Bloody pumpkin fuckers

by NioSatyr

Three frat bros go into the dark forest on Halloween. The blood moon shining on a wild pumpkin patch promises growth and transformation.

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“Bro where are you leading us?” asked Jason his larger companion.

“Just wait, it’s going to be awesome.” Kane seemed sure about where he was leading the trio.

From Jason’s back he heard a moan that made his groin stir with life. “Bro, if I had known you would lead us into the underbrush, I would have picked a different costume.” Gus had every reason to complain but Jason was sure the tower of a man would never miss out on showing off his goods. And Jason wasn’t exactly unhappy about his friend’s choice. Gus was going as a minotaur and only wore a pair of hoof-shaped boots, arm bracers, a loincloth that would have been even more scandalous if he wasn’t wearing his jockstrap, fake tail, horns, and nose ring. Together with his natural hairiness and his muscular, broad build, Gus was more than just simply eye candy, he was also intimidating, but in a sexy way.

As for Jason himself, he was wearing a dragon costume. On a hunk like Kane, it might have been good-looking but on him it looked more like an oversized pyjama with wings and a tail. Jason wasn’t so bad looking himself and made sure he had a toned body, but with his size of about 1,65 m and almost no body hair, he maybe would have counted as a twunk at best.

As much as Jason liked Gus’s heavy build, he liked Kane’s body more. He was the stereotypical jock which meant that he had the V-shape so many men wanted and that with just the perfect amount of body hair. Just enough to make him look rugged, but not really hairy. But today he actually went out of his way to look like a fucking rug. A fuckable fucking rug, but still a rug. Kane had excavated his old high school varsity athlete jacket and assaulted it with some scissors, so it looked completely torn up, even though Jason liked to imagine he put it on and then flexed to make it look that way. All over his body he had placed artificial fur patches that were poking from the holes in his clothes and on his arms. Together with the wolf ear wearables, the face paint, red contact lenses and the fake tail he looked like a werewolf who had hulked out of his clothes.

“Trust me, my mum told me about this.”

Jason looked worriedly at Gus. The big guy furrowed his eyebrows. Kane’s mum was a… complicated subject to say the least. If Jason weren’t gay, he would certainly find her attractive. And that for good reason, because Lucy looked like she had jumped right out of a fairy tale. The problem was that she not only looked like that, but also seemed to think she was from one.

Lucy was convinced that she was a fey and had tried to abduct Kane several times to bring him to “her world,” but in the end, they always just ended up sitting in the same spot in the forest. This happened when Kane was just a small kid, and Lucy quickly lost her custody rights and was deemed mentally ill, but as unhinged she was, she also seemed to be pretty smart.

No matter how often the police tried, they just couldn’t get a hold of her, and she continued to talk to her son and plant those weird fairy stories into his head. And weirdly enough, Kane believed them, even though he was normally a very reasonable guy. But luckily the weird ideas Lucy planted into his head never caused any harm, so Jason and Gus always played along till Kane declared that it hadn’t worked.

Still, Jason couldn’t help feeling a chill travel down his spine at the thought of following one of Lucy’s plans on a Halloween night that also happened to be during a lunar eclipse. He was not superstitious, but this was just too creepy.

Even though Gus had his doubts too, he tried to stay positive. “Maybe she’s made us pumpkin pie,” he whispered. It was true that, despite Lucy being… herself, she mostly left behind treats for whoever went along with her shenanigans.

“Guys, we’re here!” Kane was as excited as if he was ringing a rich person’s doorbell house for candy.

Jason followed him through the last bits of underbrush onto a clearing, only to stop at what he saw on it.

Gus was behind him so closely that he ran into his small companion. “What gives, little man?”

“Well, I think you were at least half right about the pumpkin pie.” Jason stepped aside to let Gus see what he meant.

The clearing was surprisingly large and surrounded by tall trees and thick bushes. Jason wondered how they’d even got through them. The ground was covered in grass and small herbs and flowers, but in the middle one type of vegetation dominated everything: a seemingly wild pumpkin patch covered most of the clearing with its large leaves and even larger gourds. But their size wasn’t even the most unusual quality about them, it was their colour. They were red like blood and with an almost bug-like shine to them.

