Jack and the giant

by Erik Maskot

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How bad could things get? Jack's car broke down on a gravel road in the mountains, probably a hundred miles from the nearest town. Then a rainstorm hit and turned the road into soft mud. It would probably be weeks before someone came this way. He swore. It was starting to turn dark already.

Luckily it was summer, so it was pretty warm. Jack decided to walk up on a hill, in the hope of seeing someone, or something he could use for shelter for the night. The car was stuck in the mud, and he couldn't even open the door. It looked really bad.

On the top of the hill he found an almost overgrown path, and he started walking in the direction it led him. With some luck it would take him an old farm or cottage or something. Maybe it would still be in good enough shape for him to sleep there for the night.

After about an hour's walk he was surprised to find more than just a farm. It was a town, it seemed to be a ghost town, but it was still a town, and a lot of the buildings actually seemed to be in a pretty good shape.

Jack found a sign lying in the grass that said, “Welcome to Wolf Creek. 47 inhabitants.” He thought, there's not 47 people living here now. He walked into a building that had a sign that said, “Hotel” on it. Everything looked like it was from the 19th century, but the buildings were in way too good of a shape to be that old. Maybe the people had been so isolated from the civilization, that they hadn't caught up with development.

He lit a candle. There were newspapers lying on the front desk. He looked at the date. November 24, 1929. It wasn't from the 19th century, but it was still old. He didn't move the paper as it was so dry it would fall apart, but one of the headlines caught his eyes. A person named Matt Harrison was obviously missing. He started reading. This guy hadn't been seen for several weeks. What interested Jack even more was that this man had been working on an elixir that was gonna give people eternal youth.

Jack thought, if this guy succeeded he would have been world famous by now, and he laughed. The rest of the news were all local, and it really seemed that the people in this town could not have had much contact with the surrounding world.

It was still only nine o'clock, but it was dark, so Jack couldn't do much else than finding a room to sleep in. But before he could go to sleep he had to beat dust off the mattress. Luckily he had his own sleeping bag, he thought. He fell asleep pretty fast.

Jack woke up early the next morning. Actually before the sun was up. When the sun rose, he walked outside to see if he could find something to eat. He was pretty sure he would have to make a trap to catch an animal, which he had no experience in. But he was lucky and found some apple trees in one of the yards. The apples were ripe and tasted pretty good. Then Jack found the creek and took a bath, before he decided to start walking towards civilization. He wasn't quite sure what direction he should follow, but decided that following the gravel road he was on the day before would be the smartest thing to do.

He walked for hours into something that seemed like nothing but wilderness. He sat down to rest. He wasn't sure about how he was supposed to survive out here. He still had some apples left, but they would not last the rest of the day.

Then all of a sudden he heard a noise behind him. He turned around and got his biggest shock ever. A giant man appeared in front of him. He must have been 35—40 feet tall. Jack had never been so scared in his life before, but the giant told him to calm down.

The giant wanted to know who Jack was, and how he had stranded up there in the mountains, so Jack told him. The giant presented himself as Matt Harrison, which gave Jack his next shock.

Not only was Matt Harrison a giant, but he also looked like a stud in his early twenties. The newspaper had been from 1929.

Jack followed the giant to his home, which was a giant cave in the mountain. He was however surprised to see the cave, as there was a long corridor that led upwards into a big room. When he entered the room, Jack discovered the most beautiful home he had ever seen. It was like a royal palace, with smooth floors and walls made of the purest white marble. The corridor had been chilly, while the room was warm heated by the fire from a fire place in the center of the room. The light came from torches hanging on the walls by torch holders made out of a metal that Jack was sure must have been gold. There were golden ornaments with glimmering stones all over. Could the stones be diamonds, Jack thought.

The water came running down one of the walls and formed a beautiful pool. It was big enough for Jack to swim in, but for the giant it was probably not much more than a big bath tub. The furniture was scarce, but big. Jack would have to climb to get into an armchair, but even that was hard.

There were three more rooms in there, one kitchen, one bedroom, and something that must have been a lab. Everything just as big in size.

Jack asked the giant: “I found a small town down the road, called Wolf Creek. I read in an old newspaper that you disappeared. The newspaper was dated November 24, 1929. But you look as young as I am?”

The giant laughed. “I was working on a youth elixir, and as you can see I found it.”

“But you disappeared?”

“Yes, I had to. The elixir had a side effect as you can see. I started growing, and I couldn't stay in the town when I started growing. So I left Wolf Creek one night, and settled down in this cave that I'd found a couple of years earlier.”

“But what about the people in Wolf Creek?”

“Unfortunately some of them found me, and were terrified. They wanted to move, and started leaving the town in December 1929. The nearest town was almost 200 miles away, and it was a very cold winter, so I don't think anyone made it. If they did, they must have been too terrified to tell about me. By now, they're probably all dead anyway. You're the first one who've come to Wolf Creek since then.”

