Doubling device

by Musclesaber

 Max is in for a surprise when Luke gets ahold of a device that can double anything about a person.

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Luke had been going to this new coffee shop, BJ’s Coffee, for about two months now and still couldn’t get over how cute the barista Max was. He had such a cute face framed perfectly by a beard. Big brown eyes that Luke could get lost in. The only problem was he was pint sized compared to Luke. Luke was a hulking 280 pounds at 6’6. He had hated his size ever since he had started discovering how much he loved to be smaller than his partner. And Max was 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet. But he had such a handsome face for a little guy, Luke had only wished it was on an even bigger body.

But today was different. Luke had found the perfect thing to fix his “little” problem. He had bought a device from this sizemologist that had the ability to double anything. Originally, it had the potential for growing food to twice its original size, but the sizemologist had found other uses for the device.

Today was the day Luke took the plunge and tried out this doubling device. The sizemologist was very specific with the instructions. He had to get a DNA sample of whatever or whomever he wanted to grow. It might be hard, but Luke had a plan that was a full proof way to get a bit of Max’s DNA.

Luke walked into the coffee shop and he saw Max at the register. The little guy was wearing a t-shirt with a big BJ’s Coffee logo on the front and a standard pair of khaki pants. Luke himself was wearing a tight shirt and hoodie as well as skinny jeans. His whole outfit hugged his big body and accentuated every curve of his muscles.

“Hi Max. Can I get my regular?” asked Luke as he approached the barista counter.

“Sure Luke. Coming right up,” said the smaller man with a smile. Max walked back behind the counter and started making Luke’s drink. Luke had made sure to get to the coffee shop bright and early before the work crowd came so he could get Max while the shop was fairly empty.

“So Max, have you been seeing anybody lately?” said Luke as he peered his head over the counter. Max continued to focus on making Luke’s drink. Not paying too much attention to the giant standing in front of him.

“No, not really. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I was just wondering because I kinda have this problem that I was wondering if you could help me out with. And if you were seeing someone, I wouldn’t want to make things awkward between you and them,” said Luke with a devilish grin on his face.

“What? Luke what are you talki—” Max’s words were cut short when he looked up at the hulking behemoth and how he was posing. Being as tall as Luke was, his legs easily cleared the counter that Max was working on. Using this advantage, he had pushed his huge bulge outward with his hips so that it was laying on the counter. His rock hard cock in his pants left almost nothing to the imagination as Luke’s hand grazed it.

“Think you could help me out?” The big bulge on the counter seemed to move with his words. Max stared at the outline of Luke’s cock in front of him almost drooling over its size. He was brought back to reality when a ding from the coffee machine rang in his ears.

“Um, uh, yeah. Uh, give me a second.” He grabbed Luke’s drink and poured it into the cup. “Here you go Luke. That’ll be $4.99.” Luke pulled out his card and paid. As the receipt printed out, Max grabbed a pen and started scribbling something down on it. “Have a good day Luke,” said Max before running to the back of the store. Luke took the drink and read what Max had written on the receipt.

I’m on break in 5 minutes. Meet me out back behind the coffee show and I’ll help you with your problem.

Luke smiled knowing his plan was working perfectly. He grabbed his drink and walked to one of the empty tables. He sat down and fished the device out of his pocket. Despite its purpose to make things huge, the device itself was very small. No bigger than a playing card and maybe a centimeter thick. It had a single blue button on it and four red directional arrows.

Luke pressed the blue button and the tiny screen blinked to life. The display read No Sample. Luke tried pressing the other buttons, but the machine just continued to read No Sample. Luke turned the device on its side and saw a little divot at the top. He pressed it and out popped a little box. “Guess that’s where this sample goes,” said Luke to himself.

After sipping his coffee, Luke got up and threw it away as he headed out the front door. He looked to his right and saw the alleyway in between the buildings. He walked into it and turned the corner to see Max out of his barista apron. “Eager are, we?” asked Luke as walked over to the smaller man.

“Look, Luke. I gotta say, I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Max as he looked up at the blonde man.

