a hazy afterglow and he fell asleep, wearing nothing more than a blanket of sperm and some boxers around his ankles.

It’d been somewhat peaceful after Jayden had gone to bed, and now is it grew late you were getting tired yourself. When you passed by your brother’s door you heard some of the loudest and wettest snoring you’d ever heard. “Geez, he must really have been tired,” you said to yourself, deciding it might be a good night to fall asleep to music.

Unbeknownst to either brother, though, Jayden’s body had begun changing yet again. His skin gradually stretched out while his bones cracked and popped as he grew more than a fair bit taller. All over his trace amounts of youthful roundness were slowly burning away as his body became leaner and more defined. Not to be left out his ass was becoming even larger, resembling less so a behind and more so an air bag, as his already hefty shaft crept further and further down legs that were occasionally colliding with expanding testes. Jayden simply smiled as he slept, unaware of what awaited them both in the morning.

Somehow when you woke up you felt even worse than you had yesterday after being woken up to the weirdest morning, and day, ever. Frankly you weren’t even sure it’d really happened, after all people don’t just become deer…and you did just wake up with a headache, maybe it was all a dream? Daring to hope everything happening with Jayden was no more than a junk food induced nightmare you made your way out of bed and out into the hall, resolved to check on your brother and find his normal shrimpy self.

The door sat right in front of you, but you were having trouble bringing yourself to look, what if Jayden really had changed? No that was silly, as you reached for the doorknob though you heard what sounded like a stampede of elephants before the door flew open and, in a blur, you were on your butt. “S-sorry Eric,” a considerably larger Jayden apologized as he nervously danced on the spot, “But I really have to pee,” and he was gone as quick as he’d came. Left reeling on your ass as your brother, you assumed it was Jayden anyway, sprinted down the hall all you could do was try to will your dick out of existence as it began to squirm, had that really just turned you on?

When you dared to stand back up you heard the toilet flushing and began to brace yourself. The man that walked out of the bathroom was a sight to behold, Jayden now loomed over you at an impressive six feet and three inches, his face had become more mature and shapely, though ultimately youthful. Where there’d previously been none he now possessed some faint definition and the signs of a budding six pack, but more startling than any of it the boxers you’d given him looked less like underwear and more like a piece of plaid dental floss. Your brother’s equipment was stretching the shorts within an inch of their life as about all they covered was his bulbous head, his shaft almost fully exposed and his hefty balls were free to proudly hang with virtually no resistance.

“Phew, sorry about that Eric, are you alright?” your brother asked, apparently unfazed by his near nudity.

“Uh…yeah…” was all you could say as you idly dusted yourself off. “Look Jay…wh-why don’t go get dressed, I’ll go make some pancakes if you do.”

“Oh awesome!” With that Jayden made tracks for his room, and you saw his rear had not been left out becoming something of myth, a very very large and very very round myth.

After fetching a shirt, you made your way to the kitchen to uphold your end of what was essentially, whether he realized it or not, a bribe to try and make your brother stop tormenting you with his body. This whole situation was positively ludicrous, your little brother was a good half foot taller than you and had a dick that could club a horse to death. Your thoughts were interrupted however when a shadow came over you, and a jab to the lower back nearly caused you to hit the ceiling.

“They done yet?!” Jayden asked excitedly, oblivious to what he’d just done.

“N-not yet, Jay, I—” but as you turned from the stove the words got caught in your throat. Your brother had somehow managed to squeeze himself into the same clothes as yesterday but they fit… differently. Your shirt on him looked painted on, reaching only about a quarter of the way down his arm and leaving his bellybutton on down entirely exposed. The shorts though may as well have been a second skin, they groaned every time he move and his bulge made it look like he was trying to smuggle away a huge salami and two large cantaloupes. Immediately you pivoted back towards the stove and told him, “Well, just… uh… just sit down and they’ll be ready soon,” as you nearly bit a hole through your tongue, desperate for distraction.

Once you’d served a plate to Jayden about all you could do was sit at the table and watch your brother happily eat with a goofy smile on his face. You didn’t have an appetite yourself, not after all this, frankly you were surprised you had any feeling at all. It wasn’t just maddening it was unfair, how come that little turd gets to be so big. You’d kill to be in his position… wouldn’t you? Surely that’s what was bothering you, that had to be it, otherwise that would mean you were just…

“Thanks Eric, they were really good!” your brother interrupted your thoughts as he stood from the table, and accidently bumped it with his hefty bulge.

“Sure,” was all you listlessly responded, Jayden’s growth and deer-ification rapidly devolving you into a confused mess.

The next several hours weren’t much more than a blur, a big confusing blur. You still couldn’t nail down exactly why you felt so weird, or how you felt about your best guess to the cause, and Jayden had more or less been acting like a turbo spaz all day. Whatever you did, be it getting roped into a game or simply having lunch, the kid seemed like he was gonna launch towards the moon at any minute.

“Jayden, can you try to calm down a little, I’ve got a really bad headache,” you asked your brother.

“I’m sorry Eric, today just feels really exciting, but I’ll try,” he said before literally sitting on his hands like the innocent oversized youth he was.

