Giant world journey

by Quick Master

In the city of Nova York, the djinn-orc hybrid named Nezzen is an acolyte of the Five Giants, the gods who created the world in their image. He spends his time studying at Majo University where he learns magic and follows the teachings of his gods. One day, he finds himself drawn into an epic journey to collect the powers of his gods and save his world from certain doom.

Genie World Journey, #2 2,412 words Added Jun 2022 3,276 views 4.0 stars (2 votes)

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You are Nezzen, a male djinn/orc hybrid of the planet Gaia. You live in the city of Nova York, a city brimming with djinn and orcs. You are a worshipper of the Five Giants, who created Gaia in the Great Life Flood. Accordingly, you wish to grow your powers of magic, granted to you by your djinn progenitors. You do so at Majo University, named after the smartest of the Giants.

You stretch your muscled body in the mirror, admiring your beefy arms. You put your hands together and pray to the Five Giants: Nathan, Nail, Majo, Abe and Zidruk. “I wish to grow strong like Nathan, clever like Majo, wise like Nail, noble like Abe, and mighty like Zidruk.” You jerk your hand apart. “And I wish to learn the wonders of magic, and I swear upon my birthright, that I will dedicate my life to spreading the Five Giants’ light and glory.” You exit your apartment and descend to the street. You enjoy the soft earth and grass below your bare feet. In Nova York, the environment and its people live in harmony. You feel connected to the life energy of Gaia.

You head towards Majo University, walking past a number of handsome djinn who smile at your handsome orc face. You notice Micah, a fellow djinn, and smile. He smiles back and walks up to you. “Hello!” he greets.

“Micah,” you answer back, bowing your head to him. “Well met.”

“Would you like to go to the gym with me?” Micah asks. “I have a class in fifteen minutes.”

You nod. “I’ll catch up with you later, then,” you say. You lean down and kiss him on the lips, making his face flush.

“Thank…you,” he says, taken aback.

You wink at him and head towards your lecture. Your next lecture is Elemental Spells 201. As a sophomore djinn, your powers are growing, and therefore you need better control over them. The lecture is held in an outdoor amphitheater with the majority-djinn class sitting around the lecturer at the center. He is another djinn, named Professor Lecrais. His long, braided beard reaches the bottom of his naked torso. His eyes are of a deep green.

“Greetings, Elementalists,” Professor Lecrais says.

“Greetings, professor,” the class echoes back.

“I see we’ve had a couple of dropouts,” he laughs. “Orcs who’d rather be out enjoying the sun?”

Indeed, you appear to be the only orcblood in the class. Everyone looks towards you, and you shrug. “I like the sun, but I’d rather be here,” you explain.

Professor Lecrais smiles, beckoning you to the center of the amphitheater. “Come,” he says. “I need a demonstration partner for today’s lesson.” You nod and trot over to him. He places his right hand by your side, and you stand beside him. “What say we start with some fire spells?” he asks. You obey. You plant your bare feet on the ground and hold your hands together, conjuring a fireball. “Good,” he says. “Now, make it float in front of you.” You do so, manipulating the fire with your mind. It floats to within a foot of you.

“Excellent,” the professor says. “Now, I want you to make four more of them.” You start to sweat as you conjure the second one, making it fly in front of you. It flies a little too far, almost hitting a student. You laugh nervously as you gesture for it to come back. You look at the professor, who taps his foot.

You conjure the third and fourth fireballs at the same time. It’s tiring to manifest them like this, causing you to hang your head and pant. The fireballs float in front of you as you rest.

“Good job,” the professor says, patting you on the back. You feel him rub your shoulders to make you relax, his hands growing very warm. You turn to face the professor. You’re so tall that he is staring right at your chest. He takes a moment to stare at it, growing distracted. He catches himself and looks back up at your sweating face.

