The Body Builder

by Greggrth

Steve’s life is about to take a very strange turn when a supervillain called the Body Builder breaks into his lab and causes an accident. Will this be the origin story of a new hero’s rise to glory, or will it spell disaster for the heroes of the city when Super Dick causes all sorts of changes when he can’t control his not so little buddy…

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“Morning Tom,” I said as I approached the security desk, tucking my travel cup into the crook of my arm to retrieve my ID badge. I held it over the scanner until the light went green.

“Morning Steve,” the balding guard said, rising from his chair and hoisting his trousers up as he did. “Step on the blue dot please sir.”

I did as instructed, straightening my posture and standing still as Tom went over to one of his screens and started typing on the keyboard. The scanner began to warm up, and over the low hum I could hear the news report from the small TV Tom had been watching.

“—raiding the warehouse with little success for the Wardens yesterday afternoon. Witnesses reported to have seen the likes of Icarus and Watcher in the skies moments before Density and the Expando infiltrated the building. Police were quick on the scene thereafter suggesting a joint effort, but as they were cordoning off the area, Icarus and Watcher flew down to meet a disgruntled Density. It seems that the Body Builder is still at large.”

I tried to surpass a snort at the reporter’s terrible pun. It was such an odd name for the scrawny nutjob running around robbing banks and the like by causing random people to grow into muscle men he would control like his own personal army. The bright side was that both the transformation and the mind control were short lived. From the reports I’d heard earlier, the mind control only worked when the subject was under the influence of the Body Builder’s formula, which he would administer with a dart gun. His target would swell up with muscle and mass and then, somehow, they would do as he commanded, be it ripping safe doors off their hinges, knocking down walls or even throwing cars at the Wardens to cover his escape. Fortunately everyone he’d shot had shrunk back to normal afterwards, unharmed if a little shaken and in the need of new clothes.

“All finished,” said Tom, returning to his chair. “Have a good day sir.”

“You too,” I said, toasting him with my coffee.

My steps were almost silent as I walked across the polished marble floors into the labyrinth of Pymm Technics, the lights coming on one by one to illuminate my way. I had become used to walking into an all but deserted facility ever since I’d been assigned to work with Dr Garner who insisted on working these ridiculous hours. He was the earliest of birds and could only work so early in the morning it could be mistaken for the previous night. Because he was the project lead it was my sleep schedule that had to be fucked up, one that would take me months to get back to normal.

ID badge still in hand I swiped it through the card reader and punched in the code to the lab door and waited for the heavy click before opening it.

“I need those samples,” was the gruff greeting I received before I’d got more than one foot in the lab.

“Coming right up” I said, far too use to this behaviour to take it personal.

I set my coffee down at my desk and slipped my coat onto the chair back. I then donned my gloves and got to work. I could hear Dr Garner moving around on the other side of the lab, able to visualise him scurrying from his standing desk to the sequencer on the opposite side. He would remove his glasses to chew on the arms while he read his notes and then put them back on again to read from the screen. Our deadline was fast approaching and we needed some good results or risk losing funding.

Once I had the samples ready, I brought them over to him. He took them without comment which I took as a compliment.

“They’re are progressing well,” he said after he’d inspected them all. “I’m seeing 13% increase in all samples.”

“That’s good isn’t it?”

“Only 2% better than last time,” Garner grunted. “Not enough with our review coming up.”

Before I could offer any words of encouragement, the sound of the lab lock slamming open drew our attention. We both looked over to see Tom the security guard opening the door for a man in a suit. All I noticed of the man was the vibrant green of his suit, my attention snagged on Tom.

Now Tom may have once had a body of peek physique but time had softened his middle almost as much as it had thinned his hair. I was used to seeing the button of his shirt straining over his belly, now however they seemed to be pulled taunt over his chest. His expression was glazed over, mouth opening and closing while his eyes blinked lazily, unable to focus on anything for long, continuously returning to the man in green.

Standing next to Tom, the man looked short, maybe standing at 5’6” and whip thin compared to the guard’s width. He carried a garish cane with a spherical grip he kept caressing as he looked over his shaded glasses to study the lab.

“Forgive my intrusion,” he drawled, slamming his cane on the ground with a sharp crack. “I’m hoping this is the office of Dr Gordon Garner?”

“Yes?” Garner’s response was hesitant. He was focused solely on the man in green, not seeming to have given Tom a second glance. Maybe it was just me unable to stop staring at the (to me) obvious physical differences our regular night guard had gone through. His black trousers hugged his quads, the cuffs of his sleeves were riding up his wrists and bunched where biceps met forearm. There was also an abundance of biceps there that hadn’t been when I walked past him a few hours ago. “Are you…one of the investors? Our presentation isn’t for a few weeks yet. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until then. I don’t discuss my work without an NDA—”

The man in green just laughed. “Oh, no I’m not an investor. I am invested in your work but have no intention of paying for it.”

Dr Garner seemed to stall at this. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“My apologies, I thought it was quite clear. I’m here to steal your research.”

Shock dropped Garner’s jaw for a beat but he rallied round quick and his cheeks began to flush with rage. “How dare you?! You,” he gestured at Tom, never having learned his name, “do your job! Remove him from my lab at once!”

During the exchange I hadn’t seen any change in Tom’s expression. He would simply stare at the floor, eyes lifting momentarily when the green man spoke but when it was clear he wasn’t the target audience his gaze lowered again. Every now and then he’d fidget though, one hand rising to adjust his crotch or fumble at his tight sleeves, as though trying to resolve some discomfort. He was pawing at his crotch when Garner yelled at him. The words didn’t seem to reach him. When his hand came away, I was almost certain I could see an above average erection travelling down his right leg, throbbing clearly against the material.

“And here I was hoping this wouldn’t get violent,” the man in green sighed. He opened his blazer and withdrew a gun coloured a hideous vibrant neon green and brandished it at Garner and I. “I don’t have time to dally about now. Give me your research or I shoot your assistant and make him make you.”

“Oh shit,” I breathed, finally realising who was robbing us.

The man in green’s eyes lit up over the rim of his glasses, smile broadening at my recognition. “Your assistant seems quicker on the uptake doctor. Perhaps you’d like to enlighten him as to who I am?”

“Guard!” Garner bellowed. “I order you to apprehend this madman!” He then spun on me. “Is this some kind of joke? Who is he, and why does he say you know him?”

