They’re really sensitive now

by spacevlad

 Burly musclebear daddy Josh gets his nipples pierced, which makes them extra sensitive...and leads to some BIG unexpected benefits!

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I got back from work early today and noticed Josh’s car in the driveway. He must already be home from the gym, I thought to myself. My boyfriend Josh had been hitting the gym hard the last couple months since he has been “between jobs”. I hadn’t exactly been happy about the big guy’s unemployment, but I was glad he was using the time to pack on more muscle to his chunky frame. He had put on 20lbs of mostly muscle over the last two months, putting him at 260lb, and seemed to be horny all the time. My cock twitched in my dress pants as I walked up to the door.

Josh met me at the door with a big grin on his face. “Welcome home, bud!” he said and pulled me into a big bear hug. Josh was a big guy, with a thick ex-jock daddy build. He had been in the closet growing up, playing football and lifting weights to prove he was one of the guys and try to be more than just a pudgy guy but had let himself go after college a bit and as his metabolism slowed in his 30s. Now in his 40s, he was getting serious about putting on real size and going for the musclebear daddy look.

His squishy gut pressed against me as he squeezed, but I also felt his hard round pecs and strong thick arms pressing against my skinny frame. I grunted as he finished his hug and put me back down. I looked up at his 6’ height and smiled. His dirty blonde hair was cut short into a Mohawk—he had been having fun with his hair since he didn’t have a job—and a full beard that made him look extra burly. He wore a cut-off tank top that showed off his big, round shoulders and arms. His gut protruded out in front of him, hanging over the belt on his jeans and jiggling as he stepped back from me.

“Hey there Josh, good to see you. So you came home early from the gym today?” I said as I put my bag on the sofa and took off my shoes. He looked pretty pumped up, like he had worked his arms and chest good.

“Nah, I didn’t end up goin’ to the gym today,” Josh drawled. He had grown up in South Carolina and was a bit of a redneck at heart, but had moved up north for work. “I got myself somethin’ I’ve wanted for years,” he said and raised his eyebrows, giving me a knowing look.

“Oh yeah? What’s that big guy?” I asked and moved closer to him, wrapping my arms around his thick torso and looking up at him.

“You know how guys always say, ‘I got my nipples pierced and now they’re super sensitive’? Well, I finally decided to try that theory out for myself!” Josh said and puffed up his big chest in my face.

I backed up from him and noticed the nubs showing underneath his shirt where his nipples were. “Oh shit, you finally did it! Show me, show me!” I said excitedly and grabbed at his shirt.

“Hehe, alright alright little guy, just hold on a sec,” he said and lifted his shirt off, revealing his furry belly and chest. Josh was very hairy, with brown hair covering his chunky forearms, spreading over his chest and belly, and even all over his back.

With the shirt off, I could see the little barred piercings on his fat, thick nipples. They were red and looked irritated from being recently pierced, but they looked just right on him.

“Oh wow man, that’s so hot! Can I touch them?” I asked and moved closer, looking at how they made his nipples look thick and swollen.

“Oh yeah bud, please do, they feel so good when I touch ’em now!” Josh drawled and reached up to prod one of the bars. “Ooooh, man I get chills just pokin’ ’em!”

I reached forward and touched one of them. It was warm to the touch and I could tell Josh liked it, as he shivered when I jostled it. “Did it hurt getting them in?” I asked.

“Yeah, a little bit, but after a second it started feelin’ real good, and that hasn’t gone away yet, hehe,” Josh said and pinched his right nipple a bit harder. His right bicep and pec looked great when he did that. “And man, I gotta say, those guys sayin’ it makes your nips more sensitive were damn right! It feels so good now when I touch ’em…and it makes me real horny too!” Josh said and reached down and clutched the bulge in his jeans.

I looked down and sure enough, he was packing big time down there. I reached down and rubbed it, and his cock felt harder and bigger than ever. “Oooh man, looks like I should help you out with this!” I said seductively and squeezed his balls. They twitched in my hand.

“Oh yeah bud, let’s go upstairs,” Josh said and pushed me in the right direction.

In the bedroom, I disrobed and got on my knees. I unzipped his jeans and rubbed my beard against Josh’s tight boxer briefs, smelling the sweat and musk of his crotch and teasing his big cock.

“Oh yeah little guy, that’s just right, keep goin’,” Josh sighed as he towered over me, flicking his nipples idly and grunting occasionally as he did. Salt and pepper fur spread over his belly and chest. He looked magnificent.

