The Muscles Tech Hotel

by TonnyGiant

Deciding to take a vacation, Luke happens across a listing for a hotel where the employees and the guests all seem to be gorgeous muscle giants. He registers immediately, wanting to be among men like that, but secretly yearning even more desperately to be just like them.

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Part 1 Deciding to take a vacation, Luke happens across a listing for a hotel where the employees and the guests all seem to be gorgeous muscle giants. He registers immediately, wanting to be among men like that, but secretly yearning even more desperately to be just like them. (added: 10 Nov 2017)
Part 2
Part 3 Luke meets one of the owners and finds out just why everyone at the hotel is so glad to see him. (added: 24 Nov 2017)
Part 4
Part 5 Alex asserts his claim to Luke, triggering his own sudden growth. Luke and Alex go to live on the island of the giants, but Stan and the others are worried about how the world will react to 70-foot-tall alpha men roaming the world. (added: 8 Dec 2017)
Part 6
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Part 1

My life was stirred up, in a bad way. Too much stress at work, no days off enough to rest my body and my mind. I needed a vacation, urgently. One night, after my last day of work, I sat in front of the computer and started researching hotels, resorts and even some spas where I could relax. Navigating through various sites specializing in hotel services, I came across one that moved my … wishes.

Let’s say I’m a person with a muscle fetish. I am a man who loves muscles, and I love big men, well built with the muscles of a pro bodybuilder. And it’s not just the muscles. All this massive muscle that I love has to be distributed at a great height. My last lover was 6’10” and 280 pounds, a real monster. Too bad our short relationship did not work out. But intimately, I have a wish … I always wanted to be one of these great men, but genetics was not my best friend. I was a short guy, 5’2” and skinny, only 90 pounds. Life has never been incredible for someone of my size.

So when I navigated through the website for one particular hotel, I was impressed with all the services. It was a men-only hotel. The promotional photos showed big men, with muscles bigger than life and irredeemably beautiful. The beauty of the men who frequented that hotel was dazzling. I almost drooled on my laptop.

The slogan of the site announced in large type: “The Muscles Tech Hotel—Come and be big with us! And relax on our private beach. “ Some statements from former guests were posted throughout the site. “I will never forget the day I stepped on the Muscles Tech Hotel. My life has changed,” next to the image of a blond with dirty hair and charming smile. “I added 4 feet more at my original height and gained 150 pounds of muscle just the first night. This hotel is magical!” next to the picture of a black man, with a shaved head, thick lips, and pierced left ear. Just below, there was a picture where three incredibly handsome, big, broad-shouldered men who would not be passing through any normal sized doors were grinning. Their names were Robert, Fernand and Jake, collectively the Baker brothers and the owners of the Muscles Tech Hotel. For me, seeing them in this context for the first time, they were no less than gods.

The other amenities were impressive as well. Massage sessions in the hotel’s private spa, butlers at the guests’ disposal throughout the stay, free access to interactive parties, art classes and stroll in the thermal waters of the hotel’s private jungle. Plus, a beautiful restaurant with five-star cuisine. These were the services described on the site. And over all it had pics of a lush, exotic setting with clear blue water and white sand, and a trail of giant palm trees, bigger than any tree I had ever seen. Everything in this hotel seemed large and gorgeous.

“I think I’ll make a reservation,” I whispered to no one in particular. I hesitated, but after five seconds re-evaluating the possibility of meeting these big, beautiful men in an exotic place, I could not help but make my reservation. I filled in and submitted the online forms, and then a service contract was emailed to me for printing. Before printing, I read every contract, and a clause caught my attention. It said the following: “Your life will change from now on, and there is no return. If you break the contract or refuse what will be given you, there will be very serious consequences.”

My forehead wrinkled, as it always did when I was faced with something strange and meaningless. “What will they do? Lock me in a dungeon?” I shrugged indifferently and clicked to print the contract. I signed it and sent it back by email. Then I made a call to the hotel answering service to confirm the reservation. All this was protocol for hosting. I found it exaggerated, but the desire to know the place outweighed my sense of strangeness.

“Muscles Tech Hotel, Galvin Reymans at your service.” The deep voice of the attendant reverberated in my bones.

“Huh … Ah … This is Winkley, Luke Winkley, I just called to confirm receipt of the reservation contract,” I said faster than usual. I was nervous, so I closed my eyes.

The line was silent for a moment, then Reymans returned, his voice so sexy I had trouble paying attention to what he was saying. “Mr. Winkley. Your reservation is already made, andyou’re your contract documentation is properly signed. We at Muscles Tech look forward to your arrival. Remember that when you land at the airport, our driver will pick you up. This is a bonus for our first guests. Anything else?”

Listening to Galvin’s deep baritone was damaging to my senses, and excitable as well. “Huh … no … everything’s okay, Galvin. Thank you for your attention.” My voice came out choppy.

“Whatever you need, Mr. Winkley. See you soon.”

I hung up, tossing my cell phone on the computer desk and staring at the ceiling. I thought of many things I could do in the short vacation time at that picturesque and strange hotel. I took a deep breath, remembering the deep, almost cavernous voice of Galvin on the phone. And he was just the attendant. Judging by his deep and sexy voice, Galvin must also be a handsome giant. My question was: will everyone in this hotel be like that, with deep voices of a giant man? I would find out soon enough.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

On that nice early spring morning, I had to brush my hair at least a dozen times. I stopped in front of the mirror looking for something wrong with my appearance. All that nervousness was because of my anxiety. Always when I get to know new places and people, I get nervous. For fear of something going wrong. I think I’m crazy

I grabbed my bag and headed for the airport. All through the flight to the remote Caribbean island, I felt a chill in my belly. The nervousness struck again, but I controlled myself. Because of the length of the flight, I managed to doze off. It was good to calm the moods.

Six hours later, I disembarked the plane and entered the small but modern airport terminal. I was sheepish and still sleepy. I smiled nervously as I looked around and saw several dancers stationed on a walkway to greet the tourists. I had not noticed, but when I was waiting for my luggage, a group of four men, all large and muscular and broad-shouldered, were disembarking on a private flight. The men were not smaller than 9 feet, I was almost sure. My eyes popped out. They crossed the landing and greeted another great man at the exit. This other giant, had long hair, black and smooth, his skin was dark resembling a permanent, typical Caribbean tan. He wore a blue shirt, which tightened his bulging biceps and his pair of large, bulging pecs. His massive pecs, when bounced with his breath, stretched the hotel logo on the right side of his shirt. I knew it was from the hotel, because the same man held a sign that had the same logo on his shirt with my name just below. Full service.

I approached the man who was still leaving the group of giants. And I could hear part of the conversation:

“Tyler, I expect you today at our private party!” A brown-haired giant in a white T-shirt spoke, his smile mesmerizing.

“Mr. Redley, I will go with great pleasure. Your parties are great,” the man from the hotel replied with a perfect, bright smile.

His name is Tyler! I thought looking up. I waved to catch his attention as he said goodbye to Mr. Redley. The giant Tyler noticed my presence (a presence that was insignificant in front of him or any of the group of four giants). He looked down and smiled in a friendly and professional manner. He was so charming and polite that not falling in love was almost impossible.

Tyler leaned forward, placing his hands on his knees. In that position that an adult does to talk to a child … that’s how he spoke to me.

“Mr. Winkley?” he frowned.

“Yes … you’re from Hotel Muscles… ” I was cut short by his deep voice and perfect smile.

“Tyler Bronkin, driver and butler at Muscles Tech Hotel. At your service, sir.” Tyler rose to his full height, and, making good on his statement, took my suitcase in his big hands. He carried it as if it were nothing more than a sheet of paper.

“Huh … thanks for the ride, Tyler. You’re very polite and this Hotel service is fantastic,” I smiled sheepishly.

“For whatever you need, sir.” He smiled gently.

In the face of such kindness, I felt close to asking him the question uppermost in my mind. I know that for a man as big as Tyler or one of his friends, that question would be commonplace.

“Tyler,… may I ask you something?” I said as I followed him out of the airport.

Tyler, despite his long, muscular legs, was walking slowly, so I could walk with him. “I’m 9’7”,” he said, “and a little over 550 pounds.” He smiled.

“Wow! Wow…” I was speechless. I did not even have to ask.

“That’s the natural reaction. Big guys like me, arouse the curiosity of small people. And that question is always the first, so I knew what I was going to ask. I’m used to answering, Mr. Winkley…”

“Luke … call me Luke.” I smiled self-consciously.

He opened the car door, I sat in the back of the large and spacious van. The car was painted dark blue with the hotel logo and promotional photos. When Tyler got in the vehicle, I could hear the bench creaking and the van swinging in protest of its massive weight and titanic size. God, how I lost my breath at the time

We proceeded to hotel.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Do you know when you are a kid and visit Disneyland for the first time? That’s how I felt when I got to the hotel. Everything on the website was true. The photos were not just tricks. The exuberance and grandeur of the hotel was visible right at the entrance. The private beach with clear sea, which was just ahead, was stunning. The palm trees were the tallest and thickest I have ever seen in my life. And the men who were circulating … it was a show apart. They were not normal men, not really. They were muscular gods. Massive, broad-shouldered giants, thick legs like tree trunks, and biceps and pecs so swollen that I thought they had come out of a recent practice in the gym. I froze as I admired the entrance to that place.

“Welcome to the Muscles Tech Hotel, Mr. Winkley. Come with me.” Tyler guided me and showed the way to the front desk.

I climbed the stairs, with larger and wider steps than usual for an ordinary hotel. I could no longer hold my jaw, I was pretty sure she’d come to my feet because of my astonishment. The hotel reception was nothing short of gigantic. The chandelier above us was something colossal and the information desk at check-in felt bigger than I was. The ceilings must have been at least fifty feet high, but there was still a second floor. The access stairs to the second floor were as large as those at the entrance. I felt like Jack entering the castle of the Giant who lived atop the beanstalk. But there were countless beanstalk giants riding in bathing suits, speedos, or shorts. And none were less than beautiful. I was in better shape than poor Jack.

“David, this is Mr. Winkley. First time at the hotel,” Tyler told the receptionist.

Because of the size of the large desk, I could not see the receptionist’s face clearly, so I had to stand on tiptoe. And my jaw dropped again. I did not know I would need anything to keep my jaw in place. The receptionist was a Greek God, actually.

“Thank you, Tyler. Oh, Mr. Redley left this for you… ” David handed Tyler a card. I could see more clearly his thick forearms and swollen veins as if he had left the workout. “He said he’s looking forward to having you at the private party.” David smiled at Tyler.

“I’ll be there, no doubt about it.” Tyler smiled back.

I noticed a complicity between the two giants. David’s green, kind eyes turned to me as we said goodbye to Tyler as he headed for another hotel lobby.

“Mr. Winkley. It’s a pleasure to have you here at Muscles Tech. I hope you like our facilities …” David said as he typed something on the big screen computer.

How can he type with such big fingers? I thought, intrigued. I could not see him typing where I was. Everything in this place puzzled and amazed me.

“David, right?” I pointed my thin index finger at the receptionist with black hair and green eyes. His beard a five-hour shadow on his square jaw, made me difficult. It was impossible not to be excited at the beauty of David.

“Yes, Mr. Winkley. What do you need?” David smiled.

“How tall are you?” I blurted out, then frowned at my question. I think David noticed my flushed face.

“No problem, Mr. Winkley. This question is a part of my life.” He chuckled. “I’m 9’11—almost 10 feet.”

“Wow … dammit.” I rolled my eyes.

“Incredible, right? All the men in this hotel, guests or staff are big … big men.”

“But, I guess I’m an exception…” I smiled sheepishly at the obvious. I was the smallest man surrounding several giants who could easily crush me.

“I said, all the guests. No exceptions, Mr. Winkley.” David smirked and winked at me.

Before I could protest at his misplaced statement, he handed me the keys to my room and called for help from one of the stewards. I thought it was Tyler, but he was already serving a bunch of other giants in the other lobby. I looked toward the group and figured they might be the same giants at the airport.

