Alpha Male

by Josef Howard

A gay man wakes one morning inside the body of the (formerly) straight star-spangled super-hero AlphaMale. Everything is terrific until AlphaMale’s studly sidekick finds out his body is inhabited by an imposter.

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Part 1 A gay man wakes one morning inside the body of the (formerly) straight star-spangled super-hero AlphaMale. Everything is terrific until AlphaMale’s studly sidekick finds out his body is inhabited by an imposter. (added: 1 Jul 2002)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Part 1

When I woke up there was a feeling of fullness across my chest, a vacuum in my stomach and heaviness in my arms, legs and back. And moving my arms was effortless. As I turned on my back my dick flopped across my legs.

My heart stopped. It draped over the top of my thigh and down the side. It was huge. I slide my hand down. It was so thick I couldn’t reach around it, and my touch was making it grow even more. I tugged on it. It pointed up at my head and lifted itself off my stomach. I opened my eyes. The bed sheets were tented.

But when I tossed them off I got an even bigger shock. The body connected to my head was as huge, lean and as hard as my throbbing, horse-sized dick. I propped myself up on my elbows and kicked away the sheets. My abs tensed and rippled. My waist was perfectly flat and narrow. There was a forest of blond fur on my pecs, but only a dribble down the center of my abs.

I gripped the base of my dick with my right hand. It felt so good I had to squeeze, and I dropped back down on my back so I could hold it with my other hand too.

The bedroom door was open before I could react to the sound of it opening. “Oh! Sorry, Gordon!” A very beefy teenager with morning hair stood in the doorway in a pair of jockey shorts. “Guess I should have knocked.”

I let go of my cock. I had never seen him before in my life, yet I knew exactly who he was. His name was Stewart and we were partners of some sort.

“Get dressed! Something is up on the East Side. I heard it on the police band.”

Police band? Why should I care about anything he heard on that? But somehow I knew it was important and I knew what to do. I lifted a loose floorboard near the bed and pulled out a bright red and blue costume. The fabric was lightweight like nylon, but shiny like leather. It clung to every bulge and crevice of my enormous musculature like my own skin. On the chest was an emblem, a pair of wings placed around a large capital letter ‘A’. A hood covered my head, except for my nose and jaw. By the time I was dressed, so was the teenager. His costume was darker—blue and gray. He looked almost sinister. He was shorter than me, maybe about 5’10”, and not nearly as muscular. (How tall was I?) But he must have weighed well over 200 pounds of lean, perfectly proportioned, athletic muscle. It was difficult to keep from tenting my trunks when I saw how well he filled out his pants. He must have been as big down there as I was.

Down a private elevator, inside a hidden storage room, was a speed bike painted the same colors as my costume. The teenager climbed on behind me and we shot out onto the street. Stewart directed me through the city by pressing one of his thick fingers into my left or right side when it was time to turn. The wind rushing over me, through the thin fabric of my costume, as I darted around slower vehicles, and Stewart’s thick, hard arms wrapped around my broad back and flat stomach—it was all immensely exhilarating. My skin tingled and my trunks were swelling again. I thought I could feel Stewart, pressed against my ass, responding the same way.

I could hear the breaking glass and the crash of steel before I saw the cause of the disturbance that we came to stop. I rounded the last corner following the sound, without even needing Stewart’s directions.

A car whipped through the air a foot from my face before I skidded the motorcycle to a stop. The air in its wake was as sharp as a slap in the face. Straight ahead was a ten-foot tall creature made of living, breathing stone. Bedrock was his name. Stewart and I had fought him before. A dozen other smashed cars were lying on their hoods or sides. One of them was in flames. Police cars blocking the road behind him held back a crowd a hundred yards away.

Bedrock picked up another car as Stewart leapt twenty feet through the air at him. He heaved and tossed the car at me. My arms went up by reflex. My fingers slipped through its steel shell like it was plastic, but my arms tensed and stopped it in mid-air. For an instant I held the car over my head, intoxicated by the feeling of being so strong, then I gently tossed the car to the ground.

Bedrock had swatted Stewart away from him in mid-dive. Stewart was behind him now, twisting one arm behind his back and grabbing for the other. Bedrock’s arms were as thick as tree trunks, but for all of the difference in their sizes, Stewart was almost as strong. I jumped into the air, somersaulted, sprung up from the ground again and hit him feet first in the stomach. His abs cracked, but the force of my dive pulled his arms free from Stewart’s hold. He swung at me, but I ducked away before his fist got near. I grabbed his gigantic wrist and threw him over my head down to the ground using his own momentum. The pavement caved with his impact.

Unfortunately Bedrock wasn’t the least bit stunned. He pounded both his basketball-sized fists on the pavement. The ground shook so violently that every lamppost on the block quivered. His fists left deep depressions in the asphalt and concrete around him. I jumped on his stomach, clenched my hands together and hammered both of them on chest. Bedrock bucked his hips to throw me off of him, but I wrapped my legs around his waist. The sight of this gargantuan man pinned beneath me and the feeling of my groin against his giant abs made my dick stiffen again. With each blow to his chest more and more cracks appeared in Bedrock’s torso. The cracks crawled over his shoulders, down his arms and up his neck. They widened into fissures until one of my blows shattered his whole body.

Although seeing it happen reminded me that this was the way I always defeated Bedrock, and I knew that I hadn’t really killed him, I had only destroyed a physical manifestation of a rock goblin, I still shivered. Somehow it was as though it was the first time again. Somehow everything that had happened to me since I woke up was both familiar and foreign, but before I could consider the feeling fully, I felt Stewart’s powerful hand playfully pat me on the shoulder.

“Good job, AlphaMale! This time we stopped him before he did much real damage,” Stewart said. AlphaMale?! That was my name?! How appropriately heroic!

I swung around and grasped his forearm with my right hand. He clenched my forearm the same way. “I couldn’t have done it without you, Beta Boy,” I said, remembering his code name at the last instant.

A fire engine and several police cars pulled up. The firemen began to extinguish the burning car. The policemen directed people who had been trapped in the lobbies of nearby office buildings past the wreckage and out of the area. One of their commanding officers shook our hands and thanked us.

Stewart and I were quiet on the way back. The touch of his arms around my chest had both of us sexually aroused again. Not knowing the nature of our relationship, I felt uncomfortable about it. I sensed he was uncomfortable too, but was it because he knew I was aroused, or because I was being too quiet. Maybe my uncertainties were unnerving him.

Standing next to him as he pulled his tunic over his head and bared his brawny chest, which was covered with more hair than my own, as coal black as the hair on his head, my jaw dropped and my eyes dilated. Naked to the waist, he returned my stare, although with more cool.

“Did I sprout a third arm?” he asked, innocently, but I knew that he knew why I was staring.

“I … God! You’re good looking!”

He stepped toward me. Our eyes locked. “You never noticed before,” he said, and then I knew that the arousal I had felt since I saw him was new to me, although I didn’t know why. Stewart laid the palm of his hand on the expanse of my pectoral muscle. The light friction, the roughness of his palm against my large, erect nipple made me quiver.

“You have changed,” Stewart said.

My lips devoured his before he could develop the observation further. Our tongues wrestled and our arms locked around each other. He was obviously as thirsty for this as I was. I heard a loud rip and felt my horse dick break free of my pants. It was a frequent occurrence for me when I was really aroused, ever since my transformation into AlphaMale. Stewart wrapped his fist around the lower third of my dick and tugged on it. In another instant, his dick tore free. They jerked and batted each other. I was right, Stewart was as big as I was in at least one way.

I withdrew my tongue from Stewart’s mouth and squatted in front of him. I pulled my gloves off, pointed his long, thick dick to my mouth and swallowed the first six inches of it.

“Ohhh! You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this,” Stewart said.

He was so thick he completely filled my mouth. I wanted his dick like I had never wanted anything before. I sucked hard and dragged my wet lips and a little of my teeth along his hard shaft. Then I dove down on it again and inhaled the rest of it down my muscular throat. Stewart groaned. A steady stream of pre-cum burbled up from my balls and out my piss slit. With his whole cock buried inside of me, there was nothing left of him to grab except his orange-sized balls which bounced with delight inside his tight purse. I held one in each fist and tugged on them. Stewart braced himself on my head and poured his jism down my throat.