“What? Been with a guy?” asked Luke as he knelt down to eye level with Max. “Or been with a guy this big?” Luke bounced his pecs in his tight shirt. Max’s eyes were caught between looking at Luke’s handsome face or his thick pecs.

“No, not that. I mean, I haven’t been with a guy as big as you. And that list is a very short one. But I mean, done anything with a guy at my work,” said Max as Luke flexed one of his biceps in his face.

“Really? Then what makes me the exception?” Luke stood up to his full height and pushed his bulge forward into Max’s stomach.

“Because you’re the biggest man I’ve ever seen and drop dead gorgeous.” Max grabbed onto Luke’s bulge and started caressing it. Marveling at its huge size and feeling his heartbeat through his pants. Luke leaned down and kissed the tiny man and began unbuttoning his tight jeans. Pulling them down and letting his underwear flop out. “Fuck Luke! You’re huge!”

“Thanks little guy.” As much Luke liked the service he was being given by his smaller lover, this was not his goal. He had to get a sample of DNA from him so that instead of being worshiped for his size, he could start worshiping his own giant lover. He looked down at Max as he pulled his underwear down and out sprung his 10-inch cock. “Hope you don’t get scared and run because it’s so big,” said Luke as Max continued to grope his big body.

“Are you kidding? It’s incredible. One of the biggest cocks on the planet.” Max started to go down on Luke’s member. Despite his small size, he was able to suck on Luke’s horse cock with relative ease. That sent shivers up Luke’s spine and he felt a bit of pre leak out into Max’s mouth from his big lemon sized balls. Luke looked down at his tiny lover and saw a tiny tent in his pants. Luke had his sights set on the prize.

“I’m not the only one who’s gonna be having all the fun,” said Luke as he wrapped his arms around Max. Picking him up with ease and sitting him down on the dumpster behind him. “I know you’re loving this as much as I am.” Luke grabbed at Max’s pants and almost ripped them off to reveal a small bulge in his underwear.

“Sorry, not nearly as impressive as yours,” said Max as Luke pulled down his underwear to reveal his 3 inch cock.

“No worries, little guy. We all can’t have a body as big as mine,” said Luke as he grabbed onto the little cock and started jerking it off.

“But I wish I did. So badly. You have no idea.” Luke furrowed his brosw at Max’s comment, but kept jerking him off.

“Really? A body this big isn’t as great as people might think it is. Why would you want it?”

“I just wish I was bigger. So much bigger. I have always been the smallest and I hate it. I wish I could grow and grow and grow and never stop.” The words alone were making it hard for Luke to hold his load in.

“Well, you can have my size if you really want it so bad. Would you like that?” asked Luke as he squeezed Max’s cock head.

“Yes. I would love that,” said Max out of breath.

“Then picture it. You and me here. I’m the small one and you’re the giant. Huge. Bigger than any man has ever been. Taller than me. More muscular than me. More hung than me. Bigger in every way. Unable to find clothes that fit. Can’t walk through doors without turning to the side or ducking through.” Luke looked at Max and he was moaning like crazy and it looked like his body was shaking from the pleasure. He was near the breaking point. He just needed a little push. “I would gladly worship your godly body as you grew even bigger.” That did it and Max started shooting out cum. Luke had also made himself cum after voicing his own personal fantasy to his crush and getting such a good reaction from it. After three quick shots that landed on Luke’s hand, Max laid back on the dumpster in exhaustion.

“Fuck, that was hot,” said Max out of breath.

“Yes, it was,” said Luke as he grabbed the device out of his pocket with his other hand.

“Here, let me help you clean up. I brought a towel out here in preparation for a mess.” Max reached back behind him and grabbed a white rag towel.

“No!” shouted Luke as Max tried to reach for his hand and wipe off his cum. “I mean, no need. I can clean myself. But I would maybe clean off your shoes before you go inside,” said Luke as he pointed at Max’s shoes. They were covered in cum. While Luke jerked him off, his feet were dangling on the edge of the dumpster and when Luke shot his load, they were in the splash zone.

