My first Pokemon

by Thatbadwriter

Seth decides to adopt a Pokémon, but the one he picks out isn’t like the others.

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Your name is Seth and you were quite excited because today was the day you were going to adopt a Pokémon companion, your very first. You had never really chosen the path of a trainer so you’d never had one before. It had been a little intimidating to think about at first, having your own, essentially, superpowered pet. Now that you had your own place though you found yourself a bit lonely, as good a time to get yourself a partner as any.

On your way out to the adoption center you were feeling quite excited at the prospect of all the possible choices. Once in the building you began walking around the center seeing the various Pokémon. There was a Seedot playing with a Lombre in a grassy habitat and a Stunky and Haunter playing a lighthearted trick on an unsuspecting Snorunt and Psyduck.

Turning a corner, you saw an appealing option in a Torracat, and a slightly large one at that. You crouched to get a better look at the big fella and he looked up at you and you instantly felt a connection. You spoke to the manager and inquired about the Torracat; the man told you that he was generally nice but sometimes terribly moody, as well as already being level one-hundred so he was never going to evolve—something about battling and something called Eviolite, but you didn’t fully understand. You went back to the Torracat and asked if he wanted to come home with you and you could have sworn you saw a twinkle in his eye when he give the slightest nod.

Heading back to the manager you told him you were going to adopt the Torracat and signed the proceeding papers. The man offered you the Torracat’s poke ball to take him home in, but you decided to just take the ball and walk home with him. On the walk back Torracat seemed awfully happy and energetic, which warmed your heart and made you excited for the future.

When you opened the door to your apartment the Torracat immediately started to run about the place investigating his new home. Chuckling to yourself at your new partners unbridled curiosity you went to the bathroom while he explored. After a minute though you got the scare of your life when you heard a glass break and someone swear. You zipped up and burst out of the bathroom to see a huge naked Torracat sitting on the couch, but he looked like a man as well? “Um, who are you?” you asked while slowly backing towards your phone.

“That’s a dumb question, obviously I’m the Torracat you just brought home. The name’s Derrick by the way,” Derrick, apparently, said.

“But how? Why do you look like this? This, this isn’t just something that happens!” you said as you started to panic.

“Calm down, dude. Look, it’s a bit complicated, but basically because my old trainer cheated me out of my evolution I developed a way to do this.”

“Go on…”

“Well, have you heard of Mew?”

“Sure, who hasn’t? What does that have to do with this though?”

“I’m getting to that. How about the moves Growth and Minimize?”

“Huh? Not really. I was never a trainer…”

“Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, so you should be fine. My old trainer was actually one of the few people to have a Mew and we were pretty good friends. Anyway, I had him, the Mew that is, show me how to use a move called Transform—”

“Wait, so you can like, turn into anything?”

“No, no, no, I—”

“But you’re like, huge! Like easily seven feet tall, and you’re ripped as hell!” you gushed.

“Don’t forget my dick is huge too, ten whole inches soft,” Derrick teased. “Now let me finish. Me knowing Transform actually works like this.” He then shifted back into a regular Torracat before changing back once again. “So while I can’t change into anything I want, I can shift my own appearance.”

“Um, right, that’s just… wow…” you said, blushing. “I just, I mean I never imagined my new Pokémon would be, well, this.”

“Man, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” Derrick said standing up and… and up… and up. He was actually inching taller before your eyes. “What do you think?” he asked, but all you could do was watch in silence as he stepped towards you.

“W-wait… what are… what are you gonna do…” you finally managed to ask through your bewilderment.

“You’ll see,” he said breathily, now standing in front of you with ears flattened against the twelve-foot ceiling.

“Wait…” was all you could say as it became apparent that he was about to lift you.

“Do you want me to stop?” Derrick asked. He seemed genuine, like he would stop if you asked.

After a moment of consideration and a deep breath though you told him, “No.” Derrick then hooked his arms under yours and hoisted you up into a hug, causing you to flush beet red. You soon became very self-aware of the fact that a hardening erection was starting to form, and being pressed directly against his firm muscles.

