Basically a god

by CurlyJin

What do you do when the kid you bullied in high school becomes a god?

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Part 1 What do you do when the kid you bullied in high school becomes a god? (added: 6 Jul 2016)
Part 2
Part 3 There are good reasons why gods should never sleep. (added: 3 Aug 2016)
Part 4 When things start going wrong, can you change a god’s mind? (added: 2 Sep 2016)
Part 5 A god needs disciples, right? (added: 16 Sep 2016)
Part 6 Can anyone get over their time with a god? (added: 28 Oct 2016)
Part 7 Being all-powerful can get lonely. Fortunately, Johnny has a plan. (added: 17 Mar 2017)
Part 8 Jack, a cadet in the space fleet created to serve the giant-god Johnny and his demi-god disciple Arseny, experiences the direct attention of these too-powerful beings when they return to Earth, unexpectedly and too full of inhuman sexual potency. (added: 1 Jun 2019)
Part 9 Johnny Poundstone is pleased with the new worlds he’s created for humanity, but he’s getting fed up with Earth itself, forcing its leaders to make contingency plans. (added: 15 Jun 2019)
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Part 1

We hid under our desks in terror as the shaking settled for the moment, cracks forming in odd places as if the room were coming apart. The TV flickered but our eyes were focused on the spot as we saw the live news of the whirlwind outside the building. The image was fuzzy but it was impossible to not recognize the research center after we’d been such an extensive tour. The helicopter streaming the footage was shaking at the speed of the winds impacting its flight, the light flickering as storm clouds hovered over the city as a harbinger of doom. Suddenly a rapidly moving shadow sped by the screen. It happened as quickly as it had started as the cameras paned and the shaky camera man gave us a brief glimpse of something speeding into the clouds, parting them for a moment before being absorbed.

“He couldn’t possibly- “said the strained and croaking voice of James Hansen. It seemed almost too ironic for the predicted flooding patterns of New York’s climate to occur so soon as we’d appeared on the scene. For years I’d been wanting to brainstorm and wag chins with James Hansen, famous for his paper that clearly defined the dangerous to global warming. It was only another side effect to being friends with Johnny, though, as he’d been invited to come after putting himself on the map for collecting his degree at the ripe age of 17 for writing his thesis on his perfected method for sustainable food across the globe.

That had been only a year ago when he’d only been “kind-of” a genius. In comparison, he was something otherworldly now, which the research center on global warming in New York had desperately wanted to use to help cure some of the world’s environmental problems with his rapidly growing brain power. Saving the world was natural for him, after all.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound coming from the sky that deafened even the thundering, raining clouds above us. As if someone had used a vacuum to wipe the large, roaring dust bunnies in the sky. The shrinking clouds were gone quickly and quietly as though they’d never been there, a grey sky and some stray, pitiful clouds remained as survivors. A boom from the sky could be heard through the TV and above in quick succession as something in the sky flew down and hit the flooding water quickly. We were all silent as the water continued to surround and sink our building, probably a pastime we were sharing with many others watching the news. The water began to very slowly recede as something could be seen occurring in the water. A whirlpool that had grown quickly in the water was pulling in the tide and forcing it up.

“Holy god, he’s actually reversing the tide” came James’ voice. I clenched my jaw, something I’d been l’d been doing often for the past few years. Johnny had done it again, he’d saved the day and was probably doing victory laps in a whirlpool of his own creation. As the water receded and the tide pulled back into the ocean with the whirlpool, it became quieter for an instant before a loud clap caused the whirlpool to explode, water shooting up and probably making the largest rainbow as we all watched it shimmer. Alex calmly walked in a minute later, his tight leotard stretched over his body, dry as a sheet of paper but the tight fabric glistening against his body.

“Sorry, boys, took a detour and went for—” he was cut off by a sudden rumble in his chest before a burp that flashed and blinded us for a moment. For a moment, I thought I saw lightning.

“Yeah, lunch was an experience” he said. He rubbed his rippling chest as he grinned that stupid yet handsome grin he normally saved for the moments that irritated me the most.

This was natural, everyday news for me and anyone else who’d heard of Johnny Poundstone. He’d made a name for himself as the prodigy creation of the US government, something you’d think had been made in an actual Area 51. Johnny was the poster boy of every newspaper in every city he visited. If you went into dark enough places, you might have actually heard hisses of fear. A real superhero for many who’d dreamed of someone so impressive to be their savior in their time of need. That rippling chest I mentioned before was mounted on top of a massive being. At 7’2, he was a tower of intimidating brawn that seemed to be in a constantly flexed state in the way his muscles were always bulging and pushing against whatever fabric he wore. A giant of his caliber didn’t need superpowers to dumbfound people but he had those too. Johnny had come a long way from that thin, flimsy straw of a human lying in his bed, dying of cancer. It was thanks to the government’s recommendation of giving him the treatment of a lifetime that led to the hulking man of today.

It was terrifying to watch the nerd I used to bully in high school grow to such size and popularity in the world. He wouldn’t tell me the details but it was pretty obvious he had control in many realms of government and politics though he let on for me to believe he was just a “consultant”. Johnny had the world under his thumb and everyone might as well have known. I couldn’t compare the enlarging man of today with the 5 foot nothing kid me and my football player buddies used to stuff into the toilet seats of bathrooms and use as a dummy to tackle....... after practice.

It was depressing looking back on how the years changed us both. I was the best running back in our state before college. After that, everything I’d pushed off cut up with. I stopped training cause I was too busy enjoying college parties, I lost my scholarship after getting caught with steroids in my system, and before you know it, I was running on student loans to cover my college tuition in fees. Me and my family just didn’t have the money as a lower middle class household. It was a miracle I’d had the credit in my name to push me to through to my current years of grad school. I was almost 100k in debt before I got a call from the twerp I picked on in school. I could look back now and see what I’d become as I looked out on the patio of the tower built to house Johnny and anyone else he wished in his multi-story building. 10s upon 10s of floor space for him and him alone that he was willing to share with me of all people.

“Don’t stand out here too long or you might lose your sense of balance and fall” I heard Johnny’s deep voice say behind me as he also came out on the patio. I didn’t look back as I knew what feelings would stir but my heart still raced. I feared he’d gain the power to read minds the way his powers grew by the day. Just last week he’d learned to produce lightning from any part of his body. Long story short, the movie theater was still a mess after he’d raged at the last Captain America movie.

“Why the fuck are they even here?!” he roared before he’d accidently spat lightning from his mouth that flew out and burned a large hole through the screen. I should have known to remember how emotional he got when he watched superhero movies. They always seemed to let him down in the worst ways. Not being a geek for that crap myself, I had to pretend to enjoy it as he talked on and on about fictional powers, and wars, and even wolverines. It was hard not to force myself to enjoy it when he’d consumed my life so quickly. I didn’t really stop him or struggle, really. He’d snapped his fingers and gotten me a full ride without batting an eye.


I looked back but didn’t respond before he placed his large hand on my back. I was still a decent size at 190 and 5’8” but having a giant come up behind me and consume my back with one hand made me shiver. I tried to play it cool.

“Your heartbeat’s moving rapidly, bro. Are you catching a fever?” he said as he began to ruffle my shoulders gently.

I was afraid what could happen if he touched me without any control. He clearly had to remaster his body as it wasn’t very long ago when he’d tried to hand me a cup of coffee he’d made for breakfast only to nearly burn my hand off when he passed it to me. He laughed heartily with his deep voice then, his golden and hairy face flashing white with his sparkling teeth and his model-esque face seemed to contort in new beautiful ways.

“Sorry, little guy, I think I forgot how hot it should be for normal skin when I set my heat power” he said as he went to go make another cup.

I looked back and saw him suddenly stand straighter behind me, his hands still firmly holding my shoulders.

“Hey, um, I’ll be back in a little while, you can tell Stell to come back another time.” No one could have stopped him as he suddenly hovered over the ground, looking even taller than before until he lifted off and went in a direction. I couldn’t see as far as him but I could only assume he was off somewhere to milk his powers like the show off he was. I went back inside once I couldn’t see his large and tight butt in his shining leotard and closed the patio door behind me. His latest victim was on the couch unconscious, her clothes on the floor and her naked form spread out as though she had basked in the sun and didn’t want to move. The look on her face looked pleasant but I neglected to notice.

“Hey,you, get up. He’s out. Leave.” I said plainly. Another random chick he’d had sex with who still hadn’t figured out she was just a tool for him. At the beginning, Johnny had told me how his body had become more “masculine” or something corny like that but after the first warning, he’d taken it to the next level. At this point, I assumed any time he wasn’t saving the world, he was fucking some unsuspecting girl in the city who had a craving for his godly body. I didn’t wait the girl to get up as I went and took the elevator to my floor.

As the door’s closed, I lifted my shirt, pulled my zipper down and stuffed my hand into my pants. A moan escaped as I rubbed my hard and leaking cock through my underwear. I couldn’t believe I was attracted to Johnny and his body. But it was more than that. I was attracted to his powers. I was attracted to his cockiness. I was attracted to his strength. I was attracted to him in a way nothing before had. He was more than anything I’d ever asked for and anything I could have dreamed of. You know, basically a god.


Part 2

Johnny was an anomaly to the human race. There was very little he couldn’t accomplish and anything that he couldn’t do, there’d always be a willing fan who’d be willing to do it for him. Not that there was a lot to begin with, of course. After the first year of superhero status, Johnny could already solve a good deal of the mathematical and scientific world’s problems. Being multilingual in many languages too, he was a worldwide commodity. That was an ability I think I was most dumbfounded by. He could generally read a truly thick book in about 30 minutes to an hour. After that, he pushed the envelope and started memorizing articles and web pages. When he learned how to hack, which took only about a flat 2 hours to memorize and 1 hour after to understand, he’d gone and hacked the dark net, which also took only 30 seconds on his part. That was the thing about Johnny, his sense of justice was pretty strong and after he became a “superhero” almost undeniable. He’d cracked down on every hacker, every drug dealer, and even every government official who’d dared to step foot in the secret compartment of the internet. Now, even the underworld knew to fear Johnny, an invincible creation unlike anything they’d seen before.

Johnny’s heroics made him a god and an idol to everyone who passed him, He couldn’t walk the street anymore after he’d really gotten into the heroics of saving citizens from burning buildings and catching cranes falling from high buildings during construction. One day, he’d be in Hawaii saving the islands from a typhoon with his powerful breath. Another day, he’d be in India blowing clouds into their state to many from heat stroke. It was a terrifyingly wonderful thing for a Johnny to be so powerful and so fast that he could rapidly solve world problems with just a nod and a flight to another part of the world. When you’re flying around the world at twice the speed of the world’s fastest jet, Mach 13.9, you can’t expect people to not want to marvel at how your body pushes the limits of physics.

Marveling was a key point of Johnny’s new career. Everyone wanted a piece of him and, as the days went by, there was more and more of him to go around. You’d see him on television shows, podcasts (some of which I listened to frequently), and magazines. Companies paid him billions to walk into their office and give a testimonial. Underarmour was a big one as Johnny’s clothes continued to shrink and he typically needed bigger equipment to hold the..... equipment. You could see the enjoyment on his face as they had him posing in their clothes on every social media. They’d tried their best to make stuff that could contain his godly gifts but, alas, none could do much to keep it below PG-13. His massive bulge was all over the internet, against his better judgement. Johnny openly admitted to me how he wanted to have some level of privacy and reservation as much as he loved showing off so he’d spent a lot of time analyzing the Poundstone Tower (built only several years ago) before we’d moved in to confirm there were any bugs or hidden cameras. He’d cleaned the 40 foot building from head to toe and it only made the public want to try harder to see him. Many were jealous that I got so much time with him but, to me, it was only a constant grim reminder. Living with a god was completely different from anything anyone else had ever experienced. Johnny was a very open person behind closed doors but the thing about closed doors is that he wasn’t fazed by them, after his last height measure of 7’6, it was a lot harder for him to get into the rooms that had been built for me so, to compensate the difficulty of door phrase, he’d just use his X-ray vision. I could hear his deep, powerful voice even when I was taking a dump.

“Hey, when you’re done, you want to watch the new Civil War movie? I got it from the director as a gift!”

“Dude I’m taking a shit!”

Of course, being Johnny, he’d just laugh it off. I was slowly coming to understand that, as much as feared this guy’d eventually want pay back, he wasn’t like me. The way he used his powers and the way he was growing stronger by the day and becoming more enlightened as time passed, the more I realized he was slowly growing above what us humans experienced. I began to debate with myself if shame was in his vocabulary. The way he flew around the world in nothing but his tight underarmour or his even tighter superhero suit. The way he spoke down to government officials and rich business owners. Even the way he scoffed at the leaders in psychology for some of their conclusions on mental health. He didn’t meet them eye to eye in any way, especially literally. The way he fucked women all over the country and no one dared to criticize him for it. The world was slowly raising him above everything and everyone. The level of masculinity and dominance he could exert while still seeming like a big kid was dumbfounding. I couldn’t take too much of him all at once so I’d visit some of my old friends to pass the time. The ones who used to bully him.

I pushed and twisted as I was under one of my buddies cars. Matt and I had decided that the weekend was a good time to fix his big truck. Matt had gotten a pretty good job and was making good money as a financial consultant for a large firm. With a 6 figure salary, his house was pretty well made and was in a gated community. His fiancé was a popular super model who he’d spent thousands of dollars keeping happy. Still, he had the same look that all my other old friends had. It was a mix of both fear and adoration. Expressions I’d gotten used to when anything was involved with Johnny. Many who had declared themselves straight had instantly gone gay for Johnny and it only got worse when the prospect of meeting him arose. My friends, however, were in a very particular situation. Each one was a jock who, in some shape or form, had the same fear of receiving payback from a figurative god. He was too strong to defy, too powerful to ignore, and worse, he was a walking tank now that got an upgrade everyday making everything about him all the more strong and powerful and intimidating. Still, they weren’t afraid to ask me the usual questions.

“Hey, Sam, is true Johnny’s still growing even now or is it just a power play?” Matt said as he stuck his thick hand into his car’s hood. I groaned a little at the question but kept things moving.

“Yeah, he’s actually growing. I don’t have to tell you how small he was before, shorter than me. I’m about as tall as the bottom of his chest now.”

“Wow, man, that’s fucking crazy. Remember when we used to mess with that kid? His hand could probably palm my head like a basketball! His bicep looks bigger than my torso! He could lift you and me in this truck and probably throw it to the fucking moon!”

I groaned silently as this kept going. People gushed about him all the time no matter how many times they listed his stats on the internet. It was easy to get bored of talk about his 67 inch thighs and his 40+ inch biceps if it’s all anyone ever wants to talk about. If they’d broadcasted his cock size, they’d probably have it as porn and make millions on the profits. Thankfully, I knew how to stamp out conversations like this.

“Yeah, dude, he’s pretty much broke 900 pounds a few weeks ago. Whenever he takes me anywhere, we’ve got to make sure the ceilings are high enough and the doors will let him fit into buildings. Girls love it when he has to bend forward and show off his butt. By the way, you’re still straight, right?”

Matt shut up at that point. I grinned.

“Fuck you man” he said as he wiped his hands of dried oil as he came around the end of his truck. Nothing easier to bruise than a jock’s ego. Just as I came from under the car, the front door of his house opened, a large breast woman appearing. She came up to Matt and kissed him on his sweaty, beard covered cheek.

“Hey babe, just came to check on the car maintenance” she said as Matt wrapped an arm around her waist. I couldn’t lie about how jealous I was of the guy. Henrietta was an astounding mix of beauty and brains as she’d graduated early from her university with a Masters in biomedical statistics. That, coupled with her amazing body and her popularity with the US made her an easy contender when it came to many if not any beauty pageants. I actually couldn’t describe her clothes if I tried as she truly was stunningly beautiful.

“Yeah, us men do good work. You should know that better than anyone.”

At that, he leaned into her neck and kissed it, producing a coo from her as she straightened her blouse. Mid kiss, a sound in the distance stopped everything. I recognized it and my shoulders tensed as I braced myself. A sonic boom shook the ground as something seemed to stop above us. The clouds had scattered in all directions above us as if they’d run away from something. As a small dot grew above us, I frowned as Johnny came into view.

