Club at the crossroads

by Greggrth

A night out for two friends turns out to offer some fun changes, as long as you follow the rules.

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It was a cold night, too cold to be out in my opinion. Darren had dragged me out to go to this club he’d found that would ‘blow your fucking mind’, but it only opened on certain nights of the year. After months of begging and pleading to get me to go, I’d caved. Now I had my hands in my coat pockets, jaw clenched to keep my teeth from chattering as Darren dragged me down the dodgiest looking street I’d seen.

“Not much further,” my friend said cheerfully. He beamed up at me, him at a fair 5’7” while I stood at a more impressive 6’4”. We both had a good build, though I would happily admit he is the fitter of us, less body fat and more tightly built. I was just ‘big’ overall. I tried to return the smile, felt more like a grimace.

I looked around the street again, the shadows deeper with more streetlights broken than not. Graffiti overlapped on nearly every wall, some even going over the boarded up doors while windows gaped openly into darkness. The whole place was eerily quiet and deserted, even the sound of traffic from the main road not that far back seemed muted and distant. More sound should have carried on such a quiet night.

Darren suddenly tugged me into an alleyway, one so narrow our shoulders threatened to touch the sides. The ground was uneven, different sized cobbles nearly tripping me up every other step. I could at least hear music coming from in front of us, along with the smell of warmth.

The alley opened into a crossroad of sorts, three other narrow alleyways meeting in this one space. I frowned, looking over at the buildings on each side, wondering why they had given up space to allow what looked to be a completely needless alley. Only one of them had a door, one that was bright red and in better shape than any other I’d seen nearby. Darren was already opening it and beckoning me to follow.

I was grateful to step into the warm interior, shrugging off my coat to reveal the tight tank top Darren insisted I wear. He’d been weirdly specific that I wore something stretchy, which I thought odd for club wear. I folded my coat in front of me, draping it over my forearms as I looked over the room.

There was only one other door, opposite the one we’d come in, with a man in a booth next to it. He was thick, burly arms folded over a full chest resting on a barrel of a gut. He looked up from the iPad propped up on his desk, dark eyes giving us the once over before shifting his bulk into a more attentive position. He took out some headphones, paused whatever he was watching and gave us his full attention.

“Welcome back, D,” he rumbled, giving Daren a nod. “You brought a guest.” That wasn’t a question.

“I did, yeah,” said Darren, his voice a bit breathy, though I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or excitement “Kanyeral said that I could.”

The bouncer snorted. “I’ll bet they did. You go through the rules with him?”

“I thought I’d be best to do it when we go through.”

“The rules are important, D,” said the bouncer, his voice seeming to rumble around the whole room. “You know they’re there for a reason.”

“I know, I just…wasn’t sure he’d believe me until he saw, you know?”

Another grunt, though I couldn’t tell if that was in agreement or annoyance. Either way, he beckoned us to the desk so he could take our coats. “You might want to have a read while you can,” he said to me, jabbing a thumb over his shoulder.

I really wanted to grab Darren and shake him until his teeth fell out. What the fuck had he brought me into. Darren began talking quickly to the bouncer, getting his wallet out and fiddling with his card while the bouncer brought a card reader from under the desks. I looked at the wall, a list of rules just visible in the gloom.

Rule 1: No card beyond this point; cash only
Rule 2: No photography
Rule 3: No outside food
Rule 4: No iron

No iron?

Rule 5: No names


Rule 6: Drink as much as you want but don’t accept any food offered
Rule 7: Never say “Thank you”

What the shit?

“I’ll take your coat.”

I pried my eyes off of the board to look down at Darren. He was smiling nervously up at me, hand out, waiting for my coat. The bouncer was watching me, expression impossible to read. I passed my coat to the bouncer instead, who took it, putting it on a hanger with Darren’s and then handing the receipt over to me.

“Enjoy your night, boys,” the bouncer said, picking up his headphones and turning away from us. Beside him the door opened and music and laughter spilled through.

“Come on,” said Darren with forced cheerfulness, taking hold of my arm to pull me along. I could have planted my feet and stopped him, but I didn’t want to make a scene in front of the bouncer. Once we were alone inside however…

Darkness swallowed us as we stepped through the door and I felt…a shiver run over my head and down my back, like I’d been doused in something. I went as far as feeling the top of my head, half expecting to feel damp hair and my hand to come away wet. Nothing.

“Okay, seriously, Dar—”

“Nonononononono!” Darren flailed, spinning round and covering my mouth. “Don’t say my name. Don’t say anyone’s name while we’re here!”

I pushed his hand off my mouth, giving his fingers a squeeze. Maybe a bit harder than was warranted but he’d pissed me off. “What the ever loving fuck are you on about?”

