Tank the bouncer

by spacevlad

Bar owner Matt can only afford one bouncer for his bar, so he hires the biggest one he can find: Tank, an ex-college football player who is eager to grow even bigger. Matt has a way to make that happen, but after the first unexpectedly effective injection, the newly huge and strong Tank starts turning the tables on his boss.

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Part 1 Bar owner Matt can only afford one bouncer for his bar, so he hires the biggest one he can find: Tank, an ex-college football player who is eager to grow even bigger. Matt has a way to make that happen, but after the first unexpectedly effective injection, the newly huge and strong Tank starts turning the tables on his boss. (added: 22 Jun 2016)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 Tanks uses his size to get what he wants from the boss in the bar’s bathroom stall, though he’s denied a second injection to grow bigger...for now. Blowing off steam, Tank has a brawl in the bar with some other big football players. (added: 6 Jul 2016)
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 Tank gets a second injection from his boss and grows even bigger. The growth makes Tank horny and he fucks his boss. (added: 20 Jul 2016)
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10 Bar owner Matt can only afford one bouncer for his bar, so he hires the biggest one he can find: Tank, an ex-college football player who is eager to grow even bigger. Matt has a way to make that happen, but after the first unexpectedly effective injection, the newly huge and strong Tank starts turning the tables on his boss. (added: 22 Jun 2016)
Part 11 Tank smashes up competing bars, leading to a succession of charged confrontations between Tank and his boss. Tank takes out a few more buildings and then convinces his boss to give him a third growth injection. (added: 3 Aug 2016)
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15 In the conclusion to this story, Tank finally grows bigger after receiving the third injection and has fun with his new hulking 25 feet tall frame. Tank goes on a bit of a rampage and coerces his boss to give him the final injection, an action with terrible and destructive consequences. (added: 19 Aug 2016)
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
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Part 1

Being a small business owner is tough. After finally getting enough capital to start my own bar, I buy a small space in a rough but trendy part of town and get everything set up. My bar is in an old abandoned warehouse, with tall ceilings and brick walls. Everything goes well for the first month or two, but eventually once summer begins, things at the bar start to get a little rowdy. It starts with a couple nights where people make a mess and get a little too rowdy in the streets. Then one night we have a brawl, and the police issue me a warning to do something about it. My budget is tight, so I can’t really afford to hire a whole security staff... But a friend of mine in Romania hooks me up with an idea. I tuck the package under my desk as I hear the door of the bar open.

It’s morning, and I’m conducting interviews for a bouncer position for the bar. I’ve had some promising candidates come in, but my mouth drops open a little as I see him walk in. “Whoa,” I say aloud as the biggest guy of the day so far saunters in. He walks in wearing a white tank top and jeans, the former hugging his beefy torso tightly, the latter stretching to contain this thighs and a round ass. His broad shoulders are capped with impressive, round delts; the traps strain the straps of the tank top. He looks over my direction and grins, figuring out I’m the guy interviewing him, and he starts to head over. He has heavy brows and a chinstrap beard, muddled somewhat with a five o’clock shadow of orange hair. His hair is cut neatly in a severe high and tight, making his head and neck seem boxy and squarish. Huge round upper arms bulge with thick muscle, not well defined but impressively big. His right arm has a tribal tattoo sleeve that covers the arm from wrist to shoulder. His nipples stand out clearly, capping thick rounded pecs that stand out on his broad barrel chest. A round, firm-looking tummy stretches the fabric of the tank top, with just a little sliver of furry skin peeking out of the bottom. His heavy boots clomp against the wood floor of the bar as he reaches my office door and comes inside.

I stand up to shake his hand and realize he’s a few inches taller than my 5’9” but not much. “Hey there, I’m Matt,” I say to him and take his hand. As expected, his hands are big; thick fingers grip my hand tightly and he squeezes firmly. I can feel the callouses built up from years of lifting. My hand hurts a little as he squeezes; I can tell he’s doing this on purpose.

“Brock”, he intones, his voice a rich bass that rolls out of his chest, “but everybody calls me Tank. That was my football name anyway.”

“Heh, I can’t imagine where you got that nickname!” I joke and he puffs his big chest up with pride. “Welcome to the bar, Tank... let’s get started. Why should I hire you?” I ask bluntly as I sit down. I can’t keep my eyes off his big body...his muscles twitch and shift as he takes a seat across from me, his big frame squeezing tightly into the little office chair.

“I just graduated from the U last month, I was on the varsity football team, the powerlifting team, and wrestled as a heavyweight for all four years. I’ve worked security on campus for the last two years. Lastly, I’m 6’, 320lbs and the strongest SOB you’ll interview today...I might not have as much experience as some other guys, but no one is gonna fuck with your bar so long as I’m around,” Tank says, oozing confidence.

I ask a few more questions, and I can tell there isn’t a whole lot of brains to his brawn. Despite that, I look across the desk at this young hulk and can’t help but like him. His interview is pretty bad, but he’s right: he’s the biggest guy I’ve seen all day, and he has a look, a commanding aura about him that no one else has had today.

“Let me ask you another question, Tank... as part of being hired here, I might want to, ahem, encourage you to grow a bit bigger and stronger for the good of the bar.”

“Bigger?” Tank asks and leans forward.

“Yes... you see, I’ve only got the budget for one bouncer, so whoever I hire is going to have to do it all and be a real authority in the bar. As such, I’m looking for the biggest, strongest guy I can find first and foremost...and preferably someone who wants to get as big as possible. What would you say to that?”

Tank grins, leaning back and putting his hands behind his head, exposing his hairy pits. I am assaulted with the smell of him, like he just came here from the gym... maybe he did, I think to myself, as I observe the tremendous, round peaks of his biceps flexing and admire the thickness of his stretched out pecs. “Boss, I would say that sounds like a perfect job for me. Now that I’ve graduated, I just want to get stronger, as big as I can... and like I said, I seriously doubt you’ve interviewed anybody today nearly as big as me...” Tank punctuates this last part by flexing his arms hard, causing the swollen bicep muscles to bulge with size. He grins a cocky, arrogant look at me and lowers his arms, tensing his tremendous pecs as he does. “I want to become the biggest, strongest man on the planet if I can.”

“W-well, that’s good to hear,” I stutter, distracted by the mass across from me. Jeez, this kid is already so big... “Last question... what would you say if I told you that a requirement for the job would be to agree to take some not-quite-legal supplements that would help you grow bigger and be the best bouncer possible?”

Tank leans forward and plants his elbows down on the desk with a thump, causing me to lean back a bit. “Boss, I would say, give me those damn sup! HAHA!!” He guffaws at his own joke and leans back on the chair again heavily, his tank top riding up a bit on his round belly and exposing a bit more ginger tummy fur before absentmindedly tugging it back down.

“Hah, well, bud, I admire your enthusiasm! Tank, I think you’re right... I don’t think I’m going to see another candidate as big as you, and certainly no one who is as excited about growing more... You start tomorrow. But let’s go ahead and do that first injection now, huh?”

“Wow, sounds good to me, boss! I’d roll up a sleeve but I’m already kind of showing off the big guns I guess, heh.” Tank stands up and reaches out his hand again, and I stand up to shake his hand.

“Heh, yeah you look like you came right from the gym,” I say as I once again admire the strength in his grip.

“HA guilty as charged, I wanted to be big and pumped up before the interview... just misjudged the time and didn’t have time to change... or shower!” Tank breaks his grip and lifts up one of his big arms and sniffs his musky armpit.

“Well not exactly professional but it worked well for you in this case,” I say to him as I reach for the package in my desk drawer.

“So what is this stuff anyway?” Tank asks.

“It’s from Romania, not available in the US yet. All this huge Eastern Europeans... this is the stuff they’ve been using for a couple years now. Turning these guys into serious bulls over there, you should see some of these pics on the internet...” I chuckle nervously at this as I tear the box open and reveal a small leather case with four needles.

“That’s the stuff?” Tank asks as he leans in towards me, his pouty lips parting slightly to breath heavily. He breath smells like protein shakes.

“Yup. Not sure if we’ll need all of them, we’ll see how it goes with this first one. I’ve heard some pretty dramatic stories about the results after one injection, so we’ll play it by ear. You sure you’re ok with this?” I ask, looking him in his green eyes.

“Sure am!” he booms back at me, grinning. He lifts his big arm up onto the desk and right in front of me. I get a closer look at his black tribal tattoo covering his big arm; on some guys it would look stupid, but on him, it’s perfect.

I pop the cap off the needle and plunge it into his shoulder quickly. “Alright, well this should go well! Come in tomorrow morning at 10 or so so we can finish paperwork and I can show you your responsibilities. Let me know if you have any strange reactions between now and tomorrow morning.”

Tank backs up, moving his arm around and flexing his shoulder. “Strange reactions?” I notice the little dusting of fur on his traps...already getting back hair at 22 years old, jeez.

“Yeah, you’d be surprised what I’ve heard about this stuff online! You ready to be the biggest bouncer in town?” I ask, smiling.

“Fuck yeah!” he says, and smiles wide.

“Alright then, see you tomorrow!” I say and lead him out the door.


Part 2

The next morning I wake up to my cell phone ringing. I roll over and see that it’s only 8:30. The number on the phone is Tank’s. Hmm, what could he be calling me about? I think to myself.

“Hey Tank, what’s up?” I mumble into my phone, still groggy.

“Dude, what the fuck was this stuff you gave me anyway?” Tank’s voice response, but it seems deeper and louder over the phone than yesterday. “I’ve been eating nonstop and feel so fucking amped... and... I’m bigger already...”

“What? What do you mean bigger?” I ask, excited but confused a bit worried for him.

“It would be easiest if I just show you. Meet me at the bar,” he says, and then hangs up the phone.

I quickly get dressed and drive down to the bar. I park the car in front and get out. A big truck parked in front of me rocks and sways, and then the driver side door opens. Tank’s head emerges, then his immense shoulders, and then he seems to fold and squeeze the rest of his body out of the door. He grunts and steps a heavy leather boot on the pavement, and finally emerges from the truck. He rises to his full height and closes the door firmly, and then looks over at me.

Well, more like down at me.

Tank is enormous... 8 feet tall with muscles and beef swollen all over his tremendously large body. He walks—well, more like waddles—over to me, and towers over me, his pecs rising and falling above me tightly squeezed into another sleeveless shirt. . His basketball shorts look too small for him, and cling to his thick thighs like underarmor. His rounded belly looks more prominent, and a furry slice of it protrudes from the bottom of his shirt, looking hairier than yesterday. His chinstrap from yesterday has given way to unshaved scruffiness, and his arms and delts bulge out to the side even more now. I look up at him and he grins down at me.

“WOW boss you weren’t kidding about me growing bigger! This is awesome!” Tank exclaims, his rich, deep voice booming down at me.

“Wh...whoa..WHOAAAA, this is a LOT bigger than I ever imagined... I mean...Jesus Christ, Tank, LOOK at you!” I say as I back up, gesturing to the enormous musculature of my new bouncer.

“Yeah man, pretty fucking cool huh? I ate all night it seems, just kept packing food into my system. I could FEEL myself growing bigger through the evening, man, it was so amazing...like my whole body had a hard on or something, hehe,” Tank chuckles and adjusts his huge package. I glance down at it and my eyes bulge. It’s clear he’s grown down there too.

“Well, I mean, are you ok? Do you feel aright?” I ask, moving closer to him and inspecting his new muscles.

“Alright? Fuck, I’ve never felt better! I feel so energized, so fit, so BIG!” Tank says and punctuates his statement with a couple pumps of his big burly arms. I can see a new set of stretch marks between his thick pecs, cannonball delts, and beefy arms, red streaks of stretched skin the result of growing so much, so fast.

“W-Wow! I mean, this is awesome! Bigger than I ever expected!”

“Yeah boss, glad you approve, hehe,” Tank chuckles and looks down at me over his swollen pecs. Jeez, he’s so big now! He shifts his weight and his big forearm bumps into me. I note its size and weight, just his arm making me catch my balance, veins popping out clearly even through the beefy thick flesh. “So what’s the plan for today then?”

“Uh, well, let’s have you meet the rest of the staff and then maybe you can help me unload the shipment we’re just getting in later this morning?” I say to him, craning my neck a bit to look up at his lantern jawed face.

“Sure boss! Lead the way!” Tank booms down at me.

I walk into the bar, pushing the door open. I look back and see Tank’s chest up at the top of the doorframe. His shoulders are wider than the frame.

“Uh boss, this is gonna be a tight squeeze HAH,” he says as he leans sideways and looks at me through the doorway.

“Well bud, this world isn’t meant for 8 foot tall muscle monsters... you’ll have to get used to it I guess!” I say with a smile. Tank grins back at me and then leans over and twists sideways. He manages to get his head and shoulder through the doorway, and then grabs onto the inside of the frame with his left hand. He then sorts of walks/pulls himself through the entrance, his chest and belly rubbing against the side of the frame, and then his bulbous ass brushing against the other. He shimmies through and then stands to his full height again. Inside, his size is even more impressive, I realize with shock. He is imposing, his vertigo-inducing height messing with my perception, balanced with incredible thickness and girth.

Tank looks over the inside of the bar from his new vantage point and says, “Wow it’ll be easy to see what everybody is doing in here, especially if they’re all short like you, boss!” he says and tussles my hair a bit.

“Short? You’re just ridiculously tall, I’m normal sized!” I say as I redo my hair. I’m a little perturbed that my subordinate would do that to his boss, but I let it slide...

“Ha, well fuck being normal anymore, mmmm,” Tank says as he swells out his pecs, the sleeveless shirt riding up his tummy a bit as his pecs pull at the fabric.

I motion for him to follow me over to the back entrance. We step through into the loading dock where the rest of the staff is chatting and starting to get the daily shipment ready to be carried in.

“Ok everyone, listen up. I have someone to introduce. Our new bouncer, Tank!” With that, Tank walks through the doorway, not having to crouch or anything this time because it’s a service entrance, so it’s taller and wider. Nevertheless, the rest of the staff gasps, coughs, or drops their coffee in shock. Their eyes go wide as they drink in Tank’s enormous body.

“Hey guys,” Tank intones, his deep voice like a rumble from a subwoofer. “I’m the new bouncer. I’ll be keeping all you guys safe and keep the riff raff out, so hopefully everything goes smoothly.”

The staff claps and cheers as Tank finishes speaking, overcoming their shocked shyness and coming over to shake his big hand and pat him on the bicep and shoulder.

“Well everybody, let’s get to work, we’ve got a full day ahead of us! Tank, can you help unload the truck?”

“Sure thing, boss,” Tank says and grins at me. He steps down to the truck and goes to the back. There are numerous kegs lined up in the back, each heavy enough to require two people to carry them in. Tank reaches his long arms into the back, grunts, and comes away with a keg in each hand, holding them easily from the handles, his big fingers gripping them tightly.

“Where do you want ‘em, bud?” Tank says, gesturing with one of the kegs like it’s as light as a two by four.

“Uh, just... um, right inside and behind the bar,” I say, trying to hide my shock at his incredible strength.

“Ok, coming through guys,” Tank says as he plows forward, nearing bowling over two of the former biggest guys at the bar. Tank covers ground quickly with his long legs, his belly bouncing and jiggling in his tight tank top as he walks, enormous arms bulged with muscle as he carries the kegs. The rest of the staff murmurs and whispers in awe at the incredible feat of strength.

I watch for a while as Tank, by himself, unloads the content of the truck and moves it all into the bar. It usually takes the staff two hours or so, so I retire to my office to do payroll. After just half an hour I hear the tell-tale thumping and vibration of Tank walking into the bar and then heavy thumps as he knocks my door. “Come in!”

Tank bends down and turns his shoulders sideways to shimmy through the door and then stands back up to his full 8 foot height. He is covered in sweat, his sleeveless shirt soaked through and droplets dripping off his face. His shirt and shorts were tight before, but now they are form-fitting to his massive frame, looking far too tight for his big body. He looks even more pumped up and swollen than usual.

“Hey boss, just wanted to let you know I’m all done with bringing stuff in. That was a nice little workout!” Tank says with a grin.

“You’re... already done with everything?” I ask in surprise.

Tank moves closer to the desk and closes the door with his off hand. “Yeah, it was pretty easy... does it usually take the staff longer than that to do it?” He rests his fists on the table, and sweat drips down from his nose and knuckles onto my desk.

“It usually takes them two hours!” I say as I crane my neck up a bit to look up at him... this close, he is incredible imposing. I adjust my hardening cock under the desk as I see the muscles in his forearms twitch and dance.

“Well jeez I guess it just goes a little faster when you have someone as big as me, huh? Haha!” Tank pushes away from the desk, accidentally scooting it back a little and causing me to be pinned up against it for a second.

“For sure man! So did you check on a scale or anything this morning to see just how big you are?”

Tank broadens himself and stands up to his tallest, his head brushing against the ceiling in my office. “No, but I figure I’m around 8 feet tall. Couldn’t tell you my weight, but man do I feel heavy! I’m loving how my feet thump against the ground when I walk! I stopped by Red Wing Shoes before I got here, fortunately their novelty shoe they had on the big mannequin there fit me. I put more on special order too.”

My boner throbs in my pants as he talks and I watch the way his belly peeks out of the bottom of his shirt. “T-that’s good to hear, bro. It’s gonna be great having you around tonight!”

“Yeah sure is boss, I can’t wait for my first shift! I just can’t wait to see how people will react to seeing an 8-foot beast like me, hehe,” Tank chuckles and flexes his big right arm, the bicep swelling up huge, a mountain of round, hard muscle throbbing with size.

“Oh wow... jeez Tank, that looks awesome!” I can’t help but say with awe in my voice.

“Yeah boss? You like how big I am?” Tank says with a different tone in his voice, one that kind of suggests he has me right where he wants. He stomps forward, his big heavy boots shaking my office, until he’s right next to me. He reaches down suddenly and roughly feels my crotch.

“Thought so, hehe,” Tank chuckles and gives my cock a firm squeeze through my khakis. “You like me this big, don’t you boss?”

I feel like I should try to push him away for such egregiously unprofessional conduct, but I can’t help it. Up close like this, he’s even bigger, and I can’t help but grab onto his enormous upper arm and feel the hardness and density of his huge tricep and round bicep. They feel like hot steel, the skin tight over the muscles. “Uh, y-yeah Tank... it’s pretty awesome...” I say stupidly as he feels how tight my balls are.

Tank’s heaving chest is right above my head, and he breathes heavily down at me; his warm breath smells like protein shakes. “Yeah I think so too, bud. Turning myself on with how huge I am now.” Tank takes his hand away from me and stands back up and grabs his own tremendous package. It’s right in front of my face at this height, and I can easily see the throbbing cock through his now skin-tight basketball shorts. It’s snaking down half of his big thigh. He cups his tremendous balls, lifts them, and then drops them to accentuate just how big he is down there.

“Maybe you want to help me take care of this, hmm boss?” Tank rumbles down at me as he pushes my chair back against the wall and leans into me, his enormous package pressing against my face. My beard rubs against the outline of his cock and I feel sweat drops fall onto my head and shoulders from his face, his heaving breathing blowing sweat drops off his nose.

“Uhhh, wow, I...” Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Tank pulls away from me and shifts back around to the front of the desk.

“Come on in!” Tank booms as I try to collect myself and wipe the sweat off my face. “We’re just finishing up in here.” Tank says as he looks back at me with a grin.

My lead bartender opens the door and then jumps back as Tank’s enormous frame pushes through the doorway. His huge shoulder bumps into the chest of the bartender as he leans down and sideways to fit through the door, and the bartender falls over onto his ass.

