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Coach Barker

by Argenti

Coach Travis Barker has a special gift, and when he shares this gift with Adam, change begins to unfold around them.

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Part 1 Coach Travis Barker has a special gift, and when he shares this gift with Adam, change begins to unfold around them. (added: 11 May 2019)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 Adam enjoys being shared by powerful men, but he likes growing even more. Two other students want to get in the act. (added: 1 Jun 2019)
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 The young men revel in their uncanny, towering size and continuing growth. (added: 15 Jun 2019)
Part 9
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Part 1

“Just my luck,” Adam groaned when he realized he left his phone in his gym locker. He was almost out the door of the school building when he noticed the extra space in his back pocket. He turned around in the hallway with dismay. If he weren’t 6’0”, Adam knew he would have had trouble pushing his way through the oncoming stampede of students excited to leave school for the weekend. Hell, he was excited too, but he had to retrieve his phone first. It also didn’t help that the building used for weight lifting classes was so far away from the main building.

Shoving past a seemingly never-ending flow of teenagers made Adam glad he even took the weight lifting classes in the first place. It was referred to as “Physical Conditioning” on his class schedule, but none of the jocks taking the class ever called it that. Alex didn’t think of himself as a jock, seeing as he never played any sports in high school. His friends always tried pressuring him into playing football, using his toned physique as reasoning. They all told him it was his senior year of high school, and that he had nothing to lose. Adam just shrugged it off and carried about his day. Adam refused to join the football team because he didn’t want to associate with the meatheads that praised themselves for participating in a sport that didn’t really matter anyways. A large portion of the football players were douche bags in Adam’s eyes. He felt that he had no business hanging around so many arrogant assholes, even if he thought some of them were hot.

By the time Adam reached the weight lifting building, as most people called it, he no longer heard the eager buzz of students outside. It had probably taken him a good 10 minutes to finally get through the sea of people and traverse the long walk from the main school building to his destination. Inside, Adam took a deep breath, inhaling the musky scent of sweaty teenage boys that never seemed to leave the building. He felt his dick get hard in his jeans. This was his favorite place in the school, but not entirely because he loved working out. The building reeked of masculinity. The constant parade of shirtless football players, dripping with sweat, and their ripped muscles bulging after a satisfying workout, it got Adam hard every day. In fact, Adam was always hesitant to enter the building each day, afraid someone might notice the raging hard on in his jeans.

Adam listened for a moment, making sure nobody else was in the building. Down the wide hallway were a few storage closets, and unused classrooms from many years ago when the building was still used for teaching. It had since then been converted into a place that Adam loved. There were no sounds other than the hum of the air conditioner, which Adam took as his sign to head for the locker rooms. The musky scent grew stronger as Adam grew closer to the locker room, prompting him to take deep whiffs of the arousing smell every few seconds.

Once inside the stench filler locker room, Adam made a quick run for his locker, hoping to get out and to his car as quickly as possible. He grabbed the lock and had just began to enter its combination when a sound behind nearly made him jump out of his tanned skin. A shower began to run in the conjoined room. There was no door, only a corner to turn into the wide-open expanse of showers. Adam prayed that whatever jock was getting ready to shower wouldn’t bother him, but his heart sank when he heard a voice behind him.

“Adam? What are you doing in here?” A deep voice echoed, confusion in his tone. Adam turned around and was met with a sight he had dreamed of seeing ever since he started taking weight lifting classes. Standing in the locker room, with nothing but a towel around his waist, was the coach who supervised the weight lifting classes. Adam’s cock couldn’t help but grow completely hard, and even leak some precum into his underwear. Coach Barker was a very sexy man. His bald head contrasted to Adam’s short brown hair, but Adam’s shaven face differed from his coach’s light stubble. Coach Barker’s thick neck led down to powerful shoulders, broad and defined, connected to his beautifully massive arms. The mass of muscle he was blessed to call his biceps were covered in veins and absolutely massive. The coach’s large pecs were free of any chest hair, and were topped with large, erect nipples. Adam’s mouth almost began to water when his eyes rested on Coach Barker’s 8-pack. The large abdominal muscles proved that the older man had next to no body fat, achieved by his many years of professional bodybuilding. Adam was disappointed that a towel covered most of Coach Barker’s thighs, but his calves still had a lot to show for him. Like his chest, Coach Barker’s legs were shaven.

“Oh, uh. Coach Barker, I didn’t think anyone… was, uh, still here,” Adam began to stammer, his face flushing in the presence of his coach. “I left, uh… I left my phone in my locker and I came here, uh… to get it.”

“That’s all? Oh, I thought you needed me for something,” Coach Barker responded, his deep voice sending an erotic chill through Adam’s body. If only he knew how much Adam needed him. “I was just getting ready to take a shower,” the man continued, eyeing the throbbing bulge in Adam’s pants, evidenced by a dark spot of precum. “Maybe you’d want to join me? I don’t remember you showering after weight lifting today.”

The man’s tone was suggestive enough to make Adam want to moan. This was his chance to finally have something happen with the man of his most intense sexual desires. Adam had other experiences with men, especially with some of the guys in his weight lifting class, but this was beyond anything that he could have hoped for.

“Uh, that… doesn’t sound like a bad idea, actually. I’ll be there in a second,” Adam answered, trying not to sound too excited. If his coach wasn’t actually suggesting what Adam thought he was, he didn’t want to make his coach think he were a pervert.

“Okay then, I’ll see you in a second,” Coach Barker said, smirking as he headed back towards the showers. Adam didn’t know for sure, but he could have sworn he saw the beginnings of an erecting poking against Coach Barker’s towel. The thought only excited him more. Adam opened his locker, threw his phone into his pocket to make sure he didn’t forget it again, and then stripped. One he was naked, he looked himself over, as if he were preparing for a date. His toned body was measly compared to his massively muscular coach, but he was proud of his body nonetheless. His only concern was the 7-inch meat standing erect and leaking precum onto the floor. He shrugged it off, praying to any deity that would listen, that his coach was actually horny for him. Without wasting another moment, Adam closed his locker loudly to let Coach Barker he was on his way and walked towards the showers.


Part 2

Adam felt the warmth of the shower as he rounded the corner. The floor changed from concrete to tile, smoother on Adam’s feet. His dick was still hard, and still throbbing proudly in front of him. He was scared out of his mind thinking that Coach Barker would take one look at his erection and kick him out, but the thought of having sex with his stud coach turned him on even more. Adam didn’t even feel in control of his body as he approached the open space of the showers. He almost considered that his dick was currently more in control than his brain was. He knew that what he was doing wasn’t rational. He was seconds away from stepping into a very open and public shower with a grown man almost twice his age in hopes that he would fuck with him. On the flip side, if he walked into the shower with an erection, and his coach rejected him, he could probably never show his face in the weight lifting building ever again.

Coach Barker’s back was turned when Adam stepped into the warm shower room. His broad, incredibly defined back tapered into a nice V shape, leading straight to his sculpted shelf of an ass. The large mounds of bubble butt made Adam’s cock throb again, spilling precum onto the floor. If it weren’t for the running shower, Coach Barker would have heard Adam’s quiet moan. He took a deep breath, gathered all of his strength, and walked up to the shower head next to Coach Barker. The lack of shower stalls gave Coach Barker a perfect view of Adam’s leaking erection while he reached out to turn on the shower. Adam was terrified. This was the moment of truth. He knew his coach was staring right at his boner. Adam pretended not to notice his gaze and began rubbing his chest once the water hit his body. This in itself was another mistake. Every time Adam ran his hands over his sensitive nipples, he leaked more precum. It was impossible to notice with water running down his body, but it was hard to disguise the clearly visible jump his cock made from the stimulation. Adam’s face flushed, wishing he hadn’t accidentally started to pleasure himself, especially in the presence of his coach.

“Looks like my class is doing you some good.” Coach Barker spoke quietly, breaking the awkward tension that Adam had felt between them. Adam turned to face him, and was faced with his coach, completely in the nude, staring at Adam’s body. Coach Barker was semi-hard and getting harder while he admired Adam’s muscled figure. “I didn’t have a class like this in high school,” Coach Barker started again. “So my bodybuilding didn’t start until I was in my sophomore year of college. So I’m glad I get to help you get a head start on lifting.”

“Oh, yeah. The class is great…” Adam said, not entirely paying attention to his coach’s words. Adam’s eyes were glued to Coach Barker’s lengthening erection between his muscled thighs. Adam had always imagined how big the dick between his coach’s legs would be. The occasional glimpse of his coach’s bulge fueled Adam’s imagination. He always figured it was at least 7 inches, like his own, but Adam’s guess was a little off. The meat before him grew harder still, even after the 7-inch mark. Adam’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when Coach Barker’s dick finally topped off at a massive 10 inches. Along with its length, Coach Barker’s cock was deliciously thick as well. Adam throbbed even harder at the sight of it, causing Coach Barker to smirk.

“I guess I’m enjoying this almost as much as you are,” Coach Barker muttered, his voice deep and sexual. Adam felt weak in the knees to hear his coach acknowledge his cock in such a way. His high school fantasy was finally coming true.

“I can’t help it, Coach Barker,” Adam heard himself say. It was as if Adam had left his body and was experiencing the entire scene from a third person view. He felt like he had no control over himself anymore. All he could think about was how hot and huge the man beside him was. If his erection persisted, Adam felt like he might explode. To make matters worse for his aching erection, Coach Barker stepped over and positioned himself directly against Adam. His warm body pressed against his student. A meaty hand grabbed Adam’s left ass cheek, giving it a firm squeeze.

“Looks like you’re really getting some good out of those squats,” Coach Barker growled into Adam’s ear. “You know, I would always assign extra squats so I could see you boys fill your asses out. But you, Adam… Your ass always looked the best in your shorts. It was so hard not to get hard right there in front of all the other guys.”

“Oh… Coach… I uh…” Adam started to stutter, trying to focus on speaking instead of the hand groping his ass.

“I’ve fantasized about something like this for a while, boy,” Coach Barker started again. “I’ve wanted to have my way with the other guys for a while, but I knew you were the one who would do anything to get your hands on me. Don’t think I didn’t notice you constantly eyeing me during class.” Adam let out a moan as his horny coach continued to whisper into his ear.

“Coach Barker…. This…” Adam couldn’t form complete sentences anymore. He was incredibly horny. Nothing could have prepared him for something like this. His other sexual experiences in high school were nothing compared to what was happening right now. Everyone else he had hooked up with were scrawny closet cases who wanted to suck his cock in the school bathroom after school and keep it a secret. There were a few online hookups that involved actual fucking, but none of them had a cock like Coach Barker. Adam was actually almost terrified to know what his coach planned to do to Adam with such size.

