The body spray

by Coalth

Bodybuilder Kevin, needing a little armpit spray, spots a strange brand of deodorant in the gym vending machine and decides to give it a try.

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Part 1 Bodybuilder Kevin, needing a little armpit spray, spots a strange brand of deodorant in the gym vending machine and decides to give it a try. (added: 22 Mar 2013)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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Part 1

“Fuckin’ A!” Kevin said. It echoed on the tile walls of the locker room over the dull roar of a running shower. “Where the fuck’s my deodorant?” After turning over the contents of his duffle bag twice it still wasn’t there.

“Looking big, Kev,” said a voice passing by. He recognized the voice of one of the other morning regulars. He was an amateur bodybuilder with a few competitions under his belt. Kevin, shirtless in jeans, turned and flexed his arm at him.

“You too—bro” he got out right as he passed into a different row. Kevin dreamed of being in his shoes. Soon.

He pulled out the shirt he packed for the first nice day of spring; it was one of his favorites. It took him way back to freshman orientation three years earlier when they were handing out T-shirts. It was red with a big Bucky Badger on the front.

Kevin pulled it down over his head and slid his arms and head out the holes. It originally had sleeves like a normal T shirt but he cut them off. That was a hard decision but he had to unsheathe his growing guns.

The sight in the mirror on the far wall was met with his approval. After two years of serious lifting, the shirt was starting to get tight on him and his chest had grown enough to have some bulge in his pecs to show off. In fact he was big enough now that there was shallow but noticeable valley running down the center.

Straightening out his arms, mirrored images of the large muscles of his upper arms rippled under smooth tan skin. They were getting pretty big these days—15 ½ inches. He measured them frequently in preparation of inquiries.

He was still incomplete without having applied something to his armpits. He slung his bag over a shoulder, locked his locker, and headed for the door.

Scanning across the rows of the vending machine outside the locker room, he discovered the bottom row had deodorant. There were ten different flavors of one brand followed by a few empty slots and a single small canister in the corner.

“Poor little guy, all alone.” Its label read Rhodes’ Muscle Musk in sharp red letters.

“I can see that working—yeah, Muscle Musk, it’d be perfect for me.” With the can in hand, the smaller words read “Be all the man you can be. Unleash your muscle.” He rotated it to glance at the back. There were the typical blocks of tiny text.

He gave the can a shake. With his right hand he spayed under his left arm for a few seconds. Switching hands, he sprayed under his other arm. Something seemed wrong about the vapors; there was only a slight whiff of aerosol.

“Scentless,” he reread the bottle. “Huh, I missed that.” At least if it got him through the day it wouldn’t be a loss although it was strange that musk would be scentless.

As he walked to class, the spray sunk into his skin. It worked in deeper, drawn in along the hairs of his armpits. Reacting with the cells in the follicles, the hairs began to thicken, push out, and curl. Thin second and third hairs began to sprout alongside his brown body hair.

The spray also wicked into pores. They began to dribble a mix of the spray and perspiration, spreading the spray further down his sides.

The light changed and the group waiting to cross the street started to advance. He shifted the strap on his shoulder. The shirt fabric under his arms felt a bit wet—unexpected since he was underdressed in the cool weather.

While he ascended the final hill, the deodorant diffused deeper and new hairs continued to sprout among the older hairs thickening. By the time he reached the top of the incline, the wiry bushes under his arms were starting to advance with lone hairs pushing out across his chest and shoulders in preparation of the forest to come.

Kevin reached the top of the hill. The chemicals advanced into the flesh below his skin, reaching his bloodstream.

“Whew!” He made it to the door to the building. Reaching for the door, the inside of his upper arm brushed wet fabric. Pulling it open there was a gust of wind and he felt hair cling wet to his forehead.

A check of the clock in the lobby; he was almost late. Somehow it took him longer than usual, yet his upper body was wet like he had just been running.

The chemicals were starting to work into his muscles, expanding, multiplying, and thickening the fibers. He made a beeline to the stairs. Slightly swollen pecs bounced for the first time as he skipped down the stairs. The muscles of his upper arms and shoulders were growing as well.


Part 2

Down a floor and around the corner, Kevin arrived in the darkened room just in time to slip in the last row of the lecture hall as class started. He wiped the drops of sweat from his brow. There was a slight breeze from the vent on the ceiling a few feet away. He’d cool off and within a few minutes.

