Pup frat

by Newbie Pup

At the behest of an old friend, Jack joins a frat and finds the initiation to be wilder than his growing- pup-filled dreams.

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It all started sophomore year of university when I got a text out of the blue from an old friend.

Brent Carmine and I had grown up together, we were best friends, always coming up with some hare brained scheme or adventure to embark on. He was a great friend… and a huge crush. What can I say? He was always there for me when I was feeling down. He’d get that dopey dorky grin on his face and my heart would just melt. Of course, I could never tell him. You know the same old story: he was straight and I didn’t want to risk the awkwardness. I couldn’t even tell him I was gay. I always meant to, but I never got the chance. He’s a year older than me, and when he went off to college, he got busy. So busy that by the time I got to the same school, he had practically disappeared.

It hurt, but I carved out my own little college life. Nothing too exciting, enough to keep me happy, but I found myself thinking about him from time to time and getting sad. So, when he texted me out of the blue, my heart skipped a beat! Suddenly it felt like old times! We reminisced and caught each other up on our lives. I eventually opened up and told him how I had kinda been aimless in college never really finding myself a stable friendly social situation. Apparently he had the exact opposite situation, he had joined a frat freshman year and was thriving. Gotta say I was a bit surprised, he never struck me as the “frat type.” I figured he’d roll with a chaotic DnD group or something.

“Dude! You should totally rush,” he messaged almost as soon as it came up.

“Idk man, I’ve never really been the ‘frat type’, y’know?” I responded.

He typed back almost immediately: “Pfft, did I ever strike you as the ‘frat type’?”

Shit, was he reading my mind!? Before I could ask, he texted again: “Seriously though, you should give it a shot! The guys will love you! Whatcha got to lose?”

He was right, I needed a bigger social scene.

Plus, though I didn’t think he meant it this way, the idea of a frat full of sporty jock type guys who would “love me” sparked a fuse in my little gay brain. Another thing I failed to mention to Brent back in the day… I had it bad for jocks. So, I signed up the next day.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A couple days after I signed up Brent invited me to a little party, I assumed a rush event. My roommate Tom insisted he come with me to “make sure they didn’t haze me” and Brent gave it an okay so there we were at the steps of the frat house. Unlike my country closeted ass, Tom was an out and proud twink since the day I met him and he was a bit weary of the frat crowd.

“So, are you gonna knock or just stand there in your gay flop sweat for an hour,” he snarked. I suddenly realized I had been standing at the front door with my hand outstretched for an amount of time not typical for knocking. I swallowed hard, and knocked.

The door swung open almost instantly. “Bro!!” Suddenly I was swept up in a big tight hug by the frat brother who opened the door. “It’s been too long! I missed you dude!”

It was Brent! I couldn’t believe it! I hardly recognized him at first. Last I saw him, he had the same average build as I did, not scrawny mind you, but nothing really special to anyone but those who knew him. But now… he was huge! He looked like had spent the intervening years at the gym and no-where else. His pecs nearly eclipsed my head in that hug as they strained against his tank top, and his biceps were like footballs! I wouldn’t have thought it was him if it weren’t for the shaggy brown hair and that same silly dopey smile. “

“Dude! I can’t believe it,” I exclaimed. I could almost feel a non-existent tail wagging as the memories flooded back. “You look… so different.”

“Yeah, I got a bit bigger,” he winked as he flexed his arm. I struggled to hide my blush. “C’mon! Come in come in!” He ushered us inside.

I’d never been to a frat party, so I didn’t exactly have a grasp on what they were like, but I had a feeling this one was a bit atypical. At a quick glance I guess it seemed like a normal party, but it quickly hit me as I stepped into the living room. Half the guys here were shirtless! I had to shake my head clear just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Nope, this was real, we were surrounded by the shirtless forms of hunks of all shapes and sizes… mostly big. Some were built like body builders, huge and brawny with hard muscles like fleshy boulders. Others, like Brent, had more of a football linebacker look, less cut brawn and more big huggable pillowy muscles, pecs you could get lost in. More than a few appeared to be nursing off season muscle guts, some just a layer of fat, others big and round like they’d been bulking for the past year.

Tom and I were speechless, and Brent took notice. “Yeah, you dudes got here a bit late, all the dancing with our shitty air conditioning makes a guy hot so shirts don’t last too long.” Yeah, no one was dancing and the air conditioning was working fine. “Plus, we’re all bros here! No shirts required!” he continued with a laugh, tugging off his own tank top before slapping my shoulder.

This had to be a joke, a trick or something. My mind raced. Brent must have known Tom and I were gay and he’d gotten his frat bros to pull this as part of some joke at our expense. Shit! Maybe he could read my mind. I was aroused, but mostly panicked, until I looked up. Brent saw the look on my face and flashed that signature goofy grin and I felt the anxiety pass. He wasn’t tricking me; this was Brent I was talking about! He was wild, but he’d never had a malicious bone in his body. I took a deep breath and smiled back.

“Hey! Brent!” someone called from behind us. We turned to see yet another shirtless frat brother. This one just as buff as Brent, but with a belly that well surpassed him. The muscle gut poked out round and taught just past his sizeable pecs, both chest and belly were dusted with a forest of fuzzy brown hair that matched his scruffy beard.

“Teddy!!” Brent called back, I guess his name matched his bearish visage. “Bro, this is Jack, and his pal Tom,” Brent said proudly.

Teddy lit up, “Ah! Jack!? We’ve heard so much about you!” He pulled me into a big bear hug, his bare belly pressing up against me as he lifted me up. I was hardly the same man when he put me down.

“Brent talks about me?” I managed to sputter.

“Only like, all the time!” Teddy laughed, Brent blushed. “Oh man, and you’re Tom, right?”

Teddy looked to my roommate, who was still flabbergasted by the whole affair. “Y-yeah,” Tom muttered.