“Well… if I’m not mistaken… this is the Body Builder.”

Garner snorted derisively. “Oh please! You have more muscle than him.”

“Rude,” said the Body Builder. “I grant you, maybe I should have chosen a better name for myself, but I find it fits so well with what I do. Perhaps I need to demonstrate.” Slowly he turned the gun on to Tom, aiming for his thigh. Tom’s clouded eyes followed the gun until it stopped moving and then lost interest again. “I only gave him a mild dose to keep his services for longer, but if this will step things up…”

There was a hiss of air as the Body Builder pulled the trigger. Tom gave a low grunt, head dropping to stare at the dart sticking out of his thigh. Curiosity got the better of me and I found myself staring in anticipation rather than running away.

Tom’s thigh began to inflate and ripple under his trousers. It shuddered and swelled, the dart getting dislodged to clatter on the floor. The growth spread outwards, Tom’s trousers getting tighter and tighter, the heads of muscle swelling out and becoming clearer. I could see his dick throb and thicken as well, earning a grunt of discomfort and possibly pleasure from the growing guard. The cuffs of his trousers began to rise and I could see his shoes begin to swell and creak as his feet grew too. His belly began to recede, the mass seeming to move upwards and spread across his chest. He moaned again, straightening up as he appeared to get taller, spreading his arms out as lats stretched out. His pecs ballooned against his dark blue shirt, pulling at the buttons to give a glimpse of his hairy chest. The collar was the first to go as his neck thickened with a deepening growl coming from it. Traps rose up and delts stretched out his frame even more.

Tom’s glazed expression had quickly evolved into one of rapture and awe; his eyes drank in his growing form, watching himself bring an arm up and flex until the sleeve burst off, his chest sending two more buttons flying as they broke free. His shoes came apart with a pop, inseams of his trousers splitting open. The tails of his shirt fluttered around his narrow, chiselled waist, several inches from the waist band which while too wide for his core was struggling over the swell of his quads, glutes and crotch. And speaking of crotch… a wet patch was spreading out from the flaring, clearly defined mushroom head pushing against his trousers, moments before the monster sprang free in a flurry of tattered trousers and spatters of cum. Tom gave a below of relief, feeling his pecs, tugging the strips of shirt off of his arms as they cut into him.

I had to admit I was rock hard myself. I’d always like muscular men and to see Tom swell up to this Titan was pushing buttons I hadn’t known I had. He’d only grown to about 6’11” but his frame was immense. I struggled to think how much muscle he’d packed on, his heaving shoulders easily wider than the door behind him. He looked all the more massive standing next to the diminutive form of the Body Builder, who had pulled out a tissue to wipe off a few splatters of cum from his shoulder.

“Should have known he’d be a gusher” he muttered to himself. “Now, I’m on an ever tighter schedule because of that demonstration so give me your research now or my henchman will break your assistant like a toy. No offence,” he added, giving me a sparing glance. The Body Builder’s posture suddenly stiffened. “Shit.”

With surprising agility, he leapt forward just as a dark figure flew through the wall behind him like a ghost, landing on the spot the man in green had stood moments before. Tom reacted with an immediate swing of his powerful arm, striking the figure and knocking him clear across the room into the empty fridge hard enough to shatter the glass in the door. My scrambling brain tried to discern how this figure had managed to pass through a wall like it wasn’t even there but then take a hit from the pumped up Tom, dent a reinforced fridge and still stand on his own feet. Then I took in the outfit and realisation struck.

“Density,” I breathed.

The real life superhero was in our lab, rolling his bulky shoulder as shards of glass fell off him. His suit was skin tight, showing off every bump, curve and crease of his muscular form. The majority of his suit was a shiny black, with swaths of dark purple running over his chest and shoulders, bands running over the crooks of his elbows and patches on his quads. He also wore a pair or speedos of the same colour. He brought his gloved hand to massage his smooth, chiseled jaw, his black mask over his eyes somehow whiting them out so it was impossible to tell where he was looking. His skin was a dark caramel, hair darker than his suit and swept back to show off his sturdy, furrowed brow.

Despite the situation, I couldn’t help but find myself thinking, not only was he hotter in person, but bigger as well. The stomp of his boots. The way his quads rippled as he shifted his weight was clear to see beneath his suit, he may as well have been naked. Suffice to say, I had the hots for the hero, as the collection of pictures taking up a folder in my phone I would often peruse while waiting on test results in the lab, pulled into my desk to hide my hard-on. Now to have him here, in the flesh, it was almost a dream come true…if not for the danger.

The Body Builder lifted his gun and fired a quick shot, but Density tensed his pecs and the dart bounced off. His power was the ability to alter his mass and density at will; able to become solid enough to stop a car or to become insubstantial enough to pass through solid objects. The hero gave a few extra cocky bounces of his thick chest as a taunt but the villain didn’t fire again. Instead he snapped his fingers.

“Deal with him,” he ordered.

Tom pounced like a jumbo tiger, his first blow meeting Density’s raised hand with the sound of 2 boulders clashing rather than flesh. I was distracted from the fight when the Body Builder spun round in a graceful arc and struck Dr Garner with his staff against his jaw. The doctor fell against me, causing me to lose my balance. I had enough sense to catch him and slowed our decent to the ground, except Garner caught his head on the edge of the counter with a sickening crack. The Body Builder bore down on us, ignoring Density and the ‘roided up henchmen he’d made of Tom.

“Research, now” he demanded simply. When Garner didn’t respond, he jabbed him in the chest with his staff. “I didn’t hit you that hard, stop faking.” After waiting a beat and the doctor still didn’t stir, he sighed in frustration and then turned on me. “Did he have a fucking glass jaw or something? What a wimp.”

Meanwhile one of the blows Density landed against Tom’s chest was so powerful it made the widows rattle. But all the security guard did was grunt and stagger back before following it with a blow of his own. The blow never landed, in fact his whole arm passed harmlessly through Density’s grinning face. The giant staggered forward, unbalanced while the hero stepped out of his back and then swung a well shaped leg to boot his butt and send him head first into the fridge.

The tip of that bloody cane tapped my chin and forced my attention back onto the Body Builder. “Ignore them and focus on yourself. Where does he keep his research files?”

