by muscl4life

 A rogue bio-engineer discovers a way to infuse young men with the strength of the sun.

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Sure, now that mayhem is at loose it’s easy to point fingers at me to ask “how could you do it?” but if you were suddenly approached by a crazy geezer who offered you an insane amount of money just to look at some old documents; I seriously doubt you wouldn’t take the job.

Oh, well, I guess I should start from the beginning – My name is Dr. Wesley Seymour and I’m an electronic engineer with PhD in Biochemistry but it doesn’t mean a lot when you’re constantly being fired. Truth is that my highly superior intellect was never valued by my narrow minded former bosses, who usually took my strictly professional criticism and turned into some personal crusade to have me disengaged from their projects.

Anyway, it was then I was procured by Mr. Angus Salvatore, who I would never imagine to have any kind of interest in my work. Mister Salvatore is currently a world widely known philanthropist elder citizen, but in his earlier days he had been quite a controversial rich man, who used his family’s wealth to foster some highly questionable archeological expeditions such as the whereabouts of Atlantis or locating the Lost City of Eldorado, or even physical evidences that the Egyptian pyramids were actually built by extraterrestrial life forms.

Back in the 60’s when Angus dedicated his life to the search of the unearthed and the uncanny, he was considered the World’s #1 bachelor – an adventurous playboy who spent his best years in the most exotic locations and was always depictured as living the most exuberant experiences, the social columns constantly affirmed he was having torrid affairs with the hottest women of the time.

Nowadays, however, time seemed to have finally caught up with Mr. Salvatore, because there was little resemblance with the once athletic built of the tanned 5’10” dark haired man whose dazzling blue eyes and mustached corky smile fascinated so many around the world. The one who came after my service was just a 78 year old thin man who looked even older, because of the extreme thinness and wrinkled spotted cutis covering his frail limbs, but there was still an undeniable intensity on his tired gaze.

His offer, like I said before, was practically undeniable, I’d be paid as much as I saw fit for a feasibility study of some projects Mr. Salvatore would give me, everything under absolute sigil of course. When he actually presented me the projects in question I just had to hold my urge to laugh.

The poor geezer gave me some old projects and plants for something called “Lazarus”, including a diary of some sorts, which was originally written in late 1920’s by Prof. Ezekiel Durkheim, a Polish scientist who was captured by the SS troops in 1938 and never seen again, most historians believe he was sent to Auschwitz, but there are no further evidences of such.

According to Durkheim’s notes, the designs in question were inspired by his lifetime studies on Egyptian, Hindu and Grecian technology and philosophy – these three civilizations had a strong connection with the Sun which they adored as a Fatherly God, symbol of Life, Prosperity and Power, and Durkheim believed that many of their religious ceremonies had indeed much more practical applications.

The scientist was convinced that most of the messages and schemes found in the ruins of the most important deities related to the Sun were actually instructions to build some sort of apparatus which supposedly had the purpose of imbuing the bodies of the faithful men with the Strength of the Sun, allowing their leaders to remain indeterminately youthful and strong.

In other words, Durkheim created a series of designs of a very complex machine that he called Lazarus, in a very obvious link with the biblical episode where Jesus brought a man’s back to life. I didn’t need to be a PhD to know it was just bogus, any sci-fi geek had seen this same plot in several other stories, but Mr. Salvatore didn’t want a simple “no” for an answer, he would pay me regally to have a proper study with all that would be necessary to build such complex machinery and, most importantly, what still lacks in our current technology fields to reach such goal.

So, I started working on that project, a bit surprised to realize that Mr. Angus actually knew a lot about the subject, but I was the expert and my opinion was the one he needed. It took me only three weeks to analyze the designs and understand the complexity of the schemes, it was indeed impossible to assemble such machine because most of the parts described were not still not possible to be created – like the so-called Eye of Ra, some kind of condensation crystal which would capture the energy of the Sun and simply turn it into matter to be integrated with the subject’s own organism.

Mister Salvatore didn’t seem disappointed at all, despite my negative opinion he complied with his part of the contract and paid me enough to spend the rest of my life without ever worrying about money again. Thus, Angus thoughtfully studied my work and called me back in his mansion five days later with another offer.

“You have seen the designs and understood that it is impossible to create it with our current technology, but now I want to know if you can fix it.” The voice tone of that meek old man was very low, but I could see in his eyes he wasn’t joking me.

Angus gave me a lecture about things I already knew a long time ago, that Nazis strongly believed in mysticism; in fact he showed me evidences that Himmler’s forces retrieved ancient treasures all over the World, especially those of Sun related deities. Then, Salvatore showed me a new part of Durkheim’s journal where it was clear that the Nazi had captured him to force the scientist to build Lazarus for them. There was even a very strong passage where Ezekiel projected his fear of making some kind of super powered Fuhrer that would rule mercilessly over the Earth.

Angus showed me another set of designs for the Lazarus, these actually belonged to the SS and seemed much more developed than the former ones I had previously studied. Since I had already been paid, I really didn’t feel like humoring the delusional old man, so I told him that the machine was impossible to be built, which was probably the reason why Durkheim and so many German scientists have failed.

The old man grinned when he showed me the Nazi records attesting the Lazarus project was still being developed in a hidden base located 20 km west of Berlin, when the Allies’ forces broke into the city, which means they were probably forced to evacuate the area. Angus also told me that he had personally visited the place on the records and given the kind of destruction, it certainly meant they were interrupted before any kind of report could be given.

I was still skeptical to the whole story, because in my opinion even if the Nazi were trying to build that stupid machine, it was probably destroyed once the Allies found about it, but it was then my eccentric patron really surprised me by asking me to take a tour around his enormous estate.

We took a ride on this electric car while Angus explained me he could have any one working on this project but he needed someone with critical sense and determination to conduct the experiment, I actually felt bad about the old man, he was just senile and having delusional aspirations.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned during my life is that winners always get the spoils.”

The old man said before retrieving something from inside his pocket. Salvatore then carefully showed me an old picture of several Allies’ troopers posing in front of this massive machinery, they were of course exulting and proud of their achievement, but at the same time clueless to whatever Nazi invention they had captured after all.

We arrived to what he called “Toy Room” – a large facility equipped with state of the art technology, things that only the richest universities’ labs could acquire. Salvatore insinuated that regardless the fate of our endeavor I would be granted full access to such expensive equipment and to have all the necessary funding for my own personal projects, needless to say that I obviously felt like the proverbial kid let loose in a toy store, which made much more accessible to his twisted ideas.

Angus walked as fast as he could, given his frail body and the advanced osteoporosis condition that forced him to use a crane, but we still took a bit longer than I would like. When we eventually got to the main laboratories of the large facilities, the old man seemed very excited, and I could finally understand why.

“After the troops broke into the lab, there was no staff or soldiers; neither any sign of Ezekiel nor his assistants, the castle which they were using as laboratory probably had been previously bombarded because the place was pretty much destroyed even before the arrival of our forces. Since it was damaged in the conflict, the machinery and the designs were then confiscated and stored in some department for years until I could retrieve it, and now here we have it.”

I looked over the complex device dumbstruck, around the enormous chamber I could indeed recognize several parts indicated on Durkheim’s plans like the Carriage of Apollo and the Staff of Brahma, mythological artifacts that would empower the whole ensemble of the epical technology necessary to obtain the effect described by the designer.

“It actually took me a long time but I’ve managed to break Durkheim’s notes, which were actually a code with the final parts missing in the Lazarus’ design, the way our dedicated scientist managed to combine and coordinate the power of the unearthed pieces he had been given.” Angus explained while showing me a series of new indications and formulas that I had never seen before.

“So, you believe Durkheim was stalling the Nazi by giving them a machine that wouldn’t work at all, but what does it has to do with me?”

“I have this honor to bestow upon you, Dr. Seymour. To be the man who built a machine that not even in a thousand years our technology will be able to match. With your brilliant mind, my resources and contacts, and ultimately the designs that our dear Dr. Durkheim managed to save from the Nazi, we will be able to create the most revolutionary invention of mankind!”

“And you, of course will be the first benefit of this allegedly miracle machine huh, Mr. Salvatore? You really believe you will be able to extend your own life thanks to this thing?”

Even being so decrepit, Angus Salvatore was indeed a charming man; he gently walked up to me and delivered an envelope which contained nothing else but his own will. I read the contents and almost fainted.

“According to my doctors I am living on borrowed time, my friend and frankly I have no use for all my money in a renewed life or even the afterlife, Wesley, so I’ll let it in your hands. Build me this machine and I’ll donate you 50 percent of my wealth and if I die before you accomplish the job, well you’re still gonna be a winner because then you will just see all my money being donated to charity.”

That was how I ended up hired to create something that would only work according to a man who died over sixty years ago, I only had his notes and some calculations made by Dr. Durkheim and some legendary effects of the artifacts that were more like museum pieces than actual compounds of a complex technological structure.

That was no easy job though, as the new parts of Ezekiel’s designs were revealed, suddenly it all seemed to go together, even if in theory. I still couldn’t actually explain how it was physically possible to imbue the energy of the sun into a living body, but Angus just grinned and alerted me for a curious fact.

“But it is done daily by very simple organisms, my dear Wesley. What is photosynthesis if not taking the Power of Sun and converting into matter? Humans still can’t build a machine to do that, but for nature it is very old news, we just need to look at things from another perspective!”

It took me several months to reassemble the machinery the exactly way indicated by Durkheim’s notes, but I still didn’t understand how it could work because those were just parts mounted together like they actually composed some kind of mechanism. I told Angus that we should run several tests, but the old man had other ideas.

During the time I worked in the Lazarus, Salvatore’s health got much worse, to the point he now had was in a wheelchair and breathing with the help of an oxygen tank, his body was actually so frail that even the slightest movements would break his nearly sandy bones.

I expressed all my doubts and hesitation about the purpose of such machine, anyone who volunteered to step into that thing was pretty much asking to be killed, basically I had built this massive crystallized apparatus which would capture the light and converge it through a series of lenses and mirrors and redirected directly against the subject – that huge mirrored chamber would pretty sure fry the poor individual within a few moments of exposition.

Yet, Angus was determined. “Your timing couldn’t be better, Wesley. The summer Solstice is today and the weather is just clear and extremely dry, it’s almost noon and this is the scenario for us to pray to the Great Sun and ask for his blessings. Now, help getting me into the chamber because I fear there isn’t much time for me…”

I couldn’t believe I was taking an elderly man into a death machine, but he instructed his personal help to put him there in case I refused, so I just decided to play along and let the geezer feel the burn before he begged me to take him out of that sun powered oven

“Thanks, my friend, and remember that our partnership still hasn’t ended, soon you’ll see we have much greater plans together!” The man said as he removed the mask and I took the tank of his hands, I closed the crystal doors and headed for the controls to open the ceiling to allow the solar beams to hit the Eye of Ra, which, according to the plans, would trigger the whole process.

“Okay, old man, here it goes, but if you feel anything hurting just scream and we’ll break you free! Goggles on! “ I alerted his staff as adjusted my own and I opened the lab ceiling precisely when the Sun reached its apex.

In a moment the sunlight invaded the ambient, the complex reflection system worked in a hundredth of a second, flooding our eyes with almost unbearable clarity, the interior of Lazarus turned into a brilliant furnace, almost like the heart of a star where this little black figure could barely be noticed.

“How are you hanging in there?” I shouted still afraid to have killed that geezer.

“I can feel it, Wesley. It is so beautiful!” His voice was actually very, very weak. I feared for the worst and was about to grab the hammer and break him free when the big men around me held my arm.

“Mister Salvatore’s orders are to be followed to the letter.” A big bodied security guard said coldly as the poor man was probably agonizing inside that monstrosity I had built; which could get me charged for manslaughter of a defenseless senile citizen!