As you rubbed your temples a slight groan filled the room, when you looked up you saw your brother’s bulge was twitching. Oh god, was an urge the root of his seemingly boundless energy? Well if one thing’s for sure, based of yesterday if he gets fully hard now he’s tearing straight through those pants, not good. “Uh, hey Jayden wanna…wanna play a game?” you asked in an attempt to distract him, figuring it’d be easier than giving him some bark to chew on.

Your brother’s eyes practically lit up, and frankly you were surprised his antlers didn’t launch off like little fireworks, “Yeah! What should we do Eric?!”

“Uh…” crap you hadn’t thought that far ahead, “How about a new game?” you floundered for time.

“Okay, how do we play?”

Damn, always with the hard questions. “Okay… first we get a deck of cards… then we split it. After that… we flip the top card to see who has the highest number.”

“…Eric, that’s just War…” Jayden said a little deflated.

“So, you don’t wanna play?”

“No, no, no, let’s play!” quickly changing his tune at the threat of not spending time with you.

Two games later and you were facing the same problem, you were clearly losing your brother’s attention as his groin began to stir yet again. “C’mon, Eric, you can think of something,” you tried encouraging yourself, but rather than coming up with ideas you were growing increasingly… curious, as whether you realized it or not Jayden’s powerful pheromones were assaulting your senses. “Hey Jay… wanna try… another… game…”

“Yeah, I mean I like playing with you, but War is kind of a baby game.”

“Okay, for the next game,” deep breath, Eric! “we’re gonna do some… comparing…”

All Jayden did is stare at you confused for a moment, but before you could jam your hand in your mouth and rip your tongue out your brother interrupted the silence by asking, “What do you mean?”

Fuck, maybe you should have ripped your tongue out, “C’mon Jay, hasn’t anyone at school… ever talked about… y’know…”

“About what?”

“Comparing, comparing their…………junk…”

Oh, yeah that sounds fun, let’s do that!” Before you could even reply he’d taken you by the arm and was leading you upstairs, apparently chomping at the bit to mess around with his dick.

“A-all right, let’s go to my room,” you said, regaining some composure.

When you got there Jayden turned to you and eagerly asked, “Now what?”

“Well, we gotta… undress,” you told him with a blush.

In a flash Jayden literally tore his clothes off with a guttural rip, “What next?!” Clearly he didn’t share in your modesty as he stood happily nude amongst tattered cloth.

“Uhh… go find a tape measurer or something while I undress.”

“Okay,” and with that your brother ran out of the room, semi-erect penis bobbing cheerfully.

While taking your shirt off you began second guessing your decision. You looked plenty good yourself, frankly you were a bit above average, but having someone you towered over only two days ago suddenly a fair bit taller than you, and more than a fair bit more hung, was filling you with doubt. Nope, deep breath, no point in chickening out no, and with that you pulled down your shorts and underwear together. Besides, it’s just Jayden, it’s not like he’s some meathead in the locker room who was gonna laugh at you for having the audacity to be younger and smaller than him.

“Will this work?” Jayden interrupted your thoughts, peeking his head in and holding his old grade school ruler.

“Sure, just get in here,” you told him, before violently blushing when you saw his eyes were laser-focused on your penis. “Jayden, quit staring!”

“Sorry Eric, it’s just so big…”

Your first instinct was to throw something at him, but the lack of immediate ammunition gave you enough time to process that he was being genuine. Your little brother, with a semi nearly the size of your damn forearm, was telling you that you had a big dick. “Uh… it’s fine I guess,” you bashfully rubbed the back of your head. You weren’t sure why, but having someone so big compliment you so earnestly was doing a lot for you as you felt the telltale stirrings of a forming erection.

“So, what do we do next?” Jayden asked as he walked to you, his heavy balls slapping against his thighs with every step.

“Well… if we’re gonna measure… we have to get… hard,” you told him nervously, no matter how eager your brother seemed every step forward was like a battle, like he might suddenly decide you were the real freak and hate you forever.

“Awesome,” Jayden said while beginning to stroke and tease his fearsome meat, his own thoughts as far removed from yours as possible. “Can I give you a hand?”

So much for thinking Jayden was gonna suddenly hate you, the big little weirdo was fucking offering you a handjob. “N-No Jay, I got it.” In no time the both of you had done what you’d set out to, each finding inspiration in the other, and were standing together erect. “Now then,” you said, grabbing the ruler and measuring yourself: “eight and a half inches,” frankly you’d already known that, of course you did. Normally you’d have taken great pride in your size, confident in the knowledge you were both large and likely still due to grow, but Jayden’s enormous throbbing monster could make anyone feel small.

“My turn Eric!” Jayden said sounding more excited than you could ever remember him being. “C-could you help me though, I think I’ll have to hold it while you measure.”