“The rules. Rule 5 is—”

“And what kind of weird rule is that? What does it mean by ‘no names’? The first few I could kind of get, but the rest…”

Darren started dragging me along again, the shadows around us seeming impenetrable. If I’d been paying more attention, I might have wondered why I could see Darren and myself at all when for all intense and purposes we were walking through complete darkness.

“Well, this club is… well, it’s sort of… magical. Don’t scoff! This I why I didn’t say anything sooner because I knew you wouldn’t believe me! Just wait until we get there and then I’ll explain it more. Just… be careful what you say until we get there.”

“Until we get there? I thought we were—”

The next step the darkness vanished and we were standing in a well-lit street in a completely different area of town. My head whipped around, not recognising any of the nearby buildings or the old style street lamps lighting the way. As I looked up, I saw a sky filled with more stars than I had ever seen. My jaw dropped. It was… beautiful. The light pollution from the lights shouldn’t have given such a view and yet it did. Not only that, but when before the night had been freezing and cold, this one was practically summer.

I staggered forward, dazed at the change in temperature and location. Where the fuck were we? How had we moved? It had only been a few steps from the cloak room, how could we have moved far enough to feel a different climate? Why was the sky so clear? How was this street so much cleaner and better kept than—

Too busy looking at the ground I ended up walking into something firm yet…warm. I practically bounced off of it, putting my hand out on a wall to balance myself, rubbing my cheek and trying to focus.

“You okay down there?”

I blinked. The voice was new to me, very deep and, perhaps more importantly, coming from high above me. That was when I noticed the bare feet beside me. The feet that were so big they were probably the size of my torso if not bigger. I followed them up the shapely calves, the thick quads, to the ample poser that was perfectly level with my head, about 6’4” off the ground. I then slowly looked up higher, going past the tightly cobbled abs, past the dense pec shelf to finally see the head looking down at me in concern. Soft dark curls hung around deep dark eyes and full lips begging for a kiss, if their owner wasn’t so large they could have covered my face with a pout. He seemed to take in my shock, his concern turning into a knowing smile.

“First time?” he chuckled, putting his hands on his hips, tensing his body so his muscles jumped out, cocking his hip so his crotch jiggled towards my face. “Welcome,” he spread his arms, lats flaring and abs tightening. He then curled his arms up, flexing his biceps and grinning down at me.

I could only gape. I was tall enough that it wasn’t often I had to look up to people but this guy… my brain couldn’t comprehend it. My brain just snagged on the fact I was level with his crotch and couldn’t work out how tall that would make him. He seemed to be enjoying my amazement though. He brought his hands down to his hips again, shifting his hips to dip one side towards me, my eyes drawn to his bulge again. His dick looked to be chubbing up, the head becoming a bit more visible against the material.

“Take a flyer,” he said, wiggling his hips at me. “You’ll get a free drink.”

I’d been so mesmerised by his massive cock bouncing in his posers I hadn’t noticed the pieces of paper stuffed in his waistband. They were A4-sized but on him looked more like pound notes stuffed in a stripper’s trunks. Tentatively I reached out to take one of them, the giant swaying slightly so his crotch bumped my arm as I pulled away. I swallowed when I saw his soft member was bigger than my arm. I jumped when Darren suddenly came up beside me, taking a flyer for himself while blatantly cupping the giant bulge. He could barely lift it. The giant chuckled above us though.

“See you around,” he said, giving us another grin, bouncing his pecs in farewell before he stepped off into the street, being careful to avoid the crowd milling about the street, stopping every now and then for a flex and to give out one of his flyers.

Now he wasn’t filling my view, I realised the giant wasn’t the only one out in the street. There were crowds of people milling about in various states of undress and…most notably varying sizes. There was a guy only standing at about 4 feet tall but about the same in width. He was a walking cube of muscle, arms hanging out at angles on his sized, thick thighs rolling so he waddled down the street, chatting happily up to his companion. His companion had an average build but the front of his trousers was swollen obscenely. His package was the size of a beanbag, swaying from side to side with every step. I didn’t know how he didn’t tip over! I could clearly see the curve of his balls and his cock resting on top of them.

“Soooo…” said Darren at my side, hands in his pockets and swaying slightly. “What do you think?”

I could only gape as another massive man walked past us. He was my height but built as fuck. His muscles didn’t look real, too big, too pumped to be possible. He was in nothing but tattered clothes stretched taught over his bulk. His cock swung out in front of him, a rock hard 3’ lance that penetrated the crowd, people stepping out of the way or running an appreciative hand over it and his muscles as he passed. He gave me a wink.

“I know it’s a lot to take in,” continued Darren beside me, almost absently reaching after the big guy to feel his triceps. “We can go to one of the quiet places first, just to let you try some of the basic stuff.”

“What do you—” I had to stop to clear my throat, having gone dry from my mouth being open so long. “What do you mean, ‘try the basic stuff’?”

“Well, the drinks here can change you. There’s drinks to make you taller, shorter, bigger, buffer, more hung, and loads of other stuff.”


