Getting more than you bargained for

by Tereshky

Most people do their growing before the pose-down, but this bodybuilding competition is not what it seems.

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Part 1 Most people do their growing before the pose-down, but this bodybuilding competition is not what it seems. (added: 10 Jan 2013)
Part 2
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Part 1

So I’ve entered a bodybuilding competition at my hard-won weight of 285, and I’m feeling confident when I suddenly notice that one of the contestants has me beat hands down. I’ve got the same damned measurements but the muscles just look more massive on a shorter guy.

I check myself out in the pumproom mirrors and a DAMNED skimpy poser…more like a pouch on a string. Dark hair, 6’5”, 285 pounds, 60” chest, 24” arms, 35” waist, 35” thighs. I’m HUGE and yet he still looks better. I turn and start digging in my bag, chagrined and muttering to myself.

“Hey there!” comes a voice. I look behind myself and see a blond guy flexing in his poser, 6’ 2” and 250lbs. “I couldn’t help noticing you having a little trouble there,” the stranger went on.

I don’t know this guy so I just turn back to the mirror…pull a most muscular…watch the slabs of pec meat roll up into slabs of meat. The shoulders rise up like pumpkins. “Nah, man…no trouble here..”

“Really? cause I thought I heard you murmuring about not being big enough…” With that the stranger put his hand on my shoulder as if to slap me on the back. I notice that suddenly my shoulder seems to flex on its own, but it looks bigger than it was before.

I relax the pose, confused, as we talk…but I’m still feeling his big hand on my shoulder. “Whoa!” I said as my delts contract hard…and swell up? I’m a little dazed as I stare in the mirror.

“It’s just…it’s just that muscle looks…looks so much bigger on the shorter guys,” I answer, my hand moving to my shoulder to rub it. It feels like I’ve done more than a quick pump all of a sudden.

“You sure you’re ok?” he said as he touched my other shoulder, causing it to tense up and look larger.

“What the…!” My other shoulder tightens up…and SWELLS right before my eyes.I meet his eyes in the mirror. “What are you doing, guy?”

“I would think it would pretty obvious what I’m doing,” he said. “You want my help? I can give you size like you never imagined.”

I just stare at my shoulders in the mirror. They look fanTAStic. “But…how?” I look at him in the mirror again. “How…how much?”

“Bigger than anyone here. You think this competition is going to get you places? I can make you dwarf people in national competitions… Huge sponsorships and… Other bonuses.” He looked at my slyly. “You can think of me as a…. trainer of sorts. Only it’s so much easier, you just have to agree to do this… My way.” He smiles winningly.

I look him over as he stand next to me. I don’t recognize him. But I should. You’re BUILT and…he could take this contest from anyone here. “You could train me? To get proportions like yours on my body? YEAH. I’ll do it his way but…why me?”

“My proportions? ha!” he laughs. “As for why… I’ll get compensated, you don’t have to worry about that.” He holds out his hand for me to shake.

I turn to face him directly. My eyes moving up and down his body. “What is he laughing at?” I wonder. The man is BUILT. Without a second thought I shake his hand.

He grips my hand tighter than any handshake I’ve ever had. Instantly the right side of my body feels warm. It slowly spreads to the rest of my body.

My eyes grow wide at the strength of his grip. Suddenly my whole body feels flushed. Starting from my right hand and moving through my body in seconds. I’m frozen in place. Staring at him. His bulging arm…his thick pecs…his eyes.

He releases his hand and immediately begin to rub my arm, gently massaging it, working his way up from my forearm, to my biceps and starting on my right shoulder. I watch in amazement as my body seems to inflate as long as his hands touch a spot.

My arm kind of hangs there as he lets go. Only to grip my forearm…kneading the sinews there. My arms suddenly feel like a bag of snakes…the muscles and tendons and ligaments all twitching and contracting and…GROWING. My forearm…then my biceps…the heat through my body seems to radiate INWARD as it starts to swell where ever he touches me.

He massages my shoulders, feeling up my thick neck, as it thickens even more. My shoulders balloon out and he moves down to the left arm. “What do you think?”

Holy CRAP!…my shoulders!…they broaden DRAMATICALLY before my eyes. They’re over 3 1/2 feet wide. My neck…it goes from 22 to 30” EASILY. My arms…oh MAN…my arms have to be OVER 30”. I look like a caricature of myself. “I…I don’t know WHAT to think. This isn’t real.” My cock throbs HARD in my posers. “It’s so damn HOT!”

“You seem to be a bit excited there.” He nods at my tent. Then he wraps his arms around me and massages my lower abdominal muscles, each pair getting special attention until it bulges considerably.