“Hey, buddy, you still fixing that car?” he asked as he slowly landed onto the ground with a soft thud. His large body filled a cardinal direction for me as he came near me and grinned down. Every time he walked up to me, I swear he’d gotten bigger than before.

I turned to see Matt and Henrietta were open mouthed and speechless as Johnny had come from above. I imagined he looked even better to them up close than he did on a television screen. Muscles bulged all over in his super suit and bounced and shifted every time he moved or breathed. The sunlight added a holy effect to his shiny uniform and added to his presence, one that seemed to distort everything around him to make it appear ugly in comparison to him.

“I see you and one of the shorties are having a blast” he said as he looked down at Matt’s truck. With it being around 6 feet and 5 inches tall with its large wheels attached, Johnny was still head and shoulders over it, making his glance appear almost condescending. Matt was still struggling to form words and sentences behind me. This was why I came alone to visit him. Once Johnny was in the room, I couldn’t get a coherent conversation from anyone I knew. Johnny walked over to the front of the truck, his girthy thighs swinging around each other, and he peeked into the hood.

“Hey, Sam, could you turn the car on?” he asked calmly. I wanted to say no but I didn’t want anything unexpected to happen with one of my buddies watching. When I twisted the key in the car’s front seat, the truck chucked and groaned and wheezed before it just gave out.

“Yep, thought so” he said. Suddenly, his eyes flashed red for a moment before they returned their blue hue. “This doesn’t look anything like it’s supposed to. What’s up with that spot underneath?”

Johnny gestured for Matt and his wife to move out of the way as he brought his wide around to the side of the car. “Don’t move yet, Sam. Seatbelt’s on.”

Before I could ask why, Johnny dug a hand underneath the car and everything around me moved to a 45 degree angle. Johnny peeked into the machinery underneath the car with his big hand holding the truck up and almost on its side. I had to hang onto my seat at this angle. I was struggling to maintain balance as everything was either leaning or falling to the opposite side of the truck.

“Nah, still too deep in there at this angle.”

I braced myself as I watched Johnny grab the lower half of the truck, digging his hand into the ground slightly, before lifting the entire thing, into his hands and over his head. Johnny was military pressing the car above his head. It wasn’t even being held at a good angle as he was holding up the car solely on its front, the truck’s bed in the back hanging with nothing underneath. I looked out from the open door of the truck to see Matt and Henrietta with still dumbfounded face. Neither of them could get a word out. I was shocked Matt wasn’t saying anything since he was a car fanatic. He was too busy with his hand in his pocket. Henrietta’s legs were crossed as if she was holding something in.

“Here we go” Johnny called from below as he stuck a big finger into the machine and began to skillfully rearrange the workings. I could see below me well enough to understand that this wasn’t a challenge for Johnny at all. His thick biceps were hulking but they weren’t flexed in anyway. There wasn’t any sign of strain on them as he held the truck in his hands as if he were holding a large paper thin piñata. I couldn’t fathom how much power was hidden beneath those thick limbs as he must have been holding the truck on one side with one hand. The metal was bending as it wasn’t crafted for someone to hold it the way Johnny did. It was clearly bending to his will like wet clay.

“Sam, turn the car again” he commanded. I spun in my seat and turned the key again, producing a loud neigh from the car. Johnny carefully moved to the side and slowly lowered the car before letting it bounce on its wheels.

My jaw clenched as I heard his next words. I knew he was joking but it still stabbed me in the chest.

“Seriously guys, is this your first time working a car?” At that moment I realized my cock was hard and had grown to its full 8 inches, something very hard to hide. Matt was bent over so I couldn’t tell what his expression was but a spot in his jeans was wet. Do gods even have limits?


Part 3

I groaned as I tried to lift the heavy weight over my body. The darkness didn’t help me find my grip but the form of Johnny’s arm alone gave me a mental map of where each massive, hyper lean muscle was. Johnny had fallen asleep over me as we were watching another cartoon superhero movie in the building’s massive cinema inspired theater between the upper and lower floors. Somewhere in the middle, I guess, the massive arm Johnny had put at the head of my seat had become dead weight and fallen on top of me, placing what felt like bricks made of steel on my lap. I wish I had more lighting to tell if Johnny was just fucking with me or not but Johnny was so insistent on a theater room identical to a movie theater that we had to sit at the very back of the theater to avoid Johnny’s big head and traps blocking the light directed at the large screen, now rolling credits. As I heard snoring several feet above me, it became clear that Johnny really had fallen asleep and this was not one of his usual pranks on me. I actually wondered if he really was sleep, though. Johnny’s enhanced brain functions probably made his sleeping much lighter and, therefore, he could very well be both in a state where he was both asleep and awake, watching over his own body and also having a dream about creating a nuclear reactor capable of fueling all of the world’s energy for the next century. At the realm Johnny’s powers had recently reached, nobody could really know.

Johnny’s ability to bend the world around him with or without his will was daunting. Yes, he loved to appear the hero to people but I doubt that he’d be able to control the desire in people to want to watch him do his daily “chores”. Chores for him were the basics: blow out a few fires in the city, help with a bit of construction in a few spots around the block.

“It’s all to keep my powers in check” he’d say as he would be lifting something like his magnetic weight set, set to a weight that he could keep an eye on and talk to me at the same time as we’d be watching TV on the leather couch on the top floor. “My powers are growing so fast, I’m coming too close to putting people in danger at this speed.”

I was pretty much incapable of denying that logic (as usual). The last few years of Johnny’s ascent into an mighty superhero had led to many accidents along the way. I couldn’t count the number of doorknobs that needed replacements or the number of doorways that needed to be rebuilt. When he’d first reached at least some form of reasonable superhuman power, he’d lifted a fire truck over his head and had quickly gotten the hang of curling them on his daily workouts. He’d once almost broken a woman in half after catching her during a skydiving fiasco, a move he’d seen from one of the earliest Superman movies. The woman, now paralyzed from the waist down due to the impact of her body hitting two hyper dense arms, still sent postcards of her trips around the world, paid by Johnny’s financial advisor. These were only incidents from almost half a decade ago.

Now it was more serious of an issue as we moved from our small town in the Midwest to New York. When we’d first arrived, Johnny wasn’t his “small” 6’4 height anymore. He was nearly 7 feet tall at that point, and almost 3 feet wide. People on the sidewalk jumped out of the way of him as he’d still not quite gotten used to having to maneuver not to knock people into walls and such. Cars weren’t like that though. Thankfully, Johnny’s brand of unnatural attraction made it very easy to convince the man that he liked his car better in the shape of a U. That’s the area where I realized Johnny liked to live, in the grayest area between hero and not.

The reason I guessed he was sleeping now and using his arm like a paper weight on my comparatively feeble body, now exceeding my waist in width by 10 inches at 38 cold, was due to the fact that he’d taken me on his usual chores. I was beside myself as I’d watched him save a woman from getting mugged in the deeper parts of New York, saved a bank from a man attached to a bomb by throwing him into the sky upon detonation, and then mowed the lawns of a few old women in New Jersey. The last one’s key because he’d done it using nothing but heat vision, a power he’d said before had the heat intensity to burn several buildings and had leveled an old mountain pass owned by the doctors leading the “Johnny Project”. It had happened in a red flash, my momentary blindness only secondarily important as I started at Johnny’s work. Each leaf of grass had been trimmed perfectly, each one perfectly matched to its friends without a single trace of the expected burn marks. Johnny just rewarded me with a toothy smug grin as he’d proved how much control he had over his powers. He’d gone on to do this for most of the day, only stopping after his phone, tailored to his significant size and made extra durable, buzzed against his iron hard butt cheek, clad in only his everyday, spandex uniform.

It was at that point that it was clear to me that he wasn’t at all like your text book superhero. It was a call leading to a PR event made to another one of the charities he supported with his deep, deep pockets. He fit right in with the mother millionaires and billionaires at the party naturally. After all, he was the richest man in the country, funded with more money than was given to half of your average state. I won’t call him corrupt like some of the others I met at that PR event. He spent an extremely large portion of his funds on charities inside and outside the country, a move coming from the justice loving side of him as he truly believed, as he said to me before, “rich people in this country need to worry about helping their own country as much as any other”. However, the other side of him was a lot greedier. I saw as Johnny’s eyes were quickly fixed on the tight dresses of many of the women at the event. I groaned as I quickly realized I’d be taking a taxi home when I saw him eye Sandra Daxon, the richest woman on the eastern border of north America. I groaned again when I realized he’d wrangled her and a group of women I saw quickly dislodge their engagement and wedding rings from their fingers before coming up to him to try and flirt. These realizations were the perfect backdrop for when I realized he wasn’t even going to stay for the whole event as he’d finished his speech, his deep voice making the women he’d flirted with coo and want him more.

Meeting back at the present, he’d left the girl’s lying in his bedroom, tiring them all out after 3 hours of non-stop sex. I’d learned early, back when we’d still lived in the Midwest, that Johnny’s sex drive was a really unfathomable thing. He’d had sex with many of the young women in our town (maybe more than the amount he’d told me about) and practically had fucked them through the floor in the mansion he used to own before coming to New York and having his hulking tower built. I remember each night he’d brought a bushel of women with him, their eyes fixated on him and their faces almost zombie like as they’d come to be taken and conquered by the behemoth he was. Then, he’d gone for 6 straight hours of fucking, my bed room below his having been shaken by the movements and sounds above. I doubted he was ever really sated the way he vanished 50% of the day and just returned with a grin on his face, the normal hop in his step.

I dared to look down at his muscles in the light of the movie’s projector reaching the end of its contents and flashing a white screen on the theater. Johnny’s white tee shirt and white shorts did nothing to hide the power his nearly 8 foot body coveted. Each ab was in bold and blocky relief as he lay on his lower back, the seats in the theater recently becoming too small to hold his big butt unless he sat straight up. His knees were bending the seats set in front of him like they were made of rubber and his legs were spread wide, making it difficult for me to find a way out from under his arm. I could feel his big lat pressing down on me as he stretched out. Defeated, I let the weight push me down, fastening me to my seat.

I couldn’t see Johnny’s face past his massive shoulders and shelf like chest but what I could see made my cock bounce feebly against the weight Johnny’s massive forearm. With his bulging thighs spread, Johnny’s massive cock sat on his shorts, the space inside looking cramped as his cock stretched down between his legs. Was it always that big? My eyebrows raised when I saw a jump in his struggling crotch. The mound was like an anaconda, stretching bigger in search of an opening from its cloth prison. I was impressed the pants were able to contain so much of Johnny as his pants started to pop and tear. His cock straightened over time and pitched a tent in his pants that was getting taller and taller as he slept. I dared reach for my cock and try and cover it but it was useless, his arm was immovable and wouldn’t budge an inch for me. I was indefinitely pressed against the wall as Johnny began to move in his sleep. I watched he reached his opposite hand down to the bulge in his pants and began to massage it with his big hands, the comparison between the hand and the hidden beast becoming phenomenal as it stretched longer and longer. A foot and a half....... Two feet........... two feet and a half..............more!

Johnny’s cock was a leviathan roaring out of its prison. The stretching shorts completely tore and the whole only widened as the godly endowment grew. I dared to wonder if it would grow bigger than me as it reached up to Johnny’s far reaching pectorals and continued to stretch and stretch. I quivered as I felt Johnny’s body becoming hotter as his cock reached higher and his balls hung lower. His lap was beginning to overfill with ball sack. I could see the veins on his balls as they looked overstretched yet they still pumped more and more inhuman cum to remain full and bloated. How big could this monster get, I wondered as my own cock continued to pointlessly move against Johnny’s might. When it finally reached its max size, it probably reached higher than his head. The massive cock was probably so thick that it was potentially impossible to fit through some doors. Johnny, rubbing against the 8 foot mark with his heat, probably could have poked the usual 9 foot ceiling easily with the monster hovering above the ground like a leaning tower of penis. It’s perfect form was graced with several veins that made its reddened surface appear vascular and intimidating. I couldn’t see Johnny’s face but the moaning vibrating through his body into me couldn’t be anything less than the power of his deep, baritone voice, shaking everything around him with its strength.

I’d stopped moving as I realized that my fate was sealed the moment his cock began to drop what appeared to be the thickest pre-cum, dripping it down into the seat in front of us. I only had moments to admire the testament to manhood before I felt the limbs around me move. I kept trying to use the movement to get out from under Johnny but it took three attempts to realize three things. One, he wasn’t moving, Johnny was perfectly still. Two, there definitely wasn’t any chance of me escaping. Three, Johnny’s muscles were growing. I looked around my head and realized Johnny’s muscles were bloating and swelling, their hardness and weight the only thing to remain. I was pressed more roughly into the seat I was in and felt like I was having trouble breathing as his body swelled without getting taller. Muscles bulged and grew more veined, my strength becoming more pathetic as Johnny seemed to be revealing his true form.

I raised my head in a direction that would give a chance to see as I continued to watch this godly event, the pain in my chest and legs seeming unimportant as Johnny’s hand moved. It moved slowly at first, moving up the terrifying large length of his cock.

Muscles collided powerfully as his now bigger bicep collided with his now larger and more dominant chest. His perfect superhero like form had swollen to a beautifully grotesque form where, regardless of his impressive grace, he couldn’t avoid colliding muscles to muscles. His cock appeared angry and extremely volatile as, after each stroke, it oozed a little more of its clear honey like liquid, dripping down and soaking the seats further down as the closest one. I felt sorry for the cleaning ladies who’d have to wipe this up. Or was I? A mix of emotions were hitting me that I seemed to have no time to register as I felt suffocated by Johnny’s ill controlled muscles. I felt like he would crush me under his size and power at this rate as he continued to rub his monster cock undisturbed and unaffected by my struggling. I tried to scream or shout his name but it was useless. I had a feeling I’d die like this as I felt my mind ebb and my eye sight fade to darker colors. I gasped and breathed for air, thinking I’d die to him. Die to this god. Johnny had warned me that he had to train his powers daily to be able to contain all of this power and avoid hurting anyone. It had just taken his unconscious body moments away from crushing me to the wall for me to realize it. I was ready to die and sacrifice myself when the massive arm, how wider than my chest, finally moved and I took a deep breath.

Johnny had switched to wielding his big meat with two hands, still not even coming close to wrapping around the godly weapon. Johnny’s arm muscles were colliding with his chest as his body was moving to please him, what I assume, unconsciously. My cock was now sticking from my jeans roughly and bouncing up and down trying not to react to the heat Johnny was emitting. I heard him grunt and each burst of deep vibration made me quiver in my seat. I rubbed the snake in my pants, ignoring the fact that I’d almost died to this supreme being, and watched as his rubbing became more rapid. It was then I noticed that the ground was shaking little by little. I worried if the building could handle this much power as the rumbling shook the room and the lighting that was coming from the lights in the wall began to flicker after only just coming on.

“You’ve got control to level a fucking lawn but you can’t keep from destroying your own building in your sleep??” I tried to call to him but he clearly couldn’t hear me over the vibrating building. At the literal moment before the eruption, I thought I heard a ringing sound as though a bomb had gone off. Then, like a military tank’s cannon, a white burst of cum shot from his cock and hit the walls. The ground shook and Johnny’s groaning was now supernatural as I could still hear his unnaturally deep voice rumbling through my chest. His cock fired volley upon volley for what seemed like an eternity. Cum was dripping from the ceiling and dripping down the aisles as cum fired from Johnny. The thin fabric of the movie screen had torn and left gaping holes. Plaster was falling from the ceiling with the cum rain. Glass cracked, seats bent out of shape. Johnny was large but he was massive but his cock was destroying things from meters away. I could guess that his power was strong enough to shred a car to pieces as holes and craters littered the walls, dripping cum as well. It had taken a full 10 minutes before Johnny’s massive cock and balls had finally halted their assault and left the room silent except for my heavy panting, the dripping of cum from every surface, and his deep breathing before he returned to his snoring.

Being behind him had rescued me from the onslaught of his cock as he lay there in his destroyed pants, his cock still massive and throbbing like a normal cock at 20 times the size. There was no doubt in my mind his cock was almost if not as big as I was. My fixation, however, was on the fact that I’d survived this disaster.

With a popping snore, Johnny jumped awake and lazy looked down at me over his chest and raised his arm.

“Hey, buddy, what’s up?” he asked before looking around. When he saw his cock and the destruction it had caused. “Oh.”


Part 4

“Is he going to bring us down?!”

