Check this mate

by brazboy

 Pedro loves drinking mate tea, so when he finds the products of a fancy-looking new brand for sale in his local supermarket he decides to buy two packages. As soon as he arrives home, he makes himself some chimarrão which, as always, he offers to his handsome boyfriend Alexandre. The strong and addictive flavor enchants both of them, but that’s not the end of their surprises…

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Editor’s Note

For those not familiar with it, mate (or maté) tea, also known as chimarrão, is a traditional South American caffeine-rich tea made using yerba-maté leaves.


Pedro is at the supermarket when he sees a new brand of fancy-looking “100% organic premium concentrated traditional” mate leaves. As a typical gaúcho who is addicted to drinking mate tea, Pedro is intrigued, and ends up buying two packages since—besides looking fancy—they are surprisingly cheap. He leaves the supermarket whistling, satisfied at having gotten a good bargain, not questioning why the aisle where he has gotten those leaves is basically empty except for him.

As soon as he arrives home, Pedro boils some water and makes the traditional chimarrão with this fancy “Maxim” brand that he has bought. The smell is poignant and delicious, and he is curious and anxious to actually give it a try. Excited, Pedro has a gulp of it and is surprised by how amazing and strong the taste is—compared to this, all chimarrão he has ever had before is but dirty water. He takes another gulp, and then another, and soon he is drinking the strong hot tea as if it are water.

Pedro enjoys it so much that he has the full 500ml of his first batch all by himself, before preparing another liter of chimarrão—using even more mate leaves this time -, and taking it to the living room where his boyfriend Alexandre is watching TV. Pedro sits right next to Alexandre and offers him a sip—Alexandre, without even looking at what is being offered, takes in a big mouthful, before feeling the strong bitter taste dominate his mouth.

Chimarrão again?! You know I hate this stuff!” says Alexandre, making expressions of disgust with his face. “Although this one is not that bad,” he adds, softening his expression and giving the drink another sip. “It is too hot, though!”

“I’ve already told you it’s supposed to be this hot,” says Pedro, drinking that mate infusion as if it are water. “That’s what makes it refreshing,” he adds with a smirk. Alexandre frowns.

“It’s too hot for me,” responds Alexandre, before taking the container from his boyfriend’s hand and having another sip. “But let me try it again, just to be sure,” he adds with a smile and takes a long and voluminous sip of the liquid. He almost finishes the liquid and then starts hyperventilating as the heat is just too strong.

“Leave some for me!” complains Pedro, who then recovers the container and goes back to drinking the infusion almost like a camel, until it ends, and he stands up to go to the kitchen and make some more.

The two young men drink, combined, about 10 liters of chimarrão in the following half an hour or so—Pedro makes more and more of the popular infusion, and altogether drinks about 7 liters of it, while Alexandre has to satisfy himself with a meager 3 liters, as his boyfriend can be a little possessive when it comes to mate. If they has thought about it, they’d have soon realizes that they have had way too much liquid at once, and that there should have naturally been some sort of side effect of drinking so much liquid so quickly, but the lads simply doesn’t notice their overdrinking—it is hard to be suspicious of nothing happening, after all. They are still naively sipping from another hot chimarrão cup that Pedro has makes when the cute man starts feeling weird.

“It’s probably just too much hot water,” responds Alexandre, sipping the tea. “I should drink the rest and you should stop making more.”

“No way. This is super healthy, you know?” counter-argued Pedro, taking the container into his hands once more, a little aggressively. “Besides, I’m just feeling a little weird, not bad. Actually, I’m feeling wonderful, I’ve never been better!” he quickly adds, as he takes another half a liter in, finishing that eleventh infusion.

“Oh, yeah?” asks Alexandre, suspiciously, moving his hand towards his boyfriend’s usually soft and skinny belly, just to find it surprisingly harder and bulkier than usual.

“Yes, and in fact I’m going to make some more right away. And if you don’t want to drink it anymore, then well, I won’t be forcing you either… more for me!” says Pedro, while standing up and moving away from the couch and Alexandre. He, however, doesn’t get very far before he trips and almost falls to the ground.

Alexandre immediately moves up to help his boyfriend, who has by now dropped the container on the floor, leaving wet mate leaves to fall everywhere. Pedro holds his boyfriend’s hand and stands up, a little bit confused on how he has tripped—especially since there is nothing on the way to the kitchen that can have caused him to trip. As he ponders, Pedro look at Alexandre and slowly starts to freak out: his boyfriend is now significantly smaller than he, when he knew for a fact his stud of a boyfriend uses to be at least 15cm taller than him. Alexandre, having helped Pedro up, feels his boyfriend is significantly heavier than he remembered—noticing the new difference in height as Pedro stands up, he too immediately starts freaking out as well.

“What the actual fuck is going on with your height?!” asks Alexandre, getting closer to his boyfriend and touching his body, as if to check whether he is real or not. Pedro’s new frame is very much real, and so are his newfound muscles. Indeed, another surprise the touching reveals is that Pedro’s once soft and small body is now covered in hard muscles, which—now that Alexandre’s eyes are looking for them—are visibly stretching his usually baggy and oversized clothes. Pedro is also confused by his seemingly hard body, but he feels particularly weird when his cock throbs due to his boyfriend’s attention—as it snaked in his pants, it feels simply and positively gigantic.

“Oh my God!” says Alexandre, now looking down towards Pedro’s crotch where he sees his boyfriend’s large throbbing cock not only peeking out of his pants, but half exposed!