“Magic!” Darren beamed, wiggling his fingers at me. “Specifically, Fey magic.”


“Yeah, like elves and fairies and stuff.”

No sooner had he said that, a flock of guys with sparkling dragonfly wings zoomed past. They were tiny, the size of my thumb, their skin glowing and shedding glitter. But some of them had massive dick and balls almost twice their own size flopping behind them. They flew past in a clatter of wings and laughter.

“See what I mean? They open up this place when the planets align or something like that, letting us humans in to taste the magic of the Fey. Just stick to the rules and you’ll be fine.”

“Why? What happens if you break the rules?” I asked, following Darren as we moved into the crowd, very aware of a guy’s larger crotch brushing against my thigh.

“Some will just get you kicked out, like bringing in iron or taking their picture. But…seriously, drink what we buy, just don’t eat anything. If you do… well you won’t be able to eat anything back home and have to… stay here… forever.”


“It’s why they have the rules,” Darren flapped, waving at me to calm down at keep moving. “We’ll be fine, we’ll have a great time, just so long as we follow the rules.”

“But isn’t it… dangerous?”

“Not if you’re careful.”

I glared down at him, not at all reassured. It was hard to stay mad though, what with the sights all around us. We passed another giant, this one kneeling outside a building, letting normal sized people climb up his thighs, kiss his abs and one was sat on his bulge grinding against it. When it twitched and hardened against his poser, it easily moved the person sitting on top. Someone on the ground called up to the giant, holding a glass bucket over his head. The giant grinned, taking it between finger and thumb before knocking its contents back like a mini shot glass.

He shuddered, a low moan rumbling in his chest as his cock grew even bigger, hardening fully to strain against his posers. The guy on top had to hold on tight to keep from being thrown off, struggling to keep his grasp as the member got thicker beneath him. Meanwhile as his poser was stretched away from his body, there was a cheer from the guys nearby who began feeling the exposed flesh, some going as far as climbing in through the openings! The giant didn’t seem to mind, in fact, he looked to be enjoying it.

“Enjoying the view?”

Darren was smirking up at me. “They’re kind of hard to miss,” I shot back. “Even you can see them from down there.”

Darren laughed, not offended by our usual ribbing. “You just seemed to enjoy looking up to someone for a change.”

“Yeah…” I said absently, watching the guy on top of the giant’s cock fail to get his arms and legs round the shaft. It was bigger than he was! “Doesn’t happen often but… does look like fun.”

“Then I know where to take you first!”

Darren yanked me into the crowd, weaving through the guys of varying sizes. At one point there was a big ball getting bounced over the top of the crowd, drifting lazily down before getting bounced back up. It wasn’t until I got closer that I could see it was a person. A guy had been turned into…a balloon, a big round ball of flesh, his hands and feet sunken into his spherical shape, only his head with puffed up cheeks poking out and his dick visible. From the look on his face and the amount of cum dripping from his cock, he was enjoying getting bounced around. At one point another guy caught the balloon guy, rolling them until their faces met and kissed him. At least, I thought they were kissing until I saw the balloon guy start getting bigger and realised the other guy was actually blowing him up. My head turned to watch as Darren kept going, staring as the balloon guy grew bigger and bigger until he was bounced back into the air.

“What the fuck?” I breathed.

Darren dragged me to a building with tall windows, bright light spilling out onto the street before it. The inside had high ceilings held up by Greek or Roman like columns, curtains of red material draping lazily between them. There was a small square pool where a tall, dark man was dipping a bare foot in and swirling his toes in the water. He was bigger than me, maybe closer to 7’ than 6’, built like an Olympic god in his deep red toga. Most impressive was this guy’s chest; the biggest set of pecs I had ever seen, disproportional in mass to the rest of his muscles, like he would do chest week rather than chest day. One was covered by his toga while the other jutted out freely. I bet he had to lean forward to see anything underneath them. In fact, I bet he couldn’t see the toe he was dabbling in the water, just the ripples spreading across the pool.

He did look up when he entered, his handsome face breaking into a broad smile. I’d been so focused on his muscle tits I’d failed to notice the long elven ears peeking out of his jet black hair.

“Welcome back, my little friend,” he said, withdrawing his foot from the pool and padding towards us with open arms. He pulled Darren into a tight hug, my friend burying his face into those glorious pecs. When they pulled apart, I half expected there to be a popping sound. The elf ran a hand through Daren’s hair and regarded him fondly before peeking over to me. “And you must be his guest. How are you finding our little gathering so far?”

“Erm…” I hedged, watching as a fit looking guy was being accompanied by three other guys who carried his cock for him as they came in from one of the back rooms and headed for the exit. “It’s… interesting.”

“How diplomatic! Well, I shan’t keep you, you two should go and enjoy yourselves.”