“Shit!” said Max as he started wiping off his shoes. “God, I hope no one notices.” Max frantically started scrubbing his shoes.

“Sorry about that. I promise I’ll make it up to you later,” said Luke as he closed the sample compartment of the device and put it back in his pocket. Luke pulled up his jeans and buttoned them as he looked at Max’s shoes. “I don’t think anyone will notice. You stand behind the counter all day so people will hardly ever see your feet.”

“That is true. I’ll just hope and pray that my coworkers just don’t look down,” said Max as he hopped off the dumpster and also pulled up his pants. The two of them stood there staring into each other’s eyes for a moment. Just taking in the other person. “Well, I should really get back in there. This was fun…I guess,” said Max as he started to walk towards the door going back into the coffee shop.

“Yeah, it was. Thanks for helping me out,” said Luke as he winked at Max.

“I’ll see you around Luke.”

“See you around Max.” Luke waved goodbye as the short man walked back to the door to the shop. “Max,” Max turned around to see the big man, “I hope we can do this again. And maybe not in this particular way.”

“I’d like that Luke.” Max smiled and waved back to Luke as he went back to work. Luke started to walk back to the front with a bit of spring in his step, but he heard a ding coming from his pocket. He grabbed the device and the screen was different this time. It read: Sample has been added to database. You may now begin doubling. Luke could only grin as he walked back to the front.

Luke immediately walked right back into the store after seeing the device was ready. Max saw the big man reenter the shop and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head. Luke walked up to the counter and smiled at Max.

“Hi Luke. Back so soon?” said Max looking as nervous as ever. He leaned in closer to Luke and whispered, “I know I had said we should do something again, but I didn’t mean today.”

“Yeah, hi. I just wanted another coffee for a nice boost of energy today. I kinda tired myself out,” said Luke with a big smile on his face and a wink to Max.

“Look, I can’t get caught after having sex at work. You’ve gotta go.”

“Don’t worry. No one knows a thing. I just missed my bus due to a…delay. So let me just stick around till the next one comes.

“All right, but no funny business. I’ll get you your regular.” Max turned to grab a cup and Luke could tell he was nervous. The scrawny man was practically shaking from how nervous he was that Luke had returned after just giving him a handjob behind the building. Luke looked around the coffee shop as Max kept making his drink. The place wasn’t too busy. Only a handful of people in the small seating area and no line to get drinks. But that would change soon as the work crowd would start grabbing their morning coffee before work.

“All right, here you go. And I’ll make this one on the house,” said Max as he handed Luke his drink.

“Aw, thanks Max. I’ll just be at that table over there,” said Luke. He waved to Max and walked back to one of the tables next to the door to the restaurant. He grinned triumphantly as he had the perfect view of Max to watch his plan unfold. Max still looked a little nervous after their interaction, but that all changed as the line of customers quickly started to file in through the door.

Luke sipped his coffee as he got the device out of his pocket. The screen still read: Sample has been added to database. You may now begin doubling. Luke pressed the blue button and the screen changed to the word Arms in big bold letters. Above it, in smaller letters, Luke saw the word Height and below it the word Shoulders. Luke pressed the blue button and Arms started blinking.

“Shit, what’d I do?” said Luke to himself as the word kept blinking. He looked up at Max and tried to get a good look at his arms. His arms were pretty small to begin with so Luke couldn’t notice any change in their size. The word stopped blinking and then reset back to the original screen. “His arms were small. Maybe one more doubling will show some results.” said Luke. He pressed the button again and Arms started blinking again. Luke looked up again and still saw no difference in Max’s noodle arms.

“Does this thing even work?” asked Luke as he pressed the button three more times. The word started to blink faster and immediately Luke saw the change. Max’s arms began to inflate with size. His nonexistent bicep started growing into a ball of muscle. Max was finishing a customer’s transaction when he felt his short sleeves get tighter. It wasn’t until he looked down and saw veins beginning to pop up on his skin that he realized his arm was bigger.

“What the hell?” asked Max with concern.