“What?” asks a fearful Pedro seeing Alexandre’s shocked face, almost feeling he is somehow hurt.

“Your cock. It’s bigger than it uses to be. It’s enormous!” he says, lowering his hand towards his boyfriend’s waist, grabbing the top of his rod, and feeling its girth and size. “I can’t even hold it in one hand, it’s… much bigger than it is before, bigger than mine!” says Alexandre, surprised. His own cock is about 22 centimeters long, but Pedro’s probably has that much meat exposed above his pants’ waist.

“Hmmmm, what the fuck,” says Pedro, a bit confused but also delighted by the sudden touch. While his newfound size does surprise and confuse him, his penis is super hard anyway, and it demands attention—and so Alexandre’s touch does a lot to move Pedro’s mind away from worry towards lust. After all, there’s no rule saying that one can’t investigate and think about some weird body transformation while being jacked off by his boyfriend.

“I don’t know, it’s just so much bigger. It must have grown alongside the rest of you,” says Alexandre, carefully placing both hands around Pedro’s throbbing hardon, or at least the part of it that is exposed out of his pants.

“Cocks don’t…hmmm… grow like that,” responds Pedro, enjoying his boyfriend’s harsh touch, particularly when he squeezed the girthy member.

“Neither do people,” Alexandre replies, serious, and Pedro sighs, more horny than tired. He wants to do more than just have his cock touched by his boyfriend’s hands, and thus is slowly pushing it up and down, as if to force Alexandre to massage his meat actively or passively. Alexandre, who is not stupid, realizes what is going on and starts to stroke Pedro’s manhood adding to his thrusts.

“And yet, here we are… I am feeling so big… taller than you,” says Pedro, before moaning a little. He takes off his shirt, revealing he now has a solid 6 pack and two meaty pecs—both which are also new. Alexandre doesn’t seem much concerned with that, instead using his energy to remove Pedro’s pants and underwear, and finally revealing the totality of his proud member—subsequently going back to stroking it with even more desire. Pedro, however, is in love with his new body, and starts caressing his nipples and his pecs—he pinches his nipples and cups his pecs so as to squeeze them nice and hard. Weirdly enough, he feels that they grow with his touch, becoming a little bit meatier as he hungrily feels his own muscles.

“I think I want to suck you,” says Alexandre, and before Pedro even responds his dick is already inside his boyfriend’s mouth. A feeling of delight shoots through his body like electricity, which enters a spiral of expansion and growth that neither of them has expected.

Before Pedro fully notices what is going on, his muscles start to grow faster and faster, following the pace of his heartbeat. As his heart pumps blood, his muscles seem to contract and expand, and so do his cock and balls. Pedro’s arms are becoming so large that despite the growth of his pecs, it is becoming difficult to continue fondling them. His legs’ growth is making him taller, but he counteracts it by simply opening them and widening the distance between his feet, so that Alexandre can more or less continue sucking him without issue. His cock and balls, too, are growing, but their growth seems a little slower, for now. Pedro’s moans come deep in a quick succession, as much from the wet blowjob as from his quick and powerful growth.

What they don’t notice then is that Alexandre, as he sucks on his boyfriend’s already large but expanding cock—and as he drinks his oozing precum, and goes up and down impaling his throat in man meat—he too is growing substantially. Although they don’t realize that, they are still reaping the benefits of Alexandre’s expanding body, which allows his mouth to keep up with Pedro’s expanding cock, and thus his sucking continues more or less unchallenged by the increasing immensity of Pedro’s size.

Pedro’s body, meanwhile, expands in all directions: soon, he can no longer touch his pecs due to the size of the muscles of his arms, although he still manages to push his arms ahead far enough to caress and fondle Alexandre’s head as he goes down on his gigantic cock. That is not to last, however, as Pedro’s pecs start to expand faster and faster, and soon became so thick and gigantic that they completely cover Alexandre’s head and soon even weigh down on them as Pedro’s cock grows upwards. Pedro’s legs are another part of his body becoming more and more rigid, and, in that, becoming less and less mobile. Pedro tries to move himself and can’t mostly because Alexandre keeps him in place as he sucks him, but soon his own body will prevent movement too.

“Let’s… let’s go to the bed,” suggests Pedro in between moans, unused to his new low voice and very bothered by his quickly growing body—on the one hand, it is extremely sexy, on the other, he starts fearing losing his mobility and independence soon, as he notices his arms and legs getting locked in place.

“Hmm, we can do it later, let me suck your cock first, Pedro. It’s so… different, this big. Hot. Also, you are making so much pre… let’s wait for you to cum first,” suggests Alexandre, taking a breather from impaling himself on the gigantic and growing rod, which once released throbs and slaps Pedro’s meaty pecs. Alexandre doesn’t wait for the response, however, before opening his growing mouth, kissing Pedro’s gigantic and wet cockhead, and then sliding his lips around it, engulfing the manmeat until the whole of Pedro’s cockhead is inside Alexandre’s mouth, and soon moving down to take more and more of the massive member as Alexandre gagged a lot, but never gave up sucking.

“Al…Alexandre! I don’t know…my body is changing too fast and I think we should call for help before…” he says, worried, but his suggestion is interrupted by him falling back on his ass as his small feet can no longer sustain that gigantic expanding muscular body sufficiently.