“Oh? What’s this I’m feeling, Seth?” Derrick asked, but before you could blubber a retort he stopped you and said, “Don’t worry, I like it too.” Then he let himself fall to a seated position on the floor and he seductively whispered in the huskiest of voices, “But I think we’ll both enjoy this even more.” With that Derrick let you go, to your brief disappointment, before closing his eyes and purring with pleasure, allowing you to become enamored when once more your Pokémon—or was he closer to your roommate?—began to grow.

“Holy shit…” was all you could murmur, considering the hopelessly confusing situation with so much happening so fast. Despite being lost though, nothing was going to deter your enjoyment as Derrick, a Torracat that could dwarf any Incineroar twice over, grew even larger and moaned with lust and pleasure. This continued for an amount of time that you frankly could now no longer gauge, the both of you in too much of a haze, until Derrick’s head loudly smacked into the ceiling.

“Fuck,” Derrick said, his growth halted as he rubbed the back of his head. “That hurt,” he pouted, less in pain and more disappointed that the shock had caused the now being a twenty-something foot feline to lose the mood.

Finally managing to regain your composure you managed to ask “So how the hell can you do all this? More special tricks or something?”

“Uh, more or less,” Derrick said as he shrank down to around ten feet tall and stood back up before asking, “Remember how I mentioned the moves Growth and Minimize?”

“No,” you admitted. “Well, kinda…”

“That’s fine, the question was a little rhetorical anyway seeing as the names are so straightforward. Basically, I had to train with Mew, like a lot, because these are all moves I don’t normally learn,” he explained.

“But I’d assume from the lack of giant Pokémon there’s more to it than that,” you interjected.

“Well yeah, but not much,” Derrick said. “Basically it works like this, when I’m a normal Torracat nothing happens, the moves don’t even work, but when I’m this way, it works like this.” He capped his sentence off my adding some muscle to his frame.

“Uh huh…” you said, your head drowning in jargon and hormones. When you finally managed to pry your eyes from the hung muscular Torracat you noticed that the sun had apparently long since set and suddenly felt all of your fatigue at once. “Damn, I didn’t realize how late it was, after all of this I’m kind of wiped out,” you said with a yawn.

“Heh, I bet,” Derrick chuckled. “I did kind of dump a lot on your plate.”

“No shit,” you said bluntly.

“Ha ha, sorry about that,” he apologized. Taking note of your drowsiness he asked, “Sooo…where do you want me to crash?” You turned a bit red, to Derrick’s confusion, before caving in to your desire and suggesting that he should simply sleep with you as that was your original plan anyway, and Derrick jumped all over the suggestion. That night Derrick was constantly touching you by “accident” and “accidentally” almost ripped your boxers in half, but you secretly were adoring the attention coming from your new horndog (horncat?) roommate as he cuddled against you with motor running throughout the night.

To be continued…

The following morning you awoke alone, but to the smell of… bacon? What greeted you in the kitchen made your heart flutter as Derrick was cooking away wrapped tightly in your apron. “Good morning!” he beamed, turning to you revealing just how little the apron actually covered as your eyes made their way toward a massive imprint.

You couldn’t help but blush a little before returning his greeting “So what’s all this?” you asked “Don’t tell me you can cook too?”

“I’m a big naked Torracat, and that’s the weird part?” he said turning back to the stove and showing his bare bubble butt in the process.

“Fair point,” you said before ogling his massive ass. A few minutes more and Derrick served you both of you a plate of eggs and several strips of bacon. “So, what brought all this on?” you couldn’t help but ask.

“Well, if I’m gonna be more like your roommate then your pet I figured I’d pitch in,” he explained. “After all I can’t exactly help to pay rent.”

Your heart melted a little at Derrick’s chivalry before you continued your meals. The rest of the day was spent bonding as you both played games watched some cheesy movies and just generally hung out. You were both elated to find out how similar your tastes were and by the end of the day you were mutually convinced this was a partnership made to last.