“Hungry, dude? We just refreshed the snack table,” Teddy smiled.

“Yeah, actually. I could go for some chips,” Tom smiled back.

“Hell yeah! Let’s put some meat on those bones” Teddy let out a hearty belly laugh, leading Tom into the kitchen. Tom looked back at me and winked.

“C’mon,” Brent said, “I wanna introduce you to more of the guys.” Brent led me through the house, stopping along the way to chat with another frat bro or two, who were always excited to meet me in particular, repeating Teddy’s sentiment that Brent had been telling them about me. I got more bear hugs, plenty of slaps on the back or shoulder and heaps of friendly remarks. I was one of the guys! It got so friendly that by the time the tour ended I was actively fighting arousal, having to turn and adjust my stirring cock whenever I could without people noticing.

As I loosened up, I found my eyes gradually begin to wander more and more. The loose fitting basketball shorts most of the bros wore left very little to the imagination, I kept having to catch myself before they noticed I was staring. It was particularly bad with Brent. I remember one time the summer before my senior year, we’d gone skinny dipping for my 19th birthday as a joke. He wasn’t sporting anything crazy back then, not like I got a good look before I had to turn around and abort the idea so he didn’t see my unfortunate boner. I felt similar now, except something had happened to him in the interim two years, as what was once your standard cock now appeared like two floppy beer cans had been taped together and smuggled into his pants on top of a baseball. I couldn’t help but keep looking down, just to see if I was hallucinating. Each time, it was still there and it made the problem in my own pants worse and worse.

When I wasn’t hiding my gay panic, I noticed one could sorta tell the fully fledged frat bros from the pledges like myself. The pledges all looked like your standard college dudes, some clearly worked out, but we were mostly average dudes, in fact I noticed quite a few of the computer geeks I’d never ever take for frat bros in the making. The bros themselves all looked to be jocks like Brent, buff and hairy and often with a bit of belly. There were of course exceptions to the rule. Brent introduced me to Max, who stood out as leaning more towards the classic “nerd” aesthetic, normally he’d just look like a normal dude, but amongst the frat dudes, he stuck out. In more ways than one. My wandering eye glanced down for a split second and I nearly spit out my drink. Max was packing. He must have had at least twice the size of Brent down there straining against the compression shorts he wore. I noticed a few others staring at Max along with me, but Max kept talking about finance like nothing was amiss.

On the pledge side of things, one of us stood out in particular. I recognized him as Bryce Markland, he played on our football team. He was nearly as buff as the bros of the frat, but opted for more of a ripped cut look. I almost confused him for a member of the frat, but Brent assured me he was a pledge like me. I was thankful for that. Bryce was.. a bit of a dick.. I always found him to be a bit of a boastful arrogant me-man. Y’know?

Aside from my constant battle with arousal, the night went great! Brent, Tom, Ted, and I ended up playing video games on the couch for most of the night. Of course, just my luck, I was sandwiched in between Brent and Ted, so my Smash Brothers skills didn’t really get the chance to shine. Once Tom and I plopped down into my little sedan at the end of the night, our faces hurt from all the blushing and laughing. As I drove home, Tom turned to me and asked “So… do you think they have an opening for one more pledge?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The week flew by. I mostly spent it hanging out with Brent, now that we were buds again, we had to make up for lost time! By the end of the week, it felt like he had never left.

So, the last night of rush week. The pledges had slowly been whittled down to three of us, all invited to the “Final Challenge and Initiation.” It was me (yay!) Tom (yay!) aaaand Bryce (shit). We got to the house at the same time. Bryce threw us a smirk, “So, you think they’re only gonna let one of us in?”

Tom snapped back instantly, “Nah, I bet they’re just gonna try and kick one of us out.” Tom looked right into Bryce’s eyes as he said it, and for a flash I saw something that I recognized from myself on Bryce’s face: insecurity.

I didn’t have time to contemplate this as the door swung open! “Wooooooo!!!!!” All the bros were cheering and spinning noise makers. We were quickly ushered inside and sat down spread out around the living room. Tom was on the floor, beaten to the big armchair by Bryce and I took the couch.

Max addressed us from the center of the room. “All right guys, y’all made it to the Final Challenge.” The bros all cheered and whooped before Max shut them up. “I’ll warn you, this last bit is a bit… bizarre. You’re gonna learn something a bit new and strange about all of us… and probably about yourselves. See, we’re a bit of a uniquely secretive and exclusive frat for a reason. A long ass time ago, this was a haven for closeted gay guys to come be themselves in secret here at the university, and somehow, some mysterious benefactors decided to endow us with something that really made it a special place… a little bit of… magic.”

Bryce laughed, Tom and I chuckled nervously. Max just smirked.

“I’m not gay, dude,” Bryce interjected, “and I know this ain’t a gay frat.”

Max waved his hands about, dismissing him. “Yeah yeah, sure. Honestly the important part is the literal fucking magic that we got granted.” Bryce was shut up, along with the rest of us. Max continued, “The gay part just helps put this in context. Your Final Challenge.”

Our “bigs” (sorta like guides who helped us through the rush process) stepped out from the hallway. Teddy approached Tom giving a sitting down bear hug, Bryce’s big, another guy on the football team, stood in front of him as Brent sat next to me on the couch, giving me a prouder version of that goofy grin I was so enamored with. From behind their backs they each produced something that made my heart skip a beat: Dog masks, specifically, puppy play hoods. I recognized them instantly from the sites and videos I was too ashamed to admit I visited.

I looked to Brent. “Y-you’re joking, right?”

Brent handed me the hood, it was the standard design, black neoprene base with a bright, almost glowing green snout and highlights. “Nope, this is real, buddy.” He put his hand on my arm, and I blushed. “Haha, you know what it is huh? You like the green?” Brent chuckled jovially.

“The fuck is this!?” I heard Bryce from the other side of the room, staring confused at his pink highlighted hood.

