Vice (Sometimes drugs offer more than a high)

by Tereshky

 Jack was a drug kingpin of sorts. Like any potent drug, people craved it, they came to him, offered him their life’s treasures and he gave them their fix. In a world where usually only the strongest survive and only the smartest staid on top, he was doing quite well for himself and living an easy life. There were no rival drug lords because what he had to offer nobody else could give. His drug came from within.

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Jack was a drug kingpin of sorts. Like any potent drug, people craved it, they came to him, offered him their life’s treasures and he gave them their fix. In a world where usually only the strongest survive and only the smartest staid on top, he was doing quite well for himself and living an easy life. That was because in Jack’s case there were no rival drug lords because what he had to offer nobody else could give. His drug came from within.

Jack had a special ability that no one could explain. You see, he found from an early age that his cum had an odd effect on people. When he fucked someone or they sucked him off, their bodies would change. When he was only fifteen he and his best friend started screwing around and before they were done, Charlie was bigger than the captain of the football team with a dick that looked like it came from a donkey instead of a person. That’s when he learned that the more cum someone consumed, the more they would change.

Which brings us to the second unique thing about Jack. He knew from the first time he had ever jerked off that there was no limit to the amount he could cum. The more he jerked, the more his cock and balls grew to keep up. Of course there were times when he lost control, leading to his room having to be renovated several times before he left home. Then after he was done, over the course of several hours, his nuts would slowly shrink back to their usual fist size.

At an early age, Jack used his “gifts” on his friends. This caused him to have so many friends that his high school dominated almost every men’s sport they competed in while he was there. Then he noticed a strange thing. About a month after fucking his friends into a new body they started to lose their muscles and no amount of weight lifting could maintain what they had. Eventually after a year they would end up skinnier than they were before with a smaller dick. Jack would fuck them all again and their killer bods would be restored but they never lasted as long the second time and the third time was even worse. Soon every jock in his high school was addicted to his cock which is when he realized the potential for a business opportunity.

After he graduated he moved to LA where he found many who were desperate for his services. There were so many aspiring models and actors that needed an edge. When they couldn’t pay he would have them do favors for him that were worth even more. All of his body guards were simply guys willing to give up their lives for a continuous supply of his cum. Which was convenient because while his talents left him with a muscular frame, sometimes the demand for his juices left his balls so huge he couldn’t walk so they had to carry him. He built a reputation for rarely leaving his mansion in the hills and never wearing clothes.

Which brings us to an early afternoon in the spring. He was sitting on his couch, his bowling ball sized nuts were sitting on the cushions, resting from a busy morning and his 12’’ soft dick was splayed over his thigh. He was watching the news and eating lunch when one of his body guards walked into the room. Chad was nearly seven feet tall. His massive package was hardly covered by the speedo Jack made all of his people wear. “That guy from last night is back. Pretty sure he’s just as broke as he was. You want us to beat the crap out of him?”

“Who, Kyle? No, I figured he’d be back,” Jack answered. “I have a job lined up for him. Let him in.”

Kyle was dressed in a white polo with khaki’s. He looked more at home on a golf course than a drug din. About five years ago he had decided to skip all of the hard work and take the ultimate short cut for the perfect bod. The cum infusions had become so frequent lately that even though he had a great job at a software company, he had blown through his savings and his girlfriend was starting to notice things going missing.

His biceps bulged against the sleeves of his polo, but not like they had last week. But pay day wasn’t until next week and the bank refused to give him more loans because he was so deeply in debt. Not to mention all of the money he owed Jack. He walked in the room looking nervous and immediately had an uncontrollable hard on. The smell of that sweet cum that he wanted so badly was hanging in the room. “Kyle, have a seat,” he said affably enough.

“So I was thinking, you know that if you just hook me up this one time I’ll pay you double for it next week,” the visitor said darting his eyes from side to side, nervously.

“Now Kyle,” the practiced speech that he had said to so many began, “I don’t run a charity. You want something of mine, you have to pay for it.”

“Yeah, Jack, I will. I just need the stuff now and when I get the…”

“You already owe me thirty grand, you gonna make it forty?” Then his voice became softer. “No, no Kyle. I need something that’s worth more than a promise. Did you have time to think about my little job offer I gave you last night?”

“Look, I have a job and girlfriend, I can’t just whore myself out for you.”

“Please, man, spare me the girlfriend line. You guys always want the perfect bod so you can screw around. Don’t pretend that you want to look like that to be loyal.” He laughed. “Besides, you’re gonna have a pretty hard time convincing the guy that you’re begging for a fuck from that sex is something special that you save for your sweet heart.”

“But that’s different…”

“Ha! Sure it is. How long you think that relationship’s gonna last when she realizes the money is all gone and that perfect body shrivels up. You’ve got about two weeks tops before you look like a smack addict.” He laughed in his face. “Look, I don’t like to cut people off. So work for me and get all you want for free.”

“All I want?” His hands and lips started to tremble. The thought made him go hard instantly.

“Did I stutter?”

“I mean I…” Kyle murmured something incoherently and Jack started to play with his cock. Precum started to ooze down the semi-hard shaft filling the room with even more of that oh so potent cum musk.

“You know what you want. Fuck the chick, she can’t give you this. Crawl over and have a taste.” When Jack said crawl he meant it and Kyle knew the only way to get a free taste was to humor him. So got on his hands and knees and moved over to the couch where he began to lick the sweet jizz.

“Fuuuuuck,” Kyle groaned as his muscles began to tingle. The growth was always accompanied by the most intense pleasure of his life. “Fuck yes, I’ll do it.” He said trying to suck down as much jizz as he could.

“Not so fast.” Jack reached over Kyle and pulled his phone out. “Call the chick and tell her you’ve found someone else. I don’t want her wondering where you are and calling the cops.”

“But my…” Jack shoved his face against the jizz fountain as he whimpered his protests.

“Fine, fuck, I’ll do it,” he cut in. So after five minutes of listening to the most pathetic conversation he had ever heard Jack signaled him to hang up. Kyle was visibly shaken by what he had just done but a cum load to the face made him snap out of his stupor.

“Come get breakfast,” Jack taunted. Kyle launched himself at the dick sucking away. Jack was jizzing like a faucet and with each gulp Kyle could feel his bi’s, tri’s, pecs, and delts swelling. “Mmmm fuck yeah,” he moaned, the growth made him forget about what he’d just done. He savored every drop as his shirt began to fit him like it did last week, so tight. He was waiting for Jack to pull out like he always did but it didn’t happen. He even looked up at him expecting to be told he’d had enough but Jack was just groaning with his eyes closed.