“Excuse me?” said a man in a suit pulling his credit card out of the machine.

“No, not you. Um, here’s your receipt. Have a good day.” As Max lifted his arm up to give the gentlemen his receipt, a rip could be heard throughout the restaurant as Max’s big arm made his shirt a sleeveless one. Max turned bright red and the man walked off. He looked down at his arms and couldn’t believe their size. They looked like the arms meant for a bodybuilder. But he couldn’t muse for long as he had another customer to tend to.

Luke sat at his table jaw agape and cock hard in his jeans. He can’t believe it worked. The string bean arms he had looked at so many times before were now biceps bigger than Max’s head. “So you do work, we’re just working with some really small numbers right now.” mused Luke aloud. He looked back down at the device and pressed the down arrow. Now Shoulders was highlighted with Arms above it and now Chest below. “Well guess we’re going from the top down.” Luke pressed the blue button and looked at Max. Nothing seemed to happen as the word Shoulders blinked. Max hit the button a couple more times and watched Max.

“Good morning ma’am. What can I get you today?” said Max to a woman who walked up.

“I’ll have a caramel macchiato with extra cream…” The woman’s words seemed to fade out as Max felt a strangling sensation on his shirt again. He looked to the side and saw his delts and traps growing up towards his face. He felt his muscles begin to breathe more as his frame expanded outwards. Stretching his XS shirt wider. More of his big delts getting exposed as they grew. “Did you get all that?”

“Uh what? Um, yes ma’am. I’ll have that right out for you,” said Max as he was brought back to reality. He grabbed a cup and started mixing the women’s drink. Feeling his transformation had stopped. “What’s happening to me? First my arms. Now my shoulders? What next?”

“I’ll show you what’s next,” said Luke as he scrolled down to Chest. He hit the button a couple times as Max made the woman’s drink. “Hmm, pecs are my favorite muscle groups. Maybe a few more doubles. Just for good measure.” Luke pressed the button four more times then looked up at Max mixing the drink and could immediately see the results. His shirt started to strain against the two ballooning pecs.

Max looked down at himself and shuddered. He could only see his pecs. He saw the logo of the coffee shop begin to look misshapen as his chest inflated. He felt a breeze on his bare stomach as his shirt began to ride up and look more like a crop top than a shirt. Max tried to focus on just making the drink, but it was getting more difficult by the second as his pecs began to obscure his vision and his big arms were limiting his range of motion. Another tear began to form around the neckline of Max’s shirt as his pecs were turning his crop top into a V-neck as well.

Luke must’ve had a wet spot in his pants as he watched his crush’s chest grow. He went from flat chested to having pecs bigger than most women’s breasts. Luke was in heaven. After scrolling the click Chest, a new option was revealed. Abs was under Chest, and Luke quickly scrolled to it. Luke looked back up at Max and saw him standing back at the counter trying to give the woman her drinks with his torso clearly exposed. Luke looked hard and couldn’t see a single ab on him. “But zero times two is still zero. What will this do?” Luke pressed the button once and looked back up at Max.

“Here’s your change. Have a nice day!” said Max, trying to act as normal as possible.

“Thanks…” said the woman as she walked out of the store. “Freak,” said the woman under her breath as she passed by Luke’s table. As two new customers approached, Luke couldn’t see any real change in Max’s stomach. He looked down and Abs was no longer blinking. He pressed the blue button three more times and patiently waited for anything to happen.

“Welcome to BJ’s coffee. How can I help you?” said Max as two women talking to each other appeared.

“Hi, we’d like a—” The woman was cut off when she looked at Max. He was a sight to behold. Only 5 feet tall with pecs bigger than dictionaries, shoulders looking like cannonballs, and biceps bigger soccer balls. “Oh um, I’ll have an iced mocha please,” said the first woman.

“And I’ll have a um… I’m sorry, what is happening to your stomach?” asked the other woman pointing down at Max’s stomach. Max struggled to look down at himself, but he could only see his giant pecs. Luke, luckily, had a perfect view of the show. One by one, abs started sprouting from Max’s stomach. At first, only two sprouted just below his big pecs. And then two more popped up right below them. And then four more grew before the women’s very eyes.