While sitting there, focused on taking notes about the film, the spray continued to circulate, effects creeping through his body. Body hair sprouted. Muscle multiplied, swelling outward. His chest and shoulders broadened. His torso widened under the damp shirt pulling it tight. Thighs swelled meatier inside denim casings.

Waves of little hairs pushed out of pores radiating outward from his chest and armpits. There was an occasional itch on different spots across his body now and then, but he ignored scratching them. Some of it was due to his new hairs. The rest was from his clothing sliding as it stretched to contain his expanding frame.

His chest which had some hair concentrated in a thin central patch was becoming quite masculine as a dark-brown shaggy rug filled in from his pits.

Halfway through class, the pen died. He turned to reach into his bag in the neighboring seat and he felt the back of the shirt stick to the plastic seat. It slowly peeled off. Glancing down, there was a dark oval under his neck.

“Oh fuck!” His clothing for that day was ruined. The closest people, two girls sitting two rows in front and a few over spun around to check.

He resumed the procedure and moved delicately to extract another pen from his bag. The seat’s built-in writing tablet suddenly dug into his stomach as he leaned over. Stupid old buildings with their tiny desks.

He looked down at his notebook to find his place and noticed the surface was crooked. It was like it was starting to flip back up. He gave it a hard whack to go down.

Clink! He could feel the metal support structure ram the body spray can in his pocket and across his thigh.

Damn! He must have been so pumped from the workout he was as big as the seat and it wasn’t even a squat day. Big muscular guys just had to deal with the normal world like that.

After a few minutes he was back into the groove of the film when there was a small commotion between the two girls. One turned around, then the other a minute later. There was more whispering, surely they were discussing how amazing the stud behind them was.

The first one turned around again and Kevin stared back at her. She glared, turned around, stood up, and moved away down the row. The second watched the first and then moved.

They turned back from their new positions. He curled his arm up at them and kissed his bicep. His notebook was carried up and then fell off his sweaty tricep. He held the pose until they turned back. It was their loss. He moved again, inhaling.

The stink was so pungent he coughed. God damn! Kevin’s stomach dropped and his mind raced. How didn’t he notice it before? That’s probably what those chicks were on about. Christ! Were people smelling him right now!? The next closest people on the other side were still sitting there. One of them seemed to be looking around for something.

A wave of drops rolled Kevin’s forehead. After instinctively wiping his brow, he realized it had never stopped. The plastic seat was slimy. Boxers squished between his thighs under his nuts. There was still fifteen minutes easily left in the class.

“Shit, I’m fucking riper than a tomato,” Kevin said once out in the hall. He couldn’t believe it. He walked quickly enough to feel the breeze over his wet body. On a different floor and around a few corners he finally found a bathroom.


Part 3

“God damn!” The tile in the dim yellow bathroom resonated. The reflection in the mirror was huge. It looked like the big morning body builder was standing in the mirror with Kevin’s head on his bull neck wearing a dark red Bucky shirt, looking back at him.

“Whoa, this is—incredible,” he said. He waved his arm and the reflection followed. His newfound definition was large enough to cast deep shadows in his elbows and under his chest. On the sides, outlines of two big, round shoulders pushed far out beyond the shirt holes.

“Du-ude!” he leaned in close.

“Dude!?” His broad shoulders were lined with dozens of inch long hairs. Not only that, the new hairs continued down his rippling upper arms and over his elbows before increasing in density down along the backs of his forearms. They continued all the way to his hands and fingers.

With a thumb he pushed the side of the armhole toward the center of his chest to reveal more skin. From the sides of his round shoulders, the hair thickened across the front. The exposed round corner of his wide pec was even hairier.

Lifting up that wide arm uncovered a large patch of thick brown armpit hair. He got a whiff of the damp fur.

“Yikes!” It was like he hadn’t showered in a week, the worst kind of pepper steak smell with a dash of ammonia. He reflexively shook his head to get the smell out and caught the reflection of his face. He really should have shaved that morning.

“Dang! What to do?” he said. “I must coming down with something? Well, I should dry off then just go home.”

Even the bottom edge of the shirt was wet. It clung to his head then at once flew up and slapped the wall. Kevin started the blower and the shirt was heavy enough to hold itself on the nozzle.

Bare-chested in the mirror, his broad shoulders were hairy alright. There were hairs on the sides and over the tops of his meaty traps to his back. From the sides of shoulders, the brown hairs were denser going toward his solid chest where it was thickest and he could barely see skin. From the center of his chest, a matching brown treasure trail descended over his taught into his pants. On either side, his belly was covered in belly hair.

