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Ben gets huge

by spacevlad

Matt, a kicker on a college football team, befriends Ben, a burly, bearish, muscular offensive lineman with a desire to get bigger. Matt is … able to help him with that.

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Part 1 Matt, a kicker on a college football team, befriends Ben, a burly, bearish, muscular offensive lineman with a desire to get bigger. Matt is … able to help him with that. (added: 8 Jun 2016)
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Part 1

Being the kicker on a football team isn’t really as bad as some people make it out to be. These days, everybody recognizes that the kicker is one of the only guys on the team who can score points, the guy who bails the team out when they don’t quite make it to the endzone, and the guy who sets up the other teams field position when you punt. The kicker is inevitably the smallest guy on the team, and thus is at the mercy of his teammates when it comes to getting picked on or forced to do menial work for the team, but in my case, I’m lucky to be on a team with a group of guys who have taken me under their wing, almost as a little brother, rather than give me a bunch of shit.

And they should, because I’m a damn good kicker. Back in high school, I set school records for field goals made and fewest misses, and a state record for longest field goal. My skill with my feet has awarded me with the respect I deserve.

I wasn’t always a kicker though. Actually, I only decided to start when I was 15. I had never even played football until then, but I decided to try out for the team after my friends encouraged me. I was already a pretty successful soccer keeper, where I developed tremendous kick strength and accuracy, but I always had my eye on the football team. Not necessarily because I loved the sport—I actually think it’s pretty boring compared to the ebb and flow of soccer—but because I knew joining the football team would get me closer to the hot, huge, muscle studs I lusted after from afar.

So I joined, and it was great both from an athletic standpoint and from an eye-candy standpoint. I was able to pretty easily hide my true feelings and orientation in the locker room having grown up with an athletic background playing soccer, and nobody suspected otherwise.

After high school, I was awarded a full ride scholarship to the University of Minnesota. Upon joining the team as a freshman, the first order of business was of course to get better and prepare myself to be a starter in a year or two, but the second, of course, was to assess all the beef among the lineman. There were plenty of huge, great-looking guys, but the one who stood out to me the most was a freshman lineman named Ben.

The special teams called all the kickers, long-snappers, and others aside, and I was happy to see Ben follow; apparently he was a long-snapper. As I looked over at him, I took note of his features; short black hair trimmed to a military-style crew cut with dark tuft of hair on the front middle, massive arms which had a sheen of sweat. His cut off practice jersey didn’t quite cover up the furry slice of belly I saw sticking out at the bottom, and his shoulder pads only accenuated the obviously huge pectoral muscles and boulder shoulders. His pants looked too tight as they strained against his thick legs, and his calves were so massive, so big and round that I did a double-take. He had a heavy brow and dark, thick eyebrows over relatively small lips and a finely trimmed, dark chinstrap beard. He sauntered over to the special teams coaches, dripping with sweat and huffing from the warmup drills. I sat down next to him on the grass. I could smell him; testosterone, body odor, dirt, and sweaty football gear.

The coaches gave us the rundown of what they expected from us this season, and eventually started pairing people up for drills. Lo and behold, just as I had hoped, they paired up Ben and I for field goals and punting, him as the long snapper and me as the kicker. As we both stood up, Ben a couple inches taller than my 5’10” and far bigger than my lithe, lean form, we introduced ourselves.

“I guess we’re paired up, eh?” Ben said in bassy voice which dripped with a thick Minnesota accent. “I’m Ben.”

“Matt,” I responded, trying not to get flustered. I had years of practice not letting my lust get the best of me, and I wanted to be genuine friends with this guy. I had to keep my cool. “Looks like I’ll be staring at your ass for the next hour or so.” Goddammit, nice one.

Ben bellowed with laughter and slapped my own firm butt firmly. “I guess so, and there’s plenty of it to go around!”

That was the start of my friendship with Ben. We lived just two rooms down from each other, and I saw him at practices, games, and we had meals together every so often. We hung out somewhat regularly, and I saw him during games, in the bathroom in the dorms, and at parties. I learned that he was from the Iron Range in northern Minnesota and had grown up on a farm, mostly raising corn and chickens. That explained his build, solid and thick. He was 275 and 6’1” I would learn, and he was actually even stronger than he looked; he was immediately one of the top lifters on the team even though he was just a freshman. He said it was all the farm chores he did growing up, something about developing “functional strength”. Neither of us actually played during our freshman year, not all that surprising considering how deep the team was, but we got a lot out of our practices. I was poised to be the go-to punter next season, and Ben was right on the cusp of being the first string long snapper and defensive lineman.

We both took advantage of the college’s excellent gym facilities and food plans; I put on some much-needed size, and Ben put on the Freshman 15, but in his case it was mostly muscle. When our first year of college ended, we went our separate ways. I was excited to see him next year, as he told me his summer goal was to put on another 10 pounds and get to 300lb, which would really increase his chances of being a starter. I was also excited because we would be rooming together next year in an apartment.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sometime during Freshman year......

I was sitting at my computer reading an assignment for class when Ben passed by my door. He had just returned from the gym. He had been really putting the work in with the weights lately. Seeing me in my room, he came in with a sheet of sweat covering his thick arms and his thin tank top soaked to the point of being see-through. He was still breathing hard as he flopped his bag down on the floor and stripped off his shirt.

“Man, I’m beat! I was down there for 3 hours doing chest and biceps and then cardio for an hour.” He grabbed my super sized jug of protein powder and a gallon of milk—I was a nice guy and let him use my stuff all the time—and dumped a liberal helping of both into the blender sitting on top of the fridge. “You should have seen me on the bench today, I was a monster. Never had a pump like that before,” he said while idley scratching the fur on his chest, which had curled into little ringlets in the sweat covering his torso. “Workouts like these are gonna push me into the starting lineup next season, that’s what coach said.” As he reached up to put the powder back above my closet, I caught a whiff of his powerful, almost overwhelming odor. It was masculine, sour and sharp, and absolutely intoxicating.

“Wooooh man, you need a shower, buddy! I can smell you from over here. It’s bad enough that I have to have the background stench of your gear coming from down the hall,” I said. He had a pile of massive football shoulder pads, pants, jersey, and dirty jock straps laying in a heap in his closet, and often kept the door open. The truth, of course, is that I absolutely loved that smell; whenever I caught a whiff, it gave me a boner every time. Sometimes he would accidentally leave his sweaty gear in my room, and I had got my hands on his jock strap and muscle shirts and taken deep, huffing breaths many times before giving them back to Ben.

“Yeah, you want me to shower? Think I smell bad from over here? How about this!” Ben said as he suddenly was standing over me, his wet, thick muscle towering over me as I sat at my computer trying not to get a chubby in my pants. Suddenly Ben grabbed me in a headlock, his massive, bulging bicep, thick and pumped from his workout, squeezing against my head. He turned me around so his soaking wet, hairy armpit was right in my face, and I had no choice but to breath in his powerful odor, his overwhelming, masculine scent. It was one of the best things I had ever smelled; raw power and testosterone mixed with football gear, gym metal, and Ben’s own unique smell that permeated the room. I resisted the temptation to start licking the sweaty pit right there.

Instead I faked disgust—and honestly, it was such an overpowering smell I couldn’t breath—and struggled out of his unbreakable headlock. He just laughed and let me go, sauntering back over to the blender and picking up the container. He hefted the thick shake and chugged the whole thing in one go, protein shake oozing down the side of his mouth and dripping on to his chest fur. He burped loudly as the last trickles of it dripped into his mouth and down his throat, feeding more growth, and he fingered up the bits that had dripped onto his pecs.

“Mmmm, that’s the stuff. I can’t wait until I get even bigger” Ben said while feeling the weight of his pecs. “I just want to keep growing and getting bigger and stronger. What do you think, Matt?” he said as he flexed his traps, arms, and chest in an abbreviated most muscular.

Ben had never really opened up like this in terms of talking about his body. For me, it was a golden opportunity to lavish praise on his magnificently massive musculature without risking blowing my cover.

“Ben, you look fucking awesome. I can’t believe you’re so big, I’m always impressed especially when you’ve got your shirt off like that,” I said, trying not to sound too eager.

“Yeah, fucking huge,” he grunted and flexed again. “I want to be so fucking huge, you can’t even imagine. I’ve always wanted to just get bigger and bigger, no limits, you know?” Ben said seriously, the intensity in his eyes burning as he looked at me. “I’ve always been the big guy, bigger than everybody, even when I was a little kid I was big. And now that I’m this deep into football and getting the lifting bug and loving being in the gym all the time...I just want to get stronger, bigger, fuckin’ huge.”

“Yeah man, go on, how big do you want to get?” I said, egging him on. This was so hot.

Ben had gone back to the fridge to make another protein shake. I knew he was going to dinner right after this too. His big gut was already looking distended and swollen from his first one. When he finished mixing it, he turned back to me and sauntered over, towering over me again. He looked down at me from between his massive pecs, swelling them out and flexing with a low, deep growling rumble that came from deep down.

“I want to be so big, I want to be looking down at you like this when we’re both standing normally. I want to be twice as thick and five times as strong as I am now. I want the ground to shake when I walk. I want to be the biggest, strongest motherfucker on earth,” he said, his voice sounding deeper, more commanding, and more dominant than ever. With that, he chugged down his second shake, which looked even bigger and thicker than the first. I watched as his massive gut swelled until it was pressing against my face. I could feel its heat and power, could hear the protein sloshing into his stomach where it would turn into muscle, making Ben’s already massive body even bigger. I could smell his powerful masculine body odor as his sweat dried onto his skin.