“Oops, sorry there bud, still not quite used to just how BIG I am getting, haw haw!” Tank booms down at the little guy. He reaches a long arm down and wraps his hand around the guy’s entire forearm and lifts him up with a jerk from his powerful shoulder and lats, causing the bartender to fly into the air for a moment and fall against Tank’s big chest. “See, don’t know my own strength either! Boss, I’m gonna go have some lunch!” Tank shouts back at me.

Still trying to gain my composure and wowed by Tank’s impressive display, my voice cracks as I tell him he can have whatever he wants from the bar for his first day. I try to clear my head as I realize Tank’s going to be a big issue, and not just because of his enormous size!


Part 3

Tank’s first week of working at the bar is met with huge success. Not only is the bar safer and patrons less rowdy—to be expected with an 8-foot tall muscle brute watching over everything—but Tank himself proves to be somewhat of an attraction to the bar. Groups of girls come to the bar wanting to see the “giant” bouncer, taking selfies and group pics with him that Tank is more than happy to oblige. He picks them up and flexes, the girls blush and drape themselves all over his huge body. The bar enjoys huge financial success during that first week, and things seem to be going great.

I look out from my office on a busy Saturday night and see Tank checking IDs at the door. His huge hands make the little ID cards look truly tiny, and even sitting on his stool he towers over all but the tallest guests. Finding him a uniform that fit was tough, but I ordered a special black tee with the bar logo on the front and “SECURITY” on the back. It just barely stretches across his expansive back, mountainous traps straining the neck, boulder biceps making the sleeves skin-tight. Even from across the room I can see a big blue vein throbbing as his arm bends to take a look at another tiny ID card. Tank sees me looking and winks at me. I grin nervously and close my office door again.

Since our little run-in last week, Tank has been increasingly casual with me. It’s a little upsetting that he doesn’t show the proper respect for the chain of command that should exist, and the staff have definitely noticed... but who is going to say anything to a half-ton monster like Tank? He seems to enjoy casually bumping into people with his big body, or having them turn around and nearly fall over after bumping into his chest or gut, the wall-like expanse of his massive body totally immovable. In the bathroom, he is intimidating, towering over people and not being shy about his cock at all.

I have tried to avoid him a little bit, maintaining a very professional demeanor around him, but when he sees me he always winks, bounces his enormous pecs, or adjusts himself noticeably. He knows deep down that I’m not going to say anything about it, and I’m getting the sense that he’s pushing my limits to see how much he can get away with. After all, it’s not only that he knows I’m attracted to him... it’s also the fact that he’s the biggest, strongest guy on the planet, so really, how would anyone stop him?

For instance, the food situation is getting out of hand already. Tank has taken advantage of the bar serving him up food, and jesus does he eat a lot of it. It takes a lot of calories to fuel a man that size, and sometimes the chefs have to work extra just to keep up with Tank’s snack requests. One day I pulled him aside and talked to him about it, my tiny hand reaching up a bit to his expansive, sweaty back. He just laughed off my suggestion that he eats less food.

“Come on boss, you and I both know I need a LOT of food to keep working my hardest, haw haw!” Tank laughed down at me loudly as he patted and rubbed his expansive belly. “Besides, I know you like how big I am and would love to see me get even bigger, right? Hmm boss?” Tank said to me while ruffling my hair with a massive paw. He had been doing that more lately, to my annoyance, but I hadn’t said anything about it.

“W-well yeah, b-but...” I sputtered nervously before Tank interrupted me with a rough pat on my shoulder that left me staggering.

“Yeah that’s what I thought bud. Just keep feeding me and it’ll be fine, alright?” Tank said as he straightened to his full height and stomped back off to the kitchen to eat another order of chicken fingers. His huge round ass bounced up and down, massive powerful legs and ass swollen with fat and muscle that were barely contained by the jeans I had custom ordered for him. What was I gonna do with this monster...

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I push open the bathroom door heavily. It was the end of a long night. The bar had been incredibly busy, as an almost non-stop rush of patrons until 3am. My ears were numb from booming music from the dance floor, and my work shirt damp with sweat. My fingers smelled like beer from cleaning up spilled drinks. I breathed a sigh of relief as the door closed and rubbed my face in front of the mirror. We had finally shut the door and kicked everybody out at 4:30am, a half hour after we usually close, because business was so good. The combination of good summer weather and a cheap beer bust pushed business to record levels.

And undoubtedly, another thing that pushed sales was Tank. I heard dozens of conversations from curious patrons about the new, hulking doorman checking IDs, patrolling the dance floor for illicit drug use, excessive grinding, and stopping any kind of rapey behavior. Tank is jovial with the bar goers, taking pictures, flexing on cue, and generally being larger than life fun. I step over to the urinal as I think about Tank tonight. I unzip and pull down my boxer briefs, noting how my cock swells up at the mere thought of the brutish bouncer. Despite his violation of authority the other day, I can’t help but find him insanely attractive... even more so when he gets dominant and forceful that way. If I had that kind of power, I imagine I would do the same thing...

My train of thought is derailed as the bathroom door suddenly bursts open with a loud THUNK. I look over and see a pair of enormous pecs straining the confines of a sweat-soaked black SECURITY shirt at the top of the door frame. Tank’s enormous body bends down and twists into the entrance of the bathroom. His mere presence seems to take up half the room. His heavy boots stomp against the tile of the bathroom, and the whole room seems to shake.

“BOSS! There you are! WOO what a night huh?” he booms as he slaps me on the back. His huge hand covers half of my back, and I stagger forward a bit, splashing piss around in my urinal as I continue to pee. He pulls up next to me and reaches down for his belt.

Tank undoes his belt, the metal clanking against the porcelain urinal. His zipper, strained by his sizable bulge all night, gives way quickly. Tank hauls out his cock and grips it firmly and the piss flows.

“Y-yeah big guy, one of the busiest I’ve ever seen,” I say nervously. I can’t help but glance sideways out of the corner of my eye to catch a glimpse of the monster dick. The huge mushroom head flares out dramatically, thick veins snake and pulse along the sides of the shaft, and big balls fill out the underwear to the point where they’re spilling out.

“Yeah man, I got a lot of people telling me they were at the bar to see ME! How cool is that?” Tank says and takes a deep breath. His big chest, at eye level to me, swells bigger and strains the shirt even more. “I don’t blame them, I mean, jeez I’m probably the biggest guy on the planet, huh?”

Tank lifts up his left arm and presses it against the wall of the bathroom, leaning his heavy bulk against it. His exposed arm pit immediately fills the air with the musky jock BO odor that has just gotten worse the longer Tank has worked here. It was noticeable by the door pretty consistently tonight, and I definitely saw some guests wrinkling their noses and commenting on it. I hadn’t said anything about it yet, but it was to the point where I had to say something.

“Yeah man... hey Tank, look, I need to talk to you about something,” I say as I wiggle my chubby cock to get the last couple drops out and struggle to get it back into my shorts. “You’re doing an amazing job, and you were especially great tonight, and I love the business you’re pulling it for us. But I also heard some people complaining about your, um, smell. Have you showered lately?” I ask gently.

Tank snorts and chuckles, a goonish, dismissive sound that makes me know what he thinks of my comment. “My smell, huh?” He says as he twists his thick neck and looks down at me, his ears brushing against his tremendous traps. “What about it?” He asks.

“It’s, uh... well it’s pretty strong, Tank. Noticeable.” I say nervously.

“Well it better with how hard I’m working here and at the gym,” Tank booms. He bends his neck closer to his armpit and sniffs deeply, his shirt stretching against his pecs. “Yeah...mmmm... I guess it is. Smells great to me, boss,” Tank says as he snorts his own pit stink. “Smells like a man,” he concludes, and goes back to looking down at the urinal, the piss still pouring out of his hose.

“Y-yes, well, it’s also unprofessional,” I say with as much conviction as I can muster, my voice only cracking a little bit. Tank is as thick as I am wide, I realize as I take a step back from him. “You need to shower before your next work shift, ok?” I back up a little bit more, his back to me now.

Tank is silent for several seconds and seems to have ignored my comment completely. He shakes off his cock and pulls it back into his too-tight underarmor briefs, pulls up his shorts, and cinches up his belt, the metal clanking again. He steps back from the urinal and turns to me, his full massive size before me.

“I don’t need to do shit, boss, not anything that I don’t want, anyway,” Tank says matter-of-factly. “I can’t even fit my big body into the shower anymore, not that I would want to clean off.” Tank clomps his big boots towards me, his round belly pressing against me. “What are you gonna do about it, huh?” he asks as he looks down at me over the mountainous expanse of his pecs.


Part 4

I gulp heavily as Tank’s gut presses against me, my back against the door to the handicapped stall. The big man is openly defiant against me, but his massive size is hard to say no to. I gather what courage I can. “I-I could f-fire you,” I say weakly.

“HAW HAW HAW that’s rich!” Tank guffaws down at me, his laughs stinking of cheap beer. Workers aren’t supposed to drink on the job, but I saw Tank drinking all night and didn’t have the spine to say something. Every time I thought about it, I would get close and see Tank’s giant forearm, thicker than my upper arm by a lot, twitching with muscle and lost my nerve. “You wouldn’t fire me even if you wanted to, which you don’t,” Tank says as he cracks his bull neck and presses more heavily into me.

“You got a problem with my smell? Maybe you should get a closer whiff...” Tank says as he backs up a step and reaches down to lift up the bottom of his shirt. He rolls the soaked black tee over the expanse of his muscle gut, his big belly spilling out of the confines of the shirt as he does. He grunts as his shirt flicks over the hard thick nipples and reveals the massive hairy chest. He lifts up both arms and struggles to pull the shirt all the way off his massive swollen body, the sleeves sticking on his mountainous biceps. Finally with a sigh and a grunt he takes the shirt completely off.

Suddenly Tank grabs me hard with his left arm, pressing me in place against the door. “How’s this?” Tank says and he presses his massive body against me, crushing his chest and right armpit against my face. “Hmmmm, you like that you puny fuck?” Tank asks menacingly as he flexes his arm and rubs his soaking, hairy pit in my face. I cough and try to pull away but his strength is totally irresistible. His foul wetness rubs against my face, coating my beard and cheeks in his odor. He smells like a football locker room after practice on a hot day, ripe and musky. All I can do is moan weakly. My boner gives me away.

Tank reaches down and roughly grabs my hard on. “Yup, just as I thought,” Tank rumbles, his voice vibrating through his monstrous chest and into my face. He grabs me again and steps back, pulling me with him as he easily lifts me off my feet, and then pushes me back again and into the open handicapped stall. I stumble into the little room until I hit a wall. I collect myself and turn back to him, just in time to see him squeeze into the little door. It seems impossible, his enormous pecs and gut deforming to fit into the door. Finally, with a sigh, Tank enters the stall, his giant frame blocking the door. He rises to his full height and broadens his shoulders, looking impossibly huge.

“Well what do you think, boss? You like my stink, don’t you? You like all this, huh?” Tank rumbles arrogantly as he waddles towards me, flexing in a most-muscular and trapping me in a corner. “I can tell, bud, your boner gives you away every time.” Tank suddenly grabs my shirt with his huge powerful fists and lifts me off the ground until my head hits the ceiling. “You’re so light now... everybody is. I’m so strong. So big! I can do whatever I want, you know that? What do you think of that?” Tank says as he shakes me.

My breathing is fast and panicky at this point as I get bodied around by this brute. “I, I, just, don’t hurt me alright man, I .... I can’t help it, you’re so impressive,” I breathe. I reach down and press against his traps, the muscle completely unyielding, Tank’s massive body unmovable.

“I know... it’s great, huh boss? I love it! It feels so good to be so strong!” Tank grins suddenly and brings me back down to the ground, and then violently presses down on my upper back. I crash to my knees, yielding to Tank’s incredible strength. “Like that, I mean, wow you’re just so small. So weak! It makes me just want to... fuck, I’ll show you...” Tank says as he reaches down for his belt again. The metal clanks against the latch of the belt and he quickly drops trow. The package of his underwear is throbbing and massive, huge balls pressed against the white fabric, long thick hose of a cock peeking above the elastic.

“Wha-what are you... Tank, I... MMMPHH” I manage to get out before Tank stuffs my mouth with his massive cock head.

“Mmmmmm yeah boss, that’s good. My cock just barely fits into that little mouth now. I was big before, but oh my god now I’m just beastly... just like the rest of me I guess, huh! HAH!” Tank says as he palms my skull with one massive paw and starts thrusting his huge cock into my mouth. It’s all I can do to not choke on his thick dick, the length of it forcing into my mouth. I try to pull my head away but Tank is too strong. I cannot resist.

“Fuck boss, you got nice dick sucking lips, don’t you? Such a tight little mouth for me to fuck. All my life I’ve wanted to be the biggest,” Tank says and punctuates by humping into my face hard when he says “biggest”. “The BIGGEST, the STRONGEST, man on the planet... and you gave me the keys to that... so now I’m gonna give you a present,” Tank says as he starts pounding my mouth harder and faster. His musky crotch smell fills the little stall as he pounds my face with his huge cock, stretching out my lips.

I manage to look up and see Tank’s titanic torso swollen with muscle, his big pecs sweaty and full, belly rippling as he humps my mouth. Tank reaches up with his left hand, massive forearm and bicep swelling with size as he pinches a thick meaty nipple. A ripple of pleasure rolls through Tank’s massive frame, and he continues to tease his big nipple. He snorts and grimaces and presses his hand against my skull tighter.

“Unnnngg, boss, this is so nice, to be the biggest, fucking your little throat, using your pathetic little body, suck that dick little guy,” Tank grunts as he fucks my face faster, merciless. He presses my face into his crotch and fucks me, deep throating me and slamming my throat again and again with his monstrous mushroom head. “UNNNNGGGGGGG FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK,” Tank roars as he erupts into my throat, a flood of super jock seed flowing down my throat as Tank’s muscled body holds me in place.

I choke and sputter, spurting out cum from the sides of my mouth as he continues filling me up. Tank just laughs at my plight and pushes his cock further down my throat for a final jet or two of cum. He takes a deep breath and sighs contentedly as he finishes his orgasm, his big body jiggling with beefy muscle, his big gut and chest swelling out. I look up, his cock still jammed in my mouth, and see his enormous chest rise and fall with heavy breaths. I can’t actually see his face because there is too much beef in the way. He takes a step away from me, unpinning me from the corner of the bathroom and sliding his massive cock out of my mouth. I choke and cough, spraying more cum on the ground as I lean over and try to collect myself.

Tank smirks down at me, bouncing his cock up and down and dribbling the last couple drops of cum down onto me. “Thanks for that, boss. Felt good!” Tank says as he stuffs his cock inside his tight briefs and pulls up his shorts. His belt clinks around again as he buckles it. Tank lifts up his big right arm and sniffs his sweaty hairy pit again, huffing the musky smell. “Mmmmm I smell even better now! Getting turned on always makes me sweat more. Anyway boss, I’ll see you around tomorrow, maybe I’ll find you in here again for more fun? HAH!” Tank laughs down at me as he reaches down with a hand and lifts me up off the ground by my shirt. He turns around, his big ass nearing bowling me over, squeezes through the door of the stall causing the bolts attaching it to the ground to creak, and then waddles out of the bathroom, leaving me on the floor in a pool of spilled and coughed up cum.


Part 5

The next morning I was rattled after Tank pretty much raped me. My jaw hurt from his pounding when I woke up. I walk to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and wonder what I was going to do with my brutish monster of a bouncer. I had bit off way more than I could chew. Tank was way bigger than I ever imagined him getting, and he had only had one injection. His attitude was also way more aggressive, assertive, dominant than I thought it would be after our interview. This kid was just out of college, but he seemed to relish pushing people around and getting his way. I stood up straighter and resolved to do something about it, to stand up to him, but deep down I knew that was a lie... and my tenting shorts gave it away. Just thinking about Tank, his heavy slabs of pec meat, the mountainous traps and delts, the way his quads bulged out to the sides in his basketball shorts, the way his throbbing thick cock felt erupting in my mouth... I reach down and grab my dick, stroking furiously thinking about him. I moan as I cum all over the sink. I clean myself up, shaking my head as I do, and get ready for work.

I live above the bar, so it’s just a walk down the stairs. When I open the door to the bar I could tell Tank was already there. I could smell him; the whole room had a musky, funky odor just from him being there, like a football team after a game on a hot summer day and dried cum. Tank held a keg in each hand and was stacking them easily behind the bar, making a little pyramid. It was totally impractical—no one else on staff would be able to get those down—but he was having fun and making light work of unloading the truck again.

He turned and grinned when he saw me. There was no one else in the bar; everyone else must have been back in the garage or not showed up yet. Since Tank had started and made such quick work of the truck, people had stopped showing up on time.

“Hey boss, there you are! Feeling ok?” Tank booms at me and saunters over. His long strides cover distance surprisingly quick; I always forget how fast he moves. He’s wearing the same sweaty shorts from yesterday and a thin white tank top that is pulled up to only cover his chest. His entire gut is exposed, hairy and jiggling and round, radiating heat as he plants himself in front of me. I notice he’s wearing a baseball cap this morning, barely fitting his big head. It makes him look even more masculine and dominant that usual. “How’s your jaw?” Tank asks and grabs my chin with his thick fingers.

“Y-yeah Tank, I’m fine this morning,” I saw as I shake his big hand off of me. “Everything already with you?” I ask timidly. I feel totally like he’s the alpha male of the pack now, and I’m just a pup.

“Well funny you should ask boss, I was just thinking of asking you something in your office,” Tank says knowingly and shoves me roughly in the direct of the office. I stumble forward and look back and up at him grinning down at me, his thumbs hooked into the elastic of his shorts, which makes his arms, shoulders, and chest look somehow even bigger than usual.

I walk into my office with Tank right behind me. He bends down, turns sideways, and shifts into the office, his head bumping the ceiling as he stands back up to full height. “Jeez boss, you really oughtta raise the ceilings in this place, it doesn’t really fit me anymore,” Tank says, grinning and bumping his head a few times into the ceiling again on purpose. A light rain of plaster falls on his hat.

“Is that what you came to ask?” I ask hopefully. That seems like an easy enough request.

“Heh, nah bro, I came to ask you for something... bigger!” Tank booms down at me as he walks up right next to my desk. His huge package rests right on the edge of it.

“B-bigger? What do you mean?” I stumble nervously. I’m afraid of what he’s going to ask.

“Yeah boss, bigger! Like, ME bigger! I want that next injection, man. Being this big is the best, the biggest guy around and all, but you know, for this line of work I think I could stand to be even bigger!”

My mouth drops open with his request. “B-Bigger!? You, you’re already so big, Tank! I mean, you’re more than a handful already! I don’t think that’s a good idea. And I mean, you haven’t had any problems yet, right? You’re more than capable of handling all your duties at this size, and—”

“You’re missing the point!” Tank interrupts me, his loud, deep, commanding voice snuffing mine out in an instant. “I need to be bigger! Stronger! Being like this feels so good, you couldn’t possibly understand... and I know you have more of those injections, boss. It’s not about doing my job better, though I could definitely do that. It’s about me!” Tank laughs and flexes his tremendous muscles. Biceps swell as he brings his fists together in a most muscular, his tank top stretching feebly over his traps. He’s wider than the doorframe behind him.

“Tank, I-I don’t want to say no to you, but I mean, I just can’t. There isn’t a good work-related reason to do it, and you’re already more than a handful to work with here. I mean, l’m already giving you pretty much everything you want... even last night...” I fade off and look away.