“Are you fucking mad? He’s gonna die inside that thing!” I tried to get free of the goon’s grip but he was far too strong.

Then it started, the brilliant lights suddenly turned even more intense, the several artifacts assumed different colors and then a powerful conic beam of luminous energy emerged from the Eye of Ra directly into Angus’ body, and his body produced a loud sound, a mix of laughter and chanting.

We all watched as the shadow inside the Lazarus suddenly moved and since Salvatore could no longer walk on his own, it actually meant something was going on.

“It is happening!” Angus screamed in ecstasy from inside, the intensity of the light glow was just beyond description, even with the safety goggles it was impossible to look directly towards the chamber for more than a few seconds, and each time I returned my gaze back into the Lazarus, I was under the vivid impression that Salvatore’s shadow seemed slightly bigger.

I looked over the machinery and noticed that it was indeed working, the several parts blinked and hummed, it was actually an organized system. “That can’t be possible!” I moaned while Salvatore continued in his weird tanning booth, which soon proved to be much more efficient than in my most optimistic expectations.

Even from a safe distance, I noticed that Salvatore’s body was thickening, slowly it was growing bigger and thicker. The once frail slender silhouette suddenly seemed bulgier and bulkier, even the security guards seemed impressed to the fact that their geezer boss somehow managed to rejuvenate.

After what seemed an eternity the system suddenly shut down, the Eye of Ra, which was an iridescent truncated series of several transparent diamonds carefully mounted in this elliptical golden frame, suddenly turned totally opalescent. I noticed that it actually prevented the light to enter the chamber so I promptly closed the ceiling.

I quickly got rid of my shades and went to check on Angus, but I didn’t even need to unlock the door, by the time I reached within a few steps from the appliance, I felt a powerful heat wave that nearly burnt my face, so I instinctively threw myself on the floor. When I looked again a different being stepped out of the Lazarus.

“Hello, Wesley.” The voice was manly, determined and very soothing.

The man who greeted me wasn’t just a rejuvenated Angus Salvatore.

He was taller than my 6’3” stance, and unlike my thin built, the instantly tanned man was immensely muscular, surpassing even his truculent bodyguards by a great deal. I looked at the massive manly hand offered to me, thick veins covering the calloused surface and the thickest fingers I’ve ever seen.

I just reached for the humongous paw and it promptly closed around my wrist, easily lifting me back to my feet, from where I looked up into the monumental stud I had in front of my eyes.

The once scarce white hair returned like a salt and pepper vigorous cascaded mane, the silvery locks only accentuated the beauty of that richly dark brown hair, reaching down the rugged boulder-like shoulders, which melted with the mounds of massive muscles coming from the engorged neck and the humongously developed deltoids, creating a truly mass of powerful muscle that seemed to come right from the tiny ears of that colossal being.

The once thin and sunken saggy chest became two thickly powerful pectoral plates of hard, hairy manly muscle that jutted several inches from the gargantuan new form in which Angus Salvatore had transformed himself. I traced my gaze down the unearthed thick arms and gasped to the sight of such ginormous muscles, just the veins crossing the valleys and the mountains of that powerfully rugged surface were thicker than my own forearm, the bugling formation of manly strength formed a tremendously big ball containing an uncanny number of muscle fibers, the grotesquely mounds of muscle added to the impossibly thickness of the triceps monstrosity just gave that ultra masculine being the two most incredible arms of the entire world.

The amazing width of such epic muscular body was accentuated by the manly sculptural grandeur of the stomach, huge powerful mounds of muscle resembled like the huge boulders in a massive mountain, the uncanny number of 10 knots of abdominal freakiness displayed on such chiseled rugged surface.

There was just this thinnest and sheerest layer of skin covering the booming muscular abomination of the thickest thighs that supported the temple of such gorgeous mature muscles, the look of those ultra ripped indentations of the innumerous layers of muscular fibers knitted into the most massive weave of power over the planet, the bulging calves completed the supremacy of such monumental pillars of the rejuvenated muscle Adonis.

Speaking of ideal models, I had just then noticed the monstrous man in front of me was completely naked and his dark forest of pubes covered his enormous ball sac, but the lustful size of his engorged manhood now looked obscenely overdeveloped, the huge thick veined body of the Python bulged and pulsed as the monstrous man’s warm skin touched mine, I felt my heart pounding inside my chest when those thick harsh fingers brushed on my cheekbones.

“Thank you, Wesley, I know you had your doubts, but I never even considered the chances of your failure.” The man who gently caressed me had the same turquoise eyes and the manly mustache over the thin lips that framed his corky smile.

“Holy shit, Angus…you are enormous!” I just exclaimed without even understanding how could it be possible, suddenly years of studies and certainties were destroyed with the same power that now imbued my boss’ unheard physical proportions.

“Why thank you, my dear boy. Now…shouldn’t we be more scientific and go test this amazing new physique?” Angus flexed his biceps and I just gulped at the sight of what had to be over 36 inches of pure dynamite.

I spent the next minutes taking Angus’ measurements and trying to keep myself focused as each new impossibly huge number was discovered – from the nearly lifeless 89 pounds of his decrepit former body, he grew into an astonishingly 6’4” over muscular frame weighing whooping 587 pounds of pure manly rugged hard tanned hairy and virile muscle.

His chest read 78 inches around and his arms were 37”, while each amazing thigh stood at impressive 52” and with a 27” waist, he just looked a colossus of mighty and brawn. I was impressed to notice just how much Angus had rejuvenated, he still kept a few wrinkles, but these just enhanced the aura of authority and power that his gargantuan stance irradiated.

Since Angus was already naked because of his growth session, I just asked the massive geezer if he was okay about me measuring his cock for scientific accuracy, and to my uttering surprise he not only agreed he just felt very interested on my request.

“Go ahead, my boy. We still lots of other scientific data for you to collect.” He grinned while I gently hefted his oversized phallus to measure its girth but the moment my hands touched the skin, I just jumped back as my recently humongous boss’ cock reached a fully hard state in just a few seconds, but I of course managed to measure the 16-plus” magnificent manly obelisk.

Angus grinned “Sorry for that, Wesley boy, you gotta understand that it’s been at least 20 years since any hands but mine had touched this huge guy, I guess it missed a different human’s contact.”

I tried to remain professional, unlike Salvatore’s own staff, they just rushed towards him and kept asking for the man to flex and pose with growing enthusiasm, and what seemed more outstanding was the dramatic change on Angus’ demeanor towards his employees, if before he was just a grumping geezer now he actually displayed satisfaction talking to the guys like they were actual human beings.

The augmented Salvatore stood there flexing his muscles and being touched by the overgrown muscular hunks that composed his entourage, at some point one of them looked into the daddy’s blue eyes and just staggered, but then Angus smiled charmingly and picked the guy in his giant arm very carefully, while he held the other guy by the hand.

“I guess we’ll have to interrupt our meeting for a little while, Wesley. I just realized it has been exactly 22 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 4 days that I haven’t fucked anyone, and these guys are very anxious to experiment the damage and the pleasure that 17 inches of manly meat can make in them, so I’ll just indulge their understandable lust and be right back to resume things okay?”

I honestly thought he would be back in like 40 minutes, after all it shouldn’t take much time to treat a case of twenty year long blue balls right? I just took the time and watched the recording of Angus’ transformation on the monitors, I still couldn’t believe that a bunch of ancient artifacts were capable of creating the unearthed effect, but after nearly 5 hours, it finally hit me that if Angus had turned into a walking mountain of manly muscle he should be fucking everything that moved, but deep inside I felt a bit sad because the humongous man didn’t keep his word.

When I looked for Angus the next day I was surprised to find him at the pool with two guys oiling his humongous body while three others were massaging the insanely thick muscles of his shoulders and neck – he just looked like a modern day version of Zeus with those perfectly tanned hairy muscles, glistening under the sun, he wore a giant sized white Speedo and expensive shades, which got Mr. Salvatore to look even more impressive.

Angus just signed for the boys to live as he noticed my approach.

“Hey Wesley, my boy, I looked for you last night but you were already gone back home, I guess we should find some proper accommodations in the manor for you now that we reached this stage of our project.” His white teeth and the thin lips were framed by a flawlessly trimmed mustache.

I pretended that I didn’t understand his offer and just exposed all my questions, theories and conclusions I had upon watching yesterday’s experiment but Angus just grinned and continued enjoying the sunny day.

“Wesley, we can’t break down this unique experience into just a bunch of cold numbers and data. We have witnessed the wisdom of the ancient civilizations that we’ve just been taking for granted all these years, the Lazarus is the proof that the Sun is our greatest resource, and we must keep on researching the true potency of this amazing device.”

I energetically displayed that I was against the mere idea of getting other men into Lazarus, assuming that Angus would probably be give some of his nearly dead friends a new chance on life, but then I was the one surprised by a manly, powerful laughter.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Wesley boy. I am not doing such nonsense thing, there was a reason why only a few selected men were given the Power of Lazarus, and it was to keep the rest of the flock controlled, so power is not to be socialized, it is meant to be accumulated.”

That speech got me momentarily relieved, but then I felt Angus enormous body heat approaching me.

“So, when do you think I can get a second dose of this?” Angus said as he flexed the massive arm right into my face, the shocking sight seemed even bigger than yesterday.

I was dizzy, the mere idea of Angus undergoing a second Lazarus session got me all worked up, I just said it could be too dangerous, and the effects of that thing were still impossible to be predicted.

“Heh, no they are not. If you put a little one into the chamber and he walks out looking like me, if I go there and be exposed to the power of our Fatherly Sun, I’ll get even bigger, Wesley boy. Just by standing here under the power of my Patron makes me stronger, I can just feel it, and so can you, just put your little hands on this manly muscle, boy.”

I just obliged, drawn into that man like a mop to the fire, my hands hugged the hard, hot, hairy ball of manly muscle and I instantly felt like a little boy marveled to the display of strength, manhood and leadership of a flexed bicep. It was like Angus knew he would have such devastating effect over my usually focused mind.

“Just let it be, Wesley boy. You know you want me to pick you and hug you tight, to make you lay above my muscles and kiss your boyish lips, you want this massive daddy to show you the strength, the warmth and the lust you’ve been neglected all these years, you want to feel like a real man fucks, you no longer want to be with scared little boys, you need maturity and sureness, and I’m the only one to get you such thing.”

Angus wasn’t just saying these things, he was actually telling me, he was ordering me and I didn’t have the will power to deny he was so damn right. I felt my cock getting harder inside my pants and my heart pounding harder inside my chest while I still continued rubbing the rugged veined surface of that giant flexed arm.

“I can keep it flexed all day long for you boy, but I also can do much, much more. I am more than any man you ever met, and I want you to become my little bright smart boy, the one I need working on Lazarus and get me even more powerful, and if you can do it Wesley boy…well let’s just say that little boner of yours will never go down.” He whispered as I continued to rub his enormous biceps like it was the crystal ball that would foretell my own fate.

I didn’t even have time to reply, because right at the next moment, Angus pulled me into his strongest embrace and started kissing the back of my neck.

“I can make you feel like this forever, Wesley boy. I have years of practice of sex, in every single country and in every single position, I have learned the skills of the ancient Yogi, the lessons of the Egyptian and the Greek. I have tons of sexual knowledge and now, thanks to you, I have the body to give you all the pleasure in the world.”

All my willpower had burst into lustful flames; I just turned around and moaned something corny and ridiculous like “Take me daddy, please…” or a generic substitute for a pathetic plead of a young guy desperate to be fucked by the manliest man ever.

Angus just caressed my head and lifted higher so he could reach my lips because of the tremendous thickness of the immensely masses of pectoral plates, I was looking at his handsome faces and drowned in those turquoise eyes, throwing myself to kiss once again, I wanted to be consumed by the humongous man like a little snack.