Ben belched again as he finished his shake and smirked down at me. With a deep chuckle, he turned, his wide ass shaking up and down as he stomped back to his room. He threw on a dirty t-shirt, told me he was going to dinner with his linemen buddies, and rolled down the hall towards the exit. I immediately whipped my rock-hard cock out to relieve the pressure, and I came all over myself almost instantly. I couldn’t believe he had such a deep-seeded desire to grow even bigger, and it turned me on so much. I went over and picked up the soaking wet muscle tank he had left behind in my room, and rubbed it all over my face. The stench was intoxicating. I couldn’t wait for him to get even bigger and more dominant as college went on. I could only imagine just how big he was going to get.


Part 2

It was August and I was in Ben and I’s new apartment unpacking my thing when I felt and heard some big footfalls stomping up the stairs. Was one of the bigger guys on the team also rooming on this floor? There was no way it could be Ben; the floor was now shaking with more and more force as this guy got closer. Suddenly Ben came into view and planted himself in the doorframe.

“Hey there Matt!” he bellowed as my jaw hit the floor. He was abso-fuckin-lutely gigantic, way bigger than the last time I saw him. He filled up the entire entryway, his enormous chest and shoulders brushing against the side of the doorframe and straining against his tight t-shirt. He had grown a full beard and looked more mature, more like a man than a college kid. I panned up and noticed that the top of his head was dangerously close to the top of the door frame; it looks like he had somehow grown 2 or 3 inches taller. I sputtered, “What the hell happened to you!? You’re fucking huge!”

“Haha, yeah I guess I put on a few pounds! Lots of hard work at the gym, shitload of food, all that crap,” he said while sauntering over to me. He got close and sized me up. “Did you shrink, little man? You seem way smaller than the last time I saw you,” he said as he looked down at me, his voice more like the bassy rumble of a subwoofer than an ordinary human voice. He wrapped his thick arms around me and gave me a bear hug, lifting me up off the ground effortlessly. “You’re way lighter too, hah! he said as he put me down roughly. He reached under his shirt and scratched his barrel chest, revealing a swath of furry belly and causing his thick forearms to bulge and undulate.

“No Ben, I think you just got a lot BIGGER!” I said, staring up at him. He looked down at me and grinned. I knew that grin. It was the one he used when he got what he wanted or was teasing someone.

“Heh, I guess you might be right. A whole 50 pounds bigger, actually. And three inches taller. And a hell of a lot stronger!” he bellowed. He backed up and flexed his biceps; they caused the sleeves to ride up to his round shoulders as his thick peaks pushed the fabric to the breaking point. “MMM, feels good. These babies are almost as big as my head!”

I was stunned. “How did you do it? I mean, you gained like 50 points in three months! That’s crazy! I mean, I worked out hard this summer and put on like 10 pounds, but you’re just ridiculous. I’ve never seen somebody get that much bigger that quickly.”

“Yeah, well, like I said, diet and exercise!” he said as he turned back to his bags. I could tell he wasn’t telling the whole truth, but I couldn’t guess at what he was hiding. “Anyway, I have a lot of shit to unpack, so I’m gonna start hauling it upstairs. I don’t need help though; gotta use every opportunity to exert my body so I can get bigger and stronger! What can I say, I’m a growing boy,” he said as he once again lumbered through the doorway and thundered downstairs.

I was having trouble processing all this. Ben was hot and huge before, but this was another level. He was absolutely GIGANTIC. If he had gained 50 pounds and 3 inches of height, that would put him at 340lbs and 6’3”. Do people normally put on so much size during the offseason? Do people outside of puberty normally put on three inches of height in one summer!? That seemed really unlikely, as I know that Ben would balk at the idea of anabolics or hardcore steroids...not that he was against the idea, but he would get kicked out of football if he tested positive. Maybe it WAS just food and exercise. He had been training like a beast last spring, and god knows the guy could eat, I thought to myself. I was broken from my reverie when Ben appeared in the doorframe again, hauling a heavy-looking refrigerator on his back and a full suitcase in his left hand. He slammed both down in the middle of the room and let out a puff of air.

“Wooo, it’s hot out there! Fuck this shirt,” he said as he peeled the white tee off his massive torso, revealing every muscular bulge in perfect detail. I could see turtle-shell abs poking through his beefy gut, his meaty, muscular pecs bounce and tense as he adjusted his arms, his traps and shoulders rise like a mountain range. He was way, way bigger than last year.

“Seriously man, how did you get so much bigger? You’ve gotta be the biggest guy o—”

“It’s none of your fucking business, alright?” he suddenly said. His deep voice was commanding and loud, and I immediately froze. “I got bigger. A LOT bigger. That’s all there is too it.” He seemed very defensive. “I’m gonna get the rest of my shit out of the car, and then we’ve got a game to get ready for tomorrow,” he said, wiping the sweat that was pouring down his face and once again stomping out of the room.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Well, that was an easy game, I thought to myself as I slid off my shoulder pads and starting undoing my pants. The coach had moved Ben to the defensive line after seeing his impressive gains in size and strength, and it had pain dividends. The other team couldn’t get anything going on the run with Ben clogging up the middle, and forget passing; Ben was always crashing right through his defender (or defenders, it didn’t seem to make a difference) and either rushing or sacking the quarterback. The poor quarterback looked so discouraged by the end of the game I almost felt sorry for him.

I felt good too; I had kicked in two field goals, one from about 40 yards out. Not bad for a sophomore.

Ben was always the last one to leave the locker room, and I saw him waddling to the showers as I finished packing up my stuff. He was the man of match, and everybody had been congratulating him at the end of the game. He lapped up the attention and puffed up with pride, I could see it in his face, that smirky, cocky grin that I had seen the day before.

I was still blown away by how much bigger he was; his back was wide and thick, muscles bulging and flaring out. His traps and delts rose up and merged with his thick neck to make it look like he was always flexing them, even though he wasn’t. His thighs were like thick tree trunks of muscle; his quads hung over his knees and out from his hips, like oil barrels full of muscle and power. His calves looked bigger than most peoples’ thighs, and I had never seen ones as thick and round as his. The fact that he was taller, significantly taller than last year, just made him even more imposing. Last year he was a big guy; now he was just downright intimidating. I left the room as I heard the water turn on.

I was just getting the keys out of my pocket for my car when I realized I didn’t have them. I had left my wallet and keys in my locker. Flustered, I rushed back to the locker room to grab them.

As I entered the room, I heard something. Deep, guttural sounds, like an animal grunting...I quickly realized it must have been Ben. Ben masturbating! His tone was one of pleasure as he growled and groaned. I peeked around the corner to see his massive back and wide, naked ass. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He was pumping his thick cock with his huge right arm. I unfortunately couldn’t get a look at his cock, but from the intensity of his grunts I could tell he was getting close to finishing up. Sure enough, with a satisfied groaning roar, Ben shot his load. Strangely though, he stepped out of the water spray just as he came; he seemed to be trying to collect as much of his jizz in his cupped left hand.

To my shock, Ben proceeded to drink up the cum in his left hand and slurp up what had spurted onto his right. He wiped up the ropes of thick white paste that had shot all the way up to his pecs and licked up all of that too, growling and humming like he he was tasting the most delicious food on earth. Then the biggest surprise of all happened.

As Ben finished slurping up his own cum, he took a couple steps back into the middle of the shower area and relaxed, his wide back still turned to me. The whole room went quiet as he seemed to be lost in thought. Was he contemplating how much he had dominated the game? Why did he just drink up his own cum?

Suddenly Ben’s breathing rate increased and deepened, and he seemed to be intensely concentrating on something. He started grunting with each of his breaths, huffing and groaning. I was starting to get a little freaked out, it was like he was psyching himself up for something...but the game was over, not just starting. He was crescendoing and getting louder, and clearly he was focusing on something in his mind really intensely. That’s when the unbelievable happened.

Ben roared and seemingly flexed every muscle in his body. I heard a wrenching, popping, stretching sound and I swear to god he grew bigger. Every muscle on his body seemed to bulge and pump up bigger in the blink of an eye. He let out his breath, and then again flexed. His muscles definitely bulged out in all directions; his chest swelled out and hung lower, his arms pumped up bigger, and his traps rose higher and thicker. Next he seemed to stretch out his whole torso as he got on his tip-toes and stretched, and I saw him rise ever-so-slightly taller. His calves pulsed and then burst with new muscle, and his thighs did the same. He sighed and relaxed as he finished growing, and I could tell he was looking over his body, inspecting the changes.

This was obviously how he was had grown so much bigger over the summer. He had just added at least a few pounds to his already massive frame in seconds. If all it took was him slurping up some of his own muscle cum to grow like that, on top of all the eating and lifting he did, no wonder he grew like a muscle weed. Add on the fact that he was a huge, horney, virile 19-year-old college football player, and I was actually surprised he hadn’t grown even more.

Of course, at this point I was rock hard. Like, a soft breeze would cause me to shoot my load kind of hard. And it was at that point that Ben turned around and saw me.

I was slow to react, caught in my shocked reverie of seeing my roommate and college crush grow before my eyes. He didn’t react with anger, he just grinned and walked towards me, wet from the shower, ruddy and pumped from the game, pulsing with power after his growth. He walked right up to me until his pecs and gut pushed into me and forced me backwards. He backed me up to the wall and looked down at me. He was in complete control. I was thisclose to shooting my wad.

“Strip,” was all he said, a command not a request, in a voice even deeper than the one he had heard yesterday. I complied almost instantly. My long, hard erection was pointing straight up, my cock pulsing and aching for release.

“I’ve got an experiment I want to test,” Ben rumbled, now looking straight ahead, above my head, like I wasn’t even important enough to look at. “As you probably figured out, I found I can grow after I eat my cum. I was pumping out some cream after a workout in July, and I figured hey, there’s protein in cum, why waste it? I need all the protein I can get, baby!” he said, punctuating his statement by slapping and rubbing his rock-hard gut in my face. After a satisfied growl, he continued, “I felt this tension after I ate my thick load, like I was filled with this tremendous energy. I was compelled to flex, and instinctually I did...reached way down deep and flexed with all I had. Man, I bust out of my skin when I saw myself grow for the first time, and it feels way better than a fucking orgasm. Feels like your whole body is cumming, swelling with power and vitality. Fuck,” he groaned as he rubbed his cock, which was already chubbing up again. “I get fucking hard just thinking about it. But I got a theory. I figure, why limit myself to just drinking up MY cum? I don’t give a fuck about gay or straight, I just want more power. More strength. More size. More muscle. More power!” he said and swelled his chest out. It had to be over 60” around now; the term “barrel chest” did not do his perfect pecs and wide frame justice at all.