I pointed to his standing desk just as Tom ripped the fridge from the wall and hurled it at Density. The hero crossed his arms in from of him and then flung them apart, the fridge frame bending and buckling even more as he deflected it to cash into the desk and smash the desk, and the computer into pieces. The tray of samples I’d compiled were launched across the room and spilled their contents over the floor in the corner.

“Of course,” the Body Builder sighed as the titans clashed behind him again. “Well, plan B, you’re going to cart the doc out of here so when he wakes up, he can tell me what he knows.”

“No!” I cried, feeling like a deer in the headlights as the villain lifted his gun and aimed it at me. His angular face twisted in a sneer as he pulled the trigger.
Just as he fired, Density hurled a beaker past Tom’s bulk and struck the Body Builder on his shoulder. I heard the gun go off, flinched and frantically searched myself for the dart but felt nothing. It must have missed.

Meanwhile, when Tom twisted to inspect what had caused his master’s distress, Density closed one hand over the other, lifted them both overhead and brought them down swiftly into the back of Tom’s head. The swollen security guard’s eyes lost focus and he tottered to one side. Density quickly followed him with a kick to one of his knees and when Tom toppled forward, Density’s fist was already swinging up to meet it. The force of the blow shook the windows again as Tom was lifted off his feet a few inches and fell back, sprawling across my desk for a beat before it buckled and broke under his weight.

“Fuck,” grumbled the Body Builder, more disgruntled than angry. He eyed me and then Garner’s unconscious form and then finally Tom sprawled out on the lab floor. “Fuck.”

Density, slightly winded from his battle made his slow way to the villain, heavy booted feet crunching glass and plastic debris that littered the floor. “Back up is on the way,” he panted, chest heaving beneath his suit. “Surrender peacefully or—”

“No thanks” snorted the Body Builder and lifted the gun again as he lunged for me. He grabbed me by the shoulder and hauled me up with surprising strength. Dr Garner rolled off my lap, face hitting the floor. Density was already charging towards us, hands outstretched to grab the gun. It went off, I saw it bounce off of his chest again, saw it ricocheted back towards the Body Builder, skim past his arm just before I felt it pierce my neck.

I felt a flush of heat spread from my throat, then the world spun as Density crashed into me, wrenching me from the Body Builder’s grasp and sending us stumbling into the corner of the lab. I felt the bite of glass against my back while the front was getting smothered by the lycra costumed expanse of a superhero’s pecs. Well, if I was going to die at least I would be happy.

Density’s strong arms cradled me as he set me in the recovery position and then hurried after the fleeing figure of the Body Builder. I remembered seeing his purple clad backside swaying before me as he ran, dreamily wishing I could have a piece of that cake.

I’m not sure how much time passed, while I laid there on the floor, still feeling a pulsing heat in my throat coupled with a spreading chill running through my hands like icy pins and needles. I was vaguely aware I was in a puddle of something but couldn’t find the will to move.

“He’s gone,” I heard Density saying, “took off through the window and had one of his hover scooter things waiting.” There was a pause and then he continued aggressively, “Well Icarus had better get his feathered backside moving then! I held him for as long as I could, it shouldn’t have taken them this long to get here.” Another pause. “Just the one. He’s knocked out so should shrink back down soon. I’ve two injured civilians as well in need of medical attention.”

My vision went dark. For a moment I thought I was passing out, until I noticed the purple speedos containing a hefty basket. Density had come to check on me, squatting down with his legs spread. I quickly pulled my gaze away and pushed myself up off the floor.

“Easy there sir,” he said, a supportive hand coming up to help me rise gently. “It’s all right, he’s gone now and medical help is on the way. Can you tell me your name?”

“It’s Steve, and thank you” I said, grateful my words weren’t slurred despite how foggy my head felt. I reached up to rub my neck and brushed the dart out. It fell to the floor with an accusing clatter and I heard Density inhale sharply.

“You got hit” he stated. His white eyes gave nothing away but I think there was a pucker of concern on his lips. He had nice lips, full and just begging for a kiss. This close I could see the fine shadow of stubble starting to grow through.

“Yeah, I saw it bounce off of you and hit me,” I said, touching the hot patch of skin the dart had pierced. The silence that rang from the hero made me rethink my choice of words. “It was an accident, I know, you were trying to save me, I don’t blame y—”

“Why haven’t you grown?” he asked, cutting me off. “His formula is normally nigh instantaneous. How do you feel?”

“Like that Katy Perry song. I’m hot then I’m cold…” I trailed off as I took in more of the hero’s frame. His suit hugged him incredibly well, it was honestly like it was painted on, how tightly it clung to him and showed off every striation of muscle. The speedo was the only part that had enough extra room to leave some mystery. I could see it sag with the weight of the package but there was no visible penis line. “Feeling very hot now.”

I shifted off my hip to sit on my backside, spreading my legs and resting against the wall. I was now shamelessly staring at Density’s body, groping my crotch as I started to get hard. I wanted so bad to reach out and get a handful of those purple pecs, to see what the material felt like, and just how firm his muscles were. I lifted my gaze up that thick neck, seeing the hero bite his lower lip, brow furrowing slightly. There was a twitch from my groin as it pushed against my hand. Suddenly my trousers and underwear were feeling tight.

“What’s…what’s happening?” I asked, a small part of me rising above the horny cloud that had enveloped me. “Why does my dick feel…”

Density and I both looked down. My crotch was twitching and swelling, it had ballooned into an orange sized bulge, considerably bigger than it should have been, and with a start I watched it jump and swell bigger. I could see my balls growing larger, lifting up a thickening, plumping dick to push against the fabric of my trousers. I could feel my cock sliding across my thigh, feeling I was just chubbing up into an erection but it had already surpassed what used to be my full size.

“It’s… it’s just your dick growing,” breathed Density. “I’ve never known his formula to do that.”

“Why is it getting so big?” I asked, trying to stay calm as my package continued to swell, the confines of my clothes becoming restricting, moving from uncomfortable towards painful. “Seriously, how big is it going to get?!”

“I don’t know. How… how big is it normally?”

“Not this big!” I snapped, grunting as the salami and plums continued to grow and grow. My shaft was a clear tube across my lap, reaching over to my left hip while my nuts were pushing against my thighs forcing me to spread them wider.

“We’d better let it out,” said Density, his large hand going for my crotch.