Salvatore indulged my clumsiness, he carefully corrected my stance and the way I attacked his lips like I would just bite them off his face. Then, as my initial over excitement slowed down and I was breathing again, the humongous man just nursed me in his arms and without saying a single word, he simply ripped the leather belt along with my trousers to release my own 7 inches pecker into the world.

Angus carefully placed those thin mustached lips around my throbbing cock and started sucking with such tenderness and experience which I doubted such a brutal muscle monster could possess, the humongous muscle man just carried me to the side of the pool and gave me a legendary blowjob, which I would have enjoyed for several hours in a row if the gargantuan daddy hasn’t inserted three thick fingers inside my little butt and sent me directly into Cloud-9.

Mister Salvatore proved himself a great sucked, because he kept drinking from my cock and never missed one single drop, in fact he seemed to savor its peculiar taste. My head was still spinning when Angus gently turned me around and started rimming my butt.

“That was a beautiful opening session, now let’s get you to learn how to have an orgasm without actually cumming, because I am far from ending.” He said as the thickest and harshest tongue entered my virgin ass and I blushed from my own surprise to have discovered such a pleasing sensation.

Angus worked on me for over an hour, rimming my butt, sucking my balls and kissing me so passionately, at the same time I toyed with his enormous muscles like a kid in the amusement park, I was actually fascinated with the single fact that I couldn’t even dent those ultra hard muscles, it was like trying to grope a granite mountain, the rugged surfaces were so hard they just hurt my hands, but I couldn’t care less, that was still the most sensational experience of my life.

Then, my greatest muscle daddy just whispered in my ears “I am going inside you now, boy, just breathe out and relax, I’ll do the hard work.”

Angus said as he simply slipped one massive hand under my stomach and held me in the air, feeling weightless was a bit weird at first but when the humongous cockhead forced its way into my butt, I just remembered his advice and exhaled while focusing on relaxing as much as possible, which eased the pain but I still felt the pressure widening my boyish interior, although the pleasure of being filled by such phenomenal phallus made me manlier and happier than I’ve ever been.

Angus was not soft, neither too harsh otherwise I would never survived the rage of his muscles fucking me at full force, but he managed to dose tenderness and rough moments as he ride my skinny butt like the very experienced and skilled topper he really was, that monstrous muscle daddy had me around his pinky finger, he controlled me, he owned me and I have no idea how easy it had been for him to completely conquer my loyalty like that.

Angus just grinned as he fucked my ass in such a great rhythm that I couldn’t even think, because of the waves of blissful sexual pleasure that sent me directly into new heights of orgasms. Meanwhile, Angus built his own momentum, he got closer and closer, at some point he just lowered and spoke very firmly.

“I will cum inside you now boy, and you will be filled with my seed. You will never be able to have pleasure with another man, because I am your Master. I want you to scream to me what I want to hear from you little boy.”

Salvatore then grinned and he pounded my ass like a pile driver, it felt like an earthquake inside my guts, the pain burnt mixed in extreme pleasure and then it happened, the warm flood of seed invaded my guts and then it was running down my legs, but Angus never stopped fucking me, he just continued there with his glorious winning smile waiting for his response.

“Oh…PLEASE SIR LET ME MAKE YOU BIGGER! I NEED TO MAKE YOU BIGGER!” I screamed like the crazy man I had become, completely overwhelmed and dominated by that unearthed muscle daddy. I didn’t care for the consequences, I just needed to make that man pleased with me.

Angus slowed his movement, but he didn’t completely stop though. “Nice…I am gonna let you go now, to have some rest on top of my muscles and when you’re ready, I want you to get everything ready for my second treatment.”

I couldn’t say anything because Angus was unplugging the humongous cock from my tiny ass, and I felt immediately cold, as the monstrous man licked his own cum running down from my ass, I just purred like a little kitty.

I’ve always considered myself to be above simple minded men, but it turns out that I was just as desperate for hot sex like any other man in the planet, and Angus knew that. He realized most of my behavior came from sexual frustration, but once he took care of that subject, I had turned into the most obedient sheep of his flock.

I needed him bigger, and he knew that.

And that’s how it REALLY started.

Needless to say, I quickly got everything ready to give Angus a second dose of the treatment, I was anxious to see him getting even bigger, the massively built Salvatore stood in position and we closed the Chamber, and opened the ceiling which allowed the sun light to hit the Lazarus once again, but despite my eagerness something was not right; the machine wasn’t working like it did before.

No matter how many times I’ve repeated the procedure, it just didn’t trigger the machine. Unfortunately, Angus would have to wait until we had the Lazarus back into working. Unable to figure out the reason for such unexpected system shut down, I felt my heart sinking inside my chest when I told my massive muscle daddy that I couldn’t make it work, but Angus showed his understanding towards my own disappointment.

“Don’t worry, my little boy. I am sure you will make it work again, because the same brilliant mind who has put it back together surely will figure out any smaller problems that might be in the way towards our goal…” The monumental man lifted me like the toddler I was compared to his size and gave me a kiss that not only sent me through the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt, it simply got me incredibly motivated to figure out the mysteries of that wicked ancient machine.

Mr. Salvatore kindly let me to my very important job and summoned more of his muscular men to follow him back into the mansion where he would “attend to mundane issues”. I felt suddenly cold once I saw that marvelous tanned muscle father figure leave the room, but once I fixed that minor obstacle Angus would have me in highest regards again!

It took me several hours to dissemble such highly complicated machine, each singular part was an undecipherable puzzle for modern science, yet I have seen the wonders it could realize, so the faith in my capability to make it work again was immovably serious.

The keystone to make Lazarus work again rested in the truncated way that its main parts functioned: The Carriage of Apollo, the Staff of Brahma and the Eye of Ra. I had noticed the diamonds which formed the last were not as clear as they had once been. This fact isolated was quite understandable because although diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world it is possible to be burnt in the presence of a sufficient heat source, since it is basically carbon atoms rearranged in different spatial structure. However, the system couldn’t have reached a temperature high enough to decompose those diamonds, not even my humongous Salvatore could have survived such heat, could he?

Since my scientific knowledge wouldn’t be much of help in this case, I’ve considered the religious implications of the riddle.

Contrary to common belief, Apollo was not really the God of Sun (which was Helios), he is the Patron God of Medicine, granting cure for sicknesses. However, he also played an equally important role for he was the one to bring the bright of Solar Crown over darkness, completing the circle of days and nights.

At the same time, Brahma was the mightiest of the Hindu pantheon, but many believe that such god shared his existence in three different aspects: Brahma would remain as the Superior God of Wisdom and Judgment but he would also be Vishnu, God of Creation and Shiva, God of Destruction but also the responsible for the Recreation.

Finally, Ra was the God of Sun, which came to his earthly domains in the form of the Pharaohs, and once his mortal body deceased, it would need to cross a series of dangerous challenges to regain its divine aspects, it was a god-made-man-made-god-again saga, and the Sun was its ultimate goal.

Then it hit me: the heat didn’t damage the diamonds; they had absorbed Angus’ body decay into their own structure! Of course, each part of the Lazarus was responsible for imbuing the immortal energy of the Mighty Father Sun into the subject’s body, but at the same time it would collect the mortality of the subject, which would be transferred to the Lazarus itself, hence the fast deterioration of the diamonds, they worked like some sort “battery”. The deterioration of such parts meant that they needed to be replaced if the machine was to function again!

I knew my theory implied at least two problems: not only I had to replace the diamonds in the Eye of Ra, it would also be necessary to find a way to extend the useful life of such highly expensive components, because I really knew that Angus would still have lots of plans for such revolutionary system.

At the same time, I had to be practical, for my humongous muscle daddy needed his new treatment right away, so I would have to replace the batteries of the rejuvenation system. Looking through Durkheim’s journal over and over again, I could actually figure that he had also faced such problem, although in his case that was blessing in disguise because it made the Nazis’ plans much harder.

It was then I realized I had spent the last 17 hours locked up in the lab, without eating or sleeping, my body was aching all over. The only thing that kept me going was my lust, it was just unexplainable how I had been able to sustain an almost permanent boner, an everlasting need to please Mr. Salvatore, the mere idea of his presence made me moan under my highly complex thoughts.

I needed a break, no matter how disappointing it felt not being able to provide an instant solution for my humongous muscle daddy. I gathered my notes and took them back to the mansion, but it was then I noticed Angus had been busy as well.

There were several new guys working at the complex, the security had been highly reinforced, I made my way back to my own room, but a couple of huge (though not truly huge if compared to our amazing employer) men intercepted me with strict instructions to go meet the splendid Salvatore, which was quite unnecessary because any wish from him was mandatory to me now.

Seeing Angus in all his glory just made my boner even more painful. He was dressed in a huge custom made light silver gray suit, an impeccably white shirt that was opened down to the third button and still seemed to be about to burst, his hair was neatly combed and tied in a classic pony tail. Instead of the classic Italian leather shoes I would expect him to be using, daddy Salvatore stood barefoot, those enormous manly feet were so huge and so powerful, for one moment I imagined he would need sandals like those Goliath might have used.

I was in trance with his unearthed tan, it was like he was now made of pure bronze, the size of his manly muscles, the silver hair on his enormous chest, his size and stance looked so perfectly and so naturally unreachable for human standards, just like his new powerful manly meat bulging through the expensive fabric of his pants.

“I am glad you are back with us, Wesley. I was getting worried about you, I know you’re giving everything to make the second time available, but let’s not forget that you mean much more to me than Lazarus.”

Judging by the smile in his face, he quite knew he made my heart melt inside my thin chest, because I just threw myself into those humongous arms and kissed his manly lips, feeling his neat mustache brushing against my naked lips. I just needed his very touch to feel refreshed, the hunger, the exhaustion, the ache; everything felt better now, even my headed seemed clearer now. I smiled rubberized, looking at the face of my humongous muscle daddy.

“It seems like you have something to tell me huh? What is it, little boy?” I loved how direct Angus acted towards his goals. He carried me to his enormous couch and gently let me sat in lap while I explained the whole situation.

I came clean with my muscle daddy, explaining my conclusions and the problems we would have to face in order to realize his intent. Angus carefully considered the details and once I finally stopped for some air, the humongous daddy kissed my forehead and brought me closer to his manly massive chest, I simply laid my head over the ultra-hard surface, and my tongue gently touched the big fat nipple of my patron.

“I am actually very happy with you, Wesley. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me! You are decoding the wonders of Lazarus faster than I expected, and don’t worry about getting diamonds. I can have a ton of them to be delivered to you within the next hours, so you can start working again, after a proper rest of course. Now…I only have a question to you. Have you considered the possibility that Lazarus isn’t actually out of work?”

“What do you mean, sir? You were there too, we have tried to start the machine but it just didn’t work.”

Salvatore grinned and comforted me “I am not saying you were incompetent my son. We both were so anxious that we didn’t consider the idea that maybe Lazarus isn’t ready to work on me, because of the same reasons you’ve presented. The degrading of the Eye of Ra is undeniable, but I think we are not thinking through the situation.”

“I…don’t quite understand it, daddy.” It was incredible how a man of my IQ felt so comfortable about treating my employer/lover like the manliest father figure ever.

“What if this was a method to keep the acolytes under control? For each man, a lifetime opportunity, one and only because that machine wouldn’t work again until the Eye of Ra was replaced, and since we know diamonds aren’t that easy to find and given the complexity of reassembling the new pieces onto the delicate piece, that would establish a nice hierarchy system among the faithful. The more the system were used, the less benefits it would provide, creating less marvelous beings, still making miracles though.”