And with that, he crouched down, his giant thighs bulging out, grabbed my bubble butt with his meaty paws, and wrapped his mouth around my cock. I was stunned, and came almost immediately, pumping hot cream into his waiting mouth. I could feel an intense, almost painful suction on my member as he sucked every last drop of cum out of my balls.

Growling with satisfaction, he stood back up to his full height and towered over me.

“Oh shit yeah, I feel it coming, bigger than ever, better than ever. Holy shit! Oh shit!” He started panting and grinning, breathing deeper as he swelled up in anticipation for the growth.

With a groan, he once again flexed. Last time was nothing compared to this. He jolted an inch taller instantly and swelled outward. His chest bulged outward as he took a massive breath and flexed his pecs. His chest looked like it stayed flexed and swelled up even after he let his air out. He took another deep breath and flexed his biceps in front of me. His musky jock odor made me light-headed and I watched his arms swell thicker, the round peaks rising higher and bigger. He stretched his arms out wide, flexing his triceps, and they bulged larger, as did his massive shoulders. He looked down and chuckled as he flexed his thighs; they reached their biggest, maximum flex, and then made a cracking, squashing sound and swelled bigger; his calves did the same as he raised one leg and flexed and then did the other. He looked down at me and grinned that same grin he had on his face yesterday when he came into the room.

He turned from me and headed straight to the scale on the other side of the locker room. His round, hard ass was the perfect counterpoint to his bulging, spherical gut, perfect, thick pecs, and shoulders. My god, they were so wide. He was massive, that was the only word for it. Just freakishly huge. He had to practically waddle to walk, his thighs were so huge....no, the word was saunter. Stomp maybe, even. Either way, merely the way he walked commanded authority, screamed power.

He stepped on the scale, which creaked and groaned. His feet took up the whole surface, and he had to peer over his shelf-like pecs to see the new number.


He had gained 15 pounds in a matter of minutes, and at least an inch in height.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Ben said as he looked back at me, past his boulder shoulders. He flexed a massive bicep at me, easily over 22”, an grinned again. “I’m gonna get fucking huge. And you’re going to help me. I know you want to,” he said as he faced me and flexed his biceps, “want to help me grow and grow, get bigger and stronger. Fuck yeah you want it, I can see it in your eyes. Fuck, I can see it in that boner you’re already sporting again. You’re my own little muscle slut, and your cream is the fuel to turn me into a fucking giant.”

He walked over to me and bumped into me, his weight and sheer size overwhelming me. Even though he had just showered, his smell was already overpowering, masculine and musky.

“Let’s go eat, I’m fucking starving,” he bellowed in my face and laughed. It was the start of an incredible partnership, I could tell right there. I couldn’t wait to watch him get bigger and bigger.


Part 3

The next two weeks were a flurry of discovering the extent of Ben’s incredible strength on and off the field, defining the limits and capabilities of his growth abilities, dominating guys on the gridiron, and plenty of flexing, showing off, and muscle worship. Ben’s personality was becoming increasingly confident, arrogant, dominant as he continued to grow and explore exactly how powerful he was, and he wasn’t afraid to show it. Everybody love it though, especially the coaches and the guys on the team; Ben was quickly becoming a leader on the team, in and out of the locker room because of the respect his massive body and incredible strength commanded.

Of course, it wasn’t like I was making Ben grow every night. In fact, after that first night I fed him my cum in the locker room showers, Ben told me what he had discovered over the summer. His growth was limited to once every few days; it seemed that his body had to recharge or sorts to make use of the cum he was feeding on...for now. That didn’t stop him from slurping down as much cum from himself as he could, but he had other ideas for me. Despite being almost constantly horned up around him and even most of the time when I wasn’t around him, I had been trying for the last 6 days to hold all my cum in to prepare for when he was ready to grow again, and damn it was hard. It was so hard NOT to feel on the brink of cumming around him, or even being in the room. The room stank of his sweaty pads. His shoulders were so wide and enormous the coaching staff had to special order a set of pads that would fit him, and they were already getting tight again after the last growth spurt. To me, the pads were as long as my whole torso and much wider, and they were extremely heavy even to lift, much less wear.

Ben had decided to stop washing his clothes because he enjoyed his own musky jock scent so much—he claimed the smell increased the power he felt and amplified the growth process—and the room was growing increasingly pungent as the pile of sweat-covered shirts, shorts, and jock straps grew to a mountain in the corner of the room. A lot of the clothes in the pile weren’t even wearable anymore; Ben was quickly outgrowing many of them, despite having bought a bunch of new stuff during the summer. Coming back from the gym covered with sweat and ripping out of a t-shirt he could no longer get out of was coming a common occurrence for Ben, and most of his underwear hardly contained his massive, thick cock and pendulous balls.

Oh how those balls could pump out cream. Ben probably masturbated at least 3 times a day, usually looking at his own expanding body in the full-length mirror, which was just wide enough to show his whole frame, for now. Even though he only grew maybe a pound a day when his body wasn’t ready for another big growth spurt, he always saved and slurped up as much of his cream as he could. He always pumped out a ton of it too, and there was a growing stain on the carpet in front of the mirror where he hadn’t bothered to clean up.

Ben’s appetite was increasing along with his size and strength as well. He was going through a 5lb jug of protein powder every week along with the rest of the food he was eating at the cafeteria. He and his lineman buddies, or occasionally me, would hit the caf in force; the food service workers always cringed when they saw the corps of lineman, led by the unbelievably huge Ben, roll in to feed. It was hard to estimate just how many calories Ben was consuming every day, but it had to be over 8000. All the food made his perfectly round, rock-hard stud gut swell out and hang over his belt, causing the tortoise-shell abs to stand out. He loved swatting and rubbing his big belly, and used the weight, size, and power of it to dominate on the football field along with his incredible strength.

Along with his appetite, of course Ben’s strength had exploded. By the time freshman year had ended, he was already one of the strongest guys on the team; now it was just a question of whether he was the strongest man on the planet, or maybe even the strongest person to have ever lived. His training was hardcore, several hours a day, and involving insanely heavy weights. He had easily totaled over 3000 for the three traditional powerlifting lifts; he was just over 1000lbs on bench, no shirt, and well over 1000 in both the deadlift and squat. He was using 180lbs for his hammer curls, deep, slow reps that hit the core of his biceps and made them balloon and swell to 25”. When he was lifting, everybody else in the gym just stopped and stared; his incredible feats of strength DEMANDED attention, his gigantic frame drew every eye.

Oh and he loved the attention. That confident, smug smirk was now fixed on his face almost permanently, but especially when he knew people were staring at his magnificent body or when he was dominating in the gym or on the field. There was a spark in Ben’s eye that wasn’t there last year, one that said he knew the potential and power he held within himself to become the biggest, strongest human being ever.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I had just got back from class and was sitting at my computer when I heard and felt the telltale thumping rumble of Ben stomping up the stairs to the third floor. His approach was unmistakable: slow, heavy, resonant plods that shook the whole building. I immediately started to chub up just anticipating his return to the room. I hadn’t cum in a week, and I was so horny all the time it practically hurt. My balls were constantly tight, and I had to concentrate to keep from having a boner in class, especially in the human genetics class I had with Ben. Watching him squeeze into one of those tiny desks was hilarious and hot at the same time. I rubbed my aching ball sack and felt my cock swell up as the thumping, rumbling sound of Ben’s approach got louder.

I heard a grunt from down the hall as Ben cleared the final steps, and a moment later the behemoth was wedging himself through the doorway and into the room. He had to turn sideways to fit his broad, muscular shoulders through the entrance; he was so thick that his pecs and back were getting to be a bit of a tight fit sideways as well. A wave of Ben’s intense body odor slammed into me as he closed the door, sending shivers up my spine. Another wave of it hit me as he peeled of his skin-tight, sweat-soaked tanktop and threw it onto the pile at the end of his bed. It was one of the few that still fit him, and it didn’t look like it was going to last much longer.

He reached for his gym bag and pulled out four protein shakes he had tucked away and proceeded to drink all four of them in rapid succession without saying a word to me. He was looking absolutely swole; every part of his body was turgid with rock-hard muscle. His bicep bulged thick and round as he guzzled the last shake into his mouth; he had just downed at least 120 grams of protein in two minutes, and I knew that was but a fraction of his normal daily intake. His chest was ruddy and pumped up, his nipples thick and hard. His neck merged with his shoulders and traps as he shrugged and stretched his head from side to side, popping and stretching the muscles. He finally turned to acknowledge me, and I saw his massive cock bulging in his boxer briefs wedged between two thighs which were each clearly bigger around than my waist. I knew it was time for me to make him grow.

He eyed me and stared down at my own sizable bulge in my shorts, begging to be set free and release the load I had been building up for a week. Ben waddled over to me, the stomps of his strides shaking the room and rattling the window panes, and he towered over me. My mouth dropped open as I saw up-close just how massive he was. I had never seen him so pumped and swollen from the gym. His enormous bulge was right in face as he stared down at me, throbbing and pungent with ball sweat. It was clear he was ready for the next level. He reached down and tore off my shorts in one clean motion with a meaty paw, my pants ripping down the middle like it was tissue paper. My cock sprung free.

