Recover and repair

by jaysize14

Sex in the future is subject to technological advances, but bugs and upgrades will never go away.

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The man awoke on a metal slab to discover that he could not move his arms or legs. In fact, he could only move his head; barely. He turned his head to see another guy, a few years younger than he is, white and muscular stirring on a similar metal slap. He saw his arms and legs strapped firmly by restraints, and came to the conclusions that his arms and legs were also in the same restraints.

The funny thing is, he couldn’t remember how he got there in the first place. He remembers driving down the highway to the city, but he doesn’t remember why. He was driving for a few hours, when he remember picking up, the young guy laying next to him in the other slab. He wasn’t sure why he picked him up, but he felt that he should. After what felt like 30 minutes, he had a huge headache and lost control of the car, then after that, everything went black.

Suddenly the door to the garage opened up and in came a man wearing a white lab jacket. He looked about 5’9, short white hair, and had a huge smile on his face. He approached the men on the slab, smiling even more devious then before.

“How are we operating today?” the strange man said to the man on the slab. “I have to admit, when I found you two on the road I was worried, but after I saw What you two are…well I couldn’t pass up the chance to exam you both.”

”What do you mean?” the man said feeling scared. “Why are we strapped down? What’s going on?”

”Yeah man.” Came the voice of the younger guy on the other slab. His voice was a little high but carried a bit of masculinity in it. “Have you called the police? Are we injured? What the Hell is going on?”

”Oh dear.” The strange man said as he pulled out an eye pin and shined into both of their eyes. “Tisk, tisk, tisk, and “he said without a smile “It looks like your memory chips have been corrupted badly. I say that you two been operating without proper mantiance for years. Well I can fix that. Let me check your blue prints and I’ll get to repairing you two immediately.”

“Repairing us?!” said the main man. “What do you mean? Who are you?” He tried to struggle free from his restraints. The strange old man walked over to the work bench and pressed a button. The two slabs began to move into a standing position allowing the two captured men to see what the rest of the garage. What they saw made no sense.

There were mannequins. All males ranging from late teens to early 40s. Black, white, Latino all races. All well built, lean muscular and anatomically correct with huge penies that did not seem to go soft. The man could not understand what he was seeing. These mannequins looked so real, so life like; and for some reason it all felt familiar. Like he was supposed to be a part of that collection. He looked over to the young guy and could tell that he was registering the same thing; and that terrorizing him too.

The strange man return to the slabs holding two blue prints. They were transparent so both of the men could see they were human looking designs drawn on them. The man looked at both pages and then at the men and smiled. He then walked back to his bench and came back carrying a surgical knife. The man began to panic as the stranger approached them both. He struggled with his restraints as so did the young man.

“Now, now.” The strange man said as he brought his knife over to the young man’s left arm. “You have to stay still. I promise you will not feel a thing.” The knife pierced his skin and the doctor began to cut.

The young man screamed, but his screams sounded odd. Like there was a reverb in his voice, and echo deep in his throat. The other man watched in shock as the doctor removed the young man’s arm skin to reveal no blood or bones, but metal and blue lubricants. The young man stopped screaming and saw his arm. The look of panic still in his eyes. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?” he screamed at the man.

”Oh dear,” said the Strange man. “I better shut you down till your vocal communication is repair.” The man stood up and placed his hand behind the Young man’s neck. A few seconds, the young man closed his eyes and his head dropped to the site. He stopped struggling completely and was still like the mannequins.

The other man eyes went wide as the strange men walked over to him. ”Sorry, these younger models are quite temperamental. They were based off your models original designs, their frames a little more stocky to help with heavy lifting and the high demands of muscle men. But after today, the two of you will be upgraded with new hardware and software. You will never have to worry about virus or maintained again after today. Now hold still.”

The Strange man reached behind the man’s neck. The man felt a bit of pressure behind on his neck, and then heard a soft “Click”; then everything went black.

The man’s eye opened and he could see. But now he saw things differently, His eyes were giving him feedback on what he was seeing. He was in a garage yes, but he was no longer afraid. Afraid? That was an emotion, something to do with fear. He did not fear, no IT, It did not fear or have any emotions what so ever. It C.P.U. processor was cycling thru its programs. Its memories files. Yes It remembers, It was a Robot.

The Strange man approached It. “How are we operating now?” the strange man asked.

It responded in a reverb yet pleasant voice. “MJ1001 is operating perfectly. This unit system has been restored.”

The Strange man smiled. “Good, unit good. Please follow me so you can join your counterpart.” The Strange men grabbed MJ1001 hand. The unit looked down and saw his Silver, robotic skin. It found it odd that the Strange man skin was not metallic, but followed him to his work table. There standing, perfectly still and metallic was another robot only this one looked like the young man from MJ10001 files. The strange man looked at them his smile even bigger.

“MJ1001 this BT1001, you two units are robotic partners. Design for the purpose to find humans and help them adapt to new changes.”

The two units looked at each other, no emotional features showed but there was an electrical spark that was sent between the two of them. They were nude for they found clothes unnecessary around each other so their silver metallic rods were quite hard and upright. The Strange man looked at the two of them and said in a clear command voice. “Begin software upgrade.”

Without hesitation, the two of them grabbed the others metallic rods and began to rub them up and down slowly. As they did they began to share their memories. Both were created separately, years apart from the other. MJ1001 was designed to study human, BT1001 was designed to study human physiology. They were to seek maintained years ago, but with the wide spread Wireless systems out there in the world their memory circuits became corrupted and they were wondering around in the memories of their latest forms. The Strange man had been running a signal program for years to gather any lost units like those two and upgrading them all to compacts what had happen to them. But these two models, they were perfect for the new human upgrade features.

He could tell that the two of them will soon release their new nanite fused seamen. He watched happily hearing them make robotic moans till they releases, silver seamen splashed on the ground and the two released their grips and stood still.

“Good.” The Strange man said as he began to wipe them off. “Once you two are cleaned, your holographic displays will kick in and you two can go and start your program.”

Suddenly BT1001 grabbed the Strange man's arm. Gripping it tight in its iron grip. The Strange man looked fearful at the unit. “L…let me go unit that’s an order.”

BT1001 did not; instead he led the man to his slab. MJ1001 followed and helped him place the Strange man on the slab. The man looked at the two units with fear in his eyes. “W…what are you doing to me?” he asked in his fear. MJ1001 stood by the man’s head while BT1001 removed the man’s pants roughly.

“What we are programmed to do.” MJ1001 said. The man looked at their emotionless face but could tell that they were smiling. Suddenly he felt something cold and hard enter his anal area, and then everything went black.

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