“Now,” he says, trying to stay at track. “Make them fly all around you in a circle.” You obey, conjuring the fireballs in front of you and making them fly in a circle around you. The professor smiles, his teeth looking feral.

“You need to double the fireballs and double the speed!” he declares.

Just maintaining the spell is making you more tired. You turn around, holding your hands in front of you. You tense your fingers, making the fireballs double in number. You make them fly faster as well, in a whirlwind. Your mind is starting to get foggy, and your concentration is fading. “Make it a wall of fire!” the professor declares.

You can’t concentrate anymore. You’re so tired, you’re dropping your hands. The fireballs fall to the ground, exploding on the ground.

“Well, I guess that concludes the demonstration,” the professor says, folding his arms. “Today’s lesson is about endurance and maintaining your spells under pressure.” He turns to you, patting you on the chest. “Come and see me after class.”

You nod and slink back to sit down, slumping in your seat. You’re really tired, and you feel a headache coming on. You look down to see that your palms are sweaty and clenched.

After the lecture, you head down to the teacher’s office. He smiles broadly, sitting behind his desk. “Hello,” he says. “Come in, sit down.” You sit in his office, observing him. He is a pure ifrit djinn, and has deep blue skin that shines under the lights of the office. He is still barechested, and his muscles shine, as well. His long black hair is braided and tied in the back.

“Why do I get the feeling that you weren’t really paying attention to the lecture?” Professor Lecrais asks.

You raise an eyebrow. “I…just felt bad I couldn’t do it,” you sigh. “I felt bad.”

“You have potential, boy,” the professor said, sitting up from his desk. “You have the spirit of the Five within you. You just need to know how to unlock it.” He starts to rub your shoulders again. “And I can help you,” he says.

He gets down on his knees and starts to rub your bare feet. This is a very common ritual among followers of the Five, and it’s a sign of respect. You start to relax, feeling his warm hands rubbing your feet. You find yourself growing hard underneath your loincloth.

He begins to lick your bare feet. Your orcish instincts take over, and you push them into his face. Your big, dirty feet overwhelm the djinn professor. He licks between the toes and under your footclaws. He sits on the desk, pushing his own bare feet into your lap. You start to rub them. His feet aren’t nearly as large as yours, but they are long and the toes are slender. His callouses suggest he’s been alive for over a century. But, his cut musculature speaks of his devotion to the physical ideals of the Five. The two of you rub and worship each other’s feet as you talk.

“Professor,” you moan. “I never knew you were into me like this.”

“I had my eyes on you since you started my class,” the professor says. He pushes himself up to rub your cock through your loincloth between the soles of his feet. “I knew you were different. I could tell by the way you carry yourself. You have good posture and a strong, stocky frame. You suit the Five, my boy.” He gets back down on his knees and tears your loincloth off, revealing your long cock. He starts jerking off your cock with his feet. He slides the shaft between his soles, slick with your precum. He digs under your foreskin with his clawed toes, teasing your cockhead. Your cock throbs, leaking precum all over his hairy feet.

“Professor,” you moan, breathing hard. “I’m going to cum.”

Your cock throbs, and your cum sprays onto his toes. He smiles, pushing his feet into your face.

“Clean them,” he orders. You slide the cum off onto his toes, licking them clean. He lifts his toes to your mouth, pushing them in.

He kisses you, slipping his tongue into your mouth. “Bend over,” he says, slapping your ass. “I have a donut to fill.” You bend over, presenting your big orcish ass to the professor. He slips a finger into your ass, muttering to himself as you feel your ass open in an instant. He smiles and shoves his long cock into your ass. He fucks with the strength of an orc, but the passion of a djinn. He fucks your ass like a bull, hard and fast. Your orcish body can’t keep up with his unnatural stamina. You find yourself getting sore and disoriented. He bends you over the desk and bellows as he unloads his djinn cum into you. The professor keeps pounding you until you can feel him softening inside you. He pulls out his cock and slaps your ass.

