by Marquis de Rent

Tom discovers that he is a mutant with the power to grow men that have sex with him. College jock Chris decides to take advantage of it.

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My name is Tom. I’m one of the many mutants that tried to remain hidden and to live like regular people. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t save the world in a stylish outfit. My powers do not exactly allow that.

Like many mutants. I discovered my power in a stressful situation as an adolescent. I was 19. It was my second year of college and I was (and still am) the cutest twink on the campus. Lean athletic body, dark hair neatly combed on the side, brown eyes with very dark lashes, slightly tanned skin, square features...I looked like a model. Well, a pocket sized model. I was sort of short....5’5”, to be exact...which is why I didn’t have much success with guys.

This changed when I met Chris. He was in his first year of college. He was 18 years old and built like a power house, at 6’7” the blond hunk was 196lbs of muscle. I noticed him the moment he arrived at college, he was everything I loved. A big, cocky football player. I would just stare at him lustily every time he was close. My favorite thing to do was go to the gym at the same time he did. I’d take advantage of the mirrors to stare while we both worked out.

Everything was cool until he caught me staring at him. He was with his girlfriend; he had been doing biceps curls, showing off and I had been enjoying the gun show. Unashamedly looking at the way his biceps balled up. And he saw me. I noticed it too late. He was looking straight at me with a hard look. I felt like a deer in headlight. We froze, staring at each other. It took me too long to gather my spirits and flee to the locker room.

The few days following that event were days of terror. Whenever we were in the same room, park, hallway, he would stare at me. His face was closed and hard, he was staring intently. It felt like he was studying me to figure out the best way to get to me and hurt me. I had to avoid him. I hoped he would forget about me. I even stopped going to the gym at the same time he did.

It was the fourth day since the incident and I was drained from the stress and fear of running into him. It was around 9p.m. I was showering in the empty common bathroom of my dorm floor. Chris had left an hour ago to some frat party. I was looking forward to that burning shower to relax me. As I opened the door of one of the shower stalls, I realized too late someone was behind me. I spun and found myself facing Chris. He pushed me inside the stall and pinned me violently against the cold tiles wall, his forearm pressing on my throat. He towered over a foot above me, his powerful muscles tensed and he grinned, looking down at me.

“Gotcha,” he growled. “Now what should I do with you”

I started sobbing uncontrollably. He giggled cruelly and released the pressure on my throat, only to replace it with the grip of his big thick hand. His other hand grabbed my hip.

“If you promise not to scream, I won’t hurt you.” I nodded. “Good. You feel so small, I love that.” His grip tightened on my hip. “You got a thinner waist than my girlfriend!” he said mockingly.

His hands caressed my body, travelling to my shoulder. He pressed down on them. He wanted me kneeling in front of him. I complied and looked up to him still scared. I didn’t even reach his crotch in that position.

“Seriously?! You’re that small!” he exclaimed, half laughing.

He bent over pick me under my arms and sat me on the bench in the middle of the bathroom. Now I was face level with his bulging crotch.

“Better,” he growled.

He grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved it on his crotch. The coarse denim fabric and his hard bulge weren’t nice. I wanted to scream and run away. but at the same time I was turned on by the man. He opened his jeans and shoved back my head on his underwear. It smelt like sweat, soap and a hint of urine. I could feel a long, hard, not so thick shaft under the fabric.

I looked up: Chris was heavily flushed and breathing hard. He grabbed my hair with one hand, pulling me away from his crotch and took off his underwear with the other. He pushed me back, forcing me to lay on my back on the bench. He grabbed the waist of my sports shorts and pulled them down with my briefs. He lifted my legs in the hair, spat on my hole like we were in a porn movie and then he positioned himself to fuck me.

I was terrified; I wasn’t ready for anal. I’m not even sure I was consenting, and there he was, ready to take me or to beat the shit out of me if I resisted. I winced as his cockhead pressed on my hole he was about to force his way in and suddenly something changed inside me. My sense expanded past the boundaries of my body. I became aware of his body like some sort of magnificent machinery. It all made sense from a mechanical point of view and I could feel energy pouring from my body into his.

It took him some time to him to realize something was happening. Mostly because, as it happened, my inside relaxed and welcomed him in. He was so ready to force his way in, that when I relaxed he actually entered me in a single thrust. He gasped for air and a trickle of drool escaped his mouth, while it hung agape. His whole body twitched as he resisted the urge to shoot his load after a single thrust. He chuckled as he regained his sense, and then started to fuck me slowly.