“You’re the best, Kanyeral,” grinned Darren, groping the elf’s exposed pec. He, Kanyeral, gave a low moan of appreciation, goosing Darren’s backside in retaliation. When he drew his hand back, Kanyeral had a small pouch, one he jingled at Darren.

“Usual?” the elf asked.

Darren shot me a sheepish look. “Yeah. And a bottle of…you know, the blue stuff for my friend. Just to help… ease him in.”

The wicked grin Kanyeral gave me made me swallow. “As you wish. You know where to go.” He bent down and kissed Darren full on the mouth. “I hope to have you in my room again soon little friend.”

“Of course,” breathed Darren. He took me by the hand and pulled me to the doorway the guy and his cock carriers had come from, the elf watching us the whole way.

“What have you gotten me into?” I hissed at Darren again once we were in the corridor. Doors were along the walls at regular intervals, Darren moving confidently without stopping. One of the doors suddenly opened and a guy in a blue body suit stepped out. Wait… no, he wasn’t in a suit, he just was… blue. His bare, toned torso was a cool blue, swirls of faint purple on his forearms and a smooth waterfall of pale hair tumbling past his shoulders. He was holding two empty bottles in each hand, giving us both a nod and smiled as he stepped into the corridor and headed back the way we’d come. I snuck a peek inside.

At first I wasn’t sure what I saw. There was just this massive wall of…flesh. Looking around I realised it was a guy, sat on the floor but still taller than I was standing. His whole body was nothing but muscles; every single muscle bulging and swelling against the other. It looked like he couldn’t even move for all his bulk. I realised I could see a relatively normal sized hand almost lost in the folds of his gargantuan forearms, his wiggling fingers all he could manage to move.

“So fucking big,” I could hear him moaning from up there, unable to see his head past his massive chest and delts, just the rise of what I assumed were his traps rising up even higher beyond. “Fuck me, I want more! Gotta grow bigger! Bigger! I want more!”

“Come on,” Darren giggled. “We can do that to you if you’d like.”

I swallowed, letting myself get dragged away. The blue guy was coming back with more bottles. Before the door closed I heard a cry of “Yes! Give me more! Make me bigger!!”

Darren found the door he was after, though I couldn’t see anything that distinguished it from any of the others. He pushed it open and pulled me in, telling me to close the door behind me.

“This is so exciting!” he buzzed, heading for a small table with some drinks already prepared. He downed one himself before I’d even closed the door and was then zipping back to me with the other one. “Come on, drink up.”

“Whoa, calm down there,” I said, trying to subdue my jittering friend. “I’ve been going along with this so far but… I don’t know what the fuck is going on. You bring me to a fairy realm where there are guys with impossible bodies and just expect me to drink anything you give me? What does it do?!”

Darren had the decency to look a bit guilty. He stopped trying to put the drink in my hand and gripped it on front of him. “It’s nothing drastic, it’s just something to help you…loosen up a bit? I’m going to go through some… changes,” he said that on an exhaled breath as though he was trying to hold something back. “Probably shouldn’t have had mine so quick, huh? Anyway, I’ve not got anything major for you yet, we can ask for that when you’re-oh fuck-when you’re ready.”

“Are you all right?”

Darren just laughed. “Dude, I’m so good, just trying to hold this back until you’re cool with it all.”

“Holding back what?”

“Something I think you’ll enjoy. Just…take this drink before I spill it,” he giggled, his fingers visibly shaking. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink it until you’re ready but… dude I’m fucking buzzing right now. It’s getting hard to keep a lid on it.”

“On what?”


With a huff off laughter, Darren’s whole body shook and…expanded. His head rose up higher as his body lengthened, grinning up at me from a shorter distance than before. His shirt rode up his stomach, fluttering just over the waistband of his trousers which creaked a bit as his legs grew thicker. I could see he was hard, and it was clear his hardon was getting bigger too. The front of his trousers were visibly straining to contain him now.

“You okay, buddy?” panted Darren, holding himself and grinning at me. His arms looked thicker as well as longer, the muscles more defined like he’d had a decent pump from the gym. His body shuddered and he gained a few more pounds, shoulders spreading out wider.

“Me? I’m not the one writhing in pain!”

“Not pain,” Darren laughed, doubling over, giving me a view of his back as it broadened, the various groups of muscle suddenly thickening and swelling out with extra mass. When he straightened up again he was almost eye level with me! The front of his vest was getting pushed out by a new set of firm, shapely pecs, not only that but more of his waist was on show and there were a few bricks of newly chiseled abs. “It’s fucking bliss,” he all but growled, pawing at his crotch, rubbing at the throbbing cock visibly growing across his hip. At the rate it was growing it was going to reach his pocket before long. “Either finish that drink or put it down because fuck me, I want to kiss you so bad.”

