by Ziel

Lumen, a tiny fairy in a big world, sets off for adventure!

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Prologue Lumen, a tiny fairy in a big world, sets off for adventure! (added: 27 May 2023)
Part 1 The battle is secondary to the decor. Lumen can't take his mind off of the lure of giant endaoments.
Part 2 Lumen finally cashes in on his Big Reward.  (added: 1 Jul 2023)
Part 3 After care is important. Especially when you just wished for a dong multiple times your body mass. (added: 18 Nov 2023)
Part 4 Lumen part ways with the dao and returns to the desert city where he started his quest. The heat and the heaviness quickly take their toll, but at least the glamour cast on him should hide the fact that he’s slinging more meat than a deli.  (added: 2 Dec 2023)
Part 5 After spending a few days recovering from the fun with the Llorian, Lumen is ready to hit the road again. However, he still needs to figure out how he is going to move all that schmeat. (added: 30 Dec 2023)
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Art by CBL_art

It had been a wild couple of months that had led Lumen to this point. His village had been raided. He and several of his friends had been abducted and transported from their home in the plane of air to the prime material plane. Lumen himself had been sold to the crew of a large sea-faring vessel to serve as little more than a good luck charm to ensure safe passage through storms, but the crew had underestimated Lumen’s abilities. His small size belied the raging tempests of the plane of air itself.

Storm fairy. Mote of Air. Elemental spirit. Lumen had heard a lot of words to describe him since he had come to this world, but few made much sense to him. He didn’t understand much about the big races. He had only barely started to get a grasp of their language, but what he did know was that he didn’t much care for the old lantern that the crew kept him locked in. The thick walls and fogged glass made his apartment more of a sensory deprivation chamber than a home. He could hear muffled discussions from the crew and could see vague shadows through the glass, but it was only when his lantern was opened that he could see clearly the world around him.

The world was a far cry from the land he had grown up in. Water and sky stretched on as far as the eye could see. The open expanse somehow made him feel even more claustrophobic than his lantern. The silence of the still air was deafening. He longed for the dense thickets and small huts of his fairy village and the raging tempests of the plane of air.

Lumen had no idea how long he had traveled on the ship. Days and nights blurred together, and he was only dragged out of solitary confinement when the wind had grown too still for the ship’s sails to be effective. It was during these times that Lumen, with his small, insect-like wings bound with thin bands of string, would be carted out to coax the wind to push the sails along.

The crew obviously didn’t know the nature of Lumen’s powers. He had very limited ability when it came to conjuring up gusts of air. His specialty was in controlling and redirecting the wind that was already present. In only dragging him out when the wind was mostly gone, they had limited Lumen’s ability to do pretty much anything. The gusts he summoned were little more than parlor tricks, and to make matters worse, the region the ship did most of its travels was infuriatingly temperate. With the exception of the occasional light shower, the weather was obnoxiously clear most of the time.

That all changed when the ship one day sailed right into a nasty thunderstorm. Lumen wasn’t sure why they did it. Were they in that much of a hurry? Did they have too much faith in their little “good luck charm” to save them from the worst the wind could muster? Perhaps Lumen could have saved them from the storm, but the storm, and the crew, found him in a particularly foul mood that day. Weak and tired from dehydration and starvation, Lumen chose to risk it all at the mercy of the storm than to suffer another day on the ship. When the captain opened his lantern to let him see the fury of the elements, Lumen was immediately taken by the splendor of the of the storm.

Lumen raised his hands to guide the winds. At first, he directed the wind to shift directions and catch the sails. The crew cheered as the ship picked up speed and bolted towards the edge of the storm. Even the normally distant and dour captain flashed the small fairy a nod and a knowing smirk as if to cheer on the tiny fairy, but when Lumen saw his chance, he took it. A large wave rose up beside the ship. Lumen directed the wind to catch the sails and surf along the inside of the tidal wave. The ship was speeding towards freedom. The crew cheered. The thunder roared loudly… and then…

It all happened so suddenly. Even Lumen was caught off guard by the force of the jolt. The wind went from pushing the sails along at top speed to suddenly shifting and slamming against the broad side of the ship. With a harsh lurch, the ship turned sharply and dove directly into the tidal wave it had been riding mere moments before.

Everything was a blur after that. Launched under the waves, Lumen was surrounded by planks and paraphernalia from the ship itself. The vessel had been shattered into flotsam in the span of seconds. Lumen was sent tumbling ass over teakettle under the ocean, and he quickly learned a terrifying fact. He didn’t know how to swim! And with his wings bound, he couldn’t hope to fly to safety either. It was all he could do to awkwardly paddle to the surface and grab onto the nearest piece of debris he could find. Whether it was fortune or fate was irrelevant in the overall grand scheme of things, but the irony was not lost on Lumen as he pulled himself up from the ocean and into the emptied-out Lantern that had served as his cell for the past few months.

Lumen had no idea how long he had been adrift. He was able to use his limited nature magic inherent in all fae to create enough food and clean water to keep himself from completely wasting away in the sun, but it was barely enough to sustain him. At night he would send fairy lights into the air above him in hopes that someone would become curious and come looking, but with each passing night he became more and more convinced that no help would be coming. He had no idea where he was. He had not seen any ships since the crash. He was less than a needle in a haystack. He was a small spec in a vast expanse of ocean.

Strangely enough, Lumen was eventually found and by a research vessel no less. The crew was an odd assortment of soldiers, divers, and eggheads led by a kindly researcher. The crew nursed him back to health and even taught him the basics of the language of the land. Lumen still couldn’t speak it well, and even when he did speak, his small size made his voice hard to hear. Not that he had much to say. These people were all fixated on their tasks—tasks which required far more training than Lumen had had. Lumen knew next to nothing about the world he found himself in, and he knew even less about advanced marine biology. So, Lumen was left to his own devices aboard the ship, and when the tour of duty eventually ended, Lumen and the crew parted ways. It was then that Lumen’s journey as a tiny storm fairy in a giant world truly began.


Part 1

It was a strange world Lumen had found himself in. Warring kingdoms. Planar threats. Magic. Mysticism. Even had he not been a stranger to the place, he doubted he would have understood it, but with no idea how to get home nor any idea how many of his friends and family had been abducted, Lumen knew he had to learn as much of the world as he could. Thus began his journey.

With his lack of any real roots and his need to know more, Lumen fell into the life of an adventurer. Lumen listened to leads and legends as he wandered across the continent until he found himself in another port town on the far southern edge of the continent. Unlike the ports he had become accustomed to, this one bordered an ocean of a vastly different kind.

Sand stretched for miles and miles as far as the eyes could see. He was on the edge of a seemingly endless expanse of desert. Yet, despite the seemingly inhospitable terrain, the town was buzzing with sellswords and sorcerers looking to team up and trek out. Rumors had reached far and wide of a roving palace that drifted through the wastes. If the tales were true, the palace was owned and operated by a being known as a dao—an offshoot of djinn from the elemental plane of earth. It was this being’s origin, more than the rewards it offered, that piqued Lumen’s curiosity.

Lumen still only understood the basics of the economy. As such, gold and jewels weren’t that interesting to him. He couldn’t carry that much with him anyway. Coin based currencies were incredibly cumbersome for someone a mere four inches tall.

Similarly, the allure or “wishes” didn’t sit well with him. Nobody seemed to know what exactly this being was capable of. They weren’t even sure if it could grant wishes, let alone how useful the wishes it could grant would be. As Lumen listened in on one conversation and then the next, he kept hearing people say they would wish for the same things. Money. Babes. Immortality. Superficial things that didn’t make much sense to Lumen.

The palace itself, however… that was fascinating. A building that could travel between the prime plane and the plane of earth? If it could do that where else could it go? Could it take him home? It was with these ideas in mind that Lumen signed on with an adventuring party to seek out the palace.

The palace itself was remarkably easy to find. The party had made camp at a small oasis, and the palace came to them in the night as if it were a little lost puppy, searching for its master… although the palace was neither little nor a puppy. The massive tiger’s head took form from the very sand around them. The maw of the beast opened wide as if goading the travelers to seek their fortune within, and the party was only all too eager to take it up on its offer.

The party made their way down the darkened chasm. The bare, cavernlike walls steadily gave way to smooth sandstone, which in turn slowly gave way to intricately designed murals and statues. As the party made their way deeper into the palace, the darkness also gave way to light. It started out as a small torches on the wall here or there, but soon the entire palace seemed to be illuminated. Sconces on the wall glowed with magical light the made their surroundings clear as day. Most of the party used this light to search for signs of the dao—or at the very least, the treasure that the dao most likely guarded. Lumen, however, found his gaze drawn to something completely different.

The walls were lined with statues—statues which all depicted the same thing. Each statue depicted a handsome man which a clean-shaven face with chiseled features and a smooth, bald head. Each imposing statue towered a good twenty-feet tall. These statues would have been imposing to the average adventurer, but to the small fairy, they were positively colossal, but it wasn’t just their height that made them so overwhelming. Each statue was clad in an open-fronted robe. The garb made the figure’s firm pecs and chiseled abs clearly visible… as well as the figure’s absolutely enormous cock and balls.

The cock alone was nearly as wide as the figure’s hips. The tip of the fat shaft dangled all the way down to the statue’s ankles making it a solid ten feet of schmeat. Lumen was staring down a minivan-sized slab of man meat, but to the tiny fairy, it looked more like a 747! And the hefty nuts were every bit as impressive. Each enormous orb was almost the size of the statue’s torso and—despite being made of solid stone—appeared to be impressively soft and supple.

Lumen felt strange staring at the impressive specimen. His heart was pounding in his chest. His tummy felt full of butterflies. His cheeks burned bright red. His whole body trembled, but no part of his body shuddered more than his own rigid cock which lurched excitedly behind his small loincloth.

The stone schlong filled more and more of Lumen’s view with each passing moment. At first Lumen thought the cock was growing before his very eyes, which just made him more and more excited, but the truth was that the tiny fairy was being drawn to the stone obelisk like a moth to a flame. Lumen soon found himself so close that the package filled his entire field of view. He was so close that even his tiny arms could reach out and touch it, but his trance was suddenly snapped by a voice shouting from further into the palace.

“Hey! Sparkbug! You coming or what!?” the party cleric shouted.

Lumen winced slightly at the nickname, but slowly started to drift in the direction of the rest of the party. He stole a few furtive glances at the cavalcade of cocks that lined either side of the passage as he traveled, but for the most part, he was able to keep his wandering eyes in check. His rigid cock, however, was another story. Lumen pulled a small bit of twine out from his pouch and fashioned a crude belt to pin his pecker to his tummy, and then draped the loincloth over it in hopes of hiding his affliction from his traveling companions. Fortunately, he was so tiny that even had he not gone through such lengths to hide his own length, the party probably wouldn’t have noticed… probably.

The party made their way deeper and deeper into the palace. The whole place was eerily quiet. But Lumen hardly noticed. He was too busy ogling the dao’s décor.

Eventually the merry band reached a large, spacious room with a throne on the far side. Atop the throne sat a familiar figure, and above the figure was a giant hourglass suspended in midair. The dark, smooth skin of the man looked to have been carved from solid stone. His handsome features and his chiseled bod looked almost identical to the statues that lined the path to this central chamber—almost. There was one key difference which was instantly noticeable to Lumen. If this figure was sporting a set of sausage and eggs, they weren’t large enough to be visible beneath his robes.

“Welcome, travelers. I congratulate you on reaching this inner sanctum. I believe a reward is in order.” The figure said welcomingly. Yet, despite his welcoming demeanor, his hands never once left the pockets at the sides of his robes.

The rest of the party seemed happy at this news and began to move towards their benefactor. Lumen, however, had lost interest upon seeing the true form of the figure they had been searching for. While the rest of the party approached the figure, Lumen’s gaze and his mind began to wander.