“Damn, those are some cool pumpkins!” Gus exclaimed. “What are we supposed to do with them?”

“Eat them,” Kane answered.

Jason looked sceptical. Every single one of them was large enough to feed an entire family and there were… “All thirteen pumpkins,” Kane said. “So, let’s dig in.” Kane already had a weird knife in his hands with which he cut loose the first pumpkin. The knife was extremely sharp and made it an easy feat to cut the pumpkin in three equal segments.

The makeshift werewolf jock picked one of the slices up and handed it to Gus. “Bon Appetit.”

Looking closer at it, Jason started to worry that it was something else than a pumpkin. While the thick shell looked the part, the fruit flesh looked like something out of a horror movie. It had a spongy texture and when pressed, it returned to its original state like very firm jelly.

“Well, at least we can tell it’s a gourd because of the seeds,” Gus said reassuringly. He was right. The seeds were black as night but were arranged in a half-sphere on the slice, just like it would be with any gourd.

Kane handed Jason his piece. It was quite heavy, and he didn’t think he would be able to hold it with just one hand. As terrifying as the gourd looked, it had a surprisingly pleasant smell. Extremely sweet, like gingerbread and chocolate. And Jason noticed that he felt slightly aroused from smelling it.

He then heard a moan on his side, which startled him. Gus looked apologetically at him. “Oh, sorry dude. But this shit tastes like heaven and is packing a real punch, it seems.”

Jason looked at Gus’s crotch and saw how his cock was tenting his jockstrap and pushing out under the loincloth. His friends knew that Jason was gay and were pretty chill about it. Sometimes a little bit too chill, he thought.

He looked back at Gus and noticed how some of the fruit flesh was hanging from his mouth. Apparently, it lost its porous character if it got torn and turned slimy and gooey.

“Dude, if that stuff were white instead of red, I would be convinced you were the model for a gay porn artist.”

Gus almost choked when he laughed. “Cough… maybe one of us will actually fuck you if that shit just keeps horning us up.”

Jason shot back, “Not if I jump you first.” And like that he took a big bit from the blood pumpkin. The taste really was amazing. It was like candy, but the texture reminded Jason off swallowing big loads from the guys he fucked. He also immediately got hard, just like Gus, even though it was less noticeable with his baggy dragon costume. “Shit, it really tastes good. Kane, it was a great idea to bring us here.”

Kane was looking up from his slice. “You’re not worried that the pumpkins are poisonous?” he asked, curious.

Kane wasn’t blind to his friends’ mistrust without reason. So, Jason asked himself mentally if he actually was worried about that. He had his worries, but they paled in comparison to the bliss of eating. “Dude, I don’t care if I have a hangover tomorrow or if I have to get my stomach pumped out, I bet no one else has eaten something that good.”

Kane’s face lit up. “That’s the spirit, man!”

After that, the three guys were just munching away at their slices. Jason really loved the gooey mess that his meal was and felt how he got warmer.

Despite it being a rather chilly night, he soon started to break a sweat and decided to open his costume a bit. Now that he had eaten a good portion of the oversized slice, he could easily hold it in one hand while fidgeting with the zipper.

When he looked down, he noticed how the costume seemed to fit him slightly better. Jason shrugged it off as a trick of his mind and continued eating till he had finished his slice almost simultaneously with the others.

Gus wiped some of the gooey juice from his face and said, “Man, that tasted good! Are you also kinda hot? I mean literally, not just down below.”

“Yeah man, that stuff is really heating me up.” Jason really had gotten even hornier over time and was more riled up than ever in his life.

Kane stripped of his jacket and picked up the knife again. “Anyone up for refills?” Jason almost instinctually said no; after all, he had eaten two or three meals worth already. But he actually noticed how he was almost as hungry as he was horny.

Gus was certainly enthusiastic about it. “Yeah, I am starving! Bring the twelve remaining pumpkins bro!” Did he somehow look bigger?

Even faster than before, Kane picked a pumpkin and cut it into three equal pieces. When he handed his friends their slices, Jason noticed that it felt significantly lighter than the one before. But it was definitely the same size. “Hey, don’t your pieces feel a little too light?”

