One and the same

by EdIam

Six very different students are chosen by their professor to take part in an experiment.

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Part 1 Six very different students are chosen by their professor to take part in an experiment. (added: 15 May 2021)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 The experiment enters its second week. (added: 22 May 2021)
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
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Part 1

MONDAY, 1st week

‘This is such a fucking joke,’ Steve thought to himself.

There he was, at the back of the classroom, arms crossed in frustration, and glaring at the other people in the room. There was Zack, some nerdy suck up, Todd, that dumb star football player jock guy, Randy, some uptight swimmer do-gooder, Timmy, some faggy kid Steve had already had to punched for hitting on him, and Mike, a druggie, hippie guy with dreads. Steve had no idea why his professor had asked him to stay after class, but obviously, he’d asked the other five to do the same. It was especially frustrating because this science class was a gen-ed that he didn’t care about and it was a late afternoon class, so it was already 5 by the time the class ended normally like every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And now, he was waiting on the professor as he helped the last extra student out with some stupid question at his desk.

Steve didn’t really want to stay, but the professor had approached him before the class and had wordlessly handed him a note saying that he needed to stay after or he’d risk damaging his already risky low-ish grade. Steve was generally a pretty solid C student, but with his parents’ money, he usually ended up with straight A’s. This really wasn’t something he was concerned about too much, but the note had emphasized that it was part of the class at this point. It annoyed the ever living hell out of Steve to be so inconvenienced by a lower class loser like his professor, but he’d humor the dork. His future frat brothers back at the house would probably be furious that he’d be home late. This week was rush week and, as a pledge, he was required to help make supper for the brothers. But it was school and, unfortunately, even in a stupid fucking class like this, school had to come first. Beyond that, Steve had fucked countless horny chicks since coming to college. He didn’t want to give up that seemingly endless supply of pussy just because this fucking ridiculous nerdy professor decided to fail him.

Granted, Steve was already a really attractive guy and could probably get snatch no matter where he was. He was blonde, blue eyed, and kept his face nice and shaved. It really added to his masculine features he had inherited from his father: chiseled jaw, high brow, and a brick nose. He’d also always been relatively active, so his young 18 year old body was well defined and ladies couldn’t get enough of his lean muscular frame. He did have a hairy chest and he’d heard some faggy guy in high school say that made him an ‘otter’ or some stupid thing like that. He’d beat the shit out of that little queer when he heard it but regardless, Steve knew he was hot shit.

Steve groaned loudly and with annoyance as the final student left and his dorky professor shuffled through some papers and straightened his desk slightly before standing in front of the group.

“Hey, guys. Why don’t you all get down here to the front row and sit by one another. I know the notes I gave all of you probably have you a bit confused, but I’ll explain in just a moment,” Professor Styles explained rather vaguely.

Sighing to himself at this waste of time and feeling his stomach rumble slightly for supper, Steve got up and joined the other five guys at the front of the room. Steve sat at the end of the row near the nerdy kid Zack, the other four filled in along the rest of the row of seats. Steve didn’t even really know the other guys beyond seeing them in this science class. They just weren’t the kind of guys he’d hang out with. They were are all pretty different guys with different circles of friends. Steve really wasn’t the type to hang out with these lower class losers. His brothers at the frat were all from family fortunes and Steve really wasn’t any different from them. His family was loaded and so he wasn’t a nerdy little freak like Zack, the all American jock like Todd, the political do-gooder like Randy, fag like Timmy, or burnout loser like Mike. Steve didn’t really understand why he’d been singled out with these other five freaks, but he was kind of stuck in this stupid situation.

“Thanks for staying guys. So, I know that this was a little unexpected but, I assure you, you don’t really have much to worry about grade-wise. It’s only been about a month since you all started school and it’s more of a situation in which you’ve peaked my interest in the class. I’ve noticed all six of you are pretty different in your approaches to school, social graces, and personality and thus, I can assume life in general. So, there’s a little experiment I wanted to try out. If you don’t mind, we’ll just get started so you all can get out of here.” The professor walked to the door, locked it, and turned back to the six confused young men.

Steve had no clue what kind of an experiment he’d been forced into and he didn’t really want to be locked in a room with six other fruits, but the sooner this was over, the better.

“So, here’s the deal guys. I’ll give you all a little extra credit for helping me, but for the next few weeks, after class, all you really have to do is wait and watch a short video. I just want to see how the six of you react to it. I’ve been working on it for a while and I’ll be over here documenting how you all respond to it despite the very different people you all are.”

“Sounds great professor! I’d love to help any way I can!” Zach enthusiastically shouted.

Steve rolled his eyes at the little suck up.

“So, like, we don’t have to do anything but watch a little video after class every Monday, Wednesday, and…” Todd began.

“Fridays, yes, you are correct, Todd,” Professor Styles finished.

Nodding, Mike just said, “Sure, man, I need the, like, points and stuff. But get on with it. I’ve gotta meet up with malady for some…stuff.”

“Say no more, let’s begin the first video. I’ll just be here at my desk taking notes. You guys don’t have to do anything other than sit there and watch,” Professor Styles stated as he placed earphones over his ears. Steve wasn’t entirely sure, but he thought they were probably noise canceling. He had a pair that he used in the rare event that he studied in the noisy dorm. God, I can’t wait to be part of the frat, Steve thought to himself.

Clicking a button on his desk, the video began playing on the wall behind him where the Power Point presentations for the class usually ran. It started with just a picture of a mountain. Then a weird buzzing sound came out of the speakers, almost like feedback. It was mildly annoying, but Steve was more focused on getting the damn stupid video over, so he easily ignored it. Glancing over, he saw that Zack was barely blinking staring at the video with his mouth wide open. What a nerdy fag, Steve thought, as he looked back at the screen.

Some words had started to flash on the screen while Steve glanced away and continued to do so with Steve starting to pay attention as the professor had requested. He wouldn’t say it was particularly interesting and he couldn’t even really make out most of the words, but just as quickly as the words had started flashing, so too did the pictures in the background. Ocean, skyscraper, puppy, Jupiter…the pictures just kept appearing seemingly at random. Words kept flashing and that high pitched sound was burrowing into his ears. It was kind of bizarre, honestly, but Steve couldn’t really make heads or tails of what he was experiencing. Luckily enough, as soon as it started, it seemed to have ended. Shaking his head slightly at the confusing mess of weirdness he’d just seen, Steve glanced up at the clock. Somehow the strange video his professor had him and the other guys watch took about half an hour as the clock on the wall read 5:32. Steve stared in confusion as it only had felt like ten minutes max to him.

“Well, that’s it guys. Don’t worry; I’ll explain more as the experiment continues. That’s just the first video I wanted you to watch. And that’s pretty much all we have time for today. Thank you all for your active participation. We’ll watch another one Wednesday. Thanks again, boys, for helping me out.”