Suddenly Kyle felt his shirt give way. He heard a loud rip as his pecs burst out of his polo. His cock emerged from his waistline as his ass and thighs began to shred his shorts. His balls sank down like grape fruits and touched the floor. He was becoming freakishly huge but still he didn’t stop. He wanted more, he couldn’t think straight anymore.

His cock grew thicker than his wrist and began to drool cum all over the floor while each of his pecs swelled larger than his entire chest was before he came in. His nipples were continuously pushed further down by his expanding chest. His eight pack abs looked like swelling boulders. Meanwhile Jack’s balls had expanded into beach ball sized nuts to keep pace with all of the cum as they churned out more and more seed to fuel Kyle’s transformation.

Kyle’s mind slowly gave way to the pleasure. All he could think of was fucking and sucking as he was dumbed down. His cock grew fatter than a normal person’s arm as it grew between his gigantic pecs and began to splash jizz into his own face. Still he continued to bore down on that cock, not caring about the freak he was becoming.

Jack’s balls grew so large one of them fell off the couch with a tremendous thud. Each one weighed over one hundred pounds. Kyle felt hands grab him from behind and pull him backwards. He struggled to reach the cock again but there were four of them and he was delirious from the cum. They shoved his face into his own cock massive head which was already at mouth level. He instinctively started sucking that instead and he was dragged down a hallway into a bedroom. His volleyball sized nuts trailed along the floor.

They hoisted him up and placed him on the bed but he was so engrossed in stroking his massive cock and sucking himself that he barely noticed what was going on. He was impossibly huge he was almost 7 ½ feet. His 800-pound frame sank into the sturdy mattress. His arms were so large that he could barely reach his cock. Jack could be heard in the other room talking with his muscular attendants. “No, he’s not done yet. The client wants them bigger.”

The body guards arrived again and this time they were carrying Jack’s huge nutsack. Each massive ball was being toted by one of massive men. “Spread him!” Two body guards spread Kyle’s legs and Jack forced his way into the tight hole. A hydrant of cum poured into him and he groaned in uncontrollable pleasure. Kyles were bulging uncontrollably, striving against each other for space. His arms became so beefy it became harder to move them. Suddenly he couldn’t reach his cock anymore.

As Jack pounded away, Kyle became more and more of an immobile sculpture. When he could no longer do more than wiggle, Jack pulled out. Kyle was laying there helplessly, his fat cock was drooling all over his face. “Ughh—you said all cum I want! Want more!”

“And so I did. I just never said it would all be mine. I have a few clients who are willing to pay more money than you’ve ever made to use your body as a jungle gym. Have fun.” Jack laughed as they carried him out. In the world of instant gratification Jack was like a casino. He provided thrills, a rush, and temporary gains you could never achieve on your own but in the end, the house always won.

Steve had enjoyed an amazing night out. For the first time ever, chicks were digging him. Of course he was a terrible dancer, but they didn’t care because his body was flawless. He got so many numbers in just a few hours and it was all thanks to Jack.

Steve had heard of this guy who could hook people up with a flawless bod, but he didn’t really believe it at first. Still, he thought he’d play along. He went to the address he was given and scoped it out. He remembered being led into a large house and saw this naked dude on the couch with balls the size of melons. Why he sucked that massive monster of a cock was still something of a mystery to him. Maybe he had always craved to have more than the skinny frame he was born with and would have tried anything to get bigger. Maybe there were so many muscular guys around the house that it seemed like truth in advertising.

Regardless of why he sucked that cock he was amazed with the results. With every gulp of cum, fresh muscle had piled on his frail frame until he looked like a professional body athlete. He barely fit any of his old clothes. If they hadn’t stopped him from drinking more, he wouldn’t have been able to fit into them at all. When it had come time to pay up, he told them that he hadn’t brought any money with him. He simply hadn’t taken it that seriously. He was afraid they would be furious but Jack just laughed and said it happens. “Just be sure to have the money here by Friday and we’ve got no problems”.

So he had ended up giving Jack an IOU and thinking nothing more about it. Day after day, the more he looked into the mirror the less he had cared about paying Jack back. Clubs were expensive and he was having a blast looking like a super model. Friday came and went and he’d heard nothing from Jack. “Hell, how would they even know where I live,” he told himself.

Today marked week three since he had his body juiced up and he really didn’t think of Jack at all anymore. He’d started to believe all of the lies he told the chicks at the bar. This was who he was, the was the body he’d worked for.

He walked into his apartment with new girls he had met at the club one night. There was a chick under each arm as he flipped on the light. However, there was more than the furniture to greet him. Five insanely large men were standing in his apartment. “About time you got home, Steve. I was worried I was going to have to waste my entire night in this dismal shithole of yours.” There, sprawled out on the couch, completely naked, was Jack. He was exactly the same as he remembered him. A perfect muscular frame with a hose-like cock draped over one of his legs and soccer ball sized nuts splayed out on the furniture.

“Whoa, what the…” Before his alcohol-addled brain could figure out what to do the door was slammed behind him by another huge guy who popped out of the kitchen.

“Well…? You said you’d have the money by Friday and it’s… ohhh… nearly a month later.” Jack snapped his fingers impatiently.

One of Steve’s girls piped up. “You know I think we’re interrupting something important and I think we should…”

“Oh shut up…” He looked to either side of them. “Bruce, Ty, throw the chicks in the bedroom until we’re done and stay with ’em. I don’t want them calling the cops. Take their phones.” He looked at the frightened girls. “Oh don’t worry, you can do whatever you want in there as long it’s quiet until we’re done.” Two of the body guards led the women into the back bedroom.

He focused on Steve. “You know I’m running a business and I keep running into this problem that guys like you don’t seem to want to pay.”

“Look man, I can have the money by…”

“By?!” Jack shouted back. “By when?! It’s due now!”

“Look I just need a little more…”

“Nope. Not how this works. You’re already three weeks late. You know we checked this place over. They may look like meat heads but my colleagues in the other room there are crazy good hackers. They used to break into banks before they started working for me.” Jack chuckled. “Turns out, you made no withdrawals from the bank, no checks cashed, no nothing. We kind of got the feeling you weren’t planning on paying us back.” Suddenly there were groans coming from the bedroom. It seemed as if the girls were pretty satisfied with having the body guards as companions.

Jacked stopped for a minute to listen in. “See? That could have been you in there. Instead two strangers just stole your chicks on your own fucking bed.”

“Look just give me a…” He was cut off instantly.