Gus looked into his direction. “I don’t know, but it could be because you obviously hit the gym in secret.” Jason furrowed his eyebrows.

Kane apparently also seemed to agree. “Yeah, your abs were nice already, but now you have pecs!”

Jason thought they were messing with him, but when he looked down into his opened costume, he really saw two small but firm pec muscles. “Whoa!” he exclaimed. “Those were not there a few hours ago.”

“You gotta be kidding us. No one develops muscles like that in a day.” Kane clearly did not believe him.

“Just look at Gus! He got bigger too.”

Kane looked at the hairy man with a sceptical expression. The exhibitionist looked at himself just as critically. “I mean, I thought it was the heat from eating the pumpkin that made my muscles feel bigger, but they actually do look bigger.”

Kane was weirded out. “My mum… couldn’t really be a fey, could she?”

Gus and Jason looked at him in surprise. “You don’t really believe her?”

“I mean, I did, for a while. But by now I just do what she says because I want to make her happy. She is always so lonely because of how everyone treats her.” Kane looked really sad while he said that.

Jason looked at his friend. “I don’t think it can hurt to gain a little more mass. Let’s eat another slice and see if it really changes us.”

Gus grinned. “You are reading my thoughts, man.”

Kane lit up again. “Yeah, let’s dig in!”

Again, they started eating, but this time the noises were louder as they were all even hungrier. But Jason still tried to focus on his body while reducing the red mass in his hands.

And sure enough, the heat from his body actually came from his muscles, like he was working out. It was subtle at first but got even more intense the more he ate. Apparently, they just hadn’t noticed it during the first slice because the effect was so subtle.

At first Jason thought there would be a limit on how horny he could get but now he was seriously doubting that. And the way his cock was tenting his underwear just made another change very clear.

“I think the pumpkins also make our junk grow!”

Gus just finished his slice and looked pouty. “Oh, you really think so?”

Jason almost choked on the last bite of his slice when he looked at Gus. This time it certainly wasn’t just a pump that made his muscles bulge. And speaking of bulge, his jockstrap’s colour was fading because of his oversized dick. And the effect was only partially noticeable as it also got darkened by the pre-cum leaking from his tip.

“Yeah, I think you are not the only one who benefitted from eating the pumpkins.” As Jason turned to Kane, he was just fighting with getting his shirt off. But it was almost like painted on his upper body and, frustrated, Kane just tore it off.

Jason gulped audibly at the dramatic reveal of his friend’s chiselled torso and could not tear his eyes from the tantalizing show that was Kane getting rid of his pants without removing his shoes. “Hah, much better.”

Seeing Kane and Gus both with only their shoes and jockstraps and the accessories from their costumes was the biggest turn-on Jason had ever witnessed. And he was so incredibly feverish, he had to slip out of the upper part of his costume. As his torso was revealed fully, Jason couldn’t believe what had happened to him. His body was not just cut, it was thoroughly buff and even the legs of his costume felt snug.

Just like Kane and Gus, Jason’s jockstrap was stretched by his enormous cock and dripping with precum. If it wasn’t held back by his underwear, he thought he could lick the tip of his head.

Gus was staring at him. “Okay, either I am very horny, or the pumpkins also make you gay because I actually want to eat you right up.” Jason’s cock twitched at Gus’s words.

“This’s gotta be a dream. A very wet dream.” Jason thought he was going crazy with lust.

“Nope, you don’t find glory like this in the morning.” Kane was squeezing out some pre from his jockstrap and licking it from his hand. “Besides, you can’t wake up till we have eaten the remaining eleven pumpkins.”

Jason looked dumbfounded at the rest of the pumpkin patch. If the effect of them continued to work exponentially it would be pure madness to continue. But he was addicted to it, and it didn’t seem like his friends wanted to stop either.

Gus grinned. “First one to burst from their underwear gets to fuck the last one.”

Jason almost came right then there. “Oh yes, please!”

Kane apparently disapproved. “Come on, there’s gotta be some competition. Anyway, I think I am gonna cut the remaining pumpkins loose before we continue.”