Absolutely confused at the obvious waste of time, Steve didn’t waste a moment as he hopped out of his chair, adjusted his erection, and sped out the classroom door without another word before the other five guys had even started to move.


Part 2

WEDNESDAY, 1st week

Zack didn’t really understand the video they’d watched Monday. But, if he had to be honest, he really did not feel as though he had to. His professor had wanted him to be involved in an experiment! He felt so honored and lucky! Zack was so happy to be singled out. It was a bit bizarre to him why the other five had been chosen. They didn’t seem to be even half as educated as he was. But he wasn’t concerned with that nonsense. The professor had shown interest in him!

Zack had come to college hoping to find more like minded individuals. High school had been difficult. He’d been picked on and put down constantly. So Zack had buried himself in his learning. His best friends were the teachers and the other adult workers of the school. But Zack had always been the kid that constantly studied and tried to do his best in school. As a result, he didn’t really leave a lot of free time to cultivate friendships, but he figured that would all change in college.

Unfortunately for Zack, it really hadn’t. Though it had only been a month, his roommate was a brainless jock and he most of the other guys on his floor just didn’t seem to care about their studying like Zack did. He was still a huge nerd with zero social graces and tended to only really try to communicate well with his teachers and professors, much like he had been in high school. He was the stereotypical nerd: thick glasses, short cropped brown hair, dark brown eyes, a few pimples, and a gangly frame. He was a scrawny little guy with little to no real presence. As a result, his classmates tended to write him off. At the end of the day, though, he didn’t care. He would succeed, educate himself to the fullest, and eventually become CEO of some company. It was slightly depressing that he really only found happiness in the classroom and in his books. Zack probably would never have admitted it to himself, but he really needed something to change or he’d end up alone forever.

So when Professor Styles had sent him the note Monday morning, he was so excited to get to know the professor better and to hopefully have other classmates involved in the experiment that really cared about their learning as much as he did. Sadly for Zack, though, he was stuck with five other guys that he had literally nothing in common with. Hopefully, though, over the course of the experiment, he could maybe befriend one of them. It seemed plausible to Zack, but highly unlikely.

So, as the class started to wind down on the Wednesday, Zack started to get excited for the next step in the experiment. As 5 o’clock hit, the professor excused the class. As the last person exited the door, Professor Styles closed it and proclaimed, “Okay, guys, back down here for the second video.”

Feeling his cock hardening, Zack stayed where he was seated, as he already sat in the front row. The first day of class, he’d actually picked this seat. He’d arrived about fifteen minutes earlier than the next student to make sure he could get a seat in the front row, not really understanding that it wouldn’t be much of a fight for seats. As it had filled, Zack had been left in that front row alone except for a couple of girls at the opposite end that Zack had glanced at a few times. They were certainly very beautiful but Zack had known instantly they were out of his league.

As the other five guys began sitting around him in those front row seats, the Professor sat behind his desk. Apparently, the explanation Zack had recalled the professor stated he would provide wasn’t coming before the film this time as he watched the professor put on his headphones and starting up the video almost instantly. Sensing that feeling of pride knowing he’d been chosen for this experiment rise, Zack moved his actually somewhat substantial hard cock to the side for his own comfort and repositioned himself in his seat.

Disappointed that it was yet another strange video of random pictures and words that really couldn’t even be processed before flipping to another, Zack just stared with complete interest. The annoying buzzing he’d heard Monday was still there, but Zack found it even easier to just ignore it this time. He wasn’t sure what the point of this experiment was, but he knew Professor Styles had chosen him among countless other students so he was going to do his best to follow the instructions the professor laid out. He didn’t know why he’d been chosen with the other five guys as they all seemed to be so completely different, but Zack wasn’t going to question the leader of the class.

Blinking suddenly, Zack realized the video ended almost as quickly as it had seemed to begin. It was strange as he really didn’t know what peculiar thing the professor was studying. He did see Professor Styles writing furiously in his journal as the video ended, looking up at the six of them repeatedly.

Clearly finishing his note, Professor Styles stood, “Okay, boys, that’s it for today as well. Friday, okay?”

Zack just couldn’t figure out what the end goal was. Sitting at his desk trying to figure it out, he gathered his stuff as the other five guys did the same. Getting his things together a little slower as he’d had all his notes and pencils out for class to put away, Zack finally zipped his backpack and stood up. His erection was somehow even stronger than it had been before the video and it was actually slightly painful in his tight jeans, but that wasn’t too much of a concern. Todd, Randy, and Steve had already left the room, so Zack got in line behind Timmy and watched Professor Styles grope the lump in the front of Mike’s jeans as Mike moaned slightly. Finishing with the usual grope session on him, Mike left the room, and Timmy moved to be groped next.

After a couple moments, it was Zack’s turn. As the door closed behind Timmy, Zack stood before Professor Styles and allowed the man to grab his hard cock and play with it. “Say, professor? Umm…what is the purpose of this experiment? I don’t know if you meant to tell us or not but you seemed to have forgotten the explanation you had promised on Monday today.”

Smiling at Zack as he squeezed his privates a little tighter, “Oh, don’t worry Zack. It will all be clear soon.”

Smiling back at the professor as the man continued to feel every part of his bulge, Zack knew that he could accept that. What was he supposed to do? Demand that the professor tell him? That wasn’t his place.

Allowing the professor to finish sizing up his tool, Zack waiting patiently. Styles eventually let go and Zack pulled his backpack straps up slightly as he headed out of the classroom and towards his dorm, determined to figure out what in the gol-darn heck the professor was trying to study.


Part 3

FRIDAY, 1st week

Coach wasn’t gonna be happy. Clearly he couldn’t make it to supper and then to practice in time if he had to stay for this strange fucking video again, Todd thought. To top it off, his girlfriend, Tina, had wanted to, at the very least, blow him before he had to go to practice. Even with the extra half an hour or so the video would add to his evening, he would have to cut supper or his girlfriend’s sexy time short to make it to the 6:00 pm practice. But he knew he really didn’t have a choice. He’d started the experiment for the professor on Monday and he had to see it through now. A small part of him really wanted to now anyway.

He could barely remember either of the videos he and the five other guys had watched but, in a weird way, he had enjoyed it. He actually recalled having not liked the one on Monday at all and contemplated skipping out on Wednesday, but decided against it. After leaving Wednesday, he actually started to look forward to the next one. So, here, at the end of the class period, Todd started feeling himself harden in his pants as the other students started filing out of the door aside from his five other experiment partners.

As the door shut and the professor walked towards his desk, just as he had Wednesday, Todd stood up. He had a bulking frame. He was a linebacker for the college team and was already making a name for himself with his play. His huge biceps, large pecs, and hard stomach combined with the insanely muscular legs could probably stop a train. His hard cock pressed against the jock he was wearing in preparation for the practice he had later tonight, but Todd didn’t even really notice or care. He absentmindedly scratched under his shirt and felt his rough chest hair scratch back slightly as he sat in the front row between some nerdy kid and Randy, a guy from the swim team he’d met in passing. He’d randomly chosen that spot Monday and now it just kinda seemed to be the right place for him for these bizarre, yet enticing videos.

