The big two-five

by Ziel

 Brian’s friends help him celebrate the big two-five—there’s even a cake (well, a cupcake) and a candle to blow out. All he has to do is make a wish!

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Brian laid back and stared up at the stars. His two friends, Kyle and Rami, had dragged him out to the field they used to camp out at a lot when they were younger. It was strange how easily he had slipped back into his old haunts and his old hangouts. Like many guys his age he had gone to college, graduated, and then failed to find any decent work, and eventually ended up back at his parents’ place working for minimum wage at the local grocery store. His friends hadn’t fared much better.

As Brian stared up at the stars above, he was only vaguely aware that his friends were fishing something out of the trunk of the car they had all arrived in. Brian heard the click of a lighter, and then the familiar tune of that one birthday song that everyone seemed to know.

“Happy birthday to you,” Kyle sang.

“You live in a zoo,” Rami continued.

“You look like a monkey,” Kyle sang.

“And you smell like one too!” both of them finished.

“Very funny,” Brian said and rolled his eyes. He got up from where he was reclining. He dusted grass off his clothes as he looked back at his friends and the small cake they had in their hands. The small, vaguely dome-shaped pastry only had a single lit candle on top of it.

“We ordered it for you from Mimsy. This was the biggest size they had,” Kyle explained.

“Why did you think ordering a birthday cake from a cupcake bakery was a good idea in the first place?” Rami asked.

“Where else would I have gone? Fucking Walmart!? No way!” Kyle scoffed.

“Well, I think it looks great,” Brian said with a laugh.

“So, you gonna make a wish?” Rami asked.

“I suppose I ought to…” Brian mused. Truth be told he hadn’t even thought about it until Rami mentioned it. Wishing on a birthday candle seemed so childish. Not to mention, he had no idea what he would even wish for. A good job? A nice little apartment in the city in walking distance of a coffee shop? Enough money to live comfortably? It was almost disappointing how growing up had made his wishes so boring. Just thinking about how dull he had become made him want to wish for something absolutely outlandish like when he was a kid, but what? Laser eyebeams? Flight? Teleportation? Was this his birthday or his X-men initiation? The thought of him being some superhero made him smirk in spite himself.

“Ooooh. I see that smirk. Thinking of something good, aren’t ya?” Kyle teased.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Brian teased back.

“We would like to know! Tell us!” Rami cheered.

“You know if I tell you, it won’t come true,” Brian said and rolled his eyes.

“Well, whatever you wish for, it’s gonna be something big!” Kyle said.

“Yeah! A big wish for your big day! It’s the big Two Five after all,” Rami cheered.

Brian’s eyes were starting to get tired from rolling so much. “What’s so big about it? I hit all my major checkpoints already. I got to drive at sixteen. I got to fu- vote at eighteen. I got to drink at twenty-one. There are no major events to look forward to,” Brian explained.

“Then make your own event!” Kyle replied.

“Maybe this is the year you finally suck your own dick,” Rami teased.

Brian tried to roll his eyes again but only managed a twitch. They weren’t all as gifted as Rami. Brian could take up contortionism and still not pull it off, and it wasn’t just his pecker that was coming up short. Brian barely reached his buddy’s shoulders. Brian was only a bit over five feet tall. Meanwhile, his buddies were closing in on six feet. Brian had always felt like a shrimp next to his pals, and the fact that they had continued to sculpt their bodies after high school just made their size disparity even more pronounced.

Brian scoffed a bit more loudly than he intended to which caused both pals to give him a curious glance.

“Yeah. You know what? I do have a wish. Hand me that cake,” Brian said. Rami and Kyle shrugged and lifted the small tray up towards Brian’s face so he could blow out the candles.

The words echoed in Brian’s head. Bigger. Bigger. BIGGER! That’s what he wanted! He wanted to be big. He wanted to be bigger than big! He wanted to be huge! His pals would look up to HIM!

Brian let out a sharp burst of air which hissed through his gritted teeth. The flame on the singular candle shuddered and faded into a dull ember that sizzled on the tip of the wick, and then… nothing.

