by Chronologious

 Jack is having vivid dreams about his friend. Pure imagination or a sign of what’s to come?

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My name is Jack, and this is the story of my friend, Anthony.

It was a day that started out like any other. I woke up early so I would have time to take a long shower and enjoy some breakfast before heading to class. My roommate, Anthony, was still sleeping. Anthony was such a handsome guy standing 6 feet and 5 inches tall, with slightly tanned skin, medium length black hair and amazing blue eyes that would just pierce your soul. He was quite lean with some muscular features. As for myself, I only stood 5 feet and 6 inches tall, so I was down to his shoulders, always having to look up to look him in the eyes. As he was lying in the bed, I stared at his amazing body, only partly covered by the sheets. There was no doubt. I was secretly falling in love with my roommate. I had decided that I could not tell him that or ever act on those feelings, as we were good friends, and I did not want to ruin our friendship.

After taking a long and hot shower, I came back into the dorm to find that Anthony was awake. “Hey, finally awake, huh?” I said to him. “You’ll be late to class if you don’t get ready fast.”

Anthony sat at the edge of his bed. “Relax, Jack, I’m good. I don’t need as much time as you to get ready,” he said with a playful smile on his face. He got up from his bed and started walking towards me. My heart started to race as his perfect body got closer and closer. I had to concentrate to hide my excitement whenever he got too close.

As he passed me, he playfully touched the hair on my head before heading into the showers. “It’s nice that I have you to take care of me,” Anthony said with playful voice. He loved teasing me about our height difference. I felt like a child whenever he was next to me. I could hear the shower being turned on in the bathroom. As always, Anthony had not bothered to close the door to the bathroom. He was never really concerned with privacy and seemed to be comfortable in any situation.

I went over to the door opening. “Hey man, I’ll just head out to get something to eat, and we’ll meet up at the class, okay?” I told him.

“Sure thing, see you there,” he responded. I had to fight the urge to peak at him. I stepped away, left the room and headed to a nearby kiosk outside the building.

Classes were as boring as ever. Anthony still had not made it to the class, so I was sitting alone. I was quite tired from not having slept all that much the night before. I started to daydream, and at some point, I must have fallen asleep right there in the middle of class. It was then that I had the weirdest dream ever. In the dream, everything was like a normal day. I was back in my dorm and Anthony entered the room. He looked as stunning as ever, but something was off about him. He looked taller. By how much I had to look up to look at his face, it felt like he was well over 7 feet tall.

He walked towards me and stopped right in front of me. I looked up at him and our eyes locked. Suddenly, it felt as if his face started to recede away from me. He was growing! In just a moment, I looked forward finding out that I was staring straight into his pecs and then his powerful abs which looked more ripped than ever. When I craned my head to look at his face again, he just smiled at me. I tried to take a step back, but his feet had grown so big that they were growing over my own feet, trapping them to the floor. I fell to the floor and as my head hit the ground with a bang, I woke up in class.

“Wow,” I thought to myself. What a vivid dream. I got my bearing and carefully looked around the room. Then I noticed Anthony was sitting right next to me. Our eyes locked for a split moment and he gave me a smile. The same smile I remembered from the dream. I felt a rush of emotions wash over me right there. I felt uneasy. Exposed. He could not possibly know, but I still felt like he did. A few moments later, the class was over, and I decided to head back to the dorm.

Later that evening, I was lying in my bed reading a book. The dream from earlier that day still haunted me. I could not stop thinking about it. I had always loved the fact that Anthony was such a big and tall guy, but I had never thought of him in that way. The idea of him getting even bigger was such an enticing thought. I finally figured out I was not actually able to concentrate on reading, so I put the book away. I had tried to resist the thoughts that were creeping into my mind, but it was a losing battle. I finally had to give in, I could not hold back anymore. I got undressed, threw myself back in the bed and started stroking my cock which was already raging hard from before.

All I could think about was Anthony towering over me like a living, breathing god, growing bigger and bigger by the second. I closed my eyes and I imagined him growing faster and faster, my field of vision moving down his body, from his pecs to his abs, then below his waist, then his knees and eventually even his ankles. He would lift his foot up and press it down on me, forcing me onto the ground on my back. His foot would cover my entire body, growing and stretching bigger with every passing second. His toes, which were becoming bigger than my head, soared past me. Before they did, I had a last chance to peak through two of his majestic toes to see his massive godly stature soaring into the sky as he looked down on me with a smirk on his face. “Oh, Anthony, my god!” I moaned, as my body wriggled in ecstasy. I imagined him growing through the clouds, and only being able to see two huge glowing eyes up there. “Bigger! Grow bigger, Anthony!” I screamed as I was climaxing, feeling a rush of endorphins streaming through my whole body and culminating in my cock. It was without a doubt becoming the greatest organism I had ever experienced.

I opened my eyes just before shooting my load only to notice that Anthony had come into the room, without me having noticed it before now. I had no idea how long he had been standing there and I could not hold back. I shot my load. Squirt after squirt shot out of my pulsating cock. It must have been nearly 10 squirts. It felt like it lasted forever, even though I had fought to hold back on account of Anthony standing there. I know I should have felt embarrassed, but in that moment all I could do was to give into the orgasm and the thoughts that had invaded my mind. In that very moment, I had no worries at all. As I continued to shoot streams of cum, I could not avoid looking at Anthony, and our eyes met. We stared at each other until I was done, and then some. It was as if Anthony was okay with what has happening.

I broke eye contact and got out of bed. “Anthony… I…. I’m so sorry,” I whimpered. Anthony did not respond, but simply continued to look me in the eyes. After a while, he walked up to me and looked down into my eyes, not breaking eye contact. He was so close that I could feel the heat from his body radiating onto mine. There was silence for a moment before he spoke.

“I had no idea you felt this way. I mean… I always suspected that maybe you were gay, but I didn’t know you felt that way about me.”

I tried to say something, but I could not muster up any words.

“You fantasized about me growing bigger?” Anthony asked.

Again, I tried to come up with a response, but as I was about to say something, I noticed that I had to crane my neck slightly more to meet his eyes. I could swear that he was taller than before. I thought to myself that perhaps I was imagining things. I would not be that strange considering the fantasies I had just indulged in.

“I am so sorry, Anthony. I have always been into you. I can’t help it. I never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and now I know that I’ve probably done just that,” I told him.

“No… You got it all wrong. I’m totally fine with it. In fact, I’ve always thought you were kind of cute, Jack. Truth be told I’m sort of into guys myself and I like cute little guys such as yourself,” Anthony replied, trailing off with a playful tone.

I lost myself in that moment. This was really happening. “He really means it,” I thought to myself. I broke eye contact with him, only to find out that I was staring straight into his nipples, which could be seen through the shirt as small bulges on the fabric.

“Hey man, are you wearing high shoes or something? You seem taller than usual,” I asked him, curious about how the small change of perspective that I had noticed.

“No, why?” Anthony replied with a confused look on his face.

“Umm… It’s just that you seem taller than you were earlier, Anthony… Maybe I’m just imagining things.”

“Only one way to know for sure!” Anthony hastily replied before walking over to the desk in our room. He opened the drawer and took out a measuring tape, then proceeded to throw it in my direction. “Use that and find out,” he said playfully.

I gulped with anticipation and stepped over to Anthony who was standing straight against the wall behind him, looking stronger and sturdier than ever. I grabbed the chair next to the desk on my way over to him and climbed the chair. I put the end of the measuring tape next to the top of his head. “Hold that in place, will you?” I asked him.

“Sure!” He lifted his hand and held the tip of the measuring tape in place. I stepped down onto the floor and crouched to straighten the tape and put it next to his foot. I couldn’t help but stare at his divine feet, perfect in every way. His feet were big, had perfect high arches and long sleek toes with strong thick bones in them. They looked so soft and glowed with warmth. I looked at the measuring tape again only to utterly shocked by what I saw. I got up from the floor and just looked Anthony in his eyes.

“So? Am I still 6 feet 5 inches or what?” Anthony asked somewhat impatiently.

“No…” was all I could manage to say. Then I checked to see if he had moved the end of the measuring tape just to mess with me, but that was not the case. “Anthony…” I stammered. “You are 6 feet and 7 inches tall…” And he was, according to this tape.

“Ha ha ha, very funny!” Anthony replied sarcastically. “Oooh wait… Are we like roleplaying now or something?” he asked. “I’m totally down for that if that’s what you want, Jack.”

“No, man, I’m being serious!” I told him. “You have grown two freaking inches.”

“Aaah, yeah, and I’m just getting started,” Anthony replied, playing along. I could tell that he didn’t believe a word of what I was saying.

“You still think I’m roleplaying? Anthony, I mean it! This is serious!” I tried to convince him.

