Please don’t grow, son!

by LAComplex

 You think your children are hell? Wait until you discover the struggle of Andrew’s parents, who have to manage a 50-foot giant on a daily basis.

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Like every two days at 5 pm, the ground was rumbling in the small suburban block of New Haven. The denizens of the area had grown accustomed to this nuisance, and had learned to stop hanging things on walls or to avoid leaving fragile objects close to a ledge. Still, this didn’t stop the cracks in their house from expanding with every passing week.

The source of the rumbling was neither a nearby worksite nor a company fracking for gas—as reason would entice you to guess. Rather, it was the Chase’s son, Andrew. At 50 feet tall, packing in excess of 100,000 pounds of raw muscles, the teenage colossus’ runs couldn’t go unnoticed.

As soon as she heard the heavy footsteps of her son, his mother ran outside, bawling for him to be more discreet. Although her husband had abandoned any hope of educating their massive son, she wasn’t planning on giving out any time soon.

“Andrew! Slow down! You are waking up everybody!” Her son didn’t pay much attention to her, still in the pace of his run. His mind had drifted—it always did—and he was enjoying the disparate size difference between him and the street in which he had grown up.

There wasn’t a house that was taller than him; most of them barely reached up his abs, with the exception being his own home, which he was just as tall as it was. Though, this wouldn’t stand for long; maybe a week or two at its current growth rate.

Telltale signs of his recent growth spurt filled the calm neighborhood: from the numerous potholes and networks of cracks in the road, to the damaged street furniture, the area could have mistaken for a rundown district of Detroit.

He finally came to a stop as he stepped into the garden, crushing the trash can with one of his careless step. As he gazed down at the main door, he saw his beloved mom.

“Mom! I’m back!” His powerful voice made the windows of the entire neighborhood rattle. “Shhh! Andrew! I told you thousands of times!” He smiled as he finally heard the usual squeaks from his mom. “Yeah, yeah…” he said, his voice calming a bit.

He had always been a nice kid—always with good intentions—but every clumsy action of his could’ve dire consequences now. He surely didn’t know his own strength nor just how puny the humans below were.

In his earlier days, Andrew had been a normal kid, surely a bit of an over-obsessed-with-sports jock, but nothing history-making. However, there came to be a big surprise in his life. At age 16, when most teenagers’ growth start to plateau, Andrew stood at a reasonable 5’8” and was in good shape. His performances in the track and field team were stellar, and he was handsome to top it all.

Though, rather than curbing down, his growth accelerated. On his seventeenth birthday he stood at a towering 6’4” and his performances had skyrocketed. He was even slated to take part in the nationals! The doctors were surprised, but then, this was not unheard of. They expected him to stop inching up soon, perhaps around 6’8” or so.

Four months letter, when passed 6’10” the doctors were stunned. He was a shredded wall of muscle, with a body-fat percentage below 5% while consuming more than 15,000 calories a day! His parents were overwhelmed, especially so since there was no end to his growth in sight…

He underwent a battery of tests to try to explain his incredible growth spurt; but while awaiting for the full results, the kid easily broke through the 7’ barrier and then the 8’ one on the very day of the results. He was a living Hercules, breaking track and field records pretty much every day—and his sexual life didn’t seem to suffer in any way from his massive size, as the regular moans coming from his room attested.

The results of the tests showed beyond-toxic levels of HGH, testosterone and a bazillion other intricate molecules involved in regulating human growth. The scientists showed that any form of exhaustion simply accelerated his growth. They also were astonished that the square-cube law—slated to limit the size of pretty much anything on Earth—seemed not to apply to the young Adonis…

His parents promptly forbid him from exercising in any way—as much as you can enforce rules when your son is nearly twice your size. And yet, he kept on inching up higher and higher, his body remaining as ripped as ever.

As he grew bigger and bigger, the rule became more and more infringed. The biggest accident had happened on his eighteenth birthday, when he had more than doubled his size while showing off to his friends, reaching a terrifying 30-feet.

His parents had been aghast; his father had secluded in his room ever since, never leaving it but for showering. His mother had been furious, but there was little she could do. These days, her son had resumed his runs, growing in excess of a foot every three days. There was little they could do to convince him to stop, for he seemed oblivious to the danger of his growth.

“Andrew! I told y—,” the complaints of his mom brought him back to reality. He delighted in remembering every aspect of his growth, and perhaps liked even more to picture what was coming up for him… But no time for that now—she was hysterical, and he had to calm her down.

“Mom.” He give her his killer smile, the one not a soul on Earth could resist. “It’s the Nike people, they wanted to get some shots of me running with my new leggings and shoes.” He looked almost charming, perhaps even cute, if it wasn’t for the fact he could grind to pulp a fully grown man in his fists.