With the keys in my hands, I waited for my butler, not knowing where to go. Everything in that entrance hall was sumptuous and large by normal standards. I felt the ground tremble lightly beneath my feet. I instinctively held onto the metal rod by the side of the counter. The tremors were the result of the simple fact that these tall, extremely muscular men were walking. The mere movement of coming and going of these giants caused small tremors felt by us, normal-sized people.

I heard a hoarse, deep voice call me from somewhere above me. A shadow hung over me, and I stepped back. By instinct you step back when something bigger threatens to fall toward you. That’s when I realized it was actually my butler. He was blond, with long hair, similar to Tyler’s, but they were stuck in a ponytail. He recalled the Vikings to my mind, and probably did the same for anyone who saw him. His smile was perfect. His pecs jumped as he smiled, and I was struck by the resistance of his shirt’s fibers. Holding those muscle slabs, the shirt should have already ripped, but they were tailor-made. His neck was very thick, huge. His overdeveloped deltoids also struggled to keep their shirts on. His forearms were larger and thicker than my legs. His feet, clad in lumberjack boots, were a spectacle apart, attached to bulbous ankles and calves the size of tree trunks. Clearly, that was the greatest man I’d ever seen … until now.

“Welcome, sir. My name is Alex, and I will be your butler while at the Muscles Tech Hotel,” he boomed.


Part 2

Alex led me up the stairs to the second floor of the hotel. The width of the stairs was as big as the stairs of the entrance ladder. He climbed in front of me, so I had a privileged view of his donkey. Alex’s bubble butt was tight in his khaki shorts. I tripped on the stairs and almost fell, groggy at the fascinating sight of Alex’s massive, massive, and handsome ass. It was a paradisiacal sight.

The impact of his boots on the floor made a noise … thoom … thoom… thoom. I gasped. Alex’s simple walk for me was an unusual event. The swing of his legs, the throbbing of his bubble butt, he involuntarily flexed his ass muscles as he strutted the corridors toward my bedroom, and it was this set of small movements that made Alex’s massive presence unforgettable.

During our walk down the long corridor, I could not help but hear the groans. The squeaky sounds echoed through the hall, and it was not just moaning … it was grunting. The same shocking and exciting energy I felt in the entrance hall, I felt through the corridors. The smell of testosterone was strong, and it seemed that it ran through the walls of the rooms and ran down the hall. The exuberance of the place excited me. It was inevitable. I tried to hide my little boner, hoping that Alex would not be able to see it. I was already too embarrassed by all these massive giants. What I could avoid so that my shame was not even greater, I avoided, that was to hide my hard cock as much as I could.

We stopped in front of one of the doors. Alex picked up his key card and opened the door. The gigantic 15 foot door. He announced that this would be my room for the next few days. We walked in and my eyes almost jumped from my skull.

The bed, which happened to be bigger, twice as big as a normal king-size bed, was positioned in the middle of the room and the windows were in front of it. The white silk curtains flickered in the wind. The drapery of the four-poster bed was so tall and imposing that I stared for several minutes. I even lost track of time, and only Alex’s presence called me back to reality. Then, looking at Alex as he put my bag on the bed, I really realized how tall he really was. The drapery averaged about 12 feet, the ceiling of the room was 20 feet, and Alex’s shoulders came close to the full height of the bed curtains. For me, at that moment, it was as if I were standing next to a colossus. I could not get past the usual question.

“How … how tall are you, Alex?”

“I’m 10’9”, Mr. Winkley,” he said, offering me his beautiful, friendly smile.

“Wow … so you’re almost close to the height of one of the bedposts!” I pointed to the bed and shrugged.

“Hehe … yes. I am one of the tallest people in the hotel. They say it was a wonderful surprise of the experiment. I’ve worked here since I was 18 years old and … “

“Wait … did you say experiment? How did it work? Was it chemical, or molecular things related to your height? Is there a laboratory here? Is it genetic engineering? “

Alex was silent at my questions. He seemed to think what words to use to answer me. I shrugged and stepped back. I’d bombarded the giant with questions he certainly was not accustomed to answer. I felt bad for it.

“Huh … well … I do not know how I can answer all these questions …” He scratched his head and his biceps bulged. The incredible ball of flesh flexed and the boundaries of his shirt were tested. What a view of paradise

“Ah … all right, Alex … I’m just a little surprised by all this. This hotel, all these big men…” As I spoke, I approached the window, but turned to look at Alex and his beautiful brow furrowed in hesitation, I figured my questions might go unanswered. “Actually, all the men in this hotel are giants for me, for the world … I do not know.” I shook my head, trying to adjust my thoughts.

“I still cannot answer all these questions, Mr. Winkley …”

“Luke, please just call me Luke.” I smiled shyly at Alex who returned the smile, but with discomfort. He followed the rules of good conduct to the letter.

“So … Luke …” he hesitated a little. “All these questions you asked have their respective answers, but I can not give them until tomorrow morning. I promise that when you wake up tomorrow, you will have all your answers. But, I ask you to enjoy your stay here. The Muscles Tech Hotel is one of the best places for people like us … “

“People like us? I’m not a giant like you, either like Tyler, or like David, or like Galvin, who I only know by phone … “ I was rambling. I took a deep breath, holding the words. I was nervous, and when I get nervous I’m like a talking machine gun. “ Excuse me, Alex. I am like an old rattler when I get nervous, I cannot stop talking, and I have a lot of questions and … “ I looked at Alex and his smile brightened.

He seemed ready to mock my behavior, but there was a sweetness in his piercing green eyes. That was the look of someone who is fondly enjoying what he sees—but this was crazy. I had only met Alex just now. And he’s the hotel butler. Being nice to me is his job.

“No need to apologize, Luke,” Alex assured me. “Your spontaneous manner is funny. And I hope you do not lose track of this spontaneity in the coming days. Please do not lose this funny way of talking!”

Alex looked rueful. It was as if he was talking to someone very important, asking for a favor. His gaze was … kind. I knew why that was so—with that same look I had asked my ex-boyfriend not to abandon me. But I was not important to Alex. Not the way I thought at the time.

“I’m leaving you with more doubts, sorry…” he raised his huge hands in apology.

“Okay … I’m a person who does not like to stay in the dark, without answers, but as you said: I need to enjoy and relax.” I smiled and turned to the window.

“Galvin is my big brother,” Alex went on, “and I’m sure he’ll love meeting you. He works here at the hotel in the answering service online. He’s 9’11” and he’s a huge monster,” he added with a chuckle. “Anyway, I should let you rest. Anything you need, just call.” Alex gestured to the phone beside the giant bed.

He smiled, and still with a trace apprehension in his eyes, he left my room closing the door. My heart jumped with the thud of the door closing. I kept looking out the window. Several thoughts shook my head, my mind seething with questions. I thought it was just a hotel for gay men who were looking for some fun and relaxation. But in my subconscious, I wanted to be there because of the muscular men. I wanted to be in their midst, touch them, talk to them … and be like them. The strangest thing is that I got all this, and even flirted with one of them—or did he flirt with me? I do not know … I remembered Alex’s eyes.

My gaze was lost on the immense ocean in front of me. The clear blue waters formed calm waves. So … I could see in the distance, at the end of the beach where my bedroom window was, two giants enjoying the afternoon sun. One was black, with massive muscles and deltoids the size of footballs. His chest was fascinating, immense, but insane to normal standards. His thick lips were kissing the chest of the other giant. That other giant was a ginger with a hairy chest and looked like a lumberjack. His red hair covered his entire chest, making only his pink and large nipples stand out. His biceps were hilly, balls of beef that showed the normal human how much strength they had. I wondered how much these giants could lift in a gym.

Mesmerized by the sensual movements of the giants, one more doubt appeared in my head: how can they move so well, with subtlety, speed and sensuality, having such great muscles? Then I remembered what Alex told me: all the answers I would come… tomorrow morning.

The black giant continued to kiss the huge chest of the giant redhead, working the pink nipples with his tongue. They were at a distance where it was impossible to hear anything, but I was quite sure that their guttural moans could be heard by the other nearest giants who were circling that side of the beach. And the strangest thing was that the other giant passers-by did not care about that couple’s public showing of affection. It was all … natural. A true utopia for any gay man: to exchange caresses with your partner without running the risk of being attacked. But who would dare take away two massive giants, both more than nine feet tall? I do not think anyone in their right mind would have the courage. That was why I wanted to be big, to be honest—to impose my point of view, and never fear anyone.

The redheaded giant pulled his black partner’s face up, until his lips met a passionate kiss. A strong, voracious kiss. They embraced. It was a mixture of arms, hands, and thick fingers. The giants were deeply connected, and this was visible. It was not just sex for pleasure, they seemed to be in love. I felt a twinge of envy.

Pushing his lips away, the black giant stood over his redheaded partner, who was still lying on the sand. It was the sight of an ebony titan, a muscular, dark-skinned god exuding virility. Like the mythological gods, when they towered over humans. It was frighteningly exciting to watch the black giant tower over his red-headed boyfriend, plant his feet beside his shoulders and lower his speedo. I jumped back when I saw the biggest cock of my life. The swollen head of the black cock was leaking considerable amounts of pre-cum. He held a thick mast like a bottle of soda and swollen veins, and slid both his hands up and down.

The movements were slow, rhythmic, but they were interrupted as the redheaded giant grabbed the swollen purple head of the black cock. The black giant arched his back and his head was thrown back as his partner’s mouth came in contact with his hard, large, thick genital. The redhead sucked his lover’s cock with obstinacy. He was determined to take whatever the ebony snake might expel. I tried, even looking from a distance, to compare the size of the black giant’s cock to some part of my body. I guessed my forearm was smaller in thickness and length than the rigid mast of the black giant.

“Jesus Christ,” I gasped.

The redheaded giant sucked his lover’s cock hungrily, and this resulted, minutes later, in a stream of fresh, creamy cum that flew right into the back of his throat. I figured the black giant was cumming hard, because his face contorted in a surge of pleasure, and then followed the expression of full relief that comes soon after intercourse. The black giant’s chest rose and fell with every heavy breath. He gasped, moaning, then noticed that his partner, redheaded giant, had not stopped sucking. The black giant was still cumming in the mouth of his lover. How many shots can these giants get? I thought. Their libido and sexual force must be as large as their bodies.

After a few minutes, the black giant, grinning widely, pulled his monster cock from his lover’s mouth. He squeezed his cock from the base to the tip of his swollen head so that the last drops of his hot cum were expelled. Understanding the tip, her lover caught every drop, and still licked, with dedication, the cock’s head showed of ebony. The black giant bent down and kissed his redheaded lover. The two of them hugged and enjoyed the sun in the middle of the afternoon.

I stared in awe, amazed I had just watched that scene of oral sex performed in the middle of the afternoon. I took a deep breath and sat down in an armchair so big that my feet did not touch the floor. I touched my groin and felt something wet in my pants. I opened my fly and saw my wet underwear. I had cum in my pants without even touching myself. The experience had been so devastatingly exciting that I did not have to touch my cock with my fingertips. It was sensational.

As I lowered my pants to see the “damage,” the phone rang. And clutching my pants, I went over to the side of the bed to answer the call. It was the voice of David, the receptionist.

“Mr. Winkley, I hope you’re enjoying our suite,” he said.

Suite? I looked around and saw a large door just behind the bed. I figured it was the bathroom.

“Oh, yes … David, it’s all incredible. Thank you and thank Alex, he was kind and polite, just like Tyler.” I was still holding my pants with one hand while I was answering I was holding the phone with the other.

“That’s nice. I just called to let you know that you were invited by Mr. Robert Baker for dinner …”

“Robert Baker … one of the hotel owners?” My eyes widened and I let go of my pants.

“Dinner is eight o’clock. Alex will drive you to our restaurant.”

“David … I do not know this man personally, how did he invite me to dinner?” I asked, still perplexed.

“Perhaps Mr. Baker knows you by reputation. It was his request as soon as he learned of you lodging. Now I must go, Mr. Winkley. I’m alone at the reception today.” David spoke apologetically.

“Huh … yes, sorry, David and thanks for everything.”

I hung up and still holding the phone in my hands, I thought: What does one of the owners of the Muscles Tech Hotel want with me?