Over the course of the next week it almost became like a game for you, coming home to guess what Derrick was doing and how he would look. Almost every day he was either vacuuming or cooking at anywhere between seven and ten feet tall, with the exception of one rainy day where he felt too depressed to do much of anything and stood only five feet tall. After you’d ordered takeout that day, to your surprise, Derrick had shrunk down to only two feet tall and just wanted to be held as he purred away while you stroked his fur—apparently he really didn’t like rainy days. The next day though he’d sworn every which way that if you’d told a soul he’d burn the whole damn house down, not that you could tell anyone anyway.

Now it was Friday and as you made your way to the door after returning from work you were excited to spend the weekend together. The closer you got though the more vividly you began hearing a strange thumping. “Weird” you thought as you opened the door only to have a heart attack and slam the door behind you. Spanning the entirety of the house was Derrick’s big naked body as he gleefully fapped away, his giant dick banging against the ceiling.

“Derrick, what the hell?!” you yelled in surprise.

“Oh, hi,” he said fapping away without even slowing down.

“Derrick, seriously, what the fuck?!” you asked again.

“I’m boooooooooored,” he childishly said before beginning to shrink down to a size that didn’t put the house in jeopardy.

“Damn, dude, you don’t have to put a hole in the ceiling every time you get bored though.” you said inspecting the dent.

“Oh, calm your tits, it’s not that bad,” Derrick groused.

“Seriously dude, what’s wrong?” you asked in as serious a tone you could muster.

“I’m sorry,” Derrick said “I’m really bored and pent up and just really… well… lonely when you’re gone,” he added, all but squeaking the last part.

“Sorry, I guess it’s pretty sucky being so cooped up. I can’t do anything about it this minute but how about tomorrow we go camping?” you suggested. “All you’d have to do is change back for a little while on the way out of town, then once we’re in the mountains we’re free to do whatever we want.”

“Yes, yes, yes, let’s absolutely do that,” he said practically bouncing of the walls.

“Ha ok man, calm down,” you chuckled. “Would you mind starting dinner though? I’ve got to pack a bag and figure out where my tent is at.”

“Right, definitely, on it!” and with that he rushed into the kitchen with his tail ceaselessly flicking about, like a being of purest excitement.

While you scrounged about in your garage one thought kept coming back to you, more and more prominently. Somehow despite Derricks rather considerable libido the closest either of you had come to acting since your first encounter was a regular, almost palpable, tension. As you dwelled on the subject though you’d somehow gone from simply thinking about it to hoping something would come about this weekend. After you’d found the tent your body had more or less played the rest of the day out on autopilot, your mind left to be an anxious jumble and hormone ridden fantasy machine. Tomorrow was the day, and though you had no means to purr or tail to flit you could easily relate to Derrick’s feelings.

The trip that morning hadn’t taken long, but you’d both been eager for it to end as soon as it’d begun. Now you were in private seclusion, free to roam in nature, free to let Derrick do whatever he wanted with his size, and hopefully free to go wild. Having grown up in this town you’d of course known where the perfect site would be, it was not only spacious but was only a short walk from a small hidden lake, really an overgrown pond, your current destination.

Once you’d pierced the veil of underbrush “Wow…” was all Derrick could say as his eyes sparkled in unison with the water’s surface.

“I told you it was beautiful,” you said, proud of your private haven. “Now how about we take a dip?” you began to take your shirt off, the excuse to undress being your hopeful icebreaker.

“Well…you can if you want, but swimming isn’t exactly my favorite…” the Torracat admitted.

Aeth, you colossal idiot!” rang louder in your head then anything ever had. Derrick was both a fire type and a cat, of course he wouldn’t be into this! “Ha, no problem. You sure you don’t mind hanging around if I jump in quick? And maybe drown my stupid self,” but you kept the last part to yourself as you tried to play off your blunder.

“No, no, go ahead! I’ll be fine,” he encouraged you before starting to stroll around the shore.

Well, you’d already made a fool of yourself, so no reason not to skinny dip as intended. When Derrick watched you discarding your pants though, despite him having inevitably seen you naked before (being your roommate(, you felt more nude then you’d ever been.

One slightly chilly system shock later though and you’d begun to feel at least a little better. At some point Derrick had apparently finished his walk and was lazily staring up at the sky as you got out of the water. A hint of your embarrassment resurfaced at the prospect of him seeing you, despite the fact he was always naked himself, and you quickly searched for the pile of clothes you’d left behind. When you saw nothing though your heart skipped a beat.