I looked at Angus and gasped. “That makes absolute sense! The higher ranked devoted would go first, and they would get bigger than the lower ranked ones…if the Lazarus worked at all, that is…”

Angus just grinned and kissed my forehead “There’s just one way to find it out, huh?” He stood up and carried me in his mighty arms through his house and I could feel the jealousy of every other man in the house, I could be smaller and not nearly as handsome but I was the most precious his boys and they should never forget it.

“Wesley I’d like you to meet my dear friend and long- time associated, Mr. Takahashi.” Angus placed me in the ground where I saw this old Japanese man standing quite proud and serenely.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Takahashi.” I said noticing his firm handshake – At 64 years old, standing at 5’5” and 115 pounds, Jiro Takahashi was the owner of several important economic groups in Japan and in the whole world. I’ve learned that he was associated with several of Angus’ endeavors around the world, so I quite figured where this was going, since I could notice in his weary eyes the glint of hope of becoming at least nearly as powerful as his associated.

“You have accomplished what has been considered impossible for the last 60 years, Mr. Seymour.” Although Jiro needed a walking crane, he was actually in much better shape than my massive daddy, which actually made me very excited because even in a lower intensity, Lazarus could do wonders for that old man.

“Yes, he did. I am actually happy to inform that we are ready to move ahead in our plans, my friend. The Lazarus will be ready for you tomorrow morning” Angus informed in such a decisive tone that I got my cue instantly. My smart daddy wouldn’t tell about the whole hierarchy linked to the usage of Lazarus, he would keep a fresh new battery for himself and spread a whole new chain of contacts and associates, milking as much power as possible from his marvelous machine.

Jiro nodded “That is more than wonderful, old friend. Now I will get back to my room and enjoy the hospitality of your fine muscular men.” Takahashi grinned and he walked out of the room escorted by one muscular helper. I looked up at my daddy and smiled proudly because he had trusted me to be part of his plans.

“So you were indeed looking forward to share this with your friends huh daddy?” I said laughing for one moment, but a crisp look from Angus set me back into my rightful place.

“This is not a joke, my boy. I am establishing a chain of power here, Jiro has been supporting my plans for a long time and he is indeed a good friend. Therefore, we should give him the rightful place his name estates, Jiro means “Second man” and that’s what we will make him, since the machine is now working at a less intense rate we can safely induce his change without having to give me a second dose.”

I was amazed at Angus’ cleverness. I nodded quite excitedly and hugged his enormous figures “Please, forgive me, sir.”

Salvatore caressed my head “You are already are forgiven my boy. Now, go to your room and get some rest. I’ll have your meal served in a couple of hours, and by the morning you will ready Lazarus for our guests.”


Angus grinned “Of course, I’ll schedule different sessions along the week so my other associates can enjoy the blessings of our machine. This Fellowship we are establishing is very crucial for my future plans, Wesley.”

I felt a cold shiver down my spine, but right then he picked me in his arms and kissed me so intensely that all thoughts vanished from my lustful mind.

“In a second thought…you could sleep in my room tonight. I wouldn’t quite actually sleep, but spend the whole night fucking you and the rest of my tiny skinny boys; making you guys scream for my name and worship my muscles all night long.” He purred like a true tiger and it just made me forget about my hunger and lack of sleep.

“Nothing in the world would make me happier, sir.” I said promptly.

Angus seemed pleased with my answer. “Still, you do need some rest. Go take care of your hungry skinny tired body and later I’ll go to your room after fucking my other boys, so you can just enjoy my immense muscles just for yourself, you are my favorite after all, none of them seems to enjoy my enormity like you, Wesley.”

The man played me like a masterful violinist, knowing exactly which of my buttons to press in order to bring me around his pinky finger. I simply rushed to my room, got a decent bath, gulped down the meal he had sent me and got in bed to have a good night of sleep, knowing in advance I’d have a night of fantasies with my delicious Über muscle daddy.

In my dreams, I was in a haven of enormous men fucking each other. Their muscles were enormous, their cocks were monstrous, and their passion inhuman, the kind of warmth that spread in the air brought sex into new heights of pleasure. I was sure I had came several times during the visions of powerful muscle mature men looking down at me, their bodies and their muscles were so delicious. I just wanted to be taken by them, however, a thunderous voice suddenly said.


I woke up at once, feeling cold and scared. That voice was so real, so vivid! I looked around and noticed my door being opened to reveal the humongous presence of my muscle daddy maneuvering his uncanny body to pass through the narrowness of my doorframe.

“I hope you had the chance to gather your energies, boy. Because after fucking those other skinny guys, I only harder and in the mood of fucking you deeper, to make you feel a real man inside you.” Angus said with his hands on his narrow hips.

That monstrous muscle daddy now looked so powerful, his hard cock throbbed and hit the tip of his left nipple, it was so huge and so thick…I knew I would never been able to take it all, but the mere idea of trying made me so lustful.

The bed creaked and actually was destroyed as Angus laid on it; he just grinned and held me tight as we both fell in the ground. Then, he gently kissed me and I did my best to throw myself into kissing him back, but Angus noticed my unsettling.

“Is there anything wrong, boy? You’re shaking like a weed, and I can tell it is not because of me.”

I took a deep breath, knowing it was just pointless to hide anything from a man like Salvatore. “I guess I had a nightmare or something…I don’t know why but I felt really scared, like something was trying to…warn me about your intentions.”

The humongous muscle daddy looked serious for one moment, then he just smiled and kissed my forehead and simply said. “That is the reason why I fell in love with you, Wesley, you’re so passionate and sincere; you don’t fear not even a monster like me, who could break you like a twig!”

I gasped “Sir… did you just say that…that…”

He gently kissed my lips again. “I love you Wesley boy…I want us to be together, you know for proper reasons that you are not enough for a man like me. But please understand that you are not only my favorite but the same one I make love to when I am fucking my other boys…”

I guess I knew it all sounded too convenient, but I was sold in the moment he told me he loved me. I was never supposed to fall in love with someone, especially someone so unexpected like Angus, but for some reason I was being drawn towards him in an increasing pace.

“Please, daddy…I don’t want you to tell me this if you don’t mean it…” I said feeling so disgustingly romantic, in a single second Angus had demolished the image I had built for myself!

He just grinned and said “You really think a man like me, who lied to all kind of people, a man who had done the most despicable things to get what he wanted wouldn’t lie to you? Let’s not be so innocent boy. I could have you fooled so easily, I didn’t even need to try that hard, but we have both gone through a life changing experience…didn’t you realize? The moment you opened that chamber, that single second made me see you through a whole new angle, you cared about me more than anyone ever did, and from that moment I am growing each time more in love with you…I can’t explain it, and I don’t need to do so, because I want you.”

That was a display of honesty that caught me off-guard, I desperately wanted to believe in his words and kissed him with such angst that I felt like he actually kissed me back with such truth that for one split second, it was like Angus regretted something, for one single moment, it was like I could see through his shelter of manly muscles.

And then, it was gone. Angus was back in charge, I couldn’t think, I just reacted to my urges and my needs, I wanted him inside me, I needed my daddy and Salvatore would have anything he wanted from me at that moment.

“Just let daddy take care of you, boy.” He said, snapping his fingers and summoning more guys to come into the room and join us. I must confess I wasn’t jealous, I actually felt relieved, being with Angus was just amazing, but I knew he would never be truly satisfied with just one man. At least we could take turns into pleasing our enormous muscle daddy, because that’s our purpose on his life, anyway.

The rest of the time I spent serving my enormous muscle daddy I couldn’t help but feeling excited again about the mere idea of making him even bigger. He would count on me to make it happen and I would do it.

By dawn, Angus was already gone; he went to work out at the garden. His body needed just a few minutes of rest before it was fully ready again, and I actually noticed that with the actual sunrise Salvatore was fully energized and readier than never.

As I tried to gather my senses back, I looked at the scattered room and noticed several guys were already taking care of everything, they kindly got me clean clothes and prepared my bath, letting me know that Angus himself ordered that my stuff should be moved to the master bedroom, which actually made me blush.

I took my breakfast and proceeded to the outdoor gym my humongous lover had quickly assembled for his new needs. Angus stood there in his white speedos tanned like the most perfect ultra-muscular daddy lifting weights that were humanly impossible to be lifted like a kid picking a bird feather in his hands, he was actually being too careful not to harm the extra weights he decided to use that morning, which was a dozen of his well muscular servants, he had 5 of them sat on the bar and three on each side to reinforce the 2000 pounds weight he carried, which made a 3,200 pound mark that was just unheard!

“So as you can see, Jiro. Once you are exposed to the Mighty Father’s Power you will gain much more than your strength, but a power which is unparalleled in this world.” Angus explained as he curled the humongous weight with just one hand very slowly so he didn’t knock the guys hanging onto the thing.

Takahashi just grinned, watching how the muscular hunks gawked and gasped for Angus. “I can see you are truly enjoying this such awaited dream, my friend.”

Angus laughed out loud, throwing his head back in satisfaction. “You might say that again, old friend. Watching how wimpy these boys are compared to a real man makes me hard…just this night I have made each and every one of them pass out of exhaustion as I fucked their tiny sorry asses, and each time it feels easier to overpower their ridiculous attempts, but you will feel the same in a while. I mean, if you have already provided the little token of trust I asked.”

Jiro nodded once again. “I must say it was an unexpected request, but I have learned how to ask questions later when it comes to your methods.” The old man looked at his own assistants and they produced two metallic cases. At that moment, I realized they were aware of my presence, because the assistants opened the boxes right in front of me, showing a myriad of diamonds of all shapes, forms and sizes.

“I hope they’re the kind of diamonds you were looking to get my treatment ready, Dr. Seymour. That’s 50 million dollar worth in diamonds.” Jiro turned his head to his side in order to face me, and I just realized how cunning Angus had been, because Takahashi was convinced that such diamonds were needed for his treatment, when in fact they would help me to make my muscle daddy even bigger in a short while.

“They are just perfect for the proceedings, sir. I will take care of everything now, if you excuse me.”

I played my role as the designated scientist down to the letter, hoping that it would make my muscle daddy happy with me. This time I knew that my worries were pointless and the Lazarus should work as it was intended to work, so I went back to the lab to set the Lazarus back to work at the right time.

I’ve positioned the Eye of Ra at its place and checked the systems once again, hoping that placing a new subject at the chamber would actually trigger the Lazarus to work once more. I took the precaution to make it look like I had been using the diamonds he gave us, so when my massive muscle master and his Japanese friend arrived at the lab, it was looking a bit messy in purpose.

“We are ready for you, sir. Just let me help you into the chamber and we will start the exposition.” I gently helped the man to walk inside Lazarus and he kindly held my hand, looking at me with a happy expression for the first time since we’ve met.

“I won’t ever forget what you have done for me, Wesley. Once I am empowered, I will make sure you will be properly thanked.” He grinned as I closed the doors for the chamber.

“Don’t worry, Jiro. I’ll let you play with my toys once you’re big enough, but remember that Wesley is my favorite one, so you take care with him or I’ll be forced to crush you!” Angus laughed from the place where he stood and I couldn’t feel more proud to be disputed like that, although much more handsome guys stood in the very room.

Angus looked at me with a very powerful expression in his tower figure, and I simply hoped he was right and everything went according to his plans. I offered the special goggles to the staff but my massive daddy simply refused.

“The Fatherly Sun’s light won’t hurt me, boy. Just let me behold this change in all its glory!” He gently patted me in the head and I obliged, knowing he was right. I took a deep breath and gave the last warning before opening the ceiling to allow the sunbeam to trigger the whole process.

Just like the first time, the moment when Lazarus was hit by the first ray, the light beam triggered the unknown processes inside the ancient system. I was fascinated with the sharpness of Angus’ mind, the machine worked as it was supposed to do, but having witnessed the first time it performed the unearthed changes, I could tell it wasn’t nearly as powerful as it had once been.