As Pedro’s gigantic body collapses, the house shakes as if there has been a small earthquake, and several cups and flowerpots fall onto the ground, glass shattering everywhere. Meanwhile, Pedro lands on his muscular ass and his back is now supported by the house’s strong masonry wall, as his cock pops out of Alexandre’s hungry mouth and now slaps his pecs wetly—that is how big it has become.

“Wow!” says Alexandre, taking one second to appreciate the image ahead of him: his once cute and twinkish boyfriend is now a muscle star, whose arms and legs look like cannons and literally can’t be folded because of their and his torso’s immense volume. Pedro, in his currently size, probably can’t even see his feet due to the scale of his pecs, which have become a sizeable obstacle for his line of sight. Seeing that, and seeing Pedro trying to wiggle around to lift himself up, Alexandre almost cums on the spot, but what actually happens instead is that his cock throbs and he struggles to take off his now tight pants and shirt—actually ripping them in the process of pulling them off and exposing his tight body. Naked, Alexandre reveals his 43cm cock, looking at his boyfriend’s 1.7m length which throbs and oozes pre on Pedro’s gigantic twisting muscles.

“Give me… let me suck your cock,” asks Pedro, his thick lips in his cute face completely framed by muscles, appearing needy and hungry as he licks them with his large tongue. “It is so big now,” he comments, as his boyfriend has more than doubled in size. Alexandre laughs as he sees the needy and hungry muscle giant begging for cock.

“You say that as if you aren’t maybe 3 or 4 times my size now. Come and take my cock, if you can,” teases Alexandre, lowering himself on Pedro’s gigantic pecs, and burying his face on the strong, deep, and musky muscles. Pedro tries to move his colossal arms to grab Alexandre’s hard and oozing penis, but his muscles simply can’t close his arms to get Pedro’s hands close to his boyfriend’s hot body. Meanwhile, buried in Pedro’s muscles, Alexandre grunts deep. “Damn, Pedro, I can’t believe how much I like this new form of yours,” pants a horny Alexandre as he licks and kisses his boyfriend’s gigantic and meaty muscular pecs, inhaling his delicious musk, his eyes rolling as he nibbles on Pedro’s gigantic nipples.

“Hmmm, I love your new body too, love you kissing my pecs…but would love to taste your cock… please. Give me that…. or some mate… Alexandre… I can’t get it myself,” pleaded Pedro as he moans from his boyfriend’s cock humping the underside of his gigantic and heavy pecs, as his mouth kisses and licks Pedro’s muscles until he gets to Pedro’s left nipple, which he bit, nibbles, kisses, sucks and suckled on. Pedro pants and moans of pleasure, as his large and sensitive nipples are being tended to.

“Sorry… but it’s so much, I can’t get myself to abandon your pecs,” says Alexandre, pushing his cock to fuck Pedro’s gigantic but tight and muscular pecs—which are now so thick that the canyon between them is completely fills with muscle. He moans as his cock pops in the slim valley between his boyfriend’s two gigantic muscle tits, and Alexandre proceeded to move his body to the side, as to use those large pecs as a mattress as he fucks them and suckled from Pedro’s gigantic nipple.

By now, Pedro has become a true giant, with each of his pecs alone being more than a meter long, while Alexandre has just broken past 190cm in height.

“Yeah… fuck my pecs,” says Pedro softly, starved for attention in the rest of his oversized body. “What do you think… of fucking my ass?” he suggests, as his pecs are being drills, thinking of how much nicer that sort of attention would feel in his rear.

“Mmm!” moans a surprised Alexandre as Pedro’s nipple which he is sucking starts to yield some delicious manly milk. Alexandre pounded Pedro’s pec valley with his now half-a-meter-long cock, and suckled milk from his expanding now 15cm-long nipples. It takes him a lot of willpower to bite the nipple and then pull back as he strokes the gigantic meat mattress under him. “I’d love to but you are too big now, Pedro. I don’t think I can roll you over,” says the smaller of the two men.

“Please…please…my mouth then. I just… want… more cock,” says Pedro, rather desperately, and Alexandre feels pitiful when he heard his massive boyfriend’s appeal. He turned up, letting go of Pedro’s delicious squirting nipple, and kisses his thick lips. As they kisses, Alexandre is surprised by a gigantic tongue invading his mouth—one which is larger than Pedro’s cock has been a few hours before. As Pedro basically eats Alexandre’s mouth, the latter lad humps his boyfriend’s pec valley, while trying to hug his thick and muscular neck, but he eventually has to pull away to breathe.

“My god, Pedro! Your tongue has become monstrous!” says Alexander, absolutely out of breath, and Pedro smiles and licks his thick lips with his thick tongue.

“I have become monstrous all over,” he noted, and his cock then throbs and wetly slaps smaller Alexander’s whole body at that very moment, as if to emphasize his point. Nonetheless, soon after, Pedro sighs, bit his thick lips, and look at Alexandre. “Love, do you think I can go back to my old size? Maybe we…should call for help?” he asks, as his gigantic limps wobbled trying to move and only ends up knocking down some of the furniture.

Alexandre is so hot and bothered now that he can hardly understand what is going on—much less worry about it. But he does feel a sting in the heart listening to the tones of concern and worry in Pedro’s voice. He rubs his boyfriend’s large cheeks and kisses him again, quickly this time.

“Pedro, it will be fine… you are extremely hot now, and we can call 191 after having some fun. They will help us,” says the smaller lad. He smiles assuredly, thinking Pedro’s growth has become slower or even stagnated, but not realizing that this is actually due to his own significant expansion—in fact, the furniture around them now look ridiculous small, and their bodies has only not yet reach the ceiling because they are above one another in a horizontal position in a house with a ceiling that’s more than 3 meters tall.