“O-okay, Jayden, just… hold still.” Your whole body burned crimson as you moved towards the beast that was angrily dripping a steady flow of pre on to your carpet. He visibly shuddered when your hand made brief contact with the base of his cock, “Okay that’s twelve, uh try and hold still while I move the ruler,” but your brother’s whole body involuntarily quivered when you placed the ruler again “and that’s twenty-four, one more time bro,” Jesus this dick was big. With a final shudder as the ruler grazed his sensitive head you told him “…thirty, it’s thirty inches long Jay…”

“Woah…” was all your brother really had to say as you both took a moment to marvel at the oozing behemoth. After being sufficiently stunned Jayden broke the silence with a giggle and said, “I guess I win then.” Once more your first instinct was fueled by pure ego as you desperately looked for some kind of bottle to break over his head, before realizing he’d meant nothing by it. “Can we have dinner now? I’m kinda hungry,” he asked completely casually as if he wasn’t standing naked with his brother, and loosing torrents of musky pre.

“Uh, sure Jay, just give me a minute to get dressed again…and…uh…calm down a little…”

Fifteen minutes, and some deep breathing, later you’d left your room. Somehow no matter how weird things got, they kept getting more and more… intense. Proof of that was Jayden sitting on the couch with his head thrown back, his buttons scuffing the table behind him, and just as butt ass naked as he’d left you, still hard and leaking. “J-Jayden! Why didn’t you get dressed?!”

“Aww, c’mon Eric, do I have to? Me and you are the only people home and I think this is kinda fun. Plus, it’s so hard getting anything on.”

“F-fine, it’s just… I… I, gah!” you snapped before running into the kitchen, hoping making dinner would keep your mind off of your brother. Turns out, it didn’t, in the process of making spaghetti you’d absentmindedly let go of the box and boiled it along with the noodles so it was once more time for takeout. Forget her son becoming a big deer man, if your mom discovered you’d ordered out twice already she’d kill you, but what could you do? After a bit of waiting, and telling your brother to basically go upstairs and hide under his bed, you now had several boxes of Chinese food to barely taste while being distracted by Jayden.

The meal was largely silent save for two things, your brother’s chewing, and the occasional wet slapping of something under the dining room table. As you bit into something with a loud crunch, so preoccupied with other thoughts you couldn’t be sure if it was fried wonton or the end of your chopsticks, you reached your boiling point, you needed to see more. “So Jayden, I’m was thinking maybe we could… uh… go upstairs and… try some more stuff out, if you want that is,” you nervously suggested.

Jayden had stood so suddenly he nearly knocked over the table with his erection. “Okay! What should we do?” he asked, brimming with eagerness. Clearly he was ready to do something with the dripping and throbbing boner he’d had almost all day.

You and your brother were making your way upstairs again however, unlike last time, you were feeling more emboldened with every step, as Jayden tottered behind you like an excited puppy. His enthusiasm had finally crossed some invisible threshold and become contagious, claiming you as its first victim. When you entered your room again you began fishing through the bottom drawer of your nightstand as your brother stared with bemusement.

“What are you looking for Eric?”

“Hold on Jay I’ve almos—aha!”

“Eric! I thought mom and dad said you weren’t allowed to keep those in their house?” Jayden questioned the box of condoms you now held.

“Don’t be a baby, besides if they were good parents they’d face facts and want me to have them. Now what we’re gonna do is see who can fill theirs first,” you proposed, knowing full well you didn’t have a prayer. Jayden of course took to the idea like flies to honey, any excuse to mess around with his dick after all. It was more than a little impressive though when after you’d put yours on with ease, having bought some slightly too large in the hopes of filling them out, Jayden could barely stretch the condom over his massive head.

Taking into account your brother’s considerable head start, it was no surprise when Jayden’s moaning increased in intensity just as you were only getting hard yourself. With the accompaniment of an audible puncturing your brother practically wailed with an orgasm more than strong enough to rupture his condom in an instant. An unbelievable torrent gushed forth from Jayden’s member, each shot bigger than the last, with nary a sign of stopping. The amount of seed was beyond anything you could have imagined, even with his enormous balls, as your brother’s load impacted against anything it could reach, which was everything. Two, make that three now, of your walls were now host to large splotches of white and the ceiling was dripping with spunk, when suddenly you found yourself hit in the stomach with enough force to knock you back onto your bed. By the time your brain processed the warmth and wetness you now felt, realizing it was your brother’s cum, a second shot blew into your face laying you flat onto your bed, and by the end of it Jayden now stood in a very literal puddle of his product.

Before either of you could react in any way though Jayden fell to his knees, overcome by a sensation he’d yet to consciously experience. “Jayden, what’s wrong?” you asked, not yet knowing your brother was overcome with pleasure rather than pain. It became clear though when your room was filled with faint stretching sounds, and occasional mindless grunts of pleasure, that your brother was growing. While still on his knees Jayden threw his head back in ecstasy body climbed taller and taller inch by inch. His cock virtually unreeled providing even more impossible size, his testes engorging to the point they could do little other than rub against his thighs, and his plump round ass becoming something almost resembling a beanbag chair.

When Jayden finally could stop to breathe, he stood up to a staggering new height, at least seven feet of deer brother, if not an inch or two more. “Can we… measure… again?” your brother asked drearily, clearly exhausted from both his insane release and his dramatic growth spurt.