Angus moaned as he noticed the dark figure inside the light chamber “This is mostly magnificent, my boy.” He said groping my butt with his hand and patting my head. I was relieved to realize this time the whole changing process was much smoother than the first time, or at least I was so much calmer that I could actually pay attention to the transformation.

“Angus…it works! IT REALLY WORKS!” Takahashi said from inside the chamber, his voice almost muffled by the sound of the Lazarus, the energy captured into the Eye of Ra was being infused into Jiro’s body and just like Salvatore, his once frail figure was filling up quite fast (although not quite fast as my daddy’s).

I watched as Jiro short, skinny figure filled with extra mass, his moaning and the way Angus grinned made me wonder how powerful it must feel to be imbued with the Strength of the Sun. It was then Angus pointed at the symbols and markings at the Lazarus, in one second it came to me – those symbols were actually ancient forms to follow up the whole process.

I could tell that Lazarus wasn’t working on its full capacity, it should be something around 5/8ths of such power, which was actually much more than I anticipated. The readings also indicated the level of development of the process; I guess I was too distracted by my concerns and my lack of faith in the whole system that I didn’t realize how precise that machinery was.

Meanwhile, Jiro’s growth continued beautifully as the sun irradiated its power into Lazarus, the Japanese executive simply blossomed inside the chamber, receiving the blessings of the Fatherly Solar Crown, his body engorged and thickened, the intensity of his moaning increased, and judging from my previous experience I could tell exactly why.

Meanwhile, I heard Angus hissing and his muscles were visible growing! I looked up at him and we both concluded that even from the distance, he was benefiting from Lazarus’ functioning, which only made my massive daddy even happier, he bent down and whispered in my ears as he groped my hard cock.

“I can feel my power increasing and my own muscles growing, with each new member we bring into the Fellowship we can make me even more powerful, and that only means more muscle for when my next time comes!” Angus said as he flexed his humongous arms in front of my shaky hands, I grabbed the mountainous muscle with my both arms and hugged it with my passion, making out with my daddy’s muscle and he laughed out loud as he brought his arm higher, lifting me along.

I would rather continue worshipping muscle master, but we were both interrupted by Lazarus itself, the system suddenly indicated that it was done for the time being. Daddy Salvatore and I exchanged looks while I rushed to close the ceiling. The room went back to its normal lit, while the interior of the Lazarus Chamber still held quite some luminosity.

Angus walked proudly towards the machinery, he hit a tremendously powerful most muscular pose standing in front of the door as it opened, revealing the new and improved Jiro Takahashi stepped out of the Lazarus.

“Welcome to the rest of your life, brother!” Angus said as he changed poses to show his enhanced muscular development to his fellow blessed man looked at the world around his new figure.

The once meek Japanese old man had become another towering figure of herculean proportions. Although still not truly impressive like my daddy Salvatore, he had definitely grown into impressive muscular standards. Jiro stood proud and massive in front of my daddy, his ripped manly tanned physique still looked way bigger than any puny Mister Olympia contestant.

The serene face of Mr. Takahashi now inhabited a muscular body that oozed manhood and authority, his once spotted pale aging skin now looked much more tanned and fresher, the signs of aging had been tremendously reverted, he actually seemed to be a man in his early forties.

The balding head was now filled with long dark brown mane with grey locks that fell onto the thick shoulders, the smooth muscles looked so pumped and veined, his broad shoulders, the thick deltoids and the amazingly developed neck muscles simply gave the man a very powerful stance.

“Thanks, Angus. We sure will have a great time together!” The Japanese muscle daddy said as he joined my own muscular master in his rather manly muscular display, the both of them showed how much muscle it could be created thanks to the uncanny power I have helped to unearth from the past.

The remains of Jiro’s suit were clinging to his hulking physique as he posed over and over along with my daddy. Then, noticing his newly engorged manhood, Takahashi laughed out loud, throwing his head back and taking his hands to the narrow waist. His column sized trunks flexed in truly waves of muscular fibers twitching and thickening under his command.

Jiro finally grabbed his engorged manhood; the heavenly gift of the Sun augmented his small endowment and changed to a tanned obelisk to the solar power. I looked at this new Muscular Shogun and it felt like he was eating my very soul, and at that same moment, his enormous physique filled my entire view.

“My dear Jiro, I think my little Wesley is just crazy to measure your amazing transformation to attest the quality of our Lazarus System.” Angus placed his hand onto the enormous shoulder of his rejuvenated friend and Jiro grinned.

“It will be my pleasure to satisfy your…scientific curiosity Wesley boy.” The dazzling handsome rejuvenated Takahashi replied as I took his measurements.

“Alright, from your original height, you’ve grown to 5’10”, which is a really significant gain…”

Jiro grinned as he flexed his massive chest. “It is not just the height that makes a mountain, little boy!” The man was absolutely right, although he was still around 4 inches shorter than me, his muscles more than compensated such fact, he was powerful, enormous and truly massive for all that mattered.

I checked his weight and just gasped – even at a reduced capacity Lazarus could turn

A 115 pounds old skinny man and turn him into a 457 pounds muscle behemoth! He was quite the double of the superheavyweight bodybuilder, and his muscles surely showed that he deserved such amazing size. Jiro’s body was ripped and so veined, his smooth physique contrasted with my daddy’s hairy monstrosity, but I actually enjoyed the fact that Lazarus reacted differently on such aspect.

“That’s quite impressive, huh little boy?” Jiro flexed his incredibly huge 30” biceps right in my face and I quickly groped it with my both hands.

“You can say that again sir. You are much more than impressive; you’re a fortress of muscle: 66” chest; thighs at 46” and you have an amazing 26” waist, your body fat is just under 4 percent!” I’ve told his measurement in such excitement that the new muscle daddy just chuckled as he looked up at Angus.

“You were right, my friend. These puppies get all excited with figures…” Jiro looked at me with a mischievous grin. “So what about the manly muscle little boy?”

I carefully measured the enormity of that phallus, it was just so massively long at 13 whole inches and incredibly thick at 6” it was comparatively thicker than my daddy’s own obelisk, the heavy balls were the size of large eggs and judging by the way Jiro moaned, he was ready to put his new equipment to the test.

“So, are you sure you can handle this cock, little boy?” Takahashi lifted me in his arms and I just hugged his enormous physique with transfixed admiration.

“I promise I’ll try very hard sir!” I giggled as he noticed my bodyweight felt to his incredible new strength.

“Damn…Angus, are you sure you’ve got enough boys? I think I’ll fuck them into exhaustion before noon!” Takahashi said while I gently reached for the huge cock and started licking the impressive head.

My daddy just nodded as three other guys approached him. “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of them, besides…you still have the biggest man in the area to give you a real treatment!”

At that moment, I truly understood the expression “When Worlds Collide!” Angus simply hugged Jiro so passionately, their inhumanly large muscles pressing against each other, like two tectonic plates they forced each other to see who would give in and although Takahashi proved to be a worthy opponent, my daddy was far too strong for his newly muscles – the muscular Shogun was swept by his feet, carrying me along his monstrous physique.

“You can play with Wesley later Jiro, because I’ll be fucking your ass in this inauguration ride. You are the only one who can truly keep up with me, and I’m in the need of a real fuck! A man like me needs to fuck a real man like you my friend, those boys are just kid meals, and I am hunger for the big beef!”

“Bring it on, my brother! I’ll give you a run for your money!” Salvatore and Takahashi kissed so passionately and so energetically that I found myself captured between two Muscle Lords fighting to establish dominance. Humongous hairy pecs versus humongous smooth pec, monstrous biceps and glorious triceps crushing monstrous biceps and glorious triceps, ultra developed abdominal muscle knots pressing against their counterparts, those insanely huge cocks rubbing against each other, leaking lots of precum.

And there I was caught between two monsters I have created in such a short time span, a full grown man being treated like a boy, a skinny weakling impotent little boy who needed those muscular daddies more than I needed the very air I breathed. I’ve managed to squeeze my body between their sweaty colossal frames and emerged between their fight of their huge muscles.

At some point, Angus noticed they had trapped me in their muscles and he just laughed, kissing my lips while Jiro took gentle bites on my ear lobes, sending me into a state that could only be described as near-orgasmic.

“You have been a terrific little boy, Wesley. My brother and I will show you our sincere appreciation in the proper…your ass will be properly stretched by his cock, and later I will take his place and teach you how to truly serve your muscle master…”

“Yeah, he’s a keeper, Angus my friend…but you have ruined him for life, he’ll never want to fuck with boys, if he had tasted true men.”

I just nodded and felt my face rubberizing, I loved the way they talked down to me, something that I would never accept in my highly competitive former life now felt like the best compliment I could get.

Angus chuckled “He’ll get used to it, besides we will have more daddies soon enough. All those boys will have their hands and asses occupied for most of the day as our fellow brothers satisfy their so deserved urges.

Jiro seemed to agree with that statement. “I bet their entry fee won’t be as modest as mine huh?”

Salvatore nodded “Worry not brother, your initial investment will be fully paid sooner than you think. Each new paying member will have to contribute with 75 million worth in diamonds, from which you will receive 25 in cash, since the rocks are what really matters for our society. But we also will have non-paying brothers because our growing group needs very special men, not just rich ones.”

Jiro smirked “That seems fair enough, but what about further expositions. I’ve noticed you still haven’t used the diamonds I gave you…what is the catch?”

Angus then kissed the Japanese muscle daddy so hard and so intensely that I couldn’t help but creaming my pants, my boyish moaning didn’t even bother their incredible passion.

“There’s no catch, little brother. You are what your name states, the second man. Second in command, therefore you owe me total respect and loyalty, and if you behave within such standards you will be rewarded with a second treatment, but when and IF I say so, but don’t worry…it might be possible for you to have a second ride in the future.”

That was a struggle for power that Takahashi had lost ever since the beginning, because even being such a phenomenal muscle daddy himself, Jiro realized that he couldn’t resist the overwhelming manly presence of Angus Salvatore – he was just another boy toy in his massive hands.

“Yes, master…” Jiro was eager to please Angus, just like myself and it only made me hornier.

However, Angus had other plans for me. He gently broke his powerful embrace from Jiro’s immense physique and picked me back in his monstrous arms, he just flexed the true mountainous arm in front of Jiro’s face and the new muscle daddy simply started worshipping that amazing brawny rock.

I also felt the need to worship that gorgeous arm, but my daddy whispered in my ears. “We’ll have plenty of time for that later, boy. Make sure to ready Lazarus for two other sessions in the next hours, we have to discharge the current battery and use all daylight period. Tonight, you will sleep with me, and tomorrow you will be ready for my second exposition.”

I nodded and Angus kissed me in the forehead, he placed me back in the ground and the two muscle monsters looked down at me as they exited the room, their humongous cocks so hard and pumping tons of precum all over the floor. The rest of the muscle escorts followed the enormous daddies and I was left alone with that miracle machine.

I looked back at the Eye of Ra, the amazing artifact was definitely more corrupted, but for my own surprise the system indicated that it would operate at half of the full capacity, which meant Angus change took 3/8ths and Jiro’s transformation consumed only an eighth of the remaining power. Therefore, the next sessions would consume less of the system capability, producing lesser muscle beings, which still would be far beyond human standards.

I ran some theoretical calculations and realized that if we kept the same patterns, we would be able to use the rest of the current battery to create more Fellowship members each one a bit smaller than the previous one, which meant they would establish their new hierarchy status as they were initiated.

A few moments later, one of Salvatore’s staff entered the lab to let me know the guests would arrive within the next hours, so I made sure everything would be ready for their own changes, Angus would collect their fee and afterwards introduce the rules of the Fellowship before leading them into Lazarus, which would give me some time to consider the other task he gave me.