The flow of energy was still escaping me uncontrollably, pouring into him. And I realized his muscles were growing. It was very subtle, but it was building up and soon enough Chris felt it too. He was looking like he just had a killer workout. He picked up the pace and flexed his biceps. The view made me even more aroused and suddenly the growth accelerated. He was visibly growing now. He started pounding me harder while flexing his other biceps, his pecs, his abs.

“Yeah little man, gimme more muscle. Grow me. Aw fuck. Yes. Moar!” Chris was just droning on and on about his growth while pounding me.

He was apparently aware that I was the source of his growth. I was overwhelmed by the force and the pleasure of that fuck. Anyone fucking me that hard would have hurt me badly, even with a regular dick. Chris had been a hung man to start with and as the pressure inside me increased I knew his dick was growing too.

After a few minutes of fucking and growing, Chris started to lose his steady rhythm and soon enough it was just brief shallow thrusts as he bust his nut inside me. As the hot semen filled me, the flow of energy died and Chris growth subsided. He was unmistakably bigger. His pecs were fuller, shoulders wider, arms thicker, pulling his tank top high. His abs were visible even relaxed. He must have been over 200lbs now. He pulled out from me and his cock was slick and dripping with cum. He tried to put his junk back in his pants and close them, but the added muscle and inches got his clothes fitting him in an unusual (and way hotter!) way. He flex his arm and giggled.

“I’ll be seeing you soon,” he said to me, before leaving me still half naked and leaking cum from my hole, unable to lift myself from the bench.

The fear of someone walking in finally snapped me out it. I moved in a stall closed the door and let a burning shower poor over my body. I started to survey my body and particularly my butthole expecting to find that some serious damaged had been done. As my finger reached it, I felt a jolt of delight, it was pristine and I could feel the energy I felt earlier. I started fingering myself, letting the energy flow inside me. It was different then getting fucked by Chris, less pleasurable, but still pretty awesome and the energy building from that was intoxicating. I came and the energy stopped flowing. I felt tight and tensed like after a workout. I finished showering and got back to my room. Before sleeping I tried to masturbate a little to see if I could get more energy out of me, I wanted to test my power. But the earlier sex session had drained my sex drive and I couldn’t get a proper erection. I didn’t feel my power manifest and finally passed out from exhaustion.

A few days later Chris was approaching for seconds. By that time I had figured it out: pleasing me anally made people grow more muscular and more hung. Also, my ass seemed to be extremely stretchable, resistant and “welcoming”. I mean I literally, accidentally, fisted myself. Which lead me to understand that the more extreme the pleasure, the more extreme the growth. I was slowly giving myself a perfect body. I had ditched my lean athletic build and was working my way to a fitness model body.

I explained all that to Chris, we’d fuck twice a week and everything was fine. Chris would flex for me, fuck me silly, and grow. I had never been more sexually satisfied. I should have known that complication would rapidly ensue. While I managed to keep my transformation under radar, three weeks after our initial encounter, Chris was slightly over 300lbs, and quite an obscene sight. The blond teen still had a thin waist, most of his mass was in his pecs and arms or in ass and quads, his basket was making an embarrassingly big bulge at the front of his pants (after our last fuck it was around 12½ inches and god that felt awesome!). He looked like a drawing of HSMuscleBoi and he behaved like one too. Cocky, aggressive, sex crazed...

Basically everyone thought the boy was juicing. He got suspended from the football team, drug tests were being conducted. His girlfriend dumped him. Word on the street was that he hurt her because his dick was too big and I tend to believe that. After a whole week without hearing from him, I thought he might have realized we overdid it. In just three weeks, I had blown him from a hung jock to a heavy weight bodybuilder with a monstercock. As far as I was concerned, I had other things in mind: what would happen the day I’d have a boyfriend? Someone I’d date for months, years?...I was thinking about contacting the mutant association so that I could find a way to harness my power. Despite spending hours mulling over catastrophic scenarios, not expecting the one that would actually unfold.

“Grow me little guy.”

I was walking out of the shower. It was late and I was the last guy in the bathroom. Chris had waited, singling me out like on our first encounter. He was naked and already hard, pre dripping on the floor. I nervously pulled my towel tighter around my waist.

“Chris, you’re already huge. I mean, the football team is suspicious, maybe...”

“Screw them!” he cut me “I don’t give a fuck about football! I want more muscle!” he said closing the distance between us.

“Chris please,” I begged.

But the muscle monster moved closer, tore away my towel and flip me over making me face the wall. He caressed my ass, one of his thick fingers toying with my hole. I felt it loosen immediately, against my will, my power ready to flow into the monster.

