Tales of Atlantis

by 10tacles

 (Updated text, 30 January) Devin washes ashore on the legendary isle of Atlantis, and quickly finds himself in the company of a handsome local. But it would seem the stories of Atlantis’s wonders omitted a number of lurid details...

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Art by Seraphiel.

Devin woke up to the sensation of somebody prodding him gently, the sound of seabirds calling in the air somewhere high above him broken by a gentle, concerned voice speaking in an entirely unfamiliar language.

“Shamol? Ta catakos?”

The groggy 23-year-old groaned, sitting up from the sandy ground he had been lying on his side in. It seemed to be soft coral sand, almost pinkish in color, so he thankfully was not very sore. Blinking the bright sun out of his eyes. He turned to see a guy around his own age squatting in the sand next to him, a concerned expression on his face. His tanned body was dressed in a blue colored robe that looked curiously like a chiton from the days of Ancient Greece, and his mousy brown hair ruffled in the cool ocean breeze.

“Huh? Ugh… where am I?” Devin groaned, brushing sand out of his raven-colored bangs. Glancing down, he remembered dragging himself here out of the surf the previous night, before collapsing in an exhausted heap. Concentrating, his eyes widened as it all came flooding back to him in a wave of cold realization. He remembered going for a late-night jog along the beach. He remembered being so lost in thought he didn’t notice the approaching wave until it was slamming into him, dragging him into the cold Pacific. He remembered fighting against the pull of a rip current carrying him further and further from shore until he’d passed out. The next thing he knew, he’d somehow been spat up by the now calm waves onto a beach and was able to summon enough strength to crawl above the high tide mark before once more falling unconscious.

After taking a moment to process the disturbing realization of how lucky he was to be alive, Devin let out a shaky breath and turned to look at the stranger who had woken him up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you said.”

The stranger blinked, clearly not understanding a word Devin had said, but still repeated his query of: “Ta catakos?”

Devin was just as mystified in response. He considered how best to respond and get his point across the language barrier without seeming patronizing. Placing a hand to his chest, he looked his companion meaningfully in the eyes and simply said, “Devin,” before gesturing to the stranger in response.

The stranger, nodding in understanding, placed a hand on his chest and simply replied: “Nikoa,” before helping Devin to his feet and leading him to the shade of a nearby palm tree.

Devin finished brushing the sand off his salt-water-soaked clothes and took stock of his situation. Glancing at his surroundings, he was standing, as he gathered, on a tranquil tropical beach in what looked like a small bay. Gentle waves lapped against the shoreline as seabirds wheeled in the sky, the larger ones further out tempered by breaking on a submerged reef near the entrance of the bay. Clusters of fluffy clouds rolled across the horizon, with a few other, smaller islands visible not far from shore. Behind him, a grove of palm trees stretched out before giving way to more dense tropical forest, dappled sunlight shining through the leaves and scattering across the forest floor, which was crisscrossed by well-trod footpaths. To Devin’s left, the beach stretched upwards into chalky white cliffs, and he noticed a neatly carved ramp winding its way in a zigzag up the side towards what looked like a villa of ancient Greek design. He turned to look at Nikoa, bewildered. “I… I was just in California. What... where is this place? Is this Hawaii?”

Nikoa simply tilted his head at him, a befuddled expression on his face, and Devin sighed, before gesturing widely around him and looking back with a questioning expression. Seemingly understanding, Nikoa replied: “Atlantis.”

Devin froze, turning to look at Nikoa slowly. That was a word he understood. “I’m… I’m sorry, did you just say ‘Atlantis!?”

Nikoa nodded, and Devin had to lean heavily against the tree. “Okay Devin, first you wake up miles from home on a mysterious island, and then it turns out you woke up on fucking Atlantis, but it’s fine, you can figure this out…” Steadying himself, he turned to face Nikoa. He took his first real look at his mysterious new friend. Nikoa was around his height, which was an even six feet, and gazed at him with piercing blue eyes that matched his billowing robe. From what he could see of his chest exposed by the hanging chiton he wore, he was well-muscled but in a lean manner, which Devin hazarded was earned from hours of swimming in the ocean. Resting in his brown hair was a simple silver circlet adorned by a shining sea-green gem. Was he some sort of prince? Had Devin seriously been rescued by some handsome Atlantean prince? Surely, he wasn’t that lucky. He resisted the urge to glance southwards, not wanting to seem crass. He cleared his throat.

“Well… thank you, for saving me. Even though you definitely don’t understand this.” Devin stopped, realizing how incredibly dry his throat was. “Hey, I don’t suppose you have any water?” He gestured in a drinking motion and rubbed his throat.

Nikoa seemed to understand and gestured for Devin to follow him. Taking the confused castaway by the hand, he led him across the beach and began walking up the ramp towards the villa. They mostly walked in silence since conversation wasn’t much of an option. Definitely something to figure out later on. For now, Devin simply enjoyed the view, both the landscape below and his strange rescuer. At one point, Nikoa turned and caught him staring, and flashed him a warm smile and a wink. They reached the top of the cliff, and Devin found himself being led into an outdoor deck area. Vines bursting with unfamiliar pink fruit, shaped kind of like hearts, climbed up a series of marble pillars that held up a pergola similarly laden with the curious plant. In its shade was a low table with a chalice and a pitcher, some books written in what Devin assumed was Atlantean, and several long, cushioned lounge benches. There also seemed to be a pit for what looked like a jacuzzi near the cliff’s edge overlooking the bay, though it was currently empty.

“Elakis, Devin,” Nikoa said, gesturing for Devin to sit on one of the couches. Devin reclined, and after considering it for a moment, peeled off his salt-encrusted, damp shirt, reasoning that Nikoa wasn’t likely to mind given what he himself was wearing. He wadded up the ruined shirt and set it aside, before glancing up to find Nikoa looking at him approvingly, while holding a chalice out to him.

Devin quickly took the chalice and began to drink eagerly, but found to his surprise that the contents weren’t water. It was a thick, creamy liquid, somewhat warm and akin to milk. It was sweet and quite refreshing, as well as somehow familiar, though Devin was also certain he’d never had this to drink before.

“Damn, that stuff was… really good. What is it?” Devin finished draining the rest of the cup, before handing it back to Nikoa. The Atlantean stared at him blankly, before seemingly remembering something. Walking over to one of the pillars, he plucked one of the plump heart-shaped fruits from a vine and handed it to Devin, motioning for him to eat it. Shrugging, Devin cautiously took a bite and found it to be juicy and very complex in flavor. The taste was energizing and somehow almost comforting. He quickly finished the fruit and sighed contentedly when a voice spoke behind him.

“Well, did it work?”

Devin turned around in shock, only to find Nikoa standing behind him, an amused smile on his face. The Atlantean chuckled, before speaking, now in perfect English: “I’m going to assume by your reaction that was a yes.”

“What the… how… are you speaking English? Have you been able to do that this whole time!? It wasn’t that weird fruit, was it?”