“Say, uh, Prof?” Todd interjected just as he saw the professor pick up the noise canceling headphones he’d worn during the previous two videos.

Professor Styles looked at him quickly with a feeling of slight annoyance. Noticing the Professor’s stare and wordless response, Todd continued quickly, “So, uh, I gotta be sure to be outta here, like, quickly cuz, like, I gotta get some food ‘fore headed for football practice. Coach’ll be pissed if I’m late.”

Smiling back, Styles placed the headphones on, continued to stare at the football star, and pressed the button to begin the video.

The first thing Todd noticed was that the video was pretty much the same, but the noise didn’t seem to bother him at all as it had the first two times. It was still a high pitched noise in the background, but it wasn’t even really noticeable at all. It just kind of fit in with the random pics and words that flashed on the screen. Todd continued to get lost in the screen.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been listening and watching, but at some point, he took his shirt off. It wasn’t even something he really noticed doing nor did he question it. He was a little shocked he’d had the shirt on when the video had started, to be perfectly honest. It felt nice to feel the air of the classroom hit his large hairy pecs, abs, and nipples. Without thinking, he also took off his shoes, socks, and pants, leaving only his jockstrap on. Todd didn’t really flinch at that either, not even really registering that he’d taken them off. A part of him really thought he probably should have just taken it all off before the video had even begun.

The video ended then and Todd kind of shook his head. He glanced down and noticed that his cock had kind of slid out the side of his jockstrap. Slightly embarrassed about the wardrobe malfunction, Todd quickly slid it back in the tight cup. It was a struggle, as hard as he was. He really had a long and thick cock and there was absolutely no way to keep the entire thing hidden in a comfortable way as it stretched the fabric obscenely outward. He recalled Tina generally had a hard time even getting half way down his gargantuan pole when she blew him so how was it supposed to fit in his tight jockstrap? Glancing around, he saw the other five guys all were hard in their underwear too but weren’t having a similar problem as they were all in boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs that managed to conceal their tools, even the nerdy kid next to him that seemed to have quite a monster concealed. They all looked like they were supposed to while Todd had his hard-on poking out like a pervert. ‘Stupid Todd and his stupid jockstrap making him look like a queer homo,’ Todd thought.

“Okay guys, now that you’ve seen the third video, I’m going to ask a couple questions. Just to make sure the experiment is moving along as I intend. You’ll come to find that Fridays will be our catch up day. I just want to see how things are registering to you.”

Todd instantly gave up trying to shove his huge dick in and just allowed the top fourth or so to stick out the top as he sat still to look at the Professor. The Professor was talking, so it was time to listen.

“First, have any of you noticed any changes in your behavior?”

Todd was a bit confused by the question. What did he mean changes in his behavior? They’d only watched a few videos. It’s not like it made him do anything different. That was absurd. Replying no, he overheard the other five say the same thing. He noticed Timmy, the undeniably gay dude in his class, glance down at the wardrobe difficulty he was having. Great, thought Todd, now a faggot is staring at my dick all because it won’t fit in my damn jock. But what was Todd supposed to do? He was just sitting here minding his own business. He couldn’t help it if his erection wouldn’t fit in his tiny jockstrap! That didn’t give this obviously gay guy the right to look at it!

Todd tried to ignore Timmy and looked back at Professor Styles. The questions were more important than some fairy checking out his meatstick.

“Second, on a scale of one to ten, how excited are you all about this experiment now?”

Again, Todd was shocked he’d even have to ask. This was the most exciting and important thing he’d ever done in his life. Of course, he remembered being a little weirded out Monday and slightly more into it all on Wednesday, but after today’s session, it was most definitely a ten out of ten.

“Ten for sure!” Todd replied enthusiastically. The other five all said ten too in different ways. It didn’t surprise Todd in the least. This was an amazing experience. He wasn’t even entirely sure why he thought it was for sure. It was just watching videos for half an hour with absolutely nothing else even happening. Most people would probably consider it boring. But Todd had already grown to literally love it. His mind wandered to how great Monday would be and his cock throbbed with anticipation.

“Third, and finally for this week, what are you all planning to do tonight?”

Todd was slightly taken aback at the last question. During the video, a lingering thought had entered his mind about the future of the experiment. But he really didn’t know how Styles might have known he’d been thinking about that. During the video, he’d thought about how he’d really need to figure out ways to clear his schedule every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to ensure he could devote more time to this brilliant experience. Oh well, the Professor asked, Todd thought, so he’d tell him. Even if it was rather coincidental that the Professor seemed to be thinking the exact same thing as him!

He let Steve and Zack respond and they gave somewhat similar answers to what Todd was thinking, which seemed awesome. Steve said some stuff about fraternity responsibilities and how tonight there was a big rush week party or something. Zack basically just said studying and reading. They were all on such a similar wavelength though. They both really wanted to ensure they could set aside these three nights a week to the professor and his amazing experiment. It really made him feel connected to his experiment partners and the professor. So when it was Todd’s turn, he just phrased what the first two had said in a slightly different way to fit his life.

“Well, tonight, I was gonna figure out a way to get out of my responsibilities the nights after classes, like practices and time with the girlfriend to make sure we can continue the experiment at your house rather than here at the school. Seems like we can do more and the sessions can last longer, just like the first two guys had said.”

Finished with his plans for the night, Todd let Randy respond, then Timmy, and then Mike, all saying pretty similar stuff about figuring out how to get Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights off so that they can work with the Professor at his house to make more time devoted to the experiment. Despite Todd still not even sure what the experiment even was or what it was supposed to do, he just was endlessly excited about it. In the last half hour, it had literally become the most important thing in his life. Football, Tina, and school itself would have to take a back seat on these three nights a week.

“Good, okay boys, now let’s do the normal end of session routine and then you guys can get on your way.

Immediately, Todd stood up and stepped forward with the other five guys, abandoning his clothing and materials behind him. Professor Styles walked over to Steve as the other five men stared at him. Todd couldn’t help but be a little jealous of the frat boy because he’d sat at the end of the row. That meant he got to say goodbye to Styles first and get out of there quicker. Todd may not care about football nearly as much as before, but he still didn’t want to piss of his coach. With that hint of jealousy, Todd watched as Styles pulled Steve’s cock out of his boxer briefs and stroked it.

Todd never really looked at other guys dicks, especially when they were hard, but he could tell that Steve was probably about average. It really wasn’t anything too special, so as Styles complimented him on it, Todd thought he was probably over doing it a bit. It was just a cock. And an average one at that. No need for the professor to lie to the poor guy.