“I don’t know, he was pretty upset earlier today so he might not even come and get us tonight” I said. I was used to this kind of treatment from Johnny now.

As time went by, Johnny kept up his appearance as the hero of the world, flying to other countries sometimes to save a city or two from an earthquake or to blow a tornado in another direction. His powers had reached new heights and, to compensate, he performed at higher levels and newer spectacles. However, although he did his best to keep up with his powers to keep them under control, there were some incidents where the power was too much to keep in check if Johnny got too excited. Doors he’d open in the tower would be sent flying across rooms from him just pushing doors a little. Doorframes would crumble if he moved too quickly to squeeze through them as he grew wider and taller. His head was now mostly above the 8 foot tall, giving you the impression that he had a bird’s eye view of things below him. The truth was, even though he was a moving pillar of power, his pecs had become large proportionally, pushing out over a foot in front of him, making it hard to say whether he saw the people below him who were just too short to keep up. I was careful to make sure he saw me when he passed like a bulldozer down the hall way in fear of my comparatively tiny body being sent through the wall and out of the building, sent to my doom acres below to concrete. Furniture was bent easily towards him when we watched TV and he would give the occasional yawn. Much of the pieces of decoration had to be glued to the walls or bolted to the floor as most objects that weren’t got sucked towards Johnny before flying off to the walls and shattering, bending, or simply breaking. Johnny used to apologize for this but, as time passed, he began to simply laugh, giggle, or even give the occasional joke as his power made all of his surroundings his domain. Once he’d tried to use his x-ray vision to look through the building for me and, instead, his ever increasing powers shot a huge beam of light through the walls, so intense that the walls would first melt and then instantly disintegrate.

“Oops, guess I accidently turned on my high beams, hahaha” he would boom before laughing heartily and make the walls shake. Most would think that, after so long having shown such a strong sense of justice, Johnny would be terrified of hurting a feeble non-human being. They didn’t know Johnny like I did. It wasn’t till his sudden mean streak of bordering the gray area of saving things or fucking shit up that I realized that it wasn’t the idea of a superhero that he would take from his comics and superhero movies. He didn’t want to be like superman or batman or any lawful good person. He wanted to be better than ALL the heroes in his own way. His favorites weren’t listed as Superman, Batman, and Doctor Strange. No, if I had to guess from his usual free lectures of superhero lore he liked to give me, his favorites were more than likely the Batman, Deadpool, or Wolverine. Superheroes that did things the smart way, their way. Characters that got it both ways: the hero’s glory AND the delinquent fun. Last movie we watched was a surprisingly serious movie that even I started watching with interest called “Watchmen”. On the topic of a doctor known as “Dr. Manhattan” who had retained the knowledge of the entire universe and had god-like power, I’d said that he was my favorite. That was the wrong answer for Johnny.

“Nah, he’s the worst of them all” he said. “He had the power to make the world a better place if he wanted, he just fucked it all up for that one woman he ended up with.” Johnny stood up and turned his thick and powerful neck to look down at me in limited view between his pectoral and his shoulder and he grinned a little.

“If I had his powers, I would have chosen to use at least a little power to show some REAL intimidation to those bad guys.”

I’ll admit, even I was surprised by that answer. I’d never heard him say anything like that before. Not even before he became such a famous celebrity as he were. I knew what caused the change in dialogue though; it had to have been that night we had where he’d destroyed the home movie theater with his cum alone half a year ago. After that, it was like he no longer had to hold the façade of being sweet and innocent little Jonathan near me anymore, he’d fully transformed into this new fair yet uncomprimising Johnny. One who felt he could tell me his deepest, most honest thoughts without feeling judged. And also, one with superhuman confidence, superhuman needs, and a superhuman presence. Humanity was shrinking in his presence daily and it showed in every little thing he did.

Johnny stopped wearing the custom fit, full body outfits that the many clothing lines desperate for his name on their brand tried to put together to please him and simply walked around at all times in his favorite spandex. Johnny demanded that they stop making him bigger versions of his old outfit and, instead, work on a simple pair hero like, spandex boxer briefs. I could hear the strain as he walked from room to room as each thread struggled to contain his unyielding leg and butt muscles. The press had a field day with Johnny’s new image and any censoring companies quickly went to confront his new wardrobe. Yet, it took one quick visit from Johnny, literally 5 minutes after he’d read the article at his hyper speed reading level, for the CEOs of every company to accept his new look. Everyone else didn’t go against it either. Johnny’s presence made many weak at the knees now, even some men who’d probably be described as extremely straight on the Kinsey scale.

He didn’t really give off the energy of someone who didn’t want critique, his appearance simply made people who would normally debate outside his presence silence themselves and work to please him. I was concerned for the fabric of society as Johnny’s “little accidents” often were the things that caused earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt. He’d told me actually had to hold back to the lower Mach speeds after he’d uprooted an entire rain forest trying to test his speed limit. At that speed, even mountains shook when he passed by. His techniques to save people had also become much less prepared and careful also as he seemed to have gotten bored of the traditional and save procedure to do things that were considered...... more creative. Literally yesterday, he’d gone out of his way to save a little growing town someone had the bright idea to build in Equador, next to the Sangay, one of the most active volcanoes in history. You’d think, with Johnny’s powers, the key to stopping the volcano is to blow it out softly with his powerful breath, right? Not today’s Johnny. He simply pulled down his pants, aimed his cock, and attempted to show off his new power to turn the liquids he took in to pure water. Water splashed over the surface and began to crust the steaming lava into a solid but Johnny didn’t calculate how much liquid had actually been converted to water in his system and, instead, began to release urine like a normal human. Unlike a normal human, though, Johnny’s body produced as much if not more heat than the center of the earth. Thus, creating an even more terrible urine-lava that even scorched more land than the lava could beforehand.

Of course, he was able to save the village regardless by simply returning to the logical plan of blowing the super-lava to an iron like solid and his image agency carefully wove the story as another heroic showing by the amazing Johnny Poundstone. Still, Johnny wasn’t afraid to tell me the unabridged story with all the excitement attached, wearing nothing but his tight and nearly pointless calvin klein briefs.

“Seriously, Sam, I really didn’t mean to do that but it was so much fucking fun. I’m glad no one was hurt but you should have seen how hot my piss was! If I hadn’t solidified it, I think it would have probably melted through the surface of the volcano and created another eruption! I didn’t even know it could get that hot!”

I could see his excitement but he couldn’t see the horror I was wearing on my face. I knew from his tone of voice that he was only half serious about being glad to save those people. His cock even bounced a little as he explained it. I felt so disgusted in the fact by the sound of excitement and the power he released on a whim but I was more disgusted by the fact I was hard the entire time he explained it. The walls I’d built up to hide my sexuality were rapidly ebbing every day as Johnny continued to bend the rules to his whims and power through obstacles that would have taken decades, if not centuries, of human research and development to duplicate. It was still only a few years ago since he’d fucked most of the young women of our town the month after having terrorized today’s most impressive athletes at the last Olympics without even trying. The current strongman who’d been allowed to keep his title beneath Johnny was still horrified from the time Johnny had come to train with him only to nearly crush him beneath a 18 wheeler truck he’d used as weight on his back during a push up session. Johnny told me the guy had even peed a little after he’d tried pushing the weight with just a little more force and had actually sent the truck flying up and toward the stunned athlete, catching it within several yards of impact.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Johnny had to be stopped. So, I did attempted the most basic kind of measure to try and neutralize him. I called his parents. His family had heard about his actions and were as horrified as I was when I told them the truth of each situation, even the time a passing helicopter covering traffic had caught him and a small entourage of women having sex on the top floor of the Empire State Building during one of its closed nights. His mother had thought Johnny was just a sweet kid with a big heart that wanted to save everyone, not the egomaniac I’d described to her. I’d asked her if she’d wanted to see for herself but she’d had a better idea. I truly believed was prepared to take on the equivalent of a god as I tried to play it cool around Johnny after the call for help but I feared how this would turn out.

I was inside Johnny’s “weight room” looking at his equipment as I waited. The room was simply an extremely large square room similar to the inside of a factory. The “weights” in question were so heavy and large that this room had to be made on the basement floor or else too much weight in one spot could have easily caused the floor to cave in on itself. Each one was the size of a person and made of materials that a mere human had no hope of ever lifting in their wildest dreams. I’d watched Johnny lift the weights that scaled from the size of a human to the size of semi-truck but after that, but he’d insisted I never come down when he was working out again after he’d gone up the weights the size of aircrafts and ships after I’d fallen from the impact of the ground quaking when he’d attempted to deadlift one of them for the first time and had caused me to hit my head on the concrete floor, knocking me unconscious. I dared to touch one of the many magnetic weights some scientists had built to further test his strength. Johnny had outgrown them now but, from my perspective, they were unfathomable creations as each grew up from the size of a house and went up from that to the size of an aircraft carrier, each one was crafted to multiply the weight by the force of magnetism toward the ground. If dropped from the right height, one of these weights had the potential to cause a portion of New York to sink into the ocean with few traces left. Still, Johnny was more powerful than this. Johnny had a monitor built into the room for me so that, when I was bored, I could change one of the TVs in the building to this room so that I could see him without actually being put in too much danger. I’d watched him lift this weight over time and it had taken him a month to go from dead lifting this monstrous behemoth for a single rep to curling it as easily as an expert bodybuilder would a pair of 10 pound weights.

I was mere seconds into questioning if I was in over my head when I heard the elevator ding, rattle a little from the weight of its occupant, and then slowly open to reveal the body of a god. Johnny was last measured at 8’8 and so his head and part of his neck couldn’t even be seen at the 10 foot tall elevator. His trapezius muscles glistened with a sheen of light that would make you think he was constantly glowing like a soft glow stick at all times. Shoulders broader than the doors of the elevator stretched out and hulked from this god’s body, most definitely farther apart than I was tall. Johnny’s pecs were so big that they seemed to dominate a lot of his upper body wherever you couldn’t see biceps and lats so large that they collided with each other. Johnny’s long limbs made it possible for him to move but it was something unnaturally beautiful the way Johnny moved so gracefully regardless of his overgrown form. One could stand under Johnny and protect themselves from rain, sleet, and snow the way his limbs bulged and seemed to hover due to their girth and defiance of gravity. Johnny’s legs went outward from his tight waist and were currently terrorizing a new XXXXXL sized pair of briefs as they were pushed apart from each other by their own thickness. Even with the help of Johnny’s gratefulness, I doubted his knees would ever fully touch again. The girthy weight in his shorts clearly wasn’t helping as it looked like even an extra one or two inches would cause them to simply deconstruct themselves and fall flimsily to the floor, defeated by the godly body they’d dared to cover. I could see that it wouldn’t be long before he’d have to up his size again once I saw how stretched the spandex had become. If there had been any hope of the tiny article of clothing maintaining itself, it would be on the borderline of being see-through in a very short amount of time. The calves beneath the powerful thighs Johnny’s owned were clearly diamond hard, the separation in muscles deafening and bordering on unnatural the way they were so steely hard and used this power to hold the titanic weight that was Johnny on two big feet that even showed a few veins to display their unbelievable power.

Johnny looked like a morph of a top-condition fitness model blown to the maximum with extreme proportions the way his body fit together and yet still filled an unbelievable amount of space. I was so mesmerized trying to admire his body in the light of the elevator that I wasn’t prepared from him to move one of his titanic feet forward and step closer. He bent very low to make the dive into the room, revealing his head, grown to fit proportionally to the rest of his body while still appearing somewhat small. Johnny tested the boundaries of masculine beauty as even I, someone who saw him almost constantly, struggled to pull my gaze from that amazing face. His cheekbones were high and powerful, giving him a kind of dimple form just before his powerful lantern jaw. Eyes currently neon blue glared into the room and seemed to absorb all light nearby the way they glowed from behind his long blonde eyelashes. His eyebrows were thick and manly although they were tamed well to his manly, arching brow. Hair like a golden mane was done up in a stylish hairstyle for appeal with single curl hovering over his forehead, making him look older than he was thanks to the added masculine charge from his facial hair. His strong nose pointed down to a pair of soft looking, red lips that were almost as red as ripe fruit and hid teeth I knew had the white sheen of the sun when Johnny grinned. It was almost impossible to find a flaw when you saw Johnny coming towards you.

In that moment of watching that demanding being come towards me, I had no ill will of any kind towards him as his eyes focused on me from his height perch. If anything, his gaze made me feel guilt over anything else. I knew he was using his eyes to gauge my mood as he’d told me he could now recognize the movement of heat in my body with infrared vision and even tell what I’m feeling during a conversation. The police force had hired him recently after he’d revealed he could make out the electrical waves through the body to tell lying and not. God, borderline mind reading. I was definitely over my head. One of his beautiful eyebrows raised and he performed a cute, confused blink, clearly from seeing my anxiety using his powers.

“What’s up, Sam? You don’t look so good.”

“I’m fine” I said as I practically braced myself against the flat head side of one of his weights, I could feel him shake the ground a bit with each movement. The words fell out of my mouth like lead.

“Johnny, I really don’t think how you’re doing these things is OK.”


“I mean that you aren’t putting people first. I’m a biology major, Johnny, I’m supposed to care about the objects of nature and to take into consideration how they work. I want to be able to use that knowledge .to help save endangered species and prevent the human race using up the planet. But what you’re doing puts everything in danger. Just yesterday, you nearly made Bengal tigers extinct by attempting to using fire breath to burn the poacher. You JUST told me that you had to be careful with your breath because it could become a laser if you didn’t maintain the heat! That’s not OK!”

Johnny was looking down at me with an intense gaze and I feared for my life as his eyes shifted between colors. Normally, this many colors were a sign he was analyzing a criminal or an asshole stupid enough to walk up to him and insult him to his face on the street. He was probably analyzing me to make sure I didn’t have a bomb or a hidden gun in an attempt to kill him. Or even more likely, he was analyzing me on different wavelengths to be sure I wasn’t being controlled or if I was sick. Before he could open his lips to pass judgement, the elevator rung and opened. I remained immobile as Johnny turned to face it, blocking my view with his tremendous back and gravity defying butt. His muscular cheeks were undisguised in any if not all clothing made to try and cover him now. I felt privileged to be so tiny at 5’8 to be graced with the man’s muscular glutes in my vicinity. Had it been a normal day, I would have kept my eyes glued but, instead, I turned up to the hulking mass in his back and tried to gauge his reaction based on what little of his head that I was able to see.

“Whoa” I heard a deep voice say, followed by steps from heeled shoes. Johnny turned back around and looked down at me with an unreadable look. “Did you call him here?” he asked as he backed and turned to reveal a new face. A man with dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes were turned to face Johnny, the man clearly trying to comprehend Johnny and his very existence. It was none other than Johnny’s brother, wearing his marines captain uniform. If Johnny himself weren’t here, he’d be the second most impressive presence as he had to stand at around 6’4 and was broad shouldered from his time in the marines. I was too afraid to look at him for too long as Johnny was in the room and whatever aggression he may have had was most definitely pointed at me.

“No, mom called me, idiot” croaked Tanner, attempting what I assumed was his idea at trying to rein his “little” brother back to his role from years ago and retake the dominant place as the eldest sibling. Johnny had an older brother, Tanner, who’d been in charge of him during their childhoods. He’d been the one who’d gotten Johnny into the idea of being a hero after he’d gone to join the marines. He was currently on leave and had said he’d be able to get on a flight in short time. His mother had told me that there was no doubt in her mind that Tanner could keep him in check during his time off. I gave her credit for trying to pit this large man up against his younger brother but I knew almost immediately looking into Tanner’s eyes that she’d miscalculated a bit. Still, Tanner gave his best.

“We spent all our childhoods talking about wanting to be heroes and look what I’m here to see. You actually got powers that can make a HUGE difference in the world. What the fuck were you thinking going around putting mafias and drug lords in the hospital and messing with the world like this? You fucking pee’d on a volcano and only made shit worse! You’ve even been having sex with random women all over New York! Have you lost your fucking mind?”

I was silent as Tanner went on his rant to try and throw Johnny’s accidents back at him. I hesitantly went back and form from Tanner to Johnny as I tried to gauge the atmosphere. Tanner went on and on, listing what he’d been told by word of mouth, from me to his mother to himself. It was near the end that I heard the end of Tanner’s attack that I tuned back in.