“Those bloody Nike people!” she shrieked, by now the loudest one in the neighborhood. “They aren’t coming close to you ever again!”

“Mom, they feed me. I need them.” It was indeed true—without the dozens of sponsorships, he would starve to death. It brought his mom back to her reason; she was calmer now.

“Yeah… I guess you are right… Sorry…” She looked up to his massive frame, glistening in sweat. The smell coming off from him was intoxicating, pungent and virile. It compelled one not to stand in the way of the giant.

“Awww, no need to be sorry mom.” Then he added, “Look,” his voice was sharp and loud again, “these new leggings are the shit!” To highlight his point, he planted his left foot inches away from her mom, who let out a small scream of terror. He tensed up his diamond-like quads, stretching thin the khaki fabric. They wouldn’t last the week though, his mom thought…

She dared to look up, fearful of the display of strength that was her son. His quads were bulging with vast amounts of power, each the size of a car and packing untold strength. It wasn’t the only thing bulging in the tight leggings; the outline of his donkey dick was clearly visible too, larger than a full-grown adult—this sent shiver down her spine.

As he flexed his leg, slowly driving his shoe lower into the ground, grinding the concrete of the narrow alley leading to the house, he could feel every single fiber in it becoming alive, engorged with blood. It was a feeling that made him overjoyed. He could even feel his bones lengthening ever so slightly by the very second, his frame adding pound after pound of muscles. He had worked up a good sweat after all, and he could feel any gratuitous flex was earning him a few more inches.

By now, his mother had, too, noticed the slight growth spurt. But before she was able to voice her worries, her son stopped and decided to sit on the ground to get some rest. As he sat down, he carelessly crushed the next door resident’s $5,000 racing bike, his boulder-like ass blocking the entry-way of their house.

His mother flinched, apparently the only one worried by the damages her son could cause. The feeling was only furthered as he leaned back on the house, his broad back easily covering the ground level as well as the first one. There were some worrying noises coming for the house as it groaned from the applied weight—but Andrew, for once, proved careful enough.

His extended legs reached down the road, fully blocking one of the lanes. Noticing the small crowd out—a dozen or so of people had regrouped down the block—he waved at them, delighting them with another one of his killer-smile. The attention he paid to them was enough to make some girls of the group wet.

“Pay attention!” his mother yelled, worried for the neighbor’s house.

“Yeah, yeah…” He adjusted his stance, before continuing, “they left a week ago anyway.” And they weren’t the only ones: a good quarter of the neighbors had gone on extended vacations, or abandoned their houses, fearing just how big Andrew could get. Amongst the other remaining, they were either total devotees, or on the verge of leaving too.

‘I should demolish it…’ He thought out loud, actually seriously entertaining the idea in his head… That would be some serious f—

“What? Are you out of your mind?” She was hysterical, again.

“Relax mom, I was just kidding!” He laughed to recomfort his mom, but that didn’t help much.

The idea that her son could seriously joke about such an idea, with the means to actually achieve it was beyond terrifying… In these moments, he was an ominous figure to her.

“Awww, come here mom,” he said as he gently tapped his fingers on his quad, worried about her. She stumbled down to his compression shorts, her frame not even as tall as his quads were high. She tried to climb them, her hands making contact with the hot and damp leggings, but failed. Andrew couldn’t help but giggle.

“Let me help you,” he said, pushing her slightly with his hand. The control he had of his strength was staggering—at least when he actually paid attention. He could’ve shot her in the sky with a wrong movement, but instead it was just a tame push.

She got back on her feet, literally standing on her son’s quads—another terrifying thought to fuel her nightmares. She limped closer to his defined upper-body, transfixed by the sheer beauty of her son.

Every step on his leggings was like advancing in a swamp—a swamp of sweat. He radiated heat, and under her feet she could feel the fabric releasing some of the salty perspiration it had stored with every step she took. Getting finally at the level of his upper-body, the smell was overwhelming.

Andrew was still drenched in sweat, the virile musk making her feel weak on her knees. As she stared at the washboard of abs before her—his navel eye level with her—she couldn’t help but feel aroused. Even the way beads of sweat were flowing down the landscape of his upper-body was hot—she was facing the very definition of a sex symbol.

Ever since his growth spurt had gone public, it had been the subject of worldwide media attention. In fact, he had become a global sex phenomenon. People actually took trips from Europe or China to just catch a glimpse of him; the internet was flooded with pictures and videos of him, each having broken every single view record. There wasn’t a day without a segment on him on a major channel.