“Tomorrow Jay, you’re about to freaking collapse. We need to get cleaned up then you should got to bed for now,” but when you took a step towards your brother you became instantly aware of how jelly legged were. Looking down you noticed you’d filled your condom with what appeared to be the largest load of your life, insignificant as it may have been compared to your brother’s. Apparently you’d been so focused, so enraptured, with what had unfolded you’d climaxed without even realizing, a fact that made you both tremble with concern and quiver with delight.

Once you’d regained your footing and grabbed some pajama bottoms you led your brother to the bathroom. The ensuing shower was both one of the most interesting and frustrating ones of your entire life. It was easy enough to was yourself but Jayden’s fur was something of a nightmare, and you constantly had to hold him up despite his significant size advantage- something that was both a bit taxing and secretly thrilling. When finally in his bedroom, his nice not-soaked-in-gallons-of-jizz bedroom you laid him in his bed, his warm clean bed, oh well you could always just crash in your parent’s room for the night. As you turned though, he grabbed your hand, “Eric, will you stay with me tonight? I don’t want to be lonely,” he asked pitifully despite his towering size.

“Um…okay, Jay, but you’ll have to scooch some, you’re pretty big now.” After he’d done just that, making as much room as he could, you told him you’d quickly be back, you just wanted your phone charger in the right room. When you came back though he’d already fallen asleep, a goofy smile painted across his face. With an eyeroll you plugged your phone in and climbed in to the small space allotted for you and were promptly grabbed by your brother’s sleeping arms. “Well apparently my role tonight is that of a teddy bear,” you thought as Jayden pulled you close with a nuzzle, at least his fur was soft. As your own eyes began drifting closed, the last of your inhibitions melting away, your last thought was the realization that you wanted more of this.

You woke up slightly groggily, noticing a significant lack of “deer brother” in the bed, and with an acrid burning smell assaulting your nose. Partially worried but largely just unamused, you got up to follow the caustic scent, still clad only in plaid pajama pants, needing to make sure the house wasn’t about to burn down. You weren’t quite sure what to think when found the cause, the toaster billowing with pitch black smoke, because the operator was no less than Jayden clad only in a tiny pink apron.

“Oh crap, this was supposed to be a surprise…” Jayden sighed when he realized you were in the room. He was clearly far too large for that apron considering it barely even covered his crotch, the monstrous bulge of his soft member alone was barely contained under your mother’s tiny aprons, and his heaving balls were free to sway completely uncovered in the open air. “I wanted to make you breakfast as a way to say thanks for being so cool about all of this,” he blushed adorably beneath his fur, slightly embarrassed to be caught mid gesture.

You were frozen though, ironically, like a deer in headlights, and your brother needed to place a large hand on your bare shoulder, before then leading you to a seat at the table to get you moving out of the kitchen. No matter what you got used to, or convinced yourself you’d gotten used to, there always some new development waiting around the corner to stun you yet again. “So…uh…whatcha makin’ Jay?” you asked once you’d regained your composure.

“Just some eggs and—oh crap!” the answer came with a clattering as Jayden dropped his whisk, which then collided with a mixing bowl that fell off the counter and splattered egg all over the floor.

“Would you like some help Jay…”

“No, no, I got it Eric,” he said as he bent low to clean his, providing you with a perfect view of his plump rear and the constantly full sack that dangled between his legs.

“A-Alright…” you stammered, falling back into a daze. When the mess, and a couple more, were cleaned and breakfast was finally made you and your brother dined on some slightly rubbery eggs and several pieces of scraped toast. The quality of the meal went almost entirely unnoticed though because you were too mystified by this mix of roguish and charm and naïve innocence your brother’s face now possessed. Frankly anywhere you looked at him was getting to be too much to handle as Jayden had practically become something like a dream overnight…well, three overnights anyway…

The surprised haze didn’t last though as your brain became poignantly focused on Jayden, and what you dared to want from your brother. After washing the dishes, it being both only fair after he’d cooked and to avoid any further incidents, you joined Jayden in the living room. Your brother was watching TV but what was playing went completely unnoticed, because the only thing you could focus on was him absentmindedly playing with himself. He wasn’t even masturbating per se, and yet all the same as Jayden watched whatever he watched he was making himself hard and beginning to lightly snort.

Almost as soon as your butt hit the couch however Jayden turned to face you. “Can we go measure now?” he asked, his request from last night clearly unforgotten. With that you went fishing for a measuring tape this time, and when you told Jayden you wouldn’t be going upstairs, or daring to participate yourself, he seemed a little disappointed. This time he measured thirty-five inches, in one day, no, in one night he’d grown an extra five inches worth of dick. Deciding it’d also be prudent to get a measure of his height this time you had him stand against the wall, telling him to hold the tape level with his head, and bent down to read the number. Eighty-five inches, eighty-five damn inches, that meant your little brother was seven foot one.

When you went to stand you found yourself getting frozen as your face met Jayden’s still hard member. All your brain cells were melting away as the massive beast stared back at you, throbbing with need. Every nerve in your body sparked with visceral shock when you heard Jayden ask, “Do you want to touch it?” and you realized your brother was staring down at you. “Because you can.”

