by Harvey Church

After a late night drinking, Luka wakes up with a strange bite mark. He doesn’t think much of it until the moon comes out to awaken the beastly urges dwelling inside of him.

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Luka doesn’t remember much of last night. It’s all a bit of a blur after about five drinks and when his buddy Dylan ditched him for some girl he just met. Some designated driver! From then, he remembers getting progressively more undressed as he flexed for random girls at the bar. Luka was the type of man who stood out in a crowd with his broad shoulders and strong physique. Luckily, he’s a fun drunk. If he was the type of guy who got in fights after a few drinks, someone would more than likely end up in an ambulance. But Luka prefers to just show off his strong muscles and let strangers tell him how big he is. Being admired turns him on.

Eventually, he stumbled the five blocks back to his apartment after his DD had abandoned him. The semi-hard cock poking down the leg of his tight khakis forced him to walk with a slight limp. Usually, the walk isn’t too bad, but Luka was drunk and his bladder was full. About halfway home, he had to pull into an alleyway to take a leak. Still visible to the street, he pulled out his slightly hardened dick and pissed on the side of a black-bricked building. His penis is his least impressive muscle, but it does what it needs to. Leaning up against the wall, Luka holds his cock in his hand, mindlessly thumbing the shaft. Strangely, that was the last thing he managed to remember from the previous night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Luka wakes up in the morning in his bed. Seems he got home just fine. Guess whatever happened the rest of the way home was of no importance. He sits up on his mattress, his thin bed cover slipping down his naked body. He scratches his wide back lazily. Still waking up. His morning wood jumps, pushing up the bed sheet playfully. Half asleep, he scratches his balls too before he winces.

The quick sting of pain confuses Luka more than anything. He lifts the sheet to examine his penis. Two scrapes scratch down the length of his shaft. They aren’t too bad, but enough to break the skin. Red marks around the wound make it tender. Luka gently grabs his penis and slowly feels up the marks with his thumb. His dick throbs reflexively, plumping up in his palm.

“Huh, that’s weird,” Luka mutters to himself.

He shifts his legs over the edge of the mattress and stands to head to the shower. The sheets fall behind Luka, pulling from his naked body as he strides toward the door. His nude build is fully revealed, his bulky chest and thick arms swinging gently. His tight abs are at a near-constant flex. The sheets fall from his legs and reveal his thick ass and impressive thighs. His morning erection rocked with each step, dwarfed by his powerful build.

Luka steps out of his room into the common area of his apartment. His bare muscles are exposed without caution as he walks past his roommate Paul who is sitting on the couch with his late afternoon tea.

“Well, rise and shine, big guy! Have fun last night?” Paul teases.

Luka just lets out a grunt of agreement as he slumps into the bathroom.

The whole naked roommate bit was never an issue between the two of them. Paul is a proud, and sometimes forward, gay man. Luka is comfortable in his heterosexuality, even more so in his sculpted body, so he never really saw any issue with their living arrangements. Paul gets a common area with a view, and Luka gets to dress (or lack thereof) comfortably in his own home while getting the occasional ego boost.

The only slight issue that has ever come up was the volume of Paul’s night company. But Luka can’t really say much. He’s brought in his fair share of ladies back to the apartment when his roommate was trying to sleep. Both just have to live with the fact that their roommate fucks.

After a shower, Luka comes out in a towel. His morning wood is now quelled thanks to the load he just sprayed all over the cold shower tiles. He falls back onto the couch and lets out a deep sigh.

“So, did you have any fun while I was out drinking last night?” Luka says, making conversation.

“Yeah, I had Riley over last night. Wine and fucking.” Paul turns over towards Luka. “You know, the usual.”

“That’s good. I know that kid is packing some serious dick too. Saw it bulging last time he was hanging around the apartment.”

“Oh, I know. Young and hung! Those study abroad students get so pent up,” Paul laughs. “So, the bar was fun?”

“Yeah, it was! Dylan ended up ditching me for some girl, but it was all fine. Got felt up by some American girls after a couple of drinks. The bar was pretty handsy last night.” Luka smiles at the thought. “Although, I did end up with a scratch on my penis. I don’t remember how I got it. I don’t think any of the girls touched my dick. They all seemed pretty focused on my gains.”

“That is strange. It’s not like a rash or irritation?”

“No, it’s an actual scratch,” Luka clarifies.

He stands up and puts his hand on his towel, about to pull it off.