“A chance? Jesus, don’t you all sound like a broken record.” Jack said as he got up and walked over to Steve. His giant nuts swayed from side to side against his legs as he walked. He leaned against him, pressing him against the wall. “You realize in order to come here I had to put on fucking sweat pants and get in an SUV. You know how much I fucking hate wearing sweat pants?”

“I mean… yeah… it seems horrible. I’d never wear pants if I looked like…”

“Like me?” He said pointing to his melon sized nuts. Then he looked up and smiled. “But that’s an interesting idea…”

“W..what? Sweat pants?”

“Idiot…” Jack groaned, then he shouted to his unoccupied henchmen. “Guys, bend ‘im.” The four remaining guys were so huge they dwarfed Steve even in his enhanced state. They easily pulled his clothes off and spread him over the couch.

“Holy fuck guys! What’re you doing!” he shouted.

“You like free product don’t you? I’m going to set you up with more than you’ll ever need.”

Steve tried to protest more but one of the guards shoved one of their fat cocks into his mouth. He wanted to spit it out but instinctively began to suck it. “Surprised?” Jack laughed as he pressed his huge cock head against his victim’s hole. “Once you’ve tasted me, your body will suck from anyone trying to get more.” With that he began to penetrate Steve’s virgin ass.

Steve groaned as he felt his hole stretching around Jack’s massive cock. The precum was flowing so freely that it lubed him perfectly. He thought it would hurt but his ass automatically clenched around the massive dick trying to capture every drop of cum. Just a few hours earlier, Steve had been such a stud. Now he was getting tag teamed on his own couch and his body was actually enjoying it. All he could do was to squirm and groan.

As more cum flowed into him, he began to feel tingly all over his body but particularly in his groin. He’d felt this way before but this time things were different. He felt like his junk was overcome with the most intense feeling he’d ever experienced. He felt up his body as his muscles began to slowly bulge. More impressively, his dick began to sprout up beneath him. He felt it work its way up his abs and then jab into his pecs as it grew longer and thicker.

Steve’s balls began to swell as if they were being inflated like a water balloon. He pulled his mouth off of the spurting cock in front of him and groaned. “Awww fuck, what’s happening!” Jack laughed and signaled for the body guard to shove his face back on the dick.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jack said, slapping his ass as he pumped him still fuller. Time passed quickly. Steve’s dick thickened and continued to grow, he could feel it widening to a two-liter bottle and pressing against his chin. He pulled his mouth off of the cock in front of him yet again.

“God… what’re you doing! It’s too much!” And once again his face was shoved back onto the cock.

“Little skinflints like you need to be taught a lesson. You get what you pay for. You want something great, you fork over the cash.” Jack’s balls grew to the size of beach balls as he poured cum into Steve like a hose.

Steve’s gut began to bloat with all of the cum as his cock swelled up even more, passing his head as it grew in length. Meanwhile his balls were swelling past the size of watermelons. They grew so large that he could feel his muscular body being pushed up off of the couch as they pushed him up. He wanted to struggle, he wanted to make it stop but the cum was so addictive that he couldn’t bring himself to try and make it stop. “Please! You’ve got to stop! How can I go out in public like this?”

“Who says you’re going anywhere?” Jack laughed as Steve’s cock swelled thicker than the rest of his body. His balls out grew Jack’s massive cum factories forcing his victim’s legs to straddle them helplessly, unable to stand up.

Eventually, after hours of fucking, Steve’s cock grew so huge that it crushed the couch beneath him. His balls splayed out like two small cars on either side of him. Jack pulled out of Steve with a grin. Steve’s junk weighed more than a tractor trailer, barely fitting in the apartment, and despite all of his muscles he was completely immobile on top of the crushed remains of the sofa.

The shaft was so sensitive that the sensation of his own body moving on top of it made him jizz, which made him squirm more, which made him orgasm even harder. The apartment was knee deep in cum and everything was a steamy body temperature.

Jack’s own balls were so large he had to be carried out of the apartment; but he didn’t care, they’d shrink back to a more manageable by tomorrow. Steve, however, would be there until the fire department figured out how to get him out. He figured the police would find him pretty soon as there was a small stream of cum leaking out from under his front door. Jack could picture the news headlines in his head as they loaded him into his black SUV.

“Think we should have left him like that for the cops to find?”

“He’s not gonna talk. After all that I’ll be surprised if he remembers his name.”

George was an undercover cop. He’d been out in the field for ten years now and had a good record, but now there was a new player in town that had the police stumped. He’d never heard of anything like this new stuff. It made guys huge! People were going from stringy to jacked overnight and it was running rampant through the entertainment industry. Guys were juicing up in L.A. like never before and no one on the force could find who was supplying all of the ‘roids that were obviously behind it. However, he had an informant on the street that told him he could get the stuff from a guy named Jack who lived out in Beverly Hills.

Pulling up to the address he found a huge mansion with a giant wall around it. He was told to pull up to the front gate, ring the bell, and tell them, “I need some help from Jack.” After doing this, the gate slowly opened and he went inside. He immediately knew he was in the right place because stationed at every door was a guy with mammoth pecs guy wearing a tiny speedo that was not big enough to fully conceal his junk. As he walked up the front drive another hulk of a man opened the front door, his fist sized balls were dangling out from the napkin sized bottoms he was wearing. “This way.” He said, leading George into the house.

Once inside he was led into a small waiting room where other muscular hunks waited nervously on couches. Unlike the guards they were dressed normally and George assumed they must be other clients. He sat next to one of them and tried to get some information from him.

“So, this is some really good shit right? I mean, obviously you look great, but can it really be as good as they promise?” The guy just looked at him without saying anything. So George tried talking to the other clients. Eventually one of the guards walked up. “You’re new so I guess you get a break this time. We don’t like chatty clients, got it? You got a question, you ask Jack.”

George apologized and sat back down and pulled out his phone. “I’ll take that,” the guy said. “We don’t like phones in here.”

“Wait a min…”

“You want to see Jack or not?” he growled.

“I… uh… yeah I wanna see Jack.” George puffed up, it was usually good to put a show in these kinds of operations. “I just don’t like people touchin’ my stuff.”

“Shut up and go in there.” The guy pointed to a door. “Jack’s waiting. We decided to bump you up to the front of the line,” he said, glaring at the other people waiting, daring them to protest. Nobody said anything.

The door was opened and two giants ushered him into the room. Everything he had seen thus far did not prepare him for what he saw inside. Sitting on the couch was a guy with two of the largest balls George had ever imagined. They rested on the couch like two basketballs in a gym sack. His cock was pretty big too as it sagged over his left leg, leaking pre onto the couch. The guy was muscular but not particularly massive compared to the rest of the inmates of the house.