With that the dam within you burst, but rather then simply touch it you were compelled to try and fit your mouth onto his bulbous head. A dull thud as your brother fell against the wall faintly registered in the back of your mind as you used both of your hands to massage his monstrous shaft. The room was filled with deep moaning and a wet smacking as you continually lapped, kissed, teased, and chocked on the beastly cock. Your mouth literally overflowed with his pungent juices, viscous pre running down your jaw, until Jayden began bucking wildly. The first thick shot forced you off of him with ease, left momentarily sputtering on creamy seed before returning for more. Having swallowed all you could manage though this time you instead stood, allowing his erupting mass to press into you, as you began kissing him passionately. Becoming drenched with seed, needing to hold on desperately as you and your brother attacked each other’s mouths voraciously, you too began orgasming, your torso and pajama bottoms utterly sodden with sperm.

By the time the last jet was sprayed there was more than a modest amount of spunk dripping from the couch, but the brunt of it was coating you and Jayden. Sitting now in a messy heap on the floor, enjoying one another’s embrace, you couldn’t help but be a little nervous regarding the mess. “You know…mom and dad are gonna kill us…”

“Who cares, it was totally worth it,” Jayden beamed down at you before gently kissing the top of your head.

Your chance to retort never came however because you were interrupted by an intense heat radiating from your brother’s body. His soaking fur bristled with pleasure as again he began to stretch and grow beneath you. You could feel his enlarging penis radiating heat behind you as you sat in his lap while his head crept further and further up the wall. The experience was unlike anything you could have imagined, feeling Jayden actively becoming larger beneath you provided a unique thrill that, had you not already been spent, would undoubtedly had made you erect all over again. His body continued to expand until he was roughly a foot taller and finally he let out a satisfied breath.

“See, I told you it was worth it,” he chuckled.

“Shut up dummy,” you playfully told him before going to stand and relocate the tape measurer. “Stand up, we’re gonna check how tall you got.”

“Gladly,” he stood, dripping with his own cum which you realized you must also be doing. Measuring him again you saw he was ninety-nine inches tall, or eight foot three. A blowjob, or rather as close as any normal mouth could get to giving his abnormal self a blowjob, had made him fourteen inches taller like it was nothing. Not ever to be left out his dick, now soft, measured thirty inches, the size it’d been hard the night before. Even his nuts looked like a brown pair of furry bowling balls and his individual ass cheeks could easily be mistaken for cushions.

Now you and your brother were just finishing cleaning the living room after having showered, separately to Jayden’s chagrin, but there was no sense in having to clean the bathroom as well. Unfortunately, but perhaps predictably all the same, you had to do most of the cleaning because with Jayden’s growing some of the more simple movements, like being able to fit his finger through a spray bottles trigger, were becoming lost to him. Somehow you doubted he minded doing less of the cleaning though, besides your brother had proven with breakfast he basically had seven thumbs.

“Hey Jay, do you think you’d be alright on your own for a while? I want to go pick a few things up from the store.” And try to process what happened earlier.

“Of course, Eric, I’m not a little kid!”

Yeah no kidding, the faintly lingering scent of jizz in the living room was all the reminder you needed. “All right then, I’ll be back in a little while.”

After a short drive in your mom’s car you were walking the aisles of the grocery store, with colorful packaging in your peripherals and grabbing things to put in your cart like someone set to autopilot. What was even happening, what had your life become? Your brother was a fucking enormous, and growing, deer but for some reason it was turning you on… bad. Thankfully there was a shopping cart in front of you because just thinking Jayden was eliciting some… movement… downstairs.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” a voice snapped you back to reality as your cart nearly collided with another shopper’s as your thoughts became progressively lewder.

“S-Sorry about that,” you quickly apologized, not really having much of a case to argue. “Oh sorry ma’am, I was just daydreaming about my brother.”

Even once you’d reached the checkout everything was reminding you of Jayden. Looking at the candy reminded of his sweetness, seeing the energy drinks made you think of his boundless excitement, the lighters brought to mind the warmth of his embrace, and the magazines of course the magazine in front was about “John Deer” tractors. As if the universe were trying to mock by saying “We saw what you did Eric” for daring to be increasingly okay with what happened, and how you dared to hope for more. The final straw that fate sent your way however was a little old lady with a large salami in her shopping basket. “Oh come on!” you couldn’t help but complain under your breath, not needing destiny to jab at your confused brain even further.

In the parking lot there was even a large cat with patterned brown fur and a white stomach wearing an interesting collar that gazed at you continuously, almost as if it knew both the secrets you were hiding and even things yet to happen. At least on the drive home there was virtually no traffic, allowing you to more or less not think about anything and just be thought free. All that rattled around your brain was the sounds of shifting grocery bags and the song on the radio. Actually finding some needed peace and clarity after your moment of respite you weren’t just ready to head back into the fray, you were excited to.

Nearly the second you were back in the house Jayden came running to meet you. “Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric!” he cried out excitedly, “Guess what I found!”

“Jeez dude, I haven’t even been home ten seconds, what is it?” you asked, placing the bags onto the counters.