“Whatever man.” He shrugged. “I’m not falling for that,” he said proudly. “Anyway, I’m kind of tired from a long day. I’m gonna hit the showers and then head to bed. And Jack… I really am cool with all of this. We’ll talk more tomorrow, okay?” He said. Before I could respond, he was heading for the bathroom. I could hear the water splashing on the floor, door open as usual.

I did not know what to make of what had just happened. I could swear that he was taller. Maybe I imagined it? Maybe he really moved the measuring tape when I didn’t see it, then moved it back? That was the only logical explanation even though I had this feeling in my gut that something more was going on here. I went to bed and turned off the lights. I was so tired from not having slept that much last night, so despite the confused state of my mind, it did not take long before I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and saw that Anthony’s bed was empty. Had he left already? It was highly unusual for him to wake up before me. As I sat at the edge of my bed, I noticed that my sheets were soaked in sweat. I vaguely remember dreaming about Anthony again, but I could not make out any details, but it must have been an eventful dream on account of how sweaty I was.

I got up and went to take a shower. It was Saturday and therefore no classes today, so I could take my time and enjoy a long shower. As the hot water was running down my skin, I could not avoid thinking about yesterday’s events. I was so conflicted about the thought of what could be happening. Could it really be that Anthony had grown two inches just like that? If so, would he continue to grow? That thought alone was enough to make me hard. My hand moved down my body, almost as if I had no say in the matter. I grabbed my fully erect cock and started stroking. Images of Anthony’s body growing right in front of me was flashing in mind once again. I imagined him growing too big for our dorm, his head shooting through the ceiling into the dorm on the next floor like it was nothing to him. I thought of his feet expanding towards me, stretching longer, wider and taller with every passing second. I would have to step back to get out of their way. I imagined him getting so big now that his waist was passing through the hole in the ceiling, and eventually his knees disappeared through there as well. The building would start to tremble and shake under his ever-expanding feet and his rapidly increasing weight. I would make my way over to his feet which were now challenging the size of my whole body. They were the most beautiful feet in the world. I would dedicate myself to them, and worship them for the rest of my life as I continued to shrink into non-existence next to them. “Ahh shit!” I whimpered as I clenched my teeth and sprayed several shots of hot cum all over the shower wall. I loved Anthony and everything about him. His body, his face, his feet, his perfect butt, everything. He was the perfect man, and I was obsessed with him.

I finished up in the shower, got dressed and headed back into the main room. As I was about to sit down on my bed, the door opened, and Anthony came into the room. “Hey, you’re finally up!” he said. I just gave him a smile and nodded. “Anyway, so I thought I would just go jogging this morning. I’ve been out for about an hour actually,” Anthony said.

I could tell from the sweat running down his face and torso. He was just wearing a tank top and you could really see his well-defined chest through the shirt. He looked more ripped than ever. His pecs and shoulders were stretching the tank top to its limit. It looked like the fabric would be torn to pieces any second now. Moreover, I noticed that his tank top did not cover the lower part of his stomach. It definitely looked like it was too small for him.

“Well anyhow, I’m soaked, so I’m gonna hit the showers, Jack.” Anthony looked at me with a suggestive grin as he asked, “You want to join me?”

My heart dropped to the floor. I did not expect him to be so direct, and not that he would suggest something like that. Then again, Anthony had always been very forward as a person and not very shy at all.

“Umm… No, I showered just before you came back, so I’m fine,” I told him.

Anthony walked over to me. He got so close to me that I could almost feel the heat from his body. I looked up at him and he looked down on me. He seemed even taller. My heart was pounding. “I haven’t forgotten about what you told me yesterday. I’m glad you told me,” Anthony said as he smiled down at me and started caressing my face with his big hand. “I like you a lot, Jack.” I did not know what to say. “Anyway, I’ll be in the showers if you change your mind,” he said suggestively, then he walked over to the bathroom and I could hear the shower being turned on.

“Holy shit!” I thought to myself. Was Anthony really into me? As I was trying to analyze the situation and figure out what was going on.

Then I heard a loud noise from the bathroom followed by “Woooah!” I made my way to the bathroom, not sure what could be going on. Was this just a trick to get me to join him in the shower? I found Anthony standing in front of the bathroom mirror, looking straight ahead. He had already undressed. I had seen Anthony naked many times before, but I could never get over the sight of his perfect body. “What’s up?” I asked.

“Something’s off. I saw myself in the mirror and it’s like my perspective has changed. It’s like the mirror is hanging lower on the wall…. or I’m taller. But that’s not possible,” Anthony said with a confused look on his face.

“I told you yesterday! I told you something was up,” I replied assertively. “I looked at the measuring tape yesterday and you were definitely 6’7” tall.”

“That really can’t be true. I’m 18 years old, Jack, I’m supposed to be done growing,” Anthony replied, “You’re messing with me, aren’t you, Jack?”

“No, I swear. I mean come on, didn’t you notice a few minutes ago when you were standing in front of me?” I reminded him, “I could tell that you were taller than before by how much I had to look up for our eyes to meet, but I didn’t say anything to you.”

“So, I’m having some kind of weird late growth spurt then?” Anthony asked me, still confused, hoping I had answers for him.

“Maybe. It’s not unheard of. A lot of people get growth spurts in their late teens and some even in their early twenties,” I told him.

“Well, I’ve always enjoyed being big,” Anthony said. “I suppose a couple of extra inches doesn’t hurt,” he went on with a big grin on his face. “Hey, come here and stand next to me.”

I did as he told me. We positioned ourselves next to each other in front of the small bathroom mirror. What we saw caused Anthony to give off an audible gasp of amazement. There was no doubt about it. He was clearly bigger. While my head used to be just above his shoulders, it was now halfway down his pecs. As I turned to look at his massive perfect body, I realized that his nipples were above my eyes.

“I didn’t realize I was this big,” Anthony said with awe.

“You’ve got to be taller than 6’7” now, Anthony,” I told him. “Only one way to find out…”

I ran out of the bathroom and fetched the measuring tape from the desk; the same one we had used last night. “Here, let’s check out how tall you really are,” I told him. I got him to hold up the end of the measuring tape at the top of his head, then I crouched on the floor next to his bare feet. Oh, his feet! I could swear they looked bigger too. I loved Anthony’s feet; they were simply perfect.

He wiggled his toes. “Hey, you’re making any progress down there?” Anthony asked.

“One second!” I replied, then straightened the measuring tape. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I got up, using Anthony’s body for support for standing up, then I looked up into his face.

“Anthony, you’re not going to believe this, but…” I paused for a second, thinking about the number I was just about to give him, “but… you’re 6 feet and 9 inches tall.”

“What?!” Anthony uttered in shock. “I knew I was taller, but just hearing that number…”

“Well, forget this just being late growth spurt,” I said. “No one can grow four inches in a few days, or even two inches overnight.”

Anthony simply looked amazed at what we had discovered. A minute went by without any one of us saying anything. I could tell that he was examining his body, looking for other changes. I had noticed that he looked slightly more muscular than before as well. Anthony had always had a decent muscular build, but he looked so ripped right now. His pecs seemed slightly bigger, and his abs looked to be a bit more defined. Finally, I mustered up the courage to break the silence.

“Maybe we should see a doctor, and get you checked out, just in case?” I suggested. “We don’t know if this could be dangerous. Really tall people can get all kinds of problems and we also don’t know if this will continue.”

“I don’t know, Jack. Maybe you’re right,” Anthony said. “I love that you’re so concerned with my well-being though,” he added with a smirk.

“Well, I care about you,” I told Anthony as I held grabbed his hand and held onto it. Anthony then pulled me in, leaned over and kissed me. He had to bend down quite a lot to make his face reach mine, and I had to stand on my toes. We put each of our arms around each other as we continued to make out passionately, then he started standing up straight again. I jumped and put my legs around his waist. We paused for a moment, then just looked at each other. I could feel something touching my butt. I looked down to see his massive cock sprouting a full erection below me. Looking back at his face, Anthony gave me a playful smile. I leaned in and we started kissing again.

Suddenly, I felt something weird. It was like his body was vibrating ever so slightly, almost shaking. I looked at Anthony. His eyes were shut, and his head was leaning backwards. He started moaning as if he was experiencing a rush of sudden euphoria. His raging hard cock was pressing up against my butt as I continued to hold onto Anthony. It was then that I felt myself rising higher up. I looked around and realized that Anthony was actually growing! He was growing and it was noticeable. As I held onto his expanding torso, I ascended higher and higher along with it. I really can’t describe the feeling. It was sort of like being on an elevator and taking a ride upstairs, except it was Anthony that was lifting me higher and higher off the ground just from his body growing bigger and taller.

“Oh my god, Anthony! You’re growing!” I cried out to him.

His eyes opened. “What…?” Anthony replied as he snapped out of it, his growth seemingly coming to a full stop as he did so. “What happened?” he said, still confused.

Our eyes met. “Anthony, you just started growing all of a sudden,” I said. “It wasn’t much, but I could definitely tell it was happening.”