“You think so?” asks a worried Pedro, but as his boyfriend nods and reassured and kisses him, he starts smiling more and more, relaxing. “Hmmm, I love how you are so… self-assured,” says a gigantic monstrous Pedro whose cock is covering his immense boyfriend in pre as it slaps his huge ass and back, when it throbs.

“And I love all of you… but I am wondering about that piece of meat behind me, Pedro. Do you think I can take it?” asks Alexandre with a smirk, and Pedro gets a little pale.

“You know I am more of a bottom… just fuck my mouth, Al,” says Pedro, pouting a little with his big red lips, and looking to his large boyfriend with his cute brown eyes. Alexandre sighs, unable to resist him, although Pedro’s gigantic member once again slaps his ass cheeks and back, oozing pre all over his muscular body.

“You are a hell of a tease, Pedro. A cock the size of yours and you will still only fuck me once in a fortnight,” complains Alexandre, but Pedro smiles, knowing that this kind of comment meant he has won. Alexandre then pulls his own massive cock from Pedro’s pecs, grabs and strokes it with his larger hands, using his thicker and now much more prominent arm muscles to squeeze his own manhood. “So you want this?” he asks, and then uses his member to slap Pedro on the head.

Pedro nods and opens his mouth, trying to lick and kiss the gigantic cock near him, but unable to move to reach it as his neck and shoulders has developed so much as to lock his face more or less in place. As things stand then, only his lips can touch the underside of Alexandre’s cock, except for when the smaller man is using his long and heavy manhood to slap larger helpless Pedro’s hungry face.

“Please…yes…give it to me, Al, love, please…,” begged the gigantic man who is by now weighting more than a couple passenger cars combined. A wall, a hill of muscle onto which a large and growing Alexandre has climbed, to tease the smallish head nested on top of it.

“So, there it goes, suck the fuck out of me!” says Alexandre, climbing over Pedro’s head and adjusting his position so that his cock would pierce exactly through his boyfriend’s mouth, directly into his neck and as deep as it can reach in the new overexpanded body. Alexandre grunts as he drills inside his boyfriend’s mouth, and Pedro moans violently around the giant cock that’s stuffed his throat and mouth, as his cock bobs up and down violently in pleasure.

“Hmmmhmmmm…gahhhmmm!” moans Pedro, as he drowns on half a meter of cock, which fills his mouth and throat and feeds him warm oozing pre from the source. Meanwhile, Alexandre sweats profusely on his boyfriend, as he has to lift and lower all that meat with his legs, pushing inside and then pulling out of Pedro’s body. Pedro’s cock, they don’t realize then, is growing even more and has passed Pedro’s own head. Soon, it is scratching on the ceiling as it bobs up and down. That extra stimulation makes the former twink go mad.

“Go-o-od, Pedro, take my cock, fuck! Suck it…. mm, wow! What a long neck you have now, my whole cock disappears in it easily enough!” says the muscular Alexandre, whose body has by now reaches 230cm in height, and more than 60cm in cock. Pedro, meanwhile, is now an incredible 6m in height (250cm from nipple to the back), and more than three tons in weight—all of it muscle.

As Alexandre fucks Pedro’s face, he raised his hips almost to the point his ass hit the ceiling, but soon it is Pedro’s cock which rubs against the ceiling, and as he gained mass the gigantic member became stuck between Pedro’s thick pecs and the ceiling itself—the slit now oozing increasing amounts of pre on Pedro’s muscles, including his neck and on Alexandre. Trying to move his immense hardon, Pedro is now fundamentally humping the house and his own muscles at once, as well as being face-fucked by his boyfriend.

This state of affairs, delightful as it is, cannot go on for much longer.

“Oh, fuck!” says Alexandre, as Pedro’s gigantic humping cock is now sliding back and forth and hitting him as he thrust his cock up and down on Pedro’s mouth and throat. Alexandre ducked the expanding pillar of a cock growing over him, and as such all his manhood is buried in his boyfriend’s throat, making Pedro’s eyes roll and his enormous balls contract and explode at once. His gigantic red cock throbs and pushes hundreds of liters of seed up and out, covering the house in whiteness while breaking the windows, some of the hot spunk ending up in the gardens and even the street outside.

As Pedro come, he moans loudly and mindlessly around Alexandre’s gigantic member. His seed come out violently from his tower of a rod, which is trying to throb and tremble while trapped between the ceiling and his large pecs, while all his muscles quivered and flexed and contracted from the blissful orgasm. Meanwhile Alexandre’s own expanding manhood continues buried in his lover’s and partner’s mouth, fearing that moving up would get his body in the line of fire of that immense and strong cannon-like orgasm of Pedro’s. Soon, however, Pedro’s shooting eased into a slow drool of cum from the immense slit, which quickly covered the two lads in Pedro’s male juices, and allows Alexandre to pull his 75cm up and out from inside of Pedro’s system.

“Are you okay?” asks Alexandre, a bit worried as his boyfriend pants desperately for air, but ultimately smiles and uses his long tongue to lick his own immense cockhead which is drooling cum right on him face and Alexandre’s body.

“Okay? I’m better than ever! I want to do this again, but this time you fuck my ass!” suggests the gleeful muscle mountain. Alexandre, sweaty and tired, sighs and lays on Pedro’s gigantic shoulders while allowing his still hard cock and large balls to rub on his boyfriend’s head.

