Brute growth

by Zhu

Having outgrown his previous digs, giant muscle freak Mute commissions a bigger house from fellow freak and architect Zhu. Zhu and his assistant Dohn join him for a meal, and they’re already turned on by each other’s crazy size even before they share some very special cigars.

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Part 1 Having outgrown his previous digs, giant muscle freak Mute commissions a bigger house from fellow freak and architect Zhu. Zhu and his assistant Dohn join him for a meal, and they’re already turned on by each other’s crazy size even before they share some very special cigars. (added: 8 Dec 2018)
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Part 1

“Quit fussing!” Dohn scoffed at Zhu, swatting those big blue mitts he called hands away from the crooked mess that had once been a perfect tie. He pulled it apart, and dashed away, out of reach. Dohn hurried over to the mirror and slipped the tie around his own slender throat, eyeing himself in the mirror before carefully retying it into a Windsor knot. He hardly paid Zhu any attention as he worked, ignoring the great beast as he loomed over him. Zhu was well over six feet tall, a big man by any standards, and being half-oni made him all the bigger. He rested his heavy chin on Dohn’s shoulders, his beautifully groomed beard brushing Dohn’s cheek, intermingling with his own beard. He grinned as he starting rubbing his head against Dohn’s, digging small horns that curved upwards against his skull and flashing small tusks often hidden by his full lips. He smelled of cologne and musk, like a man should. He wore a beautiful silken suit, design by their dear friend Fahr, who specialized in fine clothing for particularly large men. Beneath that suit, Zhu was a god. Incredible genes given to him by his parents, an oni and a great brown beast, Zhu was built like a brick house, powerfully muscular.

His shape swallowed up Dohn’s much smaller frame. Dohn was not particularly little by normal people standards, he was rather average, he tried to keep healthy and constantly trailing after Zhu was a workout in and of itself. He was a perfectly normal looking mouse/cat hybrid with blue skin, just like his boss! His cute, round ears twitched and went flat at Zhu’s teasing. He pulled the tie up, over his head and carefully slid it over Zhu’s. “Leave it be. It’s perfect.” Dohn griped.

“I just wanna make a good impression,” said Zhu, already fiddling with the tie again.

“You’ve already made a good impression, sir,” said Dohn. “And from what Fahr and Kahl have been saying, he’s really excited to meet you too. They said he’s so excited he can finally fit through the front door again. Plus you gave him Fahr’s number, which he’s definitely grateful for.”

“I can’t wait to meet this monster.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After all these months, Zhu was finally about to meet his biggest client yet. They had never met in person, though they had spoken over the phone and texted quite a lot throughout the project, Mute was a rather elusive fellow. That much was understandable, Zhu was not your typical architect, he catered to a specific sort of clientele with an increasing demand. He designed houses, offices, prisons, school even for men whose bodies had grown so huge, sometimes they could hardly move at all. Freaks of nature ten, twelve, sometimes fifteen feet tall, though sometimes they were of an average height but so thick and wide they couldn’t press both hands together no matter how hard they tried, that is, if they could move their arms at all. The first few thought their entire lives were over, they had outgrown the world, and for a while, that much was true. All they could do was lay around, imprisoned in their own bodies until the world caught up.

“You’re gonna lose it when you see him,” said Fahr.

Fahr and Kahl were the only ones here who had seen Mute. Fahr was an expert tailor who had spent his entire career making brutes fashionable. He was a hunky lion, broad in the chest and shoulders, but not quite as tall as Zhu. He met them at the door, beaming through that big bushy beard that mingled in with his handsomely styled mane. Fahr filled out every piece of clothing you put on him, and today was no exception. He wore a pinstriped, three-piece suit that hugged him just right in all the right places. His big green eyes twinkled with excitement.

“Kahl’s just going over his meal plan for the week, Mute’s got a very strict diet.”

He showed them in, the house was very modern and industrial, with lots of concrete and reinforced steel. Everything had to be reinforced, every table, every chair, every countertop, and everything was sized for a person five times as big as everyone else. “Guys?” Fahr called.

“In here!” came a soft, familiar sounding voice. “I’d stick this on the fridge where you can see it every day and know what to eat. I’ll come by every few days to help with cooking if you want, or I can just do your weigh-ins.”

The voice that replied was so deep Zhu felt it rumble in his bones. He quickened his step, and as he rounded the corner he saw a magnificent sight.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A man, if he could be called that, was leaning over the kitchen counter, looking over some papers that were spread out in front of him. He had his back to them, and it was easily five feet wide. Zhu could not see his head from behind because his traps were so huge they towered over it and quivered with the slightest movement of his shoulders. He wore a chopped up, black football jersey with no collar. His beachball-sized delts stretched it tight, and his incredible traps simply exploded out from the top. He moved his arms and clutched both sides of the counter, shifting his weight as he read. His arms were wider than Zhu’s entire body, and Zhu was a monster. He didn’t think definition like that was possible; veins snaked furiously with every movement. Then he shifted his legs, and Zhu’s fat cock hardened instantly. The ass attached to that backside spread so wide, a small hole had appeared in the seat of his incredibly short shorts. Through it, Zhu saw another layer of tight red fabric. Those glutes fed into a powerful set of hamstrings that slowly and smoothly pumped like pistons in the back of the biggest legs Zhu had seen in his life. The stars of the show, however, were his calves. Each one was like two family sized baked hams stuck together. His wheels exploded out of a pair of brand new, custom made high top lifting shoes, which made them seem even bigger. And then suddenly a small hand slapped his ass.