“I saw this video online! It had the two guys in it, they looked really hot by the way, and the one guy put his dick in the other and, and, and—”

“All right, all right, just calm down, don’t go and hyperventilate!” well, it looks like your brother just discovered porn while you were gone. Kinda late but before now he had made late bloomers look genetically gifted so perhaps it wasn’t that surprising. “What’s your point, Jayden? You haven’t exactly said much of anything yet.”

“Well I wanted to try it with you, Eric,” he said entirely nonplussed, “like what we did earlier.”

“I…um…in the first place there is no way that you’d…uh…fit. Second was…well…I…you were okay with that?”

“Of course! I mean it was incredible and we even cuddled afterwards remember? But I think it’d be way more fun if we did it the other way around anyway.”

You could almost swear you heard a balloon deflating somewhere as you sat there and sputtered. “…I…I mean…yeah but…”

“Well then, what’s the problem, Eric?” he asked as he made his way to the stairs, gesturing for you to follow.

Then after another moment’s hesitation you did just that, tailing behind your brother’s own bobbing tail and bouncing behind. He led you to his room where he went to sit on his bed, beckoning you closer. When you approached him you were met with a tingling thrill to see that, even seated, he was still taller than you. Next he pulled you into a deep kiss, his larger mouth overwhelming yours as you began to feel him lifting off your shirt. After breaking the embrace long enough to get the shirt over your head he than began unbuckling your pants. This more assertive side of Jayden was definitely something new, but as your pants fell away it became very obvious you were about as far from disliking it as possible.

Your brother then let himself pull back from the kiss, his touch still lingering on your lips, and lay back on the bed. His own erection fell against him like an enormous pillar before he deftly pulled you closer to his plump ass with his legs. “You don’t have to be shy,” your brother cooed as if he were some experienced professional, naturally gifted with dazzling charm, smoldering appeal, and spot-on instincts.

“Now… you’re sure about this?” you asked and were answered by his long legs draping themselves over your shoulder.


With a deep breath you began slowly, grabbing more than a handful of his furry round pillowy ass on either side, and started slowly penetrating his surprisingly tight hole. He let out an unexpectedly low moan as you entered him wholly before starting to, almost rhythmically, thrust in and out, enraptured by the sight of your brother and the sensation he provided. Almost hypnotically his wide bloated balls rocked up and down, sloshing and slapping against your stomach, as his colossal heaving erection pressed against his body. The monstrous penis reaching all the way to the top of his chest and receiving attention from the both of you between increasingly unbridled plunging and shameless pleasured quivering.

What began happening next though stunned and amazed both of you, before leading to even more fervent passion. Almost like it was inflating Jayden’s cock began climbing higher and higher, while his already formidable testes gradually ballooned outward, sensitive furry and musky orbs pressing even further against you and driving each of you wild. As his leaking head grew up past his chin and towards his mouth without so much as a second thought, and barely even a first, he engulfed it with his hungry mouth. The scene unfolding was like ecstasy personified as you bucked wildly into your brother and your brother the same into his own maw.

With a cry of pleasure you began to cum, again and again, more than you ever could have imagined you could. Several jets deeply entering your helped elicit, though far more severe, reaction from your brother. With a whole body shudder, that caused you to fall forward onto his balls, and raucous sputtering Jayden had an orgasm the likes of which none had ever seen. His mouth was immediately filled with his own semen as his gushing fountainous member freed itself to rain wholly upon the room. The ceiling was utterly painted time and time again, gallons of hot sperm fell upon you and your brother alike. Not a single surface was spared as his nightstand, dresser, and bookshelf were all cleared by rocketing seed. There was not a moment of respite until you were quite literally ankle deep in cum, however unlike last night this was no puddle but a literal ankle high pooling that filled the room.

As Jayden lay soaked and panting on his bed a familiar sensation overcame him, stronger than it’d ever been. The room was filled with both a faint stretching sound and the overstimulated moaning of your brother as he grew. His legs on your shoulders got heavier by the second and his ass, still dripping with your seed and his alike, expanded ever wider. His freshly milked balls shuddered before gradually expanding until they were each the size of a watermelon. The behemoth shaft lengthened and fattened until it was as thick as his torso and tall enough to reach his buttons. He consistently rose along the bed the bed until, with a slight thud and a wince, his head hit the wall, his antler leaving dents in the drywall.

Easing yourself out from under his legs you told your brother, “Hey Jay I’m gonna go find the tape measurer again real quick, hang tight okay?” To which he replied with a simple thumbs up as he still lay breathing heavily. After a quick sprint downstairs, and a moment of paranoia that even though all the blinds were closed someone was about to see you running around naked, you were returning to the room. You started with his dick, deciding it’s be best to get a measurement before it shrunk back down to a more manageable size, as if it would ever even resemble manageable anymore. The result was positively unreal, it was seventy-two inches long, your brother had a dick taller than you at six feet. For his whole body you had to instruct Jayden to hold his legs straight, seeing as they easily dangled over the bed, and again you were flabbergasted because it read one-hundred and twenty seven inches, with some quick math your jaw nearly hit the floor when you realized that would make him ten-foot-seven.

“Jay…you’re not gonna believe this, but…you’re over ten feet tall…” you told him, still in awe.