What happened next was new to me, yet I felt I had decades of experience at it. I tore apart the remnants of Stewart’s pants with my bare fists and split his leggings down to his ankles. He stepped out of their tattered remains as I pulled off the rest of my costume. I lifted him by his ass and fell on the bed on top of him, my heavy, hard dick between his legs and pointed at his ass crack. I spread his legs and ass cheeks with my hands and pushed my cock up his hole. Stewart tensed, but his ass swallowed my whole dick in one thrust and felt as soft as warm butter. On the next thrust he began push his ass into my groin as I fucked him. His muscular legs on my shoulders, his hard dick in my fist, his ass, which was well on the way to milking the cum from my dick, was the only soft thing about him. But both of us were too delighted by the pleasure we were giving each other to rush to a finish.

In the middle of our fucking I heard ringing. It was the phone. The machine picked up. A female voice spoke, “Gordon, this is Carol. Where are you? We were supposed to meet for lunch, remember?”

Carol! She was my fiancée! She was an actress I had been engaged to for three years, although we still hadn’t set a date. I wasn’t sure I should marry anyone, and my mysterious disappearances to handle emergencies as AlphaMale fostered her mistrust of me. As good as I remembered our sex had been in the years we had been together, I couldn’t fathom that it was better than what I was having right this instant with this dick hungry stud. Stewart grabbed my arms and pulled, begging me to fuck him harder. I gave in to the impulse and drove him over the edge. He squirted hard, over his head and splattered on the wall. His ass clamped tight around my dick and I fired off inside him in ten excruciatingly ecstatic ejaculations that coaxed still more cum out of his dick. Then I collapsed on top of him, cum sandwiched between our hard, hairy chests.

“What is up with you?” Stewart asked when he’d gotten back his breath. “I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years, but why now? You’ve never been the least bit physically interested in me before, even though it’s been obvious to everyone how I have felt about you.”

“I … I have a confession. When I woke up this morning it was as though I today was the first day of my life. Everything that has happened to me before today, though I remember it vividly, seems like it happened to someone else.”

“You’re scaring me,” Stewart said. “If you’d said it started after our fight with Bedrock, I’d think you got hit on the head a little too hard. It’s like you aren’t even the same person. Who are you?”

“Someone else,” I said. At first I intended no specific meaning, but then a different set of memories flooded my mind. I was someone else, a man named Andy Debiase. I lived in Los Angeles. I had fantasized about men like AlphaMale and Beta all my life. I told Stewart all this as it came back to me.

“I knew it was too good to be true!” he said. “The real AlphaMale won’t even return a pat on the back! Damn! I wish you’d never remembered this shit! Now I can’t rest until we find the mind of my real partner and get him back inside this fucking incredible body of his. And the only thanks I’ll get for all my effort will be a hand shake!”

Stewart struggled for freedom underneath me. I let him up and he stood. The sight of his naked body standing at ease in the light streaming in through the open window would have made Michelangelo weep. He picked up the phone on the nightstand.

“What was your phone number in LA?” he asked.

It was past my lips without even thinking.

He dialed the number. “Let’s see, Empire City is three hours ahead of LA. He might just be waking up inside of your body right now.”

“Did you say Empire City? Stewart, there’s no Empire City where I come from. I’m pretty sure people like you and me don’t even exist where I come from.”

“But you said you had always fantasized about people like us.”

“Yes, but where I come from people like us only exist in comic books.”

Stewart dropped the phone on the cradle.

“I’ve been to a place like that before on an adventure with the Enforcers. But that means you are from some parallel Earth, and theoretically there are an infinite number of them. Finding the one you are from will be impossible!”

The sight of Stewart, despite his distress, taut skin bursting with muscle, was making my formidable dick stretch and aim for the ceiling again. In spite of himself, Stewart couldn’t take his eyes off it. His cock began to get hard too.

In another instant he had me on my back with his dick pushing into my butt hole. However much experience I had had at getting fucked, this body apparently had none. It clenched tightly against his baseball bat dick. Stewart drove harder. When it finally gave in and enveloped the fist-sized head of his cock, I was in ecstasy. As inch after inch of his man pole reorganized my guts and stretched them as tightly around him as a condom, I could only grunt and groan. My ass muscles still spasmed around him. I could see on his limp, drooling face the incredible pleasure of my super human tightness gave him. As the last inch of his cock slipped inside and his balls grazed my ass, his dick jerked and shook and I felt jism fire up it and into my ass. As he rocked slightly back and forth, he kept on cumming, longer than I would have thought possible. After he stopped, and the sensations in his cock subsided somewhat, he was still hard, and I was definitely still horny. I started thrusting into his groin, and he began to draw back in full strokes, then drive home again. The whole length of him, his thickness and his cast iron hardness was taking away my breath. Stewart had wrapped both his giant hands around my cock and twisted them around it as he plowed my ass. In an instant I started shooting. Our love making continued for hours, spurred no doubt by the uncertainty of how much time the two of us would have together.


Part 2

I had fantasized all my life that something like this would happen to me, and now it had! But it was far better than I had imagined it could be. Not only was I a world famous super-hero imbued with incredible strength, speed, and agility, I was also gifted with unbelievable sexual prowess and hot, sex-crazed side kick who was madly in love with me.

The only problem was the code of honor us heroes lived by. It bound my sidekick to find the mind of the man who owned the body I was in, even though the real AlphaMale was apparently a heterosexual stick- in-the-mud whose only thought was saving the world from the catastrophe du jour. Stewart (Beta Boy) had devoted his every free moment to finding the mind of his true teammate ever since my revelation.

Now he had taken us to S.P.E.A.R. HQ, deep beneath the earth to enlist the aid of its Chief Officer, Pierce Armstrong. On the way to see him, dozens of operatives, most of which I recognized, greeted us. Stewart and I had worked with and for S.P.E.A.R. our entire careers. Stewart owed his superhuman abilities to an experiment contrived by S.P.E.A.R. scientists a decade ago that attempted to mimic the one that gave me my own super powers.

As usual, Pierce was in the war room, neck deep into intercepting some espionage plot, when Stewart and I arrived. I could tell he thought it was odd that Stewart was the one to approach him first, shake his hand and initiate the conversation instead of me. My relationship with him was much older. For a few months we had fought in the same Green Beret unit in 'Nam in the early sixties, and we had worked together sporadically ever since.

Before Stewart finished explaining the situation, two strong hands grabbed my arms and drew them behind my back. Two S.P.E.A.R. agents were restraining me. I twisted my shoulders to pull free, but they tightened their grip. I felt certain I could have effortlessly tossed them into each other, but before I did, Stewart protested.

“What's going on?!”

“You said he wasn't Gordon. He has no business here. This facility is so top secret, even the President doesn't know it exists.”

“You don't understand!” Stewart said. “Even if he weren't trustworthy, it's too late. He already knows everything Gordon knew! He's in Gordon's body! He has Gordon's brain!”

“Okay, Andy, when did I first meet Gordon?” Pierce asked me.

“Around 1962. We were both in the Green Berets. We were training South Vietnamese soldiers.”

“Ah, that's no good. Both of us have said that much in interviews! What was the first thing I said to you?”

“The very first thing?” I asked.


“We were both standing at the latrine taking a piss. You looked down at my dick and said something like, 'Man, they sure must grow 'em big back where you come from.' ”

“Why, I oughta…”

Pierce had his fist drawn, but Stewart grabbed it. Apparently there were men in Gordon's life other than Stewart who had crushes on him. Pierce's arousal was evident, even now. And who could blame him. This body I now possessed was the most magnificent male specimen to ever walk the planet. It was more muscular than any body builder ever dreamed of being, yet so graceful and balanced in its proportions that it didn't look the least bit excessive. I was Man as God had intended him to look, as though the rest of mankind had only been a 1st draft. If Man had been created in God's image, AlphaMale had been created out of God's fantasies!

Back in 'Nam, Gordon had been completely caught off guard by Pierce's comment at the latrine, but he hadn't said much about it, because Pierce was a superior officer. And Gordon couldn't fault Pierce for noticing how big his dick was. It was enormous. He had become AlphaMale only a month before that and he was still getting used to the size of it himself.

He had only been in the service three months. In boot camp, his sergeant had volunteered him for a top- secret experiment to create the first super soldier. The plans were to create a whole army of them to use in the small-scale, anti-Communist wars America had become involved in since the end of World War II. Gordon was the first human the serum had been tried on. The experiment was wildly successful, but the formula and its inventors were destroyed in a bomb explosion during Gordon's transformation. Gordon escaped harm since he was invulnerable by the time the bomb exploded.