“You should fucking learn from your mistakes, shit head. Didn’t I teach you better than this half-assed shit you’ve been pulling? Get it fucking together!”

For a moment, there was absolute silence. The room echoed with that last sentence as if even the room were having trouble swallowing them. I wasn’t breathing as I braced for impact. I didn’t expect anything that came after those words. Johnny, however, showed absolutely zero fluster and spoke calmly with his bellowing voice.

“You know, you’re right.”

“What?” I said as I looked up at Johnny. I was too close to see his mouth, only being able to see his powerfully straight nose and piercing eyes as Johnny looked down at his “big” brother.

“I said, Tanner’s right.”

Tanner had been sweating through his uniform trying to cling to his history with Johnny as he knew that there was no other chance of survival if Johnny didn’t take to his sermon. I could actually hear him breathe a little relief as Tanner continued.

“Maybe I’ve been too careless. I’ve been using my powers like their toys so much, I’ve been neglecting the proper way of being a hero in the eyes of my big brother.”

Johnny seemed to turn his massive body toward the elevator as if to leave.

“I should go and apologize to the people of the world for my actions and promise to do better” he said as he started walking. Tanner and I shared a look of shock and victory as we thought we’d taken control of the situation. Tanner had verbally beaten the equivalent of a god on earth.

“Oh wait, I forgot.”

Tanner turned to look up at his brother but collided with what had to be a freight train as he was knocked back and sent skittering across the smooth floor toward one of the weights. Johnny had come back and body slammed his brother, his face colliding with the larger brother’s hulking pec muscles. I turned back to the giant form of Johnny to receive his red, flaring gaze. His look alone had told me to remain silent and speak only when told to. He passed me without a moment’s breadth, closing in on his brother.

“I just remembered, they asked me to do all of that. I fucking did all of it because someone asked me to.”

Tanner’s hat had fallen to the ground as he’d flown to collide with one of Johnny’s massive weights. Johnny continued the movement by grabbing his brother’s collar with only a finger and a thumb as if lifting a kitten but doing it with the ease of lifting stationary. He and his brother made eye contact and I could see that he was terrified of what his super being brother planned to do to him.

“Nobody told me how they WANTED me to do it. I just did it, no questions asked. Do you think I do this because I want to earn their fucking gold stars? I guess you haven’t heard about how I just gained the ability to survive in space. I can collect enough stars to hide for easter egg hunting.”

Johnny let go of his brother and re-pressed him to the wall of the weight with his index finger. Tanner appeared to struggle to breath as the finger was pressed against his solar plexus.

“I do this because I fucking want to do it. Nobody questions how I choose to save the world. You know why? Because I do it on a daily basis. I’m so smart now that I can hack a quantum computer within a minute and have enough time left to hack half a dozen people’s Netflix accounts for kicks. I understand any if not every possible way to save someone within half a second of witnessing the situation.”

At this, Johnny raised his arm and flexed his massive arm, now so large that it was easily taller than me and over twice as long around as my chest. With every other word, he flexed a little harder and the muscles would swell a bit bigger and become more veined and dense looking, the striations deep enough to stick a finger into.

“I have the muscle now to play ball with the fucking moon. I can destroy buildings that are stories high with just a flick of my pinkie finger. I can cause earthquakes across North America by just flying at 1/10th my top speed. And every day I have to make sure my powers within my control or else I could sneeze a mile deep crater into Manhattan.”

Johnny looked beside Tanner and threw a massive fist almost the size of his head with the speed of a military jet. The fist collided with the surface of the weight Johnny was holding Tanner and instantly went through as if it were liquid metal. An explosion of shocks went out and flew around Johnny’s body. He remained unfazed and unaffected by the high voltage shocks but Tanner shut his eyes at the intense heat. Even I was stunned by the intensity as I’d never seen Johnny play with so much voltage first hand.

“But still, even with all of that, I’m still getting stronger and growing bigger. Mountains become easier and easier to push around daily. I’m so tall now that, even with sitting, I’m almost as tall as little Sammy-boy back there. I can’t fit through any doors that are built for humans to pass through, even double doors. They have to let me in through loading docks for trucks now or car garages that I have to crouch in to get through. Literally every moment is a test on my ability to stay under control and remain unexcited regardless of the fact that I have enough power to fuck up the world if I use more than 5% of my power. People who run into me are sent flying just like you did only seconds ago even when I’m not trying to walk past them.”

Tanner yanked his hand from the weight he’d stabbed and pulled out a hand that was still sparking with electricity. He was controlling all of the energy he’d taken from the herculean weight he’d punched into and holding it in the palm of his hand with what looked like the ease in which someone would hold a pencil. I dared not question how Tanner wasn’t barbequed. It had simply been Johnny’s will that he’d remained uncharred and possibly wetting the slacks of his military uniform.

“The funny thing is, when it comes to people who don’t actually know me, I get nothing but thanks and congratulations. They talk about how amazing it was for me to do something that had taken only a hundredth of a hundredth of my power to move. Like the meteor that closed in on Ohio a few months ago or the Chrysler building from 1 month ago. They ask the world of me and I give them the effort I can barely allow myself to use. I fly in like a fucking circus for their television shows and they give me their thanks only after I endorse their products. Can you imagine how irritating it is when you do everything you can but people only want to thank you after you’ve done something for them? Like they only appreciate you when you give your help, not out of genuine happiness to see you? Even at the last reunion, half of our cousins were slobbering over me and just barely kept eye contact.”

Johnny pulled his comparatively tiny brother up and off the steely surface he was pressed on and held him in the air, giving the image of what I thought Zeus would look like holding a tiny mortal. I didn’t see it coming as Johnny moved like a blur toward me and had my collar before I could speak, my body easily raised to match Tanner’s.

“That moment when the only two people in the world who can possibly look me in the eye can’t appreciate me like I want either, huh? What a fucking hassle I must have been putting you both on pedestals like I did.”

Before I knew it, we were in the elevator heading to the lobby room of Johnny’s tower, the machine struggling to hold his bulk and raise it. When we reached the lobby, Johnny walked out and left the ground too quickly for anyone else to react fast enough. All of the people below on the ground who’d come to do business with Johnny looked up to see a massive man holding two smaller men like dolls as he flew through a window that shattered instantly. He landed below in a crowd of unsuspecting by standers and simply held us over them like dogs who’d crapped on someone’s shoes.

I was holding the steel hard muscles and striations of his forearms so tightly that I was quick to notice something. It didn’t feel right. The surface was still unbelievably hard but the size wasn’t the same. I assumed it was just the same feeling I always got every time I saw him, the feeling that he’d gotten just a bit bigger than the last time, but I was wrong. It was more certain than ever. Johnny became farther and farther away as his arms lengthened and grew thicker. His body was actually growing at different parts at different intervals. His head, though still getting farther away, was now bigger than before and was slowly climbing the tower as we were. I felt a rush of wind as it seemed Johnny kicked himself into a new gear and started to soar higher up and up and up into the sky. I could hear Tanner’s screams as we rocketed up with Johnny, his grip on us changing before he simply dropped us both in a growing palm. The g-forces were holding us down but I could raise my head up easily enough to look up at Johnny’s growing face. His gaze seemed to have magnified with the rest of him as both his blue eyes were now a shining white, almost resembling two suns as they nearly blinded me. That was less of a problem as Johnny grew even taller and eventually had his massive, house-sized pecs shield us from the light as a small token of mercy. Buildings shrank below as we became climbed the tower quickly like a figurative rocket ship to the top.

“DON’T WORRY. YOU GUYS STILL GET TO BE ON A PEDESTAL. I’VE GOT IT COVERED.” My ears were rattling with the sudden force of Johnny’s larger, even more commanding voice. I imagined his voice box must have been the size of a restaurant building by now as he grew up and up and up, our view of him filling every corner. Soon, he was wider than the building as his body growth became more stable and his growth tried to stabilize his proportions to one similar to the original form. Before me or Tanner knew it, Johnny had stopped growing and all I could make out were two expanses. One was the expanse of the blue sky. The other was his massive godly form, now blown to hundreds of times their original size. Johnny’s tower had to be looking over all of New York, taller even than the Empire State Building, and it was completely out of view! The expanse that was Johnny’s hand now almost had the width of a parking lot. Veins the size of sewer pipes with up his monstrous biceps, still quite large proportionally at his bigger size. His pecs both could have rivaled a baseball stadium in size as they each stuck far away from their master’s rib cage. I could barely make out the sound of cars panicking and drivers honking their horns below, all probably looking up at Johnny’s massive frame unimpeded by his big hands unlike we were. I wondered if there were any human buildings in world big enough to compete with Johnny’s size now. I never thought I’d have to ask that question.


I covered my ears to blanket the sound coming from Johnny’s voice but it was going through my entire body. Tanner was looking up just as I was, terrified of the power his brother was displaying. I wondered if he could still recognize Johnny as he was now.

“IT’S SAFE TO SAY I’VE OUTGROWN YOU GUYS, HUH?” Johnny bellowed. I didn’t see it coming when Johnny’s hand suddenly fell from underneath us and we were plunging to our deaths. I screamed at the top of my lungs with a part of my mind and waited for death with the other. Then, suddenly, I was saved by what felt like something going under my shirt and holding me in place like an ornament. I’d glued my eyes shut as I’d fallen but opened them to see the view of the entire city. I recognized this from the terrace at the top of the tower. We were on the spire at the very top of the tower, high above the city. I Johnny looked down at us with his still bright white eyes and I still waited for death. Johnny, on the other hand, had other plans.


With that, Johnny pointed to the sky and, in a flash, the weather went from sunny to cloudy in short time. A cold chill arose as white flakes came from the sky. Tanner and I quickly began to shiver as we felt the chill run up. Even I didn’t know that Johnny could control the weather now.


As Johnny shrunk down the building, I felt a chill both outside and inside myself as his massive frame zoomed out of our view. I’d lost the faith and trust of a god who’d thought of no one’s opinion other than mine. Absolute failure didn’t even cover a portion of our defeat. Johnny was above any human’s control.


Part 5

“Hey, move along, short shit!” Benton commanded down to me.

The following 6 months from the Tanner incident went pretty bad. For me at least. Mostly because, although Johnny had forgiven Tanner entirely, I was still on thin ice in every and all interactions with him. It was like hell as I feared that the growing Johnny would one day just have enough of my presence and simply stomp me into a mud puddle with his size 50+ feet. By the time the next year came by, I was on my second to last year of graduate school but it didn’t give me any relief, Johnny made certain of that.

Johnny’s powers were numbing as every month, he’d discover some new power he never knew he could use and would test it on me in the most creative ways. In the fall, as I walked through the nearby park for my morning cardio, I was assaulted by trees like never before. That was the season Johnny had discovered his power to send energy from his body that worked as super miracle grow. When I was deep enough in the park, he’d used this power to grow them outward in all directions, specific ones growing and wrapping around me before lifting me into the air with their increased size and girth. It had taken hours to get me down and even now they were still trying to shred the 7 feet thick branches of the overgrown woods. Later, he’d test his self enlarging powers and take a stroll through the outskirts of the city, where my school was located. Somehow, every other vehicle in the parking lot had survived his rampage except mine, a flat and metal plate leaking oil into concrete that had sunken 15 feet deep and was in a 60 foot long foot shaped crater.

It was the month after that when he’d discovered how to perform whistle commands that could make animals do his bidding to a certain extent. I practically had to watch my step and carry an umbrella at all times as dogs or birds would suddenly have the urge to crap in my direction and ruin my clothes and hair. At one point, a batch of squirrels had showered me by throwing the nuts they’d stored for the winter down at me in a hail.

Winter didn’t give me much of a break either. Whenever Johnny wasn’t learning a new power, he was getting stronger in a power he’d already mastered. I’d been the last to leave on a test during one of my bio-medical exams and I assume Johnny had been waiting for me to try to leave as I felt a heavy thud shake the building. The supervisor for the test almost fell to his feet as he dropped all of the papers onto the floor. I’d tried to run to the door to see what had happened but shouldn’t have been surprised when I’d tried and a bit of snow slipped through the cracks before remaining at a standstill. Johnny had summoned enough snow to completely submerge the doors to this building. I didn’t know at the time but it literally had been done to only the building we were in. There was a perfect circle of thick snow dropped down onto our building like medical cream placed on a simple part of your skin.

As I suffered the power of Johnny, it was a perspective thought that everyone else received the better end of the bargain. Besides petty crimes and general bad behavior in small doses, Johnny kept the world in order on a daily basis. Bank robberies would be halted almost before they could really start thanks to the police opening up their whole database to Johnny, who preferred that they give it to him “willingly” instead of him hacking it as he knew he could. Drug cartels lost money by the millions as Johnny went all over and halted business with his new super smelling powers which gave him the ability to smell the scent of drugs by a ten mile radius. Any smaller crimes were left to the local police as Johnny had bigger jobs most of the time he handle and, although he was powerful, he couldn’t be everywhere at once. The current drought in California was halted quickly by Johnny’s power to grow plants and his power to turn toxic waste into pure, crystalline water.

The last one was a testament to his influence since a very, very short list of people knew exactly how he went about doing it. As far as politics were concerned, people in the political sphere barely complained anymore about his actions. Johnny put a special target on the fortune 500 in America as he’d discovered lately that there were many scandals they’d been planning in the last month after he’d seduced one of the hotter males into giving away secrets of some of the others for just a night with the young god.

Speaking of which, when he wasn’t testing his powers on me, terrorizing the rich, or saving the world, he was fucking. I was absolutely sure of it though he wouldn’t want to tell me the way he used to. And worst of all, he’d found new ways to go about. As I was moving through the hallway, careful to check around the corners for Johnny or his followers, my best guess was Johnny was still at Olympics making his first appearance as a celebrity at the games instead of demeaning the athletes with his superiority. He insisted on helping create a meteor shower for the start of the Olympics for the fun of it. Tanner lived in the upper floors as well but he’d gone into the city to watch with some friends at a local bar. Though Johnny forgave him, he was still somewhat terrified of his once little brother. The dynamic between the two had hit him hard over the months and he was constantly calling his officers to confirm his date to go back to base. Johnny was treating him the way he used to treat me but that was completely not how he was used to interacting with him, as he did years ago. Before, Johnny was a pipsqueak who’d grown into comic books and his brother, having grown out of them, told him to fuck off whenever he asked him to come and watch a bad superhero cartoon with him. Now, Johnny practically manhandled the guy with his massive arms and planted him in a seat next to him. I never got to see since I knew Johnny would see me coming a mile away with his infrared vision but I imagined it was a way more cramped scene than it had been for me.

Johnny’s base size had grown into a 9’2 superhuman and was still not showing signs of slowing in growth. The doorframes originally made for a 7 foot giant were now too cramped for him to squeeze through without taking the wall with him. At Johnny’s last check up with the doctors supervising the project, his arms had actually grown to a new intimidating size of over 90 inches when he flexed to the very point between pure flexing and enlarging the bicep. His body’s proportions were reaching unnaturally intense shapes and made it difficult for those around him. When he came to the red carpet for showings of new movies, he’d come down from the sky in a sonic boom, which he could create very easily now, and would appear in nothing but his tight formal uniform. It was nothing but a spandex speedo, the same size as his normal uniform but shrunken to the triangle of your everyday speedo. His body had so many exaggerated curves that it was impossible for anything non circular to contain him. His pecs were so massive that they were the first thing people saw when Johnny turned corners. Mouths drooled as he would walk by, those seeing him coming graced with the view of his massive package as those seeing him going would watch his powerful butt cheeks bounce and leak out of the sides of the overstretched outfit. He even had the designer make it look like a mini suit with a bowtie as if his crotch needed anything else to pull eyes to it. Johnny behaved when he was in the movie theater but the locals were well accustomed to light tremors throughout the area when he was discontent with the flick, the source being the light tapping of his toes, a habit he’d had even before his growth and simply hadn’t outgrown. Even when he wasn’t doing this, people in any scenario often kept a check on him at all times to gauge his mood. No one was foolish enough to attempt to piss him off directly and being aware of his mood made the percentage of your potential survival rise depending on how Johnny felt.