Gus was about to just grab the next one by himself. “Why?”

“Because my mum said the pumpkin patch will kill us if we don’t use this particular knife. And if fairy tales have taught me anything it is that you don’t ignore the advice of apparently magical ladies, especially if they are your own mother.”

Gus pulled back his hand like he had burned himself. “Okay, what scares me the most is I have no idea how the patch would kill us exactly and I honestly don’t want to find out. Any other rules?”

“No. She even joked about using the pumpkins as flesh lights as long as we consumed them.” Like a light switch Gus returned to his horny self. “I mean…when we grow big enough…”

While Kane continued to gather the remaining pumpkins, Jason basically pounced at Gus. He groped the hairy pecs like they were a lifeline.

“Shit, Jason! I didn’t know that could feel this good.” With gentle force he grabbed Jason’s head and started plunging his tongue into his throat. In seconds Jason felt overpowered but also safe and all he could do was moan.

“Okay, I’m done! But I don’t mind you going on, it’s a great show.” Gus got off of Jason. He hadn’t noticed that he ended up on his back but Kane stroking his leaking cock through his underwear was almost enough to force him onto his stomach.

Kane handed them another slice each. “Okay, the others you gotta break up yourself. I wanna see those muscles working. And Jason. Give your best, we are watching you.”

Gus winked at him. “Don’t worry, you know I am the fastest eater. Your ass is mine.” Those whispered words made Jason shiver. This really had to be a dream.

“Well, 3… 2… 1… go!” They all took big bites from their pumpkin slices while sitting in a triangle. While chewing they would be looking at each other, not only to keep Jason from losing on purpose, but also to admire each other growing.

The first pumpkin’s changes were barely noticeable, the second was still quite modest but the third hit like a gunshot. Soon they heard all kinds of seams popping as their clothes started to give in.

Then the great moment finally came. Gus’s jockstrap was practically see-through when it tore open, releasing the beast flicking a big glob of precum between Kane and Jason. It easily was the size of his forearm with a head the size of a grapefruit and similarly sized balls.

Kane and Jason both stopped in awe for a moment until Gus made them go at it again. “Come on, who gets to be my fucktoy?”

Only a few moments later the same fate hit Kane’s jockstrap. Smacking just below his pecs, his cock wasn’t proportionately as big as Gus’s, but way more than humanly possible, nonetheless.

“Hey, you slowed down on purpose!” Kane accused Jason because his pumpkin still had more flesh left than his.

Gus intervened diplomatically. “It’s just because he is smaller than you. Proportionately he still ate about as much as us two. Look, I am almost done with my slice.”

It was true. Gus had almost completely devoured his pumpkin piece and now looked like a veritable hulk. Only his boots, nose ring and horns were still in place.

Kane grumbled a bit, but he continued eating his piece and was happy once he felt the growth again. His dick still grew a little bit between his juicy pecs till he was finished.

When Jason finally got to burst free, his slice still had about a quarter of its flesh left. Amazed Gus and Kane watched as their friend’s cock continued to grow till it hit the bottom of the pumpkin shell, even with his collarbones.

By now their cocks were constantly leaking precum and together with their messy eating, the three college students were sticky with juices. They wouldn’t have given off a decent picture anyway, as they only wore shoes, some accessories and the remaining tatters of their costumes.

“Hmmhmm, I think you owe me an ass-fucking, Gus.”

“Oh no, you owe me your ass, that’s how it is.”

Kane rolled his eyes. “Do you want to fuck after or before eating the next pumpkins?”

Gus and Jason looked at each other and then said simultaneously: “At the same time.”

He shook his head. “Suit yourself. I am gonna enjoy my pumpkin alone.”

Gus looked at Jason in a clueless manner. The smaller guy luckily had an idea. “You can sit between us.”

Kane turned back to them. “What?”

“You can sit between us.”

Gus smiled widely. “I like that idea. Let’s crack those pumpkins and do our feast ‘n’ fuck.”

Kane handed each of them a whole pumpkin this time. And Jason didn’t mind, he certainly felt strong enough to open it with his own two hands.