Oh shit! Embarrassed at my bulging posers and so turned on at the same time, I gasp as his powerful arms circle me. His hands go low on my abs and I groan at the throb that pulls the waistband of the posers out from my stomach. And the heat that radiates through the pit of my stomach…and the paired mounds of rippling muscle swell to BRICKS under his touch.

This can’t be happening, I groan inwardly as I watch my body twitch and bulge and swell into something I’m starting not to recognize as my body.

I notice that not only do my abs expand but my back as well. My torso is pressed against his and I know he can feel my muscles pushing back against him. He works his hands up to my pecs and massage them for a while. I stare in awe as I see them grow by mammoth proportions. “You like this a lot, I can tell.”

I feel the heat of him against my back. Hard, smooth muscle giving off heat like a furnace and my body absorbing every bit of it. My torso seems to be expanding outward. My lats just touching his forearms for one second as they press into my sides—and actually RESTING on them the next. The muscles so heavy and thick and wide. My heart is pounding in my chest and I GROAN as his strong hands knead the heavy-hanging slabs of meat…that thicken and grow into HUGE blocks of muscle. My cock throbs almost painfully at the attention he’s paying my pecs and the pouch is fighting a losing battle to keep me contained. I hear the other competitors just on the other side of the curtain between us. If they only KNEW what was going on over here.

I stare and grow some more as my quarter-sized nips seem to STRECTH over the blocky corners of my new pecs…now silver-dollar-sized and SO damned sensitive.

He leans into my ear and says, “I can give you so much more. Do you want it all? Can you handle it all?”

“More?” I say, not believing what I’m seeing now. I’ve put on at least 50 pounds of muscle in MINUTES. His fingers kneading my chest…brushing those nips is making me CRAZY. The wrong head answers. “I can do more. Make me as big as you can,” I growl in a voice that even seems bigger.

He turns me around so that I am facing him. I stare into his eyes, I can’t look away. He wraps his arms under my armpits and grabs my shoulders, pulling me into him. I reach around him out of a compulsion to complete the embrace, so as much of him can be in contact with me as possible. I feel his hands working their way down my back. His nipples rubbing against my expanding torso. His thighs and calves causing new growth in my thick legs.

Then he presses his lips against mine and pushes his tongue in with no resistance. As soon as it enters my mouth a shockwave of sensations course through his veins. The growth picks up speed, all over my body, I begin to put on inches, I can tell because I’m having to bend to keep our lips in contact—or is that more because my incredible pecs are pushing him back.

My body seems to be absorbing every bit of the heat being generated between us as we embrace. I feel contractions and swelling and a growing heaviness throughout my body as more and more of our flesh comes in contact. I feel his hands on my back…his legs against mine. Our crotches pressed together…he’s hard too but I’m almost painfully hard and SWOLLEN. The skin of my chest is so sensitive I feel the nubs of his nipples pressing into my pecs. And then he kisses me. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. His tongue enters deep into my mouth and my whole BODY seems to light up. Muscles contract and pull and bulge. I fight to maintain that contact between our mouths. I squeeze him against my MASSIVE chest. I GROAN as I feel my cock drooling now into the pouch that’s strangling it.

He slides his hands down my back and grabs my muscled butt, working it and plying it, feeling it grow against him. My strap gets tighter and tighter from the combination of my expanding thighs and my bubble butt.

I’m lost in the heat of this strange and erotic and frightening and exhilarating embrace…magic? science? a psychotic break? who CARES? I just want more. His hands on my ass make me groan again. I feel the waistband of the poser biting into my hips…pulled out from my body in front by the monster growing there. The back panel disappearing between my bulging and growing ass cheeks. Sweat pouring off me in rivers now at the heat we’re generating. Or he’s generating in me.

He moves his hands around to the front and grabs my throbbing cock. The sensation is so intense that I collapse on top of him, leaving him to hold most of my ever growing weight. My cock grows inch after inch as he strokes it. My balls drop down in my pouch as they grow to the size of soft balls, my poser now stretched so far my cock is coming out of it.

I gasp and sag forward at the touch of his hands on my shaft. Nghnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. “It’s so hard it HURTs,” I nearly purr…like a mountain lion might purr. The tight pouch sags heavily…my balls growing heavier and heavier. Every muscle in my body seems to ripple and bulge of its own accord…or yours. And his stroking makes all this massive, freakish muscle as limp and helpless as I’ve EVER felt in my life. The waistband catches behind the head of my shaft. It feels like it’s the size of a tangerine or an orange. “What are you DOING to me” I groan…in heavy and a strange kind of hell at the same time.