Part 3

After the shower, I needed to clean up the mess in my underwear, I decided to go down to the lobby to enjoy the hotel’s facilities. There were still a few hours until my dinner with Robert Baker. I wore jeans shorts, a green shirt with white buttons and slippers. It was casual and gentle. I crossed the corridor, and it was impossible not to notice what was going on in the other rooms when grunts, groans, and deep voices reverberated through the walls of plaster and into my mind. It wss intense enough when I only heard the giant voices; being in their presence was something else.

I went downstairs and wandered down the hall until I sat down in one of the large armchairs arranged around a round table with a centerpiece. Like the armchair in my room, it was big, roomy, and tall. My feet were not even touching the floor. I looked like a child, and the extent to which I felt like a child in the presence not only of the giants but even of all furniture increased. I glanced sideways at the adjacent lobby. It felt like a party was happening. I turned to look better, sure that no one in the lobby had noticed me. It was really a party. There was a giant, the same one I saw at the airport, the brown-haired giant and mesmerizing smile. The giant was that Mr. Redley.

Giant Redley was standing in the doorway of the foyer receiving his guests. He wore only khaki shorts and slippers. His muscled trunk was exposed, like the torso of other giants coming in for the party, but compared even to them Mr. Redley was incredible. His torso was long—I could sleep on it without any problem. And I could use each of his pecs as pillows, for I was sure they were soft because of the hairs that covered all its length. The hairs followed a trail that ended in her toned abs. An excellent package of 8 brick-like abs stretch below those thick pecs, covered with black and smooth hairs. His forearms, thicker than my thighs, were also covered with hair, but not enough to interfere with the sight of his veined muscles. He smiled and greeted every giant guest of his party with a handshake and a bear hug. He was a bear, a giant nine-foot-tall bear of a man.

I watched for a long time as each giant was coming into the party. They passed the door, showing the invitation and greeting the staff waiting to assist them. Tyler, the driver who brought me from the airport, helped in the driveway. Tyler wore his hotel uniform, but with a necklace of colored feathers as a prop to indicate the festivities going on. The party was themed, it appeared. Altogether there were no fewer than 20 giants, and to my surprise I recognized one of the many couples as they passed into the lobby. They were the black giant and his redheaded lover I saw earlier. They still wore their speedos, but now they wore colorful shirts, too. Looking closer, their necks were so thick that I could hang from them with my hands without difficulty. This gathering became more and more interesting, and I would do anything at any moment to spectate this party full of giants.

With my gaze locked in the hall of the giant party, I did not notice the presence of someone huge next to me until I suddenly sensed his warmth very close to my skin. I looked sideways and saw a pair of thick legs covered with blond hair. Thick thighs struggling to stay inside the khaki shorts that were part of the hotel uniform. Those legs were unmistakable, they could only be his. I scanned every part of this massive body that hovered over me. Even in the hotel uniform the massive muscles almost visible beneath the cloth. Pecs struggled to remain wrapped in the cloth, and hopped involuntarily. His swollen biceps stretched the lines of his shirt. His thick neck, larger than all the other giants in the hotel, was a work of art. His face with a thin beard, blond hair tied in a ponytail, made me melt. It was my Viking. Alex, my butler at the hotel. It was strange at first to call him “mine”, but I felt even more for him than he could feel to be mine. Crazy.

“Luke, did you decide to leave the room to explore the hotel?” Alex leaned over, not too much, to speak to me.

“Oh … yes, and wow! It’s all so … so … great …” I smiled, looking back into Alex’s eyes.

“Everyone here already knows of your arrival. You’re almost a celebrity among the staff, and some guests, too—he ones who know your father’s story.”

My dad? What did they know about my dad? John Winkley was a genetic engineer who developed a line of supplements for high-yielding athletes. He also researched growing organic foods and curing some autoimmune diseases. He participated in the development of medication for healing and treatment of several degenerative diseases. This was my father. He had a dream: to improve the human body and turn it into an unstoppable and disease-free machine. After his disappearance, almost 15 years ago now, we had never heard news of him. There was lots of speculation and even rumors about his whereabouts, but never anything solid that I could trust. The investigations had been abandoned years later and he was ruled legally dead, but I had never had a place to cry over his loss, since his body never been found. It was all very murky and strange. The government had never uncovered what had really happened. They’d given me what they wanted to, but not what I needed to know.

“Do you know who my father was?” I said, astonished and even a little alarmed. “How can this be possible?” I jumped up from the chair and stood in front of Alex’s bulge. I swallowed hard. To feel the musky, virile scent that exuded from that crotch made me almost lose my mind for a few seconds.

“Sorry, Luke. I … I did not want to make you nervous.”Alex takes a step back.

“Oh no. Alex … it’s not your fault.” I took a deep breath and felt the manly scent of Alex’s crotch again. “It’s just that talking about my father, after so many years without having a single word from him, brings back bad memories…”

I put my hands in my pockets, trying to be less dramatic. Even though I was strangely frightened by that revelation, I tried not to show it, at least not in front of Alex. And he being the gentle giant he was, I smiled beautifully in apology.

“Come …” He reached for me. His hand was huge. Fingers like tubes of solid flesh. I could tell that Alex’s palm was calloused, no doubt from all the hours spent at the gym, but very soft and warm. “I will introduce you to some friends and guests.”

I held Alex’s hand for the first time, and I felt a spark when I touched it. I felt safe, comfortable and confident. I’d never felt such emotions holding a man’s hand. Alex’s hand swallowed my small hand and thin fingers, but he was very careful and did not apply any surplus strength. He knew that he was a giant compared to me.

He guided me toward the party room, and we walked right into to the private party of giant Bear Redley. I was apprehensive. We were passing security. I was afraid to stand in the presence of both massive giants and be crushed involuntarily. I did not know anyone there, and there were many massive giants gathered in the same place. It was the fulfillment of a fantasy, to be among giants as big and muscular as those.

Alex set me on his right at the entrance to the ballroom. He and Tyler exchanged friendly greetings. They were friends at work, and from what I noticed, they were friends out of work as well. Tyler was as gentle as Alex, despite being a smaller giant than my Viking. My Viking. I was getting used to it.

We moved through the party. It was a magical moment. Yes, the party was themed. And the theme was: diversity. Colored panels scattered all over the room, no furniture large enough to disrupt anyone dancing to pop music under a colorful globe of light. A couple of giants danced, others drank, talked, and loved each other freely. The moans, the sound of the kisses, rivaled the music that was not too loud, but as the room had excellent acoustics, it did not bother anyone outside the party. In the background, near the other end of the bar where drinks were delivered I saw the beach couple. The black giant was nestled in the arms of his redheaded lover, they kissed and caressed each other. A scene of giant tenderness.

Alex was still at my side, still holding my hand. The smell inside the room was an aphrodisiac. A blend of manly musk, sea water and post bath cologne. Exciting. I was almost groggy with the scent of so many alphas males concentrated in a single enclosed space. That smell should be bottled up and sold as perfume. Too bad that nobody ever had that idea.

“Oh my God! It’s him … Luke Winkley!” The giant bear named Redley approached.

My impulse was to take a step back, but I did not. Alex was at my side. “I know I was not invited,” I stammered, “but thank you anyway …”

“You do not need an invitation. Either way, I would go and invite you so I knew who you were … “

“Oh … uh … I do not know what to say …”

Alex looked at Bear Redley and nodded.

“Oh, I apologize for my way,” the bear apologized to Alex. “I thought the Baker brothers had already talked to him …”

“He has not been informed about the process,” Alex explained. “So it is best to be careful about what he should or should not know first …”

I looked from one to the other, to Alex then to Bear Redley. What was I? A child who can not engage in “adult” conversations? It was how they were treating me. “Hey, guys! I’m still here.” I let go of Alex’s hand and waved to the two giants.

They turned to me. Alex looked worried, and Bear Redley tried to soften.

“Sorry,” the bear said. He took a deep breath and gave me a nice smile. “Luke, welcome to my party and have fun. Anything you need—” He made gesture that took in both me and Alex. “—that the two of you need may ask directly from me.” Bear Redley bowed in a way that imitated an English duke.

I smiled shyly in response. After this strange scene, Bear Redley walked away leaving me alone with Alex. He turned to a group of other giant bears who looked at me questioningly. When he related who I was, some bears smiled in greeting and with sympathy for me. I did not know I was a famous guy at that hotel. I thought it must be because of my small size—maybe that would turn them on.

Alex set me down on one of the pub benches. He got me so easily. His hands were under my armpits, and I smiled at the scene. It was as if he were holding a toy. I was a toy for that Viking of over 10 feet and huge muscles.

“You’re light!” he smiled, and I noticed his dimples.

“You are the one who’s very strong, big guy! And very big!” I snapped my fingers and smiled back.

We spent some good minutes talking about the hotel and how Alex became an employee. As we spoke I noticed he always omitted some parts, such as when he grew that size, or why are they all giants in that place?

“When I was 16,” he said, “I dreamed of being a bodybuilder. I played soccer in my city, at school still. I’ve always been a big, sturdy and hungry kid,” he added laughing. Alex was telling about his teenage years. An important part of life is a pessao, which is shared only with someone of trust. And I believed in that moment that Alex trusted me.

“There’s no denying that you eat too much, big guy,” I said. I touched his biceps. “It needs a lot of fuel to feed those muscles.”

Alex smiled, and like a Viking god, he flexed his arms right in line with the top of his head. The double biceps pose was insanely impressive. I gasped.

“You’re huge, Alex! The biggest guy I’ve ever seen in my life. And I think you’re the greatest man in the world, for sure.”

Alex smiled and deliberately scratched his chest through his shirt. His pecs jumped with the action of his hands.

“There are some men even bigger than me, but you’ll find out soon enough, buddy.” He winked.

I sighed, happy as I was to be near him. “Secrets and more secrets,” I said. “You do not tell me anything and just leave me with more questions … and what was that minutes ago? I’ve never heard of this Redley,” I added, pointing at the bear who was talking to his pack of giant bears, not far away.

“His name is Joseph Redley. Owner of Redley Food Industries. Have you eaten the best preserved sausages in the world?” Alex smiled and sighed as if remembering the smell of the sausages.

“My God! I love those sausages. Every line of Redley food is delicious.” I sighed and repeated Alex’s gesture.

We laughed.

“So, this giant bear with arrogant smile and luxurious brown hair owns the world’s largest food chain? Damn. And how he knows who I am … wait, don’t tell me! He knew my father… ”

I think I was speaking a tone above my normal pitch, because I realized that Bear Redley had approached where I was. Alex smiled in at my excited manner of speaking, but then restrained himself when he noticed Redley’s presence.

“Luke, I’m not arrogant,” Redley said indulgently. “And yes, I met your father. He sold me one of his growing research on organic foods. He was a phenomenal scientist, and I knew you when you were still a teenager. You look a lot like him.”

“Oh … wow! Sorry if I was rude, I did not mean that you were an arrogant.” I shrugged my shoulders, ashamed.

“All right, kid! Let’s start from the beginning and the right way.” He held out his hand. “My name is Joseph,” he said genially. “I was your father’s friend, and I am your friend also, if you want. And before you ask, I’m 48 years old,” he added, whispering his age in confidence.

“Wow … did you wash yourself in formalin, or use formalin as an energy drink? I thought you were more like 28 years old,” I said.

Redley chuckled. “This is an effect of an experiment your father created,” he said. “I’m getting older, but it’s a very slow process and with very great benefits. But thanks for the compliment. It’s not every day someone says that you’re 20 years younger than you are!”

Another bit of news that made me think of how little I knew of my dad’s life. The truth was, he’d spent more hours in the lab than he had talking to me. Joseph Redley lingered and told me more about my father’s research. But he did not go into too much detail. After a few drinks and good laughs, I realized that he only seemed to have arrogant smile. Behind the cocky grin Joseph was a cool guy, I thought, especially after he invited me to spend a weekend on his private island in Greece.

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of another giant. I looked at the door of the ballroom, and there he was. Dark and thorny hair. Broad shoulders brushed against the door frame. Tanned skin. A couple of massive pecs where one could balance several cups. His gaze was enigmatic. His super-muscular torso moved into the room. He was walking towards me. He saw me from a distance and smiled as he approached.

“Robert Baker, one of the hotel owners,” Alex whispered. “And he’s coming for you, little buddy.”