It was the most satisfying sound ever. Zhu rolled his eyes as his cock grew even harder. There was no way he could hide it with his bare hands, so as Kahl said “Hey!” Zhu hurried a bit closer to the counter, hoping it might conceal things. It took a minute for Zhu to turn all the way around. He was so thick and stiff and wide, he had to take a lot of tiny, waddling steps to rotate his massive body. His front was just no less magnificent, either. His handsome face was framed with a deep red mane of wavy hair that fed into a thick beard wrapped around powerful jaws. His neck was thicker than his own head, and given the sheer mass of his traps, had sort of blended into them, making it difficult for him to turn his head much. Zhu had never seen pecs so bulbous in his life, and he had worked with freaks so massive they had lost the ability to walk. Some had pecs so large, they crowded around their faces, locking them in place, making it impossible to open their mouths. But something about the generous shape of this man’s chest was different. They twitched with the slightest movement, one second smooth and shapely, the next, tight, rock hard, and beautifully striated. It was as if his skin were paper thin. His trunk was solid, and narrow for a freak of his size, with the most amazing set of eight pack abs that peeked out from the bottom of his jersey. He stood with his arms bent nearly ninety degrees, completely unable to press his hands together, let alone press them flat against his body. His biceps looked misshapen they were so huge and defined.

But star of the show was what sagged between Mute’s immensely thick legs. If it did not hang halfway down his shins, it would have been completely hidden from behind, but seeing it head on was more than Zhu could handle. Pre was starting to soak through Zhu’s underwear to stain his trousers. Mute took an awkward step forward, his cock flopping heavily to the side as one quad pushed it aside before the other pushed it back into place and forward. He extended a hand the size of a dinner plate out for Zhu to shake, and that great hairy paw completely enveloped and crushed Zhu’s own.

That was when Zhu finally noticed that Mute’s own head was about two heads shorter than his own; that this man actually stood a good deal shorter than he was, but his body was so massive, his traps and shoulders actually rose higher and Zhu’s horns. It was a wonder this man could move at all.

“The man of the hour!” Mute rumbled.

“I’m so glad you love your new home.” Zhu smiled, flashing his small tusks. “Everything looks beautiful.”

Mute forced his body into motion once again, drawing nearer to Dohn to shake his hand. Luckily this kitchen was nearly the size of a basketball court. The goal was for Mute to be able to grow even larger than he was now. His goal was to be the largest man in the world.

“You’re a little cutie.” Mute winked at him.

“Oh…” Dohn shook his hand, blushing. “Thank you.”

“Someone’s in a good mood today.” Kahl chuckled. “Is it because you finally have clothes you can actually grow into?”

“And because I can finally focus solely on growing.”

“I can’t wait for you outgrow this place, man,” said Zhu.

“Shouldn’t take too long.” Mute winked. “Hopefully.”

“With the diet I have you on, you might have trouble moving by the end of the year.” Kahl added.

“See, that’s the kind of stuff I wanna hear!” said Mute, clapping Kahl on the back. He didn’t know his own strength, and Kahl slammed into the counter, the wind knocked out of him. Fahr rushed to his side, and Zhu detected a great shift in Mute’s body as he leaned forward, concerned, but he chose to stay back. A brute that size would do less harm if he did nothing. Zhu shuddered as the tip of his penis flexed, another gush of precum ran down his leg at the sight of his blushing face. He was a bull living in a china shop.

“Are you okay?” Fahr asked Kahl, rubbing his back.

“I’m fine.” Kahl laughed. “Never thought I’d get to experience that kind of strength first hand…anyway, while we’re on the topic of food, dinner is ready.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dinner was spectacular. Kahl had prepared a massive pile of perfectly seared steaks set out with a huge bowl of mixed greens and the largest potatoes any of them had ever seen. Their faces lit up at the sight of this spread, but none so much as Mute, who drooled heavily into his beard, his full lips incapable of holding it in. Kahl took a napkin and tried to dab some of it away. “I think we should just tuck in.” He said, and no one hesitated. By the time Zhu was tearing into his second steak, Mute had inhaled his fourth. He’d have been on his fifth if he didn’t need a feeder, a handsome young man who caringly wiped his face after each bite, keeping a huge mug of dark beer close at hand for his master’s pleasure.