And this wasn’t even talking about his ever-growing fandom on the internet. He had had an unrivaled effect on many, and millions of men and women had come to silently worship him in the confines of their homes. The so-called Andrew-effect had broken many couples, as husbands had grown uninterested in their spouses, preferring long videos of the teenage colossus instead.

There wasn’t a short supply of footage of him either; even with the media banned from getting in the block, new videos flooded the internet every day. Andrew didn’t care—on the contrary, the attention was music to his ears—and when he had learned dozens of millions had watched videos of him masturbating his—at the time—10-foot cock while worshipping his own muscles, he had found the idea oddly exciting. He liked the attention, and he liked even more the way people were willing to worship him.

His parents were terrorized by the ideas of so many people gazing at their nude son; but then, he wasn’t into any danger and they couldn’t do fuck all about it. They just tried to distance any sexual thought of their son they had, for they know this was too taboo…

Nevertheless, there was a distant thought in his mother’s head, always lingering in here, from the day she had caught her husband watching the now world-famous video of dozens of guys and girls from school worshipping the humongous body of Andrew, licking clear every square inch of him… She couldn’t help but wonder if he had enjoyed it…

She was brought back to reality by growls coming from her son’s stomach. “Damn! I am hungry!” He rubbed his paved 8-packs at the same time; if people craved to worship his body, he was the first in constant need of checking himself out. He felt overjoyed as his hand stretched his tight skin, each of his abs a slab of muscles the size of a fridge. His core was overly developed, and it was one of his favorite body parts to massage.

“Do we have something to eat?” he inquired of his mother. In a single day, he would eat as much as 2,000 people—an afternoon snack would be equivalent to eating three quarters of a cow. “No, Andrew… The caterers will be here in two hours.”

His parents had been unable to feed him for a while now. Three times day, a catering crew would come to prepare food for him; it was no easy task. The giant’s appetite seemed endless. He preferred protein above anything, but it was only a matter of personal preferences: he could eat junk-food all-day and his frame would be left unchanged.

When he had broken the 10’ mark, the local McDonald had offered to feed him for free. He would eat in excess of 400 nuggets per seating, the only thing stopping him being people asking for pictures. People would come with their huge sandwiches and he would engulf them in one mouthful; he even shamed Nathan’s Hot Dog historic contester Joeys ‘Jaws’ Chestnut by achieving an all-time record of 300 hot-dogs while Joeys couldn’t pass the 70 bar this time.

Wondering about how he would keep busy for the rest of the day, he flexed his biceps, the already hose-sized veins popping out even more. He looked down at his frame, appreciating every inch of size he had gained throughout the last few years.

The striations on his body were otherworldly; his muscles were sharp, as if cut in marble with daunting precision. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body: he was sculpted to perfection and he knew it. He could’ve spent hours gazing at his Adonis-like body, relinquishing in his might, enjoying every detail of his frame. He especially enjoyed his knotty forearms and their complex texture, an impossible web of veins mapping them. He was a sight to behold.

Her mother stood speechless as her son was giving away into a self-worshipping session. She could read it in his eyes: the pride, the power, the virility. He was determined and he would not be deterred from his path to becoming a breathing God…

“I think I will get them to build me a set of weights…” Once again, he was thinking out loud.

“What?!” Her gaze was commanding; had he not been 100,000 pounds of muscle, he might have been forced to listen to her.

“I don’t know, I would like a bit more mass on my frame.” He flexed his biceps repeatedly, staring at it and observing the pump he was getting.

“That’s out of the question Andrew!” Him starting to train again? At his current size?! There was no telling he big he could grow!

“Can you imagine me with 13-foot guns?” His biceps had reached full pump, its peak fully formed and resting on his horse-shoe triceps. If he was ripped now, the kind of size he was talking about would put him in the bodybuilder range; it was simply unimaginable.

He started to notice again the endearing feeling of his bones stretching and of his muscles fibers getting denser… ‘Son…’ her mother sounded afraid now. There was a steady stretching sound coming from her left; as she gazed, she noticed the python-like outline of Andrew’s cock stretching longer and longer, the obscene head clearly visible through the compression shorts. It was nearly twice her size already!

“And what my chest would look like then!” He puffed up his already rock-hard pecs, the striations really coming to life as he playfully flexed them. He continued by tensing his washboard abs, the wall of muscles in front of his mother becoming animated with movement as he did so. It was mesmerizing to see such large swath of mass moves so effortlessly!

He was losing himself in the sensation of power that heightened with every gratuitous flex. His mind was racing with possibilities, as he imagined his blown-up frame against the NYC skyline, eye-to-eye with most historical sights. This only furthered his fantasies, his cock dripping bits of precum.

