Just one couldn’t hurt

by Thatbadwriter

What? Dylan is evolving!

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With a satisfying crack of his knuckles the reigning champion walked of the pitch and shifted into cooldown mode after his last battle as he approached the locker room. Having just faced and handily beaten the sixth challenger of the day champion, Dylan, the greatest ghost type specialist in the world, was ready for a moment to himself. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy being champion, recognized throughout the region as the best of the best, but with a lack of strong opponents to face him lately Dylan’s mind was free to… wander. Dylan was already quite a handsome man but he strived for ever greater heights, spending just as much time on improving his physique as he did developing new battle strategies, and lately he’d started pondering just what would happen if he sampled one of the candies that yielded his pokémon such instant and drastic results.

Reaching for his bag the champ began rifling through it until he withdrew one XS Candy. With a fascination Dylan marveled over the angular little wonder as he rolled it around in his hand. “What’s the worst that could happen?” he mused aloud for no one but himself. “After all people and pokémon eat the same berries and nothing goes wrong, so why would this be any different?”

With a final deep breath Dylan popped the candy into his bit down on the energizing little sweet. Almost immediately he felt a breathtaking rush of power, like his body had become pumped and swollen from the effort of a week’s worth of exercising in an instant. “O-Oh my god,” he said with a breathless surprise before feeling his engorged bicep, “This is incredible!” Newly strengthened beefy muscles coursed with testosterone enriched blood, however the champ had barely begun to scratch the surface of his self-indulgence before a thought raged to the forefront of his mind in a blazing fumarole of desire, what would happen if he ate more?

Without a moment’s hesitation Dylan fished out an S Candy and eagerly wolfed it down like it was the first thing he’d eaten in years. This time an intense heat overtook him before his skin began feeling… itchy? It was soon apparent why though as a virtual pelt of hair bloomed across his body, his striking beard became thicker, richer, and fuller until he looked almost wild. Then, filled with burning curiosity, he pulled of his tight shirt and cast it to the corner of the room so he could marvel at his body. The champion’s muscles were as immaculate as the finest chiseled granite, and covered in a luscious carpet of fur that only exemplified his sheer masculinity and power. His meaty and bushy pecs put any Machamps to shame and the hairy cobblestone eight pack Dylan now sported would be impenetrable to even the strongest Excadrill. His glorious thick treasure trail now led to an impressive tangle of pubes his pants could no longer contain as they grew and his bulge swelled. Shorts that were once comfy athletic wear were now fiercely strained by his engorging bulge as the already massive endowment grew even more impressive.

Tempting as it was to indulge in the carnal pleasure his enhanced package and testosterone flushed body craved then and there, an even greater need called to Dylan from his bag in the form of M Candy. Inhaling the sweet brought him a pleasure many times greater than the previous two as his body began to audibly stretch and groan. New chords of mighty furry muscle were being added pound after pound while his tall frame began rising higher still, causing his uniform to cry out in agony as he outgrew it. With a symphony of tearing fabrics and stretching skin the champ’s clothes began to disintegrate as he became far more man than they could handle. With every pump of his heart more virile blood circulated throughout his impressive body causing size to continually pile on to him leading to him triumphantly earning the freedom his alpha form yearned for as he moaned with a sense of pleasure and conquest while the black nylon tatters flutter to the ground in defeat. A heavy smack reverberated through the lockers when his swelling monster of a cock collided with Dylan’s lower thigh, now so impressively endowed his member heavily swung between his knees in front of a churning pair of hairy orange sized nuts.

Standing now more than two heads taller than he’d been only minutes prior at an imposing, and completely nude, eight foot four inches both Dylan’s hungry mouth and throbbing meat alike drooled for more. Deeply tempted to take every last candy that he had and let loose the champ just barely managed to restrain himself, determined to feel what they all individually had to offer him before letting loose. With an animalistic fervor the giant of a man remorselessly devoured a L Candy, its audacious name eliciting a deep and bassy chuckle at its puny size.

