The bull and the wolf

by MoonlightSerenade

An ancient, powerful, immortal werewolf enters a new city ready to dominate, only to become captivated by a virile minotaur who won't let the new man get his way and proves to be the only man capable of dominating over even him.

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Conall turned his long, wet snout to the air and sniffed. A particularly captivating scent had ridden its way to his nose. One he couldn’t help but seek out, rarely so strong, and stirred beneath the limited fabric hanging below his waist. He turned his intimidating stature and large gait around with surprising dexterity, puffing out his enormous chest as he walked with an arrogant overconfidence, swinging his shoulders with an exaggerated, egotistical swagger. Near 9 feet tall and 666 pounds of impenetrable, powerful muscle, he had reason to be so cocky and self-assured in his walk down the street. He only gained more excitement at the stares and jeers his massive frame attracted.

As he neared closer to the source of the powerful scent, he observed from afar. Sat in a chair in front of a small boutique was an enormous minotaur man. He sat low, his legs spread to the sides, his arms out as he worked with shocking precision on a piece of jewelry. He wore no shirt, the large tuft of hair on his chest glistening in the sun as the heat of the day had him sweating. The glittering perspiration emphasized his titanic chest, deep cut abs, and biceps that even without flexing intimidated any who saw him. Conall once again lifted his nose to the air, as he smirked. How natural such a proud display of exuberant masculinity has caught his attention.

Fang looked up at the monstrous figure approaching him. The colossal minotaur was 7’4” and 375 pounds, easily the largest, and most powerful man in the entire city, and everyone knew it. He may have been shorter and half Conall’s weight, but that was irrelevant to him. He had nothing to worry about. No man in the world could overcome him. He simply cocked an eyebrow, unfamiliar with such a creature within this city. This was his turf. His grounds. Who this man who walked in so brazenly believed he was, he couldn’t say. The man walked up to him, placing his hands on his hips and looking at the boutique behind Fang.

“If you would like to buy something, the door’s right there,” Fang said, annoyed at the wolven man blocking his sunlight.

“Oh, I’m not interested in any of the merchandise, I had another thought in mind,” Conall snickered as he leaned down, sticking his snout under Fang’s arm. An intoxicating mix of a fresh, well-groomed pelt with sweat and the musk of a man bleeding testosterone.

“I haven’t smelled a man like you in a long time,” Conall moaned. Fang grabbed his snout firmly like a disobedient dog, and pulled his face towards his own.

“You ain’t smelled a man like me ever,” Fang snarled. “And if that’s what you want, then we’re playing by my rules, pup.”

Fang smirked, standing up, puffing his chest out and winking at Conall, redonning the button up slung across the back of the chair as he beckoned the big wolf to follow. His chest rebelled against the top buttons as the sleeves clung for dear life against his full, thick arms. Conall followed obediently, ready for a man to so confidently take him on his level for the first time in centuries.

They went back to a large farm house in a field beyond the market. Conall had to bend down and walk through the door sideways, his chest still rubbing against the door frame. He looked around at the spacious living area, noticing a small toy on the ground. He hesitated as he looked over at the large cow man.

“You have kids?” Conall asked. Fang grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

“They’re with the nanny. Ain’t gonna be home any time soon,” he pulled Conall into a long kiss, forcing his big, bovine tongue into Conall’s maw. Conall pulled Fang against him, grinding against his crotch.

Fang pulled away, pulling Conall by the scruff of his neck towards a secluded door and staircase downwards. He wasn’t putting up any resistance, but he was shocked as to how easily Fang pulled the mountainous titan. Even his powerful shoulders hid the true strength he had.

Conall was dragged into a large, red dungeon-esque room. Various toys lined the walls, a cage, a table, and of course, a large bed with an obsidian bed frame and straps on each post. He looked around in awe at the sexual deviant heaven.

Suddenly, a sharp pain exploded from his ribs as he felt himself shoved violently forward, tumbling onto the bed. He looked up to see Fang, standing up, having rammed his horns into Conall and thrown him onto the bed forcefully. Fang undid his cuffs and quickly ripped his shirt back off, sweat glistening off his gorgeously constructed torso, exploding with strength and exuding an intoxicating manliness. He undid his belt and pulled it from the holster of his trousers as Conall began to lean up towards him. He quickly snapped the belt, violently whipping it against Conall’s torso. Conall yelped. For the first time in millenia, he had been surprised, and felt real pain. The stirring in his crotch only increased at this.

Fang pulled off his pants effortlessly, standing with only his underwear still on. His bulge was almost obscene, the garments struggling to contain his girth. He guided his own hand into his underwear, absentmindedly rubbing the king cobra he had yet to reveal as he took the straps at the end of the bed and began tying them around Conall’s ankles.

