Welcome to Roosters

by pkak2k12

 In the future Hooters closed due to lack of interest. Now it has reopened as Roosters, and you get to be a VIP at one that is run by a giant femboy.

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You remember the day that Hooters shut down. It mentioned something along the lines of people these days not being interested in breasts. You were in your adolescence then, learning about the attraction to bodies, though you had to agree, breasts weren’t your thing.

However, after over a decade of silence, the Hooters company had a grand reopening, rebranded as Roosters. Its tagline was “Big Meat and Big Treats”. Curious, you went to the opening of a local branch.

To your surprise no one else had turned up to this event. It was a shame, you were sure this could reinvent the restaurant environment, but alas you will be dining alone; a man in your late 20s with a nice, tight physique, it was a wonder you hadn’t found a boyfriend yet.

The building itself was enormous. It was like someone took a normal restaurant and expanded it a hundredfold, one supermall sized location for one eatery was so strange, they must’ve put a lot of money into this big statement. The car park was big enough for at least a thousand cars, yet only a handful were present, most likely those of staff. Either way, it meant you could sit where you want and there wouldn’t be much waiting for your food.

The entrance was interestingly set up, the doors were flanked by the art of two even larger, giant-sized doors. You stood in front of them as the little doors, well normal sized ones, glided open and a small melodic beep echoed from inside. The aroma of hot food wafted from within. You took in a sniff before walking in.

As you walked in you realised that the tagline was really the theme of this place. It was like being an ant, walking into a house much too big for you. The counter must’ve been at least 50 feet tall, it was so impractical. There were seating areas that were setup in the wall that was actually another giant booth. It made no sense. You walked into the foyer and looked for anyone who was serving.

“Just a minute!” a voice boomed from somewhere nearby. You looked around this positively enormous novelty set of a diner. You remembered there were some old time movies that would have set pieces like this—Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, that kind of thing—but these were much fancier, almost like they could truly hold someone of those immense proportions. Before you could investigate further, the floor beneath you shook slightly as you saw the origins of these tiny quakes.

The huge wall at the far end of the room was actually two double doors. They must have been 200 feet tall and made of some reinforced metal, but what was pushing them open was another matter. At first, you thought it was a girl’s face that appeared, but you were mistaken. Towering at the far end of the room was a feminine looking man, with a slender toned frame and wide hips. He had almost porcelain white skin, smooth with a light dusting of freckles on his face, and golden blonde hair that’s shoulder length on him. His sky blue eyes twinkled as he spotted you, looking beyond his cute button nose and small pink lips.

His uniform was both amazing and outstanding at the same time. The white shirt was barely a vest that was a little loose on the femboy’s frame, his shoulders exposed and slim arms exposed. On the front was the new symbol, the word “Roosters” in bright orange, with a silhouette of a cartoonish cockerel above the two o’s, making a somewhat suggestive pattern.

From the waist down was something equally as alluring. This proverbial giant was wearing open toed flip-flops, his ginormous feet neatly pedicured and with orange varnish on the nails. His long, cute legs were nearly all on display, almost hairless and glistening in the light of the giant restaurant. His only leg garments were a pair of tight orange booty shorts. They clung to his body, probably highly elasticated, and left nothing to the imagination. Not only did this giant seem to have wide hips and a perfect bubble butt, but there was a monstrously huge bulge that ran towards his hip with two equally impressive orbs packed tightly beneath it. You’d never seen anything so obscenely huge, even in porn. If he were your height, he would easily have been twice as endowed as you, and you counted yourself as above average. The only other garment on display was a nametag, which would probably be about the size of your entire body, that was labelled “Kris”.

“Hello Sir!” The voice was powerful, but kept the feminine pitch appropriate to the physique of this titan. “Welcome to Roosters, the home of the big meats.”

You stood dumbfounded as this giant began walking towards you, each step seeming to cause the polished chequered pattern stone floor to shake ever so slightly. You were mesmerised at the sight of such an angelic cute young man walking over, each time his foot stepping in front of the other. It was like your own personal walkway show for this slutty uniform’s grand reveal on a 150-foot titan of a femboy.

“Sir, shall we find you a seat?” Kris asked. “You’re in luck, as our first customer you are the winner of our black card membership and free meals for a year…” Kris leaned over, his cute young adult face smiling at you like a god from the heavens. You were unsure how to respond.

“Oh where are my manners?” The giant stood back up, so that you had to crane your neck to see his face, but your gaze lingered on the underside of the inhumanly large bulge in his tight pants. “My name is Kris, I’m 21 and I’ll be your server today. Yes, I am a giant. There are only a handful of us in the country, and Roosters has opened up specialist locations for us to work in.”