After a couple minutes or so, Styles told Steve he was free to go. Putting his hard on back in his underwear, Steve leaned in and kissed the professor on the lips and immediately turned around to put his clothes back on and head out. Styles, for his part, just moved down to Zack. Zack was wearing a fairly ratty pair of tightie whities with that gargantuan bulge sticking out. Pulling the elastic band down, even Professor Styles gasped. Zack was packing a gigantic tool! The biggest Todd had ever seen! The beast had to have been at least ten inches and even thicker than his own larger than average tool!

“Damn, kid! I never thought you’d have such a huge one! Well done!” Styles gushed.

Zack blushed, “Thanks, Professor Styles. It’s just my penis, though. No big deal.”

Taking a few extra minutes with the larger cock, Professor Styles eventually released it and Zack leaned in for a quick kiss. Finally, thought Todd.

As Zack turned to dress and leave, Styles moved towards Todd. And then passed Todd. Shocked and a little angry, Todd could only watch as the professor pulled out Randy’s large ebony dick next to him. Todd glanced up at the clock which said it was only about ten minutes until practice would begin. Todd began to sweat as he looked back over at Randy’s dark cock getting massaged. Todd could only wait helplessly as Styles eventually received his kiss from Randy, then played with Timmy, then was kissed by Timmy, and moved down to Mike’s cock.

Todd was internally screaming as the clock moved closer and closer to six. The practice field was only about two blocks and if he left now, he could make it. But he’d have to move now. But he hadn’t gotten the opportunity to say goodbye to Professor Styles yet and there was just no way he could leave without at least saying goodbye to Styles like he knew he was supposed to. There was literally no way.

The clock had passed six by the time Styles told Mike he could go and got his kiss. Moving back down to Todd, the professor just smirked at him.

“You doing okay, Todd?”

“I’m a little worried about the coach getting mad at me for being late. I’m not sure what he’ll have me do. Last guy that was late had to run laps for hours. Another was cut right then and there. So, I’m a bit worried, Professor.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Todd. Why didn’t you leave? If it meant that much to you, you should have gone while I was saying goodbye to the other boys.”

“No, Professor Styles! I wouldn’t even be able to think about leaving without saying goodbye to you. Sure, the football matters to me and stuff but you and this experiment already mean more. I’m sorry, not trying to make you feel bad. Just wanted to answer your question. But, uh, can we do it now so I can run?”

“Sure thing, sport.”

Styles grabbed his cock and pulled on it repeatedly. Todd had to admit, it did feel pretty good, but it was more about letting the professor say his goodbyes than being a source of pleasure for him. He had to be mindful of that. A random guy stroking his cock would be gay and wrong. But the professor doing it was right…but Todd still had to make sure he wasn’t sexualizing it. It was a goodbye, not a hand job. There was a difference.

Looking up at the clock, after what seemed like hours, Todd saw that the professor had been stroking him for almost another half an hour. It was 6:32. That meant Styles had played with his cock for longer than he did the other five guys combined. Todd knew there was no telling what the coach was going to do to him now. But Styles wasn’t done. He had to wait for the professor to finish before he could run to practice.

“Okay, sport. We’re done now,” Styles stated as he let go of the heavy dick. His heart leaping, Todd leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips, turned and started to put his clothes on in a panic. Rushing, he ran out the door without putting his shirt on. As the door slammed shut, Styles smiled broadly as he saw that Todd had not only failed to put his shirt on, he’d left it there under the chair he’d been sitting in.


Part 4

MONDAY, 2nd week

Randy tried to walk in a way that would pushed his hard dick back into the tight thong he’d decided to wear, but it was just a no go. Ever since class had ended and he had started walking with the other five guys towards the minivan the professor drove, he’d been hard as hell and it was marginally uncomfortable. It wasn’t that he was hard that was bothering him at all: he was thinking about the experiment so it was natural to get an erection; it was just how his hard cock was positioned that was so uncomfortable for him.

Tonight would be the first night that he and the other guys would be going to the professors’ home for the experiment rather than staying in the classroom. Randy was on pins and needles throughout the boring lecture eagerly waiting for class to hurry up and end so they could finally go work on the experiment. He’d been thinking about it almost all weekend since he’d left Friday evening. Even while he was swimming laps for practice Saturday morning, all he could do was think about Monday night and the fun he’d have with the next video. Naturally, when he thought about it, he got an erection and his tiny speedo did little to hide his massive wood. His teammates certainly got an eye-full, but Randy wasn’t too concerned about that. It was perfectly natural to get hard when he thought about the experiment. Why treat his dick differently in such a normal situation?

An erection while thinking of the experiment wasn’t that odd, Randy knew. What was odd, however, was his date with his girlfriend of two years last Saturday night. Randy had been with his high school sweetheart Monica for nearly three years now. They’d been pretty much inseparable throughout high school, even elected homecoming king and queen along with student body vice president and president respectively in their senior year. Randy had been so proud of Monica winning the presidency, to work with her as her vice president only made him love her even more. They had, quite literally, been inseparable for years now. When they were intimate, as corny as it was, Randy knew they were making love and not merely having sex.

Luckily, Monica and him had similar goals: to become doctors. Despite the fact that he was a pretty committed swimmer and she was more into theater, their real goal was building a life together. So it was difficult for Randy to process the strange happenings when they’d met up the previous Saturday.

It had started off a little bizarre anyway as Randy had called her the previous night (Friday) to tell her that he would be busy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the foreseeable future. Randy had known she’d understand but that she’d be disappointed: Wednesday nights had been their movie nights. So when he picked her up to go to dinner Saturday afternoon after his swim practice, Monica was a little uncharacteristically distant.

“You doing okay, sweetheart?” Randy had asked.

“Oh, yeah. I think it’s just the student council stuff. Being a freshmen is stressful enough without all this political stuff. And, I guess, I was a little angry that we won’t be doing our Wednesday night movies anymore.”

“Honey, you know you’ve got the votes, don’t worry. You’ll represent the freshmen class and you’ll be amazing. You know, like we always say, we’re the future Obamas and we know it,” Randy flashed her a toothy grin as he pulled out of the parking lot. “And as for Wednesday, I’m really sorry. You know this experiment thing with Professor Styles is just getting really interesting. I’m going to have to devote those nights to it for the time being. We can always switch it to Thursdays, okay?”

“I know, handsome. I love you.”

“Love you to, Mon.” Monica leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek and snuck a little grope. Randy was completely flaccid, which struck Monica as a slightly odd, but she let it go.

As the night had gone on, Randy and Monica talked like they always had. When the topic of the experiment came up, Randy responded similarly to how he had the previous couple days: “I honestly have no idea what’s going on with it. It makes no sense to me what he’s even trying to, to be frank. We go in, watch a movie, and leave. Nothing resembling an experiment or odd occurrences that he might be testing us for has even happened yet. But, honestly, it’s the most fascinating thing I’ve been involved with. I can’t even put into words how excited I am for Monday!” Monica wasn’t aware, but while talking about it, Randy’s cock had stretched to its max in his jeans under the table.