Kevin cranked the box on the wall for a handful of paper towels. He wetted them and wiped his pits thoroughly. The hand dryer stopped and the shirt was hot but still damp.

While the second round of heat was running, he wiped himself down again, just to be sure. He finished and folded his thick, hairy arms over his pumped furry chest. He looked like a force to be reckoned with. A little razor now and then was worth this.

The door swung open and a student walked in. He flinched upon seeing Kevin there shirtless in his jeans, scowling back him. He went straight to urinal and stared forward. The loud whirring stopped, unmasking the tinkle, before the button squeaked and the whirring resumed.

Kevin imagined the pisser’s thoughts. It must be awesome to walk into the bathroom to find a bodybuilder standing there. Not only that, the stud was shirtless showing the shag of a real man. Kevin could feel his excitement building against his pants. The pisser zipped up and walked straight out.

The dryer stopped and the shirt was dry and stiff. It seemed smaller than when he took it off. One way or the other, he would be getting it back on. He wasn’t ready to go around campus grizzly bear-chested yet.

He held up the shirt to put it on and checked his pits. There was some residual stink, but it was just barely noticeable.

Carefully he pulled it down. It rode extra tight over his back and chest.

“Okay, let’s try this again,” Kevin said to his reflection. “Gotta’ be calm now. Nice and easy. Smooth.” He took a few steps around and felt the contents of his pockets rubbing into his thighs. “Oh yeah, almost forgot.”

He dug the bottle of body spray out of the tight pocket. Wanting to prevent a repeat of the morning’s disaster, he watched his reflection lay down one long continuous stream of spray. Since it was odorless, he’d lay it on real thick. He spent what felt like at least ten seconds fumigating each of the brown bushes under his arms and then drifted slowly up, down, and around his torso. The badger printed on the shirt was getting a good dose. There was something funny about imagining the school mascot putting deodorant on under his sweater.

Kevin put the spray back and eyed himself up one last time. He was definitely ripped. Moving his arms around, he grinned and nodded. He’d look so huge walking around with his arms out. The extra body hair on him actually looked kind of good over the immense muscles. As the shirt loosened up with some movement, tufts of chest hair rose over the collar at the base of his chiseled neck.

“Total alpha.” Kevin felt awesome. The day was going great and he was nearly the man he always imagined himself as. He was becoming an all around awesome guy. “Total stud,” he said flexing his chest.

The building’s bell rang startling him.

“Wasn’t going to go back, anyway.” The final adjustment was to mess up his hair a little.

Kevin picked up and slung his bag over a shoulder. He fell into the line in the hall headed up the stairs. In watching the steps, he caught sight of the bulge in his pants between his thick thighs. A wave of excitement swelled. He wasn’t even hard and his package showed. He turned the corner at the top of the flight and looked down again. It was noticeable but not obscene, perfectly sized. Big Kevin would be the biggest man in the weight room and shower for sure.

A few blocks down the sidewalk he noticed the shirt under his pits was starting to get damp again.


Part 4

“Come on! Calm, it’s such a nice day, calm,” he said under his breath, slowing his pace. It was probably a consequence of carrying around the additional muscle mass.

Kevin found himself walking down the block the cafeteria was on. His stomach steered him to the end of the long lunch line. All the people seemed shorter than usual; must have been a ton of freshmen.

By the time he was halfway in the line, the arm folded to hold the strap was going numb. He started to rotate bag around his waist with the strap around his neck to the other arm.

“No way!” he said. He didn’t even notice the group of people in front turn around, eye up the gigantic football player in the sleeveless school shirt with a messenger bag behind them, and then return to their conversation. Kevin couldn’t bend his other arm enough to hold the strap.

He was also wet under both arms again, still he didn’t feel sick or nervous at all. It might be that he heated up from the blower in the bathroom. Maybe he didn’t take long enough of a shower after working out so he never cooled down and continued to sweat. That happened on occasion before and he hated when that happened.

At last he made the front of the line and took a tray off the stack. It wasn’t a moment too soon. From the feet up he was getting sore standing. He grabbed plates of fish, something with chicken, and a thing of rice—healthy foods for muscle he’d read somewhere.

Shit, there was another big line at the registers. As he queued, a huge drop of sweat cascading all the way from his neck down to his ass precipitated a rush of anxiety.

Second in line, he looked down and only saw part of his tray. The excitement of an Olympian sized chest was broken by a dark red streak running down the center of the shirt containing it. Come to think of it, the shirt felt damp all the way down to where the tray was held against his stomach. This was turning out bad again.