“W-wait!” I sputtered, but when his palm brushed my shudderingly shaft it turned into an embarrassing moan. Just that slight tough sent tingles of pleasure running along the large surface area of my cock. My eyes rolled and toes curled, I thought I was going to cum. I felt a spurt of warm liquid ooze out as Density popped my fly open and tugged on my trousers. I’d picked a pair of bright red boxer briefs, the only splash of colour in my usual black and grey underwear drawer, my cheeks going a similar colour now that such a hottie like Density was seeing them. I lifted my hips to help get my trousers down until we were both staring at my comically straining red boxers trying to contain my growing cock.

There was a hesitancy in the way Density held his hand over my groin, hovering there for a beat before he pulled on the waistband. As though sensing a way out, my cock made a break for freedom, the head shiny with pre, leaving a trail as it slid up to my navel but continued to stretch higher up my stomach. My jaw dropped and I spread my legs, feeling my nuts flop down with a bouncy jiggle. My dick throbbed, still steadily getting bigger, thickening into a coke can cock but promising to get even bigger.

I vaguely heard Tom moan, caught a glimpse in my periphery of him starting to shrink down, but Density only had eyes for the monster of a dick attached to my groin. The hero changed his position, knees going to the floor and resting on his haunches.

“I… I…” he stammered. “Fuck, that is a big dick.”

In response my dick throbbed and swelled a little bit more. Hesitancy tightening his burly shoulders, the hero reached out for my shaft again. He brushed it with his fingers, causing my stomach to flip and making me bite my lip to keep from crying out again. The head flared and oozed a heavy stream of pre onto my shirt, but I didn’t care. Density licked his lips. His hand rested against my shaft, fingers trying to encircle it but finding he couldn’t get his grip all the way around.

“So thick,” he breathed, and then gave a wheeze of a laugh, grinning, “I can feel it pushing against my fingers. It’s still getting bigger.”

I saw his Adam’s Apple bob as he swallowed, again his tongue slipping out to wet his lips. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have those luscious lips wrap around the head of my massive dick. What would it feel like to have his tongue roll over the glands. Density started to lean forward.

“Density!” a sharp voice cracked the moment like a rock through a window. It echoed down the corridor and into the lab and snapped us both out of our stupor. “Where’s the injured civilians?!”

“In here” Density called back, his voice hoarse. He quickly rose to his feet, and I saw his purple speedos tenting over his impressive erection. Well, it was impressive to my normal standards before my cock grew well into double digits. He quickly tried to adjust himself to make the tent less obvious, hunching over to bring his hips in while vigorously rubbing his forearm to try and redirect the blood flow. “We’ve got a bit of a situation,” he called again before a man and woman carrying medical gear came into the lab.

I expected the pair of them to stop and gape at me, but I got the briefest of glances before they descended onto Tom first of all. The man withdrew a blanket that looked like it was made of tin foil, draping it over the guard’s lower body while the woman opened Tom’s eyes to check his pupils and then felt the pulse at his neck. The pair worked like a well-oiled machine; he sprayed something onto Tom’s chest while she prepped a needle, jabbing it in as soon as he’d wiped the skin down. They then began collecting samples, in what I’m not entirely sure was legal without Tom’s consent. The guard was in no position to comment though, still away with the fairies while he was swabbed and checked.

“He’s stable, he’ll be fine,” said the woman. “Best to give him an overnight stay at St Margaret’s just in case but looks like it’s left his system already.”

Then the pair turned their attention to Dr Garner. I’ll admit to feeling a little hurt. I mean, granted I was conscious and perhaps the other two did take priority with possible head trauma, but come on! I was sat there with a dick that had grown to maybe almost two feet with my nuts filling my bright red underwear like I was smuggling a paid of grapefruits in them. Surely I should have garnered a bit of attention? That was when I realised that since their entrance and my distraction, my dick had stopped growing. I snuck a glance over at Density and saw his erection had settled but he was doing his best to look anywhere but at me.

“We’re going to need an ambulance for this one,” the woman said, waving her torch over Garner’s eyes. She pressed the radio on her shoulder and then barked off a series of instructions while her partner checked Garner’s air waves and attached a mask over his face. “Did you say this one was the target?” the woman asked, breaking her string of instructions to fire the question at Density.

“Yeah,” the hero grunted, voice still sounding a little strained. “He was after the doctor’s work but wasn’t successful.”

“Probably best to take him to a secure location” she said before relaying the same thing to the person on the other end of the radio. All she got was a crackly “Copy” in response before she rose up and approached me.

I did not like the way she stood over me, staring at my exposed penis. Despite its size I actually felt it almost shrivel up under that cold grey stare. I was beginning to wish they’d focus on Tom and Garner again.

“Hmph,” she grunted. “Haven’t seen his serum do that before. I assume it wasn’t like that before you got shot?”

I shook my head.

“How big was it before?”

My cock was definitely softening now as with a rush of heat I felt like all the blood in my body was marching to my cheeks. “Erm…about…S-ss-six inches.”

“Hmm, so we’re looking at a 250% increase at a guess. I don’t see any unhealthy swelling or threatening growths, it looks to be just a healthy penis. Admittedly a quite impressively large one. Well, have to run some tests, just to make sure everything is all right. Think you can get it back in your trousers or do you want a blanket?”

“Can I have both?”

“Sure,” she said matter-of-factly. “I’ll arrange transport to Eugene Labs and they’ll—”

“No!” Density blurted, then coughed and covered his mouth. “I mean it would probably be best if he came back to base… for protection and… observation.”

“Why?” asked the woman, her voice dropping a few degrees. It didn’t look like she was used to being contradicted.

“Watcher will want to take a look at him, and his lab equipment will be better than what they have at Eugene Labs.”

“But Watcher isn’t technically a medical Doctor.”

“He can do all the fancy scans anyone would ask for in a blink. Besides he’s the one leading the charge to break the Body Builder’s formula, he’d want to get first look at someone that erm… reacted… like this.”

The woman frowned hard at the hero who despite his greater size and stature seemed to shuffle awkwardly like a little boy caught doing something he knew he shouldn’t. Her icy glare thawed however and she sighed. “It’s your call, on your head be it. But if he’s coming to base we need to bag him.”