Gordon had been tops in his boot camp class. In fact, the sergeant who nominated him for the experiment said he had been the most naturally talented raw recruit he had seen in twenty years. Gordon had always been athletic. He had been a track and field star in high school. He was muscular without being particularly well developed.

The army had taken him to the veteran's hospital drugged and blindfolded. They escorted him into a hospital room in the subbasement before they took the blindfold off. He was stripped naked, dressed in a hospital wrap and put into bed. For a week they ran tests on him. Finally the doctors approved his condition. Three uniformed soldiers escorted him, like he was under arrest, into a weight room. He was stripped naked again and stood in front of a phalanx of doctors in white coats, regular army, and a few generals and government officials. One of the doctors gave him a thick, sweet tasting fluid in a paper cup and told him to drink it. He did.

In a few seconds his muscles became engorged with blood, like from an incredible pump. Then they began to swell. A few of the men in the audience gasped. One of the doctors told him to pick up a pair of dumbbells. He chose a pair of sixty pounders. The doctor told him to curl them.

At first it was an effort. He thought he might have to choose a lighter pair. Then the weight became quite manageable, then light as a feather. He put them down and picked up two hundred-pound dumbbells. They began to seem light as well. When he put them down, he noticed himself in the gym mirrors. He looked like a muscle man, one of those guys you'd see occasionally in movies that he used to think looked so grotesquely bloated. But he thought the muscles looked good on himself. He felt strong, capable.

The doctor directed him to the squat rack. Two of the soldiers loaded it up with ten 45-pound plates on each side. He positioned himself under the bar and lifted it with such ease that the bar almost flew off his shoulders. As the soldiers added ten more plates to each side, he saw himself in the mirror again. He was even bigger, much larger than any man he had ever seen. His skin looked thin and tight too. He could see the muscles under it so well that he looked like one of those drawings in the encyclopedia that showed all the human muscles, only his were much, much larger. He positioned himself under the bar again. He did the math in his head. He was about to lift 1800 pounds. It must be some kind of a world record. He lifted the bar off the hook, positioned his feet and slowly descended. On the way back up, he strained just a bit. He lowered it again. This time it was as though he had no weight on his shoulders at all. He grinned to himself. He felt incredible.

The doctor took him over to machine version of a squat rack. Only there weren't any weights visible. He positioned himself under a bar, the doctor threw a switch and the bar started bearing down on him. He began to squat. It felt heavy, but not particularly unmanageable. He told the doctor. The doctor smiled. The weight got heavier. He strained a bit, but moved through the exercise smoothly. The doctor told him to continue. He completed ten reps, then twenty. The doctor was watching a dial on the side of the machine. His eyes widened. The machine began to smoke.

Then something broke and the bar was light as a feather again. A soldier sprayed a fire extinguisher at the smoke. No one seemed too concerned that he had broken it.

“Gentlemen,” the doctor addressed the audience, “Our super soldier, here, has just maxed out our squat machine at ten tons.”

This time Gordon felt like gasping, but he just grinned. The mirror showed he was bigger still.

“Private, extend your hand for me,” the doctor ordered.

He did. The doctor dragged a small scalpel along his arm. Gordon figured he must not have been pushing on his skin, because it felt like a fingernail and it didn't even leave a scratch. Then he stabbed at his thick forearm. The scalpel broke! He nodded at a soldier. The soldier drew his gun and fired at Gordon's chest! He barely felt a tap when the bullet ricocheted.

“Not withstanding the need to perform further, more scientific tests on the subject to verify these results, I would say the experiment was a success, gentlemen!” the doctor told the audience. Several people clapped. Then Gordon was blinded by bright light, pelted by shrapnel, and deafened by an explosion. The roof and half the building above them all collapsed. Everyone in the room was buried under debris. When things stopped falling, Gordon pushed my way out. He dug in the debris for hours for survivors, but everyone else was crushed.

The secret of the serum was lost in the explosion. Although bits and pieces of the lead doctor's research were stored in other facilities. There wasn't enough of it to recreate the experiment. The doctor and all his colleagues were dead.

The military put Gordon to work fighting communists. At first Gordon wore ordinary clothes, but the type of physical work he did destroyed so many uniforms that the military developed something more durable. Somebody in the uniform department had a sense of humor and developed an almost indestructible custom made of brightly colored, skintight material. Gordon wore it once in public, it became a hit with everyone. Then it became his official uniform.

In 1967 Gordon completed his service. The army tried desperately to convince him to reenlist, but the anti-war movement had fostered enough doubt in his head about the 'military industrial complex', of which he was a creation, that he left. He dropped out for a while. I lived in the Haight Ashbury during the summer of love. He did a little acid, grew his hair long, and enjoyed the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Mostly the sex. The government kept him under strict surveillance, which was pretty easy considering how much he stuck out, even in civilian clothes. Gordon was surprised they didn't arrest him for all the illegal drug use, but they must have figured it would be a bigger embarrassment to them than to him if it became public. Not that he gave up the hero-bit; he still helped out, but he was more of a free agent. Most of the beneficiaries of his goodwill were little people trampled by big business or the system.

In 1971 an old villain of his reemerged: OmegaMan. OmegaMan was the product of a similar experiment run by the Soviets, who managed to steal enough of the intelligence from the AlphaMale project. Something went seriously wrong in the experiment, however. OmegaMan was so mentally warped by the serum that he killed everyone involved in it. Then he set out to kill the only man who was his equal—AlphaMale. Time after time they tousled. Each time OmegaMan was defeated, but he managed to escape. This time he almost succeeded. He stranded AlphaMale at the sight of a nuclear test. When the bomb exploded AlphaMale was badly injured. He went into a deep coma.

Twenty years later the US government pieced enough of the super soldier serum together themselves to try another experiment. It was a whole new world in 1991. Communism was defeated, but the threat of terrorism was on the rise. They needed someone who could get into tight places quickly and take out the key men. They chose another raw recruit, a lad just seventeen. But this time things didn't quite work for them this time. Although Stewart's physical transformation was just as impressive, his strength was only half what Gordon's had been. Still, the army was all set to proceed with the transformation of more men when a damning side effect was found. The new serum had made Stewart as queer as a three dollar bill! Many people thought this was acceptable, but top brass was so homophobic that they scrapped the whole project.

Stewart was assigned to S.P.E.A.R. He fulfilled most of his promise as an international espionage agent, but eventually they found another side effect. The serum had made Stewart stop aging! He was permanently stuck at age 17!

Of course Gordon only knew this stuff about Stewart because two years ago he came out of his coma and went back into active duty himself.

Recounting more of this story convinced Pierce that Gordon was Gordon in body at least. He had the guards release their hold on me and sent them away. He was still uneasy about trusting me until he saw Stewart put his arm on my shoulder and watched my prodigious dick swell inside my tight pants. When I put my arm around Stewart's waist and kissed him lightly on the lips, Pierce's own meat started to stiffen.

“Andrew,” Stewart explained to Pierce, whose jaw had dropped, “is gay.”

“I see,” Pierce said. His eyes dilated and his hand absent-mindedly rubbed the bulge in his pants. “Andrew, no disrespect for Stewart—I can see you're very fond of him—no disrespect, but could you come stand here.”

I stood inches from Pierce's craggy masculine face. Although the serum hadn't stopped the aging process in Gordon's body it had kept it looking very young, enough that Gordon could easily pass for thirty. Pierce took good care of himself, but he was almost sixty. His face was taunt, but deeply creviced. His physique would put most amateur heavyweights to shame, but it was beginning to get a little soft. However, one part of it was very hard at the moment.

Pierce cupped his hand under one of my huge, horse flank pecs and felt how steel hard it was, even relaxed. Then he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me into a deep, forceful open-mouthed, face-sucking kiss. Of course he couldn't have budged my head an inch if I hadn't wanted to cooperate. The old man had turned me on the instant I walked in the room. Something about the way he carried himself, or the thatch of gray hair that burst out over the top of his shirt sent me. I took control of the kiss. I drove my tongue deep into Pierce's mouth. Pierce went weak in the knees. I tore his shirt open and forced him back on the war room table. His chest hair was as thick the hair on his head and covered his pecs and stomach like a carpet. He was breathing very heavy. His abs rippled and flexed with each deep breath.