Anthony looked at me, still not sure if he believed what I had told him. I let go of his massive torso and stepped onto the floor. I noticed it was a longer way down that just a minute ago. “Here, let’s re-check your height with this again,” I suggested. “Hold this next to the top of your head, Anthony, and I’ll check.” I crouched down on the floor again, and straightened the measuring tape, mentally preparing myself for the result.

“6 feet and 11 inches!” I shouted before getting up. “Yup, you just packed on another two inches in less than a minute,” I continued, not believing the words coming out of my own mouth. I stared up at Anthony, and as I did so, I realized how his nipples were way higher up than they were just a few minutes ago. Anthony noticed these changes too.

“Damn! You’re getting so small, Jack,” Anthony chuckled. “The view is totally different from up here. I can definitely feel the difference.”

I smiled back at him, but I had mixed feelings about all of this. We didn’t know what was causing this and if it would end up being dangerous. “I still think we should go and see a doctor,” I told him.

“Sure, we can do that. Let’s head down to the clinic,” Anthony replied. “Just let me get dressed first and we’ll go.”

Eventually, after looking for clothes that would fit his new stature, Anthony had found some baggy clothes that barely fit him. The pants didn’t cover the bottom of his legs and the shirt barely covered his entire torso, but at least he was able to wear them. We left the dorm and headed for the nearby clinic. I was not sure what to expect.

Once we had left our dorm, people easily took notice of Anthony. Nearly everyone knew who he was since he was quite the big shot on the campus’ swimming team, so naturally a lot of them looked all confused about the giant teen walking past them, looking way bigger than just a few days ago. I heard some people whisper to each other about him, and when I looked at them, they just looked the other way. Naturally, it must have been quite the sight, seeing Anthony and myself walk down the corridor side by side considering our extreme difference in height. I mean, my head barely reached his nipples. Sure, I had always been short, but next to Anthony, I looked like a measly child at this point.

“Hey, everyone’s looking at us,” I whispered to Anthony. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Relax, it doesn’t matter. So what if they do?” Anthony replied confidently.

Typical Anthony, I thought to myself. He had always been extremely confident. He never cared much about what other’s thought about him. It’s not that he didn’t care about others. On the contrary, Anthony had always been very inclusive and accommodating towards everyone, and he was quite popular around here. It’s just that he would never let people tell him what to do or scare him away. He would do whatever he believed was right and would always stand his ground in any confrontation.

Eventually, we made it outside. It was a beautiful day. The sky was a clear blue with no clouds in sight. It must have been more than 80°F outside. It was still only April, but it definitely felt like summer was here. Anthony was wearing a pair of grossly undersized rubber sandals. It was the only footwear he could find that would still accommodate his massive feet; however, his heels and his toes were sticking out on either side of the sandals, and the upper parts of the sandals barely managed to contain his feet as they were stretched to their limit. His feet could easily have blown apart the sandals at any time.

When we arrived at the clinic, we were told to have a seat and wait our turn in the waiting area. Luckily, there weren’t too many people there. Some people were peeking at Anthony when they thought he wasn’t looking their way. As we sat down, Anthony’s chair made some awful creaking noises. He had put on some serious weight, not only from growing taller, but from his muscles growing bigger as well. The whole situation was absurd. Anthony hadn’t admitted it yet, but I could sense that he was getting turned on by so many people looking at him and by him being the center of attention. It was then that I spotted his growing endowment, and since he was wearing a pair of baggy sweatpants, it was even more noticeable. He looked at me and gave me a teasing stare.

“Jack, I can’t control myself,” Anthony whispered to me. “This is just too much.”

“Naw! Dude, not here. People are gonna notice,” I cautioned.

Anthony closed his eyes and let out a few light moans, still trying to keep as quiet as possible. I could tell from the look on his face that he was about to give into whatever he was feeling, surrendering himself to it. He was biting his lips and making all kinds of weird expressions.

There was this cute guy, about our age, sitting not too far from us. He started to notice what was going on and peeked over the magazine he was reading, trying not to make it obvious that he was looking at Anthony. The young giant started stroking his thighs and his stomach, with the bulge in his pants becoming impossible not to notice at this point.

“Seriously, Anthony! You’re gonna get slapped with indecent exposure or something like that,” I pleaded, still whispering. “It’s too risky!”

However, my words were falling on deaf ears. Anthony had already let the wave of euphoria take control of him, blocking out the outside world. Then, I realized my biggest fear was becoming reality; Anthony was growing again—and in public! I hoped to God that nobody would notice what was going on. I could tell that his shoulders and his head were inching up ever so slightly. He leaned his head back against the wall, giving off another moan. I noticed the other guy looking at us again. I tried to explain away what was happening.

“Sorry, my friend here is in a lot of pain. Don’t mind him, please,” I said.

The guy raised the magazine again and pretended to go on reading it, however, I knew he was still watching. I was also getting turned on by the whole situation, my dick throbbing in my pants, but I at the same time I feared us being exposed.

Anthony’s feet were sliding gently across the floor as his legs grew longer and his feet got larger with every passing moment. I could see his knees rising higher and higher relative to his thighs, the angle of his upper and lower leg changing gradually. Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable sound of his sandals surrendering to his growing feet. POP… The top of one of his rubber sandals snapped right off, and then the other one. POP… His feet didn’t stop there, they just kept growing and growing along with the rest of his incredible body.

Some people passing us by had started to notice as they turned their heads to look at Anthony before pretending to get on about their own business. The chair creaked under his increasing body mass. I was afraid that it would not hold him much longer. If the chair were to collapse, that would surely draw a lot of attention. More and more bare skin on his legs and stomach were exposed as his clothing appeared to shrink compared to his growing body. I could actually see the bottom hems of his pants sliding up his legs as they grew longer. Another notable change was his chest. His chest was inflating, especially his pecs, pulsing as they grew bigger and bigger, stretching his tank top to its limit. I could already make out tears in fabric of the shirt. I punched Anthony’s shoulder, attempting to bring him out of his trance. His shoulder felt like it was made of stone, my hand hurting like crazy just from hitting it.

“Hey, Anthony, you’ve got to stop now before everyone notices!” I whispered as I punched his shoulder again, desperate to make him stop.

Luckily, Anthony seemed to take notice of me trying to get through to him. As his eyes opened, his growth appeared stop completely.

“What happened?” Anthony asked, seemingly confused about the whole situation. “Did something hit me, Jack?”

“You were growing again, Anthony,” I whispered. “I don’t know just how much, but it was getting quite noticeable. People were starting to notice, and I tried getting through to you several times,” I explained to him. I apologized for hitting his shoulder and gently massaged it.

“It’s okay, Jack,” he said with a reassuring smile on his face. “I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m glad you somehow stopped it. I don’t know that I would have stopped if you didn’t.”

Anthony scratched his head. “Damn, I hope the doctor can explain what the hell is going on.”

I noticed that the other guy kept looking at us. I had no doubt that he saw exactly what was going on. I could see the look on his face—he knew. The question was, what was he going to do about it? No one would be believe him if he told anyone, but I was still worried. It was important to keep Anthony’s secret under wraps, telling as few people as possible.

Eventually, a nurse came over and told us that the doctor would see us now. “Dr. Portman will see you now. Right this way,” she said. As Anthony got up, it was almost as if I could hear the chair give off a sigh of relief. When he stepped forward, he noticed his feet was bare as his sandals laid torn on the floor behind him. “Damn, that much?” he chuckled.

“Yup, a few more seconds of that and everyone would have realized what the hell was going on,” I whispered to him. “Imagine that!”

As we followed the nurse through the corridors, I noticed how his chest appeared to be even higher up than before. I wasn’t sure if the top of my head even reached his pecs anymore. He must have grown several inches. This was beginning to get pretty serious, I thought to myself.

The nurse led us into Dr. Portman’s office. “Dr. Portman will be with you shortly,” she said promptly. She stared awkwardly at Anthony for a second, probably not having noticed his unusual height until now, and then she took off as quickly as she had appeared. We sat down and waited eagerly for the doctor to show up. We were both hopeful that the doctor would have some kind of explanation for what was going on, even though we realized that this wasn’t normal at all.

“Hello boys,” said the doctor as he came into the room. “I’m Dr. Portman. What…” he paused as he looked up from his chart and took notice of Anthony. “…What can I do for you today?” The doctor was a very handsome young man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties. He had short blonde hair and a beautiful youthful face with piercing blue eyes. Next to Anthony, he was one of the most perfect men I had ever seen. Though he couldn’t have worked as a doctor for more than a couple of years, but I hoped for the best anyway.

“Well… I…” Anthony mumbled, seeming hesitant as he looked down on the floor.

