Arthur, the young titan

by TonnyGiant

 This is the story of how I met Arthur, and how he became a giant, and how he dominated everything and everyone ... and how he won my heart in respect and worship. And today I can say, we love each other.

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About a year and a half ago I was coming back from my morning walk in the park near my apartment. It was a routine thing. It was past eight-thirty, and I was still going to work that day. At the time, I worked in an accounting office and it was very exhausting. Today I do not need to work anymore, I have everything I want to be the precious and beloved jewel of a Titan ... but I will tell you soon how I got to that position. Anyway, I did this walk every morning before going to work, it was medical orders and even with laziness, I took a liking to the exercise. It’s the only exercise I like. I remember the day of my appointment very well:

“You need to move more, Gabriel,” the bald doctor said pompously.

“All right, Dr. Petronius, I’ll do as you say. Every day, at least an hour, is that it?” I raised my eyebrow.

“That’s right!” he said with a nod.

I got up from the blue swivel chair, said goodbye to the doctor, and left the office ready to go on a walking routine to relieve the symptoms of my hypertension. You may think I’m an old man, but no, I’m only twenty-five and I suffer from hypertension. Dr. Petronius told me that it was hereditary, but with a good diet and an exercise routine I could control it and not have to take medicines. And to get rid of medicine I would do anything, even wake up too early to walk in the park. It’s not such a bad exercise.

Well, I’m a relatively small guy compared to so many other guys. I’m six feet tall and weighing a hundred and seventy pounds. I do not think I’m fat, but I have a bit of a soft belly because of my habitual rounds of beer I took at the bar after work. I have black and wavy hair, a sharp nose and a little upturned, brown eyes and perfect teeth. I consider myself a handsome guy ... and ah, I’m gay, one hundred percent gay, not that I leave there with a sign in neon letters saying that, but my friends and my family know about it, and then that’s enough.

I came near the door of the apartment building where I have lived since I moved to the big city. Before that I lived on the coast. I saw a movement of boxes and more boxes being taken from a truck. I remembered that it was not a day for moving in or out, because they happen on schedule and on a scheduled day, but since I have nothing to do with it, I went straight to my apartment. He was exhausted and needed a shower and a cup of coffee before going to work. I went into the bathroom and ran the shower. The sensation of the water hitting your back and sluicing away down the drain all your sweat and tiredness is phenomenal. My apartment has two bedrooms, one suite, kitchen and laundry area, living room and a small balcony ... small but nice. Sometimes I would even make some barbecues on that tiny balcony for friends. It was a secluded place, but I survived.

I got out of the shower and soon I put on my clothes for work. White linen shirt, black slacks and black dress shoes. I would not wear a tie that day. I did not feel like it and I preferred to leave my neck free.

While preparing my coffee, I heard noises coming from the apartment next door, and at first I did not do anything, I thought maybe the new inhabitant who was moving and that was indeed it. I continued the preparation of my coffee, fried an egg with a piece of cheese and made a sandwich, then I ate an apple and the sandwich with my coffee... I heard more noises, like dragging furniture, but then the noise ceased. I did not give it much thought. I returned to finish eating the apple in my hand. I tossed the core into the trash, wiped my hands, picked up my briefcase, and walked the door. When I had my door locked and turned to the elevator, that’s when I saw it. My heart raced in the rhythm of an insane drumbeat of a marching band ... the excitement was so much that I became dizzy, almost fell, but I held myself quiet so as not to show my surprise.

He had a huge back, arms as big as a mystery bodybuilder’s winning gym, or even bigger. His calves were about the size of the apple I ate, maybe a little larger. He had copper-colored hair and scraped the side, but with a tuft on the top of his head—I noticed this when he turned in profile. He was looking away from me and facing the open door of the apartment next to mine.

“Okay, guys! Good work.” His voice, rough and powerful, filled in my ears.

The little shift workers thanked and walked over to where I was waiting for the elevator. I did not realize it, but I was so enthralled by the big man at the door of the apartment that I did not even notice when the elevator arrived. Then I realized that this big guy would be my new neighbor. It was inevitable not to get excited and get lost in erotic daydreams. I was only pulled back to reality when the movers called to me, saying that the elevator arrived. Unfortunately, I had to go back to the elevator, but the big guy turned when he heard the voices and then I could see his beautiful face in full. His nose was perfect, his eyes bright and green. He smiled sideways and I could tell that his teeth were white and perfect, yet it was inevitable not to take a look at his torso from the front ... a wall of extremely defined muscles, pectorals bulging and at the same time expanded ... He could balance a plate smoothly on those pecs. His abdomen looked parallelepiped, I counted quickly, and it was the eight-strong, muscular abs ... and when I looked down I noticed the bulge between his legs.

He was wearing football shorts and the size of his masculinity was evident in my eyes ... then the elevator door closed me taking the privilege of devoting in silence that muscular Adonis. Only then did I realize that I would have one more reason to always stay at home: my muscular neighbor and incredibly beautiful.

After a bad day at work, I could not wait to go back to my apartment. I was very tired and anxious to see my neighbor. In fact, thinking about scoping my big neighbor was what kept me distracted all day at work. My boss scolded me several times. I wasn’t supposed to daydream, he thundered at me, but how could I not with that Greek god who would now live next to me. His green eyes, big neck, big muscles, and smile ... what charmed me most was his smile. Seeing him smiling like that was overwhelming. My heart was pounding all day long.

I opened the door to my apartment, but before entering I looked at the door on the left side two meters away from mine. It was the door of my muscular neighbor’s apartment. I wondered if he would walk out of his door at any moment. It took me a few seconds when I was going to put my right foot inside and I heard a clang of keys unlocking a lock. Quickly I pretended to get something on the floor and got up, and looked sideways, pretending to be disconcerted on my part. He was coming out the door. I noticed his tuft scraped through the doorway, and he had to step aside.

(In these apartments where I lived for many years, the doors had the following dimensions: two meters and fifteen in height and one meter and fifty in width.)

My neighbor had to move sideways and his hair scraped at the height of the threshold ... how can that be? I thought. I saw him walking towards me—he needed only one step and was already by my side. His deep, tenor-baritone voice rumbled down the hallway as he greeted me:

“I have not had the opportunity to introduce myself before.” He held out his hand. “My name is Arthur.”