I did have the diamonds and knew their purpose within the Eye of Ra, my main concern was how to dismantle such complex artifact without risking to lose the precious treasure? I didn’t have the craftsmanship to reproduce the same delicate structure of diamonds.

I felt the voice of my daddy speaking to me, he urged me to make him bigger, and I needed to make it happen. The Eye of Ra was a timeless marvel and I certainly would be able to make another one like that.

There was only one way then.

I had to come up with something BETTER.

These goals I wanted to accomplish were epic to say the least. I had this powerful ancient artifact performing daily miracles thousands of years ahead of our current technology, yet I promised to my Über muscle daddy and myself that it could get even perfected. Currently, at each new time we used Lazarus to create a new fellow brother, the mysterious Eye of Ra, the very core of its uncanny system, decayed a bit more – which resulted in lesser effective results.

Fortunately, Angus was a very practical man. Until I could fix the problem of Lazarus’ decreasing potency, the profile of the candidates simply changed: instead of nearly dead rich old men willing to pay fortunes for miraculous muscular augmentation and life extending procedure, my beloved leader looked for strong muscular men who wanted to recover the glory of their prime days, still with noticeable enhancements – such cunning maneuver allowed us not only to spare the Eye of Ra, but also brought a much broader audience for the Fellowship.

In the next days, all sorts of new pleads were brought to meet with Salvatore. Although they wouldn’t have to pay fortunes worth in diamonds, their acceptance was not easy to be granted. The candidate not only had to attest he had once been an extraordinarily athletic man, he would still have to be in top physical condition (which would be proved in a series of extremely hard endurance tests and physical examinations). Finally, he should have to prove his worth to the Fellowship, which in practice meant enduring lots of rough, dripping wet, steaming hot sex with our Bright Leader Angus Salvatore in order to swear total submission to his amazing glory.

At the end of this first round of new pledges, two candidates truly shone much brighter than the rest: Darrell Jackson and Gunther Krause. I was very happy when Daddy told me they would be the ones to benefit from Lazarus because they were the top two results of the physical examination, each one displayed remarkable physical endurance regardless their age, which would not only spare the Eye of Ra, but also produce impressive results since the “raw material” was much better.

Even someone who knew squat of Sports would recognize these two: Jackson was the very first and the only athlete to win the Gold Medal at the100, 200, 400 and 800 finals in two successive Olympic Games (1972 and 1976).

Although most specialists credit such phenomenal performances to drug usage which was not capable of being detected at the time, Darrell became a true sport legend because his life story. A poor boy born in sunny Jamaica, he immigrated to Canada with his parents at the tender age of 6 years old. Soon, he would be amazing much more than his PE teachers and coaches, he was also the youngest male Track and Field gold medalist in history at 17 years old.

At 6’4” tall and 218 pounds of very solid muscles, Darrell was considered a favorite for the 100 and 200 sprints, but when he won four medals and still closed each performance for Team Canada in the relay finals, granting even more Gold Medals for his country, the world was just fascinated by “The Monster”. His flawless athletic physique endorsed lots of products all over the world, and such heroic image was forever associated with glory and excellence.

Even now, thirty eight years after Munich Olympics, Jackson was simply breathtaking. Firstly because no one would ever believe the onyx icon of male beauty was 55 year old, his face was just so vigorous, and his hazel eyes sparkled with the same energy of the teenager joyous athlete smiling after crossing the finish line.

Darrell’s muscular frame only got better in time. He actually improved his hulking physique at 250 pounds of very respectable muscle and only 6 percent of bodily fat. The famous dreadlocks adorned with green, yellow and red bits which once showed the world his pride for the Jamaican inheritance were replaced for a smooth clean shaved head.

Gunther Krause was equally remarkable; starting as a bodybuilder in the late sixties he soon was being called “the other German dude”, and given the impact Schwarzenegger had in the media, people would always preferred to believe Gunther would never surpass Arnold, no matter how hard he worked for it. For such reason, the 20 years old Krause returned his dedication to his first and true passion, which was the Strength Competitions.

It actually proved to be a very correct decision, because Gunther simply dominated the Strength Sports scenario for nearly three decades. Powerlifting, arm-wrestling, Strength Competitions, no matter which kind of Strength Game he disputed, Gunther just excelled. Not only he won the World’s Strongest Man Title 8 times in a row, Krause collected hundreds of medals and trophies for many different Strength Sports, he became a professional athlete sponsored by many different companies, and an American University even started a study in his genetic code to search for the “Strength Gene”.

As an unexpected yet triumphant return to Bodybuilding, Gunther had won the Masters Olympia last year, going upstage at 318 pounds of uncanny massive form. At 6’6” His form was just so monstrously massive that the judges quickly recognized his undisputed victory. The fact that The Governator himself handled the trophy to Krause was just the cherry on top the cake. Everybody could see that Gunther, at the age of 59 years old was just as incredible as he had been in his early days.

In fact, he looked even better now. The twenty five pounds he recovered from the hard competition dieting made Gunther a 343 pounds of manly hairy muscle beef covered in Golden fur. His balding head even increased the effect of the full neatly groomed blond beard with just a few graying areas.

Both Darrell and Gunther would be a delight for sore eyes even fully dressed in the formal clothes in which they arrived, what to say about their current attires, which consisted in their very birthday suits. Since their final test was to prove Angus they were good “acquisitions” for his very special kind of harem, those delicious muscle daddies had to undergo their hardest test of them all, because Angus totally overpowered their incredible bodies in every single and possible way.

The group of final 6 pledges had been “proving their value” to my daddy ever since last night and it was almost noon, most of them simply gave up or collapsed trying to keep up with Salvatore’s unceasing sex-drive. No one would imagine seeing Jackson and Krause in that condition: they were thrilled, extremely happy and excited, but at the same time they were simply exhausted. The humongous bulk of my daddy emerged from the mansion complex carrying their combined nearly 600 pounds of muscle like they were mere boys who had fallen asleep while trying to watch a late movie.

“Doctor Seymour, I’d like to introduce the soon to be Fellowship members” Salvatore gently placed the totally exhausted marvelous men in the beds. I helped to make them comfortable as they fell instantly asleep. As much excited as they were, their organisms needed to sleep until they recovered a bit from such intense experience.

Under any other circumstances, the mere view of these two panting men drenched in sweat after many rounds of indescribably intense musky sex would just make anyone overwhelmed with such display of masculinity. However, even their powerful physiques paled in comparison with the monstrous hulk of manly muscle that literally carried them to my presence.

By the time Darrell and Gunther got to meet the new and improved Mr. Salvatore, he had already grown much bigger than when he emerged from Lazarus. Even if I had not been able to deliver the second exposition in the following weeks, my humongous leader never stopped thanking me for giving him such a powerful new life, and his way of thanking me was making me another of his faithful servants, just one among the several men who gladly obliged to his very needs and desires.

Angus grew bigger and more muscular each day; the blessings of the Fatherly Sun seemed to favor him in more ways than I could have anticipated. The mere exposition to the sunbeams made him look even more gargantuan, and since daddy is always working out so hard for over 7 hours a day, from sunrise until one in the afternoon, after the Sun reached its pinnacle, his humongous physique is developing much faster as he grows used to such uncanny abilities.

I looked back and Daddy Salvatore and felt myself still totally intimidated by the hulking figure which filled my view: the 6’10” 857 pounds ultra-strong manly muscles distributed in his marvelous frame.

Over the days, the Sun worked its miracles over my daddy’s amazing body: Angus grew much more handsome and slightly younger over the days, his hair had now acquired a permanent silvery white tone, which I think just went perfect with growingly bronze tan. It was like his skin changed into an even more perfect shade each day.

The Leader of the Fellowship wore his silvery white manly mane almost at shoulder length which only emphasized the marvelous width of his gargantuan boulders. I couldn’t get used to the fact that no matter how humongous he was, Salvatore was always dressed impeccably chic, even now after fucking those hot muscle daddies for so long, he wore black satin pajama pants that seemed to be painted over those monstrous pillars of his legs and the glorious size of his crotch.

Angus seemed to be reading my thoughts.

“I have my body measured every morning and a few hours later the new shipment of clothes is being delivered. I know I’m even bigger by the time they arrive, but they are getting very good at guessing my new size. Although I really expect to grow much bigger soon, I have to say that wearing design clothes custom sized for my humongous body proves my power over the little men.”

I nodded with a grin and looked at the sleeping huge men. “You were absolutely right, daddy. These men will grow massive with minimum expense of the Eye of Ra. We’ll be able to induce new changes faster and more effectively, at least until I get to finish my current works.”

Salvatore opened his marvelous arms and hugged me, I simply used my feet to hug his tiny waist and kissed his enormous cleavage, while he picked me up and got me sat on the shelf of his immense muscular pectoral plates.

“Did you have any progresses with the Mark II?”

I nodded “Yes, the early simulations went really well. I still am not able to fabricate the design modifications, but I am pretty happy with the fact that we will able to have a much better control over the system.”

“You make me more proud of you each time, my favorite boy.” Angus kissed me so intensely. I still didn’t know if I truly was his favorite, because he fucked so many different and dazzling handsome guys. But he surely made me feel special, and I worked harder and harder because of his flattering compliments.

“Why do you still doubt of my love for you, little man?”

“Daddy…I…” There was no way he could just have guessed that. I looked back at his manly face and just kissed his cheekbones so tenderly.

“I thought you were supposed to let me know if other improvements manifested, daddy.”

“You’re actually saying you can read other people’s minds? But that’s just amazing!” I gasped in excitement, but Angus simply grinned.

“I didn’t say that, I said I can read your mind and your mind only. Believe-me, I have tried with all guys in the complex, but it only seemed to work with you.”

My inquiring mind immediately looked for possible reasons for such impressive circumstance – among all his servants Daddy Salvatore could only read my mind specifically, which could only mean that he might be frustrated at such limited advantage…

“Why do you keep doing this, boy? I just told you I am able to read your brilliant mind, and you simply overlooked the fact that we are connected deeper than any other two people in this fucking world!” Angus’ smirk showed his noticeable discomfort about my reaction, and it actually broke my heart.

“It’s not that I don’t want to believe we are deeply connected, daddy. It’s just…” The images of the hot men he fucked flooded my mind and Salvatore seemed to understand the reasons for my lack of self-esteem.

“Damn, boy…even after all the times I’ve said you were special…how dare you still doubt me? You think that just because you are not as muscular as my other boys, you’re not special to me? That’s it…you are going into the Lazarus right now.” He said carrying me into the marvelous machine. The thoughts rushed inside my mind, as much as I would love to be stronger and more muscular for Angus, there was this feeling of failure I couldn’t deny.

I was shocked. “No, daddy…please! The machine will waste precious resources if used on someone like me.”

Angus just shook his head. “You are young, healthy and in shape. You’re not an old sack of bones like I have been. Lazarus will do a fine in the machine and stop worrying about my staff…they’re just helpful so I won’t be consuming your little body with my endless need for sex.”

“Yes, but…it’s not just that. I wanted you could grow bigger and I can’t make it happen! I don’t deserve to grow myself until then.”

Angus opened his eyes in shock “Damn boy…these aren’t just words you’re saying…you really became totally submissive to me, huh little dude?”

I just blushed “I know it seems weird, but it’s true…but ever since you changed…I feel different towards you. It’s not just horniness…it’s…something different!”

The enormous muscle daddy really seemed to understand my situation. “I know how you feel boy…Before this change I used to think you were just one arrogant asshole, but once I got out that chamber…”

That moment when Angus stepped out of the Lazarus I felt a powerful heat wave that forced me to throw myself at the ground, it was an intense feeling, something that caught me totally unprepared.

