Another big morning

by Thatbadwriter

It never fails. You’re sitting there on the living room floor with your cereal trying to watch some TV, when your dad comes down and decides Saturday morning is the perfect time to start growing and getting himself off. And then your horny brother comes home…

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Saturday morning, your morning. It was time to break out the bad cereal and watch some poorly dubbed anime on TV. Okay, technically some people would say nineteen is too old to get excited for Saturday morning cartoons, but technically you didn’t give a rat’s ass. What the hell is wrong with enjoying yourself after all?

Sat on the floor with your bowl now filled, you began scrolling through the channels when a heavy pounding down the stairs let you know your father was up… Great.

“Jordan, how are you, boy?” your father greeted you in his booming voice, before sauntering over to climb onto the couch behind you.

“Good morning, dad,” you replied before turning to see that your father, Jack, was sitting completely naked on the sofa, his daunting bulk and imposing muscle-gut on display for anyone to see. It was gonna be one of those days after all, huh?

“You know, dad, I actually had something I really wanted to watch.”

“Then go ahead, Chris, daddy will keep it down,” he beamed at you before he began stroking his thick hairy member. Not more than a moment later he began to gradually expand. You see, in our family there’s this strange phenomenon, if any of the men visualize growing while aroused, it actually happens. This, of course, was a well-guarded secret, as no one wanted to invite the government’s prying eyes and their unfortunate disposition towards testing.

Conversely, though, with a lack of real testing came a lack of answers. There were any number of theories ranging from an ancient curse to an unprecedented level of male virility. There might be something to that last one: if the family stories were to be believed, the only way females ever entered the family was marriage, as over the last eight generations there’d been not a single daughter.

“Well… all right…” you begrudgingly accepted, resolving to just ignore it as, like every time, he was already making noises between faint moans and the wet slapping of his cock. Only ten or so minutes into what was supposed to be the first show of many, his legs were already digging into the carpet on either side of you, while the couch groaned under the weight of a man who was nearing the ceiling even while seated. You’d missed yet another line of dialogue between the creaking, stretching, moaning, and slapping when the door connecting to the garage was flung open.

“God damn those sons of bitches!” your older brother Matt stormed in, as he usually did after working third shift. He was completely unfazed by your father’s appearance, as it was something he had a tendency to do himself.

“Sorry boy, *phew* come unwind with daddy, you’ll feel better.”

“Actually I’m trying to wa—”

“You know that sounds like just what I need.” Your brother began stripping to reveal a body so perfectly chiseled it made Adonis look like a Girl Scout, covered in tattoos and coated in a chestnut fuzz.

Your protests ignored, you went back to furiously trying to block out the sound as your brother sat in the much larger man’s lap and the pair began passionately making out as they pumped one another’s rods. Any attempts at silence, laughable as they’d been, were now completely forgone as the animalistic grunting of two very aroused and very growing men filled the house. It was when, simultaneously, the couch loudly snapped and you felt yourself being pushed you decided to look. What you found was you’d been shoved forward by an enormous pair of testicles, while your brother was a few feet taller, and your dad was hunching as far forward as possible to not go through the ceiling to the second floor.

“Guys, aren’t you overdoing it? What if dad gets too big and we’re all found out?!” you said in attempt to try and calm them down.

“Nothing doing, Jordan, I’m sick of hiding,” Matt said before biting your father’s nipple and eliciting a moan that could be heard around the world.

As his son’s love bite pushed him through to the next floor your dad chimed in, “Your brother has a point. Enough of this being scared nonsense. Daddy’s gonna grow so big no one would dare lay a hand on any of you!”

“It’s not like we can’t take care of ourselves anyway,” Matt added between sensual licks. What he did next, though, was the ultimate escalation that Jack had needed. His son, no bigger than a third his size, maneuvered himself to lay in the perfect position to begin sixty nine-ing before engulfing as much of the growing shaft as he could handle. Not one to leave his lover hanging, though, Jack swallowed his boy’s member with ease, both of them eager to arouse climax from the other.

With synchronized roars and sputters your brother and father orgasmed together, and the house was made to give way to Jack’s will as the ceiling caved and he began approaching the roof proper, the walls began buckling as his limbs pushed them aside like cardboard. In no time he’d demolished the house and sat proudly amongst its wreckage, one son affixed to his body and the other knee deep in sperm and debris. Sirens blared at the sudden arrival of a pair of men so large they could turn a house into a pile of wet matchsticks, but neither faltered as they knew the situation was well within their power.

“So son, feeling a little better?” your father asked as he lovingly stroked Matt’s hair.

“That definitely helped, but more than anything I’ve realized how pent up I was,” he devilishly smiled before beginning to again kiss his father, still hard as a rock despite cumming gallons. Taking pleasure in their heightened sensitivity he explained, “You see, dad, that was so fun I’m just not ready for it to end,” as he matched and surpassed your father in size. Countless emergency vehicles arrived just in time to see Matt plunge wholly into his father’s ass, the smaller giant reduced to his son’s plaything as the two fervently made out for as long as Matt’s growth would allow.

In no more than fifteen minutes your brother was fucking hole after hole into any building big enough, for as long as it was big enough. The police and the military had both arrived, but Matt had simply ignored their threats. He was naturally met with a hail of gunfire, but the inconsequential bullets did little more than provide him a cheap thrill as they collided harmlessly against his powerful body.

Half an hour later you found yourself in your house-sized father’s palm, as he sat atop the head of a dick that made skyscrapers appear shrimpy. The entire town was painted white by no more than a single drop of your brother’s seed, though there’d been far more, and still he was horny as he made his way to reduce a mountain range to no more than a minuscule sex toy. And all you’d wanted to do was watch a little TV…


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