His hand was huge, as big as almost three of my hands together. Stunned I greeted him back. He shook my hand, but it was very light. Perhaps he had realized from that moment on the size of his force, which is enormous ... the world would soon know.

“My name is Gabriel,” I stammered.

He smiled, only a little more open. His face was that of a boy—he looked so happy he looked like a teenager.

“I apologize for earlier,” he said, scratching his head. “The noise of me moving in may have been annoying ...”

“Not at all, man!” I smiled in disbelief. “I was just impressed that they allowed you to make a move today. Usually moving in is done over the weekend.”

He smiles in a mysterious and cold way and responds:

“I have my methods.”

And he really has these “methods”. His imposing presence is one of those tools he used to conquer the world.

“So I thought you could help me with a favor.” Arthur rested his hands on his powerful waist.

I thought to myself, how I could help a man of that size. But he asked for help, so I will not deny it. Maybe it’s to change a light bulb, I thought jokingly.

“Whatever you need and however I can help, I’ll be happy to do,” I said with some enthusiasm. Arthur smiled more openly and called me to his apartment. I hesitated at first, but it was too late to back out.

I was nervous about being in Arthur’s presence, his body emanating a power I had never felt before, just the fact that he breathed close to me made me tremble with fear ... and worship, and respect. I entered his apartment, then he came in and I was still amazed to watch him walk through the door. The apartment seemed small in comparison to him, everything in that place seemed small, and I remembered that that morning when he went out and found him he was not as big as he was now, I could not help being visibly impressed.

Arthur walked to the table in the kitchen and picked up a notebook computer. He wore soccer shorts, but not the local team’s. “Doesn’t he have clothes?” I thought. He lifted the notebook screen with his big, thick fingers and turned to me:

“Do you know how to install internet apps? I can not do it, and I’ve been very angry about it.” He scratched his head.

I noticed his flexed biceps, almost the size of a melon. Arthur sat on a chair and wood creaked, with the notebook in front of him. I stood on the side waiting for him to ask me to sit down, I did not want to be nosy and to sit down soon, I wondered if he could get angry. And by his size, it would not be a good idea to make him angry. He turned around and said, “Come on, neighbor!” He pulled another chair to his side. “Sit down, buddy! I need you to help me, since the doorman could not, he’s a dumb ass—” he huffed, upset.

To my salvation, I repeat this to this day, I knew how to do what he wanted. After I sat down, he settled in with me to keep up with what I was doing on his computer. To feel him so close was disconcerting. His body was warm and large, and seemed larger with every movement he made. What Arthur wanted, besides being close to him, was to install another browser beyond what was already on the machine. He used that excuse to call me to his new home.

Today, when I talk to him in our fortress—that is to say, my fortress, since I spend more time in it than he (because he’s busy running around the world destroying things)—I always tell him that it was a perfect trick to reel me in. He smiles in a lascvivious way every time he remembers this episode of the notebook.

“There, neighbor! Your system is rebooting, and when you turn it back on, the browser will be installed,” I said, standing up.

He held me by the hand. It was a sudden act, but I felt a rush of adrenaline go through me at that touch. I fixed my eyes on his and lost my senses for a minute, until he rumbled in his low, hoarse voice saying, “I ordered pizza. You might want to join me.” He dropped my hand, rubbed his head, and shamed said, “It’s just that, sometimes I do not like to eat dinner alone.”

Arthur smiled, and his perfect smile charmed me. I looked right at his face and Arthur had the features of a teenager just out of high school. I did not know how old he was until he said told me, much later.

“You know what?” I said, pulling away a little and undoing his touch. “Your invitation is hard to resist, but I do not want to disturb you.”

I made to leave again but was interrupted when he got up from his chair and stood in front of me. I raised my head to look into his face. I was passing from his navel reaching near his chest, a little below his massive pecs.

“Wow! Dude, you’re too big.” I rolled my eyes.

An erotic smile appeared on Arthur’s face, but there was a mixture of satisfaction, perhaps because he realized that I was impressed and that he felt my fear. But in that moment he was kind, though he thought I would be stuck for accepting his invitation at first.

“Do not let this big guy here dine alone,” he said quietly. His tone was exciting and at the same time intimidating.

I decided to stay. In fact, I was not eager to warm the dinner I’d left ready for myself that morning. My laziness and attraction won and I ended up sitting back in the chair and accepting the invitation of my muscular neighbor. Arthur seemed to be glad I had not let him down. He walked to the kitchen cupboard to get the dishes, and I heard the wooden floor creak at his feet. When we heard the intercom ring, it was the doorman. He reported that the pizza had arrived and asked if he could let it go up. Arthur readily said yes, since he was already very hungry.

“I can not go many hours without food.” He flexed his biceps. “Those little guys here need some maintenance,” he said, looking at his muscles.

The deliveryman rang the doorbell and Arthur opened the door. His powerful torso blocked my view of the delivery man, but I overheard the guy stammer out “Oh my God” when he saw Arthur. Arthur paid no attention to the stunned deliveryman, and turned to me and said, “Neighbor, may I ask another favor?”

“Sure, man!”

“Hold these a minute,” he said, handing me nothing less than a stack of six boxed pizzas.

I wondered for a moment if he would call someone else to join us, but that was not what happened. After dispatching the deliveryman and paying for the pizzas, Arthur turned to the table where I had placed the pizza boxes and began greedily attacking the pies one after another. I stood still, amazed, watching him devour three slices of pizza at a time.

He looked at me and said: “Sorry, man! I’m very hungry.” He wiped some of the sauce from his mouth with his forearm.

“It’s all right ... it’s your place ...”

“Sit down, baby!” He said with his mouth full. “I think there might be some pieces left for you,” he said, still chewing.

“But I thought ...” I narrowed my eyes. Was he really eating it all?

He laughed. “No problem, man, I was joking.”

Arthur pulled out a box of pizza, opened it and placed two pieces on my plate. Then he walked to the refrigerator and took out three pitchers of three liters of milk each, and a pitcher of juice, put it sll on the table and said: “That will help. Now let’s eat, man. You must be as hungry as I am.”

And this was our first dinner together. Then I went back to my apartment, still stunned by what I witnessed. But on the other hand, I knew a little more about Arthur and from that day on, my whole life changed ... for the better.