“Time to grow,” he rumbled, and in one smooth motion he bent down, grabbed me with his beefy hands under my armpits, and effortlessly lifted me into the air. He lifted me all the way until my head bumped the ceiling. It looked like it was hardly any effort for him to lift my 180lbs as high as he could and hold me there. A fresh wave of his man stench filled the room as his uncovered armpits were exposed to the air. They were hairy and damp with sweat; in fact his whole body was slick with jock sweat.

He took my entire rock-hard cock into his mouth and started sucking powerfully, a hard, rough, vacuum-powerful force that was design to extract his own personal muscle-growing juice. Considering I had been waiting a week for this moment, I held on longer than I expected, just long enough for me to look down and admire the giant-to-be effortlessly holding me 3 feet in the air. His traps and shoulders swelled up in heaving mountains of muscle; thick, massive, powerful. His neck bulged out and the folds on the back of his head bunched. His triceps ballooned the longer he held me. He stared up at me with a hungry look in his eyes, grinning that arrogant smirk I had seen so often since the semester started.

Removing his mouth from my cock briefly, he roared “Come!” and opened his maw to receive my seed; it was an order, not a request. I exploded with a moan as thick ropes of cream blasted into his mouth and caught on his beard. I shot one, two, five, 10 thick spurts of it until I was finally spent, my balls tingling with pleasure as they finally had release for the first time in days, my cock exhausted and sore as Ben clamped his lips around it and drained every drop. He was growling happily as he guzzled down every drop, chugging the cream as it spurted from my mouth. After getting every ounce from the source, he licked his lips and wiped up all the excess that had dripped onto his beard and chest, his shelf-like pecs catching any of my growth-inducing spunk from hitting the floor. He was like a bear licking up honey, but it was no ordinary honey.

Ben finally put me down, showing no signs of fatigue, and chuckled happily, a low, rumbling bass. He waddled to the full-length mirror on the back of the door and started flexing.

“Fuck yeah, looking huge,” he said, lost in a reverie of worshiping his own massive body. He hefted his massive right pec, causing his unbelievably thick forearms and biceps to bulge and bunch up, fighting for space. He pinched his nipple and growled with pleasure, and I saw his chest swell bigger. He took a deep breath and watched his musclegut balloon larger, and he groaned as he exhaled but saw his massive boulder gut remain swollen and hard.

“Fuck yeah, bigger, bigger,” he huffed as his breathing quickened. He pinched both of his hard nipples, twisting and teasing them, and his chest swelled bigger with thick muscle as he growled with pleasure. He flexed his traps and shoulders and I heard the muscles crunch and pop as they merged with his thick neck. He spread his chest and lats to the side and he grew a half a foot wider. His massive shoulders bulged out, thicker and round with muscle. He looked at his expanding form in the mirror and boomed with laughter and quickly threw up both arms in a massive double-bicep flex. Each arm exploded with size, the peaks round and solid like cannonballs. Ben was wet with sweat again as he stared at himself in the mirror, watching himself grow wider than the doorway and edging higher as he grew taller. “Bigger, stronger, more,” he grunted, his voice loud and deep. He willed himself bigger and bigger, flexing his tree trunk thighs, each one expanding thicker and rounder. The muscle spilled over his knees in an excessive display of power. His calves were way bigger than my thighs when he was done tensing and flexing them, grunting and sweating all the while.

“Oooh shit!” he rumbled, and suddenly let loose one last blast of growth that caused every part of his body to explode with size. He shot two more inches taller and he swelled thicker and wider than ever. He looked totally swollen and bloated with beefy muscle. Finally done, he smirked back at me and motioned for me to follow him to the bathroom and the scale. First he had to get through the doorway, which was suddenly an obstacle. He turned all the way sideways and tried to suck in his musclegut, but it was his hairy chest and thick jock bubble butt that rubbed against the doorframe. He wiggled through the door and popped out into the hall and started plodding to the bathroom down the hall. His footfalls really did shake the floor now, and he grinned as he felt how much heavier he was than before.

As he stepped onto the scale, Ben knew he had surpassed his greatest expectations.

“Matt, get down there and tell me how fucking huge I am,” he commanded, clenching his fist and flexing his massive bicep and chest in a display of power he knew I would appreciate. He was unable to peer over his enormous chest any longer, instead he flexed his barrel chest outward and rested his square jaw on his pec; he had always wanted to do that, and now he was big enough. His short, dark beard mixed with the thick chest hair and he rumbled his approval.

My jaw dropped as the number resolved itself on the scale. I knew storing up a week’s worth of cum would work well, but this was insane.

“Well bud, how fucking huge am I?” Ben boomed from above me, admiring his own huge tricep as he swelled his massive gut above me.

“Ben, you just grew over 40 pounds. You weigh 405 pounds now and probably grew 3 inches. You’re a fucking monster. I’ve never seen anyone like you. You are becoming a giant,” I gushed, unable to contain my lust for him. “May I service you?” I implored, and Ben grunted his approval. It was the least he could to repay me for the growth-inducing seed I had saved up for him.

I pulled down his pants and his monstrous, bulbous cock swung out and hit me in the face. Its’ weight and power was tremendous, and I knew it wasn’t quite 100% hard yet. The jock stench emanating from his crotch was more powerful than anything I had smelled yet; sweat, cum, BO, power, sweat. I hefted his balls; they were goddamn heavy. I ran my fingers over the tight sack and Ben grunted with lust. I looked up and saw his great gut swelling out above me, bested only by his enormous barrel chest and hairy, thick, round pecs, each one capped with a hard nipple. Ben started pinching his nipples and boomed “Suck that cock.” He was a total authority in complete control.

His cock was longer than my hand and thicker than my wrist. It made the meaty brats I ate growing up look like mini hot dogs. It was topped by a bulbous mushroom head that swelled out from the rest of his cock, bright red . His piss slit was already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, which I started licking up greedily. I opened wide and started sucking his massive cock, gently using my teeth to add extra friction on the way down and then pressing my lips down on the rock-hard monster as hard as I could on the way up. I deep-throated him and choked as I tried to fit as much of it down my throat, getting only about 3/4 the way in before I had to stop. He growled with pleasure and his breathing increased.

“Faster, more,” he groaned from above, and he put his heavy right hand on the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth. He was already pretty close to cumming if his heavy breathing and growling sighs were any indication. Without warning he roared with power and exploded down my throat, a thick, hot jet of cream that I had to struggle to drink fast enough. He went for almost as long as I did in the room (he had cum this morning, I had stored up for a week) and finally finished with a satisfied growl.

I stood up and looked up at the giant football player towering over me. He was the biggest person I had ever seen, easily twice as wide as I was.

I suddenly felt a rush of heat in my abdomen, and I bent over double. What the fuck was this feeling? I felt burning inside, and I suddenly was compelled to flex as much as I could. I was shocked to realize that I was growing a bit bigger after taking in his cum as well! My modest torso swelled with new power and my thick legs hardened and bulged into bigger muscles. I jumped up an inch in height and, stepping onto the scale, i found I had gained 10 pounds.

“Excellent,” Ben thundered from behind me as he towered over me. “Now you can continue to be big enough to service me as I grow even bigger. I’m going to need more and more of your cream in order to be even HUGER, STRONGER, and more MASSIVE than I am now!” Ben boomed, punctuating his statement with a laugh that shook my bones. He wrapped his huge arms around me and squeezed, forcing the breath out of my lungs and making me feel tiny even though I had just grown. There was no questioning his mass and power.

Ben took one last satisfied look at his gigantic frame in the bathroom mirror. He swatted his gut and bounced his massive chest, flexed his huge biceps, and rolled his mountainous shoulders in turn. “Let’s go see if any of my fucking rags fit anymore and get some food. I’m fucking STARVING!” he said, his deep, resonant voice echoing off the walls of the bathroom, which now seemed tiny with his massive frame filling it up.

I admired the extra bulk to my body and followed him out of the bathroom obediantly. I couldn’t wait for him to get even bigger.


Part 4

I woke up as the light from the window hit my face. It was a Saturday, and we had a big game later that afternoon. I felt great, still energized by drinking Ben’s cum in the bathroom a couple weeks back. Ben realized after that that he needed to save every bit of growth-inducing cum for himself, so he had only let me feed on his massive cock once since then. It was such potent stuff that I didn’t need much. I sat up in bed and appreciated the extra pounds and inches on my body, especially my legs, which would come in handy on the field as a kicker. I looked across the room at the massive beast in the other bed and instantly felt tiny again; it looked like a boulder of muscle under a white sheet.

I quietly got up and walked over to Ben’s sleeping form. He was snoring loudly, the bassy vibrations filling the room. It seemed every time I saw him, he was bigger...his massive frame overflowed the pathetic twin bed he had to sleep on, and the mattress and frame strained under the pressure of his 420lb weight. Since I saved up my spunk and he swelled in growth last time, he decided not to wait between sessions and just milk me for all the cum I could give him. I was more than happy to oblige. As part of that decision, I got to the edge of the bed and dropped my boxers, revealing my already rock-hard cock.

I slapped his face with my cock to rouse the great behemoth. He growled, turned towards the edge of the bed, and opened his eyes.

“Feeding time,” I said, as I offered my cock up to his waiting mouth. He growled, enveloped my entire shaft, and started sucking with the force of a vacuum. I always woke up with morning wood, and being this close to him was enough to set me off, so I was already on the verge of shooting; once I felt his powerful tongue pressing against my cock, willing the cum out of me, I didn’t last long. I looked down at his massive neck, traps, delts, and shoulders, which merged together to form some freaky muscle supercomplex on the top of his torso. He saw me looking and shrugged slightly. That was all it took for the muscle to explode and swell before my eyes. I thought about how those muscles would soon be bigger after he guzzled my cum and I erupted into his mouth. My libido and amount of cum I shot had multiplied since drinking Ben’s supercum, and Ben chugged down everything I could give. I shuttered as I shot jet after jet into his mouth and I thought about Ben growing even bigger. He licked up every drop before rolling up to a sitting position in bed, causing the frame to squeal in protest. He sat on the edge and then stood up, towering over me at 6’9” and 420lbs. He was twice as wide as me and almost a foot taller.