I pulled his jeans and underwear down and started working on his thick cock. It seemed bigger and thicker than I remembered; I guess he was really turned on! I stretched my lips around his mushroom head and sucked hard, using as much force as I could, barely denting the rock hard cock.

“Oh fuck man, feels great, even better with—ah!—rubbin’ my nips too,” Josh said, skipping a beat as he pinched down hard on his piercings. He kept rubbing and flicking them, breathing harder and grunting as he did.

After a few minutes I stood back up and pressed against him. He was big and warm, bigger than I remember, and I thought how nice it was that he was spending time in the gym getting bigger. He had always talked about getting bigger and stronger and getting back into the kind of shape he was in during college, and now he had some time to do just that.

I reached up and flicked his nipples, and he chuckled and shivered and backed away from me.

“Fuck dude they’re so sensitive… can’t believe they feel this—mmmph—fucking good!” Josh roared and pushed me back onto the bed after I pinched them again.

I gave him a sly look as he loomed over me. “I love rubbing them, feels and looks so good dude,” I said as he got onto the bed and put his knees and thighs on either side of me, straddling my skinny frame.

“Yeah man, feels even better with my dick in your mouth,” he growled and scooted forward until his cock was on my lips. I opened wide and he shoved it in, fucking my mouth as he loomed over me.

I reached up and started playing with his nips, and he moaned and flexed down at me. His arms looked huge, I thought to myself, way bigger than they were a couple days ago. Was he making gains that fast? Damn, it turned me on. I dropped my arms and reached around to stroke myself, but it was hard reaching all the way around his thick frame.

Josh reached for his pecs and rubbed his fingers across the meaty nubs of his nipples, flicking up, then down, then up, then down in rhythm with thrusting his massive cock in and out of my mouth. I breathed out of my nose but it was getting harder and harder not to choke on his cock; it had never felt so big before. Fuck, this was hot.

“Yeeeaaah buddy, feels so good, big ol’ pierced nip muscle bear daddy on top of you, just gonna get bigger too, all the guys at the gym will be jealous,” Josh grunted down at me. I looked up and I could see him looking at himself in the mirror, admiring his gains, all the while playing with his hard nips. “Damn boy, you look so small down there, doing such a good job sucking daddy’s big dick,” he grunted, his voice sounding deeper and richer than before. He was way into it!

He started working up a sweat and his cock was filling my mouth up big time. I couldn’t take a full breath because his heavy weight was pressing into me hard, harder than ever, but I knew he was getting close. I sucked with renewed vigor. His thick thighs squeezed me, surrounded me, his epic mass looming over me, his gut smothering me as he approached climax. I stroked my own cock until I splashed cum on his lower back. Feeling this, he pinched his nipples extra hard and finally came too, roaring as he filled my mouth with cum. There was so much of it I couldn’t swallow it all down, and it leaked out of my mouth and onto my beard. Josh shifted his bulk and got off of me, and I rolled over and grabbed a towel next to the bed, wiping off my mouth and clearing my throat.

“Hooo man, that felt fuckin’ amazing,” Josh grunted, his voice sounding different. “Your mouth felt so tight!” he boomed and smacked my butt.

“Yeah man, that was great,” I said as I rolled off the bed and stood up. I turned around just as he was getting up off the bed and he rose to his full height…and bumped his head into the ceiling.

Josh looked confused as he stood up and rubbed his head, his knuckles scraping against the ceiling, and he looked around the room…and looked down at me. “Holy shit, what the fuck happened?” he rumbled, confused, and turned to look at himself in the mirror. “Why does everything look so damn small?”

I just stood, dumbfounded, my mouth hanging open in shock at the massive muscle monster standing in my room. Josh had grown—big time—while fucking me, and was way bigger than he or anyone had ever been before.

Josh looked in the mirror. Staring back at him was a monstrous musclebear, thick all over, muscles exploding and bulging off every inch of his body, his thick round belly fat and wide, covered in sweat-matted fur. He reached up and rubbed his fingers through his salt and pepper beard and across his lantern jaw and smiled, admiring the way his bicep exploded into a round peak, a hose-like vein snaking down it and into his forearm. He took a big breath and puffed out his barrel chest; it had be 70 or 80 inches around. He was wider than the damn doorway, easily. He moved his hand over his huge belly and rubbed it and jiggled it appreciatively; it had grown much bigger too, giving him the massive build of a powerlifter or a strongman. He hefted his bigger, thicker cock, which was still leaking cum onto the floor, and smacked his tree trunk thighs.