The doctor sat down on his chair behind the desk. A moment of silence transpired before I intervened. “My friend here, Anthony, has a problem. I know it’s going to sound crazy, but it seems that his body is growing bigger every now and again, at certain intervals. Like… he grows… visibly… several inches at a time…” I told the doctor, who looked confused about what I was actually trying to say. In his defense, this wasn’t something one would hear every day.

“At first, the changes were only noticeable overnight, but today he has grown several times already. A few days ago, he was 6’5” tall. This morning I measured him at 6’11”, but that was before he had another growth spurt in the waiting area back there. I’m pretty sure he’s more than 7 feet tall at this point,” I explained.

Again, the doctor looked confused and then his expression changed to looking somewhat annoyed. “Listen, I have lots of patients waiting to see me and so much stuff I need to get done today. If you’re trying to pull a prank here, I’m not sure what you’re getting at…” he insisted as his attention drifted back and forth between us and his computer screen.

“My friend is telling the truth,” Anthony boomed. His voice was clearly getting louder along with his physical size. “Listen, I know it sounds crazy and I don’t know how it works, but every now and then I get these episodes,” Anthony explained.

“All right, I’ll play along,” said Dr. Portman. “These episodes of yours; do you know if there is something specific that triggers them?”

“Well… I’m not completely sure,” Anthony sighed. “It sort of just happens.”

“Wait… Of course!” I shouted. “If I remember correctly, Anthony, you were pretty sexually aroused every time it has happened… at least the last few times. Like back in the waiting area just now, you got all horny and worked up, and then it happened. Maybe that is a trigger.”

The doctor leaned forward in his chair. “Hypothetically, assuming this is true, that could make a lot of sense. You see, the body undergoes a lot of processes when it gets aroused. Hormone production goes up and so does the brain activity. If there’s anything that would trigger something like that, that would probably be it. Getting scared or experiencing massive trauma could produce a similar effect as well, causing the body to produce adrenaline,” the doctor explained to us. “Of course, this is all just hypothetical. I mean, your friend here is indeed quite a big fellow, but that kind of growth in a human isn’t really physically possible.”

I scratched my head not sure what to do, and then it hit me. I didn’t want to do it, but we had no choice. “Well… What if my friend were to give you a little demonstration?” I suggested, already regretting what I had just set in motion. “Perhaps you’d be convinced then.”

“Jack… You sure about that?” Anthony asked. He seemed a little bit shocked that I would propose something like that, seeing as I had only recently been so nervous about it happening out in public.

“Yeah, Anthony. We’ve got no choice,” I maintained. “We need to get to the bottom of this and this is the only way.” I then laid my hand on his thigh and started caressing it softly, trying to make him aroused. “You want to grow for me, big boy?” I teased him while moving my hand over to his crotch. Immediately, I felt his cock surge with an incredible force. It grew and grew, creating a huge bulge in his sweatpants.

Oddly enough, the doctor didn’t say or do anything, even though this was highly inappropriate in so many ways. It was possible the awkwardness of the situation had left him speechless.

I stepped up from my chair and sat down on Anthony’s lap, facing him, and then I put my hands under his tank top, which was just about ready to burst, and I started feeling his chest and his abs. His body was so warm. “Yeah, time to grow, Anthony,” I said with the sexiest voice I could produce.

He didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He closed his eyes. It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar sensation of a vibration throughout his whole body. Anthony started moaning. I looked up, preparing myself for the inevitable sight… and there it was. His head was beginning to rise up ever so slightly. I heard a loud gasp of fear and awe from behind, no doubt coming from the doctor who was witnessing the impossible. Anthony’s legs were stretching longer and longer, his feet sliding across the floor and his kneecaps ascending higher and higher. As I was touching his chest and his abs, I could feel his skin stretching and expanding beneath my hands. His pecs were slowly pushing my hands further out from his rib cage as they grew in size and his abs became more and more defined with each passing second.

“Amazing!” the young doctor uttered before standing up and walking over to our chair. “Oh my god, you weren’t kidding…” he gushed. Oddly enough, the doctor seemed really excited about what was happening.

“Anthony, I think you can stop now!” I insisted, feeling happy about having convinced the doctor it was real. However, Anthony didn’t respond, and his growth absolutely did not stop. On the contrary, it seemed to accelerate to greater speeds. His head and torso kept rising higher and higher, his legs spreading further and further and his feet stretching longer and longer with no end in sight. RIIIIP. His tank top tore to pieces as a large tear formed down the middle of the fabric. RIIIIIIIIP. It shredded into more pieces, exposing his divine torso in the process. His upper body still looked proportionate, but his pecs were so big and his abs were so well-defined that it could probably hold a pencil in place.

“Anthony!” I shouted. “You’ve got to stop! It’s enough now, he’s convinced!” I pleaded, begging him to snap out of it as I started pounding on his gigantic expanding chest. “Anthony!”

I let out a sigh of relief when eventually he opened his eyes. As always, his growth came to a complete stop as he had awoken from his trance. “Ohh…” Anthony groaned. “I assume it worked…” he mumbled, still getting his bearing after a very large growth spurt.

The doctor came closer. “Anthony, that was nothing short of amazing. Would you care to stand up straight? I’d like to take your measurements,” he said.

“Sure, of course,” Anthony replied. As he did so, I was shocked to see how much he had actually grown in that short period of time. He stood up and up and up, his head rising so high that I was worried he would hit the ceiling as he got up. Standing in front of him, I noticed that I was way shorter than the level of his pecs. I had no chance of my head reaching his chest, not even if I were to stand on the tip of my toes. I looked straight ahead and saw that I was staring straight into his perfect abs, with his navel being as far up as my chin.

“Ohhh my god, Anthony! This has to be your biggest growth spurt yet,” I remarked.

“If you would be so kind as to stand on that weight scale over there,” the young doctor asked.

Anthony walked over to the scale. It looked pretty sturdy, but that remained to be seen. As he stepped onto the scale, it creaked under the extreme pressure that Anthony exerted on it. The numbers on the digital display started going up rapidly. “I’m guessing at least 400 pounds,” Anthony said with a proud grin on his face. “It certainly feels like it!”

Eventually the scale landed on a final number. We were all utterly amazed by the incredible weight Anthony possessed. “452 pounds! That is extraordinary,” Dr. Portman gushed.

“Next up is your height. Please stand against the wall over there. Now, our normal equipment is too small for your incredible stature, so we’re going to have to do this the old way,” the doctor said as he pulled out a measuring tape from his desk drawer and rushed over to Anthony. “Hey Anthony, would you mind holding this next to the top of your head?”

“Sure thing, doc.” Anthony replied as his massive hand approached the doctor’s hand and grabbed the end of the measuring tape. His hand was enormous!

“Okay, let’s see…” the doctor talked to himself as he crouched down and pulled the measuring tape, extending it all the way down to the bottom of Anthony’s feet. “Final measurement of height is…” even the doctor, as eager as he had been, swallowed in disbelief of the number he was about to say out loud. “…his current height is… 8 feet and 1 inch.”

I gasped and covered my mouth in shock. “You hear that, Anthony? You’re one of the tallest people on earth now! Hell, this means you’ve grown more than a whole foot in height since we left the campus. More than a foot!”

Anthony didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure if he liked what he was hearing or not. I think the gravity of the situation was finally getting to him. It was getting serious. On one hand, I think some part of him really enjoyed what was happening, but at the same time, if he continued to grow, it would change his life forever. Any chance of a normal life was soon completely out of the question. He would become a freak. He would never be able to finish college or get a job. He could lose a lot of friends and be alienated by everyone he ever knew. And what if the government showed up and locked him up for good, having him spend the rest of his life being experimented on in a cell? These threats would become a real thing if this continued.

“Dr. Portman, you cannot tell anyone about this,” I pleaded. “Doctor-patient confidentiality, right? At least until get know what’s really going on.”

“Don’t worry. I am most certainly bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. I wouldn’t do anything to breach your trust. However, I must insist that we seek further assistance if we determine that Anthony’s condition is a danger to himself. What I am most worried about is the fact that the bigger Anthony gets, the more strain will be put on his legs. You’ve heard of the square-cube law, right?” the doctor asked.

“No…” “Not really”, we replied.

“Well, basically, whenever you get taller, Anthony, your weight will increase about four times as much on average, and that’s excluding any additional muscle growth. So… what I’m concerned about is that if you get much bigger than you are right now, your legs won’t be able to support the increased weight of your body, leaving you effectively paralyzed. Being this tall also comes with a lot of other potential risks, such as problems with your back and your joints. Even blood circulation could be compromised, and you could be at risk of your heart giving out,” Dr. Portman cautioned us.

Anthony seemed a bit spooked by what the doctor had just told us. I could see the fear in his eyes. His eyes were shiny, as if he were on the brink of shedding tears. “You mean, I could actually die?” Anthony whimpered.