I took my fingers, fingers that could slice through steel like putty, and dug into the cloth of his pants. The material tore open in a loud rip. His extra stiff dick wiggled free and pointed to the ceiling. More importantly, his ass was naked to the wind. It quivered and spasmed invitingly. I shoved my skintight pants down to free my fire place poker and slid it slowly inside his guts. With a dick that was literally as hard as steel, I knew I had to be careful at first, or I could tear him apart inside. Inch by inch I slid inside. The tension of this first long, slow fuck made sweat break out on both our brows. At he deepest point of it Pierce tensed, and sighed in relief.

“Aw, God! Gordon, I've been waiting thirty-seven years for that moment! If I could live the rest of my life with your dick up my ass like this!”

“Really,” I said with a devilish grin. I was pleased to make the old man so happy. He was finally getting what he'd wanted after lusting so long for his stud buddy. I was thrilled to be the instrument of his pleasure. “I've always thought taking it out and putting it back in was what make it so much fun.”

As I spoke I spread my hands on his broad, hard, hairy pecs and did just that. His mouth went slack, his eyes widened, and his dick ballooned from the stimulation.

“And don't think I didn't notice you just called me Gordon for the first time.”

Pierce was completely unable to do anything but shout obscenities as I began to fuck him a little faster. Over my shoulder I heard fabric tearing. The scene got Stewart so hot his cock had torn free. I felt it brush against my ass cheeks, felt Stewart's heat at my back, then his dick in the entrance to my ass. His laid his hand on my shoulder to steady both of us and pumped his hips forward and the head of his dick past my sphincter. My next backstroke buried his dick completely in my ass. My downstroke sucked my ass along its entire length. The stone hard feel of it got me so hot that it became difficult to maintain my control as I fucked Pierce. My frantic fucking pushed Pierce over the edge. His abdominals tensed beneath his hair and his ten- inch cock spurted great gobs of thick, milky cum on his stomach fur.

If Stewart hadn't been fucking me, I might have pulled out and gave Pierce a rest, but I was so into the fuck that I kept on fucking Pierce and before long he was cumming again. Then again. Then again. As his ass muscles clenched around my horse dick the fourth time, my dick convulsed and fired inside of him. What of AlphaMale's girl friend? Will Beta Boy and S.P.E.A.R. find what happened to the real Gordon?


Part 3

When I woke I heard birds singing. I sensed sunlight through my closed eyelids and felt a cool breeze on my naked skin. I opened my eyes. OmegaMan sat naked on a chair across the room watching me. The sight of him was as thoroughly arousing as the sight of Stewart, if not more so, even though I knew he intended to kill me. By every measure he was as much a man as I. All this I knew from SPEAR intelligence files as well as Gordon's memories, but I couldn't have appreciated the complete magnificence of the fact without seeing him myself, naked, a state I knew even Gordon had never witnessed.

When I first saw him a few hours ago, even under his hood I saw how broad and masculine his features were, the sharpness and angularity of his cheekbones and his jaw. What I couldn't see then, and what Gordon had never noticed, were his green, almost luminescent eyes. His shaved beard was thick and dark, and against the pale color of the rest of his complexion it was even more apparent. His neck was thick and muscular. His shoulders were three feet wide. His pecs were so thick you could hide folding money between them. His abs massive, but tight. Between his enormously muscular legs was a cock that could only be compared with a boa constrictor. It lengthened in time to his heartbeats, but not enough to make it erect. Only enough to make his admiration of my own naked body clear.

“Good morning, as they say in your country,” he said to me, his thin lips grinning malevolently around his large, white teeth. “Welcome to my dacha, or rather the guesthouse of my dacha. I am sure you are not surprised that I didn't kill you during our little altercation back at the Kremlin. You are too extraordinary an opponent to kill with weapons or chemicals, or with distractions.”

'Distractions' was an understatement, and they were distractions that OmegaMan had created himself.

There had been a G-8 summit meeting in Moscow. A SPEAR agent had found out that OmegaMan was planning to capture and kill the leaders of the eight most powerful nations on earth, including the leader of his own country. In the last several years, OmegaMan had muscled his way into control of the Russian Mafia. He had amassed great wealth, and he ran major companies all over the former Soviet Union. He controlled three political parties. SPEAR wasn't sure what OmegaMan hoped to gain by his plot, but the plausibility of the plot was never in question. OmegaMan's style had always leaned toward senseless destruction.

SPEAR arranged for AlphaMale and BetaBoy to go undercover as members of the President's Secret Service bodyguard. Ordinarily Pierce would have just sent me, but these were special circumstances. Although Pierce had decided to trust me, in spite of the fact that I was not entirely the same man he had known for almost forty years, he had put AlphaMale, SPEAR agent, on probation. SPEAR spent days running tests on my body. They tested my strength, my speed, my agility, and my combat skills. In every way they found my capabilities unchanged from before my residency in AlphaMale's body. Since I knew everything AlphaMale had known, my body retained all the skills he had had, and I benefited from all his experience.

In addition SPEAR tested me to find clues as to how my mind—the mind of a middle-aged gay man from Los Angeles—had been placed in the body of the magnificent world famous hero AlphaMale. But nothing indicated where AlphaMale's consciousness had gone, and no one could begin to explain how my consciousness could have leapt from the parallel world I was from, where super heroes were young male fantasies, to this fantastic place, where they were reality.

Eventually, Pierce put me back on active duty, but Stewart worried about me. It wasn't because he thought I was less physically capable than Gordon was. I was just not completely Gordon. No one could be sure how I would react in a crisis.

For security reasons, the G-8 meetings were held at a different location every day. Several sites were prepared, but no one knew until the leaders arrived which site was to be used that day. On the third day the meetings were held in a sub-basement of the Kremlin. Security from each of the eight countries was posted throughout the building. Stewart and I were posted at the entrance of the actual meeting room.

Midmorning we heard rumbling noises from the street level. The agents watching the exterior reported several large troop trucks were approaching the building. Sharp shooters were ordered into position. The rumbling stopped. Then an explosion shook the building to its foundations. The radio reports through our earplugs conflicted, but apparently grenades and teargas had been lobbed at the building entrance. Militiamen poured out of the trucks wearing gas masks and, undercover of the tear gas, they penetrated the guard positions at the entrance to the building. Agents inside the building fired at them, but they appeared to be wearing bulletproof clothing. The agents that didn't fall to the militiamen's gunfire fell to their superb hand-to-hand combat techniques and physical prowess.

When the militiamen got within sight of the meeting room door I saw why. Not a one of them weighed less than 250 pounds. Although they couldn't have been super soldiers, they were obviously physically conditioned, chemically enhanced troops. Stewart and I weren't the least bit phased by their gunfire or their teargas, and as strong as they were, they might just as well have been children when they came at either of us. With the security of the world in danger, neither of us pulled punches. The first wave of them fell in a matter of minutes.

OmegaMan was at the head of the second wave. He playfully fired a few rounds into my gut, knowing I would barely feel them. Then he dropped his assault rifle and swung his fist with enough force to flatten a tractor-trailer. I stumbled back. Stewart blocked his advance with a steely outstretched arm. I clasped both my hands together and swung full force across his face. He fell backwards.

“Forget OmegaMan, BetaBoy, protect the President!” I shouted over the gunfire and explosions. The militiamen were taking advantage of the distraction OmegaMan had created and were starting to slip into the meeting room. The agents inside the room were already evacuating the leaders through a secret escape route, but who knew how fast they could get free, or what lay ahead of them. “I'll take care of OmegaMan!”

“But, Andy!” Stewart protested. Calling me Andy instead of AlphaMale or Gordon was his way of communicating why he didn't want to leave me. He was afraid that no matter how well my body remembered how to fight I might not be able to defeat OmegaMan on my own. OmegaMan was in every way my equal, and AlphaMale had needed BetaBoy's help plenty of times in the past.

“Go! Now!”

Reluctantly he obeyed.

Propped up on his elbow, OmegaMan grinned at me. He got back on his feet and crouched in front of me, swinging his arms, like a wrestler taunting me, threatening to pounce. He dove at my midsection, knocking me to the ground. I kicked my legs up and throw him off me and over my head. He crashed into the wall and tumbled down on an antique side table, reducing it to splinters.