“Holy fuck, I look good. What the fuck happened? Did I… fuck, man, I reckon I know what did it,” he said as he turned to me. He stepped closer and looked down at me imposingly.

“F-fuck man, this is so hot… w-what do you think did this?” I said and couldn’t help but rub my hands through the dark hair of his belly and reach up and squeeze the hard muscle of his biceps. My hand looked so tiny next to his hulking arm.

“These,” he said and flicked his fingernail against the metal of his piercings. A shiver ran through his big body and I heard his head scrape against the ceiling even harder. “I can feel a rush of fuckin’ energy every time I touch these babies,” he said and flicked his left nipple a couple times. I swear I could see his muscle bunch up thicker and plumper when he did, could feel his gut tense up fuller and rounder under my fingers.

“Whoa, what the fuck…that’s… awesome! But you’re really huge, bud, like people are gonna wonder what the heck happened!” I said, alarmed as I thought about the realities of suddenly having a seven and half foot tall musclebear boyfriend.

“Yeah, prolly, but who cares? This feels amazing!” Josh said with a grin and pinched both nips, twisting the little piercings in them and swelling bigger. His head scraped on the ceiling harder and I could see some dust come down from it.

“Dude, you gotta slow down! We should figure this out before you get any bigger, and I mean, damn man, you’re already like world-record size!” I said and backed up, struggling to drink him all in. Jesus, he was big!

“Slow down? Fuck that little squirt, you know I’ve been wantin’ to get bigger, and I found a shortcut! Hell yeah!” he boomed and flexed, his fists coming together, his pecs, traps, delts, and arms swelling with new muscle. I didn’t know where to look, it was so fucking hot.

“Holy shit you’re big… but I mean, seriously, how are we even gonna feed you?” I said, rubbing his big belly, bouncing the fat up and down.

“Well you can start by gittin’ me some burgers, boy,” Josh boomed as he wrapped his huge arms around my skinny frame and lifted me up to face him. “Big daddy is callin’ the shots ‘round here now, and I’m hungry after that growth spurt of mine.”

“A-alright big guy,” I started but he squeezed me harder and the breath left my lungs. Jesus he was dangerously strong!

“Call me sir, boy,” he growled and squeezed me harder, testing his strength, grinding me against his bigger, harder body.

“Fuuuuck… yes sir!” I wheezed as I ran out of air.

“Good boy, hehe. Now, go to Wendy’s and get me a couple combo meals now,” he said and put me back down on the ground.

I caught my breath and leaned against his tremendous bulk. “Yes sir! Just, try not to rub your nips too much while I’m gone, we need to figure this out before you grow any bigger!” I pleaded. He just turned to the mirror and started flexing, admiring his new size.

“No guarantees, boy, now go fetch me those burgers,” he grunted, too interested in the size of his biceps to even look at me.

I hurried out, a bit afraid of my now giant-sized boyfriend. Jeez, I hope Josh took my advice and didn’t keep playing with his growth-inducing nips, but I didn’t have much confidence in his ability to control himself. He had been working so hard to put on more size, and now that he could do it with a flick of his nipples… I shuddered to think how big he might want to get.

The thing that surprised me most was it was changing his entire body and not just making him bigger. Josh’s whole body transformed from pudgy middle-aged ex-jock into enormous swole meathead muscle daddy. My cock swelled in my jeans as I drove, thinking about his enormous body that would put the biggest powerlifters to shame, but I was worried too.

While I was out, I got a couple troubling text messages from him. As I was leaving, he sent me a message about how hard it was to type on the little keyboard on his phone. In line at the drive-thru, he sent a pic showing me how small a can of soda looked in his hand. At the stoplight on the way home, he sent a selfie showing how he had to duck to get through doorways. The last message I opened as I put the car in park, and I gulped when I saw it: a video of him rubbing his Mohawk against the ceiling, a clear divot in the paint on the ceiling, his hair roughly scraping the paint away, then him looking at the camera and saying “These ceilings are gittin’ mighty short” then chuckling ominously.

When I opened the door, I was met with his huge naked frame. I had to crane my neck up to look at him. He had obviously grown even bigger while I was away, his massive body thicker and fuller, his shoulders twice as wide as mine, his belly radiating heat.