Kevin taped his fingers curled under the tray out of impatience. The beat seemed to match a clicking noise. He shifted the tray onto one hand to free the other and was shocked to see dark fingernails extended half an inch past the fingertips. They were claw shaped?

A man coughed loudly; the green register light said five something. A drop ran down his forehead. Another one formed on his nose and he watched in horror as it fell into his food right in front of the cashier. He clawed into his pocket, slapped down a soggy wad of dollars with quarters jingling onto the floor, and took off for a table.

“Claws?! Shit! What?!” He gaped at his hands low on the table. They were each nearly an inch long beyond the tips of his fingers. Although the growing muscles didn’t quite make sense, that was okay, but claws?

Then again, his bis and tris were starting to get really massive. Sitting with his elbows on the table, Kevin flexed his biceps and surveyed the immense balls that popped out. He’d definitely need to shave when he got home and not just his face. There were little black hairs sprouting up and down his arms between the long brown ones.

Kevin chuckled. Pretty soon, he’d probably be calling it fur.

His shoulders were like broad dimpled shields. A few little black hairs were advancing up that way too into the edges of his lush brown chest hair. His shirt somehow wasn’t tight even though it appeared to be getting narrower as it stretched over the tops of his shoulders.

Kevin took a deep breath and began to eat as meditatively as possible hoping he’d calm down and the sweat would stop.

After finishing the fish, he slid forward and bowed his head between his massive upper arms. He was starting to get stinky. It was the familiar smell, just stronger. He always thought it didn’t smell completely bad; in fact he rather liked his odor. It smelled like work, hard work, man work, like he spent all day at the gym or accomplished some kind of great feat of strength. Sliding back up left wet streaks on the table.

A group of bros sat down at the neighboring table facing him. He didn’t catch it all but they seemed to be talking about him. Alpha time.

Kevin stared at the middle one of the four and flexed one of his pecs and let it drop. Then the other. He had barely been able to bounce his chest before, but now bouncing his colossal slabs of beef came almost a little too easily. He got through about half a dozen slow bounces before they reacted.

“Fucking freak!” one said. They burst out laughing.

“You, lay off the chemicals, dude,” said another.

“Guys, take it easy. Can’t you see? He accidentally injected rogaine!” They burst out again.

“God! Take a shower! I can smell you over here.”

“It’s worse than an entire homeless shelter!”

Kevin looked at each of them. In trying to calm down and stop sweating, he had accepted what was happening. In fact he actually liked what was happening. Who cares about them?

To demonstrate, he slowly lifted an arm. The guys froze. He turned his head and inhaled slow and deep. The stench from his armpit was on spicy and thick now.

“That’s—fucking sick, man!” He wasn’t even thinking of them. For the first time his own scent was turning him on. He could feel his dick tightening against his pants. Even worse, after he put his arm down and leaned back, the aroma lingered in the air.

“I don’t think, I’m hungry anymore,” a bro said dropping his fork before more giggles.

Kevin wiped a napkin across his forehead. He grabbed another and wiped again. The napkin slipped across his skin. He reached and felt short hairs on his forehead. In shock he was patting his face in front of the laughing people.

“It’s the wolfman, can’t you see?” said one of the bros to women at a neighboring table. “He’s fresh outta’ the zoo.” The laughter was spreading.

His dark, hairy hand glided over his cheek down to his mouth. His beard had grown out and spread up his face. He felt big bushy sideburns that tapered down to long stubble around his mouth. The hairs were high up his cheeks too.

Kevin grabbed his bag and took off toward the door. With one shoulder and arm squeaking wet across the glass, he barely fit through the door.


Part 5

Only alternating thick knees striding were visible between the sidewalk and the ridge of a dark red chest. It was even larger than when he bought lunch.

Giant legs in skin tight denim grinding against each other each step were conveying him toward the bus stop. That wouldn’t work at all. He’d be stuck in a bus with people. They’d go blind with tears and choke by the second block. He’d have to walk.

Kevin struggled to keep his eyes open from all the salty sweat running over his eyelids into his eyes. He went to wipe his brow again and caught another whiff. His ripeness drove him crazy. His boxers bunched up and rode him wrong. His jeans were sopping too.

“I’m a bodybuilder, a fuckin’ titan, clear the way little people,” Kevin bellowed. They stared as they passed and gave ample clearance. “Fuck yeah, you want this?” A woman with a stroller careened far out of his path. Between people in passing cars starting to gawk and the intense sun overhead it was becoming overwhelming.