I don’t know what it was that pushed me over the edge, what made me ignore that voice of reason in the back of my head that had been screaming at me this whole time. I must have gone mad, I must be hallucinating, everything I’d seen just couldn’t be real. And yet seeing my best friend grinning at me, eyes smouldering with lust as his body bulged and swelled right before me, filling up his clothes… did it matter if I was hallucinating? Seemed like a fucking hell of a hallucination, I may as well enjoy it.

I drank the blue liquid quick, closing my eyes and bracing myself. I’d half expected it to burn like an alcohol or something, instead it went down smooth. There was a tingle of taste I couldn’t quite place, any desire to try and figure it out was quickly forgotten when Darren’s hand found my face and he was putting his tongue in my mouth instead.

We’d made out before, jerked off together as well in the past. This felt so much better. Darren’s tongue felt bigger in my mouth, his body harder and more of it pressing against me as he deepened the kiss. As the kiss continued, I could feel his hand covering more of my face, could feel my head having to tilt back as he started to creep taller than me. He ground his crotch against me, other hand gripping my body tightly against him so I could feel all of him growing and growing. My own hands were gliding over his body, feeling the wide expanse of his back even as it spread wider, down to his tight, narrow waist, then grabbing a handful of his thick, juicy glutes. Fuck, his butt felt amazing. I kneaded at the firm globes, feeling them swell right back, pushing against my fingers. His crotch was now pressing against my stomach, my neck straining to reach his lips even as he bent his to meet me. How big was he going to get?

“Oh fuck,” Darren moaned, breaking the kiss and panting for breath. He stood up…and up… Fuck he’d grown so tall! It was so weird looking up to him! He was a head taller than—”Fuck!”—his body surged up even bigger, his chest swelling out to my eye level. His clothes were so tight, most of his core on show now, the seams on the sides starting to split. His trousers had ridden up his calves but the rest was covered in gaps as his quads thickened and grew too big to be contained. At some point the button on the front had popped off and now his cock was poking out of the open waist band, his boxers clinging to his still growing shaft. Like his muscles, his cock had grown way more proportionally than his height increase. He was now buff as fuck and more hung than a porn star.

And he was still growing!

“Should have taken these off,” he growled, grabbing his shirt and pulling it apart. The straps snapped easily and the rest came away in his hands, revealing his chiseled torso. His lats flared as he spread his arms, veins pulsing over his thick arms, snaking around biceps, triceps and forearms. He then started tugging on his trousers, the ground shaking whenever he set his foot down. He let out another grunt that turned into a moan as he gained another foot, shoes reduced to debris and his trousers coming apart in his meaty grasp. He straightened up again, grinning down at his body, cock now free and standing at attention out in front of him. His cock was level with his belly button, and that was with it stuck out from him like a sundial. To put it flat against him might have put it higher. The head was also about level with mine for a few seconds before he stretched up even taller with a low groan.

“Fuck me, so good,” he moaned, his voice dropping deeper. He ran his hands down his abs, fingers bumping over every solid bump of muscle, barely an ounce of fat on him. He then wrapped his hand round the base of his massive shaft, giving it a long, slow rub, all the while grinning down at me, body still stretching taller and bigger. He closed one eye, adjusting his cock over my head. “Can barely see you past this thing,” he rumbled. “Liking the view?”

I nodded, then remembered he couldn’t see me past his cock anymore. I stepped forward, hand out to feel his thigh, stroking the hard heads of muscle now bulging against each other. He gave a huff of amusement, shifting his leg, flexing the muscles to make them even harder for me. I wrapped my arm round it as best I could, fingers only just able to meet on the other side. I started kissing his quads, running my tongue between the deep chasms between the muscles. He rumbled in appreciation, his leg swelling thicker and thicker against me.


“Oh fuck,” Darren laughed, ducking as his head met the ceiling. “Guess I should have asked for a higher ceiling huh?” He brought his arms up, biceps flexing as he teasingly pushed up at the ceiling. “How hot would it be if I just pushed through this? If I could break through into the floor above…and then the one above that. You’re enjoying me being so big aren’t you? You’re a long way down put I can see that little dick of yours is good and hard.”

I could only nod. Fuck he looked so good, practically filling the room. And his voice… his new deep, giant voice, just accentuating how fucking massive he was.

Slowly, Darren eased himself onto the floor, shaking the ground as his bulk landed. He lent against the back wall, stretching his legs until they stretched out either side of me. He grinned, stroking his big cock as he looked down at me. “You just gonna watch me jerk off or you want to lend a hand?”

“Think I’ll need more than a hand,” I said, even as I walked towards the giant my friend had become. He watched me approach, his growth slowing, though I think he was still expanding a little bit. His cock was almost the same size as me, his balls resting on the floor between his spread thighs.