The trip to the mysterious base was a disorientating one. Once I’d stuffed my soft, yet still quite larger dick into the leg of my trousers and wrapped myself in their foil blanket, I was escorted to a sturdy looking 4x4, bundled into the back where a black sack was draped over my head. I’d never been car sick before, but without a point of reference every slight turn felt like we’re were hitting every roundabout and doing the loop 3 times. I was relieved when we got to a stop, felt Density’s strong hands help me down from the 4x4, it was however short lived when he stopped me from removing the hood and instead I was put into a different car. I was very aware of Density sitting beside me, the car being much smaller than the 4x4, and the proximity causing my cock to chub up uncomfortably.

There was also the strange sensation in my balls. They felt very sensitive, I could feel the vibrations of the car and it was causing a tingling sensation…which was quite pleasant honestly. I really wanted to touch them, part to try and find a comfortable position and the other just to rub them. They were begging for attention. They felt so full, and tight, like I was a horny teen again that needed to get off just to relieve some of the pressure.

“Are you okay?” Density’s voice was a soft rumble, shoulder bumping mine as I imagine he lowered his head to my ear.

“Yeah,” I said, my voice coming out strained until I cleared my throat. “Everything’s just… tighter than I’m used to.”

“I’ll say.” There was a pause, hanging heavy in the air. “Do…do you need any—”

I flinched when I felt his hand on my lap, started by the sudden contact. Density seemed to pull away from me as much as the car would allow and didn’t speak again until we arrived.

The bag stayed on as I was hustled and jostled about, gripping my blanket tightly around my waist, waddling awkwardly with my cock down one leg. It was a weird sensation, not comfortable in the slightest, yet the constant rubbing was causing blood to flow into the shaft, making it hard, and therefore harder to walk. Mercifully before long they ushered me into a room and the hood was removed.

I blinked against the sudden light, blinded by what felt like over an hour of darkness. I had to blink a few times to get my eyes to work, to take in my surroundings. I’d expected a laboratory, but it looked more like accommodations, like someone’s living room. It was very Spartan, with hardly any decoration and lacked the warmth of it actually being lived in. I’d been placed on a sturdy armchair, the arms and back rest all one curved piece making me feel like I was in a cup. I was still clutching my foil blanket, but my nuts were feeling mashed in me trousers and I wanted nothing more than to let them out to breath.

“I thought it best to wait here,” said Density, standing on the opposite side of the room, arms crossed causing his purple pecs to bulge and rub against his tight, toned arms. His thick legs were placed firmly apart, like he was ready to lurch into action at the slightest need. Whether it was to lunge towards me or away was unclear. “Watcher and Icarus are still out and rather than wait in the lab I thought… my room might be more comfortable.”

“You live here?” I asked.

A shrug of his shoulders. “Sometimes. When there’s a crisis on or there’s a threat and I need to be close to the action. I have my own place out in the city, that’s where I spend most of my nights when I’m not fighting crime.”

“Cool,” I said, mentally kicking myself as soon as the words left my mouth. People only say cool when they have nothing to say. “Have they caught up with the Body Builder yet?”

“I’m afraid he gave us the slip,” sighed the hero. “But don’t worry, we’ll find a solution for your… pre-dick-ament. How… how does it feel?”

“Right now it feels uncomfortable.” My balls were feeling as tight and full as ever, warm against my inner thigh. It was almost like I had two warm water balloons sloshing about.

“Did you want to… take your trousers… off?” I clutched the blanket tighter. “Just because, I mean, if it’s uncomfortable for you, having it all packed in like that, you can… let it out.”

While he did have a point, there was a small flicker of dignity I was desperately trying to keep hold of. Take my clothes off in front of this hot specimen in spandex? Normally when I got my meat out it was to a picture of him, I was afraid what would happen if I took it out again with the real thing before me. Would the Pavlovian dog rise up and beg for attention? Unfortunately the feeling of discomfort was steadily chipping away at my resolve.

I stood up, releasing my death grip on the blanket and letting it fall to the floor. I could only guess from the tilt of Density’s head, his white eyes betraying nothing, that his gaze had dropped to my groin. I too took a moment to appreciate the thick bulge of my shaft running down one leg, the swell of my nut sack pushing out and weighing my waistband down. I unbuttoned my trousers, stepping out of my shoes as I did. The sensation of my crotch bouncing off my legs, swaying heavily with my movements was a heady, confident boosting experience. I heard Density clear his throat when the head of my cock, which had slithered out of the leg of my boxers, came into view as my trousers pooled at my feet. I stepped out of them, and thinking I’d gone this far, may as well go all the way.

There was another strange, strangled noise from Density as I took my boxers off. It was as though he was about to tell me to stop and nearly bit through his tongue to stop himself. I was distracted by the relief I felt as I shoved my boxers down and my junk swung free. Fuck, it had been so tight in there! My dick flopped about, there just seemed to be soo much of it. Even rested atop my tight balls the head was nearly down to my knees. Had it been growing steadily this whole time still?

I must have been staring so intently at my dick, I didn’t notice Density approaching until I saw the purple of his speedos come into view beside my swollen flesh. I could see his erection tenting the material again. My own dick twitched, a strange feeling of…I don’t know what, pride, smugness, sexual prowess, flooded through me at the difference in size. He had more muscle in one leg than I did in my whole body, but my soft dick could dwarf his hard one with ease.

I lifted my head, he looked taller up close, and looked into his handsome face, his caramel skin begging to be touched, full lips parted slightly. I could feel his eyes on me, even if I couldn’t see them. I wondered what they looked like, what colour they would be. I wanted to see them. Slowly, I lifted my hand towards his face.

Density’s face came down to mine. He pulled me close and kissed me. He’d misread my attempt to unmask him as a desire to kiss him, and believe me, I was not complaining. I gripped onto his solid, broad shoulders, digging my fingers into the hard heads of muscle as his thick tongue probed my mouth. His strong hands fisted in my shirt, steel like arms encircling me and pressing me into his rock hard, pumped body. My fingers were flying over his traps and back, feeling all that muscle rippling beneath the tight spandex. Fuck he was ripped.

Just as suddenly as he’d started, Density pulled his head back and the kiss broke. My racing heart tripped over itself, lungs gasping for air as I wondered what I’d done wrong. Was I a bad kisser? Had I used too much tongue? Not enough? Density wasn’t looking at me though, his head was down and the hands on my shoulders began to push me back.

“I’m sorry,” I started, until I felt it.