As expected, Gus didn’t even break a sweat when he cracked his pumpkin like a peanut. Kane struggled a bit, but it still wasn’t very difficult for him. When it was Jason’s turn, he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be able to split his pumpkin. He struggled to break it open, but it wouldn’t budge. He was already about to give up when he heard Kane and Gus cheering on him. Encouraged by his friends, Jason continued pulling.

He didn’t know how he did it, but he could hold the tension for minutes. His muscles were burning, but in a good way, and for some reason not only in his arms and chest, but in his entire body.

Then Jason suddenly felt himself growing slowly again, even though he wasn’t eating the pumpkin. The heat from his body made him sweat constantly and his friends could literally see the steam rising from his body. Even the precum constantly flowing down his cock was evaporating before it could hit the ground. The smell that was permeating the air was riling up the trio even more.

Jason saw Gus and Kane jerking off their massive tools while their cheering turned more and more into moaning. His own pre output just increased, making the smell of sex even more prominent.

His friends finally released their first loads of the evening and loads they were. Each of their spurts could have easily filled an entire bucket and they each fired about twenty of them.

When they hit Jason’s body, they cooled him down rapidly, allowing his muscle growth to increase even more. With a roar he snapped his pumpkin in half while adding his own ginormous orgasm to the cum around them.

Looking at his cum-covered self, Jason noticed that while he was still less tall than the others, he now had proportionately as much muscle as Gus, making him probably heavier than Kane. But there was not much time to ponder at this as they all only had one thought on their minds: More!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Grabbing their pumpkin halves, the three friends basically jumped at each other while scrambling to get in their places. With Gus’s dick well-lubed from his own precum, Jason felt no resistance sliding his asshole over it till his ass hit his friend’s groin. Kane wasted no time to get between, lining up his own throbbing cock with Jason’s.

Eating their cum-covered pumpkins, the trio gyrated their bodies against each other, creating pleasurable friction while being covered in their sexual juices. With their increased appetites, the guys were devouring the pumpkins faster than they could induce growth. Almost simultaneously they threw away the empty shells.

With their still growing bodies they furiously rutted against each other like wild animals, reaching their climaxes in seconds. If they hadn’t been in such a highly agitated state, they would have noticed that their minds were indeed successively emptying themselves, making them more primitive. But all they cared about was the orgasmic bliss they experienced while they were fucking each other, and their bodies were growing. The length of their orgasms had tripled in comparison to before and the volume had increased tenfold.

Their heating bodies slipped from each other, and they got up on their feet again. Jason was still the smallest but with 2 m he was incredibly tall. Kane was 2,5 m while Gus definitely had surpassed 3 m.

Following their instincts, they each picked another pumpkin up. But instead of simply devouring them, they poked holes into them. Even though in Gus’s case it was more like he tore the upper part of the pumpkin off.

Without him noticing or simply not caring, the nose ring that miraculously still had clung to his face fell into the pumpkin’s flesh, which started to move and swallow it. The other pumpkins also started to behave strangely, but none of them cared. They all just plunged their cocks into the crawling cavities. While none of the pumpkins reached beyond half of their cocks, Gus’s only covered his head. He didn’t care. None of them did as the pumpkin flesh started to crawl down their urethras while pleasuring them immensely and growing their packages.

Gus also got an additional gift as his pumpkin burst open—a growing cock piercing covered in pumpkin flesh. After growing larger than a tractor tire, the pumpkin flesh retracted, revealing the shiny ring-shaped Prince Albert. Soon, Jason’s and Kane’s cocks also burst through their pumpkin-flesh-lights, growing above their heads and as thick as their waists. Their balls dangled down between their shins, almost all the way to the ground.

As soon as the pumpkin flesh had completely absorbed into their cocks, opening their cum-holes again, they started gushing torrents of sticky precum. The quantity was like from a fire hose and despite being pre, it was white from the much higher sperm count than an average man’s ejaculation.

While Jason and Gus were completely obsessed with their new cocks, worshipping them with their entire bodies, Kane knew that all pumpkins had to be eaten. He picked up the tenth fruit and shoved it down his cock.