Nikoa laughed, before sitting on the bench next to Devin. “No, no. I’m not speaking English. I’m still speaking At’la, and you process it as whatever language you’re most accustomed to. In fact, you’re also speaking it now.”

Devin looked at Nikoa skeptically. “One fruit can teach me an entire language?”

Nikoa shrugged. “From what I’ve read, we once cultivated it thousands of years ago for the purpose of aiding in diplomacy with other peoples. But now that we’re cut off from the world, it’s mostly just tasty. Interesting to know that it still retains its ancient properties, even though my language has no doubt shifted over the centuries.”

“And mine didn’t exist,” Devin replied. “So, this is really THE Atlantis?”

“Yes,” Nikoa answered. “I assume based on your earlier reaction to the name that we aren’t completely forgotten by the outside world.”

“Well, yes. But you’re supposed to only be a myth, or a legend. Atlantis isn’t part of our history, it’s just… a story.”

Nikoa raised an eyebrow, leaning forward with a curious expression. “Really? Well, I can’t say I’m terribly surprised, given how long it’s been since anybody ever came to, or from, our shores. What do your legends say about us?”

Devin leaned back, crossing his arms and thinking. “Well… the gist of it was that according to some ancient Greek philosopher guy, in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared beneath the ocean, never to be seen again. There’s lots of associated details, like how you were one of the greatest civilizations in the ancient world before you fell, how you collapsed because you angered Poseidon or something, sometimes people even think you survived, though usually as fish people, or living in a huge underground cavern or something.”

Nikoa laughed. “Fish people, eh? Interesting. But that’s everything that’s survived of the tales of Atlantis in your world? No other notable details?”

Devin shook his head. “Um, not really. I’m not a historian or mythology geek, so I can’t really say. But that’s about what the average person knows regarding Atlantis.” He sighed, staring up at the vines snaking their way through the wood of the pergola above him. “So… you mentioned being ‘cut off,’ does that mean I can’t go home?”

Nikoa rested a hand on Devin’s leg, which Devin noticed, but didn’t find unwelcome, either. The Atlantean seemed to be considering how to phrase his next words. “Well… you see, our island is magically concealed from the outside world. It’s supposed to be impossible to locate or travel to, and even if you were to try to sail away from our shores, you would simply find yourself sailing back towards the island eventually. Occasionally it seems the island will… allow someone to wind up on our shores if it means preserving their life. Though a condition of that is that those who arrive on our shores fall under the effect of the enchantment keeping us hidden. Even if, by some means, you were to return to the world beyond, you would find that those who know you will have forgotten you entirely. You would be unrecognizable to them. The magic of Atlantis will have erased even physical traces of your existence. In short, this is your home now, Devin. I… realize that may be a lot to take in.”

Devin sank back into the seat, stunned. He was well and truly stuck here, for the rest of his life. “This is… yeah, a lot. I’m sorry, I…”

He took a shaky breath, and looked over at Nikoa, who was giving him a melancholy smile. “I understand if you need a moment to adjust. If it helps… you could tell me more about where you came from. Though that life may be lost to you, it need not be forgotten either.”

Devin laughed humorlessly. “Well, to be honest, there isn’t much to tell. I grew up and lived my whole life in a place called California. I am… or I guess, was, the only son of a Singaporean immigrant businessman and a British-American lawyer, so my family was well off.”

“Were you close with your… parents?” Nikoa asked, the last word slipping oddly off his tongue, as if he didn’t use it often.

Devin shook his head. “We’ve been pretty estranged. They weren’t around much when I was growing up, and I haven’t spoken to either of them since I moved out a few years ago. Honestly, even if the magic didn’t erase me from existence out there, I doubt they’d notice me vanishing off the face of the Earth.” He took a breath, calming himself.

“I can’t imagine being so distant from one’s own family,” Nikoa replied sympathetically. “It sounds absolutely dreadful. Well, if not them, did you have anybody else you were close to?” Devin simply sighed and shook his head again. “Not particularly. Like I mentioned, I have no siblings, and I was homeschooled, so I don’t even have many friends.” A wistful expression crossed Devin’s face. “There was… one. For a while, I wondered…” Devin trailed off, before eventually shrugging and leaning back. “But no. Now that I reflect on it, in fact, I really didn’t have the greatest social life, despite living pretty comfortably. So… I suppose there are worse fates than being stuck in a tropical paradise for the rest of my life.”

Nikoa reached over and gave his hand a comforting squeeze. “I promise I’ll do my best to help you adjust to your new life here. You’re welcome to be part of my House and hopefully find yourself true companionship. I found you, which makes you my responsibility after all. So, with that end in mind, do you have any further questions for me?”

Devin glanced at Nikoa and gave him a small smile. “Well, first of all… thank you, for taking care of me, and offering so much help. But I feel bad that I don’t really know anything about you. So… maybe we can start there?”

The Atlantean smiled widely, which sent butterflies through Devin’s stomach. “Of course! As fellow Atlanteans, we are as brothers. What would you like to know?”

Devin thought for a moment, before gesturing to the circlet resting in Nikoa’s hair. “So, the crown. What’s that about? Are you royalty?”

Nikoa glanced upwards. “Oh, this! Right. Um, well, yes, sort of. ‘Prince’ would be a close title, though Atlantis isn’t ruled by a single leader so much as we are led by a council of representatives from several ruling Houses. Each House handles a different aspect of our society, and there’s often a lot of intermarriage and maneuvering. It never gets very ugly though, our people aren’t really built for fighting. That wasn’t really our arena.”

“So, you weren’t a global superpower back in ancient times after all?” Devin asked.

“On the contrary, Atlantis was a gleaming jewel of trade, knowledge and diplomacy. Sages and scholars alike came to our shores to study magic and science at the Royal Academy. We simply left defending our borders to our allied sister nation.”

“Sister nation?”

“I don’t suppose you’ve heard of them in your realm? After we secluded ourselves, they did as well, though separate from us. You may know them as the Amazons, our opposites and counterparts in many ways.”

Devin nodded. “Yeah. They’re also a myth where I came from, though nobody ever said anything about them being a counterpart to you. All I know is that they’re a nation of powerful warrior women who distrusted outsiders. And I think Hercules went there once. What do you mean by them being opposites to you?”

Nikoa thought for a moment. “Well, from what I’ve learned from reading our history, our nations and peoples arose together, meant to co-exist both apart and symbiotically, as part of an experiment by their patron goddesses, Athena and Artemis, and ours, Poseidon and Apollo. We relied on each other for many things in the olden days. They kept our nations safe from invaders, while we negotiated trade deals and smoothed over diplomatic tensions, as well as providing them with technological and magical support. They were a nation of muscular, militaristic women, all fighters. We on the other hand, are quite the opposite of all those things.”

Devin blinked, trying to process what he’d just heard. “Wait, ALL those things? So… every single Atlantean is…?”

Nikoa nodded. “A male, yes. And we’re all more inclined to learning and diplomacy. We’re lovers, not fighters.”