I looked down to see the cause of Density’s change in attitude. My dick had chubbed up, rising to slide between the hero’s powerful thighs and lift his own crotch which rested atop my shaft. I could feel my dick throbbing still, getting thicker and harder and realised it was only a semi. Wordlessly, Density lifted his leg to let my dick out. We both watched as it rose up steadily, past his crotch, up his abs, the head just stopping at the underside of his purple pecs. It poked against them and a large bead of pre oozed out.

“Holy shit,” he breathed.

I was in awe too. Because of the height difference, my cock measured further up my chest. I could probably lean forward and kiss the head if I wanted too. The swollen head looked like it would be a mouthful too.

“That’s so hot,” Density said, voice a low, breathy rumble. He was going to grab it, I could see the need in his face, and fuck, did I need him to touch it too.

A shrill beeping shattered the peace and the moment. I saw something flashing on the hero’s wrist.

“For fuck’s sake!” he all but roared, clamping his mouth shut and swallowing hard before activating what I assumed to be earpiece. “Go” he said sharply, his hand catching my wrist to keep me in place in case I’d thought his ire was directed at. His face fell. “But sir I—…Yes it was my call but—… we followed proce—… I felt it was a necessary ri—.” He gave up trying to speak and instead grunted “Affirmative” at regular intervals. Finally he signed off and then grabbed my face and pulled me into a kiss.

“I’m sorry this keeps happening,” he said in a low whisper. “I swear the universe is actively against me on this. Please know that I’m not trying to jerk you around or anything, I will be back, I just have to get my bollocks handed to me, and then I’ll be back to help with yours. I promise.”

And with that he gave me another kiss, this one more gentle and marched out of the room, his gait somewhat stiff. I watched his pert backside vanish around the corner and heard a door open before silence fell and I was left alone.

My cock throbbed, almost angrily at being denied attention yet again. My balls felt like they were actively punishing me for getting riled up but with no release again. I let out a grunt as they physically shuddered and dropped lower, swelling bigger against my legs. I staggered back, cock swaying in the air and my massive nuts bouncing too until I gripped the back of the armchair for support. I swear I could hear the cum sloshing inside my balls as the grew bigger and bigger. It was like all this horny energy was making them produce it, forcing them to swell to accommodate it all. And fuck they were feeling full.

“Wow, no wonder Power Bottom was so desperate to bring you inside.”

I spun and nearly fell over when the weight of my nuts trailing behind shifted my centre of gravity. My cock waved in front of me and I fumbled to push it down with one hand while the other reached for the silver blanket. I tried to cover my hardon as best I could, but the monster kept pushing itself back up, refusing to go down. I just stood there with a tin foil tent dangling before me.

The intruder giggled at me. He was long and lanky, but with well shaped bulges along those long limbs in all the right places. He was in a super suit, a vibrant blue with gloves and boots a darker shade. It had a plunging neckline to show off a set of shapely, pale pecs, and a belt cinched tightly around his waist. It had a large round buckle with a sideways figure 8 like an infinite symbol. It was warped however, designed to look like a rubber band looping around itself.

With a start I realised this was Expando, another member of the Watcher’s heroic squad. His body was essentially like rubber, and he could stretch and expand himself to near limitless dimensions. He normally had an overhead mask on, but right now his face was bare. I’d only ever seen him with that blue cap on his head, but now I could see his tousled curls, straddling the boundaries of brown and blonde to the point I could quite decide which it was. He had a pointed chin with a little dimple. And he was grinning as fair blue eyes shamelessly roved over me.

“I know,” he said, pulling a mock embarrassed face, “you’ve seen my face without my mask on. Secret identify ruined, on no! But, I think I can trust you to keep this quiet, right?” He lowered his head to look at me through his lashes, bringing a finger to his puckered lips to tap them.

When I didn’t respond he moved his hand to pinch his chin in thought, looking me up and down again. Casually he lifted the blanket to peek at my cock, which was refusing to go down and still stood out as hard as steel. He gave a low whistle. “Some people get the best lab accidents.”

“What?” I sputtered.

Expando let the blanket fall and focused on my face, smirking wickedly. “Just a bit of hero humour, Super Dick. You know, the whole origin of powers coming from lab accidents thing. Bet there would be plenty of guys wishing they could get results like this! So, what were you working on? Some sort of steroid Viagra? Or are you the one that keeps sending me those emails about how you can improve my penis size?”

“What? No!”

“Okay, clearly I’m not doing a very good job at relaxing you with humour,” Expando chuckled. “You’re just so tense, I’m just trying to help you relax. Here, will this make you feel better?”

The blue clad hero reached down and undid his belt. It had always been a thought at the back of my mind when it came to superhero suits if they were just a big Lycra onesie or a two-piece made to look like one. When Expando opened his belt I could see at least in his case it was the latter. Another question I’d often thought but never voice was about to be answered. Do superheroes wear underwear?

For Expando, the answer was no.

The rubberised hero rolled the lycra trousers down and pulled his cock out. He’d been completely commando in his suit, and his shaft was already rock hard as he stroked it in his gloved hand. It was a veiny, sturdy uncut 7 incher he was fondling with low hanging balls he let swing between his legs.

“There we go,” he said, still flashing his bright teeth in a cheeky smile, “now both our dicks are out! Well, mostly…”

Expando tugged on the silver blanket and I let out a spluttering moan as the material rubbed my achingly sensitive head. The blanket fell away and my dick bounced up, free from what little weight it had on my still solid shaft. The sensation ran down my dick, pooling in my balls and making them swell against my legs, pushing and forcing me to widen my stance. Expando didn’t seem to notice, he was too busy staring at my exposed dick.

“Super Dick, indeed,” he chuckled darkly. He was rubbing his cock, slowly now as he looked it over. “You know, Density always seems to think he’s the big, nice guy, but looking at this,” he ran a finger up my shaft, catching the trickle of pre that had oozed out, “looks like he’s been giving you a bad case of blue balls. And with balls as big as yours, I bet that can’t be comfortable.”

“It really isn’t,” I panted, my cock and balls aching for a release. My fucking balls felt like they were going to burst they were so full of cum. Seeing Expando shamelessly stroking himself was making me just want to grab mine in both hands and go to town. It would be a two handed job for sure.

“Want me to help?”