Like a snake swallowing an egg, Kane’s dick started to contract and draw the pumpkin deeper. He was moaning so loudly that his friends looked up from their ministrations to see what he was doing.

Once they realized that the bulge travelling down his cock was one of the blood-red fruits, they each grabbed one too and pressed it into their urethras, causing them to have the same reaction.

When Kane’s pumpkin finally dropped into one of his balls, he started to swell again but surprisingly not that much. Instead, his body started to transform in other ways. Thick hair started to sprout all over his body, almost even thicker than Gus’s. Especially on the entire back side of his body and his lower hands and legs it started to get so dense, it had to be called fur.

His finger- and toenails and his teeth started to grow longer and sharper, turning into claws and fangs. His claws started to darken until they were pitch-black.

The rest of his face started to change as well. His eyes turned blood-red, and the pupils turned into slits while his nose started to broaden and darken, starting to glisten with humidity that wasn’t from his cum. His ears grew into points and turned furry. Growing up along his skull, they framed his face from the height of his nose almost to the top, with only a gap as wide as the distance between his eyes.

From the base of his spine, a tail was growing, but surprisingly it stayed completely hairless and smooth while growing much longer than a wolf’s tail should. Soon it developed a cockhead with a foreskin on its tip that quickly retracted as the head swelled. Kane’s tailcock was only as thick as his cock pre-flesh-light-pumpkin, but it was twice as long and quite dexterous. And he really wanted to fuck someone with it but looking at his friends, he even realized through his animalistic mind that they were busy with their own transformations.

Jason’s transformation was kind of similar to Kane’s in its pattern, except he was growing ruby scales where Kane had grown fur. From his forehead sprouted two ivory horns that peeked out from a majestic yellow mane that travelled down his back as a thin streak of fur, onto his thick pointed tail and ended on it in a brush shape. His claws and eyes retained their original colour while a thick crest of fur grew on his chest, tapering down into a treasure trail that ended above the base of his increasingly draconic cock. It still retained some human qualities like the bulbous head and its foreskin, but the shaft was covered in spikes and ridges. From Jason’s back a pair of majestic bat-like wings emerged. The membranes spanning between the individual digits was the same pale yellow as his fur.

But the change that Kane put the most attention to was Jason’s tongue. It stretched longer than his own body and was covered in bulbs that he could blow up. On its tip there was a cockhead with four more of these bulbs just below it, but the cockhead itself was quite inflatable itself as well. Jason experimentally blew up the bulbs one by one and also the head, which turned into basketball-sized purple sphere. With little to no effort he retracted the entire thing into his mouth. His voluminous chest puffed slightly out from its contents and only the head peeked out between his fangs.

Gus, on the other hand, changed a little bit differently. Sure, he got hairier all over, but it focused on his lower body, covering all of it except for his giant balls with fur. Only a single strip of it partitioned his scrotum. His legs were contorting, assuming a digitigrade stance while his toes were enveloped by his darkening toes, turning into solid hooves. From the base of his spine a cow-like tail emerged, connected to his scruffy head hair via a streak of fur travelling up his broad back along his spine. Admidst his sticky mess of his cum-covered hair two bull horns emerged, matching the pointiness of his velvety ears.

Small tufts of fur emerged from his elbows while his armpit hair grew even bushier. A distinctive fluffy crest manifested above his ballooning pecs with tire-sized areolas and nipples like tall cakes. The crest trailed down into his thick treasure trail and bush, accompanied by two rivers of cum-milk. His humongous cock had darkened into a deep ebony black and had developed a thick medial ring above which pink spots aggregated around a flat, flared tip. He was hung like a horse, but with a dick the size of a horse.

By now the guys’ minds had completely degraded into a primitive state. All they could think about was fucking each other, just the thought wasn’t concrete in their minds but rather a mist that enveloped their entire brains.

In that moment something sharp pierced Kane’s neck. Immediately his mind cleared, allowing him to see that there was still a single pumpkin left. He felt that he didn’t have much time before his mind clouded again so he jumped towards it. He picked it up and looked back to his friends and barely avoided Gus fucking him in his exposed ass right then and there. Before the bull-man could charge again, Jason plunged his draconic dick into Gus’s ass instead.