“They’re called pup hoods. For the next… 12... hours, probably, or for as long as you keep them on, you’re gonna be the frat’s pups, y’know, like our dogs,” Max explained.

“The magic works off of your true desires, sorta re-shaping you while you wear it. It’s a bit bizarre, but I think you all can handle it, and if you can’t, you’re under no obligation to keep it on. But—this first person to take theirs off, loses, and the other two become our new frat pups-er-bros.”

Tom looked concerned. “Y’all aren’t just hazing us are you?”

Teddy was quick to reassure us. “Nah bro, it’s not harmful, and we all did it.”

Seemingly from out of no-where Teddy pulled out his own hood, its deep cosmic blue mirrored Tom’s brighter sky blue shade. Seeing that seemed to calm Tom’s nerves a bit.

“Time’s a wasting,” Max said, tapping his foot.

We all looked to our respective hoods. Was this really happening? Brent put his hand on my arm. “Hey, listen, I got swept up in this when I first joined. I know it made me a bit… distant, but… I want you to know, even if you don’t do this, we’re still gonna be pals, all right? This whole magic thing is intoxicating, but, I these past few days. I remembered how much I missed hanging out with you. I ain’t gonna forget you again, so there’s no pressure.”

I almost cried, but I managed to keep my composure. Brent spoke again, a twinge of impishness and embarrassment in his voice. “That being said, I really wanna have you here…. And I reeeeeeeally wanna see how cute you’ll be in that thing… So what do ya say? Care to be my dog for a while?”

I looked up at that stupid dorky grin and answered, my nonexistent tail wagging away: “Put it on me, bro!”

Fwomp! Brent slid the hood over my head. Bam! Suddenly everything was turned up to 11, my sense of smell, hearing, touch, through the roof. I felt giddy and excited, like static electricity had been pumped into my bones and wanted me to just jump about and play! “Woah! This feels crazy!” Is what I tried to say, what came out was really “RrrrrrRRRUFF!!!”

My sudden barking startled me, I cocked my head in confusion. “Yeah, pups can’t talk,” Brent chuckled, “but check this out.” Brent reach up and scratched my head. Suddenly, I was in heaven, despite the neoprene between my scalp and his hand, Brent’s scratching felt like it was hitting an itch that had been on my head for years and I had never been able to scratch it. “RrrrRrrr” I think was that sound that involuntarily escaped my lips as he scritched behind what should have been fake dog ears with no feeling. “Hehe, good boyyy. You like that, buddy?” Brent cooed. I did like it, so much in fact that I couldn’t help but flop over.

From my new position I could see that Tom and Bryce had both put their hoods on as well. Bryce was making a host of dog sounds, clearly trying to get something across, still getting used to his new dog self. Tom, however, was handling this like an old pro, effortlessly bounding around on all fours, leaning into Teddy’s vigorous scratches. Of course, he’d done this before. Again, before I could finish my thought, I was cut off, but this time I didn’t mind. Shocks of pleasure rocketed through my body as Brent slipped his hand under my shirt and began to rub my belly. Ho-ly shit, that was the best feeling in the world as he rubbed his hand across my, strangely kinda full, belly. My leg involuntarily kicked and I let out a howl. Dogs are right about this shit, belly rubs fucking rule.

Brent laughed, endeared. “Here, let’s get this thing out of the way.” He sat me up and slipped my shirt off. Part of me was happy he couldn’t see how red my face got. “Aaaaaaand double hand scratch!” Brent called out, pushing me back down onto my back and rubbing me all over with both hands. Once again, I was absolutely in heaven, I couldn’t believe how sensitive my belly had gotten, it’s like every nerve he touched fired a pleasure signal at full blast. Though I was feeling a bit exposed.

“Oop, here, let’s even the playing field,” Brent said warmly, slipping his own shirt off. He did it again, he read my mind. I stared bewildered at his exposed chest, his pecs like pillows resting above his smooth slightly rounded belly. I couldn’t quite see the six pack, but I knew that it was there under a thin layer of soft fat. I must have been staring for a long time as Brent began to blush. “You okay, boy?”

“Ruff,” I responded, still entranced.

Tentatively, Brent pulled me close into a big warm hug, “I’m so glad you did this dude.” I nuzzled in close to his pecs, rubbing up on his chest.

“Hell yeah! Let’s fuckin’ party!” I heard one frat bro yell, and thus the night went into full swing! I walked around, sometimes on two legs, but I found locomotion on all fours was a tad easier. Everywhere I went I was showered with ear scratches and belly rubs and praise, I was a hit! I was a good boy. In between making the rounds, I kept finding myself cuddled up with Brent, feeling his chest against mine, pressing into his pecs, getting a whiff of his scent, which with my enhanced nose was really quite alluring… especially the scent around the crotch region.

As the night went on, bros and pups alike wore less and less clothing, pretty quickly most of the frat brothers were down to their underwear, which all seemed stained against their unnaturally large equipment, particularly Max’s, who proudly wore the tightest briefs I’d ever seen, his monster bulge on full display. Eventually even Brent stripped down to his underwear while we were cuddling, playfully throwing his gym shorts over my face. Once I pulled them off, my vision was blocked by a face full of crotch. Brent had moved himself so that the bulge in strained white fabric took up my entire field of view. I blushed and backed up, blushing even harder when I realized all he was wearing was a, beyond full, athletic jock strap. “Hehe, like what you see, bro?”

Now that I could see it clearly, his package had definitely grown the past few years. He must have been at least 8 maybe 10 inches, soft, and as thick around as a beer can. His balls were each almost the size of oranges. “I figured you might have been wanting to see it for a while. I can’t believe I was so oblivious when we were younger, you totally had a thing for me! I mean, remember that time we went skinny dipping?” Shit, he did notice. “I finally figured it out when you came here for the first time a week ago. Honestly, I wish I’d known earlier. So I could’ve done this!”