“Giving you what you asked for” he whispers back, just before my poser finally snaps, fully exposing my massive cock. I can feel my cock riding up his abs and starting to press against his pecs. My balls are like two melons sagging at my knees. He lowers me down to my knees. I fall forward, holding myself up on my hands and knees.

“You weigh more than twice what you did, and over seven feet tall,” he said. “Good luck packing those melons into anything. You might pack your soft cock into some thing, but as soon as you go hard, the world’s gonna know.” He paused. “And yet… I get the distinct impression, you want more. Don’t you? You don’t want this to stop do you?”

“Oh shit,” I groan as my cock POPS the waistband on the posers and snaps to full erection and my balls drop heavily…no longer supported. My eyes grow wide at the sight of it. It’s huge and getting bigger by the second. “Oooooh”, I moan as the sensitized head prods the underside of my thick pecs. But it’s the weight of my balls hanging against my HUGE lower thighs that actually pull me off balance. He helps as I sink to my knees…my head spinning from the sensations…my body HUMMING from over-stimulation. I can’t stay up. I fall foward to my knees.

“Twice my weight? 7 FEET? That’s not possible…that would mean…570 pounds?” The rest of what he says sinks in slowly through the growing haze of lust and physical sensations. “Packing those melons? Rhe WORLD’S gonna know?…oh hell. This is too much. WAY too much…but…it feels AMAZING! more? How much more? No it’s too much. TOO MUCH…oh damn it feels so good.”

He leans down to whisper into my ear, “One word, that’s all it will take. More or stop?”

He takes his hand away from my body. I feel the warmth draining from you. The intense feelings and sensations becoming like a distant object, fading away.

“Ughnnnn!” My cock THROBS at the word “more.”

“Don’t…stop…” I gasp out.


Part 2

He places his hands on my shoulders. Presses his cock against my butt. I can feel it resting over the opening. I know there are people mere feet away from us. All they would have to do would be to come on the other side of the curtains. I can feel his precum dripping onto my ass. He pushes it in one inch. A shockwave of ecstasy breaks against me like a torrent.

My heart is pounding. My ENORMOUS chest is heaving. I feel his hands on my shoulders…I feel the heavy flesh of his cock against my ass and it’s hotter than any other part of his body that’s touched mine. “Oh god…not here…” I gasp. There are people only a few feet away. I can’t believe they haven’t heard us already with all the moaning and groaning I’m doing. And yet I don’t make any effort to stop him. “Oooooh”…his drool is like warm water against my flesh. NGHNNNNNNNNNN. I groan as he penetrates me only a little but the sensation is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The power of the feeling drives me to my elbows…my ass high and open to him… “Not here…oh damn….”

The deeper he drives, the faster I grow. The pounds are just stacking. Layer upon layer of brute strength. I find that I bend less with every passing moment as his body gets bigger and bigger. He has to push me down as I continue to grow. 8ft, 9ft, 10…

The bones are aching…the muscles stretching and then swelling. Sounds are coming from me that MUST be drawing attention. But no one comes. My body feels SO heavy…SO MASSIVE…so POWERFUL…and I kneel here taking every inch of that magnificent cock as he drives it into me…

I hear a truck and realize it’s me growling.

My balls hit the floor between my knees. Only because my knees are held so far apart by the phenomenal amounts of muscles on my inner thighs.

I catch myself pushing BACK…ONTO that neverending cock that’s making me CRAZY with lust.

Finally, he’s in me all the way. Suddenly my mind is lit up with internal fireworks as he starts pounding my ass. I can’t think or see only feel more keenly aware of his body than I’ve ever been in my life. I can feel every inch as it expand, tenses, contours. The slightest air current is like an ocean of sensation against my skin.

“RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !” I bellow out as my brain IMPLODES at the overwhelming power of the sensations coursing through my body. Every muscle fiber GROANS as it grows. Every bone ACHES as it lengthens. Every inch of skin is LIT UP from the slightest stimulation against the SUPERSENSTIVE nerve endings. And my cock THROBS between my monstrous pecs as they hang beneath my chest.

Between my pecs? “What are you turning me INTO?”

Suddenly I feel pressure building up under my arm pits, I feel a burning sensation, my chest is on fire. I can hardly comprehend what is happening as two muscle bound arms emerge from my sides. My pecs double, an extra pair emerges slightly under my already massive pair to control these new guns. The burning gives way to sensations I’ve never felt before, each trumping the one before.

He rubs my new tits as I throb with power.

I know I’m delirious now. A whole new kind of strange hits me as the heat in my body turns to FIRE throughout my upper torso. “This can’t be happening,” I growl. Not just seeing double in the mirror…but FEELING double…arms…HUGE FREAKING ARMS literally growing out of my body. “AH DAMN that hurts!” The weight of my chest seems to DOUBLE. And why not…two more slabs of pec-meat forming under my already monstrous slabs…the power coursing through me is amazing and yet I can’t move.