There wasn’t as much conversation over dinner as Zhu had hoped, mostly because Mute was the quiet sort, but also because during feeding time, Mute was animal. He forcefully nudged his feeder to move faster and cut larger bits. “I’m starving, man!” he fussed, but smiled and winked at him teasingly. All the same, his servant did as he was told and with gusto. When he finally seemed somewhat full, and the feeder had cleared his plate away, Mute sat back and sighed. Everyone had finished a while ago, but said nothing and watched the spectacle that was a brute feeding. Zhu watched in awe at the sight of Mute rubbing his cobbled belly, pouting from his massive meal. He burped, satisfied, puffing his cheeks out, his thick beard bristling.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After dinner, Zhu and Fahr helped Mute out of his seat, and they all followed the great, hairy hulk into the den. It was a smaller room, for more intimate company, with strong leather couches and extra wide chairs, everything sized too big, even for their host. He really did aim on growing even larger than he currently was. The far wall was made up entirely of huge mirrors, the better to flex with.

Dohn sprawled out on one of the couches, savoring the excellent whiskey he’d had with his dinner. Zhu fixed him with an intense stare, his heavy jaw fixed with purpose as he made his way over to his small assistant and clinked his glass with his own. Then he smiled cheerily and turned to Mute. “You smoke?” he asked, watching Mute produce a polished wood box, digging his thick fingers in and pulling out a thick, dark colored cigar. “One of the few guilty pleasures Kahl allows.” He grinned. “Help yourselves.”

Zhu grabbed two, cut them both with the little clippers that were also in the box, and handed one to Dohn. “Oh, I’m not much of a smoker.” He tried to refuse, but Zhu pressed it on him.

“You are now.” He said.

Perhaps it was the drinks, or perhaps he was just feeling frisky from having to watch his hunky boss and his hulking friends ooze testosterone the entire evening, either way, Dohn said fuck it and took the cigar. It was deliciously smooth, but intense. He nearly choked, but he fought back the coughs until he was sure the others weren’t paying attention. He noticed Kahl was the only one who hadn’t imbibed, which he figured made sense, being the fitness guru. All the same, each of them seemed to be enjoying the company very much. Dohn didn’t immediately register the changes that were going on inside of him…not until Mute started slowly erupting out of the top of his jersey.

That was when Dohn’s shirt started getting tight. His head started swimming. He groaned, and looked up to see Fahr grinning down at him, heavy cigar perched on his big muzzle. His beard seemed thicker. There was a strange pop pop pop sound as the buttons on his shirt popped off, one by one, his suspenders creaking from the strain. Dohn set his cigar down in a nearby ash tray, and moved to rub his face but stopped at the sight of his arm. It was huge! There was a cracking sound, something jerked, and suddenly Dohn’s shoulders had burst through his shirt. He felt very top heavy, he tried to stand up, but his legs were like jelly. Suddenly his tie was choking him. It was all too much. But the show had just begun. A pair of blue, meaty hands grabbed him by his swelling shoulders and pulled him to his feet.

It was Zhu, and he had grown nearly a foot tall. His feet had exploded out of his shoes, the pads having swollen to the point that they burst through the thick leather and gave him several extra inches. Something hot and heavy pressed into Dohn’s tight abdominals. He looked down, looked away from his boss’s thickening face, and gawked at the python between the beast’s legs.

“What’s-UGH-what’s happening?!” Dohn growled, his voice dropping an octave.

“Don’t worry, we’re only getting started.” Zhu slurred through fat lips.

“UGH! I HAVE AN IDEA!” Mute roared, his growing legs worsening the waddle in his gait as he hurried out of the room. He wasn’t gone very long, but a guy his size took a while to get anywhere. They heard him crashing around like a herd of elephants. Meanwhile, Kahl had started growing too, though not nearly as much. He’d stripped completely naked in no time, and was proudly posing his ripped body in the faded reflection of the empty tv screen.

“It’s the cigars!” Dohn said, pushing past Zhu to get to Fahr. The lion leapt to his feet, stepping out of his own shoes as they grew and grew until they burst from the soles, and caught Dohn in a bearhug. Even with his newfound strength, Dohn was no match for Fahr. He was so huge, his massive arms managed to wrap around him completely. Fahr took a long drag, plucked the thing from his lips, and planted them on Dohn’s own. Then he blew and blew, filling Dohn up with thick smoke. Dohn could have sworn he felt the effects immediately this time. He screamed, but recoiled when his jaw hit his growing pecs. He felt his face, it felt huge. He felt his pecs…huger. “I have to see myself. Is there a mirror?”

There was an animalistic roar in the other room, but Dohn couldn’t focus on that. He looked around for a reflective surface, not even registering that Zhu was recording him with his phone. He’d forgotten about his phone. He saw Kahl posing under the light, watching his reflection in the tv screen. He shoved him aside, and gasped as the sight of himself. There were so many shadows that hugged all the new nooks and crannies of his growing body. His beard was longer, his jaw was wider than the entire upper half of his face now, and he was steadily losing his neck. His shoulders were as wide as a standard doorframe. His pecs were huge, and bounced with the slightest movement. He couldn’t really see in this bad reflection, but his hands brushed against what could only have been his nipples. They were huge, finger sized, and stood straight out. He changed his stance a bit, and something around his crotch tore. He tried to look down. It was difficult, but he managed it. His pants were on the verge of exploding right off of him. Even his calves were stretched to their very limit. His feet were starting to hurt, but he couldn’t bring his legs close enough together to get them off now. Dohn looked back up, whimpering as he started to panic. He didn’t immediately notice the looming figure behind him. He heard ripping sounds as Zhu’s suit gave way. A callous mitt of a hand clutched his meaty shoulder, Zhu took another puff of his cigar, and with the same hand shoved a phone in Dohn’s face. “The new you.”