“It’s hot, isn’t it? You walked in here with the hardest erection I’ve ever seen on a teenage boy, and I’ve been teaching all sorts of gym classes for a while now,” Coach Barker finished for him. The muscle stud took his hand off of Adam’s ass and walked behind him. “And you’re going to enjoy every second of this, boy,” he growled, as he began to slide his cock against Adam’s ass. Adam let out a deep moan that Coach Barker was sure to have heard.

“You’re loving this big cock, aren’t you?” His coach teased, while still thrusting his wet cock between Adam’s ass cheeks.

“Ohhh fuck, coach. You’re… you’re so… big,” Adam moaned. He had never felt anything so good before, and all Coach Barker had done so far was rub against his ass.

“Damn right, boy,” Coach Barker growled, grabbing Adam’s nipples from behind. The thick fingers tugging and twisting Adam’s pink nubs made his cock throb wildly.

“Oh! Fuck yes!” Adam cried out. He tried to throw his head back, but instead pressed his head back against Coach Barker’s solid shoulder.

“You’re such a horny teen,” he whispered into Adam’s ear, really getting into the action. “I’ve never been with anyone so enthusiastic to get fucked by a muscle beast.” He turned Adam around, pressing his massive meat against Adam’s smaller, yet still impressive cock. He leaned forward, pressing his mass against Adam, and shoved his tongue inside Adam’s mouth. Adam was taken back for a moment, still in disbelief that this was even happening, but was quick to wrap his own tongue against the larger man’s. Electricity raced between the two as they fought for each other’s mouths. Adam enjoyed the feeling of Coach Barker’s scruff scratching against his own bare face. Coach Barker’s cock was throbbing harder than ever against Adam, only turning the teen on more. Adam began running his hands up and down his massive lover’s body. He loved the feeling of his coach’s thick pecs. He had always dreamed of feeling their massive weight in his hands. He ran his hands down Coach Barker’s ripped abs, feeling every wet crevice of the cobblestone stomach, and eventually reached down to his thick meat. Adam very happily took hold of the giant cock and gently twisted his hand around the girth. Coach Barker moaned into Adam’s mouth, and he grabbed Adam’s nipples again in response. Adam imitated his coach and moaned without breaking their intense make out session. This activity continued for what Adam felt like wasn’t long enough. He loved the feeling of his coach’s thick cock in his hands, and the feeling of his sensitive nipples being attacked by the hunk of his dreams. Sadly for Adam, his coach broke off the kiss and looked deep into his eyes.

“I want to taste you in my mouth,” the man urged, with an almost desperate tone.

“I want you in my mouth too,” Adam responded in a daze, completely understanding what his coach had meant. Without wasting another moment, Coach Barker laid down on the warm tile floor. Adam followed suit and positioned himself over his coach. Without wasting a second, Coach Barker took Adam’s entire length into his mouth with ease. Adam inhaled sharply at the sensation. He had never felt anything this good. To return the favor, Adam began licking at the glistening head of his coach’s meaty length. Adam knew it was too big for him to take entirely, but he still knew how to work over a cock with his mouth. His coach was simply thrusting Adam’s cock in and out of his throat, but Adam was working over the man below him with more technique and skill. He would run his tongue down the entire length, come back up, swirl his tongue around the head, and then take two-thirds of the length in his mouth. He loved the taste of his coach’s precum. It was everything he had dreamed of. The delicious fluid spurted out of his coach at an impressive pace. Adam wasn’t surprised however, because the coach’s balls were big enough to shoot cum in massive amounts. He loved the copious precum spilling into his eager mouth. He felt like every drop he consumed only made him hornier for his coach.

Coach Barker deep throated Adam’s cock time after time. The teen on top of him was working hard on his cock, just like he knew Adam would. Coach Barker always admired Adam’s work ethic in his class, and now it was certainly showing. He knew Adam was incredibly horny. He had never been with anyone who gave off so much precum. Every time the head hit the back of his throat, Coach Barker could taste precum all over again. He found the taste incredible, however, so he certainly enjoyed it more than he normally would. He did know, however, that he was going to cum soon if Adam kept working him over like he was, and he knew he had to do something quick. He took Adam’s cock out of his mouth, even though he didn’t really want to, but he knew there was a better prize waiting for him. Without warning, he reached up and grabbed Adam’s ass again, pulling it down towards his face. He admired the ass he helped create, and rewarded Adam by running his tongue against the tight hole.

“Oh, fuck!” Adam groaned instantly, the sensations disrupting his work on his coach’s cock. He stopped worshiping his coach’s meat to angle himself better to watch his coach eat him out. With Coach Barker’s face buried in his ass, however, Adam only saw the side of his face. The sight was still impressive though, but the sensation even more so. Adam stared deeply at the thick jaw covered in a light stubble. Adam almost wished he could pull his coach’s face from his ass and kiss him again, but he enjoyed the pleasure too much to stop him.

“Yeah, keep it up coach,” Adam encouraged, reaching around to put his hand on the back of Coach Barker’s bald head. The surface was slick with shower water, but Adam was eager to hold his grip. The verbal response worked, because his coach began to lick away at Adam’s ass with new vigor. This caused the horny teen to moan louder, filling the showers with his cries of pleasure. If anyone else were in the building, they would have clearly heard the sounds of sex coming from Adam’s mouth.

Once Coach Barker was certain that Adam’s ass was nice and lubricated, he grabbed the teen’s tight waist and spun him around. Adam saw an opportunity and smashed his lips against his coach’s once more. While they tongue fucked each other, Coach Adam prepared to fuck Adam on the other end as well. He pressed the thick, oozing head of his cock against Adam’s slick hole. Adam groaned into his coach’s mouth again, excited to finally let his coach pound his ass.

“You ready for this cock, boy?” Coach Barker growled, pressing his meat harder into Adam’s excited hole, almost pushing it in.

“Oh fuck yeah. Give it to me, coach. I’ve wanted this for so long,” Adam cried wildly, nearly begging for his coach to fuck him.

“Get ready for the ride of your life,” he warned, slowly pushing himself into Adam’s hole. Adam groaned loudly, pressing his face against Coach Barker’s thick chest. It hurt, badly. He had never taken anything so large before. He knew that if he made it past the pain, he was in for the best sex of his life. The shower pounded down on their naked bodies. Coach Barker gave a grunt as Adam’s tight ass contracted around his thick cock, but he pushed onward. He held onto Adam tightly as he pushed in, as if he were comforting Adam while he got ready to pound him harder than he could imagine. Once Coach Barker bottomed out in Adam’s ass, he began to slowly pull out.

“Almost ready, boy. Hope you’re prepared for this hunk to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow,” Adam couldn’t help but moan weakly as his coach’s rough, manly voice filled the room.

“I’m ready, coach. Take me,” Adam whimpered into Coach Barker’s pec. He grinned down at Adam and slammed his entire length into Adam’s ass very suddenly, causing the bottom to scream out in a mixture of intense pain, and intense pleasure.

Oh fuck! Yeah!” Adam screamed as Coach Barker began to wildly thrust. The beast underneath him had wasted no time to begin thrusting in and out of his ass with force and speed. It only took a few more forceful poundings against his prostate for him to give one final cry of pleasure and blow his load all over his coach’s ripped stomach.

“Oh yeah, boy. That’s it. Cum all over me. Soak me in it,” Coach Barker growled as he continued pounding away at Adam’s ass. Adam weakly sat up and looked at his cock. He was somehow still rock hard, but he blamed it on the monster lodged inside of him. Adam noticed a lack of cum on his coach’s stomach, even though he knew he shot a large amount of cum. In his sexual daze, he blamed it on the shower washing away his orgasm. Coach Barker knew, however, that the cum Adam shot on him had been absorbed into his skin and was working its way through his already massive body.

“Ohhh yeah, boy. You ready for this?” Adam gave a weak nod as Coach Barker threw his head back against the tile and screamed in pure ecstasy. His own orgasm filled Adam to the brim. His massive egg sized balls continued to unload cum into Adam’s ass, to the point of it spilling out and flowing all over his legs. Adam screamed along with his coach, feeling the hot protein filling him up. He shoved his tongue back into Coach Barker’s mouth and kissed him intensely while he groaned into Adam’s mouth. As he was cumming, completely unnoticed by Adam, Coach Barker was swelling. Adam’s cum had soaked into his body and was making Coach Barker even bigger than before. His pecs swelled out, reaching new mass under Adam. His abs tightened and each muscle pushed out a little further from his stomach. His ass ballooned out more, pushing him higher off the ground. Coach Barker’s legs, already massive, swelled into tree trunk proportions. His shoulders widened, giving him a much larger, and more broad appearance. His neck thickened slightly, and his arms ballooned with new mass. Inside of Adam, his cock throbbed another inch larger, and stretched his ass out more with new girth. His balls grew bigger, stretching his sack with new size.

“That was amazing,” the teen panted. Adam pressed his head against his coach’s heaving chest, unaware of its new size. He was exhausted. Never had sex left him so exhausted. Then again, he knew he had never been fucked as well as Coach Barker had just fucked him. He kissed his coach one last time, and slowly pulled himself off of the newly grown cock inside of him. Adam was expecting cum to pour out of his ass once he freed himself of the still erect dick, but to his surprise, nothing came out with the cock. He stood up, though his knees shook. Once he was sure he was stable and could safely walk, he stepped over to the showers and turned them off. He looked down at Coach Barker and admired his size, still unaware of any growth. His massive body was dripping with sweat and water, his chest was rising and falling with each deep breath the man took, still recovering from his legendary orgasm. Adam didn’t know how he was still erect, but he was sure if he had a cock as big as Coach Barker’s, he would never be able to get himself soft.

“I want you to come back tomorrow,” Coach Barker panted suddenly. He sat up, causing his abs to ripple and shift.

“On a Saturday?” Adam questioned, eyeing his coach’s cock again.

“Yeah.” Coach Barker grinned up at him, flashing perfect teeth. “I had some work to catch up on that I finished early, but I’ve already let them know I’ll be staying tomorrow. Since I don’t have any work to do now, I was just going to clean some stuff up around the weight room and maybe jerk off some, but now that I know what you can do for me…” The man winked at Adam, causing his cock to twitch. “…I think you would be a great way to spend time tomorrow. So think about it and meet me here around noon.”

“Definitely,” Adam answered, his response coming off in a very eager tone. “I’ll see you tomorrow, coach.” Adam strutted out of the showers, his ass sore from the violent pounding, but his attitude soaring because his coach offered to fuck him again the next day. He opened his locker quickly and grabbed his clothes. After he toweled himself off, he dressed and checked his phone. School had let out at 3:45, and it was now 5:00. Coach Davis fucked him for almost an hour.