“I don’t want you to worry. We will find a solution. There are drugs that can be administered to limit growth for people with growth issues such as yourself. Admittedly, nobody has never actually grown so fast that you can see the growth in action, as you have, but the basic principle should hopefully be the same,” the doctor reassured him. “Now, Anthony, I just need to perform a few more measurements of your body and then an extended examination before we get you down to radiology so we can get an X-ray of your body to see what’s going on with your bones. We need to make sure your skeleton is not feeling excessive pressure.”

The doctor performed a few more measurements and the extended physical. Blood was also drawn so they could analyze it to see if they would find anything out of the ordinary.

“I’m hoping to see an excess of growth hormones when the test results come back. That would mean that a hormone blocker could help keep your growth in check. If it doesn’t, you may need surgery, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Next, we need to get you an X-ray. Please follow me.”

We followed the doctor out of the room. Anthony had to duck to even get through the doorframe. His shoulders were so wide that he barely fit through it. Not to mention, he wasn’t wearing any clothes except his sweatpants which luckily still fit him, although the bottom hems of the sweatpants were almost up to his knees, revealing a lot of bare skin. As we followed the doctor through the corridor, people stared at the young giant walking past them, his bare chest being on full display for everyone to see in all its glory, as well as his amazing bare feet. And they were huge! They still looked as soft and beautiful as before, they were just a whole lot bigger.

After walking for a while, we finally got to the room where he would have his x-ray. I waited outside of the room while the doctor prepared him for the scan. They went through several iterations to get a full scan of his entire body. It was taking quite a while, so I decided to go and get myself a cup of water. As I did so, I thought about everything that had happened today. I was truly scared of what could be happening to Anthony. It had been fun and exciting before, but after the doctor made us realize the threats of continued growth, I was genuinely worried.

As I came back, I saw that they were wrapping up the last scan and were on their way out of the room.

“That was that, Jack. Your friend did good in there,” Dr. Portman said. “Now here’s what I want you to do; I want you to go home and relax. Anthony, you need to avoid putting any strain whatsoever on your body. You cannot get excited…. sexually aroused, that is. And you need to avoid all kinds of strong emotions, like anger or excessive fear. Anything that would get you all worked up is a big no-no. It is important that you take it easy the next few days until we get the results back. I’m pushing for priority on your test results, but even so, it could take two or three days.”

“Thank you so much, Dr. Portman,” I said.

“Yeah, you’ve been so kind, doc. Thank you!” Anthony seconded.

“No need. Just doing my job. And please, feel free to call me Jason. Now, I don’t usually give out my cellphone number to patients, but this is no ordinary case. Here, if anything happens… anything at all… call this number right here,” Dr. Portman told us.

“All right, Jason, thank you so much once again,” I told him before we walked out of there and left the clinic, making our way back to the campus. Anthony was still barefoot and shirtless, but at least the weather was still nice outside, and it wasn’t that far to get back to our dorm. We didn’t talk much on the way back. We were still adjusting to the seriousness of the situation. The next few days would be critical.

Arriving back at our dorm, we laid down in each of our beds, trying to process everything. We were just lying in our beds for several minutes, not saying anything, then I turned to my left to look over at Anthony. “Hey, you okay?” I asked.

Anthony looked at me and nodded. “Yeah… I guess. Just taking it all in. I hope Jason… umm… Dr. Portman, will know what to do once the tests come back.”

Suddenly, someone knocked on our door. Three loud knocks. “You expecting someone?” I asked Anthony? “Nah, I’m not,” he said.

I got up from the bed and walked over to the door. When I opened the door, there was a man standing there with his back against me. “Hello?” I asked. The mysterious young man turned around and immediately I recognized him as the guy from the waiting room in the clinic.

In front of me stood a handsome young man looking to be about our age. He was perhaps a foot taller than me, probably around the same height of 6’5”, same as Anthony had been a few days ago before his growth spurts had started to kick in. He had beautiful medium-length dark brown hair and he had big soulful dark brown eyes.

“Umm… Can I help you?” I asked the mysterious young man that had without a doubt followed us here from the clinic.

“Is he here?” the mysterious guy asked. “I saw it happen… I need to see him.” He had a very particular Latin American accent. It was actually kind of hot.

Before I could answer, he squeezed himself past me and just walked into our dorm, before he stopped and gasped in amazement. “So it is true…” he said to himself as he noticed the 8’1” giant standing next to his bed, “…and you’re even bigger than before,” he marveled. A moment later, the young man leaped forward and threw himself at Anthony’s feet and began worshipping them. “Please let me be at your feet as you grow bigger, master,” he said.

The whole situation was outright absurd, but I could tell that Anthony was somewhat enjoying the worship he was receiving—and by a complete stranger no less. I was amazed at the effect Anthony was starting to have on people. However, this was exactly what we didn’t need right now, as Anthony needed to avoid any kind of excitement. If he got aroused again, he could start to grow any second now. The mysterious man caressed Anthony’s feet and his toes. “I can’t wait until they get really huge,” he said.

Anthony didn’t say anything. I could tell that his cock was growing already, throbbing inside his sweatpants, forming an expanding bulge that would push the sweatpants so far out from his waist that you could see the shaft of his massive cock through the gap. Anthony moaned loudly and wiggled his toes as he closed his eyes and his head leaned backwards. It was too late. The inevitable had already been set in motion. The young man invited me to join him. “Come here! Your giant friend needs all the worshippers he can get,” he told me.

“You don’t understand… We’re trying to avoid this. It could be dangerous if he gets any bigger,” I explained, slightly annoyed by the forwardness of this stranger.

“Dangerous to everyone else… yes,” he said. The stranger resumed worshipping Anthony’s feet, stroking his smooth legs and caressing his majestic toes with great care. He must have felt Anthony’s body starting to vibrate, same I had the last times, as he remarked “Oh, I can feel it! Here it comes!”

Anthony’s head started inching upward toward the ceiling, and at a greater speed than ever before. You didn’t have to look closely to notice the growth this time, it was very apparent. The bottom hems of his sweatpants started sliding up his legs again as they grew longer, exposing his titanic knees in the process. Anthony kept moaning as he curled his toes and clenched his fists. The young giant’s massive chest was inflating once again. I could actually make out each pectoral pulsating in alternating motions as they grew visibly bigger. It was like they had a life of their own. Every part of his body was working together to make Anthony bigger in every aspect. I looked behind him and saw that even his butt was getting bigger, stretching the fabric of his sweatpants. Anthony had always been perfect, but this was approaching a whole new level. “Aahhhh…mmm…”, he moaned as he rose effortlessly higher and higher. RIIIIP. His sweatpants couldn’t take it anymore, they shredded to pieces, and since he hadn’t been wearing any boxers on account of none of them fitting him anymore, his majestic cock was revealed in all its glory as the remains of the sweatpants fell to the floor. His cock immediately pointed upward, hard as a rock. It must have been way more than a foot long at this point, passing his navel by a clear margin.

As I recalled the height of the ceiling in our room was about 9 feet, I heard a loud thud. I looked up only to see Anthony’s head having crashed into the ceiling. Bits of plaster and dust were falling to the floor. “Ohhhh getting seriously huge now,” the handsome stranger gushed. Anthony’s growth didn’t stop there though. It was possible he somehow heard what the man had said as he moaned loudly and started feeling up his own torso, seemingly causing his growth to accelerate to even greater speeds. Was there a correlation between his degree of arousal and the speed of his growth? Anthony’s feet were growing so big now that they forced the stranger to retreat backward as they bumped into him, his giant sole and divine toes claiming more and more real estate as they expanded outward in all directions.

I was getting very worried about the sheer size Anthony was packing on. It seemed like he was growing in the excess of an inch per second now, the floorboards creaking under his rapidly increasing weight. I had to do something to stop it. I ran into the bathroom, filled up a cup of cold water and came back out to throw it at Anthony’s face, hoping it would make him snap out of it. “Anthony, you need to stop before this gets out of control!” I begged the growing giant in front of me, still rising higher and higher as he had to lean forward now since he was taller than the room itself.

His growth came to a full stop as his eyes opened. “Oh, thank god,” I sighed. “I was getting pretty worried there toward the end, Anthony.” He changed his stance to a more comfortable one. Judging from how much taller than the ceiling he was, I surmised that Anthony had to be at least 9 feet and 6 inches tall, which meant that he had grown almost a foot and a half!

The stranger, still at Anthony’s feet, seemed somewhat disappointed by the growth coming to a stop. His foot was so huge compared to the stranger’s head and his tiny hands.

“I’m so sorry, Jack, I didn’t mean to,” Anthony lamented. “I couldn’t help it!”

The stranger got up from the floor and stepped away from Anthony. “What are you both so worried about?” the man asked.

“First of all—what the hell, man!” I yelled. “Second, the doctor cautioned us specifically to avoid this kind of thing,” I explained, still angry about a complete stranger appearing out of nowhere to mess up everything.

Anthony was still blushing, not saying much as he was processing what had just happened.