This time the welling energy felt less like bombastic explosions and more like unending waves of power washing over his body. Taking a seat on the tiled floors of the locker room Dylan enjoyed a long overdue moment of self-contentment, caressing his pillarous cock with a strong meaty hand as his body would periodically swell with size. With every stroke of his weighty cock Dylan’s back climbed a bit higher up the cold lockers as he moaned and grunted with greater intensity. All kinds of images flashed through the champ’s mind as he got closer and closer to the point of no return, images of him being the most massive man in the region, in nation, on the continent, on the globe, all thanks to the bottomless well of power his curiosity had led him to. Letting carnal pleasure overwhelm him Dylan allowed his tongue to fall from his mouth as he panted heavily with need, bring both hands to bare on his mighty cock as he started to feverishly buck upwards, his perfect ass slapping on the floor as he pumped faster and faster. A series of raucous grunts accompanied by the frenzied spasming of the world’s most monstrous cock ushered in Dylan’s orgasm, a massive shot of white hot seed rocketed into the ceiling followed by another two potent blasts that collided loudly with the adjacent then a hot flow of cum that oozed down his length and brought him to an incomparable afterglow as his body again shuddered and grew until the top of his head was higher than the lockers.

Panting contentedly Dylan ran one hand through his captivating hair and the other hand along his godly body, just enjoying the air on his bare skin, the bristle of fur on his burly muscles, and the aromatic musky warmth of his sperm. One thing stuck out though, or rather straight up, he was still as hard as diamond thinking about the untapped potential in his bag. Reaching for it he irreparably tore open the puny thing without even trying, his strength so great that even a complete lack of effort was entirely overwhelming. Smirking because the last candy had made him taller than he’d been previously stood while still seated, Dylan swallowed the next little cube whole to see what it could offer him.

If the past experiences were like an explosion of energy than this one was akin to a nuke as the champ started to sweat from the sheer warmth of the reaction after swallowing the XL candy. His cock lurched with glee, spitting copious amounts of pre onto the floor as it swelled passed the size of a barrel and continued to grow, throwing his head back a deep baritone moan emanated from his lips as he began needing to slouch further and further to not press against the ceiling. Dylan’s legs grew so forcefully they actually uprooted the bolted down benches and pushed them aside, his body always seeking ever greater space to expand. Yet again his hair brushed against the ceiling as his extraordinary muscles pushed the lockers on either side of the room into the drywall and his feet cracked the back wall.

When the dust quite literally cleared Dylan realized a very arousing fact that was bringing him to the very edge of orgasm yet again, he had, in no exaggerated terms, filled the entire locker room with his bulk. Causing severe structural damage with his every movement the champ grabbed his battered bag and crawled out forcing his way through the double doors, or more accurately through a wall that contained double doors, back out into the vacant arena where he could again breathe comfortably and stretch out his godly body. Stepping out onto the pitch Dylan was free to take the place he normally faced challengers with his trusty gigantamax Gengar for dramatic effect and revel in the fact he was now roughly half its size and not even through sampling the different candies. With a colossal finger forced the remaining two variants out of his bag, knowing after the next he’d have no way to be so precise with something so small.

Pinching the Rare Candy between the tips of his fingers he brought it to his mouth and simply dropped it in whole, wrapper and all, with a devilish smile. It felt bizarrely different to the others, almost making him feel airy, when Dylan’s body appropriately began to rise. More and more of him seemed to simply appear as if he were just dough laden with an ungodly fast acting yeast. In a matter of moments he’d gained over thirty percent of his previous height and mass and continued to rise, falling to the ground with a thud from both the dramatic shift in size and aphrodisiac effect of his lust. Existing as a being of pure instinct the champ grabbed his sputtering cock with both hands and milked himself for all he was worth. Groans that shook the very seats and rattled the glass that paneled the dome’s roof echoed with both the strength and lust of the godly man rising up in the stadium’s center. Every second more of Dylan came into being and every second he drew closer to a Brobdingnagian climax as his cock expanded further out with every pump while his legs stretched down the field and his as obliterated the green with it’s reflexive tensing. Soon panting started to become grunting as behemoths toes began to curl and dig out gashes in the pitch, his hips beginning to spasm, when finally a ferocious shot of thick heavy cum, accompanied by an equally ferocious roar, flew from his enormous cock and demolished a cluster of seats with ease, followed by a successive shot that blasted the concrete. With carnal desire overriding every facet of his being though Dylan decided that the best continued use of his spunk was to sate himself as he bent over and wrenched up his sputtering cock to fill his hungry maw. Dozens and dozens of gallons of the most potent seed in the world overflowed from his lips alone as he savored his own delicious flavor while coaxing out every drop he could with a look of sheer euphoric satisfaction.