Kevin realized he was walking down the avenue, a furry freak that smelled so bad it was giving him a raging erection. Or was it his incredible physique? No, everything seemed wrong; his jaw was cracking and the ground was different, lower. Was this what seven feet tall felt like?

There was an alley between two university buildings. Midway down the block he came to a loading dock. A colossal, warped shape grew larger in a domed mirror above the dock.

Even as a small silhouette, his profile was more massive than a bodybuilder. His arms and shoulders were dark with the red shirt stretched out over titanic proportions. If anything the shirt felt itchy. He went up the stairs to admire himself better in the mirror.

“Ho-ly-shit!” Between his grown out beard and his hair, the short black fur covering his face had patches of gray. His beard extended upward from his chin before disappearing into long tufts of long black fur making his face look much wider. His nose and lips were black and both looked like they were stretched down. He smiled. Long black lips pulled apart showing pointy white teeth arranged in a U.

Kevin moved his arm to feel his face again but his hand came to a stop a foot in front of it. “Damn, look at that!” A layer of short black fur had grown over his arms. His body hair was still there, rising out of the fur like dozens of two inch long brown whiskers. Even from under the layers of hair and fur, the profile of cannonballs of muscle were visible.

The shirt collar was stretched low over the top of his chest, rising and sinking with each breath. The brown chest hair rose over the collar from a base of white fur. Along the edge of the front of his chest, the black turned into white fur under his brown chest hair.

With every movement, mammoth amounts of bulk shifted and flexed. It felt fantastic.

Kevin slowly rubbed his vast chest, with one hand encountering a nipple on a ridge of steel. His hands drifted lower, claws zipping over the fabric. A stone wall of abs protruded through the shirt. One hand slid even lower, down over denim toward his package.

There was truck noise at the end of the alley. He jumped off the platform and continued home. Walking along, his enormous quads flexed and jiggled with each step. All the sensation of his body moving and shifting was making Kevin giddy. A jolt of pain from his feet brought him back to Earth. Toes were being smashed.

Grimacing he sprinted across a main street to the next block of alley. Every gust of wind blew through the wet clothing.

He stopped midway down the block, in a quiet spot next to a van behind a bar. On the other side of the window there were tables and chairs sitting empty in the closed bar. Looking past the room, it was dark enough inside to reflect the alley like a mirror. The face looking back was the black and white striped face of a badger. Kevin was face to face with the school’s mascot. Well, not quite. It had his blue eyes and the nose and mouth were at the end of a short muzzle which wasn’t human nor badger.

He bent over to reach his feet and it felt like his chest was nearly touching his knees and enormous thighs. His claws looked even bigger like two inches long but his hands had grown larger too. They looked wrong; the fingers were stretched out thicker and wider. His palms were darker with large black calluses forming.

“Hmm—” Kevin pulled the laces undone. He wiggled claws down the backs of his shoes and with some effort his heels popped out. The pain disappeared. The socks were in tatters over dark toe claws.

He wasn’t that far away from home now. He reached down taking hold of his shirt. He felt his stomach underneath; short fur over ripped abs. The shirt slowly stretched away, rising up and over his body.


Part 6

Even in the dim reflection, the thick brown body hair stood out over the white fur which ran from under his chin, widened across his chest, then narrowed over his abs before disappearing under his belt. The front of him was nearly white while his arms, sides, and what he could see of his back were black.

Damn, his physique was amazing. His broad chest tapered down to a slender waist before flaring out again to extensive thighs. Thick traps sat on either side of his ample neck Lifting up his arms revealed wide lats spread outward like the head of a cobra. His cock pressed hard against fabric. He got another whiff of his bushy pits. He moved his head closer and inhaled again. This time he was alone.

Kevin grinned as he undid the slippery leather of his belt. The jeans had to be pulled down over beefy thighs. His wallet was floating in a gaping back pocket next to a size 36 label.

“Huh.” Holding his pants out, they were contracting right in his hands. Within a minute or two his wallet didn’t look tiny anymore and fit snuggly in the pocket like normal.

“I ain’t getting these back on!” The belt hung on the claws of one hand and he snagged the T shirt off the ground with the other set. “Pipsqueak clothing!” The difference in size between Kevin and his clothing was absurd. The breeze froze his boxers. They too quickly came off and shrunk.