“Ugh… You see, the doctor told us that there could be all sorts of complications if Anthony were to grow any bigger,” I explained. “Something about a cube-square law or something… Anyway, the point is that his weight increases several times more than his height as he grows bigger. At some point, his weight may exceed that which his legs can carry… and you get where I’m going… Plus, there’s a whole range of other health issues that could arise from him getting bigger. He might even die if his heart fails to pump blood throughout his body!”

“Oh… I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…” the stranger apologized. “But… come on man, your friend here is already bending the rules by doing the impossible… growing in front of our very eyes. Don’t you think it’s possible that he could bend other rules as well, hombre?”

“My boyfriend!” Anthony boomed angrily, his voice filling the room like thunder. “He’s my boyfriend and you need to show some respect. Listen to what he’s telling you!” I could swear he grew another inch as he worked himself up over that, his head inching up just a little bit more. This confirmed that all kinds of excitement would cause growth now, even anger. Our eyes met and he looked at me with a loving smile.

The stranger let out a whimpering sound as he apologized. “Of course! I’m sorry! I can leave…”

Before Anthony could respond, I looked back at him and shook my head. “He can’t leave. At least not yet. He knows too much about what’s going on here,” I reasoned. “We have to contain this. Sure, people would notice that you’re bigger, but only the three of us and Dr. Portman know your true secret—that you can actually grow…like that.”

I pointed at my bed. “Go sit down over there,” I commanded. The cute stranger complied and sat down at the edge of the bed.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked, curious about who this complete stranger was.

“My name is Adrián… but you can call me by the English variant—Adrian,” he said.

I peeked over at Anthony before following up with another question; “Okay, Adrian. How did you find us? You followed us from the clinic?”

“Yeah, I sat outside the clinic, waiting for you guys to finish up, then I tailed you,” he explained.

“Why did you come?” I asked, even though he had kind of already made it clear why.

“Your friend here…. Anthony…. I believe he’s destined for great things,” Adrian reasoned. “I’ve always been into macrophilia and stories of growing guys, but to actually see it in person…” His eyes became watery. “It’s not supposed to be possible, but your friend makes it possible. He is special… maybe more than we know. I mean, do you really know the true extent of your friend’s power? What if he can learn to harness that power and take control of it?” he asked.

I hadn’t thought about it like that, but Adrian was absolutely right. Anthony had made the impossible possible. How much more was he capable of?

Adrian turned to look at Anthony, who was still leaning forward as he couldn’t stand up straight. “You could become a god!” Adrian exclaimed.

I could tell Anthony was getting worked up again from all the praise and glory this stranger was giving him, but luckily it seemed like he was able to keep calm and avoid another episode.

“Please be mindful of what you say, Adrian. We don’t need another incident. Like I said, we don’t know anything,” I reasoned. “This could just be some genetic defect that is causing him to grow. And we don’t know how his body is going to take it if he gets bigger. We’re waiting for the test results from the clinic to come back.”

Anthony got tired of not being able to stand up straight and decided to sit down on the floor.

“Ugh… I better call the doctor,” I told Anthony as I picked up my cellphone and dialed the number Dr. Portman had given me. The phone barely had time to ring once before it was answered. “Dr. Portman”, said the voice on the other end.

“Hello, Dr. Portman, it’s Jack here. Anthony’s friend,” I explained. “I know it’s only been like half an hour….”

“He’s had another growth spurt, hasn’t he?” the doctor interrupted, sounding somewhat amazed instead of concerned.

“Yes… Something set him off and it just happened,” I reasoned, embarrassed that we couldn’t go longer than half an hour before it happened. “And also, when he got angry, he seemed to grow just a little bit more.”

“All right… as I suspected,” the doctor continued. “Just how tall do you make him out to be at this point?” the doctor asked.

“I haven’t measured him yet, but…” I stammered, my mouth running dry. “But… judging by our 9 feet ceiling, I’d say maybe half a foot taller than that.”

There was a moment of silence before I heard the doctor whispering “Amazing” to himself, as if he were thinking out loud. “Listen, I have been examining the scans of Anthony’s body and they’re nothing short of incredible,” he claimed.

I peeked over at Anthony who had crossed his legs and made himself comfortable over by the wall by the bathroom. “How so?” I asked the doctor, eager to know what he had found out.

“It’s just that with Anthony being as tall and heavy as he is, especially considering the serious muscle he has put on, I would expect to see changes in your friend’s skeleton. It is supposed to be struggling under the overwhelming weight of his body—but it’s not! In fact, every part of your friend’s skeleton is looking as healthy as ever,” Dr. Portman explained. “Adding in the fact that Anthony’s blood pressure was flawless, I’d say that your friend’s body is somehow accommodating for the increased weight in a way I cannot explain.”

“Just what are you saying, Dr. Portman?” I asked, nervous about the answer.

“I told you, just call me Jason. No need for any formalities,” he said. “Anyway, it is becoming clear to me that your friend may have the capability to grow really big and suffer no negative consequences at all,” the doctor said, clearing his throat. “I’m a man of science, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” he chuckled. “Ask Anthony if he’s feeling any pain in his body right now.”

And so, I did, to which Anthony replied that he was not, and that he was in fact feeling better than ever before. “My body feels stronger than ever, and I sense a buildup of energy that I’ve never felt before,” said Anthony, flexing his arms and examining his godlike body.

“Just…amazing…” said Jason, the doctor, on the other end of the phone. “Listen, I still want you to be careful while we wait for the bloodwork to come back, but it’s looking more and more like Anthony may be able to grow as much as he wants to. This could be sensational! I will call you as soon as I know more,” he said.

“A..all right…” I stammered, not sure if this was real or not. As I hung up the phone, I pinched my arm to check if I was dreaming. Ouch! Nope, this was really happening. I thought back to the dreams I had a few days ago, feeling a chilling sensation run down my spine as I realized what the future could hold. Anthony was inevitably going to keep growing bigger and bigger, and there probably wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it.

I had just been told that my boyfriend, Anthony, might have the potential for unlimited growth. His body was accommodating his continued increased in weight and would probably continue to do so indefinitely. Could it really be that Anthony could keep growing and never stop?

“Hey, Jack, what did the doc say before you hung up?” Anthony asked, curious if he had any new information that would help.

I was conflicted about whether I should tell him the truth or not. On one hand, if I held back the truth, he could still have a shot of living a somewhat normal life, but on the other hand, I would be lying to the person I care most about in the whole word—and he would probably find out sooner or later anyway. However, if I told him, what would happen? Would he open the floodgates and let his growth spiral completely out of control? Who knows what could happen then! Still, I decided I had to do right by Anthony and trust that he would make the right call.

“The doctor told me that he thinks your body is unaffected by the increasing weight…. Somehow… in some way that can’t be explained, the cube-squared law doesn’t seem to be a problem for you. Like… your skeleton should have shown signs of struggling to carry your weight by now, but it doesn’t—at all,” I explained. “And as you already knew, your blood pressure was totally fine as well.”

I could see a wave of relief wash over Anthony’s face.

“I knew it!” Adrian said as his face lit up with excitement. “I knew you were special. You are going to be great!” He clapped in excitement.

“Now hold on,” I insisted. “Just hold on… This doesn’t mean that he’s out of the water yet. We’re still waiting for the results on his blood test. I think maybe we should be careful.”

“Bah! Come on, Jack, your giant boyfriend here is ready to grow some more!” Adrian said with a huge smile on his face. “We already have proof that his body doesn’t work the same way as that of a normal human. It’s clear that he was meant for this—destined to grow!”

There was a moment of silence as I stared into Anthony’s eyes, curious if he wanted to go down this road or not. “You know I’m with you all the way, Anthony, whatever you choose to do,” I reassured him, “…but if you do this… you’re leaving your old life behind for good.”

Anthony looked back at me and our eyes met. “I want to do this, Jack.”

“All right,” I told him, before making my way over to him. I ditched my socks and my shirt and sat down on his lap, on his massive legs, facing his way. I looked up to meet his eyes staring down at me, then I hugged my chest against his lower stomach and started caressing his enormous chest which loomed above my head.

I turned around to look at Adrian and asked “Hey, slave, why don’t you get to massaging the master’s feet?” Almost before I had finished my sentence, Adrian was already worshipping Anthony’s giant feet. He now had two little slaves dedicating themselves fully to him and it was turning him on more than anything else I had ever seen before. While it bothered me slightly that someone else was getting intimate with Anthony, I had realized that I could not claim him for myself. Anthony would take as many tinies as he wanted to serve him, but hopefully I would always have a special place among them, as his favorite and his lover.

It didn’t take long before his cock started growing. It hit my stomach as it grew, sliding up my abs and then my chest as it got longer and longer. It had to be like 16 or 17 inches long. Anthony moaned and wriggled his body in pleasure, tilting his head from left to right and back as he made expressions of pure euphoria.