“Boss last night was me taking what I wanted, and I’ll do the same here if I have to,” Tank says as he pushes the entire desk out of the way in one shockingly fast, easy motion. With nothing between us now, he walks right up to me and plants his crotch right in my face. “Smell that boss? You still got a problem with that?” Tank says as he grinds his cock against my cheek.

He stinks to high heaven; he obviously hadn’t showered since fucking me last night. “Tank, no, stop it!” I yell and push away from him, my rolling chair clearing me from the beastly jock towering over me. “No! The answer is no this time, Tank. Maybe if something happens that shows you really need the extra size, but as of right now you’re more than capable of handling the bar. Got it?” I yell angrily, my frustration getting the better of me.

Tank laughs at my flustered response and adjusts his package. “Yeah sure boss, good to see you got some fight left in you! I was just making a suggestion anyway, no need to get worked up, hehe,” Tank chuckles condescendingly. “Besides,” Tank says and stretches, shrugging his massive shoulders, his traps swallowing up his neck and his head pressing against the ceiling, “you do have a point, I’ve already got plenty of power to take care of anything that comes my way.”

“Right. Ok,” I say, catching my breath. “Now, I think that truck still needs to be unloaded. Back to work, bud,” I say with as much confidence as I can muster.

Tank leaves the office, whipping out his tiny phone and making a call as he does, leaving his BO stink behind. I stiff my upper lip and grunt. I rub the leaking hard on in my shorts and silently congratulate myself for standing up to him. But for how much longer?


Part 6

I bend down to scoop up more ice for another drink, clinking it into a fresh glass and filling it up with rum and coke. I look up as I fill the glass and see the bar is just as packed with people as it was an hour ago, a long line for drinks snaking around the bar and a throng of gyrating people moving to the relentless throbbing of the music. I’m at the bar because we need all hands on deck, it’s so busy. I slide the drink to the customer and take his money. Before hearing what the next order is, I glance towards the door, where the massive figure of Tank blocks the door.

Half an hour ago I told him to stop letting people in, as we were at capacity. It was less of a concern about violating the fire code and more because it was simply getting too crowded for people to enjoy themselves. Tank said no problem, and since then it looked like he was taking great pleasure in using his big body to block the entrance, intimidate people, and selectively let in who he wanted as other left. Finally doing his job the way I planned, I think to myself and start pulling a pint.

The guy at the bar just ordered a whole round of beer for himself and his friends. He’s a big dude, looks like a football player from the U now that I look closer... thick build, tall, tank top, big “M” inside a football tattooed on his right shoulder. He laughs probably louder than he should and looks back to his buddies. It looks like the entire offensive line has gathered, and they’re all drinking heavily. How did I not notice them before? Maybe they only just got here. They press forward towards the bar, pushing past other customers and grabbing up the beers as fast as I can pull them. They’re all big dudes, I look at with awe... all of them at least 6’ and 275, most of them bigger than that. I wonder if these were Tank’s teammates, I think as I finish pulling the last pint and ask for payment.

“HA fuck you little man, we ain’t paying shit!” The big guy yells at me over the music, straightening to his full height. He tips his head back and chugs the beer, his thick neck bunching up and his Adam’s apple bobbing. My mouth hangs open in shock as he finishes it and slams it back on the bar. “YEEEAAAHH motherfucker, that’s how it’s done!” he shouts and flexes his tremendous biceps. “Another one, little bitch!” he booms at me drunkenly.

Politely as I can, I yell, “Excuse me, you still owe me for that first round!” The entire group of burly jocks laughs at me like they own the fucking world. I grimace and shake my head at the lot. I look past the group towards the door and whistle loudly. It’s my signal to Tank that I need him.

Tank turns his head as he hears, closes the door, and starts making his way over. People who see him coming get out of the way, the enormous, wide jock parting the crowd like Moses, his bulky shoulders and belly bumping the rest who are too oblivious to see him coming. He reaches out with a big paw and pushes a girl aside, more forcefully than he probably intended, and she stumbles into her friend. It’s easy for him to see over the crowd towards me, as he’s a foot and a half taller at least than anybody in the bar.

“Well boys, what seems to be the problem here?” Tank intones as he looks at the group of boisterous college jocks. His deep voice cuts right through the booming bass of the music and commands attention.

“They just ordered a round and they aren’t paying!” I yell over the music.

Tank smirks and cracks his big knuckles. “Oh is that so!” Tank booms. “I suggest you pay for what you ordered or else you’re gonna have a BIG problem!” He puffs out his chest and spreads his legs apart, making himself look extra large.

The linemen look at each other and laugh, this time directing their mockary towards Tank. Tattoo guy steps up to Tank and chuckles. Even though he only comes up to Tank’s chest, he stands right up in his grill.

“You and what army, you fat fuck? I don’t care how goddamn big you are. There’s one of you, and 10 of us. You can’t do shit, fatty. Now run along back to your door and leave this situation to us men!” he yells right in Tank’s face.

The gall. Holy shit! I can’t believe what I’m hearing as this guy talks, but as he does the entire group of big guys crowd around Tank and start pushing against him. I look over to the DJ to see if I can get him to stop the music because I know the situation is about to get ugly, but he’s not even paying attention.

Tank, meanwhile, takes a deep breath, his massive chest stretching the confines of his tight black shirt. He shrugs his big shoulders and says, “Alright boys, if you want to play it the hard way, so be it!”

Tank suddenly surges forward, arms out and bent forward, tackling the nearest two linemen to the ground. As soon as he does, people scream and gasp in shock as the fight breaks out. Some watch, but most start leaving as the big guys get violent.

I look back and Tank is completely surrounded and covered with massive football jocks pummeling him. They slam his back with meaty fists, kick with steel toed boots at his ribs and thighs. A particularly fat bro lifts his glass over his head, still full of beer, and slams it on top of Tank’s head, shattering the glass and cutting Tank’s face and head. I can hear Tank roar and push off the group and attempt to stand, but three 300-pounders jump on him, weighing him down and eventually toppling him over onto the floor. The music stops and people really start streaming out of the door, a nervous din rising. I look away from the fracas, reach for the phone, and dial 911.

Even though Tank is obviously bigger and stronger than all of these guys, he’s simply outmanned. Again he tries to get up, takes a swing and connects with one guy, whose face erupts in blood. He reaches back and grabs one of the guys on his back, lifting him up off of him by his shirt and tossing him across the room. The big lineman collapses into a heap with an audible “OOF” and careens into a group of young ladies, who go down with him. Tank roars and swings again, but misses, slamming his fist into the bar with a thud and throwing him off balance. Two other guys come at him from the side and push, and another locks his big arms around Tank’s knees. Tank yells and topples over again, his head hitting the floor hard. The football bros cheer loudly and dog pile on top of him, pinning his massive bulk to the ground with their combined weight and strength. They beat on him, punching his face, chest, and gut, pinning his huge arms by sheer bodyweight. One guy winds up and connects right with Tank’s balls, eliciting a pained groan from the big bouncer.

This, and some collateral damage to the bar, continues for a few minutes until I start to hear sirens getting closer to the bar. The jocks get in their final licks and start running out of the bar, not wanting to be caught, slinging insults as they go. The guy who ordered in the first place looks back on more time and yells “Fuck you, you fat weak bitch!” and bolts down the street to catch up with his buds.


Part 7

Tank gets up gingerly and sits leaning against the bar as the police get there. He’s dazed and bleeding, his work shirt torn and wet from spilled beer. I get the police out of the bar as quick as possible—cops are never good for business—and squat down to check in on Tank.

“Tank! Are you alright? Do you want me to call an ambulance or anything? I mean, fuck, they beat the shit out of you...” I say to the big bouncer.

Tank breathes heavily and snorts his nose, blowing blood out of his nostrils and wiping it against his shirt. “Fucking little pricks, ganging up on me like that,” Tank grunts and stretches his bruised neck. “Only fucking chance they got at overpowering me. Pussies.” Tank twists his neck and spits out a gob of blood onto the floor.

“Yeah bud, you know, I’m sorry, this is really my fault,” I say and pat his big shoulder sympathetically. “I had this big idea of having one big bouncer to take care of everything, you know, and it kind of backfired on me.”

“Nah, boss, it’s not your fault,” Tank says as he wipes his mouth and moves to stand up. I back up and get out of his way. “Those guys, you know, some of them I knew from football in college,” Tank explains as he stands up and towers over me again. “They were jealous of my strength then, and they’re jealous of it now. Only way they can get back at me is to gang up on me like a bunch of fucking pussies.”

Tank looks like shit. His right eye is black and swollen, and he is bleeding from multiple spots on his face. His chinstrap beard has collected some of the blood from his eyebrow and left cheek. His shirt is partially torn at the sleeve and wet with spilled beer and blood on the collar. There are even bruises on his arm, obscuring his magnificent tattoo sleeve.

“Well man, I can’t put you in this sort of position again, I really have to hire another bouncer. I don’t know how I’m going to figure it out financially, but obviously I can’t keep the bar going like this with one bouncer,” I say, running my hand through my hair, feeling the stress already.

“No, boss, you know, there’s another way,” Tank says as he grabs a bar towel and starts cleaning himself up. “It’s not that I’m outnumbered, boss. It’s that I’m not strong enough!” Tank says.

As soon as he says it, a shiver runs down my spine.

“Tank, we already talked about this...”

“Boss!” Tank shouts, his deep, loud voice filling the empty bar. “Look around you! This place is in shambles because I wasn’t big enough to police it and deal with the situation. You think something like this would happen if I were bigger? Stronger? More intimidating? Come on boss, you know I need that second injection.” Tank says as he tosses the towel aside and lays his big hands against my narrow shoulders.

“Tank, I just, you’re already so big after one, I don’t even know what a second injection would do...” I trail off as I feel his big hands massaging my tense traps.

“And think about your finances boss. Can you really afford a second bouncer? I know you can’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have hired me in the first place. Come on, boss! Trust me! Just a little bigger and stronger and no one is gonna pull something like that again!”

I back up from his big paws and turn around, thinking. He’s right, of course... there’s no way I can afford another new employee with our bottom line already being so tight. I think about what I can cut to afford someone else, whatever, but I’m already scraping by as it is. I look to my locked office door and think about the syringes in the safe. The ones that will make Tank even bigger.

“Boss, at the end of the day, I want to protect this bar too, you know,” Tank rumbles down at me as he gets right up behind me. His big chest leans against my head, and I can feel the furry, warm pecs. His gut presses against my back, pushing me forward a bit... towards the office. “We want the same thing, and we have the means to get there. I just need to get bigger, boss. Just a little bit,” Tank says and he steps forward and pushes me a bit farther forward.

I step forward and then turn to him. “A-alright, Tank. But only because we don’t have another choice... and because I’m trusting you, ok?” I say very seriously to him.

“Oh boss, you can definitely count on me, this is the first and last time something like this will happen, for sure!” Tank says excitedly. “Now about that injection...” Tank reaches under his tight black tshirt and scratches the bottom of his big belly and grins down at me.

“Yeah, uh, of course, just let me get it!” I say as I unlock my office and go in to get it.

As I open the safe and take out the needle, I consider what I’m doing. How did it come to this? I said there’s no way I would give him another. But this... my bar, my store, my customers... this is what I had pinned all my hopes and dreams and career on. I can’t jeopardize it, not when I have a solution right here in my hand. I tap it to shake the air bubbles free and push the plunger until just a squirt of liquid comes out. I turn back and go out to the bar, where Tank is waiting for me.

Tank grins down at me with great anticipation, and I notice his basketball shorts have tented obscenely. “Alright boss, this is awesome! Trust me, you won’t regret this... I’m gonna be even BETTER when I’m bigger! Jeez, how much bigger do you think I’m gonna get?” Tank asks excitedly as he reaches down and adjusts his mammoth cock. “I wonder how strong I’ll be! I’m already so big, but bigger is always better, you know? HAW!” Tank laughs and flexes his enormous biceps, exposing his damp, furry pits as he shows off to me.

“Alright big guy, just settle down and focus. Before I give you this...*sigh*. Just promise you won’t do anything stupid, ok?” I ask Tank, looking up at his excited eyes. He’s grinning ear to ear, his round cheeks and square jaw making him look dumb and hot. It’s easy to forget he’s just a 22 year old kid. “Like, I mean, just promise you’ll use your size for good, and not selfish reasons?”

“Oh yeah boss, for sure, all for the bar, just hook me up with that needle so I can get GROWING!” Tank booms, his eyes not even on me, but instead looking at himself in the bar mirror across the room.

A pang in my stomach suddenly tells me this is a bad idea. This tank of a man, this bullying, greedy, selfish wrecking ball...who practically raped me and threatened me and eats all my food... I’m about to give him exactly what he wants, I realize. Why should I? Isn’t this is a bad idea? But then I look around the bar, trashed and empty, and look up at Tank’s grinning face, bloody and beat up but more excited than I’ve ever seen. Tank, bigger? Even bigger? My stomach pangs in a different way, and I feel my cock chub up just thinking about packing more size onto this monster. Yes. Bigger. It’s the only way to solve my problems.

I reach up and poke the needle into Tank’s huge right delt, and push the plunger down.

“MMMMmmmm yeah boss, that’s it. Fuck, this is gonna be great. Can’t wait.... to start... oooof man... already feeling like... I’m getting.... BIGGER!” Tank booms.

Tank starts breathing deeper and harder, like he’s lifting and working hard, grunting with each big breath, his chest rising and falling, his whole body shuddering as the growth takes hold. Tank takes a big breath and then groans like he’s stretching or lifting a great weight and I can see his entire body bulking up bigger. He takes a few more big breaths and then stretches his arms up, and I can see him inch taller and his gut spread out fatter as he growls.

Tank turns to me as he adjusts his stance, takes a few more breaths, and then grunts. “Hrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuunnngggggg fuuuuuuuck,” he groans as he flexes every muscle and explodes with more size. His muscles thicken quickly, bulking up rounder and heavier and harder with each pulse of blood that courses through his giant body. He swells up taller, limbs lengthening, his head rising higher.

Tank turns away from me and takes a couple steps, the whole bar shaking with his expanding weight, his belly and thick muscles jiggling. He takes a look at himself in the big bar mirror. He crouches down and flexes his right bicep, watching the peak rise up bigger as another wave of growth spreads through his body. “Unnnnnnggggggg bigger!” Tank mutters deeply, almost like it’s just to himself, as his huge ass and thighs burst out through the shorts that no longer fit. Tank leans over and licks the big sweaty bicep, his scruffy chin rubbing against the mountainous mounds of his pec muscles.

He stands back up to his full height and his spiked hair brushes against the 12 foot ceiling of the bar. I can see another ripple of growth spread across his body as he waddles over to me. Tank shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders as he feels a euphoric wave of growth shiver up his spine, his massive traps bulging like boulders. He covers the length of the bar in just 4 strides, his big feet once again causing the bottles on the bar to clank against each other ominously. He peers over his hills of furry pec meat and grins down at me. He absentmindedly reaches to feel his big belly and rub its firm, furry surface, his thick fingers lingering through the dense blond and red hairs that coat his belly. He hums with satisfaction, enjoying his bigger, fatter size.

“Jeez boss, you’re getting pretty SHORT down there!” Tank rumbles down at me as he takes stock of his new size, tensing his arms and looking down at his physique, shaking his monstrously thick thighs and shifting his weight. He eyes light up and he grins wide, his lantern jaw pressing into the furry forest of chest hair and pillows of pec meat.

My mouth drops open as I realize I’m only as tall as his waist now. “T-Tank... I’m not short... you’re just so... big!!” I manage to utter.

“Fuck that felt good, like an orgasm throughout my whole body that lasted a few minutes. Just look how BIG I am NOW!” Tank booms as he shows off his bigger bulk. He flexes casually, feeling his big body, jiggling the underhang of his belly and rubbing the curves of his blocky muscle. He flexes into a most muscular, bringing his big fists together in front of his belly and tensing his pecs, which swell into a thick shelf of furry muscle. His biceps are bigger than before even proportionally, and hose-thick veins snake over the peaks and throb as blood pumps into his muscles, which are still finishing growing. I notice that all of his wounds and bruises have disappeared, healed by the incredible growth spurt.

He looks down at me again, locking eyes with me. “THANKS boss! Just what I wanted... I grew even MORE than that I THOUGHT I would!” Tank growls down at me, his deep voice filling the space of the bar. “Now I’ll REALLY be able to take care of the bar, huh huh, and maybe a few others things...”

Suddenly I’m struck on the side of my face, causing me to step back a bit. I reach up and feel my face and feel something slimy on my cheek just in time for my other cheek to get smacked from the other direction. It feels like getting punched, and I feel a bruise forming already. What the hell...

Tank growls and chuckles at my plight. I lift up my chin and realize he is brandishing his massive, rock-hard cock with his meaty right fist. At 5’10”, I’m right at eye level with his bulging package, I realize. My mouth opens up in shock right as he hits me with his giant cock again.

“YEAH boss, you’re right at the right height now... and growing bigger makes me so fucking HORNY!”


Part 8

“Growing bigger makes me so fucking HORNY!” Tank says as he slams his cock into my face a few more times, the heavy, hard mass thudding against the side of my head, my cheek, my nose. I reel back and sniff, trying to clear my nose and stymie some of the pain, but all I get is the choking, overwhelming musk of his BO. I yelp and try to raise my hand up to defense but his cock is too heavy and big to block. I get precum on my hand and wrist. I try to back up but I feel his massive left paw pushing me and holding me in place instead.

“No Tank, don—” I start but I’m cut off by his cock hitting me in the mouth. Tank pushes me forward; he reaches down and grips my entire head in one enormous hand. His cock slams forward and pries my mouth open. I try desperately to fit the entire thing in my mouth but it’s nearly impossible. It’s thicker than a beer can by a lot. My mouth and lips stretch painfully as he forces his dick into my mouth. He’s so massive and hard that it doesn’t matter that my teeth scrape roughly against the head and shaft. He grips my head harder and starts ramming his cock in and out fast, using me roughly.

“MMMMMMMPH yes, got such a tight little mouth boss, feels GOOD,” Tank growls as he slows down a bit and deep throats me. I’m choking and coughing but that just makes more stimulation for Tank. I try to pull away but it’s pointless to resist against the strength of Tank’s huge hand holding me in place. Tank bends his thick neck sideways and opens his mouth to moan in pleasure. He then takes a step backwards and pulls the giant cock out of my mouth. I collapse to the floor coughing and sputtering, feeling my sore throat and stretched lips. I open my eyes and marvel at the size and thickness of Tank’s huge feet. Even they look muscular.

“Such a nice mouth to fuck, but I know something even TIGHTER that I want from you, boss!” Tank shouts down at me. He bends over, his bulk limiting his flexibility, and manages to wrap his tremendous paws around me. His hands reach all the way around my waist as he tosses me up into the air like a sack of cat litter and throws me roughly over his shoulder.

“W-where are we—*cough*—going? What are you doing?” I ask in a panic as Tank walks. I’m up surprisingly high, my back bumping against the ceiling.

