Green gassy giant growth

by JKL

 Heyden is out checking on his crops when a strange meteor shoots by, leaving change in its wake.

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“According to the GPS, the new farmer’s market is about an extra hour away. I should still be able to make it home by dinnertime, though.”

“Okay. How does sausage and bean casserole sound?”

“Sounds delicious. See you later, darling.”

Hayden Ulkin waved goodbye to his wife Hayley as the latter drove away with a truckload of fresh berries to sell. The Ulkin berry farm had been run by Hayden’s family for generations, and now it had been passed on to them with Hayley transporting and selling the fruit while Hayden’s long, slender fingers were perfect for helping the workers pick and pack the berries. Today was the workers’ day off, and Hayden was in charge of watering the plants and checking them for pests.

It was about a quarter past five when something caught Hayden’s eye as he was testing a ripe-looking berry. Something small, green and glowing was falling out of the sky, leaving a lime-colored smoke trail in its wake. It crashed not too far off from the farmhouse with an audible thud.

Hayden’s curiosity got the better of him, and he made his way over with a shovel for protection if needed. As he approached the car-sized crater, he saw a lump of dull green crystalline rock in the centre. Deciding that it looked harmless, he decided to fetch it to show his father later. As soon as his gloved hand touched the craggy surface, the rock exploded and dissolved into a large cloud of green smoke, leaving Hayden coughing as he scrambled out of the crater.

Hayden struggled to see through the green fog as it quickly spread over to where the berry trees were. However, the mist quickly dissipated as it had appeared, leaving him stunned and looking back at the now-empty crater to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

Suddenly, Hayden’s belly gurgled loudly, and he looked down in horror as his toned stomach slowly began to round out.

“What the fuck?!” H=he cried out as he felt his belly expand beneath his shirt and overalls. He tried to run back to the farmhouse to call 911, but he felt dopey and slow as if his head was filled with cotton balls and glue. In his haze, he pulled off one of his gloves and saw that his fingertips were beginning to turn green. The stunned shock at seeing this was enough to make him slowly slump down onto the ground.

“What’s happening to me?” he slurred aloud as his belly began to strain the shoulder straps of his overalls. As he reached to undo the buckles, his straining sleeves made him realize his belly wasn’t the only part of him that was growing. And it felt…good.

A deep rumbling noise like a purr emanated from Hayden’s throat as he felt himself grow. He flexed a bicep that split the seams of his shirt as it swelled to the size of a softball. He fondled his pecs that were ballooning into voluptuous pillows with hard, perky nipples peaking the two layers of cloth that were his shirt and undershirt. He wriggled his toes as his feet burst though his rubber boots. He groped his swelling junk, feeling his boner thicken and fatten to porn-star proportions under the thick denim. And he tenderly cradled his belly as it inflated and became as green as the meteorite. It swelled as big as a basketball, straining his shirt till his belly-button peeked through between a couple of struggling buttons. It swelled to the size of a ripe watermelon, buttons plinking off like bullets and belt tearing as they lost the battle to contain his growing girth. It swelled as big as a yoga ball, destroying the last few remnants of his clothing along with the rest of his body as he grew eight feet tall.

“Fuuucccckkk…” Hayden moaned in a deeper baritone voice as he lay down on his mountainous back and rubbed his tender belly. His naked cock throbbed against the underside of his massive belly, leaking precum like a faucet. As he tweaked a swollen nipple, he felt something wet squirt out, and he raised his massive paw of a hand to find it covered with a clear gooey substance smelling of fresh fruit and flowers. He gave it a tentative lick and his tongue flooded with an indescribable fruity flavor, like ripened nectar or ambrosia. He relished the taste, lapping up the goo when his pregnant belly gurgled again, hitting him with a massive urge to pass gas.

A thunderous noise filled the air as Hayden let out a long, loud belch and fart, plumes of fruity green gas billowing out of his mouth and ass like volcanic ash. The relieving sensation was more than enough to send his throbbing cock gushing with glowing green cum, splashing and pooling into the crater. He kept on belching and farting for a good five minutes, until his belly deflated into a heavily toned eight-pack and he was left panting from his orgasm as the gas quickly spread and dissipated, though traces of its fruity scent still hung in the air.

Hayden slowly sat up, getting used to his new bulk. As he slowly walked over to the orchard, he saw that the berry trees, previously bare or laden with unripe fruit, were now bigger and large jewel-toned berries hung from their boughs, swollen and shiny with ripeness. He gently plucked a crimson orb and inhaled its sweet, intoxicating scent. He bit into the thin ripe skin and his mouth flooded with sweet berry juice that was almost as good as his pec-fluid. He purred as he finished off the rest of the berry. Something clicked in his head as he realized the green gas must have been responsible for what happened to him and the plants, and a smile spread on his face as he wondered what would happen if anyone else breathed in the gas or ate the fruit…

Hayley was driving home with a small plastic bag from the nearby pharmacy when a fruity tang assaulted her nostrils as she approached the farm. She went to the farmhouse only to find her husband missing and a growing sense of discomfort in her stomach. Chalking it off as due to something she must have eaten, Hayley went to check out the orchard when she stumbled upon the berries. Their ripe, juicy appearance and sweet scent lulled her to pluck one and eat it…

The next day, the workers arrived at the farm after receiving a call from Hayden to help send the berries to the market in his place as he and his wife had some ‘important business’ to attend to. When they arrived, they couldn’t help but gape at how many ripe and juicy berry-filled baskets there were, and as they were loading the trucks some of them couldn’t resist the urge to taste the produce…

Hayden chuckled as he peeped through the small binoculars in his massive green hand, watching most of the workers drive away with trucks full of the delicious fruit, unaware of their remaining coworkers undergoing their transformation into muscular gassy green hulks.

“How’s it going?” a deep voice asked him, and he turned around to lovingly gaze at the large green muscle man his wife had become, his cannon-sized boner throbbing invitingly.

“It’s going as planned, love. Though we may have a few more horny hulks to deal with…” Hayden grinned as Hayley groped his juicy pecs from behind. He shivered with lustful anticipation as Hayley’s erection lodged itself between his bubble butt cheeks.

“Do you miss my old body?” Hayley murmured as he rested his chin on his husband’s enormous left shoulder.

“Not really, actually. Somehow whatever that meteorite was removed my attraction to women. Not that I’m complaining…” Hayden grinned as he gave Hayley a deep, passionate kiss.

“Hayden, I have something to tell you. Remember when I was vomiting and nauseous about a week ago and I thought I had the flu?” Hayden nodded.

“Well, I took a test from the pharmacy…and it tested positive.” Hayden’s eyes widened as he rested a hand on Hayley’s bloated abs.

“You mean… we were going to have a baby?” Hayley shook his head, tears welling in his eyes as his smile widened. He guided his husband’s hand to the lower right side of his eight-pack and firmly but gently poked it. Hayden gasped as he felt a soft little nudge in response.

“We are going to have a baby.” Hayden cried tears of joy as he carefully hugged his equally happy pregnant spouse as massive clouds of green gas wafted from the farmhouse behind them.

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