Lumen suddenly became aware of a sound like stone scraping against stone. He had heard it when they had first entered the throne room, but he had thought nothing of it. However, something about it seemed to stand out in a way he couldn’t quite put his finger on. It was rhythmic in a way. It wasn’t mechanical or anything like that, but it was a sound with a purpose, with intent. Lumen focused on the sound and suddenly an epiphany struck him. This is a language! These are words! It wasn’t a language he spoke per se, but it was close enough to his native tongue that he could approximate the meaning.

Lumen’s wings buzzed. Lightning sparked and crackled around him. The winds howled. Speaking with the voice of the elements Lumen began to repeat the earthen sounds he heard.

Release… me…

Lumen’s gasped. His eyes darted around the room until his gaze fell upon the hourglass hovering above the figure’s head. The sands in the hourglass swirled and thrashed as if someone had managed to bottle the raw fury of a sandstorm! The sand was smashing ineffectively against the sides of the glass in a desperate bid for escape.

Lumen clenched his eyes shut and broadcast his thoughts to the rest of the party, “It’s a trick!”

“Yeah, no shit,” the party’s paladin said and quickly took a swipe at the figure.

“What!?” The figure hissed as it was sent reeling from the impact of the paladin’s longsword.

“I sensed you the moment I entered this place, demon,” the paladin said menacingly as he raised his sword for another strike.

The figure let loose a low, deep, threatening growl in reply. His features seemed to melt off his body revealing a tiger-like figure with murder in its eyes. The tiger-like entity rose a massive claw and prepared to rake across the paladin’s chest, but before it could a massive blast of lightning came careening from behind the paladin and crashed into the fiend’s chest… and ineffectively passed clean through.

The paladin deflected the tiger’s attack and glanced back over his shoulder to his party. “It’s a rakshasa. Your spells won’t do anything to it,” he explained.

Lumen gritted his teeth in frustration. He was used to being too tiny to effect things physically, but not being able to use magic either? It had been a while since Lumen had felt so powerless. So… tiny. As the battle raged on in front of him, all he could do was float there with his fists clenched and silently seethe.

The battle raged. Blows were traded. The paladin and cleric were steadily getting worn down as was the rakshasa, but things weren’t looking great for the good guys. Without their designated damage dealer, the party was locked into a protracted battle and were running out of tricks. Lumen’s eyes darted around the arena for anything that might help, but there was nothing. Just four walls, a floor, a ceiling… and an hourglass.

Release… me… the voice came again.

Lumen put his hands together. He stuck out his two pointer fingers. He took a deep breath to steady his mind and his aim. All the while, crackling energy pooled at his fingertips.

The rakshasa looked up after landing a particularly savage blow and sneered at the fairy, “You should know by now your magic can’t hurt me,” it gloated.

Lumen locked eyes with the demon and smirked. The demon’s eyes went wide as the realization struck. Lumen shifted his aim upward and released.

Lumen had been cooking that spell for much longer than he was used to. The kickback from the blast sent him careening backwards. Lumen struggled to pull himself out of a tailspin as a massive burst of raw thunderous energy crackled through the air. The burst collided with the hourglass causing the structure to shudder and vibrate.

The room went eerily silent aside from the electrical thrum that now coursed through the hourglass. Both factions stopped their brawl and stared expectantly at the device. For a moment, it looked like Lumen’s gambit had failed, but then a small crack formed… and another… and another. Soon the cracks spiderwebbed throughout the surface of the hourglass, and then another massive BOOM rocked the chamber.

The rakshasa, realizing his captive was released and pissed, quickly turned and darted for the exit, but before he could make it, a tidal wave of sand rolled over him and slammed him against the wall leaving him buried under a giant mound of sand.

The sand steadily coalesced into a shape… two shapes, in fact. As the rakshasa came into view, it was clear that his hands and legs were bound and his mouth was gagged, and next to the rakshasa another figure came into view. The short, round figure had unmistakably dark, stony skin.

“Oof. Ten thousand years, can give you such a crick in the neck,” the dao said as he cracked his neck.

“Wait. You’re the dao!?” the cleric yelped.

“You don’t really… look like your statues…” the paladin added.

“Hm? Oh, those? Yeah. My followers do tend to romanticize things in the art they give me,” he said with a shrug.

Lumen eyed the squat figure. The dao was charming in his own way. His round face had a large, warm, inviting smile, but that wasn’t what really caught Lumen’s attention. There was one area in which the sculptor’s didn’t exaggerate. The dao’s package rested solidly on the ground. His enormous nuts looked like a set of stone colored bean bag chairs set out in front of the figure, and his fat cock draped heavily over them. His impressive schlong was so long that the head of it rested on the floor in front of his nuts.

The dao glanced at the adventuring party and stroked his chin, “Well. I suppose you’re yet another group after money and wishes, huh? Good thing you saw through this fella’s tricks. The last several squads had their souls sucked clean out of them by this little rascal.” The dao then took off one of his sandals and began slapping the rakshasa over the head with it. “Bad! Kitty!” He shouted as he swatted the demon.

The party was left dumbstruck at the surreal scene that played out in front of them, but after a few audible swats, the dao turned back to the party and stroked his chin once more. “Well… I hate to leave a debt unpaid, but this fella has been sapping my mojo for the past several centuries. It’ll take me a while to get back up to snuff. Still. If it’s just money you’re after, I may have something shiny to give you.”

The rest of the party was quick to jump on the offer of money and shiny trinkets. They were quick to surround the dao and begin discussing what monetary rewards he was willing to offer, but Lumen hung back. Lumen wasn’t immune to the lure of cold, hard cash. He had been around long enough to know that a few coins could make his day-to-day life much easier, but there was something else weighing on his mind.

Try as he might, Lumen couldn’t take his eyes off of the enormous package that the earth djinn had splayed out in front of him. The thrill of combat had distracted Lumen from his libido for a bit, but now that the battle was over, Lumen was no longer immune to the siren’s call of enormous cocks. Add onto that, the fact that the dao—and his enormous, fat, fleshy cock—were openly on display for Lumen’s wandering eyes.

Dick statues were fun and all, but there was no denying that the real thing was way better. The way that the dao’s fat cock shifted when he moved. The way his colossal nuts lolled from side to side whenever he would adjust himself. The soft, supple flesh of his enormous sack. At Lumen’s size, he could get lost in the creases and folds of the dao’s gigantic sack, and part of him was excited to explore the dao’s massive package. However, a thought niggled at the back of Lumen’s brain.

Sure, a cock of that size was fun to look at and fun to play with? It would be a lot of fun to explore, but… what would it feel like to have a cock like that? The blood rushed to Lumen’s modest member as the thought played out in his head. The blissful feeling of stiffy multiplied exponentially. Orgasms that would not just make his body shudder but his very soul quake.

Lumen’s cock lurched excitedly. He trembled as if overcome with an intense fever, and in fact, had anyone looked at him, they probably would have thought he was suffering from some severe malady. His face was pale. His cheeks were flushed. Sweat dripped from his brow. His breaths came out shallow and ragged.

Lumen’s gaze fixated once more on the dao’s enormous cock. The slit of the behemoth was so huge that it could easily swallow Lumen’s whole body, and as Lumen stared at it, he could feel himself being drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It seemed to be growing larger and larger before him as his vision tunneled until the dao’s cock was all Lumen could see.

The shudder that wracked Lumen’s body was so intense that he found himself falling backwards. His head was too hazy and his wings too weak to maintain his altitude. It took every ounce of willpower Lumen could muster just to shift his dive so that he skidded to a halt on a nearby surface instead of plummeting several feet to the hard stone floor below.

Lumen looked down at his new perch. The stone structure jutted out in front of him for what felt like miles. Even in his hormone addled haze—or perhaps because of his hormone addled haze—Lumen quickly realized where he was. He had landed on one of the several statues that lined the sides of the chamber. Lumen’s back rested against the crotch of the dao statue with the colossal cock of the statue jutting out from under his legs. In his dazed and horny state, it was easy to imagine that the rigid member that stretched out before him was his own.

Lumen covered his mouth to stifle his whimper, but even had he let out a loud moan, he was so tiny that it was unlikely anyone would hear him. The rest of the party was too busy discussing their rewards to care about him, anyway.

As Lumen shuddered and whined, his cock bucked and lurched. Thick spurts of cum gushed forth. Lumen couldn’t believe he had cum without even so much as touching his dick! Just the thought of having such a huge dick pushed him over the edge. Not only had he cum without stroking his dick, but this was the biggest and messiest climax of his life. Thick cum soaked through the cloth he wore around his hips and oozed down the sides of his thighs. The scent of his own thick, potent spunk flooded his nostrils and made him even more hot, bothered, and lightheaded.

Lumen slowly came down from the mind-numbing bliss that followed. He wasn’t sure how long he had been basking in the afterglow, but as he steadily came to consciousness, he realized that the negotiations were over. The rest of the party were happily making their way back out of the palace, and the dao was strolling casually back to his throne.

Lumen shakily got back up to his feet and then, equally as shakily, took flight and floated awkwardly towards the dao. He floated forwards as if in a trance. The sane parts of Lumen’s psyche shrieked at him to stop. What he was planning on asking was stupid. A powerful spellcaster owed him a favor—a spellcaster who could probably breach the veil between planes. A spellcaster who could probably easily find the location of Lumen’s lost friends… and yet… only one thought drove Lumen forward.

Lumen was soon less than a foot away from the dao. As he hovered over the earth djinn’s shoulder, Lumen balked when it came time to speak. The words refused to form. Lumen’s mind was so frazzled that he couldn’t even project his thoughts to the dao. All he could do was hover there awkwardly and hope that the figure took notice of him.

The dao stopped and stood as if waiting for something. Then, after a lengthy pause, he glanced up over his shoulder and smiled at the small fairy. His huge grin was so welcoming that it caught Lumen completely off guard.

“I thought there was another adventurer. I was surprised that you didn’t join in the negotiations,” the dao said.

“Well… money is a little… inconvenient…” Lumen murmured awkwardly. He gestured towards his small body with the hand that wasn’t covering the cum splotch on his loincloth.

The dao chuckled. He seemed to understand what Lumen was saying. At the fairy’s size, coins were an encumbrance. However, the playful glint in the dao’s eyes seemed to indicate that he knew there was something else that Lumen wanted.

The dao pressed his hands together. There was a brief sparkle between his palms, and when he opened his hands, there was a very small pouch resting in one of his open palms. The dao lobbed it over towards the fairy. Lumen instinctively caught it with both hands and instantly regretted it. The look on the dao’s face made it clear that he had seen the mess on Lumen’s crotch.

Fortunately, the dao didn’t mention the mess. He merely nodded towards the small pouch. The pouch was only a little larger than Lumen’s fist.

“That should make carrying currency a little easier. I slipped a few coins in there as thanks,” The dao said.

Lumen glanced down at the pouch and turned it over in his hands a few times. It didn’t look large enough to hold a single coin let alone “a few” like the dao had said.

“Just reach in. It will adjust to the size of the coin you need. Granted, you can only add or remove a single coin at a time,” the dao explained.

Lumen reached in, and to his surprise, as soon as his hand entered, the pouch took on a larger, disc-like shape similar to a wrapped peppermint candy. Lumen effortlessly pulled out a single, shining platinum coin which, at the fairy’s small size, was the size of a serving tray!

“I thought that would make life easier for you, and we can both stop pretending like you were going to ask for money like the others. After all, it’s obvious that you’re not worried about being… encumbered,” the dao said with a chuckle.

Lumen froze like a deer in headlights. He stared skeptically down at the dao. What did he know? Could he read minds?