The days passed as follows: a week after I had dined at my big neighbor’s house, he went to dinner at my house, since I invited him to return the favor. We had dinner—I mean, he ate almost everything. He ate all the food I cooked and a some pizzas we ordered afterward . He loves pizza even today. I always noticed that Arthur did not wear shirts, and almost did not wear pants, and it was the day we dined at my place that I discovered why he was always half-naked. No clothes fit his body in a way that made him comfortable, so he only wore football shorts or boxers.

Arthur was sitting on my couch, having devoured the food I’d prepared and swallowed the last of the pizzas I’d added to quench his insatiable hunger. He watched TV while I was doing the dishes. I heard my sofa squeak with Arthur’s weight as he moved, then looked over and I saw his hand caressing his crotch through his shorts. I quickly turned my gaze to the sink where I finished washing the dishes. As soon as I finished washing, I wiped my hands on a towel and walked over to the sofa, but to my surprise, Arthur filled all the space on my little sofa with his wide, immensely muscular body. He looked at me and winked. “Oh, man, I don’t think there’s room for you,” he said in amusement. “If you want you can sit on my lap,” he added suggestively.

Throughout the week, Arthur and I had developed a type of connection that I did not know how to explain to myself. He continued to be nice, but always with that peculiar arrogance of a huge man who feels superior to others, since, after all, he was superior to others, and that was something everyone would know soon enough.

Arthur had invited me to go to the gym where he was working out. I was nervous, but I agreed. When we got there, I felt like a fish out of water. I remember that day vividly: I was close to many muscular guys, but none compared to Arthur. He was phenomenal, a real giant among men, and all the guys in the gym felt intimidated by him, because of his size and enormous strength. I saw Arthur doing bench pressed, pushing more weight straight up from his chest than four normal male bodybuilders could lift. At that moment, Arthur was the sensation of the whole place, and everyone stopped their workouts to stare at the giant just as I was doing from the beginning. It seemed to me as I watched him, stunned and awed, that he grew even more as he lifted those impossible weights, and it seemed I was right when we got back home. Arthur had to stoop to go through the main entrance, and the elevator seem to struggle with his weight as it climbed up to our floor. Now it was my couch that suffered from Arthur’s incredible size.

“Arthur ... I think ...” I began, but he did not let me say anything else and pulled me into his lap.

Startled by his sudden aggression, I was paralyzed looking at his youthful and strong face. He smiled crookedly in a sexy way and pulled me closer.

“This past week, getting to know each other a little better, was enough for me to be sure of what I feel for you, Gabe,” he said. His voice was hoarse, deep and powerful.

My legs trembled, my stomach froze and the words fled. I felt his heavy warm breath on my face. I was ecstatic and in that moment I was abruptly kissed by Arthur in a voracious, possessive and at the same time passionate way.

I’ve never had feelings like this someone before, and I had never been kissed like that by anyone. Arthur’s kiss, even taking me by surprise, was the most intense of my life. There were so many thoughts and sensations that I was suddenly frightened. I broke free of the kiss and he seemed to be angry, not with me but with himself.

“Arthur ... I ... I did not know you were gay,” I said, jumping up from his lap.

“Oh shit! Did I scare you?” he asked in embarrassment. “I’m sorry if I scared you ... I could not resist. I spent the whole week struggling not to grab you in my arms and start fucking you without caring about anything ... I ... I—” he stammered and his voice sounded still deep.

“Arthur...” I said as I knelt down in front of him and held his hands. “I had no idea you were gay. I had no idea you were attracted to me. I so insignificant before you—”

He interrupted me. “Since the day you went to my house, when I touched your hand ...” he cleared his throat, “I knew it was you.” His big hands touched my face and were so large they could cover my whole head.

“I do not understand,” I said, shaking my head.

Then Arthur got up and, as I was still on my knees, I looked up in the certainty that I would get a horrible crick in my neck. The ceiling was only a few centimeters away from Arthur’s head. I was frightened by his size, but I could not help but feel respect and indeed a reverence for him, so I knelt there, bowed before his feet. I felt the touch of Arthur’s fingers on my back and I heard his deep voice say, “You are my chosen, you do not have to do this if you do not want to. And yes, Gabe, I’m gay and also ... “ He took a deep breath, it seemed like he was choosing the words. I looked up and he was sitting down again.

“What is going on?” I said. “I felt a need to prostrate before you, Arthur. I do not understand.” My hands and voice trembled. Gently Arthur put me sitting next to him on the couch that creaked again. Then he began to tell me his story.

“Many years ago, when the gods ruled the earth, a Titan fell in love with a nymph,” he began, his voice calm but powerful and profound. “From this forbidden love was born a son, who according to an ancient prophecy would bring total destruction to the earth. Then the gods resolved to imprison the Titan and kill the nymph before the child could be born.”

“How could a Titan have sex with a nymph? The difference in size is really obvious,” I said without understanding anything of this story I have never heard.

“The nymphs had the power to control the size of the Titans, so that’s how they managed to have sex,” Arthur explained reasonably.

“And what does this have to do with you being gay, and me being your chosen one? Arthur, when you said that your eyes flashed.”

He smiled, stroked my hair with his thick, long fingers and said, “All in good time ... let me continue the story. And before you ask me, this story is not in the books. For fear that this could happen again, those who knew it have decided never to tell ... “

I nodded my head in agreement with everything and he continued. I had to listen to this story to the end.

“Then the nymph was taken and killed, but it was too late—she had given birth to her son. The gods did not know that such an abomination was alive, for the nymph had hidden her child in her own people’s lands, where the gods could not enter. They thought she was still pregnant and killed her without a trace of pity. The death of the nymph reached the ears of the Titan, who was enraged and blinded by hatred and pain. He broke free from the prison of the gods and rose to the world of mortals, causing destruction and death all over the earth. He took revenge on the mortals, for he could not kill the gods, but that did not make it less destructive. At the first opportunity the gods confronted him. The Titan fought the gods and was finally destroyed. “

“What a sad story,” I said. “The gods are cruel. The Titan was also cruel, but he was in love,” I added, looking up at Arthur’s sexy, indulgent expression.

“It’s true! Titans are the most destructive forces of nature. “

“But I still do not understand, what has to do with you, with me ...”

He moved on the couch, which finally gave in and broke. Arthur looked around and apologized with a downcast look.

“Do not worry, big man.” I lightly punched his arm. “That couch was already old. I was looking for an excise to get a new one anyway.”

Arthur smiled and said, “You want to know what this whole story has with us?”

“Yes. I really want to know.” I looked at him with apprehension.