“You look so cute from up here,” he said, only a whisper, but the new bass in his voice making it vibrate in my chest. “My big, tall friend is now the same size as my ‘little’ buddy.” He chuckled, squeezing his so called buddy in his grasp, shuffling and biting his lip. “Come on, touch it.”

Without needing more encouragement, I put my hand out and stroked the tower of flesh. It was hot to the touch, pulsing beneath my palm. The veins running up it looked thicker than my wrist. I moved closer, putting both hands out to either side, trying to stroke it. It was too thick for that. I was gonna need a better grip.

Mindfully of his balls as they pressed against my shins, I threw my arms around his cock, hugging my upper body against it. My hands could touch on the other side, so gripping on as tight as I could, I used my whole body to jerk off my ginormous friend. Such a weird thing to do…and so fucking hot. I pulled on the solid piece of meat, trying to pull the head closer to me, only just able to barely brush against the glands with my lips and tongue, standing on my tiptoes, unable to pull the steel hard cock any lower. The tip was too high, just out of reach. My own cock throbbed at the thought of his cock being so much bigger than I was. Darren seemed to be enjoying it too, low moans making the whole room rumble. I twisted to see past his shaft, just able to see his face past his pecs, eyes heavy lidded and fixed on me, biting his lip. He nodded.

“Feels so good, little guy,” he rumbled. He shuffled, large hand sneaking up behind me as his thick, club like fingers wrapped around me, lifting me off the ground and pinning me to his shaft. “Looked like you needed a hand,” he laughed, stroking himself.

I was trapped, rubbing against his massive cock, sliding up and down it within his form yet gentle grasp. His cock would throb, squeezing me against his grasp, almost a crushing the air from me. I didn’t care. Every time he slid me up to the head of his shaft, I would burry my face into the spongy flesh, licking and lapping at the glands and trying to get my tongue into the slit. It wasn’t long until my lapping was catching the salty tang of pre as it began to ooze out. His grip became tighter, movements becoming a bit quicker before he stopped.

“Oh shit, sorry,” he panted. “Fuck I’m so close already! Just feels so good doing this with you, you make me feel so much fucking bigger!”

“You’re a fucking giant!” I laughed, still trapped in his grasp, my head resting on his cock head comfortably. “You’re filling a fucking room dude! You are fucking immense.”

“Sh-shit,” Darren stammered, a large shot of pre shooting out and covering my face. “Fuck I don’t wanna cum yet, but you’re fucking sending me!” He squeezed me harder, this time the air leaving my lungs as he physically squeezed and trapped his orgasm from crashing out. The room groaned as Darren pushed out, his whole body teasing to keep himself from blowing. When it passed, he let out a low, shaky breath. “Fuck, that was close. You’ve gotta get your clothes off.”

“What?” I sputtered, Darren’s other large hand coming down on me as he eased me off his shaft. The monster of flesh bounced and throbbed, the head glistening with pre, looking tight and ready to blow at any moment. I was set roughly on my feet and then manhandle by his titanic fingers. He tried to be gentle, but he was too big for any finesse, so before I knew it, he was tearing my clothes off of me until I was naked. Before I could recover, he was lifting me up again, raising me above his dick. “W-wait,” I stammered, wiggling in his grasp, “what are you doing?”

“I want to fuck you,” Darren moaned, that low voice of his rolling through the room like thunder. “Need to fuck my little buddy so bad.”

What?! Are you insane?! Your cock is bigger than I am!”

Darren just chuckled. “You’re not making this easier.”

“I’m serious!” I flailed about even more, legs kicking uselessly in the air as he held me over his cock. “The head is wider than my fucking shoulders!”

“Dude, you’re killing me! Calm down and stop saying such hot shit.”

“You’re gonna kill me! That thing will split me in half!!”

“You really think I’d do that to you?” there was a bit of hurt in his lusty rumble. “The impossible can happen here, and that drink you had was to help loosen you up. Trust me, it’ll only be the tip, I promise.”

“Oh yeah, just the colossal tip!”

“I’m not gonna last long, please, let me do this? I’ll make it up to you.”

“You sure this isn’t gonna hurt?”

Darren ran a finger over his swollen head, hissing as his cock shivered and leaked more pre. He brought his finger hip to my butt, rubbing the pre against my cheeks and then…then I felt that finger that was thicker than my leg slide inside me! It felt…weird. There was no pain, in fact, everything tingled pleasantly as he lubed me up, gently probing by backside with his finger.

“Does that hurt?”


“Can I please put my dick in you now?”

I looked over the edge of Darren’s hand, staring down at the cock looking back at me. It really was about as wide as my shoulders…there was no way it could take that thing…and yet his finger had felt…really good. Swallowing, I braced myself, gripping Darren’s finger tighter and then nodded. “Be gentle big guy.”