“Fuck, Pedro, you know that doing that as you are now is impossible! We have to think of…how to get you back to normal,” says a thoughtful but fatigued although still hard Alexandre, not realizing how much he has grown himself. Pedro turned his head a little and uses his immense tongue to start licking around his boyfriend’s enormous cock, and also to clean his own oozing cum from his face.

“Are you sure…? Maybe if we call… the police… they can just turn me around,” suggests Pedro, and Alexandre laughs at the idea.

“I doubt they will do that, but we can try,” says a tired Alexandre, moving to the side and patting his boyfriend’s sticky hair. “I mean, we don’t have much choice, do we?” he asks, and Pedro bites his lips.

“Either that or you make me some mate… I’m getting really thirsty,” Pedro suggests and Alexandre first laughs, punches his boyfriend’s gigantic muscular pecs, and then frowns while climbing down his lover’s mountainous body.

Alexandre does move to call the police to get them some help, but before he does so, he starts thinking about their crazy situation. The farther he gets from his boyfriend’s hypnotic new condition, the more he realizes how screwed they are and that there is no easy way to get help to move Pedro now. Besides, how would they even explain what happened to the police? Probably, the best they can hope for is for them to come check on the lads and accept the reality by witnessing it, but even that is less than ideal as it would lead to changing Alexandre’s and Pedro’s life forever.

“Unless, perhaps, unless we can get the help of the people who caused this in the first place,” ponders a more level-headed 260cm tall Alexandre as his 80cm cock throbs and wetly slaps his well-developed pecs. His hand moves towards his hardon almost naturally and he starts stroking it as pre oozes out of his slit, and he walks to the kitchen. There, on a marble kitchen top, right next to the fridge, Alexandre sees the pack of Maxim mate leaves.

“Fuck…let’s hope they have an emergency number,” he says out loud.

“What?! You need me to fuck you numb?” Pedro yells confused from the other room, and Alexandre rolls his eyes as he rubs his cock—Pedro is too horny, even his mishearing mistakes are becoming sexual.

“No… I just need to find the number of the mate company!” responds Alexandre, letting go of his cock which falls and hit the cold marble top with a slam, before starting to slowly ooze cum on it. The cock’s owner, meanwhile, goes and grabs the package of Maxim, finds a number, and calls it.

After pressing 2 for emergency, 7 for extraordinary growth and 4 for excessive liquids, he is simply told to leave his address and bank account info, before the call ends.

“Not the best customer service,” says Alexandre, moving to put his cellphone down and return to Pedro for another fuck session before calling the police, when he sees his account receiving an injection of funds: 5 million reais has been deposited in his account by MaximCo. Alexandre whispers the number aloud, and walks back to the living room to tell Pedro what has happened and comment that he thought they should look for a lawyer and pursue legal action against whoever sold those mate leaves—but, by the time he reaches Pedro, however, the doors and ceiling of the house are busted in by a dozen men in hazmat suits, some coming from a helicopter, and others from the front yard.

Seeing what is happening, Alexandre is left confused, watching the men going to Pedro and putting a condom-like cover on his cock, and then trying to tie him up with thick and resistant ropes.

“What, who…what are you doing to him? Let him go!” says Alexandre, walking and then fighting his way back to Pedro. Pedro starts screaming as the men put more covers on his other limbs, including his head, and tries to wobble his gigantic members to little avail. Now, he can see nothing, and he only feels smallish men trying to dress and contain his gigantic muscles.

“Al….Al…love where are you? Are these hands on me yours?” asks a confused Pedro as the men in hazmat suits touched his body to cover him up. Alexandre pushes some of them away, using his large muscles to his advantage, and then climbs Pedro’s gigantic body to uncover his face.

“I’m here, Pedro, but I don’t know who these dwarfs are!” he says, as the smaller men are moving to go after him and also climb his boyfriend’s muscular mass. The lovers kiss deeply, and Alexandre pats Pedro on the head. “Pedro… try to wobble your muscles, that will buy us time!” says Alexandre, and his boyfriend does exactly that, leading to some of the walls that sustained them collapsing, as well as his gigantic cock bobbing up and down and continuing to destroy the already crumbling ceiling.

The shaking of Pedro’s gigantic muscles makes his whole body wobble, and as debris falls on his body and his mountainous frame changes positions, many of the minions in hazmat suits fall back to the ground or are injured. The men help one another up and then try to climb Pedro’s body again, which is trembling and getting wetter as his cock oozes pre under its covering and onto his muscles. Looking down at the men near their crumbling furniture, however, finally makes Alexandre gasp.

“Pedro, Pedro! They are… not dwarfs! They are normal-sized, I am the one who is…large!” he says shocked, as Pedro laughs and looks at him.

“Al, of course, just look at your cock!” says the hungry larger male, as his own cock trembles and oozes even more pre, thanks to Pedro imagining taking Alexandre’s 85cm manhood in his ass.

Before Alexandre can fully process their situation, however, a wrecking ball destroys the half of their house which is still standing up, making a river of cum flow out and flood the front garden. There, over their wet and green grass, stands parked a gigantic truck with a crane which is moving its immense metal arm towards the lads.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! What the hell is this!” asks a disturbed Alexandre, then standing up on top of his boyfriend and looking around—ten or twelve hazmat guys are coming their way, a crane truck and a helicopter above and around them, and more men coming in as the second passed. “What do you want with us?!” asks an angry and scared Alexandre, before attacking and throwing a few of the men with hazmat suits far out into the street. Quickly, a gunshot is heard and then a second and third, and Alexandre starts feeling dizzy as tranquilizing shots start affecting his body. In a few seconds, he is picked up and is now being carried by two men in hazmat suits while barely trying to resist anymore, before falling completely unconscious.