The dao laughed jovially in reply. “No. I can’t read minds… At least, not in the way you are thinking. You just have a very expressive face, and a very intense gaze. Not to mention some… other telltale signs,” the dao said.

The dao waved a hand. A small cloud of sparkles flew from his hand and came to a rest on Lumen’s loincloth. The dried, crusty splotch quickly vanished, leaving his clothes completely clean.

“Now then, why not tell me what you really wish for?” the dao said.

Lumen’s cheeks were burning beet red. He couldn’t believe he was actually considering asking for this. He took a deep breath and steadied his nerves, and then nodded towards the dao’s enormous, exposed cock and balls and blurted out, “Is there any way I can get one… you know, like that?”

Lumen was taken aback by how forcefully his wish came out. He thought he would have a little more tact than that.

The dao, however, was not put off at all. “There are potions that can grant you additional size for a limited period of time,” he said. He then reached up and playfully flicked one of the tiny vials hanging from Lumen’s hips. “And it looks like you have some experience brewing potions. I’d gladly give you the recipes.”

“Oh. Okay…” Lumen replied. He tried not to let it show, but he was feeling a bit put off by the dao’s response.

The dao was now grinning from ear to ear and had a mischievous glint in his eye. “Yes, there are plenty of ways to give yourself a temporary boost… however, you strike me as someone who is looking for something a bit more… permanent.”


Part 2

The dao gestured for Lumen to follow and turned. The dao headed back towards the throne room with the tiny fairy floating expectantly behind like a lost puppy. As the pair made their trek, Lumen’s eyes kept drifting towards the massive, exposed meat that the chubby djinn had on display. Lumen had expected to be able to see it bob and sway back and forth with each step that the dao took, but to his surprise—and slight chagrin—the entire package seemed to be gliding gracefully forward. Lumen’s gaze drifted down below the dao’s enormous nuts and caught a glimpse of what appeared to be an almost imperceptibly small sandstorm. The entire blanket of roiling clouds reached only an inch off the stone floor, but despite its small size, the sandstorm managed to keep the dao’s endowments hovering right above the ground.

Lumen’s gaze followed the sandstorm past the nuts and towards the dao’s feet. He soon realized that the sandstorm was not just localized under the dao’s package, but under his entire body! It was then that Lumen realized that the dao had not taken a single step this entire time and was gracefully floating everywhere.

“A simple mobility aid,” the dao said with a chuckle.

Lumen blushed beet red. He must have been staring a bit too intently, but the dao didn’t seem to mind.

“It’s fine. I enjoy the attention, truly,” the dao said. “Besides, if I didn’t want eyes on the goods, I’d simply…” the dao snapped his fingers and with a poof, his cock and balls had completely vanished! He was now wearing a casual pair of shorts which didn’t have so much as a bulge up front. He may as well be a Ken doll!

Lumen gasped in shock which just made the dao laugh even harder. “It’s still there, I assure you,” the dao said and gave the air in front of him a playful pat. A soft slap sound accompanied the hand gesture, but there was nothing visually to indicate that his hand had impacted anything.

It was about that time that the duo came upon a small door tucked away in the wall behind the throne. It was so inconspicuous that it was all but invisible, but the dao knew exactly what he was doing. He led Lumen through the door, and with a wave of his hands, magical torchlight filled the room.

Lumen glanced around and took stock of the room. It was incredibly well decorated but had obviously not seen use in ages. The plush bed was covered in a layer of dust and sand. Cobwebs coated everything, but another quick wave of the dao’s hand returned the room to its former splendor.

“My personal quarters,” the dao explained. “Although, I do on occasion allow some private guests to join me here,” he added with a wink.

Lumen’s dick stirred to life behind his loincloth. Truth be told, Lumen had never been sexually active. It just wasn’t something that he really thought of much, but now that he had the lure of a giant cock dangling before him—almost literally—he couldn’t help but fantasize about all the fun he could have with it.

While Lumen pondered the potential of his sexual awakening, the dao casually floated across the room and poured himself a glass from a crystal decanter. The dao took a moment and watched the expression on the small fairy’s face as the thoughts raced through Lumen’s head. The dao was grinning from ear to ear as he floated back over to the fairy. He took a small sip of his drink, and then said, “So, how big are you thinking?”

Lumen was even more shocked than the dao when he blurted out, “As big as I can carry!”

The dao chuckled again. “I assume by that, you mean you still want to be able to fly?” he asked.

Lumen was unable to speak. He was so mortified by his own outburst that he was blushing beet red. It was all he could do to manage an emphatic nod.

“Hmm. I see…” the dao mused. He floated around the tiny fairy and, quite possibly literally, sized the little guy up.

“If it were just a matter of your wings, I wouldn’t think you could carry that much. Maybe a few inches…” the dao continued to muse.

Lumen was still blushing, but the color somehow shifted from his whole face to just his cheeks. A few inches may not sound like much, but that was as big as he was. He would be just as much cock as fairy. The thought of it excited him. He would be very close in proportion to the dao, but still… he wanted more. He knew it was silly to say that. At a certain point, he’d be completely immobilized by cock. He didn’t want that… did he…? And even if he did, he wouldn’t dare admit it… even to himself.

The dao enjoyed the face journey Lumen had been sent on. The tiny fairy’s thoughts were painted on his face clear as day. Eventually, another chuckle from the dao derailed Lumen’s train of thought, snapping the fairy back to reality.

“That would be the case if you were not a magical creature. It’s clear that your flight doesn’t just come from your wings, does it?” The dao said. There was a playful smirk on his lips and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He snapped his fingers and suddenly Lumen was surrounded by a powerful, swirling vortex. Sand whipped around the tiny fairy, threatening to send him spiraling on a crash course with the wall, but Lumen instinctively let loose a surge of wind which wrangled the raging tempest into a protective sphere that surrounded his body.

The dao stroked his chin and smirked. “Yes. I think I have a feel for how much you can handle now,” he said.

The dao raised a palm towards Lumen and gestured for the tiny fairy. “If you’re ready to begin,” he said.

Lumen balked for the briefest moment. It wasn’t that he was having second thoughts. He wanted this more than he had wanted anything in his life, but even his intense desire to have a huge cock had to fight his fear of being handled.

The dao merely smiled and gave the fairy a gentle reassurance. “It’s fine. I won’t hurt you,” he said softly.

Lumen slowly floated down towards the djinn’s outstretched palm. He still wasn’t comfortable being held like this, but somehow, he trusted this guy… and the promise of a giant cock was a pretty good incentive as well. After a brief battle with his own nerves, Lumen touched down on the dao’s soft palm and perched like a gargoyle at the furthest point away from each of his giant fingers.

The dao nodded at the tiny fairy in his palm. “I’ll need to have access to do my work,” he said.

Lumen understood what he meant. The tiny fairy nodded and then undid the knot which held his little loincloth up. The tiny bit of fabric dropped onto the dao’s palm, leaving Lumen completely nude except for the small bands and other ornaments he kept around his wrists and neck.

Lumen suddenly felt incredibly tiny. Perched as he was atop a giant’s palm, his tiny pecker on display for the comparatively massive dao to admire the difference in their size was too great to ignore, and that wasn’t even factoring in the difference in their cocks. The dao’s cock was so massive that Lumen could fly through the slit and barely touch the sides.

Lumen was fairly average as far as fairies go, which meant that his rigid rod wasn’t even a full centimeter long. Lumen was beginning to feel incredibly self-conscious about his size. He instinctively curled inward and closed his legs to block view of his stiffening rod. He was even in the process of reaching a hand down towards his crotch to cover the saucy bits when the dao spoke up.

“You have a very nice-looking penis,” he said softly.

The complement made Lumen strangely excited. This was a day of discoveries for him. He had never really thought much about his dick before today. It was just another part of him, but hearing the way the dao spoke to him about it made Lumen blush all over again.

Before Lumen could come down from the elation of the complement, the dao blindsided him with another comment. “It will look even better when I’m done with it,” he said playfully.

Lumen was so shocked by the comment that his whole body tensed up—including his dick. Lumen’s tiny cock gave a lurch of excitement at the prospect.

“Sit back,” the dao said gently. “It will make this easier for both of us.

Lumen nodded and then plopped his bare booty down on the dao’s palm. Lumen was once again struck by their size disparity. Just the dao’s palm was the size of a couch cushion to the tiny fairy.

Lumen stared up at the smiling face of the dao, and watched as the dao’s other hand came into view. The tip of the dao’s pointer finger was coated in what looked like glowing, sparkling paint.

“I hope you don’t mind, but the best way to apply this is topically,” the dao explained.

Lumen took a moment to process what he had just heard, but it suddenly clicked. Lumen gasped in shock. His cock gave another lurch of excitement.

Lumen took a moment to steel his nerves and then shifted his weight back onto his elbows and spread his legs wide so that the dao had unrestricted access to the fairy’s rigid nub and tight nuts. The dao nodded pleasantly in reply and then reached in to apply the ointment.

Lumen gasped as he felt the cool, slick mixture rub against his rigid cock. It was a strange sensation to have his dick stroked by a finger that was longer and thicker than his legs. The dao’s fingertip eclipsed Lumen’s entire package; cock, balls, and all. Having his cock stroked by someone else felt so much better than when he did it himself. The sheer pleasure made Lumen light-headed. He felt so fantastic that part of him wanted to close his eyes, lie back, and enjoy the massage, but he knew better. There was no way he was going to miss out on what came next.

Lumen’s vision tunneled on his crotch. The dao’s fingertip covered most of the goods, but at the low point of each stroke, Lumen could see his cock peeking out. At first, he could just see the tip, but with each stroke of the dao’s finger, more and more of Lumen’s cock would stick out past the dao’s fingertip.

Lumen’s heart was pounding in his ears. His whole body was shuddering with excitement. He was so transfixed on his own cock that he nearly forgot to breathe, and had it not been for the burning in his chest, he would have! His cock was definitely growing!

Lumen marveled as his dick as it steadily crept upwards. The first major checkmark was the faintly defined V of his slight Adonis belt. By the time the tip of his dick reached that mark, it was twice as fat as the fairy’s thumb—still not the most impressive specimen, but it was definite progress!

With each stroke of the dao’s finger, Lumen’s cock grew more and more. It reached the lowest row of abs. Then it reached his belly button. Then it reached the row above that. With each upward surge, his cock grew not just longer but thicker too! By the time the tip of his dick reached his chest, it was thicker than his arm!

Lumen shifted his position. No longer was he propping himself up on his elbows. He was now lying flat on his back atop the dao’s palm. Lumen wrapped his hands around his cock and marveled at how huge it felt. It was so fascinating that he barely believed that this was really his cock! Even as he felt his fingers dig into the soft, supple flesh of his swollen glans, he could still scarcely fathom what he was feeling. His cock head felt so massive in his hands, and yet, at the same time, his hands felt so tiny against the tip of his dick. His mind struggled to reconcile the disparate sensations, and all the while his cock continued to creep up and up in size.

Soon, Lumen found himself staring directly into the pre-oozing slit of his huge cock. The tip of his cock now reached up to his face. The pre-drooling slit of his huge cock was now bigger than his mouth. The thick rod was almost as wide as his chest. His huge nuts now filled his entire lap and then some.

Lumen stared transfixed at his own massive cockhead. His mind was an awkward haze of horny and curious. His carnal fascination demanded he explore that massive appendage even further. He dug his fingers under the thick, supple layer of foreskin that covered the lower rim of his cock and slowly peeled it back. The slick, slimy, spongy flesh of his pre-soaked glans seemed to swell outwards in front of him. He couldn’t be sure if it was a trick of the light, a matter of his cockhead finally being able to swell to its full size now free from the confines of his own foreskin, or another surge in growth of his already enormous rod. Whatever the case may be, the imagery caused Lumen’s heart to pound harder and his cock to shudder excitedly in his hands.