“OH DAYUM!!!”…the new pecs have new NIPS, TOO…and the heat and strength of his hands against them nearly flattens me the pleasure is so great. There’s a puddle of precum forming below me…as that monster is massaged and stroked by FOUR pecs now…”you’re making me CRAZY!!!” I howl. “You’re making me a MONSTER…a lust-crazed MONSTER!”

All of a sudden I feel less and less from his cock. I realize that I’m laying completely flat on the ground and he’s having to straddle my tremendous bulk to get it in. “Now for the grand finale,” he says and lets loose his cum into my ass. I can feel it—so warm it’s hot, almost burning but not quite as it seeps into me. I feel my muscles explode in uncontrollable growth—if I hadn’t been laying down before he’d be flattened now. It’s like my muscles are all racing to grow the fastest and his body is trying to catch up.

He jerks himself out of me just in time.

My eyes glaze over. I feel my pecs hit the floor…ALL 4 OF THEM…compressing my engorged clydesdale cock into the floor. He feels like a kid on my back. The bulk of my ass cheeks pushing him out of my ass. The word “finale” sinks in to my lust-filled, totally confused and terrified and excited and dumbfounded mind…and LAVA seers my insides. My whole BODY goes into MASSIVE contractions and spasms. My huge freakish form bouncing and dancing around on the floor uncontrollable and my body totally reforms itself…into what I don’t know. I feel myself CLENCH and nearly crush the head of his cock as it pops out of my ass. I’m lost in the most mindblowing physical sensation imaginable.

I black out.

And it’s too much…the last thing I feel is my ENORMOUS damned body sagging on the floor. Every twitch like the muscle is flexing for a show. What a CRAZY show, I think as I slide into gray haze.

I wake to hear roaring applause. I see him standing in front of me on a stage with my poser on again. It sounds like hundreds of people applauding greet me but of course the lights are too bright on stage for me to see what is beyond.

The first thing that registers is a train…at least I think it’s a train. As my mind starts to focus, I realize it’s the roar of applause. My eyes open but I’m blinded by bright lights. The lights are that bright in the pump room? As they adjust a little, I see him again. Memory floods my mind as I stare at him…near-naked in his poser…powerfully built…and small…

I struggle to my feet…disoriented…feeling SO damned heavy. “Oh man” I growl…and the voice that rumbles through me sounds NOTHING like mine…then he shouts out, “And now! At 20’, 15,000 pounds, a freak of nature! Lucas the Goliath!” and the applause THUNDERS through my head.

“What the hell?” I rumble. I’m TOWERING over him…my head swimming. My eyes widen as I look down.

He turns around, muting his mic. “It’s the competition of course. Look around you, I think we’ve got a pretty good chance, don’t you think?”

“I’m stunned…this isn’t real…”

I look around to see other towering behemoths, or they would look towering if I weren’t one and a half times bigger than my closest competitor. “You see, it wasn’t a competition for you, it was for me. I made the best design. I keep my promises.”

I lift my left hand to my head…TWO of them show up! “Oh my god,” I growl. “You really…did this.”

“Just look at those arms ladies and gentlemen!” The curtains close.

My hands come into my chest. Each one finds a pec…FOUR PECS. It wasn’t a dream. I’m barely aware of the curtain closing…the light blocked…I look down at him.

“What…what now?”

“I keep changing things to keep the competition on its toes and then after this season you get put out to pasture with the rest of the freaks where people can pay to see you guys. All the food you can eat, all the sex you could want. Not a bad deal.”

“What about my life? You can’t LEAVE me like this. Ughnnnn…” And that’s when I feel and see it…my cock…standing straight out from my body like the boom off the mast of a sailboat. It has to be 3’ long and…oh my god…1’ in diameter. I look from it to him. “You have to change me back.”

He puts his hands to my mouth and whistle. Another behemoth runs up. “This is Charlie, he’s last year’s champion.” I feel two massive arms wrap around me, one reaching down and stroking my cock, which instantly goes erect and turns out to be 5’. I sink to my knees again. “I think you two will like each other,” he says as he leaves the stage.

UGHNNNNNNFUCK! I growl, sinking to my knees with a thud that rattles the building. The ham hock fist groping my cock sends me into ORBIT. I want to shout out as the stranger turns to leave. I want to reach out and GRAB him by the neck before he can get away. But the vise-like fingers kneading the HUGE piece of meat jutting out from my body saps every ounce of strength from my 15,000 pound body.

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