“Thanks bitch,” he boomed as he looked down at me with a cocky smirk on his face. He bounced me out of the way with his rock-hard gut and stomped over to the fridge, totally naked. “Gotta get ready for the fucking game today, gonna CRUSH those motherfuckers,” he said as he tore the cap off one of his protein shakes and downed it.

Before he had a chance to finish, I blurted the question that had been on my mind the last few days: “Hey, are you going to tell me when you’re going to grow big time again? It’s been a week of three-times-a-day feeding and you’ve ‘only’ gained 5 pounds. What’s going on?” I figured I deserved at least an explanation for all the exemplary service I was providing.

Ben just chuckled and said, “You’ll see,” after he finished chugging his shake. He scratched his balls and rubbed his half-hard cock as he squeezed through the doorway to head down to the bathroom.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ben stepped up to the line of scrimmage as the opposing team, Ohio State, got ready for their 3th down try. It was halfway through the third quarter, and us Gophers were up, but only by 3. Ben was the biggest player on the field by far, and he was consistently demanding a double-team of Ohio’s biggest offensive linemen to even slow him down. All the plays were running as far away from him as possible, of course, and I could see that Ben was getting frustrated by the cowardice of these punks.

The ball was snapped, and Ben charged forward, his massive shoulders bearing down to bowl over whoever was in his way. He was met this time by a triple-team, all of them holding and grabbing but Ben didn’t get any calls from the ref...he was so big, it was hard for the refs to officiate him. Ohio couldn’t get the ball past the first down marker, but were mere inches away, so they were going to go for it on the 4th down. They called a time out to set up the play, and Ben and the rest of the defense jogged over to the sideline.

Instead of meeting with the coaches though, Ben stomped over to me. I could see he was furious. A cloud of football sweat stench hit me as he stood close. He pulled of his massive helmet (it seemed bigger than my torso sometimes) and roared.

“This is such fucking bullshit! I’m tired of theses weaklings getting in my way. They’re too fucking scared to take me one-on-one, I should be crushing them!” he said, steam pouring off his close-cropped head and bull neck into the cool Minnesota fall air. “It’s time I unleash the beast.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked him.

“You know that thing you asked about this morning?” he said, taking a step back and standing tall, showing off his massive bulk. “Let’s just say you’re about to get your answer,” he said with a smirk, and he flexed his big shoulders and smacked his musclegut. The whistle blew and he shoved his helmet back on and ran back onto the field. What was he going to do?

I got my answer as soon as he got down into his stance on the line, squatting low. I could see it from the sidelines...he was growing! He had been saving up all the growth energy from a week’s worth of my seed into his massive frame and was tapping into that incredible power now.

I could hear his deep growl from the sidelines as he swelled bigger and taller than anyone else on the line, making them look like pop warner players as he grew even larger. The ball was snapped and he rushed forward. The triple-team came as Ohio tried to ram the fullback up the middle to get the last yard they needed, but Ben, who was exploding with new strength and size as he blew past 450lbs, bowled all four of them over like they were cardboard cutouts. He drove his massive shoulder into the fullback’s chest, sending him flying back 10 feet. He landed hard on him, and felt bones break.

The crowd cheered as we got the ball back, and Ben stood up from the carnage he had produced. He rose taller than ever and roared as he grew even larger, muscle cum and testosterone coursing through his veins. His massive shoulder pads cracked in half as his chest and shoulders swelled bigger, and the “M” on his Minnesota jersey tore right down the middle. His weighty pectorals demanded space to grow even more. His biceps drew tight on the jersey and split through the mesh material as he flexed over his vanquished foes, who suddenly looked tiny next to this juggernaut. He growled as he felt his body growing bigger and heavier, feeling like a giant among children. The skin-tight material of Ben’s leg pads ripped as his thighs swelled larger, and his cleats sunk deeper into the turf as he hit 475lbs of football-playing beef.

Gripping it with both hands, Ben cracked off his now too-tight helmet easily and laughed as he continued to grow, swelling taller and heavier than ever before. His gut swelled out, rock-hard and ponderous, and he expanded wider. He threw aside his shoulder pads, which were no longer really necessary on his massive, impenetrable frame of rock-hard muscle, and flexed again, bursting with new size as he hit 500lbs and 7 feet tall. His shoulders spread to a new width as they bulged with more muscle, and his neck disappeared as his growing muscles fought for space. Another beefy neck roll formed on the back of his head as he grew thicker. He swelled out his chest, the massive, heavy pecs hanging over his boulder gut teeming with beast strength, and growled as he finally finished growing, leaving the rest of players on the field looking like pathetic weaklings next to him.

Ben looked down at the puny offensive linemen and fullback he had crushed a moment ago, a combined weight of over 1000lbs, and laughed at how fully he had dominated them with his new power. He leaned down and flexed his bicep in their faces, bigger than ever, and yelled “Don’t fuck with the juggernaut, bitches!” His arm swelled, a massive rock-hard mountain of muscle and power, and the other players could only cower and stare in awe at the giant standing over them.

Ben stomped off the field and headed back towards me. He seemed to grow even bigger as he got closer to me, and as he got close and stood inches from me, I neary came in my gear. He was fucking gigantic. He looked down at me, and said, “Fuck, you are tiny now,” and chuckled in an arrogant, brutish manner. ”Felt so good busting out of my gear like that, and they had to special order that shit for me!” he boomed, his deep laughter rumbling through me. He towered over me and looked down over his massive chest to see me. His musky scent was sharp and overpowering, and made me feel light-headed. “I’m glad I saved up all the cum for that, it felt great. I can’t wait to see what this body can do...and I can’t wait to get even BIGGER!” he boomed as he walked past me and headed to the locker room, steaming as the heat of his growth warmed the cool air. I looked down and saw his massive footprints in the ground; the grass was matted down and the dirt was sunk almost an inch down under the weight of the 510lb football-playing monster. My own foot looked like a child’s next to them. I could easily imagine these giant footprints looking even bigger and crushing into concrete or tile if Ben kept this up.


Part 5

I headed back to the dorms after the game was over. I hadn’t seen Ben since his explosive on-field growth spurt, but everybody was talking about him. At this point it was pretty hard to deny that Ben was growing at an extraordinary rate and turning into a freak; guys on the team had been whispering about it all season, but no one had dared question Ben about it. After the game, coach told everybody to forget about what they saw, and said there would be an investigation into what was going on with Ben. I knew Ben wouldn’t give a shit whether he was kicked off the football team or not. I knew all he cared about anymore was growing.

As I approached my room in the dorm, i was hit by an overpowering stench of football jock BO. It was Ben’s stink, and it had only grown more potent since his latest growth spurt. It was sharp, musky, and funky, and it permeated the entire floor of the building. I was stunned to see the door and door frame had been ripped out of the wall and strewn into the hallway. There was rubble from destroyed concrete in the doorway, and massive chunks of wall taken out of the sides of the entrance by what looked like fist-sized impacts. I stepped through the suddenly-larger entrance and saw Ben standing naked in the middle of the room, his back to me. He was still drenched in sweat and huffing in great heaving breaths. He was absolutely gigantic; his massive frame seemed to fill the entire room, and his head loomed dangerously close to the ceiling. He had grown even more than when he was on the field. A pile of his broken football gear lay in the middle of the room, drenched in his jock sweat. He turned as he heard my tentative footsteps enter the room.

“AHHH, there you are!” he said, his voice sounding deeper and louder than before. He crossed the room and stood in front of me. My eyes were level with the top of his round, hard belly, and the top of my head with the hard, protruding nipples that crowned his thick muscle tits. He looked down at me and boomed, “damn, you are fucking tiny now! Standing next to a little shit like you makes me feel even BIGGER!” He proceeded to roll his bloated pecs in my face, the hair bristling against my face as they swelled out.

“MMMMPH, feel the power in those motherfuckers. So thick I had to tear the door apart to even get into the room. Tearing off the door was surprisingly easy, and it felt so good to punch the shit out of those fucking walls,” Ben rumbled; the depth and volume of his voice made my chest cavity vibrate like the bass at a rock concert. He clenched his fist and held it up to me, his massive arms swelling with thick muscle. His huge fist looked as big as my head. “I couldn’t even squeeze into the room ducking and sideways, so I made the entrance BEN-SIZED! It was fucking easy, this babies crushed through that wall like it was paper! In fact, I think it could stand to be even a little wider...”

Ben stomped past me, his hard gut almost bowling me over. His shoulders were indeed still too broad for the doorway. He was so immense, everything else around him suddenly looked like a miniature version of itself. He great huffing breaths made him swell and bulge; it almost looked like he was constantly growing bigger all the time.

He managed to squeeze his yard-wide shoulders into the tiny door frame, concrete already tearing away, yielding to the big man’s hard wide bulk. Ben got down in a squat and stuck his head through the other side of the door, into the hall. He stood as much as he could in the doorway, his boulder shoulders scraping more of the walls away. Ben took up the entire doorway with his mammoth bulk, his shoulders pressed hard against the sides, his traps and beefy, multi-rolled neck squeezing against the top of the 7-foot doorway, and his tree trunk legs filling the rest of the empty space, swelling and tensing in anticipation.

Ben grunted as he pressed upward with all of his considerable power, and the wall above the door immediately cracked down the middle. I could hear wood, plaster, and drywall cracking and crumbling as the wall suddenly gave way and a cluster of wall fell down upon Ben’s mile-wide back. “OOOOH YEAH MOTHERFUCKER, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!” Ben roared. Ben stood to his full height, his spiky hair nearly grazing the 8-foot ceiling. He adjusted his stance, the room shaking with his heavy footfalls, and he started pushing his wide shoulders and beefy arms against the side. The walls cracked and crumbled like the ones before, Ben grunting and huffing with effort. His triceps swelled out from his arms as he pushed even harder, and the massive chunks of wall gave way on each side. He was literally molding the doorway to fit his massive frame. The shape of the doorway was no longer a rectangle; instead it was the shape of a giant, wide, huge man. It looked like one of those cartoons where the outline of a character is left in the wall, only it was for real, and it was crushed out by Ben’s awesome power.

