Giant outburst

by mindloop

A giant wakes up one morning on the wrong side of the bed.

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It was a bad start to the day for Mr and Mrs Elliott. The morning sun had barely risen, but they were already standing in the middle of an empty field, still dressed in their pyjamas and anxiously clutching onto their cups of cold coffee.

The ground beneath them was trembling. The tremors occasionally caused the coffee to splash out of the cups, but the Elliotts didn’t seem bothered by the shrinking contents of their cups at all. Instead, their sleep-deprived eyes cautiously monitored the entrance of the abandoned rocket warehouse just 30 yards away from them.

The tremors were coming from the enormous building, and were steadily growing stronger by the minute. Soon enough, Mr and Mrs Elliott could discern an immense figure crawling out from the darkness of the warehouse. Even on all fours, the figure was at least 6 storeys high. As the giant’s head emerged in the morning sun, his handsome features scrunched up into a scowl. The giant’s annoyance was plainly visible as his face turned a deep shade of red and his thickly-muscled arms tensed up.

“I don’t wanna wake up now,” the titan boomed. “I just feel like sleeping in today!”

Mr and Mrs Elliott took several steps back as their giant teenage son slowly rose to his full height. The colossus put his hands over his hips, and his massive shelf of pecs swelled out further. The Elliotts could hardly make out the 18-year-old’s face from their vantage point.

“N-no Max! We’ve gone over this before. You have to take your lessons on time!” Mr Elliott shouted.

Although Mr Elliott attempted to assert whatever authority he had left, the fear in his voice was clear. Max threw notorious tantrums as a child, and his explosive temper had grown right along with his size. Now, dealing with the outburst from a 200ft tall teenager with the physique of a pro-bodybuilder? That was something else entirely.

I. Said. I. Don’t. Want. To!” the teen thundered back, as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

To reinforce his point, Max raised his right foot—which was longer than a bus, and easily twice as wide—and stomped down hard. The ground around him shook violently as almost 5000 tonnes of muscle slammed onto the earth. There was coffee spilled everywhere as the Elliotts were knocked onto their backs, and a few nearby trees had their leaves shaken out of them.

“Don’t y-yell at your mother like that!” The tiny father’s voice cracked as he helped his wife back up.

“Well, I’m bigger than you, dad. Much bigger!” the teenager huffed. “I can do what I want! And I don’t want to do any lessons today!”

With that, the colossal teenager stormed off. It took him less than two strides to reach his family home, which was only ankle-high to him. Sneering, he stepped over the two-storey house with ease, but deliberately brushed his big toe against the gutters on the roof in the process. The impact from his toe alone was enough to take out a good chunk of the roof, although Max barely felt a scratch.

It was a real scene for anyone unfortunate enough to be on the path of the colossal teenager as he stomped down the highway aimlessly. Max couldn’t care less about his surroundings and left a trail of craters in his wake across grass and asphalt alike. He could have crushed four or five cars easily with a single foot, so vehicles wisely swerved out of the way as he thumped by.

Suddenly, Max spotted something in the horizon which briefly snapped him out of his foul mood—a milk tanker, heading into the city. His stomach began rumbling as he recalled that he had left the warehouse without breakfast. The contents of the 40-foot-long tanker, which was about the size of a milk carton to Max, would quench his thirst a little.

Max’s one-track mind was now focused on literally catching hold of that tanker. He quickened his pace as his hunger overtook him. The tanker driver, upon noticing in the rear-view mirror that a giant musclebound teen was closing in, reflexively sped up his vehicle.

Hey! Get back here!” Max yelled, as he broke out in a run. Each of his powerful strides covered the length of a football field.

The people in nearby vehicles screamed for their lives as the giant pounded past by them. Not that Max heard them anyway—he was too caught up in his chase to notice. Neither did he notice that there were an increasing number of unlucky cars flattened under the soles of his feet, as the highway he was running down on merged with an expressway with denser traffic. To him, the feeling of cars being crushed under his record-breaking bulk was like merely walking on gravel.

It wasn’t long before Max had closed in on his target. He recklessly lunged for the toy-sized tanker just as it turned a corner. The last thing that the teenager saw as he ploughed into the side of a 20-storey office building was the tanker driving off to apparent safety.

Max’s broad shoulders crashed through the office building as if it were made from popsicle sticks and cheap glue. In his wild chase, he didn’t notice that he had reached the outskirts of the city in a matter of minutes. He grunted in discomfort as chunks of metal, glass and concrete rained on him. Max may have been as tall as the building when it still stood, but the full-on collision was enough to cause him considerable pain. As he thrashed around in confusion, the entire building gave up and collapsed on him.

Silence fell briefly in the city block. A stunned and curious crowd was drawn towards the disaster zone. Just moments ago, the people in the city streets had felt a mild earthquake followed by the astonishing sight of a musclebound colossus ramming straight into an office tower. The hulking teenager was now sitting unconscious, with a layer of rubble covering part of his powerful body. Was he injured by the impact; the crowd wondered?

It didn’t take long for them to get an answer. The unconscious figure started to twitch, then in a split second burst out of the rubble.