Tank kicks down the door to the bathroom, the entire door flying off the hinges. “HMM, gotta make this doorway Tank-sized!” He grips me under my arms then tosses me into the bathroom, and I collapse onto the dirty floor. I look up in time to see him wedging his enormous shoulders into the doorway, blocking the only exit. He can’t get through the door, his 12-foot, 2700lb frame too big for a normal door way. His body wedged firmly in the door, he growls and expands his body, bending the metal doorframe and causing the concrete walls to crack. He gets some leverage and grips the door and savagely rips at the wall, tearing out a massive chunk. He bends down and spreads his shoulders across the top of the doorway and then pushes up like he’s doing a squat at the gym. The entire top section of the doorway cracks and then crumbles, giving way to his power. He punches out the other side of the doorway, spreading debris into the bathroom. Finally he reaches his arms into the bathroom for leverage and crashes his way in and stands to his full height again, his head bumping the ceiling. He seems to take up the entire room. His giant, naked body heaves with power and muscle, and his massive cock leaks with precum, dripping onto the floor.

“THERE we go! Now, where was I...” he says as he grabs for me. I try to hide in the stall but he grabs my leg, his long, thick fingers easily wrapping all the way around my calf. I can feel my calf muscle bruise as his vice-like grip holds me. He pulls me towards him and raises me up with one arm, dangling me upside-down.

“SO pathetic and small boss, wow. I can’t believe you really fell for that. You know those football guys were my friends, right? I played with all of them last season. They all know how much I want to be bigger, they get it. I called them up and had them all come over. I let them mob me so I could convince you to let me grow bigger! It was really too easy, boss,” Tank laughs as he bounces me up and down in the air. “Wow, you’re so light now...” Tank says as he has fun with my little frame.

The revelation of how he used me makes my mind reel, as I realized I underestimated how smart and cunning Tank is... and how badly he wanted to grow. He played me, I realize as I dangle helplessly.

Suddenly Tank grabs my other leg and tugs, pulling hard at my pants, jerking me around roughly. His massive cock leaks and throbs in front of me as I continue to hang helplessly upside-down. Just a couple forceful tugs punctuated by animalistic grunting and my pants are ripped completely off me, leaving my legs and ass and hard cock exposed. Tank guffaws as he sees my little dick and flips me over and around until he’s gripping me under my armpits with both huge hands. He grins at me and I feel a rush of panic wash over me as I realize his intentions.

He lowers me down forcefully, completely in control, and I feel his huge fist-sized cock head pushing against my tight furry hole. Precum smears all over my ass as Tank grinds my little body around, enjoying the friction of my crack against his super sensitive head.

“Tank please don’t, it’s too big, please please just, I’ll do whatever you want,” I beg as he pushes me down harder, pressing my little body inexorably onto his cock. His massive hands grip all the way around my chest, his palms engulfing most of my torso. His fingers dig into my body, squeezing my ribs and making me feel short of breath.

“OOooooohhhh fuck boss this feels so good already and I’m not even inside you yet... it’ll fit just fine, boss...” Tank mutters as he licks his lips and gets a glazed-over look on his face. He backs me up until I’m pressing against the wall of the bathroom. He thrusts his cock up more and pushes me down even harder, grunting as he does.

“No, Tank, it’s too big, it won’t fit!” I plead.

“MMMM, it’ll fit!” Tank grunts and he pushes my body down harder on to his cock.

I yelp as I feel his massive head penetrating the tight ring of my hole, breaking past my last line of defense. Even clenching my ass is futile... he’s simply too strong, his cock too hard and too big to resist. With a particularly hard thrust, Tank’s entire cock head pops into my ass. I squirm in extreme pain, the massive organ stretching out my ass beyond anything I had ever felt before, and yell.

“Uuuunnnngggggggg fuuuuuuuck yes,” Tank groans as he presses his cock in further, marveling at the exquisite pleasure of how tight my ass is. Precum slops around everywhere, providing ample lube for him to slide his cock around. He lifts me off his enormous cock head for a moment, my hole making a squishy “pop” sound, and then immediately drives my body back down onto his giant cock, harder and deeper this time. I cry out in pain, and Tank moans in pleasure. He does it again, effortlessly manipulating my little body, this time faster, enjoying the feeling of his big cock head popping in and out of my hole.

“Such a tight little hole, boss, just right for me,” Tank grunts as he carries me away from the wall and holds me with his two huge hands, bouncing me up and down on his cock. His massive body is steady, he has no trouble at all holding me up. His cock and torso and legs are solid as a mountain as he uses me like a fleshlight. “God, I’m so big, so STRONG!” Tank teases as he fucks me faster and harder.

I moan as his cock fills me up more, his giant tool stretching me out looser as he pounds away. I can’t help but shoot my load all over his chest and gut as his cock pounds my prostate. I try to squirm out of his grip after I cum, but it’s utterly pointless. If anything he seems to get more aggressive seeing me cum. He squeezes his grip tighter on me, snuffing any resistance... it’s like I feel my strength draining out of me as he squeezes. He grunts and plunges my body down on his cock deeper than ever, and he licks his lips and groans as he gets his entire massive cock up my ass.

“That’s it, boss... now I’m gonna finish up,” Tank grunts as he grips me tightly and pulls me off of his massive cock. It feels like it takes forever for the massive tool to come out, and cock head stretching me out one last time as it exits with a pop. To my surprise, Tank sets me on the ground, but then turns me around and pushes me down onto my knees, facing away. I try to take the opportunity to crawl away but his massive hand pushes me to the ground, pinning me down. Tank lowers his giant mass to the bathroom floor, his knees straddling my little body, and pins me down. My breath is squeezed out of me as his enormous weight presses into me, crushing me down onto the tile floor.

“Fuck yeah boss you look so small down there. So helpless and fuckable. Yeah, just how I like it!” Tank booms in my ear as he leans over and presses me harder into the ground. Tank spreads my legs apart with his knees, opening my ass wide, and guides his massive cock into my hole. I cry out again as the massive pole invades me, and Tank growls with pleasure as his cock slides in, the tight furry hole providing tremendous friction.

Tank grabs my shoulders and presses me back onto his cock harder, using me to create more leverage to make the fucking even deeper and harder. He goes nuts, fucking me hard and fast, ruining my hole. I can feel his sweat drip and smear all over my back as he leans into me hard, his prodigious weight making any sort of resistance pointless, his huge hairy gut pressing hard into me. I look to my side and see his awesome arm muscles twitch, sweat matting down the fur on his forearms.

“Fuuuuuck, boss, you’re so tight, gonna cum in your little ass... so big, so fucking strong, so... fuuuuuuuuckkkk,” Tank growls as I feel a flood of hot cum spurting into my ass. There’s so much cum it leaks out everywhere, I can feel it spread on the floor underneath me. Tank holds his cock inside of me deep and then collapses his massive weight on top of me, pinning me to the ground.

After what seemed like minutes Tank presses his huge hands to the ground and lifts himself up off of me. I take a full breath and feel how brutally stretched out my poor ass feels. It stings. I feel cum dribbling out of it. I roll around on the ground and lay on my back, taking deep breaths and trying to collect myself. Suddenly I’m lifted up off the ground by Tank’s huge hands until he stands me upright. He rises to his full 12 foot height, his head bumping against the ceiling. I’m half his height; my eyes look right at his massive tool, which is still leaking cum.

“MMMMMPH that was good, boss, you got a sweet little ass for me to fuck! Gonna have to do that all the time now... whenever I want! HAW HAW!” Tank laughs down at me. “You’re so small boss, jeez, you only come up to my dick now!” Tank booms as he brandishes his cock, hitting me with it again and slopping cum onto my face.

Tank squats down and looks at himself in the mirror of the bathroom. “Jesus boss, look at the SIZE of me...” Tank says as he swells up his chest, flexes his big arms, and jiggles his gut as he looks in the mirror. “Can’t wait to see what else I can do with this BIG body, hehe,” Tank says as he rubs a huge hand across the hairy expanse of his chest, feeling the mountainous, thick slabs of muscle, and grins. What have I created?


Part 9

I wake with a start the next morning, groaning as my body reminds me what happened the night before. Living above the bar has its advantages; at least I didn’t have to go far after the pounding I endured.

“Ahhhhh... fuck,” I groan while breathing in through clenched teeth as I tense my stretched ass and shift my sore jaw. Tank had done a number on me the night before, raping me hard in the bathroom stall after his latest growth spurt.

I take a deep breath and sigh heavily as I remember that he was now a 12 foot hulk, bigger than ever and with an increasingly violent attitude. Despite myself, my cock chubs up at the thought of his enormous body.

That’s when I hear the grunting from out in the alley, which I could hear through the open window of my bedroom.

“MMmmmph, uhf, fuckin’ BIG, rrruuufff,” I hear someone grunting from outside, followed by something thumping against the metal dumpster out back. I gingerly get out of bed and look outside to see who was making the noise.

*DUUMM DUUUUMMM* The metal dumpster gongs out, making me look off to the left. There is Tank, totally naked, his enormous back to me. Its wide, thick expanse bulges with muscles, huge traps tensing into rock solid hills of muscle, his neck folded many times. His huge lats make his arms stick out to the sides. His back is sweaty and covered with a dusting of back hair. His tattooed right arm shifts forward and around to his front, and it moves in a rhythmic way. His huge round ass tenses and relaxes as he strokes his cock.

*THOOOOOM BOOONNNGGG* The dumpster rings out again. Tank growls and groans, muttering something unintelligible. I realize that he’s thumping his huge cock against the metal of the dumpster.

“Jesus christ...” I mutter as I slip on my pajamas and go downstairs to the bar. I walk gingerly, my ass feeling sore and tender, as I go down to the loading dock. Last night, Tank realized he couldn’t go back to his apartment because he was too big, so he decided to stay the night in the garage. I gulp as I hope he isn’t intending to stay here permanently.

The grunting and banging gets louder as I open the door to the back and go out to the dumpster. Tank’s enormous form towers over me, twice my height and several times the mass of my body. His thick cock has banged dents into the sides of the dumpster, and his huge hands have bent the lip of the metal box.

“Fuck yeah, so HUGE,” Tank booms as he strokes his cock faster. It’s huge, just like the rest of him, the cock head red, huge, and leaking a rope of sticky precum. I approach his side, and his big hairy chest and huge upper arm comes into view. A thick vein snakes and twists up his bicep and into his pecs, where it disappears into a forest of orange hair. His body shakes and twitches as he strokes faster and harder, his chest rising and falling, huffing and puffing as he reaches climax, his cock banging rhythmically against the metal, banging dents into it.

“UUUUHHHHHGGGG FUUUUUCK,” Tank roars, shockingly loud, and bends his cock down before firing off ropes of thick white cum. His huge body shakes as the orgasm racks his body, and the thick white slime coats the bottom left of the dumpster, where I notice there’s already a small puddle of fluid. This is clearly not the first time Tank has jerked off since last night.

I back up a bit as Tank turns and sees me, grinning. His thick hose is still dripping cum on the concrete, his huge naked body filling my view.

“HEY THERE Boss! Good morning!” Tank says as he cranes his neck down and looks at me. “Good morning to be a giant, I’d say!” He says grinning and squeezing the last drops of cum out of his cock.

“Heh, yeah big guy, uh, definitely. So uh, still horny from growing huh?” I ask timidly.

“Fuck YEAH man, jerked off 5 times after fucking you last night, HAW,” Tank says, his voice so loud it echoes through the alley and makes me wince. “I almost decided to force my way upstairs to see you a few times but I took out my energy on the dumpster instead. I fucked it up, huh!”

I look over at the green dumpster, and my mouth drops open. The whole side of it is dented in, hundreds of little impacts from his hard cock head. The sides of the top are all bent from his hands gripping the sides.

“Little thing feel so flimsy in my hands, but MAN does it feel good to bang my cock against something that hard. Not as good as your ass though...” Tank growls and reaches down and behind me to rub his fingers against my crack. I try to back away but he’s surprisingly fast.

“Mmmmm, yeah can’t wait to have that again...” Tank purrs at me, like a tiger toying with its prey, but I’m saved by the beeping sound of the delivery truck backing down the alley towards the bar.

“Oh hey look, the delivery!” I say, changing the subject and distracting him, giving me a chance to get back towards the door of the dock. “Tank, why don’t you unload the truck? I’m going to go out and find something for you to wear... hopefully I can find some super big under armor or something.”

“Sure thing, little guy, this will be EASY at my size!” Tank booms, his voice carrying.

Tank walks out into the alley as I start to leave, and I hear the driver stop the truck, open the cab, and run away screaming. Tank just laughs and moves to grab the truck. As I open the door to leave, I look back see him bend down to grab the bumper, and then straighten to his full height, lifting the truck and dragging it into the garage.

Shaking my head slightly, I head out to find clothes.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I can’t believe they let me have those novelty pieces, I think to myself again as I return to the bar. The under armor store downtown had an undershirt and compression shorts that just might fit a 12 foot tall, half-ton beast. All the kegs and the day’s order are neatly organized by the bar; Tank did great work. I start walking to the garage when I hear glass shattering. I drop the bags and dash to the back.

Tank is there, his arm reaching into the cab of the truck, tugging at the steering wheel. Broken glass lay at his feet, and it looks like he just bashed through the window.

“OH, HEY BOSS!” Tank says as he turns his thick neck to see me. “I’ve been having FUN while you’ve been out!”

I look around and see the passenger side door on the ground, rolled into a snake-like shape, the glass gone and metal twisted and bent. The entire truck bends down at the back, and the sides has fist-shaped dents all along it.

“I decided it was faster and easier to just bend the truck down to unload the kegs and shit instead of walking up there each time... first time I tried that and the damn bumper broke off from my weight. And man, let me tell you, bashing up the back of the truck gave me a fucking RUSH so I started to see what else I could wreck on this thing. You wouldn’t believe—MMMPH—how easy this is!” Tank says as he yanks off the entire steering wheel, brandishing it and then throwing it like a frisbee towards me.

I dodge it and approach him. His massive form is as tall as the truck, his big arm reaching inside the cab, grabbing and tearing at this and that. His tricep dances and flexes as he reaches, the tribal tattoo shifting. He then grabs onto the door itself and yanks hard. The hinges of the door groan and squeal. He yanks again, harder this time, getting his back into it, grunting. The door pops off the top frame. He moves his other hard to grip the top, which his now hanging free, causing his huge chest to flex, and he pulls hard. The entire door pops off of the car easily, and Tank’s staggers backwards.

“Fuck YEAH! Man, boss, they don’t make this shit like they used to, huh?” he says as he smiles down at me and presses against the sides of the door. The entire thing folds in half.

“Tank, jesus... the delivery guys are NOT gonna be happy about this!” I say, rubbing my hand through my hair.

“Well they’ll just have to deal with it, because I gotta learn about my strength, boss! I’m even stronger than I thought! And I gotta tell you, wow it feels great to tear shit apart!” Tank booms, his deep voice rumbling through my chest. With that, he turns back to the truck, gripping it by the wheel well and lifting up the entire left front side. His back and legs flex dramatically, and he shoves the entire truck back out of the garage and into the alley, where it bumps against the opposite building.

“Fuck.... well, uh, I gotta start getting the bar ready... I did find some clothes for you, so please put them on. You can’t appear before customers like... like that!” I say as I gesture up and down his naked form.

“HA aww boss, come on, you know you want it,” Tank booms down at me, his spittle landing on my cheek. “But sure, I’ll try it on. Doubt it’ll fit all of THIS,” Tank says as he rubs the great expanse of his torso, his sausage fingers scratching through the thick fur on his chest and gut.

His huge hand reaches down and takes my bag. The big bag looks so tiny in his hands, and suddenly my perception of size feels off. He lifts the shirt out and drops the bag.

“Mmmm, Under Armor, good choice,” Tank rumbles as he grips the base and lifts it over his head. His massive gut stretches as he reaches up and I can see hard turtle shell abs underneath the thick layer of fat; his delts and arms flex into hard balls of thick muscle. The shirt stretches and stretches tightly over his massive body, clinging to his torso like a second skin. The length of it reaches down to his just below his belly button. The UA logo is distorted on his left pec, his chest and shoulders too big for the shirt.

Tank grabs the compression shorts and lifts up a huge leg to step into it. It looks too small for him, but impossibly it stretches taut against his tree truck thighs. Tank pulls them up higher and he Tankds the waistband out to tuck his massive balls and thick cock into the tight material. He pulls them over his bulging jock butt, snapping the elastic into place, and adjusts himself. They fit, but stretched so much they look grey rather than black, and they leave nothing to the imagination. His thick cock head is clearly outlined on the bulging package.

“Hehe, wow they fit! But just barely boss. You like me wearing tight clothes, huh boss?” Tank teases as he grips his bulge in a meaty paw and rubs it around.

“Tank, uh, now’s not the time...” I trail off, watching the plump cock head swelling up in his shorts. “We’ve got to get ready for the evening.”

Tank straightens to his full height, towering over me, the bulging cock right in my face. “Sure boss, whatever you say!” he says, smiling down at me. I gulp and back away into the bar as sounds of the truck being torn apart echo behind me.


Part 10

That first night with Tank at 12 feet tall was amazing. The bar was hopping as word spread of the giant bouncer checking the door. He already had a reputation growing around town as the biggest guy anyone had ever seen, but now that he had somehow grown even bigger, his reputation, his legend, had grown as well. Tank soaked in the attention, taking pictures with people, lifting and flexing and showing off. His big cock would occasionally swell up when he grabbed a hot guy or girl or showed off his incredible strength, easily pushing and lifting people around, which would make wet spots on his skin-tight shorts. He didn’t care, because was the center of attention.

The night went on, and the crowd got rowdier, as the place was more crowded than I had ever seen it before. Inevitably, some drunk short guy made his way towards Tank. I could see it coming a mile away from the bar.

“Hey you fat fuck, you think you’re so much better than us little people, huh?” the drunk guy yells at Tank as he breaks a beer bottle on a table and brandishes it at Tank. People scream and back up as Tank rises up to his full height and takes an ominous step towards the little punk. The bottles on the bar shake as Tank plants himself right in front of the guy.

“Yeah bud, you know what, I DO think I’m better... you’re all so small! And I’m so BIG! Go ahead, bud, try to hurt me with your little toy!” Tank booms in challenge, puffing out his chest and grinning while looking down at the guy.

“Eeeeaaaaaghhh!” the guy yells and slashes out with the broken bottle. Tank catches the guy’s wrist in his huge hand and gives it a little twist. A sickening snap is heard throughout the bar and everyone gasps. Well, everyone except the would-be attacker, who screams in pain as he drops his bottle.

“Awww, jeez, your wrist snapped so easily...I was kind of hoping for more of a fight! But you know the rules, bud, you start shit in here, your ass gets tossed!” Tank intones as he lifts the guy up by his mangled wrist. The guy gasps and groans in pain as Tank dangles him 5 feet off the floor effortlessly.

Tank swings the guy back and forth a few times, feeling his weight. “Jeez bud, you’re so light... such a tiny little thing. So weak, bro! Did you really think it was a good idea to test THIS?” Tank laughs loudly, his booming voice loud and deep, and flexes his other arm. A massive, thick bicep peak bulges up out of the mass of his upper arm, and Tank rubs the guy’s face against his the hard mass. “Huh punk? My fucking bicep is bigger than whole goddamn head, bro. Fuck!” Tank squeezes tighter on the guy’s arm and swings him against the door, banging it open.

“Well bud, have a good rest of your night!” Tank laughs as he swings him around again and tosses him right out onto the street. The guy yells and I hear him smack against a car across the street. Tank bends down to look out the door and chuckles, uncaring of the guy’s injuries. If anything, he sounds happy with himself.

“Well folks, that’s all there is to see!” Tank says as he straightens up to his full height, his spiked hair scraping the plaster of the ceiling, sending some dust onto his burly shoulders. Tank reaches down and adjusts his package, which has swollen up while manhandling the little guy.