“Hey there little guy, took ya long enough! Gimme those burgers,” he said and grabbed up all the food, even my order. He rumbled over to the living room table, the entire house shaking as he walked. His head was only a foot away from the 10-foot ceiling in the living room. He slumped down on the couch and it cracked dramatically.

“Oops, guess I broke the couch, sorry bud,” he grunted and ripped into the bag until he found a burger. He started stuffing his face with food, eating shockingly fast.

“Josh, man, you really need to slow down, you can’t just keep growing like this,” I said, concerned, as he finished the first burger and tore into the second.

“Says who,” he said flatly, and kept eating. The burgers looked so small in his huge hands, more like sliders. He breathed heavily and his huge chest rose and fell. I sat down, squeezing between him and the armrest of the couch. I felt tiny next to him.

“M-me, but, I’m just, uh, concerned, I mean, you’re… wow…” I trailed off as my hands explored his giant body, packed with muscle. He was a changed man, the most impressive example of alpha man muscle bull on the planet.

Josh burped, loud and explosive, and then laughed at me. He kept eating. I couldn’t help but rub my hands all over him, hungry to feel his muscles and worship his huge body.

“Yeah little boy, just rub my muscles. I know you like how big I’m gettin’. How about you help me grow some more and play with my nips? They’re feeling so good,” he growled as he stuffed a clutch of fries into his mouth.

I obeyed, even though I knew it was the wrong decision. I reached across and tugged at the piercings, scraping my fingernail over the meaty nub. He took a big breath and sighed contentedly, and I could see his traps and shoulders bulge up and out bigger and thicker. He was growing right there in front of me.

“I just can’t help it, bud, it feels so good,” Josh said around a mouthful of food. He grunted as I traced my finger over the bumps surrounding his nipple, pleasure radiating through his body, trigging more growth. “Yeah bud, make me even bigger, feels good,” he growled and leaned against me. His heavy bulk was warm and his meaty arm felt solid.

“But Josh, I mean, you’re already—mmph—too big,” I said half-heartedly as his huge round shoulder bulged against me more. I was being squished between him and the armrest of the couch as he expanded wider next to me.

Josh just chuckled. “No such thing, boy, never could be too big,” he grunted and sat up straight on the couch, tossing the last of the food onto the table. He had eaten it all in record time.

Josh pressed against me harder on the couch. “Jesus boy, look how small you are compared to me now,” he rumbled. He twisted around on the couch and brought his arm up next to mine, flexing. It dwarfed mine; his wrist was thicker than my upper arm. He wrapped his hand around my thigh, the huge paw almost going all the way around it as he compared our legs. He squeezed my thigh hard until I gasped in pain. “So frail and weak now boy, compared to me... yeah...” he said and rubbed his hand up and down my leg. I could see his huge cock start to chub up thicker and bigger. The size disparity was definitely turning him on.

He rubbed his big belly, then shifted his legs, planted his huge feet on the ground, and stood up, towering over me. His massive cock flared bigger as it swelled to full hardness, and he turned to face me. His cock smacked me on the forehead, and he grinned down at me.

“Now big daddy is ready to fuck, and guess who gets to bottom?” he rumbled as he looked down at my tiny body from over the mountains of his pecs and huge belly.

I gasped and tried to slip away over the armrest but he was too quick for me. He reached down and grabbed me, flipping me over on the couch and pinning me with one hand. With the other, he reached down to grab my pants and tore at them roughly until they tore, ripping them down until they hung around my knees.

“Yeah boy, you got such a cute little ass for me to fuck…gonna fill you up good, boy,” Josh rumbled, his deep voice shaking me to the core, and I felt his heavy weight on top of me as he climbed aboard. His huge cock slapped on my ass cheeks, copious amounts of precum smearing around my furry crack. I gasped and protested, but he just pressed my head into the cushions, his hand wrapping all the way around my skull, and I felt his cock press against my hole.

“You ready for daddy’s cock, son? Gonna feel real good!” he grunted and he pressed into me hard, his powerful cock forcing its way in. He was way too big for me, and I yelled in pain, but my cries only seemed to encourage him. He thrust into my deeper, and he sighed contentedly.

“Yeah, take it,” he rumbled and he started bucking against me, fucking slow at first but picking up the pace. He let go of my head and I came up for air, but was powerless to move. There was nearly a ton of musclebear giant on top of me, and I was in no position to resist.