Devin glanced at Nikoa’s exposed chest approvingly. “Well… you don’t really seem the opposite of muscular to me.”

The prince laughed. “Oh, well, thank you! But I’m probably about as ‘muscular’ as you’re going to get around here. Conversely, the stories say that even the smallest Amazons absolutely dwarfed some of the strongest men of other nations. But your approval is quite welcome. I did notice you staring. You’re not bad yourself, you’ll fit right in.”

Devin blushed, and was also seriously considering whether he had simply died and gone to heaven. From what Nikoa was telling him, he’d washed up on a tropical paradise inhabited entirely by svelte, gay men. And if what Nikoa mentioned about them being as apt lovers as the Amazons were fighters was true…

He was snapped out of his daydreaming by Nikoa continuing. “Anyways, we haven’t heard from them since we both secluded ourselves from the rest of the world. According to the histories, we believed that the rest of the world was using our magic and advanced technologies to fuel their own wicked ambitions, so we simply removed ourselves from the board. I sometimes wonder what became of the Amazons. I hope that they prosper in seclusion, as we do.”

Something occurred to Devin. “Wait… if you’re all male, how have you all not died off over time if you can’t, well, reproduce?”

Nikoa looked confused. “Can’t reproduce? Why wouldn’t we… oh. I take it that two men cannot sire together in your realm?”

Devin shook his head. “Um… yeah, no. That’s not a thing where I come from. Wait, so that’s possible here? How does that even work?”

Nikoa chuckled awkwardly. “Well… it’s a bit difficult to explain. But I’ll do my best. Here in Atlantis, we don’t really have a concept of parenthood, as you do. We aren’t fathers or sons to each other, simply family. Relationships between us are invariably like those of friends, brothers or lovers, to varying degrees. A part of that is due to the fact that Atlanteans are ageless. We come into this world both physically and mentally the age you see before you, and enjoy an everlasting youth, free from all ailments, a blessing given by Apollo. That’s why it would be awkward for us to consider someone a ‘son’ or ‘father’ when we look the same age and will be so forever. Now that you’re here, you will likewise be frozen in time. Meanwhile, Poseidon prevents our growing population from becoming an issue by continually raising new islands from the deeps for us to inhabit.”

Devin nodded slowly. “…Right. Okay. Wait, so if you’re… we’re… immortal. How old are you, actually?”

Nikoa thought for a moment. “Well, since I assume you mean chronologically, I’m actually quite young. Only 24 years, assuming you measure those by the rotation of the Earth around the sun as we do. We were never sure if that concept would catch on elsewhere.”

Devin laughed. “Yeah, that’s how we do it too. I’m 23. And… I guess I’ll be that way forever? Wow… now that I say it out loud, it really just sounds crazy.”

It was Nikoa’s turn to laugh, a warm, singsong sound that once again sent a spark shooting through Devin. “Well, I hope you don’t mind crazy, because Atlantis has plenty more in store for you.”

“I’m not surprised,” Devin replied. “So, if it’s not too weird to ask, how exactly do you, um, reproduce then? I know you don’t socially do parenthood, you called it ‘siring’ right? But how does that… well, mechanically, work?” He cleared his throat awkwardly. “Sorry, all this talking has my throat parched. Can I also get some more of whatever that drink was?”

Nikoa smirked, which sent a shiver running down Devin’s spine as the prince got to his feet. “Well, I believe I can answer both of those questions simultaneously. Since you live here now, might as well get you adjusted early…”

Devin raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean adju—” Before he could finish, Nikoa had tugged on the sash holding his chiton in place and tugged the garment open, revealing…

“Holy shit.”

Devin found himself gaping at, well, just calling it ‘Nikoa’s dick’ didn’t do justice to what he was seeing. It dangled around his shins, and the monstrous thing wasn’t even hard yet! It looked about as thick as one of the prince’s arms, a suspicion that was immediately confirmed as Nikoa hefted it with both hands. Doing so also drew Devin’s attention to his swaying balls, which each individually rivaled a melon for size. As his gaze wandered across the Atlantean’s now naked body, he noticed that his tan did indeed cover him entirely, as well as the fact that his skin was smooth and entirely devoid of body hair, save for obviously his head, eyebrows and eyelashes.

The prince chuckled at Devin’s gaping expression, casually stroking his cock. The young Atlantean let out a soft, pleasured sigh, his cock flexing and beginning to drool a steady stream of what Devin now belatedly recognized was surprisingly non-viscous cum into the pitcher on the table. Devin could only watch in aroused silence, his own erection raging in his water-stained jeans, as the prince steadily filled the pitcher over the course of half a minute with a steady flow that put to shame what Devin could probably put out in several days.

Once the pitcher was full, Nikoa sighed contentedly, and with a shockingly practiced ease, slipped his own dripping dick into his mouth to contain its continued flow as he poured out Devin’s ‘drink’ into the chalice and offered it to him, which Devin accepted in continued dumbstruck silence. Sitting back down on the couch next to Devin, Niko audibly swallowed his own output for a few seconds, his hands running casually up and down his pulsing shaft with a casual air, as if this were a regular pastime of his. The prince released his twitching spire with a ‘pop’ and smiled at Devin. “Sorry, I was also pretty thirsty, and I only had the one chalice since I was expecting to be here alone. I would have offered you water, but I didn’t have any here.”

Devin finally managed to shake himself out of his shock long enough to reply. “Not… not a problem at all… H-how are you so…”

Nikoa glanced at Devin’s stiffy. “So much bigger? Believe it or not, this is about average for most Atlanteans, and nowhere close to as big as they get around here. Like I said, we’re as exceptional lovers as the Amazons were fighters. Plus, being the favored of Apollo, who our stories say enjoys visiting us in mortal guise to partake in the pleasures of mortal flesh, lends itself to being able to match the sexual appetite of, well, a god.”

Something else occurred to Devin, which nearly made him cream on the spot. “Wait, so with what you were saying before. Does that mean I’ll also…?”

Nikoa took another casual slurp from his cock, thinking for a moment. “Grow to this size? I believe so, yes. You can even go plenty bigger if you so choose…”

Devin was almost afraid to let his imagine run any further for fear he’d pass out, or worse, wake up from a dream. “Bigger!?”

The prince winked. “Indeed. You’ll find Atlantis has plenty more surprises in store for you, Devin. According to the tales, Atlantis only ever admits outsiders who will be able to adjust to our way of life. And it seems you’re more than eager to get started.”

Devin stared into the chalice. Was this really, truly happening to him? It was as if he’d washed out of his old life and straight into the hottest possible fantasy he could imagine. No way he was this lucky, right? Maybe the Atlanteans were right and there were gods, and one had given him the winning ticket on the cosmic lottery. Well, even if this was a dream, he saw no reason not to enjoy it to the fullest. Taking a deep breath, he let all his apprehension free and downed the entire cup, savoring every drop. He looked Nikoa in the eyes. “You know what? Yeah. Fuck the outside world. Consider Devin Wu the newest citizen of Atlantis! Show me everything life here has to offer!”