Back on his feet he dove at me again, this time at my face. He held my head, forced his lips on mine, and pried them open with his tongue. A bitter liquid squirted down my throat. My heart pounded and everything went black.

Now, I was his captive.

OmegaMan stood. He towered about my reclining form. Since Gordon had never doubted OmegaMan's heterosexuality, I struggled to keep my ballooning cock from rising straight up and over my stomach, keen to keep him from taking advantage of my strong attraction to him.

“I have brought you here to this place where we can be completely alone to settle forever which of us is truly the 'AlphaMale' as you call yourself. There is no one within hundreds of miles from us out here. There are no roads, no telephones. The only way out is by helicopter. I have sent it away. It will not return for a week. By then it will have only one passenger.”

He extended his hand to me and pulled me to my feet.

“I want to wrestle you as the Greeks wrestled, naked. I want to kill you without weapons. I want to kill you with my own bare hands.”

Though I had been heavily drugged a few hours ago, AlphaMale's magnificent body had completely recovered. It tingled with energy.

“What happened to the G-8?” I asked OmegaMan.

“You'll find out if you live. If you don't live, it won't matter to you,” he said.

My heart pounded. I clenched my teeth. I felt all the anger and hatred that AlphaMale had built up over the years for this hateful, reckless and supremely arrogant prick. I wanted to kill him as much as he wanted to kill me, although I knew that AlphaMale always kept himself from acting on that final solution.

We circled each other, crouched, our chests heaving, muscles taut and sweat beading on our bodies. I dove at his midsection, but he forced me downwards. I fell through his legs and crashed to the floor, shaking the whole cottage. OmegaMan dropped to his knees and grabbed my raised ankle. He wrenched it sharply. I bucked and twisted, tossing him over my legs on his back. In an instant I had his shoulders pinned to the floor and his legs up in the air.

“Good move,” he said, through heavy breaths. “But this isn't high school. We aren't playing for points.”

We stood up. Our faces were red, but neither one of us was fatigued. We locked arms. The full strength of our tremendous physiques pushed into each other. Our feet dug at the floor. A foot, an inch, was lost for a time on either side as we tried to push each other to the floor. With our heads forced down I saw his cock thickening again. This time it started to lift itself upwards.

Without even realizing it, OmegaMan took advantage of the distraction. Suddenly he had me twisted around with my back to him, his thirty-inch arms under my arms, his hands locked behind my neck in a Full Nelson. I knew not even my incredible strength was enough to prevent this man, who was my physical equal, from snapping my neck. OmegaMan laughed.

AlphaMale would have been defeated, but I was not completely AlphaMale. I played a hunch that Gordon could never have had, but that Andy could see as clearly as daylight. I stopped struggling.

“Do it, why don't you!” I said. “It's what you've been waiting thirty years for, isn't it?”

One of OmegaMan's arms untwined from behind my neck and instead its hand gripped and squeezed my neck.

“Don't mock me!”

“You can snap my neck. You can choke me, but neither of those things is what you really want to do to me.” I reached behind my back and laid my firm hand on his totally erect penis. I was right. “Is it?”

OmegaMan tightened his grip around my neck, but he also moaned loudly and longingly. I gently caressed his thick baseball bat of a dick.

“I'd say it's pretty obvious what you really want to do to me.”

The blunt head of it brushed against my butt, and I backed into him forcefully, sliding it upward and pinning it tightly between us. OmegaMan loosened his grip and thrust his hips forward.

I laid his hands on my stiff dick. He grabbed it and squeezed tightly. My nipples inflated.

“This is much better, isn't it lover boy?” I said.

I twisted around. He almost refused to let go of my dick. Our broad, thick pecs tight together, I opened my mouth and kissed him on the lips. He accepted my tongue inside his mouth and sucked on it, hard! Then I laid both my hands on his immense chest and squeezed. It was magnificent, broad, latticed with blue veins, and carpeted with thick, curly brunette hair. He stared menacingly into my eyes as our tongues wrestled passionately. I broke our kiss, but not eye contact. OmegaMan's eyes drifted from my eyes down my chest. As OmegaMan stepped closer I lowered myself to the floor. He dropped to his knees. He fell forward, bracing his fall with his outstretched arms, and he held himself above me while he renewed his stare into my eyes. I wrapped my ankles around his waist and guided his prick into my ass. He was even thicker than I was and easily as long. If he hadn't needed it so desperately, penetrating me might have been a chore for him. The feeling of even the first inch of him took my breath away, but he didn't wait for me to get acclimated. As he thrust deeper his abs bunched and bulged, his intercostals popped out, the veins on his forehead twitched and his jaw went slack. I braced myself at first, then teased him by alternately pulling him in with my ass muscles and resisting his entry. At the last few inches I locked my ankles together and pulled his groin into me. When every last inch was home he let loose with a string of Russian obscenities.

It only took him a moment for him to start fucking me, at first slow and easy, then harder and faster, all the while swearing, at the demons that had plagued him since he'd first been created. He stopped looking me in the eyes. He concentrated completely on pounding his dick into my butt. I massaged and pulled at his prick with my ass and marveled at the dark beauty of his undulating musculature. In a way he was masculinity incarnate, even more than I was, because he was not only immensely powerful, he was completely at ease with all of his destructive impulses. Eventually I relinquished control completely to him and luxuriated in his possession of my body. The two of us grunted like animals, aware of nothing but the intense sexual pleasure we were giving each other. Finally he screamed and clenched every muscle in his body, as though he unloaded not only his jism inside me, but decades of anguished repression. His explosions inside me were so powerful I could feel the cum squirting down the length of his fuck pole and splattering into my intestines. Then the sound of his orgasm sent me over the edge. I spurted each time he rammed into my ass, until my own ejaculations synchronized with his. He beat my dick with his fist, almost believing my dick and my explosions were his as well. When the cum ceased to flow he collapsed atop me, completely limp. The weight of him might have been uncomfortable, but instead I welcomed the burden. I accepted his weight as my own.

The cum began to dry between our chests. I rolled the two of us over so that I was on top of him. I tried to raise myself up on my elbows, but OmegaMan tightened his grip on me. I looked at his face. It was wet. He'd been crying. I pressed my lips on his. He sucked hard at my mouth.

I eased his softening dick out of my ass. His coarse, hairy chest rubbing against my hard nipples and sensitive abs had made me hard again. I broke our kiss tenderly and raised his legs up high. He looked up at me with alarm as I poked my cock at his butt hole, but I could see his dick start to swell in anticipation.

He was tight, like a virgin, so I guess he'd not only repressed his attraction to me, he'd repressed his attraction to all other men as well. I pushed harder and my horse cock slowly slid deeper. OmegaMan gritted his teeth in pain. The muscles all over his body tensed and bulged, exciting me even more. I wrapped my hand around as much of his long, extra thick cock as I could, and jacked it firmly and slowly. He unclenched his teeth and gasped in pleasure.

The rest of my cock slid all the way in. I drooled saliva on as much of his cock as I could and massaged the spit into it as I began to fuck him. Working the whole thing with one hand was quite a chore, since it stretched all the way up to his pecs and it's head easily filled my fist, and I needed my other hand to prop myself up. But the way his silky hot ass tugged along my dick flesh made it more than worthwhile.

After a while he was grooving so much on the feeling of getting fucked that he removed my hand from his dick. He let his eyes rove all over our bodies and explored every inch of me with his hands. I slowed down because I sensed he enjoyed being fucked by me even more than he loved fucking me. Eventually his breath went shallow, his muscles tensed, his dick jerked and spewed cum over his head, on his face and all over his chest. The spasms inside his ass sucked and jerked at my dick and I fired like an automatic weapon inside him. The rest of the week we took full advantage of the seclusion of his dacha. By the end of our time together OmegaMan was a changed man. Although no less aggressive, his destructive impulses were channeled in more productive directions. And ultimately he learned that it can be just as exciting to be dominated as it as it was to dominate.


Part 4

Stewart and I became inseparable, and I mean that in a very physical sense. The longer I inhabited Gordon (AlphaMale) Miller's body, the more Stewart and I acted on the intense physical attraction between us. We were two superbly sexed men who never wore out. We found ourselves having sex every minute we were alone together.