As Alexandre is taken away, Pedro starts to call his name, unable to see where his boyfriend is due to his gigantic pecs, neck, and covered cock filling most of his field of vision. He continues flexing and wobbling as much as possible, but soon the hazmat men manages to start covering and tying his body once more. As the situation inside the mostly crumbling house gets under the hazmat team’s control, a tall and muscular man wearing an Italian suit enters the house from the main hole opened by the wrecking ball.

“Just take them both together. Who cares? We can see if the smaller one has already passed the point of no return in the facility,” he says, and then waves them to continue. The men in the hazmat suits work harder covering up and tying Pedro so the crane can pick him up, while Alexandre is tied and lifted up by a gurney flown down form the helicopter.

The man in a fancy suit lifts an eyebrow as it all this happens and then walks to Pedro’s body, and slaps his hard, immense muscles. “This one is definitely way beyond that,” he says with a smile, and then lowers one of his hands to the ground, collecting some of Pedro’s cum, and tasting it by licking his finger. “Great taste, though. He will be an amazing supplier,” he says, and then just turns around and, waving again to the hazmat minions, leaves the house. As he leaves the gigantic crane picks Pedro up and starts lifting his body to place him on the back of the large truck which is parked just outside their house. As Pedro is lifted, the man in a fancy suit turned around to watch as cum rained down from Pedro’s muscular body, and as the giant’s cock bobs up and down as his whole frame is lifted—Pedro being evidently fully unable to truly move his wobbling overgrown muscles.

“Let’s get them to the factory already, and clean up this place. We don’t want the neighbors to talk too much,” he says, and then walks to a nice black BMW parked a few meters down the street, as the two overgrown lads are placed on taken away to a large industrial facility in the suburbs by the truck and the helicopter.

Alexandre wakes up confused, laying in an ample bed and surrounded by machines and doctors walking around. The first thing the lad does when he is still a bit groggy from waking up and from the drugs uses to tranquilize him is to check his own body using his touch—weirdly, his physical shape seems to have changed so much! He is checking his muscles, which seem to have been replaced by large steel-hard mounds, while his pecs has become meaty pillows and his abs reminds him of the sea of hills of central Brazil. He is even getting horny as he touches himself, before noticing his cock is touching past his knees and he is still almost 100% hard.

As he feels his cock getting engorged, he touches it and feels his gigantic size—his eyes widen, he gasps, and his memories slowly return to him. As surprise is replaced by urgency and fear, Alexandre tries to stand up and get out of the bed, but is ultimately forced down by four smaller but still incredibly big and muscular guards which come his way and grabs his limps.

“Fuck, assholes! Let go off me!” says the large muscleman, as he struggles to get rid of the guards who are, each, having a hard time overpowering one of his massive limbs.

“Do not fret, lad, you and your boyfriend are safe,” says a velvety voice coming from behind the guards. A figure takes a few steps closer to Alexandre, and he soon notices that this is that weird large executive who has appeared in their front yard to when he and Pedro are apprehended. Seeing that despicable figure, Alexandre gets angry and starts struggling more as each of the guards tries to embrace and contain one of his members—except his furious cock which gets hard, grow and rose up, until it finally falls on his pecs with a wet slap, oozing pre as it trembles as violently as Alexandre is shaking himself.

“Fuck off, bastard, you kidnapped us!” he says and then spit on the man, his spit falling on the man’s fancy suit. The executive looks down at the spit and doesn’t much react, except for taking a handkerchief and cleaning the small wet stain before throwing the whole package back at Alexandre.

“This is not even close to the hardest to clean out of the liquids your body produces,” he says and sneers, as Alexandre struggles again and his cock slid leaves and right on his muscular pecs, getting Alexandre and his bed drenched in crystal clear male juices.

“You fucking bastard! What the fuck do you want?!” asks Alexandre, as his powerful arms lift one of the guards from the ground until one of the doctors come and shoots him with an injection, slowly making his muscles softer and allowing the guards to better restrain him. Seeing that, and watching as Alexandre’s arms suddenly became weaker despite their gigantic size, the executive smiles and nods.

“Now that’s the right action: let’s talk about what I want. It is simple, really, lad. Your boyfriend has grown beyond human proportions, and so he will be staying with me to supplying our new product; you, meanwhile, have two options…,” he starts, until Alexandre grunts and interrupts him.

“Bastard! You are the ones who makes him like this, with that weird herb of yours! You don’t get to decide what he does now!” he says bitterly, and then the executive shook his head.

“It is true that he grow thanks to our products, but he wants to grow as he does, otherwise he would have stopped drinking much earlier, as he would not have enjoyed the taste of our mate nearly as much as he does in real life. He is a bitch for muscle, that one, that is obvious to anyone who sees him now… or who sees you before, Alexandre,” argues the executive, leaving Alexandre bursting in fury but without words to respond, other than shaking while red in angst. “And besides, at his current side, he can’t live anywhere else now… you on the other hand…,” he starts, and Alexandre interrupts him again.

“I will stay with him! Let me get to Pedro, he is probably scared all alone and by himself!” he says and tries struggling again but his muscles are not as powerful as before, somehow, despite their amazing size. The last injection has seemingly makes him weaker.