“I am the son of the nymph and Titan. I’m the young Titan, Gabe.”

I opened my eyes and stared at him, almost choked with fright. That was not possible. Arthur was an inhuman giant from the time of the gods—fated to bring destruction to the earth!

And I… was I in love with him?

Without moving a muscle I listen to all of Arthur’s tale. My mind slowly processed every word of this crazy story ... yes it was a crazy story, but by instinct, or something else I did not understand, I truly believed him. After all, I did not want to make him angry, and I intended not to. I remembered every day of this week, and Arthur’s sudden growth and his overwhelming strength now had a plausible explanation, at least for me.

Still sitting beside him, I admired the features of his square face, strong jaw, thick lips and green eyes that emanated power, just like his body incredibly muscular body. For you to have a brief idea of what Arthur’s body was like back then, imagine a champion bodybuilder from Mister Olympia, then multiply that bodybuilder’s body by six. That was Arthur’s body that day he revealed to me about his identity. He was and is perfect. Biceps, pectoral, thighs all were thick, large and with veins that looked like plumbing pipes. His body was not yet its full size, though, it would still grow much more. But in the course of my story I will tell about him as he was that day, already incredible.

The titan, having revealed his identity, looked at me with apprehension. He thought I might be terrified—and I was, I won’t deny it, but he had the power to calm me when he touched my face with his big fingers. Arthur brought his index finger closer and stroked my face from ear to chin.

“Are you still afraid?” he asked. His deep voice calmed me down, and I felt he almost whispered, though even so it was almost like a crash.

“I ... I ... Arthur, I still do not understand ...” I stammered and prayed that he would not be angry at my lack of understanding.

“Do not pray to that god. And I’m not angry with you, my little love.” He smiled and touched his large lips to my forehead. “You can ask me anything you want. I’ll tell you everything and I’ll never tire. You are small and insignificant compared to me, but you are my chosen and that does not change. “

“Have you read my thoughts?” I said with wide eyes.

“Yes,” he smiled with smugness and satisfaction, for he knew the effect of being near him. “This is one of the gifts I inherited from the nymphs, just as I also inherited the gift of preservation, but this one will only be used for you.”

“Gift of preservation?” I said hesitantly.

“Yes, Gabe. I am a destroying Titan as my father was, but I am also the son of a nymph and they preserved nature. But what I can tell you is that I have the personality, the strength, the size and the full power of my father, and the traits of my mother only manifest in me through whom I choose to love. And I chose you.” He gave a sexy wink.

Knowing this made my mind spin. Was Arthur the destroyer and also the preserver? This did not make sense to me. I did not know how I could have any effect on this Titan.

“It’s simple, little Gabe.” He smiled sideways, showing part of his perfect white teeth. “I will only preserve what I want, and what is good for you. The world will not be the same from today, my little love. “

Frightened I said: “Will you destroy the world?”

“If I want to, but it’s not my original plan.” He rose from the sofa and walked to the balcony of my apartment, followed and I felt the ground tremble because of the size and weight of Arthur. He looked at the stars and said, “I want to finish the job my father started, and the only one who can decide the fate of some things is you, Gabe, you’re my little nymph.” He looked aside at me and his gaze had an emotion he had not yet seen.

I did not feel like bowing, not at that moment, but I felt that I was being loved and protected by someone. I had just found what was missing in my life, it was Arthur, the destroyer who would preserve me.

“I’ll show you something,” he said, picking me up as a father picks up a small child on his lap. He gestured to the large window. “Look at the stars. Observe carefully.” I did as he commanded and I observed the stars.

The glow of the stars diminished, and the sky grew darker and darker, the moon faded and the whole sky plunged into endless darkness. Inside me was a mixture of fear and enchantment. I looked at Arthur and he smiled as dark as the sky, but even scared of it, I felt protected, for I was in Arthur’s arms.

“Did you do that?” I caressed his huge arms. “This is incredible.” My eyes did not stray from the sky without stars, when suddenly I saw a single star blinking and I was hypnotized by its glow, which even weak, made a difference in the dark sky.

“That single star in the sky represents you. In the midst of all the chaos caused by me, you’re the one to save yourself, my little Gabe.” He took a deep breath and his bulging chest puckered. I could hear the sound of muscles pounding against each other with movement.

“How did you do that?” I could not make my mind work, but I understood the message he wanted to convey to me. I would be the one person he would leave intact if he wanted to.

There was no greater proof that I was in the hands of a god, or rather a powerful Titan.

“Like this ...” He took a deep breath and the stars along with the moon shone again. “I can do much more. No existing god, if there is any, is a match for me, little Gabe.” He kissed my forehead. “I want you to know that from now on, everything you know will no longer exist if it is not for my will ...” He paused, looked up at the sky and turned his affectionate gaze to me and smiled.

Arthur was making it clear that he was in control of everything now, and that I would not have to worry about anything else, other than just adore him and love him. Having your protection is enough for me, I thought.

“I never imagined that my neighbor was such a powerful being,” I said. I smiled and looked in the background of his eyes. They seemed to glow, their emerald color was so green. “Can I ask one more question? I do not want to irritate you ... “

He smiled and held me with both hands in front of his masculine face.

“I told you. You do not piss me off, Gabe, you’re my nymph, which completes me. You can ask me anything you want, I give you the right to question me, only you will have this privilege “

I thought it was a privilege to compare my connection to this being, to this Titan.

“How old are you? How did you live so long to show your gifts and how did you control your growth? Because if you will finish what your father started, I think you could have done it already.” He smiled as I spoke, then started to laugh. “I look like an idiot asking so many questions, is not it? Forgive me.” I lowered my head.

“You do not look like an idiot ... I mean, not really.” He laughed so deeply that the sound of his laughter echoed through the neighborhood. I could tell that the people in the neighborhood went out the window to see where the sound came from, but Arthur was not worried about it. Humans were nothing to him.

“You said you had just one more question and ended up doing several.” He smiled, only more restrained. “That’s why I found it funny ... you humans are funny.”

“We really are,” I smiled along with Arthur. “And we are also insignificant before you.” I looked at him reverently.

He took a deep breath and his expression was of pride and satisfaction, for he had in me a true servant.

“I am 19 human years old, because I was found in a cocoon by my adoptive parents in the old continent. I was wrapped in a silk made by my mother nymph inside a tree that has preserved me for millennia. As I said, the nymphs preserve, the Titans destroy. “

“You’re both. The destroyer and the preserver. This is amazing. Where are your adoptive parents?”