Dohn gasped again as he watched himself more clearly, stumbling around the room in a panic. The phone looked tiny in Zhu’s growing palm. He was a monster. They both were. Zhu had always been one, but now he was a real monster. He was nearly as big as Mute by now, with traps level with the top of his head, and pecs that were sagging over, so huge they almost looked like breasts. His nipples sagged almost to his knees, like fleshy tubes dangling from his chest. He flopped one over Dohn’s shoulder.

Dohn looked down, not registering what it was at first until Fahr came strutting toward him, his own nipples dragging the ground. He had two cigars in his hand this time, and took a long drag from both. He grabbed Dohn’s face again and blew even longer. Dohn would have screamed, but something wet was wrapped around his throat.

He made an ugly croaking sound, and suddenly his head jerked back. Suddenly his jaw felt even bigger. He tried to speak, but he couldn’t barely make a sound except for weird, guttural gags as his neck inflated larger than his head. Whatever this wet cloth thing around his neck was, was pulled away, and Dohn was turned around by Zhu and Fahr. Dohn tried to turn his head, but he was firmly locked in place. He even felt taller, as if his neck had elongated to make room for more growth.

Mute was back in the room, standing beside a stinking, wet pile of socks. He was naked except for a very tight jockstrap. The pouch had been shoved aside, and he was jacking his massive cock, several layers of socks having been stretched over it. Some were so long, they reached all the way down to the base of his shaft. He was drooling, grumbling like an animal as he pumped himself. Fahr stepped away, and scooped Kahl up. He didn’t resist, not that he could have. Fahr grabbed several pairs of socks, and forced them over each limb, over Kahl’s head, on his nipples, and over his cock and balls. By then, Mute came again, soaking the socks thoroughly, and still a heavy shot of cum managed to spurt out through the fabric. Fahr caught it in time, and thrust the squirming Kahl forward so it would land on his ripped stomach.

Almost immediately, Kahl’s body stretched, and blew up and out. He panicked, and tried to push the socks off, but Fahr forced them back on. Fahr lay him down in front of the mirror wall, to watch Kahl’s reaction.

His arms and legs grew huge, and disproportionately long. His biceps and triceps each grew larger than his actual head, his calves as well. His quads and hamstrings took on a new level of definition, and blimped out to the point that they were practically useless. The pads of his feet grew and grew, widening the actual feet themselves while also growing so tall his toes no longer touched the ground. Kahl tried to stand up, but found it easier to walk on all fours, his growing hands now so large it was more comfortable to rest his weight on his knuckles. Their shape was became more defined through the thick fabric as he grew. His nipples quickly surpassed Zhu’s and Fahr’s, slithering out every which way, dragging behind him as he tried to move, testing out his new body. His balls grew to the size of party-sized beach balls, and were so heavy it was quite an effort for him to drag them around. His shaft grew longer than his entire body, and thicker than his narrow waist. Where Mute came on him, his hair grew long and shaggy, until it too dragged on the ground. Suddenly, Kahl’s fur started growing so long, what little remained familiar of himself disappeared. He roared, horrified at the sight of his new body.

Fahr slapped his thick ass, chuckling triumphantly.

“You’re next, buddy.” Zhu whispered to Dohn, blowing a cloud of smoke over his shoulder as they watched Fahr rubbing his cock, wider than even Kahl’s, along Kahl’s backside teasingly.

“Here.” Mute ripped the jock from his waist and tossed it to Zhu, still jacking off. This time, however, he was out of socks. As Zhu clamped his sweaty jock over Dohn’s face, Mute came all over Dohn. He hardly had time to react to Zhu, let alone Mute. Suddenly, he was bombarded by the ginger monster’s rich, sweaty musk. It was rank, but delicious. Dohn rolled his eyes as he was suddenly bathed in his warm seed. His body went into overdrive.

It started with his lips. The jock’s pouch was stretched over the entire bottom half of his face and tied off. Dohn could feel his growing beard getting scrunched up underneath, but was too focused on the tingling, growing sensation he felt as his lips swelled so huge they brushed the bottom of his chin. His jaw quickly stretched the jock to its limits, but held tight and kept his mouth clamped shut, his lips puckering up against his will to soak up as much of Mute’s cum as possible. Dohn even felt his cheekbones beginning to grow as his beard creeped up his face. His fur gave way to long hair all over his entire body, but was particularly long on his head, his pits, his crotch, and his ass. It grew so long and so dense, even his taint was completely covered. It felt strange as a massive bush grew between his legs until it too dragged on the ground, silky, sweaty, and reeking.