Devin scooted over towards Nikoa, a sultry expression on his face that the prince reciprocated. “But first… I think I’m still feeling a bit thirsty. Mind if I just drink straight from the tap?”

The Atlantean leaned in, whispering breathily into Devin’s ear: “Be my guest.”

Devin grinned, scooting closer and bringing his hands to join Nikoa’s, the realization that even between their four hands the prince’s dick was nowhere close to entirely covered nearly sending him over the edge again. He took a deep breath, considering how to approach servicing Nikoa’s cock, which was obviously much bigger than anything he, or likely anyone else in the outside world, had ever had to consider. He glanced at Nikoa. “In the meantime, you never elaborated further on you being a prince… do tell.”

Nikoa let out a pleased gasp as Devin leaned down and began licking across the drooling tip of his cock, and in response moved one of his hands to run it gently through Devin’s hair. “Mmmh… o-oh, yes. Well, I’m one of the princes of the House of Serikos. Ngh… we specialize in magical and a-arcane arts, and many of us hold prestigious positions at the Academy.”

Devin glanced up at Nikoa, making a deliberate show of collecting a hefty dollop of his still steadily-flowing cum in his mouth before swallowing and licking his lips, which was rewarded by the prince shuddering and sending a particularly thick rope spattering across Devin’s face and hair. “Oh! S-sorry, my apologies…”

“No need to apologize at all,” Devin replied, wiping it off before sucking it off his fingers. “So, what’s a prince like yourself expected to do around here if you all rule as a council?” He stared at the drooling cockhead before him. “I think I’m already starting to adapt to this place, I almost feel like I could…” Resolving to test his theory, Devin opened his mouth wide… and to his surprise and delight, was able to somehow stretch it around Nikoa’s pillar of a cock, sinking down to engulf just over half of the practically fist sized cockhead. He hummed in shocked delight and began to swallow the quickly intensifying flow of cum that now poured directly into his throat, all of which earned him a shuddering gasp from the Atlantean prince.

“O-oh, by the Gods… y-yes it would seem you’re adapting quickly! U-um…. F-fuck where was I? Right… ngh… princely duties….” Nikoa moved his other hand to joint the previous on top of Devin’s head, and he glanced down questioningly at him. Receiving a thumbs up in response, he began to slowly begin thrusting up into his eager new friend’s mouth.

“Well, a-as one of the princes of the House, I-I’m expected to help expand our influence by siring with suitable partners. You mentioned that doesn’t really… f-fuck… exist in your realm, so I’ll do my best to explain. When an Atlantean wishes to sire with another Atlantean, one of the two must undergo a magical procedure where… ngh… they become what is known as a ‘hyper,’ if neither one is one already. Hypers are gifted with cocks and balls of even greater sizes, with the basic level of growth induced outsizing the owners’ body, a necessity for the p-process.”

As Nikoa’s explanation continued, Devin’s further development into a proper Atlantean did as well. Each thrust from the prince sank ever so slightly further into his eager mouth, which was at this point now making it a good quarter of the way down the entire imposing length. Additionally, the bulge straining his pants had gotten considerably larger, something Nikoa observed with silent delight as he kept talking.

“The smaller partner w-will mount the hyper’s cock and fuck it, releasing inside. The resultant union of the two sires’ cum inside the balls of the h-hyper triggers a magical process, a blessing from our patron gods t-to allow us to expand our populace. A n-new Atlantean, often with traits from both sires, is formed, fully grown both physically and mentally, within. C-cum is so prevalent, so sacred to us because it is where we a-all arise. Once the development is c-complete, usually within minutes, the hyper will orgasm and bring the new Atlantean into the world.”

A loud tearing sound interrupted Nikoa’s train of thought, followed by splattering across his legs. Glancing downwards, he found that Devin’s steadily growing cock had finally managed to rend open his tattered pants and boxers and was now currently coating both of their lower halves in a long overdue stream of white. It still seemed to be inching ever larger, with no sign of stopping even as it rapidly approached a size rivaling Nikoa’s own. The prince considered, with no small amount of excitement, how far above the average Devin would luck out to be. Glancing down at the castaway’s face, his eyes were glazed over from the bliss of release, not noticing he’d made it a shocking distance, just over half in fact, down the Atlantean scion’s dick.

“I’m expected to sire with potential partners to bolster our family ranks,” Nikoa continued, smiling down at the Devin once his eyes regained focus. “And while I’m happy to do so, I’m currently at odds with my House on the matter. I’m currently arranged to be the siring partner for Prince Andius, a hyper prince of House Nauiki. But… personally, I wish to be a hyper myself, and to be so for my first siring. I’m not wholly against siring with Andius, prideful as he may be sometimes. But seeing as he’s already a hyper for his House, it would be expected of me to remain my current size for our siring. And moreover, I just had yet to find someone who intrigued me enough to be my first, and primary sire… until today.”

Devin looked up at Nikoa, his eyes wide. Did… did this prince really want him to be his first sire? A guy he barely knew? Nikoa gazed back at him and ran his hand through his hair reassuringly. “If the notion doesn’t appeal to you, of course, that’s perfectly acceptable as well. I can understand not wanting to take such a big leap after having just arrived, or not wanting to get involved in the issues between the Houses. But you fascinate me, Devin. And you did want me to show you everything being an Atlantean had to offer, so I felt like it wouldn’t do any harm to ask.”

Devin thought for a moment. From what Devin described, it sounded… nice. Not to mention that the idea of getting to see Nikoa’s already fantastic dick grow to an even more unfathomable size deeply excited him. Gazing up from his position sunk around three quarters of the way down the prince’s pulsing dick, he looked Nikoa in the eyes and did his best to give a firm nod.

Nikoa’s eyes gleamed. “Oh, Devin… I’m so happy! I’ve been putting this off for so long, I…. f-fuck… I’m getting close, I… Devin! Fuuuck!” The prince arched his back, thrusting one final time deep into Devin’s throat before crying out in pure bliss. Devin’s eyes widened, hearing Nikoa’s pendulous balls audibly churning before watching, and then feeling, his shaft swell as his load quickly traveled up before blasting deep inside his throat. For all that Devin had already swallowed, this was something else entirely. Within seconds, he quickly realized he had to start fishing Nikoa’s pulsing cock out of his throat. Backing up, he released Nikoa’s dick with a wet slurp, leaving it free to swing back up right and splatter most of his front half with a considerable coating of cum.

The prince continued to gasp and fountain jets of white across the both of them with no sign of stopping, reaching out with both hands to furiously stroke his spasming shaft. Now left to his own devices for a moment, Devin glanced down with wide eyes at his own newly developed cock, which shuddered and lurched on the verge of yet another release. While his balls didn’t quite rival Nikoa’s, his dick had exceeded the Atlantean native’s in length by a good half a foot! It seemed likely to rest on the ground provided it wasn’t in the midst of a raging erection as it currently was. Grabbing it with his hands, he began to grind it against Nikoa’s, driving himself quickly towards his limit. With a pleasured moan, he leaned forward and pulled the prince into a deep, passionate kiss as he likewise began to cum, their two throbbing spires of dick sandwiched between their torsos and continuing to coat them both heavily as they gasped and grinded against each other.