So, that muscled god, an extraordinarily beautiful giant, was one of the hotel owners who invited me to a special dinner? This night was starting to get even more interesting.


Part 4

He was huge. Wide, broad shoulders that barely fit into the door frame. And the hotel doors were suitable for the giants. His pecs seemed to have a life of their own. They were shelves so bulging that I could not see the tip of his nipples, pointed down as they were. His muscles danced as he walked and approached. Robert had a perfect smile, and his eyes were green and sharp, but friendly. He stood before me. I was standing in front of the pub bench, and my head was approaching the underside of his pecs. But one thing to point out: the bar stools were high enough for a giant over 9 feet tall to keep his feet off the ground. That is, Robert Baker was as gigantic as anyone else in that ballroom. And that’s when I caught a glimpse of the outline of his nipples. Nipples larger than my thumbs. He wore a T-shirt with thin straps. I thought it was strange, because as a hotel owner he was supposed to wear a suit and be suffocated by a tie. But who would dare to tell one of these giants what to do or wear? Not me.

“No way!” he said, smiling broadly. “Luke Winkley, I finally met you after sall these years!” Robert’s deep tones made my bones shiver. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around my lean body. Thankfully he too had a sense of his own size and strength, so it was a slight squeeze.

“I see you already know our biggest giant.” He smiled and turned to Alex. Robert greeted Alex as if they were brothers in a fraternity, then greeted Joseph with a quick hug.

“Oh yeah. Alex is fantastic,” I saids and smiled up at my 10’9” Viking.

“I knew you’d like him. Alex is a promising kid, and very kind.” Robert smiled at Alex.

“So,” I said, “did you make a point of finding me for dinner? It seems like you know me from somewhere, sir, even though I do not know where I could meet you, or any of these giants here … “ I took a deep breath to contain my babbling. I was getting nervous.

“Oh, no, Luke!” he said. “You calling me ‘sir’ makes my dominant side reignite.” His smile was wicked, and Alex smiled the same way. So that was enough proof for me: the giants liked to be dominant, not exactly a surprise—though they were all friendly, and Alex had even shown me a bit of a vulnerable side. Still, as large as they were, it was impossible for them to be anything less than dominant. Being the alpha was built into being one of the giants. But with so many alphas gathered, they had a sensible control of their places in that society where size difference mattered. And I … well, I was left. I was the only tiny one in that place.

“So … did you know my father?” I said, changing the subject. I think they saw their wicked expressions softening. Even Joseph lost his arrogant smile.

“Yes, yes, I met your father,” Robert affirmed. “He was one of the most wonderful men I ever had the opportunity to meet.” Robert said the last with longing in his eyes.

“I did not get much chance to be with him,” I admitted. “After 15 years of his being gone, I did not get a chance to get to know this wonderful home that you both talk about. Until yesterday, I did not know that this place existed in the world, full of men frea … I mean, men as big as you, and who knew my father so much better than I did.”

I shrugged after letting out what was choking me. So many memories of my father came out and I did not know anyone there, but they knew me well. At the very least, I felt exposed and uncomfortable. I stood in front of Robert, and God … he was huge. My head was looking in the direction of his belly button. He should be the size of Alex, no … he was not the same size, he was a few inches smaller.

I do not know if it was the drink that made me see things, but I swear I saw something stirring in Robert’s groin. I had my eyes close to that part of his massive body. And I could have sworn I saw something trying to move in his tight pants. I thought it was his erection, since those giants always seemed to be very excited, but there was something else in Robert’s pants. I rubbed my eyes at the thought that my vision was blurry, but I continued to see something. Was it an insect? Inside a man’s pants, that would be disgusting

“Luke, please, I did not want to make you uncomfortable,” Robert said. “I’m sorry. I know talking about your father is bad for you, but we need to discuss him and his project. Please come and have dinner with me,” Robert said politely.

I took a deep breath and rubbed my eyes once more.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I was preparing for that dinner anyway.” I took a step forward.

But Alex stood beside me and led me out of the ballroom. Before leaving, I said goodbye to Joseph. We headed towards the hotel restaurant which was on the south side of the property, with an incredible view of the ocean. During the drive from the party room to the restaurant, Alex again took my hand, protectively. I was enjoying being protected by Alex. He was my giant lumberjack-booted Viking.

The restaurant, like all halls and rooms in the hotel, had 30-foot high ceilings. Huge furniture to comfortably accommodate every giant guest. Our table was in a reserved place on the balcony of the hotel, closer to the sand of the beach and overlooking a starry sky and a lush new moon. The night was beautiful.

Robert and Alex sat down in front of me. Before he sat down, Alex pulled out a chair and helped me to a seat. He used his huge hands, lifting me up the armpits. I was a toy again in the hands of the Viking giant. Like all the furniture in the hotel, the chair was tall enough my feet stayed away from the floor.

My own inebriation had faded a little, and I was no longer under the full effect of alcohol. The drinks for the giants were strong, they had a higher alcohol content than for a normal-sized man like me. I was struck by how relaxed he was.

Robert was smiling, the smile of someone who had just found what he was looking for.

“So … Mr. Baker … what’s the point of dining with me?” I intertwined my fingers.

“Be careful, kid,” Baker warned, sounding amused. “You calling me ‘Mister’ and ‘sir’, it makes me horny, Luke. You can not imagine how much,” Baker added with a wink.

So … Robert Baker liked to be the master. Inwardly I grimaced. If I were to play this game, I’d rather play with my Viking.

“I do not know you that well to call you another way,” I said. “And as far as I know, you own this place, so … I think calling you ‘sir’ is at least polite treatment, do not you think?” I was firm in my words. I was starting to get tired of everyone knowing who I was, knowing my dad when I hadn’t even known him, and being in the middle of an island full of giants without knowing how they got here.

“All right,” Robert said. He closed his eyes and shook his head, looking disappointed. Alex also changed his smiling expression to something more serious. “Luke, we are not enemies here,” the owner went on. “When I saw your reservation at the hotel, I was so elated I needed to see you up close. Your arrival at the hotel caused a great commotion for my family, especially for my dad.”

Robert’s sharp eyes showed a more sensitive and painful side when he spoke of his dad.

“Let’s start with the basics… okay?” I said.

“Okay.” He nodded in agreement.

“Okay, Alex?” I looked into the eyes of my giant Viking.

“Okay, Luke,” he answered seriously.

“So … how the hell are you all giants? You only see giants in children’s stories. Where did you come from? And why are you all so muscular—it is humanly impossible for your muscular development—!” I took a deep breath to curb my nervousness, which, combined with the alcohol still flowing in my blood, made my tongue a little more uncontrolled than usual.

“Your father is responsible for this,” Robert announced and leaned back in his chair.

So far we had not asked for anything from the wait staff—Robert had asked not to be bothered. But I got queasy and bent over when I heard him say that my father was responsible for all these giants to exist. Alex, in his protective manner, got up and fetched water for me. He did not even wait for the waiter who came right after. Robert dismissed the waiter and everything was a blur to me at that moment.

My dad was the one who cultivated these giants … but how? And when? Is he still alive? And why did he never come back or try to find me? All these questions spun around in my mind at that moment.

“His body was never found … “ I gasped.

Robert’s gaze was pure concern. He wanted to wait until after I’d improved. But when I asked him to continue, he did not want to waste any more time with doubts. Robert pulled a phone from his pocket, bigger than ordinary cell phones. He pulled up a photo gallerie.

“See this picture … do you recognize anyone?”

The big cell screen was like a tablet to me. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the photo. It was a tropical landscape, like a beach, more like an island. A large mansion in the background. To say it was big is a joke—the mansion was huge. And there was a massive giant with silver hair and a gray Fu Manchu mustache. But he still looked yes, younger than his hair showed. I would have figured him at around 40 years old, or even less, if it was not silver hair. The giant’s eyes were sharp, enigmatic, and green like Robert’s. It was Robert’s father.

And … wow! He was a hot giant. A sugar daddy, a muscles bear of … oh my god! It could not be true! The image showed that the giant was 70 feet tall. Then I remembered Alex’s words: “There are bigger ones.”

“That is impossible … this man can not have all this height. It’s not real. It’s an morph,” I said and pushed the cell phone back to Robert.

“Please, Luke, believe me, it’s not a fake,” Robert insisted. “This 70-foot giant is my father. He exists… and he is very eager to see you.” Robert seemed thrilled, and slightly offended.

Alex’s expression was serious, but he kept a comforting look every time our eyes met. My giant Viking protector was there. What a strong connection we had, and we only knew each other within a few hours. I turned to Robert.

“Excuse me, Mr. Baker, I did not mean to offend you,” I said. “But I can not believe it.”

He smiled sadly and stared at me. “You are in the middle of an island full of giants that weigh more than half a ton of muscles, more than 9 feet tall—and do not believe that my dad is my dad?” he chided me. “Come on, Luke, get your head out of the sand. Look again. Look closer. There’s something you haven’t seen yet.”

His voice was so calm, so steady in talking about such things, it scared me a little. After all, I was saying that his father did not exist. What an irony. He spoke well of my missing father, making me relive bad memories, and I just told him that his father was a photoshop cheat. He handed me the tablet again.

“I do not need to see it again,” I said, unable to accept something so far beyond possibility. “You have a good picture editor on your cell phone, Mr. Baker.”

I leaned back in my chair and glared at Robert. He looked serious, disappointed and upset. At that moment, I realized that I was being a dick. I decided to give it a try. I took the cell phone and analyzed the pic one more time, looking closer.

I choked on what I saw. I covered my mouth to stifle a cry of surprise. There was a tiny, tiny man sitting on the massive, wide shoulder of the giant sugar daddy. I zoomed in on the phone and recognized who it was. It was my dad. After years of thinking he was gone, without a single word from him … he was there, on the shoulders of a giant.

“N-no way…” I breathed. I pushed the tablet across the table with shaking fingers, back to Robert. The tears, without warning, started to flow.

“Oh God! Luke, do not cry, please,” Robert said. To Alex he said, “I did not want to do this to him… ”

“It was not our intention to make you cry, Luke,” Alex said and bent to take my hand.

His huge hand caressed my small, thin, trembling hand.

“How is this possible? How is he in this photo?” I said around sobs. “He’s alive and you know where he is?” At that moment, my voice rose a few octaves above, but soon I controlled my tone. I did not want to have an accusatory tone. I still did not know that Robert’s father might have something to do with my father’s disappearance. I did not know anything.

Robert spoke calmly, trying to make his intense, rumbling voice as reassuring as possible. “I want you to watch this video, Luke,” he said. “I think it will tell you most of what you need to know.”

He pressed the play on the video and it all started to make sense.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

On video:


“Easy, dear. I’m adjusting the focus to make it clear. Our Luke needs to see us without interference. And do not worry, you will appear in the video.”

The camera shook as the giant in the background moved. The silver-haired giant, with a muscular mega torso, and 70 feet tall, sat on a large rock behind the tiny man. He needed to stay in the focus of the camera to be able to appear in the video, but his face was not clear. Only his massive feet, ankles, and calves appeared with clarity. His feet were bigger than sedans, or SUVs. The massive giant of a muscled god had a deep voice and his deep baritone was amplified in the audio of the video. Dr. John Winkley stood at the giant’s feet, near his big toe.

“Well, Luke. It’s Daddy. I know your mind right now must be melting, but I want you to know one thing: I’ve always loved you and I’ve never forgotten you—”

“I ALSO LOVE YOU, LITTLE LUKE!” the giant rumbled, interrupting.

“Oh, yes, dear. This is another subject that I will deal with here with you. And no, I will not be dead, so I hope, when you watch this video. I hope to meet you again—”

“IF IT WAS A MORTUARY VIDEO I WOULD NEVER ALLOW THAT!” the giant rumbled again above the camera.

“Yes, Stan, I know you would never allow me to speak of death directly to our boy. So, dear,” the scientist said, turning to the camera, “I will not do anything else. I needed to be away from the world after the experience of improving the human body followed in unexpected directions. As you can tell,” he said and pointed to the giant’s finger and then up toward the giant’s furry, muscular torso.