“Actually, I changed my mind. We don’t need coffee today. Right Jen?” said the first woman, as they both started backing away from Max.

“Yeah. I’ll just make some at home,” said the other woman as they both turned around and scrambled their way to the door.

“I know this place is called BJ’s, but I didn’t think I was walking into gay Hooter’s,” said the women as they passed by Luke’s table. Luke only grinned as he watched Max look extremely confused.

“What is going on? What’s happening to me?” said Max aloud.

“We’ve got a long way to go before we’re done, handsome,” said Luke as he scrolled again and saw Back. He quickly pressed the button a couple times and saw Max seize a bit. His shirt must be painfully tight by now as his back expanded and his torso’s width began to come close to his shoulders’.

“Now what?” Max no longer cared about the customers that were waiting to be served and was now solely focused on his growing body. He tried to turn his head to look at his back, but his massive traps got in the way. He started to move his feet and turn around which gave the whole coffee shop a great view of his back. The defined muscles practically looked like a road map of a major city as he continued to widen. A loud tear rang out again. His poor shirt had finally succumbed to his growth and ripped at his back. “Ahh, much better.” Max breathed a sigh of relief as he felt his muscles were finally free of their cotton prison.

“Don’t relax just yet, big guy.” Luke scrolled to Glutes and pressed the button probably 5 or 6 times. Max did not have an ass at all. It was flatter than Kansas, but not for long as the two cheeks began to inflate. Max felt a new tightening of his clothes. This time in his pants. Max’s ass grew and grew. Quickly becoming too tight for his khaki pants. Another tear could be heard as he split his pants right down the middle. His ballooning butt not stopping anytime soon. His ass was quickly rivaling the size of some of the biggest celebrity asses and even surpassing them. Max started to turn around to hide his growing posterior and felt the new weight of his ass. Each foot step sent shockwaves up to his bubble butt that made it jiggle.

“What’s going on back there?” Max again tried to look behind him, but his big muscles got in his way.

“Why don’t I show you?” Luke pressed the button one more time and the ass bulged out again. His poor under began to split and expose his pale white bubble butt. His ass grew and grew into obscene proportions. It looked like he had two globes stuck to his backside. Max was shocked as he could actually see his big ass coming into view as it grew and grew.

“Well, at least I’m not so top heavy now,” said Max as he reached his arm back and cupped his giant buttcheek. His hand not even grabbing a quarter of one of his cheeks. The dining hall had all turned to watch the employee’s little exposition once his back started growing. Once his ass grew, many filed out the exit with disgust while some stayed and simply stared at the growing man.

“Now that you mention it, let’s beef up those chicken legs,” said Luke as he scrolled to Legs. He pressed the button three times and didn’t see much results. After his titanic ass had grown, Max’s legs only grew a bit. Luke could tell his quads gained some mass and his calves were much more defined than before. “That’s alright, but I’m trying to get a man that’s much much bigger than me.” Luke smiled and pressed the button two more times and his eyes lit up. Max’s legs immediately shredded his pant legs. Colossal quads bursting the seams as the muscles bulged out of it. Diamond calves appeared behind his shins. His legs became thicker than his previous torso. His quads squashed together fighting for room. The only thing left of his pants were covering his little bulge in front.

“All right what is going on? How is this happening to me? What even is happening to me?” Max looked out at the fairly empty dining room and saw people staring at him. He turned four shades redder from embarrassment that all of these people were watching him almost fully nude grow into a shorter Hulk. “Um, sorry. Does anybody need some help?” Max forced a fake smile at the people, but no one dared step forward.

“Oh, I know what’ll help.” Luke pressed the down arrow where he found Genitals. He didn’t hold back at all with this one. He pressed the button five times. Everybody looked down at Max’s little remains of pants as it started to stir. His small little three inch cock began to stretch out his small underwear. His cock pushed against its confines as it grew. Everyone also saw two large orbs begin to drop lower and bigger as they also grew. The bulge was beginning to look cartoonish as it continued to swell before their very eyes.