Finally, after orgasms that lasted easily over a minute, the flow of cum from both Devin and Nikoa’s cocks slowed. They leaned against each other, breathing heavily and kissing slowly. After a moment, the prince chuckled. “Welcome to Atlantis, Devin.”

Devin snorted, before beginning to laugh loudly. “God… or should I say Gods, now? This is all… amazing. Beyond anything I could’ve imagined was possible. And from what you tell me, I’m only scratching the surface… I can’t wait to see what’s next. Together.” He took Nikoa’s hand in his and squeezed. They sat in silence for a moment, the only sound being the waves, seabirds, and the slow dripping of cum from where it had managed to splatter on the pergola above them. Finally, Devin cleared his throat. “So… how do we clean ourselves off?”

Nikoa chuckled. “Well, that’s surprisingly easy. We don’t really have to. You may have noticed Atlantean cum is a not as viscous and gooey as outsiders’ is. It’s part of our connection to Poseidon. It kind of just flows right off us so we don’t get sticky and gum things up everywhere we go.”

Devin poked at his stomach. “Is that also why I don’t look… or even feel, insanely full? It felt like I swallowed like, a gallon of your, uh, load.”

Nikoa nodded. “Our cum is our lifeblood, being highly nutritious and energizing. Our bodies digest it quickly and process it entirely without generating waste or weight. All that you swallowed? You’ll be ready for more pretty quickly, though you also could probably go the rest of the day without eating or drinking now.”

Devin smirked. “In that case…” He leaned over, pulling the prince’s cock to his mouth and slowly licked a glob of cum from the tip, earning a pleasured moan from the prince before he was gently swatted off with a chuckle.

“Ngh… s-stop that. You’re going to get me going again, and as much fun as that sounds, we have places to be.”

“Fine, fine.” Devin said, laughing. “So, I guess that’s the reason you didn’t have any water up here with you, eh? Do you guys even have water here?”

Nikoa rolled his eyes. “Of course we have water here, silly. We just have far less need for it than most cultures do. Which is useful, given we live on an archipelago with limited sources of constant fresh water.”

Devin got to his feet, and sure enough, most of their combined output simply dripped off of him and pooled onto the stone tiled floor or couch, with what little remaining being easily wiped droplets. “Won’t this ruin the couch cushion?”

Nikoa shook his head and got to his feet, stretching as he did so. “Not at all. Pretty much everything in Atlantis is water-proofed, either by virtue of its materials or magic. It will evaporate on its own. All that we, well, produce here that isn’t eaten either eventually reaches the sea where it dissipates as a tribute to Poseidon, or dries to nothing in the sun, as a tribute to Apollo.”

Devin experimentally walked into the sunlight, and sure enough, the remaining drops of both his and Nikoa’s load dotted across his body quickly evaporated, leaving him completely dry. “Neat. It seems like Poseidon and Apollo really take care of you guys.”

The prince nodded, donning his chiton once more. “They have given us many boons, both great and mundane, for our prosperity and comfort. Poseidon has blessed us with clear weather, tranquil currents, and bountiful seas home to beautiful sea life from across the globe, among other things. Apollo shines gently upon us, that Atlanteans never sunburn, or even sweat.”

Devin considered how best to handle his now flaccid cock, the last several inches of which rested solidly on the ground by his feet. “Hm. Well this is a new development to consider.”

Nikoa glanced over at him. “Oh. Well, nearly every surface in Atlantis is smoothed and polished to be as non-abrasive as possible. Though if you would rather not just drag it around, we can get you a sling of some sort. For now, try draping it up and around your neck. You’ll find it’s surprisingly flexible when it isn’t erect.”

Hoisting his cock, Devin found that despite its raw mass, it was surprisingly not as heavy as he imagined. There was still a stimulating sense of heft and weight, but it wasn’t at all as cumbersome as it should have been. Chocking it down to yet another quirk of Atlantean physiology, he draped his newly upgraded dick around his neck, like the world’s most lewd scarf. He glanced at the tattered remnants of his pants and boxers, as well as his discarded shirt. “What should I do with these? I don’t want to leave a mess.”

Nikoa waived dismissively. “It’s all right. I’ll have one of my aides come take care of it later. Also, I would recommend going barefoot from now on. It’s rather a necessity when we’ll need to take public transportation. You’ll see.”

Devin glanced down at his flip flops, the last remaining bit of clothing he had on him, and kicked them off. “If you say so. So, what’s next?”

Nikoa looked thoughtful. “Now we’ll have to introduce you to the rest of House Serikos, so I can try and convince them to allow me to undergo the hyper ritual and sire with you first. We’ll need to head into the city and then take a boat to my family’s private isle. We can do some sightseeing on the way if you like.”

Devin blinked in surprise, looking at the luxurious villa that was attached to the patio they were currently on. “I thought this was your family home?”

“Oh, no. This is my own personal getaway. It’s empty right now, except for the aide I have with me, Felix. It’s one of the things I’m entitled to as a prince of my House. If… no, when, I become a hyper and will require more aides to assist me, they’ll also be staying here. Most Atlantean Houses operate as mine does: many members maintain private homes across the islands, with the House’s seat of governance and main hub of operations being a lavish estate spanning a private isle. Luckily for you, I live on Okeanos, the largest island at the center of the archipelago. We’re not actually that far from the capital city of Thalassos.”

“An aide, you said?” Devin asked. “Boy, is he going to be surprised.”

Nikoa laughed. “No kidding. Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

Nikoa led Devin by the hand to entrance of the villa, which Devin noticed wasn’t so much an enclosed building with walls as it was a series of roofs supported by columns, not unlike the Parthenon. “Are all Atlantean buildings like this?”

The prince looked around. “Hm? Oh, well, yes. The majority of our architecture is designed to support wide and tall paths of egress to accommodate the many different shapes and sizes of citizens inhabiting Atlantis. The lack of inclement weather helps a lot.”

Devin stared at the entranceway they had just passed through. “Is the variance really that severe? You could drive a truck through there with room to spare.”

Nikoa chuckled. “I… don’t know what a ‘truck’ is, but that particular entrance is about average in terms of accommodation. Of course, it can’t cover some of the more extreme examples. But usually those aren’t much of a concern anyways. Hypers much bigger than any that could get through there usually don’t get out much and use echoes instead. And for the larger members of our ‘macro’ caste, they prefer to stay within their own inhabitances and plan trips into less accommodating areas carefully.”

Devin stumbled, having to steady himself against Nikoa a moment. “S-sorry, it’s just… still trying to wrap my head around the idea of a cock that big, I… is that how big you’re going to be?”