“The name’s Jack,” he said, without looking up. “So they tell me you’re lookin’ for some help?”

“Yeah, I’m lookin’ to get massive. You got somethin’ that can help me with that?” George growled.

“I can definitely help you there. But first we’ve got to be friends.” The man smiled.

“Friends?” the cop asked.

“Yeah. It’s pretty lonely being cooped up in here all day. I like to make friends with the people I help.”

“So how do we become friends?”

“Little Jack needs some attention,” he said, stroking his enormous member.

“I… uh… just came here for the stuff… I’m not into that kind of thing,” said George, a little shocked at being propositioned.

“What stuff?” Jack said coyly. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“The stuff that makes you massive. I got cash. I don’t need ‘friends’.” George suddenly felt a powerful hand resting on his shoulder.

“You sure you don’t need friends?” Jack smiled. “You strike me as someone who could use some right about now.”

“That’s it, I’m outta here,” the cop said, turning to push his way through the wall of muscle behind him, hoping they would just give way if he postured. But the hands immediately turned him around.

“You came here looking for something. Nobody comes in here without finding it,” Jack laughed as he signaled the others to bring him closer.

“This how you treat all your customers?” George shouted.

“It’s how I treat the cops who think they can just walk in here and bust me.” He snapped his fingers and George felt a pair of powerful hands pulling down his pants, exposing his ass. “You think we don’t have people on the inside?” Jacked laughed. “We had you spotted pretty quick.”

“They know where I am! If you don’t want this place crawling with cops you’ll…” He was suddenly silenced by a hand over his mouth.

“What’s the matter George? You think something bad’s about to happen? Oh no. Today’s your lucky day.” Jack’s drooling cock began to harden and he signaled for his men to turn their guest around. George could feel his massive cock pressing up against his ass.

“A virgin asshole!” he laughed. “Don’t worry. It only hurts at first. Once I stretch you out, you’ll start to like it.” He grinned as he lubed up the hole with his precum and slowly shoved it in. George grimaced as the massive dick forced his hole to spread but once the pre touched his insides he went weak in the knees. One quick jet of cum sent a rush of pleasure up his body causing George to groan in surprise.

“See? It’s good to make friends.” Jack laughed as he shot another jet of cum into the cop, whose eyes were rolling back into his head. He nodded to his thugs who relaxed their grip on him as Jack continued to plow him.

George felt his muscles tingling as a rush of power and pleasure flooded through his body. His eyes suddenly went wide as he realized. “The cum is the drug!” he blurted out.

“Exactly.” Jack laughed as his victim’s muscles began to grow.

“Ughh… fuuuuck,” George groaned as his pecs began to swell in his shirt along with his deltoids he wanted to pull away but it felt too good he wanted that thick cock up his ass.

“Well, lookie, here boys, I think he likes it. What would the wife think?” Jack laughed as George’s back muscles pressed against his polo shirt like it was made of spandex. His sleeves strained against the swelling biceps. He looked down and could see monster abs being revealed one row at a time as his shirt began to ride up his stomach.

“Ugh… it’s too much!” the undercover cop groaned. “They’ll know.”

“Know you were juicing? I know. You might need a new line of work soon.” Jack patted his victim on the back as his muscles began to rip out of his shirt. His massive pecs split the polo down the middle as his biceps ripped the sleeves to shreds. His bulging thighs began to explode his jeans and every new pound felt better than the pound before.

George felt his tongue loll out of his mouth as he found himself bouncing up and down on the cock. He felt his massive naked body swell with new mass. He knew it should stop but he didn’t want it to stop. Then suddenly in an instant it was over as powerful hands pulled him off the cock and onto the floor. He could feel the precious cum shooting onto his back.

“You want more?” George began to stand but powerful hands forced him down. “No, Georgie. You want more, you got to crawl.” So he turned himself around on his hands and knees. The cum was splashing him in the face and he licked it from his lips.

“You want more? You got to suck it now. Suck it like you love it.” Despite the fact that it had just been up his ass he wanted to suck that cock more than anything in the world but again he felt people holding him back.

“Oh there’s just one catch… I need information from you. You don’t think I give this stuff away for free. You tell me everything you know and you get to drink this.” He said pointing to his cock.

That evening the LAPD found that their computers had been hacked and the names of all of their informants, officers, and operations had been stolen.

Meanwhile Jack found himself a new piece of furniture. George drank until he could barely wiggle his arms and legs from on his massive bod and Jack used him as a couch.

Tony was different from everyone else who worked for Jack. Tony’s body didn’t seem to react the same to his cum. He would bulk up like everyone else but then after he got the gains he was looking for he would simply pull out. Unlike the rest, Tony didn’t become a cum junkie.

Another thing that set him apart was the fact that Jack couldn’t control what part of Tony grew. He’d try to swell his pecs and Tony’s bi’s would inflate. He’d try to make his cock grow and his quads would bulge out instead. Instead of bigger lats sometimes he’d get huge nuts. Jack would try to make him so muscle bound that he couldn’t move but Tony would grow taller and then simply use his super strength to pull out. He also seemed to be able to size himself back down to whatever size he wanted because he would disappear for a while and show back up perfectly proportioned again, but Jack never caught how he did it.

At first Jack found this frustrating but Tony had a good head on his shoulders and he rose in the ranks in his organization, until after a few years they were business partners and Tony was managing huge parts of Jack’s cum-drug empire. Jack didn’t entirely trust his business partner but he had worked out a plan for that. He made Tony his boyfriend, ensuring that he moved in and that the two were together a lot of the time. Of course they fucked other people, often in front of each other, but that went with the territory.

One day the two were chilling together in their LA mansion. They were both completely naked because, one, Jack’s balls were always so big and full that he hated wearing anything other than a robe, and two, because letting it all hang out told everyone else who was in charge. “The cops busted another one of our shipments into Dallas.” Tony said nonchalantly.

“I take it that since the lawyers haven’t been ringing me off the hook it’s taken care of?” Jack replied.

“Heh, they didn’t know what to do with a cooler full of jizz. They had to give it back.” Tony laughed. “I made sure certain people in Texas know how much we don’t appreciate the cops harassing our drivers. I made sure they knew the consequences of too much interruptions,” he said, making a money sign with his hands.

“So you’re going out to Sacramento so talk to the distributors?” The two of them had set up a series of fake sperm banks where customers could come in and pay for a quick shot of muscle cum up the ass. Jack had just gotten done filling out the last one-hundred-and-fifty-pound container for the shipment and each of his nuts weighed as much as he did. They always swelled up to gigantic proportions when they were being milked.