“FUCK YEAH BITCH! FUCKING DESTROYED THAT WALL!” Ben bellowed as he turned around and admired his destructive work. He sauntered through the doorway and back into our room, still having to duck his head down a bit to fit through. He rose to his full height again and smirked down at me. “How’d you like that, runt? You like seeing my power? All this fucking muscle?” He bounced his huge pecs in my face again and tensed every muscle on his torso, making his entire frame swell. A new wave of his stink slammed into me as he lifted his massive thick arms and flexed, his hairy pits right in front of my face. I was frozen in place, my mouth hanging open at the sight of Ben’s insanely thick arms.

“Go on bitch, lick these fucking biceps. I swear each of my arms feels like 100lb each.” I went to town worshipping his arms. They were so thick, bigger than my head easily, and hard as granite. Trying to push against his rock-hard biceps was hurting my fingers, which looked frail and tiny next to his massive powerful bulk. His forearms were veiny and hard, easily bigger than my upper arms; hell, probably bigger than my legs. I moved to his deep, hairy armpits, licking up the salty jock sweat and taking deep breaths of his rank masculine stink.

“Mmm, yeah you like my stink, don’t you? I kept fucking growing all the way back from the game. I weighed myself when I got back—I had to resize the bathroom doorway too, heh” Ben chuckled, a deep, cocky, grunting sound. “Five-hundred and fifty fucking pounds. 550. Do you realize how heavy that is? How fucking enormous I am now?” he boomed down at me, his hot, sweaty body swelling against mine as he talked about his massive bulk. “No wonder those pussies on Ohio State crumbled and broke under me. I could fuckin crush you or any man effortlessly.”

Ben demonstrated this by wrapping his impossibly huge arms around me and squeezed hard in a bear hug, lifting me off the ground like a flimsy pillow. Then he wrapped his beefy right arm around my head and squeezed me into a headlock. I immediately started to feel consciousness slip away, but mercifully he let me go.

“I ain’t gonna hurt you though, little one,” Ben said down to me. He ripped the pants off my body and effortlessly lifted me up, his muscles barely even tensing as he hefted my 200lbs. “I’m just gonna fuck you.” I looked down and noticed his massive, raging hard on, a foot long and as thick as my forearm. He threw me across the room onto his bed and slowly stomped over to me, each step like an earthquake. His arms swung wide to the his sides; his shoulders and lats were so broad that even at his height, he seemed almost as wide as he was tall. Each massive leg, as big around as my waist and half that again, rolled over and rubbed against each the other one as he sauntered over to me.

“Looks like you got a sweet, tight ass for me there, boy” he said, his eyes glazing over with lust as he looked at my tight jock bubble butt. “Gotta cum so bad. So horned up after growing bigger. I wanna fill your hole up good and make you bigger so you can feed me even more of your hot cum. GOTTA GET BIGGER!!!” Ben boomed as he towered over me and licked two of his thick fingers. He was gonna loosen my tight, waiting ass first before he fucked me.

He reached down and slammed his bratwurst fingers into my ass, and I felt firey ecstacy shoot through my body. He stretched his fingers around and pushed deeper, growling and looking right into my eyes. His massive cock oozed precum and pulsed with anticipation; it looked just as thick and powerful as the rest of his giant body.

“Feel good little one? You gonna take my monster cock?” He hefted his massive unit, the whole thing looking like it weighed about 25 pounds. He finished loosening me up by lifting my entire body off the bed with one hand effortlessly, his fingers buried deep in my ass, stretching me out good. I moaned my approval and he held me up with one arm. He slipped his fingers out of my ass but continued to hold me, and slowly lowered my ass towards his cock.

He slicked up my hairy hole with spurts of precum that trickled out of his cock. I felt the massive engorged head press against me as he lowered me, in total control, and he growled with pleasure as he entered me. 550lb of giant college football player started fucking me hard, great powerful thrusts that slammed into me like a freight train. I fell over onto the bed, his massive tool impaling me, and I held onto the mattress to brace myself against the power of Big Ben.

“FUCK YEAH, you got such a tight fucking ass, better than any chick I fucked, I aint gonna last long at this rate,” Ben roared, grunting with each powerful thrust and growling with pleasure. He leaned into me and I could feel his huge gut and pecs pressing against my tiny back, coating me with jock sweat. His short beard bristled against my neck and I felt his hot breath on the back of my head. He smelled like protein shakes. I clenched down on his thick cock with all I could, and could feel his mushroom head rake across my prostate even more, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine.

“MMMMMMMPH, FUCK YEAH I’M GONNA CUM,” Ben bellowed as he bucked me furiously, my ass stretching to the limit as each thrust felt more and more powerful. He was sweating like he had just run a marathon and every muscle in his body was swollen and pumped. He growled and roared as he erupted into my hole, filling me up with an overwhelming amount of his seed. I immediately began to grow with more muscle and size, bulking and swelling underneath him as he continued to pump his muscle cream into me. I growled with ecstacy as I felt my hanging pecs swell with heavy power and my sturdy arms bulk up. My ass and already thick legs bunched up with new muscle, my hole tightening even more around Ben’s massive cock, sending a shockwave of pleasure up his body and making him cum even more. I felt my body lengthen and tighten as Ben pounded into me the last time, and he pulled his red, swollen cock out.

I lay there for a moment panting for breath and making sure my ass was in one piece. “Damn boy, you grew fuckin’ good!” Ben grunted down at me as he rubbed a big paw across my wider, more muscular back and firm bubble butt. “Mmmph fuck yeah, you got such a nice ass for me to fuck.” He slapped my ass and squeezed the round muscular spheres in his massive hands. He fingered up some of his cum that was trickling down my leg and slurped it up.

I turned around and got up, testing my new bigger size. I was built more like a linebacker than a kicker now I realized with delight, and I bounced my newly thick pecs and flexed my disproportionately huge legs. I noticed my engorged cock swelling with new size, and thought of a great present for Ben.

“I think I can return the favor, big guy,” I said with a cheeky grin, and he growled down at me from his seven and a half foot tall vantage point. He reached down and put his fingers up my ass, effortlessly lifting me again. He lifted me so my long, throbbing cock was even with his mouth, and he wrapped his lips around it. His thick, powerful tongue pressed against my rock-hard cock and I came immediately, feeding the monster more growth-inducing cum. I came more than I ever had before, thick ropes of cum from a thick 250lb linebacker build instead of a 200lb kicker.

He dropped me onto the bed when I was spent, and immediately began to grow even bigger. I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any thicker, but he did as he chest swelled wider and bigger. He roared and flexed his arms and his entire body burst with more muscle and power. His head finally hit the ceiling as he swelled out his power gut and bulged his thighs and calves even bigger. I heard crunching and popping sounds as his body reshaped to handle the massive weight and awesome power of his bulk. His huge cock, still leaking cum and swollen from fucking me, lengthened and thickened with the rest of his body. Ben shrugged his titanic shoulders and his traps and delts bulged up higher, merging with his thick neck. He huffed for air, his massive sweaty chest swelling and bulging.

“FUCK YEAH!” Ben growled as he flexed one last time, sending a final shockwave of growth through his giant frame. “SO MUCH FUCKING BIGGER THAN I WAS THIS MORNING! AND IT’S ONLY UP FROM HERE!” he bellowed and rubbed his bullet nipples and felt the weight of his pecs, his arms swelling to new thickness. Ben wasn’t done growing yet by a long shot.


Part 6

Campus was abuzz the next day about the football game. Rumors swirled about Ben, some true and some exaggerated...he had broken his pads on the field, he killed a guy on the other team, he busted up his dorm room in a fit of roid rage and moved off-campus, he had been kicked off the team and expelled, and so on. None of that mattered anymore, I thought as I looked across the gym to Ben, who was curling a barbell designed for squatting with what looked like hundreds of pounds on it. His arms bunched up red and swollen, and a slick, shiny layer of sweat coated his naked torso. He was now fully 8 and a half feet tall and over 700lb. I had gone out to buy two scales that went up to 350lb earlier, but those maxed out and then broke when Ben tried to weigh himself on those this morning. It didn’t really matter anymore anyway. He was by far the biggest, strongest guy on the planet.

We were crashing at a hardcore gym away from campus. Ben decided we couldn’t stay in the dorm room any longer because, as he said, “I’ve outgrown the place”, and he knew he could stay at this gym. The owner of the gym, a beefy musclebear daddy who called himself Tank when i met him last night, welcome Ben in and acted like it was no big deal that he was now over eight feet tall. All he said was something about “fulfilling his potential” or some bullshit. Anyway, he let us stay in a small room in the back of the gym. I needed to get away from school because I didn’t want to explain the 50lb of muscle I had packed on last night, which I was loving by the way. I also wanted to stay with Ben and see how far he could take this.

Ben slammed the squat bar back on the rack with a crash that snapped me back to the present. He looked over at me, dripping with sweat and pumped thick with muscle. His chest hair curled in ringlets and sweat ran down the crevasse between his pecs. He grunted slightly with each heaving breath, his barrel chest rising and falling. The sweat ran down over his convex rock-hard gut, which had just the hints of eight thick abdominal muscles pushing out past the fat that rounded out his belly. His arms hung to his sides at an absurd angle, chest, lats, triceps, and biceps fighting for space. His forearms and meaty fists tensed and he grinned at me with a cocky smirk as he started waddling over to me again. He had been lifting for 6 straight hours, pausing only to feed (both on food and on me), relieve himself, and cum.