With that, he tilted my head away from his bulge, up towards his lips and kissed me—or at least the snout of my hood. I swear, my green snout almost turned red. He was looking a little flustered as well. He tugged a bit at my shorts. “You might wanna slip these off pretty soon too. They typically don’t last long once things really get going.”

“Barooo?” I cocked my head to the side.

“You’ll see.” Brent smiled. “Hey, you hungry, boy?” I nodded. “C’mon, let’s hit the snack table, buddy.” Brent sat up, his bulge moving past my eyes again. I managed to stand up despite the feeling that all my blood was rushing downward towards my own bulge. Upon standing, something seemed off. Brent was still taller than me, he always had been, but I could swear I was closer to being eye to eye with him as we stood up next to each other. “Who’s a good boy?” Brent said, scratching behind my ears.

“Rrrff,” I managed to respond as we headed towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was a snacker’s utopia, chips of every kind, cookies, pizza, more sugary beverages and types of beer than I thought existed. In the center of the room, there seemed to be a bit of a commotion: a group of bros standing around someone and chanting “go go go go go!!!!” Brent and I pushed our way into the group, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Tom! Or at least it was someone wearing Tom’s hood, but I would hardly recognize the pup in front of me as my twig-thin twink of a roommate. He was chugging down a two-liter bottle of something sugary wearing nothing but his briefs, his belly distending out into a small gut. His form more filled out than I knew Tom to be, closer to my own body type. The pup finished the bottle and his circle of fans all cheered as he let out a howl, raising up his arms like a champion boxer. Then, he spotted me. Pow! Suddenly, I was on the ground, tackled and wrestled down by the strange pup who was now lovingly nuzzling into my neck. It was Tom! Somehow I recognized his scent from our shared dorm and Tom wanted to play! We wrestled around on the floor for a bit, happy to be reunited after not seeing each other for most of the night.

Tom sat back on his knees, pushing out his new burgeoning belly for me to see. He looked so different. I tentatively patted my hand onto his belly. It was real all right, taut and slightly rounded. Then the strangest thing happened, before my eyes as I gave it a rub, it grew! Ever so slightly but it grew, inflating outward with a new layer of fat. I could feel the flesh expanding under my fingers. Tom let out a satisfied “RrrRRRrrrrr” as Teddy sat next to him and laid him down for more belly rubs. “See! Look! We’ve got another gainer pup in our pack!” Teddy expounded, pride and excitement in his eyes. “I told ya we’d be putting more meat on his bones.”

Brent sat next to me and gave me a couple ear scritches. “I think Jack might be getting a little meatier too,” Brent said, poking my arm. I was confused and frankly still amazed by Tom’s radical change. The others clearly noticed.

Max sat down in our little circle on the kitchen floor. “I told you the hoods were magic.” His package pressed up against the ground looked even bigger. “Like, I said, they’re activated by whatever desires you’ve got deep down. Sorta like granting a wish, but they can only transform your body. Most guys wanna be buff, so we get ourselves a lot of muscle pups, but we also have our fair share that secretly want some belly, so here, the hoods make it happen.” To prove his point, Max tossed a muffin over to Tom, who expertly snapped it out of the air, even with a fake snout. His belly grew just that little bit more, almost imperceptible, but my new eyesight caught on.

“Some desire for other stuff, but getting bigger is the typical one. I was pretty special,” Max continued. “When I joined, all I wanted deep down was a bigger dick, and well, my hood provided!” Max blushed a bit as he scratched his junk. I couldn’t help but stare, “You should see me with the hood on. The effects are much more pronounced while you wear the hood, taking it off sorta brings you back to normal. But the more you wear your hood, the more of your… pup form… rubs off on you.”

“Yeah, that’s what happened to me!” Brent flexed, showing off the results of prolonged exposure. That’s how he’d changed so dramatically! That’s what was happening to Tom, and that’s what was going to happen to me!

I couldn’t help it, I began panting with excitement. This was all so much, so amazing, like a crazy wet dream come true. “Awww you wanna be a muscle pup, boy? Do ya? Do ya!?” Brent chimed. I did, I really did. “Well, you’re on your way,” Brent said, poking my chest, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Tom isn’t the only one who looks different.” I hadn’t been paying much attention to my own body, but he was right, it was hard to tell at this point, but I had certainty beefed up a little. My pecs were more visible and my arms were a bit thicker. Shifting around, I realized I felt a bit lighter, and heavier at the same time. I’d put on new mass but compensated it with muscle. I blushed bright red when I realized I felt heavier in a couple key areas. First, my belly felt a little fuller than usual, but more flustering was the weight I felt added to my crotch. Brent caught me looking down for a split second and smiled “Told you those shorts might not last long, just tug them off when they get uncomfortable… or, y’know, whenever.” Brent winked, and I blushed.

As the party went on, I got more and more comfortable in my surroundings, and everyone else seemed to be “getting comfortable” too. I remember turning a corner and seeing one of the bros naked for the first time, I practically froze in place! “Oop! Sorry, Jack!” he apologized, blushing. “We should’ve warned ya, we’re kinda a clothes-optional frat, especially as the night goes on.”

I suppose I should have figured, but either way it was hard to turn my eyes away. He was one of the more bearish jocks of the frat, a soft round belly dusted with hair held up by thick strong muscles over a think beer can sized flaccid cock which sat above two plump orange sized balls. Brent chucked at my amazement. “I imagine you’ll be looking like that soon enough.” I blushed as the naked frat bro pat my head and moved on.

More and more naked frat bros started cropping up, flabbergasting me each time I noticed a new one. In my fluster I often became aware of my own body especially whenever complimented or given pets or rubs, which seemed to briefly accelerate the transformation. I was getting bigger and bigger with each passing minute. Muscles slowly inflating, belly getting rounder with each snack, hair beginning to sprout on my chest, and my shorts getting tighter and tighter. By the time Brent and I sat back on the couch after making the rounds, I looked like I’d been going to the gym regularly for about a year, and my pants were beginning to become painful around my waist.