Smiling happily for her love, Monica moved the topic along. After dinner, the young couple had decided to call it a night and go back to Randy’s dorm. For some reason, though, Randy had been a little worried about being intimate with Monica. He wasn’t sure why and it wasn’t going to necessarily stop him from doing it, but in the back of his mind, it just wasn’t as appealing as it had once been. They’d been together for so long and Randy had always looked forward to expressing his love in any way he could, especially physically. Tonight, however, he just wasn’t feeling it.

When they had entered, Monica immediately began stripping. Randy joined her as he usually did and the two began to kiss. Monica did give him a bit of a side eye when he got down to his uncharacteristic thong underwear. Ignoring the bizarre fashion choice for the moment, Monica began groping and grabbing at every inch of the handsome man she loved, but Randy only seemed about half into it. Reaching down after making out for a few minutes, Monica grabbed onto Randy’s limp dick. Pulling away, she looked down.

“Honey, you okay?” Monica asked.

“Sure…umm…I’m just…tired?”

“Randy, you’ve never had an issue like this. Are you mad at me? Am I not turning you on?” Monica pulled away slightly with some hurt in her eyes.

Randy couldn’t believe his guy wasn’t responding to her. He’d never had a probably getting hard for her whenever he or she wanted him to be. And, yet, in the back of his mind, he wasn’t necessarily worried or alarmed. More confused than anything. So Randy thought of the only thing he’d been able to think of almost all weekend: the experiment. Instantly and naturally, his cock shot up. Monica noticed and grabbed it with a passion.

“I knew it wasn’t me. You must have been tired.” Monica began stroking and groping as Randy laid back, trying to feign interest in Monica but thinking only of what might happen Monday. He blew his load as Monica wrapped her mouth around his pecker while Randy contemplated what the video might be for about the fiftieth time.

So now, here he was, about to enter the minivan and finally find out what the video may be! Thinking back to Saturday, he still wasn’t worried that the experiment had been the only way he’d been able to get hard for Monica. That just made sense. It was more confusion as to why his cock couldn’t get hard for her on her own. Stepping into the minivan after Todd and Mike had jumped in, Randy let those thoughts of Monica fade away entirely. It was time for the experiment! Finally!

Getting into the far back seat next to Todd and Mike, Randy began taking off all his clothes other than the thong he was wearing. He’d gone out Friday night to buy a thong on a whim. He’d even seen Zack, the nerdy guy in the experiment, there buying one too. He’d been wearing that thong since that night, so it was somewhat sweaty and stained at this point with as much pre-cum he’d been leaking thinking about tonight. Randy smiled as he looked over and saw that all the other guys were wearing skimpy thongs now too. Theirs all looked similarly stained and dirty! They really were becoming rather similar. It was funny to Randy how different they all were and yet obviously had the same idea.

Randy prided himself on his charisma that helped him get involved in politics, athletic ability especially in relation to swimming, and his intense and deeply personal relationship with his girlfriend. Last Monday, he’d seen the other five guys and thought how strange it was that he was grouped together with them. It was like that movie The Breakfast Club Monica had chosen to watch on one of their many Wednesday movie nights. They were all so different: a fratboy, a nerd, a jock, a theater kid, a stoner, and him, the popular class president type. And yet, suddenly, Randy started to really enjoy the fact that they had already grown to be a least a little similar in less than a week.

He still didn’t have an urge to go out and hang with the other five guys by any means, but he was starting to feel closer to them. They were chosen for this experiment and, quite obviously, they had more in common then they’d previously realized. It was with a warm and happy heart that Randy rode quietly in the back of the minivan, looking around at the other men with their erections stretching the limits of their thongs, some of them actually showing parts of their dicks.

Finally, they arrived at the destination and Styles drove the minivan into what was obviously his garage. After parking, Styles hopped out and opened the side door. The other guys started filing out, Randy decided to just leave his clothing there. There really wouldn’t be much of a reason to take it all in with him just for a silly video.

The six boys waited patiently for the others to line up and, finally, Professor Styles opened a side door and lead the way. Following Timmy, Randy kept walking forward passed the door to the home, into another door, and down a set of stairs into what was obviously the Professor’s basement. Walking through the room, they entered another side room with what looked to be a concealed wall or something. It looked as if the room would be almost entirely hidden if the door was closed, as if it were a secret passage. That excited the adventurous side of Randy. How fun would a room like this had been in his youth! He’d have been hide and seek champion.

There were a set of six chairs all facing what looked to be a projection on the wall with a few speakers hanging next to it. Styles instructed them to sit in the same order they’d been sitting in the classroom and they could get the next experiment underway. Taking his seat between Todd and Timmy, Randy waited for the others to get into position. When they were all ready, Styles closed the cool wall-door thing. Randy was positive that anyone outside the room probably wouldn’t even know there was a small room behind it. When they heard it latch shut, the video started. Randy could hear the high pitched squeal that was so similar to the one in the classroom, but it faded from his consciousness within five seconds and he placed all of his attention to the video on the wall: his excitement for what was to come almost making his cock burst.

Yet again, it was random pictures and words flashing too quickly to even process. That didn’t faze Randy in the slightest. He loved these videos. He’d watch them endlessly if he was allowed to. He didn’t even take his eyes off the screen as he slid his thong off, allowing his hard 8 inch cock to bounce up and hit him in the abs as the material slid down his legs and completely off. Beginning to stroke mindlessly, the video continued for who knew how long. His cock felt amazing in this hand. He couldn’t believe how great it could feel to sit here stroking his cock while the video played. He nearly forgot that there were even his five other brothers in the room.

Randy’s heart sank when the video ended. He didn’t even really know what to do with himself. He wished and ached for more of the fascinating video to keep playing, but it wasn’t. He just continued to stroke his meat as he looked around. The other guys were all doing the same thing he was. It really made him feel like part of a crew to know his fellow brothers were all having the same reaction to the video. Looking at the five other cocks in the room, he was proud to say that he was one of the more endowed, only smaller than Zack and Todd. Regardless, his brothers were all actually pretty attractive men. He was straight, of course. But he knew it didn’t hurt to understand that his brothers were sexy. That was important. He actually wanted to get to know them all so much better now. He really did want to hang out with them as much as he could.

First things first, though, he knew he should wait for Professor Styles to come in and tell them what to do. The experiment was clearly done and Styles would probably be in shortly. Randy wondered if the professor was even watching them. Looking around, he spotted what may have been a few cameras on the wall. That was probably how he could see what they were doing. A part of him felt pretty bad for the professor. Whatever the experiment was, it clearly wasn’t working. Randy couldn’t even figure out what he may be studying because all six of them were behaving exactly the same way they always had. Even the few questions the professor had asked the previous Friday couldn’t help Randy figure out what he may be trying to discover. Was it a study of human behavior? Like, how do six different guys respond to a boring video?