With a low moan Darren eased me down. I lifted my legs, putting them out, not sure what else I could do to make this any easier. I felt my cheeks meet his pre slick head, sinking into the spongy flesh like a giant cushion. This was probably all we’d be able to—

Fuck!” both Darren and I cried, though his deep voice boomed and drowned me out. I could feel his cock sliding into me. I knew how big it was, I’d seen it, yet the way it went in…it felt like…well, not a normal cock exactly, but with about the same amount of stretching if that makes sense? Who am I kidding, of course it doesn’t. My hip should have shattered and my organs should have been crushed. I tried to look down but couldn’t see much past Darren’s fingers as he continued to ease me down. His other hand was tugging on my legs. I felt like a condom.

“You okay?” he asked, voice strained.


“Just say if it’s too much or anything. But fuck me, this feels so good for me.”

“Me too,” I admitted, after I stopped focusing on what I should have been feeling rather than what I was actually feeling. Darren’s lower fingers relaxed around my waist as his cock head slid in, my body…expanding I guess, to accommodate it. I could just about see my dick sticking out as my lower half was stretched over the giant head of my friend’s cock head.

“Fuck this is so good,” Darren grunted, moving me up and down in slow, easy strokes. He kept his promise, only giving me the head, teasing himself with my body. I was about to say, maybe he could try to go in a bit deeper when—”Ah fuck, fuck shit I’m… I’m gonna… gonna… fuck!!”

The walls groaned as Darren arched his back, stretched his legs so his feet pressed into the opposite wall. His hips bucked, holding me tightly against his cock, sliding down and down until I felt my legs land on his balls. I hardly had time to comprehend that my body was now stretched around Darren’s shaft like a condom before he used me like one. The first shot of cum hit me like a wave of fire. It was so hot! And there was so much of it! I could feel it flowing through me, trapped inside my belly even as Darren rubbed me up and down his pumping shaft.

“Oh shit, sorry, sorry,” he panted, easing his strokes, no longer running me down his whole shaft but keeping me at the head. “Lost it a bit there I… oh fuck look at you!”

Darren was still unloading his giant load into me, now I was no longer stretched over his whole shaft my stomach was ballooning out in front of me. I was rubbing it with my hands, feeling it filling out more and more, swelling out bigger and bigger as he kept cumming. He was holding me to his cock, still teasing his head with my body, watching me as I inflated in his grasp, fingers opening up to make room for me growing form. “You’re like a little ball!” he laughed, those big fingers squeezing me. “And so squishy!”

“Knock it off!” I cried, trying to swat at his groping fingers but it was getting harder to reach. My body was just expanding outwards, the cum no longer pooling in my stomach but spreading out across my whole body. My arms were starting to get enveloped by my expanding torso, my chest now pushing up into my chin as my neck started to sink in. “Stop cumming, you’re blowing me up like a fucking balloon!”

“Sorry,” Darren chuckled, not sounding sorry at all, “I didn’t realise you’d fill up like this.”

“Take me off your dick!” I cried, my arms almost completely swallowed now, just my hands poking out the folds of my swollen body. I could feel my legs had been all but swallowed too. I was a fucking ball filled with cum!

“All right, all right,” still laughing, Darren lifted me off his dick, cupping my spherical body in two hands, grinning down at me. “Hold shit, just look at you.” He set me down on the ground and I started to roll. “Whoa where do you think you’re going?”

“It’s not funny!” I huffed, feet flailing about uselessly. I couldn’t see them, let alone feel the floor with my toes so I had no idea how close they were. Or weren’t. Weirdly though, I could feel my balls on the floor and…there seemed to be a lot more surface area in my balls than I should have. I couldn’t see my junk either, just my stretched out chest filling my view. I couldn’t turn around either, so tilted my head back and yelled up at Darren. “I can’t believe you did this to me. Turn me around.”

Darren could only giggle in his stupidly sexy deep voice. His hand came down from above, giving me a squeeze and turning me around on the spot to face him. “Sorry, I did say I didn’t know this was gonna hap…oh… well look at that…”

“What? Look at what?”

Daren just smirked, reaching for something in front of me. I felt his fingers give my dick a squeeze, letting out a gasp and an involuntary moan. “Looks like you got a bit of a boost here too.” Darren stroked my cock with his thumb and finger. “I did say I’d make it up to you for letting me fuck you.”

He stopped stroking my cock, taking me in his hands and lifting me up again. His big, grinning face loomed overhead as he juggled me about in his hand. “Such a cute cum ball,” he crooned, then brought me to his mouth, my cock sliding past his full lips and into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” I cried, powerless and immobile in the giant’s hand as he sucked on my cock. It certainly felt a lot bigger than it had been, though Darren could still fit the whole thing easily in his mouth. It still felt fucking amazing though, Darren sucking on me so hard, his nose pressing into my soft, squishy stomach. He was looking at me, eyes practically filling my vision, twinkling with mischief as he pleasured me, holding me so gently in his massive hands, tongue enveloping my dick in fantastic ways that made my head spin.