“More like in a long and lovely orgasm by himself, Alexandre—although it is true that he has asks for you, we are more than capable of providing him with plenty of relaxation, pleasure and diversion,” responds the executive with a smile. Alexandre frowns, almost offended by the idea of Pedro being neutral about his company.

“You fucking liar, just take me to him! He wants my cock, he says so himself! You changed his body but you can’t change his mind!” says the constrained giant, his cock throbbing freely—the only part of his body allows to do so—and so wetly slapping his meaty male tits while oozing more and more warm pre. The guards themselves are getting wet with Alexandre’s overflowing pre.

“Don’t underestimate my team, lad,” says the executive with a dark smile before slapping Alexandre’s huge balls, making the large man moan a little. “Regardless, I can take you to him, lad, but for that I will require a favor back from you…,” says the executive, and Alexandre’s face trembles in anger.

“You fucker, holding my boyfriend as a hostage!” accuses Alexandre as his cock releases a particularly large amount of pre, due to the stimuli applied to his balls by the executive. He moans and closes his eyes to focus better before opening them again. “You know what? I’ll fo whatever the fuck you want, I don’t care! Just take to me to him already!” he cries in virulent rage, which almost sounds like a powerless plea. The executive smiles and nods.

“Okay, but there is no way back, lad. Welcome to our team,” he says and then waves his hands and the guards let go of his powerful arms. “Stand up and follow me,” he completes and then turns around and starts walking away before Alexandre can even react. The larger man almost trips trying to stand up with his overgrown and also medically relaxed muscles, but eventually leaves the bed and starts following the executive out of the room. The guards, smelling of Alexandre’s pre, are following them closely behind.

The executive ahead of him, Alexandre can now see, is a fairly bit shorter than his own 297cm—still, he is well above the normal average, probably closer to 2-and-a-half meters, though. And his ass is quite plump and voluminous, he notices as the man walks ahead of him. Alexandre thinks for a second of just overpowering the fancy man in a suit, but he knows that—given the guards around them and his own current weakened state—he would not have had a chance to win; and it may have cost him the opportunity to see Pedro.

“You monster,” he voices almost in a whisper after realizing the powerlessness of his situation, despite his new massive body—power is not only on muscle, or so it seems. The executive smiles, ahead of him, without looking backwards.

“Thank you, you are too kind,” he responds and chuckles while Alexandre squeezes his fist.

Pedro wakes up confused, feeling all sorts of stimuli all over his body—his body is placed on a huge bed, his ass feels full, as it hosts a hard and cold tube, and his penis is being squeezed and strokes by some sort of warm and wet milking machine. He moans, and then licks his lips seeing a huge tube above his face, which he almost instinctively knows is there to feed him whenever needed. He then grunts and tries to move his body, but quickly notices his muscles just squeeze and tremble and contract against one another, without generating much if any motion. Slowly, his memories come back to him and he tears up.

“A…Al! Alexandre! Where are you?” he starts saying, quietly and fearful, but then in between moans and grunting as the machine around his cock starts working his cock up more and more. His pecs, unfortunately, stands in the way of his view, but he does feel several small hands touching his gigantic muscular frame. He starts imagining—almost as a coping mechanism—that they belong to his beloved, or that the object in his ass is actually his boyfriend’s cock.

“Al…Al? Where are you? Please… someone bring my boyfriend to me! I… I need him!” says the gigantic mass of muscle, his loud voice now reverberating all over the milking room as his body trembles from his trying to move. His large tongue wets his hungry lips.

The doctors around him presses some buttons and the giant tube above him starts to be lowered slowly towards Pedro’s mouth. He shook his head violently, trying to wobble his body away, as his overmuscular arms and legs trembles and bobs up and down, incapable of useful action.

“No, no, I don’t want you to feed me! Just bring him to me! I don’t want your machine,” says Pedro almost crying. The immense tube gets lowered further and is about to push between his lips and inside his mouth when the noise of a door being opens and a loud order crosses the room:

“Stop this now! Let them have a little time!” demands the executive, entering the room with Alexandre behind him. The giant come and ran past the smaller man, towards Pedro’s muscular mass, and hugs the titanic musclebound body of his boyfriend, which he soon starts kissing what is, effectively, his boyfriend’s dysmorphic torso.

“Babe, oh babe, are they treating you well?” asks a concerned Alexandre as he licks and kisses Pedro’s muscles. Pedro starts to cry and tries to tremble again and move again—he wants to hug and pick Alexandre up, but the most he can do is flex and contract all his muscles.

“Al… Al…come to my face…I want to see you!” asks the immobile man as his cock throbs inside the machine and production—as measured by the doctors—spikes up. Alexandre looks angrily at the executive, who nods.

“I’m coming babe!” says the bitter giant, as he starts to climb his muscle-hill of a boyfriend, his own cock sliding against Pedro’s smooth skin, coating it more and more on Alexandre’s oozing precum.

As Alexandre climbs Pedro, the doctors goes to the executive, concerned for their little mechanism and the future of the experiment. They are particularly worried about the balance of Pedro’s diet, and what king of physiological disruptions Alexandre’s visit and the excess of stimuli can cause on their new human source. The executive laughs at those concerns and points at the production numbers on the machine.

“This will only benefit us; besides, his boyfriend will become one of my men. He should also have some privileges,” says the executive as Alexandre reaches and squeezes Pedro’s pecs, making the muscle titan moan and then his pecs squirt lots of male milk inside the pumps which contain his nipples.