“Dead. They were attacked by robbers, but they were avenged. They gave me affection and shelter, they needed to be avenged. I had no choice if I did not show the criminal worms that no one else could handle with.” His rather soft expression now was serious and tense.

“Did you kill them?” I said with regret at the fate of their foster parents, but I could feel Arthur’s anger at how he killed the robbers.

“I crushed the skulls of the two at once with one of my hands ... It was then that I unleashed my growth. I just needed to destroy something to reveal myself, and so all memories of the life of my parents came to light with my powers and the understanding of who I was.”

“I’m sorry for your adoptive parents, and your biological parents ...” ‘

He cut me off. “Do not feel, little Gabe. Adopters have been avenged, and biologicals will be remembered forever, for I am living on this miserable land and I will rule my way. “

He smiled in a malicious way and carried me, still in his arms, inside going straight to my room. Arthur put me on the bed and in a few seconds undressed me. “This whole conversation filled me with excitement,” he said. “I’m about to explode inside my shorts.” His voice was hoarse, deep and sexy ... as hot as a cauldron of boiling water.

“Arthur ... I ...” I stammered in alarm.

“Do not be afraid, my little Gabe. If there’s one thing I’ll never do is hurt you. And after that night, I can not have sex too often, any way I want to do it, so I need to be inside you at any cost, my little love.” He spoke with his lips very close to my face, his head was three times bigger than mine.

Arthur kissed me and his mouth almost covered my head, but he knew and had control of his size and strength. He took off his shorts his huge dick jumped out, it was the biggest erection he’d ever seen in life, I was scared because his huge dick was almost my size. Arthur looked at me and once again said he would not hurt me. Carefully, slowly he found the tip of his monstrous dick right at the entrance of my tail, the tip of his dick leaked a translucent liquid in abundance. It was pre cum and Arthur said whispering that his cum would be the lubricant that would make me feel pleasure, and never pain. And to my surprise, excitement and desire was what happened, I did not feel any pain. Arthur fucked me so ruthlessly, out of control that an outbreak of growth was inevitable. My bed fell apart, the stinging scent of Arthur’s sweat, the smell of the best sex it will grow larger and have denser muscles. After he had come inside me, he took me by the arms and tucked me in his bent chest, I settled in the middle, in the valley that separated his pectorals, was a unique moment.

That night was revealing and full of sexy magic. I saw Arthur’s powers, saw the fury and destruction in the depths of his eyes. But I was protected and that was enough for me, but I still had the privilege of being the great love of this giant’s life, that powerful Titan. From that night the world would meet his new ruler, his new god, his Titan.

Screams, sirens, loud bangs, glasses being broken, metal being twisted and several explosions. The streets, alleys, alleys, houses, buildings, and commercial departments were all destroyed. The sound of people’s screams frightened me. I tried to run to where there was a greater flow of people trying to hide from the destruction, but I could not, as the crowd was surprised by a metal beam of more than 40 meters that fell in the middle of our escape route. Children wept, men and women grounded in debris, and a dense cloud of dust hovered over downtown São Paulo, had been the biggest catastrophe ever recorded in recent times—and I was in the eye of the tornado. The ground shook, trembling as another avalanche of earthquakes hit the center of the city. Brazil has never seen such destruction. I looked up and tried to focus my vision, the cloud of dust, from the top, and I jumped back scared.

From the sky, high above the clouds, his torso hiding the rays of the sun, I saw a monster, a mountain of unstoppable muscles that pronounced my name with anger and concern. The giant monster was looking for me. I felt that by his tone of voice he was enraged and a little desperate for not knowing where I was. I was hiding under the gap of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, since that place had not yet been destroyed by the intense tremors caused by the treads of the titanic giant.

“GABE, WHERE ARE YOU? I SMELL YOU, MY LITTLE LOVE!” The voice of the giant was more powerful and deafening than a rain of thunder.

He repeated my name louder and louder, his cavernous voice rising from his immense chest, sending tremors to the ground, and the remains of the buildings gave way. It was scary. Until I heard his voice inside my head that said, “I SEE YOU IN MY THOUGHTS, GABE, MY LOVER.”

There was a group of people seeking refuge, and I was with them. We saw the MASP being torn from the ground as if it were a handful of grass that if pulled out of the garden. The people screamed and I bent down to try to protect myself, until I felt fingers so big and thick that they were bigger than the street gas pipes. I felt the tip of his finger caress me and when I looked up, I saw the giant’s beautiful face with a smile of satisfaction and relief.

“I thought I’d crushed you, Gabriel. Do not ever do that again. Never again move away from me.” Saying those words in a whisper that seemed like a flood of thunder, he lifted me holding my body between his fingers, lifted me up to his height and I stood in front of his eyes that overflowed with love. He started walking again and completed the destruction of one of the largest cities in the world. São Paulo was wiped off the map, and I was safe in his hand, but still scared. I think I was lucky to be saved, even if it was by the destroyer himself.

I woke up the next morning with a start and when I realized it was over Arthur’s extremely toned abdomen. He had slept there over his powerful muscles. I remembered the night before when we had sex, and he had warned me it would be hard to fuck with me after he became a Titan in its prime, so we made love as if there was no tomorrow. I rubbed my eyes and the terrifying dream did not leave my mind, but as I looked at Arthur and his face was serene, I decided he did not look like the monster of the dream. Would he become that monster? Yes, and I knew then I would have to come to grips with that.

I slid down his abdomen, and reached the floor, looked to the side and saw my bed destroyed by Arthur’s weight. He had grown absurdly bigger than last night, but it was not just then, his muscles were bigger. His chest was so large, bulging, expanded that six people my size could lie on top of him and there would still be space, beyond what looked like two hills and the peaks were the tanned nipples. The division of his abdomen was a crevasse I could lie in, and his thighs were so thick and full of veins they looked like 20-liter barrels. He had grown up a lot that night after the sex we had; the smell of his musk was still strong inside my room. Arthur had impacted all the walls, leaving them cracked. It was havoc ... an exciting havoc. This destruction he caused was arousing me.

I left the room and even in the rest of the apartment I could feel the air getting hot. Arthur in his deep sleep was puffing warm air out in huge volumes. It was majestic to see that real man sleeping. No, he’s not a man, I reminded myself—he’s a Titan. Everything about him was exaggerated. I walked to the kitchen and through the room I saw my sofa destroyed, the walls cracked. I realized that this building would not be able to support his weight, and if he started to grow again there would be nothing left, just debris.