Brent noticed as I shifted around uncomfortably, tugging at my waistband. “Dude, those ain’t gonna last forever, slip ’em off if they’re bothering you. Let loose!” Brent laughed jovially. “I can help ya if you want, and if need be we can find some bigger pants.” I had to admit, the idea of going pant-less was more and more appealing as I struggled to get comfortable. I nodded and whined, the waistband getting almost painful. “Yeah, it’s time for those to come off, bud,” Brent said, slipping his hand under the waistband, which ended up ripping the garment anyway, and tearing away my gym shorts.

The sight before me seemed impossible: inside my briefs sat a bulge that certainly wasn’t there before. I mean, I wasn’t particularly small when the night began, painfully average like the rest of my body, but this was way above average. It looked as though I had an oddly shaped softball uncomfortably jammed into my briefs.

“Whoa,” Brett managed, “you ready for the next step?” he said, giving me, not quite his standard doofy smile, but a version with more warmth and care in the eyes. I nodded, admittedly a bit nervous, but those briefs were tight! Fwomp! Brett pulled off the garment in one swift motion, and there I was, laying back on the couch, naked for all to see. I didn’t so much notice anyone seeing me as I did the drastic changes my genitals had gone through! My nuts were the size of large tangerines and atop them sat my uncut cock, about half as big around as a beer can and 5-6ish inches soft. Maybe not too impressive compared to the supernaturally endowed frat brothers, but the sheer upgrade made me impressed. Apparently, the other bros agreed with my impression, as no sooner had my briefs been removed than a smattering of cheers rang out from those in the living room: “Wooo! Yeah! Let loose, Jack!” “Hell yeah!” “Looking good, dude” “Ow Ow Awoooooooo!!!” I couldn’t help but blush and wag my (unfortunately still nonexistent) tail at such genuine praise. I could tell they were really happy for me.

Brent looked down, and gave me another warm smile. “Told you they’d love ya!” I was flattered, but I still felt a tad exposed. “Here, let’s even the playing field again, huh boy?” Brent chuckled. Before I could turn around, Brent had slid his jock strap off, and suddenly I was face to face with his crotch. 8 inches of soft, thick meat sat upon softball sized balls. I was bewildered. Brent smiled and blushed a little. “Aw, I’m sure you’ll get even bigger, eh boy? Wanna get bigger? Huh? Huh!?” Brent pet me all over, giving me belly rubs, back scratches, ear scritches everything, and I was loving it. Throughout the “all over pet” I could feel myself growing. Muscles and cock inflating, belly swelling slightly. By the time Brent let up, I had added another 3 months at the gym to my frame, and a day at the buffet.

I laid my head down on Brent’s thigh, getting another look at the party. Most of the frat bros were naked now, a few had even popped on their hoods, beginning to grow bigger. I was distracted quickly by something bobbing near my head. It was Brent, or rather Brent’s dick. It was starting to throb and engorge with blood, growing erect. I looked up to see him blush “Ah, sorry bro! I didn’t wanna spook you away by being too.. y’know, so I’ve been holding it down and-but—you look really good, and you’re transforming and—” Man, he was just as flustered as I was. I wanted to thank him for all of this, and, lacking the ability to speak, I figured I’d use my mouth a different way, so, silently I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking.

It had been a while for me, but Brent guided my head back and forth, scratching the back of my head as I gulped down an unnatural amount of pre. I heard a sudden “rrruf” and looked up to see Brent’s face go bright red. “What? Being a pup rubs off on a guy.” As I sucked more pre down, my growth accelerated, fueled by the constant flow of transparent liquid. My belly began to bulge and my muscles tightened, I looked like I had played some sport before, like swimming or baseball, but had recently put on a few pounds.

“That’s it, grow for me puppy. Good dog,” Brent moaned. I felt my own balls fill and inflate with their own fluid, my hardening cock not far behind. I was almost as well-endowed as Brent now! Almost. Finally, Brent blew. He shuddered as his load pumped like a fire hose down my throat. It must have been at least a full minute before he finished… finishing. My belly felt bloated and full, low and behold it did seem bigger as did my balls, which felt heavy and taught. After catching his breath, Brent gave me a scratch behind the ears. “I knew you’d be good at that… such a good boy.” He smiled down at me and rubbed my burgeoning bicep. “Don’t worry boy, in a couple minutes I’ll be ready to give you another treat!” Brent cooed. A couple minutes!? I suppose that prolonged exposure to this frat’s magic must’ve had an effect on refractory time as well. “C’mon,” Brent said, standing up, his cock flopping semi hard against his leg, “let’s go make another round. A pup’s gotta socialize.”

Brent helped me up off the couch and we began to walk around. It took me a while to get used to the feeling of just casually walking around naked, but the friendly demeanor off all the bros and the compliments they gave helped me adjust nicely. By now, a few of the bros had found some comfy places to jerk off or blow each other, a few I even saw railing each other! My fluster just kept rising and rising and Brent took notice. “Hehe, blushy pup,” he chuckled as he took my hand, increasing said fluster tenfold. “You really are looking good, pup,” he continued rubbing my fully formed pec before wrapping his arm around my bicep “Keep this up, and you’ll be bigger than me!” Brent looked so happy and proud.. proud of me! I was a good boy! I felt giddy and and electric as I wiggled back and forth, trying to wag a tail that wasn’t there.

Brent laughed. “Awww you’re such a good boy! Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good muscle pup!?” I let out a confused “baroo?” Surely I couldn’t be classified as a muscle pup yet.