Nikoa smiled, giving Devin’s hand an affectionate squeeze. “Not from the initial procedure. Most hypers looking to sire usually only undergo the first level of growth, which scales relative to your height. It leaves you with a cock usually in the range of around one and a half times your height, with balls comfortably large enough to rest on, since they need to be large enough to contain the Atlantean they’ll be siring. Hypers seeking to get bigger than that usually do so for their vocation, status or pleasure, or a mixture of reasons. I won’t be getting that big… for now.” Nikoa flashed me Devin a wink, before leaning in to whisper huskily in his ear. “Do you like the idea of me that huge, Devin?”

Devin shuddered and let out a soft whimper. “Fuck… wait, vocation? People use their cocks for their jobs?”

Nikoa nodded emphatically. “Indeed! In many, many ways! Our cocks and balls form many functions in our society, as our cum does. We consider it our way of showing our gratitude for the gifts the gods have bestowed on us. It’s sort of like a cultural show of tribute, or an art form. You’ll see plenty of this in the city. Pleasure is the main currency of our people, after all. Once trade with the outside world was no longer possible, it was deemed largely unnecessary. Any actions requiring transactions are usually handled with barter for favors, services or even jointly siring an arbiter that will execute the will of both parties fairly.”

They were interrupted by a new voice. “Master Nikoa? Who is this?”

Devin turned to find himself looking down at a rather petite new arrival. It was a pale-skinned twink with piercing green and blue heterochromatic eyes. Studying his body, Devin noted that, while he wasn’t scrawny, he lacked the musculature of Nikoa’s swimmer build. Felix, or at least, that’s who Devin assumed this was, was lithe and catlike, a comparison further enhanced by the large pair of actual cat ears in place of human ones that he possessed, their fur an extension of the neko’s blonde hair. Completing the resemblance was an actual furred tail that curled about playfully behind him and a pair of small fangs that were visible when Felix noticed Devin’s roaming gaze and flashed him a sultry smile. The cat boy was entirely naked, which gave Devin an eyeful of perhaps the most eye-catching part of his anatomy: not one, but a pair of cocks, arranged vertically on his crotch, with the one in back hanging to his shins and the frontmost ‘only’ reaching his knees. Additionally, Felix’s sack was enormous, visibly bulging with not two but four balls that individually could put a watermelon to shame. “Enjoy the view, cutie?” Felix purred, breaking Devin out of his lustful daze as Nikoa snickered.

“Oh, I-I’m sorry. You must be Felix, Prince Nikoa’s, um, aide?”

Nikoa gently elbowed him. “Oh no, none of that ‘prince’ talk from you, I won’t have it. Just Nikoa is fine.”

“Oh?” Felix asked. “Something special with this one, sir?”

Nikoa grinned. “Felix, this is Devin. He’s a drifter! I found him down on the beach an hour ago and helped him get, well, prepared for his new life as an Atlantean.”

Felix looked Devin up and down approvingly. “I can see that. He already looks like he fits right in. I thought I heard a second voice enjoying himself with you a moment ago. Nice to meet you, Devin.”

“Likewise!” Devin glanced at Nikoa. “Um, what’s the protocol for greetings around here? Handshakes?”

Felix snickered. “Well, it depends on how much time you’ve got. Blowjobs, handjobs, the full spectrum of penetrative positions. I’d be more than happy to fill both of you up together…”

Before Devin could reply, Nikoa interjected. “Unfortunately, we’ll have to take you up on that later, Felix. We have to head into the city and then out to Serikos Isle.”

Felix raised an eyebrow. “Serikos Isle? What business would you possibly have bringing him—” His eyes widened, and he bounced up and down excitedly, causing his pair of cocks to slap against Devin’s legs. “Oh! Apollo’s rays, are you choosing him to be your primary sire!? Oh, that’s absolutely fabulous news! I’ve been waiting for you to meet the right man!”

Felix pulled them both in for an excited hug, which caused his cocks to end up pushed up against Devin’s bare torso, leaving small streaks of pre. After a moment, he pulled back, grinning widely. “But wait, what does this mean in regards to—”

“Prince Nikoa! I know you’re here; I would speak with you!”

Felix rolled his eyes, his ears flattening. “Oh, Gods. Right on cue…”

Devin turned to the doorway where the voice had originated. Entering the villa was… well, a truly massive cock. The pale, uncut shaft was easily 8 feet long, paired with a pair of balls, audibly churning with gallons of cum, in a sack the size of a plush armchair. Atop this massive member was a lithe, haughty looking figure with piercing grey eyes and a blonde quiff, who leaned back against his own balls like a king on a throne. He wore a chiton, similar to Nikoa’s, though his was a shade of lavender, and in lieu of a circlet on his head, he had a massive silver ring studded with amethysts around the base of his cock. His shaft was being held off the ground by two long sashes of purple silk, one beneath the throbbing head and the other around halfway down the shaft. The sashes were held on each end by pairs of gorgeous, twinkish guys, who gazed at the cock they were bearing with lustful reverence. A final duo of servants brought up the rear, each cradling one of the newcomer’s balls.

The hyper scowled at Devin, who swallowed nervously, while also feeling his cock flex against his next and beginning to drool pre down his chest. “Who is this?”

Nikoa placed a protective hand on Devin’s shoulder. “Prince Andius. This is Devin. He’s a drifter I discovered on the beach a short while ago. Devin, this is Prince Andius of House Nauiki.”

Andius looked Devin up and down, unimpressed. “I see you wasted no time bedding him. And yet you continually delay my House’s requests?”

Nikoa’s sighed, rubbing his temples. “It... it was just a blowjob, Andius. And regardless of what my House might say, I still have not agreed to anything.”

Andius gestured for his servants to carry him closer, a sly grin creeping across his face. “Devin, was it? Welcome to Atlantis. Perhaps your fresh perspective may prove useful. Surely, you can see that a cock such as mine deserves to be filled by one just as beautiful. One such as Nikoa’s. And this isn’t simply a personal matter. Without the siring of a neutral arbiter, there will be no further dealings between my House and House Serikos. So if you could convince your new friend here how needlessly stubborn he’s being, it would be of great help. I’d be happy to… reward you for your trouble.” Devin was torn between wanting to smack the smug Prince and wanting to stroke every inch of his monolithic cock. The sheer size of it was overwhelming. He struggled to answer, but before he could find the words, Nikoa spoke.

“As a matter of fact, Andius, I’ve claimed first rights to him.” The prince turned and winked at Devin.

Andius was speechless for a moment, before chuckling darkly. “An amusing joke, Nikoa. But come now. What could this outsider give you that I couldn’t?”

Nikoa narrowed his eyes. “Perspective. Something you clearly still lack. I’m not joking. If House Nauiki doesn’t like it, they are more than welcome to renegotiate with House Serikos at a later time. Whine all you like, Andius, but the Houses have yet to finalize a deal, and as such, I am free to make my own decisions. I will serve my family as a proud hyper. Perhaps one even bigger than you.”

Andius simply glared at them for a moment. “Hmph. Well, given the… unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, I will allow you to continue to make your poor judgement, for now. But expect a reply from House Nauiki, and myself, shortly. Good day.”