Brian let out a sigh that was equal parts disappointment and relief. He knew that he was silly for even trying to make a wish, but that didn’t stop him from wanting it. For a brief second there he genuinely believed that it would work despite all evidence to the contrary.

After that, the night was a bit of a haze. The three friends split the small cake (or giant cupcake, depending on your perspective) into thirds and each had a slice. They put up their tents and hung out around the campfire telling stories and lamenting about the fun they had in college and high school. Eventually, the fire started to burn out, and the three buds decided to prepare for bed. They had just about finished setting up their tents and rolling out their sleeping bags when Rami stopped them.

“Wait! Hold on!” Rami said suddenly.

“What’s up?” Brian asked.

Rami lifted his arm and tapped his watch. Kyle and Brian both looked at his watch and back to one another and shrugged. Rami was one of the few people either of them knew that still wore a watch. Most folk just used their phones, but Rami was old school like that.

“It’s 11:59,” Rami said.

“Yeah. It’s midnight. So?” Brian asked.

“Soooo… It will officially be your birthday in 10… 9… 8…” Rami counted.

“So? We already did the cake,” Brian replied.

“2… 1…” Rami counted.

“Happy Birthday!” Kyle and Rami shouted in unison.

Brian rolled his eyes yet again, but he couldn’t help but smirk at his friend’s antics. He was just about to make a comment, but he suddenly stopped when he felt something strange. His skin felt warm and tingly, but there was more to it than that. There was a sensation he had never felt before. He couldn’t put his finger on it. It was almost like his skin was stretching, but that made no sense at all.

Brian glanced down at himself and marveled at what he was seeing. His clothes looked odd. His formerly loose shirt fit him better. His shorts were shorter. It was as if his clothes were shrinking! He quickly glanced up at his friends and saw that they were both staring at him in shock and awe. Brian was now as tall as his friends! How could that be? That would mean he had to have gained at least eight inches in height in the past few moments.

Could it be? Was he really growing? Had his wish come true? Brian tried to stifle his own laughter. This was more than just a dream come true. Feeling his body surge in size was invigorating and empowering in ways he never dreamed possible. Soon he was standing a full head higher than his pals. The glove was on the other foot. Now THEY were the short ones. It was so strange and surreal to see his friends looking up to HIM for a change. Seeing the look of awe and excitement in their eyes made Brian positively giddy. He wanted them to keep staring as he grew and grew.

It wasn’t long before Brian’s t-shirt was more like a crop top and his cargos were more like booty shorts. His clothes clung to him like a second skin. It was clear that his clothes wouldn’t withstand the steady onslaught of his swelling form. Already his shoes had begun to burst open on the sides causing his feet to spill out over the rubber soles. The seams of his shorts began to pop and fray. The cotton of his t-shirt strained audibly under his lean, lithe bod.

Brian was now so huge that his pals were eye level with his exposed belly button. As Brian glanced down, he noticed that aside from his size, his body looked more or less the same. He was still as slim and slender as ever, there was just a lot more of him… with the exception of one key place.

The button on the fly of his shorts exploded off and whizzed past his pal’s heads. The zipper wrenched open as Brian’s cloth-covered package spilled out from behind his fly. There was no doubt about it. His cock and balls were huge! Even had he not been over ten feet tall, his bait and tackle would look at home on a porn star!

Brian’s clothing continued to rend and tear. The stitches popped. The fabric frayed. Large tears appeared in his shirt causing more and more of the skin beneath to spill into view. The sides of his shorts burst open causing his hips to spill into view. Soon after the last tatters of his t-shirt gave up the ghost leaving him clad in nothing but his once loose and airy boxers. The boxers were now packed beyond capacity. The force of his swollen cock and balls against the front of his underoos caused his skivvies to dig so deep into his bubbly backside that he may as well have been wearing a thong. The front of his boxers was packed to the brim with cock and balls. His shorts were so over-stuffed that his nuts were barely contained. His sack began to slip out through the over-stretched leg holes. His cock was all but exposed. Only the swollen head of his enormous schlong managed to stay in the shorts, and even that was starting to show through thanks to the wide-open fly of his filled-to-bursting boxers.