Stewart had his own apartment, but after that first day of mutual discovery he rarely went back there. We each had complete lives outside of our super hero identities; we had friends and relatives we kept in contact with; I had Carol; Stewart had avoided close sexual relationships because of his unrequited love for me, but he still had a string of close friends; however neither of us spoke much to other people anymore.

Luckily, as special agents of SPEAR, we didn't need regular jobs-we could live on the modest stipend the government gave us-or we would have been fired for job desertion.

When the doorbell rang, I had Stewart splayed out on the kitchen table. He was on his stomach, arching his butt up into my hard dick. I had one hand around the top of his scrotum and the other stroking his cock. We'd come to the kitchen to make lunch, but then Stewart distracted me by rubbing some mayonnaise into my nipple. Before long I was lubricating my prick with it and the cold cuts and sliced bread were swept to the floor.

The doorbell rang several more times, but I was enjoying myself too much to stop fucking. Stewart probably didn't even hear it. His eyes had that blank stare he got whenever we fucked. Even I didn't hear the tumblers turning, or the living room door opening, or the footsteps into the kitchen.

When I looked up from Stewart's sweet hard butt cheeks and the sight of my huge dick pushing and tugging on the lips of his ass, I saw Carol standing in the doorway. Her eyes were wide. She held her hand to her mouth.

“Oh, my God!”

I suppose she expected me to stop and acknowledge her. Other guys disengage and cover themselves in shame when they are caught the way we were caught, even if they aren't ashamed of being gay, just shy about their privacy. It's true I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew this woman was the love of Gordon's life-Gordon, the man who owned this magnificent body-I was just a stand-in-but the feeling all along my enormous prick was so delicious it blew away every other thought.

After a minute she disappeared.

I must have slowed my pile drive into Stewart's ass just a bit, because he gathered enough of his wits to twist his head back and look at me. He hadn't even been aware of Carol. He smiled and clenched his ass muscles. I moaned. There was no doubt in my mind that for me-Andy/Gordon- this man, Stewart, was the most important person on the planet. For the eighth time that day, I groaned and emptied my jism inside of him. In my passion I beat his meat harder and he poured his cum on the table.

He smiled up at me.

“I never knew you cared that much for mayonnaise,” he said.

“Not to eat. Only on me.” I said. “I'll go get a towel.” I eased myself outside of him. My dick was still super sensitive and very hard. It popped up to my stomach. I headed to the linen closet in the hall. Carol was sitting on the couch in the living room. Our expressionless eyes met as I walked through the living room. I wrapped one towel around my waist and took the other to Stewart. I wiped the pool of cum from his stomach, the stream pouring down his side to the table and the pools on the table as well. Then I motioned over my shoulder toward the living room.

“We have company,” I told Stewart.

I adjusted the towel around my waist and walked back out to talk to her.

“So what's up?” she said as I breached the doorway. “We haven't seen each other in weeks, and you hardly talk to me when I call. That's why I came to see you in person.”

I sat down on the chair next to the couch. Although Gordon had asked this woman to marry him three years ago, he still hadn't told her about the double life he led. Having compartmentalized his life for decades, excluding Carol from his super heroic activities seemed natural to him, but in my other life as Andy Debiase I'd been “out” since I was fourteen. I neither wanted nor even remembered how to hide my identity. “Carol, I haven't been completely honest with you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have been leading two lives,” I said. “I'm AlphaMale.”

“Big surprise! Did you think I was blind? There isn't another man on the planet with a physique like yours except for a few of those super-villains you put down. A hood couldn't begin to hide your identity from someone who has been as intimate with your body as I have.”

I was amused that although Gordon hadn't realized it, Carol had known all along, but the last vestiges of Gordon inside this body were shocked.

“You knew all along? And you never said anything?”

“I was waiting for you to trust me enough to tell me yourself, and frankly I was annoyed that you waited so long. But what does AlphaMale have to do with how distant you've been lately? Or what you were doing with that incredibly good looking young man?”

Stewart had put on some jeans and was standing in the doorway tentatively.

“Something happened to me a few weeks ago-a kind of transformation. I haven't been myself for a while. Somehow Gordon's personality has been exchanged with someone else's-mine. I was a forty-something gay man named Andy Debiase before it happened. Now I'm inside Gordon's body and Gordon is gone.”

“You mean there's nothing left of him inside this body?” Carol asked.

“Just the memories stored inside his brain. The essence of Gordon is somewhere else.”

“Inside Andy's body.”

“Right,” I said. Stewart sat down with us. Looking at him was starting to give me a hard-on again. Just taking breath made his muscles flutter under his taut skin. The towel around my waist was levitating as my prick slide up along the side of my thigh toward my hip. Carol either didn't notice or consciously ignored the show.

“So where is Andy's body? Can't I talk to him? I mean, can't I talk to Gordon who is inside of him?”

“That's the rest of it. I'm not-that is Andy is not-Andy doesn't live on this earth. He lives on what we think is a parallel earth. It's like this one, only people like AlphaMale are only comic book characters there.”

“But this is all temporary right? Like the time you grew two extra arms, or the time you became fifty foot tall, or when your head swelled up and you developed telekinesis.”

“It might be temporary. I don't know. No one knows how to find Andy's earth, and even if they did, there is no guarantee Gordon would be there. It could be more complicated than a two way switch of identities.”

“Well, you have to find him. You can't stay inside his body forever! It doesn't belong to you. It would be immoral! The world needs Gordon!”

“Carol, neither I nor any of Gordon's friends will rest until we find him.”

It was true. I knew that even though Stewart loved Andy, he would never give up searching for his former partner. “And, Carol, I was wrong to avoid you. Even if I'm not completely Gordon, I have all of Gordon's memories. I know he loves you very much. I know he wouldn't want you to be lonely or confused about his feelings for you. Can I at least be your friend while Gordon is gone?”

“Certainly, Andy. Ironically we're closer in some ways. You've been a lot more honest with me than Gordon would have been. He always tried to protect me from the strangeness in his life, but that only made me feel excluded.”

Stewart was staring at my crotch. I could see that his pants were filling out. He came into the living room to be supportive, but now I knew he was wondering how we could get Carol out of the apartment quickly so we could take up where we left off.

The doorbell rang again. Instead of ridding ourselves of the distraction Carol posed, we were acquiring another one. I excused myself from them both. When I opened the door a short, skinny kid in baggy clothing locked eyes with me. He was scruffy looking. His hair was disheveled and his shirt and T-shirt were untucked. Before I could ask him what he wanted, I heard ringing in my ears and I was overcome by the strange sensation that everything around me was crashing to the floor, leaving just me and this kid staring at each other.

He smiled and licked his lips. I realized I was still wearing only a towel.

“What do you want?” I asked him.

“I want you to drop the towel,” he said.

“Look, is this some kind of joke? Who are you?”

His hand shot out and his fingers grabbed my face. My eyes rolled back into my head, my hands went limp and the towel dropped from around my waist. I was blinded by an eruption of light inside my head.

When my sight returned I was sitting naked on a throw pillow. I had shoulder length hair and an erection that reached all the way up to my chest. The room came from Gordon's memories. It was the living room of the Haight Ashbury apartment he had crashed at during the summer of love. The men on either side of me had been Gordon's closest companions at the time. One was a former enemy-the Behemoth. The other was Eros, the Greek God of Love. Both of them were also naked and erect. We were taking turns on a large bong and getting giggly.

Behemoth's power was his size. His natural height was eight feet tall, but he could make himself as large as a skyscraper. Although he was only eight feet tall right now, his dick had to be twenty inches long. He was bestial in nature; dull at conversation; but quite exhilarating at another type of intercourse.

Eros was muscular and well endowed, but his beauty could not begin to be adequately described by inches. He was so handsome that men and women wept to see him. Little children and animals were drawn by the sight of him and stood and stared at him.

I had met Behemoth that summer in Golden Gate Park. Like me, Behemoth had left his old life and let his hair grow long. We agreed to leave our old animosities behind and started chumming around together and getting high. Eros had already been a companion of Behemoth's. What was odd about this scene was that Behemoth and Gordon hadn't been gay. Although Eros was of course bisexual, he had never had sex with Gordon or Behemoth, but right now the three of us were obviously turned on by each other.

I took a deep toke and held the smoke in. Behemoth knelt in front of me and engulfed the whole of my dick in his giant mouth and throat like a circus sword swallower, then slurped his sucking lips up to the head. He was so large he could accommodate the whole thing without much effort and did so repeatedly as his twenty-inch cock burbled with precum.