The music resumes, but the vibe of the bar had changed. Some people move to get their stuff and get going. A few people get another drink. Many look nervously at the huge, grinning bouncer who is idly rubbing his dense muscles by the door.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The bar was closed and I lock up my office. Tank sits on the floor over at the bar, still eating. Even sitting on the ground he is the right level with the bar to be comfortable eating off of it. He said he couldn’t go back to his apartment because his truck was too small for him now and he wouldn’t have fit into the door anyway. He was clearing out all the food in the bar, and was still polishing off the last of the fries. I rubbed my hands through my hair when I looked at the finances earlier. The amount of food I was feeding Tank far exceeded what I had expected before his second growth spurt. His appetite was seemingly endless; he could just keep eating, all the while rubbing that enormous belly of his and grinning, then would ask for more. He was making chomping and chewing sounds loudly, devouring a huge bucket of fries. All the extra food just seemed to make him grow even bigger.

As I approached, I could smell the musky BO radiating from his body. His underarmor was soaked through with sweat; it had been a busy night.

“H-hey Tank, you almost done there?” I say as I approach his wide back. Sitting, he is a bit taller than I am standing up.

“Oh hey there Boss, didn’t hear you. Yeah bud, just the last of these!” Tank said as I he twists around and empties the last of the fries into his enormous gob. He chomps and chews, finally swallowing everything. He reaches down and palms the vast expanse of his belly, causing the shirt to ride up his gut a little bit and expose his belly button. “MMM that definitely hit the spot, boss,” Tank rumbles as he shifts his tremendous weight and starts to stand.

It was still bizarre watching a man that big get to his feet and rise up taller and bigger in front of you. My mouth drops open as he plants himself in front of me, belly distended and full, towering over me. He palms his vast gut with both hands, gripping into the chubby flesh, his chest flexing involuntarily as he has to reach around quite a bit to grip his gut.

“Mmm, boss, there’s one more thing I need to take care of,” Tank purrs as he grips his thick cock and squeezes it roughly, causing it to plump up in my face.

I back away quickly. “Whoa, no no, not tonight Tank, not again,” I say as I try to get away.

“Mmmm hmmm, boss, you know you can’t get away from me!” Tank growls as he pursues me across the bar. His huge steps cover ground fast, his big feet shaking the bar.

“Oh shit,” I grunt to myself as I get to the door to the stairs that lead to my room, the small doorframe blocking his entrance. I make it through the door and start to close it when a huge hand reaches through and blocks it.

“Ah ah ah boss, your best employee needs something from you... needs it BAD,” Tank say as he grabs for me, tugging at my clothes. I manage to slip away but then I am jerked back as a huge hand wraps around my arm and grips tight.

“GOTCHA BOSS!” Tank booms out as he pulls me back into the bar and grasps me tightly in his huge hands. He lifts me effortlessly and throws me over his big shoulder and he makes his way back out to the garage, which he had set up as a makeshift living area. “You should know by now that you can’t escape me, boss! I get what I want, when I want it!” Tank says matter-of-factly, grinning.

Tossing me onto the padding he had made into a bed, he plants a huge foot onto my chest, pinning me easily. With his hands, Tank reaches down for his shirt and rolls the tight, sweaty Underarmor off of his titanic torso, revealing the incredible beefy muscle. His fat gut bounces and spills out as it leaves the confines of the shirt, and his chest heaves as his pecs find more space. He flicks his nipples and purrs, and then sniffs his right pit. “Woo boy, I smell GREAT boss!” he teases as he reaches for his underwear.

“Look, Tank, this is out of hand, you can’t just DO this to me, this is rape!” I plead as I watch him pull down his underwear inch by inch. They stretch as they move over his tree-trunk thighs.

Tank looks down at me and smirks. “Rape? Jeez boss, I didn’t know you can rape the willing!” Tank says as he moves his foot and flicks my rock-hard cock. “Come on bro, I know you want all this, and I need it bad!”

I try to squirm away, ashamed, but his huge foot presses into me hard, causing me to fight for breath. His huge thick cock flops free of his shorts, and he sighs with relief.

“Huuuhhhhh yeah bud, gonna fuck you good,” Tank says as he leans down over his gut to grab my arm in his hand. His fingers easily wrap around my arm and lift me up. My resistance is totally pointless; Tank is in complete control.

“Tank, please, just, take it easy on me this ti—OOF,” I say as he tugs and rips at my clothes. His eyes take on a glazed-over look as he looks at my skinny body, his other hand dropping down to his cock and milking some thick precum out.

“Gonna fuck you GOOD, boss!” Tank says louder as he yanks my pants off with his precum-wet hand and lowers me down. I can feel his fist-sized cock pressing against my hole.

“Ohhhh yeah little guy, your ass is so furry, gonna fit so good on my monster dick, just been leaking all fucking night manhandling these puny little fucks,” Tank says, seemingly to himself, as he grinds his cock against my hole. I try to squirm away, but he has both hands gripping me tightly now, his huge fingers digging into my sides and chest and stomach and arms, holding me in place firmly.

Finally Tank presses hard against my hole and his huge head penetrates the tight ring of my ass. “UUUUUHHHHHGGGG yeah, GONNA FUCK YOU GOOD BOSS!!” Tank bellows as he pushes himself balls-deep into my hole. I gasp silently in pain, but my ass is still stretched out from last time he fucked me so it’s not as bad this time.

Tank holds me 4 feet off the ground and roughly uses me as his personal fuck toy, bouncing me up on down on his massive cock, grunting and sweating and swearing. “Boss you have no idea the POWER, how good it feels to be so fucking huge and bigger than everyone else. Jesus, I’m the biggest man EVER, so fucking STRONG,” Tank grunts as he slides my body up and down his giant dick, fucking me savagely. “I mean, fuck, look what I’m doing to you! You’re so light! I’m so strong!” Tanks laughs. I just hold on for dear life, digging my hands into the dense chest hair and meat of his awesome pecs, feeling the muscle tense in my hands as he holds me up easily, smelling the jock musk as he sweats more.

“So BIG! BIG!” Tank roars as he bounces me up and down. Tank really starts working up a sweat, with droplets flying everywhere as he humps my ass and moves me up and down with his big paws wrapped around my torso.

“Mmmmph, fuck,” Tank grunts as he slowly pulls me off of his dick. I suddenly feel so empty without the big organ filling up my hole. Tank holds me in place for a moment, rubbing his cock head against my hole and humming.

“Always wanted to fuck your face, little guy... sometimes you just need to shut up, you know, HAW,” Tank growls at me as he thumps down to his knees and lays me down on my back. He looms over me, his huge cock heavy against my chest, sticky and slimy with precum. He then spreads his tree trunk legs apart, each one thicker around than my chest, until he’s straddling me. His tremendous weight makes it hard to breath; his nearly 3000lbs on top of me makes trying to squirm away pointless.

“How’s that feel, bud? Nice and heavy, huh? Yeah, I’m just gonna keep growing bigger too...” Tank trails off as he scoots his huge body up until he’s straddling my chest. His huge cock edges closer to my face until the leaking slit pokes me in the cheek, smearing precum along my beard.

“Yeah boss, take it, open wide,” Tank breaths as his arms come down on either side of me. His huge fists are bigger than my head on either side of me, and he thrusts forward with his cock. My mouth is forced open by his huge cock and I start to suck. It’s such a great, thick cock, so big it stretches my mouth as far as it’ll open. Tank doesn’t seem to care that my teeth scrape against it; if anything, his deep grunts seem to indicate it feels good.

Tank starts pushing in deeper and harder as he loses control and uses my mouth without any concern for me.

“UNNNGGGGHHHH boss I need this so bad, gotta cum so bad, you’re so fucking TINY under me,” Tank talks himself up as he fucks me, but I hardly hear a thing. His huge body has me pinned, his gut slamming into my face with every hard thrust of his cock, engulfed by his enormous beefy body. I can feel his huge legs tense as he squeezes my sides harder with them, his whole body tensing as he gets closer to cumming. His crotch smells sour and dank, the warm sweat getting my beard wet.

His weight shifts as he moves his fists away from me, still fucking my face. For a moment I can see past his huge gut and look up to see him pinch both nipples hard with his calloused fingers, making his whole body shiver with pleasure. He pushes into me harder and I feel myself choking, but there’s no relief as Tank fucks me deeper than ever.

“So... fuckin... big... bigger... yeah... fuuuuUUUUUCCKCKKKK,” Tank roars as he keeps flicking his nipples and finally erupts into me, drowning me with cum that I struggle to swallow. He leans down as he cums and grips my skull, holding me in place as he empties his big balls into me.

He sits upright and then stands, his giant frame rising up tall and huge, towering over my pathetic frame. I cough and roll over to my side, nursing my stretched ass and lips, feeling bruises all over my body from his rough treatment. Suddenly his big hands wrap around my waist and I feel myself being lifted up as he holds me.

“Well that was fun, huh boss? Such a hot little body you have for me to play with. Mmph! Just gonna use you whenever I want. And however I want! Yeah!” Tank says excitedly as he looks at me, his chubby face grinning from ear to ear, and he bounces me up and down.

“But now it’s time for this big bear to sleep, and I think I want a cuddle buddy tonight...” Tank says as he squats down, still holding me, and lays down on the makeshift bed. He holds me close to his chest; there is no way to squirm away. He spoons me and holds me in place with an enormous, thick, heavy arm; his arm alone weights more than me. I push against it but it doesn’t budge.

“Oh boss, you can’t move me out of the way! I need a little cuddle buddy to sleep with, and you’re it! Have a nice night, bud, see you tomorrow morning...” Tank says.

I lay there, eyes wide, ass hurting, and I feel his swollen cock leaking against my little body. Tank starts snoring, and it sounds like a diesel engine right up against my ear. His big body is warm and hard. Needless to say, I don’t get much sleep that night.


Part 11

“Holy shit!” yet another customer exclaims as they step inside the bar and crane their neck up to look at big Tank. Tank grins down at the guy and swells his massive chest with pride.

“ID please!” Tank booms at the newly arrived barhopper and lowers his hand. The guy fumbles around for his wallet, dropping it on the floor as he is clearly distracted and flustered by the presence of the massive bouncer. Tank snorts out of his nose sharply, impatiently, as the guy finds his ID and places it in Tank’s hand. The card looks so tiny in Tank’s thick, calloused fingers. It’s so small, Tank has to squint to read the text. Tank can’t quite straighten to his full height without his head bumping the ceiling, so he has to bend his neck down a little.

After a few seconds Tank grunts with approval, hands the ID back, and moves to the next customer.

I watch nervously from the bar. The customers have been quieter than usual the last few nights, most of them occasionally glancing nervously at the enormous hulk at the entrance. I was hoping Tank would be something of an attraction like he was before, but at 12 feet tall and god knows how heavy and strong, he seemed to create tension. Not that I blamed them—I know what Tank was capable of more than most—but it made me nervous as the owner.

Word spread about Tank growing to new proportions, and people had come to see the new freaky huge bouncer at first. But it seemed the novelty wore off quick for people after seeing how easily Tank manhandled really whoever he wanted. Sometime it was justified, some drunken fool who wanted to challenge the big bouncer or grope a girl without asking nicely, but sometime it seemed random, like Tank just wanted to grab somebody and throw them around just because he could. At his size, Tank’s arms were bigger than most peoples’ waists, his body packed with muscle and fat, so moving around whoever he wanted was little challenge.

Meanwhile, a new bar had opened up just a couple blocks away and was doing really well. I had visited it, and I was sad to admit it was nice, better than my bar: great seating arrangement, cool decor, a fantastic stage and DJ booth.

It was a Saturday night and I realized the bar was only about half as full as it usual was. I stepped outside for a moment and looked down the street and saw a packed line leading into the new club. “Damn,” I said aloud as I realized this new competition threatened my business big-time. I was already skating by on a narrow margin, even after Tank started helping business... now that he was this big, he was literally eating into my margins, demanding copious amounts of food to fuel his huge body and now scaring away customers.

As the bar closed up and I did my usual routine, I heard Tank squeeze his way back into the bar from the loading dock. I could always tell from the scraping sound of his huge body through the little doorway; he had to turn sideways, duck down, and sort of shimmy sideways to get through.

“Tank! Didn’t know you were still awake. What’s up big guy?” I ask a bit nervously as he waddles towards me. His head scrapes against the ceiling and he has to bend his neck down a little.

“Noticed the bar was a little empty tonight, boss. What’s up with that?” Tank rumbles as he adjusts himself and flops down on to the dirty floor. He’s wearing the same stretched-to-the-limit Underarmor trunks and shirt I got him a few days ago. His sizable belly spills out onto his lap as he sits, his huge traps and shoulders rounded like a mountain range as he looks down at me.

“Yeah bud, that new bar down the street is definitely giving us some trouble. It’s real nice in there. They had a line going out the door,” I say as I wipe down another table.

“Yeah I saw that too, boss. Would be a real shame if something were to happen to that place, huh?” Tank says with a grin.

I stop what I’m doing and turn to look at him. “What do you mean?” I ask pointedly.

“You know, take out some of the competition, boss. That way people will keep coming to the bar. Business would be even better!” Tank booms and scratches the underside of his gut.

“Well, I mean, that would be great, but don’t you think we’d get in trouble?” I ask nervously.

“Nah, come on boss, you gotta trust me a little,” Tank says as he rolls over and lifts himself to his feet with the power in his huge leg muscles. “I’ll be able to smash it up easy!”

Tank walks over towards me and picks me up under my arms, like I’m a toddler. “What do you say boss? Wanna come with?”

Annoyed a bit frightened that he scooped me up so easily and without asking, I wriggle fruitlessly in his grip for a moment before realizing it’s pointless. I’m nervous but obviously it’s too late to say no, and I am kind of curious to see Tank’s raw power in action against something other than me. “S-sure big guy, it’ll be cool to see you really unleash your strength.”

Tank sets me down. “Damn fucking right it will be!” Tank rumbles at me and brings his huge fists together in a most muscular pose, making his arms, chest, and traps erupt with hard veiny muscle. “Hehe, fuck yeah, let’s go boss,” Tank says as he turns and saunters to the door, making the floor shake in the bar.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We head down the street towards the other bar. The streets are empty as it’s in the middle of the night, but it’s still unnerving to be walking down the street with a massive 12ft tall freak. Tank walks surprisingly quickly considering that his tremendous bulk forces him to waddle, but legs that long cover ground quickly.

“Look at how small everything looks! It all seems so fragile...” Tank booms and takes a kick at a parked car, which comes up to his thigh. The side dents in spectacularly and the car skids a couple feet.

“Jesus, Tank... you’re gonna wake people up!” I hiss nervously and look around the surrounding buildings. They’re all offices, empty at this time of night. Tank just chuckles and keeps waddling towards the other bar.

“Yeah and what the fuck is anybody gonna do about it?” Tank says and he grabs a “No parking” sign and tears it out of the ground easily, the concrete crumbling as it’s ripped out of the ground. He swings it around a bit and then tosses it down the road nonchalantly. It clanks loudly.

We come up to the bar, dark and locked up. It’s a nice place, with new signage. I peer in to see all the new seating, new bar, stylish lights and setup. I grab the door handle and it’s locked, of course.

This means nothing to Tank, who nudges me aside and punches his fist through the plate glass and grabs the door from the other side, ripping and pulling out the entire handle and lock. He tosses it out into the street and then reaches up to smash the brick and metal above the doorframe, clearing enough room for him to easily enter the bar. The brick explodes into dust as his fist impacts it, breaking apart like eggshell. Tank grunts and chuckles and ducks into the bar.

Tank stands to his full height inside and whistles, impressed at the new bar. “Wow this place looks pretty nice. All this new, fragile stuff. Too bad it’s ‘bout to get wrecked,” Tank rumbles and goes inside, pushing aside tables and knocking over chairs with his thick legs.

Tank walks up to the bar and brings both fists down on it, smashing the thick wood, splitting it in two. He grabs and rips and tears at a seam in the wood as he smashes it up and works his way behind the counter, where he goes apeshit and starts wrecking the place. Bottles shattering, shelves and mirrors breaking, Tank’s shoes crunching the debris into the ground. His arms are wet with liquor from broken bottles, but the class and hard surfaces don’t leave a scratch on his tough skin.

“Jesus Tank, you’re like a bull in a china shop!” I say in a moment of quiet after Tank has broken the entire bar area.

Tank waddles over to a pillar that helps support the room, leaning his considerable weight against it gut-first until he starts hearing creaks and pops. “Guess I am boss, I’m just getting started too, *grunt*” Tank says as he wraps his big arms around the pillar and pulls, ripping the entire concrete support column from the ground and breaking it completely.

“Oh check out all that new sound equipment,” I say pointing to the other side of the bar.

Tank sees it and grins. He crouches down in a three-point stance, like he’s back playing football, and charges. It’s shocking to see how fast his huge body moves, and equally terrifying to see the terrible force he generates crashing into the new high-end speakers and computers. Tank rises to his full height amidst the debris and flexes.

The ceiling groans as Tank smashes a fist into another support column and I exit quickly out the front. I hear more smashing and laughing from inside as he uses his brute strength to mess up the bar. I hear parts of the ceiling and even some walls collapse and then see Tank’s hulking figure emerge through a brick wall to my left, the entire wall coming down with him. It looks easy to push through. His shirt is soaked with sweat and covered with dust, and his cock is obviously rock hard, the huge package bulging out of the Underarmor shorts.

Tank turns to me and flexes his arms, the enormous peaks rising, hairy pits high above my head.

“Fuck yeah boss, that was AWESOME!” Tank shouts as he looks back at his handiwork. There are two sizable holes where the front door and wall once stood, clouds of dust billowing as parts of the ceiling are collapsing inside, and debris spilling out into the street.

“Won’t have as much competition tomorrow night that’s for sure, eh boss?” Tank says as he saunters past me, heading back towards the bar.

As a final act, Tank reaches up to the sign over the door of the bar, easy to reach from his 12 foot height, and rips it down savagely. Sparks fly as it disconnects from the wall, then it shatters as it hits the concrete. Tank steps on it with an enormous, calloused foot, crushing it into the ground. Tank chuckles dismissively and waddles away.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

There was a story in the newspaper that morning, about the mysterious vandalization of a new bar, with owners and police alike baffled at what could have caused such destruction. Investigators found debris pushed around in ways that was unlike anything they had seen. Tank just chuckled and flexed as I read the article to him that morning, reflecting on how good it felt to use his full strength and smash some shit up. Seemed like that got him worked up big time too, as he had a huge boner and I heard the BANG BANG BANG of him grinding and pounding against the dumpster in the alley that afternoon.

That night the bar is packed, as local bar hoppers don’t have as many options with the other bar being closed. Throughout the night I expect to see Tank jovial and boisterous with the bigger crown, flexing and lifting people around like on previous nights, but to my surprise Tank seems distracted. Several times I see him staring off into space, flexing or rubbing his muscles or adjusting himself while people wait to have their IDs checked, or muttering to himself in deep, rumbling tones.

As I go to close up the bar at the end of the night, I notice Tank is still awake in the back, pacing back and forth, doing pushups, working up a sweat.


Part 12

The next morning I get on my computer and read over Twitter and Facebook. As I peruse the headlines, I see some posts about another mysterious vandalization of Franklin’s down the street, another bar about 4 blocks from here. I click on the link and the pictures make me gasp. The booths are ripped out of the walls, ventilation ducts up by the ceiling torn down, broken glass, brick, and wood everywhere. The front wall has a huge hole in it and, just like at the first bar, it looks like it caved in from the outside, like something smashed through with a battering ram. But I know it wasn’t a battering ram.