Then, the inevitable happened. His body started vibrating, more violently than ever before. As a matter of fact, it was so powerful that it seemed to propagate through the floor and the walls ever so slightly, causing the room to tremble just a bit. Putting my hand on the floor, I could feel it. This was going to be a big one.

Anthony let out a huge moan as he closed his eyes and leaned his head backward, just as he had done before. Immediately, I could see his head sliding up the wall as it began to rise toward the ceiling. It looked like Anthony was growing at the rate of more than an inch per second already. His shoulders kept widening, his legs stretched longer, causing his growing feet to push Adrian further toward the other side of the room. Adrian was seated with his stomach firmly pressed against Anthony’s expanding foot. The giant foot was getting so big now that it reached almost all the way up from his crotch up to his pecs. They were literally dwarfing him with each passing second. Anthony was moaning almost constantly now.

I grabbed his enormous cock and started stroking it, hoping that would fuel his growth even more, and it did! Anthony opened his eyes, but he seemed to keep growing, and even faster than before! “Hey, your eyes are open,” I said to my growing titan. “And you’re still doing it!”

Anthony let out another moan. “I know, Jack. This is becoming more and more natural to me. Like learning to ride a bike. And it feels great!” He clenched his fists and seemed to concentrate. Immediately his rate of growth surged through the roof, as if he had somehow learned to control it—or at least influence his rate of growth to some extent.

“Oh my god,” I gasped as his increased growth rate became evident. He wasn’t growing at the rate of an inch or so anymore. No, he was growing at the rate of several inches per second—maybe 4 or 5 inches per second, and with no end in sight.

“This is getting easier all the time!” Anthony whimpered in between his powerful moaning as his abs were dominating my field of vision. His cock was rising so high that it was about to reach my mouth, it must have been way longer than 2 feet by now. I opened my mouth and eventually it grew straight into it. Perfect! I started sucking on his massive cockhead as I continued to stroke his shaft ferociously. Anthony kept moaning in response to this, which only fueled his growth even more. “Aww, yeah, Jack! Keep it going”, he commanded.

Back down at Anthony’s foot, Adrian was busy licking sweat off the perfect toes of the growing giant’s left foot while massaging the top and sides of it with his hands. His feet were getting so big now that he could only handle one foot at a time. As he remained seated against the giant expanding foot, it had grown so tall that it was approaching his neck. At this rate, it would not take long for his toes to eventually rise above Adrian’s head. “Yes! Your feet are getting so big, master. Soon they’ll be bigger than people, and then cars and then entire buses will be flattened beneath your soles!” Adrian went on and on, fantasizing about how big Anthony would become. “Awwh my god!” Adrian shouted as he couldn’t hold back anymore and sprayed the growing sole with several shots of thick cum.

Anthony was getting seriously close to shooting his load. I could tell by the heightened intensity of his moans and his heavier breathing. It was simply amazing to see his chest and abs pulsating as he breathed and growing bigger with each passing moment. His navel was coming into view now, rising higher and higher relative to my field of vision when looking straight ahead. His chest was so far above me now and still rising higher. Anthony’s cock was getting so big that I was having a hard time sucking on it. I could fit less and less of it in my mouth and eventually I had to resort to licking it. I kept stroking it with my hands, but holding around it was also getting harder all the time as its girth was increasing.

Anthony’s head was approaching the 9-foot-tall ceiling once again, while seated! This meant he had to be closing in on 18 feet tall very soon. He was outgrowing the dorm room! “Anthony, you’re gonna outgrow the entire room!” I exclaimed as I looked him in the eyes, him staring back at me with a proud smile on his face.

“Watch this!” he said as he clenched his massive fists again and furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. A second later, the vibration coming off his body became way more violent than before. The whole room started shaking as the floorboards and the walls creaked from the tremors his body was causing. Not long after, his growth nearly doubled in speed, making him grow at almost a foot per second! Anthony moaned and spread his toes in utter joy. “This is it!” he giggled. Just a couple of seconds later, his head hit the ceiling with a bang. The giant had passed the 18 feet milestone of outgrowing the room twice! He moved his butt forward so he could lower his shoulders relative to the wall to make room for his head, but it only took a few more seconds before his head crashed into the ceiling—again! “Ooops!” he said with a cute innocent look on his face.

He started breathing faster and faster. “I’m coming!” he shouted. “Brace yourselves!” I took my mouth away from his cock, which was tensing up for the big event, afraid that I would choke on his cum if I tried to swallow it. I looked into my giant’s eyes and told him that I loved him. Immediately he screamed as shot after shot of thick white cum started flying all over the room. “I love you too!” Anthony managed to say in between all the moaning. Some of the cum shots hit the roof with such force that they made holes in the ceiling, with plaster and dust raining down all over. It seemed like it would never end. I had counted at least twenty shots of cum flying in all directions. They just kept coming.

Meanwhile, Adrian was becoming ridiculously small next to Anthony’s divine feet. His toes had risen above Adrian’s eye level, making it hard to see him back there, but we could tell he was enjoying himself as he moaned and groaned, and continue to clean Anthony’s foot with his tongue to the best of his abilities.

Eventually, Anthony’s orgasm tapered off and so did his growth. The room was a mess, with cum everywhere—on the walls, on the ceiling and all over the floor as well as on our bodies. I think I even had some in my hair, however I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was Anthony and making him happy.

It was only then that I noticed how insanely big Anthony was now. He had to be way taller than 20 feet at this point, having more than doubled his height! “Oh my god, you’re becoming an actual giant, Anthony!” I gushed.

“I told you he was destined for great things,” Adrian said as he peeked out from the side of Anthony’s giant foot. “And this is just the beginning. Soon, this room won’t be able to hold him anymore and he will make himself known to the world. It’s inevitable.” Adrian claimed with blissful expression of content all over his face.

Anthony decided to play around with Adrian and used his foot to force him down on the floor, his stomach still facing the giant sole as Anthony’s foot pressed down on his puny form. The foot was more than half the length of Adrian’s entire body. His big toe would soon rival the size of Adrian’s head. “It’s so big, yet so warm and soft” Adrian cried out.

“Lick my toes!” Anthony commanded with a playful voice as he applied more pressured on Adrian’s body with his gigantic foot.

“Yes, master!” he responded and immediately complied with the giant’s order.

“Good boy,” Anthony giggled. “Now you keep doing that until I tell you otherwise, little guy. This is your job from now on; making sure my feet are clean and flawless.”

Adrian didn’t respond, but kept working at Anthony’s toes, catching every bit of sweat and dirt between his majestic toes with his tongue, while he continued to massage the top of the foot with his tiny hands.

“What now?” I asked Anthony. “Adrian is right, if…. I mean when… when you grow again, you’ll probably get too big for this room, so what’s the plan?”

“Let’s sleep on it and we’ll figure it out tomorrow morning.” Anthony said.

Anthony grabbed the blanks from the bed next to him, then slid his butt forward so he could lie down in a straight line. Adrian held onto the giant foot as it moved him further toward the other side of the room, before resuming his cleaning duty. Anthony then used the blanks as a pillow and I climbed on top of his chest and lay down on his chest, on my stomach. I looked up at Anthony who stared back into my eyes with a gentle smile on his big, beautiful face. “I love you too, Jack.”

Anthony lifted his beastly arm and reached over to the light switch and turned the lights off. “Goodnight little ones!”

I was so comfortable lying on top of my giant’s stomach, his pecs serving as excellent pillows. It didn’t take long before I fell asleep…

I was in a dark place. Some kind of void, floating in the middle of nowhere—or so I thought. I looked around and noticed a few tiny bright spots in the background—some of them appeared to move while others did not. What were those spots, I wondered? I still couldn’t make out any details. Suddenly, two massive objects appeared and grew bigger. They were glowing with a yellow hue. What the hell was going on? Then I eventually realized that they were actually eyes. Anthony’s eyes! And the small bright spots were satellites and distant stars! I noticed an enormous shadow move out from in front of me as it had been blocking the light from the sun, revealing the earth as it moved away. I could see the giant shadow in all its glory now. Anthony had to be hundreds of thousand miles tall. His divine eyes still glowing yellow, he looked at me with a smirk before raising his hand to put the earth in his palm. The earth looked like a marble compared to his hand. A moment later, he closed his fist and crushed the earth into a pile of dust, ending civilization as we know it just like that. He opened his gigantic fist again, brushing his fingers against each other as the remaining dust from the place I had called home floated off into space. Then the giant hand started reaching for me. Darkness enveloped my field of view as his monstrous hand encroached on my puny body, which was less than a microbe to this titanic god. How could he even see me? I panicked as everything around me got darker and darker, bracing myself for the inevitable crush between two of his fingers, the last thing I saw being his giant glowing yellow eyes staring at me as I felt them pierce my soul.

