Rise of the new alpha

by MoonlightSerenade

 A young man finds his entire life changed when he is attacked by a beast from the woods—and he is loving every second of it.

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Darren walked in the cold darkness on the pavement, the forest taunting its dark secrets next to him. He’d had to stay late at work to clean up the restaurant, left to the small man everyone knew wouldn’t be able to fight back. It was now past midnight and he felt deeply uncomfortable walking alone.

He’d always been a small guy. Topped out at 5’4”, 120 pounds soaking wet. He’d tried his best to get into sports and working out to put at least a bit of muscle on his bones, but it’d never worked out for him. When walking alone like this, he always carried a small silver knife as a precaution, just in case something were to happen.

As his breath showed in the cold night air, Darren heard a howl coming from the distance within the tree-line. He stopped walking and looked over. He saw nothing. He began to walk faster. Suddenly, a large flurry of fur rushed to him, knocking him onto the pavement. His head hit the ground hard, and he was in a daze as he felt two powerful paws drag him into the tree-line.

The enormous, black-furred beast looked over him, drooling as it bared its teeth and growled, just as Darren began to process the situation and screamed, as the creature opened its mouth and bit down on his arm.

The teeth seared and stung his flesh as they sunk into Darren’s arm, his small and soft limb enveloped completely in the monster’s maw as it whipped him to the side, attempting to rip it from his body.

Darren reached to the side and grasped at his only form of protection, the violent whipping back and forth making it a struggle to even move his right arm, before finally he felt the hilt of the silver knife within his grasp, quickly taking advantage of the moment and plunging it into the wolf’s neck. A roaring yelp rang out as blood spewed from the wound and it instinctively let Darren go. With a chance now, he ran to the side of the wolf and stabbed the knife deep into his heart.

As he did, the wolf looked deep into his eyes. Their deep brown hinge turned to a soft, light blue as the fire behind them faded, while a fire began to burn behind his as they looked deeply into each other’s hearts. Darren assumed it was the adrenaline that gave him this feeling.

He backed away, the blood matting the wolf’s fur and dripping from the silver knife he held. Darren’s eyes grew wider as he noticed the wolf start to stand and stumble on its hind legs, the dark black fur retreating as its muzzle grew smaller and its ears shifted to the sides of its head. Within the minute, standing before him was a man. An enormous man, almost impossibly so, but a man nonetheless. Over seven feet tall, the fur having retreated to a dark, deep pelt of chest hair and a long, thick beard, with hair cascading down his broad shoulders. His chest jutted proudly out several inches and his arms were powerfully large, near the size of basketballs. But the star of the show was the near foot long penis hanging from his groin, and the grapefruit sized balls weighing in the sack beneath him.

Darren was awestruck as he stared at the man, sputtering blood from his mouth, as he smiled, incredibly white teeth with abnormally large canines showing off. Darren felt a heat rising in his crotch as he looked on. Then the man spoke, in a deep, commanding baritone that resonated within Darren’s testicles.

“Well done, son,” he stuttered through blood filled coughs. “Now it is your turn to carry the curse, though you shall soon find it to be truly the blessing of the moon.” And with those final words, the light faded from his eyes as he slumped over dead.

In utter shock, Darren looked on, his jaw slack. He looked at the bite on his arm, horrified at the implication as he realized what was only in fairy tales may in fact be true. But the shock of the moment once again overwhelmed him as he shook out of it. Darren stood and began finishing his walk home, returning to the pavement from the wood the wolf-man had dragged him into.

He felt a tightness constricting his neck as his gulped down air, his crotch still strangely hot, but the heat had begun to cascade through his entire body. He absent mindedly scratched at his jaw, rough and coarse. He barely noticed as he pulled out his keys and opened the door to his apartment, the knob oddly lower. Finally, he removed his shirt, deaf to the tear, as he fell into the bed, a wave of exhaustion carrying over him as he fell unconscious.

Unbeknownst to Darren, still shell-shocked from the attack and the appearance from wolf to man, hair had begun sprouting on his chest and across his jaw as muscle began to cord and fill his arms. His chest and shoulders began to stretch wider as his bones snapped and cracked back into place, thicker and stronger than any humans’, hanging over his bed as his penis became erect, stretching higher and higher as his balls soon too hung over the bed. His abs became deeper cut, his jaw squaring out into a sexy, manly appearance as his beard grew out longer, and the masculine appearance matched by a deep musk that permeated the small bedroom.

Darren awoke early, as he always had, feeling oddly close to the floor as he involuntarily flexed his arms as he pushed himself out of bed, not noticing himself leaning underneath the door frame and pushing slightly to the side as he left his room and entered the bathroom to release his bladder. As he looked in the mirror, a dull shock ran over him at his appearance. Soon though, the fog ran over his mind, and everything changed for him as his slack jaw turned to a wide smile and he flexed his arms consciously this time at himself.

Darren’s memories of his former life were still intact, but they were like a dream. He knew what he used to be; a small, unpopular virgin twink his whole life with little friends. But now, in this life, he was the epitome of masculinity, and always had been. He was always the biggest man in class, packed on muscle like it was nothing, could grow a beard by the time he was 14, and regularly pleasing every man or woman he slept with since he was 16, having fucked nearly every student in his high school. His natural musk could never fully be covered up, and produced powerful pheromones entrancing anyone who smelled them in pure lust, especially in his hairy, sweaty pits the more he worked out. Nobody could resist letting him fuck them, and he was a powerfully dominating top. He was the alpha male.

Darren stood at 7’5” and weighed in at 380 pounds of pure muscle. His cannonball shoulders stretched past the length of the mirror and his enormous pecs were covered in thick, black hair and stuck out half a foot from his chest. His square, handsome jaw had a long and thick black beard, enough testosterone flowing through his veins that even if he tried to shave it, it would grow back within the hour. But he didn’t want to, why would he deprive the world and himself as his bleeding masculinity. His biceps flexed to the size of watermelons, while his thighs were thicker than most grown men’s torsos and his feet were larger than any man. Long black hair cascaded down his back, and he looked into his beautiful amber eyes, a fire burning behind them, as his crotch began to stir, nearly a foot long dick with grapefruit sized testicles hanging low and churning fresh seed beneath him.

His cock began to heat up and rise and he casually stroked it in his massive, hairy paws and moaned deeply as he quickly came across the wall. He mopped up the mess, but knew that he could go again and for much longer in no time at all. He put on his skin tight polo, the top buttons impossible to close, his pecs and hair sticking out from the top, and his khakis which left nothing of his obscene bulge to the imagination.

Time to find some lucky soul for the Alpha to top, he thought to himself, as he flexed his massive bicep, straining his top, and winked at himself, before licking his sharp, pearly white teeth, and leaving to find some fresh meat.


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