“Oh, Al…come kiss me, quick! I missed you so bad!” asks and even begs Pedro’s strong voice, as his boyfriend’s cock gets stuck for a second between his massive male tits, before Alexandre pulls up and grunting and panting and oozing lots of cum, finally overcame the massive pecs and then crawls to Pedro’s face.

As soon as Alexandre sees Pedro’s face, he crawls to him, his cock between Pedro’s and Alexandre’s own muscles, and finally their lips touch and they start kissing wetly and deeply, both the lads moaning in bliss and want. Alexandre’s mouth is invaded by Pedro’s gigantic tongue, and Pedro’s whole body relaxes and stops trembling as his cock increased production even more and so do his nipples.

“I missed you so much…let’s…will you stay with me?” softly asks the musclebound giant in between kisses and moans. Alexandre pats the gigantic muscle slut in his head and caresses his hair.

“Yes, Pedro, I will not leave you alone here, whatever it takes, okay?” he affirms, and Pedro suddenly relaxes and his ass gets penetrated even further by the huge cold steel tube down there. He pants and moans and bit his boyfriend’s lips.

“Okay, thank you Al… I love you and I’m sorry for all this…,” Pedro starts saying, before Alexandre nibbles his ear and pats his hair.

“Stop,” he interrupts Pedro, “this is not your fault, it is theirs… you just like mate, that’s all. And it will be fine, they says we can both live here, they have offered me a job,” says an undecided Alexandre trying to sound confident and strong for Pedro. Pedro nods, tearing up.

“That’s good, but there’s something else, Al… I… I wish I can have you inside me again…,” says the gigantic muscular man with large puppy eyes and his thick pouty lips kissing and nibbling on Alexandre’s lips. Alexandre moans, and sighs.

“We can try to do that, bae, but we will have to see if the doctors and the guy in a suit will allow us,” says Alexandre frowning a little, and Pedro shakes his head and wobbles his hands, far away, opening his lips in a smile.

“No, Al… just fuck my face again. Come on, I can feel your hard cock on my skin, so warm and wet… I know you can and want to do it now… I really need it, Al…,” says Pedro, and Alexandre moans and then slid his cock forward, slamming it against Pedro’s face, as his boyfriend uses his gigantic tongue to lick the whole oozing cockhead and even dig inside the productive slit. Alexandre moans deliciously as his cock is licks and his slit invaded by Pedro’s tongue.

“Oh… sure… I can do that. Let them come to stop us if they want to,” says the smaller man, moving his hips up and aiming his cock more and more perfectly for Pedro’s lips.

“Yes, Al, fuck my face, thrust your gian…! Hmmmm!!!” starts Pedro, before being interrupts by Alexandre’s massive member pushing his lips apart, and then thrusting through them and inside Pedro’s mouth and then further to his throat, as Pedro moans around his boyfriend’s gigantic rod, and Alexandre grunts trying to drill as deep as possible inside Pedro’s immense system.

As Pedro drinks more and more of Alexandre’s pre, and as his mouth and throat are fills by his thick and warm cock, the gigantic muscle beast relaxes and moans deliciously, his tongue sticking out of his lips to lick his boyfriend’s productive balls. The two lads are soon moaning together, and a few meters away the doctors are increasing the pressure of the milking device on Pedro’s cock and the pressure of the pumps attached to his nipples, which also increase productivity.

“Great numbers,” says the executive, seeing the screens the doctors are checking. “Three more like this and we’ll be able to start the release of our new product,” he completes, smiling self-satisfied.

“Yes, sir. It will be a revolution in the world of beverages,” says one of the doctors, adjusting his glasses as he sees the executive’s penis tremble under his suit and a wet stain appear in his shirt.

Antônio is at his local supermarket when he sees three male models advertising a new type of product: they are dressed up in black and white spotted shorts, their torso fully naked, wearing horns on their head, selling a “100% natural milk.” There are lines of people around them, picking up the new beverage—both men and women ogle the models and goes to buy their fancy, albeit relatively inexpensive, newly released product. Antônio too eyes the muscular models, sees the slogan written behind them—”milk makes you grow” -, and then picks up one bottle for himself. Shortly thereafter—seeing the promotional price and glancing at one of the model’s exactly as he squeezes his large pecs—he picks up a second and a third cold bottles as well.

“Do you think this milk really helps one grow like you?” asks one of the prospective customers, a skinny man near one of the models. The handsome model smiles at him and winks, before lifting his arms and flexing them, making his pecs jolt forwards as well.

“You bet it does!” he promises, and the skinny customer almost immediately picks up several bottles and put them in his cart. “Just don’t drink too much of it!” he completes, laughing, and the costumer then picks another pack of bottles as the model flexes his beautifully sculptured arms.

Another one of the models slaps the first one’s thick pecs. “It’s impossible to drink too much Maxim milk! It is developed for healthy, long-term and size-consistent growth,” he says, and a woman nearby frowns.

“What do you mean by ‘developed’? Isn’t this milk 100% natural?” she asks, her voice rising as the feelings of shock and outrage inundate her mind.

“Yes, it is 100% natural! But that doesn’t mean all milk is the same, it’s all about the source, and what kind of herbs you use to feed the animals,” says the first model, managing to calm her down, before the two models hug one another, and their muscles smash together impressing onlookers and finally getting the woman’s mind to fly to a completely different place.


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