A gentle chuckle reverberated throughout the area. It was enough to draw Lumen’s attention away from his rod—even if for but a second. Lumen was once again aware of the towering dao which held the tiny fairy in the palm of his hand. The dao had given the Lumen a moment to enjoy and explore his new size, but he now seemed eager to move onto the next phase. The sparkling liquid now dripped from more than just the dao’s fingertip. The gigantic djinn now had a solid slathering of the stuff coating his fingers and thumb.

“Ready for phase two?” the dao asked playfully.

Lumen merely stared in awe at the towering figure and nodded excitedly. The dao smirked in reply and reached his concoction-coated fingers towards Lumen’s cock.

Lumen was once again taken aback by the image he saw. The dao was now stroking Lumen’s huge cock between his thumb and pointer finger. Lumen’s dick, while massive on the tiny fairy, was still what an average person would consider small. That wouldn’t last for long, though. With a new application of the dao’s growth potion, Lumen’s cock was once again swelling in size. Soon the dao could get his middle finger on the shaft… followed by his ring finger…. Followed by his pinky.

Lumen stared up in awe at his cock which now towered over him like a Grecian column. It was taller than he was by a good margin and still growing, but by human standards it was still only slightly above average. It was still small enough that the dao only needed one hand to work the shaft.

As Lumen lay back and stared up at his swelling shaft, he steadily became aware of the weight pulling down on his crotch. His nuts had grown so large that they had spilled out from the dao’s palm and now dangled heavily below. Either enlarged orb was now close to the size of a golf ball, but to the tiny fairy, that meant that each heavy stone would eclipse his entire torso. His entire sack could easily smother his entire body! And as wild as it sounded, the idea of being buried under his own sack was almost as exciting as staring up at his growing rod.

Lumen’s mind raced. How wonderful it would be to have so much ball sack that he could dive facedown into the saggy flesh that stretched beneath the enormous orbs and rest in it like a fleshy hammock. Being surrounded on all sides by cock and scrotum sounded like pure bliss, but as much as images of the future excited Lumen, he didn’t want to miss the present!

The dao smirked down at the tiny fairy as he continued to stroke the steadily growing shaft. Lumen’s cock was so thick that the dao could no longer wrap his hand fully around the shaft. Lumen’s cock was so massive, that the fairy no longer had a good basis for comparison. It simply dwarfed his whole body! The shaft was easily twice as long as he was tall and then some! His cock was several times thicker than his slender waist. His balls alone weight several times more than his tiny body. With his body so outclassed by his own cock, Lumen instead found himself looking to the dao for comparisons.

Lumen’s cock was longer than the dao’s forearm and quite a bit thicker—and given the chubby nature of the djinn, that was a feat in and of itself. Lumen had to be rocking at least a foot of fat cock. Lumen’s cock was now massive even by human standards. He had a dick that rivaled even the most impressively endowed of the medium races and maybe even the larger ones! Lumen had never seen an orc dick, but he assumed even the green brutes would be shocked at the meat he was packing.

Lumen continued to stare on in awe as his cock grew larger and larger. It soon towered over him like a great oak tree. The shaft was several times wider than his shoulders and several times taller than his whole body. It was dizzying staring up the towering spire which now loomed over him. Some part of him was trying to goad him on to stop. Surely, this was big enough, right? He could never hope to even wrap his hands around the trunk of the mighty redwood. How would he ever pleasure himself? What good was a cock that was too big to use… right?

Of course, the voice in his head pleading for restraint was easily overpowered by the rest of his brain which was shouting with glee. He wanted more. He wanted it bigger. Even as his nuts grew to the size of ripe apples and then oranges and then grapefruits—sizes so large that even just one of them would more than fill the dao’s hand and would more than eclipse the fairy’s whole body—Lumen silently pleaded for more and more, and the dao seemed more than happy to oblige.

The djinn continued to rub the glittering cream across the length and girth of Lumen’s swelling schlong. Lumen’s cock was now so huge that the dao could not hope to wrap his hand around the fairy’s fat shaft. He was instead rubbing the potion into the skin in circular patterns as he worked a path up, down, and all around the swelling cock… whacks on… whacks off…

Lumen stared in awe as his spire stretched up higher and higher, grew thicker and thicker. Some part of him wanted the feeling to never end, and yet, he knew it had to at some point. If this kept up much longer, he would soon be completely immobilized by his own package. He’d be just a tiny chrysalis dangling from the tree branch that was his own massive cock.

Even as he stared on excitedly at his towering rod, Lumen’s mind wandered to thoughts of what it would be like to be so huge. Some part of him wanted to just commit. He was sure the dao would take good care of him. The djinn seemed to not just have some skill in handling such massive cocks but also a fondness for them. Lumen could live comfortably in the palace and enjoy a life of luxury and orgasmic bliss atop his colossal cock and balls… but even as he daydreamed about how nice it would be, Lumen knew he would not be happy with that kind of life.

He wanted to be free. He wanted to explore. He wanted to fly! Having the skies taken from him would be a fate worse than death.

It was this thought that grounded him.

It was unclear whether or not the dao could read Lumen’s thoughts or if he had just come to the same conclusion that the tiny fairy had. Lumen’s current size was enough. Any more and Lumen would no longer be able to lift the massive package.

The dao glanced down at the tiny fairy and smiled softly. “I have used the potion to get you this far. As I have said before, the potion only lasts for an hour or two. If you want it to stay this way, I’d have to add some of my own magic to the mix,” he explained.

Lumen merely nodded silently. He wasn’t much for conversation at the best of times, and he was currently overwhelmed with pleasure and excitement. It was a miracle he was even lucid at this point.

The dao nodded back and waved his free hand. A pink mist swirled around Lumen’s towering cock and sagging balls and then seeped into the soft, supple flesh of the fairy’s exposed schlong.

“The magic has taken hold, but it needs one final act to truly activate it,” the dao explained.

Lumen didn’t speak. He was only vaguely aware of the dao’s warning. He just stared up at his towering spire. His cock was so huge that it was dizzying to look up at. The sheer size of it was awe inspiring. Feeling so tiny next to his own colossal cock made Lumen even hornier than before. The thick layer of pre coursing down the massive, towering shaft had coated his entire body. The sheer mass of his enormous nuts—each enlarged orb larger than his whole body by a huge margin—weighed on his mind and his abdominal muscles. He was far more phallus than fairy at this point, and it was his cock that was controlling his thoughts.

“Once you cum, there will be no going back,” the dao warned, but no sooner were the words out of his mouth, than Lumen was buzzing like a hornet.

Wind swirled around the tiny fairy. electricity crackled through the air. The lights of his pupils which normally crackled like small sparks now blazed like stars. Lumen dug his fingers deep into the soft flesh of towering rod. Lightning surged through his cock and balls. The power coursing through his package may have been painful to someone else, but to Lumen who was forged in the realm of air and thunder, it just caused his very cells to vibrate. Every ounce his entire towering cock and low-hanging balls were being massaged to their very core.

Lumen’s cock shuddered and lurched. His balls tensed up. Yet the fairy kept channeling his magic through his towering lightning rod.

The dao had to cover his eyes to avoid being blinded by the lights but managed to continue holding the fairy aloft as Lumen writhed and wriggled in his palm. The fairy’s nearly two feet of fat cock bucked and lurched. The fairy’s enormous, melon-sized spheres swung and seized.

Lumen let out an impressive cry for such a small creature. His head threw back. His back arched. His toes curled. His eyes rolled back in his head. His cock gave another powerful lurch, and then the shooting began.

Massive, thick, sticky ropes of spurt erupted from the fairy’s now massive cock. Each rope would have completely drenched the fairy’s entire body, but the sheer force of the blast sent the sprays flying high into the air. The massive wads of jizz splattered against the ceiling and splashed down across all corners of the dao’s personal chambers.

Lumen came… again… and again… each massive spurt just as potent and powerful as the last. The pleasure was more than blinding. Lumen’s entire brain overloaded. His thoughts gave way to static. His vision replaced with all-encompassing light. Every muscle in his body seized in the throes of orgasmic bliss. Lumen didn’t have the brain power necessary to even breathe. All he could do was moan and writhe as he came again and again.

Lumen wasn’t sure how long he was cumming. Everything seemed to fade away into a singular moment in time—a snapshot of raw, carnal bliss, but eventually, that light gave way to darkness and Lumen collapsed from a combination of intense bliss and exhaustion.


Part 3

Lumen’s whole body felt warm and tingly to the touch. He was so giddy and ticklish that even the most innocuous poke would have him giggling like a doughboy. He just wanted to lie there and bask in the afterglow, but as his mind slowly stirred back to consciousness, his eyes began to wander.

Lumen took stock of where he was. He was relaxing on a large, plush pillow which rested at the head of the most luxurious bed Lumen had ever seen in his life. All around him, the room was covered in brightly colored curtains and tapestries. Slowly, he came to realize that he was in the dao’s bed chamber, but the room was surprisingly cum-free and restored to its former pristine glory. Even the centuries of sand and cobwebs had been cleared off.

The sound of a door opening drew Lumen’s attention to the far end of the room. The dao stepped forth liking as jovial as ever. The short, chubby figure was still clad in his loose, open-front robes which let his massive cock and balls splay out in front of him.

“Ah, good. You’re awake,” he said pleasantly.

There was a brief pause. It wasn’t clear if the dao was waiting for some response from Lumen or was just being polite, but before the silence got awkward, the djinn approached the bed and said, “I took the liberty of cleaning up while you were asleep. You made quit the mess, but it wasn’t anything a little magic couldn’t take care of.” He gave a dramatic swish of his wrist to mimic the act of casting a spell.

Lumen slowly pushed himself up onto his elbows and then onto his ass. He was soon perched comfortably atop the pillow. Lumen yawned and stretched and gave a nod of approval to the dao.

“Here. Have some water. You will need to rehydrate after all that,” The dao said with a chuckle. The dao reached forth a hand. As he did so a small, thimble-sized glass appeared between his fingers. He then offered the small glass to the tiny fairy. Lumen had to grasp the thimble-sized glass with both hands, but he accepted it and began to sip.

As Lumen sipped at his drink, the dao continued to speak. “I’d like to thank you again for rescuing me. We both had a lot of fun earlier, but I think you understand how I feel when I say that I am eager to get back on the open road and explore the world. So much time has passed since I’ve been locked away. I’m sure the world has changed much in my absence.”

Lumen finished his drink but continued to listen quietly as the dao continued.

“I’ve gathered a few more thank you gifts which should help you on your way.” The dao said and reached into the loose sleeves of his robe and fished out a small slip of paper and handed it to the small fairy.

Lumen reached up and accepted the small slip of paper. In the dao’s hands it was little more than a post-it note or a napkin, but for Lumen it was like holding a road map. Lumen’s eyes scanned the writing on the page. It was filled with odd glyphs and sigils. It was not a language that he should know, but somehow, he understood the contents perfectly. As he read the sheet of paper, the runes suddenly flashed bright blue. The light was blinding, but Lumen could not look away. As he stared at the glowing runes, a strange sensation worked its way into his eyes. It was similar to when he looked at the sun which caused a negative image of the light to remain burned to the back of his retinas. He blinked a few times to clear the image, and when his eyes readjusted, he noticed that he was holding a blank sheet of paper.

“I noticed the vials at your waist,” the dao commented as if predicting Lumen’s question. “You look like you have some skill mixing potions. I made you as large as I could without impacting your ability to fly, but if you ever want to play around with larger sizes, those recipes should now be imprinted onto your memory. The changes will only last an hour or so depending on the dosage you mix so feel free to experiment.”