“I haven’t had sex in a week. That bitch Lily dumped me ‘cause she couldn’t handle me,” he said visibly vexed. “Fuck her. You’re the only one who understands me.” He started kissing my neck, pressing me in the whole with all his bodyweight. “I should date you instead.” His finger left my asshole and I felt the huge dick head of Chris poke at my rosebud which loosened further to welcome him.

“’re going to get too big... please. Don’t,” I pleaded.

“I can’t believe it. You too? I thought you understood me.”

I felt him ease the pressure like he was moving away from me. I was relieved, thinking that he would just walk away. I felt a sharp pain as he plunged his footlong inside me in one violent thrust.

“You’re gonna grow me whether you want it or not! I’ll tell you when I’m too big.”

Chris pounded me harder than he ever did. Intentionally making sure that he hurt me, crushing me against the wall. A dark part of my mind was loving every second and every inch of the abuse and the flow of energy escaped me like a torrent. I could feel Chris get bigger and stronger at each thrust. He laughed as he felt the energy return to him. I tried to control the flow to restrain. It was the first time I actually tried to control it and I could feel it react to my will. I started slowing Chris’s growth. He must have felt it too. He spun me on his dick and lifted me so that my legs were around his waist and we faced each other. One of his hand supported my back, the other clamped my face.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t. If you don’t grow me, you’re of no use to me and if you’re no use to me, I won’t need to make sure you’re safe.”

I let the flow resume its habitual pace and Chris relaxed his grip. As he started to grow again he gently hugged my body, his growing cock buried in me, gently fucking me. He started kissing my neck and my face.

“Oh yes! That’s it little dude. Don’t you want a muscle god of your own? Don’t you love growing me??”

I had no idea how big Chris was, it was impossible to asses, no human had ever reached this size. He looked like one of the morphs you’d see on the internet. I was scared out of my wits, Chris was totally hooked on the growth. He was dangerous and yet more and more muscle stacked on his body. I knew his growth would stop once he’d cum but Chris was in no rush of finishing himself. Anyway he was big and strong enough to kill me with one hand. His arms were almost thicker than my waist, he was almost as wide as tall, nearly 6 feet from shoulder to shoulder. I felt him adjust his stance because of his growing legs, each one was now thicker than his waist. Shortly after it was his arms that needed to be readjusted his growing biceps and forearms prevented him to move like he normally would.

I suddenly realized that this was my chance to neutralize Chris. Instead of trying to cut the flow I forced it on Chris. It was like a tidal wave of muscle. Chris exploded in size, the noise of muscle stretching resonated in the bathroom. His muscles bulged in every direction fighting against each other and in a matter of second Chris had doubled in size, his head trapped by his traps and pecs. His back muscle reaching almost higher than his head. His arms forced at 90° of his body parallel to the floor due to their sheer size, biceps so huge the collided with his pecs. his legs forced apart at an awkward angle. All of it ripped beyond any measure, cord of muscles bulging with useless power, fat vein feeding the now inhuman mass of muscle. the pressure inside me grew to be almost unbearable. I could feel Chris inside me the unbelievable hardness, the warmth, the pulsations of his heartbeat. All that through the almost 2 feet of dick I was impaled on. My formerly tight muscular belly was distended by the overgrown penis inside me. It made a bump of almost half a foot—apparently my stretchiness was quite considerable.

Chris was immobile. He could only mumble unintelligible things. His jaws were forced shut by his pecs and traps. Out of sheer spite I forced a new tidal of growth on him. It was much less strong than the first one. I shouted because the inside me was now making a bump sticking a full foot out and was almost as thick as my leg. That last growth spurt had left Chris bloated beyond any measure. He was a blimp vaguely shaped a a human. A collection of hypertrophied hyper muscle. He must have been around a ton of muscle, all of it crammed on a his 6’6 frame. His head almost hidden in the muscle mass.

It was outrageous, almost abstract and yet, the ungodly sight made me hornier than I had ever been. Once the initial shock of the growth passed, I found Chris’s humongous dick to be extremely enjoyable. His muscles twitched randomly and mumbles could be heard. The flow was still steadily pouring into him and he was ever so slightly still inflating with more useless muscle mass. I slowly slid from his dick and was relieved to see my body tighten to its usual state and to feel my butthole revert to a virgin tight rosebud.

I was about to leave Chris to his fate on the floor of the locker room when I heard a sinister crack coming from him. I turned to face him and a series of plops and stretching noises reverberated in the locker room. Chris was changing his shape. Slowly his figure rose up, he widened again and slowly Chris mumbles tuned into a terrifying laugh. He was regaining mobility, his mass was redistributing on a wider, taller structure. His head emerged atop the mounds of muscle of his body.