I pushed my head back into the soft flesh of my…back, neck or whatever, just basking in the sensation. It felt so good, unsurprisingly it didn’t take long before I felt my orgasm nearing and I started cumming. Darren never stopped sucking, using my cock like a straw to suck everything out of me. I was so swept up in the euphoria of it all I didn’t notice I was deflating as I came. It didn’t make any sense; how could he be sucking his own cum out of me just by slurping on my dick? Then again, how could he be a fucking giant? This place was fucked up and I loved it.

I was hugging Darren’s face, nuzzling against his nose, back to my normal size as he sucked one last time. When he let go, I flopped back into his waiting hand, earning a chuckle as he licked his lips and gently set me down on his massive chest. It was so wide it was like a king sized mattress, admittedly one with a deep groove in the middle and one that rose and fell beneath me. I could also feel the low beat of his heart beneath it as well.

“Comfy?” his voice rumbled, vibrating through me.

“Very,” I said, tugging at my dick and hissing in surprise. Fuck it felt raw and so sensitive. It throbbed from my groin, engorged from all Darren’s sucking. Looked like I’d had it in a cock pump. It had felt bigger when I’d been round, but might have shrunk like the rest of me when I came.

“How about now?”

Darren started flexing his pecs, tensing one and then the other. I was bounced from side to side, laughing as his muscles swelled and hardened beneath me, flinging me one side to the other.

“Knock it off!” I laughed.

He chuckled, giving his pecs one last flex, trapping me between them and squeezing me in place before relaxing again. “Couldn’t help myself.”

I couldn’t help but laugh again, craning my head back, looking up at Darren. “You’re sexy as a giant.”

“Think so? Well, you’re pretty cute from this perspective too.”

“Not sexy?” I asked, tensing my core to bring out my abs, giving my cock a suggestive tug, albeit a gentle one.

“Didn’t say that. Very very cute though.” He gave a low rumble of pleasure, giving his own, considerably more impressive tool a rub. “Wish I’d brought you here sooner if I’d known you’d enjoy it this much.”

“Sorry I dragged my feet so much.” I rolled over onto my front to look at him better. “I’m getting such a crick in my neck looking up at you.”

“Now you know how I feel all the time!”

“You’re not that short.”

A shrug of those burly shoulders. “I’ve always wanted to be taller, to be bigger. Why I work out so much. I was never mad at you for being so tall or anything…”

“I like you being big.”

A sky grin spread across Darren’s face. “So you’ve said.”

“I’d like…to see you get…bigger.”

Brows once lowered in a sexy leer suddenly rose. “You want me… bigger?”

“Bigger,” I repeated. My cock was rock solid beneath me, pinned under my body and poking around the grove between Darren’s pecs. I rolled my hips slightly, pec fucking the colossus.

Darren slowly recovered from his shock. His chest shifted under me as he lifted his arms, lats spreading while his knuckles bumped the ceiling as he flexed. I felt his whole body tense and swell beneath me as he flexed. “This not big enough for you?”

“Nope,” I said, my thrusting picking up speed a bit. “I said I want you even bigger.”

He brought his arms in, tensing them at his sides, pushing his chest up to meet his chin. His pecs squeezed me tighter, halting my thrusts. “How big do you want me?” His voice was low, not just from his new voice, but low with lusty promises.

“I want you fucking massive. I want you to push up through the ceiling, to have all your fucking muscles breakthrough the walls. I want you to fill the streets, to have all those giants we saw outside barely reach your knee. I want you a true fucking colossus, a god, a Titan!” My body was shaking, I wanted to fuck his pecs so bad but he held me so tightly, so easily I couldn’t move. I was turning myself on so much though, I started cumming, my tiny shots probably going unnoticed on the giant’s chest. “Fuck, I just want to see you grow.”

Arms thicker than me encircled me and I was pressed deeper into Darren’s chest. He squeezed me so tightly I should have been crushed. My body absorbed it all though, flattening out without any pain and only the slightest pressure from the giant hug I was receiving.

“Love hearing you talk like that,” he panted. “I’ve done this before but no one’s made me feeling as fucking huge as you do.”

“Fk mff,” I tried to say, though I was smothered in Darren so completely I couldn’t speak.

He chuckled, relaxing his hold a sliver. “Sorry, didn’t catch that.”

“Fuck me” I panted, feeling my body expand with every breath until it was back to normal again. “Put me on that giant cock and stretch me out with it. I want it, I want you you fucking giant!”

Darren didn’t hang about, with haste, urgency and still so gentle it melted my heart, he brought me back to his cock and used me like a flesh light. I wanted to stay here forever, ridding this giant cock, getting filled by his cum again and again. I knew we’d have to leave eventually, though the knowledge that we could come back and do this again was enough to keep me going. And I wanted to come back. Again. And again. And again.

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