A day at the beach

by Thatbadwriter

 You watch in dismay and amazement as your father, who’s gained the ability to grow himself to giant size in a freak medical accident, takes a trip to the beach with you and decides to make himself bigger than he’s ever tried to become before.

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It was another blisteringly hot day. You’d been dripping in sweat since the moment you’d woken up. Now you were sitting around with your father, Richard, who was nude as the day he was born in the living room trying not to betray how uncomfortable you were. Not because of his nudity, you’d grown accustomed to that a long time ago, but if you let him know you were thinking about it things would probably get… complicated… again.

You see about a year ago your dad was diagnosed with a bizarre degenerative disease that had utterly stumped his doctors. The best cure anyone could figure was this highly volatile cocktail of experimental hormones. By all appearances it seemed to have worked. But a week after his treatment though Richard was finding himself afflicted with some rather peculiar side effects—notably, an unrelenting libido. This would have been all well and good—after all, what’s an awkward boner compared to your motor functions—but the week after that it all started in earnest. Richard had been attending to his morning wood when he’d noticed that, with each pleasuring stroke and frenzied pant, he was growing.

Being the insatiable monster he now was your father had grown about a mile tall within the hour and gone to deliver a list of demands to various world powers. By the end of the day you and your father had a gargantuan mansion to stay in as well as access to any number of vehicles, ranging from sports cars to helicopters, all for free. Well, technically he had to agree to a few things: first, not laying waste to the globe and second, should some worldwide calamity occur he’d do his duty; but you doubted he minded agreeing to either of those, because he would never would have wanted harm to befall you and in the event of a giant monster attack you just knew he’d relish the opportunity to step on it.

Now back in the present Richard, or Rick as he was calling himself now, was casually teasing his nuts, growing to meet the ceiling, allowing himself to deflate, and doing it again—one of his favorite idle tics. You soon realized, though, that your battle against the heat was a failing one as your father turned to you and accurately pointed out, “Hey Andrew, you’re really sweating through your shirt there.” Crap. “Maybe we should head to the beach today.” It was less of a suggestion and more a statement of what was about to happen. He made his way to the door, casually stroking his member for a size boost. “I’ll meet you down there, son.”

“Dad, wait!” you futilely protested. “That’s a public beach. It’s not like you can just be nude there!”

“Nonsense, boy. Besides, the folks around here have seen me naked plenty of times,” he added. And with that he was out the door causing increasingly severe tremors on his way to the shore.

Half an hour of various preps and checks later you’d arrived at the beach via helicopter—with a father that size it was a necessity to learn such skills—and saw that he’d made himself comfortable. Your father was easily a few hundred feet tall now, with his hairy body occupying the majority of the space with its musculature, and legs sprawled apart to shamelessly flaunt the giant erection between them. “I GUESS YOU WERE WRONG BOY!” your dad boomed when he noticed you in the aircraft, and rocking it just by speaking, “IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S A NUDE BEACH AFTER ALL!”

With a thunderous chuckle your father started ascending yet again, like he’d wanted to wait for you to witness his rise as his monstrous cock barreled towards the ocean, his balls plowed over countless shacks and umbrellas, and his pubic hair alone began to dwarf the handful of remaining beach goers. With some fervent stroking he increased his growth further and was rapidly entering the water without having ever moved. The whole town was filled with his eager moaning as he reached double the size he’d been upon your arrival in minutes. Before long you were gently plucked out of the air and set atop the massive field that was his growing shoulder.

“Dad, you have to stop! Think about the ecosystem. You’ll kill millions of animals, at least, not to mention make the water uninhabitable for who knows how long!” you shouted as loud as you could manage up to his ear.

This only seemed to encourage him, however, as his pumping grew more intense. Before he reached the point of no return, though, a smile as big as a high rise crossed his lips and he abruptly stopped, before resuming at a much slower pace. “THANKS BOY, YOU JUST GAVE DADDY A GREAT IDEA!” He tried to beam down at you despite undoubtedly being unable to differentiate his son from the slightest of freckles.

In what seemed both an eternity and an instant you were hopelessly lost among the pores of your dad’s skin as he sat in the Atlantic casually edging himself, as if it were the world’s largest and lewdest kiddie pool. His body expanded relentlessly, more and more of his perfect body cutting through the clouds until he began to exit the atmosphere altogether. The cold emptiness of space did little to affect his impossible body as he left the Earth’s gravitational well behind, beyond send a pleasant shiver down his spine.

Now free to fill the interplanetary void with his moaning, Rick returned to his earlier pace, and began growing ferociously with every pleasured touch. The moon was locked in position, unable to decide whose gravity if favored, until he surpassed the Earth, and just kept on going. Visions of all the things he could do with his new litany of toys assaulted his brain as he moved to take the Earth in his palm, before thinking better of it. Richard was a man of his word, and it would prove counterproductive to damage his and his boy’s world for an ultimately fleeting moment of release. However as he continued to grow he felt the minor collision of a “rival” celestial body and found Mars had smacked into his all encompassing buttocks. The devious grin returned to Richard’s face almost instantly. He’d promised not to harm Earth, but no one ever said anything about its sister world.

In the blink of an eye Richard took the Red Planet, no bigger than a pebble, in one hand and his godly length in the other, giving it a few strokes for good measure and expanding once more, before he began inserting the crumbling planet in the maw like slit of his penis. The pleasurable joy and sexual thrill he felt was nigh indescribable as many trillions of the former giant’s debris tumbled down his shaft causing untold levels of erotic stimulus. Unable and unwilling to wait any longer, growing at speed no one could even make out, Richard climaxed into the heavens. He shot so much for so long that the solar system was filled with a vast whiteness, rather than infinite blackness, and once he’d reached his afterglow the sun was no less than half his size.

That night Richard lay at the foot of a mountain, now returned to Earth, as his boy lay at the base of his hairy heaving cleavage. Richard normally would have returned to his regular height of 6’4, but for whatever reason when he deflated his body refused to shrink any further than 100 feet. The both of them simply marveled at his handiwork as the sky was filled with a carpet of seed that wouldn’t dissipate for weeks by the earliest projection, while they waited to hear when giant-sized accommodations could be made available.

“You know dad, I just wanted to cool off,” you joked.

“AND DADDY JUST WANTED TO RUB ONE OUT, SO I SAY WE BOTH GOT OUR WISH,” he retorted as the shadow of his mounting erection began to cast itself over you.

“Really dad? You’re already horny?” you asked, receiving a slight stretching sound as an answer while the flesh you lay upon gradually crawled upwards and outwards.


This certainly wasn’t the first time he’d propositioned you; someone as horny as your father would, and had, hit on a literal stump. This was, however, the first time you really wanted to give in, his raw animalistic musk and might were simply more than you could bear. Silently getting up and walking down his abdominal muscles, an exercise almost like walking the wrong way on a moving sidewalk, you made your way to the pillar of cock that birthed you. Any sense of “better judgement” overridden you planted yourself against the towering penis and gave it the most ginger of kisses.

The area immediately quaked as if it were in the upheaval of an earthquake before, in a massive explosion of flesh, your father was double the size of the mountain he leaned on. With a startling epiphany you realized you’d done all of this with the barest of kisses. “OOH DADDY LOVES HIS BOY” he breathily praised you from far overhead. Deciding it was high time you showed your daddy just how much you loved him you began to strip away every bit of your clothing. If he was so ludicrously sensitive to your touch then you were by all means going to make him something to surpass godhood…

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “A day at the beach” by Three-Legged Dude.

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