“This man saved my life. I would have been murdered if Stan had not saved me. That was 15 years ago. Since then, Stan Baker and I have been married.” He paused, smiling at old memories. “We met at a genetics convention in Europe. Stan had already gone through the upgrade and reached 9 feet before everything went wrong. I will not give more details on this video, because Stan wants to have the pleasure of telling all this personally when you come to visit.”

Another pause. “Dear Luke,” he said, his tone a little more serious. “There are many powerful people in government and elsewhere that do not want the Muscles Tech project to be deployed around the world. They say that it would be damaging to the world population, that it would create a risk of dividing the human race. But the project was disseminated through the hotel chain that bears the name of the research, and we are moving forward. A few world leaders joined the project. Soon, the world will have another kind of evolution—this kind of evolution.” The scientist pointed again to the giant above him.

“One of the side effects of the Muscles Tech program is the mass increase of the individual outside far beyond the norm. The baseline of the enhancement is a height increase to 9 feet, to be clearer. This is the standard of research, and we know how it works out in most cases. In some men, who had contact with the MT enzymes in the enhancement program, the side effects were more unpredictable. Sometimes at first their tissues did not accept the changes and they died, but soon that risk was eradicated after a new modification in the enzyme. There was also the ‘rampant’ cases. In these cases, a man loses control of his human actions and a desire to destroy and crush everything that is minor for him is awakened. We’ve done what we can about that, but the ‘rampant’ case is still an imminent risk, we can not correct this side effect. The improved grows up to 70 feet, or more, and becomes unstoppable, since the risk of death has been eradicated. My dear Stan—” He turned his gaze upward, to the face of the giant. “—was a victim of the side effect of non-standard growth. The difference is that Stan did not have the drive to be violent. Stan is 70 feet tall and has an unstoppable body. With unbreakable bones and stronger muscle tissue than steel. In addition to the delay in the aging process, muscle development is another great feat of the MT enzyme. The human body becomes a perfect machine. The MT enzyme works so methodically that it destroys any threat the immune system may receive, strengthening that system. That’s what makes a giant like Stan, or a normal 9-foot giant, a disease-free being. No defects. They become strong and resilient in every way.”

John Winkley paused and smiled into the camera. “You must be wondering: why does the government want to stop the searches? The answer is that they can not cope with the effects of the mega-growth, like Stan’s. So I had to go off the grid and fake a disappearance to study these effects more. And, Luke, I discovered something sensational. The side effect of mega-growth is not a bad effect. It is activated when the man already has the MT enzyme in his body and has already undergone the initial improvement, i.e., grew up to 9 feet—and he falls in love. It was what triggered the effect of mass growth on Stan and two other giants. Stan fell in love with me. That was he trigger, for him. And yet, many 9-foot giants also fell in love, but did not have that growth effect. This happens in isolated cases that I am still studying. And I can guarantee that this mega-growth will still happen, I do not know how often, but it will happen. Passions are unpredictable and cause unpredictable things. That is why I am analyzing more cautiously. And that’s what the government can not handle.

“The other two cases of mass growth are recent. In Germany, bodybuilder Gunter Schlierkamp received the MT enzyme and fell in love with a small man, and effect was activated. In Korea, another bodybuilder, Chun Soon, also improved, fell in love with a small man … and now, both Gunter and Chun are 70 feet. Chun still managed to be bigger than Gunter, he’s 76 feet tall. So I’m sure other improved ones will grow soon.

“The world will change, Luke, and I want you to be part of this new world. Find a giant who you’ve always dreamed about and be his lover. I know you’ve always liked big men and you even want to be one of them, but I think you should stay the size you are. The coexistence and interaction between me and Stan is sensational. And when more of the giant collateral subjects appear, they needed an intermediary between them and the normal-sized people. The world will be dominated by giants, son. That will be inevitable … “

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The images became a blur interrupting my father, and the video ended with a crash. I jumped back, still sitting in the chair. Tears were washing my face. That man in the video, bald and brown-eyed was my father … and he was married to a giant. It was a lot to process at that moment, but one thing was certain, my father was alive … I paused for a minute to think about this possibility and faced Alex and Robert.

“Is he still alive?” I said with a lump in my throat.

“No … unfortunately, Uncle John is dead,” Robert said. “As he was finalizing this video, there was a surprise attack from the government on this island where my father and Uncle John lived. My dad tried in every way to protect Uncle John … there were many deaths. My dad trampled several agents and their vehicles, but one of these agents was quick enough and managed to wound Uncle John fatally. My father does not forgive himself to this day.”

“He was the perfect giant for my dad,” I said. “I understand how he’s feeling … but it’s a lot to process.”

All this time, Alex was silent, but always with his eyes intent on me, and his senses alert so that if I needed anything. This was my Viking, ready for everything.

“I know it’s difficult, Luke,” Robert continued, “but now I’ve found you and I need you to come with me to the island where we live today. I, my brothers and my dad, look forward to having you with us. Seeing you, knowing you, will return the joy to my old dad.”

“What about… my life? My stuff? My home and work … I can not leave everything behind …”

“You have everything you need, Luke. Uncle John left you a millionaire inheritance, but since you moved after the investigation into Uncle John’s disappearance, I could not find you. You hid well, kid.” Robert smiled trying to break the tension.

I was completely overwhelmed. “I’m still not sure,” I said unsteadily.

“Whatever questions you have, I’ll answer them all.” Robert lifted his thumbs.

“Will the world really become dominated by giants?”

“Yes, Luke. The population of improved males with over 9 feet tall has increased significantly. The Muscles Tech hotel chain is supported by a number of business owners, including Joseph Redley, who provides enough food for us giants. Millionaires, owners of multinationals and even some politicians who go to the hotel network, are getting bigger. Athletes are consuming the enzyme more and more. Soon it will be a new world. All dissemination of the enzyme is done through the Muscles Tech hotel chain. These men stay at one of our hotels, consume the enzyme through the wine that we leave as complimentary in the rooms and after a night’s sleep the enhancement begins. But before that, we explain everything about this experience. To date, there has been no refusal, so the number of enhancements grows every day.”

“How is this enzyme made?”

“Everything is done in the laboratory of our particular island. It is then distributed in the units of the Muscles Tech Hotel. The scientist responsible today for the progress of the research, is my younger brother, Fernand, he is also an improved. And he found out more about the side effects. The bodybuilders his father mentions on the tape, live with us on the island. They interact well with my dad, because they are on the same level as I think. As Uncle John said, Luke, the world is changing.”

“This is incredible … it’s my father’s dream come true,” I said. I took a deep breath. “So that’s what you were talking about, Alex?”

Alex shook his head. “I could not give more details. That was Robert’s job.” Alex smiled at Robert. There was complicity among the giants.

“You’ve known each other a long time, haven’t you?” I asked, wiping away my tears.

“My father is Alex’s father’s best friend. And we were raised together, we studied at the same school and university.” Robert smiled and squeezed Alex’s massive shoulder.

“Wow! How many revelations.” I smiled weakly.

“As I told you … I’ll answer all your questions.” Robert smiled back. “But first I need to show you something else your father did …”

Alex smiled broadly at that moment. He knew what would happen next, it was flashing in his eyes, how he wanted to see what Robert would show. Robert got up, unbuttoned his pants revealing part of his underwear. He reached into his underwear and pulled something out. It was not his cock, though I would very much wanted to see it. What he pulled from inside his underwear left me speechless, devoid of action. I was paralyzed.

Robert pulled it from inside his underwear, and carefully placed it on the table, then picked up a glass and turned over the creature, pinning it. The creature was actually a man. A tiny man. It was impressive.

“Oh … my … God … is this real?” I leaned across the table toward the glass that was the impromptu prison of the tiny man.

“Hahaha … yes, Luke. His father developed a ray that shrinks things and humans, but only we in the family have access to it. This little man you see is 5 inches long and was the only survivor of our parents’ island attack. My father would’ve trampled him when he found him, but I decided to use the thunderbolt ray for a better punishment.”

At that point, Robert rubbed his crotch and put his hand inside his underwear. It was a hot scene.

“The punishment was to live in your underwear.” I deduced the obvious.

“Yes … this rascal now knows what a real man is, is not he, little bastard?”

Robert shook the glass, causing the little man to fall and hit his head against the glass walls.

“He got what he deserved,” Alex said menacingly and repeated Robert’s gesture.

I stood before two giants and a shrunken man. Seeing Alex’s dark side made me realize, oddly enough, that I really was protected. I felt sorry for the little man who was in conflict with these two massive giants … but only for a few seconds. Listening to my father’s words in that video only made me know how much I wanted to see that scene. Two giants and one tiny. For the government it would be outrageous to see one of its agents at the mercy of two massive giants. For me, honestly, I found it amusing.

There were still many doubts, but, knowing full truth, I knew I would have time and tranquility to seek the answers that were lacking.


Part 5

The dinner with Robert had been thrilling, intriguing, and, most of all, revealing—to the point of messing up my mind making me think I was in another world. My convictions about life, about the world, and about the universe, no longer existed. People did not believe it at first. I remember writing a note on my Facebook saying the following: giants exist and will dominate the world… soon. I have received many comments, bad and good. The bad people told me: stop using drugs and painkillers, and go get help. The good ones, they said the same thing, but with a hint of gentleness; or at least I thought it was kindness, maybe it was sarcasm anyway. To the rest I was just a crazy junkie, even though I never used any drugs.

I went back to my room that night. It was a pleasant evening, I remember well. Before leaving the restaurant, he had made it clear to Robert that he would wait until he saw the giant Stan, and after talking to him, he would then decide whether I would take the compound of the MT enzyme, so that I could become a giant of 9 feet, or not. Everything would depend on later events.

With my anxiety at extreme levels, I could not sleep. I rolled into the size bed of an island for me, as a dog rolls on the carpet of the room seeking attention, I sought the sleep that had gone elsewhere. I thought a great deal about everything I heard, saw, and noticed. A world of giants was springing up and I was a cornerstone, or at least they said I was. I did not see it that way. Deep in my soul, the desire I had was for one of these giants to give me a night of pleasure. Perhaps it was this desire that shook my mind and body. I looked down at the middle of my crotch and I had a boner. I was horny just thinking that one of these giants could dominate me.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alex followed me into the bedroom. He insisted on staying with me after dinner. He was radiant, his ear-to-ear smile showing how happy he was that I knew the truth, and then he could openly talk about his feelings about all this giants thing. He stayed in my room. It was good, because I did not want to be alone, not that night. I needed to share with someone, my doubts.

“It’s the food? My God … how much food do you consume? It must be exorbitant.” I got out of bed, and sat down in the armchair in front of the bed.

Alex had sat down on the edge of the bed. We were facing each other.

“Your dad took care of everything when he developed the food augmentation technology. I knew that on the islands that Joseph has … “

“Joseph Redley has islands with modified foods?” I interrupted. My wide eyes delivered my mortification with this new discovery.

“Yes, Luke, but you need not be so surprised. You’ve had too many surprises for today. Don’t you think that being impressed to discover that a multimillionaire has private islands is a little silly on your part?” He stared at me with those wonderful piercing eyes. Alex was right.

“It’s all right! It’s all right! You’re right … continue what you were saying about Redley.”

“So he has islands where he grows herds of oxen and giant sheep. And there are herds of giant pigs as well. And they reproduce very fast. He assured us that food for us giants will not be lacking, either for the 9 footers or for the 70 footers.”

Alex relaxed his shoulders and his pecs jumped involuntarily. This minimal movement of Alex’s exuberant body made my cock throb in my underwear. How long could I go and not I fuck with anyone? It had been months since the last fuck. I crossed my legs to hide my boner, but I think Alex had already noticed. His mischievous smile surrendered what was in his heart. He jumped his pecs a couple of times in a row and smiled.

“You like what you see, do not you?” Alex winked seductively.

“Uh … uh … Alex, that’s not the point,” I stammered. “What do you think will happen when 70-foot giants start walking around among normal sized people?”

We’re normal, Luke,” Alex remonstrated gently. “The difference is that we are bigger and stronger.” Alex seemed a bit offended by my question, though he still regarded me affectionately.

“Oh God, I know,” I said quickly. I tried to lighten the tension of my question. “You’re normal to me, I know, and I understand what happened to your bodies, but to other humans you’re nothing but… freaks,” I said, frowning as I blurted out the only word that came to me in that stressful moment.