“…ha…that’s awesome…” he said, still somewhat winded, as he sat up, the soaking fur on his chest finally getting a chance to settle as he caught his breath. “That was incredible by the way Eric,” he bent over, considerably taller now even when seated, and gently kissed you on the forehead.

“I—I—” you started with a stammer and a blush before hugging him deeply, “It really was, wasn’t it?” For a nigh imperceptible amount of time you both simply held one another, embracing your brother’s large furry body easily being the warmest and most comforting thing you’d ever experienced.

For the rest of the day you were utterly inseparable, only when one of you had to use the bathroom did you ever exist outside the same room. You’d never bothered to re-dress yourself or clean Jayden’s room, all you’d done in the way of cleaning was showering once more together but this time, regardless of the tight confines, it was an intimate pleasure to help Jayden clean his fur rather than some late-night chore. Constantly you were curled up cuddling and enjoying the feeling of closeness, everything outside of your newfound feelings seeming all but nonexistent. When you ate every other bite from your respective plates was fed to the other brother, when relaxing it mattered not what you did as long as you did it together, and when dusk started to settle the idea of curling up by the fire became so intoxicating that you decided using the ancient scorched fireplace that had acted as nothing more than a mantle for years was irresistible.

“Jay, let me up for a sec, I want to start a fire,” you explained, coiled in your brother’s arms.

“Fiiiiiine, but do it fast,” he released you from against his fuzzy chest.

After a moment of fumbling with the pile of lumber by the fireplace, that had very likely been there since you were in grade school, you had a fire going. However rather than return to the couch with Jayden you lay on the living room rug, beckoning for him to join you, and join you he did. His comforting presence putting you in a nirvana-like state of ease, the soft bean bag and a half worth of package pleasingly pressing against you.

An hour was spent on whispering sweet nothings while cozied before the amber flames. The deepness of your connection proving truly profound as time passed with a feeling of perceived hastiness when compared with what you wanted. Consequences left behind you as the two of you freely dreamed of a sublime life spent together, and how if an eternity was yours it would only just begin to suffice.

When dusk settled you found your eyes beginning to falter, the day’s events, be it physical, mental, or emotional, leaving you drained. Before you could do as much as stand to go to bed, or even admit to your drowsiness, though your brother began to pick you up as he rose himself having seen and shared your tired state. Lovingly Jayden carried you upstairs, apparently deciding on his own you’d take your parents room considering the respective states your own rooms were left in.

“I don’t know what made all of this happen Eric, but I’m so happy it did,” he confessed for the umpteenth time as he gingerly laid you upon the bed, before positioning your parent’s ottoman so he could actually outstretch his legs and joining you in the bed.

“I heard you the fifth time Jay,” you teased before turning to him and kissing his cheek, “but so am I.” With that your brother’s warm body enveloped you in the best spooning of your life, comfortably cradling you off to sleep. Mind and soul overflowing with a sense of completion, like you and your brother were made for one another and this was simply the catalyst you’d needed to happen upon such a glorious discovery.

A pleasant dream was gripping your mind where Jayden was ten feet tall you were twenty and rippling with muscle. Gleefully enjoying some growth of your own as the mental version of your brother happily worshiped you. The fantasy was short lived however as with a start your eyes flew open so quickly it was a miracle your eyelids didn’t fly off, when you heard a ferocious grunting that could only be described as otherworldly.

Noticing immediately that your brother was absent you started to get worried. Quickly you hopped out of bed, concerned that ungodly noise might mean Jayden was in trouble. Before you could even get past the bedroom door though the sound was replaced with one far worse, like metal, wood, plaster, and any number of things being horrifically warped and splintered before loudly bursting. The paralyzing effect of such a racket was nothing compared to what happened next however, a head, the gigantic head of your brother, painted with pleasure began effortlessly forcing its way through the floor rising higher and higher. In less than half a second the scene came together in your mind, the ungodly grunting and awful warping of the house had all been caused by Jayden, and now his pleasure painted face was panting alongside you in your parent’s bedroom, a whole floor separated from his body.

“Good morning, Eric,” he breathily panted, like this was completely normal.

“J-Jayden, what the fuck happened?! This is just crazy!”

“Well one I woke up I felt just, like, really horny, but I didn’t wanna wake you up.”

“You’re leaving out a lot of details though!”

“Not really, I just needed to get off and I grew some more,” he said as if that explained everything. “Oh! Speaking of that I’m still really horny and no matter what I just stay hard, why don’t you come downstairs and see?”

“This is not exactly the best time for that Jay… or… more of that…”

After carefully making your way out of the room, beyond the damaged floor, the sight awaiting you as you descended the stairs was unimaginable. Everything that wasn’t nailed down was knocked over, in addition to at least eight dents in the drywall there was a viscous layer of cum coating everything, the floor, recliners, couch, television, even cupboard and counters weren’t safe. The most alarming thing though was the twin pillars central to the room, one a colossal fleshy tube as large as its owner with several immense veins running down its throbbing length leading to a bulbous leaking head, and the other your brown and cream colored brother who’d grown so massive that apparently when he’d gone through the second floor he had been on his knees the entire time.

“Pretty cool, isn’t it?” your brother asked looking down from upstairs, something you weren’t even close to getting used to.