“I thought I’d send Grant. He knows all those guys.” Tony said walking over to the couch where Jack was anchored by his massive nuts. “Thought we’d spend the weekend together.”

“Oh?” The kingpin cocked an eyebrow. “Something going on in LA?”

“Something’s always going on in LA. But I meant we’d really spend some time together.” Suddenly Tony laughed. “Why do you look so surprised? I am your boyfriend after all. I think you should give these guys a rest,” he said patting Jack’s enormous sack.

Jack thought for a moment. The two spent a lot of time working together and a lot of time fucking but he really didn’t know his partner beyond the pragmatics of running a drug empire together. Was Tony getting romantic feelings for him? “Oh well I guess… we could take the boat out.”

The “boat” as Jack called it was actually a yacht over 150 feet long with high sides to prevent people from seeing too much below the waist on deck. It had a crew of cum addicted sailors who jumped at the chance of taking their boss out. If they served him his drinks quickly and left him alone, they could suck out 10-15 pounds of muscle from him as a tip. They set sail and by the second day out in the ocean together they were starting to open up to each other in ways they had not before.

Sunday morning they were laying out on the deck, wearing only sunglasses. Jack’s nuts had shrank to the size of water melons. “Jack, what happens if you suck your own cock? Does your cum affect you the same as everyone else?”

“I dunno,” he said. “Never tried it.”

“Why not. You’re big enough to suck your own cock easily,” Tony said.

“Guess I never wanted to get hooked like everybody else,” Jack said.

“Heh, yeah but it feels amazing,” Tony said, stretching out his 6’ 7’’ muscular body on the deck chair. “And I can’t complain about the results,” he added as he bounced his massive pecs.

Jack’s cock suddenly got hard, the old Jack coming back in a rush. “Oh? Maybe you should have some more,” he said, his cock drooling down its shaft. He didn’t know where the thought came from but he suddenly could think of nothing more than pumping his business partner to the point of immobility right there on the deck of the ship. He tried to fight it but his balls were demanding release into sex god laying down right next to him.

“Heh, thought you’d never ask,” Tony grinned as straddled Jack’s enormous cock.

He doesn’t know where this is going, Jack thought to himself with a smile as Tony sank on his shaft, inch after inch and then began to ride it up and down. “Fuck yeah,” Jack grunted as his nuts began to pump and swell. Tony could feel jets of cum blasting away inside of him.

“Yeah… Jack… gimme that juice,” Tony said, his muscles bulging out all over his body. His mammoth pecs were swelling ever larger, forcing his nipples down more. His lats pushed his arms out as his balls began to swell. The sight just made Jack hornier and he shot several huge loads into his partner making his colossal sack expand again.

But something was wrong, Tony wasn’t swelling into an immobile pile of muscles. He was getting taller as his muscles grew, passing seven feet. His arms were swelling larger than Jack’s chest and yet he was in complete control. Eventually, he topped off but his sack continued to expand. “Yeah, Jack, that’s what I want. Fill me up,” he said, patting his own huge balls.

“What’re you doing! Pull out!” Jack shouted, not liking where this was going.

“Whatever you say babe.” He sat up and a hydrant blast of cum shot up all over them both. He stood reaching nearly 8 feet tall and fully in control of his massive bod. “Now let’s find out what happens when you try it.” Tony grabbed Jack’s head and shoved it against his own cock, which was still spraying jizz everywhere.

Jack coughed and sputtered as he shot another loud load of jizz with nowhere else to go but down his own mouth. He tried to turn away but he couldn’t. “Fuck… no… agghh…” His behemoth boyfriend was drooling cum all over him as well.

Jack fought but it was no use. Tony was too strong and no one came to his aid. Something strange was happening in his mind. The cum was tingling in his mouth. He could feel a rush roll over his entire body it felt amazing. He couldn’t stop himself from opening up for more. “Noooo… don’t….” he groaned but it was too late. He started suckling his own cock like he was nursing it, groaning with pleasure as cum dribbled down his chin.

Tony watched as Jack’s abs began to bulge like he was eating a huge meal. “That’s it Jackie boy, take it all in. Let’s see what happens!” Jack was losing himself swallowing his own jizz and his belly grew. As he drank his abs started to vanish under a rising tide of flab. “Oh, tough break there… doesn’t seem to have the same effect on you does it?”

Jack felt his abs fading away with his hands but he couldn’t stop drinking. His balls were excited, this felt more amazing than anything he’d felt in his life and his nuts were swelling to meet their new demand. Mouthful after mouthful he swallowed as his belly grew bigger and bigger until he looked as though he had swallowed a basketball. Tony put his hand on Jack’s expanding belly. “Thought that’s what would happen,” he said.

Jack’s belly was getting so big it started to push his cock out of his mouth. He held on to it, struggling to get every wonderful drop as his pecs began to round out and inflate, not like slabs of meaty muscle but extremely full balloons. His nipples began leaking milk. Tony started squeezing them and milk shot out like a squirt gun. Jack moaned even more from the relief. “Oh you like that babe?” Tony said mockingly as Jack’s belly swelled up to the size of a large beach ball, forcing his cock out of his mouth under the sheer weight of it.

Jack rolled out of his chair onto the deck onto his massive belly which was so big his arms could not reach around it. A river of cum ran from his cock over to a drain in the side of the boat. “What’s happening to me,” he said, cum oozing from his mouth, down his huge breasts.

“You didn’t know? We’re two halves of the same experiment. We were bred for a super soldier project. Your cum was supposed to fuel armies of elite fighters. Fighters like me… who were bred to harness that power. It was never meant for normal people, but that came in handy for you didn’t it? Since they find it so addictive,” Tony said, straddling Jack.

“The program got shut down when we were kids, but I learned the truth and went out to find what my ‘brother’ was doing with his powers.” Tony planted his cock head firmly against Jack’s asshole and slowly worked it in.

“But why do this to me?” Jack whined.

“You were never meant to be a super soldier. You’re simply the cow who gets milked to feed the troops.” Tony grinned. “And now that you’re too fat to suck your own cock, allow me to help you out. My balls are absolutely bursting with your cum.” Jack felt Tony’s cock force its way into his ass between his belly and his balls he was pinned by his own weight as Tony inflated him up even more.

Once he had fucked all of the cum out of his nuts, he picked up his cell phone and made a call. “Yeah Jake, get me a milking machine and take it to HQ. I think we just changed the business model.”