I rush downstairs and out the back. Tank is snoring deeply on the makeshift bed, his naked form vast and intimidating, swelling with muscle with each breath. I approach him and shake his huge shoulder.

“Tank! Tank! Get up! What did you do last night!?” I say as I shake him. He grunts and rolls over, nearly pinning me as he slowly wakes.

“Oh, hey there little boss, good morning to you too,” Tank purrs as he grabs for me. I dodge him and hold up my phone.

“What is this? Franklin’s? What the hell happened there last night?” I ask.

Tank grins and his eyes wander up, remembering last night’s fun. “Oh yeah, that’s right. After you left, I wasn’t tired at all. Thinking about wrecking up the bar down the street had me going all night, really just wanted to smash up another one, so I did!”

I spin around and wring my hair in my hands. “Tank... you can’t just go around trashing other bars! What we did the other night, that was, that was a one-time thing!” I say in a panicked whisper even though no one else is around.

“Says who?” Tank rumbles as he shifts his titanic weight and starts to stand. “The way I see it boss, taking out the competition like that is doing you a big favor,” Tank says as he rises to his full height and scratches his weighty balls, his giant naked form towering over me.

“Well, no, I mean, it’s gonna raise a lot of suspicion, Tank! Bars don’t just get trashed like that every night without there being an explanation, without people looking in on this! Don’t do this sort of thing again without my permission!” I say as I look up at him past his huge gut and whopping pecs.

“Your permission?” Tank booms as he leans down and scoops me up in his hands, too fast for me to dodge. “I was doing you a favor! You’ll probably have to expand the bar with how much business you’ll get now! I bet I can even help convince the neighbors to move out...” Tank says as he looks off in that direction and bares his teeth, his square jaw clenching in anticipation.

“No! No, Tank, you can’t keep destroying like this! Maybe it was a mistake to make you so big after all...” I trail off as Tank walks over to the alley, still carrying me.

“No way dude, it’s awesome being so fucking big and strong!” Tank rumbles as he plants himself next to the wall of the other building and sets me down. Tank looks down at me and reaches forward to heft his balls and grip his thick cock. “So it’s in the news this morning? What did they say? Did they mention the cars that I smashed up too?” Tank says and then grunts as he starts to take a piss, the thick jet pouring against the brick wall of the other building and running down the alley in a steady stream. “I bet that’ll throw them off the scent now that they’re not just looking at nightclubs. Fuck, I could go wreck a couple more places at random and throw them off completely, I bet,” Tank chuckles and jiggles his thick cock around to get the last few drops of piss out.

I look up at Tank’s face, his gleeful innocence about this unnerving. His grinning face, the look in his eyes of unquestioned pride and excitement tell me all I need.

“No, Tank, we just... we can’t keep doing this... it’s too risky...”

“I bet if I smash up an apartment building, they’ll be REALLY thrown off... You wouldn’t believe how awesome it feels to punch right through brick and feel it disintegrate in your hand, or to blow through a wall with your shoulder... makes me feel fucking invincible...” Tank rumbles as his huge cock starts stiffening in front of me.

“I-I’m sure big guy, but all I’m saying is you gotta use this new size for good, not to destroy...” I plead as I see his cock getting harder.

“Destroying’s good for the bar, right? It was packed in here last night! Imagine how busy we’ll be tonight... you’ll be rolling in cash,” Tank grunts as he reaches down and rubs himself with a huge calloused hand.

“Tank... no, stop... that was different, that first time, it was just the one bar down the stre—” I start but Tank cuts me off.

“How is that different? C’mon, relax. I’ll just take out a couple empty offices or something and we’ll go from there. How about that?” Tank says. I dodge out of the way of his leaking pole as he turns back towards the garage and starts casually stroking him his dick.

“I-guess so, I mean, as long as the cops don’t trace it back to here, I mean... not like I could stop you anyway...” I trail off as I look down, powerless.

Tank grunts in agreement and waddles over to the dumpster, his huge thighs rubbing against each other as he punches his cock through the metal hole he has smashed into the side of it. “Fuckin’ right,” Tank growls as he starts banging against the metal, his cock grinding against the metal and stretching it out more.

I go into the bar to get started for the day, my ears filled with the sound of Tank’s deep voice as he fills the dumpster with more cum.


Part 13

I wake up the next morning to a thump downstairs. I turn over and grab my phone. Time to get up anyway, I think and open up Facebook. One of my friends posted an article half hour ago about another building destruction downtown. My eyes bulge wide as I sit up and click on the link.

A Starbucks five blocks from here was ruined, like a truck slammed into it, or so it looked like from the picture in the article. The article noted that it was a similar kind of thing that happened the last two nights at other neighboring bars, and police suggested that these events might be linked. Booths were ripped out of walls, tables broken and chairs shattered, spilled and crushed coffee beans everywhere.

I hear another thump and one of the downstairs walls groan and then a wrenching, ripping sound followed by a slam. I move to get up out of my bed to see what’s going on when I hear Tank’s voice.

“Boss!” Tank shouts from downstairs, in my stairwell. “You there bud? I want to show you something,” he booms and I hear grinding, scraping against the walls and ceiling of my stairwell.

I dash over to the top of the stairs and there’s Tank, taking up the entire hallway, his bulk filling up the space and blocking the only entrance to my apartment. He is stooped over and his shoulders are hunched in to try to fit through the little stairway, his head and delts and arms smooshed against the walls, but he’s steadily treading his way up the stairs towards me. The steps creak under his colossal weight.

“Jesus, Tank, what are you doing? What did you do to the door down there?” I gasp. It was triple deadbolted, with a sturdy door in place. Apparently that wasn’t much of an impediment for him.

“There you are, little guy!” Tank says and grins as he sees me. His huge cock is erect and leaking precum; it looks angry and red and swollen. “You really oughtta make this apartment bigger to accommodate guys my size, boss, this just, mmph, isn’t big enough!” he says and surges up the stairs, the stairs creaking and snapping.

I back up away from him and retreat towards my room as he gets to the top of the stairs. He spreads his shoulders wide and breaths in deep as he clears the stairway, but his head still rubs against the ceiling and he still has to stoop over, his 12 foot height too tall.

“Ah, much better! Hey, this is a pretty nice set-up up here! Nice kitchen! Maybe I can grab some breakfast after I fuck your tight little ass,” Tank says as he moves towards me and reaches out with his tattooed arm, his long legs eating up space between us frighteningly quickly.

“Ahh, no, Tank, uh, you can’t do this, you need to go back downstairs!” I yelp and run into my bedroom.

“Mmm hmm hmm, boss, you know I can’t do that until I get what I want... and I want your tight little ass, like I said!” Tank booms as he gets to the doorway of my bedroom, his bulk blocking the whole thing. I can’t even see his head, just his huge pecs, hairy pits, round belly, hard cock, and thick thighs blocking my only escape. Even so I smell his musky jock odor preceding him, spreading into my bedroom as he blocks the door, taking over and making it smell like a locker room. He bends down a bit and cranes his neck to look into the room, grinning at me. “Aww you look so cute in there in your pajamas...let me join you...” Tank says and bends down and turns sideways to squeeze into my room. His massive torso and ass scrape against the doorframe until he stumbles in. I back up in a panic as the giant enters my bedroom.

“Yeah, there we go... come here little buddy...” Tank purrs as he steps quickly to me and grabs me, throwing me onto the bed. I grunt and gasp as he manhandles me easily, and then before I can think to get away he’s on top of me on the bed, the frame groaning for a moment and then breaking completely. The bed frame is crushed under Tank’s tremendous weight, and the mattress slams to the floor.

“Ha yeah I didn’t figure this frame would be able to hold my weight, but that’s ok... you look so small boss,” Tank says as he rubs his huge calloused hands over my little torso. “So, so small, hehe,” Tank chuckles as he lays down on top of me, pressing his whole huge weight on top of me. He doesn’t fit on the whole bed, his legs sticking off the ends. He stretches his thick arms up and my face is suddenly right in his sweaty armpit, the jock BO smell overpowering me.

Tank sits back up after a moment and scoots up further on top of me, his tremendous weight crushing into my legs and sides as he straddles me with his huge legs.

“Did you see the news this morning, boss?” Tank asks as he looks down at me past the round contours of his pecs and belly. “Felt so good to smash up that Starbucks. They always did have shitty coffee anyway, haw haw!” Tank rumbles and grinds into, the tremendous weight crushing me into the bed.

Tank looks over to the full-length mirror I have by the closet and swells his chest out with a big breath. “Fuck boss, look at the size of me... look at how thick my pecs are, dude... man, I’m big,” Tank trails off, admiring his own size. He brings a hand up and feels the thick rounded contours of his right pec, feeling the weight and density of it, seeing how much it stands out from the rest of his body, running a hand through the ginger chest hair. His big gut presses on top of me, pinning my torso under its mass, round and hairy.

“Hehe, did you ever think I’d be THIS big, boss? I’m over 3000lbs now! I used the freight scale in the loading dock to check, hehe,” Tank booms down at me and grinds into me, his big cock growing even harder and sliding up and down against me. “I used to be just 300lb when we first met, but man that seems small now,” he says.

Tank leans back a bit and raises his arms into a double-bicep pose, showing me the size and power of them. “Yeah bud, way bigger than you ever expected, right? It’s the best, man, so great! Feels so good to finally put all this size to good use at night too, yeah,” Tank says as his breathing intensifies, the bucking against my little body turning faster.

I try to move my legs to get away, to slip out from under him, but it’s no use, not with him on top of me like this. I feel bad that I have a raging boner too, rubbing against his ass behind him, but I can’t help it when I see him flex those tremendous, hard biceps. My mouth drops open as I see the veins throbbing on his arms even through all that thick muscle. Tank reaches down and grabs my arms, pins them to my sides, and then shifts me up higher on the bed until my head bonks against the headboard. He pushes forward and down and I feel his cock pressing against my ass.

“Fuck, moving you around is so easy, boss, you’re so light. What do you weigh, like not even 200lbs? A fraction of my weight... so small...” Tank trails off as his big cock rubs against the furry underside of my ass, searching for the tight hole. Precum smears all around back there, lubing it up considerably.

Tank breathes heavily and sighs as his cock finds my hole. “Yeah there is it, fuck it’s so small and tight just like you boss, gotta fuck so bad,” Tank growls and thrusts against my puckering hole. I yelp and gasp as his cock head, the size of my fist, pushes against my hole. It’s impossible to resist, and after a while I don’t want to. As much as it hurts, it fills me up in a way I can’t describe. My hole gets more and more stretched as his cock knocks on the door, and eventually the head slips in.

Tank groans and grunts as the veiny log of hard muscle invades my hole. He exhales in a jagged breath, the smell of his morning breath surrounding me, and he slowly pulls his cock out before plunging back in.

I cry out in pain, and Tank’s bearded, broad, chubby face contorts in pleasure as he grunts in satisfaction. “Fuuuuuuck boss you’re so tight, feels amazing,” he grunts and pistons into me deeper.

His big hands come down on either side of my head as he leans into me, allowing him to get more leverage to fuck harder and deeper. His massive pecs hang in my face, and I can see his giant traps flexing as he leans his weight onto his hands. I focus on his massive traps and shoulders to try to overcome the pain of his cock as he slowly plunges in and out.

“Can’t wait till... I’m even bigger... can’t wait to... grow even more...” Tank groans as he moves his hands onto my shoulders, crushing them into the bed and pressing down on me so his cock in even deeper.

Suddenly he grabs me roughly and flips my whole body around, my body spinning on his cock as I’m suddenly face-down on the bed with my ass up in the air.

Tank grunts and pulls out for a second, spitting down onto his cock for more lubrication. I hear him rubbing his cock with a calloused hand, precum and spit greasing up his pole. I groan as I feel something like a car rear-ending me as I take his cock again.

“UUuuuuuhhhhnnnnnggg fuck such a good bottom, yeah,” Tank grunts as he speeds up his fucking, his huge cock invading me deep. My hard cock is leaking and rubbing into the mattress. Tank looks at himself in the mirror again and I feel his cock tense inside me, growing harder, as he gets off at his own enormous size.

“Jesus, boss, look at the size difference between us... my god I’m so big... so much bigger than you!” Tank roars as he grabs my hips and ass with his huge mitts and rams into me harder and faster. “So big... so strong... yeah look at the size of my arms too, fuck,” Tank grunts as he swells out his pecs and looks at their thickness and flexes his huge biceps, admiring the way they stick out together. “Bicep’s gotta be as big around as your fucking chest, hehe,” he grunts. He grits his teeth and brings one hand up to a hard, meaty nipple and flicks up and down. I can feel his cock twitch inside me harder.

“You know what I think about everyday, boss?” Tank asks as he grinds against me. “Those little needles you got in your office. I want ’em so bad, boss, just thinking about ’em makes me so horny, thinking about swelling up bigger and growing HUGE!” Tank rumbles as he thrusts into me harder. “Yeah, uhhhhhnnnn, bigger and thicker...giant-size...” Tank breaths.

I can feel Tank getting closer as his cock twitches several times. “Can’t wait to be even bigger, to grow more, gonna be even fucking BIGGER soon YEAH, FUCK!” Tank shouts as he flexes his huge chest and sprays his thick load into my ass, the huge head of his cock buried deep inside me. Tank grunts and moans as he cums, several hot jets filling up my ass until it’s leaking out of the back and down my leg, onto the mattress.

Tank shifts his tremendous weight and goes to stand, his head slamming into the ceiling with a loud bump, plaster raining down onto my bed. “Oops, sorry little guy, forgot how low your damn ceilings are. I told you, you gotta make this place Tank-sized! Mmph, such a nice little ass you got though, bud,” Tank says as he rubs a cum-covered hand over my bubble butt, feeling its plumpness as I lay helpless on the bed.

I gingerly roll over onto my back. I have long-since cum and the bed is covered with Tank’s thick cream too, so I don’t care that I’m dirty as hell. “Tank, what did you mean by growing even bigger?” I ask.

Tank leans down to grab his Underarmor shorts, which look comically big to me, and lifts a big leg to put them back on. “Well it’s simple boss, you don’t think this is as big as I want to get, right? I mean, fuck, it’s so awesome being this big, I gotta grow even bigger now! Being the biggest, man, it’s so great...” Tank rumbles as he turns to shift himself to get out of the bedroom. “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I were bigger? Man, yeah, that would be great...” Tank says like he isn’t even paying attention to me. “And I know those needles are downstairs, just waiting to make me even bigger... someday soon, bud...” Tank trails off as I hear him stomp into the kitchen.

I sigh and lay back on the bed, tensing my ass to feel if it’s ok, and shake my head. Fuckin’ A.

“Hey boss, you gonna come in and make me breakfast, or what?” Tank shouts from the kitchen as I hear pots and pans rattle around as Tank searches for food. “Don’t wanna bust up your kitchen, but, well, you know what I can do...” he booms.

“Better go feed the big guy...” I groan as I roll myself out of bed.


Part 14

The next day I read the local news on my computer as I have breakfast. The article is about the mysterious collapse of a small corner market a few blocks from here. The pictures show light fixtures ripped out of the walls, electrical cords dangling, aisles tipped over and in some cases smashed in half, food strewn everywhere. No one was injured, as it appeared to have happened in the middle of the night, but the building space itself was leveled. The structural integrity of the building was compromised, as several support columns were damaged or destroyed altogether. The strange thing, according to the article, was that the register was untouched; no money was taken. It looked like it was destroyed for no reason at all.

I gulp audibly and head down to the bar. Tank is already there, unloading the delivery truck, and grinning ear to ear.

I smile nervously up at him and worry about the direction this is going. Tank stomps up to me after setting down two massive kegs of beer, thick jiggling muscles bouncing and flexing. Tank is shirtless. He seems to be more comfortable without one these days, even working last night without a shirt, showing off his giant body and tattoo sleeve to everyone.

“What’s up boss? Did you see the newspaper today?” Tank booms with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah I did, big guy, I did...” I trail off as I am distracted by his thick thighs flexing and hardening as he plants himself in front of me.

“So fuckin’ awesome being this strong, boss...” Tank grunts as he flexes an arm down at me, grinning, the thick fingers clenching into a huge fist.

“Yeah bud, you keep mentioning that... g-glad you’re liking it so much,” I say nervously, admiring the enormous bicep but feeling anxious about what it’s capable of. “I’m just getting worried about this becoming a habit,” I say tentatively. The tribal sleeve dances as the muscle underneath shifts, a thick vein snaking up his bicep and into his chest.

Tank straightens to this full height, his scalp scraping the ceiling. “No shortage of buildings in the world,” he says with a grin. “I’m going out again tonight. You wanna pick?” Tank asks as his eyes drift outside through the window, looking hungry.

I consider putting my foot down, telling Tank this is all wrong and he has to stop or else I’ll call the cops and so on... and then I look up at him looming over me, a massive hulk of muscle grinning excitedly and looking forward to tonight when he can out and destroy something else and I back down. “N-no dude, you can go ahead and pick whatever you want,” I say pathetically and turn away from Tank.

Turns out Tank decided to up his game, because the front page of the local newspaper shows the results: a 3-story office complex on the outskirts of downtown was completely demolished overnight. From the looks of it in the pictures, the support beams on one side of the building were all completely crushed from the inside, the outer wall broken apart from some sort of force, which caused the entire building to collapse to one side, crushing a book store and restaurant next door in the process. My mouth drops open at the pictures of the wreckage; the entire block is in rubble, with debris scattered all over the street. All this caused by one man, one huge, powerful beast that I created.

Downstairs, Tank is as friendly as ever with the staff, joking and flexing and picking people up while the rest of them laugh nervously. Eventually I come check in with him.

“Hey there Tank... how’s it going?” I ask timidly.

“Great, boss! How’s business? Still booming?” Tank says as he roughly lifts me up into the air and saunters out to the loading dock.

“Better than ever, actually... and no cops sniffing around here despite your, uh, extracurricular activities,” I say as Tank sets me down. I can see dust from the rubble and debris of the building on his bed. “What happened last night?” I ask.

“I brought the whole goddamn building down!” Tank booms and laughs. “I wanted to see if I could do it. I started with taking down the whole outer wall, smashed and punched and shouldered all that shit away, then I found the support columns for the building inside,” Tank says, stepping up close to me and looking down. “They were big, as thick around as me, but I bear-hugged the shit out of them until I felt them crushing. Fuck, boss it was so good to feel the concrete just cracking and popping in my arms as I squeezed!” Tank groans as he rubs his massive packing, which is chubbing up right in my face. His big knuckle bumps against my head as he reaches down to adjust himself. “I squatted down for extra leverage and squeezed and yanked on ’em till they crumbled and broke. Did that for all four of them, but when I was doing the last one, the whole fucking building came down on me!” Tank laughs.

“What? You got buried under a building??” I say incredulously. Tank just laughs some more and takes a deep breath, filling out his enormous chest with pride.

“Yup, but it didn’t phase me at all. All that shit falling on me, didn’t hurt a bit. I’m too strong and tough and solid for that now, boss!” Tank says, looming over me. He cranks his neck to one side, massive traps stretching and flexing as I hear a deep crunching pop in his neck. “Fuckin’ made me feel invincible. I smashed up through the rubble and admired my handiwork for a while, played around with some of the twisted metal. Oh man, boss it was the best one yet! You shoulda seen it.”