Lumen closed his eyes while he waited for the slight searing to fade from his cornea. His mind was swimming. He suddenly remembered all kinds of herbs and properties and formulae for mixing them. It was like all the stuff he had crammed before an exam had come rushing back to him right after he had already failed the test. It was dizzying, but even amidst the haze of his newfound knowledge, Lumen’s ears perked up at some of the dao’s words.

Lumen glanced down at the bed which spread out before him. The covers were pulled up to Lumen’s waist. Now that Lumen was sitting upright, the cover clumped up on his lap. Yet despite the fact that he was only covered from the waist down, there was a giant mound in the blankets that made it look like there was much more than just a pair of tiny fairy legs tucked underneath.

Lumen wasn’t strong enough to toss the covers off of him, but he had other ways of knocking them aside. He summoned a gust of wind which blew the covers back and revealed what it was that made the enormous mound in the bed.

Lumen stared in awe at the cock and balls that lay spread out before him. The sheer size and scale were even more dizzying than being psychically force-fed the book on alchemy. His sack alone was so massive that he couldn’t even see his legs. The only reason his legs weren’t being crushed under the weight of his own stones was because they nestled safely in the cleft between the two massive boulders. Lumen had originally thought that the weight pushing down on his legs had been from the covers of the dao’s luxurious bed. It felt much like he had a warm, weighted blanket stretched across his lap and shins, but it truth, it was the warm, thick flesh of his own enlarged sack that pressed down against his legs. Either enormous nut rose well above Lumen’s head. He doubted that he would be able to see over them even had he been standing upright.

Lumen shimmied his way out from under his own nuts. His lower body was red and sweaty as if he had been soaking in a sauna for the past several hours – which wasn’t too far from the truth. His legs trembled as he unsteadily got to his feet. The weight of his immense sack on his lap had done his circulation no favors, but it wasn’t just the fact that his legs were still asleep that made him so unsteady. The sheer weight – literally and figuratively – of what he had wished for was starting to set in.

Lumen looked up at his own immense cock. It was like staring up the initial ramp of a roller coaster. The colossal, flaccid shaft draped lazily over his nuts before extending out far in front of him. Lumen couldn’t even fathom how huge his dick must be. The sheer girth of it was so fat he couldn’t even hope to wrap his arms around it. He may as well be hugging the side of a barn.

Lumen fluttered his wings and awkwardly lifted off from the plus launchpad that was the dao’s pillow. Lumen was able to lift several inches into the air, which at his size was akin to if a normal sized person started levitating twenty feet off the ground, but he soon hit a point where he just could go no higher. His cock and balls wouldn’t budge even a millimeter. His nuts still rested solidly on the mattress before, and his cock still draped lazily over his nuts and stretched out in front of him for what felt miles – although that was more the sense of vertigo playing tricks on him than the actual size of his schlong. Lumen’s softy was only around two feet long, which was large enough to give even a cave troll a cock complex. However, at Lumen’s small size, his bait and tackle was many times longer than he was tall and weighed exponentially more.

Lumen’s heart started to race, and it wasn’t from the exertion of trying to lift his mountainous meat. His mind began to get hazy. He wanted to take off and fly away as fast as he could, but he was tethered. Images of his lantern that served as his prison flooded into his mind. His vision faded away and the sight before him was replaced with the semi-opaque glass that had surrounded him on all sides for so long. Everything was muffled. He could only make out vague traces of conversations happening around him, and all that he could see through the glass was faint outlines and amorphous shadows of the crews that all but ignored him.

The buzzing of Lumen’s own wings and the crackling of the lightning surging around him drowned out anything that the dao may have said to him, but before Lumen could fully panic, he felt the dao’s thumb gently stroking his hair.

Lumen slowly started to come down – literally and emotionally. As the tension left his body, he just wanted to collapse once more onto the plush mound of the dao’s pillow, but he found a firmer landing spot before that. Lumen’s bare booty landed with a plop in the dao’s palm.

Normally, Lumen hated being handled. People too often liked to wrap their fingers around the little fairy which usually resulted in them getting bitten. The dao, however, made no motion to grasp the small figure and instead just cradled Lumen’s body while the tiny fairy caught his breath.

Lumen’s heart was still pounding in his ears, but even through the pounding, he could hear the dao’s soft, soothing voice reassuring him. “There is so much power inside of you. You don’t need your wings to fly,” he said.

Lumen nodded and then took a moment to steady his breathing. Lumen had forgotten the dao’s words from earlier. The old djinn knew how much power was inside the little fairy, and he had made Lumen’s equipment no larger than the storm sprite could handle. Lumen just had to learn how to tap into that power.

Lumen focused his mind and tried to center himself. He tried to tap into that font of magic that sprung from within. He could feel the wind blowing within him, and as he focused, he could feel that gust turn into a gale. It was as if a storm was billowing up within him.

He could feel it. Even in a place like this that had been closed off for so long, Lumen could feel the currents of wind. They were so clear that he could almost see them. It was as if he could reach out and grab them. He may not be able to grab them with his hands, but his mind was a different story. He willed the currents to him. He rewrote and redirected the lanes and paths of the wind to circle him and his immense cock.

Even before Lumen could see the change, he could feel it. The currents and eddies clustered around his cock and balls and began to hoist his immense package into the air. Lumen watched in awe as his monolithic cock and balls lifted off from the mattress and floated in front of him.

Lumen’s wings were still exhausted from his attempt at flying earlier. They did not want to perform even the lightest flutter. Still, Lumen managed to awkwardly slide towards the edge of the dao’s palm and hop the short gap onto his gargantuan, floating schlong.

Lumen was seated awkwardly in the space between his two floating balls. His massive cock jutted out in front of him like an oversized boogie-board. His package bobbed and shifted with the circling currents. Maybe soon, Lumen would learn enough control to give himself a steady ride, but for now, it was like riding on a giant inflatable raft in a choppy pool. The ride was awkward and taxing, but Lumen could fly. He could actually fly!

Lumen started slowly at first, but as he got more comfortable steering his sky ship of a schlong, he began to dart faster and faster around the dao’s room. The dao merely smiled and watched his tiny friend dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge his way around the room.

Lumen was having the time of his life. He was huge, and he could still fly! This was the best day ever! But as much as he enjoyed doing laps, he soon started to feel a bit silly flitting around like that, and in someone else’s bedroom no less.

Lumen coasted to a halt and sheepishly glanced back towards the dao. The dao laughed in reply.

“You don’t need to stop on my account. This is a gift, and I want you to enjoy it!” he said cheerfully.

Lumen’s sheepish glance quickly shifted back to a massive grin of manic glee. He was tempted to start doing even more laps, but a strange grinding sound caught his attention.

“Oh. It seems we’ve arrived at the town. The palace is beginning to surface,” the dao commented.

“Oh… does that mean I have to go?” Lumen said. His lips didn’t move, but this was hardly the first time he had spoken telepathically to the dao. At Lumen’s size, his words just wouldn’t reach that far if spoken aloud.

“You’re welcome to stay as long as you like. Don’t let anyone say I’m not a gracious host, but I know you have your own adventure to get back to, and so do I.” The dao said.

Lumen nodded in agreement. He was excited to get back into the world. His mind was racing with ideas of all the fun he could have with his new enhancements… still… he wasn’t sure he wanted to say goodbye to his new friend just yet.

The dao chuckled again. “I see that look,” he said. “This doesn’t have to be goodbye. Think of it more ‘farewell for now’.”

Lumen perked up again and nodded emphatically.

“However… before you go I have one last little gift for you,” the dao said as he fished out a small satchel from the sleeves of his robe. The pouch was incredibly small in the doa’s hand. It was roughly the size of a peppermint candy. The dao held the pouch easily between his thumb and pointer finger as he handed it over to Lumen. To the small fairy however, the pouch was so large that Lumen had to hold it with both arms.

“I had considered making a backpack for you, but I don’t think that would work as well for you as it would other races,” the dao commented and gestured towards Lumen’s back. Lumen glanced over his shoulder at his wings and gave them a flutter before turning back to the dao and giving the large djinn a nod of agreement.

“Consider it a starter pack,” the dao explained.

Lumen opened the pouch and sifted through the contents. It was filled with numerous vials and bottles which were all filled with colorful liquids. They weren’t labeled, but the newly imprinted knowledge bubbled to the surface of Lumen’s mind, and he recognized all of these potions instantly.

“Strength. Stamina. Size. Some basic potions to tide you over until you have a chance to mix some of your own,” The dao explained.

Lumen was grinning like a kid at Christmas. The possibilities were endless. Spewing cum from a three-foot hard on had been so amazing, he couldn’t wait to test it out at double that size! With a proper potion, he could be swinging a sausage that would not only dwarf an orc’s cock but dwarf the orc’s entire body!

Lumen’s already semi-boned shaft began to harden as his mind raced with ideas for things he could do with his new goodie bag, but as his mind raced, another thought steadily surfaced.

It was less a thought and more of an idea. A single word. A name. A true name.

Lumen’s jaw dropped. The dao had imprinted knowledge in Lumen’s mind. Knowledge that the dao wanted to share but didn’t dare write down. Among that knowledge was an entire encyclopedia of alchemical reagents and formulae, but more importantly, there was also the name of the author of that knowledge – the dao himself.

The dao tapped the side of his head. “Magic is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Someday soon, you may find that you can carry that weight with ease, and you may even find that you want to carry even more,” the dao said. The pause at the end was palpable. A shudder ran down Lumen’s spine and a lurch ran up his cock as the implication hit home.

“… And even if you decide that you don’t want to upgrade just yet… well… it would be nice to hear from you from time to time,” the dao concluded.


Part 4

Lumen quickly realized he should have taken the dao up on his offer to allow the fairy to rest a while longer, but Lumen had been too excited to get back out into the world and also didn’t want to overstay his welcome. However, he had barely left the palace before his exhaustion started to hit hard. Magic was a muscle, after all, and he had already overexerted his while flying laps around the dao’s room. Lumen quickly realized that levitating his entire cock and balls would be far too strenuous.

Lumen had to land for a moment while he caught his breath and refocused his magic. The hot desert sand was incredibly warm against his bare flesh. He knew he wouldn’t be able to rest long enough to recover his energy without frying his super-sized sausage and eggs, so he had to improvise.

Lumen closed his eyes and focused once more on trying to control the currents of wind. Wrapping the entire length of his enormous cock and the massive heft of his massive balls was far too taxing, but he could economize. He focused all his energy on the center of his mass—the intersection where his massive cock and enormous nuts met his tiny body.

It was far from a perfect solution. With his wind magic no longer focused on maintaining the altitude of all his dangly bits, Lumen’s cock and balls now swung heavily beneath him. Lumen’s wings were buzzing up a storm as his tiny, bee-like wings struggled to compensate for the increased strain. He constantly found himself drifting down towards the ground which caused the head of his fat cock to drag through the sand. He was getting sand in places he’d rather not think about. This was going to be a nightmare to wash later. If there was one saving grace, it was that, Lumen was so small that he could easily reach his arms under his foreskin and scrub out the sand.

It wasn’t long before Lumen reached the outskirts of the city. The dao had dropped him off as close as he dared without risking drawing too much attention to the traveling palace. The dao was a kind and generous sort, but he unsurprisingly was not a fan of the constant stream of wish-seekers that civilization was sure to bring.

Lumen could feel his heart rate rise with excitement and anxiety as he heard the chatter of the town drawing steadily closer. The dao had cast a glamour on Lumen before he left—a magic spell that made Lumen appear fully clothed and unremarkably un-hung. However, the constant feeling of the sun and sand against his bare flesh made it so Lumen could not ignore the fact that he was secretly bare-assed naked, and even had his bare skin not been constantly weighing on his mind, the sheer mass of his cock and balls would be!