“Do you want to see it?” Luka asks, realizing he should’ve started with that.

“Yeah, let’s see it,” Paul chuckles.

Luka drops his towel. His soft penis hangs on top of his heavy balls. All of which still seem small in comparison to his tree trunk thighs. Luka is clean-shaven to make sure his genitalia is well presented. He likes to make the most of what he’s got.

Paul leans closer, examining the side of Luka’s penis. He sees the two scratch marks that follow down the length of the shaft. The irritation has gone down since Luka woke up, but it is still slightly red.

“May I touch it?” Paul asks.

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

Paul’s warm hand cups Luka’s dick. Holding the shaft up and to the side to get a better look at the scratches. Luka fights a shiver as Paul’s fingers wrap gently around his penis.

“These look like teeth marks. Like if someone didn’t have their jaw open wide enough,” Paul explains.

“What? But I didn’t get any head last night. Not that I remember at least. My dick also isn’t even that big! I’m not cracking any jaws with this thing.”

Luka swings his hips and makes his penis slap against his thighs a couple of times.

“I don’t know what else to say. That’s what it looks like to me. And I’ve seen a few scratched-up penises in my time.”

“Huh, strange…”

“But I will say,” Paul smiles as he drops Luka’s dick from his palm. “You do have a very handsome cock. Being uncut is a bonus.”

“Oh, please. It’s not that impressive,” Luka blushes.

“Oh, trust me, aesthetics are impressive! Like Riley for example. That kid has a massive cock! But it’s big and veiny like a sweet potato,” Paul chuckles. “Still love taking it, but it’s not the most handsome penis. Monster cock is an apt descriptor for what he’s packing. But you, you’ve got the looks.”

“Well, thank you,” Luka accepts the compliment. “And I guess these scratches aren’t too much to worry about.”

“Yeah, I’d say you’ll be fine. Just keep that dick clean. Don’t want an infection or anything.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Later that night, Luka returns from his room dressed in a pair of tight grey briefs, the ones that hug his muscular ass and lift his penis to give some definition to his bulge, as well as a fitted muscle tank that’s stretched out by his full pecs.

“So, what are we watching tonight, big guy?” Luka says with a smile before flopping on the couch.

Paul steps out of the kitchen with two glasses of scotch. He’s dressed in a black silk robe, opened to reveal his smooth chest and the pair of bright pink briefs he wears under his robe. He is a skinny guy with a runner’s build, so his above-average dick fits awkwardly on his waist. All 8 inches looking oversized in his tight briefs. Despite his impressive penis, he was a strict bottom, always looking for a bigger cock to put him in his place.

“I was thinking about Suspiria. Get in the spirit of the season,” Paul suggested as he handed a glass over to Luka.

“Sounds good, P,” Luka says, bringing the glass to his lips. “Why don’t you pull it up while I work on this drink.”

Paul starts up the movie while Luka takes a big swig of scotch. They both lounged on the sofa, enjoying the movie and finishing their drinks. About 15 minutes into the movie, Luka stands and grabs the bottle from the kitchen.

A couple of glasses in, Luka lazes into the corner of the sofa, nursing his third drink. At this point, he’s a little too drunk to understand the movie, but he enjoys spending time with his roommate.

Luka shuts his eyes with his hand lazily slumped over his bulge. Then, out of nowhere, he feels his chest start to itch. The same way it does after he shaves. Luka slips his hand under his tank and lifts it to scratch at his chest. His body hair slips between his fingers. And then his stomach turns. His muscles suddenly start to ache.

Luka sits up and lets out a groan. His biceps cramp and flex.

“You all right, man?” Paul sits up as well. Still only on his second drink.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Another cramp makes Luka’s pecs flex against his tank top. And the itching moves down to his crotch. He moves his hand down and slips his fingers beneath the waistband of his briefs. Scratching the base of his flaccid cock roughly.

“Ah, fuck!”

And then Luka starts to get hard as he scratches. Against his will, his dick starts to swell up. Getting fatter. Pushing out against the tight fabric of his underwear. Throbbing, getting bigger with each flex, stretching out the pouch until the sides of his hardening shaft peeked out.

“Holy shit! I didn’t know you got that big when you were hard,” Paul said slack-jawed.

“It… doesn’t… oh, shit…” Luka groaned.