Kane was relieved that they were busy for the moment but immediately felt the pull of his primal mind again. Before he could eat the pumpkin as fast as possible, Gus’s cock started spraying him with cum. His immediate reaction was to jam the pumpkin into Gus’s urethra, which greedily sucked it inside before crushing it between the walls of equine flesh.

Even though the final transformation was almost immediate, Kane’s mind already had slipped away again, allowing him to witness its magnificence only on a rather primitive level.

And magnificent it was. Gus basically grew away from Jason’s dragon cock as he shot up 2 m in mere seconds. But even as his growth slowed down above the 5 m mark, it was far from over yet. Just below his pecs, another row of them appeared, while a second set of arms identical to the first grew out of his sides. His new addition only grew to two thirds of their older siblings’ size though, which made him barely miss the 6 m mark.

His pecs certainly were a great sight with the bigger and smaller pair, but they weren’t done yet. His upper pecs were still growing and ballooning outwards till they looked like breasts. And fittingly, his nipples produced a much larger quantity of cum-milk. The pressure from the torrent was so great, it dilated his milk ducts. But Gus’s smaller pecs wouldn’t be outdone. But instead of growing, they stayed the same size and instead their areolas started to cover them almost completely, except for a small zone around their edges. His nipples were swelling larger and longer, till they reached further than their upper colleagues despite curving significantly upwards. After all, his lower nipples had turned into cocks. Cocks that looked small in comparison to the gargantuan equine beast jutting from his groin but were still larger than an athlete’s legs.

But the horse cock also wasn’t done. It thickened till it was almost double the size than before and with an enormous roar from its owner, split into two just as the big as the original, stacked atop of each other. Simultaneously his balls also duplicated and while his sack couldn’t hang any lower without touching the ground, the added mass did wonders for its size. While only one of his cocks started out with a piercing, the pumpkin flesh quickly crawled out of his urethras to do something about it. While his lower cock’s already existing piercing was enveloped with the gooey substance, his upper cock started to develop a big glob below its urethra.

Immediately the fruit flesh got to work, adapting his old piercing to his new size while creating a twin for it. For the final touch, they added spikes onto the Prince Alberts, making them look like lethal weapons to anyone who wasn’t drunk on sex.

But as our transformed trio was just about that, they didn’t mind. Indeed, Kane and Jason seemed very eager to take their friend’s twin horse cocks for a ride, even though they were bigger than their own torsos.

Gus certainly didn’t let them beg for it. He picked them up, one in each hand. They opposed each other as Gus put Kane on his upper cock and Jason on his lower cock. While he slowly worked their bodies down his cocks, their own torso-sized cocks were rubbing against each other and what little freedom of movement they had, they used to increase the friction even more. As much as their pre-covered bodies would allow.

Unfortunately for Gus, while his buddies’ bodies could stretch easily to fit his dicks, there seemed to be no passing their throats. But they would have to make do.

Like two living flesh lights he grabbed them with his upper hands and started rutting them mercilessly, filling their chest cavities completely over and over again. This was not fully satisfying for any of the three. Desperate for release, Gus also started jerking his nipcocks with his lower arms, causing them to shoot torrents of pre. While this also stimulated his lactating hyper nipples to produce more cum-milk, this left them awfully unattended. But his bros got his back.

Kane shoved his tailcock into Gus’s left nipple, fucking it mercilessly. The pre from his tailcock and the milk from Gus’s breast started to back up and blow up his left chest even more, making him look quite asymmetrical.

Jason had been tongue-fucking his own cock in the meantime. He had sent his cock-tongue down to his prostate and then curved it back and was overstimulating himself while pulling more of his tongue through to also pleasure Gus.

The bulbs had swelled in size and were now entering Gus right nipple in quick succession like beads. Once inside his chest, Jason’s tongue was dancing wildly, making Gus roar out in pleasure. Just like on Kane’s side the fluids were backing up, making this breast match its twin on the other side.

The wolfman had been focusing on himself in the meantime, as he was savagely fisting his own cumhole with his arm. With an inhumane dexterity he was pistoling his upper arm from his elbow to his shoulder in and out.