“That’s great, Tank... so uh, do you think maybe you’ve had enough for now? I mean, you can’t keep destroying stuff every night like this... I know you’re having fun, but maybe you should lay low for a bit,” I say, backing up slightly so I’m out of his reach.

“Hmmm... I don’t know boss, it DOES feel awesome, you know?” Tank says with a grin as he takes one step towards me, his huge feet suddenly straddling me. I look up and he’s grinning down at me, looking over the expanse of his swollen pecs and round belly.

Tank continues, “I was actually thinking, what with the bigger crowds at the bar and all, maybe I could use a third dose of that grow juice...” Tank purrs, his deep voice making my chest rattle.

“A th-third dose? Jesus Tank, you’re already so big...” I say, and retreat into the bar. Tank follows right after me though, squeezing through the entrance. His huge strides easily keep up with me.

“C’mon boss, it’ll be amazing! Just imagine it! How big you think I’d get, anyway?” Tank trails off, looking at his huge pecs and arms as he flexes each individual muscle, imagining them even bigger.

“I-I don’t know, Tank... I don’t think I WANT to know! You’re too much of a danger already, you’re already the biggest guy on earth... crushing buildings, doing whatever you want as it is...”

“Yeah but I want MORE, boss!” Tank booms as he interrupts me. His loud voice makes everybody stop with their work and leave quickly.

“Tank, I... I understand how you must feel, how good it must feel to be so big and strong, and it’s definitely exciting, but this is out of control. I’m not giving you that third injection.” I say firmly.

Tank looks down at me, leaning over his huge pecs to lock eyes with me. He looks pissed, and I feel beyond intimidated.

“I just... RRRGGGG, I gotta have more man, you have no idea what it feels like to be this big...” He smacks his fist into his palm above my head, the slapping sound of the hard flesh smacking together making me flinch backwards.

“Tank, I just... you can’t get any bigger than this without drawing so much attention...”

Tank steps forward a little bit, looming over me. I take a step back, but he inches forward some more until I’m backed up against the door to my office. I gulp audibly.

“Dude, I don’t think you get it... You don’t know how much I NEED this. I have to be bigger. And it helps your business! At the end of the day, I just want to help you out, little guy...” Tank rumbles as he reaches down and pats my head with his big hand.

Little guy!? It sounds so belittling and demeaning, but it’s not inaccurate. I’m staring you right in the crotch, the swollen bulge clearly visible through the tight basketball shorts that barely fit you.

“Look man, for as much as you are getting in my way of what I want, you did give me the injections to begin with, and so I guess I owe you for that. But... it would be a real shame if one of the other bars left around here hired me instead... it would be a real SHAME if something were to happen to YOUR bar...”

“W-What do you mean, Tank?”

Tank steps away from me towards the booths on the side of the room. He leans down and grabs one of the booth seats in his massive hands. “I mean, it would be a real” Tank punctuates his words by ripping the booth up out of the ground like he’s pulling a weed. “Shame” He rips out the other end of the booth “If something” Tank effortlessly throws both ends across the room, sending them skidding and scratching on the floor “Were to happen to your bar.”

“Oh jesus, no, don’t do that!” I rush across the floor to the booth in a bit of a panic. “I... look, Tank, just... it was a mistake giving you those injections, I can see that now. But please just don’t destroy the bar, just, I’ll do...”

“A mistake?” Tank booms down at me. “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! And I need MORE of it!” Tank starts getting that far-away look again, like he’s not even really paying attention to the problem at hand here. “Wouldn’t it be just great if I were even bigger? Wow, I would be so strong too...imagine what I could do with all that power...” Tank absentmindedly flexes and rubs the bulge in his pants as he imagines himself even bigger, and then grabs one of the support beams on the roof. He squeezes, the metal screaming as it deforms in his hands, the tremendously strong grip making the structure yield. Tank grunts, his forearm exploding with thick muscle and veins as he looks down at me and squeezes harder.

“No! No no, Tank please, just, don’t... don’t hurt my bar! Look, I’ll do.... whatever you want, just please don’t mess up my bar. I’m sorry, ok!”

Tank lets go of the metal support and grins down at me. He has me right where he wants me.

“Ok little buddy, you won’t regret it I promise. Just think how awesome it will be when I’m bigger! HAHA!” He flexes his huge arms, biceps and delts and traps rising up like a mountain, his big fists accidentally bumping into the ceiling. I can smell his musky pits from down here.

“So man, let’s see what that third injection does to me... it’s gonna feel so good...” Tank again rubs the growing hard-on in his shorts as he nudges me towards the office with his knee. “I’ll be even better at protecting the bar, and maybe another competitor or two will disappear tonight, hehe. We’ll just do this one injection and then I’ll be good, don’t worry about it!”

I stumble forward as he bumps me with his leg. I’m not reassured by his promises, as he said the same thing about destroying stuff the last time he made a promise like that. I look up his face, and he isn’t even looking at me, he’s off in never-never land, imagining what it will be like to be bigger.

“Mmph, can’t wait man, this is gonna be great, come on boss open the door already...”

I’m shaking at this point, knowing that I’m about to make the biggest, strongest man on the planet, a man who seems increasingly reckless and bent on destroying and enjoying his size, even bigger and stronger, giving in to his demands. But I have no choice... I fiddle with my keys until I find the right one and then open my office. I walk in as Tank crouches down and watches me go into the little door; he’s too big to fit through already. What will he be like after another injection? 15 feet tall? 20? Thicker, fatter, more muscular? Stronger of course. Jesus, stronger than he already... Tank reaches in and nudges me along, his big hand wrapping around half my waist already.

I unlock the bottom drawer of my desk and there is the little syringe kit. I take out the third one and start walking back to the door. Tank is actually sticking his head in the door, so excited.

“Yeah man, that’s the one, woo hoo can’t wait! Man being this big feels so good, gonna be GREAT to be even BIGGER, YEAH!”

He follows me back out to the alley, his big steps shaking the bar, bottles and glasses rattling as he stomps past, until we are outside. I take off the cap of the needle. “Ok Tank... but again man, you gotta promise you won’t hurt the bar.”

“Yeah sure boss, whatever you say, just give me that injection! MMM I can’t wait!”

“And don’t just go around destroying stuff like you were the last few days, we gotta keep this under control!”

“Yeah bud sure, whatever you say, just give me that needle already!!!” Tank booms down at me. Tank kneels and puts his shoulder right in my face, the huge furry boulder of muscle ready for the needle. I stab his shoulder hard to pierce his hard skin and plunge the needle. The clear liquid drains into Tank’s big body and I immediately regret my decision.


Part 15

“MMMM yeah finally, can’t wait to be bigger!” Tank grunts as he stands back up and immediately starts surging taller and bulging thicker.

“Jesus Tank, you are... oh my god...” I back up as Tank explodes with size.

“HAHA YEAH BUDDY THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, OH THIS FEELS SO GOOD!!” Tank booms, his voice louder and deeper, echoing around the alley. “GONNA GET BIG! SO BIG! HUGE!!!!”

Tank stretches taller, his feet expanding next to me as he grows. His head passes the second story window above him and he grunts a laugh. His muscles expand with him, his broad shoulders stretching wider and thicker, seeming to take up the entire alley.

“MMMMPH UNNNGGGG YEAH GOD THIS FEELS AMAZING,” Tank grunts, and his massive thighs stretch his Underarmor shorts tight and then rip right through them. His massive cock sprouts out of the top of his shorts, the huge cock head looking red and angry.

His arms bulge thicker and rounder, huge triceps fighting for space with his growing lats. He adjusts his arms and they come to rest at an angle, resting against his huge chest, lats, and belly. Thicker hair sprouts all over his chest, on his mountainous shoulders and traps and down his arms. He twists around and I can even see his back getting hairy.

“HAHAHA OH YEAH!” Tank booms as he rubs his big belly with thick calloused fingers. “FEELS GOOD! FEELS GREAT! MORE! BIGGER!”

Tank’s thighs and calves balloon larger to accommodate his bigger size, growing thick and heavy with muscle. His quads bulge with meat that hangs over his knee, but lock into rock hard solidity when he flexes and adjusts his weight again. Now he is straddling the entire alley, and I’m only up to his knees. I look up and see his wide jawline and rounded cheeks above them, his face wide and boxy. His high-and-tight makes him look even more masculine and commanding. He reaches down and palms his enormous tank of a gut and jiggles his new thick beef.

Tank then reaches up and pinches a nipple that tops his massive barrel chest, the furry pectorals hanging over his gut like a shelf. “OOHHHHHHH FUCK THAT FEELS GREAT,” Tank groans as he tweaks and teases his nips. His cock jumps to attention as he does, flicking a drop of precum that barely misses me. “UNNNGGGG FUCK YEAH BOSS SO BIG... WANNA JUST... UNG!”

Tank turns to the building next to us and rams his hard cock right into the side of the building. His huge dick punches right through the hard brick wall, 3 feet of cock plunging into the side of a fucking building, and he groans with pleasure. His huge hands reach up and smash through the second story windows to grip the building, and he starts thrusting with reckless abandon.

“UNNNNGGGGG FUCK, SO STRONG, SO BIG, SO HUGE!” he roars. Tank fucks harder and more violently, destroying the building and slamming into it with tremendous, terrifying force. Jesus christ, what have I created? His thick bulky gut slams against the bricks, causing them to break and flake away, his huge hands grip the building and crush the structure, forcing him to regrip and destroy even more. His huge knees ram into the side of the wall, breaking more of it. His breathing quickens as he fucks, sweat building on his now giant frame.

“UNNNGGGG GONNA CUM,” Tank announces before shooting hot white jizz into the next door building. The entire wall crumbles down as he pulls out and tears the side of the building down with his huge hands. The alley smells awful, like BO and cum and brick dust. Tank roars and punches the rest of the wall into bits, laughing and grunting and testing his new strength. Dust from the destruction covers his sweaty body, making his tattoo a bit obscured as he turns to me.

“FUCK YEAH BOSS, DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE ME FUCK THAT BUILDING APART? YEAH BUDDY, GONNA BE SO FUN TO BE A 25 FOOT TALL GIANT!” Tank spots the tiny cars in the street at the end of the alley. They don’t even come up to his knees now. He waddles over, the ground vibrating and bit and his huge feet making audible thumps as he walks. He squats down, huge dick still leaking cum onto the roof of the car, and reaches his big hands under the car. He tilts the car up and reaches under. He easily lifts the car into the air, standing to his full towering height. I only come up to his knees.

“HAHA WOW BOSS CHECK THIS OUT! IT’S SO LIGHT! THIS IS FUN!” Tank then rears back and throws the car as hard as he can down the street. The car flies an entire city block before crashing onto the road. It skips around and smashes into another parked car, metal and glass flying everywhere with a sickening crunch. Well, sickening to me. Very satisfying to big Tank, who grins and pumps his fists as the cars are destroyed.

“WOOOOOOOO FUCK THAT WAS COOL! I WONDER WHAT ELSE I CAN DO AT THIS SIZE!” Tank turns back to me down the alley and turns sideways to fit his huge shoulders through. The sides of his gut scrape against the sides of the alley, grinding away parts of the brick. “WHAT DO YOU THINK, BOSS? PRETTY AWESOME HUH? NO ONE IS GONNA CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS AROUND THE BAR ANYMORE, I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!” Tank punctuates his question by slapping his big belly, which jiggles and bounces.


Part 16

My mouth hangs open in shock and fear at the monster I’ve created. Jesus fuck he is big. I look up and marvel at the thick, beefy muscle that trembles and twitches all over his oversized body. His round, hard gut hangs over his big legs and cock, which is still chubby and wet from fucking the neighboring building. I look up farther and see his huge rounded pectorals pulse and tense with muscle as he bounces and flexes them, feeling the power. His big arms are pressed against the walls, tris and delts smooshed against the brick, making some of them give way.

“Tank... what are we going to do with you at this size?” I ask, noticing for the first time how big his calves have grown. They look hairier too.


“A-alright big guy you got it...” It’s just impossible to say no to someone who can fuck your building apart, you know?

Tank saunters back to the front of the bar, straddling the front entrance and then lowering himself down with a soft BOOM. His huge ass crushes a car parked in the street, intentionally by the look on Tank’s face. He shifts his weight and enjoys the feeling. Just the force of his weight is enough to flatten a car now.

The staff starts bringing him out bar food to try to fill him up, but it doesn’t make much of a dent. After a dozen burgers and assorted appetizers, I come out of my office, where I replaced the remaining syringes in a small safe and stressed out about what was going to happen next, and tell my wait staff to stop. We need to save some food for tonight’s patrons anyway.

“HEY WHY’D YOU GUYS STOP? I’M STILL HUNGRY OUT HERE! TOUGH TO BE A BOUNCER ON AN EMPTY STOMACH GUYS!” Tank lets out a huge belch that shakes the windows of the bar and rattles the bottles at the bar. I walk out of the bar and look up at the behemoth taking up the entire sidewalk. He’s naked and there are remains of food strewn around, his impressive bulk spreading out everywhere.

“Tank, we gotta save some food for the customers tonight, if we don’t have enough th—”

“NOPE, DON’T CARE. I’M STILL HUNGRY AND I NEED MORE AFTER THAT BIG GROWTH SPURT OF MINE! WOULDN’T WANT TO HAVE SOMETHING HAPPEN TO THE BAR, BOSS...” Tank grins down at me and reaches forward, plucking a letter off the sign of the bar with two huge fingers. The bolts holding it in place snap easily as Tank yanks it out of the wall and tosses it onto the sidewalk.

“Fuck, no, Tank.... ok ok, guys, keep feeding him, give him whatever he wants!” I turn around and tell the staff. The rest of the staff look on nervously... they can tell the energy has changed around here. No longer excited by Tank’s big size, they are nervous, some obviously scared of him.

I can hear Tank shift his weight behind me and then suddenly his huge hand wraps around my torso. I brace my hands against him and push but it’s too late.

“GOTCHA LITTLE GUY! IF YOU DON’T FEED ME MORE, I MIGHT HAVE TO FIND OTHER THINGS TO EAT...” he says ominously and then I realize he’s lifting me up to his mouth.

“Tank, what the fuck, d-don’t, just, oh my god!” I sputter and I feel his tongue rake across my face and torso, brushing my shirt out of the way.

“MMM BOSS YOU TASTE ALRIGHT!” Tank booms and wraps his lips around my arm, slurping dramatically.

I try to tug my arm out of his mouth but it’s pointless. It’s wet and warm in his mouth and I’m panicking as I think he might actually eat me. Then Tank lets go and starts laughing right in my face, his hot breath washing over me. His booming laughter is deafening this close, and my ears ring.

“HAHAHAHA JEEZ BOSS I WOULDN’T ACTUALLY EAT YOU, BUT MAN IT’S FUN TO FUCK AROUND WITH YOU!” Tank rumbles and gives me another lick. I try to lean away from it but he’s got me in such a tight grip, it’s pointless.

“Ugh...Tank... gross! Just... yeah, have whatever you want, just put me down so I can go wash off, ok?” I say and wipe off the saliva from my face. The huge jock in front of me grins and squeezes me a little before putting me down.

“HA THANKS BOSS I KNEW YOU’D SEE IT MY WAY!” Tank says as he pats me on the back. I fall forward hard, falling onto the sidewalk and feeling the wind knock out of me.

“SORRY BUD, DON’T KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH YET...I’LL FIND OUT SOON ENOUGH I’M SURE!” Tank flexes a big bicep and gropes it with his other hand, feeling the massive round curve of his muscular bicep. At normal height his arm would be well over 22” around... at giant-size, it’s truly a sight to behold.

Tank keeps eating and eating until there is almost no food left at the bar. He washes it down with some of the best liquor at the bar until he is finally full.

Patrons start showing up, all of them shocked by Tank’s giant form. They had heard of the bar with the huge bouncer, but this was something else. Tank, now too big to take IDs or stand inside, straddles the entrance of the bar, people passing through the arch of his huge thick legs and bulbous cock to enter. Soon the place is packed, but rather than being excited and alive, the place is subdued... people seem nervous. There are some who are excited about the newly gigantic bouncer, but most seem anxious to be around someone so massive and intimidating.

As the night goes on, Tank keeps ordering more booze to drink, handing some out to patrons but drinking most of it himself. His big voice booms loudly in the street, scaring people away and causing others inside to glace at each other nervously. The bar quickly runs out of food, so people leave early seeking munchies elsewhere. The place is soon dead for a Friday night, but that isn’t stopping Tank from having a good time. It takes a lot to get someone that big drunk, but Tank somehow manages it. He gets louder and ruder as the night goes on, swearing and grabbing at people and rubbing his cock at will. He gets so drunk that he suddenly bursts down the door with his huge hand, the glass and metal frame offering up no resistance to his massive paw.

“BOSS WHERE YOU AT BRO!? I NEED MORE BOOZE, I’M ALMOST OUT! GIVE ME A BOTTLE OF PATRON, NOW!” Tank yells from outside, his voice even louder than earlier.

I run out of the gaping hole he has left in my bar and confront him, but as soon as I see him in the flesh at his full size, I back down. He cracks open bottles with his fingernails and downs them like capri suns.

“HEY THERE LITTLE GUY! FUCK, THIS IS AWESOME! SO FUN TO BE A GIANT, YOU HAVE NO IDEA MAN! YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO LITTLE! I GUESS I JUST KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND YOU JUST KEEP GETTING SMALLER!” Tank booms and reaches for me, setting me on his expansive thigh. I straddle it and he smirks down at me.

“Tank, you need to just calm down, you can’t just do whatever you want now that you’re this size! Be reasonable, please!” I plead, but I know it’s falling on deaf ears. He isn’t even listening to me. He’s bouncing his pecs and looking down the street with a twinkle in his eye.



Part 17

Tank doesn’t wait for my response, he stands up to his full 25 feet, knocking me on my ass in the process, and starts stomping down the street, stumbling a bit in his drunkenness.

“HAHA MMMM FUCK YEAH!” Tank rears back and kicks a parked car, sending it flipping and smashing down the street. He then balls up his huge fist and punches the side of the building across the street, sending brick and debris flying, smashing windows and littering the street with rubble. His arm is forearm-deep into the second floor. As he pulls his arm out of the hole, more debris spills out into the streets.

“DID YOU SEE THAT BOSS, WOW I’M SO STRONG NOW! WONDER WHAT ELSE I CAN DO AT THIS SIZE...” It’s hard to keep up with big Tank, and I jog to catch up with him. He leaves a path of destruction in his wake until he finally reaches his destination, Tops, another bar just blocks away.

Tops is full of people. It’s a hopping gay club with well over a hundred people inside, and Tank approaches quickly. I can see his dick swelling with anticipation of smashing it up.

“HEY THERE LITTLE GUYS READY FOR A REALLY BIG GUY? I THINK YOU’LL LIKE ME!” Tank booms to the terrified patrons of Tops. Without hesitation or warning Tank kicks in the entrance of the bar, sending debris into the bar and causing a panic.

“WOW THAT WAS SO EASY... EASIER THAN BEFORE! THIS PLACE IS SO SMALL...” Tank squats down and reaches into the bar with two huge hands, his thick forearms barging inside, and he starts ripping out everything he can get his hands on. He uses his arms as leverage and starts pushing his huge bulk into the bar, pressing against the walls and windows until they start to give way. He breaks through the front wall and barges inside, knocking over anything in his way, bent over. He stands to his full height and crunches up into the ceiling, sending more debris falling. “SO PATHETIC AND WEAK, WOW THIS PLACE FEELS FRAGILE,” Tank intones as I stand outside and watch the destruction commence.