The giant gave him something to eat. Jack looked at the giant, and thought he looked handsome. Jack's dick got hard thinking of the size of the giant's cock. The giant wore big clothes made from animal hides, so he really did not have an indication of its size. But if this guy was 6-7 times bigger than himself, then his cock must have been as well. What if he was well endowed from the beginning, let's say he had a ten-incher. Times six that would be sixty inches, or about five feet. That was almost as big as himself. Jack's face blushed and showed an expression of dreaming.

The giant asked if anything was wrong, but Jack just replied that he was just a bit tired. The giant told him it was about time to go to bed anyway, but he said that he had only one bed, so Jack would have to share it with him.

The giant undressed, but he must have been shy because he hid himself under the blanket. The giant had to lift Jack up into the bed.

Jack couldn't sleep. He waited till the giant fell asleep, and then he took his own flash light that he remembered was still in his backpack. He crawled in under the blanket, and found the giant cock. It was almost as big as himself. Jack couldn't believe it. It was thick, so thick he couldn't embrace it with his arms. He laughed, thinking about the fact he could fuck the piss slit, like it was an ass. Then he noticed the big balls. The ballsack was almost as big as himself, too. This must be heaven, he thought. He wondered how much cum this thing shoot.

All of a sudden a big hand grabbed around him, and the blanket was pulled off.

“What are you doing?” the giant said with a strict tone of voice. Jack was scared.

“N-n-n-nothing,” he stuttered. “I was just.” He couldn't finish the sentence. He didn't know what to say.

“You were admiring my cock, weren't you?” The giant's voice was calmer now. He actually started laughing. “You like big cocks, don't you?”

“Yes, sir!” Jack all of a sudden felt even smaller than he was. Now he noticed how beautiful the giant was.

“So why don't you hold around it?” Jack did as he was told. To his surprise the giant cock got hard and it grew another foot. He tried to move it up and down. It was hard, but he could do it. The veins on the cock were showing. The giant moaned. “Nobody's been doing this for me for a long time. I don't think it'll be long before I cum.”

Jack was jerking him slowly, while he tried to taste the precum. There were loads of it, and he loved it. Then Jack asked him if he could try to fuck the giant's pisshole. The giant agreed as that turned him on. He lifted Jack on top of his cock, and Jack inserted his dick into his slit, and started fucking it. This was the craziest thing he had ever done, and none of his friends would believe this if he told them. He was fucking it like it was an asshole, except this time he'd receive a giant load of cum.

The giant used one hand to jerk on his own dick slowly, the other hand he was stroking on Jack's ass. The giant moaned loudly. Soon Jack shot his load of semen into the giant's pisshole. This was so hot that he came like he never had before.

When he finished, the giant grabbed him and put him into something that for him would be a bowl. For Jack it was a big bathtub. He didn't know why he was doing this, but he soon found out. The giant masturbated his dick faster now, and soon came in spasms. He shot his cum into the bowl where Jack sat. He thought he was about to drown in all the cum. When he finally finished, the bowl was half full, and Jack was covered with the sticky stuff. But he loved it. His dick was hard again.

Then the giant said: “I'm glad you're here. I haven't talked to anybody for seven decades.” Jack still couldn't believe that part, because his skin was so smooth, and he didn't look a day over twenty. “I hope you don't mind staying with me here.”

Jack didn't know what to say. He's had the most exciting experience of his life there, and he loved bathing in cum, but he had friends at home, and he had to get back somehow. He told the giant this.

“Don't you want the eternal youth?” the giant asked him. That was tempting, but still he wasn't one hundred percent sure that his story was true. What if this was all a dream? Jack told him he had to go back.

Then the giant walked over to his lab, and came back with a bottle with some liquid in it. “Then there's only one thing I can do,” he said, and poured some of the liquid into the bowl until it was completely full. The stuff was so sticky that Jack could hardly move around, and for a moment he thought he was gonna drown. He even swallowed some of this mix of cum and chemicals. It didn't taste bad at all. Actually it was some of the best stuff he'd ever tasted.

“I'll leave you in there till the morning,” the giant said with a smile. “Then it should have soaked into your body.”

“What.,” Jack said. “What do you mean soaked into my body?” The giant walked back to his bed and went back to sleep.

The stuff in the bowl made Jack skin feel weird, but it tickled him and made him hot and horny. He just couldn't help it, and kept jerking off half the night, and he came many times. Eventually he fell asleep in the bowl.

Jack woke up before the giant the next morning. He noticed that the bowl was dry. He noticed things about himself as well, but couldn't point out what it was. He decided that he was gonna sneak out and head back to civilization before the giant woke up.

He found his clothes on the floor. He grabbed them and sneaked out. He didn't want to wake up the giant, so he decided to get dressed outside. The sun was shining, and it was another hot day. He started putting on his jeans. But something was not right. He couldn't pull them up. They were too small. He had grown more than two feet that night! He was almost eight feet tall! He couldn't go back to civilization now. He heard the giant laugh. Soon he wouldn't be the only giant anymore.

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