With his newfound strength, Dohn shoved Mute and Zhu away, and lumbered toward Kahl and the mirror. Kahl was so enveloped in studying his new reflection, he hardly noticed Fahr unzipping his tight pants let alone Dohn stomping up next to him. Fahr chuckled deeply as he struggled with his pants, until Zhu ripped them from his body. He wasted no time, and forced his pillar of a cock deep into Kahl’s ass. Kahl’s eyes widened, one of the few things that hadn’t changed on him, and he screamed like an animal as the huge cock filled him deeper than he ever thought possible. He could only watch as the fur on his tight belly expanded and then contracted all on its own, Fahr was so deep inside him. He braced himself, the muscles in his arms flexing impossibly. But Dohn paid them little mind as he took himself in, how his entire body shook, flexed, and quivered of its own accord, steadily expanding until it was impossible for him to reach his own face. He needed to get that jock strap off, his beard was spilling out of it and yet his lips and jawline were perfectly outlined against the tight fabric. They were absolutely massive. He doubted he would ever be able to speak let alone function in this new body. All he could do was grunt and growl, and slowly turned around, still not fully registering the monster his friend beside him had become.

“WAAAH!” Was all he could manage before Mute tackled him again.

“MORE!” He roared, pulling two massive, cum soaked socks from his cock, which dragged on the ground at this point. Dohn tried to fight him, but Mute must have gained another hundred pounds in since dinner. He forced one sock over Dohn’s shaft, which by now managed to stretch over his massive quads to brush his knees. Suddenly there were another pair of arms around Dohn, holding his arms back. He recognized the blue skin, and the deep voice laughing in his ear. It was Zhu, still puffing on those tainted cigars, still growing. He held Dohn tight as Mute worked the other sock over his nipple, which stood out as long as a finger from his pec. Dohn felt a strange, pulling sensation and suddenly the sock that was as long as a normal humans arm was nearly taught. Mute pulled the last sock from his cock and fit it over the other one, and the same thing happened. Then he released him, but not before giving his immense neck some sloppy kisses. Dohn could only budge his head down just a bit to watch him as Mute’s full lips suckled at his muscular flesh, leaving behind a wet bruise. Even without Zhu holding him, Dohn would never be able to wipe it clean on his own ever again.

They pulled him to his feet, and that was when Dohn noticed how strange they felt. His toes didn’t touch the ground, instead they dug into the thick flesh of the soles of his feet. He tried to look down, but it was impossible. Zhu’s feet were much of the same, but bigger. He smiled, the small tusks on his bottom teeth were beginning to poke out of his mouth now, even while closed. He was finding it difficult to bend his arms now, and his traps had long since passed the top of his horns. His pecs were massive, and took on more definition than Dohn had thought possible. He took another long drag from his cigar, grabbed Dohn by the face and before he could react, breathed more smoke into him.

Dohn screamed, his head swam. He swelled larger and larger, not growing any taller but thicker and wider. He could hardly bend anything. His eyes glazed, over and he lost track of time. He caught glimpses of Zhu, grinning at him, drool pouring from the biggest mouth he had ever seen aside from his own. There was a sudden relief as his face broke through the jockstrap, the sheer size of his head at this point having torn completely through it. His lips flopped out, swollen and useless. He tried to purse them together, but he could hardly move them at all. Suddenly his bottom lip slipped into his mouth as he tried to suck in a breath. Then it spilled out again as he watched Zhu pull his socks off, flexing the widest feet he had ever seen, standing on massive pads that, when flexed, made him rise several inches into the air. He pulled those big socks over his cock and started to jerk himself off. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. If Dohn could reach, he would be doing the same, but his back and pecs fought for space with his arms, locking them in place. Dohn managed to feel his ripped belly, and tug anxiously at the hair as he watched his boss pleasure himself, drooling absent-mindedly like Mute. He came surprisingly fast, his thick socks soaking up most of it. Then he rushed at Dohn, who couldn’t put up a fight no matter how hard he tried, and forced them over his big hands.

Dohn flailed as best he could, but he couldn’t even bring his hands together let alone pulled the socks off. It tingled as his fingers immediately began to thicken until they were so stiff, he could barely budge them. Soon after, they burst through the fabric, fat sausages that barely resembled fingers at all. He grunted in panic as the cum soaked into his palms, the muscle surpassing that of his fingers, turning them into fat, leathery paws.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meanwhile, Fahr had sucked down so many cigars, he was the same size as Dohn but proportionate. He struggled a bit to bend his arms, but was so preoccupied with violating Kahl, he hardly noticed. He had shed his own socks, filling them up with cum and somehow managed to stretch one over the top of Kahl’s head, forcing his brow to grow so huge it was hard to see his eyes. The other sock peeked out through the space between his massive brow and heavy chin and jaw, and was sucked tight against whatever fleshy part it was stretched over before puffing back out in tune with his breath. Kahl struggled to gain his bearings as Fahr fucked him mercilessly, mixed up between trying to paw at his disfigured face and keeping his balance atop his own rock hard cock, twice as long as his body was.