“I…think there’s more to that moment that we first anticipated.” I blushed intensely and Angus just kissed me once again, to make sure he completely dominated me in each and every single aspect.

“You can say that again, little man. Until the Lazarus changed me, the only way I could any loyalty from you was through money, but now it seems like you became not only my most submissive boy, I have to recognize that you have also become the closest to me.” The amazingly huge muscle daddy kissed me with such manly rough passion that I lost track of things – for those incredibly hot moments all I wanted was to be devoured by his ever growing monstrosity.

Angus seemed amused to notice that even after several moments he broke the kiss, I still kept that silly face, lost in such deep fantasies. He actually needed to gently pull me back into reality.

“You are such a cute little guy, it’s so fucking hot to know that you are so deep into all this muscle, knowing that you worship me every single moment of that day makes so fucking proud my little boy, it just…oh damn…”

Salvatore threw his head back, producing a wild sound like the huge predator he became, I instinctively wanted to check on him to see if there was something wrong, but it was then my face was covered in something warm.

I first thought it was cum, because Angus certainly seemed to be enjoying such moment, but when the second squirt hit me in the lips I was caught by surprise, because that warm thick liquid was not coming from my daddy’s massive cock.

The long, fat, thick nipples on my humongous muscle daddy were so hard and engorged; the thick veins on his chest were now all connected to the huge cock-like nipples. The thick, long, creamy volleys of a translucent liquid continued to squirt from those manly hairy muscular udders.

I was so charmed by that incredible moment that I simply engulfed the thick nipple and sucked hard, savoring the creamy warm liquid whose taste was quite pungent and musky, something that wouldn’t clearly be tasty in any other circumstance but that bonding moment.

I was immediately involved in this warm rush, something so powerful and overwhelming, my mind spiraled into different sensations, a slight burning sensation all over my skin and especially on my face. However, I could only keep sucking on such marvelous manly essence.

Meanwhile, Angus roared savagely, like the times I sucked his giant cock with such fierce determination that no one seemed to reach the level of pleasure I gave him. I exchanged between those two fat thick cock sized nipples sucking more of that liquid at each time.

Finally, Angus just held me even closer to his mega sized muscular chest and squeezed me ever so gently that my whole body seemed to merge with his superior hairy muscle fortress. I was so deeply buried into his muscle there was so much brawn around my ears that his primal roar of ecstasy was hear as a distant muffled predator cry.

The next moment I was covered in his manly warm juices. At that point I noticed my cock had erupted inside my pants for at least twice, but sucking on my dad’s nipples was a fully-fledged orgasmic experience so I really didn’t tell any difference throughout the whole thing.

Angus lifted me higher so I was looking into his manly face, for a few moments we just stood there, I could tell he was reading my mind; his wide grin displayed his pride for making me have the best orgasm of my life, again.

“And you still doubted that you were special for me. I had never been able to do such thing, this feeling was so powerful…so fantastic!” He kissed me again, savoring his own seed, sweat and whatever other fluids he dumped over my body. I just felt so valued and estimated.

“Now that’s more how I like it…” Angus said as he nested me in his arms.

“That’s not… fair, sir. If you can read my mind, then I will have no privacy…how will I able to focus, knowing you can just hear me thinking?”

“Heh, don’t worry boy. I can’t do it when we are apart, it only happens when I can see you, it’s more like some kind of empathy than telepathy, I’m not turning into a muscle monster psychic, yet. But…this thing was pretty intense, it felt like I had three cocks, my nipples are just so sensitive as my bigger python, they can give me different orgasms but just as intense as my cock pleasure.”

I took mental notes about these delicious details, but Angus just chuckled as he heard the moans and gasps of our guests.

“I am sorry if we disturbed you sir, but seeing you in action with someone else only seconds being fucked by you…” Jiro said back from the room, at 6’1” and 624 pounds of hugely developed muscles, his own augmented form now looked much bigger than when he first exited the system.

I looked back at them. Jiro was being worshipped by Darrel and Gunther, the muscle daddies were actually already hard and hugged to my daddy’s second in command, since his amazing were indeed the next best thing after my daddy’s physique.

“Damn…sir do you ever stop?” Darrell was simply overwhelmed by our leader’s stamina, Angus chuckled and gently approaching his soon to be brothers in power.

“If your body had the power to literally fuck through the whole day wouldn’t you just keep going? But don’t worry, we’ll be ready for your initiation in just a few minutes, my first boy was just showing me yet another development of my tremendous physique.” Salvatore gently petted the black muscle daddy and his blond fellow.

I had been fucked by Angus so many times that it was common to feel so drained and overpowered after such intense sessions, but for my own surprise I actually felt pretty well, which was just marvelous because I simply rushed to the machine and got it ready for work in less than one minute.

“It’s ready, sir. We can just use the Sun’s pinnacle for optimized performance!” I proudly announced to my impressive audience.

Angus chose Darrel to go first and the former Olympic athlete was thrilled. Jackson entered the chamber and gently caressed my cheeks.

“Make me huge, doc…” Those beautiful eyes blinked at me so charmingly that for one moment I felt like returning the flirting, but a not really discrete cough from my daddy reminded me that I was already taken.

“Alright gentlemen, safety goggles on!” I instructed before opening the ceiling to start Lazarus, knowing that only Gunther would follow my advice. The moment the first sunbeam hit the Eye of Ra, Lazarus functioned perfectly.

At that point, it didn’t matter how many times I’d witness it the transformation would still be a miracle even for my skeptical being. If a weak decayed man emerged as muscle god, the powerful athletes we chose didn’t disappoint us, even with the decreased effectiveness of our millenary machine.

Since I no longer feared to be sending someone to a death penalty, the mere fact of watching as Darrell and Gunther turned into even more amazingly powerful muscle daddies got me all boned up. Their glorious frames engorged and thickened because of the “magic” imbued in the machine, they blossomed into new and improved versions of their former less impressive selves.

Both of them emerged at the exact same height they have entered (which proved that using the right specimen would indeed spare the Eye of Ra and still result in uncanny results), but their bodies had indeed suffered tremendous transformations: Jackson had changed into a 585 pounds of rugged onyx muscles and Gunther stepped out at 630 pounds of highly developed bulk.

As I suspected, Darrell’s transformation was a bit more efficient than Gunther’s but it only in details, because since Gunther was much heavier and bulkier than the Canadian former Olympic champion his results ended up just as impressive. The other interesting detail was that Gunther lowered his body fat percentage considerably. Nonetheless, his overall look still seemed like he was the biggest “off-season” bodybuilder in the history, his muscles retained that extra bulk which was composed not of fat but even more muscular fibers.

On the other hand, Darrel became so massively ripped it felt like he had no fat in that humongous physique, his muscles were rugged and so veined. His smoothness contrasted with Gunther’s golden fur. It was then I realized they just evolved into the next step of their previous condition: Gunther looked like an augmented Strength competitor while Jackson became the most amazing sprint athlete; his muscles were built for speed despite the tremendous weight on his frame.

Jackson and Krause couldn’t be more different before they entered Lazarus, but as they emerged it suddenly felt like they were twin brothers. Albeit the strikingly noticeable differences, their amazing bodies now irradiated the same kind of aura that made them look so similar, especially their huge cocks – Ivory Tower and Ebony Obelisk seemed to be in such sync, they acted like the same bulging, hard, throbbing, veined cock in two different versions.

After Gunther emerged from Lazarus in all his glory, he just grinned down at me, picking my body in his massive furry arms and kissing my cheeks so thrilled by his amazing new body and especially his newborn blond mane which only complimented his hot grizzly bearish look.

Even Angus seemed impressed with his new disciples, although they still couldn’t hold a candle to my daddy’s supernatural superiority, these two new members of the Fellowship only proved the power we had in our hands. Salvatore was hungry for power, so he just brought me closer to his amazing figure and whispered in my ears.

“You make me happy in all possible ways, boy. Get ready for me when I finish with these little guys, I’ll come back for your tiny ass, and you will milk my cock and my nipples, you brilliant bastard!” Salvatore pinched my ass in a way that I felt a sharp pain, but also an intense pleasure.

Over the next days, we were initiated new rounds of pledges from all over the world; Daddy Salvatore was making the necessary adjustments in the profile of the candidates as Lazarus efficiency decreased, the candidates were getting younger and stronger to start the process, but they turned out almost as amazing as the previous ones. At the end of 3 weeks we were able to have 8 new brothers for the Fellowship. The members were selected according to our needs, but each and every one of them was now totally submissive to Angus Salvatore and sworn loyalty to the uncanny daddy of them all.

Since the Sun continued to bless all members of that muscular society, their bodies continued developing and growing more muscular with daily routines of exercising outdoors, uncanny amounts of nutritional intake and, of course, intense hours pleasing each other.

However, the new brothers also had their responsibilities; they not only had to perform all kinds of tasks Angus assigned for them (which I never got to know to be honest), they also had one fundamental duty which was pleasing our tanned Grandmaster.

Although over the weeks each member had significantly increased their Lazarus gains, no one could even match the same results of Angus Salvatore, our humongous leader. The monumental handsome muscle daddy never ceased to amaze me: at each day he looked bigger and more massive, his frame already expanded so much that he now made even his closest brothers like Jiro, Darrell and Gunther to look like unchanged pledges when compared to him.

Angus’ muscles increased so much that his own anatomy was adapting faster and faster to house all the muscle he was packing. His bones strength and density increased tremendously, his very physique was much thicker and wider, the shoulders widened to accommodate new layers of muscle.

The increased bulk was also making Salvatore manlier to the extreme. His silver mane was joined by a neatly trimmed goatee that only accentuated his authority over his acolytes. Angus’ physiology was also changing dramatically, his organism was just perfectly set for muscle growth, but he also developed mentally – it was like his mind reached new heights of potency as his muscles grew stronger and bigger.

Not even Jiro had demonstrated such ongoing further developments, and Angus particularly enjoyed the fact that he was evolving instead of just growing bigger like the rest of his brothers. At that morning, my staff had measured Angus at whopping 7’2” tall and he weighed nothing less than 1,325 pounds.

His expanded frame now over twice heavier than when he emerged from Lazarus, the monumental muscles he possessed displayed a new kind of anatomic configuration, his shoulders enlarged to the point that his traps and deltoids jumped so much higher than his head, his chest became overwhelmingly massive with those cock sized nipples hanging.

His mid-section developed a 12-pack abdominal wall of sheer bulging knots of impressive muscle, his flimsy skin and the thick dark fur coat covered the hardest wall of them all. The unfathomable thick pillars of legs were thicker than a professional bodybuilder’s torso, the striations and mounds of unearthed muscle simply made them look grotesquely overdeveloped.

Angus also was the only one who continued rejuvenating – he now looked even younger than Darrell, and combined to the fact that his features increased in masculinity and handsomeness in a daily basis it was like the impossibly perfect sculpture had gained life in the body of the most powerful man ever – a mixture of Zeus with David, a modern day Hercules watching over the rest of mortals.

Meanwhile, I continued working hard on the Mark II, dedicating my efforts to accomplish the promise I had made to my humongous daddy.

The Eye of Ra was totally consumed after the last usage: changing a pretty decayed rock star back into a beautiful stud that would have a whole new carrier ahead of him.

His name shall remain a secret under my daddy’s orders; he will soon take on a new carrier as a young star who will take the world by assault. Although his profile could never pass the initial listing, Angus decided to use his famous star as his spokesperson.

Changing a middle aged man who had abused of all kinds of drugs into a 6’ tall 240 pounds of prime beef would certainly made this newborn a perfectly gifted man. The talent, the experience and the rejuvenated new body would certainly be put to a good use (after Angus had his own private show, of course).