Randy and the other five guys just continued to stroke their cocks for what seemed like a couple hours or so. Randy wasn’t too worried about it though, he would wait for as long as the professor wanted him to and he was confident the other five would do the same. Eventually, they heard the bolt on the wall-door click and Styles wandered in somewhat confidently. Quite naturally, the professor was nude and hard. He had a bit of a hairy belly on him and was clearly not nearly as in shape as most of the other younger guys, other than Mike, who was slightly pudgy around the edges. It wasn’t shocking at all to Randy that the professor was naked and also stroking a probably below average sized erection. What was shocking, however, was how insanely attractive, sexy, and perfect he found the professor. Judging by the staring and quicker jerking of the other five guys, they felt the same way. Even though he was looking at a man and Randy had never felt an attraction to any other guy in his life, there was no hesitation in admitting to himself that Professor Styles was the sexiest human being he had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

“Okay, guys, that’s it for today. You’re all doing so well with this experiment. Let’s say our goodbyes and I’ll let you guys go up, get dressed, and find your ways home.”

As soon as Styles finished his sentence, Randy launched up and filed up behind Todd, still stroking. He knew the standard goodbye at this point, so Todd and Randy waited patiently as Steve and Zack each got on either side of the professor and began humping him on either side. Zack’s absolutely humungous cock slid up and down the side of the nude professors hip and left a trail of pre-cum as he did so. Steve’s average one bent slightly to the right, so it couldn’t slide up and down the hip as easily as Zack’s, Randy mentally noted. He watched as the head of Steve’s cock kept coming into view and disappearing as it slid as best it could up the side of Styles.

Styles, for his part, did what was natural for their end of experiment goodbye and was groping Randy’s brother’s asses, bodies, and occasionally the cocks and balls that were humping into either of his sides. He was currently Frenching with Steve and really getting into it and Steve was doing the same with him. Getting enough action from Steve, he moved to the other side and started making out with Zack too while Steve started licking and kissing Styles neck and shoulder. Eventually, Styles went back to Steve and Zack started kissing and sucking on the professors earlobe. It went back and forth in this vein for quite a while while Randy, Todd, Timmy, and Mike just stared and stroked like they were supposed to. Randy had to admit, though, that he was getting impatient. He wanted to say goodbye to the professor and kiss and hump and lick him too!

Styles eventually let Steve and Zack head upstairs to leave and Todd and Randy took their places. Randy loved his goodbyes with the professor. He knew that the most exciting part of this experiment was the videos for sure, but the goodbyes had become his second favorite part. They just felt so amazing to him and he knew he never really said goodbye to anyone else this way, but Styles had really become something special to him. He was literally the first man he’d ever found attractive and he assumed saying goodbye in this way would only contribute to that attraction. A small part of him knew when he’d finished the video that the professor was probably the most important person in his life now by far, but it wasn’t really confirmed until he felt his huge cock sliding up and down the sexy man’s hairy, pudgy side. The only real question now for Randy was just how he was going to break up with Monica. He knew it wasn’t that big of a deal and it could be as simple as a phone call saying ‘hey, we’re over’. But knowing Monica, she’d want to talk about it or something.

Making out with Styles erased the thoughts of breaking up with Monica for a moment as he felt the sexy man’s tongue on his own. It was absolutely the sexiest thing he’d ever experienced up to this point. All of the sex he’d had with Monica was absolutely nothing to the thrill he got feeling Styles tongue in his mouth. He could feel the professor sliding his finger slightly up his asshole and he was surprised to find that he enjoyed it immensely. Randy knew there was literally no other human being, even Monica, that he’d let put anything up his asshole. But his professor could do what he wanted with him if it made him feel this good!

The professor moved his mouth over to Todd’s and Randy didn’t lose a beat, latching his mouth onto Styles’s neck. Sexily nipping at it, tasting the somewhat salty skin, and enjoying the feeling of the professor against his cock and balls, Randy just lost himself in the moment until the professor brought his mouth back over to him. Randy couldn’t believe how amazing this goodbye was feeling. He was overjoyed and his heart sang. Randy was a little surprised at how ecstatic and excited this was making him feel considering the whole thing was so perfectly normal and natural. He was merely saying goodbye to the professor…so why did it make him feel this amazing?

Randy’s heart broke slightly when the professor told Todd and him to head home. Walking out the door and up the stairs, he glanced back to see Timmy and Mike move into the goodbye position. Randy and Todd chatted slightly about how amazing the experiment was going, how surprising it was that it was so fulfilling, and how weird it was that they didn’t seem to be doing anything different or abnormal worthy of study. Randy still couldn’t put his finger on what exactly the professor was trying to do, but he was glad to hear that not only did Todd not know, but that he was as happy with what was going on as him. As Randy pulled up his pants and watched Todd do the same, he realized he’d left his thong in the basement. Realizing it was probably strange he’d worn the thong at all as he really never wanted to wear underwear, he kind of just let it go. Randy noted that Todd had done the same as Todd talked about needing to call his coach to quit the football team.

“I just need to devote my time to this experiment and to you guys. We are brothers now, after all,” Todd explained matter-of-factly.

“I hear you, brother. I’ve been trying to figure out how to break up with my girlfriend, Monica. She just doesn’t fit in with my plans anymore now that the experiment is getting so intense and important.”

“Oh fuck, brother! You’re right. I’ve gotta break up with Tina too. I was so focused on how I’d tell Coach I needed to quit even after how cool he’d been when I was late last Friday that I forgot about her. I guess that makes it easier. She obviously wasn’t that important anyway!”

Randy and Todd laughed while pulling their shirts over their heads. Walking out of the garage, they looked at one another, smiled, said their goodbyes, made out for a few minutes and each went opposite ways towards their respective dorms.

Picking up his phone, Randy called Monica, “Look, Mon, I’ve got some bad news…”


Part 5

WEDNESDAY, 2nd week

Timmy was on cloud nine. Less than two weeks ago, he was nothing more than a flamboyant gay guy who was constantly made fun of at his college in a red state. He had endured his share of name calling, threats, and even physical confrontations. Granted, he had found a boyfriend the first week of college, which really did help him cope with life after high school. But he thought he’d go to college, find like-minded people, and wouldn’t have to deal with the same old, same old homophobia he’d grown up with since coming out in high school.

He’d been wrong.

Though Freddie was a fantastic boyfriend and Timmy really thought he’d had a great connection with him, he still had to deal with meat headed straight guys putting him down. What did you expect, Timmy had told himself, you went to college in fly over, red state, Midwest hell. While more liberal than the small town he’d grown up in, there were bound to be moronic knuckle-draggers who hated gays merely because they were raised to hate gays.