That explained many things to you, but there were the outlying questions of giants existing. They were just things in fairy tale books, yet here one was. It seemed like something you should press on, but for some reason, your mind decided that it was fine. It was almost like giants were just a rare trait, like heterochromia or other similar mutations.

You asked for the best seat in the house as Kris nodded. “If you’d like, sir, I can offer to be your mode of transit around Roosters.” The titan knelt down, and you could see the slight thickness of their thighs being grabbed lightly by the hem of the elasticated short shorts. He held a hand out for you, easily big enough for you to sit on. Accepting the special VIP service that came with your apparent new Black Card Membership you climbed aboard, sitting on Kris’s palm. His skin was so smooth and warm. There was a gentleness to this giant, and even though you knew he could easily crush you without any effort you know that he wouldn’t. You felt a wave of comfort as you relaxed on your personal giant taxi to the best seat in the house.

Kris walked across the diner floor and took you to a seating area near the back. It was sized for someone more around Kris’s height, but on that table was a smaller, more appropriate booth for you. Kris leaned his fingers down slightly, like a boarding plank for you to disembark, before handing you a menu. It was amazing to see how deftly the giant could hold such a small piece of cardpaper and not crumple it. You began to read through the menu, but kept getting distracted by Kris.

“Can I get you a drink whilst you decide on your meal, sir?” Kris asked. You nodded and asked for a milkshake, to which the giant femboy nodded, bowed, and turned to go to the kitchens. This was your first time getting a good look at the back of Kris, and hot damn was he sexy. His slim upper body curved out perfectly for his cute bubble butt, which was tightly clad in the orange short shorts, each cheek lifting sensually as he walked away. This place felt magical.

Once Kris was absent it gave you the chance to look over the menu. There were a lot of options, and each portion went from Small to XXXXXL. You wondered how obscene such a portion plate would be, thinking now about how this was setup for accommodate people over 100 feet tall. The gigantic doors swung open again as Kris returned, holding a silver serving plate upon which was your tall strawberry milkshake. It was served in a glass usually reserved for novelty ice creams, and had pink whipped cream with chocolate sauce on sprinkles on, all complimentary.

Kris gently placed the milkshake down for you and you give it a taste. It was surprisingly yummy. You recalled that when you were younger and your dad took you to the predecessor chain restaurants, the food was fairly subpar, but here this was delicious, and very I-want-moreish. You felt you could drink at least another ten of those.

You noticed that Kris was watching you try your drink. He blushed upon you noticing and averted his eyes. “Sorry, sir. It’s a little quiet today, our opening wasn’t really well publicised,” he explained. “And you are a black card customer, so I’m happy to answer any questions and fulfil any requests, no matter how extreme.” He looked towards you with a determined look on his face, as if this were the greatest challenge he had ever been given.

You started by asking Kris to tell him more about himself. “Well, sir, as I mentioned I’m a 21 year old male. I was actually below average height until I turned 16, then my giant gene kicked in and I shot up to such a huge stature. Apparently that’s how it is with most giants, so we got some help and eventually I ended up working for Roosters. They seem to be in the forefront in employing giants, from what I could find.”

You nodded, finishing off your milkshake. All the information seems fathomable. It seemed that being a giant was just a thing that happened to one person in every few million or so, and Kris didn’t seem to mind the occasional glance; he was likely used to people staring.

“The manager is also a giant,” Kris continued. “Mr. Jackson is even taller than me.” You noted Kris blushing at that remark. You sensed Kris was thinking more about the manager. It was strange, you hadn’t seen anyone else in the restaurant yet. You asked Kris about that.

“Oh, I’m in charge of the diner floor,” Kris explained. “There’s normal people in the back that are preparing the food and doing all the other tasks. Roosters wanted to be a size-positive environment and the best way is to let the servers all be giants. I just happen to be the only one they have at the moment.”

You nodded and told Kris what you’d like to order, going for spicy wings selection and another milkshake for now. Kris nodded and headed back out to give the order before returning momentarily with your next milkshake, which he placed down for you beside your first. He smiled as you took another sip, waiting for your food. You spotted Kris trying to subtly adjust his shorts’ waistband, showing a bit of pale hip that had a faint pressure mark on it.

Out of curiosity, you asked Kris about the uniforms. “Oh, these?” He seemed to go a little sheepish. “Uh, well, they designed them to be like the old ones, from what I hear.” You nodded. He was a few years younger than you, so probably never went to the original restaurants. “They are a little tight though.” Kris admitted. “They did take my measurements though, so maybe I put on a bit of weight.” You can see a little bit of pink flushing to Kris’s cheeks.