Lumen floated awkwardly through the air as he made his way through the busy streets of the desert capital. The people seemed to give him a wide berth—something the small fairy was not used to. Normally people didn’t even realize he was there at first. It could have been because he was flying in an awkward and erratic pattern. It could have been because his wings were buzzing like a swarm of angry hornets… or it could have been because his cock and balls, despite being invisible, had accrued a bit of sand during his journey. The tip of his dick and underside of his balls in particular had a heavy coating of sand on them which made them which created a strange sight for anyone paying enough attention, and those who would look even lower may have noticed the shadow that his absolutely enormous cock and balls cast on the ground beneath him.

Lumen was beyond exhausted by the time he made it into the center of town. He was sweating so profusely that his entire body glistened in the sun, which just further served to undermine the illusion that the dao had cast. If the light hit him just right, the reflective sheen of his sweaty cock and balls became visible for a split second, giving a random citizen a fleeting, ephemeral view of the largest package they had ever seen. Although the image was so fleeting and so strange, that no one who saw it was quite sure what they had seen, and quickly chalked it up to a simple mirage.

Some of the townsfolk watched curiously as the little fairy slowly floated in an awkward, shifting path like a drunken balloon. Delirious from heat and exhausted from the weight, Lumen had to change directions suddenly a handful of times to avoid careening into a random passerby who was not watching where the fairy was going. Each time he had to rapidly change course Lumen grumbled silently to himself. He was used to people not seeing him, but it didn’t use to be this much work to stop or change direction. Every time he tried to stop or quickly change direction, the inertia of his enormous package would cause him to skid a few feet. He wondered what people would say if they could see his massive bait and tackle swinging beneath him like a wrecking ball with each abrupt shift. He was tempted to drop the glamour the dao had given him if for no other reason than people were sure to notice a fat cock flying through the air.

As funny as that would be, Lumen wasn’t in the mood to start any trouble in the middle of town. All he really wanted was some shade and some water, and he remembered a good place to get both of those—the tavern in town where he had first met up with the adventurers he had rescued the dao with.

The rest of the party had quickly taken their cash and booked it back to town before Lumen had had his moment alone with the dao. As far as Lumen knew, none of them knew anything about the fairy’s recent enhancements.

Lumen had no idea what they would say if they saw him now. There had been plenty of light-hearted teasing when they were on the road about Lumen’s size. He was by far the smallest of the adventuring party and could easily fit in the palm of even the goblin cleric. However, Lumen was sure to now be the biggest of the band where it counted. His rigid shaft alone would be taller than the goblin that had teased him on their journey. Lumen was half tempted to track the guy down and really ham it up.

It didn’t take Lumen long to find the place he was looking for. The noise of the revelry was audible from blocks away. All he had to do was follow the sound of drunken singing.

The tavern in question wasn’t so much a building as it was a large, covered pavilion attached to the one of the biggest inns in the town. Lumen hadn’t stayed at the inn himself. Back when he was hanging around in town, he had made a small little hut for himself in a garden attached a fancy looking manor. Lumen had no idea who owned the place, but they were probably tied to the ruling council. All Lumen knew was that they had the only real garden in the desert city, and with so many plants to work with, it was easy for Lumen to craft a nice little getaway for himself. Lumen considered going there first, but he didn’t think he’d fit into his old abode, and he needed rest and water before he did anything too strenuous.

Lumen floated in and landed with a heavy flop atop the bar. He must have looked pretty rough because the bartender was quick to glance his way and shove some water in front of him. The cup was the smallest that the bar had. It was probably designed for a kid to drink out of, but for Lumen it was like drinking from a wash basin. Lumen plunged his head in like he was bobbing for apples and drank deeply of the cool, crisp water. It was basic water from the oasis, but Lumen was so parched that it tasted as sweet as nectar.

Lumen spent a few minutes just sitting in silence at the bar. He slowly caught his breath and recovered from the headache that had begun to set in. Lumen hadn’t realized how dehydrated he had been. Fortunately, he had found water and shade before things got any worse.

Eventually, he heard the voice of the bartender directed at him. “I had heard there was a fairy in town, but I hadn’t expected to see it myself,” he said.

Lumen glanced up to see the bartender glancing down at him with bemused fascination. Now that Lumen was no longer too exhausted to care, he was able to see that the bartender was a rather cute, young elven man. Although, “young” for an elf is difficult to pin down. The man could easily be centuries old.

Elves were rare in this world. Not nearly as rare as fairies, but it was rare to see them this far from the central continent. The few that had crossed over into this realm tended to prefer high society in major metropolitan areas or imperial capitals. They were rare in a backwater like this, and even rarer to see them doing menial work.

“I didn’t expect to see another fae here,” Lumen said. He knew he was too small to speak normally to the elf, so he opted instead to project his voice into the elf’s mind.

The bartender, being no stranger to fae magic, didn’t even bat an eye at the mental message. He responded in a similar fashion, “Yes, well. The climate is horrible on my skin, but I must admit I have a certain fondness for the locals.”

Lumen nodded along to what the bartender was saying. Part of him wondered if he should pay for his drink and politely excuse himself, but he was so exhausted that he wasn’t ready to move yet. And yet, it seemed rude to just drop the conversation at that, so he pushed the issue a little.

“What brings you all the way out here?” Lumen asked.

“Well, when I was a much younger man, I had heard the legends of the djinn in this area who could grant wishes. Being a bright-eyed boy with more money than sense, I stocked up on basic adventuring gear, chartered a boat across the ocean, and set about hiring a band of adventurers to take me across the desert and claim one of these wishes for myself,” the bartender explained.

“I take it that didn’t go well…” Lumen replied.

“It went fine up until we got to the palace and realized it was overrun with demons. Luckily, the guide I had hired had more sense than I did. When he realized the place was infested, he called off the adventure. I had tried to go in myself but quickly fell pray to one of the minions. The guide saved me and dragged me kicking and screaming back to town.” The bartender explained casually.

“You don’t seem too upset…” Lumen replied.

“Well, it was ages ago, and after spending some time here, I soon learned that most adventuring parties never return at all. I slowly came to realize that he had saved my life, but I didn’t dare go home empty handed, so I just sort of… stayed.” The bartender said with a shrug. He passed a drink to another patron and then continued, “I took the last of my money to purchase a small building, used some of my shipping contacts back home to establish some trade, and set up the inn you see behind us. I guess, I didn’t want to leave a task unfinished but knew I wouldn’t be the one to finish it.”

“What do you mean by finish it?” Lumen asked.

“Rescuing the old djinn, of course,” the bartender replied.

“Oh! Well, I was part of a group that saved him!” Lumen explained.

“Yes, I had heard he had been freed, and I noticed that you have some djinn magic on you. In fact, I could spot it from quite a ways away,” The bartender said with a chuckle. The conversation had been telepathic, but he had been unable to hide his chuckle from other patrons.

“What do you mean?” Lumen asked.

The bartender glanced down at the fairy and tapped his temple with two fingers. His eyes sparkled with magic. “You should know that it’s common for a tavern keeper to see through glamours. You never know what kind of ne’er-do-wells may roll through town.”

The color drained from Lumen’s face as he realized what the bartender was saying. The guy behind the counter could see right through Lumen’s glamour! He could see that Lumen was floating through town without a stitch of real clothing on him, and more importantly, he could see the massive schlong and enormous balls that Lumen was lugging across the desert! Lumen was amazed that this guy managed to avoid commenting on the fairy’s huge dick for as long as he had. Lumen’s massive nuts were resting unceremoniously on the bar, and his enormous cock was draped off the edge. His soft cock was so huge that the tip of it almost touched the ground.

“You know, I don’t normally make it a habit of hanging out with nude men… at least not ones I haven’t been formally introduced to, that is,” The bartender said playfully.

“W-what?” Lumen sputtered.

“Let’s start over. My name is Llorian,” the bartender said.

“Oh! I’m Lumen!” Lumen replied.

“Very good. Now that we’re no longer strangers, it’ll be less awkward to be staring at your cock the whole time,” Llorian said with a chuckle.

The color was returning to Lumen’s face. In fact, the paleness had been replaced by a pinkish hue as he began to blush beet red. He tried to avert his gaze and play it cool, but the steady swelling of his impossible to ignore shaft gave him away.

“So, tell me,” Llorian asked playfully. “What is this? Some kind of djinn prank? I’ve heard some will grant your wish in the most twisted way possible. Did you ask to be bigger?”

Lumen’s tanned face started to even redder as the blood rushed to his cheeks. The bartender seemed to think that this was an accident. Should he play along? He didn’t want to deny that he had made the wish, but that would mean admitting that he had wanted this. Hell, he had wanted to be even bigger! If anything, the djinn had curtailed Lumen’s wish for Lumen’s own safety!

“Actually, uh… Ge… I mean… The djinn is very kind, and he granted the wish that I asked for… kinda…” Lumen murmured awkwardly. Had it not been for the fact that he was speaking telepathically directly to the bartender’s mind, he doubted his words would be intelligible at all.

“So, you wished for this… kinda?” The bartender asked. His playful smirk had spread even wider. He made a quick gesture towards one of the other people working in the establishment. A kindly looking half-orc stepped up behind the bar and quickly took over handling the order, leaving the owner of the bar free to give Lumen his full attention.

“Well… I asked to still be able to fly so, he said that this is as big as he could make it…” Lumen murmured.

“So, if you didn’t have to worry about being able to fly, how big would you have gone?” Llorian asked. He still had a bit of a smirk on his face, but his interest had been piqued in a different way now.

“I… uh… I honestly don’t know…” Lumen said… his voice was barely above a whisper. Had he not been speaking telepathically, he would have been completely inaudible. His body was trembling with something akin to anxiety. He was nervous admitting this, sure, but he was also excited. His mind raced with thoughts of how big he would get. How big could he get! If his ability to fly was not an issue, if he could go as huge as his heart desired.

Lumen started to feel light-headed. Part of it was the excitement. He was positively giddy thinking of the insane sizes that he could reach, but a huge part of his light-headedness was the surge of blood to his massive appendage.

“I had never thought about anything like this before,” Lumen admitted. “At the palace… the djinn’s place. There were statues. Statues taller than anything I’d ever seen. Bigger than the tallest goliath, but they were dwarfed by their own… you know. They were like… bigger than houses. Bigger than this bar.”

Lumen couldn’t believe what he was saying. The statues weren’t that big, were they? They just appeared that massive from Lumen’s perspective. His mind flashed back to when he was perched at the base of one of those monolithic cocks. Staring out as it stretched out seemingly miles in front of him.

A cock that was bigger than this bar? A pair of nuts that would fill the entire garden that Lumen had camped out at before? A city-block-sized package? His mind was racing. His imagination was running wild, and with each thought the size surged and surged.

Lumen’s cock was no longer draped off the edge of the bar. His shaft was as rigid as it had ever been in his life. Had he even been this boned when the dao had grown him? It’s hard to say. Lumen was so much smaller then. His cock now dwarfed his whole body by an order of magnitude. It towered above him so high it almost touched the canvas ceiling of the pavilion. His three feet of fat cock throbbed with pleasure. Every square inch of schlong was covered in an unfathomable number of nerve endings that all cried out for release.

“I see…” Llorian mused as he stared up at the fairy’s throbbing spire. “We might want to move this elsewhere or else, you’re going to make a mess of my establishment.”

Lumen couldn’t even fathom what other people must be seeing. Pre was oozing out the tip of his massive, invisible cock. The slick, shiny liquid glistened in the midday sun. In a matter of moments, Lumen’s entire cock was coated in glistening pre. His glamour was still holding, but the outline of his massive rod was visible to anyone who sent more than a cursory glance his direction.