This sense of control in even the atmosphere made it easy for Johnny to pick out his entourage for the night. He partied on some nights with either the most famous or those he deemed perfect for a night of intense passion. His sexual needs were now a near constant as some nights were filled with the thundering moans of a god who was yet to be sated. I was reminded of our time in the first few months as Johnny’s love making had become strong enough to quake through the many floors between the rooms he fucked in and the room I slept in. Due to his growth, his massive cock couldn’t be properly survived by the small vaginal cavity of a normal woman anymore. Now he had a male and female sex slave on hand at all times in the tower to have the choice of sex on hand. That was where his newest power came into play.

Benton and Penny were two models that Johnny had seen at a fashion show in Italy and had become instantly attached to their attractive bodies. They’d originally been like humans when I’d met them but they quickly became disciples of Johnny in the most terrifying way. Johnny wouldn’t release the details to anyone but Tanner but I could still understand pretty quickly how over time, he’d made Benton and Penny grow.

It started in intervals. Benton was originally 5’11 and Penny 5’9, both of them taller than me. They’d act politely to me regardless of the fact Johnny wouldn’t even register my presence. Then they started to change. Benton used to talk to me about sports all the time and we’d often go to the nearby coffee shop to talk deeply about politics. Penny would hang out with me when I went to a nearby beach or needed a generally nice girl to have a conversation with. My old high school friends never visited anymore after Johnny had scared them with a stray thunderbolt from the sky in their last visit and my college friends quickly became Johnny’s groupies after the first visit. Benton and Penny were practically my lifeline to the rest of the world. Then one day, Benton had trouble fitting into his clothes and asked me if he could borrow mine since I was wider built than he was. Penny had to go and buy a new bra because her breasts felt heavier than they used to and she needed stronger support. Then, things reached new levels of odd. Benton had outgrown my clothes and now, when I needed to reach something, neither of us needed a stepstool. He would just simply reach up and take it off whatever shelf I was reaching for and hand it to me. I’d tried to shield Penny from the cold weather once as we were trying to get into a club but she was so tall that, standing against the wall, a portion of her head was above my reach as her breasts almost touched my chin. It went on like this for months and in different ways. Benton needed to wear sandals more frequently because he’d always be outgrowing his shoes from a previous month. Penny’s breasts were so large that, even with a bra, her nipples still poked through. Benton would bend a little too low to pick up something he’d dropped and his pants, even sweatpants, would tear to reveal his big bubble butt. Penny had to work to really button her pants as her hips grew wider. Both of them now had feet that thudded against the floor with their weight as they went down the hallways. The last time we went to a sports bar together, Benton had to duck the doorframes because forehead was a magnet to them. Penny couldn’t go anywhere without causing the traffic to come to a complete halt as her waist tightened but everything below and above had swelled into sexy curves that stretched the fabric of her clothes.

Then I think the growth started to get to their heads. On a day where Johnny was testing out his heat producing powers in New York, Benton had caught me reaching up for a 2 liter bottle of soda that had been placed on the top shelf of the cabinets, reached up to get it, then uncapped and drank it one fell swoop. His big Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped and made short work of the bottle, concluding with a loud and thick burp.

“Thanks, I really needed that.”

Penny had found me on the couch of one of the many living rooms and simply lifted me off by my arm like I was a doll and plopped onto it herself.

“Hey, there’s more than one living room,” I’d say.

“Yeah, but I wanted this one,” she’d respond.

Our long talks became small talks became one sided conversations until eventually, my presence just seemed to irritate them. All it took was a little look and I’d be gone as I knew there was no chance my comparatively small form couldn’t handle the behemoth sex slaves. When Johnny would bring more play mates, Penny and Benton would be nearby and ready to participate. They were quickly becoming demigods to the anomaly that was Johnny as they followed in his footsteps.

“Hey, move along, short stack!” Benton commanded down to me.

That was when I flew to the wall like a fly as the now hulking, 7’4 Benton walked down the hall, the floors creaking and thundering with his footsteps where there was wood. He was wearing nothing but a tight pair of briefs that Johnny used to wear that made his butt look amazing as he stomped his way through the building. I was petrified until he passed, his broad shoulders and bulging arms swing as he strutted down the hallway. My brow wrinkled as I realized I had to follow him on my way to the top floor. Watching the large muscles that made up just the back of Benton was a real sight. He was big and supernaturally proportioned like Johnny, just on a smaller scale. It took him several tries to get through doors now. It was a good thing the furniture was made to hold Johnny because normal furniture would probably crumble under Benton’s weight.

He made any and all bodybuilders look feeble in comparison to him and fitness models just body enthusiasts. His arms hung at his sides and were pushed away but lat muscles so thick he couldn’t lower his arms far below their nearly 45 degree angle. His waist was tight and probably only several inches larger than my own, probably only due to the 8 pack that jutted from his stomach like iron plating. His thighs executed a slow, dominant waddle that was the best option for him unless he wanted to accidently crush his very large manhood. His calves were both clearly thicker than my thighs and yet still hyper lean, looking as though he could lift a small car onto his big and mighty shoulders. Benton’s hands and feet were large, perfect to palm someone’s entire head when one of Johnny’s many mates of the night thought they would get more time with him if they serviced someone close to him. Benton was probably almost 3 times my weight and it showed in the way his body seemed to flex and swell with the smallest actions. I’d been so mesmerized I didn’t see him open the door to the top deck, squeeze his big body through, and then turn to block my way in. Everything above his thick eyebrows and brown eyes was hidden behind the doorframe but I could see him looking down at me with an intimidating face over his broad and hairy chest.

“Johnny needs this room, squirt, sorry,” he said as he turned and closed the doors, shutting me out. I pressed to the doors that remained unopened and sunk to the floor, looking up at the ceiling lights. Then I felt vibrations through the floor. Something was moving behind the door and I could only guess it was something very big. I slowly turned the knob as I knew that Johnny, Benton, and Penny still had precise enough hands to open doors but their fingers were far too big to turn the locks, not that they ever felt the need to use them. I peeped in carefully and was gifted the view of what had to be the biggest, most powerful looking butt I’d ever laid eyes on extending down to massive legs that were spread wide as balls the size of cantaloupes were placed on top of the couch cushions. Johnny was standing like a monument to manhood and his own unique godhood as his massive, rippling body was hovering over two legs spread wide. I instantly could tell by the birth mark on the left leg that it was Penny.

She had grown along with Johnny and Benton and, although she was the smallest of the three, she was large and powerful looking in a superhuman, female way. Her muscular hips were wide and spread to brace themselves for what Johnny had packing, her pussy dripped as she was laid there before Johnny with what I assumed was an excited face. Benton was still in view, however he was moving his hands up and down his 16 inch hard man pole, watching the massive superhero that was Johnny tower over Jenny.

“Yeah, babe, I worked really hard today.”

“Oh? You look like you haven’t broken a sweat,” Penny responded with a little giggle at the end. Johnny was moving his big hands over her leg with one hand and grabbing at her massive breast with the other. I could hear her squeal as he squeezed just a little to make her moan.

“You better believe I did. Those Olympics take a lot of work to do perfectly. I had to align some sitting rocks up perfectly to fly over the Olympics and not hit the earth before sending them flying with a soft tap.”

Johnny raised his muscular arm and replicated the flicking motion he’d done over her head, knocking a lamp off a wall with just the force.

“If I hit them too hard, they might have shattered and got sent flying down in every direction. It would have been a fucking hassle to catch those rocks before they hit the Earth. I’m pretty sure some of those stupid rocks are flying out of our solar system about now.”

The talk of his power was clearly working on Penny as she tried to move down to play with her vagina but Johnny intercepted her and placed that hand forcefully against the couch too, its supports already strained by Penny’s impressive size but clearly struggling as Johnny’s mass leaned harder and harder to prepare for penetration. As he lowered his cock to her crotch, I gasped as I saw Johnny’s cock, angrier looking and more powerful than ever. I remembered the sight of its full growth almost a year ago and I could only wonder how big it could grow now. The size it was at now was probably a small fraction of its true form and it still looked like, had Penny not been her current size, it would tear a normal female organ to shreds from the attempt of pressing its big head into her snatch.

Penny began to moan and shout louder as Johnny grunted and pushed, entering her slowly as to avoid pulling her to pieces. Benton was still in the corner, his cock dripping precum like an erotic fountain, lubricating his own large piece. He had three fingers up his own ass, probably envisioning what it would be like to be pumped like Penny was about to be. I had to adjust my pants as I felt how hard I was also, doing my best to keep still and immobile. Too much movement could catch Johnny’s eyes. My shorts tightnened as my cock continued trying to force its way from my zipper and continued to fail at opening the way. I wanted that to be me. I wanted Johnny to take his massive and fill me with his cum. Johnny grabbed the couch and bent his knees lower to reach Penny’s gaping cavity. His cock seemed to disappear into her regardless of its unbelievable length, most likely closing in on 3 feet at a safe hardness for humans.

Benton had found a chair and sat with his legs spread wide, his big balls hanging over the end as they also carried what looked like a bountiful amount of cum. His muscles were glistening with sweat as he also seemed to be watching with an undistractable focus. His balls were bouncing against the end of the chair he’d found and I could almost hear sloshing sounds as the apple sized cum containers bounced. I could tall by the horny panting and grin on his face as he rubbed his hairy chest up and down that he was really loving the gifts Johnny had given him. I’d heard before that Benton had been struggling a bit in the modeling world as the ones in his area typically were looking for someone 6 feet tall. Now, he’d outgrown them and stood on top of the world as Johnny’s massive male sex slave.

I turned from him as Johnny began to really pound Jenny into the couch. Her massive breasts, each large enough to compete with a cow in their abundance of milk, shook and jiggled with Johnny’s power. Johnny was using one hand to hold Jenny’s waist while the other gripped the couch, the structure straining from his grip strength even though he was barely putting in any force. Johnny groaned a low groan that was shaking the whole room, a result of his voice’s ability to reach supersonic levels. I’d heard he’d made drug lords deaf with that power. My ears were full of his Benton’s moans, Penny’s screams, and Johnny’s manly earthquake groans. I could tell by the tension in Penny’s muscles that she was experiencing a never ending onslaught of orgasms as Johnny’s powerful pelvis pressed into her like a powerful moving wall. I felt myself reaching orgasm also as Penny reached her 40th scream of orgasm at the end of 10 minutes. Johnny had proven over the years that he could do this to women easily and, as he’d gotten stronger, it took less and less effort to do it. The female body was like an instrument he’d mastered 100 times over, fucking them almost second nature now. He hadn’t cum into her once and he wasn’t going to remain unsated for long.

“Fuck it, you’re too fragile,” he said after 30 minutes and almost 200 orgasmic screams came from Penny. “I can’t hold back this much if I want to get off. Benton, into position!”

Johnny left Penny there sprawled out on the couch, her vagina quivering with exhaustion as she had received the maximum amount feeling her entire body was able to endure without falling into a coma. Johnny’s cock was still moist with her juices and almost angrier looking than it was before. His desire for sex was too strong for the enlarged and empowered Penny to even wipe the top off from his libido. My eyes darted to Benton, who was still roughly rubbing his long cock up and down.

“BENTON, NOW!” Johnny roared as his cock bounced angrily against his 12 pack abdomen.

I didn’t see it coming as Benton shot out of his chair toward Johnny without actually touching the ground. He was hovering over the ground as though strings were tied around his limbs as he came towards Johnny. Johnny had a lot of different, unbelievable powers but, out of all of them, I hadnt expected telekinesis. Benton’s massive body was held weightlessly above Johnny, his legs forcibly raised and his butt cheeks hanging just before the expanse of Johnny’s pecs blocked his master’s view. A massive something that I recognized to be a huge and unbelievable dildo slid out of Benton’s butt slowly and seemed to come from nowhere as it was inhumanly large. Johnny’s massive body bent and he sat in the loveseat that had been built for him. It groaned as he’d definitely gained weight since the last fitting but it held on valiantly, Johnny’s legs slightly being squeezed by the unfit chair. His monstrous cock stuck up and smacked his pecs with a heavy smack that could have been confused for two rocks colliding as he spread his legs and let his massive balls hang almost to the floor in his seated position.

“Down,” he commanded, his deep voice hard to disobey. I watched amazed as Benton was slowly lowered onto Johnny’s cock. Johnny’s cock met him half way as it stretched even larger and wider to compensate for the more durable fuck toy Johnny had chosen. Benton groaned like an animal in a trap as he felt his ass cheeks pull apart by the enormous cock head alone and felt his hole stretch around the big intruder. Johnny was being fair and slowly lowering Benton but it could be seen in his eyes that he was quite impatient. Benton continued to groan and roar the entire time as Johnny’s big, long cock head forced its entrance. He’d probably taken Johnny over 100 times in the last half year and it was obvious that Johnny would still be able to stretch him out even wider. His heavy balls smacked Johnny’s pole as they shook along his trip. Johnny’s balls hung lower, actually swelling as it seemed he wanted to cum an ocean into his subject this time around. As Benton’s journey slowly progressed, Johnny continued to boast.

“Heh, remember when you used to be so puny? You couldn’t even get your mouth over a fraction of my dick head. You had to wrap your body around my cock as I grew it so that I could feel something. And look at you now, dwarfing that little midget you used to be to become one of my demigods. If I keep giving you two strength, I’ll be able to actually try. Wont that be great? I’ll fuck you both so hard that the earth with shake. Trees will uproot from cracks in the ground. Oceans will tremble. Well..... maybe not oceans. I don’t think your human bodies can take that much. You’ll be fun to fuck through a wall though. I’ll make you scream in joy till your throat is sore and your chest is heaving.”

Benton was groaning loudly now as he came just a bit lower onto Johnny’s cock and Johnny rewarded him by pumping his head a little bigger, exciting Benton’s hole and making his cock wag as an orgasm was coming. There was still MUCH more length that Benton struggled with but, at the halfway mark on Johnny’s long rod, he was stuck. He just couldn’t handle anymore inside him. Johnny moved his head forward, Benton now slightly lower than face level with him, and pressed his lips into his. The two beautiful faces mingled and let their tongues dance around each other. I stood in the hallway, my body shaking with arousal and jealously just before that moment. The moment that changed everything. Johnny opened his eyes in the middle of the kiss and looked directly at me.

In that moment, everything in the last months hit me again at full force. I was so alone that I couldn’t help feeling everything directed at me in the last half year without any deluding of my ego or my pride. The discovery that Johnny liked boys AND girls, just not me. The realization that he had respected me more than anyone and the cold feeling that I’d let him down. The fact that Tanner was still here but had abandoned me like an outcast. Johnny’s overwhelming and ever growing dominance over my life as he tortured me for my betrayal. We made eye contact but it was brief before I turned and ran. My eyesight was blurry as I headed down the hall and dashed into the elevator. I didn’t look for my stuff to pack and leave with. I simply ran. The butlers tried to ask me if I needed anything but I just pushed past them and ran harder. I saw business men waiting for Johnny who closed in to ask me if he was available. I didn’t give them the time of day either. I just ran. I didn’t stop running till I was gone, into the night.

Hopefully, Johnny wouldn’t find me. That’s what I thought as his tower reached up into the sky like a pin stabbed into a large quilt. I knew better though. He could find me wherever and whenever. He was Johnny Poundstone. I knew when I looked him in the eyes, I recognized the gaze he would give to criminals or corrupt business men who he would eventually make disappear.

He would never look for me again.


Part 6

With me being the most typical presence by Johnny since his ascension, you’d think there’d be a wave of publicity followed by a second wave of popularity, making me a celebrity and an almost constant first hand account of the craziness that was Johnny’s actions. Anyone who thinks like that, however, is horribly wrong. Having battled with the media for so long, Johnny had reigned them in, along with anyone else that had ever heard of “Sam Cole”. Johnny’s public reaction wasn’t negative in anyway. If anything, he’d only exceeded any expectations anyone would have of a god.

A lot happened in a full year. I got emails from his brother suddenly, every so often as if Trenton was trying to apologize for his betrayal. Johnny had finally ended the battle of control with the men who were running the Johnny Project. Since I left, Johnny would be constantly doing something, whether it be working in the lab on some kind of future project, saving some town in dire need of his powers, going to some kind of benefit or event that required his presence, or simply fucking his disciples. Speaking of which, that was something that had come to light publicly just a few weeks ago. Every so often, Johnny would go to some place and a man or woman of exceptional genetics or beauty would vanish from the public sphere. 8 people disappeared as if they were just air, though everyone could quickly guess where they went. The world’s strongest man vanished just after being granted the award and title from the special guest, Johnny Poundstone. One of the more beautiful faces of women’s rights in Europe was suddenly gone after a benefit being funded largely by what was known as the Poundstone organization. Another man, Samuel Deguara, a man known for being a natural giant of Italy at 7 foot 5 that was searching to join a national basketball team, was gone after a true, super-powerful giant passed through Italy to settle an earthquake dilemma and, while there, a little of the financial structure that made up Greece.

