Lucky thirteen

by anonymous submitter

Ryan’s boyfriend comes with him to the test center for experimentation with a serum to multiply body parts.

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I looked at Ryan. He was sitting on the doctor’s counter, looking down into space. His lanky legs swayed back and forth in anticipation of what was to come. His eyes were lost. Although we were both excited for what was to come, Ryan clearly was questioning what was to come. He was deep in thought.

The sound of a sliding door broke Ryan’s contemplation as he looked up in an oxymoronic mix of shock and knowing, although that’s how I could best describe it. I looked as the doctor came in, clipboard and needle in hand. “Ryan Stegrautz,” he said, looking briefly at the name on his clipboard.

I looked in the other direction, at Ryan, who looked at him, glossy-eyed. His thick, light-brown brows lifted as he spoke quietly. “Yes, that’s me.”

“Good, good,” said the doctor. “You’ve already been briefed on the purposes of the experiment? One jab of this, and then…” He made a nonsense gesture, but we understood.

“Yes,” he replied.

“All right, are you ready then?”

“Yep,” Ryan squeaked out, lightly nodding.

“Hold onto something then.”

Ryan glanced at my hand, now outstretched, and clasped it as the doctor pressed the needle against his arm. I gazed into his eyes, and started to get lost in the thoughts of what was to come. The doctor retracted the needle and put a Band-Aid over the point it was. “All right,” said the doctor, “you’re set. I’ll be leaving for other patients now. If you need more room, head through this door and enter the room at the left.”

“Okay,” said Ryan, quietly.

“Oh, and just… have fun, you two,” he said with a wink before leaving.

Ryan turned to look at me, his curly golden-brown fringe rolling slightly in front of his face. He opened his lips slightly as if to say something, but instead just smiled. He held my five-fingered hands as I held his naturally six-fingered ones. “They’re tingling,” said Ryan. “I feel it starting to happen.” I briefly glanced up at his eyes, which stayed mesmerized at his hands, which I often found mesmerizing, but he had never exhibited the same wonder for up until now.

Ryan’s thumb split into two thumbs before my very eyes. The rest of his fingers, on both hands, followed suit quickly. Ryan looked up at me, and I could tell his doubts were over, just by looking him in the eye. He held his twenty-four fingers up to my face and rubbed my cheeks before playing with my hair. Twelve fingers felt really good, but twenty-four? Amazing!

Our brief play had to be cut short, however, because in an instant, Ryan hustled to reach to his feet, and quickly booted off his shoes and socks. He held them in his hands, now even more clustered than before. Between touching my head and his feet, Ryan’s fingers split again. He had twenty-four fingers…per hand! Although when he ripped his shoes off, he had twenty-four toes per foot, four big toes and twenty smaller ones. The serum was really starting to kick in now.

After taking a second to stare at his toes, Ryan rushed to take off his pants and underwear. “Is the tingling…” I started to ask, estimating with yearning where it was.

“It’s everywhere!” he said, “but I’ve got a feeling the next place—” Before he could finish, his now exposed genitals split so he had two dickheads. “—is there,” finished Ryan. Before long, he had grown more dickheads. It was almost like a flower, and I counted seven total before our collective focus moved on to something else. Ryan reached up to touch his face. He opened his mouth and from the deep depths of his oral cavity I could tell he was growing teeth in there. Behind his first row of pearly whites were more and more rows like a shark, and he was growing more rows rapidly. He pointed inside his mouth with his seven, now eight left index fingers.

“How much?”

“Six rows of teeth and counting,” I responded, my mouth as agape as his. I knew the basis of what would happen to Ryan before the procedure, but I didn’t expect even the small aspects of it to be so exciting. His transformations were starting to happen more and more rapidly. The amount of testicles at the base of his penis shaft had sextupled since the last time we paid any attention to Ryan’s crotch. Oh, now there were seven pairs of balls.

“I’m seeing double!” exclaimed Ryan. I looked up to see two pairs of eyes on his face, one above the other. I looked into his top eyes, caught again in their cerulean beauty. I realized as I was staring that my neck was starting to crane upwards. Ryan was growing! I threw myself around him, and clung to his torso as he grew taller and lankier. “Ow!” said Ryan, in chorus. I looked up to see the eight-eyed, seven-nozed, two-mouthed man rubbing his head with his sixty-fingered hands. “Time for the other room,” he said, and leaned his top half, well… his top more-than-half, forward to fit through the doorframe. Then he was almost Naruto-running down the hall to the next room.