The summer of 2012 had been blazing hot for LA. For Tony, the weather wasn’t the only thing that had been burning up, his business was on fire. Ever since he’d taken over from Jack, the cartel had exploded. He’d expanded into every city on the west coast and was moving distribution into Vegas. He was sending Jack’s cum out in giant containers by the truck load five times a day and he was making a fortune doing it. If Jack’s business had been huge before, the size of Tony’s empire was hard to calculate.

Tony was shrewd and good at picking partners. His mind was sharp, although his massive body gave many people the dangerous misconception that he was a meat head. It was always a bad idea to under-estimate Tony. The bay was full of people who had. He was much more ruthless than Jack had ever been.

Outside it was pushing 100 degrees but it was always a pleasant 75 degrees in the basement where Tony was inspecting his cash cow. That’s what he called his former partner. He walked past rows of metal tanks with Blake, his assistant, whom he towered over. Tony kept his body jacked at 7’2’’ 400 pounds, his muscles bulging against his shirt and jeans. The two of them listened the sound of Jack’s bodily fluids filling the tanks, the smell of his jizz permeated everything. Cameras were everywhere to insure nobody was stealing a free taste. Muscles were awarded based on loyalty and results in this business.

At the end of the rows was an area blocked off by black curtains. Large metal tubes ran into and out of it from all directions. They vibrated as they piped their contents to the various tanks. “Well Blake, shall we make sure the cash cow is comfortable?” Tony laughed.

“Yes sir.” Blake said, pressing a button causing the curtains to roll back. There was Jack, bloated out by thousands of gallons of his own cum. His massive cock was so impossibly huge that it could no longer get completely hard. It curved out from behind his formidable gut which anchored him to the floor, and a large machine continually sucked away at it, milking him night and day. Each of his balls were nearly the same size of his gut at this point as they churned away cum 24/7.

Another machine was dedicated to milking his massive swollen pecs. The milk wasn’t quite as potent as the cum but they could use it to water down the jizz without anybody really noticing. There was nothing in the way of restraints, Jack hadn’t moved for nearly two years. He was so hopelessly addicted to his own jizz that’s all he could think about.

“Morning babe,” Tony said mockingly as he always did. “Ready for your breakfast?”

Jack started to jiggle with excitement as Tony shoved a hose into his face that Jack seized to gulp down as much of his own juices as he could. “Do you think he understands me anymore?” Tony said to Blake.

“Doubtful sir… we’ve kept him in a continuous state of orgasm for nine months now. I doubt he can process much more than feeding and cumming. Seems happy enough though,” Blake added.

“It’s what they designed him to do… I guess he would like it…” Tony said with a hint of disgust.

“How do you plan to get his production up to meet the new demand?” Blake asked. He was Tony’s right hand man who handled the day to day affairs of the drug empire so his boss could focus on expanding it.

“I’ll bet we can get him to grow more if we divert all the cum back into him for a day or so. That’d get his production up,” Tony said as Jack greedily gulped from the hose. He was getting it all over himself. Tony gave him five minutes to gulp as much as he could before cutting it off and leaving him down there. “Let’s go. I’ve got problems to deal with.”

Blake pulled out a tablet. “What’s on your mind?”

“There’ve been some people watching this place after dark for the better part of a week. The lookouts catch sight of them now and again but they just vanish into the night. I want to know who they are. Nab one of them. We’ll get them to talk the usual way.” The usual way was to turn them into a cum addict and then withhold it until they talked. “Also someone’s been skimming money out of the accounts. You have any idea about that?” he asked, eyeing his assistant.

Blake just kept his characteristic emotionless stare. “No, but I can find out. I’ll get back to you on both of those things.” He walked away and Tony looked out of the window. The streets were empty now but every window on the street seemed like it contained a prying eye. He hated being watched and losing money and the combination of the two even more.

Blake walked up the stairs and out onto the patio to grab a car. He needed to go into town. He told the driver to drop him off on the sidewalk and wait for him. Walking a few blocks on his own, he came to a grungy dive bar. Inside he ordered a beer and sat down next to a woman in her early fifties.

“Well, Alex, your taste in bars hasn’t improved,” she said without looking at him.

“I could say the same for your face Kristine,” he said, pulling out his phone and pretending to ignore her. “Your people were spotted.”

“Couldn’t be helped, we needed to map out the premises,” she replied.

“He’s getting suspicious, it’s got to be done tonight,” he said.

“Does he know who you really are?” she asked.

“He still thinks I’m Blake. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up with your guys making mistakes,” he said.

“You’ve been in there for two years, why the rush now? What have you been doing all this time? I can’t really believe it’s taken you that long to confirm the targets,” Kristine replied.

“Well, believe what you want. You always did. I’ve got to get back. Hopefully I’ll see you soon,” he added, taking a big gulp of his beer and paying up.

“You play dangerous games, Alex. As usual.”

Alex tipped the bartender and walked out. He texted his driver to pick him up. He was Blake once again. After making several more stops in town, it was time to head back to the compound. The door man stopped him. “The boss said to wait for him downstairs.”

“Where is he now?” Gordon asked.

“In a meeting.” The door man said.

“Then tell him I’ll be down there when he’s ready for me. I’ve got shit to do.” Usually people would never leave messages like that for Tony but Blake was not to be trifled with. Everyone knew that he could make people disappear as well as anybody. In fact it was commonly known that he had a big role in Tony’s coup against Jack. He went into his office and didn’t come out until there was a knock at the door at 8 o’clock that evening.

Several massive men in speedos were there to escort him to the living room where Jack used to entertain visitors. It wasn’t much used anymore. Ever since people stopped getting their fix directly from Jack’s cock there wasn’t much need. Inside Tony was sitting on the couch, completely naked, just like Jack had done all those times before. His towering frame had beefed up considerably since the morning. He was 150 pounds heavier and his balls were the size of beach balls. He’d obviously been downstairs feeding on Jack. “You know I really expected more from you Blake.”

“I told you I’d get to the bottom of that stuff, I just need a couple of days,” the assistant replied.

“I already think you’ve gotten to the bottom of one of my mysteries.” Tony smiled. “You’ve been hacking into my accounts for weeks, haven’t you?”

“Uhh… what?” Blake said nervously.

“Come on… I did some digging today and put it together. The only one who even knows about the existence of all of those accounts other than me is you. Now I want you to tell me what you’ve done with my money.” Tony said, petting his cock as if it was a cobra trained to strike at his enemies.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Blake said.

“Blake, Blake… always so clever…” Tony sighed. “Well, you’re about to get a lot less clever. Let’s see if you’ll talk more then.”