“Yeah! A muscle pup!” Brent continued. “Have you seen yourself in the mirror recently?” Brent lead me over to a standing mirror, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The pup in the mirror couldn’t possibly be me, he was huge! I was huge! I was taller than Brent now, and just about as buff. My pecs were like small pillows and my biceps bigger than footballs. If Brent were wearing a hood, we’d be almost impossible to tell apart if it weren’t for my nice round belly, about the size of my pecs. I flexed, wide eyed, just to see if the figure in the mirror did the same. Yep, that was me all right. Brent gave me another aggressive excited belly rub, sending me to my knees “Told ya you were a muscle pup! You’re growing faster than anyone I’ve ever seen! And you know what that means? That means you’ve got way more to go before you reach full size.” Brent pulled me close into a cuddle, whispering into my ear, “And I’m gonna help you get so much bigger. You want that, huh pup? You wanna be my big ‘ol muscle pup? Huh? Huh!?”

Before I knew it, I was on the ground wriggling back and forth, with Brent giving me another one of his famous belly rubs. This never got old. “Ruff!! Rrrruff!” I barked in affirmative. I did want to be a muscle pup. More than anything in the world. Brent’s belly rubs started to go lower and lower, and before I knew it, his hand was on my now sizable cock.

“I betcha we can make this bigger, and not just with magic.” Brent began to stroke, a whine escaping my throat. “Goood boy, you like that. Huh buddy?” I tried to bark a yes, but another whine escaped instead. As Brent stroked, I grew and grew, blood flooding into my newly upgraded shaft. Perhaps it was the re-allocation of blood to my crotch, but it began to become difficult to think. I’d felt like a dog throughout the night, but now I was really puppy brained. All I could think of was the pleasure sent by each stroke as a panted and whined. I managed to look down towards my cock and Brent, but I could hardly process how big it had grown through the haze. I was able to register that, like many of the bros’s endowments, it was about as thick around as a beer can, but with my brain fog, and the angle I was viewing it at, I couldn’t even make out how long I was. I decided to give up keeping track and just got lost in the pup space, feeling Brent stroke my growing cock and the waves of pleasure it caused.

“That’s it puppy, just relax and give in to the dog brain,” Brent cooed. “You’re gonna be such a big pup. I bet your dick gets so big that you’ll hardly even be able to think when someone touches it.” I could already hardly think, but I didn’t mind, I was being such a good boy. As the pleasure built up and more and more pre leaked out of my shaft, I found myself thrusting into Brent’s strokes, my barks and yelps getting faster and faster as release approached. Brent stopped stroking “Not just yet puppy.”

What!? “Barooo!?” I whined.

“We don’t wanna have too much fun, we’ve only just got going.” Just got going!? It felt like I’d been aching for release for hours!

“Rrrrrrgh” I half growled, half whined.” Brent just chuckled. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered like that.” He was lucky he was so cute when he was being a tease.

“C’mon,” Brent said, scratching my ears, “let’s check out the kitchen, I could go for a snack.” So, we made our way over to the kitchen. On the way, I noticed Bryce, he was on the couch with his big, down to his underwear. It looked like he was trying to play video games at one point, but had stopped. The controller was still in his hands, but he wasn’t using it. Instead he was just starting blankly at his big’s cock, occasionally shaking his head clear for a moment then quickly returning his gaze to the linebacker’s member. I guess he was gayer than he claimed to be. Something else was different about Bryce too, to my surprise, he was looking a bit smaller. He was still cut out of solid diamond, but he seemed lither, more like a swimmer’s build than his previous football player’s bulk.

But it was the sight I found waiting for me in the kitchen that really threw me for a loop! There, on all fours was Tom, his snout pulled around Teddy’s girthy member, fervently sucking the bear off. Teddy was sat down, leaned against the cabinets scratching the back of Tom’s head as the pup guzzled down cum like he hadn’t had a drink in 40 years. Hardly a drop of the thick white fluid escaping Tom’s skilled snout. If it hadn’t been for our encounter in the kitchen earlier, I wouldn’t have known that the figure in front of me even was Tom. His belly had distended into a huge firm cum gut that was growing larger with each pump of Teddy’s cock. The rest of Tom’s body had filled out as well, maybe not as buff as myself or the rest of the bros, but he was getting there. Finally, Tom stopped sucking, detaching himself from Teddy’s still cumming member before bolting up to me and delivering a big hug. He jumped up and down a little, as if to show off his gut, which I couldn’t help but hold and jiggle myself. He must have had several gallons in there! He put his hand on my stomach, which while no-where near as his belly, had grown out a bit since the party began.

We both chuckled (or at least let out a sound close to a chuckle) before he hugged me again tighter this time. We couldn’t speak, but I knew he was saying thank you. I hugged him back tighter, putting my new muscles to good use to squeeze him close and lift him into the air a bit. We “laughed” a bit more as I set him down and Teddy’s voice rang out behind me. “Jack!”

I turned around, apparently Teddy had recovered from his extended ejaculation and was now pulling me into one of his patented bear hugs. “You look amazing bro! You grew so fast! You’ll have to let me explore that new body of yours sometime,” he said, running his hands over my biceps and pecs, eventually going lower to give my shaft a stroke. My knees buckled, I was still so pent up from earlier. “Oop, I see someone’s a little pent up. Brent what have you been doing to this poor boy? Did you pull the whole ‘not just yet’ gambit?” Teddy chastised as Brent chuckled.

Teddy then leaned over to me and scoffed. “We pulled the same bit on him when he first joined.” I chuckled as Brent blushed. “Oh but I’m just so happy to see you’re fitting in. Sorry I haven’t been around too much,” Teddy continued, “I’ve been too busy filling up this hungry pup.” Teddy scratched under Tom’s chin, making the pup weak in the knees. “Here, how about you guys come up to my room and we can catch up away from the noise a bit,” Teddy said, scooping up Tom and throwing him over his shoulder. “Plus, I gotta get some buff boy cuddles.” Teddy walked out of the kitchen, and arm in arm Brent and I followed up to his room.

