by Joey

 A giant what? Need you ask?

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It was a Friday morning, and against my better judgment because I had things to do, I was online.

Actually, not, because few things are better things to do than being online with my friend Mark.

We'd been chatting back and forth about Brad and Jude and Brendan, deciding what we liked about them and what we'd like better if we could change them.

That was a fun topic for Mark, because he was really into transformation. It was fun for me, too, because for Mark it was more real than real.

I typed away online, describing my vision of Brad in semi-centaurian form, in a warrior's Trojan tunic, standing upon four of his magnificently muscled warrior's legs, in battle clenching the four of them around his helpless Grecian victim, relenting when the victim became unable to fight a four-legged man with whom he'd fallen, against his will, in love. While this would anger Brad's small band of fighters, none of them could contest the appeal that Brad's four legs held for all of them, as all had been held by them in turn.

Awaiting Mark's return musings and his version of a transformed male star, I was surprised by the non-sequitur he offered instead.

"I was a giant cock," his reply read onscreen.

"You were?" I typed back, playing along.

"Seriously," he said.

"When?" I said.

"A couple weeks ago."

"What was it like?"

"It was incredible. When I came I was hard all over, totally electrified."

"I would have loved to see you that way!" I said.

"I want to do it again. I have to."

"I would fly out to see that," I said. "I would quit my job or call in sick or anything to see you like that."

I felt my pulse racing and my breathing quickening, imagining Mark becoming a giant cock.

He would do it, too.

Once he had been accused of cheating in a friendly fraternity-house game of cards, when in reality the trouble was that our improvised game of strip-shot poker had made us all too stupid and most of us too naked to cheat.

Mark was still at least partially clad, in his dark brown hemp surfer parka, looking for all the world like a youthful, naked-legged, card-playing Franciscan novice.

I can still hear Lorenzo's oddly musical drunken voice and see his kissable lips trying to form the words as he declared that Mark was hiding a couple of hands of cards up his roomy parka sleeves.

The funny thing was that most of us were so far gone that it didn't readily register with Lorenzo or the rest of us when Mark honestly agreed, except to explain that they weren't hands of cards, just hands.

He pulled back one sleeve and then the other to reveal that he really did have another hand up each sleeve, a perfect twin with its own wrist, forearm and arm.

"It only makes the game fairer to play with two hands like anyone else," he said frankly to Lorenzo, picking up most of his cards with his two original hands.

He picked up the rest in his second pair of hands. "Four hands gets confusing, right?"

We all nodded, and started giggling at Lorenzo, whose beautiful face was a shots-soddened flush of confusion and arousal. I think the game ended about then as Lorenzo thankfully passed out.

"I'm on the next flight," I typed to Mark.

No reply came from the screen.

I must admit I amaze myself sometimes, the way I can get things done when I really want to.

I had to congratulate myself as I cabbed from the airport to Mark's place. I'd wowed my boss by suddenly volunteering to pay a call on a key account across the country that I knew he'd been dreading. "Make a weekend of it," he said gratefully.

They were just breaking for lunch when I got there, but they were so charmed to meet me that they had me join them. Secretly powered by my excitement to see Mark as a giant cock, I was amazingly animated and personable, a little out of character for myself, actually, but having never met me, they wouldn't know that.

Acting on my boss's frequent adage, "Less is more," I left them midway through dessert, leaving them thoroughly charmed and wanting more. That was good. Now I could make a weekend of it with Mark as a giant cock!

Another cab and bam, there I was, racing up flights of steps and down the hallway, and there I was at Mark's place. I felt the door. It was unlocked—I knew Mark would have done this deliberately for me. I let myself in, locked it behind me, went into his bedroom, and there he was.

The bed was sagging under its load of cock, its beautiful load of cock, lying on its back, its shiny swollen head facing the wall, its thick, enormous, beautifully-veined shaft weighing down the poor bed, its gloriously oversized balls spilling lazily onto the floor at the foot of the bed, radiating heat and fragrant with that gentle sweet penis-musk. I mean, this thing was big. I mean Mark.