“Looks like I’m gonna have a good day tomorrow,” Adam muttered, putting his phone back into his pocket. His good mood kept him from noticing that his shirt stretched tighter across his pecs and didn’t completely cover his stomach. His pants hugged his ass and legs tighter, and his shoes were starting to press against his toes. Adam simply thought it was a need for new clothes, but he didn’t realize that Coach Barker did more than just fuck him…


Part 3

Adam had trouble sleeping that night. His pajamas were rubbing against his body in an uncomfortable way, and he didn’t know why. They had fit just fine that morning before he took them off. It also didn’t help that he couldn’t stop thinking of his shower with Coach Barker. He tossed and turned all night thinking of what his coach had done to him. Adam kept imagining the thick cock buried deep inside him. Even though it would be happening again soon, he missed the feeling of his tight hole being stretched by such a large man. Adam wanted to be as big as his coach. If he were as big as Coach Barker, he could really worship and pleasure him. Adam grew harder at the thought. He kept thinking about how hot it would be if he were as big as the stud that had fucked him. Adam couldn’t help but reach under his stretched shirt and run his hand up and down his washboard abs, imagining the crevices deeper than ever. He wanted them to be so deep be could catch a load of cum in the valleys between his abs. His other hand snuck into his hands and grabbed his cock. He felt the thicker meat and blamed it on his erotic thoughts instead of a cum induced growth.

Precum soaked his pajama bottoms and filled his bedroom with a musky scent. He had never been so horny before. The effect Coach Barker’s cum was having on his body was incredible, but still unnoticed by the hunky teen. Adam slowly stroked his cock, while rubbing his other hand up and down his tight abs. Thoughts of Coach Barker flooded his mind. He was getting off on thoughts of his massive coach sitting naked in the locker room, slowly stroking his giant cock. Adam imagined himself getting on his knees and worshiping the thick meat with his tongue until Coach Barker came in his mouth with fury. Adam wanted to swallow every drop of his cum, and then bend over and let Coach Barker fuck him again.

Adam was glad his parents were out of town for the weekend, because they would have woken up and come running into his bedroom when he came. Adam let out loud cries of pleasure, screaming his coach’s name as he soaked through his pajama bottoms with a thick load of cum. In his tired stupor, Adam peeled his soaked underwear and pajama bottoms off and threw them to the floor. He liked the feeling of his softening cock hanging free under the sheets. Finally satisfied, Adam rolled over and fell asleep until his alarm went off the next morning.

He was buzzing with sexual excitement when he got up the next morning. Adam tried not to do a happy dance as he got cleaned up and dressed to meet his coach again at the school. He threw on shorts and a tank top that was once slightly loose on him, but now clung to him. He still had no clue that Coach Barker’s cum had made him grow, and he didn’t care. His mood was unwavering. He was even tempted to drive far above the speed limit to get to the school faster. Adam skipped breakfast, he was so excited.

Adam arrived at the school just past noon. Driving to the far end of the parking lot closest to the weight lifting building, Adam saw only a few cars in the lot. Just like the day before, however, Adam knew they would be undisturbed. He parked his car, gave his eager erection a gentle squeeze, and entered the building.

Just like his entrance yesterday, there were no sounds to be heard in the building. Taking the silence as a welcome, Adam quickly walked to the locker room. Coach Barker’s office was down a small hallway just inside the door of the locker rooms, giving them extra privacy. Adam knocked coyly on the door to Coach Barker’s office.

“Come in,” a rough voice answered from the other side. Adam turned the knob and took a deep breath. Adam was dismayed to find Coach Barker sitting at his desk, fully clothed. He turned in his chair and laid eyes on Adam.

“I was wondering when you would get here,” Coach Barker said, his tone dripping with sex.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday,” Adam growled, walking over to his coach. The man eyed him up, admiring his body.

“That shirt looks tight on you. Did you have a growth spurt?” Coach Barker asked, even though he knew the answer.

“Who cares? I just want you,” Adam grunted, sitting in his coach’s lap, glad to feel his hardening cock pressing against his ass. Coach Barker didn’t say another word. He grabbed the back of Adam’s head and pressed his lips against the horny teen’s. They had both been craving this. Adam loved the manly taste of his coach.

Every time Adam had hooked up with another man, he was always responsible of being the masculine top, but now that he was sitting in his coach’s lap, he knew he didn’t have to worry about anything except taking the monster meat that was throbbing against his round ass.

Coach Barker pushed Adam off of him, and literally tore his shirt off. Adam throbbed in his shorts at the sight of his coach tearing his t-shirt off of his bulging body.

“Let’s not waste any more time, Adam,” Adam moaned at the comment, and started shedding his clothes as fast as he could. He was in desperate need of his coach’s cock deep inside of him again, and he was so close to getting it now. Coach Barker threw the remains of his shorts to the floor and motioned for Adam to come closer. He stood up, grabbed the back of Adam’s head, and pressed his face against his powerful chest. Adam responded by running his tongue in the crevice of the mountains surrounding his face. Coach Barker moaned at the sensation of being worshiped and pulled Adam’s head lower. Adam ran his tongue through the valleys between his coach’s deep abs, enjoying every second of it. Once his coach was satisfied, he pulled Adam down towards his cock and released his grip. Adam grabbed the beast and stroked it a few times.

“Oh fuck, I wish I was as big as you, coach. You’re such a stud,” Adam moaned up to his coach.

“Maybe we can make it happen, Adam,” Coach Barker groaned, as he gripped the back of his head again, and forced Adam onto his cock. Adam didn’t understand the comment the same was his coach had meant it, but he was due to find out. Adam gagged on the monster in his throat as Coach Barker shoved as much of it as he could down Adam’s throat. He loved the feeling of the teen’s throat contracting around his huge cock as he face-fucked the horny boy beneath him.

“Oh yeah, boy. You’re getting me close,” Coach Barker moaned, thrusting more of his length into Adam’s mouth. It didn’t take long to work him up to his orgasm, considering how horny had been all day on thoughts of Adam. He looked down, greeted with the sight of Adam’s mouth stretched over his throbbing cock. The sight sent him over the edge.

“Fuck yeah, boy! You ready to get big?” He screamed as he came full force into his mouth. Adam had no choice but to swallow every shot Coach Barker fed him, because his grip around Adam’s head had tightened significantly as he came. The taste in Adam’s mouth was heavenly. He wished that the supply of cum filling his body would never end. Sadly though, the stream eventually stopped, and Adam stood up, wiping his lips.

“You swallowed every drop, boy. This is gonna be a big one,” Coach Barker panted, basking in the glow of his orgasm.

“What are you talking about?” Adam questioned, entirely confused about what his coach meant. As if on cue, Adam let out a moan. The feeling of raw power flooded his body. It felt better than anything he had ever experienced in his life.

“Oh fuck, coach. What’s happening to me? Ohhhh, it feels so good,” Adam moaned. His coach didn’t answer, but instead started stroking his cock, which was growing hard all over again.

“Ohh god, this feels amazing. What’s…” Adam couldn’t finish his sentence before his growth started.

“Yeah, boy. You’re gonna get big just like you wanted.”

Adam surged with power before he knew what was happening. With a moan, he thrust his chest out, and out, and out. The two mounds of muscle swelled forward, becoming two large pillows of mass on his chest. His nipples grew slightly as well, becoming two large pink nubs topping his pecs. His abs tightened, creating deep crevices. The eight solid mounds pushed outwards as well, creating a contrast with the valleys and the lumps of muscle. His arms ballooned out, growing to a size that almost matched his coach. His legs filled out as well, becoming delicious pillars of size and strength. Adam’s ass swelled into a size that would make anyone drool. His cock grew hard immediately and swelled larger. The meat throbbed with every inch that it gained, dripping precum all over the floor. His balls swelled below the 10-inch meat, becoming plump, round orbs full of cum. His voice dropped lower, evidenced by the loud moans filling the room.

“Oh fuck, coach. Feels so good,” Adam moaned, reaching up and fondling his nipples. The sensation caused him to mindlessly thrust his hips forward, fucking the space in front of him. His cock throbbed angrily, as Adam moaned in pleasure from his growth, and the nipple play.

“Yeah, bigger. Feels so fucking good,” Adam continued. As if his body were responding, Adam surged taller, making Adam moan louder at the sensation. His pecs flexed and bounced wildly as his thick fingers played with the nubs. He was incredibly horny. He had grown into a man almost as large as his coach, just like he had dreamed.

“Fuck, Adam. Looks like my load really worked for you,” Coach Barker whistled, admiring the huge teen’s new size. Adam didn’t acknowledge his comment and continued to pleasure himself.

“Oh yeah. So good,” Adam moaned, lost in his own pleasure. Coach Barker took advantage of this, and took Adam’s throbbing length into his mouth, tasting the sweet precum launching out of his cock with every pinch and twist of his sensitive nipples.

“Oh, Coach Barker, yeah. I’m so close,” he cried out, his deep, booming voice filling the room. Coach Barker swallowed Adam’s entire length, giving Adam the stimulation he needed to cum.

Oh fuck! Yeah! It feels so fucking good!” Adam screamed, continuing to torture his nipples as cum rocketed out of his newly grown cock. Coach Barker sucked on the meat for all he was worth in an attempt to swallow Adam’s juices.

“Yeah! Swallow it all! Fuck, take all of it, coach,” Adam cried out, lost in the sensations. Coach Barker took his begging to heart and gripped the cock with his lips even harder, determined not to lose a drop.

When Adam’s orgasm finally subsided, he snapped back into reality. Coach Barker stood up and looked him dead in the eyes, which was easy with Adam’s new height.

“Oh, fuck. Coach, what happened to me? I’m huge!” Adam asked, rubbing his hands all over his newly muscled form.

“Fuck, Adam. You got big when you swallowed my load, but you’re not the only one that gets to grow today,” Coach Barker groaned, grabbing Adam and turning him around. He pulled a bottle of lube from his desk and began probing at Adam’s tight hole with slick fingers.

“Ohhh yeah, coach,” Adam whispered, still recovering from his orgasm. Once his coach thought he was ready, he gripped his cock and slowly pushed into Adam.

“I hope you’re ready for the ride of your life boy. If you thought you got big, just wait until you see what I can do.” The man behind him roared, letting the pleasure of his oncoming growth take over his body as he began to fuck Adam furiously.


Part 4

Adam could do nothing but grunt in pleasure as Coach Barker thrust his thick cock in and out of his tight hole. If it had felt good before, it felt heavenly now. Adam’s newly grown body was more sensitive, reacting to Coach Barker’s length with more pleasure than ever.

“Oh yeah, boy. This is gonna be good,” Coach Barker whispered in Adam’s ear, his voice deeper than before. “You ready to see what a real muscle stud can do?”

“Oh coach, please—Oh fuck!” Adam screamed as the cock inside him began to swell. Coach Barker wrapped his thick arms around Adam’s bulky pecs, pulling the beast of a teen tightly against him.