My cell phone rang on the kitchen counter. I answered on the second ring. It was my boss Jorge. I took a deep breath, trying to gather enough patience to talk to him. I looked at the kitchen clock and saw that it was past 11 am—I missed the morning’s work. The way my boss thought of me, I’d be lucky to only be fired.

“Mr. George ... excuse me, I lost track of the time ... I had a difficult night ...”

In fact, mine had been wonderful and I thought of Arthur’s giant cock ripping me up inside.

“Your lazy idiot,” he shouted in his hoarse voice around his cigarette. “I needed the ledgers finalized by this morning and you did not turn it in. Consider yourself fired,” he growled.

“I can handle this this afternoon, Mr. George ...” I said, rubbing my forehead.

I was worried about losing my only job.

“What is it, Gabriel? Did you spend the night with some rent boy, so you missed the time? You little pimp ... just show up here to pick up your things and sign your resignation.” He hung up the phone in my face, so that I did not even have time to retaliate against his cursing.

Angry, because starting the day like this is not pleasant, I started to bang my fist on the kitchen counter and threw the cell phone on the wall. I could not hold back and let out a small howl from the anger I felt, and few tears fell on my face. I wanted to strangle Mr. George. He was a stinky, uneducated old man with the bad habit of rubbing his erection on the girls inside the office. One day he even tried to do this to me and for having refused his assaults I almost got fired. I felt like the worst person in the world.

I heard a noise coming from the room, the floor shuddered and the cracks opened even more. I rolled my eyes and saw Arthur walking down the hallway coming toward me, his cock swaying as he walked and the tip of his huge cock pounding the walls of the hallway, opening up fresh holes. His head was bent because he had grown enough he could not stand up completely ... I mean, he couldn’t stay here much longer, because if he did, his head would burst through the ceiling and poke though the next floor above us.

“Why are you sad, Gabe? I felt your anger and sorrow burning in my chest, that’s what woke me up.” Arthur’s voice sounded with concern and he walked close to me and knelt to be more comfortable.

With his thick thumb that was almost the size of my two hands, he wiped away one of my tears. She narrowed her eyes at me as if reading my thoughts. Watching his worried expression, I could feel him inside my head again. His expression tightened. He was getting angry because someone hurt me. Arthur was breathing heavily and the warm air streaming through his nostrils reminded me of the bulls in the bullring.

“I do not have a job anymore, Arthur ... I do not know what I’ll do from now ...” I said sadly.

“You do not need that job anymore. You do not have to worry about anything else, my little love. You have me.” Arthur took a deep breath and let out a last puff. “The dream ... where I destroyed this city ...”

I was frightened, for I realized now that did not know the exact extent of Arthur’s powers. He entered my dream, he was in my dream, he was the giant monster of my dreams.

“If you want I can do it,” he said in a serious way. I felt her heart flutter in the expectation that I could tell her to destroy the whole city as she did in my dream. In case, it was not my dream anymore, it was our dream.

“Arthur ... can you get into my dreams?” My voice quivered and was hesitant.

He smiled sideways and put his hands on his waist in a pose that would make any bodybuilder embarrassed in his presence.

“I dwell in your dreams, Gabe. I am part of you, and you are part of me. I felt your anger and I heard everything the voices in your head said after the call,” he said. His lips tightened in a straight line. “I want you to leave the building and stay on the corner of the street. I do not want you to get hurt. See from afar how destructive I can be.” His breast shook, one pec at a time. One, then the other, and this movement mesmerized me.

I grabbed my cell phone and went down the elevator as fast as I could. I remembered Arthur’s words last night when I asked him if he wanted to destroy the world and he replied, “If I want to, but it is not my original plan.” His original plan was not to destroy the world, but in my dream he destroyed one of the largest cities in the world, and he even said that everything would depend on my decision. It meant that Arthur knew of my wishes about my former boss, and he would grant that desire.

“Oh Gosh! I unleashed the destruction of many people,” I thought. As I was walking through the lobby, I asked the porter to get straight from here before it was too late. He thought it strange, but I insisted that he come with me to the corner of the street. He did not want to go saying he could not leave his post, so I decided to go it alone. I looked with regret at the slim doorman who had just signed his own death sentence.

When I arrived at the corner of the street, I could see the building where I lived. It was a 15-story, red and white building, had balconies and I remembered fondly how Arthur put me in his arms taking me to the porch and showing me the stars. It was romantic and at the same time scary to see the stars lose their brilliance ... I was pulled from my memories by Arthur’s voice in my head saying, “Already far enough to stay safe?” I concentrated and, in thought, I answered yes. I looked at the building and heard several bangs.

Some people jumped on the balconies, aliases, were thrown by her. The building began to shake and I heard a roar that could be heard throughout the neighborhood.


Cracks opened and I saw huge fingers coming out of them. The concrete of the walls was sagging, twisted metal began to appear and every structure of the building was crumbling. I saw people being crushed by the concrete blocks they released from the walls as huge hands and feet sprouted from the holes. Another roar can be heard with more intensity and vibrations were sent down the floor.


The building where I lived for so long, where bad things happen and even some good things, the only house I knew in my adult life was on the floor and became a pile of rubble, concrete, twisted metal and blood from the residents who were caught by surprise, in a matter of a few minutes.

The people in the neighboring buildings and the local shops shouted in horror at what had just happened. A 15-story building was destroyed and from it emerged the imposing, majestic and powerful figure of Arthur. He wiped the dust off his pectoral and abdomen with his big hands, ran his hands up his erection which was leaking pre-cum, then stretched his arms out in front of her body as if he were stretching for an exercise. The crowd that had been shouting before was now in a catatonic state, watching the giant-skinned giant’s movements, with a beautiful face and perfect teeth. He moved and started to walk and the population ran out of his way screaming in despair.


In three strides that made the ground tremble and forcing people to keep from falling, Arthur walked over to where I stood and stood right in front of me with my feet off. I felt his strong and powerful scent coming from him, I looked at his feet that were so tall that I would need an eight-step ladder to reach the top, and were so long that they were the length of two buses. He put his hands on his waist and swung once more at the pectorals, one after the other. Arthur knew of my fascination for his huge pecs, he was inside my mind, so he knew of all my hidden desires and to enjoy his bulging pecs was one of them. His pectorals had the extension of two football fields.