With a loud rip, the cock unfurrowed like a python and hit Max’s big leg. Everyone’s eye bulged out of their head when they saw it. It was huge. And still growing! It was quickly surpassing 2 feet long with no signs of its growth slowing down. “Woah, what’s happening down there?” asked Max as he tried to feel around for his cock. His eyes went blank as his hands grabbed his cock and he couldn’t close his fingers around it. Hell, he couldn’t even get his hand halfway around it. It continued to throb as it grew longer and thicker. Passing 3 feet and quickly getting close to 4. “Who needs this much cock?” asked Max as he was baffled by just how big his cock was getting. He looked down and for the first time since his pecs had grown, he could actually see something below them.

Both Max’s dick and balls were getting alarmingly big. His dick had easily gotten longer than Max was tall and his balls were almost so big that Max could sit on them like bean bag chairs. Growing over the cashier counter, his cock snaked down to the floor and finally the growth seemed to subside. Max breathed a sigh of relief. His cock had finally stopped growing at 8 feet long and balls that were bigger than bean bag chairs. “What the actual fuck is this?” said Max as everyone in the coffee shop stared at him.

“Beautiful,” said Luke in the back. He definitely creamed his pants as Max’s cock grew bigger than him. But no one noticed amidst Max’s transformation. Max was breathing heavily. He didn’t know what to do. He could barely move with his big muscles. And even if he could, his cock and balls would have to get dragged with him.

“What am I gonna do?” said Max weakly.

“Don’t worry big guy. I’ll fix you.” Luke scrolled back up to where he remembered seeing Height as one of the options to grow. He looked at Max and then back at the device. “10 feet tall should be fine.” Luke hit the button. “But 20 feet tall would be even better!” Luke hit the button again and watched as Max’s body began to lengthen. His head rising up on his body above his muscles. His arms grew outwards as he sprouted upwards. Now was when people started to run from Max. Everyone ran from the short man now becoming a giant.

Max groaned as the last of his clothes finally fell to the ground in shreds. He looked down onto the dining area and Luke was the only one still there. As he grew, his mind put the pieces together. “You…” growled Max in a low tone. The giant man began to walk, having regained some mobility. “You did this to m-ouch!” cried Max as his head hit the 10 foot ceiling. He began to bend over as his body continued to grow, his muscles not keeping up with his height and staying as big as they were previously. Max had to sit down in the restaurant as his head almost hit the ceiling again as he hunched over. His big body pushed over tables as he had to get lower. Finally, bending over in a seated position, he sat flat on the floor of the restaurant, his fat ass crushing the barista counter behind him with ease. He finally reached 20 feet tall and stopped growing.

“What did I do, Max?” asked Luke with a big grin on his face.

“Look at me!” the giant yelled. He reached out his big hand and grabbed Luke. He was no bigger than a baby to him now. “I’m huge! I can barely fit inside here! You turned me into a freak!”

“No I didn’t. I turned you into the sexiest man alive.”

“You! You what?” asked Max in a confused tone.

“Max, I’ve had such a huge crush on you since the day we met. You were so cute. With your beard, those deep brown eyes, you just made my heart melt. And I could tell you wanted to be bigger. We both wanted you to be bigger. So I found a way to do it. Make you super big and fulfill both our fantasies.” Max paused for a second and looked at Luke. A man who once towered over him, now he towered over.

“You really mean that?” Max started to blush.

“Of course I do. You’re so big and sexy. But you were still handsome before you got this big.” Luke leaned forward in the giant’s hand and planted a kiss on his big lips. “Sorry I kept it secret from you. I didn’t want to come off as crazy by saying “I have this device that’ll grow you into a giant!” I just thought I’d do it and we’d go from there.”

“Well, if it’s any consolation, I would’ve said yes.” Max smiled and kissed Luke back. “But you stopped so soon. I would’ve thought you would’ve wanted me even bigger.”

“Oh don’t you worry about that big guy. We’re just getting started.”


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