Andius snapped his fingers, signaling his servants to carry him back outside as Nikoa breathed a sigh of relief. “Right. He’s gone. Thank goodness.”

Devin looked at Nikoa, concerned. “Will everything be okay with him? I don’t want to cause any conflict.”

Nikoa placed his hands on Devin’s shoulders, looking determinedly into his eyes. “I won’t lie, this is highly unusual. We aren’t usually prone to political conflict or disagreements. I still intend to go through with becoming a hyper, and siring with you. But we’ll need to go visit the House and notify them of what’s going on, and probably come up with an alternative solution to keep House Nauiki happy. Andius might be arrogant, but we do need to maintain good relations with his House. Don’t worry, I’ll think of something. In the meantime, I’m going to go fetch you something to wear, that will signify my claim to you as a member of the House. Can’t have anybody else in the city snatch you up first. At least, not before I’ve had my turn. Who else you sire with afterwards is up to you. We aren’t monogamous here. Wait right here, Felix will keep you company.”

Nikoa gave Devin’s shoulder a pat before walking off towards a ramp leading to the villa’s second story. After watching him leave, he glanced at Felix, who had mostly kept quietly to the side during the confrontation with Andius. The cat-eared Atlantean was currently studying a painting on the wall, which seemed to depict a lush vineyard, with the crops being watered by sprays of cum from several handsome Atlantean gardeners. As he approached Felix, Devin went to wipe off the pre left on his chest by both his own cock and Felix’s hug from earlier. As he did so, he noticed one streak looked pinkish and the other was almost…. blue? He turned to the feline Atlantean as they both stood in front of the mural and cleared his throat. “So Andius… he’s a big deal?”

Felix chuckled. “Indeed. Both influentially and anatomically. House Nauiki is in control of most of Atlantis’ mining industry. Poseidon shapes the islands from the magical stone and ore we use in our construction, which like us, never grows warm in the rays of Apollo’s light. And Apollo himself blesses our land with magical sun crystals that provide the basis for much of our lighting and power systems. All of that is excavated and provided to Atlantean society by House Nauiki, so their House is quite important.”

Devin glanced at the ceiling light, which on closer inspection was a shining yellow crystal hanging from the roof. “So… do you think it’s a bad idea for me to get between Nikoa and Andius? The deal sounded pretty important.”

Felix shrugged. “Andius may blow a lot of hot air, and he isn’t exactly wrong about the importance of the negotiations between our Houses. But we aren’t a people prone to scheming or plotting, so I’m sure we’ll be able to figure something out between the Houses, even if Andius might not like it. Besides, I’ve been Nikoa’s aide for some time now, and I haven’t seen the Prince this excited about anybody in years. You clearly intrigue him, and that’s what matters.”

Devin sighed in relief. “Well, that’s good to hear. So, what exactly do you, um, help Nikoa with, as an aide?”

Felix sat on a nearby couch, gesturing for Devin to join him before crossing his arms behind his back and reclining. “I’m primarily Prince Nikoa’s painting instructor.”

“Painting?” Devin glanced at the colored drops of pre beading off Felix’s cocks, pink and blue, respectively. “And you do so with…”

“With our cocks, yes. We use special organic dyes broken down into a lubricant from Atlantean plants. When rubbed onto one of our balls, it will alter the color of the cum inside for a few minutes, as well as giving it the ability to stain that color onto surfaces it, well, impacts, as opposed to just cleaning off neatly as it normally does. With practice, you can develop a fine enough level of control over your flow of cum that you can do neat, proper spreads. I even have these two differently sized dicks, so I have the capacity for both broad spread and detail work.”

Devin laughed, before quickly clarifying. “Sorry, I’m not mocking you or your art. It sounds incredible, honestly. It’s just… nothing I would’ve ever imagined was possible before I came here.” Felix flashed him a grin. “Your imagination is going to have to do a lot of catching up once you get to the city. Make sure to ask Devin to take you to the mural I painted in the Tauric quarter. If you like what you see, I’d be happy to give you some tutoring yourself…”

“I’ll definitely be sure to check it out,” Devin replied. “So, and I’m sorry if this is considered a rude question, but the cat traits. What are those about?”

Felix’s ears twitched, and he glanced up at them. “Oh, these? And the tail? Well long story short, one the gifts we received from Artemis and Poseidon together back in the olden days were a series of magical rituals that allow us to bestow animalistic qualities upon humans, since even back then we already engaged in quite a bit of magical body alteration. At the time, it was often for practical reasons. We once sent a guy with the traits of a bull off to Crete, since the king asked us to grant him a powerful son.”

“The minotaur was you guys?” Devin asked. “Huh. What about all the other half-animal things in ancient Greek myths? Or like, the Egyptian gods with all the animal heads?”

Felix nodded. “Yep. Of course, when we hid away from the world, all the magic went with us, including all the altered humans. I think that Cretan minotaur guy, Asterius, runs a café in the city somewhere. You’ll see guys there that run the gamut from just a few traits like me to basically being full on anthropomorphic animals. After all, we still have the magical rituals, so plenty of people go up to the Academy to get changed up, usually for aesthetic or sometimes kinky purposes, since unlike growth it isn’t permanent. They get plenty of business from our movie industry, for obvious reasons.”

“Amazing,” Devin replied. “So, what made you decide on cat traits?”

“Oh, I didn’t get these for myself,” Felix explained, gesturing to his ears. “I was sired by two Atlanteans where one was fully human and the other was pretty much full humanoid cat, so I ended up in between both. I could commit either way, but I and most other beastkin I know usually find we’re most comfortable committing to one state of being, as opposed to changing regularly.”

“Beastkin. All right, adding that to the mental dictionary I’m already building for this place,” Devin joked. “Lots of new words to learn.”

“Such as?”

Devin thought back to what Nikoa had mentioned earlier. “Nikoa said something about some hypers having ‘echoes?’ He also mentioned a caste of ‘macros.”

Felix nodded, smiling. “Ah, yes. Well, as far as the former goes, you’re going to meet some hypers who have gotten so large that their mobility is extremely limited, at least not without the help of a macro or magic. When you get to that size, you make even more adjustments to your lifestyle than you initially do when you become a hyper. They usually receive dedicated attendants to tend to their needs and keep them company, comfy living accommodations and regular entertainment. Reaching such a size around here is considered both a great honor and service, whether to Atlantean society or to your House, since it’s entirely voluntary.”

“Well, that’s good for them. I can’t imagine how it feels to have a cock that big that you’re basically, well, immobilized,” Devin mused. “So, what’s that have to do with those ‘echo’ things?”

“Oh, right! Well, if hypers ever want or need to attend a function beyond their post ‘in person’ so to speak, there’s a special spell we’ve developed to help. In fact, it was House Serikos that invented it. Basically, it allows hypers to conjure a sort of… avatar, an echo, out of their cum, that resembles them, but has a more modestly sized cock so they can get around. They can then sort of inhabit the echo and pilot it around to attend events, or even just to cultivate a wider social circle. Not to mention having a gooey body made of cum has its own unique applications for sex. They can even feel everything it feels as a normal body would. Once they’re done, the avatar dissolves.”