“LET’S GO, GABE. YOU NEED TO SETTLE UP THE ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR EX-BOSS.” His voice rumbled over people who were startled by serious and powerful timbre. He smirked and held out his palm so I could climb into it.

Once in the palm of Arthur’s right hand I sat down and admired the giant in front of me. His eyes had a special glow, his hair was wet from sweat and gave him an air of the one who just got out of the shower, it was sexy. He smiled in satisfaction, for he already knew what I was thinking, he winked and placed me on his shoulder.

“Hold tight, my little love, I do not want you to get unbalanced. Until we get to where you work we have a short walk but it will be a little hectic.”

He knew there would be cops to stop him from getting around, he knew helicopters would fly around him, so he said the ride would be hectic. Inside my heart there was a feeling greater than fear, for it would be safe on Arthur’s shoulder so fear gave way to pity, pity for the people who would be in his way. I swallowed dry, still frightened by everything I saw, and said: “I’m safe by your side, are not I?”

“DO NOT DOUBT IT,” he spoke in his powerful, hoarse voice. I felt my heart sink into Arthur’s words. I was on his shoulder, holding a strand of his hair that looked more like a steel cord so thick and sturdy, so I could feel he was the safest man in that town at that moment.

“HERE I GO!” He started walking.


Arthur was starting to move toward the building where I worked. It was time to settle my accounts with Mr. Jorge, but I think he did not count on the reinforcements that I was bringing.

When we left the neighborhood where I lived and headed to the center of the city, the walk on Arthur’s shoulders was a spectacle of horror to me and much worse than chaos to anyone standing in his way. Mr. Jorge could not imagine what he had coming to him. The giant, now 45 meters tall, the equivalent of 147 feet tall, weighed around 850 tons, or even more because of the density of his colossal muscles. Arthur’s biceps were larger than two-story houses, his thighs so thick they caused destruction in smaller buildings and at the base of several skyscrapers. To get an idea of how his body was, imagine Jay Cutler’s body, right? Then multiply this body by 10,000, and you will have the notion of how Arthur was in his new dimensions.

He still clutched the thick, sturdy strands of steel wire from his hair as he walked past a shopping mall that had more than 175 square meters of built-up area without the parking lot. In the parking lot was where he stepped first after he crossed the conglomerate of shops. His enormous feet crushed several cars and ... people. I could hear the screams and the noise of the explosions caused by Arthur’s gigantic strides. The scariest thing for me was that he did not care about anything. I think your sense of humanity has evaporated. And I always asked myself: Is this how a god behaves? Not caring about anything? Yes, that’s how a god does.

She felt her body move down. Arthur was kneeling. The contact of his knees with the ground formed craters that would engulf four cars with ease. He placed his right hand close to his shoulder and asked me to hop on his giant palm. I obeyed, though Arthur never used an authoritative tone with me—he used authority with other people, which made me feel special and secure. In his presence I felt the most insignificant of men, but the luckiest of them all.

“Gabe, I want you to see how I like to have fun,” he said. An evil grin spread to his large lips. His voice rumbled in such a way that I covered my ears so as not to be deaf, and I could bet he did not scream, but to me his whisper seemed like thunder.

He put me inside a parking locker. It was like a small 10-foot (32-foot) tower with a cabin at the top where security guards stayed. Being there, I began to understand the situation. I have seen many people running in an attempt to save their lives. Some even succeeded, but for others it was late more. Speaking of safety, several police and mall security cars approached Arthur’s legs and without warning, they started firing toward him, but the bullets bounced and I had to lower myself into the cabin of the guardhouse to avoid being hit. The cops had sheltered themselves behind the doors of their cars, and some were caught by the ricochet of bullets and found their end. Nothing penetrated the skin of Arthur, a god, a supreme being, a titan ... he was all this and more.

“RUNTS OF SHIT!” he laughed, looking at every policeman and security officer who dared to face his wall of muscles.

“Hey guys, that’s not a good idea. He does not like being bothered while having fun,” I called, catching the attention of the cops. They turned to look where I was.

“So it was you who was on that monster’s shoulder? I saw you on television!” one called back.

During Arthur’s walk here into the center of town, after he sprayed the building where we lived, several TV helicopters had flown around him and focused on me, so whoever watched everything that day on TV could see me on Arthur’s shoulder.

“He’s not a monster,” I said, folding my arms. “He’s a titan, and you should show respect.”

The policeman who had recognized me that day was named Robert and he had been on the force five years. His 28-year-old body was marked by several changes, starting with meeting Arthur. He was a tall guy, with well-built muscles that reminded me a heavyweight football player. Robert was looking at me and then at Arthur who was aware of any movement by the police. Robert threw his weapon to the ground, surrendered, and knelt before Arthur.

“Lord, forgive me for resisting you. I was just doing my job. Spare my life,” Robert said with tears streaming down his eyes.

Arthur looked at me in amazement, but on his face was a smile of satisfaction at the surrender of the young officer. Then he looked at the policeman kneeling.


“Robert, sir,” the policeman raised her face, and Arthur admired her respect and reverence. Many of the humans could learn from the young officer’s attitude over time.

“ROBERT. You’re a small guy of value.” Arthur reached out and took Robert’s hand in front of his bright eyes.

“Please sir. I do not want to die, but if you think my time has come, go ahead.” The young man closed his eyes, but nothing happened. What we heard was Arthur’s voice.

“TEACH YOUR COLLEAGUES in uniform. Bow, OR WILL HAVE GREAT PROBLEMS.” Arthur put Robert by my side inside the cabin.

It was proven that if anyone worshiped him, bowed and humiliated himself, he would be spared, at least for a while. But Robert was a little different. In the future he would serve a greater role in Arthur’s plans to rule the world.

“Your life was spared for now, but I think your friends ...” I pointed to the other police officers. “They did not understand your redemption.”

“I always wanted to be a giant, a god like him,” Robert said, pointing at Arthur. “When I saw him on TV my heart pounded and I felt the need to see him with my own eyes.” He turned to me and I have to tilt my neck up to look at Robert.

“I will be a faithful follower of Arthur, the young Titan,” he vowed.

I frowned, for I found the title of titan Robert had used a surprise to me. “The young titan. I like that, man.” I punched Robert lightly on the shoulder, looking serious, but not upset, not anymore.