You apologised for being a bit forward about it. “Oh, no sir.” Kris shook his head. “You are a black card member. It’s in my job description to fulfil any request you give, no matter… how extreme.” Kris glanced away, a little embarrassed about that fact.

You asked Kris to elaborate on what he meant. “W-well sir, you are a black card holder,” Kris reiterated. “It means you, well, you have authority to ask for anything from us here at Roosters. No matter what you ask for, we’ll oblige.”

It felt very strange. Anything? You thought that must be a slight mistake on that, but the more you thought of it, the more it seemed to make sense. You were a VIP, and Kris was there to do what you asked.

You started with a simple task, telling Kris to tell something personal about himself. “S-something personal?” Kris’s cheeks were going redder from the embarrassment. “S-sir? W-well I, umm, I’m still a v-virgin,” he admitted to you. You found it hard to believe, being such a cute guy. However, the realisation that he had been a giant all his adult life would definitely make that difficult.

You asked Kris if he had any relationships. “Well, sir, I had a g-girlfriend before I became a giant. She, umm, left me because I was, well, too b-big.” You watched Kris slowly use the silver tray to cover his crotch. “N-not that I mind. I might be single now, b-but I’m keeping an eye out for someone who will care for me and be my girlfriend… or, umm, boyfriend.” Kris glanced away at the last remark.

You asked if Kris was bisexual, to which the giant timidly nodded. “Umm, I think I worked it out during school,” he explained. “I had a girlfriend, and she was pretty. I also liked, umm, seeing the other guys in the, umm, in the locker room.” You could see Kris’s hips sway a little, reminiscing about his sexual awakenings. You asked him if there was anyone now he liked, purely out of curiousity. To be honest, you were also single, and there was something enticing about having a giant boyfriend.

“I should go check on your food, sir,” Kris abruptly stated, hurrying to the kitchen doors again and disappearing. You sighed as you took another sip of your milkshake, pondering what Kris had said to you. You had full power in this place, and Kris would do or say whatever you wanted him to.

It took a few moments longer than you expected for your wings to turn up. Kris’s face was still peachy pink and flustered as he brought your plate over. You thanked the server as he smiled at your words, and quietly watched you eat. You noticed that there will still no other customers.

“S-sir?” Kris spoke up as you were enjoying your second hot wing. “Would you… would you care for some entertainment?”

How could you say no? You nodded and waited to see ask what entertainment Kris would do.

“Well, we did train for two years,” Kris mentioned. “We can do a variety of entertainment options.” He gulped. “F-from singing, acrobatics to, umm, d-dancing.” You could tell that Kris’s thoughts were definitely on the last one. You asked for him to dance.

“Y-yes, sir.” Kris straightened up and gave a bow. He hurried to the reception desk. It was strange, he was too big for that desk, even though it was sized for giants. You see his butt stretching his pants as he bent over to set the music. A slow melodic tune began to play, on you hadn’t heard before, as Kris timidly began to return to the table, each step his long slender legs crossing as he did. He stopped a few paces away from your table as his hips began to sway. You found your eyes attracted to the shapely body of Kris, from his slender bare shoulders to his long slender legs, and to his wide hips and hefty bulge along his shorts. Kris’s dance started slow, his hips moving and legs swaying. He raised his hands and drew them over his body, drawing his fingers across his skinny chest. It was obviously some sort of strip club dance. You were amazed at the choreography that he had put into this routine, every movement was deliberate and showed off his stunning body. You could feel yourself getting hard at Kris’s dance.

Kris paused near the end of the routine. “S-sir?” he asked you. “T-this dance can involve… r-r-removing my clothes.” Your eyes widened at the thought. “W-would you like me t-to?”

You nodded your head enthusiastically before he finished his sentence. Kris swallowed again, going back to the dance. His hands grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulling it slowly up. HIs hairless belly was slim and tight, with a little bit of muscle definition, the perfect amount of core strength on a girly frame. The shirt continued to rise up, showing two flat pecs with small pink nipples, both pointed out and looked like they could cut glass. You saw Kris pull the shirt over his head, revealing his hairless armpits. Kris tossed the shirt off as it landed on the table in front of you, it would’ve been big enough to carpet a whole room, a faint scent of cologne coming from the thick fabric.