Conall began to take off the little fabric he did wear over his enormous frame, but Fang cracked his belt again against the wolf’s chest, stinging it harshly, the burn remaining for several minutes. He grabbed Conall’s snout forcefully.

“My rules, bitch,” he shoved the wolf man back onto the bed, coming over to the headboard and wrapping the straps around Conall’s right hand. He wrapped his leg around the bed, dangling his crotch over Conall’s face as he wrapped the last strap around his right arm. Conall’s nostrils were flooded with the euphoric scent of Fang’s penis filling with red hot blood, his testicles churning away. He stuck his tongue out, wrapping it around the bulge. Fang grabbed his snout again, forcing it down on his own tongue, biting into it hard. Blood filled his mouth.

“Bad dogs don’t get to eat,” he growled at Conall. He lifted himself off the bed, rubbing his cock as it thickened even more, his balls hanging low and heavy. He went around the corner of the cage, and Conall could barely see what he was doing through the bars, his achingly hard dick throbbing with anticipation.

He returned, a ball with more leather straps on its sides surrounding it. Conall’s tongue lolled out with glee, and Fang shoved it back in his mouth, shoving his fingers deep into Conall’s mouth and teasing the back of his throat. He took the gag and wrapped it around the wolf man’s head, the ball deep in his snout, unable to move it aside from twitching his nose at the overpowering musk of sweat and testosterone.

Fang once again leaned off the bed, making a display for his new pet as he finally took off his underwear, revealing himself. He stroked his cock as it rose to full mast, thick and long as a human forearm. But he was far beyond what human men were capable of, his large testicles the size of baseballs as they filled with seed, waiting to be released into his prey.

Slowly, he pulled off Conall’s clothing, revealing the monstrous cock beneath, leaking a waterfall of precum from its tip, the teasing already close to driving him off the edge.

“Someone’s a happy dog,” Fang smirked. He crawled onto the bed, straddling Conall’s massive thighs with his own powerful legs. He looked down to see a large, furry hole waiting for him to fuck it. To make this enormous, arrogant creature his. He grinned, and violently thrusted himself into the wolf, bringing his face up to his maw.

“You’re my little bitch now,” Fang moaned. “No man can walk into this town thinking he owns the place. Because that’s me. I am the dominant one around here. I’m the alpha, got it?” Conall nodded feverishly, the pain as deep as the ecstasy.

Fang smiled and began rhythmically pumping his cock into the big man’s ass, filling it like a glove. He was surprised as Conall began to thrust his ass with Fang’s cock, pulling away as Fang did, thrusting with equal power into Fang’s pelvis as Fang did inside of him. This man could keep up with his raw sexual power. A man even bigger than himself. A man exuding power. And he was Fang’s. He was his little bitch. He was the one claiming this man for his own, dominating over him. Fang began to thrust harder and faster as these thoughts clouded his mind. Conall did the same, panting heavily against the gag, as Fang groaned loudly.

The bed creaked and groaned beneath them, the wood splintering under the weight and the strain of their fucking, before giving way and collapsing beneath them. The fall to the ground only made the two feel more powerful, as Fang flexed, his arms and chest exploding with strength and virility, as he thrust more vigorously.

Fang could feel himself inching closer and closer, ready to fill Conall’s hole and mark him as forever Fang’s. His conquest. His toy. Fang grabbed tight against the back of Conall’s head, jerking it forward and straining Conall’s neck as he let out a deep, ear-piercing roar and came. His cock pumped stream after stream of seed into the wolf, filling nearly a gallon of hot cum into his toy and marking him with his scent. Conall couldn’t take it anymore, his cock barely having been touched still exploded, raining across his expansive torso as his head fell back, panting heavily.

Fang removed himself from the new toy. He stuck his chest out as he cockily undid the straps and eventually the gag from Conall. He laid down next to the enormous man, wrapping his arm around his broad shoulders and holding him. Claiming him.

“No man’s fucked me like that in millennia,” Conall gasped.

“Well, I’m no man,” Fang said with a wink. Conall smirked.

“Next time, you’ll have to learn what it’s like to be at someone’s mercy,” Conall snickered, biting at Fang’s ear as he began to kiss at the bull’s neck. Fang laughed, a deep, resonant sound.

“I’d like to see you try,” Fang said, and he got out of the bed, grabbing his clothes and leaving Conall alone in the sex dungeon. He watched Fang’s fat ass bounce, giving him even more of a show as he walked away. Conall was utterly enthralled that a mortal creature could keep up with him and take over him like that. And he wanted more. No, he needed more.

He chuckled to himself, grabbing his own scraps of clothing, and leaving the room behind, hoping to see it again soon.

1,922 words Added Mar 2023 3,123 views 5.0 stars (2 votes)

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