“Fuck yeah, Adam.” Coach Barker let out a grunt as he stretched taller. His already massive chest swelled against Adam’s back. His nipples rubbed against Adam’s defined back as he grew larger, causing his massive and still growing cock to throb harder inside Adam. His arms bulged outward with a fury, his biceps growing to a size that would put a softball to shame if he flexed. His powerful thighs grew so large they began pressing each other, forcing him to chance his stance while he pounded the seemingly shrinking teen impaled on his cock. The giant meat inside of Adam’s tight hole throbbed with new length and girth with every second of the beast’s incredible growth. What used to be 11 inches was now stretching over a foot long, and if Adam’s body weren’t altered by his coach’s cum, the pulsating beast inside of him would have stretched him very painfully, but Adam’s tight hole was accommodating nicely.

“Oh god, coach, you’re so fucking big,” Adam cried out, loving the feeling of a cock growing larger inside of him. His own dick was rock hard, even though he just blew a huge load into his coach’s mouth.

“Fuck yeah, boy. Feels so good. Your ass is so fucking tight on my huge cock, and it’s still getting bigger!” Coach Barker laughed, suppressing a moan as another wave of growth flooded his body. His muscles swelled larger yet, and he stretched higher. His cock leaked a huge glob of warm precum inside of Adam, and thrust forward another inch, reaching 14 inches of thick cock meat.

“Never felt so good before,” Coach Barker said, his voice thick with pleasure. His ass ballooned out, his hole twitching with lust. His overly thick muscles were dripping with sweat, as he panted heavily, still fucking Adam wildly. Each time he pulled back out of Adam’s ass, only half of his giant length came out before it was forced back into the horny god of a teenager.

“Yeah, boy. I’m so fucking close,” Coach Barker warned, causing Adam to grunt. “If I shoot up your ass, you don’t grow much, but—fuck, it feels so damn good.”

“Fuck, coach! Give it to me! I want all of it!” Adam cried out, thrusting himself into the solid hips of the muscle god behind him. Coach Barker gripped Adam’s waist tightly and began thrusting into Adam’s hole so powerfully that the sound of his gigantic balls slapping against Adam could be heard from anywhere in the building, if anyone else were present.

Fuck yeah, boy! I’m gonna cum hard!” Coach Barker roared, and then he gave one final thrust into Adam before emptying his balls into his ass.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah, coach!” Adam groaned, feeling the hot cum filling his tight hole. The effect, while minimal, was immediate. Adam stretched an inch taller, his pecs filling out a little more than before. His ass pumped more size against Coach Barker’s hips, while his legs packed on more mass. His cock throbbed wildly, gaining another inch. His balls swelled out, pulling his heavy sack down.

“Oh god, boy. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Coach Barker panted, breathing heavily against Adam’s neck. “I’ve never gotten so big before. Your cum is some good shit.”

Adam sighed happily and gripped his cock. There was a puddle of precum on the floor from his wild fuck session, but his aching cock was occupying his thoughts.

“I need to cum, coach,” Adam whimpered, stroking himself.

“So blow your load on me, boy. I love it when you make me grow.”

Adam, encouraged by his coach’s command, pulled himself off of the meat. He ogled at its size, wondering how it even fit inside him without tearing him apart. The cock was just beginning to soften, but Adam could tell it was very lengthy, and as thick as his wrist had been before he grew.

“Fucking hot, isn’t it? This fucking python was growing inside you. Felt so good,” Coach Barker growled, knowing Adam was close to blowing, judging by how tightly his balls were pulled in. “Maybe you could fuck me, boy. Take that huge dick of yours and blow my tight muscle ass.”

Adam was furiously stroking himself, lubricated with his copious amounts of precum. Coach Barker turned around, showing Adam his incredibly huge bubble ass.

“Yeah, I want your big fucking meat right here, boy,” Coach Barker moaned like he was in heat. He pulled apart the massive globes of ass muscle with his thick fingers to show Adam his tight pink hole. “I want you to stretch this ass wide open, and I want you to fill me up with every inch of your giant fucking cock.”

Adam gave several tight grunts before Coach Barker felt hot spurts of Adam’s cum splat across his lower back and his ass.

“Yeah, boy. That’s it. Make me bigger. I know you love watching me grow.”

Adam kept shooting thick rope after rope of cum into his already enormous coach. Adam wasn’t even concerned with the man in front of him becoming too big. He loved everything about what was happening to them.

Sadly, though, Coach Barker had other plans. After his body swelled ever so slightly bigger, Coach Barker rummaged through his desk drawer and pulled out a large, clear container of blue pills.

“Hate to say it, kid, but we’ve gotta take some of these,” he said, shaking the pills. His hands were so large that the huge protein powder container sit easily into his palm.

“What are those?” Adam asked, his mind already running wild with the possibilities. However, his growth fantasies didn’t fall under the effects.

“These’ll shrink us back down to a manageable size. You’ll keep a bit of your new size, but nobody will be able to tell that you just fucking grew into a muscle beast,” Coach Barker explained, popping the lid off and shaking a few pills out of the bottle. He threw two of them into his mouth and handed one over to Adam. He rolled it around in his hand for a bit, debating whether or not he really should take it.

Adam watched with a sad feeling in his stomach as Coach Barker shrank down. The former monster of a man was reduced to only an inch above his original height and kept a few extra pounds of the mass he had just recently gained.

“Well, fucking take the pill already. The janitor is gonna come around soon, and I can’t have them seeing you like this,” he demanded, gesturing to Adam’s huge form. Now, Adam stood taller than Coach Barker, and was almost as muscled as him. He could easily pin him down, but Adam didn’t want to ruin any future chances of getting his coach’s beastly cum. He threw the pill into his mouth and swallowed it dry. A tingle flooded his body as he shrank down to a size that he now found pathetic and measly.

“Nice, kid. Now hurry up and get dressed. I’ve got a few extra sets of clothes in that closet over there if you need it.” Adam nodded and immediately grabbed a spare pair of clothing from exactly where his coach said.

“So, now that we’ve calmed down a bit,” Adam said, glancing down at his still erect dick as he pulled on a pair of shorts. “Why does your cum make me grow, and how do you grow from mine?”

“Well, boy,” Coach Barker started, sitting down in his office chair, still naked. “I didn’t start bodybuilding until I was in college, which was a long ass time ago. When I started out, I didn’t really gain much size. I was pretty small, and I almost gave up entirely until I saw an ad for medical testing. They paid me to take a new bodybuilding supplement for a few months and write down the results. I saw some noticeable changes, but the most interesting one was how badly I suddenly wanted to fuck men. I used to be straight, but for some reason, I guess the supplement got me hard for big men. When I reported it, the doctors said it was just my body reacting to other men’s testosterone. So after I accepted it and slept around a bit, I had my first experience with the growth. I fucked a friend of mine, and after I blew my load inside of him, I saw him get a little bigger. He didn’t notice it, but I did. I told the doctors, and they ran some tests. Turns out, the supplement altered my body’s hormones, and it made my cum super potent, and it could give other men a huge testosterone boost and make them grow. Something else we found out, is that if I got someone else’s cum on me, my body would react to it by making me grow.”

Adam was listening intently, groping at the bulge in his shorts. Even Coach Barker was hard as he told the story.

“The doctors were worried that I could grow out of control, so they ran more tests and developed those pills you just took. They neutralize the testosterone levels in your body and reduce as much of your size as possible, but it can only reduce whatever you gained from the testosterone boost.” Coach Barker was finished with his winding story, and now that he was content, he stood and grabbed a pair of clothing for himself from the closet.

“That’s amazing, coach,” Adam said, still in awe.

“Yeah, it’s really changed my life. I was worried at first how you would react to growing, but apparently you love it just as much as me.” The man let out a hardy laugh, filling the room.

“It feels so good, coach. It’s like my whole body is cumming.”

“You don’t have to tell me, boy. I’ve been feeling it a lot more than you.”


Part 5

“It feels so good, coach. It’s like my whole body is cumming.”

“You don’t have to tell me, boy. I’ve been feeling it a lot more than you.”))

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Monday’s weight lifting class was nothing but torture for Adam. He walked into the locker room during the beginning of the period to change into more comfortable clothing to work out in, and who should he run into? Coach Barker was there in the locker room making sure there was no mess from the previous class period. When he looked up and saw Adam in the room, he gave the teen a sly wink. It took all of Adam’s focus not to get hard in front of everyone. The rest of the period seemed fine, for the most part. Adam was lifting more weight than ever, thanks to his fun with Coach Barker during the weekend. Everything was going good until Coach Barker decided to “help” Adam with his squats. This involved Coach Barker pressing himself against Adam’s back, grinding his bulge against Adam’s ass while the teen was lifting. Adam hated to think about it, but he could tell the man pressing against him wasn’t wearing any underwear. His thick meat was hanging freely against Adam, his own cock threatening to get hard at any moment.

“You’re going good, Adam,” Coach Barker whispered into his ear, the man’s breath against Adam’s skin causing him to shudder. Thankfully, Coach Barker stepped away from him and directed his next sentence to the entire class.

“All right, that’s it for today. Hit the locker rooms.” Every teenage jock in the room put their weights back in place and left the weight room. Adam and Coach Barker were alone. It took no time at all for Coach Barker to grab Adam’s ass and press his incredible body against him.

“I want you to meet me again after school, but this time, it’s gonna be different,” he told Adam in a low voice. “I told Mr. Hayes about our time this weekend.”

“W-what?!” Adam stammered, trying not to be too loud.

“Don’t worry, boy. I’ve fucked him enough times for him to know everything. I told him this morning that I got a new hot piece of ass over the weekend, and he almost blew a load in his pants when I told him it was a student. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but he’s a horny little muscle slut. He saw me working out shirtless one day and he couldn’t even try to hide how horny he was. So that’s how I started fucking a colleague. But when he found out that I was having my way with a student too, he did everything but beg for a threesome. So if you’re really interested, Adam…” Coach Barker whispered, groping at Adam’s hardening cock in the still empty room. “…Meet me in the locker rooms at 5 PM today, after all the other teachers have left. He’s gonna meet me here whether or not you’re showing up.”

Adam couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Not only was his coach offering to fuck him again, but now he was suggesting that Adam get involved with one of his other teachers too. The thought made his cock twitch in Coach Barker’s meaty hand.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Coach Barker said, smiling against Adam’s ear. “Five o’clock, boy. Don’t be late,” the muscled man finished, letting go of Adam’s bulge, and he began to walk away.

“Oh, and don’t deal with that until later,” he called out to Adam from the doorway, leaving Adam alone in the weight room with an erection almost as hard as the one he had after he grew in Coach Barker’s office. Adam quickly tucked his dick into the waistband of his shorts and covered it with his shirt as best as he could. He hoped nobody would notice it as he walked into the locker room. He made a point of not looking at the half-naked boys going into the showers with nothing but a towel wrapped around their waists. If Adam were to shower today, everyone would see his hard meat on display, and that was the last thing he wanted. He simply changed back into his clothing and left the locker room with nothing on his mind except the thought of what would happen later when he came back.