Alex rose to his height of more than 10 feet, snorted and pulled off his uniform shirt. The shirt slid up with some difficulty. I had noticed that this shirt was tighter on Alex’s muscles since dinner time. It seemed crazy, but I thought he might have grown slowly since then.

I swallowed hard when I saw the wide, bulging, swollen, toned trunk of Alex. His pecs were shelves of hard, massive, impenetrable muscles with a cleavage that could swallow my hands. His pecs rose and fell in the rhythm of his breathing. He crumpled his shirt and tossed it aside. He put his hands on his waist, in a titanic pose standing right in front of me.

I was sitting in the bedroom armchair, and it was an armchair designed for a 9-foot giant, and yet my face was in front of Alex’s navel. I looked up, and up, admiring his abs, a formidable ten-pack apparently sculpted over years of work in a gym. Above the solid muscle slabs that were his pecs, I found his gentle but malicious grin. He loosened his hair from his ponytail and shook the dirty blond locks.

The biggest Viking of all time was in front of me in a hotel room, and I was at his mercy. Alex could do anything he wanted with me, and I, in my smallness, could not help it. This is a question that makes me so horny about the size difference. The power of one, and the visible weakness of the other. Alex was superior, a Viking god alive and breathing on earth, and I was just a pathetic human in the face of so much muscular superiority and physical beauty. It was at that moment that I decided.

“I will not ingest the MT enzyme,” I said at once, staring into Alex’s penetrating eyes that were focused on me.

“Good choice, little one,” he smirked, and his dimple became visible. “Ever heard the theory that for every giant there is a little man?”

I swallowed hard and lost in so much beauty, strength and marked masculinity of Alex. “Is this theory real?” I almost stuttered at the proximity of his groin to my face.

“In a world full of giants, yes, this theory exists. And I can be your giant.” He leaned over and took me by the armpits pulling me out of the chair. His hands lifted me to the height of his face. Alex looked at me with desire, excitement, and kissed me without warning. His huge tongue invaded my mouth coming up to my throat. He kissed me voraciously. I was putty in his arms, but I still responded to the kiss.

“Alex … I … oh god …” I said breathlessly into a pause in our kiss.

“Do not say anything, little man,” Alex said, soothingly but firmly. “Your giant Viking will take care of you.”

He squeezed me into his large, massive trunk. I touched his skin, and it was warm, warm as my crotch, which was hot as hell. Alex was ready to fuck me, but was I?

With my feet flying over the floor, I tried to run my toes into Alex’s groin. He felt the tips of my fingers on his skin and smiled as he kissed me. With his right hand he held me by an armpit, and with his left hand he unbuttoned his khaki shorts and pulled down the elastic from his underwear. The biggest cock in the world, or at least the biggest I had ever seen in my life, jumped out of Alex’s underwear. He smiled when he noticed my face in shock and admiration.

“You will not be able to take it all,” he informed me with certainty. “Your pucker is too small and too tight to receive all of my humongous tool.”

“Your cock … your cock is huge.” I widened my eyes.

“He’s 20 inches, and he’s thicker than his two forearms together … that’s when he’s upright like now,” Alex said. “The men of my family are famous for their oversized cocks. “Alex was proud of his extravagant genital inheritance.

He lifted me a little higher and I was able to put my foot on the monstrous erection. The swollen head of his cock pulsed, as if ready for food, the bulging veins snaked across the length of the giant cock. Alex turned with me on one arm and with his feet in his cock straight, and put me gently on the bed.

He smiled as our eyes met once more. Slowly, he lowered his shorts, and his underwear freeing the balls of bulls. Balls the size of potatoes covered with blond hair. Alex stood completely naked in front of me.

His tree trunk thighs were so thick and so close together that they forced the balls forward. He was big everywhere.

“Alex … I … that …” I pointed at his monster cock.

“This is what you will serve forever,” he said. “That giant cock is yours to serve. I’m the giant who will take care of you, Luke. This is my destiny since I saw you at the time you stepped into the hotel. Do not ask me why I know this, or how that feeling awoke, it just happened, and I will not stop. You’re my little guy.”

He approached the bed with his knees on the mattress. The bed creaked and the mattress sank with its weight. Half of my body was under his groin. I could no longer formulate a single sentence in my head. My senses were on the alert as the Viking giant came closer and closer. The heat, the power, the virility radiated from his body and hit me causing me dizziness. My breathing was getting irregular. I gasped and could not speak.

Alex leaned so close that his pecs touched my thin, thin torso. My skinny frame compared to the massive picture of a god of Alex was engulfed by the proximity of his mighty muscular pecs.

“If you fuck me with this monster … Jesus Christ … I will be split in half.” My voice was trembling as my whole body tensed.

“Do not worry, little boy. Your Viking God would never hurt you.”

Alex’s deep baritone reverberated through my body. His husky voice was seductive and almost made me cum all by itself. How did he know I thought he was a Viking God? I asked him that very question breathlessly.

“Everyone thinks of me that way,” he said with a smirk. “That’s why I keep this long hair and rough beard… I like a Norse God in people’s imagination, so why not give these people the god they so imagine I am?”

To emphasize his point, Alex struck a pose, peaking insane double-biceps. Then he lowered his arms on the bed, one on either side of my head. It was two pillars of hard, veined muscles.

“You are powerful, Alex … my Viking god,” I whispered.

His eyes bore into mine. “Powerful … huge … strong …” He uttered these words as he ripped my clothes with his thick fingers. Seconds later I was naked, with a pathetic boner compared to the mast erected in Alex’s groin.

“Your manliness constrains me,” I announced in embarrassment.

“Do not be ashamed. People would kill to be able to touch it all.” He slapped his cock—twchak—making it sway back and forth. “And this giant boner is all yours, little Luke.”

Alex stood over me. My impotent, pathetic figure was covered by Alex’s muscular, oversized torso. He bent his knees forward causing his cock to approach me. When his python pressed against my belly, I shuddered. Alex started the fucking moves, but he did not penetrate me. He did not need to. We knew that shoving that giant mast inside me was impossible. The friction of his erection against my body was so intense that I felt as if I were being invaded.

Alex saw how I felt, for he smiled, leaned over and kissed my lips gently. As he kissed me, making me lose track of time and space, Alex slid his middle finger into my tight ass. His finger was so thick it did the work of a large enough penis without problem.

He penetrated me with his finger, deep, until it touched my prostate. At that moment, I saw fireworks and my back arched. Alex pressed his massive chest on top of his thin frame, making me retreat, for my comparatively little cock almost blew out a load then and there.

“Oh Jesus Christ … Alex … oh fuuuck,” I gasped, and a tear slipped from my eye.

“Your little round ass is mine, Luke. Mine for me to use as you wish. You like my big finger inside your ass, little Luke, huh?” he whispered hoarsely as he kissed me. He accelerated the back and forth movements of his finger inside my hole. I moaned. He grunted. I gasped. He breathed heavily like a bull. As Alex’s finger worked on my hole, his dick rubbed against my torso, soaking me with pre-cum. His slit spurted so much pre-cum it left me bathed from head to waist. Bull balls like his made a lot of pre-cum and these blond-skinned organs brushed against my groin as Alex rubbed his masculinity into me. It did not take long. I could not hold back anything and blew my load. Alex quickened his fingertips in my hole, but did not accelerate the movements of his cock in my torso.

His finger hit me hard in my tight ass. He grunted. Then he growled like a lion. And without being touched, Alex’s cock began to expel hot, creamy cum that flew above me. Voices and volleys of cum spread through the bed. The smell of Alex’s sperm was intoxicating, addictive, intoxicating.

Oohhh…fuuuuuuuuuuck….fuuuuuuuuuuck bitch…I am cumming…“ Alex growled as his dick spurted warm white cum all over the bed and hit the wall behind the bed. I was lying there with half of my torso covered by his Viking god seed.

I was panting, totally at the mercy of the blond giant. Delivered at his pleasure. I stretched my arms over the bed, closed my eyes, gathered my legs together as Alex withdrew his finger from my ass, I lay sprawled and spent, bathed in the precious seed of a god.

I opened my eyes and found Alex’s face still twisted in pleasure … or it was pain? At that moment I could not distinguish what he felt, but I was sure excitement was what he felt most.

Alex moved away from the bed, staggering and with a thud, he sat on the floor. His breathing was fast and heavy. He was sweating too much. Alex wrapped his arms around her stomach as if he were in sharp pain. He stared at me and I could see that he really felt a lot of pain in his stomach.

“Oh my God, Alex … was it something you ate?” I said.

He just shook his head in negative. Then Alex started grunting in a different way. I approached him and touched his skin, it was as if I had touched a live ember fresh from the fire. It was getting redder every time. He grunted and suddenly, raising his head up, he let out a deafening cry.

Rraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw…ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh“ he roared.

I took a step back from this cacophany. I jumped on the bed and picked up the remains of my clothes, at least what was left of them. At that moment I was only thinking about calling for help, so I pulled on my shorts, which fortunately had survived Alex’s skillful hands, and ran for the door while he roared like a monster that had just been released.

I wiped my eyes still dirty with cum, and I fixed my gaze on Alex. My jaw dropped when I understood what was happening. Alex was expanding at an alarming rate. His muscles grew more swollen and more pumped. And his height followed the rhythm of his massive muscles. Alex’s roars echoed throughout the hotel. That’s when the door to my room burst open.

Three giants came through the door and I was knocked down on the floor by the herd of 9-foot muscle monsters that invaded my room. When I recovered, I saw that they were Robert, Tyler, and another long-haired blonde very much like Alex … yes, it was Alex’s older brother Galvin. He was as handsome as his younger brother. Another Viking god.

“Fuck! He’s growing… we all have to get out of here,” Robert announced immediately, without taking his eyes off Alex.

“I will not leave my brother alone,” Galvin announced in a deep, worried baritone.

“If we stay here, we’ll be flattened by his growth,” Robert replied.

At that moment, Alex’s head was already approaching the ceiling. The ceilings of the hotel rooms were about 30-feet high. It was a tense but breathtaking moment for me. In front of me, before my eyes, a man was growing to a titanic stature. Alex’s muscles packed before our eyes. The fibers of each muscle group multiplied at an impressive rate making Alex’s body more and more pumped.

Alex’s toes grew so impressive they deserved to be worshiped. He was sitting on the floor with his legs spread out beside the bed and his feet were approaching the wall behind the bed. I swallowed and yelled at the other giants inside the room.

“Empty the floor on this side of the hotel,” Robert ordered, “or someone will get hurt. It does not look like he will stop growing.” Robert turned to look at me and noticed my condition: semi-nude and covered in cum. “Did you have sex?! That must be what triggered Alex’s growth. That’s amazing!” Robert said approaching me.

“We need to get out of here, Mr. Baker.” Tyler pulled Robert out and without warning, he threw me over his shoulder. “Come with me, Mr. Winkley.”

Robert focused on what really mattered, which was to evacuate the floor from that hotel side. Tyler carried me through the corridors as he shouted for the giants to evacuate as quickly as possible. In seconds everything became pandemonium. The thundering of the giants’ hurried footsteps was scary.

From Tyler’s shoulder, I could see that Galvin had also left the room when we heard a loud booooom coming from my room. The structure on that side of the hotel shook and we all ran out of the hotel. Tyler put me on the floor beside him as soon as we were safely outside. All eyes focused on the balcony of my room.

Another loud bang and I saw a couple of fingers the diameter of sewer pipes shove out of my room across the terrace. Then Alex’s complete hand can be seen by everyone. The size of his hand could fit an SUV.

The balcony was collapsing when Alex’s long, blond head was pointed at the ceiling. The noise of the wood, bricks and metal being crushed by Alex’s expanding frame, made all my macro fantasies make other sense. It was real. A giant was growing larger in front of me, and a building collapsed because it did not contain the mass of this great man.

My eyes widened as Alex’s leg knocked over the wall in front of him. His head rose higher above the roof. The remains of the roof fell on his shoulders. He still roared like a lion. It was then that this giant lion sought freedom. Alex wrapped his fingers around the balcony wall and crushed it like a sheet of paper. Another bang. Alex’s feet knocked down the walls below the room. Another bang. Then he was still standing inside the hotel.