“That’s what they call him on TV, the young titan. How old is he?”

“Oh ... so ... Robert, is not it?” He nodded. “My name is...”

“Gabe. I know, I heard the young titan call you. His voice can be heard miles away. “

I took a deep breath.

“So, Arthur is a millenarian being rescued by a family of humans who created him with love and care. But speaking of the age of humans, he is 19. “

Robert was about to say something when we heard another burst of bullets being fired at Arthur. Annoyed at the police officers who were disturbing his fun, the young titan clenched his fists and began to strike several blows at the police officers. In a few minutes and showered with Arthur’s many roars, the uniformed men were reduced to rubble and crushed corpses in their twisted cars.

“NOTHING CAN STOP ME, YOUR SMALL BUGS OF SHIT!” His deafening roar made the tower where Robert and I were start vibrating. Everything about Arthur was getting more and more powerful, even the timbre of his voice that was now deep and hoarse, so serious that even soul trembled.

“See, GABE ?!” he holds two police cars in his left hand and shows me.

“They look like toys, plastic carts in your hand, Arthur.” I was excited to see my friend with his new toys. Suddenly a noise of metal being twisted. Arthur closed his hand and crushed the cars as if they were really just cheap plastic.


“Arthur, I know you want to prove more of your power over everyone here, but you promised to take me to my boss ...”

The giant stood up and planted his feet beside the guardhouse where I stood and Robert ducked in fear. I do not know why, but I feel my heart tremble, it felt like it was going to jump through my mouth. Actually deep down I knew, I’d crossed the line. And to think I joked with the cops about not telling Arthur what he should or should not do! Arthur was not looking very pleased, maybe I made him angry because of what I said. Take note: never tell a giant what he can or can not do, and never tell a giant when he should stop. We are all at his mercy and it is he who always decides everything ... even if you are someone like me, an intimate friend of the giant, even being his boyfriend, never give orders to a giant, because they are unstoppable and do what ever they want, always.

“BOTH OF YOU. HERE in my hand NOW.” He reached out and looked irritated.

That so-sweet Arthur that I met last week, who fucked me, taking me to the seventh heaven at the climax, that Arthur who swore to protect me always, was not there. I did not see him in those eyes, darkened with a shadow of irritation and evil. At that moment I sensed that would be my end. Arthur raised his hand to the height of his angry eyes and rumbled:

“YOU ARE NOTHING BEFORE ME ...” He took a deep breath and Robert and I were thrown back hitting his fingers. “Gabe, I do not want to fight with you, but please never do this again. Never interrupt my fun again.” He tried to speak softly, but even so it was like hearing thunder.

“Excuse me, Arthur ... I ... I did not mean to ...” I knelt down.

“Fine, Gabe. I hope you have learned your lesson.” His tone, though profound, was reassuring.

Inside my head were almost like an ordinary couple. I looked at Arthur and smiled in appreciation. I had learned the lesson just by reading his serious expression and after he had argued with me.

“I hope you also learned an important lesson, little cop.” He looked at Robert.

“Yes ... sir ... I ...” Robert stuttered and knelt as well.

“I have plans for you, little policeman.” Arthur winked. “Now come on. Gabe has business to take care of with his ex-boss.” He put us on his broad shoulder and told Robert to hold on to one of Arthur’s hair strands, so he did. Arthur walked again and from where I was I could see the building where I worked for many years. We got there in a few minutes due to Arthur’s great strides.

The building that reached Arthur’s waist was an accounting office. I worked there for years and knew many good people, who unfortunately would pay for the mistakes of Mr. Jorge, the department head.

The destruction continued as he walked. He stepped on cars, trucks, gas stations causing explosions, and all this to him was like walking on the lawn of a garden. Arthur puffed out his chest and I saw giant shelves. He flexed his chest one pec at a time, and the movement excited me ... I mean, it turns me on remembering, even today. He stood in front of the accounting building in a strategic position. Arthur was between two slightly larger buildings, which reached the height of his chest. He asked Robert to escort me to the front of the building.

“Little policeman, I want you to protect my Gabe from anything his ex-boss might do. Can you fulfill that mission?” We were in the palm of Arthur’s hand looking into his eyes.

“Yes, sir,” Robert replied with unwavering confidence.

“Now they go” put us on the floor in front of the door of the building. “Then come back, because I have other plans for this building.” He smirked.

We ran into the building, but Robert stopped and caught my eye. He made me look up at Arthur. My titan grabbed a box of water from one of the buildings in which he neared and plucked the cover by throwing it away, he poured all the water into his mouth and what flowed from the side fell like a heavy rain. He let out a deafening burp that broke several windows of the front building. Robert pulled me under a marquee that stood at the entrance to the accounting building. Arthur crumpled the water box in his hand and swayed the huge metal ball.

“Wow! How many gallons do you think you have in these water towers?”

“Six thousand liters.” I had read on the side of the tower as he approached the building with us still on his shoulder.

“Now come on, we can not keep the master waiting,” he said. Robert pulled me along by the arm.

“What do you mean, Master?”

We stopped in front of the elevator that still worked even after the building a concussion with Arthur’s burps.

“He made me take my place in this world,” Robert said. “I know I have to worship him to have my life spared and I will do it with greater pleasure. “

The elevator doors opened and we entered. I pressed the button that indicated the fifteenth floor. I looked at Robert. his height and muscular body enchanted me, and to see his reverence and respect for Arthur calling him master was fascinating. It seemed crazy, but I understood his point of view well, not only to have his life spared, but also because he wanted to be a giant, and see a real one in front of him was a realization of a dream.

The elevator arrived on the floor where the office I worked and the people screamed, ran in the hallways. “Help ... help is our end,” said the cleaning woman.

“The apocalypse from the Bible has begun, he is the demon sent by the devil,” said the old man who worked in the copy room. We walked through the desperate people and into Mr. Jorge’s office, Robert stood beside me like a loyal bodyguard.

I found Mr. Jorge cowering under the table. He was shaking with fear and I saw his trousers peeled. Without warning, Robert pulled on his jacket and hau;ed him to his feet. Mr. Jorge looked confused and afraid for me and Robert.

“I saw you, Gabriel, on TV on that monster’s shoulder,” he pointed at me with trembling fingers.

“I’ve brought reinforcements, Mr. Jorge,” I said. “I think we need to talk about my unfair dismissal.”


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