Adam sat in the library working on homework until this clock on his phone read 5 o’clock. Cursing silently to himself, Adam packed his books back into his bag and nearly ran out of the library down towards the building where Coach Barker and Mr. Hayes were waiting for him. Adam knew it was a bad idea to wait in the library on the other end of the school, but if he sat in his car like he originally planned to, his nagging erection would have driven him insane.

By the time Adam got to the weight lifting building, it was already ten minutes past the meeting time. He walked as quickly down the hall as he could without outright sprinting. His dick was somehow harder than before now that he was closer to the first potential threesome he would ever have. He dropped his bag just outside the door to the locker room and walked in quietly. As Adam walked in, he could hear the sounds of the two other men. Looks like they had given up on waiting for him and had started without him.

“Fuck, Travis, you’ve always been my favorite cock to suck,” Adam heard just as he entered the locker room. His jaw would’ve hit the floor if possible. In front of him were two men, both 8 feet tall, and massively muscular. It was obvious that the smaller of the two was Mr. Hayes. The blond man was kissing Coach Barker’s swollen pec while groping the man’s enormous arms.

“Michael, you know I love your tight little mouth on my monster,” Coach Barker chuckled, rubbing the smaller beast’s thick shoulders. “And speaking of tight little mouths, look who finally joined us.”

Mr. Hayes ceased his worship and turned to face Adam. The teenager was taken back by the massive cock jutting out from his pelvis.

“Oh, just in time! I was afraid we’d be having all this fun by ourselves, Travis.” Mr. Hayes chuckled, his deep voice echoing in the room.

“I told you he’d show up, Michael,” Coach Barker cooed, grabbing Mr. Hayes’ massive bubble ass. Adam’s cock was rock hard in his pants, which was not unnoticed by either of the muscle gods standing before him. “So the two of us are gonna go and get cleaned up in the showers, and you can join us when you’re ready, Adam,” Coach Barker added with a wink.

The two men strutted their massive bodies into the showers, while Adam was left in complete awe at the sight he had just witnessed. Aside from Coach Barker, Mr. Hayes was the only other adult at the school that had caught Adam’s attention. However, Adam could’ve sworn the man had a wife. The thought was absent from Adam’s mind as he stripped down in front of his locker just like he had only a few days ago for Coach Barker. It was almost a repeat of the first time Adam was fucked by his coach, but this time, Mr. Hayes was more than eager to have his fair share of Adam.

Adam closed his locker, completely nude, and headed into the showers. Just like the first time, there was a light mist in the room from the running shower heads. This time, however, all of the shower heads were turned on. Coach Barker and Mr. Hayes were standing in the same spot Coach Barker had been when Adam first hooked up with him. The two massive men were locked in an erotic embrace, their tongues in each other’s mouths. Adam wanted to join them, but he was afraid to come between the two men who easily had 2 feet of height and at least 150 pounds of muscle on him. Their hard cocks were wedged between the rigged surface of their incredible abs. Seeing an opportunity, Adam approached the two and put his mouth to work. Only having to bend down a little bit, Adam began lapping at the swollen, purple heads of their massive cocks. The reaction was instantaneous. Mr. Hayes broke their kiss and looked down at Adam appreciatively.

“Oh shit. You’re all ready to go, aren’t you?” The massive teacher huffed.

“C’mon, boy. Bend over and I’ll get your hole ready while you work Mr. Hayes’ big dick,” Coach Barker commanded. Adam was all too happy to oblige. The largest man in the room let his hungry tongue probe Adam’s tight, delicious asshole. Adam busied himself on his teacher’s cock, devouring as much of the grown length as possible. The cock was at least 12 inches of thick meat. Adam couldn’t wait to grow again so that he could take every last inch of Mr. Hayes in his mouth, and every inch of Coach Barker in his ass.

While the three overly horny studs were having their way with each other, they were entirely unaware to a set of peeping eyes watching them with sexual delight…


Part 6

Adam was moments away from becoming the most delicious spit roast to ever happen in a locker room shower. His mouth was full of Mr. Hayes’ giant meat, which was spurting precum like a broken faucet. On the other end of the hunky teen, Coach Barker was lapping away at Adam’s tight hole. He was moaning all over Mr. Hayes’ thick cock. He was in between the two largest men he had ever seen in his life.

Mr. Hayes’ body was glistening as the showers poured down on his body. He loved the feeling of a teen’s tight mouth wrapped around his cock, but he was more turned on by his own size. He woke up that morning as a man with some muscle on him, but nothing impressive. When Coach Barker had told him that same day about Adam getting fucked, he knew exactly what it meant and he loved it. He didn’t care about getting to fuck Adam’s throat. He cared about getting huge. He loved the feeling of growing. He loved the feeling of the power flowing through every muscle in his body and making him into a god only out shone by Coach Barker himself. Mr. Hayes tried at every opportunity to get his lips around the muscle-giving sausage of a cock Coach Barker hid in his shorts. He loved the weight of his pecs hanging like two massive slabs of meat on his chest. He loved having abs so deep they could catch all of his cum in them when he blew a load all over his stomach. His arms were strong enough to tear a phone book in half if he wanted to. The only thing stopping him from keeping such a powerful form was Coach Barker. Every time he grew into a huge stud, the even larger man gave him the damned pill that shrunk him back into the body of a man that disappointed himself. He wanted to keep his massive muscles, his towering height, and his enormous cock.

“All right, boy. It’s time for this big dick,” Coach Barker grunted, smacking his oversized length against Adam’s ass. Adam would have begged for it, but with his teacher’s dick stuffing his throat, he couldn’t ask for his ass to be stuffed too. Nonetheless, Coach Barker stood behind him and slowly slid his throbbing, girthy meat inside of Adam’s tight hole.

“Damn, Travis, he looks even better when he’s stuffed,” Mr. Hayes chuckled.

“You’ll have to try his ass sometime. It’s even better than yours,” Coach Barker said, stifling a deep moan.

Adam was in heaven. He loved when Coach Barker stuffed him full of his huge cock, but nothing compared to having two muscle gods filling him on both ends. Mr. Hayes’ egg-sized balls slapped Adam’s chin with every powerful thrust. Coach Barker’s even bigger, heavier sack slammed against Adam’s ass with his heavy pounding. Adam’s cock was fully erect underneath him, throbbing wildly and dripping precum all over the shower floor as both monstrous men fucked his holes. It was hard to focus on wrapping his tongue around Mr. Hayes when Coach Barker was fucking him so wildly. He had never taken Coach Barker’s grown cock at his own normal size, and now he was wishing he had done it sooner. The feeling was incredible. The enormous dick was stretching his hole more than he ever imagined, while it reached farther inside of him than ever before. Adam had never felt sex this incredible.

“Holy shit, I’m gonna fucking blow,” Mr. Hayes yelled, grabbing the back of Adam’s head tightly. With another shout, Michael Hayes filled Adam’s mouth with shot after thick shot of hot cum. So much, in fact, that it ran out from the sides of Adam’s mouth while the stuffed teen tried to take all of it in. Every swollen muscle in Mr. Hayes’ body flexed wildly while he unloaded his balls.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Coach Barker growled, as he began fucking Adam with a new fury. Mr. Hayes pulled his still incredibly hard cock out of Adam’s mouth and walked over to the largest man in the showers.

“And you’re even hotter,” Mr. Hayes shoved his tongue into Coach Barker’s mouth while feeling up the larger man’s incredible pec with one hand and running a finger over his asshole with the other. “I want to fuck you, Travis,” He moaned like an animal in heat. Even though he just came hard into Adam’s eager mouth, he was still incredibly horny. That was another perk of growing into a god. His stamina was unlimited, it seemed. He could fuck for hours without losing his erection, no matter how many times he came.

“Do it, Michael. Fuck me while I fuck Adam,” Coach Barker demanded, still balls deep inside the much smaller teen bent over in front of him. Mr. Hayes didn’t waste a second. He wiped precum from the glistening purple head of his cock and rubbed it into Travis’ hole, opening him up. While he was being fingered, Coach Barker lifted Adam up and turned him around on his cock. He bent over as best as he could and started sucking on Adam’s nipple, making the teen cry out in pleasure.

Once Coach Barker was opened up to Mr. Hayes’ huge fingers, he sunk his hard dick into the massive coach. He flexed his ass around the cock pushing inside him, encouraging Mr. Hayes to begin pounding away at the incredibly muscled ass wrapped around his meat.

“Fuck, boy. You ready to grow? I’m so close,” Coach Barker moaned against Adam’s toned chest.

“Oh fuck, coach! I’m gonna cum!” Adam shouted immediately after. His cock throbbed once against Coach Barker’s amazingly ripped abs before exploding, shooting cum not only into the deep crevices of his muscles, but all over his swollen pecs as well. Almost instantly, his skin absorbed the teen’s load and fueled another growth spurt for Coach Barker.

“Oh shit, boy. You’re gonna get a giant-sized load,” Coach Barker growled as his body swelled even larger than before. His pecs grew so large the pressed against Adam, his shoulders growing so wide that Adam could barely see the teacher behind him. His ass swelled out, pushing against Mr. Hayes’ solid body. His legs grew, pushing him upward. Adam’s hole was stretched painfully by the swelling girth of the cock deep inside of him. The man fucking Adam was even more of a god now than he was before.

“Oh fuck, Travis, you ready for another load?” Mr. Hayes cried out, unable to hold back another torrent of cum after feeling an already huge ass growing even bigger against him. The second load pushed Coach Barker’s body even higher, breaking 9 feet tall. His incredibly large muscles swelled even larger, reaching a size that would look ridiculous on anyone if they weren’t 9 feet tall.

“Shit, boy. I’m gonna blow a huge fucking load,” Coach Barker insisted, his deep baritone voice rumbling from his chest. By instinct, Adam grabbed his coach’s nipples and twisted them roughly, causing him to shout loudly as he blew a massive load into Adam’s ass. He pulled his cock halfway out and thrust powerfully back into Adam’s ass with each shot of cum erupting from his cock. Adam was moaning the entire time as he started to grow. He shot up to a sizeable 7 and a half feet tall. Adam thrust his chest out as his pecs swelled to an impressive size. His abs tightened and swelled, while his cock grew bigger against Coach Barker’s abs. His shoulders bulged with mass but were still shadowed by the muscle god holding him. His legs swelled out larger, becoming incredible pillars of muscle. Mr. Hayes stood behind both of them and watched the erotic scene unfold before him. He wished that he were growing from all that cum, but he would have plenty of chances in the future.

Meanwhile, while Adam grew in Coach Barker’s incredible arms, Chase, one of Coach Barker’s weight lifting students, was hidden around the corner of the shower’s entrance. He was filming the entire scene with the camera on his phone. He was straight, but for some reason, watching three muscled guys fuck and grow had him rock hard in his jeans. He blamed it on hormones and kept filming the muscle gods before him. He could take this video and report it to someone, but he was being paid a wealthy amount of money to give the video to the person who hired him and keep his mouth shut. As long as he got the money, he wouldn’t say a word about what he saw.