The tip of his gravel shoulders was visible above the roof. Alex raised his arms in a sign of freedom, roaring. Pieces of wood and bricks flew. He got rid of the prison that was the roof tightening his now titanic frame. All the guests applauded, whistled with euphoria glimpsing the rise of the newest titan of the earth. But, I was still scared. Now Alex was a true Viking god.

He turned to the cluster of giants in front of him and took his first step like a giant obliterating the front walls of the hotel. Alex tore up the concrete walls like sheets of paper. His strength was incredible. He was unstoppable now. He threw the remains of the walls in his hands to the right side into a pile of debris. The debris heaped up as he knocked over the walls, and the dust lifted.


Alex stood in front of the smaller giant admirers. He smiled wickedly and a hint of arrogance. He stretched his arms and then flexed into a double bicep pose.

Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr,“ he bellowed. Then, he shifted to a most-muscular pose. “GGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!”

Alex was into it—he was born to be a giant. He was a giant. Even the 9-footers were the size of dolls for him. And we all admired his newly grown muscles. Sweat mingled with the dust from the debris and Alex seemed to have come out of a war movie. The scene of destruction of the front of the hotel looked like a war movie scenario.

“Holy shit! He’s even bigger than my dad,” Robert said looking up into Alex’s muscles.

“What do you mean, bigger?” I said, startled.

Robert picked up his cell phone. And activated a blue light. It looked like a laser, but it was some sort of scanner.

“Hey big man… can you relax your posing? I need to check on you,” Robert shouted at Alex.


A murmur echoed through the crowd of giants as Alex spoke for the first time in his new, expanded voice. He relaxed his poses. Robert pulled away from the cluster of smaller giants and positioned the scanner up toward Alex’s forehead. Seconds later, I heard Robert utter a curse.

“WHAT’S MY HEIGHT, BOSS?” Alex was eager to hear about his new size.

Giants like to always check their heights.

“115 feet, Alex,” Robert called up to him. “You’re the biggest man ever enhanced by the MT enzyme.” Robert swallowed hard, and fixed his gaze on the phone. He was sending a message to his brother and father about what had happened.

While everyone was muttering about Alex’s new size, I stood beside Tyler. But, my eyes did not leave the body of the 115-foot titan that was in front of me. I could barely see Alex’s face beyond his pecs, but I realized he was looking for someone.

His eyes wandered over the giants below him, until he found me. He smiled and began to kneel. The giants, out of an instinct for safety, backed away, and I did as well. With a loud bang, Alex’s brawny right knee landed on the ground. His left knee was bent at a 90-degree angle where he rested his left elbow.


I took a deep breath and stepped out from behind Tyler’s leg. Slowly I approached the biggest toe of a foot that already existed. The power in that finger was so immense that he could only crush me with the tip. But, Alex had that gentle, sweet and kind smile that he gave me from the moment I arrived at the Muscles Tech Hotel. He was still there, my Alex, only in a bigger and improved package.

“You … you look amazing, Alex,” I smiled excitedly.

“I AM YOUR GIANT, YOUR VIKING GOD, LITTLE MAN,” he smiled down at me.

I smiled back. We exchanged grins. His hand moved toward me. I put my arms in front of my face to protect my life. It looked like a concrete beam was approaching me.

His fist curled into my body. His fingers wrapped me protectively. My sense of powerlessness intensified. His titanic hand pulled me off the ground. I felt dizzy as I was lifted into the air by Alex’s hand.

He lifted me up before his eyes, which were now two giant sapphire stones for me. Opening his hand, he placed me sitting on the palm, right in the center. Alex smiled and then pursed his lips. He reached out and gave me a kiss. I mean … he kissed my whole body. He had to be careful not to swallow me. But, he was kind. We stared for a few seconds, until he broke the silence after the kiss.


“It’s not as if I wanted to refuse,” I said. I smiled and he smiled back. “I think I found my real life giant.”


Part 6

Two years later…

And I was there, on the island inhabited by statuesque giants the size of gods. The island was named Talos Island, on account of the Greek mythological figure of the bronze giant that stood astride the harbor on the island of Crete. It was a suggestive name, for on our Talos Island, there lived more than one giant. All in all, there were five giants living on that long strip of land in the middle of the ocean. And the almost constant tremors became commonplace for me. I had already grown accustomed to feeling the ground tremble when my giant Viking god was around, so it was easy to get along with more pairs of titanic feet sending tremors.

The larger inhabitants were: Alex, Uncle Stan (he asked me to call him Dad, but I could not wrap my head around it, so it was just uncle), the Asian muscle giant Chul Soon, the bodybuilder Gunter Schlierkamp, and another man named Eric Janicki. Eric had been on the island for three months; his boyfriend was a fitness world athlete named Sergi Constance, himself enhanced by the MT enzyme. Sergi was 9’7”, with black hair like charcoal, tan skin, and, like all the enhanced men, he possessed a divine, muscular and massive body. Sergi and I became good friends, and he told how Eric grew up to be a 70-footer at his Los Angeles property. They met on a weekend at Muscles Tech, were improved together, and were still together. Before, he told me, no one suspected they were gay, but now that they had became giants, no one dared speak out against their love affair. I liked them both.

Chul Soon had been on the island longest, along with Uncle Stan and his sons. He was the second man in the world to grow to 70 feet—actually, by now he was 73’8”. He is Korean, and has a sense of humor as big as his size. Alex does not like me hanging around Chul, because he’s afraid he’ll crush me without realizing it, because he thinks he’s too careless.

Alex is very protective of me, and my giant Viking does not allow any of the larger giants of the island to approach the lower part of our house.

When we moved to the island, Alex and I stayed at Uncle Stan’s house, we now have our own house. A village, with oversized houses was built on the island as planned for arrival of more larger giants. All these houses had a standard in size. These buildings were 100 feet high, a good height for the giants grown to 70 feet, but not for Alex. So our house had to be redone and adapted for me and for him.

My place was situated in part of the yard of the house, an area that I called “the lowlands”. It was made to measure for me. In the lowlands I have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a living room with TV and all my favorite books and movies. In the upper part of the house, I also move without problems, because Alex was careful not to step on me by accident. The upper part of our house is 150 feet high.

Most of the time, I’m sitting on Alex’s broad shoulder, or tied around his waist.

Sometimes when I’m downstairs I hear his thunderous voice from my room the minute he gets home. He always says, “Honey, I’m coming in, if you’re here I’ll see you.” It’s always like that, and he only takes the first step in the house when he’s quite sure I’m safe.

When there are meetings, they always happen in our house, or in Stan’s house. And speaking of Stan, he’s the only giant on the island that Alex lets me get in the palm of his hand. Stan has been very careful ever since he met me. He protects me as much as Alex. It’s not that I cannot interact with the other major giants of the island, but they do not get to hold me in their titanic hands. No one wants to get on the bad side of Alex, if something happens to me.

The next meeting was at my house, and was attended by the other smaller giants I knew. They were all there: Joseph Redley, the owner of the giant food industries, and Tyler, who was now a couple with Redley. The two would take over the romance after Tyler declared his passion for Redley. It was a beautiful moment. There were also Stan’s three children: Robert, Fernand, and Ryan. Ryan was the middle brother, also an enhanced man of more than 9 feet. Fernand was the younger brother, and the scientist who cared for the large-scale production of the enzyme from my father’s studies, and so competent and responsible that I am amazed at his commitment and it is impossible not to be horny before a muscular man as a god and with an enviable intelligence.

Eric and Sergi arrived minutes after Gunter and his little German, Dirk. Dirk was a cool man, 40, but so carefree and well-built that he looked ten years younger. He was a former German model who met Gunter in a bodybuilding competition, so the two began a friendship relationship, culminating in what they have today. A happy couple.

Chul was the last to arrive at the meeting. He carried on his shoulder his younger lover, Kwan. A man of my size and age, Asian but with a thin, pale body very much like mine.

The giants, smaller and bigger, all without exception, get extremely excited when they are around us little guys. It is something dominant to be above people as tiny and pathetic as we are compared to an improved man. Kwan and I were treated with affection before eyes capable of malice and desire. That does not mean that Dirk was not treated with affection either, but even he got excited with me and Kwan around. Dirk was a former model, with a toned and slim body, professional swimmer style. He was tall, he was 6’10 “, so for me and Kwan, Dirk was also a giant.

A smaller table was placed on the larger table in my house. Alex’s dining table was big enough to put another table on top for the smaller giants and for us “normal” size we could get comfortable and attend meetings.

Eric liked to cook, and with Dirk’s help, he prepared the snacks for the larger giants and Dirk helped prepare the nibbles for us, the tiny ones. The smiling, friendly giant served the other giants and sat down next to Gunter on the right side of the larger table. Alex and Chul were sitting side by side on the left side of the table. And at the end of the table was Stan. Sitting like a king. Stan was imposing, with his silver hair, muscles ripped and covered with a thick layer of gray hair. He was the voice of the island’s biggest giants. Not because of his age, but because he was the first man to grow up in a titan and we all know of the research my father did with the enzyme. We all decided in a vote that Stan would speak for the larger giants at community meetings.


The pectoral covered with gray hairs rose and fell as he spoke.

The biggest giants, all of them, were without shirts or shorts. The coverings that the giants decided to wear, while on the island, were loincloths that wrapped their massive waists covering their monstrous cocks. I loved these loincloths—they made everything more primitive and masculine.


Gunter was blond, handsome and of a calm temperament. A gentle giant—just like everyone at that table.


“MORE GIANTS? BIGGER ONES? OH FUCK … THAT WILL BE FINE,” Chul smiled and shook his massive mega pecs.

“The islands and communities like ours are an example being adopted by the government. But I think it’s time for the giants to take over the government, don’t you think?” Fernand spoke to Stan.

They all sat in silence waiting for Stan to speak.


“GODFATHER, IF THAT IS JUST LIKE …” Alex squeezed Stan’s arm.

“Maybe it’s the only way …” I got up from my chair and stood on the table, facing five titanic giants. I pronounced my own view. “Since I arrived on this island, I was warmly welcomed by all of you.” I pointed out to Chul, Gunter and Stan. “Three years ago if you told me that giants existed I would never believe them, and look where I am now. Living on an island surrounded by massive giants, muscular gods and husband of an even bigger giant.”

Everyone at the table, both at the smallest table and at the largest table, smiled at me. “But now you believe we’re real, do not you, Luke?” Robert stared at me over his impressive pecs.

“Yes. Certainly. But understand, you are already gods in comparison to us …” At that moment I pointed to Kwan and Dirk. “We know we can not fight you. Tests have been done on Alex, Chul, Eric, Gunter and Stan, and it has been proven that guns do not hurt, not even scratch your skin. The MT enzyme has turned you all into gods. And who, in good conscience, will go against a god? Who would dare irritate you?”

They grunted in response. Every time I spoke at meetings, the giants listened with complete attention. It seemed that I was a kind of guide when it came to matters the relationship between normal-sized humans and the improved men.

“If I may speak …” Dirk held up his hand. His German accent was sharp.

“GO AHEAD, LITTLE DIRK,” Gunter said, pointing to the center of the table where I stood.

Dirk stood at my side, before the eyes of the giants.

“In Germany things are getting tense between the enhanced men and those of normal size. I got a message from my cousin in Berlin, and he said that giants over 70 feet tall are already being seen circling the city. And some have already caused several accidents. I think you do need to take control, because accidents like what happened in Berlin will be repeated very often in other cities if the giants are not monitored.”

At that moment he took the phone out of his pocket and showed the video to the nongiants on the table. Bigger giants could not see on a normal-sized person’s cell phone, so Dirk also shared the video to Robert while he connected his cell phone to our home TV by Bluetooth. Alex turned on the TV, so we all watched the video.

In the center of Berlin, two upgraded giants over 70 feet tall walked the city. It was apparent that one of them was having the negative reaction of the enzyme. It was a black, muscular giant, an ebony god. He was naked, and tore part of the center of Berlin, until it was restrained by another giant, a blond, like Gunter but younger. This other giant struck a blow on the black giant causing him to lose consciousness until he fell to the ground. In the process, the unconscious giant crushed several cars and people. A disaster.