“Gonna grow so much bigger than I am now, boy, you can’t imagine how fuckin’ good it feels,” he drawled, and I could tell he was flicking and pinching his nipples aggressively. He grunted and huffed as he fucked me harder, his huge cock filling me up bigger and bigger as he grew wider and thicker and taller. “FUCK your little hole is so tight, just right for my huge cock,” he roared and pressed into me harder, his tremendous weight hurting my back. I could feel his cock expanding inside me as he grew.

I groaned and protested, but he ignored me and kept fucking. Josh was in total control.

He grabbed the sides of his piercings and twisted, and I could feel his whole body swelling up thicker and heavier and bigger, the frame of the couch creaking under his growing weight.

“Yeah boy, such a nice ass for me to fuck, gonna breed you good while I fucking grow and grow, gonna outgrow your damn house boy, FUCK,” he roared and I felt hot cum fill up my stretched hole. He ground into me hard as he came and came, and finally collapsed on me, his massive weight crushing me into the sofa. I couldn’t breath until he finally lifted his huge body up and off of me.

I sat up after collecting myself and looked up at him.

He was enormous. He had to bend his neck and shoulders down so avoid pressing against the 10 foot ceiling, and he was continuously rubbing his nipples, rubbing his fingers around them in circles. I could see his body continuously bulging up bigger, inch by inch, pound by pound, his chest expanding out thicker, his shoulders surging wider, his arms expanding harder and more muscular, his gut swelling out fatter and rounder.

“Boy, I suggest you git unless you want this damn house to come down on you, I feel a BIG growth spurt comin’ on and daddy is gonna get HUGE,” he said, not even bothering to look down at me, too focused on admiring his muscles. He tensed his arm and flexed his bicep, and he grinned, obsessed with the size he was packing on. He pinched his right nipple harder and I heard the ceiling crack as his head pressed against it.

I got up, getting my pants on his a hurry, my ass hurting. My instinct to flee kicked in and I rushed out of the house. I could hear him growling and grunting from inside, could hear things crashing in the living room as the ceiling started to give way.

I backed up, the orange sunset casting light onto the front of the house as sounds of destruction came from inside.

“Josh! Stop!” I yelled but I knew it was pointless. He was past the point of no return, addicted to the feeling of growing, his base instincts for power and size overwhelming his better judgment and any kind of feelings he had for me. All I could hear was smashing and occasionally him groaning or laughing.

Just as I was about to turn and run, I flinched as a huge fist burst out of the roof of the house, followed by a spiky Mohawk as his head crunched up and out. He breathed heavily and shuddered in pleasure, and I saw a wave of growth wash over him. He surged up taller, growing several feet in a matter of seconds, and he exploded bigger. His massive shoulders crunched up through the roof, throbbing with muscle, covered in brown fur and sweat as he grew bigger. He spotted me on the front lawn and grinned, then grew even bigger as he rubbed his nipples roughly.

“HEY THERE LITTLE BUDDY! YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, BIG DADDY IS COMIN’ OUT!” he boomed, the force of his voice making my head spin, and suddenly the front of the house exploded with debris. He huge foot surged forward, crashing through the wall of the first floor, followed by his thick thigh smashing through the rest. His giant gut, sweaty and covered in hair, burst through the upper floor and the roof, and the giant was free of the house. I dashed out of the way in time for the debris to spread across the front lawn. His huge foot thumped down on the grass, sinking in a few inches under his massive tonnage. He crashed out of the house and planted himself half on the front lawn, half in the street, 40 feet tall and bigger and thicker than ever. He had a generous distribution of fat padding the profoundly dense muscle as he looked down at me, idly flicking a nipple with one hand and brandishing his rock-hard cock with the other.

“HOOO BOY LOOK AT ME NOW! I’M FUCKING HUGE! GONNA HAVE SOME FUN AT THIS SIZE!” he roared and squeezed his cock, dripping precum onto the sidewalk. He turned and grabbed the lamppost next to the house, wrapped his fingers around it, and yanked up, twisting the metal of the suddenly delicate-looking pole and tearing it out of the ground. Josh just laughed at how easy it was. He brought it up to his chest and bent the damn thing in half. He dropped it, the metal clanging on to the ground, and he puffed out his chest, rubbing his thick fingers over the salt and pepper chest hair. He rubbed his fingers over his nips and he expanded bigger and taller. His enormous body glistened in the light of the setting sun, the orange glow of sunset making him look like a god.