Ryan stood up, with me still clinging onto his shoulders. I looked down to find that we were pretty high off the ground. “Can you uh, put me down please?” “Huh? Oh, sure,” he said, once again leaning his torso down to the ground until I could reach it. I looked up at him, the man who used to be eye level to my chin. I found his sixteen eyes staring back at me. I took a few steps back. His torso alone was taller than me. Beneath his neck, he appeared as usual, although where his shirt ended, it was abs as far as the eye could see. His six pack, no matter how subtle, was multiplied into a however-many pack. I don’t have the effort to do the math. At the bottom of the five and a half feet of abs laid a mandala of bellybuttons. These I could count: thirteen.

Ryan sat down on the floor cross-legged. His bouquet, nay garden, of penises and penis heads atop them spilled out of his lap. Even sitting on the ground, he was taller than me when I was standing, although we were closer to eye level this way. I looked at Ryan’s oh-so-familiar face now augmented, but still clearly him. Although he had 2..4…6…8…10…12, 13 mouths and 4…8…12…16..20…24, 26 eyes, his face looked the same somehow. Nothing was cramped, despite how much was on his face. Well, maybe his head was ever-so-slightly bigger, but not by much at all. His while face flowed just like any human face, nothing looked clustered or ill-proportioned, as paradoxical as it would seem. He didn’t look like some alien—he looked like Ryan, but more.

My drooling over his face was cut short by a mass of cock flying at me. I guess not only did Ryan grow new penises, he was growing their length too. His bundle of six-inch cocks grew into a vast expanse of cocks taller than me. It was good Ryan was sitting down, because he would certainly have tripped over his hoses otherwise. After this, Ryan seemed to stop duplicating, although I knew we weren’t done yet. I guess the next phase was preparing, which must mean he’s halfway through changing. I knew that when he finished, I’d have so much fun with him.

After a few minutes of nothing but admiration and anticipation, Ryan giddily announced that the tingling had returned. He laid down on his long, long back so I could admire his changing body. I stepped back, careful not to stand on the ends of any of Ryan’s seven-foot-long penises. He could suck himself off, easy, and multiple times at once, I thought. That would be hot.

I noticed that Ryan was looking at his clusterfucked hands. He wasn’t staring at only two, however, but eight, now ten, twelve and counting, splitting in an almost mitotic way until he had a baker’s dozen of hands on each of his arms.

“Oh! My chest!” said Ryan suddenly, quickly sitting himself up and pulling his shirt off, all 2000+ fingers working in unison. He threw it off onto the ground and let himself back down, going in an instant from almost six feet off the ground to less than one, just by reclining. I approached the top part of his body. He churned a little bit, and looked at his chest. I too looked at his chest, which now had thirteen nipples on each one of his pectoral muscles. In an instant, Ryan’s chest rocketed out faster than his stomach had. Thirteen pairs of pecs, stacked one on top of the other. He gained about another four feet maybe. Sitting on the ground, he would dwarf any mortal man. He was over 2.5 times his original height. Not only did his chest(s) grow in number, so did his arms. Along with each pair of muscles, he grew another pair of arms identical to the first. He was only greater than half as armed as a hecatoncheire, but a million times cuter.

At the other end of the tall, tall Ryan I could tell things were happening down there. I rushed over to his leg end to catch them both splitting rapidly, down and underneath themselves. His feet had multiplied on each leg, although I had missed that. He had a crotch, flowering with grocery bags of testes and stemming seven foot phaluses, situated between every pair of legs.

I looked up to his face to see if he was missing this, only to realize he had bigger things to take care of. His whole head was splitting into two. All of his thirteen mouths, each with thirteen tongues and rows of teeth, his thirteen noses, and his thirteen pairs of eyes and ears, beautifully mirrored on either side of his face, mimicked in duplicate, triplicate, qua—well you get the picture. I rushed up to his top side to his thirteen identical heads all situated atop his shoulders, which began widening. His pecs were being funneled up from the rows below to be added to the top row, to accommodate for the increased head count.

Ryan grabbed me, clutched me in his many arms and I could feel his body shifting beneath me and his fence of arms cradling me from above. It felt amazing. In this moment I truly realized that he was kind of shaped like one of those nerve cells, all big and with a lot of branches at either end but a long skinny middle section. He shuffled me up his chests to his faces. The middle one (I would assume) which I was face to face with, smiled at me before I got shifted down a few faces to his, or to this one’s, left, flipped me over, and situated my head between two of his, although there wasn’t much space between his heads, so I was kind of nestled over the intersection between them. No matter, it was comfortable.