I realized that simply remounting the Eye of Ra might not be the best alternative, so I studied the complexity of the mysterious technology and instead of breaking it down to rebuilt something else, I could actually build around it to make it even more efficient. It would be a slight “cheat” but I really didn’t care – whoever created that machine certainly was thousands of years ahead of me, I had to make things even.

It was about 2 in the morning when I closed everything at the lab and rushed down to the mansion. Even after working so hard for many days and nights in a row, I didn’t feel any exhaustion at all, so I rushed to my daddy’s room and tell him the great news. I knew my daddy no longer spent every single night fucking his brothers and servants; he simply had other goals to achieve, so he fucked them whenever he wanted, but his focus and determination actually allowed him to command several meetings and assemblies all over the world while we simply feasted onto his ever growing muscles.

He could break his brilliant mind in several different parts which meant he could be talking to someone over the phone while his massive godly cock erupted inside a lucky servant’s ass and yet his voice deep manly voice would not even register anything at all, which didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying his orgasms with full intensity, he simply was above the mundane comprehension of pleasure – Angus was hungry for power and savoring all these new capabilities actually became a 24 hour long orgasm.

“It seems you have something to tell me, my Little Prince.” I heard his deep voice all over the hallway, and gulped. Salvatore grew bigger and more powerful each day, but his tenderness towards me only increased, and the reason for that was equally developing faster each day.

I guess I’d better explain it already. The liquid I daily drank from Angus’ nipples was actually much more powerful than we could have anticipated, yet just a token of my daddy’s unearthed capabilities.

It turned out that the “burning” sensation on my skin was just the first of many changes that would happen to me during these days. No matter how many men Angus fucked, he only produced that viscous liquid from his huge nipples when I was there with him, sometimes he just looked at me and the thick udders started oozing that manly cream which I proudly drank.

At first, it was the noticeable rejuvenation on my own face, it became smoother and softer, my expression lines simply faded, my own gray hairs just regained the lost color. Then, my muscles grew bigger, it was very slow at first, maybe a pound every day, but it just built from there – I couldn’t work out because I was working on Lazarus II, yet my body developed more muscular and I grew stronger as well.

It was soon noticeable that my body was changing and even the other brothers wandered if that could be a substitute for the Lazarus, but it actually proved wrong because the liquid had no effects over the other servants whatsoever. It just changed me, and me only, which actually made my daddy even more proud of our connection.

Still, my body changed beyond just growing younger and more muscular. Within the next weeks, I looked like a 18 year old, I mean not like most 18 year old lads you will find. I turned into a 6’6” 470 pounds of muscular teenager perfection. You might have realized that I didn’t actually just rejuvenated; my current features clearly don’t match those I had back when I have been a teenager.

I looked like someone else, well someone very, very close to me. After analyzing my own DNA samples it clearly showed I was no longer the same Wesley Seymour, in fact I was genetically a different man because my genes no longer matched those I had when I was born.

The next step was much obvious, a quick comparison to Angus’s samples indicated a 50% rate of compatibility. Biologically, I had become Angus’ son – actually I was the son of his current body, because he also didn’t look like me back in his teenage years.

The Fellowship was just shocked with such news – suddenly I had become a teenager version of that mountainous man who we called leader. I had this long bushy dark brown mane, my muscles were so huge and veined and also covered in deep layers of manly fur, and my cock now reached fully 20 inches when it got hard, which simply meant whenever my literally speaking daddy approached.

I looked up at my humongous leader and blushed intensely.

“Sir…I still don’t feel comfortable with this new situation.”

Angus towered over my muscular frame and hugged me with those humongous tree trunk sized arms.

“You know I’ve taken all legal measures to adopt you. From now on you are Wesley Salvatore. All my life I wanted to have children, but it seemed that my swimmers weren’t that strong. Now, I not only have the most brilliant and beautiful boy in the whole world, I can also get to breastfeed and fuck his delicious little ass and drink from his huge little cock.” Angus explained as he brought me into his personal reformed bedroom to accommodate the huge bodies who visited him.

“Th-thanks…father…but…I don’t really deserve it…”


I felt it being shouted directly into my mind and went immediately quiet when Angus expression went rigid for a millisecond. Then a sweet smile preceded another delicious kiss that overcame my own thoughts. The mental link between us increased as my biologic patterns changed – now Angus could not only hear my thoughts, he could even call me from the other side of the mansion through his powerful mind.

“You have become my son and now you don’t even have the right to question my unconditional love towards you, boy. You deserve my dedication – in fact when my plans are concluded you will see that I’ve worked hard to give you a better world.”

I have to confess that my spine froze whenever daddy spoke like that. Whatever his plans were he only discussed it with the other Fellowship members, and I actually felt relieved to ignore it, but they still sounded creepy.

“Worry not, little Prince. My gift for you will be marvelous, I promise.”

I blushed once again, feeling Angus’ nearly three footer cock pressing against the crack of my butt. I did have the same effect over daddy that he had over me – we were just meant for fucking each other, although even my enlarged body couldn’t take his manhood without some serious stretching, yet only the first half would fully enter me, but as I grew stronger, I was learning with the other brothers how to fully please my father.

I simply projected a mental image of my subject and my father kissed regally for that.

“You have finished it!”

I nodded “It got easier when my mind increased to match your potential, father” Which was actually right since Angus’ IQ was actually out of any possible measurement, at least not by the current standards contemporary medicine has.

Angus licked his lips, perfectly framed by the silvery goatee. “Your timing couldn’t be better, my son. We are moving to the new complex this morning.”

“What? Where are we moving to?”

“This place no longer suits our needs, the rest of the Fellowship took care of finding a new location for our facilities, and they have bested my most optimistic expectations!” Angus explained as he laid me on top of his humongous naked body.

“Oh, I see…I wish I had time to get prepared, but I’ll be ready in time, father.”

“I know you will son. My only question for you is: Do you want me to change before or after we move?”

I grinned immensely at his questions “Both…we should have you enlarged for an initial experimentation and then have you augmented yet again when we get to our location. The Mark II will work on you as many times you need – but only your genetic patterns will be accepted by the new system I have developed.”

I felt the pressure of daddy’s cock eruptions soaking my own clothes, he just grinned at me, the full force of his orgasm while he pushed the immense head of his cock against the fabric of my pants, he didn’t have any trouble of ripping them, the sheer force of his flood filled my butt so warmly.

“I love you son.”

“I love you too daddy…and I want you bigger and more powerful. I want it more than I need your passion.”

The immense Angus grinned and threw me in the air and picked me like a feather. We hurried to the laboratory where his body would be increased even further.

When we get there I showed my daddy the improvements of the machine.

“The Mark II will not suffer from the decomposition of the Eye of Ra, simply because I’ve designed a new weave for the diamonds, the rays won’t overheat the system like they did before.” I proudly said and ran several simulations to demonstrate it.

“That is fantastic my Prince! Now, what about those improvements you have been considering?”

I grinned. “Yes, with this new design I will control everything from my computer, and your body will be changed within the exact parameters I have previously set. It will be also possible to adjust it even while the change occurs. 100% fail proof!”

Angus’s immense body throbbed with excitement. “I wish it was noon already!”

“There’s no need to, daddy. I have connected the Lazarus with a series of satellites that will get us enough sunlight to make you the walking Midnight Sun!” I said with a growing pride and confidence in my own capability.

“But what can you tell me about the chamber limitations? We have figured I might get too big and damage Lazarus.

“Don’t worry about it. The new system is not limited by the chamber, I have actually designed a refraction chamber that will work even better than the mirrored chamber of the previous mark. You will have lots of room to grow, daddy!”

“Damn boy…you are making me so horny. I guess you will have covered all areas then huh?”

“As much as a mind almost as brilliant as yours can do, my father.” I teased him, standing next to my leader and showing him our reflection. The wall sized mirror displayed a huge man next to a behemoth, and they both seemed like the most handsome and muscular Father-Son duo of all times.

Even if it was not exactly true.

“Alright, junior, if you’re saying we have clearance let’s get this baby a run!” Salvatore said as he headed for the Lazarus.

“Not quite yet!” A voice said out of nowhere, we both looked back and saw this IMMENSE figure, in fact he was much bigger than my lovely father, which made me instantly angry.

This guy had to be 9 feet tall and he weighed at least a fucking thousand pounds than Salvatore, he was actually just as tanned and handsome as my dad. In fact, they both looked so similar…

“Who are you, and how have you managed to bypass security?” The question was actually very silly once you took a single glimpse at the humongous behemoth in front of us.

The immense man wore some kind of special clothes to contain the inhuman bulk. Behind him, suddenly a series of smaller behemoths at least the size of my daddy were entered the lab carrying the unconscious bodies of the Fellow brothers. They all surrounded my powerful daddy, in a clear threat to finish them in case Angus reacted and for that reason, he didn’t fight them right away.

“I won’t resist if you spare Wesley.”

The enormous man shrugged “I don’t care for that freak you have produced! Whatever happened between you is just a proof that you should never tried to steal the prototype, foolish little man!”

“Daddy…who is he?” I whispered when suddenly a series of images flooded my mind.

I fought my emotions to keep the act my dad wanted me to play, it depended on me now.

“I am the keeper of the Order, little man. I have tried to alert you about giving this precious power to a man like this, but not only you’ve ignored me, this little toy of yours had threatened my plans far too much to remain ignored. This Fellowship is already nullified you pathetic little men. The true Followers of the Fatherly Sun will make sure that your attempts will never succeed.

Angus’ voice thundered. “Leave the boy off this, Durkheim. It’s between you and me!” The several behemoths surrounding us suddenly fell to their knees.

“You really think you can face me, little boy? I’ve had these powers for over 60 years now, I’ve been developing them far more than you can comprehend! I have brought peace over the World and you can’t destroy it now!”

“The world is not in peace and you simply don’t care for it anymore! It’s time for a new Leader, and you know it has to be me!”

“You are just thirsty for power. The same power I’ve denied to you 40 years ago right? And you thought that recovering the broken prototype would actually make you my equal? I have unearthed Lazarus from all parts of the world thanks to the Nazi’s ambition. Fooling them was easier than it was to lure this ridiculous boy to do your hard work.”

Angus roared and rushed toward the immense Ezekiel. I had to fight my own instinct to go help him, but my father’s life depended on my actions.

Ezekiel remained still, he took a full punch of my father, the aftershock of that blow shook the very foundations of the building, yet Ezekiel laughed. His huge hands grabbed Angus by his throat and lifted him off the ground.

Daddy was no fool, attacking with a powerful blow in the head striking exactly in the middle ear, which forced the guy lose his balance and the massive guy fell heavily on his back. Angus looked at me and I knew he was counting on me.

In the next fraction of second Ezekiel was back on his feet, he punched Salvatore so strongly that his blow sent the enormous body through the reinforced concrete wall.

“When you will ever learn, little man?” Ezekiel said as he walked outside to finish with my beloved father.

I had to act quickly.

The Mark II would only fully function with Salvatore’s DNA, and I had no time to reset the patterns. However, I was once again cheating.

There was a reason why I felt uncomfortable when daddy called me his son. If once I have been Salvatore’s biological son, the process didn’t end there at all.

The more of that weird liquid I drank, the deeper the change continued. Over the days my DNA became exactly like Angus’. We weren’t father and son anymore. I’ve become his very clone – his younger twin brother.

I closed my eyes and ignited the system. Lazarus II was about to work again with full force and with a whole bunch of new improvements. Although I had planned it for my daddy, he truly proved his love towards me.

He gave me the honor to take his revenge against Ezekiel Durkheim.

In just a second, a huge cone of pure sunlight lit the night sky like it was a summer morning, I was surrounded by light and couldn’t see anything in that bright power.

“Oh, daddy I can see it…it’s so beautiful!” I shouted it as my body begun its transformation.


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