I woke up as I gasped for air. My body was completely soaked in sweat and my heart pounding like crazy. I looked up and saw the sleeping face of Anthony as I still lay on his giant torso. He was still a giant, but fortunately just a little over 20 feet tall, not hundreds of thousands of feet. Still, was this a sign of things to come? I enjoyed seeing Anthony grow bigger and bigger every day, but outgrowing the planet? Would it even be possible, I thought to myself?

All of a sudden, Anthony’s massive torso was moving as the giant teen was waking up from his sleep. He opened his eyes and looked down at me, passing me a dazzling smile. “Good morning there, little guy,” Anthony said as the stretched his arms out and yawned, then looked down at his foot in confusion. “He’s still going at it,” Anthony said as he noticed Adrian was still cleaning his foot with his tongue and massaging it gently with his hands. “Hey, Adrian, did you take care of my foot all night?” Anthony asked.

“Yes, of course, master. You told me not to stop until you say so,” Adrian replied as his tongue massaged the crevices between Anthony’s toes, causing Anthony to giggle as it tickled him. Those giant toes were cleaner than ever before at this point. “Great! Now move over to the other foot. It needs some attention as well,” Anthony commanded as he lifted his feet, letting Adrian crawl from under one foot to under the other. “When I get even bigger, I’ll have to assign you to just one foot, Adrian. Then eventually you’ll probably only be able to manage one toe. I’m going to need way more tinies to care for my feet then,” Anthony chuckled.

Suddenly, someone was knocking on our door. “You expecting someone, Jack?” Anthony asked.

“No, I don’t think so… Wait… Isn’t it Sunday today?” I answered.

“Yeah, it is,” Anthony replied.

“Damn, I totally forgot that Zack and Evan were coming over today!” I gasped, “We were planning to play some games today.” Zack and Even were Anthony and Jack’s mutual friends. They had all known each other ever since they were kids. “Do you think they know? Should we wait for them to go?” I asked Anthony.

Anthony looked at me for a moment. “No. They’re gonna know eventually anyway. Go to the door and let them in,” he said.

I climbed down from the giant teen’s torso and went over to answer the door, only opening it slightly so they couldn’t see Anthony’s massive body from the hallway.

“Hey guys!” I spoke.

“How you doing?” Evan replied.

“Yeah, you’re ready to lose some?” Zack chuckled.

Zack was about my height, about an inch taller, standing 5 feet and 7 inches tall, and had short brown hair and brown eyes. Evan was much taller, standing 6 feet and 3 inches tall, with blonde hair and green eyes. They were both straight, although they were knew that I was gay and were totally fine with that. In fact, they loved to tease me about it and pretend to be into me. I didn’t mind and thought it was just funny.

“So guys… We’re gonna have to cancel our original plans today… Something’s come up. Promise not to freak out,” I told them.

“Yeah, yeah… okay,” Evan said.

“Sure thing… what’s up?” Zack asked.

“Well… It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s better if you just come inside and have a look,” I told them.

As they entered the room, they gasped in horror at the sight of the giant 20-foot-tall teen that lay across the entire room. “Hey guys!” Anthony boomed.

“What the hell!” Evan yelled as I closed the door behind them.

“What’s going on here?” Zack asked, not sure if he believed what he was seeing.

“Well… It started out with a couple of small growth spurts a few days ago, then his growth sort of just spiraled out of control,” I explained. “Basically, every time he gets seriously excited… like sexually aroused… he starts to grow.”

Evan and Zack looked at each other in complete awe for a moment, then out of the blue Evan asked, “Can you show us?”

“Sure we can!” Anthony replied with excitement. “Jack, get over here and do your thing,” he commanded with a sexy grin on his face.

I made my way over to Anthony and climbed on top of his torso. I could tell Anthony was really excited about getting to grow again as I saw pure joy in his eyes, looking like a kid waiting to open their presents on Christmas Day. I started massaging his cock which immediately responded by growing bigger, and fast! It rose higher and higher, pulsating with a tremendous force as no doubt gallons of blood was pumping into it. I grabbed his massive shaft and pulled myself in, wrapping my legs around it and using my whole body to stroke it. That’s how big it was now! Anthony moaned in pleasure and started stroking his incredible chest with his enormous hands, wiggling his toes in sheer joy, pushing them into Adrian’s face. Then I felt his body vibrating with power again, which was a guaranteed sign of incoming growth. It grew in intensity, causing the entire room to start shaking. Evan and Zac could without a doubt feel the tremors in the floor beneath their feet. “What the hell?” Zac exhaled.

Then they saw the impossible happening right before their eyes as Anthony’s head began rising higher and higher toward the ceiling, his feet growing closer and closer to the wall on the opposite side of the room, with Adrian still pinned under one of his feet. He was growing at the rate of maybe half a foot per second, which was a good start. His pecs pulsed and heaved in alternating turns as they too grew bigger with every passing second, his shoulder and torso widening ever so slightly to accommodate for more muscle.

As I looked back to check on Zack and Evan, I saw that Evan had rushed over to Anthony’s other foot and started touching it, while Zack had climbed on top of one of the giant knees. “Joining the fun, guys?” I asked. They just nodded, still speechless from seeing their giant friend grow bigger and bigger in front of their very eyes. As all four of us caressed, sucked on, and stroked various parts of the giant growing body, Anthony moaned in ecstasy and clenched his fists, causing his growth rate to explode. He went from half a foot per second to several feet per second. He was definitely going to outgrow completely the room this time. His head hit the ceiling once more, and his feet reached the other side of the room, pinning Adrian to the opposite wall as his feet grew bigger and bigger, overlapping more and more over his tiny body. It would only be a matter of seconds before it grew taller than Adrian’s entire body, the gigantic toes rising above his head. I saw that Evan was caressing and licking Anthony’s other foot, while Zack had thrown away his clothes and was stroking and touching Anthony’s giant leg with his entire body. Somehow Anthony had made these straight men lust for him. I don’t blame them. Who would be able to resist this growing body of perfection?

“Guys! Guys! You need to leave the room before I crush all of you,” Anthony said. “Wait for me outside of the building!” he commanded.

All of us stopped what we were doing and ran out of the dorm room, down the stairs and out of the building, not caring about getting dressed first. We were simply following his orders, as pleasing Anthony was all that mattered. We were out on the street, looking up at our room on the second floor.

A few seconds later, the ground started shaking violently, like an earthquake. One guy even lost his balance and tripped due to the tremors. “Was he really going to do this?” I thought to myself. We ran over to the other side of the street, preparing ourselves for the inevitable crash. As I turned around and looked at the building, we saw a giant foot plowing through the wall on the second floor, then his other foot made another hole in the wall. Debris was falling down all over the street- Luckily, we were standing far enough away that we were safe, for now. Not long after, a giant head crashed through the roof of the building and started to rise higher and higher. He was growing faster than ever before now, at a rate of nearly 6 feet per second, and it only seemed to speed up more and more. Massive panic ensued in the streets as people noticed the growing giant emerging from the building. A few moments later, his legs had grown so long that his feet touched the street even though he was still seated on the second floor. Anthony decided to stand up straight on his feet. As he did so, he demolished large parts of our building. He must have been over 50 feet at this point. I could tell that people near him didn’t even reach halfway up his shins anymore. His feet were expanding across the street faster and faster, taking up more and more space and consuming everything in their path.

“Worship your growing god!” Anthony chuckled, smiling from ear to ear. While most people were fleeing the giant, some people were frozen in fear and complied with the growing god’s demand. Even so, a few people that stood too close to his expanding feet were still crushed by them.

As Anthony approached 70 feet tall, the police had arrived at the scene and started opening fire at the young titan in front of them. Unfortunately for them, the bullets bounced right off his skin. In fact, many of the bullets seemed to take damage from his impenetrable skin as they broke into pieces. “Hey! No need for violence,” he growing giant said. “I’m not gonna hurt anyone… at least not intentionally… People just need to be careful around my growing feet!” he chuckled. And those feet… They were approaching the size of a small car now. I could only stare at my god’s feet which were effortlessly growing bigger, taking up more and more space, dwarfing everything around them more and more. People next to his feet did barely stood taller than his ankles now, and his ankles kept rising higher and higher relative to them still. Even his toes started to challenge the size of people at this point.

I watched in amazement at how the few people that hadn’t dared to flee the area still had to step back all the time to avoid the growing feet expanding outwards in all directions. The police gave up shooting at him as they realized it was futile, at which point Anthony smiled and snapped his fingers, causing his growth to stop immediately. “That’s enough for now!” he commanded.

We ran toward our god’s feet, resuming our duty of massaging them and cleaning them. The young titan towered over us at 82 feet tall. He wiggled the gigantic toes of his incredible feet, which now spanned 14 feet in length from heel to toe, more than the height of two of us combined!

“I’d like to have fun and explore my new size a little bit.” Anthony grinned as he looked down at us scurrying about his feet like insects. “YOU GUYS READY?” he boomed.


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