“Let’s get you out of here,” Llorian said. He reached down and scooped Lumen’s enormous nuts up into his arms. Each of Lumen’s nuts was the size of a prize-winning watermelon. The two of them together was more than Llorian could hold in his arms. He struggled to maintain a grip on the enormous nuts as he staggered away from the bar proper and towards the nearby inn.

Lumen found himself riding atop his own nuts and pinned between his massive shaft and Llorian’s chest. Lumen was quickly coated in pre, as was Llorian’s shirt, but the bartender didn’t complain.

“I don’t normally make it a habit of fooling around with someone I just met, but… I could help you out with that… if you want,” Llorian said.

“W-what?” Lumen sputtered.

“I… I guess it’s a little late to be playing coy now. This is… honestly, the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Llorian said.

“You mean…?” Lumen asked.

“Look, I’m far too old to be blushing and giggling like a schoolboy. Don’t make me say it,” Llorian said.

“I’m going to need more room,” Lumen said. His thoughts were still a bit scattered and erratic from the sheer intensity of his arousal, but his mind was starting to clear enough to focus on something—or rather, one thing in particular. “I need to get bigger,” Lumen said.

“I don’t have that power,” Llorian replied.

“No. I mean. I can do it. Temporarily, anyway. I need more room, though.”

“You can get bigger…?” Llorian responded after a tense pause. “… how much bigger?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried it before. It depends on the dose, but I didn’t mix this batch.” Lumen explained.

“So, we may need a lot of room…” Llorian replied. The conversation had been entirely telepathic, and yet, Llorian sounded breathy. No doubt Lumen wasn’t the only one close to blowing.

The pair ducked down an alleyway and rounded a few corners before reaching a large, open area—the same garden that Lumen had camped out in mere days beforehand!

“Wait! This is!” Lumen shouted.

“It’s my garden. A little piece of home, you could call it,” Llorian explained.

Suddenly it made sense. No wonder this garden had felt so homey to Lumen. The plants were rife with fae energy!

“What happens now?” Llorian asked.

“You might want to set me down,” Lumen replied. Llorian let go of Lumen’s enormous package. It happened so suddenly that Lumen barely had time to start flapping his wings and summing his magic before his nuts slammed heavily onto the ground below.

Lumen managed to quickly steady himself. He spun around and faced his new friend. Lumen’s massive, rigid cock jutted out straight in front of him like a long pier. Now that Lumen could see his new friend again, he could see that Llorian was completely covered in the fairy’s pre. Llorian’s shirt now clung damply to his skin, and his pants were similarly soaked. It was also clear that Llorian had a very pronounced bulge in his pants. Lumen wasn’t the only one sporting a boner.

Lumen reached down into the pouch that hung heavily at his side and fished out a small vial. It was yellow. Stamina. Not what he was looking for, but given how exhausted he already was, it was probably a good idea to take it. Lumen popped the cork and quickly downed the contents.

Warmth coursed through his body. He suddenly felt renewed and invigorated. He felt like he could fly for miles, even with the massive hard on and enormous nuts weighing him down!

By the time Lumen had downed his potion, Llorian had already begun stripping down. Lumen stopped rifling through his bag long enough to admire the elf’s slim body. The guy had some faint muscle definition to him. Seeing him like this, it wasn’t too surprising that he used to be an adventurer, and as Llorian pushed his soaked pants down around his thighs, Lumen got a glimpse of the elf’s rigid rod.

“It’s just a shame that I can’t get this inside me,” Llorian moaned.

That comment made Lumen balk, if even for a moment. Lumen had never really thought about it before. Before his experience in the dao’s palace, he had never really thought about sex in any capacity let alone if he would top, but now Lumen was not only hot and bothered but also brimming with vigor. He felt like he could fuck for hours, he just needed a big enough hole.

It was Lumen’s turn to flash a playful smirk. He held his hands out and a cloud of sparkling blue energy shot out and seeped into Llorian’s skin. The effects were instantaneous. It’s a good thing Llorian had already shed his clothed or he would have burst clean out of them. Llorian surged in size. He grew upwards and outwards in all directions until he was standing nearly eleven feet tall.

“I almost forgot that fairies are masters of size magic,” Llorian said as he stared at his newly enlarged body in awe. Llorian was now taller than the pavilion that he ran his bar out of, but he was still much smaller than Lumen below the belt. Even now that he was doubled in size, Llorian’s dick was just shy of a foot long—not even a third the length of the tiny fairy’s incredible cock.

Lumen was grinning from ear to ear as he stared up at his now towering friend. “It won’t last long, so if you want to take a ride, you better hop on!” he shouted.

Llorian didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly got on his back and stared up at the tiny, floating fairy and the fairy’s battering ram of a colossal cock. Lumen’s cock gave a massive twitch of excitement as Llorian lifted his legs, giving the tiny fairy a clean line of sight with the elf’s tight hole.

Lumen darted forward so that his cock was pressed against Llorian’s bubbly butt. Even enlarged as Llorian was, Lumen’s cock was still massive for the elf. Llorian let out a whimper and a shudder as he felt the fairy’s fat cockhead press against his tight, hungry hole.

Lumen slowly shoved his cock in, inch by inch, deeper and deeper into Llorian’s ass. It felt better than Lumen dared dream. He had never felt something to fantastic before! It wasn’t just the sheer sized of Lumen’s over-stimulated cock, either. Having his rod gripped so firmly by such a warm, soft sheath was amazing. It was almost a shame that Lumen would soon outgrow even the largest of suitors.

Lumen balked slightly at that thought. He was halfway into his current partner, and he was daydreaming about banging bigger dudes! Thinking about how huge he’d have to be to bed a storm giant, made Lumen’s cock give a shudder of anticipation which in turn elicited a whimper from the elf.

Lumen cleared the thought from his mind and focused on sliding his cock deeper and deeper into the elf. It wasn’t long before Lumen was balls deep in the giant elf’s ass. Lumen found himself pressed face down into Llorian’s soft, puffy gooch. The elf’s taint was easily as tall as Lumen was, and the elf’s nutsack was bigger than Lumen’s whole body. As Lumen pressed himself flat against the elf’s gooch, he could feel Llorian’s heavy sack pressing down on his head.

Lumen’s whole body tensed up. His cock shuddered. He could feel Llorian tense around the length of his massive shaft. Llorian whined with pleasure. Lumen gritted his teeth and struggled against himself. He had been so damn horny, and the elf’s hole felt so damn good, that Lumen almost came right then and there, but Lumen was no one pump chump. He was determined to make this last.

Lumen fought through the bliss. Even amidst the haze of his own horniness, he somehow managed to wrest control of his massive cock. He willed it to slide back and forth, in and out of the elf’s tight hole. Lumen was so far gone, that he wasn’t even sure if he was controlling his cock or his cock was controlling him. As far as he could tell, he was just along for the ride as his massive battering ram went to work for him.

With each thrust, Llorian cried out. The elf’s gigantic body writhed in ecstasy. His back arched. His toes curled. His balls swung heavily. Lumen, meanwhile, was breathing too heavily to even moan. All he could do was breathily pant as his massive cock rammed into the gigantic elf over and over again.

Llorian cried out in bliss. A massive spurt of cum erupted from his foot-long cock. The spray of jizz arced through the air and landed with a splat on the tiny fairy. There was so much cum that Lumen was completely coated as if he had been sucked into a dungeon slime. The elf’s warm, thick spunk seeped into the little fairy’s mouth. It was a bit salty, but Lumen didn’t mind the taste.

With his gigantic partner suitably satisfied, Lumen dug his cock in with one last, powerful thrust. Lumen once again found himself pressed face down against the elf’s sweaty taint. He pressed his face against the crease that ran along the length of Llorian’s taint and breathed in the warmth emanating from the elf’s body. Lumen’s cock shuddered then lurched. His colossal nuts pulled inwards. Lumen braced himself. This felt like it was going to be even bigger than when the djinn had grown him. It was tough to explain, but it was as if every cell in Lumen’s body was bracing for the big one.

Lumen cried out at the top of his lungs, but his tiny voice didn’t carry far. He came again and again and again. Each spurt as warm and thick and heavy as the last. Lumen didn’t understand. Even amidst the haze of orgasmic bliss, this seemed off. How was he not slowing down? How was he cumming so much? It was as if he had unlimited…

Stamina. The yellow potion. Lumen didn’t know how long these potions worked, but he doubted he’d be coming down until the juice had fully run its course.

Lumen came again and again. He had cum so much that with each spurt, cum spewed forth from the elf’s plugged hole. Llorian’s gut had begun to distend from the sheer volume of fairy cum sloshing within.

Lumen knew he needed to pull out. He didn’t know how much cum Llorian’s enlarged body could hold, but Lumen doubted that he could hold much more. Lumen fought against his own base instincts that pleaded for him to leave his cock buried to the hilt.

It was at that point that something strange happened. A soft, glowing, blue fog began to waft from Llorian’s skin. Lumen felt the elf’s body grip even tighter around his cock. The enlarge spell had already ended! Llorian was shrinking back down to normal!

Lumen watched in awe as Llorian steadily shrunk back down in size with Lumen’s cock still buried within him! As Llorian shrunk inward, he appeared to rapidly retreat from Lumen. Llorian was halfway back to his normal size when the tip of Lumen’s colossal cock popped out of his ass with a loud sucking sound.Now free from the elf’s tight hole, and with Llorian no longer in any danger, Lumen continued to cum and cum again.

Llorian staggered to his feet. He was winded and sore and still giddy with the afterglow, but the scattered, frantic thoughts that the telepathic fairy was sending out compelled him to act.

“Blue… the potion… Bigger… I need…” Lumen’s words rattled around in Llorian’s mind. Llorian understood enough to piece together the big picture. Lumen had said that he had potions that would make him even bigger. Their entire reason for coming to this walled garden was to experiment with Lumen’s new potions, after all. It would be inhospitable to deny him that.

Llorian reached down and flipped through the tiny package that hung from the fairy’s waist. Inside were numerous tiny vials filled with various different colored liquids. The blue one, Lumen had said. It didn’t take Llorian long to find the one Lumen had been looking for. Llorian glanced at the potions. They were so tiny. Each vial would hold barely a drop. There was no way just one of these was powerful enough, was it? Should he do more? Two? Three? All of them? Llorian grabbed a couple of them and decided to just go for it and see what happened. Each vial was awkwardly tiny in Llorian’s hand, but he managed to uncork them one after the other and pour them into the fairy’s mouth.

The effects were nearly instantaneous. Lumen’s cock and balls surged in size in all directions. Upwards and outwards he grew, all the while cumming like a firehose. Lumen’s rigid shaft soon towered over Llorian’s head. Six feet. Seven feet. This tip of the fairy’s dick rose above the walls of the garden. The fairy’s nuts grew from the size of prize-winning watermelons to the size of prize-winning pumpkins and beyond! His nuts had grown from the size of prized pumpkins to the size of pumpkin carriages!

Lumen’s still-cumming cock continued to surge upwards. Soon it was taller than even Llorian had been while enhanced. Lumen’s cock towered over the garden like a clock tower—a clock tower that was spewing forth spunk like a geyser!

Lumen was too far gone to think. All he could do was whine and writhe as he came again and again. Bigger. Larger. He pleaded as he felt his cock and balls surging upwards and outwards. He didn’t care how big he got. It would never be enough. It was less about the final size and more about the thrill of growing. He wanted to grow and cum and cum and grow!

What would his friends back home think if they saw him now? A small fairy with a cock the size of an ancient dragon. A dick like a volcano that was coating an entire town in spunk.