It drove Fahr wild to grope those massive balls. They were like beanbag chairs, and with every thrust, his own hefty sack clapped loudly against them. Every time he thought of the ruin they had brought on Kahl, his cock grew even harder and he pumped even faster.

When he came, he erupted into Kahl, the new beast shuddered, rocking back and forth as his gut expanded, filling him to brim with hot cum. It didn’t take long for that belly to shrink back down as Fahr pulled out to catch his breath, slapping his massive balls triumphantly. “Good cow.” He chuckled. Kahl moaned as the effects of his tainted cum made his body swell. His torso so wide Fahr wondered if they could get him out of this room. Suddenly, Mute pushed past him, shoving socks onto each of his fingers and each of his toes before ramming his massive cock into Kahl’s open mouth. It was a tight fit, but not for long as Kahl’s body grew to accommodate him. In seconds, his fingers and toes shot outward, several feet long and as thick as his nipples were. Fahr, Zhu, and Dohn each froze, horrified at the sight of him. Kahl tried to scream, flailing what he could of his hideous body as it grew completely out of control, but Mute just smirked and forced his cock deeper into his throat, gagging him. “It’s over for you, buddy.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Just then, two men stomped their way in, one so wide he had to turn sideways just to fit in through the extra wide doorway. Dohn and Kahl both whimpered at the sight of a cock so huge Zhu and Fahr had to run to his aid, gently pushing and pulling as this new beast tried to back his way into the room after he got his massive body through. He made Mute look tiny. Dohn had never seen such a luscious beard in all his life. His furry mass reeked of musk. Dohn felt his deformed body going stiff, every part of him tensing up, as if he’d popped a full body erection. He wanted him. He needed this beast, but he no idea if that was even possible. Kahl struggled to move, unsure what part of himself he was using to drag his hulking shape forward, but his huge muzzle snuffed and snorted hungrily.

The second man followed, smaller than Mute, but larger than Zhu and Fahr. His beard was longer and fuller than his counterpart and decorated with a small iron band about halfway down. None of them had ever seen a man so beautiful in all their lives. He was the only proportional person here, even when they had first seen Mute, his body proportions were insane. His only goal was to grow, everywhere, as much as possible. That left him looking like a real life cartoon, with picnic ham calves and pecs so huge his nipples faced completely downward. His neck had almost completely fused with his traps. His arms were practically useless. This man looked like Mr. Olympia times ten, his body filling out a simple dark t-shirt and jeans beautifully. His face lit up at the sight of them.

“Fjoll!” Mute chuckled, clapping the biggest brute on the pec.

“This is my cousin.” Fjoll rumbled. “Fall.”

They shook hands, huge, hairy paws clapping together, every muscle in their arms exploding with movement.

“I am very excited to see what you have done here.” Fall said with a slight, Scandinavian accent. “You are a beautiful beast.” He smiled and felt Mute’s massive traps. Fall’s cock immediately swelled rock hard. He moaned. Before they could do anything, Fjoll pulled Mute away. “This one is mine. Have fun with the others.”

Fall wasted no time, he rushed at Zhu, snatching the cigar from his mouth and sucking the entire thing down in seconds. His body immediately responded, exploding in size as he forced Zhu to his knees. Fall stumbled a bit as his jeans became very tight. Zhu buried his face in the man’s crotch, grinning at the sound of his clothes straining. Their thick fingers fumbled with the button and zipper until Fall finally ripped them apart. His pants didn’t fall, however, due to his expanding body. Zhu fought to free his expanding cock, the smell of sweaty meat driving him wild. He roared, shaking his head furiously before burrowing his face into the man’s crotch.

“Come, show me these monsters you have here,” said Fjoll, clapping his hand on Mute’s shoulder as his cousin moaned, Zhu’s big mouth easily taking the entirety of Fall’s shaft while his own flopped to the ground it had grown to huge and heavy.

Fjoll put a wide foot on Dohn’s oversized delt, wiggling thick toes through the dense forest of hair. Dohn growled at him, frustrated at his disability, overwhelmed by the sensations of his body, and hornier than he’d ever been in his life. The big man picked up one of his nipple shafts, shrink-wrapped in Mute’s soiled socks. He took a long whiff. “Nice.” To which Dohn responded by heaving his body back and forth, grunting urgently. He tried to speak, but all he could manage was: “AAAANG-AAAAH!” Then he sucked on his fat bottom lips nervously and loudly.

“This beast is horny.” FJoll smirked.

“We been pumpin’ him for a while, but this over here we got creative with,” said Mute, indicating the twisted mass of muscles and elongated digits. Kahl whimpered, and scooted closer to Mute, lapping up the pre that spilled onto the floor from the tip of his cock. His tongue grew longer until it resembled a pink snake.