Freddie and he had connected almost instantly and had been enjoying the freedom college provided with nearly constant fucking and good times, but any time they left the privacy of their dorm, they had to deal with the assholes. Timmy had been considering just dropping out when he’d received the note from Professor Styles almost a week and half ago. At the time, he had considered skipping the so called experiment he’d been randomly assigned to, especially when he found out that both Todd and Steve were also going to be a part of it. Both of them had already threatened him repeatedly since the first day of school. Steve had even punched him about three weeks prior just for walking by him and his friends and making eye contact with him. Timmy had a black eye for about two weeks after that but he vowed to try to stick it out and get through it. Luckily, he had Freddie at the time.

That first month of college had been a tough one, for sure, but now, here he was, stroking his cock contentedly in the back seat of Professor Styles minivan next to Steve. Steve actually had a great body, Timmy thought to himself. And a cute dick to boot.

Timmy had never been happier and he was so incredibly proud to be a part of the experiment that Styles was performing. It was strange, to be sure, as there really wasn’t much happening that was of note. Timmy did occasionally try to think about what exactly the professor was studying, but since Monday, it had only ever ended with Timmy jerking off until he came whenever he thought about it. Timmy had probably cum at least twenty times since Tuesday morning thinking about what Styles might be figuring out with the him and his five brothers.

And that’s exactly what the five other guys had become to him: brothers. Even Todd and Steve. It was rather bizarre to Timmy how quickly his opinions of his two bullies had shifted in such a short time. Only a week and half ago, he was thinking about how he could get back at him for the attack and now, here he was, nude and stroking right next to him. He’d thought before that maybe Steve had some repressed homosexual desires or something, but now, sitting here next to him, he was pretty sure he was straight. That was okay though: he felt so close to him now as his brother. Steve looked over at him and smiled. Somewhat randomly, but not really all that surprisingly, Steve leaned in and stuck his tongue in Timmy’s mouth. Accepting it, Timmy did the same with Steve as the two continued stroking.

It brought back memories of the previous evening to Timmy. He’d invited the other five guys over to his dorm to hang out. Luckily, Randy had sent out an e-mail with his contact info and a message that he’d love to get to know them all better to the other five guys the night before and everyone had followed suit. Evidently, Randy had just broken up with a girlfriend, Monica, a girl Timmy had a couple theater classes with, so his evenings were going to be much freer than they’d been before.

So Timmy had extended an invite to his five brothers and all five had eagerly responded that they’d love to come over and hang out. Timmy didn’t really know what they’d do, he just knew that he wanted to spend time with them desperately, so when classes ended around 5, he rushed home to prepare. From what he’d gathered from the other five, he was the only one in a single dorm so his was the only place they’d be sure to be alone, which was very preferable considering they six of them had to be naked and stroking whenever they were alone together. It was a little frustrating ensuring other people weren’t around because they knew they’d judge their nudity. Why was the world so prude? They were just six brothers who wanted to be nude and stroke in peace but, deep down, they knew others would overly sexualize it and make into something it wasn’t. To avoid all that nonsense, they made sure they had a private place and Timmy’s seemed the best solution to that.

Steve had actually been the first to arrive and walked in to make himself at home. The room wasn’t what anyone would call large so it would be cramped when all the brothers arrived, especially Todd and Mike who were both a bit larger than the rest. But Steve removed his clothing and sat on the floor. He began stroking the moment his cock was released from his sweatpants and Timmy and he started chatting like old chums. Steve even mentioned the time he’d punched him, apologized, and said he never would have done it if he’d known he was actually his brother. Timmy graciously accepted, leaned in, and made out with him a bit. Just to show him there were no hard feelings.

Eventually, the others arrived and the six all sat naked, stroking, and talking enthusiastically in a circle. There was a couple definite consensuses among the six: they all couldn’t wait for the next experiment night, they all were surprised to realize that Professor Styles was the sexiest man they’d ever seen, they all felt blessed to be part of this confusing experiment, and they all knew that they were brothers now. Occasionally, an urge would come from their gut to make out with one of their random brothers, and rather than ignore it, they all just went with it. By the end of the night, Timmy had had make out sessions with every one of his brothers at least three times. Timmy knew that in a weird way it should be sexual or romantic, especially as a gay man, but with his brothers, it was more just a normal way in which they bonded. It wasn’t a gay thing in the slightest. It was a sign of how close they’d already become as partners in an experiment.

Timmy was amazed at how similarly they all really were now. Even though he was pretty sure he was the only gay one, the only theater major, and the only one that was even remotely what someone might call ‘feminine’, he was sure that the six of them really did look at the world similarly. There was no reason that he and his brothers couldn’t be as close as he’d been with Freddie eventually. Timmy had decided to end it with Freddie Monday night not too long after leaving Professor Sparks place. He didn’t want to be with his brothers in a boyfriend way, though. More of a closer than anyone else he’d ever known sort of way. As the night went on, the six decided that they’d try to hang out as frequently as they could. They made plans to hang out again after classes on Thursday too, which worked so well for all of them. Timmy learned that Steve had decided not to join the frat he’d been pledging, Todd had quit his football team, Randy quit swimming, and Mike had dumped his girlfriend as well. Zack laughed and said he didn’t really have plans most nights beyond studying anyway and even that hadn’t been meaning as much to him as hanging with his brothers now. Timmy agreed and stated that he’d talked to his acting professor and had quit the play he’d been cast in. Rehearsals just weren’t as important as the experiment and his brothers any more. He had to devote that time to them.

So now, in the minivan, he enthusiastically made out with Steve as Professor Styles pulled into the garage. Just like Monday, he parked, allowed the men to get out, and they all headed down to the little hidden cubby-hole in Styles’s basement.

Sitting in his usual spot between Randy and Mike, Timmy continued to stroke as the professor got everything ready. Timmy just could not wait for the next video. His life had literally been split into two different times these days: time when the videos weren’t playing and time when they were. He lived for the times when the video played, which Timmy just could not believe was happening after only viewing four of them. But they were just so brilliant. Why they were so brilliant to him, Timmy couldn’t really explain. They just were!

The strange hidden door closed as Styles left the room and the next video started up. Somewhere in the far reaches of his mind, Timmy knew that the unique noise that had played in previous videos must be playing again, but he wasn’t even remotely aware of it anymore. All that really mattered was the random words and pictures flashing before him as he stroked, stroked, stroked.

Eventually, he oddly felt weird stroking his own cock. Why stroke my own when my brothers had some that could easily be stroked too? Perhaps stroking another guys cock could feel even better? Timmy knew that when he’d dated Freddie or hooked up with random other guys he’d enjoyed stroking and playing with their cocks so much. But that, honestly, was in a sexual way. It was because his orientation lead him to enjoying other guys cocks. This was so different. This was because his brothers mattered as much to him as himself at this point. They were all brothers here, so what difference did it make if he touched their cocks just as he touched his own. Reaching over without breaking his focus on the video, he began stroking Mike’s short, chubby cock and he felt Mike grab onto his. He really couldn’t see, but he imaged the other guys were stroking each other now too. How fabulous that they had each other. It was so vital to him now to make his brothers feel as good as he felt. They were part of him now. They really deserved to feel the love he had for himself too.