Brian’s boxers soon joined the rest of his attire in the hereafter. The sides split. The fabric fell like ticker tape at a parade, and Brian’s massive cock spilled out into full view. Rami and Kyle both gasped as they found themselves staring down a thick rod that was almost as wide as they were. Brain was so tall that his pals were now eyelevel with his crotch. His chubbed up cock now dangled down almost to his knees. His nut sack was almost as big as his head! Either enormous orb was bigger than his balled-up fist! That of course meant that his nuts were the size of his pal’s heads!

“God, you’re huge!” Kyle gasped in shock. And Brian wasn’t even done growing yet.

“I know!” Brian replied, beaming with pride. He felt like flexing to show off his size, but he lacked to muscles to really make the gesture work. He was still as slim and lanky as he had always been. Brian silently wondered if it was too late to add muscles to his birthday wish, but he was so excited by his new height that he didn’t divert a lot of brain power to the thought. Instead, he put his hands on his hips and stared down at his dwindling pals.

Brian continued to grow and swell. With each passing moment he grew taller and taller. Soon his friends were eye level with his thighs and then his knees. By the time Brian’s growth finally started to taper off, his pals had to look up just to see his knees! They only reached up to his shins! Brian was so excited. His mind was racing. How huge was he now? The only frame of reference he had was his friends and the tents they had assembled. Further up the hill he could see the car they had drove in on, but he couldn’t quite get a feel for how small it would be from this distance. Whatever the case may be, Brian estimated he had to be as tall as a two-story house. So how tall was that? Twenty feet? He had to be taller than that. So what? Twenty five?

Brian smirked at the realization. The big Two Five indeed. He was almost five times taller than his two pals, and a full five times taller than he had been just an hour ago.

Brian was grinning from ear to ear as he squatted down before his two tiny pals. As he dropped into a Slav squat, his balls and cock rested solidly on the earth beneath him. “I could get used to this,” Brian said.

“Me too,” Rami said as he stared up as his titanic friend.

Brian glanced down at his pal and noticed that Rami’s prodigious pecker was straining against the front of his shorts.

“I think you like this almost as much as I do,” Brian said with a chuckle. He reached down and pressed a giant fingertip against the front of his pal’s throbbing erection. “It doesn’t seem as big as I remember,” Brian teased.

“That’s just because you’re huge!” Rami replied breathlessly.

“And hung!” Kyle chimed in.

“Indeed,” Brian replied with a smirk. “You know. I think you were right. This IS the year I manage to suck myself off…” Brian said, his voice trailing off as if he was pondering something. There was a tense silence where the two tiny guys waited with bated breath for Brian’s next words. Finally, Brian said, “but I think it’s more fun to see if you guys can do it for me.”

The two friends looked at each other and then at Brian’s steadily swelling rod. They were both horny as hell and ready to tackle the challenge even though the challenge was large enough to tackle them! The two friends exchanged a nod and a smirk and quickly set to work disrobing. Their shirts and shorts and shoes were cast aside in a flurry of garments leaving the two dudes standing nude before their pal’s colossal cock which threatened to dwarf their whole bodies, and it wasn’t even hard!

Kyle and Rami rubbed their hands along their pal’s gigantic cock. Brian’s enormous member looked even more massive against their tiny hands. Their palms appeared to be the size of fleas against their pal’s steadily swelling flesh, and as Brian’s cock grew harder and harder, the two pals looked smaller and smaller in comparison. It wasn’t long at all before Brian’s cock went from semi-flaccid to semi-boned and beyond. Soon, Brian’s semi-rigid cock was jutting out directly in front of him like an engorged battering ram of raw masculinity.

“Ooh… yeah… keep that up, little guys,” Brian moaned softly.

The titan’s voice reverberated through the countryside. The sound of his pleasured moans were music to the ears of his two tiny friends. Kyle and Rami could not believe how horny they were. Something about being so thoroughly dwarfed by their now towering pal drove them wild, and the way his voice seemed to resonate through their very core just made the whole scenario even more erotic.