His arms guided me smoothly up a bit more, until my anus laid over his inter-head space. Without warning he began to sit up. I was a bit nervous of falling. He must have sensed that, because the head under my left buttock looked up at me and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be okay.” The towering giant stood up to his full height, his train of legs trailing behind him, kind of like a weird tail. That’s when I realized he was getting even bigger. He was expanding further and further into the space available, which was bigger than an airport hangar. Before long I could sit comfortably between his heads.

By the time Ryan stopped growing, I was at least a hundred feet off the ground, maybe even two hundred. I was sat in a divot between two of his many giant heads, which were maybe twice my height. If I stood up, I could grab onto one or two of his ears. Although I chose not to, I was afraid of falling. I edged right and clung to the base of one of his necks.

Ryan exclaimed (from this head), “Oh, hold on! I’m tingly everywhere!” I could feel it resonate through his throat. Ryan froze. I clung to him. He was shaking, vibrating. I looked down at his vast expanse. It was almost like the body I’d kissed over the shoulder, but much, much longer, and I mean, bigger also, and augmented. His whole body was starting to get wider and wider, until he split!

He split into two Ryans exactly alike one another. Then I watched the other one split, and then all three split, and again. Then the one last split happened somewhere before Ryan(s?) came to consciousness again. Woah.

As soon as all of Ryan’s bodies ‘woke up,’ I heard a sound from below. Ryan must have, too, with all those ears, because all of him turned to face the source of it. The one I was riding knelt and then laid himself down forwardly so I could hop off to the ground. Even so, it was a bit far to just jump down. That’s how big Ryan is. The noise we both heard was the doctor, same one as before, coming to check in on us now that Ryan had finished. The Ryan I was riding was laying on the floor, heads facing the two of us, all his chins laid on the ground. The rest of him were watching from behind this body.

“So,” the doctor asked Ryan. “How ya feeling?”

“Very good!” said Ryan, from his closest head.

“Awesome. Thanks for helping with our research! Now how much of this do you want to take home?”

“Huh?” said Ryan. He was met with the same confusion I was.

“I thought it was permanent!”

“Well, basically, since after you leave here you won’t be able to change without a lot of money for mega-surgeries and whatnot, but you’re still here! After we run the test, we’re allowed to change most things free of charge and provide you with an adequate living environment, and whatever changes you don’t want, we use them to help in transplant operations. We’ll even change the size, shape, or quantity of your favorite objects and clothes from home to accommodate for your changes. We expect a lot of people will be coming to help experiment, so you can take as much stuff as you want pretty much. Just tell me what you want to change, and I can make it happen in my office before his DNA code no longer syncs to my computer.”

“So, what do you want to keep or change?” the doctor looked up and asked Ryan.

All of him looked excited but embarrassed. “Well, how about you let my boyfriend decide. I trust him.” The one speaking looked to me with a wink. I felt excitement building in my chest.

“A surprising number of people say the exact same thing! Okay, come with me.”

I followed the doctor back through the door and took a good look at Ryan, all thirteen of him, with anticipation in my heart. I didn’t expect to be able to craft him myself!

The doctor showed me his computer screen, and what I had to work with:

* 1 man

* 13 bodies

* 169 6-packs (13 per body)

* 169 heads (13 per body)

* 338 arms (26 per body)

* 338 pecs (26 per body)

* 338 legs (26 per body)

* 2,197 noses (169 per body, 13 per head)

* 2,197 mouths (169 per body, 13 per head)

* 2,197 anuses (169 per body, 13 per butt (right behind genitals))

* 2,197 penises (169 per body, 13 per crotch)

* 4,394 hands (338 per body, 13 per arm)

* 4,394 feet (338 per body, 13 per leg)

* 4,394 ears (338 per body, 26 per head)

* 4,394 testicles (338 per body, 26 per crotch)

* 4,394 eyes (338 per body, 26 per head)

* 4,394 nipples (338 per body, 13 per pec)

* 28,561 tongues (2,197 per body, 169 per head, 13 per mouth)

* 28,561 dick heads (2,197 per body, 169 per crotch, 13 per penis)

* 199,927ft of penis shaft (15,379ft per body, 1,183ft per crotch, 91ft per penis, 7ft when un-supersized)

* 342,742 fingers (26,364 per body, 1,014 per arm, 78 per hand)

* 342,742 toes (26,364 per body, 1,014 per leg, 78 per foot)

* 913,952 teeth (70,304 per body, 5,408 per head, 416 per mouth, 16 per row)

* Each body or body part can be either thirteen times bigger than normal or same size as normal.

* Each body is a total of 201.5ft tall presently.

I already had a few things in mind….

2,973 words Added Mar 2020 7,478 views 4.1 stars (7 votes)

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