“That’s… wow,” Devin replied. “So would Nikoa have need for casting an echo, once he’s gone through his ritual to become a hyper?”

Felix shrugged. “Well, he knows how to do it, being of House Serikos and all, and he definitely will utilize it for some fun with you or others, but as for actually needing it, not necessarily. He won’t be immobile, at least at the basic state. Even at such a size, Atlantean cocks are surprisingly not too heavy, mostly just unwieldy. Wouldn’t be good if we could accidentally crush each other, heh. Most get by either with specialized slings or magical floating litters to carry their packages. Some, like you saw with Andius, instead hire either a team of guys or even a smaller end macro. I believe the plan for now is to set up Master Nikoa with an enchanted litter.”

“Gotcha. Now that you just mentioned them, what IS a ‘macro?’ I kind of got the impression that they’re really big, but in a way that’s different from hypers?”

Felix grinned. “Well, you see, part of the reason this place is called ‘Atlantis’ is because this island was once where the titan, Atlas, held up the sky, or so the legends say. When we hid away, it’s said that the ancient Atlanteans convinced the gods to allow them to bind the sky into place with powerful magic and relieve Atlas of his sentence. They did so, and as a show of gratitude for our role in freeing him, Atlas granted our people a boon before he departed. He gave us the ability to use our magical talent for growth to increase one’s height, as he himself was supposedly a towering giant.”

“Wow. So, you guys have just straight up giants, as well as people with giant cocks?”‘

The neko nodded, gazing out through the pillars in front of them at the sea. “Yep. Much like hypers, macros fall into different classes of size, with most ranging between 8 and 12 feet. Others tower above buildings, or even reach further colossal sizes beyond that, though for logistics’ sake, reaching that size requires approval by the Council of Houses. For all that they look like your usual twinkish Atlantean, though, they are still quite strong due to their sheer size.”

“Wait, you guys know what a ‘twink’ is here?” Devin asked.

“Well, we have a word for it in Atlantean, so it’s translating for you as whatever you would best understand it as. Anyways where was I? Oh, right. Yeah, the macros are pretty strong. They often help us with construction, or as I mentioned, moving the particularly large hypers.”

“How do you go about, well, keeping someone that big fed?”

“There are a few very lucky individuals that are both macro and hyper. They inhabit planned out spots throughout the archipelago, and their cum provides nourishment for all the macros on islands within their zone. They’re among some of the biggest macros, and make pretty popular travel destinations, as a result.”

Devin’s eyes widened. “…Holy shit, they’re that big?”

Felix nodded emphatically. “I visited one once, to get reference for a landscape mural I got commissioned to paint. Usually after they have one of their scheduled orgasms to collect their cum for the other macros, they take naps for several hours. While they’re out, you’re free to take hiking or climbing trips across them. All macros at that size go through weeks of training to be considerate of their surroundings, so it’s perfectly safe.”

“Wow… what was your trip like?”

Felix reminisces for a moment. “What was the name of the guy I visited? Kyluas. I picnicked on his abs, and then spelunked down his cock for a dive in his balls. I then got to ride the rapids out with the rest of the tour when it was time for his afternoon orgasm.”

“Did you have, like, diving equipment? Don’t tell me you guys can like, snorkel with your cocks or something ridiculous like that.”

Felix laughed loudly. “Oh, no no. Hilarious mental image, but no. Atlanteans don’t have need for breath. Helps us with the rather large, well, mouthfuls we often find ourselves taking. So, we can’t drown or suffocate, and it also makes us great singers, which pleased Apollo. We still breathe naturally simply as a matter of instinct.”

“I’m beginning to wonder whether you guys are just straight up gods, with all the boons you have.”

“None that would be all too strange on a magical race from your myths, no?”

“I guess not. It’s just… s-sorry, I gotta…” Devin’s cock had been dripping increasingly heavily throughout the conversation at Felix’s lurid descriptions of Atlantean society, growing gradually more erect in front of him. Not wanting to be too distracted, he buried the tip in his throat and groaned as another mind-blowing orgasm raced through him, gulping down his load with muffled grunts. Felix watched Devin’s impromptu display of autofellatio and licked his lips. “Enjoying yourself, eh?”

After a minute, the flow of Devin’s cum finally slowed and he pulled his cock from his mouth, giving Felix a shaky grin. “Heh, y-yeah… feel free to have a taste.”

“Don’t mind if I do…” The catlike aide leaned over and took a long slurp from Devin’s cock, drawing out the last dregs of cum still making their way down his lengthy shaft as he draped it back around his neck, letting out a soft groan at Felix’s attentions. The neko released his cock with a pop and winked. “Delicious. I’ve heard it said that each Atlantean has a slightly different flavor to their cum, and that real connoisseurs can pick out the differences. I’m not quite that level of discerning, but I give yours a full five stars regardless. The idea of being inside a huge cock got you going?”

“Heh, yeah. What does that, y’know, feel like for the hyper? I’d imagine it isn’t as unpleasant as having something shoved down your dick is for outsiders. Does it feel good? Nikoa explained to me siring involves fucking a cock and then pushing out an entire guy in the resultant, well, orgasm, so…”

Felix nodded. “I can’t speak from firsthand experience on how it feels, but from the hypers I’ve talked to, they described it as being highly stimulating and pleasurable, with their cocks apparently being even more sensitive to pleasure inside than the outside. Remember how I mentioned how we can develop lots of fine motor control over our cocks? Lots of folks around here use that particular talent to be able to pull things, and often Atlanteans, into and out of their cocks for transport or just fun times.”

“That seems… woah. I wonder what that’s like…”

Nikoa’s voice rang out from above them. “You’ll find out soon enough! I signaled for a rickshaw to bring us into town.” The prince descended the ramp holding a blue chiton accompanied by a white sash and a silver arm band inlaid with a gem matching the one on his circlet. “Apologies for the wait, it took me a moment of hunting to find it.”

Devin got to his feet, spreading his arms and smiling affectionately at Nikoa as Felix took the chiton from the prince and dressed Devin in it. After the neko fastened the garment in place with the sash, Nikoa approached, holding the arm band. “This will signify you as a member of the House of Serikos.”

Devin nodded, slipping the band onto his right bicep. “I’m honored, truly.”

Nikoa turned to Felix. “My friend, I’ll trust you’ll keep an eye on things around here and get everything ready? I want to perform the growth ritual once we get home from Serikos Isle. I just know I’ll be able to convince them to let me go through with it.”

The neko nodded eagerly. “I know you will. I’ll make sure everything is taken care of and make all the necessary arrangements, you two just enjoy yourselves in Thalassos.”

The prince turned to Devin and offered his arm, leading him towards the front of the villa. “Ready to see more of the new world that awaits you?”

Devin grinned. “I’ve never been more ready in my entire life.”


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