“FUCK YEAH, SO DAMN STRONG TOO,” he boomed and took a step into the street. The asphalt cracked under his tonnage and he thumped over to the neighbor’s house.

“THESE HOUSES ARE ALL SO DAMN SMALL, JUST WAITIN’ TO BE SMASHED UP!” he said and rested his arms on the roof of the neighbor’s house. It came up to his chest, the rough shingles right at the level of his nips. He scraped against the roof, the rough material sending shivers of pleasure of his body, triggering more growth. I saw him swell up a foot taller in an instant, and his whole body bulked up thicker.

“AWW FUCK YEAH, NEED TO FUCK,” he grunted, gripped the roof, and slammed his huge cock into the siding of the house, crashing right through the wall. He flicked his nips some more and surged up taller and heavier. “FUCK YEAH, SO STRONG!” he roared and slammed into the house again, his cock crashing in higher up this time, as he grew bigger and taller. His huge body smashed into the house again and again and again.

I watched in horror as he picked up speed and started fucking my neighbor’s house apart, growing and growing as he flicked and pinched his nipples. It was easy to see him surging up bigger every time he touched his piercings, the little metal rods growing with him, having caused some sort of transformation and triggering his growth. They gleamed in the light of sunset and he grabbed them and twisted hard, wrenching pleasure through his body and triggering more and more growth.

“AWWWWW YEAH BOY GROWING SO HUGE! YOU WATCH YOUR BIG DADDY CUM NOW!” he boomed and suddenly looked over at me, grinning down at me.

Josh turned his head back to the house, his massive cock exploding up and out of the roof of the house as he continued to grow taller and wider just as cum shot out of it like a hose. It landed all over the back of the house and the back yard, coating the grass in sticky white cream. Josh roared and grunted as he shot his load and finally collapsed against the house until it gave way. He fell over and crushed the house, which looked so small next to him now, the ground shaking as his huge body fell.

“Josh!” I yelled and ran over, waving my hand in front of my face as the dust rose up. I got closer, but froze when I heard ominous, deep laughing. Josh was fine. Better than ever, actually.

“HAHA FUCKIN’ LITTLE HOUSE COULDN’T SUPPORT MY WEIGHT!” he rumbled. His huge foot thumped onto the ground as he lifted himself up. He rose up to his full height and towered over me, his giant body thick and round with bulging muscle, swollen and heavy with fat and size. His gut loomed over me, jiggling as he shifted his weight and planted himself over the rubble of the house, only outdone by his massive barrel chest. His nipples were red and stuck out prominently. He had to be 100 feet tall now.

Josh looked down at me and grinned, his salt and pepper beard and lantern jaw making me feel weak in the knees, both from fear and being so turned on.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK NOW, LITTLE BUD? TOO BIG FOR YOU? HAW HAW! TOO BAD, I’M JUST GONNA KEEP GROWIN’ MORE!” he roared down at me and smashed his feet on either side of me, scaring me and making me fall down on my ass as the ground shook. I looked up and saw his huge balls hanging low, furry and pendulous, his thick cock throbbing as it dripped cum down next to me. He backed up a bit and flexed his arms, and they rose up in dramatic peaks, a huge vein snaking over them, his thighs shaking with muscle and beef, thicker than any tree trunk I had ever seen.

“WELL YOU’RE NO GOOD TO ME NOW, BOY, TOO SMALL FOR ME TO FUCK! GONNA GET BIGGER AND FUCK SOMETHING MY OWN SIZE!” Josh boomed, his voice so loud and bassy it hurt my ears. His huge foot rose into the air, swooping past me and landing fifty feet away up the street, his huge body crunching into the pavement. His wide ass shook dramatically as he took another step away from me, his massive back spreading wide with muscle, his traps bunched up into his neck.

Josh turned up the street and idly flicked his nipples, each touch sending shivers of pleasure up his giant body. He could feel himself growing bigger with each touch, each flick, each pinch, shivers of size pulsing through his body. He never wanted the feeling to end, the feeling of power and strength, of growing taller and wider and heavier. He grunted and rose taller, hummed with pleasure and got thicker as he prodded and rubbed both of them, his biceps bulging up thicker as he lifted his arms to his nipples. He grinned as he felt his cock throbbing and chubbing up already. It was time to find something big enough for him to fuck.


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