“Wait Tony! We can talk about this.”

“Yeah I know we can,” He said patting his massive nuts. “When you’re so desperate for more that you don’t even care about the money anymore, we can talk all you want.” He snapped his fingers and four guys lifted Blake and shoved his face against Tony’s drooling cock. “Come on Blake, eat up.”

Blake’s face was forced onto the thick shaft, the smell of spunk was so pungent. Tony stroked his massive 15-inch member to fatten it up. A playful splash of cum sputtered into Blake’s face. “Now wait a minute, big guy! You don’t want to do this! I got you where you are toda… gnnnn——” He was cut off as the massive ramrod was shoved down his throat.

Tony began to precum large jets into his assistant who struggled to break free. “Now now, Blake, most people like this part. But not you, right? You never went in for the goods,” he said rubbing his balls. “Said your body was good enough as it was.” As he talked his assistant was being forced to swallow load after load. “And I respected that, kind of like a baker who doesn’t eat doughnuts, keeps the business professional. But now it’s time relax and enjoy yourself.”

Blake could feel his body tightening as his fit lean frame began to tingle. He groaned as the first burst of growth hit his chest. It felt as amazing as everyone said. He felt his cock go hard and drool as it grew longer and fatter. His abs began to swell as well. Before long his back muscles were all fully visible through his shirt. His lats, quads and glutes began to swell out sending oceans of pleasure throughout his body. He could feel the fabric of his clothes stretching to its limits.

Soon his pecs started popping buttons one by one down his shirt. His delts, bi’s and tri’s were fighting a battle with his sleeves which began to tear. He could feel his pants let go at the seam as his bubble butt broke through at the same time as his undulating thighs were shredding down his pant leg. Soon he was sitting there naked sucking Tony’s enormous cock wearing nothing but his belt.

Suddenly he noticed that nobody was holding him down. He knew he should stop but he couldn’t pull away as watched his arms swelling. It all felt so incredible. He had to have more, he couldn’t stop.

“Yeah, you know the stuff becomes twice as addictive when goes from Jack to me to someone else. And I’m the only one in the world who can quit it whenever I want. I have to thank you though, after all you’re the one who taught me that this shit was made for me! You told me what I really am. Haha, maybe now you’d actually like to start talking by telling me how you knew that.”

“Probably because he built you,” came the voice of a woman. They all looked up, except for Blake who was hopelessly distracted. In the time when everyone had been focused on his cum induced growth, a team of army rangers had infiltrated the compound and had effectively surrounded everyone in the room. They were accompanied by a woman in her fifties. “Dr. Kristine Ludnan, Army Institute for Mutagensis or AIM. And I would release that man if you know what’s good for you.”

“He’s free to stop when he wants,” Tony shrugged.

“Pull him off!” She shouted to the men surrounding her. It took three commandos pull him away as he struggled for more. Tony’s men looked petrified at what was happening but if the man himself was frightened, he didn’t show it. “What were saying about Blake here?” He pointed to his now 300-pound cock hungry assistant. “I believe he was just about ready to tell me where all of my money is.”

“His name is actually Dr. Alex Bartinov.” She said. “He’s a colleague of mine from AIM. You’re coming back with us.”

“Wait… AIM?” Tony said furrowing his brow, confused. “That’s… where we came from… Jack and I… when we were kids. And those names…! Ludnan… Bartinov…” Tony said slowly. “Wait! I recognize you… You’re my…”

“Yes… we’re your parents. You contain our DNA. We built you as part of the super soldier program that was shut down 16 years ago after an escape lead to a massive disaster in a small town when both of you were children.”

“I barely remember you.” Tony said.

“That’s because we blanked your memories of your time at AIM as best we could and sent you to live with adopted families,” she said.

“Blake’s been with me for two years and you’ll forgive me if I say you don’t look the same age. You’ve got enough gray hairs to be my mom. Blake, on the other hand…” Tony said.

“He couldn’t take the chance that you would recognize him. So he used the technology that created you to reverse his age and change his appearance.”

“And why are you here now?” Tony asked.

“This ‘business’ of yours has gotten out of hand. We would have prevented things from getting this far had we known about it but both of you dropped off the map as soon as you left high school. It’s taken us years to track you down. But now I see that we’ve arrived too late to stop you from damaging thousands of lives. We can’t allow this illegal activity to continue because of something we did back in the 80’s and 90’s.”

“Well, that’s all very touching, but I have no intention of going back with you… Mom,” Tony laughed. “I’m 25 years old and I don’t think you get to tell me when to go to bed anymore.” He pressed a button on the remote sitting beside him and the floor underneath the couch suddenly opened open. Tony and the sofa fell through it.

“Where is he going?!” Dr. Ludnan said shaking the cum-filled Alex.

“Gnnnngghhh… the basement,” Alex replied coughing up spunk.

“Team 1, get down there!” She shouted.

“No! Have to get out! Out of the house! Now! Jack!” Dr. Butinov said grabbing her by the collar.

“Why?! What’s he going to… oh, Christ…” She suddenly understood. “Everybody out!” The army special forces led the two scientists out, keeping a perimeter to look out for cartel members but there was no sight of anyone following them. As they reached the street outside the ground began to shake.

An army ranger ran up to Dr. Ludnan. “Ma’am, what’s he got down there? A bomb?”

“No… worse… he’s got Jack! Get the tactical van. We’ve got to be quick about this!” As she shouted there was a deafening roar. The shaking grew more intense and the mansion began to collapse. Special forces began to appear out of every nook and cranny with flood lights that were pinned on the collapsing structure.

Hahahahaha,” came a deep rumbling laughter. Soon it was obvious to everyone what Tony had done. He’d directed the entire flow of Jack’s cum into himself. His massive torso rose up from the rubble, as he towered over 25 feet, impossibly muscular and still growing. Everyone stood frozen in place as Tony continued to bellow and swell. Each of his pecs was the size of a small car. As he grew they could see that he’d wedged what looked like a fire hose into his ass, presumably somewhere down in the rubble was Jack still pumping away. Large beams from the house fell away from his bulging traps.

“You idiots!” Tony’s bellicose voice boomed out into the night so powerful they could feel it in their chests. “You’ve given me access to unlimited power and you think that I’m afraid of your impotent weapons!” His thighs were swelling to the size of red wood trunks as he grew over 30 feet. A thumping sound echoed through the air as he bounced his massive pecs.