“That was fun,” he grins. You can hardly talk, you’re so exhausted. You also feel strangely warm, and the feeling slowly grows. “You are worthy,” he says, stepping back.

“Worthy of what?” you ask.

“The truth,” he says.

He throws his hands outward and a shockwave reverberates through the room. You see the professor’s true form. His nude body glows blue and his musculature grows even more perfect and symmetrical.


“Majo, of the Five Giants,” he says in a powerful voice.

“I never knew the giants were so…small,” you laugh nervously.

“This is but a projection,” Majo laughs back, crossing his muscled arms. “My real form is as large as the world, if not larger.”

“Why are you here teaching at the university?” you ponder, the warm feeling growing inside of you.

“I need your help. Zidruk, the Giant of orcs and djinn, has split into two, throwing the Five out of balance.”

“Isn’t this something you Giants can fix on your own?”

“Hardly on my own,” Majo laughs, walking towards you and clutching your furry chin. “I need an acolyte to host my powers. Every djinn needs a vessel, after all.”

“I thought djinn outgrew the need for masters.”

“It’s an ancient practice, but it’s necessary,” he says, rubbing his hands together. “With the gift of my seed, you are ready to host my power.”

Majo kisses you hard, and you feel yourself grow. You inch upwards in height to meet him. Your shoulders and pecs swell with fresh muscle. Your arms bulge outward. Your abs cut deeper than before, turning your six pack into an eight pack. Your legs swell with blood and sinew, and your feet grow larger to support your larger size. Your cock throbs, growing in length and girth, becoming a formidable orcish cannon.

Majo stops kissing you, taking your cock in his hand and stroking it lovingly. “That’s more like it,” he says, rubbing his clawed finger around your leaky cockhead. You feel yourself get closer to the edge again. Majo cocks his eyebrows and takes your length down to the balls. You cum again, unloading inside of his seemingly bottomless throat. You feel like you cum for a whole five minutes straight.

When you’re done, Majo wipes his lips off and smiles. “Nothing better than cream from the tap,” he says, kissing you on the lips again.

“All right, time to get to business,” he continues.” He rubs his hands together and then snaps his fingers, dressing you two in your clothes in an instant.

You notice that you are dressed in a new sleeveless top that accentuates your new, muscled chest and chiseled abs. Your big nipples stick right out of the sides. “What’s that mean?” you ask, idly playing with your nipples.

“We need to find Zidruk,” Majo says. “Each half of him, that is. I think I feel one half of him nearby.”

You feel a buzzing feeling deep within, pulling you outside of the office. “I can feel it, too,” you say, holding your palm to your massive chest.

“Then, let’s go,” Majo says with a fanged smile. He takes your hand in his own. “Student.”

“Are you sure about this?” you ask.

Majo stands there with his hands on his hips. “You just met a god,” he says with a booming voice. “You will never have this kind of opportunity in your life. And you want to just run away?”

You lower your head, staring at the ground. “I’m…not sure if I am worthy,” you say. “I couldn’t even meet your challenge during class today.”

Majo comes over and puts his hands on your shoulders. “I once knew a young man like you,” he says. “It took a very long time for him to come into his powers. And now…well, let’s say we aren’t on the best of terms. Still, it made me happy to see him grow.” He squeezes your shoulders. “In more ways than one. Now, come on! Your quest awaits.”

You look into his clear eyes and nod. “Yes, professor,” you say as you walk out of the office together.

As the two of you walk out of the office and into the courtyard, you catch the glance of the other djinn and orcs in the area. Your increased height draws many eyes. Majo seems to be loving the attention. But your new size and strength grants a new confidence, one that you aren’t used to. You aren’t sure if you can trust this new version of Professor Lecrais, either. Yet, something tells you that it’s just the first step towards your new destiny.

Genie World Journey, #2 2,412 words Added Jun 2022 3,276 views 4.0 stars (2 votes)

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