I felt like I was beating off, just looking at him. It was insane to see him so turned on, so turned on that he was totally taken over by his penis, so turned on that he had become totally a penis, a huge, fucking awesome huge penis.

I actually caught myself laughing—Mark had covered the bed and the wall at the head of the bed by taping up some of those plastic shower curtains you can get at the supermarket. Along with the warm sweetish musky scent of penis and balls there was a slight fragrance of fresh plastic shower curtain.

I realized how rude it must be of me to be standing there clothed in the presence of such an awesome cock, one that was so huge it was straining the poor mattress underneath it.

How strange to call it an it, I mused, taking my clothes off. A penis could only be a him. I mean, what's more fundamentally male than a cock. And this cock was definitely a he and a him. The room was charged with his masculinity. Oh god I loved this cock, this huge, enormous giant cock.

Now I was naked, my own near-legendary boner at full salute, not the least bit intimidated by the massive manhood fully engorged and lying on the shower-curtain-covered bed. If anything, my own cock was more massive than I thought possible, seemingly straining to get at its enormous brother cock lying so heavily and gigantically on the sagging bed.

I meant to sort of greet Mark in his giant-cock form, by touch or massage or something. But no sooner did my hand thrill to the firm warmth of this giant penis than my own penis bumped Mark, and the giant-penis-to-gigantic-penis contact electrified me.

I found myself throwing my whole naked body, penis and all, on top of Mr Mark Cock, legs and arms wrapped around this giant shaft that he had become, this tumescent huge hot penis shaft that warmed my own penis as well as my face, chest, arms, stomach, legs, its heat further heating my own enormous penis. I was aware of soft warmth enfolding my feet as they lost themselves in his huge ballsac—I could even sense his huge balls within, warming my feet.

And he liked the feel of my feet lost in his balls, of my body and penis on top of him—I could feel him stiffen joyously, involuntarily, a giant hard-penis spasm that felt so good against my whole body. My own penis did its on joyous-spasm thing, like it was gladder than anything on earth to be in penis-to-penis contact with this ridiculously enormous tree of a penis!

And to press my face against him! He was so hot and hard, so male and masculine. I reached my arms down around him, amazed to have them filled by nothing but cock, giant, flushed, aroused, hard hot cock! And I strained to embrace him as he got bigger! I was turning him on! Or he was getting more turned on having me on him. This giant aroused cock was having an erection! Holy shit!

I so envied him—what must it be like to be so turned on by yourself that you become completely a cock!?! My god, I thought, he must be aroused, to be totally a penis, one giant dick, totally and completely a dick and nothing else!

And how cool that he was turned on to have me on him! That was turning me on even more, to make this ultimate Mr Happy even happier! I kind of felt my inhibitions loosening as Mr Mark Happy, this ultimate all-male rod of arousal under me, stiffened and lengthened, growing hotter and becoming more huge under me. I could feel his whole length spasming and throbbing as he reddened and backed up with blood, becoming so huge, hard and turgid, amazingly turned on and gigantically aroused.

My own penis was in penis heaven, mashed between my sweating body and Mark, the hot pulsing gigantic phallus rod, the most male and masculine tool imaginable, and here I was on him, my friend Mark, all penis, all mine! My own aching penis was thinking the same thing!

I raised my head to look upward along Mark's huge shaft towards the wall, where his giant, shiny hard penis-head was flattened against the wall at the head of the bed, as he outgrew the bed's length. That can't be comfortable, I realized, amazed to be feeling a touch of sympathy in addition to the total groin-tightening arousal I felt as I breathed the warm vapors and sweet musk of this giant, reddened, hard Sequoia of a penis. I wanted to somehow back him away from the wall to let his head fully arouse, and also give him room to shoot when he came.