Suddenly shots rang out into the night as the rangers all began firing on him at once. Tony simply shouted, “I don’t even feel it anymore!” He raised his fists into the air and slammed the street below with the force of a freight train falling from the sky, knocking everyone down with the shock wave. He continued to grow to 40 and then 50 feet. His biceps and triceps flexed to the size of a single story house.

“I think it’s time for me to shoot too.” He growled, grabbing his cock, now the size of an enormous tree, and sprayed his spunk at his assailants. Fortunately the special forces had ferried the two scientists away just in time to the tactical van which was parked several blocks away.

The aroma of the spunk hit Alex’s nose and he instinctively tried to make for it but several army rangers pinned him down. “You’ve got to resist if you want to come out of this alive!” Dr. Ludnan shouted as he struggled against the urge with tears in his eyes.

“Look, we have the antidote to Jack’s semen right here. We could just fire it into him and end this!” a commando said.

“No… too big!” Dr. Bartinov groaned, trying to fight the urge to run into the giant cum fountain nearby. “Too much cum, not enough antidote to have an effect.”

“There’s an alternative!” Dr. Ludnan. “Get the aphoresis machine!”

“Will it work?” the lead commando asked. Dr. Bartinov just nodded and bit into his cheek.

Meanwhile the special forces that got blanketed in cum were not so lucky. Soon they found themselves gulping it down and licking it off of every surface imaginable as they began to burst out of their body armor, dropping their guns in their search for more growth. Snipers mounted roof tops in an attempt to take Tony out but as he continued to swell their bullets simply bounced off his skull.

Soon Tony was sixty feet tall and hurling cars into nearby mansions, or wherever he thought there was a sniper, laughing at the destruction, heedless of bullets. He wondered why he’d ever bothered with that stupid business at all. It was far more fun to be a god!

People in the neighborhood were sheltering in place as fiery debris and dump truck loads of cum were raining down from the skies. Houses were catching on fire and hulked out neighbors were roaming the streets in search of a fix. In the midst of everything Tony’s earth rumbling laughter drowned out every other sound.

Back in the tactical van the scientists were having their plasma drawn and pooled into one bag. “We knew he had the potential for limitless growth if he was able to get unlimited access to Jack. So we made an emergency virus to eliminate the parasite that gives him his power. Each of us has one half of the viral construct encoded into our blood, so that when combined it will target the symbiote that he uses to convert Jack’s cum into size.”

“And that’ll stop him?” the commando said scratching his head.

“If I’m right… at his current size…” she said transferring the contents of bag into a dart. “Well, you’ll see.” Suddenly an explosion rocked the area as a huge mass of flying cement shattered a gas line.

“We have to do it now!” he said taking the needle.

The army ranger loaded it into a dart gun and climbed up to a nearby roof top. Tony was looming larger than life. The surrounding flames and spotlights flickered against his muscular frame. He’d just ripped a tree out of the yard and was preparing to hurl it at some police cars that had just arrived on the scene. Taking aim he fired at the massive beast of man.

The syringe sailed through the air, lodging itself the giant’s testicles. Tony took no notice and hurled the tree down onto the vehicles below, continuing his reign of destruction unabated and his body continued to swell. The commando scuttled back down to the van where the two scientists were waiting. “Well? Nothing’s happening!”

“It’s a virus, not magic…” Dr. Ludnan replied. “Give it time.”

Army choppers arrived on the scene. Tony responded by hurling wooden beams and chunks of concrete at them, knocking them out of the sky. Flaming choppers were crashing down everywhere. Then Tony noticed that his muscles were beginning to inflate at a faster rate. His nutsack felt lighter as the cum inside of his balls was absorbed back into his body. Suddenly he realized his height beginning to shrink.

What?!” He roared feeling his muscles growing out of proportion.

“The parasite is dead…” Dr. Ludnan said. “Now the cum affects him like everybody else. And since he can’t control the growth the way he wants it too… his body is shifting all of it into muscle.”

Tony began to flail as his mass was transferred from his height and balls into his massive muscles, inflating them ever more and more. He tried to reach behind him to pull the cum line out of his ass but he was no longer flexible enough to reach it. It was stuck inside as more and more cum flooded into him. “Nooooo!!” His flailings got more and more feeble as his body became immobile. Pressure was building as all of his muscles continued to swell against one another, fighting for limited space. His pecs, biceps, and ass were straining to their limit, screaming for relief. He continued to get more and more rounded with muscle until he let out a deafening roar.

Dr. Ludnan and Dr. Baritov ran for cover behind a house.

The explosion could be heard throughout the entire city of LA as pieces of Tony rained down for miles.

The army quickly moved in to remove anything identifiably human that night and the official story was that a gas leak at an illegal meat packing plant caused an explosion of beef. Any stories about a giant were dismissed as hallucination from the gas.

Most of the cartel thugs at headquarters that day were crushed by Tony and the collapsing mansion. However Jack was eventually found after a week of digging through rubble and other less pleasant debris. He was so swollen and immobile that they needed a crane to remove him. He was placed on a flat bed truck, covered, and shipped immediately to a facility in Wyoming.

By September Dr. Kristine Ludnan was standing before her debriefing panel. “Will you be returning with Jack to Wyoming?” they asked.

“No, General… As I told you 16 years ago, I’ve had quite enough of AIM. I only took my sabbatical from Cornell to help you clean up this mess.”

“By the way, the FBI is wondering where the illegal cartel funds are. I know you have devised a treatment program to get Dr. Bartinov un-hooked from Jack’s errr… ummm… fluids. Can you give us an estimate about when he’ll be ready to assist with their investigation?”

Dr. Ludnan smiled. She knew Alex had played a role in that criminal empire other than as an informant no matter what he said. The thought of him having to be treated for an addiction that he allowed to thousands of others to suffer from gave her quite a bit of satisfaction. “No, General… I don’t think you’ll be able to get much out of him for a while. But with enough treatments, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

Hundreds of miles away in a dark basement, Dr. Bartinov sat naked at a table in a room surrounded by two way mirrors. Electrodes were strapped to every part of his body. At the other end of the table was an open container of Jack’s cum. Bullets of sweat were pouring down his body as he fought the urge to go over to it. “That’s great, Alex,” the psychologist’s voice reassured him over the PA system. “Just keep that up.”

Then, like a strained rubber band, his will broke and he tackled the container to gulp down every last morsel. A flurry of electrical shocks jolted through his entire body rendering him in extreme pain. His screams could be heard down the hall.

Author’s Note

If you enjoyed the stories of Jack and his addictive cum, you might like to hear more about the dirty military secrets of AIM and the super soldier program that created him. If so check out “Hollyville”, the dark prequel to this series.


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