He backs up out of the bar, the entire second floor wall coming down with him, and looks down at me. “WATCH THIS, BOSS!” he booms, his huge belly jiggling, his big thick legs tensing. He gets down in a three point stance, and then yells “HUT!!” and charges shoulder-first into the building. The entire building explodes into a mess of debris and dust, as Tank’s massive body plows into it. He pushes through, smashing in the entire facade of the building in a cloud of dust and smoke. I hear a crash at the back of the bar as Tank slams against the bar.

I can hear his giant, booming laughter coming from within, but the dust obscures my vision. I back up more and my jaw drops as I see the ceiling of the two-story structure collapse and then see a figure rising up out of the debris. I hear great breaths blowing the dust away and suddenly I can see him again, leaning against the destroyed structure and grinding his feet into the rubble, crushing pieces into dust.

“OH MY GOD THAT FELT SO GOOD. I’M SO STRONG! HEY BOSS DID YOU SEE THAT! PRETTY COOL HUH? I’M JUST GETTING WARMED UP, WAIT UNTIL I GO TAKE ON THE REALLY BIG STUFF! LOOK AT HOW STRONG I AM!” With that, Tank reaches down over his big belly and grabs a handful of debris: bricks, half the old bar, and some metal support beams. He balls it up in his hands and presses it all together like he’s making a snowball, the material forced together by the tremendous force of a reckless destructive monster. Tank’s pecs and arms flex, bulging out obscenely with thick, heavy muscle. Tank winds up and throws the ball of debris as hard as he can across the street. It smashes into the building across the street, causing an explosion of debris as a hole is torn into the wall. Tank grins and his eyes light up as he sees the mayhem he causes.


“No no no, Tank, don’t—!” I yell but there’s no point trying to get away. He’s too big, too strong, too quick. Tank grins greedily as he grabs me with one hand and with the other tugs at my shirt until it tears off of my puny body.

“YEAH BOSS I NEED TO CUM, NEED YOUR LITTLE BODY TO HELP NOW, C’MERE LITTLE GUY,” he grunts and tugs hard at my pants until they too come off. Disrobed and humiliated, Tank grips me with both of his enormous paws, lifts me up as he stands to his full towering height, and presses me against his wet cock.

“UHHHHHNNNNG YES,” Tank growls and rubs my body against his. He rubs me along his hairy chest and belly, eventually lowering me down until I’m rubbing against his cock. My face, chest, and thighs rub up and down and I soon get smeared with his precum, which leaks faster as Tank rubs against me more.

“BOSS YOU’RE SO SMALL NOW, I DON’T EVEN THINK I’D FIT INSIDE YOU ANYMORE, BUT I’M SURE AS HELL GONNA TRY!” Tank grunts as he lifts me up and rubs his massive cock head against my furry ass. I gasp and go to say something but my face is smashed against his huge gut and pecs as he tries to press against my hole. I’m a quarter of his size though, and his cock, easily the thickness of my thigh, is too big.

“FUCK THAT’S HOT, YOU’RE JUST TOO SMALL! AND I’M JUST TOO BIG! FUCK!” Ben grunts as he resumes rubbing my torso against his massive hard cock until I feel it pulsing and twitching.

“USING YOU LIKE A FUCKING SEX TOY BOSS, BIG TANK FUCKING YOU GOOD, YEAH!” Tank roars and pumps my body against his cock. It’s disorientating and painful getting squeezed and rubbed around, my entire body shaking up and down fast. The precum makes the ride smooth and slick, but it’s sticky and messy too. My nose bashes against ridge of his cock head as he batters me up and down, and I can hear his breathing getting heavier. He starts grunting and growling, and I feel his cock swell even bigger before he erupts like a volcano, cum spraying a good ten feet into the air and then splaying all over the street. Cum runs down into my hair and face, blinding me for a moment, and I get a lot on me, drenching my clothes.

I figure he will calm down after shooting his big load, but if anything Tank seems more excited than ever about his size and power. He looks down at me, grinning and panting, the hair on his chest and belly matted down with sweat, and he looks down the street back towards my bar.


“No Tank, you’re too big, I won’t give you another, I won’t!”

“OH BOSS YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO ME ANYMORE, HAHA”. Tank starts back towards the bar, his huge feet stomping into the pavement, smashing everything he can on the way there. I look down and notice the concrete cracks and gives way slightly under his tonnage. “YOU’RE GONNA GO IN YOUR LITTLE OFFICE AND TAKE THE BAG OUT OF THAT LITTLE SAFE YOU PUT IT IN AND GIVE IT HERE, OK?”

“Tank, no, you’re out of control, you can’t have more, I won’t let you!”

“YOU WON’T LET ME? HAHAHA THAT’S HILARIOUS!” Tank roars as he shoulders into a light pole and knocks it over for fun. “BOSS I REALLY DON’T THINK YOU HAVE MUCH OF A CHOICE...” Tank squeezes my little body, which feels so frail and fragile in his huge grip. “YOU’RE SO TINY, BUD... SO WEAK COMPARED TO ME. WOULD BE A REAL FUCKING SHAME IF I HAD TO HURT YOU...” Tank squeezes even tighter, squeezing the breath out of me. I feel my back pop and my ribs contract.

“Uhhhhggg no Tank...” I wheeze pathetically. We are back at the bar, Tank towering over everything. It’s weird to be held up high like this, I think as I start to feel myself lose consciousness, but then suddenly Tank loosens his grip on m.


“Just let me down, please, oh god, I’ll do whatever you want....” I’m panicked and fearing for my life. Tank dumps me unceremoniously onto the ground from 10 feet up and I slump to the ground with a grunt.


I scramble into the bar, jumping through the gaping hole of what was once the entrance to the bar. My bar. What happened? What did I do to deserve this? I should have never messed with this stuff... never hired such a big stupid meathead for a bouncer...

“BOSS...I’M WAITING... WHERE ARE YOU...” I hear Tank pacing outside, digging foot-shaped craters into the street outside the bar. “MMMMPH FUCK CAN’T WAIT TO BE EVEN BIGGER, GONNA BE SO GREAT, GOD FUCKING DAMMIT HURRY UP BOSS!”

I’m rushed, hurried, my hands shaking as I open the safe. What if I give it to him? How could I, really? The whole city will be at risk! But what if I don’t give it to him? I just can’t... if I don’t, I’m dead. I know it. Tank is completely obsessed now, concerned only with growing bigger.


I finally get the safe open. I take out the last syringe. I come out of my office to see two huge fingers jutting through the doorway, impatiently grabbing for me. They find me and wrap me up into their grasp, pulling me out and up.


I pop the cap off and take one last look at Tank. He’s staring down at me with a toothy, excited grin, his bearded chubby face intent on me, eyes burning wide with intensity and desire. He’s lost. Obsessed with being huge and destroying. And I’m about to enable him. But it’s hard to say no. Hard to say no to a giant who has you literally in the palm of his hand. I stab his finger with the needle and plunge it in.


Part 18

Tank drops me unceremoniously from 12 feet up and I fall onto the sidewalk heavily, nearly twisting an ankle. I groan and look up at the monster towering over me squeezing his thick fingers together and feeling the injection working its way up his arm.

“OH WOW I CAN ACTUALLY FEEL IT SPREADING THROUGH ME, BOSS, IT’S GONNA BE A BIG ONE, I CAN TELL!” Tank rumbles and backs up into the middle of the street. I can hear distant sirens approaching, but Tank doesn’t seem to care. He starts breathing heavily and flexing, bringing his fists together and tensing his pecs and traps, huge biceps and delts bulging.

“OOOOF, YEAH, BIGGER,” Tank grunts and I see him start to swell. Thicker, pumped, his hairy body getting ruddy and sweaty as his body prepares for growth. Then suddenly, he lurches taller by several feet, his body exploding with size.

Tank grunts in ecstasy feeling the formula course through him, triggering an explosion of growth. “OHHHH FUUUUUUCK YES!” he booms and erupts with size. He shoots taller, faster than I could believe, the beef on his body expanding in all directions. He surges taller, quickly doubling in height. My mouth drops open and I step backwards and crane my neck up to watch him grow. It happens so fast it’s hard to keep up with!

I flinch at the sound of the pavement cracking and crunching under his feet; Tank presses into the ground harder as his tonnage multiplies. Tank’s rumbling grunts and groans get deeper and louder and he grows and grows, no signs of stopping as he passes the 100 foot mark. I see one enormous foot lift off the ground—it’s surreal to watch something so huge and heavy rise up so easily, and I realize I come up to his ankle now—and then plant itself again along the sidewalk. The impact of the foot BOOMS down like an earthquake, and I stumble and move away. The other foot plants itself on the other side of the street, as Tank widens his stance to make room for more growth. I look up as I start to run down the street, but all I can see is his giant gut blocking my view, 10 storys high now and jiggling and wobbling as it grows.

“MORE!” I hear Tank say from on high, and the volume and bass of his voice makes my chest rattle. “BIGGER!” he rumbles and his body obeys, expanding taller and wider and thicker in all directions. The other injections only made him grow a few feet, I think to myself as I hear glass shattering behind me as Tank’s shoulders press themselves against the buildings on the side of the street. They must have had a cumulative, exponential effect, each one building upon the others and multiplying the effect. I keep running down the street, staggering occasionally as Tank adjusts his stance wider, hearing buildings next to him crack and crunch as his body pushes them aside.

I make it a few blocks away as I hear a deep rumble echo through the streets as Tank growls. I turn back and watch his head, neck, and huge traps rise up taller in a huge growth spurt, overtaking the buildings between him and I. His face comes into view, grinning with excited and then grimacing as another wave of growth washes over him, making him surge up higher and wider. I hear more buildings crunch and collapse as he adjusts his feet, dust filling the streets near the epicenter of his growth.

Tank turns and looks at himself in the glass of the 700ft tall building next to him and laughs. The booming, bassy laughter shakes the windows in the entire downtown area, and Tank raises up his huge arms into a double bicep pose. He sees himself swell even bigger, the peaks of his biceps rising up thicker and taller. The giant opens his mouth and utters something unintelligible, his voice is so loud and bassy it’s hard to make out anything, but I think he he says “FUCK YEAH” as he rubs a heavy paw over the hard curvature of his bicep, squeezing it. A final shiver of growth ripples through him, which makes his enormous traps and lats tense, and he tops out at about 500ft.

People all around me are screaming and running from the enormous brute standing amidst the skyscapers of downtown. Tank flexes and rubs his muscles, his cock chubbing up noticeably. I stand there, jaw-agape, at the monster I helped create, helpless to do anything but watch. Tank rubs a palm over his tremendous pec shelf, and I can hear the scratching of his chest fur rubbing against his hand from here, the dense strawberry blonde hair covering his chest, shoulders, traps, and most of his back. He runs a finger over his hard nipples, and I see his cock jump up harder and thicker. His arm swells as he rubs his chest, the dark swirls of his tattoo easily visible at this size, the lines of the pattern as thick as a man.

Suddenly Tank moves, taking an enormous first step past the glass building. The ground rumbles as his foot lands, the shaking noticeable from several blocks away. I have to crane my neck up to see him as he plows his way through city blocks, crunching smaller buildings under his feet. He looks to be heading towards a building about his height. His shins plow through a 100-foot tall parking garage. The building explodes into rubble, offering little to no resistance to the giant’s leg; Tank has the same eager grin on his face as I had seen several times throughout the last week, hardly noticing the enormous chaos going on below. My ears ring with the deafening BOOM BOOM BOOM of his steps, with is accompanied by the sounds of buildings crushing and cracking, the sound of glass shattering as his thumping steps send shockwaves through the city, and from car alarms going off everywhere.

He’s moving a bit closer to me, and I curse and run in the other direction, trying to make sure I have at least a few blocks of space between me and the behemoth.

Tank grips his huge belly in his hands, spreading his arms wider and crunching into more buildings as he rubs his gut. The tremendous round tank of fat and muscle jiggles with every booming step, and Tank chuckles deeply and ominously as he shakes it up and down. It’s bigger and fatter than ever, hanging over his thick cock. “SO BIG, FUCK,” I hear him rumble as I keep retreating.

He finally reaches the 500ft tall building he was heading towards and plants himself in front of it, his feet spaced apart nearly as wide as a city block. Tank sizes up the building and laughs, the thunderous sound of his laughter making me flinch and cover my ears in shock. He licks his lips and presses his belly against the glass façade. The sound of shattering glass fills the air as he presses his enormous bulk against the building, the structure yielding to the titanic weight of the round gut. Tank groans and growls as he steps closer and presses further against the building, and I hear the structure groan and squeal as more tonnage leans against it. His gut is unyielding, the hard roundness of it crushing the skyscraper. Tank then lifts up his huge arms, packed with muscle, and wraps them around the building. His shoulders and traps flex, and they rise up like a mountain range as I watch from the side.

Tank adjusts his grip around the building and then squeezes as hard as he can, breathing out heavily which blows out the windows of the top floors, and grunting with exertion and pleasure. I watch his chest swell thicker and his arms clamp into iron hardness, the muscles jumping up under the dense hair. The building groans and cracks loudly, rubble falling quickly as his arms crush through the structure frighteningly easily. The entire top half of the building sloughs off onto Tank’s chest, and the monstrous giant huffs a booming laugh. In a moment, he’s bearhugging only a pile of rubble, and the pathetic apartment building collapses against his thigh, spilling rubble into the streets and against nearly buildings.

Tank dumps the remaining rubble on top of the building next door, crushing the roof in, and he smiles, tensing and flexing his chest and shoulders, shrugging his traps and snapping his neck. His pecs pulsate as he flexes them, round and hairy shelves of power. He reaches up to dust them off, the huge paws rubbing loudly over the furry muscle. He turns and I can see his cock has hardened into a massive, angry-looking boner, the domination and power coursing through him, turning him on.

He rotates and takes a few rumbling steps, and speaks, the words too loud to make out, and he pushes over another building next to him. He seems totally uncaring about the screams of scores of people below him, fleeing the oncoming destruction his bulk leaves behind. He only seems interested in testing the limits of his new, giant body and pleasuring his inner desires.

Tank’s eyes light up as he spots the largest building downtown, which at 750 feet towers over him by quite a bit. Tank clearly wants the biggest thing in town, and he makes his way over there with shocking, disturbing quickness, his feet leaving feet-deep craters in the streets, leaving broken water mains, crushed cars, fires, and cracked pavement in his wake. Tank doesn’t even seem to notice or care, all that stuff too small for him to be concerned with as he approaches the 750ft building.

Tank sizes it up. He stands at his full height and tenses his big shoulders and plants himself in front of the building. He reaches his meaty right arm forward, his bicep and forearms tensing, and grips his thick cock, the circumference of an oil train car. An oozing drop of precum smears along the glass of the building, and I can hear Tank’s breathing get deeper and faster with anticipation.

He rumbles something and presses his cock harder against the building until it pierces the glass and stone and steel. Tank leans harder against the building and he grips the building on both sides, his hands crushing into the building as he makes hand-holds and thrusts himself in deeper. His cock breaks through walls, piles, and everything in its way as he starts to fuck the building. Tank groans loudly as the debris rubs roughly against his cock head, which is like a huge battering ram. He pulls out and then slams his bulk back into the building, and the city shakes. He readjusts his feet, the street rumbling with his tonnage, and he rams into the building again, faster this time. Again, and again, picking up speed. Tank grunts and groans deeply as the hole he fucks into the skyscraper grows wider and deeper, threatening the structural integrity of the building itself.

Tank leans in closer to the building, pressing his awesome gut and chest against the structure and he headbutts the upper floors, crashing into the building as he fucks harder and deeper. I can see his wide hairy back spread wider than the city block itself as his enormous ass muscles tense as he thrusts in faster and harder. The entire city shakes with his fucking, the sound a deafening mix of crashing destruction and guttural grunting. Flecks of sweat start flying off the monstrous behemoth, dripping everywhere.

Tank then adjusts his grip on the building, spreading his huge arms around the building as much as he can, and bear hugs it just like the last one. Crushing the building in his huge arms, against the rock-hard muscles of his gut and chest, feeling the pathetic building yield to his mass. His power. Tank grunts and flexes harder, and he feels the building crumbling apart as he fucks.

Finally just as I see the building start to break apart and collapse, Tank groans a deafening roar and a torrent of white cream explodes out of the other side of the building, splattering onto the building across the street. Cum overflows from the hole Tank has created, dribbling onto the streets below, covering small, parked cars and slicking up sidewalks. The top half of the building collapses in on itself and then topples over, smashing the building across the street and leaving a cloud of dust that obscures my vision. I run, coughing from the dust that fills in every street for blocks, then I lose sight of Tank in the ensuing dust cloud.

I just run for a while, fleeing with the crowd of people around me, choking and crying as we run up the hill outside of the main downtown area, trying to get some high ground. From behind, I can hear heavy breathing, Tank occasionally grunting or laughing, and more destruction, always more sounds of buildings collapsing, explosions as gas lines are split, and chaos.

10 minutes later I find myself stopping, exhausted and at the top of the hill. I turn to look back at what’s left of the city.

The dust has cleared enough so that I can see Tank towering over everything in downtown, every building taller than him and most of the rest reduced to nothing. Block after block of the city is ruined, piles of brick and glass and fire. Tank lifts a huge foot and brings it down on another building, flatting the entire thing, and grinds it under his heel. He rolls his shoulders and flexes his pecs, the round mounds of power rippling with size. He bites his lower lip and growls, surveying the destruction his strength has caused.

He raises a huge arm into the air and flexes his bicep, and opens his mouth. This time I can make sense of the giant.

“MORE!” He proclaims, the booming rumble of his voice having an ominous, deafening power to it like thunder. Tank closes his eyes and tenses his muscles, and I can see his giant frame start to swell even bigger. Tank sighs, takes a deep breath, and pushes himself up even taller, his frame exploding with more size by force of will. He adjusts his stance and spreads his shoulders and the muscles in his body expand bigger and wider and thicker. “MORE!” he growls again as he flexes and watches his awesome body explode with growth. He grows and grows, swelling to twice the height he was just seconds ago, his muscles keeping pace and growing right along with his height. Tank’s body chemistry has changed, integrating the growth formula into every cell, and now the unstoppable, greedy muscle monster has complete control of his size.

Watching him swell bigger, I know there is only one direction he is interested in growing, and that’s up. Tank grabs his cock, which is rock hard and throbbing with precum, and starts stroking as his titanic mass balloons bigger and bigger. He grunts and moans as he grows and grows, until the massive cock explodes with more cum, spraying white cream over half the downtown area, extinguishing some fires and spreading a musky scent into the air. Tank tops out at twice his former 500ft tall height.

He licks the cum from his hand and takes his first step as a newly minted 1000-foot-tall musclebear monster. The step sounds like an explosion, and a shockwave rumbles the earth and topples whatever buildings still standing are nearby. Even a ways away, on the safety of the hill, the ground shakes so violently the glass in the building next to me shatters. Tank opens his gaping maw and says something, my ears ringing at the sound of it and my chest rattling as the bassy rumble fills the air and he starts to leave the city. The huge behemoth moves slowly and steadily, each step covering more than an entire city block as he waddles out of downtown and towards the suburbs, leaving incredible destruction and massive footprint-shaped craters in his wake.

As Tank leaves the city, his giant back spreading wide as he saunters away towards the mountains, towards the next city over, I look over the ruins of downtown and spot my bar. It’s one of the only untouched buildings in the area.

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