“Uh, Derrick, did you see where my clothes went?” you nervously asked.

“Hmm? Sorry, what was that?” he answered without breaking eye contact with the clouds.

“I said—” but then a smell hit your nose, the faint smell of burnt fabric. No… there was no way, but the more you thought about it the more likely it seemed the Pokémon had taken the liberty of relieving you of your clothes. “Derrick… did you… burn my stuff?”

“Heavens no!” he said promptly sitting up and taking an unashamed eyeful. “As tempting as that would have been, why that would have left you naked!”

“Okay, based off your behavior and tone of voice you one-hundred percent did it,” you accused him outright.

“I guess you caught me,” he stuck his tongue out. “Though I don’t see what the problem is, there’s no sense in hiding such a nice body after all.”

Your brain all but stopped at that.

“Plus, it’s like, now we’re even,” he cooed as he stood and let his warm bulk brush against you.

Wait, it really possible this was gonna happen despite your blunder.

“And free to do whatever we want,” he purposefully let his hand glide against your shoulder.

Scratch that, this was no possibility, rather an inevitability.

This time though it would be your chance to surprise Derrick when you turned to him, threw your arms around him, and kissed him. The look on his face was priceless before being replaced by something even more precious as he returned the embrace. For a while the two of you simply held each other as you kissed, Derrick’s faint purrs peripherally audible, until you felt the feline’s lips begin to depart from your own. When you opened your eyes in disappointment though you saw the reason had been purely logistical as the Torracat was inching taller.

Seeing the apparently involuntary development for himself Derrick bent forward and kissed you once more, though not hardly as long, before Derrick broke it again and breathily asked, “Are you sure you wanna do this?”

Without a moment’s hesitation you jumped onto his impressive physique, leaving him to catch and hold you. “I’ve never been more sure,” you confessed, surprising even yourself a little. After that not a word passed between you, it didn’t need to, as Derrick laid your body against the soft grass. Instinctively your rose your legs up on to his shoulders as, with a final nod of confirmation, his huge member penetrated you.

For a moment all you saw was stars as a dick that was very likely bigger than you had any business taking plunged deeper and deeper into you. A cacophony of yelps, grunts, moans and roars filled the forest when you felt Derrick’s penis begin to expand within you. “Derrick… ah… what are you… unh… doing…” you tried to ask as the feline continually thrust and slapped against your ass. It was immediately apparent no answer was coming as the Torracat’s face was contorted with a visceral pleasure, the likes of nothing could interrupt. Despite the growing pain and concern as Derrick continued expanding within you, now doubled in size, you also felt an unbridled pleasure you could never have predicted as you came closer and closer to a kebab.

The brutal pounding against your prostate had resulted in not one, not two, but three consecutive orgasms, each raining down upon your helpless body, but now it appeared the relentlessly horny beast was due for climax himself. Mercifully Derrick pulled out of you, though consciously or by sheer dumb luck you couldn’t say, moments before beginning an orgasm that could only be described as cataclysmic. An unending torrent of seed spewed from his colossal cock, but most shockingly he was growing far faster than ever before.

His rise was like nothing like you could have ever imagined as he roared wildly, and with every thick jet of seed that fell upon you, him, and everything surrounding you he would at least double in size. His large black balls, despite all the prior release, seemed to be providing a nearly limitless supply rocketing out of his black and orange shaft as he broke through the tree line. Yet still Derrick came, undoubtedly breaking and setting any number of records, growing ever faster. Soon you were lost beneath genitalia so immense they were like massive phallic structure when, with a roar so deafening it likened thunder to a gentle breeze, a final tsunami-like jet erupted forth and the mountains were smothered with Derrick’s mess.

When finally his glorious afterglow halted and he could think clearly Derrick began realizing just what he’d done. Far below the clouds he loomed over a city, no bigger than his pad, was on high alert after such a biblical calamity. Taking care not to cause anymore destruction than was unavoidable he leaned forward and, after a thunderous chuckle, asked the tiny city, “HAVE ANY OF YOU GUYS SEEN MY OWNER?”

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