Part 7

Mr. Hayes sat alone in his bedroom, a computer in his lap. It was Friday night, and his wife would be out of town for the weekend. Something about her brother needing her help while he moved to a new apartment. He tuned most of what she said out, mostly because he was imagining her brother’s tight ass. The couple had gone on a fishing trip with her brother, and a friend of hers. That first night, Michael walked in on him as he was changing. His bubble butt almost made him drool, and when he saw Michael’s arousal, they fucked almost instantly, and several more times that weekend. The thought of that incredible weekend distracted Michael until his wife was done talking about why she would be gone.

So there he sat, on the edge of his bed, laptop at the ready. Just one last time, Michael watched the video from Monday after school. He had paid Chase a thousand dollars that day to film everything that happened in the showers. Chase had more questions than Michael was willing to answer afterwards, but he silenced the teenager with even more money. Either way, he got the video just like he had planned.

His original plan was to edit the video so that he wasn’t seen fucking Adam, and then he would blackmail Coach Barker with the video. He would tell the stud that if he didn’t make him grow whenever he wanted, he would send the video to school officials and have the man fired and sued for having sexual relations with a student. However, his entire plan changed for the better after Travis Barker sent him to his office to get those damned shrinking pills. Open on the man’s computer was an email. Michael read the email, only to find out it was from the very scientist that gave Travis the experimental drug he took so many years ago.

“To Mr. Travis Barker,

This is Dr. Wallis contacting you today in regard to the muscle development serum you were administered under my care. I’ve contacted you today to inform you that I am sending you another shipment of growth stabilization pills. This shipment should last even longer than the last shipment, if you still have any from that shipment.

Best Regards, Dr. Wallis.”

Underneath the email was an address to the lab where this Dr. Wallis must’ve worked at. Mr. Hayes forwarded the email to himself and deleted the evidence that he had been snooping. Then, he grabbed the pills like Travis requested and headed back to the showers like nothing else had happened.

The medical lab was only a few hours away from town, according to Google Maps. Michael’s new plan was almost the same as the old one. He would show up to the lab, and demand to speak with Dr. Wallis. From there, he would show the man a copy of the video he paid Chase to get, and then blackmail the man into telling him how to grow into the god he’s always dreamed of being. With his wife out of town for the weekend, he had the perfect excuse to go out of town himself.

He packed a small bag of clothes and basic toiletries, just in case the plan took longer than he needed, and left that day at about 6 PM, with a scheme in his mind, and a throbbing boner in his pants.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chase watched the video from Monday afternoon again, alone in his bedroom. He didn’t know why, but the contents of the video were stuck on his mind all week. He couldn’t shake the image of three men growing and fucking from his brain, and he couldn’t help but get hard every time that he thought of it. It was hard to keep from thinking about it while lifting weights in the same room as Coach Barker and Adam. Chase hated to think that he was getting turned on by other men. After filming that video and waiting for a normal sized Mr. Hayes to come back to his classroom to get the video, Chase instantly went over to his girlfriend’s house to deal with his erection. She satisfied his urges, but only until the video crept into his mind again. His girlfriend was out with her friends tonight, so she was unavailable to fuck, much to Chase’s dismay.

Chase shoved his hand below the waistband of his shorts and gripped the thick 8-inch dick in between his legs. He couldn’t stop himself anymore. His eyes were glued to the screen of his phone, watching Adam gag on Mr. Hayes’ cock while Coach Barker ate his ass. Chase stroked himself, slicking his length with the copious amount of precum spilling from his slit. His breathing grew heavy, his toned chest rising and falling with each breath and moan. He was incredibly turned on, even more than he’d ever been in his life. The hunky teen kept jerking himself off while he fantasized about being in Adam’s position. His mind was filled with thoughts of Coach Barker fucking him while Mr. Hayes filled his mouth with cum. He wasn’t gay, but he couldn’t stop himself from getting even more aroused while he imagined Coach Barker holding him in his massive arms.

Chase came harder than he ever had in his life. His shorts were soiled after he unloaded enough cum to make it look like he hadn’t jerked off in weeks. He laid on his bed, hand still around his softening cock, panting roughly. He felt bad, jerking off to what would be considered gay porn. Chase turned the video off, cleaned himself up, and text his girlfriend, asking when she’d be back home so he could fuck. He needed something to take his mind off of the guilt.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Michael arrived at the lab as his phone directed him, he was practically leaping with joy. It was just a few minutes after 10 PM, but there were lights still on inside the lab. He grabbed the bag sitting in the passenger seat and headed into the building. The secretary at the front desk looked up from some papers and smiled at him.

“Can I help you?” The small woman greeted.

“Ah, yes, actually. I’m looking for a… Dr. Wallis,” Michael said, looking at a paper in his hand as if he were confused about where to go.

“Oh, his office is on the second floor, third room on the right when you get out of the elevator. If he’s not in there, he’s probably in the lab two rooms down from his office. You can’t miss it,” the woman instructed. Michael thanked her and headed for the elevator, happy that his plan was coming to fruition.

Just as the woman said, a door on the second floor had a label that read “Dr. Wallis, biological sciences.” Michael grinned and opened the door, appreciating the loud creak to make note of his entrance. A man sat at a desk facing the door. He was an older man, at least 50, with dark hair that was starting to gray. He was no taller than 5’9”, and thin. Michael could use physical force if he needed to. Dr. Wallis looked up as soon as he heard the door creaking.

“For the last time, James, I told you the report would be re—Oh, sorry. Hello,” Dr. Wallis said, realizing too late that Michael was not a colleague. “I don’t think we’ve met before. How can I help you?” Dr. Wallis was confused. Very rarely did he get random office visits, and even more rare were visits this late at night.

“No, we haven’t met before, but we have a mutual acquaintance. And I have something that you might be interested in knowing about,” Michael stated, excitement and intimidation in his tone.

“Oh? And what would that be?” Dr. Wallis asked, standing at his desk.

“Dr. Wallis, you knew a Travis Barker, correct?”

“That’s classified information, I’m afraid.”

“Cut the shit, Dr. Wallis. I know you gave Travis Barker a growth serum, and I know what it can do,” Michael growled, raising his volume. The man behind the desk jumped back.

“Oh, uh… Please, calm down, sir. Yes, I did administer a muscle development serum to Travis Barker, but I haven’t formally spoken to him in years. What could this be about?”

“Well, I have an offer you certainly can’t refuse. See, I have a video of the sexual effects your serum had on Travis, and a student he teaches. It’s also interesting that Travis wanted me to keep the serum a secret, as if it were… illegal?” Michael had a coy tone to his voice. He knew Dr. Wallis was scared, and he knew that Dr. Wallis was putty in his hands now.

“Y-yes, the serum wasn’t approved when it was administered, and I asked Mr. Barker to keep the effects secret.”

“Well, I’ve tasted the power of your serum, from Travis’ cum. I want more. I want to grow. I want to be a god, and you’re going to give it to me, or I’m going to let this video go public, and then you’ll be arrested for your crime. But here’s the thing, I don’t want to take the serum, because I don’t want anyone to grow from my cum. I want the power all to myself. So tell me how I can have that power to myself, or you know what’ll happen.”

“Oh, uh. Sir, I… I can’t do that for you, without the serum…” Dr. Wallis stammered, trying to talk the power-hungry man down.

“Bullshit. You’ve had years since the first serum. You have something that you’re not telling me about, and you better fucking tell me, or I’m going to expose your secrets,” Michael barked, growing very irritated with Dr. Wallis.

“Sir, please, calm down. There…. there is a way…” Dr. Wallis gave in. If what Michael said was true, the only way to keep from being exposed was to give him what he wanted. “The pills, they stabilize the growth, you know that, right?”

“Of course I do. I hate those damn pills. Travis makes me take them every time I get huge.”

“Well, there’s a way to trigger a growth spurt with the pills. If you take the pills, they stabilize your testosterone and shrink you down to as close to your original size as possible. But if you take a pill before growing, and then consume semen orally from someone treated with the serum, the pill will attempt to stabilize the testosterone in the semen but will cause the testosterone level to spike immensely. It will trigger a massive growth spurt, which is why I’ve warned Mr. Walker about this. If… if you really want to grow, that’s how you can do it.”

“And how do I know that the pills won’t take my growth away again?” Michael demanded, slamming a fist on Dr. Wallis’ desk.

“Well, once you ingest semen and the pill, the hormones in your body will become permanent, as far as my research would show. The pills won’t be able to stabilize your testosterone levels, because your body will adjust itself to the levels naturally.”

“So the pills won’t take effect?” Michael asked, his cock growing erect at the thought of being unstoppably huge.

“Exactly, sir, but I can’t guarantee how large you’ll grow from this. It’s something I’ve never tested beyond the lab, because I’ve advised my patients against ever doing it. It’s never happened.”

“Well I’m going to make it happen. Thank you, Dr. Wallis, for helping me become a god,” Michael said as a farewell, and left the office without another word. Even though it was a late hour, Michael was buzzing with excitement on the entire drive back home. He knew for a fact that Travis would be at the school on Saturday, and he was going to take advantage of it. All he had to do was blackmail Travis into giving him exactly what he wanted, and the video was still going to help him do it.


Part 8

Chase’s finger was stuck above the send button on his phone.

“Can’t go out tonight gotta meet my grandparents again”

He hated lying to his girlfriend, but she wouldn’t ever know. The first time she had met his grandparents, she swore on her life it would be the last time. His grandma was boring. She couldn’t hold a conversation very well and was full of awkward silences. His grandpa was rude to her, asking her all sorts of personal questions and being pervy in general. His girlfriend never wanted to hang out with them, and he didn’t blame her.

Chase’s car was parked outside Travis Barker’s house, across the street. It took him three trips around the neighborhood before he even parked, afraid someone would recognize him. It was actually a very quiet neighborhood, nobody leaving their nice little houses. It was almost as if nobody lived here, which Chase would have believed if there weren’t cars in their driveways.

He closed his eyes and hit send. Almost immediately after he threw his phone into the passenger seat, it buzzed. He checked his phone to find a text from his girlfriend.

“Good luck with that see you some other time babe xoxo”

Chase felt the guilt in his stomach. He knew what he was about to do was wrong. Very wrong, but he had to do it, or it would forever drive him insane. He took a deep breath and got out of his car. He walked across the street to Coach Barker’s house and rang the doorbell with a shaking finger. He was about to turn away and leave, but then the door opened.

“Chase?” Coach Barker asked, incredulous to find a student at his door. “What are you doing here?”

Chase had to use every ounce of willpower in his body to answer. “Do you mind if I come in?”

Coach Barker nodded and stepped inside his house. Chase followed, closing the door tightly behind him. Coach Barker leaned against the wall, his strong arms crossed against his thick chest. Chase noticed that he was wearing a tank top and shorts.

“So what’s up?” The large man asked. Chase felt a lump in his throat. This was the moment of truth. He couldn’t help but notice the obvious bulge in his coach’s shorts.