A wet smack of his lips and a pop that rang through the facility when his mammoth of a penis was freed from his mouth. Licking his lips clean in the afterglow, enjoying the warmth now radiating throughout his stomach, Dylan consciously realized for the first time he now filled the stadium as he leaned against the northern end of the stadium feeling immensely proud of his glory. It was almost like the champion was laying in his own enormous tub, but with the two notable exceptions. Firstly the walls of the arena still hid him from the public’s eye while he lay back, though undoubtedly the ungodly ruckus he was making hadn’t gone unnoticed, and secondly he had absolutely no intention of getting clean, just getting bigger.

He knew full well if he simply stood up the world would learn of what he’d done, but he wanted more, so much more, a champion like him deserved a spectacle unparalleled. His manly calloused fingers, fingers each bigger than a man, next excavated a gargantuan fistful of dirt approximately where he believed to have left his next morsel, the Dynamax Candy. Without another thought Dylan brought the ball of earth to his mouth and dropped it in, trusting the candy would work its magic. Provided it was in there…well even if it wasn’t he could try again, plus it wasn’t the worst thing he’d ever put in his

After almost a minute had passed the champ was wondering if it was time to give it another go when a crackle of electricity sparked with pink jolts and flickers along his every vein, it was happening. Red and pink lightning surged up and around him as the sky grew dark and clouds began to swirl overhead heralding the coming ascent. A beam of red light erupted from Dylan and he began to stand and show his size and glory in earnest to the dwindling populace while he loomed ever higher. The size, the adrenaline, the rush of feeling such power, of growing so intensely was so far beyond orgasmic that he came without a single touch, expanding aggressively along the pillar of energy as he unleashed immeasurable amounts of hot overwhelming spunk into the streets below. His very grunts and simplest movements were shattering windows and setting off alarms as the people panicked with a brutishly strong, wildly hairy, and impossibly hung monster looming overhead and getting bigger still.

All the city shook in the next moment as Dylan fell forward with his staggeringly tremendous size and weight, gone weak in the knees after his inadvertent climax. An amused smile crept across his face though when he realized that with all his might he’d utterly flattened no less than five buildings without their frail resistance even garnering his attention beneath his limbs. Suddenly his cock lurched with life as he stood on hands and knees, and began mercilessly growing through the streets. If he’d been standing the monolith of his masculine pride would have reached his ankles, but Dylan had no interest in standing back up just yet as he lowered his body onto his warm throbbing meat. With ravenous gusto he ran his tongue up and down his insatiable shaft, its veiny length slick with pre, cum, and spit and giving off an aphrodisiac animalistic stink of pure man as he licked and grew while bathing in his own personal fountain of pure energy. After a bit of fiercely determined effort and maneuvering Dylan got to a position where he was eye to eye with his member and didn’t waste a second before licking along the ridge of his engorged head. His whole body bristled with pleasure greater than any man had ever experienced as he slowly and purposefully worked his tongue and surged full of yet more power, only peripherally aware of the cataclysmic damage he caused to the world by simply existing, by being too great for anything to even dare resist his expanding need for space.

His eyes were firmly closed now, lost in the passion only he could elicit by vigorously tonguing his slit, Dylan neared the edge of release. He was completely unchallenged as the most perfect being to ever live, enjoying the symphony of chaos in the city beneath his body, of a world far beneath his notice. Just before he could cum yet again however a prick of remembrance needled his brain before a vivid flood of memories rushed back to him, his bag. If he could again reclaim his bag the power and size would, would be incalculable, it’d make his intensely sexual uprising to godhood look like a comically small drop in the ocean. When he pushed up off the ground, now lucid enough to see something other than his cock, Dylan saw that between his brawny fingers was interspliced several puny buildings and office complexes. As he stood a cascade of debris rained down, none of it even having registered as beneath him, and he saw how massive he now was. Even the tallest building, or tallest building left as approximately half the city was no more than a crater, didn’t reach as far up his luscious hairy legs as his knees.

A grim smile spread across his face at the sight of what he’d done without even exerting himself before Dylan refocused and scanned the town at his feet for the stadium where it’d all started. After a brief moment of surveilling everything from his new perspective the champion took two earth quaking steps before he bent down to pick up the stadium in his hand as if it were little more than an Oran berry. His mouth salivated with desperate anticipation as he got ready to drop the tiny superstructure down his throat and claim the power of every last candy still in his bag, but before he unclenched his fist and let his snack fall, he noticed his cock still throbbing with need and furious from denial. With a smirk an idea crossed his mind, he’d denied his dick a moment ago so why not now give it a treat as compensation? Gingerly Dylan placed the arena in his enormous eager slit and gave it one last tap to send it tumbling down his shaft, sending quivers of pleasure through his spine as it rubbed against sensitive flesh.