“What?” I gasped, struggling to think straight. “What do you mean help?”

“Well,” he said slowly, stepping even closer, my cock bobbing inches away from his chest, “I am a hero after all, and you clearly look to be in distress. And what is it heroes do? Help. Those. In. NEEEEED.”

He lowered his head and took my cock head in his mouth. The sensation of his hot breath rolling over my sensitive head was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was so intense. And then when his tongue touched my flesh I swear I could feel every one of his tastebuds dancing over my nerves. His lips tightened in a seal over it and his cheeks caved in as he sucked at it. My knees turned to water and I almost collapsed. I heard something creaking, like balloons rubbing together or something, and then felt Expando’s arms quite literally wrap around me. He eased me into the arm chair gently and then withdrew his arms. I felt my bulbous nuts bump against the base of the chair, the hyper sensitivity letting me feel every fibre tickle my sack. I writhed in the chair, loosing utter control as my body forgot how to work, my brain forgot how to think.

Expando was on his knees in front of me, close enough that my nuts rested on his thighs as he expertly worked my shaft. His hands ran up and down the length, rubbing, squeezing and pumping it while his mouth focused solely on the head. I felt his hands stretch to better grip my thick cock, larger hands succeeding in encircling its girth and squeezing it harder. My head was spinning, I was gasping and panting for air as I had what was perhaps the best blow job I’d ever had.

After all these false starts, of getting wound up into a frenzy and then being left hanging all day, I didn’t last very long. My toes curled in their socks and I gripped the arms of the chair as my huge balls clenched and I felt the cum erupt. I closed my eyes as my vision blurred, heart tripping at the intensity of my orgasm, the flood gates well and truly opened as my cum factory balls emptied themselves with glee. I could feel Expando’s lips still round my cock, hands holding tight as he swallowed it all down.

Time lost all meaning, each shot felt like both an eternity and a fleeting second I couldn’t hold onto. I managed to claw myself back into some semblance of control, enough to open my eyes and see that my cock was shrinking. Expando was following it down as it retreated back into my body, mouth taking more of my cock the more manageable it became. Below I could see my balls were getting smaller as well, now no longer so full of cum they could return to a more normal size.

But the smaller my balls got, the bigger Expando’s belly was getting. While he still sucked and worked at my cock, I could see his belly filling up with my cum. His once flat, toned core was filling up like a blue water balloon. It bounced and jiggled as he dropped down lower, his own cock poking at its underside.

Finally my balls ran dry and Expando released my cock with a wet pop and a deep gasp of air. Strings of my jizz still stretched between his lips as he gulped in air, trembling tongue coated in thick cream darting out to lick the remnants from his lips. He leant back, falling onto his butt and sprawling against the low coffee table behind him, resting against it and having to spread his legs to accommodate his bloated belly. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, the size of it, the way it jiggled with his movements and rippled with his breaths.

“Wow,” he gasped, rubbing his jaw and wiping his chin with the back of his hand. “Wow wow wow. That was a lot of cum, Super Dick. Fuck me,” he laughed, grabbing his cum belly in both hands and feeling it. “Look at this! Hahah!” he jiggled it and caressed it gently. “It looks like that time I swallowed a basketball. It was a dare, don’t ask. And hey, look, this must be your alter ego, Bruce Wang.”

Managing to pull my eyes off of the belly I’d given the giddy superhero, I looked down at my cock. It poked out from the tails of my shirt, shiny with Expando’s saliva and my cum, no longer the monster it was but still bigger than my usual. It was about 8 inches, slowly softening to 6 which had been my max when hard. My balls were no longer grapefruits and resting on the edge of the chair rather than hanging off like they’d been before. I was relieved. Having a big dick sounded all well and good but that had been a bit too big for comfort.

“What the ever-loving fuck!”

“Oh shit,” mumbled Expando, covering his mouth as he burped discreetly and tried to roll onto his feet and pull his trousers up at the same time. “Hey Density!”

Density was standing by the entry way, lips curled back and teeth bared. The tendons in his neck were taunt and rigid. He looked like pissed off personified. Watching Expando wobble onto his feet and struggle to do his belt over his cum gut didn’t cool the purple hero’s temper. In fact it looked more like it was adding fuel to the fire.

“No need to thank me,” Expando said, giving up on his belt and leaving it open. He had at least put his dick away. “I’ve managed to help your little friend here. Turns out he was just pent up!”

Density marched into the room, bearing down on the bloated hero who scuttled back until his claves caught the table, trapping him.

“You grassed on me!” Density growled, looming over Expando, muscles straining against his suit. “You told the Board I brought Steve on site because you knew they would haul me out to tear me a new one so you could slither in here!”

Expando pulled a face, twisting his mouth and quirking his eyebrow in mock confusion. “Huh? Me? Why would I do something like that? I mean, you brought a civilian onto the premises without authorisation, and then left him alone. Should I have kept it quiet? Should I have left him here unsupervised? That wouldn’t be very safe now would it?”

I could feel anger coming off of Density in waves. I discretely pulled at my shirt and crossed my legs, trying to hide my nakedness. The movement caught Density’s attention though and his head spun on me so quick I was surprised he didn’t get whiplash. His stare practically struck me and pined me to my chair. Seeing my startled expression was like a water bomb on his fiery rage and the tension left him instantly.

“I’m so sorry about this” he said and then added through gritted teeth, “he’s right. I should have done things better, and I shouldn’t have left you. And for that I’m sorry.”

“Good, well now that’s settled I’ll just—”

Expando had stretched one of his legs around Density in an attempt to step past him, but the larger hero stopped him with a solid hand to the chest. The stretched leg snapped back to normal as Density encroached further on Expando’s space. He jabbed a finger at the cum belly between them. “The apology was for him, as for you, I’ll deal with you later.”

“Promises, promises,” quipped Expando, though there was a slight waver in his voice. He gave Density a nod and stretched himself round the human blockade and made to leave. “I’ll see you around later Super Dick” he said, giving me a wink and tapping his finger to his head in a salute. “If those balls need emptying again, just give me a—”

His voice trailed off and he stopped in his tracks. He was looking down at his belly, hands coming up to stroke it. I could hear it gurgling from across the room. Expando gave a grunt.

“Are you okay?” I asked, standing up and moving with Density to approach the confused looking hero in blue as he turned back to face us.