“I, uh… Came to talk…” Chase could barely get the words out. “I… saw, uh.”

“Just spit it out.”

Chase took a deep breath. “I saw you this… this weekend in the locker room…”

Coach Barker raised his eyebrows in response. “And what about it? I’m always in the locker room.”

“No… I mean. I saw you… and Adam… and Mr… Hayes.” He was shaking more and more with each name he mentioned.

“Okay. So why are you here?” Coach Barker asked, a bit of a nervous edge in his tone.

“I can’t… I can’t stop thinking about it,” Chase stammered, his cheeks on fire. “…and. I want it…”

Coach Barker was standing up straight now, clearly surprised at what Chase was saying.

“I want… I want you.”

Coach Barker walked over to Chase, staring the teen right in the eyes. Chase could feel his warm breath on his skin. Without warning, he leaned in and pressed his lips against Chase’s. Their tongues began to wrap around each other. Chase found the feeling of kissing a grown man strange. His lips pressed harder against him than his girlfriend’s. It was completely new to him to have such a powerful tongue wrapping around his. Coach Barker grabbed at the small of Chase’s back and pulled the teen against his solid body. Chase was rock hard in his pants, not unnoticed by Coach Barker.

“Fuck, you taste good, kid,” Coach Barker panted when he broke the kiss, Chase catching his breath as well.

“God, this feels so good,” Chase whispered, in complete disbelief that he was rock hard from making out with a man. He was starting to think he wasn’t so straight after all.

Coach Barker reached down and tore his shorts and shirt off, exposing a jockstrap that had been stretched out by his incredible bulge. Chase ignored it and walked behind his coach, getting down on his knees in front the man’s bubble ass. Chase grabbed the two massive globes of his coach’s ass, spread them, and began running the tip of his tongue against the tight asshole. Coach Barker grunted at the feeling, and he began grabbing at his bulge. Chase found that rimming a man was just like eating out his girlfriend, but for some reason, he enjoyed the taste of his coach’s ass more.

“Shit, this feels good,” Coach Barker whispered in a raspy voice. He pushed Chase down with his bare foot and squat over the teen’s eager face, letting Chase continue eating his ass while he pulled Chase’s pants off of him, and tearing his shirt off as well. Once Chase’s throbbing erection was dripping precum in the open, Coach Barker immediately began working on the 8 inches of meat. He loved feeling Chase moan into his asshole.

Chase could feel his coach’s asshole loosening up with every erotic prodding of his eager tongue. Once he had done enough work on the muscled ass, Coach Barker stood up and lifted Chase in his strong arms. He shoved his tongue back into Chase’s mouth while he carried him into his bedroom. He threw Chase down on the large bed and climbed onto it after him after he pulled his jockstrap off.

“You ready for some real sex?” Coach Barker growled, kissing Chase’s toned stomach. The horny teen under him only moaned. Coach Barker stood over the teen, giving Chase a perfect view of his throbbing monster of a cock, dripping precum down onto his face. Coach Barker squat down again, but this time on Chase’s cock.

“I’d make you ride me, but I don’t think you’re ready for all this yet,” Coach Barker teased, stroking his cock.

Chase groaned loudly as he felt his coach’s ass wrap around his cock. This was everything he had been dreaming of, and more. Coach Barker began pumping his entire body up and down on Chase’s cock, feeling his precum spill into him. Chase was moaning wildly the entire time.

“Bet I’m tighter than your girlfriend,” Coach Barker said in a low voice, leaning in to kiss Chase’s neck.

“Fuck, she’s nowhere near as good as you,” Chase groaned, gripping the sheets.

“Fuck, your dick is amazing.” Coach Barker started running his hands up and down Chase’s torso. He loved admiring his student’s muscle gains. It wasn’t long before Chase cried out and thrust his cock deep into Coach Barker’s tight ass. His cock exploding with wave after wave of cum. He had never cum so much in his life, even when his girlfriend hit all his right spots.

“You ready to watch me grow?” Coach Barker moaned, feeling the power flooding his body. He grew heavier on top of Chase, sinking a little further into the soft mattress.

“Fuck, coach,” Chase said, immediately gripping his coach’s swelling pecs, teasing his erect nipples eagerly. Coach Barker moaned, his cock throbbing in response. The already huge cock growing bigger with each throb from Chase’s teasing. His thickening arms were growing on either side of Chase, causing him to lean as far as he could and begin licking the massive cannonball arms.

Coach Barker pulled himself off of Chase’s dick, still growing, and began flexing his massive arms for Chase. In response, Chase sat up on his knees and began grabbing at the solid muscles.

“You ready to grow, Chase?”

“Give it to me,” Chase cried out, his cock hard again. Coach Barker laid back on the bed, his newly grown body taking up even more space on the bed. He gave his freshly grown 11 inches a few strokes, motioning for Chase to come suck on it. Chase took the hint eagerly and took as much of his coach’s monster meat into his mouth. Almost instantly, Coach Barker gripped the back of Chase’s head with his huge hands, and held his mouth down on his cock, ensuring he got as much cum as possible. Chase made muffled noises as cum spilled into his mouth faster than he could swallow it. It spilled out of his mouth, running down his face, absorbing into his skin. Coach Barker, even after finishing, started thrusting into Chase’s mouth, enjoying the feeling of his hyper-sensitive cock rubbing against Chase’s stretched lips. The pleasure didn’t last long, because Chase pulled himself from Coach Barker’s dick, moaning as he felt incredible power surge through his body.

“Ohhh fuck yes, coach. This feels amazing,” Chase moaned. He had never felt anything so good before in his life. Even after he had just fucked Coach Barker, it still didn’t compare to the feeling of pure power surging through his body as he started to grow. His cock was the first to grow, lengthening against Coach Barker’s bed, rubbing against the sheets. He let out a low growl, his voice getting deeper as his body got bigger. He surged taller very suddenly, hitting 8 feet even. His cock was still grinding against the bed sheets as his legs packed on muscle that he could have only dreamed of having. His ass swelled into a perfect bubble butt that would fill the back of any underwear he could find to contain his huge cock. His back muscles grew larger and more defined, his lats and shoulders swelling to give him a massive and wide appearance. His pecs surged outward with power, his arms following suit, supporting his massive weight up as he grinded his cock against the bed, moaning all the while. In his sexual bliss, Chase didn’t notice that Coach Barker had lifted him on top of him, and now Chase was grinding his giant cock against the deep groove of his coach’s abs. The increased texture on his cock caused him to let out a deep roar and blow his load all over Coach Barker’s abs and pecs. By the time he had snapped out of his daze, Coach Barker had grown another inch, and his muscles had gained new definition. They leaned into each other and kissed wildly. Chase was glad he had done this, and he knew that his girlfriend would never compare to anything like this.

By the time the two studs had finished with each other and returned to their normal sizes, Chase found himself sneaking back across the street in the dark of night. When he checked his phone, the display read that it was ten o’clock. The display also showed another text from his girlfriend, sent from a few hours ago.

“Maybe we can meet up tomorrow after I finish studying ;)”

Chase didn’t get hard at the thought of them meeting up like he usually did. Something nagged him in the back of his mind, telling him that he wouldn’t want to meet up with her again. The nagging voice told him he would rather meet up with Coach Barker again, and Chase knew it was true.

After Chase left, another car pulled into the spot where he had been all day. To anyone who wasn’t watching the car, they wouldn’t have known that it was parked down the street in a vacant lot, watching Coach Barker’s house all day, waiting for Chase to leave, so that they could finally make their wildest fantasies come true.


Part 9

Coach Barker had just stepped out of the shower when there was another knock at the door. With only a towel around his waist, he wondered who could have been at the door so late, unless it were Chase again. His dick twitched at the thought, but he knew it wasn’t likely. He opened the door and was greeted by the sight of Michael Hayes.

“Hello Travis,” Michael said, a knowing smile creeping onto his face.

“Michael? It’s ten o’clock. What are you doing here?” Travis was confused. Whenever he fucked Michael, it was never a surprise visit. Because of his wife, they always had to arrange meetings so that Michael’s wife wouldn’t notice he was gone so much.

“Mind if I come in? I’ll explain everything.” Travis didn’t like the way Michael put emphasis on “everything.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure, come on in,” the near-naked man welcomed with caution. “Do you mind if I get dressed real quick?”

“No need, I’ll be quick,” Michael assured. “Have a seat, Travis. I need to talk to you.”

“About what? Is everything okay?”

“Oh, everything’s perfect,” Michael grinned, setting his bag down on the table. “I took a trip to visit a certain Dr. Wallis. I think you might know him.”

Travis’ blood ran cold. “I… I do know a Dr. Wallis. What is this about?”

“He told me some special information about your serum, and how it can help me get what I want from you.”

“Michael, if this is what I think it is…”

“It’s exactly that. He told me how I can become a god, Travis, and I’m going to get it.”

“Michael, whatever you need me to do, I’m not doing it. There’s no way in hell.”

“You don’t have a choice. If you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to blackmail you. I have a video of you and Adam fucking, with quite some extra size, might I add. I’ll send it to the Board of Education and have you fired and arrested for sleeping with a student. Then, I’ll expose Dr. Wallis for his illegal research. So you can either make me a god, or I ruin your life.”

“You’re bluffing,” Travis tried to remain confident, but he was scared.

“But I’m not.” Michael pulled his phone out of his pocket and played the same video Chase had sent him. He had cropped himself out of the video’s view, ensuring he was safe from blackmail.

“How…? When did you?” Travis was sputtering.

“I think that’s all I need to convince you to give me what I want. All I need to do is blow you, Travis. That’s all it takes.”

Travis was cursing himself for letting his happen. He knew Michael was power hungry, and he could have stopped their relationship early on, but he liked sharing his power with him. Now, it was his downfall. He was always too trusting.

“If… It’ll keep the others out of trouble…” Travis whispered emptily, shifting on the couch to pull his towel off.

“Perfect! Let me just get ready…” Michael cooed, stepping over to his bag. He would’ve taken his clothes off, but when he grew, he wanted to explode out of his clothes. He did, however, swallow a pill he had stolen out of Travis’ office. He had gone there first, thinking he would still be there late. Sometimes Travis liked to stay after work and use the weight lifting equipment, but when Travis wasn’t at the school, Michael used it as a chance to get some of the pills.

“Are you ready to make me into a god?” Michael said, a wild gleam in his eyes. Travis’s soft dick was laying gently on his powerful thigh. Michael grabbed his soft length and flicked his tongue over the head. Travis shuddered, starting to get hard from Michael’s tongue.

“I always loved this cock. Too bad you won’t be a god with me,” Michael chuckled, continuing to work Travis’ dick with his mouth. From all of Travis’ recent growth spurts, his cock would only shrink down to a massive length of 11 inches. This didn’t go unnoticed by Michael, who was working as hard as he could to deepthroat the large man.