It wasn’t long at all before large beads of pre were forming at the tip of Brian’s massive cockhead. Each bead of pre may have seemed small in comparison to the enormous, spongy head of his colossal cock, but a single droplet was the size of a cantaloupe to the two tiny pals. The beads of pre dripped from the tip of Brian’s enormous cock before slashing down like an over-filled water balloon onto the dirt below.

The two pals soon found themselves having to reach up above their head to grab at the tip of Brian’s rigid cock. Brian smirked down at his two tiny buds as they struggled to even grip at his cock, but as much fun as it was to watch the two tinies struggle, Brian wanted them to have much more hands-on experience with his newly enhanced rod.

Brian sat back and gestured for his pals to clamber up his thighs, which they did without hesitation. Soon Brian had a tiny stud straddling either enormous thigh. Brian’s friends were Ken-sized to him. Had Brian still been his previous height, his friends would have been barely a foot tall, but even so, Brian’s cock was a good deal taller. Seated as he was, his rock-hard rock now pressed against his pecks. Had Brian been his old height of five foot nothing, he’d have to have been sporting a foot and a half of fat fuck-stick! And at his current colossal two-story height, his dick had to be nearing eight full feet! His buddies’ heads barely reached the lower ridge of his puffed up cock head!

Kyle and Rami wasted no time latching onto either side of Brian’s enormous rod. The two tiny studs licked and kissed and ground their bodies and cocks against their pal’s masculine spire. It wasn’t long at all before Brian was lying on his back in the middle of the open field writhing and moaning in ecstasy as the two tinies brought him ever closer to climax.

Hearing the titan’s deep moans reverberating through their very bodies drove to two pals wild. They had so much power over such a massive person. You would think they would find this empowering, but all they could think of was how tiny they were in comparison. Brian’s pre-drooling cock towered above them. Brian’s warm, viscous fluids oozed over them and coated them head to toe. The warmth and scent of Brian’s cock and pre pervaded to two dudes’ senses. It was more than just overpowering. It was intoxicating! The two friends could feel themselves losing all sense of anything other than how huge Brian had become and how tiny they felt in comparison. They were so tiny that the veins that dotted Brian’s fully-boned shaft were fatter than their fingers!

Against all odds, Brian managed to keep himself from cumming. His mind was lost in a fog of exquisite arousal. His whole body trembled. His cock bucked and lurched, threating to throw his two tiny passengers off at any moment, but the two buds continued to grind against Brian’s fantastic spire. As they licked at the giant shaft, they could taste Brian’s skin and sweat and pre. Lost in the sensations of their own tininess and the overwhelming presence of Brian’s massive cock and even more massive body and the feeling of Brian’s soft flesh rubbing against their oversensitive cocks steadily pushed them over the edge.

No one was sure who came first. Brian could feel his friends spasming against his shuddering cock, and then the dam broke. Brian cried out in ecstasy as thick ropes of warm spunk arced through the cool night air. The heavy spurts of jizz crashed down all around with reverberating thuds. The ground around him quickly grew damp with jizz, but the ground was nowhere near as saturated as his two pals. Being at the epicenter, Kyle and Rami soon found themselves coated head to toe in the titan’s spunk. The thick spooge was so heavy that they felt like contestants on an old Nickelodeon game show. Brian’s thick spunk coated them so thoroughly that their own wads were completely drowned out. Had it not been for the fact that their balls nearly ached with pleasure from the sheer intensity of their own climaxes, it would have been easy to believe that they hadn’t cum at all!

As Brian’s cock steadily deflated, so two did his two pals. Now exhausted from not just their own orgasms but from the monumental task of taking on Brian’s spire, Kyle and Rami slumped down on either side of Brian’s steadily deflating semi. The two friends were so tiny compared to their towering bud that their feet barely reached Brian’s belly button as their heads rested against Brian’s chest. Even amidst the steadily-cooling cum, Kyle and Rami could feel the warmth emanating from their pal’s chest and cock.

Brian smirked and stared up at the stars as he felt his two tiny friends nuzzle up against his cock as they napped on his chest. This was shaping up to be the best year ever, and yet, he couldn’t help but wonder if the big Two Six might be even bigger.

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