He stomped right up to me and planted himself, his massive weight shaking the whole room. Up close, I could tell he had grown noticeably bigger in just the last hour. A wave of his stench slammed into me as he looked down at me. The entire gym stank like him after just a couple hours of him being in there; he hadn’t showered for a few days, including several football practices, and I don’t think he intended to anytime soon.

I looked straight on at his belly and he palmed the sides his gut, flaunting his size. “You like what you see buddy? I need to fill this belly...” he said as he smacked his hard gut and rubbed his hairy, sweaty bulk on my face. I licked and slurped his salty sweat and moaned, feeling so lucky to be this close to someone so overwhelming huge and powerful. I reached for one of the gallon jugs of thick protein shake i had prepared for him while he was lifting; Tank was kind enough to provide whatever we needed to make Ben grow while we stayed here. I think he wanted Ben to get bigger almost as much as I did.

I handed the jug to Ben, the first of five, and he wrapped his long, thick fingers around the sides of it, not bothering with the handle, which seemed comically small to him now. He started chugging and I stood back to watch him swell more, his chest bouncing and gut swelling as he drank the whole gallon in seconds. He belched and boomed, “MORE!” when he was finished, and I dutifully handed him the next one. Ben didn’t know it, but I had jerked off watching him lift and had added my own special ingredient to the shakes I was feeding him...after the powerful fucking he had given me yesterday, I was pumping out more cum than I knew what to do with. I kept feeding Ben and I watched him swell with each gulp, heard the skin-tight fabric of his huge gym shorts tearing and the more subtle sound of his muscles bunching and bones expanding as he grew before my eyes.

When he was done, he bent down and picked me up, carrying me like a sack of potatoes into the back room. He slammed me down on a table in the back, tore my pants down, and attacked my cock, grunting and growling unintelligibly. He was in a haze of lust, lust to satisfy the aching in his grapefruit-sized balls and his insatiable desire to get bigger. I came quickly as I looked at the massive behemoth swelling with sweaty muscle, and he gulped down all I could give him. He stood up again after going down on me, suddenly towering over me as I lay on my back. I felt helpless and vulnerable with this giant football jock before me, swollen with enormous muscle, covered with sweat, and a raging hardon as thick as a beer can aimed right at me.

Without further ado, he flipped me over and rammed his slick cock in my tight, furry hole. He groaned as he entered me and bucked furiously; I saw stars and I held onto the table for dear life; he was thicker than when we had fucked just a couple hours earlier, and I was stretched to the limit. He started grunting louder and I could feel his massive bulk swelling even bigger as my cum took effect in his body. His enormous forearms slammed down on either side of me and I felt a shower of his jock sweat rain down as he leaned into me and fucked desperately. I looked to the side and saw the veiny, hairy forearms bulking and swelling with more muscle, and soon they were thicker than my head. He leaned into me more and I felt the strain of what was probably now almost half a ton of college football jock bucking into me, devastating my hole and sending waves of euphoria up my spine.

He roared as he exploded into me, something he hadn’t done when we fucked earlier in the day, and I felt a rush of energy surge through my body. I felt more alive than I ever had and felt every muscle in my body explode, swelling outward. Last night when I grew it felt good, but this was a whole other level; THIS is what he felt like when he grows, I thought as I got to my feet and looked up at Ben, whose body was dripping with overpowering jock sweat. It was a heady stench that filled the room as I continued to grow, muscle expanding before my eyes and inching taller. I ripped off my shirt, which suddenly felt tight and restrictive, and I flexed harder than I ever had. Every muscle burst bigger, so much that I thought my skin would burst. Ben encouraged me and flexed along with me, both of us still growing, growling and roaring. We headed to the locker room to wash up when we were finished.

I stepped on the scale and was stoked to find I was over 300lb of muscular football jock beef. I felt so big, but then suddenly felt insignificantly small as Ben loomed behind me, towering over and swelling twice as wide as me.

“Hehe, nice job little guy,” Ben boomed, the bass of his voice vibrating my chest cavity. “Keep that up and maybe you’ll be as big as me one day, HAHA.” He turned me around to face him, and picked me up by my armpits and lifted me up to his face. “I’ve got a little job I need you to do for me, buddy,” he said with a smirk. I had a feeling he had a BIG idea in mind.


Part 7

The next day, I sauntered back on campus to deliver Ben’s message. Nobody recognized me as I walked among the other students in the commons...Maybe I got a few double-takes, but I was over 50lb bigger than just a few days ago. I made my way towards the computer lab. The gym owner had let me keep the shirts and shorts I had borrowed as well...I couldn’t fit into my old clothes anymore.

I logged onto my email and saw I had a ton of messages from friends and teammates asking about Ben. I ignored them all—they weren’t important for my mission—and started writing an email. I addressed it to everyone on the football team and titled it, “Want to know what happened to Ben?” and wrote exactly what Ben had told me to write in there. “All those that wanna know how Ben got so huge meet in the locker room at midnight tonight. You won’t be disappointed.”

I hit send and smirked. This was going to be fun.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ben and I spent that whole day lifting and eating, pumping and charging up for the meeting at midnight. It was tough to stay off each other and not have sex all day, but we abstained to save it up for that night.

The locker room was abuzz when I entered just before midnight. It looked like everyone from the team, from linemen to cornerbacks, was there to learn what had happened with Ben. He was close behind me, but he wanted me to go in first to see peoples’ reactions to how much I had grown first. Most people didn’t believe it was me at first, but they quickly came around when I showed off my new bulk and answered some personal questions they knew only I would be able to answer. Everybody was asking how it happened, how’d you get so big, and so on, but I was coy...I would let Ben answer that question. At this point I was bigger than everybody else on the team save a couple of the biggest offensive and defensive linemen. Everybody seemed a little embarrassed and perturbed that the kicker—the kicker!—was now a massive, pumped meathead who was bigger and more muscular than they were.

All the excited and skeptical murmuring, all the locker room bullshit and hushed doubts were silenced as the door to the locker room was suddenly and violently ripped out of the wall. Ben’s titanic frame filled up the entire doorway and then some, shoulders a foot wider than the door on each side. Only his chest was visible at the top of the doorway, even though he was bent over a little...the ceilings in the hall could hardly contain a young giant nine feet tall. Guys in the locker room looked shocked, with mouths hanging agape and eyes wide as dinner plates. I heard a grunt and then there was an explosion of brick as Ben punched the side of the doorframe, twisted the metal and sending brick and plaster flying inward. There were some panicked exclamations and people moving quickly away from the door as more of the frame was destroyed. Ben was making room for his enormous body by reshaping the door frame, just as he had done with our dorm room. It looked a lot easier than last time!

Soon the doorframe was little more than a hole in the wall five feet wide. Ben finished by head-butting the top of the door frame in, poking his head through into the locker room with a grin. He ducked down and squeezed in, his sheer bulk ripping out more as he slid himself into the room. Finally he entered the locker room and stood to his full height, as the locker room had a 10-foot tall ceiling. Ben puffed himself up and looked down at all of his shocked teammates, grinning from ear to ear.

Ben had arrived.

“What’s up, runts,” Ben rumbled as he addressed the team. Everybody laughed and rushed up to him, wanting to say hi and see how enormous he was up-close. Ben obliged with a double-biceps pose, his arms stretching up the ceiling. Most of the guys on the team only came up to his nipples, and some didn’t even make it past the convex curve of his round musclegut. They looked up and marveled at the size and thickness of his biceps, rolling with power, as big as watermelons. Ben’s pungent BO emanated from his pits as he held his biceps pose, mixing with the already heady smell of a college football locker room. The briefs Ben was wearing, which were intended for super-fat people but struggled to fit around his tree-trunk thighs, tightened further as Ben’s thick cock and grapefruit-sized balls swelled up as he appreciated the attention from his teammates. It didn’t leave much to the imagination.

After flexing and showing off for a couple minutes—pulsing his thick pecs, knocking the other linemen over with his huge gut, showing off the thickness of his legs which were bigger than almost everybody on the team’s waist—Ben boomed, “Ok everybody, sit your asses down and I’ll explain why I called you here!”

Everybody sat down in a hush, and looked up at Ben. He was really a sight to see...his head close to the ceiling, wider that two men put together, his chest rising and falling with each breath, highlighting how massive he was. He was in complete control.

“Ok guys, so I bet you’re wondering how I got so big.” There was a murmur of agreement as guys wanted to see. “Well, I’ll do better than tell you... I’ll show you!”

That was my cue. I had been working on a boner since Ben stepped into the room, and I had been building it up all day lifting and eating. I stepped forward and dropped trou without hesitation, my big cock swinging free leaking precum and ready to blow. There was a cry of shock and surprise from the group, wondering what was going on and marveling at the size of my member. I walked right up to Ben and looked up at him. Ben reached down and lifted me up by the armpits with seemingly no effort at all, like a parent would lift up their child, and pinned me against the ceiling. “Watch and learn, motherfuckers,” Ben said to the team as he vacuumed my cock into his mouth.

There were cries of objection from the team, guys looking away and yelling, “That’s gay!”, but most couldn’t look away...they were too curious and they were amazed by Ben’s show of strength, easily holding a 300lb muscle jock against the ceiling with one arm while he sucked my dick. A wave of euphoria washed over me as I thought about Ben growing even bigger, and I came. Ben guzzled every drop from me and then lowered me back down to the ground, where I fell.

I was still on my ass when I saw Ben growing bigger and taller as my cum entered his body. He growled and flexed and he rose up half a foot taller and his muscles swelled wider and thicker. Guys on the team couldn’t believe their eyes... “He’s growing! Holy shit!”. Ben rumbled a deep, cocky chuckle and swelled out his chest as he took a deep breath, his pecs rising fuller and thicker. He adjusted his stance as his thighs packed on more size, and his already-rock hard cock and balls grew with them. A minute later and Ben stood before them an even bigger man than before, muscles pumped from growing.