Weeks later, a group run by Johnny, known as JD, or Johnny Disciples, made themselves known. Johnny had created a 10 man group of supersized men and women that were just strong enough to help him safe different parts of the world. Though their primary work entailed working on taking down the black markets and minimizing crime, they also doubled as beacon’s for Johnny’s influence, which was still rapidly expanding out past the Solar System.

Johnny had appointed himself a member of a project with NASA to find habitable planets. Johnny, being the overachiever that he was, found three. Trenton let slip in his note that there Johnny might have found something other than planets out there in space but was keeping it from him. It was obvious why Trenton didn’t want to press Johnny too hard for the answer. He wasn’t among Johnny’s disciples and though he was still Johnny’s brother, he wasn’t sure what one of his massive 8 foot disciples would do to him if he gave them a reason to believe he was doing anything other than obeying Johnny.

If not for them, there was Johnny’s newer larger form. He wasn’t able to fit on normal bedframes and couldn’t even stand up straight in normal buildings at 9’2. However, a year had changed that as he’d broken 10 feet, blasted past 11 and was well on his way to 12 feet tall, only just recently reaching over the marker at currently 11’7. The Guinness world record organization came to hand him awards for tallest man, heaviest man, widest man, largest feet and many more but Johnny denied them all. They would have probably awarded him a car if he could still fit into, based on the number of awards he could have taken. Although it was partially because he probably considered himself above receiving awards from anyone, as shown from the three Nobel Peace prizes and the Grammy from his guest appearance in the last Superman movie, he had made several excuses for himself I imagine a lot of people considered justified. Things like “I’ve been able to grow to half the size of new York for the past two months so my base size doesn’t matter anymore” or “I can change the gravitational pull of my body to make myself heavier if I wish, I might as well be 20,000 pounds”. If that was worded the way Trenton wrote it, I could tell instantly it was another time when Johnny used an excuse as a way to brag. Of course, that’s not as if his height wasn’t enough to brag about.

Johnny didn’t fit into many parts of his tower the same way he barely fit into clothes anymore, his elevator being the most recent defeated conquest, so if he wasn’t opening up walls and closing them again, he was crouched down, his knees almost perpendicular to the floor. I knew that many of the rooms had been built for people of a limited size. They’d built it with the largest man alive in mind, putting it just slightly above 9’6 feet to keep ahead of the curve. But Johnny’s growth put any human predictions to shame. Johnny was so large that they often took the events involving him outside, out of fear that he’d get irritated and just walk into the building like the walls were made of oxygen. When Johnny went on an orphanage run to visit all of his little fans, he used his telekinesis to pull the building apart for his entry, closed it back up, and remained crouch throughout his visit. Apparently, he usually enjoyed it when they used his powers and his large muscles as a playground when, if they were really good, he’d grow as big as a small building for them to climb onto. Parents heard about it but didn’t argue because, you know, it’s Johnny Poundstone. Even his overgrown disciples, all of them at or near 8 feet tall, came off as puny when reporters interviewed them. And the difference from human to Johnny was even more amazing. The average man met Johnny almost a foot below his hips but many did their best to avoid looking at him straight forward since his massive, docile cock bulged in their faces and on live television in his skin tight speedo uniform. Johnny’s sense of clothing had become skimpier as he demanded they cut his little uniform as they always had. The reason it looked so skimpy, however, was that Johnny’s dimensions had changed.

His pecs were massive now and filled his fans’ vision. If you wanted to talk to Johnny’s face, you had to either stand almost 4 meters away or Johnny had to choose to bend down to look at his public. Past those massive arms, both rivaling a large, grown man in size and past the massive pecs and hulking shoulders, people were blinded by the beauty that was Johnny’s face. His big feet were too big wear shoes as they’d recently blown past size 39 and rapidly flew through the 40’s. He was becoming too handsome now for many as women that weren’t prepared for him would shuffle their legs and struggle to remain intact. Any that weren’t looking at his broad shoulders, big arms, massive chest, and his beautiful face, rolled their eyes down his body in an attempt to fathom how beautiful his body was.

His abs had broken a twelve pack and was now moving to a fourteen pack that pointed down to his massive cock, nestled heavily between two hulking legs that looked like they restricted his leg movement with the bulging heads and veins.

Johnny’s psychic powers were a god send to the city since his sex events got crazier and harder to be sustained by human built walls. His disciples had became strong enough to somewhat endure the impact from his weaker orgasms but a wall of psychic energy helped. Trenton couldn’t describe it to me as he’d only seen it through the monitors that showed Johnny’s weight room, which would be quickly stricken with a flash of white before cutting to black. But as residents of our city, we and the rest of New York could feel the earth shake when it happened, which was almost nightly. Johnny’s sense of fun was making it difficult for everyone and everything to have a peaceful life but he just didn’t seem to care. His narcissism knew no bounds anymore. The world simply bent to his mood and ego like a dog. When he chose to save the day, he did it on his terms, regardless of the rules of government. When he chose to participate in government, politics became secondary to his whims. When he wanted to test his whims, he used a known or new power to strike a new level of humbleness into the minds of all Earthlings. He grew bigger, he saved the day in a crazier way, he roared laughter, he fucked harder, then got to do it all over again the next day.

In the past, I thought he was outgrowing humanity as his body outgrew his clothes. It took me too long to realize that he’d outgrown humanity a long time ago. Since the first time his bulging, superhuman biceps burst out of his first XL shirt. Way back when he was just learning he could outrun Olympic medalists with his definition of a “light jog”. Then he stretched and grew in every direction, past the boundaries of humanity up to this point. Even beyond me…

I’d been sitting on a soft chair while I was in my own thoughts, sensing eyes on me. I didn’t make eye contact that lasted longer than half a second. He saw that immediately though.

“So it’s been a year now and you haven’t moved on from this?” the bespectacled man sitting in a chair across from me. He was very attractive for a human but I’d seen too much to be satisfied with just that. He was looking at me like a hawk with brown, focused eyes. I opened my mouth but couldn’t speak. I knew the answer but didn’t want to believe.

“No” he said as if reading my mind. “You’ve been avoiding giving me answers this entire session but their written all over your face.” The man laid his notepad on a slack-covered leg and sighed. “You’re living with one of your friends and it’s killing you because you took a different path than them. You think you’ve failed to succeed and so you’ve stopped going to classes for your degree. You want to get away from your past but you haven’t left the city where your past lives so you went and found a place with someone from that past to try and come to a place before the event. Am I missing anything?”

Apparently, my looking away had shown some more writing on my face. “And you still want whatever it is you left. Honestly, Mr. Cole, I don’t know who or what you left behind but you’ve been going the wrong path to moving past it. It’s like something has sucked the orginal Samuel Cole. What could have cast such a large shadow on your life that you can’t get out from under it?”

My lips were loosened after the psychiatrist’s words had cut through my clothes and left me naked. My heart was pounding and I was going to speak but I got cut off as the ground rumbled, knocking over smaller pieces of furniture. Suddenly, the room’s lighting from outside went dark. There were sirens going off as the quake had clearly been strong enough to hurt someone. The doctor and I ran to the window quickly in an attempt to try and see it for ourselves. I looked up at a familiar face.

Johnny was a bit of a bully when it came to making clear his authority. Trenton had said that he didn’t like that he couldn’t be everywhere at once and, as his base of operations, he should be able to control all of crime in his vicinity. That’s why a tourist would be shocked to try and visit New York only to be graced with the sight of a massive pair of legs reaching up into the clouds. His humongous feet were probably standing either in a large patch of trees or in the water at the edge of the city. I didn’t have to be told that Johnny did this to both give the people an outlet to worship and spread his gaze across the city. Many were looking up at him as he looked down and glared, his eyes red with power as, at this size, he had to be careful to proportionally expand the potential energy he held to prevent himself from releasing enough energy to make New York a whole in the Earth. The temperature was heightened due to the extremely small percentile of energy that Johnny himself couldn’t completely contain. It was more intense every month he did this as his full form grew bigger and bigger constantly, even though he tried to hide it usually at his normal hulking size.

Feelings came back and I felt my eyes water as I looked up at the god that Johnny was. Too many emotions of anger, hunger, fear, admiration, humility, and many other feelings as I looked up into that massive, beautiful face.

“That” I said over to the doctor, fully aware that he was on his knees, his hand rapidly going up and down. He was another victim to Johnny, another worshipper wiping away tears who just wanted to be acknowledged by the ultimate power above him. Johnny’s influence was too much for those who’d never seen him when he was smaller. I was used to people meeting him and wetting themselves, bursting into tears as they looked up at his mighty pecs. That smug face of total domination was usually too much by itself, the same one looking down from above the clouds and over those enormous, stadium sized pecs. I looked up and wondered if he could instantly tell which measly human was me, looking up and up and up, craning my neck to glimpse his power. I was a single speck, probably nearly indiscernible to him even with his super vision. One fist tightened as the other fist wiped away tears.

I needed to escape.


Part 7

My teeth were big and white as I smiled for the professional cameras the press were firing off as I accepted the key to their city. It was such a small town in America I could barely remember its name. I was practically had my knees bent at 90 degrees trying to hold this stupid shaking hand pose with the mayor, his old little hand shaking in my massive mitt of a hand. A lot of things had changed in the year I had been a guardian for the god that was Johnny Powerstone. Everyone around me knew who I was the moment they saw me and practically were on their hands and knees trying to please me.

Just a year ago, I was just Arseny Petrov, one of the top strongmen in the world and a 21 year old anomaly. I used to think being just over 2 meters tall (6 foot 7) and carrying around over 400 pounds made me a truly big and powerful specimen. Those who loved a huge man among big men used to come all over just to see me take down the challenges before me with my big, bulging arms. My signature flex and grin right after winning my events was the highlight for many strength enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t love a big man who could lift a ton? Being a big name in the strongman world, I found a lot of entertainment in growing my body more, pushing bigger weights, and then going to places where my size was highlighted. The Japanese crowd got a real kick out of me. There was a good image of me trying to fit through one of their tiny fucking sliding doors that the internet raved about nowadays.

“Holy shit, he used to be that big?”

“Yeah, and now he’s even bigger!”

“The dude’s a fucking demi-god!”

They weren’t wrong. I couldn’t fit in buildings anymore when I broke 10 feet tall and at 13 feet, I’d be lucky to get my 2 ton body through the double doors of an airport. After Johnny turned me, I grew like a weed, making me the talk of the world and the other disciples he owned. My asshole dad was my favorite torture subject when I went home on my breaks from the Poundstone Tower. I’d inherited my height and size from him but even at 6’9, that little shithead was scarce when I came home. My hometown was a mark on the map for the birthplace of the biggest disciple of Johnny Poundstone and one of the biggest success stories in the public’s view of Johnny’s divine intervention. People would clamor in excitement when Johnny did his usual drop off to key towns dealing with problems too big for them. They always hoped he’d be the one to intervene but, if not him, they’d hope I would come and be their hero for the day. I loved to watch those tiny little human faces look up to me like I was a being from another world gracing their planet. Johnny had to make my suit personally so that the frequent erections I grew at public events could be contained atleast slightly. As a disciple, his publicist insisted that atleast we should be more modest than our leader. I didn’t give two shits. I would just grin and groan as my nearly 3 foot cock pushed and fought against the super fibers. I’d made a bet amongst the other guardians that I’d be able to outgrow the suit cock first and a lot of the money amongst them was for rather than against.

And who could blame them? I took advantage of my new super-body the way I did when I prepared for my strongman competitions. I ate so much that many of the smallest disciples were afraid to come near the dinner table until I’d finished my food. I scarfed it down like a wolf and was almost equally as ill-mannered. The table I’d been given would groan after only a few weeks once I’d really gotten the hang of eating for my new body. While the other guardians went down to the disciple floors of the tower to fuck and play with their smaller kin solely, my day was a mixed bag. Some days I’d super hop to areas just so I could test my strength against bigger boulders and tightly rooted trees. Other days I would test my endurance by using my super speed to run laps around the country. Johnny had built an island for his guardians to test their limits but I’d gotten too strong for those feeble weights when I broke 9 feet tall. Only his magnetic weights could keep up with me but even those were slowly losing their benefit. Any day that didn’t involve me eating, lifting, or simply pushing my body to the limit was a day where I rewarded myself. Any small town would spot me and do whatever I wanted so it didn’t take long for me to set up some areas for me to beworshipped by the most beautiful of the townspeople. I used to think I only loved women but there was nothing like having women squirm and lick my monster pole while the men would rub down my muscles with their stronger hands. Just the sight of me made them question their originally self-proclaimed sexualities and I loved to make them kneel for me.

I was living the life compared to when I was a strongman. No more bulking periods for me. I could eat and eat and eat yet still retain almost no fat. My body was like a muscle machine! No more having to choose between my old girlfriend and my hand for a sex partner. I had sex almost everyday of the week and twice on Sunday! No more relative fame where I had to go to competitions to find my favorite strength enthusiasts. I could make strength whores everywhere I went now. Everyone loves power. It was a perfect cycle. My muscles got bigger, which would give me the strength to push harder, which would make my ability to collect sex partners easier, which would make me push even harder, which would make me horny as hell, which would make me push harder, which would make my muscles bigger! Life was heaven.

But nothing in my new life was better than the god Johnny Poundstone. Everything about him was a goal for me. An impossible goal, but a goal that would make me always want more. Johnny barely fit into anything, let alone his own tower, at 21 feet tall. He had to phase through the tower in order to travel through it but he would have to be careful not to run into anyone, moving along two or three floors at a time. His power to phase only worked on non-living things, a flaw that he constantly griped about at dinner. His muscles were defined beyond human comprehension, making him a dangerous person to collide with when each muscles had the power to move a planet even at that ‘small’ a size. Tourists to New York were warned ahead of time off his Saturday patrols of the city. If they didn’t get the warning, they’d be shocked to find a god standing above the cityscape, his feet in the water yet still his knees still in the clouds. His big muscles filled the sky on those day and we suspected it gave people perfect masturbation material. Every muscle on his body seemed to defy gravity and logic with its size and shape. His figure couldn’t have been defined as human the way his arms were bigger around than any human chest, let alone SUVs. His waist was tight and yet powerful like a pillar, the abdominals and obliques making sharp curves along his torso up to his overarching pecs. No one could speak to him any longer unless he bent at the waist or kneeled and since he grown to 20 feet tall, he’d refused to give anyone the satisfaction of him bending. The places he came to for events were encouraged to have 10 foot trenches for him to walk through or 10 to 15 foot platforms set up for when he arrived or needed to speak. The world was clearly in his grasp and it showed everywhere he went. People bowed in love or fear, sometimes both. When he said you weren’t allowed to speak, the room would turn silent. When he made a request, people took it as an order with their life on the line and their servitude as his main course. I wanted that more than anything for myself but the power that spilled off him is what pulled me in.

I was in love with the force of nature that was Johnny Poundstone and Johnny enjoyed taking advantage of it. I couldn’t tell if he could read minds but it didn’t matter the way he fucked me into oblivion. I’d never given my mountainous ass cheeks to anyone other than Johnny and he took it as his territory every time he took it. I emphasize the word ‘took’ because, no matter what I was in the middle of doing, Johnny would pull me aside and start fucking me out of the blue. I would scream in shout in ecstasy and it would only egg him on. The look in my eyes would make him press me against a physical or psychic wall and roar into my ear as he fucked me into the next century. Time seemed to fade and nothing else would matter when he shoved his massive godly cock into my ass. When he told me that his cum gave me more power, I’d thought he was warning me to take advantage of it as much as possible. But how could I do that with the random black outs I experienced during his fucking. It took a solid week of fucking for me to realize it was like a magic spell that he released on himself that was like giving permission to fuck me however he pleased. I was lucky he liked me or else he’d probably use me to fuck at his hardest the way he did with the planets from footage he got using his private satellite.