“Well sure Jay… but… if it happens again…you’ll probably destroy the house…” you immediately realized that probably wasn’t the best thing to tell him though when he let out a guttural moan and his gigantic cock throbbed and hit the ceiling with a tremendous crash.

“Oh Eric, that would be sooooooo hot, though, wouldn’t it?” his every syllable dripping with lust.

Truthfully you couldn’t tell what you should do, your brain was screaming at you to stop him but every other cell in your body wanted desperately to hop on that gargantuan cock and see how long you could ride without getting bucked off, as well as a hundred other kinky things. The choice was quickly taken out of your hands though when your brother’s giant hand pressed against your back and guided you to his eagerly pulsing member. Instinctively as you approached the monster you fell into a need to see it pleased as your senses were overwhelmed by his potent musk. Abruptly you lunged at the glorious cock and slid your still naked body along its length, licking every last bit you could and sending visible quivers up your brother’s spine.

Your whole being could be, and currently was, supported by the giant cock which allowed you to fully devote your body to working and massaging his shaft. Feverishly your lips alternated between lapping at the giant sensitive head and making out with his leaking slit as if it were a pair of lips, albeit far larger than your own. For his part your brother would attempt desperately to get at your own erection whenever he could until he simply lent forward, callously destroying more ceiling in the process, and held your body upside down. The ensuing combination of rushing blood while having your dick played with by such a massive tongue was pure bliss, and you desperately desired repay that feeling by returning to pleasing his tip in the most lopsided sixty-nine of the century.

Suddenly it felt as if Jayden had found a way to apply even more mind-numbing pleasure with his massive tongue, when you felt his tip pushing against your mouth though you realized something else was happening. Opening your eyes you saw very clearly what was happening, your brother had started growing again without having even cum yet. He seemingly didn’t realize himself as he just fervently tried to essentially milk you, but your brother’s arched back had gone through the hole he’d made earlier. Even with your mind buzzing at the thought of this new development though you were very much at the end of your rope, and with a cry unlike any sound you’d made in your entire life you shot your load into his greedy and hungry maw. Time after time you bucked, fully surrendered to the most exhilarating experience of your life, and time after time the giant button buck devoured every last drop of seed, eager to take every drop his brother could give.

When you were finally left empty and panting your brother set you back down on his dick, but when he straightened back up he banged his head on the ceiling. “Ah, dang it that’s annoying,” he began to rub his head before realizing just which ceiling he’d bumped it on, “Wait…wait, Eric did you see that? I just hit my head on the roof, the roof!”

After a moment of panting you finally answered “Yeah Jay…phew…you were…ahh…you were growing the whole time.”

“That’s so amazing, and hot, but now I really need to cum,” he then lay down on his massive member, casually wrecking the second floor beyond repair, and sandwiching you between his soft fuzzy body and hard throbbing member.

The ensuing euphoria was like a dream, feeling your brother’s immensity rubbing you into equally immense member had made you cum once more, weak and spent as you were, and was on the verge of going for a third and certainly phantom load as he filled not only the entirety of the first floor but the second as while, all while laying down on his dick. His back pressed against the roof as his cock began fighting an unlosable war with the back wall of the house. “Get ready Eric!” he cried out as his hips thrust and slammed into the walls before he began what could only be described as a prolonged sexual scream. In an instant the barrier between Jayden’s cock and the backyard was blown away by a tremendous blast of cum. His body rumbled and he pushed against every bit of the houses interior before the roof started to collapse as he grew violently from the first shot. He then sat up end entirely obliterated the roof and west most wall of the house, alerting any neighbors who hadn’t heard him to the fact they had a giant growing twinky deer boy for a neighbor. The next shot flowed like a great white torrent and easily overflowed not only your yard but the Johnson’s as well, and right on cue his body shuddered before plowing spectacularly plowing through the remaining walls, smothering the garage beneath his balls, and demolishing half of the Curtis’s home with his expanding ass. The rest of his seed unleashed like a merciless hydrant, constantly gushing and wiping house after house off the map, and accordingly he grew every last moment of it. By the time it ended your brother had entire leveled the neighborhood, everything before him buried under a heavy white blanket of spunk and everything behind him flattened by the wrecking ball that was his butt.

For a moment there was only silence before with an enormous moan he let out a breath and said, “God that felt so good!!!” All you could do was stare high in to the sky, dumbfounded by your brother, until he began fishing around ruins of the suburbia in search of you.

“I-I’m,” you started to say but realized it might more prudent to yell, “I’m down here, Jay!”

“There you are!” he scooped your tiny body up as easy as if it were a blade of grass. “Do you realize what all this means Eric?” he cried out into the open air as sirens sound in the distance. Without waiting for your reply though he exclaimed, “This means I can get as big as a want!”

Your heart skipped a beat at that idea, wild images racing through your hand of the endless possibilities now available to the both of you, what it would mean having your giant brother of a boyfriend as some godly force, “…do it…do it Jayden! Please get as big as you possibly can!”

“Don’t worry big bro,” he cooed while combing your hair with a finger bigger than your whole body, before a devilish smile crept across his face, “I intend to.”


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