You’re growing bigger!

by John Smith

This is a POV (Point Of View) story where you are a teenager that gets the opportunity to grow bigger and more endowed.

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You wake up in a house you don’t recognize. The bed is comfortable, and, pulling off the sheets, you find yourself dressed in new clothes. The clothes are rather baggy, but very comfortable. Instead of freaking out, curiosity overtakes you and you decide to explore your new surroundings, see what you can find.

You hop off the bed, falling a lot longer than you thought you would. Glancing around, you notice that the room you’re in is built for someone larger than you are. By the size of the bed you jumped out of, the bedstand beside it, and the other furniture in the room, you estimate that the room was made for someone three times your size.

You head for the door, starting to become a little more excited about exploring this place. You reach up with both hands and just barely manage to grab the door knob. You have to really tug the door open, not because it’s stuck, just because it’s so large and heavy to you. The bedroom door opens to a hallway on what seems to be the second floor of this house. Over the railing (or rather, between the bars—the top of the railing is too tall for you to look over), you see a large living room with a plate of blue cookies and milk on a table in the center of it. Your stomach begins to growl at the sight of these treats. You scale the too-wide stairs carefully and make your way to that table, reaching up to take one of the cookies. Even these were made for someone larger than you, but you take a big bite anyways. The cookie is so delicious that, even with its considerable size, it’s gone before you know it. You reach up to take the milk in your hands and take the biggest gulp you can manage to wash it down with. Even with as much as you drink, it feels like you hardly actually took any. Still, your hunger and thirst are satisfied, so you continue your exploration.

As you look around the kitchen, pulling yourself up onto a chair to get a good look at the table and counters, you suddenly find yourself hungry again. There’s no food set out in the kitchen, but there’s plenty of cookies in the living room, still. A short hop down off the chair (slightly shorter than you anticipated), and you’re on your way back to the cookies. You take another big bite out of a cookie, and this cookie lasts even shorter than the first cookie. This time you feel something odd. You notice that the table isn’t quite as tall as it was last time, and it feels like it’s getting shorter. Not just that, but the baggy clothes you’ve been wearing this whole time are starting to fit a bit better.

As odd as this is, you’re still really thirsty after that cookie, so you grab the glass of milk again and take another gulp. The upward shift in your perspective speeds up slightly, and you can confirm that you’re actually growing! You love the thought of yourself getting bigger. A pleasurable sensation begins to arise throughout your body, and you can’t help yourself. You need another cookie. This one you eat in one large greedy bite, chasing it down with more milk. The rest of the cookies soon follow, and soon the plate and glass are empty, and you’re staring down at an empty table.

By now your clothes are fitting quite well, and you sit on the couch to figure out what you should do next. As you think, your body continues to expand, pushing your clothes out further and further—soon your belly is bare and your ankles are beginning to show, and the increasing tightness in your clothes is pleasant enough that you decide to just lay there on the couch and savor it. You notice the milk and cookies you thought you’d done away with are somehow back, so while you grow, you grab another handful of cookies to speed things up. Soon holes are appearing in your clothes, your body beginning to show through them. It’s so great you decide to munch on a couple more cookies while watching you shred through your clothes. They don’t last long at this rate, and soon you’re naked on a too-small couch, eating cookies, drinking milk, and watching as the walls continue to close in.

The couch you’re resting on creaks and groans under your growing weight, and soon it too gives up, landing you on the floor with an unceremonious “thud”. And still you continue growing, your feet reaching the far wall just as soon as your head bonks against the other. The room is really beginning to close in now, and you bend your legs and head together to try and prevent from breaking anything, but your efforts mean nothing. Nothing can stop your growth now, least of all these flimsy walls. Your expanding body pushes through them, and soon you find your head peeking through the outer wall of the house. You try to sit up, wrecking through the rest of the house in the process, to try and find where you are. Your house seems to have been built in the middle of a city park, and all around you are trees, and beyond them, large buildings and skyscrapers.

Your size is already beginning to rival that of some of the trees, and you uproot one with one hand, taking it closer to examine it. It seems unreal somehow, almost made out of plastic. You hear a gigantic male voice overhead clear his throat, and you stand and turn to see his humongous face looming above you. You recognize the face as the face of a sexy boy that you currently go to high school with. Trying to take in the scene around you, it becomes obvious that the house and city you’re in right now are a small model on his table in his house, and that he is now looking down on you, your body incredibly tiny, but still growing bit by bit.

His enormous hand emerges from behind the skyscrapers, making its way over to hover above you. With a single finger, he strokes your head and pushes you back down onto your butt so he can rub your body. He pulls away and turns to go do something, and you take this opportunity to run into the city streets to hide. You manage for a bit, but you continually outgrow each hiding spot you choose, and soon the streets are too small for you to navigate well. A misjudged step sends you tripping and falling into a building, knocking it over with a loud plastic crunch that alerts him to your location.

He picks you up and sets you in one massive hand, and you note that, while it is still gigantic compared to you, it’s not as big as it used to be. You estimate your size to be about three inches now and still growing slowly. Your stomach gives a small growl, and your giant captor responds by offering you a piece of a very familiar-looking blue cookie. This piece alone is about as big as your torso, but you greedily chomp your way through it, desperate to get bigger.

Your growth picks up pace, and soon the hand isn’t seeming quite so large. He notes this too, and shifts you to hold you in both hands. You can feel his grip on you lighten with each passing moment as your size and strength increase, and before long you’re able to break free of his grasp. You land back on the model city, far surpassing the scale of anything on the table, and beginning to rival the city as a whole in sheer size. You begin to climb off the table to make your escape, when you see a plate of cookies on his desk. After all this, you’re still hungry, and if he wants you big then you’ll give him fucking big!!! You down as many cookies as you can before he can stop you. He says “Wait! I just wanted you to be my boyfriend!” You continue hoovering down as many cookies as you can as fast as you can, growing rapidly as you do. You notice that some of the cookies are green instead of blue and immediately after you start eating them your balls and dick start to grow faster than the rest of you. Your penis and balls become big compared to you. You start automatically getting an erection as you eat more green and blue cookies, proud of the size of your penis and balls as they continue growing faster than the rest of you. You reach six feet tall, your penis is twelve inches long, and your balls are equally big. By the time he manages to take the plate away, he is already looking up at your growing body. Your erection has gotten many times harder and stronger than you ever remember it being and it keeps getting harder and stronger on its own. As it passes in front of his face he says. “Oh my god your dick is huge!”

He tries to make a break for the door, but you lay down in front of it. He goes for the window at the opposite end of the room, but soon a growing foot blocks that exit, too. With all means of escape gone, he looks sheepishly up at you, and you hold him in one hand, feeling him shrink away as you grow. Your catch secured, you straighten your body out, intentionally breaking through the walls of his home and laying out in the open air. A look up at the sky ensures you that this time is real—there’s no giant looming at you over their table. You think to yourself about how you’ll enjoy being a giant for real this time. You stand up in front of his house in the middle of the park looking at the city, holding him in your hand, your balls and penis stop growing faster than the rest of you but your whole body still continues to grow, your giant erection is poking straight out in front of you, your giant penis looks sixteen and a half inches long from your prospective, your giant balls look ridiculously gigantic in proportion to your body size, especially for a teenage boy your age, each one is the size of an orange from your prospective. You estimate your size to be seventy feet tall now and still growing. You stand straight up and proud with a large smile on your face and the sun shining down on you as you continue to grow bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

The end?

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