“I’ll take this one.” Fjoll said, turning his lip up in disgust at the sight of Kahl.

What remained of Kahl felt humiliated at the face that beautiful beast of a man was making at him. He suddenly became very aware of himself, and that there would be no going back after this. He had crossed too many thresholds, and a lump began to form in his throat. He gladly accepted Mute’s huge cock into his massive jaws, wrapped his tongue around it all the way to the base and slurping loudly. If there was no going back, he might as well dive deeper into freakdom. He sucked and slurped, slobbering all over everything as Mute played with his oozing, ten foot long nipples. Muscles and muscles and more muscles piled onto Mute, his neck melding further and further into his traps, red hair thickening all over his nearly immobile body. His arms went rigid, useless, locked in place by their sheer mass. He started to flex involuntarily, every vein in his body pulsing huge. He could bend at the waist a little, his thick muscle belly and quaking thighs trembling of their own accord as he stomped to adjust his stance. Fall ran a rough hand over his massive ass, slapping it hard. He had dragged the hulking Zhu across the room by his horns, making sure the oversized oni-beast kept on sucking. Mute rut like a bull, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as Kahl stretched his mouth even wider, pulling one of his balls in and then the other.

Fjoll flipped Dohn around, and rammed his massive beast cock deep into his ass. Dohn felt his pelvis shift painfully, howling like the wild animal was becoming before Fahr charged at them. He grabbed Dohn’s face in his huge paws and forced his rod in. Dohn gagged, tried to push away, but there was no use. He was completely immobile. His body engorged beyond anything resembling the cutie he’d once been. He made an ugly sound that was half a sob, half a gag as his already massive neck expanded even further, making room for the redwood shaft he was swallowing.

Mute came first this time, exploding into the completely senseless Kahl, roaring with laughter as the freak swelled with the sheer amount of cum he produced. Then Fall came into Zhu’s throat. Zhu had never taken so much in his entire life. This new man was more than he’d ever hoped for as he filled him with seed. But it was Dohn who had never hoped, nor wanted what came next for him. Fjoll came, and came, and came, and came inside of him, until he spat cum up as Fahr continued to fuck his face. The growth that ensued completely enveloped Dohn’s entire being. He felt it sweep across his body, spreading from his belly, down his arms and legs, making his tits ache, his throat catch, until finally his came creeping into his face. Dohn’s brain felt like it was on fire. He tried to scream, but then Fahr came.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When they were done, and all the brutes were spent, Zhu and Fahr heaved themselves to their feet, just barely able to move. They shuffled to the back of the den, the pads of their feet flexing and unflexing unlike anything they had ever felt before. Fahr grabbed Zhu’s arm, and with one foot, reached out to see if he could grab something. The three appendages that made up his huge footpads opened and then pinched closed around a shred of fabric that had been someone’s shirt. He picked it up as easily as if he’d done it with his hands. “What the fuck.” Fahr rumbled, a grin on his face.

They admired their new bodies, flexing what they could. Zhu had lost his neck, and was had to be over six feet wide. Fahr could barely bend his arms at all, they were as wider than Dohn’s entire body at the start of this wild night. There was no unflexing them. The slightest movement he made sent the veins on his bicep dancing like a snake under his thin skin. “Do ya think we’ll be able to shrink down?” he asked.

“A bit.” Zhu nodded. “Though, I can’t say much for anyone else.”

They turned back to check out the scene. Mute was fast asleep, having grown so huge he was wider than he was tall, and completely immobilized by his own muscles. The cock that exploded from his thick waist was even bigger. There wasn’t much skin exposed on his body, completely covered by a forest of dark red hair particularly dense in his pits and crotch. If they ever managed to get him to his feet ever again, the hair of his ass and balls would drag heavily on the ground.

Cuddled up next to him, Dohn and Kahl had been rolled next to each other, their disproportionate, deformed bodies heaving with every breath as they slept. Kahl was a mass of elongated digits with a muscular mass of dark fur at the center. Fall had his long, leaking, snakelike nipples twisted up in his arms, using them like a body pillow as he snoozed. Fjoll snored with his face buried in Dohn’s heavy cock, the mouse hybrid no longer identifiable. His face, unlike Kahl’s, could be made out to be a face, though his chin and jaw were so wide and heavy, his mouth hung wide open as he slept. His fat lips flopped as he snored, sucking them in and then blowing them out. His beard now meshed seamlessly with the great mass of hair that covered his immense body, locked in place by his muscles as well. Something told Zhu he may be able to slim this one down a bit, just a bit though.



“Over here.” Zhu waved at Dohn, smiling as his hunky assistant stumbled awkwardly across the room, trying desperately to avoid bumping into anyone.

It had been almost a year since that dinner with Mute, and all of their lives had changed drastically. Dohn was still Zhu’s assistant, though his duties had been greatly reduced since he’d grown so huge he no longer fit into normal life. Still, Zhu got hard watching him struggle, and he genuinely loved Dohn.