“Oh fuck, Michael,” Travis moaned. As much as he hated what was happening, he couldn’t hide the pleasure Michael was giving him. Travis was trying to hold off as long as possible, praying that Michael would eventually give up, but it was hard when his huge cock kept ramming the back of Michael’s throat. To make matters worse, Michael was running his hands up and down Travis’ muscled body, the feeling of being worshipped only turning him on more.

Michael started playing with Travis’ huge balls in one hand, while his other hand was teasing Travis’ nipple. The huge man was moaning wildly while Michael worked his body. He was close, and Michael knew it. Travis was going to cum, and he was going to become a god.

Travis couldn’t help it anymore. He was horny, and he knew it was pointless to fight against Michael anymore. He gave in and started thrusting himself into Michael’s mouth. Travis couldn’t stop moaning. Michael was attacking every sensitive spot his hands could reach. His balls pulled up tightly, and with a loud roar, Travis came wildly into Michael’s mouth. Rope after rope of cum pour from Travis’ cock and into Michael’s power-hungry throat.

Ohhhh fuck!” Travis screamed, unable to control himself as he rode through an intense orgasm. After he had finished unloading his heavy balls, Michael pulled himself off of Travis’ cock.

“Damn, that was a huge load. Looks like you really want me to become a god,” Michael growled, licking some extra cum off of his lip. “Thanks for doing this for me, Travis. You’ve always been a good friend with benefits,” Michael cooed, leaning down to kiss Travis one last time.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this, Michael. This is insane.” Travis knew there was no point in reasoning with him, but something in the back of his mind was nagging him to keep trying.

“Travis, you knew I always wanted this. It was only a matter of time before…” Michael was cut off by a rumbling from deep within his stomach. “Ohhhh, fuck. I can feel it happening, and it feels fucking good.”

Before Travis could say anything, the rumbling subsided, and Michael started growing before his eyes. He surged larger very suddenly to nine feet tall. His clothes didn’t stand a chance against the growth, the tattered remains all over the floor. His muscles had expanded with him, pumping with more and more power with each passing second.

“Oh fuck, Travis, this feels amazing,” Michael moaned loudly, gripping his incredible cock.

“Michael! You have to stop this!” Travis cried out, even though it was beyond useless at this point.

“Oh fuck. Why would I stop this, when it feels so goooood,” Michael moaned, stroking his growing cock. Michael was growing at a steady rate now; his head was pressed against the ceiling. He bent down to keep himself in Travis’ house as long as possible.

“Fuck, I’m so horny, Travis,” Michael muttered while his growing cock dripped huge globs of precum on the floor. Michael’s huge pecs were swelling larger with every breath. His massive arms were flexing and tensing powerfully as he stroked his cock, which was now so large between his giant thighs that he had to use two hands. His swelling body was taking up more and more space in Travis’ living room, almost entirely filling up the room.

Travis, still naked, threw himself over the side of his couch and tried to escape. Michael, noticing the man’s attempts, shifted himself so that he was blocking the front door.

“You’re not going anywhere, Travis. You’re gonna watch me become a GOD,” Michael cried out, thrusting his cock into his hands. The overwhelming pleasure taking over his body was a direct result of all the power flooding his senses. Even when he grew from Travis’ cum before, it didn’t even compare to how good he felt right now.

“Michael! You’re going to crush me if you don’t stop!” Travis shouted, but it was on deaf ears. Michael continued to pleasure his giant body, moaning all the while.

“Feels so good, Travis. So fucking horny…”

Travis made a run for the back door. Just as he was escaping, he could hear the sounds of his house being pushed to the limits by the growing muscle god. Once Travis was outside, Michael rose up through the ceiling, still growing.

“Fuck, looks like your tiny little house couldn’t stop me,” Michael grinned. He took his hands off of his cock and flexed. His biceps exploded with power, massive mounds of muscle piling onto his arms. His body was larger than anything Travis had ever seen, if Michael were scaled down to a normal height. The giant was fondling his massive pecs, each one barely fitting in his huge hands. He began twisting a nipple with one hand, and with the other, he flexed his massive bicep. Michael licked and kissed the massive peak, his oversized cock throbbing massively in appreciation.

“THIS is what a man should look like, Travis,” Michael growled, his deep voice booming out for anyone to hear. He was approaching 100 feet tall with no signs of stopping.

“Michael! This is crazy! You’re going to end up killing people!”

“Travis, why do you keep trying! I’m not going to stop, even if I could! I’m a GOD!” Michael shouted, stroking his cock with both hands again. His body was incredible. His muscles were swollen with the immense power Travis had given him, and he was loving every second of it. His cock was massive. If he were scaled to a normal size, his cock would have been 16 inches long, and as thick as a two-litre bottle. In comparison with his huge body, it looked almost normal, but if his muscles weren’t so incredible, he probably couldn’t have even held it up.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah,” Michael moaned once more. At this point, he was laying down, giving his massive body ample room to swell and grow. He couldn’t help but stroke his massive cock. Houses were being crushed underneath his still-growing bulk. Michael had never been so turned on in his life. The power flowing through his body was the best feeling ever, and now, he was crushing houses without even moving. His muscles were at a size he never thought possible, and so was his giant cock. He couldn’t help but stroke the massive dick. Each pump of his hand caused more precum to spill out. His massive balls were producing so much cum that it was spilling out to his cock, balls, and his massive thighs.

“So fucking huge,” Michael cried out. His body was glistening with sweat. His blonde hair was matted to his head, but he could care less. He was so huge now, that only one of his muscled ass cheeks was filling the space where several houses used to be. Travis was watching from afar in fear. When would Michael’s growth stop? He was afraid the man’s growth would never stop. If Michael kept growing, Travis was afraid humanity would cease to exist.

“Oh it feels soooooo good.” Travis could hear Michael’s cries of pleasure loud and clear. He had no choice except to flee to the school in the middle of the night and hope he could use his office phone to contact Dr. Wallis. If he was going to do it, he had to move fast before Michael grew too big to stop, if he weren’t already.

Meanwhile, Michael was still wildly pleasuring himself as he grew. He was so close to cumming, but he was holding it back. He wanted to keep himself from blowing as long as possible to ensure he had an orgasm fit for a god. The power flowing through his body was overwhelming, and he loved every second of it. He couldn’t believe he was still growing, but he wasn’t going to complain. Michael never wanted this power to end. He was a god, and he loved the feeling of becoming a god.

Travis had to bust into the school. He hated breaking down a door and illegally entering the school, but it was his only choice. He was still naked, and he thanked any god that wasn’t Michael that it was dark. He ran to his office and grabbed his phone. Dialing quickly, Travis prayed into the phone that Dr. Wallis would still be at his office.

“Hello?” Travis let out a sigh of relief.

“Dr. Wallis. This is Travis Walker. We have an emergency.”

“Travis, it’s good to hear from you. And yes, I know what’s happening. It’s on the news already.”

“So what do we do to stop him?!” Travis all but shouted into the phone.

“Travis, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do to stop him. The growth is permanent, you knew this. But what neither of us knew is how much he would grow. I’ve been running tests since he came to visit me, and I’m afraid he won’t stop growing.”

“Dr. Wallis, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have given in,” Travis whispered.

“Don’t say that. I’m to blame. I let him back me into a corner and I told him how to grow like that. I’m sure he backed you into a corner too, but this is my fault entirely. Once he knew how to get what he wanted, there was nothing you could have done to stop him.”

“So this is it? There’s nothing we can do? He’s just going to grow forever?”

“I’m afraid so, Travis.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Michael rubbed his thick cock against the side of a skyscraper. His copious amounts of precum slicking the side of the building. He moaned as he sensitive head grinded against the building. He loved that he was so big that he could now pleasure himself with the city. Citizens were screaming all around him. Their panicked cries only turned him on more. He loved knowing that there was nothing they could do to stop him. He pushed his cock into the building, piercing the surface. Now he was having some real fun. His enormous length slid in and out of the building with each thrust of his hips. The building used to tower over Michael, but now, it only came up to his barrel chest.

“Oh, fuck yeah! So fucking big and horny!” Michael groaned, thrusting harder into the building.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“I do have a solution though, Travis. It won’t stop Michael, but it will keep you alive.”

“And what would that be?”

“Do what I’m going to do. I’m going to take a pill and ingest a sample of semen that I have here at the lab. If I can’t stop him, I’m at least going to ensure that I can survive. If my calculations are correct, if you take multiple pills, you’ll have a larger initial growth spurt than Michael did.”

“Okay. Are you sure this is safe?”

“I’m not entirely sure, Travis, but if we’re going to die, I’d rather it not be at the hands of a horny, power hungry giant.”

“If this is what you’re going to do…”

“I’m going to hang up, Travis. We need to act quickly.”

“Goodbye, Dr. Wallis.”

“Goodbye, Travis.”

Travis set the phone down. He couldn’t believe it had come to this.

“Coach Barker? What’s going on?” A voice whispered behind Travis. He turned around and was met with Adam standing in the doorway.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Yeah! Run away you little bugs! You can’t escape! I’m a fucking god!” Michael shouted at the people running out of the building below. The sight of hundreds of people scattering away like bugs sent him over the edge.

“Fuck! I’m gonna blow!” Michael screamed. With a final thrust, his giant cock swelled out beyond the other end of the building, and exploded with cum. Each shot of cum launched far across the city, landing on unfortunate buildings. By the time he was done, Michael had coated a portion of the city in his godly cum. He laughed at the sight and grew hard all over again.

“Looks like your new god is ready to go again!” Michael said to the world, already stroking his cock.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Travis handed Adam a small handful of pills and made sure that his own was the same amount.

“Remember, Adam, swallow the pills and then we’ll have to cum quickly. Hopefully this is enough to get us caught up with Mr. Hayes.”

Adam nodded without a word and downed every last pill in his hand. After Travis did the same, he laid down on his back and let Adam climb over him. Adam took Travis’ erection into his mouth, with Travis following suit. They sucked each other off with vigor. This was the only way to save themselves from Michael’s destruction. Adam came first, and once Travis felt the power of the pills and cum flowing through his body, he came into Adam’s mouth. Just in time, because Travis was on the verge of a massive growth spurt. He held Adam close to him, as if it would keep him safe, their swelling bodies pressing against each other. He cared about Adam, and he didn’t mean to drag him into this whole mess, but this was the only way to stay safe now.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Michael was on his way back towards Travis’ neighborhood where he first started growing. His massive foot now took up most of the space where he was a puny human for the last time. His cock was dripping house-sized globs of precum everywhere. The bigger Michael got, the hornier he became. He stopped pleasuring himself for a moment when he heard a loud noise in the distance. Looking out towards the school, which wasn’t too far from Travis’ now destroyed house, Michael saw two bodies rising out of the building. He recognized them instantly, and his cock throbbed wildly at the thought of having some extra giants to pleasure himself with…

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