The four of us plopped down onto Ted’s luxurious bed. We all caught up and joked around (as much as possible without Tom or I talking). We wrestled and horseplayed a bit too. Despite Tom’s new weight, I found that pinning him was easy with my newfound strength. This was until Teddy joined his team and easily bowled me over. Even with Brent’s help, the wrestling match was exhausting and it ended in a tie as we all collapsed on top of each other. “Here, get comfortable,” Teddy said adjusting so that we could get cuddled up to him and Tom. I ended up lying my head on Teddy’s belly and found it more comfortable than any pillow I’d ever slept on, just squishy and soft, but taught enough so you didn’t feel like you were sinking. I pretty quickly found myself stuck in-between the two big bellies on the bead.

Brent chuckled, resting head chin on Tom’s new gut. “Haha, Teddy look, he’s in puppy heaven.” I really was. Teddy laughed as he scratched at my head gently “I’m sure your belly will be great too.”

“Hey Jack, switch, you gotta feel Tom’s,” Brent said, scooching towards my spot. I moved over and let him get close to Teddy as I laid my head on Tom’s belly. It really was nice, like a water bed, but pillow sized. I bounced my head on it a bit and listened to the liquid inside slosh around. Tom had really wolfed down a lot. His belly must have grown almost as fast as my muscles had.

“Here, Jack, siiit,” Teddy said, like he was commanding a dog. I dutifully sat up on the bed. “I gotta feel those new muscles bro!” Teddy sat up excited, along with Brent and Tom. Come to think of it, I hadn’t really gotten a feel for my new muscles either. I flexed my arm, just making sure it was still real. Sure enough, I could feel the muscle tighten and bulge.

“Oooo big flex,” Brent chimed in as Teddy put his hand to my bicep “Damn bro, you really did bulk up fast.” Teddy continued feeling me up, running his hands over my arms and my chest. The feeling was almost like a belly rub, and in the euphoria it took me a while to notice that Tom was staring at me, wide eyed, almost timid.

“Baroo?” I barked. Tom whined. It dawned on me that all the fluster and the flabbergastedness I’d been feeling when seeing Tom’s new body, Tom likely felt as well. He was intimidated! By me of all people!

“Rrruf!” I barked in affirmative tilting my head in the pup-talk signal for “get in here!” Tom happily obliged and joined in on the muscle appreciation party. He was clearly mind blown, as was I. Pretty quickly I extended the same invitation to Brent who lovingly saddled up to me and smiled an “I thought you’d never ask.”

The three laid me down and continued exploring as I flexed and barked happily, I loved being a good boy, and I loved the attention I was getting! Especially as the exploration of muscle became more of a group all over belly rub! They rubbed my belly, my biceps, my pecs, scratched my neck and chest and behind my ears. I couldn’t help but continue to bark and wiggle with glee. Truly a pup’s paradise.

As rubs turned to more cuddles, I found myself more and more distracted. I could stop looking at everyone’s dicks. Each one so plump and big, especially Teddy’s, with his grapefruit sized balls and thick uncut shaft. it was mouthwatering. After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t help but whine, I felt parched and hungry and most of all horny. I noticed I wasn’t the only one whining. Tom seemed more distressed than I was! But when I glanced at him, it was my crotch he was looking at! My own cock had grown significantly too, now my swollen sack was nearly as big as Brent’s and my member had to be at least 9 inches soft.

“Awww looks like the pups need a treat,” Tom said, endeared. “Don’t worry, we all get that way. Tap’s always open bros, right Brent?”

“Yeah!” Brent responded. “Although Jack, from the looks of it, someone might want to try your tap.”

I looked at Tom who rose onto his knees and put up his hands in a begging dog position. I’d never seen Tom as a potential friend with benefits, but maybe it was the puppy brain or maybe just that we’d been through this together, or maybe it was his adorable new belly, but I laid back and let Tom do what he wanted. The pup wasted no time, giving me a thank you cuddle then quickly made his way down to my crotch and put my growing cock in his mouth. “RrrRrroooOOooOoOo”!!! I strained howl escaped my lips, Tom was an expert, moving his head back and forth, rhythmically, pumping my cock as it reached its erect length, which I couldn’t see or measure because most of it was in Tom’s mouth! Immediately pre began streaming from my cock down his throat.

In my pleasure I hardly noticed Teddy bring his crotch up to my muzzle. “You thirsty too, Jack?” Without thinking, I wrapped my maw around Teddy’s cock and started sucking, desperately trying to suck down the creamy liquid that quickly shot forth in a stream. I didn’t even have to work that hard as Tom seemingly came instantly and constantly. It was less like sucking dick and more like trying to drink delicious nectar from a hose.

As I lay on my side, still gulping down liters of cum, I felt Brent hug me from behind, his hand on my slowly expanding belly. “Having fun, pup?” he asked. I nodded as best I could. “That’s awesome man. Wanna get even bigger?” I nodded again, a muffled whine escaping me.

“I’ve got a plan. If you trust me, I think we can make you the biggest pup yet. You want that? Huh? Huh pup?” Brent continued. I nodded again, desperately trying to whine or bark an affirmative as I drank more and more. “Just relax boy, I bet you’ve been thinking about something like this for a loooong time,” Brent said as I felt his throbbing member slide down my back. I shuddered as I felt Brent’s member press against my asshole then slowly and carefully push inside. The pleasure was almost overwhelming, I could hardly process anything else as Brent began pumping away inside me, the flood of warm fluid, be it pre or cum, flooding through my intestines and into my stomach.