There was yet again a delay as the precious goods traversed a dauntingly long voyage to reach their fated mark, but the warmth radiating from Dylan’s mountainous sack left no doubts as to whether they’d arrived. Every last atom within the colossus flared alive with the burning intensity of a nuclear reactor as a storm that utterly humiliated the last swallowed the sky. Crimson clouds streaked the sky raked across the heavens, unnatural thunder resonated deeply in the very cores of all who remained to witness the storm, unprecedented bolts of lightning in various red, pink, and purple hues crashed to the ground in terrifying strikes. At the very heart of the storm Dylan felt a pleasure he’d have scarcely been able to describe even if he wasn’t otherwise occupied by roaring a deafening moan of his enjoyment. Nothing he’d ever felt before, not even anything he could have imagined, could have compared to what he now felt. Only one single word came remotely close to sufficiently conveying this feeling, this overwhelming and unyielding rush of power. Divine.

A blinding light tore through his consciousness with the searing intensity of a star when every ounce, every wayward spark, of the storm’s energy began funneling into Dylan’s imposingly daunting body. Just as quickly as it’d come a cataclysm like no other was vanishing, spiraling in an erratic frenzy as if possessed by an eagerness to be absorbed by the man who stood magnitudes taller than the city. The still and silence that followed was ominous, not a soul dared even breathe until the ground itself started to rumble and shake violently. A moment later an extreme inescapable explosion of flesh flattened what remained of the city, only seconds had passed and his foot had eclipsed the size his whole body had been he’d left half the town a crater. With a bellowing moan of lust Dylan fell back and another large city, as well as a substantial portion of the wilds, joined in the first’s fate. Deep crevices opened with the impact, measuring devices tried and entirely failed to quantify the “earthquake.” Before he could even catch his breath though it happened again, intense growth beyond anything he could have hoped for as his body expanded across the land uprooting trees, filling lakes, and flattening the mountains. The instant it stopped he loosed untold millions of gallons straight into the air and savored the warmth of his cum as it fell back down onto him and showered mile after mile of the region.

It hadn’t immediately registered to him, but soon Dylan realized his feet were getting wet. He’d grown clear to the ocean! When he went to rub his head in astonishment however, incalculable amounts of debris falling from his tremendous muscular limb, he made a second realization, his maroon hair was also wet. He’d grown to the ocean on both sides of the nation! His swollen megalith of a cock stood not only ready for action, but immediately on the edge of orgasm with the intoxicating discovery. His dick however didn’t need to endure the grueling wait for his touch to achieve release though when his growth again started rocketing him outwards, and his cock began erupting with him along the way. His body rushed into the ocean and touched its bottom with ease as he created his own ocean of seed on abs that each were each beginning to dwarf whole nations. Every beat of his heart and pulse of his cock reaffirmed to him that limits provably no longer applied to him while he convulsed with pleasure filling the oceans and creating his own. The Earth’s curvature was becoming more and more visible to him after several minutes of his exponential growth and ceaseless orgasm, and he only stopped growing when his body penetrated the upper echelon of the atmosphere.

Kanto and Johto were somewhere beneath his thick beastly neck, Hoenn, Unova, and Sinnoh were like distant little splotches against his broad unending back, Galar and Kalos were each buried beneath his immaculate perfectly rounded left butt cheek, and Alola had been returned to the sea when his right foot, and then leg, came crashing through. The only thing in the world that could compare to Dylan was the world itself, a fact which greatly pleased him. Victoriously he took his member, with a haughty arrogance that could only be viewed as knowingly superior, and brought it to his lips to lap at his cream in celebration. His eyes closed he slowly licked his head for a sampling of his delicious seed when an errant thought rankled through his mind, how could I be the biggest when I still fit on the world? Or within any number of celestial bodies and groupings that were feeling more and more like prisons? When the cum slid down his throat though, akin to a sweet nectar, he felt a familiar burning welling deep inside him and a cocky smile returned to his lips. Returning to his drooling cock he began again to slurp his juices and tongue his slit before feeling a familiar rumbling, I am limitless…

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