The sexual smell of his teenage hormones quickly became unbearable of the ground—it didn’t take much—and his mother felt on her ass as she tried to distance herself. He was getting off onto the thought of growing even bigger, all of his muscles tensed up as if he was replaying the scene again and again in his head…

He had completely forgotten about the presence of his mother on his leg; after all, the petite woman weighed next to nothing for him. She was terrified, aghast, as she glanced up at the ominous frame of her freakish son.

His entire upper body was tensed-up hard, veins popping everywhere, striations clearly visible. His meaty pecs were concealing part of his handsome face, but she could see through his cleavage that he was in ecstasy…

And then, she realized the impossible was happening, again: she wasn’t eye to eye with his navel anymore and the skin of his torso was visibly stretching: he was growing!

“Son…” she pleaded, to no avail. She wasn’t the only one noticing the change. Andrew quickly realized he was growing, as the now common sensation of power and vigor radiated through his entire body, prompting him to groan in ecstasy.

“Mom! I’m growing! Can you see it?!” He was beyond joy or euphoria: it was a feeling no mere mortal could understand. “Fuck I am big!” He pounded his chest to highlight his point, making the windows of the entire neighborhood rattle.

He then proceeded to stretch his shoulders, grinding in the walls of the house behind. To his frightened mom, it looked like as if they were getting broader and broader by the second in one single swift motion, the growth not coming to any end.

“Please… Son…” she managed, struggling to speak under his domination. He brought one of his hands behind his back, highlighting his brutal triceps and his tight core. The effect of the flex was imminent: the growth stepped into next gear, he was not inching up anymore, but was growing at a rate of a foot per second.

Under the powerful groans of her son, his mother felt weak and pathetic, unable to even grab his attention. Her son was becoming a breathing giant, and there was nothing she could do about it…

The rattling of the house behind his back—which his shoulders now covered from bottom to second story almost—the stretching and thinning of his leggings which failed to cover up his calves fully, and the sound of his laces unfolding acted as a monumental soundtrack to his growth.

Sweat made his body glistened under the sun and he looked more and more like a godly, supernatural figure, rather than an eighteen-year-old teenager. Her mother had no choice but to gaze at his growing body, as she was trapped on his ballooning quads.

As his compression shorts receded from his expanding waist, they revealed a thick patch of smelly pubes and even the very base of his massive cock, only feet away from his mother. Inevitably so, there was soon some ripping around his bulging quads, which by now were close to the size of a small trailer home.

Throwing his head back in ecstasy, he noticed his hair were a foot or so away only from the rooftop of the house, even though he was still seated… There was no doubt about it: he had grown a lot. This brought him back from his imagery of him towering over the New York skyline; he wanted to see how big he really was now!

“Man, that was awesome!” he shouted, his voice now so powerful his mother had to cover her ears in pain. She was weeping, utterly destroyed by the scene she had just witnessed. He helped her get down from his even more massive quads and she immediately took shelter under the porch of the house.

Andrew stood up, and up and up. He had grown tremendously and his frame looked fuller than ever. He exploded with laughter as he noticed that his house—previously as high as he was—was not even chest-high now! He could surely just blow through it if he wanted to!

A stark tearing sound caught his attention on the ground. It was his green and black sneakers, which his feet had just plowed through. “So much for these $15,000 Nikes!” He threw them away, and they landed with a huge thump down the road, hundreds of feet away—they would soon become a prized object of worship, like many of his old clothes.

His mother gagged from the stench of his bare feet. The growth had exerted him tremendously, and he had sweat profusely.

His leggings had held a bit better, but for the few rips around his quads and the fact they couldn’t cover his diamond calves anymore. He didn’t care and was more amused by the fact he had once again grown out of his clothes—it was always exciting to him. New one would be coming tomorrow either way…

He flexed his muscles a bit, appreciating their new brutal size. His shoulders were nearly as large as the entire roadway by now; and his biceps had made some serious gains, now each close to the size of a car. This had been one of his most awesome growth spurt yet, without a doubt!

And as he flexed with more and more might, he felt like he could make it happen any time, again and again if he wanted. But for now…

His stomach growled, in an even more obscene manner than before. “Man, if I was hungry before, I am starving now!” The windows were rattling hard in the entire block—his voice had really gotten much more powerful. “Mom!” he interjected, looking for her on the ground.

The neighbor house’s facade had been wrecked by his growth, the walls curved and the windows exploded. He struggled to find his mom down there, but eventually succeeded—his eyesight was sharper than ever. “I am going to grab something at the supermarket.” He informed here casually.

“Andrew! No!” Although it was hopeless, she had regained enough energy to shriek again. But it was too late; he wasn’t waiting for an answer or an authorization anymore. He was already gone, sprinting down the small road, the usual rumbling from his run stronger than ever…


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