I vaguely remember the sensation of being maneuvered onto my hands and knees, with Tom underneath me, Teddy up front and Brent behind. When I could think of anything other than the pleasure, I felt myself growing. My stomach expanding as I took in more and more seed, my muscles inflating, like someone had attached an air pump filled with protein to me (which in a way I suppose they did). My cock expanding in Tom’s mouth as my growing testicles shuddered, pumping liters of my own semen into Tom. My overall stature grew as well, as I’d grown at least a foot since I’d entered the party. I grew and grew, and then I felt something pushing up against my chest. Without being able to look, I finally realized it was Tom’s stomach! It had grown and swelled to the point where it was pushing up against me and it was still growing, I could feel the liquid sloshing around. There we stayed, pumping away at eachother for what felt like hours (though I’m informed it wasn’t really that long), until my torrent of cum finally started to let up, followed by Brent’s. Teddy’s ejaculation only stopped once I stopped sucking and even then it took a little while.

After laying all in a pile for a bit, I sat up, disoriented by my slight increase in height. “Whoa,” Brent looked at me in awe. “Dude! You’re huge!” I looked at myself in a nearby mirror and turned bright red. I was huge! I was taller than Brent by half a head, and my musculature had surpassed his by a pound or two as well, along with my now full belly. I flexed, my biceps were larger than footballs now, and my nuts weren’t far behind. My pecs were almost the size of king sized pillows and looked about as soft. Brent got up and hugged me “Ooooooh duuuuude,” he smiled, “you’re too damn cute! You’re so cute as a muscle pup… and so big.” Brent blushed bright red as he gave me another once over. I pulled him into a hug and held on tight.

Over his shoulder I could see Teddy affectionately rubbing Tom’s belly all over. “I knew you’d be a good gainer! Who’s got the belly? You do! You do!” Teddy continued to scratch Tom all over as the pup barked with glee. Tom now looked like he’d swallowed a yoga ball.

Eventually we decided to rejoin the party. Tom had some trouble getting out the door. “Don’t worry puppy, it’s not gonna stay like that forever. But, keep putting on that hood of yours and I’m sure you’ll end up a big bear dog like me,” Teddy reassured him.

Brent looked me in the eyes. “Y’know how long I’ve been dreaming of making you all buff?” he cooed. “You’re gonna be the best muscle pup in the frat. I can feel it.” After giving my belly a rub, he stood up tall and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“No, this is crazy! I’m not gay! I’m not a dog! I’m not… all this!” We walked into the foyer to see apparently Brycen freaking out. His hood was off. He threw it to the ground, but it vanished in a flash of pink light before it hit the floor. He had thinned out quite a bit, and was actually looking a lot more like Tom used to look. “This is… this is crazy” Bryce said, collecting his clothes and making his way to the door. I knew the look on his face all too well. The fear and denial of a guy deep in the closet. Bryce was admittedly a dick, but I’d known that feeling, and I couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

Bryce was about to head out when I noticed something. His boxers were still on the ground. “ARF!” I called out, stopping him for a moment. I scooped up his boxers onto my snout and plopped them into his arms. Then, almost without thinking, I gave him a hug. He looked at me for a moment as I set him down before he walked out the door. “That was sweet, dude,” Brent said, scratching my head. “You really are a good boy.”

Bryce’s big approached us, looking out the window as Bryce’s car pulled away. “Poor guy,” he said, “I guess he just wanted to be a twink deep down… couldn’t except that.”

“Oh well,” Max chimed in, “there’s always next year.”

Suddenly Brent’s face lit up. “Dude!” He looked at me that goofy smile full of excitement. “This means you’re officially one us now! You guys are in!” Brent raised our hands up! “Everyone welcome our new bros!!”

Everyone cheered and paraded Tom and I to the living room where we lay down as everyone tacked us with nuzzles and hugs and yes, more belly rubs, some of the best I’d ever had. Some members felt our muscles or our bellies, even a few stray cock strokes were in the mix as we were showered with praise. I’m sure the shy remnants of my old personality might have shuddered, but frankly, my new puppy brain was too lost barking and wiggling and wagging to care.

As the party continued, Brent cuddled up to me on the couch. “I’m so happy you’re one of us now. Hell, I’m just so happy you’re here… I love you, Jack.” He rubbed my belly a bit. “Hey… you’ve been a good boy for me all night, I think it’s time I returned the favor.” Out of nowhere, Brent pulled out a pup hood, just like mine, but red where mine was green. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a looooong time.” He slipped his hood and immediately went puppy brained, nuzzling me all over. We wrestled around giving each other belly rubs a bit before he lowered his snout to my crotch, looked up at me with lust in his eyes and began to return the favor.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After the party, I began my life at the frat. Unlike Tom, I spent most of the time in pup mode, playing around, cuddling up to my bros and hanging out with Brent. I kept growing, not just by effects of prolonged hood exposure whenever I took it off to go to class or talk, but my pup form grew as well. Over the years I grew and grew and eventually became the biggest pup in the frat. 8 feet tall, biceps bigger than basketballs and pecs bigger than most pillows and a soft belly to boot. I was huge in and out of pup space.

I was happy being the frat’s pup, just a big friendly presence for all the guys. I loved being a big silly dog, happily trotting around the house in nothing but my hood and my briefs (or less), flexing with my bros, getting pets and belly rubs and the occasional natural progression of such things. I was care free as a pup. I especially loved when we’d all play video games in the living room together, I’d take up such a big portion of the couch that anyone sitting beside me would basically have to be cuddled up to me. Not that they minded. Some nights we’d all put on our hoods and pup out as a frat, just a pile of big playful dog boys wrestling and barking. But while some would only wear their hoods on special occasions, I tended to keep mine on whenever I could. I guess I just liked being a cuddly dog. I even ended up with the name “therapy dog” as whenever I saw someone going through a hard time, I would make sure they got plenty of cuddles and love. And when they weren’t feeling down, everyone at the frat got plenty of lovin’ from me anyway.

And of course, eventually college ended, and we left the frat, though our hoods stayed with us. Brent and I moved in together, happily being each other’s pups in private, and boyfriends in public. I started up a small therapy practice and Brent became a personal trainer.

And eventually, I knelt down in front of him, and asked him if he’d marry me. His response? “I think you read my mind!”

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