You stared in awe at the shirtless femboy, gyrating his hips as if he were holding onto an imaginary stripper pole. Each time his large, curved buttocks jiggled slightly whilst the front of his shorts struggled to keep the huge manhood in place.

Kris’s eyes glanced over to you, obviously feeling a mixture of embarrassment and a rush from such sensual dancing. He paused as the music reaches a lull, as if waiting for your next command. You told him to lose the shorts next.

Kris nodded. “Y-y-yes, sir,” he timidly squeaks. You watched his smooth feminine hands reach for the elasticated waistband, hooking a thumb on either side. He turned away from you, slowly bending over as he pulled the shorts down. A thin black line of a jock preceded the view of his two bountiful cheeks coming into view. His ass was ginormous, round yet shaped through exercise. A faint jiggle came with each movement as he pulled the pants over his thick thighs, down to his ankles. Slipping out of his flip flops, Kris stepped out of the shorts and picked them up. He turned around to face you, now only wearing a black jock. Its pouch was beyond stuffed, a small tuft of pale pubic hair visible where the weight of his giant man bulge was pulling down the pouch. You stared in awe at the positively enormous manhood that was crammed in the giant jockstrap.

Kris was blushing heavily now, his cheeks had gone a deep crimson, but his expression was showing he was secretly enjoying doing this for you. Like the shirt, Kris threw his shorts onto your table, landing to the left of you. The smell of a man’s musk entered your nose as it landed beside you.

The musical track was coming to an end as Kris walked up to your table. It was perfectly level for him to rest the heavy pouch. You couldn’t take your eyes away from the distinct shape of his massive manhood.

“If s-sir would like…” Kris quietly looked around, as if to check no one else was in the empty room. “You c-can remove the l-last piece.” He pushed his hips against the table, letting you get better access to his jock. Without thinking you were moving out of your special booth, having to clamber over the giant shirt between you and your prize. Your pants restricted your erection from true freedom, something you could deal with later, you assumed, as you kept your eyes on the prize. You noted as the monster within the stretchy material pulsed that Kris isn’t even fully hard yet, but it was already enormous. It had to be at least 20 feet, closer to 30 feet, long.

Reaching the monster in front of you, you looked up at Kris as you placed your hand on the wall of meat constrained within the giant jock. The cute titan gasped slightly at your touch, his shoulders stiffening as he endured your teasing touch. You continued to run your hand along the side, smelling the rich scent of his junk as it radiated a layer of warmth and sexiness over you. You walked around the side until you spotted where the jock ended and the smooth femboy skin began.

You had to reach up on your tiptoes, and you’re a tall guy, to grab the elasticated waistband. It actually took a lot of strength to begin pulling it away from the warm wall of soft femboy that is in front of you. Kris let out a small moan as you caught his skin with your hands—it was so soft and smooth.

Kris helped you with removing the jock as he pulled from the other side of his growing bulge. The contents finally unleashed, you gazed upon the giant’s cock. It was beautiful, uncut and pristine. The head of it, as big as you, slowly began prodding out of the foreskin, a beautiful light pink like his nipples.

“Is it… all right for you, sir?” Kris asked you, closing his eyes and anticipating something negative. You told him it was perfect as you placed a kiss on the slit. Kris gasped as you felt the blood rise through the half-mast. It continued growing, pushing you back as it kept expanding with every pulse of Kris’s heartbeat.

You rubbed the head a few more times, but could tell that Kris would not take long to let it all out. A glob of precum as big as your head leaked from the tip. You took some in your hand and tastes it; it was salty with a sweet aftertaste. They should consider using it as a flavouring here, you thought.

“S-sir, I feel…” Kris stammered. “I can’t h-h-hold it much longer.” His body tensed as he brought both his hands down to his shaft. It was so big for his frame that he used both fists along his manhood—and there would be space for another two hands of his size. You backed away to your booth, stripping your clothes and splaying on the table. You commanded Kris to aim it at you and the table, which he did without question. There was a cute “Aah!” as Kris released his volley of semen across the table. Some of the long jets contained gallons of femboy sperm and left a huge line across the table, but more than a half dozen of them hit you directly. It was like having several buckets of thick warm sauce poured on you at once. In seconds your entire body got coated in Kris’s seed.

Kris breathed heavily as you wiped some of his seed from your face, ensuring that you did not drown on your first VIP experience (and what an experience it was).

Kris gave you a cute smile, his massive member softening a little after coating the table with his seed. “S-sir, w-would you like dessert?” he asked. You think you’ll be fine, there’s plenty to fill you right there. This place was definitely getting a 5-star review, and was likely to be your local from now on.


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