Both of them had been able to shrink down to a more manageable size, Zhu needed to let his suits out a bit, but the added mass emphasized his hard features. Dohn was completely unrecognizable, however. He could move once again, and move rather well despite the fact that he could only somewhat touch his face or put his hands together. He had to stretch quite a lot in the mornings just to get out of bed. He was larger than Mute had been, but not nearly as tall. This made him seem squat, and incredibly dense. As Zhu watched him, Dohn tried to turn to make way for a waiter, but he couldn’t simply twist sideways anymore. Dohn took several small steps to rotate his body, and it did nothing. He tried to back away, but another customer got a face full of his massive bubble butt. When he realized that, he rushed forward, ramming his oversized crotch onto another person’s plate. Everyone backed away from him, and Dohn blushed, mortified.

He’d taken to slouching his shoulders, which wouldn’t be that noticeable on most people except Dohn wasn’t most people. His shoulders were wider than most doorways, and as he slouched there, drawing his arms in from shame, it was like watching two bowling balls roll together. As he did this, there was a great creaking sound as one of the seams on his custom polo shirt popped. Dohn immediately stood up straight, and rushed over to Zhu. He looked handsome in that grey shirt, which someone had tucked into a dark pair of slacks, custom with an extra large crotch, they held in his assets and showed them off at the same time.

Dohn froze, looking at the table.

“Sir, is there another chair-”

“I already asked, they’re out of reinforced ones. There are other brutes here today, and they took them all.” Zhu cut him off. “Just be careful.”

Dohn hesitated, but took the chair, and eased into it. It wobbled, but Dohn flexed his legs and kept himself up with his sheer strength. He wondered if he could do wall sits like this throughout this entire lunch. Then he started imagining shaking out his quads afterwards, flexing him, getting hard at the thought of the definition in his massive legs. But he snapped out of it, afraid he might bust out of these nice clothes his boss gave him if he popped an erection.

“Where’s Fahr?” Dohn asked.

“Walking Kahl,” he replied. “He said he was right around the corner a little while ago. I ordered for everyone if that’s okay. Brute specials.”

Dohn smiled. “Sounds perfect, I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving.” Zhu chuckled. “But so am I, so I can’t say much.”

“How’s Mute?” Dohn asked.

“He hasn’t been able to move since our dinner.” Zhu replied. “He’s in heaven, and still growing. That’s why his cousins came, they’re gonna live with him and keep him on Kahl’s plan.”

“They’re sure strong enough to manage a beast like that.” Dohn replied, his heart suddenly sinking as the chair beneath him let out a big crack.

“Guys!” Fahr’s voice rumbled across the room.

Seeing a chance, Dohn stood up to welcome Fahr. He’d grown even bigger since that night, but taller as well. Now he stood almost eight feet tall, and carried his new weight with incredible confidence. He didn’t care if he knocked anyone over, and his massive cock swung powerfully in his pinstriped pants, a special pouching having been added just for him. The tip of his striped cock reached brushed the ground with every step, and flopped everywhere. He gave Dohn a big hug, nearly knocking him over as he did. A server suddenly came up with a special, reinforced chair. Fahr plopped down, his cock filling the entire space under the table.

“Had to walk Kahl, he gets so pent up at the house. He’s tied up outside if y’all wanna see him.”

“We will in a bit,” said Zhu. “How is he?”

Dohn pulled his chair out again, glaring at Zhu. “I thought you said there weren’t any more steel chairs.”

“I guess they found another one.” Zhu grinned at him.

He and Fahr locked eyes mischievously, and then continued. “Kahl’s great,” said Fahr. “He’s finally getting used to his fingers and toes; he can walk on them like a spider. We experiment with Mute’s cum a lot, so he’s got more tendrils now. He’s just a mess of stretched out parts, so we have to feed him by hand. I don’t think he remembers who he is anymore, though. But he’s happy. You should see him when I ask if he wants to go out on a walk.”

Dohn eased himself back into his chair as Fahr talked. Zhu watched him closely, dreaming about that uncomfortable brute across from him. The way his neck was as wide as a normal size man’s body, shoulder to shoulder. It made his big head look isolated, made him seem taller. The mountainous traps only emphasized that as well. It was a wonder he managed to button that collar of his. It only had one button, but it was hanging on for dear life. Dohn couldn’t look down anymore, his head was locked in place. That was Zhu’s favorite spot to kiss, that meaty neck of his. CRACK!

Dohn went tumbling to the ground, an avalanche of muscle. His shirt split open right down the center, his pecs and their arm-long nipples he kept strapped down came exploding out with a bush of hair. The restaurant went dead silent as everyone stared. Dohn groaned as he struggled to get up, the seat of his pants ripping as he stretched his legs too wide. “UGH! Oh…oh, no.” Dohn whimpered as Fahr rose to help him up. “I’m…”

“You’re fine.” Zhu said, reassuringly. “Happens to the best of us.”

“Sir, would you like a stronger chair?” A waiter asked, coming up with another steel chair. “We have plenty.”

Dohn glared at Zhu, who held a straight face for about three seconds before bursting into laughter.

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