The moon shines through the balcony window, casting its gossamer glow on the floor of the apartment. Luka stops scratching and stares as his penis grows erect and then continues to grow. His grey briefs stretch out past his usual 6 inches. Luka’s dick repeatedly flexes, pushing up and out and out. Bigger and bigger, and all he can do was watch. Must be at least 9 inches now. His cock tugs on his briefs, stretching them further out until they hear some of the stitches start to pop. Still no sign of slowing down. Luka’s balls start to swell up too. Precum stains the fabric as Luka’s dick continues to grow. So big now that his briefs hardly cover his cock.

In an effort to save his underwear, Luka pulls his waistband down and strains the stitching to pull it over his growing cock. A couple more stitches pop, but he manages to unleash his penis. It stands upright from Luka’s waist. Thick veins pumping along the side of his meaty shaft. His cock starts to turn red as it swells up. Foreskin pulled back so tight that he almost looks circumcised.

Luka struggles but sits upright. His cock doesn’t stop and throbs up to his chest. Must be over a foot long now. Standing tall and rigid from his waist. Slowly, he reaches toward his beastly endowment and wraps his palm as best he can around the swelling girth. With just a touch, his dick twitches and flexes until a glob of precum squirts out, dripping down his overheating cock.

“Ah… oh… fuuck…” Luka whines like a dog.

And then his cock throbs again. Only this time, it doesn’t just grow larger. Luka’s cock head swells and morphs. It stretches out into a point giving it an additional inch. More precum leaks down the new head of his cock, slicking up his transforming penis.

Luka lets out a strained whine as his dick continues to morph. The pain is immeasurable but euphoric. It feels like the best erection no man has ever felt. His dick gets so hot, physically hot, that the precum dripping down his cock begins to steam. His dick just continues to get bigger and harder, ignoring all human limitations. He was more than a man now.

The base of his dick pulses, throbbing with more girth. Getting thicker and thicker. And then, suddenly, his penis erupts from his waist. A thick, veiny knot forces its way out from his body, pushing his cock out another four inches. Luka can’t hold back his howl as his new cock grows to its full potential.

Ahh… Ahh, fffuck… Oh, fuck yeah!”

Luka just falls back on the sofa, huffing and fighting to catch his breath as the pain subsides partially.

“What the fuck… Luka? Are you a fucking werewolf?” Paul just stares in astonishment. Admiring the entire process of Luka’s cock’s transformation.

“I… I don’t… know…” Luka huffs. “But it feels fucking great!”

Paul looks over the beastly dick sticking up off of Luka. Massive and swollen red. It stands like a living pillar, throbbing idly. Paul lifts his forearm next to the true monster cock in front of him to compare its size. With his elbow on Luka’s thigh, his fist does not even reach the head. Just over 16 inches of wolf dick, even thicker than his arm.

“Can I touch it?” Paul asks cautiously.

Luka gives a slight nod, “Please…” He rests his head back on the sofa.

Paul places his hand on Luka’s new cock, wrapping his palm around the shaft just below the head. His fingers stretch to try pathetically to wrap around its girth and don’t even come close. Paul then slowly begins to stroke, rubbing his hand up and pressing into the ridge of Luka’s cock head. It is so hard that it barely moves against Paul’s touch, but with each stroke, it throbbed and milked out another pulse of precum.

Luka squirms as Paul lightly strokes his now huge and very sensitive penis. Huffing and whining under his touch.

“Oh yeah… that’s fucking gooood…”

Paul likes the way he moans, so he takes his other hand and places it around the base of his shaft. He begins to stroke just a little faster. One hand massaging up and under the ridge of the cock head, the other pushing down and putting pressure on Luka’s thick knot.

Luka whines louder as Paul milks his giant cock. Precum now constantly streamed out from the tip of his red rocket, pulsing with each stroke. His cock glistens as precum coats his shaft. His massive balls hang over the edge of the sofa and shift from Paul’s touch. Precum pours out from Luka’s dick like a hose. A pool of it building up around his balls and on the floor.

Luka suddenly sits up and leans forward. His dick reaches up to his chin without even trying. He comes face to face with his wolf-like endowment.

“Don’t stop…” Luka orders with a growl.

Paul doesn’t even slow his rhythm. Stroking and milking more precum out from Luka’s cock.