But even though he held back, I could feel him slowly putting more force into it with each session. The last time alone, we’d gone to an abandoned building where’d he literally fucked me through multiple floors. Sex for Johnny was an art form. He could make me shout louder with every thrust, shake harder with every pounding, want more with every kiss and bite and look. I doubted he could do more to me each time but he’d always one up himself. It was like his constantly growing and evolving powers made him better at sex by the hour. Sometimes, I’d come out of my comas and see the faces of the other guardians when Johnny fucked me. The faces of envy were obvious and the air almost turned green when they were in the room with us. No one other than me got private sessions with him. He didn’t give them his cock the way he gave it to me. I was a special case in every sense of the word that they were never allowed to whine about or question. That kind of jealousy put a smile on my face.

My theory was Johnny fucked me best because of how much my body took to his and came back for more. When he fucked me, it took hours before I was out of commission. Even then, I’d wake up in a day while the others would be out for a full 7. When Johnny grew, I grew. If he grew another foot, I wouldn’t grow half as fast but I’d be close. None of the other disciples grew past the 10 foot height and, therefore, became increasingly useless as they stayed the same and Johnny grew stronger. Johnny would often be watching me as I was breaking a new personal best lifting 50 tons or saving another 15 people more from a burning building. It took me less than 10 minutes to put an illegal drug factory to bed, although I would always destroy the building as a side effect. None of them came close to me.

That’s why I’d puffed my chest out so far when Johnny told me he had something special to show me on a fateful July. I’d broken the 15 feet tall barrier and Johnny, now 32 feet tall at his smallest, was pleased by progress. I now used most of his magnetic weights for curling now and I was now too big to go on ‘easy’ missions like rescuing people from buildings and robberies without destroying government property. I was a big, big handful that Johnny clearly liked for some reason or else he would have probably made the smart choice and put me permanently in our rapidly shrinking home. I remained hopeful and confident in Johnny as we flew over a new island he’d created in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There wasn’t a route for a boat or anything at all for miles. This island, unlike the others, only contained assorted boulders and rocks. It was wide but had no greenery or animals in sight. We landed on the sand shore, my 4 ton body quickly starting to sink into the sand.

“Sir, why are we here?” I asked as I looked up to him. He was so tall now that even I couldn’t see much of his face past his pec shelf. He leaned forward and I heard his thunderous voice rain down on me.

“Stop calling me sir, Arseny, call me Johnny” he said with a handsome grin. His eyes were even brighter and more beautiful than the month before.

“Yes, sir—ur, I mean…… Johnny” I said, going from an exclamation to a quiet whisper. I’d hoped he would take this for a slight error on my part due to my first language, Russian. After receiving his essence, I’d learned several languages like I was learning to ride a bike. Johnny boomed laughter down to me. Instantly my crotch shivered and I felt my new suit tighten. It wouldn’t be long before I outgrew another uniform.

“Arseny, how’s your family?” he asked out of the blue. I’d never heard him ask a disciple such personal information before. I just assumed he could get the information by hacking the internet like he did for criminal organizations. Or he could just read our minds.

“Um, their fine. My dad still sucks balls but he’s a lot quieter after I ripped the house in half looking for my protein powder.”

Johnny held his grin and turned it into a big white smile. He then moved toward the boulders nearby and sat atop a formation of them like they were a love seat. My eyes were glued to his bulging muscles and the comparison of the seemingly tiny boulders to them. He was watching me.

“Arseny, do you like muscles?”

“Of course! I want more!” I said confidently. To prove my point I did a double bicep and admired my 60+ inch guns. “Every movement I make feels like I’m throwing around a stone! I could always have more!”

Johnny took another moment to look at me as if analyzing my response.

“Do you like power?”

I merely nodded my head furiously before answering.

“When I was in competition, the other competitors would always tell me how jealous they were of how easily I could lift things. I was so excited when a guy told me once, the can of beer I was holding burst!”

Johnny looked at me again before moving into a reclining position against the boulders.

“It’s not that great, you know.”

“What??” I said in confusion.

“It’s not that great. Strength and power, I mean.”

“Sir—er, Johnny, I don’t understand. You have the power to lift mountains like lifting a spoon! You can fly at speeds that don’t just make you a blur but actually create a stream of light at your top speed. You fuck me so hard that we’ve broken old city neighborhoods like they’re made of pudding! The UN actually tried to pass a bill to limit your size on earth after you tried to walk along the shore of new York and nearly caused a tsunami!”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s all well and good but so what?” Johnny said as he reached for a boulder and rubbed its smooth surface. “I could pull all the mountains, fly till I cause a planet to rupture in half, and fuck you so hard that we could re-activate a volcano but I’ll always get stronger. I’ll always top what I did last month and exceed expectations further. The world is in the palm of my hand now but so what?”

At this point in the conversation, my mouth was open and my face was in shock.

“It’s just not enough. I’m bored, Arseny. New has gotten old. I’m sure you’ve noticed it but I’ll just point it out. I’ve shredded my uniform twice as many times as you since you’ve been here. Ever since you arrived, everything’s changed.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I’m growing faster now. Getting stronger than ever before. My body is adapting faster as my powers are getting stronger at an accelerating rate. I’ve tested my powers on other planets like earth and, in about 5 years alone, I’ll be powerful enough to split an atom with my mind alone. I’ve had to contain my true weight even more so than I ever have. 1/100th of my true weight could form a crater in the planet 1/10th its size. I nearly slipped when I tried to deactivate a volcano and nearly created 3 more trying to do it. I’m getting too powerful to remain this close to the planet. Even my heat vision is getting too powerful to avoid blowing a volcano into Asia… again. At my current growth speed, I’ll be as big as Jupiter at max size in 5 years but, at this rapidly changing speed of growth, I can’t say that in 5 years that I’ll be 5 times the size of Jupiter at my smallest. Nothing is keeping up with me anymore.”

“But what about planet Earth? What if something happens in the public that requires you to step in?”

“What if? If I stayed, I’d just push them 100 years into the future if I were to show the world my newest inventions. After my food supply sustaining research started bearing fruit, I’ve already excelled past the human races comprehension of science. I’ve outdone society by at least four centuries. The invention business has plummeted since I came around. They really don’t need me to make society perfect for them.”

“Fuck, Johnny! How can you keep getting more impressive??” I asked over the sound of the waves slamming against the shore. After listening to Johnny, my cock was harder as rock and with a loud rip, my big, reddened, purple headed cock burst from my suit and lifted its hulking 5 foot mass up and slammed against my abs. Fuck, I was getting big.

Johnny grinned and left his perch to stand in front of me, his eyes focused into mine.



“Am I speaking Cantonese without realizing it again?”

“What do you mean ‘you’?”

“I mean that you are the catalyst, Arseny. You have been what’s causing my power to accelerate.”


“Are you sure I’m not speaking Cantonese or Hebrew?”

“Just explain!”

“Well…… it turns out that my powers are correlated to you. More specifically, your growth.”

“How has my growth caused your growth?”

“You see, it took a while to notice but, since I gained my powers years ago, I’ve been growing and getting stronger. After a point, it became so easy to get a girl to open her legs, I stopped keeping count and tracking my conquests. However, there was a point where I couldn’t keep my cock small enough to fuck average women so I started craving men. That didn’t last long since I still grew and they remained the same. But, when I got my first disciples, Jenny and Benton, and they started to grow, my growth started to speed up again. I started gathering disciples so I could have multiple to fuck and it made me grow faster again. But even now, I’m too big for my smaller disciples. You’re the only one growing fast enough to take me anymore. Ever since you came and excelled past the others, I’ve been able to fuck you for full weeks and grow to truly immense sizes! My body’s desire for sex makes me grow and you’ve been the greatest cause! The others are now a third of my size and none of them can get my dick in their mouth, let alone their asses. You probably noticed it about now. I’ve spent more time with you than all of the disciples combined and you’ve grown right along with me. Your body isn’t at its limit so you can still grow for a little while longer before your limits set in. You’re a natural phenomenon, Arseny!”

“I…..I….” I was speechless, more speechless than I usually was when Johnny was around. I’d noticed that I couldn’t fit into most of the tower and that I was the only one among the disciples still growing, but I hadn’t noticed how big a difference there was in my time with Johnny compared to the others. I just didn’t know…. Any of this, until now.

Johnny reached looked down at me and held my shoulder.

“Arseny… I want you to grow with me. Become a god with me.”

“I— “ I tried to speak but Johnny gave me a look of intense focus.

“Please, Arseny, let me show you what being a god will gift you.”

Johnny moved around me and started walking into the ocean. His massive legs treaded water like air and he was quickly disappearing into the ocean. I ran to the edge of the shore and looked out as the waves lapped at my feet, searching for Johnny. Suddenly, I could see Johnny’s handsome head coming out of the water, his hair quickly drying and forming its beautiful shoulder length look like usual. My eyes began to hurt as Johnny’s traps came out of the water and my sense of perspective shifted Johnny was standing farther out than I thought by the size of the waves beside him but he appeared to be coming closer. It took me only a moment to realize he was growing.

Waves crashed against the shore, bigger and bigger as he grew taller and taller. His broad shoulders had only just come out of the water and it already looked like he was becoming big enough to hide me in his golden locks. When his chest finally came up for air, I had to back away from the shore as the waves became truly massive. The clouds began to darken as Johnny’s growth accelerated and his arms were still coming into view. I could hear thunder as Johnny’s eyes glowed bright enough to be seen from even the distance I stood. My head craned even from the great distance we were apart as his muscles seemed to plump and grow along with him. I saw lightning as Johnny’s head began to reach into the clouds and the waves became 40 feet tall. I backed away and quickly climbed the piles of rock in an attempt to escape the growing waves. Johnny’s eyes were a beam of light that focused on me as his rapidly growing size closed the gap between us quickly. He covered almost 40% of my view from this distance and his abs were still climbing from under the water. This was a size he had never shown anyone while on Earth and for good reason. The boulders shook and fell out of place as the quakes from his growth became stronger. I made it to the top somewhat safely just as I saw Johnny’s cock come from underneath the water. It was the fastest growing limb on his body as it swelled and grew, climbing his body till it fought with his growing chest. I sat on my knees, astounded by the infinite power Johnny wished to show me. His body simply grew and grew, more powerful with every second, as if it was a natural thing. I didn’t feel myself jizz the first time watching his head reach the clouds but I felt it most definitely as his abs began to do it. The clouds opened wide for the entrance of a god unto heaven and yet still he soared past them. I feared for the stability of the island as Johnny’s growth shook it roughly. Rocks crumbled and the sandy shore of the island was submerged in water. I’d never seen larger bolts of lightning shred the sky. If there’d been any boats nearby, I was sure they’d have been sunken by now. I was surprised a volcano hadn’t been sprung by the earthquakes Johnny created.

I’d never known this much power or size was possible until Johnny, the god of power, had shown it to me. When Johnny’s knees passed the clouds, I’d come again. The Atlantic Ocean was 5 miles deep and it wasn’t even knee deep to Johnny, who was still growing at his fastest speed. Johnny had told me that his size was equivalent to how much power he had within him. This was what he meant. So much power that you could see his shins 5 miles from the ground and then some. The water had absorbed the island I was perched on up until the very top of the stone pile. Just when I was prepared to take a dive, Johnny’s growth stopped. When the earth began to settle, I looked up and fell back into the water just after finding my footing. Johnny’s face filled the sky. Wherever it didn’t, his muscles filled the rest. With his legs above me position at sea level. Johnny almost entirely encompassed my view of the sky. He was so tall that his face and body were tinted with the color of something far away, bouncing light off of him. I dared to imagine what he looked like on a satellite view of the planet. Johnny’s knees were high above the ocean and I could tell from the view of his calves that just a few hundred more meters would reveal his calves.

My angry and sore cock spewed a third load into the water as I looked to view what could only be described as a god. Johnny exceeded everything I ever imagined size and power could be. His muscles were big and intimidating works of strength that were unquestionable to any creature, being, entity or existence in the universe. The view of his big, veiny muscles bulging and his big handsome grin told me that with one glance. He was silent for someone so truly enormous but I could tell he was attempting to be silent knowing that too much sound from his massive existence could break tectonic plates and cause the average human to go deaf. His glowing, powerful eyes beaming down on me in the darkness his body created said it all said it all and I knew what to say.

“Yes. I’ll do it.”


Part 8

A cup floated over the head of the Space Fleet squad member. His eyes focused on its shape as he dozed between thoughts. Outside, the quietness of space hovered and rooted a sense of solitude in his chest.

“Cadet Bartholomew, what the fuck are you doing?!”

Cadet Bartholomew jumped in panic as he scrambled out of his chair, unable to handle his own center of balance as the diminished gravity made it difficult for him. As he landed, he was able to turn as his commanding officer, Officer Barrett, glared him down. Jack Bartholomew groaned inwardly as he saw the officer’s well-tanned, smug face. When he’d been given permission to join on the first mission of engineer squadron to monitor the new base, he hadn’t expect to be tailed by one of his least favorite men.

The rich young officer had clearly gained his position in Space Fleet on the basis of his dad’s status as an extremely wealthy business man. He could have been a football player or a high-ranking executive in his father’s firm but, like the rest of the world, Barrett had an needle-precise fixation on everything Johnny Powerstone. Jack was convinced that he hung around the base in hopes of Johnny making him a partner in one of his many projects that was allowing humanity to advance so quickly—or, even better, a disciple.

“I told you for the last fucking time. You need to monitor the screens diligently! If you see anything dangerous, you need to be able to report to me ASAP! No excuses, shithead!”

John ground his teeth as he felt his sharp tongue want to recite Barrett’s words back at him. “I need you to alert me immediately when Johnny comes so I can lick his ass for him,” he meant. Jack tried to hide his hatred as he looked him in the face. His eyes looked into Jack’s with equal disdain before he made a glance upward and then stared.


“Urrg—” he gurgled.

Jack turned and his eyes widened to match Barrett’s as he saw a light off in the expanse of space. They were just outside Earth hovering and that gave us the best view of the glaring brightness.

“Fuck, it’s him!” Barrett gasped. Immediately he ran out of the room, quickly turning down the hallway and letting his thick military boots clankety-clank off into the distance. Jack quickly buttoned up and ran after his officer along with many others. Because of the short staff of 20 people, all that had been posted onto the large ship, there was little worry of colliding with other squad members as they all headed to the hangar. Lights were flashing and a siren was being fired as the operation prepared for the return of the most brilliant being in human existence.

This was only the fifth return of Johnny and, even with that in mind, the 1st time Jack himself would get to see the god behind the operation. God was the only way the earth could describe Johnny anymore as he supported the entire human race with his unlimited mind and even more indescribable powers. Only a god could get away with what Johnny could accomplish and it was very difficult for the human race to handle much time without him. That’s why Johnny had made an extremely pivotal decision only six months ago.

The space ship’s large hangar had been built with the same dimensions as a hangar for multiple 747s. Occasionally, Johnny returned with more power than he normally expected and so could not always return to his smallest size. Jack shivered as he remembered he’d been told the last time that his powers were so well controlled was the very first test of the base, built solely as a place for Johnny to rest before returning to Earth with a low enough power level to avoid influencing the world’s climate and causing another volcano like the ones housed by what was once known as Hawaii. Jack could remember the terror in the call from his friend as he’d awaited word from his family on whether they’d survived the fall of Hawaii. Johnny was that powerful now, and it caused the human race to hold their breath whenever he was near. Hollywood was glad he no longer came to award shows or else they could lose another part of California to the ocean from his spontaneous orgasm-quakes.

The entire base shuddered as a terrifying boom of energy rocked the infrastructure followed by a long moment of tense quiet. The base was made from the hardest metals; even then, something created by Johnny himself might still prove too weak to handle his might. Jack tried to calm his breathing as the doors opened. Officer Barrett was standing in front of the line of squad members, his legs buckling in fear and wonder. Roaring laughter shook the room as two forms far larger than Jack could imagine a living creature could be entered the room.

“I told you, that last star was just begging me to eat it!” said a powerful voice.

You should have at least tried to avoid colliding with that planet trying to catch it. You could have caused the whole system to unravel!” said a voice that made Jack’s ears rattle.

“Oh please, you ate it all, anyway! I’d wonder where you put it all if you didn’t get so big off of that! Hahaha!”

You’re such a noob. That was like waking up for breakfast and eating a bread crumb! Just you wait till you’re close to my power! Systems become light desert!

“Commander Bandares! Where are you?! We need something to run off energy now!”

