Charlie and Frankie’s exciting new experience

by Charlie Frazer

Two friends go into a strange store that turns out to offer latex monster cocks, complete with a demonstration from the shopguy of exactly how well they function.

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Frankie and myself were wandering around town yesterday and spotted a gay sex store down a side street we had never ever noticed before.

“Odd we have never seen this shop before,” Frankie offered.

“They don’t seem to have much stuff on display,” I said. “Just some dusty clinical looking instructions and a few tatty handcuffs and leather chaps.”

“Let’s go in anyway,” Frankie said. So in we went. The proprietor was a young man in very tight leather pants and sporting a rather interesting bulge. He asked what we were looking for.

My mouth opened and to my surprise I said, “Well, anything that will increase our cock size and staying power, and increase our cum flow!”

“Mmmmmm,” he said. “That shouldn’t be too difficult. Step over here.”

We went to the back of the shop and he beckoned us through a door into a large room. It was actually quite smart compared to the shop, with shelves and racks of rather skimpy men’s shorts, thongs, shirts, and rubber wear. He walked over to one of the shelves and produce two large boxes.

“If you wouldn’t mind stripping off we will try these for size, and maybe have a little fun,” he added with a wink. “I will just slip the closed sign around on the door.”

Not feeling very happy, we stripped to our boxers and he came back in and took off his T shirt and jogging bottoms. To our great surprise was sporting an amazing monster 18” half-hard cock and gorgeous balls hanging underneath. He saw our surprise and said he could probably do this for us too, and in any colour we wanted. It was basically a silicone strap on cock sleeve, with the supporting jock strap.

We loved it. “Well!” he said, “aren’t you going to bend over and sample the delight of this monster boner?”

Fucking hell, it was big. I was not sure if we could take it, but we’re always up for a try. I pulled my boxers down, and Rod, as he told us his name was, looked at my butt hole and said it needed opening up a little. Then he looked at Frankie’s and said the same. He went to a shelf and came back with a piece of red rubber shaped like a funnel with a large flange around one end. He lubed it up and gently inserted it into my hole. It was big, even though tapered. Before I knew it he had pushed it all the way in and the rubber started to expand. At first it hurt, and then I realised I was enjoying it. He said he would leave it in and we could keep them as a gift if we bought anything. He added we would find them very enjoyable.

He then moved on to Frankie and did the same for him.

We both could not help but notice his bouncing cock and balls and really wanted him to fuck the hell out of us. “Right guys, are you ready to try this equipment I have?” he asked. “I think you will enjoy how it feels, although obviously you have probably never taken anything this big before.” We both told him no, we were top guys anyway.

I bent over the chair and he moved around to my back. I could tell he was starting to enter me, but the rubber dilator restricted the feeling of pushing in until I felt and heard a loud plop, and realised he had gone in beyond the rubber and was now inside me, and I could feel his monster moving further and further inside me…. Just when I thought I could take no more he stopped and I could feel his balls banging my ass, he worked me a long time and then a blast of cum hit me inside and I thought I would blow up, he pulled slowly and Frankie ran over and started to lick my hole where Rod’s cum was gushing out. Rod was still dripping cum so I licked his cock. The silicone/rubber tasted wonderful.

Without stopping he went over to Frankie and basically fucked him nearly senseless. Before long cum was again shooting out from around his plowed-in monster. Rod was insatiable.

We all sat down together his cock still dripping goo, ours wet with precum and our asses still with the openers in and dripping cum.

We asked how much a silicone/rubber strap on would be and it was cheaper than we expected.

His only requirement was that we let him fit the strap on while we were in the shop. That seemed a bit odd. We cleaned ourselves up. He slipped a pair of lycra shorts on and still looked red hot.

I picked a red cock sleeve attached to a red elastic waist band with under straps and Frankie a blue one. He first shaved our cocks and balls, and then creamed them with permanent hair remover.

He rubbed some rather nice smelling lube over our cocks and balls and said that when we first put on the hollow sleeves, they would feel odd, but would settle down over night and see how we felt in the morning. He said we need to keep them on to adjust to our cocks and balls.

They were tighter to put on that we thought, and even thought we don’t have large cocks they were a tight squeeze, and then the silicone rubber had to be really stretched over our balls to get them inside and it really gripped our equipment, though not unpleasantly tight. He adjusted our waistbands so that cocks could hang down. When we had them on, they felt rather good. We put on our clothes paid the bill and left.

That evening our cocks and balls felt rather tight and we slept naked to let them hang where ever they wanted.

I woke to Frankie screaming his head off. “Look at our cocks and balls!” he was yelling. I got out of bed and looked at him and then me…. Fucking hell! My normal cock has vanished and now was a monster 16 or 17” incher throbbing and with precum on the head. My balls were gently swinfing under this monster and my butt hole screaming for a cock. All the veins on my cock throbbed with life.

I looked for the waistband to pull it off… the waistband had vanished, and the under straps too. This was now an integral part of me, as was Frankie’s!

Frankie bent over and flashed his butt at me…. “Look at this,” he said.

“The rubber dilator has completely bonded with your butt,” I said in amazement. “It’s just a neat red border around the edge of your massive butt hole.” I realized mine was the same.

No matter how we looked the sleeves were now part of us. We both got hard and our monsters didn’t want to go down.

We dressed and went into the town. Of course, as you would imagine, the shop had vanished—it was just a blank wall with a small frosted glass window in it.

We had both put on lycra speedos so our cocks were up our chests as we went home to ponder how to live the rest of our lives with these monsters?

Three weeks on, we thought it was most strange, but we have loads of guys clamouring to get their butts ripped apart with our monsters. We just tell the guys they are slip-on sleeves held on with latex glue.

Best move we ever did, going in that shop…

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