Eros stood in front of my face and maneuvered the knob of his silky, meaty prick past my lips. The mere touch of it on my tongue overwhelmed me with the desire to bury it deep in my throat. I inhaled and it slid slowly past the back of my mouth. Eros held my head tight against his groin. As God of Love, Eros was omnipotent when it came to sex. He could rearrange biology any way he wanted, permanently or temporarily, and evade the laws of physics.

At his touch, my throat locked tight around his penis and I found I didn't need to breathe. As Eros pumped himself in and out I caught sight of another thing out of place. The skinny kid that had been at the door was standing at the edge of the room. His pants were down around his ankles and he was masturbating an unusually large cock, not just for his size, for anyone's size. The instant I saw him, the scene around me changed, and so did the players. I was in a hospital room. It was the day I had come out of the coma I had been in during the seventies and eighties. Stewart had come to see me when he'd heard. Only in this twisted version of the scene he had taken the place of Eros. He stood on the hospital bed and fed me his cock while one of the armed guards SPEAR had kept stationed outside my door stood in for Behemoth.

Stewart stepped down to the floor. I lay down on my side and continued gnawing on his groin. The guard unzipped his pants and crawled into bed beside me to stick his dick up my ass. Then I felt it spread my ass cheeks and poke inside me. It felt much bigger than the guard had appeared. I dropped Stewart's dick from my mouth and looked behind me.

It was the kid fucking me.

Again the scene changed. I was back in my living room, but it was night. It was the night before I had taken up residence inside Gordon's body. Stewart had come over to crash while his apartment was being painted. We had watched television until late and then he had slept on the sofa. But here he was sitting on the sofa while I knelt in front of him eating his dick. The television was on, but we were completely ignoring it.

I couldn't ignore the truncheon up my ass though. It was the same kid, and he was really going at it now. He was plowing me fast and hard. I felt him expanding and getting harder. Finally he screamed and collapsed on my broad, muscular back.

I turned my head and I was somewhere else-on the floor of the hallway in front of my apartment. The kid was still on my back, though, but no one else was around.

“Who are you?” I asked him.

“Replay,” he said. “I'm a member of the Enforcer's kid group adjunct. Or at least I'm in training to be. I've been attracted to you for months, only I've been too shy to talk to you. Besides, word is you're straight.”

“Things change. But even so, what you did was rape, even if it wasn't unpleasant. You can't just go around forcing yourself on people! Your team leader's going to hear about this!”

“Please don't tell her. No one saw us. I control people's perception of time. I slowed the perceptions of everyone within a 100 yard radius to a snail's pace while I fucked you.”

“What kind of trick did you play on me?” I asked.

“I borrowed some memories from your past and used them to distract and arouse you. They got me going too. Man, I'd love to meet that Eros character.”

“I haven't seen him in years. But you can bet if I had I wouldn't let you know where to find him!”

“Well, look. Can I call you sometime? I know you probably don't want to have sex again with a scrawny little geek kid like me, but could we at least hang out sometime? I mean we're both super-heroes, right? And it's just that I don't have a lot of other friends. I don't relate well to the other guys in my team. All they talk about is sports and girls.”

“I shouldn't. I should have you arrested, but I know what it's like to be a gay teenager. Don't ask me how. Just promise me you won't do this to anyone again. Rape is seriously wrong.”

Replay agreed. He gave me a peck on the cheek. I gave him a pat on the head.

I closed the door. Carol and Stewart resumed their normal velocity as I approached them.

“That was quick,” Stewart said.

“Who was it?” Carol asked.

“No one. Must have just been some kid playing a prank,” I said. “But I think I have some good news for both of you. I think I know what happened to Gordon.”


Part 5

While I had been making love with Replay, during the scene in my apartment the night before I came to inhabit AlphaMale's body, I remembered what had been going through AlphaMale's mind the night I came to inhabit his body. And that was the clue.

I sent both Carol and Stewart home, as much as I wanted Stewart to stay, especially since, if my hunch was right, our time together might be coming to an end. But I needed to be alone to do my research.

The next morning I met Carol, Stewart and Pierce at SPEAR headquarters.

“Several weeks ago, all of you lost a dear friend, Gordon Miller. One morning the spirit of Gordon Miller, changed places with my spirit, the spirit of Andy Debiase. While Gordon's body remains here with you, and all of his memories are still intact, the essence of Gordon, his personality and emotions, is gone.

“It's quite a spectacular event, even on a planet like this one, where rock goblins animate concrete, secret serums imbue men with tremendous strength, and all manner of men fly unaided through the skies. It is such a spectacular event, especially when it happens to someone close to you, that you can perhaps be excused for not noticing a salient fact about that night that would have explained exactly what happened.”

“What do you mean?” Carol asked.

“I'm sorry, Carol. You could be excused for not knowing this, but Stewart and Pierce should have spotted it. I would have, based on knowledge inside Gordon's head, if I hadn't been so disoriented from the ordeal. The night I came to inhabit Gordon's body was the night of a Blue Moon.”

“Aeiea!” Stewart exclaimed.

“Exactly,” I said.

“Aye yie yie?” Carol tried to mimic.

“No, Aeiea.” Pierce explained. “A mythological American Indian imp that manifests himself only during a Blue Moon and fulfills stray wishes. But what are you saying, Andy? That Aeiea somehow picked up on a wish you had to be a super-hero?”

“No, Aeiea doesn't exist where I come from. I'm not saying his powers couldn't affect me from your world, but I'm here because of what Gordon was thinking the night we changed places. He and Stewart were watching television that night. He was thinking about Stewart's feelings for him, trying to fathom how a man could love another man, wishing he could understand those feelings. At the same time he was considering what it would be like to be an ordinary man, like the ones he was watching on television.”

“But why wouldn't a-e-i-o-u just take away his powers and make him gay. Why did he send him to some other dimension? And why did he put you in Gordon's body?” Carol asked.

“Aieia doesn't work that way, Carol,” Stewart answered. “He always grants wishes in a balanced way. He never takes anything away that he doesn't give to someone else who wants it badly.”

“Where does this leave us?” Carol asked. “What good does it do to know this? Can we call this character up? I mean, he made a mistake. No offense, Andy and Stewart, but Gordon couldn't possibly have really wanted to be gay.”

Memories of all the pleasure I had shared with Stewart, Pierce, OmegaMan and others rushed into my head. If Gordon had been along for the ride his body had taken during the last few weeks it was hard for me to imagine he'd ever give up sex with men. Nonetheless for the first time I wondered how Gordon was coping in my world. Was he enjoying the simple pleasures of ordinary manhood? Had he learned to understand erotic love between men?

“Aeiea won't even exist again until the next Blue Moon, and that's years away,” I said.

Pierce was rubbing that magnificent stubbly square jaw of his. “But SPEAR scientists might be able to do something. Maybe there is some residue of aieia's energy in your body that could be amplified or synthesized,” Pierce said.

And so began the swirl of scientific activity that surrounded me in the days that followed. A team of at least thirty scientists was assembled in the underground facility. I lost count because eventually I was unable to tell them apart from each other. They kept me there day and night, sticking me with needles, scanning me, examining every inch of my body. They worked in shifts. Sometimes there were several of them, sometimes only one.

On a quiet night when the facility was all but deserted, one of them met with success. He was the friendliest of team, a tall, thin man with reddish hair and freckles that was thoroughly enchanted with me. He always found a reason to keep me nude while he worked. I doubted it was necessary, but enjoyed giving him harmless entertainment. The intimacy of our game gave me courage to ask his name. “Dr. Langhoff,” he told me. It sounded Norwegian to me.

Under an infrared light we both noticed my skin on my abdomen glowed light green. Dr Langhoff pointed an instrument that looked like a microphone at the glow and read some instruments.

“I'm registering some sort of energy. It's so slight we must have confused it with body heat before, but it's signature is distinctly different than body heat.”

Although I shouldn't have, I passed my hand over it. I mean, what if it really were the residual energy that made me switch places with Gordon and touching it made it dissipate? I would have ruined everything. But the greenish glow remained and I didn't feel a thing.