Chris had gone from a 6’6 ball of muscle to a 8’ hyper muscle freak. (His head was unchanged which made him look positively gigantic). He started to move slowly, getting used to his new body. His freakish mass still limiting his movement but he could stagger and fling his arms. Despite his clumsiness and limited range, he seemed fast. I ran from him. I was naked and bare feet I couldn’t go far. I made it to my room and barricaded the door, as silently as I could.

I was trapped. I considered the exiting through the window but I’m sure Chris would eventually get to me. Running was just a temporary option. I’d need someone to overpower him... someone I could trust with insane amounts of raw physical power. An idea formed in my head, that was a long shot but if it didn’t work I would still be time to run and try something else. I grabbed my dick and started jelqing. Once I had a nice semi, I sat, spread my leg and bent my dick toward my hole. I could only rub the head against my rosebud but it was enough to get the energy to flow into myself.

“COME NOW, LITTLE GUY! DON’T RUN FROM YOUR MUSCLE GOD! I WON’T HURT YOU!” Chris’s voice was deep and resonated through my whole body. It’s frequency was almost inhumanly low. I heard screams of dudes getting in the hallway to see what the commotion was all about. Chris’s laughter was a loud thunder, shaking the wall. His thumping was so overwhelming, that I almost failed to notice that my cock head was now inside my own hole. The flow of energy kicked in and I finally focused on myself. Forcing my power to go full strength. The feeling of my own dick in my hole, stretching me, pleasing me, was so intense that the flow of energy was stronger than when I forced it on Chris, and it was only dialing up. The growth was so fast and so extreme I was immobile in a matter of second. Due to my shorter stature I wasn’t nearly as strong as Chris, but I kept forcing myself to grow. My dick was already two feet long, with at least a good foot shoved up my own ass. I needed more. Not only to overpower Chris, but I just needed more.

My muscles were so big they blocked my sight. My pecs were preventing me from seeing anything. My traps and neck muscle were so overdeveloped I couldn’t turn my head. My back was so hypertrophied, it forced my face into my monumental pecs. I could feel furniture pushed aside by my growing body, crushed under my weight. I was delighted by the sensation of my lats and oblique making the connection between my ever enlarging upper body and my still tight waist. My abs felt like bricks, fighting against each other. My legs were so thick, the mass on them was unbelievable, twitching with power. And at the center of my growing body a penis so gigantic, it was shoved inside me and starting to make a serious bump on my mid section. My balls were so large that despite being set on the side so I could selfuck myself they started to uncoil my penis and force it out of myself. Then I felt the wall of my room press against me. I was filling the whole room. I could feel them creak under the pressure of my growing physique.

Than I became aware of something else. Vibrations, roars... Chris had found me and he was trying to tear down the door and wall between us. He didn’t have to try hard. In a few seconds, he had knocked that wall down. I could only imagine his face when all he found behind that wall was a living wall of indestructible muscle. That ‘s the moment I lost it. All the sensations were so much I came. It was a real cataclysmic orgasm inside me. My body exploded with a final surge of growth, knocking down walls, breaking the ceiling, colliding with Chris monstrous form. And as liters of burning sperm filled me, I felt my body accommodate the mass I had build. I was growing taller, regaining a bit of mobility. My penis finally plopped out of my hole and a tsunami of cum cascaded to the floor. I unfolded, wrecking the dorms. Finally I could see again.

Everything seemed small. Even Chris. I was staring at me, mouth agape, dick hard and dripping with a fresh load that had just escaped him. I was half as tall as he was, maybe 14 feet tall and I was way freakier than him. My shoulder must have been 10 feet wide and my pecs and back were so hypertrophied that I was even thicker than I was wide. Ropes of muscle tapered to a waist tight and powerful under which legs three time as thick as my waist supported my titanic new body. My dick jutted from my pelvis almost as thick as my waist and reaching below my new. I had beach ball sized testes and I could feel them manufacture a gargantuan fresh load of cum.

I grabbed Chris’ leg with my left hand and pulled. He fell on his huge ass with a loud thud and I flipped him over. My dick engorged as I used my other hand to part his asscheeks, exposing his tight virgin hole. Before I could pop his cherry, I started feeling dizzy and blacked out.

Turns out the commotion attracted the mutant control patrol. And they knocked out Chris and me both. Chris was put under therapy and then released in the nature. Since he isn’t a mutant he had no reason to be put in a center. On the other hand I was forced to join a center for mutants with sexual related power. I’ve had my share of fun, but that is another story.

Added Oct 2016 53k views (#103) 4.8 stars (30 votes) 4,202 words

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