Lumen felt a strange pressure against the sides of his nuts. He was too addled to understand what it meant, but Llorian had front row seats. Lumen’s nuts had filled the entire garden and were pressing against the walls that surrounded them. Lumen’s nuts filled an entire city park. His cock was now the largest structure in town!

Lumen was so overwhelmed with pleasure that he could barely see. He could barely even think. He kept drifting in and out of something akin to consciousness. Every so often his eyes would focus enough that he could get the vague shape of what was looking in front of him. It was like staring up at a mountain. Before him stood a sheer, insurmountable wall of solid cock. He couldn’t even see the tip. He couldn’t even tell how thick it was, and yet. His frazzled mind cried out for more.

Lumen had no idea how long he was cumming. It felt like hours, but it could have been days. He wasn’t even sure he was conscious the whole time. He was so overwhelmed by orgasmic bliss, that no matter how long he had been cumming, it felt like it was too short.

Lumen eventually came to consciousness. Had he finished cumming then immediately passed out? Had he been so overwhelmed that he had short circuited while cumming? It was hard to say. All he knew was that his body was covered in a mix of liquids. There was sweat. There was cum—most of which was his, and there was also a faint, cool layer of dew. It was morning. He had slept through the night. He wasn’t sure what time he had started his fun with the bartender, but it had to be mid-afternoon. He had been out cold overnight.

Lumen glanced around at his surroundings. He was perched atop his own cock and balls, but they seemed impossibly huge. The potions should only last an hour or two. It had to have been at least ten since he had down those potions…

It was then that it hit him. Potions. Plural. Each dose was exponential. One dose. Double your size for one hour. Two doses. Quadruple your size for… how long? He had no idea how durations worked. His mind raced. He had far more than doubled. He had far more than quadrupled. His cock and balls now eclipsed the entire garden and then some. His nuts alone filled the entire fenced-in park and were spilling over the sides. His cock now draped over the wall and laid spread out down the main thoroughfare in town. His cock was completely blocking traffic! Several lanes of traffic were completely blocked by cock! Even though his dick was lying flat on the ground, the roofs of the neighboring buildings didn’t even reach halfway up the side of his dick! How much longer would he be stuck like this? Hours? Days? … Weeks?

As the numbers ran in the tiny fairy’s mind, a dark thought crept into the back of his mind. Maybe someday it will be permanent.


Part 5

Lumen still wasn’t sure how he felt about being so huge. He loved the feeling of having such an immense package. Every morning, he woke up to a semi the size of a city block. His pleasantly plumped member was several orders of magnitude larger than his body so that even just the sensation of a nice semi was intoxicating. He also liked the feeling of the more adventurous sorts exploring the mountainous expanse of his cock and balls. Some even chose to go spelunking in his Cave of Wonders. The people scurrying up and down his shaft and stones tickled. They felt like gnats against his enormous meat. Every time he thought about how tiny these people were compared to his colossal cock and balls, he couldn’t help but chuckle. Did these people know that they were so thoroughly outclassed by a faerie!? One of the smallest creatures in the land, and yet his cock could cow a dragon.

Yet… as much as he loved how massive his cock was, he hated being immobilized by it. He could do nothing but recline against his mountain sized stones and stare up as the clouds floated overhead. He wished he could be like the clouds. He wished he could lazily drift from continent to continent. Clouds could still float despite being the size of a city so why couldn’t he!?

Lumen knew the answer to that. Clouds were light as a feather, but he was heavy as a mountain. It was possible to make such an incredible mass levitate, but it required far more power than Lumen had access to in his tiny body. And so, despite how much he loved the feeling of having such a huge cock and dwarfing all the “big” races, Lumen grew antsier and antsier with each passing day.

Had Lumen stuck around at that size, he may have become a draw for the community. Now that the dao’s palace had vanished, the oasis was sorely lacking in tourist spots, but eventually, the magic of the dao’s potions had run its course and Lumen’s cock steadily shrunk down to a more manageable size. By the time that his cock size had finally stabilized, Lumen found that he had significantly more mass below the belt than he had had before ingesting all of his potions at once!

At first, Lumen thought that his cock was going to slowly shed the last bits of his additional size, but it steadily dawned on him that this was his new normal size! Lumen’s mind raced as he tried to figure out what had happened. He figured that this must be a side effect of overdosing, but had the dao known this would happen? Lumen figured that the dao must have known, but this knowledge was not included in the compendium that Lumen had absorbed! Was this information intentionally kept from him?

The dao didn’t seem like the type to deceive Lumen, but he did seem like the type to enjoy imparting a nice life lesson or three– kind of like a wise and kind uncle. Lumen had no doubt that this side effect would have become apparent sooner or later. After all, the dao had said there were ways for Lumen to increase his size once he had grown stronger in his control of magic. After all, more mass meant he needed more power to lift it all. If he had gotten much larger, it would have been impossible for him to even move at his current strength.

That was probably why the dao had given Lumen the number of potions that he had. Sure, Lumen now knew how to craft more, but the process was slow and the ingredients rare. It would be a while before he would be able to craft a fresh batch, and by then, he’d probably be strong enough to handle a little extra weight. 

Lumen had to be careful as he flew, if he took a turn too quickly, the sheer momentum of his enormous package would pull him wildly off course! If he wasn’t careful, his meat and two vegs could go swinging like a wrecking ball. The sheer force of his battering ram of a cock and his massive boulders could easily body check an orc! In fact, he had nearly done just that as he struggled to gain altitude and escape the city!

As things currently stood, Lumen’s cock and balls were so heavy that Lumen had had to practice for hours before he could even lift the damn thing! He had had to resort to the trick he had learned when he was running on fumes a few days earlier. It was clear that Lumen could no longer levitate the entire leviathan even when using his full power. Instead, he had to focus his energy on key points which left his bait and tackle to swing like a pendulum beneath him as he flew.

Lumen had barely made it a few blocks before he had to land and catch his breath. Stopping and swerving were far too taxing. If he could get up and over the rooftops, he could cover some decent ground, but his junk was just too. Damn. Heavy!

As Lumen lay gasping for breath atop his own enormous, invisible cock and balls, a thought crept into the back of his mind. If only it was a little smaller…

Lumen recoiled at the mere thought of it. He wanted to be bigger! How could he even entertain the thought of going back! And yet… that would solve so many problems. He didn’t need it to be much smaller. If his junk was even the size it had been before his potion mishap, he would have a much easier time escaping the city. He didn’t even need to remain small for long! Just long enough to get up and over the walls so he could zoom over the rooftops and out past the outer gates.

As Lumen lay back atop his own ale-keg sized cojones, the answer became apparent so suddenly that Lumen actually had to stop panting long enough to gasp in shock. Lumen slapped his forehead. It was so simple! He was so obsessed with getting bigger that he forgot how easy it would be to get smaller. He’s a faerie! A being known far and wide for being tricksters and masters of size manipulation. He had used his innate fae magic just the other day to make Llorian taller than the garden walls! He could just as easily turn his magic on himself! A quick reduction spell would only last a few minutes, but that was all he needed! He just needed to stay small long enough to hop the fence and zoom out into the desert proper!

Lumen placed a palm against his chest, took a deep breath, and let his innate fae energy course through him. His whole body glowed with a blue light. Lumen had no idea if anyone had seen him casting. If they did, they would have seen a spectral outline of his immense cock and balls for a brief second before Lumen rapidly dwindled to half his original size.

It the span of a second Lumen went from being as tall as an apple to being as short as a plum! The sheer speed at which everything around him seemed to surge and stretch outwards left him dizzy for a second, but the momentary sense of vertigo quickly faded and was replaced by a bevy of conflicting emotions and sensations.

Lumen had never felt so small before. He was used to being able to fit in the palm of the larger races, but now he was barely as big as a person’s thumb! He felt weak and vulnerable. Everything seemed so loud and so large. Heavy footsteps reverberated from the nearby thoroughfare. The walls loomed over him so high that for a moment he began to panic that he’d never be able to fly high enough to escape, but before the panic could fully set in, another sensation took hold.

Lumen felt… light! It wasn’t just a physical weight that had been lifted but a mental one as well. He was lighter than he had been all week, and with his newfound control of the wind, he could effortlessly send himself– body, cock, balls and all– soaring into the sky!

Lumen summoned a quick gust of wind to send him spiraling upward. As he spun and swirled through the air, the constant weight of his impressive package reminded him that even though he was small, he was still huge! His heavy schlong was still well over a foot long. Even at his reduced height, he could still outclass an ogre below the belt.

Lumen stopped spinning and stunting long enough to stare down at the desert city that sprawled out beneath him. From up here, they were the ones that looked like ants!

A devious smirk spread across Lumen’s face. At his current size, he could effortlessly fly up and over the city, but he could also easily fly through it! He was small! He was agile! He was swift as a sparrow! He could stop on a dime!

Lumen’s fingers reached down and tapped the trinket that hung from his hip. It was a small, ornate fox mask. It was the perfect size for a faerie and was imbued with the power of a trickster spirit. The mask was a going away present from Llorian. The dao’s glamour had long-since faded, which left Lumen’s immense junk exposed to any onlookers. Part of Lumen wanted to leave his cock flying free, but he understood that sometimes discretion was key.

This was not one of those times.

With a quick flick of the wrist, Lumen dropped the glamour that hid his endowments, spread his arms wide, and fell backwards into the city below. Lumen closed his eyes and chuckled as the air rushed past him, and as he careened towards the streets below, he could hear the surprised gasps from the onlookers that had caught sight of the sizeable schlong which was falling from the heavens. Even at his reduced size, Lumen’s cock would put even the most blessed courtesan to shame. His schlong was every bit as long as a full-grown orc’s forearm and every bit as thick as a goliath’s bicep! His nuts were as large as watermelons, and all that mass was hurtling towards the streets below like an owlbear meteor.

Lumen fell and fell. The feeling of the winds rushing by made his heart soar. It was as if the winds themselves had hurried to his side to carry him home. He had never felt so in control before. Controlling the wind and thereby controlling his own flight was as easy as breathing. It was nearly instinctual when he flipped backwards and righted himself. He quickly came to a stop and hovered a few feet above the ground. His huge dick and massive nuts hung heavily beneath him. Lumen found himself floating nearly eye level with a dwarven merchant. The man’s jaw hung slack as he stared at the cock which was as long as his torso and almost as thick. Lumen may only be as big a few inches tall, but the thumb-sized sprite’s schlong left the man feeling incredibly tiny.

Lumen had no idea if the dwarf even saw him. As far as Lumen knew, the guy assumed the giant cock hovering before him was bereft of a body. Lumen chuckled softly to himself. It took every ounce of self-control he could muster to maintain his reduction magic. Some dark part in the back of his mind was goading him to drop the spell and let the dwarf see a cock that rivaled the merchant’s whole body for sheer mass, and an even darker part of his mind was egging him on to turn his size magic in the opposite direction! If the dwarf was feeling small now, just wait until he was staring down a schlong that was more than double the dwarf’s current size!

As much fun as that would be, Lumen was itching to get onto the open road. He had enjoyed his time in the desert, but there were new frontiers to explore and new extremes to push his magic! The skies were calling!

Lumen summoned up another gust of wind and rocketed down the street. He zipped between market stalls and under carriages. His fat cock and heavy balls effortlessly bobbed from side to side like a dragonfly. In a matter of moments, Lumen had made his way across town and towards the city gates. He summoned one last massive surge of wind and launched himself up and over the walls. As he crested over the gate, the last traces of his size magic faded. His body doubled in size. He surged outwards in all directions. Lumen suddenly felt incredibly heavy. The sheer weight of his massive cock and colossal balls weighed him down and pulled him towards the earth below, but Lumen had accomplished what he had set out to do. He had cleared the walls, and as gravity took hold and slowly pulled him downward, he spun around and gave the city one last clear look at his impressive girth.

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