Perhaps my layman's approach gave Dr. Langhoff the same idea, or perhaps touching it was a natural part of examining it, but when Dr. Langhoff touched my abs the results were quite different. A flash of light lit up the dim room, and I swore I heard thunder, even though we were twenty stories underground. I heard fabric shred and a belt buckle fall to the hard concrete floor. Standing in Dr. Langhoff's place was a magnificent red-haired god, as naked as I was, except for a heavy iron mallet in his right hand. My Norwegian scientist had become a Norse god!

“Odin's beard!” He exclaimed at his transformation. “I think we've found what we are looking for. The greenish light appears to be residual energy from the phenomenon that brought you to our world.”

“And it is apparently still quite potent,” I said, staring at his broad, thick chest, which was covered in reddish hair. The sight of him had my fuck pole sticking straight out at him, and Langhoff's nakedness revealed just as frantic an erection jutting from his groin, a magnificent pale white pole etched in thick, purplish veins. His muscularity was unbelievable, truly worthy of a god. The fantastic fullness of his biceps, triceps and shoulders defied the physical limits of mortality, yet without seeming excessive. Even in repose, his elbows were pushed out from his sides by his thickly arched lats, which were fused to a stack of abdominals so deeply rounded and defined they looked pasted on.

I dropped to my knees. Avoiding momentarily the erect club of his dick, I buried my stumbled face in his groin. I rubbed my nose in his tightly packed scrotum, between his grapefruit sized nuts, deeply inhaling the intoxicating aroma of his spunk. I slurped at the wrinkled skin, peppered with fine blond hair, and worshiped that immense vein at the base of his dick that pumped oceans of blood inside his already hyper extended cock. My tongue wiggled back between his thighs. As it reached his anus, an electrical charge jolted my body. The muscles all over my densely packed physique tensed and swelled like balloons, and cum shot from my cock. It drenched my chest, my thighs and my chin. I felt hot viscous fluid splatter on my broad back, and thought for a minute I had fired so high that I had splattered there too. Then another more voluminous volley landed in the same place and I knew my thunder god had cum. I felt his giant hands near my head, at the base of his dick. I leaned back and engulfed the head of his prick to drink the remainder of his load.

There was another man in the room now, another scientist, with enormously wide eyes and a very red face. He was trying to ignore what we were doing while his fingers tapped keys and he studied the displays in front of him.

“I see you've found it,” he said to Thor, nee' Langhoff, who was still shooting thick hot cum into my thirsty throat. “Now to try amplifying it.”

The door behind him opened. Pierce rushed in, followed by Stewart and Carol. Word travels fast. All three looked a little hurt seeing me in my present position, but I imagined Pierce and Stewart were aroused as well.

“What do we have, Cotsworth?” Pierce asked. “Langhoff found it and was engulfed by it. I'm trying to amplify it more, and to maintain its strength until we can find out a way to sustain it. I still have no idea

how to use the stuff, although I hazard to say Langhoff has already made limited use of it.”

Pierce, Stewart and Carol stood behind Cotsworth and looked over his shoulder.

I slipped my lips from around Langhoff's cock and stood up. His eyes were still clenched, his fists were still squeezing dribbles from his dick. I put my hands on his shoulders and locked them behind his thick neck under this long blond hair. His eyes opened. He stared, confused by the intensity of his orgasm, not certain where or who he was any longer. I laid my lips on his drop jawed mouth and kissed him. His eyes closed. He kissed me back and centered on our joined mouths.

“I've got a lock on it. It's not a wave or particle energy. I've found a way to augment it, but I'm not sure how to control it.” Cotsworth said. He drew his index finger from left to right across the control panel and the whole room was enveloped in greenish light that washed the shadows from everything.

My sensation of time fragmented. Each instant felt like it belonged to a separate epoch. I found it hard to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. I looked at Pierce and he was youthful, a naked lad of no more than twenty, but still built like he was laid out of bricks. My eyes focused on Cotsworth. He looked two hundred years old, but he was grinning from ear to withered ear, apparently pleased at something. I felt a hand on my thick traps and a blunt dick between my ass cheeks. I twisted my head around. It was Stewart, with his pants down to his ankles and his chest bare, intent on burying his dick deep in my ass to reclaim my body. Pierce nudged Langhoff from in front of me and positioned my face in front of his horny young prick, so hard it strained at his skin and oozed precum from the wide slit. Suddenly he was as deep in my throat as Stewart was in my ass. And just as suddenly I felt Stewart, Pierce, Langhoff, and Cotsworth and Carol all inside my head.

I heard Cotsworth's glee at being granted the wisdom of the ages, at finally understanding everything. I heard Stewart's jealous wish to possess me so completely I could concentrate on no one else and I understood why I was almost unaware Pierce's monster cock down my throat, but completely into the cock up my butt. I heard Pierce's wish to be forty years younger, a desire I had imagined since we first fucked after I arrived on this world. I heard Carol's wish to understand what it was we all felt about each other and realized why she had suddenly become telepathic. I heard Langhoff's animal grunt as he pushed his divine truncheon into Pierce's newly virgin ass—but that I could have heard without the both of them in my head, they both shouted so loudly. Cotsworth had increased the volume of aieiea energy enough to envelop the room!

Then I heard another voice, familiar but unknown to me. It was Gordon! Carol had patched him into our consciousness!

“Gordon! It's Andy!”

“Andy! Are you all right? I was afraid one of my enemies might have hurt you.”

“No, I'm fine! You're friends have all taken fantastic care of me!” I could feel his reaction to the sensations we all shared of Stewart's ass-straining thrusts. I knew he was aware of some of what had gone on in his absence. “This is one hell of a body you own! I confess I have taken some liberties with it.” Just then, Stewart poured his first load of cum up my guts. My dick swelled in sympathy and squirted on the floor. “I'm afraid I've ignored Carol. Worse yet, I told her your secret.”

“Don't worry about any of it. Whatever you did, I'm sure it was the right thing. Sometimes it takes a stranger's perspective to see what's wrong in a life.” Andy caught glimpses of Gordon's life as Andy through the words in his sentence. A male lover, renewed enthusiasm for a tedious job, a warm glow of contentment with an ordinary life.

“Listen, Gordon. We are all working on a way to get you back here where you belong,” Carol said, but Andy could feel her choking at Gordon's love of the man he had found on Andy's world.

“Carol, please forgive me, but I don't want to go back. You know that I love you and miss you. I miss you all, but I have never been happier. I have fallen in love with someone, a man. I understand now how Stewart and Pierce felt for me. Stewart and Pierce, I apologize for ignoring you all those years. Emotionally I must have wanted the love of a man all along, but my biology held me back. Carol, no matter how much we love each other, I could never have given you a fulfilling relationship. My career as AlphaMale, my duties and my celebrity would always have stood in the way.”

I could hear Carol's heavy sobs audibly and psychically, but I could feel her reluctant agreement.

“Goodbye, Carol. I'll love you forever, wherever I am. Find someone who can love you the way you deserve.”

Carol covered her face and ran into the hall.

Suddenly we were each alone in our separate consciousness', however well linked Pierce, Langhoff, Stewart and I were physically.

Before I could even groan, the young Mr. Pierce released a volley of semen down my gullet, keeping my throat busy with swallowing. It hadn't taken much stimulation from me. He had the magnificent cock of a Norse thunder god hammering into his guts. Just then, we were all jolted by Thor's sexual electricity, which shot through the sexual circuit of our connected bodies. Pierce's cumming quickened and become as enthusiastic as the first shot. Stewart swelled like a stretched balloon and stiffened like a steel pipe up my ass. Hot cum squirted inside me and dribbled back out on his retreat strokes. Whether it was Norse sexual voodoo or my sympathetic orgiastic link with my dark, mammoth lover, my prick began to tense and hose down the lab floor again.

Our convulsions ceased. We drew away from each other one by one. Stewart kissed me passionately on the lips. Pierce hugged me. Langhoff enveloped us all the arms of a god and blessed us all with his divine affection.

I wondered about Carol. The memories of her stored in Gordon's brain kept me concerned for her welfare. Had she mended even a little since the revelation that Gordon wasn't coming home?

Had she remained psychic? Cotsworth was still a wizened old man. Pierce was still a dazzling, horny youth. Langhoff was still a Norse thunder god. The only effect of that last brilliant bout of aieia energy that seemed to have faded was Stewart's wish that I be unable to concentrate on any other men than him.

Perhaps there were some things, like the sex drive in Gordon's incredible body, that even aieia's reality warping energy couldn't permanently change.

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