Luka then leans closer and runs his tongue up the pointed head of his cock, licking up and drinking his own precum. He uses his tongue like a dog, tasting himself. His new self. It tastes so good. Luka wraps his lips around the tip and attempts to take the entire head in his mouth. The sensation of his tongue on himself makes him throb in his own mouth. Drinking up his precum as it continues to squirt out from his cock. He never knew he wanted to suck his own dick, but seeing this monster cock in front of him, he can’t help but taste himself. His milky precum overflows in his mouth and spills off his lips and down his cock.

He just can’t believe this is really his cock. It’s fucking massive and it feels so fucking good. Luka never really thought size mattered. He was happy with his just above-average-sized penis. But feeling how it is to have a fucking ginormous cock makes him so horny, he can hardly take it.

Paul, while still stroking, gets down to the floor on his knees. He continues stroking the beast in front of him. It almost completely obscures Luka from this perspective. Paul is rock-hard himself. He’s a size queen, but he never thought he’d get to live out a fantasy like this. His cock reaches out from the waistband of his underwear as it throbs happily.

Paul gets closer, using his forearms now to stroke Luka’s lycanthropic endowment. His arms put pressure on the sensitive beast in front of him. He moves forward and presses his hard cock against Luka’s massive testicles. His bulge fits so nicely between those giant balls. Rubbing up and dry fucking them like a pair of pecs.

“Ugh… AH… ahh… fuuckkk,” Luka growls.

He pulls off of his dick, precum coating his chin. He feels itchy again. All up his chest and arms.

Paul lets go of Luka’s cock, letting it slump forward slightly under its own weight. And then he grabs one of Luka’s fat nuts in each hand. Weighing them in his palms like big coconuts. He can almost hear them sloshing with an awful amount of cum. Then he presses them together on either side of his dick. So big and heavy as they squish his shaft. Then he starts fucking them, sliding his 8-inch cock between them. Slowly at first, but it’s not long until Paul starts vigorously fucking the tight space between Luka’s balls. It’s such a perfect sensation, using these werewolf nuts like a fleshlight.

Luka moans in response. His giant cock spurts out even more precum that now drips onto Paul’s face below it.

“Oh, fuck, that’s hot… Keep playing with my huge balls… Fuck, that feels good!”

Paul licks the dripping precum off of his face, so lost in the fantasy. His cock is stimulated by Luka’s massive, hairy balls as he slips it up and down his scrotum. His own precum starts to mix with Luka’s.

Luka scratches at his chest as the itching gets worse. He feels his tank top getting tighter against his torso as well. He looks down, finally pulling his attention away from his attention-stealing cock, and stares at his pecs. They stretch out his shirt even more so now, swelling up with more mass and thick hair sprouting all over them. As his pecs widen, his shirt stretches down tightly, and his nipples are revealed. They are big and sensitive, islands of pink in a sea of dark brown hair. Luka grabs his shirt and tries to pull it up and over his chest, but tears it off in the process. Now bare, his chest flexes and swells into two giant slabs of meat. His pecs hanging over his now thick abs. He raises his arms and flexes both his biceps beside his head, now also covered in thick hair. Luka already looked like a gym rat, usually one of the biggest guys on the gym floor, but now he was a muscle beast. His body still looked human, just bigger. Only his cock had transformed into something truly beastly. Still flexing, Luka leans down and huffs his overgrown pit. The scent of man and beast musk overwhelms his nose. But it makes his cock jump. He takes a bigger whiff, this time picking up the scent of something else. Perhaps someone else.

“Hooo, fuuuuck…” Luka huffs. “Damn, I smell fucking good.”

Paul slows down from fucking Luka’s balls and leans toward the giant cock in front of him. He presses his face against the shaft, his skin sticking to the coat of precum pouring down the length of Luka’s cock. He gets a good whiff of Luka’s musk.

“You’re telling me, big guy,” Paul moans.

He stands up, hands sliding up Luka’s dick as he rises. Even with him standing and Luka sitting on the sofa, the cock between them reaches up to Paul’s chest. He wraps his arms around it and presses his inferior man-penis against the beast-cock’s shaft. He uses his hand to massage the pointed tip of Luka’s dick. Squeezing more and more precum out as his thumb edges the urethra.

“Fuuck…” Luka growls. “I need to cum so bad. My cock is so big and hard, I can’t take it. I need a hole. I need a hole so fucking bad.”

Before Paul can respond, Luka stands up from his seat, now standing slightly higher than usual above his roommate. His cock flumped forward against Paul’s chest.

If he wasn’t so turned on right now, Paul, like any rational person, would probably be terrified. But feeling this giant werewolf cock slumped against him brought him to the edge.