I thought if I could use the weight of my body and the grasp of my arms around his shaft to turn him this way and that, it would allow his shaft to slide back away from the wall a little on the shower curtain-draped bed, so I tried to hold onto the side of his shaft and hang my body and legs off to the side to try to roll him towards me, and it worked! His precum smeared the shower curtain taped to the wall as I slowly rolled Mark towards me—Mark!—this huge penis is a guy!—I got hard all over again!

And it was so funny in a way to feel my own hot penis dragged this way and that against a solid living tree trunk of a phallus, as I repositioned my legs and body to hang them over the opposite side of him, as kept holding onto him with my arms, and slowly he rolled the other way, slowed down, of course, by his heavy sinking weight into the overloaded mattress, and by the inertia of his enormous balls and ballsac that weighed heavily on the floor at the foot of the bed.

But I did succeed in getting him back from the wall a little. His huge penis-head was now fully engorged, along with his penis shaft and his whole penis-being fully aroused as a gigantic erection under me, probably partly from all the stimulation of having an aroused naked male roll you back and forth when you're a giant, bed-crushing penis.

So how do you make a giant, bed-crushing penis come, I wondered.

I remembered the precum. I gently sat myself up with my award-winning ass sitting on my feet, my legs straddling the giant shaft of Mark the penis, and while my own huge penis waggled and slapped between me and Mark, I kind of worked my way up to his enormous, shining ruby penis-head. He obviously liked that motion because he swelled anew, swelling underneath me and further heating himself and me as he became distended and engorged with the force of his huge erection.

The shower curtain taped to the wall and Mark's penis head both reeked wonderfully with that sweetish penis-tang, and the precum on the wall was thickly, slowly sliding down, much thicker than normal-sized precum.

I leaned myself forward and actually found my face comfortably resting in the cleft or bow at the upturned base of Mark's penis-head (his whole penis being upturned since it was lying on its "back" on the bed), where I could reach my arms around past the very tight, swollen-shut mouth of the penis at the front of Mark's head, and harvest some of the precum that had smeared between the giant penis-head and the shower curtain-covered wall.

I got a couple big gobs of pre-cum, which totally enveloped the ends of my arms, making them look like aqueous q-tips, and I used both arms to smear the precum all over the acres and acres of engorged penis-flesh of Mark's enormous penis-head. I got Mark's whole penis-head all wet and shiny with pre-cum, and Mark was loving the feeling of cum-slicked hands running all over his huge, sensitive penis-head! He spasmed again and again! The bed groaned, rocking under the tremendous weight of this gigantic, beautiful tower of a male penis.

I must say, sitting on the head of a spasming giant penis was a little like being on a mechanical bull, only very sexy, and did I say slippery?

Everywhere I tried to hold on, my hands were making it slippery with Mark's pre-cum!

Since my hands and arms were too slippery with Mark's pre-cum, I couldn't hold onto anything with them! I had to hold onto Mark's giant shaft by straddling it with just my knees. It was really unstable, and I knew I was in trouble.

One more spasm and I totally lost my balance, pitching forward, unable to hold onto the giant penis that was Mark, since my hands and now legs were smeared with precum, and over I went ass-over-teakettle between Mark's penis-head and the pre-cum-smeared shower-curtain taped to the wall!

I landed upside down in a warm, oozing pool of Mark's precum that had gathered where the shower curtain on the wall was taped to the shower curtains covering the mattress, and Mark spasmed, his giant head raising up, the fluidic force drawing my precum-soaked body under him like a riptide, and down came his giant penis head on top of me!

I should have been scared, but god did it feel good! It was so heavy, hot and huge! And it was Mr Happy, Mark's Mr Happy! Rather than feel the danger I was in, I felt turned on, and I felt like turning him on!

I couldn't help but use everything I had to tease and tickle him, now that I was totally glazed in Mark's thick, slippery pre-cum.

I couldn't hold onto him, so I rubbed my precum-soaked feet and legs wildly on the swollen rim of his enormous, purplish penis-head, jammed as I was between it and the head of the shower-curtain-covered bed.