“So there you have it, runts,” Ben said, his voice louder and deeper than before. “It goes both ways too,” he said as he squeezed his own sizable nuts and gestured over to me, 100lbs bigger than I had been just weeks before and with the biggest cock in the room besides Ben. He reached down and grabbed a bucket I had brought with me into the locker room and then tossed it into the middle of the room. “The only question I have for you is, who wants to make me even bigger? If you do, you will be rewarded like Matt has been.”

At that point, some of the guys got up to leave. Guys who were grossed out by watching Ben suck my dick, guys who didn’t want to see Ben take it as far as he could, players who were found sucking dick “morally objectionable”...it was mostly the smaller, cowardly ones. They wouldn’t have offered much for Ben anyway. They exited through the enormous hole in the wall where the door used to be. About three-fourths of the team stayed though: the entire offensive line, the fullbacks and halfbacks, the linebackers, the wide receivers...all the biggest and most athletic guys on the team.

Maybe it was Ben’s musky stench, maybe it was the setting of a bunch of guys in a locker room, maybe it was their desire to grow bigger, but whatever it was, the entire football team knew what to do. They started jerking off in unison, passing the bucket around the room. Derek, a 5’8” 230lb fullback, came first, followed by Phil the 350lb offensive lineman who used to the biggest guy on the team. Jamal, the star receiver with the biggest cock on the team until now, shot a load as he thought about growing taller. I passed around the bucket as each guy shot his thick load, the bucket collecting more and more cum as dozens of big, burly college football players gave up their seed for Ben. There was a ripping sound as Ben’s huge cock burst out of the confining briefs that clung to his body, growing harder and thicker as he watched his football buddies stroke it for him, anticipating the massive growth that would happen soon.

Finally the whole team had shot a load into the 5-gallon bucket I had been passing around. There was plenty in there, dozens of times more than I was ever able to give Ben myself. I passed it to Ben, the giant stud looking down at me with satisfaction. He held up the bucket with one big hand and looked into it. We all knew he, and indeed the world, would never be the same after this.

Ben held the bucket up to his mouth and poured the rich, creamy cum into his mouth, chugging it down, great mouthfuls of spunk coursing down his throat. In less than a minute, it was all gone, nary a drop left in the bucket. Ben dropped it to the floor and felt a tremendous heat rising within him, like a nuclear explosion coursing through his body.

Ben roared as the first wave of growth slammed through his body, and he instantly shot up a foot in height. His head bumped against the ceiling, and the tight briefs clinging to his body ripped to shreds and fell. “YESSSSSS” Ben boomed, as he continued his rapid growth, swelling and pulsing bigger with every breath and every heartbeat. He flexed his chest and felt the muscle rise and harden. In a matter of seconds, Ben had to bend over, his wide back pressing against the 10-foot ceiling as he quickly outgrew the room. The rest of us fled out the exit and headed onto the football field, looking back at the locker room building as we heard grunts, roars, and the building coming apart as Ben continued to grow. Suddenly the ceiling of the building exploded off, and Ben’s titanic back rose up out of the structure. He was a giant!

He towered over the building as he rose to his full height, his back to us, wide and bulging with muscles that were clearly still growing bigger. Ben growled loudly and his entire body exploded with a new wave of growth now that he was free of the confines of the locker rooms. He turned to face us slowly, and seeing him in profile showed us just how enormous thick he had grown...he was almost as thick as he was wide! He looked down at us and boomed, “AH THERE YOU LITTLE RUNTS ARE! ARE YOU ENJOYING THE SHOW!?” The volume of his voice had increased tremendously, and echoed across the practice field.

The building continued to crumble around him as his enormous, round musclegut burst through the ceiling as Ben swelled to over 20 feet tall. Ben laughed as he rubbed his belly and realized how enormous he was. He was sweating profusely, matting down the thick, dark fur covering his torso and dripping off his body. Even though we were all standing a good 10 yards away, we could smell his musky jock odor from here. Soon his colossal dick broke through the top of the building as well, and pointed out to the field at us. Ben reached down with one of his enormous paws and stroked his thick cock, causing his biceps to swell and his forearms to ripple, the cords of muscle dancing as he squeezed his balls and growled with pleasure. His breathing deepened, causing his chest to swell and rise, as he approached his threshold. He mashed his cock roughly with his enormous, powerful hand, callused from lifting all day and thick from growing bigger. Ben thought about the tremendous, unstoppable power he now wielded and looked down at the football team before him, no more than knee-high to him now. Power coursed through his body as he continued to grow, and he thought about growing even bigger.

Suddenly Ben roared, a deafening sound from 25 feet up, and everyone on the team standing knee-high to him was showered with a torrent of cum. Players were covered with the thick, sticky fluid as Ben gushed out more and more, grunting and sweating as he did. Players, including myself, began greedily licking up all the spunk they could, scooping it up in handfuls from the grass and licking it off each other in a desperate orgy. Everyone had lost control of themselves at the sight of Ben growing into a giant and knowing that they too could have a piece of that power. Players on the team began to swell bigger, the ones who had more cum growing bigger than the others. Soon the biggest, strongest men, the offensive linemen mostly, exerted their aggression on the other members of the team and fought for the most cum, pushing past the comparatively puny cornerbacks and receivers and slurping up more cum. They grew and swelled bigger, some up to 8 feet tall and 700lb of muscled football stud. People slid and slipped around in Ben’s cum scrambling for more, Ben shooting load after load of cum for over a minute.

When it was all over, Ben took his first step as a giant, crashing through the locker room building and destroying it completely. He brought his foot down next to us, the booming sound of his footfall echoing across the field, the weight of his body sending a small tremor through the ground. His foot sunk into the turf, giving way to the tons of football player giant standing before us.

Ben smirked down at us and flexed, a final wave of growth coursing through him as he roared, a giant of fairy-tale proportions standing above us in the flesh. And there was plenty of flesh! His enormous, thick body bristled with power, thick slabs of beefy muscle hanging off his arms, torso, and legs communicating his indisputable, unstoppable power. Ben reached down and rubbed his giant gut. “THANKS FOR THE HELP RUNTS, NOW I’M A TRUE FUCKING GIANT!” he boomed, and he punctuated his point with a slap of his round tummy with one of his callused paws. Ben looked around at the now pathetically tiny world around him, completely at the mercy of his giant strength. “THE WORLD IS IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE!”



News of Ben’s gigantic growth spread quickly all over the world. Ben made his intentions very clear: if you help me grow bigger, the favor will be returned in kind. Strength athletes from all over the world came to pay homage to Ben. They all wanted a piece of that massive size and power. As more and more athletes came to him and donated their cum, Ben grew bigger and bigger. 25 feet became 50ft, 100ft, and more. His followers grew in size as well as in number; Ben needed to cum several times a day, and each time a fountaining stream of cum would bless his acolytes with more size and strength. Football players, powerlifters, strongmen, wrestlers, weightlifters, meatheads, and jocks of every kind flocked to receive Ben’s blessing.

As Ben grew, so did his desire for more power. He realized that nothing could stop him and his army of huge, muscular jocks from doing whatever the fuck they wanted. There was a whole world out there to dominate, and more acolytes to find and transform into giants.

But for now, Ben would continue enjoying himself, he thought as he broke out of his reverie. He was sitting in the football field still, surrounded by a crowd of hundreds of giant jocks from all over the world. His legs straddled the entire crowd and stretched the length of the field. A group of men—looks like they were all from a football team—approached with what looked like a huge container of cum. Ben’s biggest worshippers were getting pretty huge themselves, breaking past 100ft and producing massive amounts of cum for Ben to consume. Ben reached down and drank deeply, feeling the surge of power welling up in him again.

Brushing off worshippers and groupies from his legs and package, Ben slowly rose to his full 500ft, towering over even the largest members of his crowd and the city around him. Ben hefted his gigantic balls and squeezed them firmly with his thick, powerful fingers before gripping his 50ft long cock. He stroked his cock deliberately, savoring the moment of pleasure as he started growing even bigger. He surged wider, his muscular shoulders spreading out like a mountain range as his pecs and gut swelled thicker and rounder and fatter, rock-hard and powerful. His arms tensed and flexed as he stroked harder and faster, working up a sweat and panting. He raised one massive foot and readjusted his weight, sending a tremor among his crowd. He was straddling the field now, his worshipers below him and downfield, awaiting his blessing. As Ben surged taller and bigger, he thought only about growing even bigger and more powerful, his potential for growth limitless. He reached up with his left hand and cupped his massive left pec, squeezing and feeling the weight and power of his muscle. He roughly tweaked a stiff nipple and sent a bolt of pleasure shivering down his spine. Ben grunted and shot his load, blanketing the field—and his acolytes—in his cum; he smirked just as he had that first day of this school year, that knowing grin he got when he got what he wanted. He flexed his chest, rubbed his big belly, and chuckled ominously as he looked across the horizon as he and the crowd below him swelled bigger and bigger.

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Slim + Tiny by Harvey Church Pete attends a family reunion planning to remind his cousins how much bigger he is. He wasn’t expecting to find two giant meatheads in their place, hungry to somehow grow even bigger... 4,121 words Added Jul 2023 8,417 views 5.0 stars (13 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Cock Theft•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Other Mental Changes•Muscle Growth•Muscle Theft•Muscle/Strength•Public Nudity•Plausible Size Difference•Nonconsensual change •M/M/M

Megaband by brazboy An indie band is scouted by a large record label—their talent and hard work has finally been acknowledged! But apparently the company’s boss wants them to accept a new member, a vocalist, and this new member is also a macro…?! 2 parts 6,492 words Added Jul 2023 2,887 views 5.0 stars (1 vote) No comments yet •Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Hyper Muscle•Transformation•Plausible Size Difference•Complete •M/M/M/...

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