Grrraaaahhh! It’s not fair! First i had to wake up early, and now this!” Max formed a fist larger than a two-storey house and swung it into the building across the road in a fit of rage. His eyes caught sight of the crowd which formed around him.

What are you all looking at? I’m gonna crush all of you!” His booming voice filled the streets and deafened hundreds of onlookers. He angrily slammed his fists on the ground, then grabbed whatever he could get a hold of—vehicles, rubble, and probably a few people unintentionally. He tightened his grip around the debris, and flung them like pebbles at nearby buildings.

By now, emergency services from all over the city had been deployed to the scene. A squad of police cars was the first to arrive. Max flinched in annoyance over their blaring sirens.

Sir, we need you to calm down,” shouted a cop through a megaphone.

Stop telling me what to do!” Max got to his feet and loomed over the police squad. “At my size, I’ll do what i want!” Without warning, Max slammed his foot down on top of one of the police cars. There was a sickening metallic crunch as the car was flattened into a scrap no bigger than a coin to Max.

The police instinctively pulled out their guns and fired at the giant. This was obviously futile as their shots could go no higher than his toes, and he didn’t even feel the bullets bounce harmlessly of his skin anyway. But just the very sight of it angered Max further.

Who do you think I am, Godzilla?” He bent over to scoop up several police cars at once, along with whoever was unfortunate enough to still be in them. Max dropped a few cars between his pecs and flexed those gigantic mounds of muscle. He snickered as the cars were crushed flat with minimal effort.

Watching in horror at the fates of their colleagues, the cops in his other hand pleaded with him to spare them. This was a bad idea.

What are you gonna do to make me?” And with that he crunched the remaining cars in his fist into a pulp.

Max suddenly felt a sharp sting on his back. He turned around to see an army helicopter flying above him with a sniper hanging out from the side. The sniper shot at him a couple more times. The shots barely grazed the hulking teen’s muscle, but they had the intended effect.

Grroooaaaarr! Stop hitting me!” Max yelled, as he angrily tossed the balled-up cop cars at the helicopter. The helicopter swerved expertly to dodge the massive chunk of debris. This only enraged the teenager more. He jumped up to take a swipe at the helicopter, but missed. As he landed, his immense weight broke through the street’s surface with ease, forming a deep crater filled with asphalt and twisted metal cables.

The helicopter continued to dart around the hulking colossus, successfully evading each attempt to bring it down. After a few minutes, Max’s rage peaked and his face turned a dangerous shade of red. Lifting his head back, Max let out a ear-splitting roar powerful enough to shatter the windows in a one-mile radius. He then slammed his hands into the ground, grabbed chunks of the road, and began tossing them wildly at the helicopter.

Taking its cue, the helicopter flew off. Max completely lost control of himself and gave chase. In his adrenaline rush, Max barely felt any pain as his enormous body pulverised any structure unlucky enough to be in his path.

Max’s chase after the helicopter continued for a good five minutes until the helicopter reached its intended target—the farmlands, which was a safe distance from the city. By now, Max had slowed down and could barely recall why he was pursuing the helicopter in the first place. But he still had some rage left in him and showed it by purposely stomping on any farm vehicles he saw.

Sensing that the giant had lost interest in the chase, the helicopter made its getaway by deliberately flying over a large warehouse at the edge of the farmlands. The plan worked—Max’s attention turned to the warehouse where dozens of shipping containers had been airlifted onto its flat roof earlier. Each shipping container contained thousands of omelettes, sausages and hash browns.

Seeing the inhumanly massive breakfast spread laid out for him by emergency services, Max instantly stopped in his tracks and walked over to the warehouse. As he carelessly sat down, his muscular glutes flattened the grove of trees next to the warehouse. Even seated, he dwarfed the 30-foot-high building.

What followed was a sense of calm for the first time that morning. One by one, the young colossus grabbed a shipping container in his palm, then tipped the entire contents into his mouth before swallowing them in a single gulp. He would then crush the container with insulting ease and toss it behind it him into the vacant fields with a thunderous crash.

Max continued stuffing himself this way until the entire roof was cleared. He had cleaned out his breakfast in a fraction of the time it took for a team of over a hundred cooks to prepare it. But the plan was successful. The massive youth was so full that he had completely forgotten his prolonged outburst in the past hour.

All Max knew now was that he was very tired, and he had been running a lot… he swayed a bit before falling backwards onto a small barn, crushing it flat beneath his muscular back. He rolled over in the rubble, breathing deeply as he slept.

It was hard to imagine that the peacefully sleeping giant had caused so much carnage within one morning. But even as he lay sprawled across the field, Max’s body was gradually expanding a few feet in every direction in response to the burst of exercise and nutrition it experienced. From afar, his parents and the emergency response team watched in quiet dread as Max’s lengthening legs encroached into the nearby forest and his feet toppled trees as if they were blades of grass. They knew in their hearts there was nothing they could do now to stop the youth’s unrelenting growth, but they just prayed he’d be in a better mood when he eventually woke up again.

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