“On your knees now, pup,” Luka commands.

Paul grabs the tip pathetically in his hand, massaging the sensitive underside of the ridge. Petting it like it alone was a wild beast. A spurt of precum shoots out onto his face. He licks it off his lip slowly.

“I thought you would never ask,” Paul moans.

“Stop talking,” Luka barks sternly.

He grabs Paul, moving him easily with his new werewolf strength, and positions him bent over on the sofa. Paul’s knees spread out, his arms steadying him on the back cushion. His silk robe drapes lightly over his round ass that’s arched back for Luka. He knows this position well and his dick still throbs in anticipation.

Luka lifts Paul’s robe to reveal his beautiful ass. Pink briefs cling tight to his butt, getting swallowed between his thick cheeks. Luka bends down, getting his face close. With one hand, he tears the briefs effortlessly from his body. Paul’s ass jiggles and spreads as he arches further back in response. Paul’s hairless hole is so perfect, Luka grabs his hips and pulls his face between his cheeks. Sloppily licking and tasting his hole. His tongue pushes past the threshold and into Paul which makes him moan. Luka makes out with his hole, using his tongue to push open and loosen Paul’s ass.

“Oh, fuuck… I didn’t know you ate ass like that,” Paul whines as his ass is devoured.

Luka gets lost in his meal, feeling Paul’s prostate against his tongue. Loosening up his ass as much as he can. He leans back, admiring the pink, spit-coated hole in front of him. His cock is going to tear that shit open. He sits up on his knees, lifting his heavy cock from the ground. Using both hands, Luka positions his dick against Paul’s begging hole.

“Oh, doggy style? Really?” Paul jokes.

“Shut it.”

He starts slow. He gently pushes the pointed tip of his cock into Paul’s ass. It stretches open and accepts the head first. Precum already starts to flood his hole. Luka moans as Paul’s tight hole wraps tight around his cock. He needs more. Slowly pushing another inch in. Then a couple more. He stretches Paul’s ass open even wider, making room for his excess of dick.

Paul whines as his ass is forced open. No signs of slowing. Just more and more dick pushing into him. He can feel the tip pressing into his stomach, making his skinny stomach bulge up towards his chest. His hole squelches as Luka’s flood of precum pushes out from his ass. Finally, he feels the thick knot press against his cheeks, preventing Luka’s cock from going any deeper. But Luka is not done yet.

Luka grabs Paul’s waist and starts to thrust. Slowly at first. Long, steady strokes push his dick into Paul’s chest. The tight, warm sensation makes his dick flex inside of him.

“Oh fuuck… Such a good hole,” Luka moans, lost in a sexual trance.

He starts to thrust faster. Pushing deep rhythmic strokes into Paul. His cock throbs and swells. More precum oozes out from between his cock and Paul’s hole. Luka could feel his cock starting to grow again. It flexes as if begging to release its load. He pushes faster and deeper. His knot pushes up against Paul’s ass, slapping his meaty girth against his hole, and then it finally forces its way in. Paul’s hole is forced open, stretching wide until he can almost feel it tear as it takes the fat knot of Luka’s magnificent cock.

“Oh, shiiiit!” Paul cries out.

Luka’s werewolf dick locks itself balls deep into Paul. Throbbing and pulsing as it dumps its load into him. It flexes as it shoots cumshot after cumshot against the walls of his stomach. Its balls flex and lift themselves, rubbing themselves against Paul’s legs like an affectionate pet. They bounce happily as wave after wave of cum is emptied.

Luka loses count of how many shots he pumps out, but his orgasm continues for nearly a minute. Eventually, he starts to catch his breath. His knot is still squeezed tight by Paul’s hole. He huffs, slowly trying to catch his breath. He sits up to readjust his position, but then he feels his cock twitch again. He can feel the cum pouring through his shaft. More of his hot load ready to bust. He whines, leaning forward onto Paul’s back as his dick pulses again as he shoots another wave of shots against his will. Hot, steamy cum spills out from Paul’s ass and drips down Luka’s giant balls.

“Whew… fuuck! God damn, I needed that. Thanks for letting me use your ass, P,” Luka huffs. “Didn’t know your ass felt that good.”

His knot is still lodged in Paul’s tight hole.

“Fuck yeah…” Paul struggles. “So… please tell me this is gonna be… a monthly thing…”

“I hope so, pup…”

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