“I… I don’t know,” he said, his usually buoyant voice uncharacteristically flat. “My stomach feels…weird.”

“Probably because you’re full of my spunk,” I said.

“While I admit it’s a lot of cum, I’ve seen him fill himself with a swimming pools’ worth of water” said Density. “This shouldn’t be causing you any discomfort Expando.”

“Yeah, well it is!” he snapped, just as his belly gave another load gurgle. He groaned and gripped the squishy tummy. “Ah fuck.”

Suddenly Expando’s belly began to retract. It deflated beneath his hands until his stomach was once again flat. He straightened up, blinking in confusion and running his hand searchingly over his abdomen, as though trying to find where his belly had gone. “Huh. I guess I… digested it?” He snapped his belt back together and then lifted his head to look at us, shrugging his shoulders.

Density began to say something but we both saw something happening to Expando’s chest. His firm chest was filling out, the pecs steadily bulking up within his suit, stretching the low neckline. His shoulders too were starting to thicken and grow, becoming shapelier and more sculpted.

“What are you two staring at?” he asked, his neck thickening and traps rising up like little boulders. He looked down, seeing his chest sticking out more than usual as his arms began to thicken and his biceps and triceps inflated. His eyes widened as well, but in shock rather than growth which was spreading rapidly through the rest of his body. The once lithe hero was now rapidly approaching Density’s level of bulk with no signs of slowing.

“What the fuck?” he breathed, feeling his stomach as abs popped out like little bricks, pushing out against his suit which clung to him and hugged their rising shape. The sound of stretching rubber was becoming louder as Expando continued to grow bigger and bigger.

“Expando,” said Density, “stop messing around.”

“I’m not doing this!” the growing hero squeaked shrilly, his legs rapidly thickening as the heads of his quads rose up into that seductive tear drop shape. His claves bugled and grew thicker as well and not only that but his crotch bulge was joining in on the growth as well. The front of his trousers was now drooping with the weight of his inflating package. I could see the three orbs of his cock and balls getting bigger and bigger, the shaft getting curled up and rising upwards. His quads shuddered thicker and pushed his package out even more.

Expando was becoming incredibly wide now, his whole body just so pumped up with muscle bulging everywhere I looked. His arms were as thick as footballs, pecs a dense shelf of muscles, his nipples looking fat as they poked visibly against his suit. His forearms were easily thicker than Density’s legs now, his lats pushing out against his arms to make them hang at an angle. As much as Expando was growing, it was only affecting his muscles. He wasn’t getting any taller, just amazingly buff and swole. The various muscles were staring to impeded Expando’s movements though, every muscle on his body battling it out for space, determined to take up as much room as possible.

“Oh fuck,” Expando breathed, but he didn’t sound afraid, he sounded…turned on. “Fuck yes, more, more! Keep getting bigger!”

His cock sprang out with a sudden lurch, startling Density and I into taking a step back. I could see his dick getting fatter and thicker, starting to grow a lot quicker than the rest of his body. I could see it growing against his suit which managed to stretch with the growing member and hug it like a second skin. I suppose his suit was designed to match his stretching powers so it was used to matching him no matter what he did. His balls were rapidly inflating as well, dropping down to knee level and swelling into beachballs. I watched, enamoured as his cock began to rise as he started getting hard, it was even bigger than my cock had been.

“You see that?!” Expando laughed, struggling to bend his insanely thick arms to touch his shaft, but the ample pecs bulging out and his wide lats kept his arms out and biceps and forearms were refusing to back down from each other all acted against him. “Guess I’m Super Dick now huh?” he laughed and grunted, bucking his hips to make his cock bob and sway in the air. “Although I’m surprised I can see it at all past these pecs!”

It was true, Expando’s head was almost lost within his pecs and traps, the latter rising like mountains on either side of his head, brushing his ears, while his pecs pressed against his dimpled chin. He was grinning though, eyes alive and sparkling as he struggled to take it all in, look at himself in all his swollen, muscular glory.

“Ah fuck it’s so tight! Fuck I’m so big, so full. Fuck, fuck, fffff-f-f-f-fuuuuuck!”

Expando’s entire body shook and flexed, his balls bouncing as he came. I could see his suit darken around the head of his massive cock, the cum trapped within the suit like a giant condom. With nowhere to go the splooge filled up the already fully packed crotch, the suit no longer hugging the shaft to show off every bump and crease, the layer of cum softening the edges as it sloshed and churned within.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck me!” Expando gasped. “Oh fuck that was amazing. Oh fuck, so much cum, fuuuuuck!”

Density and I were speechless. We could only stare as Expando writhed before us; a muscle blimp packed so full of massive muscles he looked like he could hardly move. And then there was his massive dick jutting out about 4 feet in front of him, and his balls approaching yoga ball size now and almost touching the floor. He had stopped growing at least but was still lost in the euphoria of his orgasm. It was a wonder he hadn’t toppled over, but I guess all that muscle made him sturdy. His breathing slowly returned to normal, pecs tensing together as he tried to get himself back under control. I could practically see the cum sloshing around his dong, probably running down to pool around his balls as well. His cute face, nestled between his traps and pecs had a goofy grin plastered across it, eyes sparkling as he looked over his body.

“So buff,” he moaned. He manage to move his arm, twisting it enough to raise the forearm, wrist bending as though he was flexing. The rest of his arm hardly moved, except the the bicep bulging even bigger, too big for him to bend. “Huh,” he laughed, “might need your guys help if it get an itchy nose. Can’t bend my arms I’m too big.” He tensed and relaxed his arms a bit and then brought them together…or at least tried too, biceps and pecs squashed together, forcing his head back as his thick chest bulged against his chin. “Even then,” he grunted, still flexing, “you’d probably have to climb up these pecs to reach my head!”

“Can’t you just stretch?” I asked, although really I’d quite happily volunteer to climb into that chest.

“Oh yeah,” Expanding chuckled, “I was so distracted my all this fucking muscle I forgot! Bet a few extra inches will give me a bit of mobility back.”

Expando lifted his arm again, finger pointing to his face. He strained and grunted, and for the first time his grin faltered. He opened his hand, shaking and flexing his fingers and then tried again. Still nothing. What little movements the muscle blimp could make were becoming more frantic and he looked in danger of toppling over.

“I can’t stretch!” he cried. “I can’t use my powers!!”

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