Kevin set his clothing at shoulder level on top the van and turned to the window. His musk filled the air of the alley. His pulse pounded in his dick. The lengthened tool stood out, black against the white fur of his torso and inner thighs. Below, plum sized balls hung in a white furry pouch. His junk was nestled below a brown bush which tapered up his hair and down into leg hair.

He stroked his engorged rod up and down. It was heavenly. He felt thicker in his hands, almost as thick as a can of soda. Kevin stepped forward and tapped a claw against the window. It seemed solid enough.

Cock in hand, he leaned forward until the window touched cool across the bottom of his pecs. He slid up, sweat lubricating the glass. Reaching up, his right arm went against the glass to the elbow. His left cheek touched next. His abs made contact from the top down. Guiding his dick upward with his left arm, he pressed his hips against the glass. The head was pressed against the glass by his abs midway between his belly button and nipples. He closed his eyes. Another step and his thighs made contact.

Kevin rocked his hips. His cock squeaked as it slid up and down the window. Rubbing his abs and the window, his dick had never felt this good before. This felt fantastic. Rising up and down on the balls of his feet further enhanced the sensation of each pass on the window. The chill of the window faded. Another few humps and his scent was so thick he was practically tasting his spice. Climax was starting to come together deep inside. The mammoth badger slowed down to draw out the sensation of each hump along the bottom of his dick.

“I’m so gunna’ coat this—” he moaned. The window tapped back. Kevin froze and opened his eyes. There was a middle aged woman holding a wireless telephone an arm’s length away on the other side standing on a chair looking at him with quite an angry frown. Everything was visible. She shooed him back then cocked her head and pointed to the phone. This was a threat.

“No problem lady,” Kevin said backing up, hands raised. The window was covered in muscle-shaped smears with a tell-tale narrow vertical smear right in the middle and a river of spit down from the top.

Still with a raging boner Kevin turned, grabbing his clothing and high-tailed it toward home. His dick bobbed slapping his stomach with each step and his nuts ached for release.

“Damn, that was amazing.” The alley ran behind houses and he’d be at his in a few blocks. He couldn’t help reaching down to hold himself instead of flapping each step. His tool was nice and thick now. He switched to massaging his nuts with his free hand. Every few steps his dick would bounce against his forearm then against his abs. He went back to holding it. He couldn’t resist stroking while he walked.

“God damn!” Kevin needed to get home and finish the job. It was just one more block. Still stroking he kept himself balanced right at the threshold of climax.

Two houses down, he hooked a claw on the keys and drew them of the pocket. Up the porch, inserting the key in the lock, it was ten seconds to the bathroom, no reason to stop now. He saw his reflection again in the door. This awesome body, fuck it, even if he was half animal, it still rocked. God, all the people he’d fuck. The scent would draw ’em in.

He didn’t hear the bolt rotate from the inside. He thought of the shape of his body in the alley window. The smell entered his nose again and in an instant he lost it, tipping past the threshold. The pressure throughout his cock boiled over, he was melting and gaining steam toward climax.

The weather seal around the door cracked. Bundle of clothing in one hand, gripping his tool the other. The door began to swing open to the inside. I am alpha.

“Home early!?” his roommate said, looking down at the door key he was holding. Kevin was half staring at the ceiling, his fantasies dancing across it. Shit, I’m a fucking god, everyone will admire my awesomeness. There was a crowd cheering him on stage in a speedo, his massive body dwarfing all the other bodybuilders. His body clenched, balls jumped, and a geyser of jizz erupted splattering hot across the face of his roommate.

“Dude, what the—” spitting out whatever it was in his mouth, he looked up, gaping at a super buff badger-man with thick chest hair crouched forward with his grinning face at the top of the door frame apparently lost in rapture. He followed the other arm down and realized he was jerking his giant penis off right at him just in time for the next round to land across his eyes. Then the smell hit him.

6 parts 5,880 words Added Mar 2013 42k views (#180) 5.0 stars (14 votes)

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Stuff in the cellar by Charles Westfall Richard is already good-looking and abnormally hung when he discovers some alien equipment in the cellar of his new house—including a vat of goo that transforms him into someone even hotter and more hung. And there’s no way Richard’s keeping his new gifts to himself. 4 parts 15k words Added Jul 2002 24k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Increase •t/t•t/t/t

The trainer by Also Known As Needing a new trainer, Thomas finds onewho can push him to the next level, and then some. 7 parts 22k words Added Jan 2014 25k views 5.0 stars (13 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase •M/M

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