He spasmed mightily, loving that, and more precum fluidics sluiced me into an upright position, where I was sitting with my back pinned to the wall by his huge, hot penis-head pressed to my chest, stomach and shoulders, my own Mr Happy pressed happily against this giant Mr Happy! As he spasmed, he smeared me up and down against the cum-smeared shower-curtained wall like I was something he was trying to finger-paint on the wall with his penis!

Thank heavens I work out. I used my muscular legs and arms and hands and feet to caress and caress as much of Mark's giant, hardening penis-head as I could, and I even held my breath, closed my eyes, pressed my face against his penis-head and used my lips to give a huge raspberry to his tightly swollen-shut penis lips!

While that alone probably didn't do it, that's when it happened.

I never even saw it coming.

All I know was I was hit by the fluid force of a solid wall of majorly voluminous, glutinous come, and next thing I know I'm spurted up in the air and falling back sloppily on top of Mark.

I'm covered in the glue of his come, my whole body feeling Mark's come pulsing through the huge delivery tube in the upward-facing underside of Mark's gigantic penis, pulsing from the giant balls on the floor of the foot of the bed through the tube under me and out along on its way to the giant spurting cock-head that violently blasted the wall and the fallen shower curtain with massive volleys of hot, thick, steaming come.

Mark came, and came, and came!

I wiped the thick, reeking come out of my eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and rode Mark like a jockey, squeezing him with my come-gluey arms and legs and thrusting my come-glazed body in rhythm with his rocking pulses of come.

I am sure I kept him coming, because he sure kept coming and coming. I sure kept coming and coming, too, my own come in unprecedented volumes, hot and pulsing between me and the massive, awesome male penis that was Mark.

And what a ride, the bed squeaking and groaning, the ceiling light dancing as the room pounded with the massive ejaculations pounding and flooding the useless shower curtains, and I held Mark and pounded what love I had left onto him as his own enormous spasms turned more into spasms of relief than spasms of orgasm.

And as his spasms slowed, his warmth soaked into me as I lay on him, feeling his huge phallus soften just a bit as its remaining spasms rocked him and me both, as I lay on this gigantic penis, warmed from underneath by it, and feeling my back, ears, and arms and legs cooling as his thick come turned runny and rolled off me, cooling and drying as I remained warm from the warmth of his penis, the come remaining warm and fluid between my body and this giant, beautiful, pulsing spent penis.

You don't want to know how long it took me to squeegee off Mark and the room and to get all the come down the sink and shower … it was a mess, and I was sore, tired and clean from my shower when finally I climbed into bed under the fresh sheets and blankets. The mattress was pretty much spared, thanks to the shower curtains I had finished rinsing off in the shower.

So there I was, my head on one of the pillows, Mark's enormous, somewhat spent and freshly washed penis-head on the other. He still weighed down the mattress, and it was uncomfortable being forced against him as I rolled down the incline and was pressed against him. He must have been uncomfortable, too, because the blankets only went as far as the foot of the bed, and his huge balls had to hang out on the floor, naked.

So I got out of bed, found some extra blankets and tucked them over his poor giant naked balls, and when I got back into bed I decided I'd just sleep on top of him. That was nice. I got between him and his part of the blankets, and I lay on my stomach straddling him, and rested my face in that comfortable place in the cleft of the base of his huge, beautiful penis head.

I found that laying on him with the bulge of his come-delivery tube running along the length of his shaft, it was comfortable to position my penis off down the side of the tube. And I positioned my other penis down the other side of the tube. Sorry, I forgot to mention, another benefit of Mark's transformation that I didn't really notice until I climbed into bed with him; my own Mr Happy had become so happy he became twins. They felt good on either side of Mark's giant come-tube, and they swelled up, stiff and hot on either side of his huge come-tube, under me and pinned between me and him. Between me and this giant penis!

I loved lying there on top of Mark the giant penis! I could tell he liked it, too; he started swelling a little bit under me, even more when I kissed him goodnight.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Joined” by BRK.

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