It was messy, it was wild, it was pure sex. They were covered in sweat and pre and cum-milk while working towards their climax. The amount of fluids would have flowed into the forest if it wasn’t for an invisible barrier surrounding the clearing. By now Gus was standing bull-ankle-deep in their juices.

As the eternal minutes passed, the flow of precum was only increasing and by now Gus’s precum was flowing from both ends of his buddies but they loved it. Kane and Jason and the horse cocks were covered in an ever-changing film of pre like fountain statues.

Then the moment finally came. Their collective climax had begun. The output of Gus’s nipples multiplied. If Kane’s tailcock cum and Jason’s tonguecock cum weren’t stickier than the cum-milk they would have completely dissolved in it.

Their primary cocks were exploding, shooting volley after volley of cum tens of metres into the sky while Gus’s nipcocks were painting their bodies completely white.

As Gus gigantic orbs constricted, the pressure from his cum was so enormous, it was stretching Kane’s and Jason’s throats open, allowing him to ram them to his cocks’ bases.

The bull-man was bucking his hips wildly as he was ramming the dragon and wolf up and down his giant horse cocks while creating giant streams of cum.

In mere seconds, his groin and cocks had been submerged, making him churn the cum with his movements. At that point, his movements started to slow down, not because their climax was ending but because they and their cum were transforming.

As the guys slowly mutated into stone in their dome of cum, getting frozen into an eternal orgasm, their cum transformed into a hill of mud and green. Where once the pumpkin patch stood, now there was a high moor from which were leaking springs from every hole. The locals say that the water from there would increase the libido and might even bless the bodies of some especially horny souls.

At least, that was what was left of the young men on this side.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jason felt sore. His entire body felt like it had been in a garbage press. It was like a hangover but instead of his head it was his entire body that hurt. And he was completely covered in goo and couldn’t see anything.

He actually had hoped that his frat brothers wouldn’t be into those kinds of pranks, but here he was. Despite the sticky and heavy nature of the substance, he could get up surprisingly easy. Once sat up he wiped as much of the gooey substance from his face.

Finally, he could open his eyes again and looked at a landscape like he had never seen one. It looked like from a fairy tale, but this actually beat everything that a human could make up. Suddenly Jason remembered everything from last night, including the scenes from their hyper-sexual, primal state of being.

Swiftly he stood up completely from the pile of cum he had slept in, just as his friends were emerging too.

“Damn, I had the wildest dream.” Gus was not completely awake yet, but it only took him a few seconds of looking at his cum-covered hands to realize. “Shit.”

Kane seemed to be rather chill about it. He kinda had been prepared his entire life to be sucked into another world. “Welp, looks like my mum was successful in bringing me to the fey world. And she dragged you two along with me. And turned us into fey creatures as well. Nice.” He specifically looked at his boner while saying that last part.

Jason took stock of him and his friends. While they had kept their new species and abilities together with their muscles from last night, everything else about them was definitely more manageable. He and Kane were back to their original size, and Gus was “only” above 2,5 m. And sure, they had what seemed to be permanent boners, but at least they only reached up between their pecs and weren’t constantly dripping pre. At least Jason hoped so, he couldn’t tell one hundred percent while being covered in cum.

“Kane, shouldn’t we go and find your mum and get…mhmmm.” Jason was interrupted as Gus kissed him and plunged his tongue past Jason’s slightly swollen cock tongue. The dragon man thought he was having a case of déjà vu.

“Come on, Jay. We have fucked across worlds. If it was urgent, she would have come to us already.”

Kane took his turn tonguefucking Jason’s mouth and added his own opinion. “Yeah. And getting cleaned can wait too. We are all horny and I know we are going to make even more mess.”

Now calmer, Jason realized that his boyfriends were right. Apparently, they had also kept a good portion of their augmented libido. And he really could use a good fuck right now. But maybe a bit more gentle than last night.

“Okay, buddies.” Gus smiled. “Good, because I want to know what slower gay sex is like.” With that he hugged his lovers and pulled them down into the cum bed in a sticky, moaning pile.

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