Jack tried not to move and remained at attention as a shadow of a 100-foot-tall man blanketed him and the rest of his squad members. He felt the floor throbbing as he looked up at the face of Johnny’s second-in-command, Arseny Petrov. Jack was terrified as Arseny bent over at the waist to look at him. His glare made Jack avoid his eyes but that only made him lower vision to the source of the throbbing. An erect cock the size of a Greyhound bus blocked his torso as his massive eyes looked down at Jack and shone with a light that no human could create naturally.

“My bad, squirt. I get you little guys mixed up now. At this size, your faces all kind of blend together, hahah!”

You need to focus your size using your eyes and your mind combined! Eventually, they’ll get so small you’ll need a magnifying glass if you keep this up! Bandares! Don’t make me come to you or I’ll hurdle you into space in an ogyxen bubble!

The constant quaking behind Arseny got stronger and caused many soldiers to lose balance and fall onto their asses. Above Arseny, shoulders that stuck far farther than his loomed above. Jack looked up in fear and awe at what many described as the will of a god, Johnny Powerstone. His size had to exceed 400 feet tall and probably 200 feet wider than that. Arseny looked up, obscuring his face from the tiny humans below with his leviathan cock. From this angle, Jack felt like he could be crushed accidentally as Johnny Powerstone’s cock appeared hard as well; however, he used a hand large enough to crush them all instantly to move it aside and allow his entire face to view us. If Jack could imagine an existence superior to humans, Johnny’s face just about gave him a physical reference.

The god-giant’s eyes looked down at him from under a hyper-masculine brow. His glowing white hair aided his glowing rainbow eyes in terrifying all of the many weak beings below him. His face grinned with the arrogance of something between a king and a prom king-jock as his extremely hot dimples framed his face.

Jack felt something push him aside as Commander Bandares made his presence known, though Jack couldn’t possible figure out how these two gods could even register such a tiny five-foot-tall old man.

Bandares knew his presence was insignificant anytime Johnny didn’t call to be serviced. His brow beaded with sweat at what was just short of being his maker. “Sir, the energy dispersal machine is still broken from the last time we tried to reduce your energy!”

What?? Ridiculous! Are you telling me something that I invented couldn’t take the power of a tiny super nova??” the roar in his booming voice caused many of us to cower and the sounds of frustration in his voice led to tears that Jack couldn’t feel go down his face. Banderas was silent but he also was holding back tears.

“I…..I….I….” he stammered. A heavy sigh came down on us and knocked everyone over with warm air.

Fine, show me the schematics later in the boardroom. I have a meeting with the leadership in America. I’m not letting them get away with their recent actions. I don’t care how much that corn chip of a president doesn’t like immigrants!”

With that, Johnny began to transition into his Olympian form, muscles the size of buildings being moved in an almost ultra-human manner. Their bulging size was long lost on Jack as he looked up and watched the 400-foot naked nearly human form turn and was graced with a sight few were lucky enough to get a glance at. Though Jack followed the godly being with eyes of hunger and lust, his view was halted by another face, nearly as large from this angle.

What is it, Arseny? I need to fuck all my energy into you or else I’m going to cause another lightning storm over the equator.

Arseny bent at the knees, though it seemed impossible, and his hefty balls came down to land on the ground as his vision was fixated on Cadet Jack.

“I hear something coming from this one,” he said as he bent down and really looked at Jack. His face filled Jack’s vision like a billboard as he leaned into him. Jack froze as he was considered he was getting a second thought from a god, something he didn’t believe could be possible.

“I hear something. Is that an elevated heartbeat?”

Johnny stopped and turned to observe his new demi-god. “Are you finally getting the super senses? Tell me more.”

Arseny looked at Jack so intensely, it almost seemed like his vision was going through him. “He’s young. His heartbeat is moving quickly like it’s running away from me. Poor kid’s terrified.”

Suddenly, Arseny sniffed and Jack felt a cold suction for an instant before he refocused. “Is that the smell of pheromones? Is this what a horny human smells like? I can’t tell if you’re terrified or you need to fuck.”

Arseny focused a little lower and saw something stick out from Jack’s pants, making him grin. “Well, I can’t tell if it’s both, anyway.”

Jack felt an odd presence surround him as he felt body lose weight. His legs left the ground as an invisible force lifted him from the deck and sent him slowly flying upward. Overcoming his feeling of vertigo, he could make out in detail the big, pale muscles bulging all over Arseny’s form, his body hair failing to obscure the terrifying mass and bulging veins. Jack scrambled in panic as he thought he would collide with the vehicle sized cock sticking out of Arseny’s pelvis, just before he was yanked around it by the force.

Past the valley of Arseny’s pecs, Jack was able to smell the energy coming off his captor. Arseny’s wide face came in view and Jack remained held mid air, petrified.

“I get it you want me to fuck you right? I got the goods if you’re buying, hahahah!” his booming voice rung my ears. Jack felt himself sweat as he was scared he might actually try and tear me apart with his girth. No living being could take so much from a god like him. “Johnny, can we take him with us? Please?! I want to fuck him with my thoughts!”

Arseny, you just got the hang of moving things with your mind. If you try and shove force into his ass, you’ll tear him limb from limb.

Suddenly, Jack felt something else, too powerful to even fathom, move him upward far farther, sending him up like a bullet and causing his stomach to rotate as he was sent upward to meet the other giant-god, Johnny Poundstone. His face was like looking like a flashing sign on Times Square. The size of his mouth showed that he could shove Jack into his maw as an offering and barely even register he was getting eaten. Jack still felt cold tears on my face as the god looked at him with an unfeeling, unsympathetic look.

You remind me of someone i used to know. What’s your name?” Johnny boomed. Jack winced.

“Jack….. Bartholomew.”

Is that your dad’s name or your mom’s?”

“M-My mom changed her last name after her husband died.”


“Her family’s……… last name…. is…. Cole.”

At that, Johnny grinned. “Funny. Jack Cole.” Before Jack could respond with inquiry, his clothes were torn to shreds with a thought and he was left suspended hundreds of feet in the air, naked.

I used to care about things like you. Humans are getting closer and closer to things to me now. I don’t have much time to spare for you… but Arseny likes you, so you’ll get what my disciples get.

Jack screamed in pain and pleasure as he felt his ass widened and something that felt like the largest invisible cock in existence shoved its way into his intestines. Guttural noises came from Jack as he felt his entire body being racked with pressure. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt pleasure a human should never experience.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Arseny called up from Johnny’s knee.

Johnny just grinned.

Don’t worry, you’re next,” he said as Jack fell into unconsciousness with the ebbing feeling of reaching sexual Nirvana.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jack reawoke laid under sheets in the infirmary, the window opening into space showing him the beauty of the universe in the dark room.

“You’re awake.”

Jack noticed Officer Barrett’s face. He seemed to be sitting in the shadows by the window, looking out into space. Jack wanted to ask questions but his queries were halted by a single hand from Barrett.

“Quiet, he’s doing it again.”

Suddenly, an explosion of light filled the window and caused Jack to cover his eyes. The entire room shook as what seemed to be far superior to a nuclear bomb went off in the vacuum of space. Jack held his bed as the impact nearly sent off.

“He wants you to go with him back down to Earth once he’s done. Arseny. He wants to make you his first disciple,” Barret said through the quaking.

As Jack’s eyes adjusted to the glare he saw that Barrett sat on a computer chair beside the window and had his pants around his ankles, an erection like rock sticking out from the gap of his boxers. As the light faded, Jack began to make out stains on Barrett’s pants and sweat on his forehead as if his masturbation was more like having a fever.

Another series of light blasts and an explosion came buffeted the room. All Jack could make out was two titanic shadows the size of movie starships colliding rapidly, their forms distinguishable as one massive form and another form three times as massive.

“They’ve been at it for six hours solid. He really is a god. It’s a miracle he doesn’t use his power to make us bow. Either way, we all would bow voluntarily at power this unbelievable.” Barrett came suddenly, and Jack could hardly blame him.


Part 9

“President, we just received word, Poundstone is passing Pluto.”

The president pressed his palms against the paper weight on his desk as his attendant left the room. His eyes were glued to the sky as he waited for the arrival of Johnny Poundstone, his superior. President Williams was taught very early as a young politician that theEarth- American political system was more about lobbying and playing around the system than having any actual power. Pay a politician money and they’ll do anything if it makes them a little richer. For humans, that was one of the most straightforward methods of obtaining and manipulating power.

“If only gods were held to the same standard,” he said to no one as he looked outward to the mildly windy weather. For weeks, he’d requested to speak with the patriarch of modern society, Jonathan Poundstone. After the last time he’d taxed Earth for his services in updating energy production levels to his new standards, the Earth-American government was starting to accumulate a lot of debt left in the 2010s. President Duncan was struggling to work with what remained of Congress’ brain cells to get them to appoint a law to get it the finances handled. Conservatives and liberals were one and the same when there was little to do. Any of the problems that originally plagued the planet in the early part of the century were all but neutralized. Duncan still heard his grandfathers complain about life in 2000s like it happened last week. He checked his watch and only momentarily wondered if this was another test from Poundstone to show his resolve to the powerful being and just maybe he’d make it to his daughter’s graduation for class of 2085 at Harvard when a strike of thunder shook that notion right out of him. He’d heard Poundstone had been angry a very short number of times before a city or a planet got blown up. He didn’t want to be the president stupid enough to blow up earth by pissing off a god.

He was going to call someone to message his daughter when a sonic boom blew the clouds away and the rain was gone in a flash. A gust of strong wind punched the president’s windows and he was knocked out of his chair as the ground also shivered and a dark form blocking the sun from his view hovered outside the window.

“Damn, that was funny. Keep forgetting how anxious the planet gets when I come home.”

President Duncan, the glasses on his face and his grey hair disheveled, stood back up and saluted. Service agents came in to check on the president and instantly froze in fear as they bore witness to the deity that was Johnny Poundstone.

“You all right, little guys? I got a little bit too excited after tearing a planet sized Russian bottom through a planet.”

Johnny tapped the White House like it was a goldfish tank and the walls unraveled like fabric. His full form entered and many of the agents standing in the door of the Oval Office silently whimpered as Johnny revealed his form to them.

The marble-like muscles had striations that could be seen from a great distance and the glowing sheen of skin wrapped around them only enhanced the effect. Johnny’s arms hovered away from his sides as he had long lost the ability to lower them thanks to his lats, which created a backdrop behind him that almost removed all of the sunlight entering the room. His herculean traps branched from wrecking ball like deltoids and reached up to his thick neck and supernaturally handsome face. The unimpressed yet amused look on his unnaturally young, 22-year-old face only enhanced the idea to anyone looking at him that they were merely wasting his time.

His unflexed form still pulsed with power that people felt quicken their blood and force out their adrenaline. Duncan never got used to this feeling. It was like Johnny merely wanted to force them to move more quickly when he entered, as if he saw things in slow motion (a power that was yet to be confirmed by anyone of the current generation of his onlookers). He crossed his arms as if he’d already begun waiting impatiently, his arms flexing forward as his body worked around the hulking mass of his hairy pecs. It also reflected just enough light downward for people to view his bulge, the endowment being the only thing to push against lycra as it seemed to occasionally swell, most likely from Johnny’s libido and it’s occasionally lack of control.

“What do you want, Dunkey? I’m hungry and I need a fistful of systems to eat. You want me to start with Earth?” he bellowed, his voice perpetually seeming angry and disappointed the way the base his voice unsettlingly rattled human ears. The president broke composure in fear of the idea of losing the planet to Johnny’s lunchtime.

“SIR! NO SIR! Please! I have to ask for a lo—”


Duncan ran out of air as Johnny’s deep voice cut him off.

“I have no intention of offering Earth anymore aid. You’ve been running on my work and my inventions for the last 70 years and the last 30, you’ve failed to benefit me as much as any of your compatriots in Earth II, Earth III, or Mars. If you can’t maintain your country, downsize and send them to better colonies.”

“But sir, we’d end up leaving behind Earth! This planet hasn’t had enough people to sustain any of its countries since you created third Earth! You’re asking us to leave our culture behind.”

“Cut your ties, it’s worked for me before.”


Duncan didn’t hear anything leave his mouth as he released the air in his lungs. He knew that he should be hearing his own words but they seemed to get lost when they reached out. Duncan breathed in and out and spoke again but still heard nothing. Johnny smirked arrogantly, his glittering golden eyes seeming to smile as well.

“New trick: I’ve been told I’m a little too forceful with the force choke grip so I found a more fun way to do it. No need for me to even raise my voice now.”

Duncan failed to speak and eventually fell to his knees in a heap.

“The next time you talk back to me like that, I’ll have a talk with your wife. She’s been really worried about you since I was nice enough to pay for her trip to Earth II’s coastal region. That’s one fine piece of ass, sarge,” Johnny chuckled.

Johnny turned, revealing his bulbous, muscular ass, the stretched lycra thong going between the crescents being smothered in cheek. In a gust of wind and a flash of gold, Johnny Poundstone had gone, probably to fuck and grow and rule some more on another planet.

The president watched him leave, the inferior feeling in his chest sunken to his stomach. Still, he’d gotten the information he needed. With a fury in his eyes, he turned to the agents at the door.

“Get the Doctor on the line and tell him he was right. Poundstone looks much smaller. Initiate Project Colegate.”

Far away, in what remained of the Middle East, there was an old fortress that had been repurposed into a new base of operations for the Earth Government. They’d had to conduct their secret plans far away from the US as it was where Johnny Poundstone tended to be on the radar. The unmarked building had light security but, generally, it was left with very little for human protection in order to hide what it contained. In the last year, the area had been getting increasingly more turbulent due to earthquakes and windstorms occurring out of nowhere.

A singular, no-name sergeant rushed into the laboratory room as he felt the earth shake and rattle. “What the fuck is going on?? Can’t he go a little softer?? He’s waking the cadets!!” he shouted over the ruckus to the men in lab coats that were in a solitary room full of buttons, sensors, and schematics.

You go tell him,” one of them said as they all held themselves against the walls and the designated earthquake handles along it. “The last time somebody who tried to stop him, they got thrown through a damn window. Just let the sucker fuck till that cow moos!!!!”

Deep voiced shouting could be heard through the soundproof window as the quakes got stronger and panels fell to match the ones already fallen, wires hanging from the ceiling. The sergeant, with frustration, latched to the wall like the other powerless mortals as he felt he couldn’t rely on his balance. Just when the quakes reached their apex, a roar was heard and the glass blocking the room next door shattered. White viscous liquid shot through at a high pressure and punched the opposite wall with enough force to dent the titanium. The men in the room held the wall as high pressure cum shot into the room for the next five minutes. Their hands became raw as they held their positions along the wall but eventually, the barrage stopped. What remained of the circuits in the room and the wall where the glass was had been disintegrated. All that remained was an open clearing into the next room, smoke and sparks flashing through a haze of destruction.

From the wreckage, out came a form unlike anything human. The form was clearly male as the first thing to enter the room was a tremendously long shaft of erection, the end slick and dripping with cum. It reached several feet and connected to a man so tall he had to duck to enter the room with 8 foot ceilings and remain hunched over. The man’s muscles were so pumped and aggravated that his reddened pecs pushed against his chin while he bent. Eyes of an angry red looked down at the puny men below and the handsome face grimaced as he walked toward the doctors with stomping footsteps. His big feet created dents in the ground that debatably could have been due to an inability to control how much power he exerted or just a fury that disregarded the floor’s weakness. Eventually, the man was standing before his observers, looking down over his pecs in anger.

“I’m getting too strong for your stupid fucking gloryholes. I had to fuck it extra hard to feel anything. Make them stronger and tighter in a week or I’ll fuck each and every one of you harder than that big hole in the wall.”

The men were terrified, sergeant included, but someone had to say something. One of them stood up with shaky knees but spoke regardless.

“Yes, sir, Mr. Cole, sir!”

Sam looked down for a moment as if to ensure the doctor had the sufficient amount of fear and turned, his iron cock almost hitting one of the doctors in the chest. He walked away from them and stood at the door before speaking a final time with his strong voice.

“I’m fucking hungry. Get me two energy cores in my quarters in 10 minutes.”

With that final word, he left the room, simply tearing the wall apart by walking through it, leaving nothing but a room of men pissing themselves and a room beyond that drowned in 6 inches of cum.

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