“But, Dad … we can not live in remote communities by submitting the laws of little humans. You heard Luke.” Robert nodded at me. “We are gods. They will surrender.”

“AND IF THEY YIELD, THEY WILL EXPERIENCE OUR SOLES,” Chul spoke with presumption and arrogance raising the humongous foot of the ground.

“I AGREE WITH THE KOREAN. WE SHOULD BE EDUCATED IN THE BEGINNING, IF THEY DO NOT ACCEPT … “ Eric lifted his left foot and then lowered his 25-foot foot to the ground, hard.

Whoever was on the table, I felt the tremors as he stomped on the floor. I had to hold onto Dirk’s arm and leaned against one of the smaller chairs.

Alex looked at Eric severely, causing Eric to look down apologetically.


“I AGREE,” Alex rumbled across the table. My Viking God folded his arms, imposing, massive and divine. After Alex grew to a peak of 115ft, his height has not increased since then, but his muscles have grown to an inhuman scale. Alex weighed more than four hundred thousand pounds. A giant among the giants.

Stan took a deep breath, looking desolate. “THEN … IT’S DECIDED,” he said after a moment. “WE’LL ORGANIZE IN OUR ISLANDS AND COMMUNITIES AND THEN WE TAKE POWER.”

The larger giants around the table agreed and scattered around the house. To Relax after the tense meeting, Alex turned on the house’s sound system, and prepared drinks for the larger giants. The glasses were 20-liter barrels.

Chul snatched his little lover from the table and put it on his broad shoulder, and went on to the other giants. Eric did the same with Sergi. Gunter took Dirk with him, and at the request of the younger man himself, offered a ride to the smaller giants. The 9-foot giants, Stan’s sons, left the table led by Gunter who offered transport in his titanic hands to them as far as the others were fraternizing.

I was alone with Stan. “Are you okay?” I approached the massive fingers of his hand on the table.

“I FEEL LACK OF YOUR FATHER,” he said. He leaned his head back from the table, rested his chin on the table and smiled at me.

On the island, the giants were so positioned when they wanted attention and affection from us little men. Stan was no different.

“I miss him too. At least you still had the opportunity to live with him for a while longer.”

Stan took a deep breath. The dampness of his breath as he huffed out his sigh made my shirt get wet. I smiled and Stan apologized. I approached his big face and stroked one of his cheeks. My small hand was swallowed by Stan’s soft gray grin.


“You’ll find someone, Uncle Stan, I’m sure.” I comforted Uncle Stan for a few minutes, until he lifted his chin from the table, but without moving away from me.


He stood up at his peak of over 70 feet. In front of me stood a tower of massive, unstoppable muscles. The eight-pack of Stan’s abdomen was covered by a layer of gray hair. His loincloth, tied around his waist, did not stop his giant hard cock from showing itself to me. Stan’s cock was bigger than my whole body. All the giants, smaller or larger, were hung with tools so massive and gigantic that they were real monuments of virility and exaltation of masculinity stuck in the middle of their legs. A masterpiece.

Stan stood, looked at me over his massive, hairy pecs, smiled, and reached out to pick me up. He wrapped my thin body with his thick fingers, wrapped his fist in me and lifted me. Every time I’m hoisted by some giant, I feel my stomach drop. I do not think I’ll ever get used to it. But I just feel this weird thing in my stomach with other giants, not with Alex. It seems Alex knows how to lift me to his height without making me sick.

Stan lifted me up to the height of his eyes. He smiled. I felt a chill down my spine. My blood began to cool. And yes, I was scared.

“Stan … Uncle, what do you mean by spending the night with you?” I frowned.


He left the table and approached the other giants who were drinking and talking to their little lovers. Alex, aware of all the movements of the other giants, saw that Stan carried something in his hands. I directed my gaze to Alex. I silently begged him not to let me be taken by Stan. I love Stan, for all he has done for us, and for the love he had for my father, but I do not want anything more than a relationship of friendship or from a father to a son. Spending the night with Stan, having sex with Stan … would be at least odd.

Alex took the hint. I breathed a sigh of relief at Stan’s fist as my Viking giant approached Stan and interrupted him.

“ARE YOU ALREADY GOING, GODFATHER?” Alex narrowed his eyes at Stan and then at the fist I was in.


Stan lifted his neck to look over Alex’s mega-developed pecs. Alex was much bigger than any giant in that place, bigger than any other giant that was emerging. He was a titan among the titans.

“CAN I KEEP WHAT’S MINE, GODFATHER?” Alex held out his hands toward me.

The hands were below Stan’s fist where I was. Stan looked at Alex, then at me. And sadly he opened his fist, softly, and let me fall into Alex’s hands. Alex closed his hands, carefully, on top of me, creating a kind of cage with his hands and fingers. There I was protected.



Alex set me on the counter, alongside Dirk, Kwan, Sergi, and Fernand. Alex pulled out a seat suitable for Stan to sit next to him and the other giants for a round of whiskey.

Robert was on the other side of the counter chatting animatedly with giant Eric. I could tell from Sergi’s staring glances at Robert that there was a tension in the air between these giants. I pulled away from Sergi and Dirk. I edged closer to Kwan.

“What do you think is going on between Eric and Robert?” I whispered to Kwan.

“I heard Sergi mutter to Dirk that he was giving Eric over. Robert wants to get bigger at all costs and is … as you say … shouting to the sides … “ the diminutive Korean smiled without knowing the saying to the right.

“He’s shooting everywhere. That’s what you mean,” I smiled back.

“Yes. That’s it. Only he does not want to understand that this only happens with some improved men. Not everyone grow bigger, although it is happening more often … “

Kwan turned to look at Chul who was talking to Stan and Alex on the other side of the counter.

“Did you not want Chul to get bigger?” I asked Kwan tentatively.

“Actually, I’m happy for him …” Kwan took a deep breath. “Chul was always determined, vain and arrogant, but he always had a good heart. He saw the opportunity to further hone his body when he discovered the enzyme. I supported, encouraged, encouraged … that’s my role in the world. “ Kwan smiled.

“When he was of normal size, your love affair was on the sly, was not it?” I asked, already knowing the answer. But, it is better to hear the story from those who lived the change.

“Yeah … if we were discovered, it would be the end of Chul’s career … but now, he does not care about that anymore. Chul just wants to enjoy his new size, his powerful muscles and live to master me and enjoy with other giants like him. It’s the perfect life for him.” Kwan pointed at Chul. The Korean giant was smiling, playing with Stan and Alex leisurely. Despite the tension of all these dominant giants being close to each other, we live in tranquility.

“You’re right, my friend. It’s the perfect life.” I smiled.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The meeting was already going into the wee hours. So we decided to close for that night. Eric picked up an annoyed Sergi on his fist and headed back to his house. Eric was excited and wanted to get out as fast as possible with his lesser giant lover.

Chul did the same to Kwan, but he had drunk too much. Chul finished off three of the eight bottles of whiskey that Alex had bought. It was an order made by Redley Foods especially for Alex. I talked to Alex and he ended up letting the Korean giant sleep in the guest room in the upper part of the house. Gunter and Dirk also preferred to leave and helped the giant Stan to get to his house. The other smaller giants were led to the door of our house by Alex where they would go to Robert’s house.

“Finally alone,” I smiled.

I was still at the liquor counter and looked up. Alex’s waist was above my head. His crotch was in front of my eyes. His lambo cloth did not stop his monstrous erection several feet high from showing off to me. Teasingly, Alex untied the side knot that held the loincloth pinned to his waist. When the leather accessory fell, his erection throbbing, vexed and dropping pre cum, was free.

I drew back. It was instinct. When you see something very big coming toward you, or showing up in front of you, the first thing you do is step back, take a step back. I always did this when Alex released his monster schlong in front of me. And he liked it when I did it. For Alex it was always exciting to see me smaller than his titanic genital.


Alex pulled his crotch closer to the counter, and put his bag of hairy, sweaty sows on the counter, more precisely at my side. The thund was felt and heard by me. My eyes widened with this demonstration of Alex’s power. Only your heavy bag could crush a tiny human being like me. The musk emanating from his balls enveloped me tightly. The difference in size was exciting, and our games were more malicious every day.

I approached one of Alex’s sweaty walnuts. The musky smell was intense and hit my nostrils hard. I staggered, but I held my ground. I touched Alex’s hairy ball and it was hot, hot as hell. He began stroking his giant shaft and the pre-cum ran down the length of his cock until he reached his balls. I took some of that valuable pre-cum and ate it. The taste was salty, but strong and very yummy. The man juice of my giant Viking god was actually a nectar and I could feed on it for the rest of my life.

Alex quickened his jerk, harder and harder. To his delight, he picked me up from the counter, laid me on his cock, his back turned to his abdomen. Alex wrapped his titanic hand on the stick, squeezing me into his massive monster. I felt the pressure and heat of his hand. I slid up and down on his schlong. I blew it.

Soon after, he was blowing his load above me. That 25-foot tower of massive flesh and bulging veins spat so much cum that every drink counter was plunged into Alex’s hot seed. The man’s juice ran down his cock and hit the balls. I was bathed by Alex’s seed.


Alex roared, groaned, moaned loud and deafening. At that moment, I also heard other loud moans and loud roars coming from the guest room. Chul had just finished cum on his little man.

I was bathed from head to toe, through Alex’s juice, as he leaned in, took me in his fist and lifted me to his wrinkled lips. Alex kissed me sweetly and then stroked his huge tongue down my body wiping me off his hot cream.


“Yes … this is the perfect life” I smiled softly at his titanic fist.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

One year later …

The new order dominated the world. Europe, the USA, Russia, China, and the whole East was under the command of this new order. The Order of the Giants Muscles Tech.

Alex was ambassador to the giants. Stan was the new emperor of the world. Men improved by the MT enzyme and the 9-footer took power in various cities around the world.

At first there was a war that was soon lost by humans. If people of normal size continued to fight the giants, more deaths would ensue. So for peace, the war was ended as fast as it started.

Robert and Fernand tripled the billionaire fortune with the production of the new enzyme that further strengthened the 9-foot improved bodies, leaving their muscles as resilient as an improved 70-footer.

Joseph Redley compounded his own millionaire fortune astronomically by selling food and drink to all kinds of giants. He married Tyler, and two months later, Tyler suddenly grew to his final, 80 feet size, thus becoming the second largest giant in the world, after my Alex. Tyler was a gentle and sexy boy, he deserved to get bigger.

Studies on enzyme variations and how it works in the body of the improved were Fernand’s responsibility. And he discovered how to avoid the “rampage” effect on the giant that grew above 9 feet. It was a breakthrough. And so the negative effects of those who grew to 70 feet were eradicated, thus generating larger and quieter giants to be dealt with.

Stan married a normal-sized man. His name was Jason Waitty, a partner in the telecommunication company that produced electronics for the largest and smallest giants. He was also partner in the furniture business tailored for the larger giants.

The countries still had their names, but all reported to a single lord, Stan, who was elected emperor of the new order unanimously among the largest and the smallest giants. The new rules have emerged for coexistence between gigantic men and men of normal size. But like every order, there is always someone who runs away and breaks the rules, there were giants of the black market who kidnapped, imprisoned and then sold the tiny men. I tried to talk to Alex about it, but it was in vain.


That was his answer. So I prayed every day for normal-sized men to be lucky enough to find a gentle giant to take good care of them.

Eric and Sergi, Gunter and Dirk still live on the island that was the first colony for larger giants. Chul and Kwan returned to Korea and unified the country. There is no longer South Korea or North Korea, now there is only one Korea and its commander is the eccentric and humorous Chul Soon and his little man Kwan.

And my life? Well … I have an excellent life here in the first colony. We still have our house. Alex and I decided that even though he had a major position in the new order, we could continue our quiet life here in the middle of the ocean.

And the Muscles Tech hotel chain … I assure you, it’s still thriving. And in that unit where Alex blew up in size and destroyed half of the building, Alex’s brother Galvin is the new general manager and now the unit is mixed for 70-footer and 9-footers alike. Everything is perfect …. so I hope it stays that way for a long time.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Pics for orientation: Eric Janicki | Sergi Constance | Gunter Schlierkamp | Chul Soon

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