Timmy wasn’t sure when it happened, but the video ended abruptly. The only real sign that it had ended initially was that immediately, all five of his brothers and he stood up, lied on the ground and began sucking on the cock they’d been stroking during the film. After all, his brother was basically him at this point: there was no harm in sucking on the cock of his brother. He wasn’t really paying attention beyond the cock in his mouth, balls hitting his nose, and the gut of Mike smashing into him, but the feeling of Mike sucking his cock did feel great too. He was so focused on bringing pleasure to his brother that he didn’t even look to see if the other four guys were doing the same. Based on the chorus of slurping and sucking sounds, Timmy was positive they were. Besides that, they were brothers now, closer to one another than they’d ever been to anyone else. If Timmy was sucking Mike, he was incredibly safe to assume his four other brothers were sucking each other too.

For hours and hours, Timmy suckled and pleasured the brother his loved. Part of him was curious if any of his other brothers tasted any different. He thought that he probably had the most skill at sucking cock and was proud that he could provide that extra oomph of talent for Mike, but in the end, it wasn’t really about the skill. It was about loving his brother completely.

Timmy suddenly heard a clicking sound and assumed it was Professor Styles walking in the room. Time wasn’t really an issue to Timmy anymore, so he wasn’t incredibly curious as to how long he’d been sucking on Mike, but Styles said proudly that they’d been sucking cock for almost four hours now! Timmy’s heart swelled with pride. He’d pleasured his brother for almost four hours! What a great brother he was!

Rather unceremoniously, Styles said cum and Timmy felt his orgasm flow into Mike’s mouth just as Mike came into his. He knew eventually sucking a cock would cause it to cum, it’s only human nature, but Timmy was positive that this wasn’t a gay thing or a sexual thing in the slightest, even though he was gay. This was just brothers sharing one another’s seed. Just as he viewed his own cock as no different than Mike’s or Todd’s or Zack’s now, so too was their seed one anothers’. And Timmy knew, somehow, that seed is meant to be swallowed. It’s just what you do with it no matter who’s it is And Mike’s seed was his seed..

Having cum, Timmy and his brothers stood up and stood in a line for Professor Styles to continue his experiment. Timmy smiled slightly, still so unsure as to what in the living heck the professor was trying to mettle through with this stuff. As long as he kept the experiment going, Timmy didn’t care what he was trying to do. He’d keep doing it. Besides, Professor Styles was nude too and Timmy knew that not only was Styles the sexiest and most amazing human being on the face of the Earth, he’d probably do just about anything the man asked of him at this point, no matter what it was. That didn’t have anything to do with the experiment or being his student, though. It just had everything to do with how insanely intelligent, sexy, and perfect the chubby, hairy man before him was. Timmy, in a weird way, thought that maybe Professor Styles was his soul mate. He hoped he could convey to the man that he’d do anything to be with him, but he knew right now Styles had the floor and he was supposed to listen along with his brothers.

“Okay, brothers, I want to test something really fast. This isn’t really our Friday review, just a little trial. Understand?”

In unison, the six men stated, “Yes, sir.”

“Okay, Todd, shove your tongue into Zack’s asshole.”

Todd did it in an instant without hesitation. Timmy felt pride in his brother for listening to Professor Styles so quickly.

“Mike, try to shove your fist up Randy’s asshole and Randy, relax completely and let Mike’s fist in.”

Mike nearly pushed Timmy over getting to Randy’s ass and Randy leaned over allowing Mike to insert the fist. There did seem to be a bit of resistance at first, but within a minute or so, Mike had his fist in Randy’s ass. Randy did look rather uncomfortable with it, but Timmy couldn’t help but be so insanely proud of both his brothers. He knew Randy had to feel pride in himself and Mike too. Listening to Professor Styles just felt so nice and right.

“Steve, kneel in front of Timmy and Timmy, piss all over him.”

Steve dived in front of Timmy and Timmy got slightly nervous. He didn’t feel like he had to pee at all! How was he supposed to fulfill Styles request if he didn’t have to pee!? Luckily, as soon as Steve was in position, Timmy felt his bladder relinquish whatever urine happened to be waiting to leave. Timmy breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Professor Styles must be so perfect and so powerful that even his bladder had to listen to him fully. He tried to spread the urine all around Steve as best he could and Steve looked like he was so incredibly proud to allow Timmy to piss on him at Styles’s request. Timmy knew that he, himself was bursting with so much pride. God, Professor Styles was so amazing to let him piss on Steve just like he knew he should.

“Okay, good job guys, why don’t the six of you hit the showers and then we’ll say our goodbyes.”

Instantly, the six brothers left the small room and instinctively crossed the basement to another hidden panel on the other side of the room. Timmy wasn’t entirely sure how or when they’d learned about the other hidden room, but seeing Zack hit the hidden button to open it just showed that somehow, they knew about it. He wasn’t too concerned about how they knew, however. All he could think about was how amazing Styles was and how much he loved his brothers.

In this second hidden room was some work out equipment and a single shower head in the far right corner. It was a tight squeeze, but all six of them got under the head as the warm water flowed down on top of all of them. They were his brothers, after all, so Timmy helped lather up the other five as they also lathered him up. If he was going to be cleaned, he wanted to ensure the other five were clean too. It was only right that all the brothers helped as they really were so similar. They were a tangle of young male bodies reaching and stroking and kissing as the water washed over them all. At one point, Timmy glanced out and saw Styles sitting on one of the bench presses that he had in the room. He was staring at them and stroking his cock with the most serious look on his face. Oh fuck, Timmy thought, he’s so sexy looking at us like that.

Eventually, the shower water started getting cold so it was time to dry off. All of them shared a single towel that Styles provided and they helped another get all the hard to reach parts of their brothers. Once dry, Styles said it was time to say goodbye, so, as was natural at this point, they lined up do their usual goodbye.

Timmy was so happy for Steve and Zack that they got to say goodbye first. The pride in his brothers for being so good to Styles just overwhelmed him as he watched Steve bend over in front of Styles and stick Zack’s cock in his mouth. Professor Styles spread what looked to be lube on his cock and positioned it at Steve’s hole and eased himself in. Steve groaned around Zack’s huge dick in pleasure as Styles fucked him. Timmy started to tear up slightly feeling so much love and excitement for his brothers that Styles got to say goodbye to them in such a great way. Eventually, Zack and Steve swapped positions so Styles got a chance to fuck Zack too. Not only that, but Zack got to suck on his brother Steve’s dick. Timmy had to admit that Styles looked so hot sweating heavily and fucking the scrawny, pale Zack. Zack’s pendulum of a cock bounced erratically and rhythmically as the fucking continued, leaking as it swayed temptingly. Timmy made a mental note to taste his brother Zack’s meat as soon as possible.

Styles announced that he was done and they could go and with some visible sadness, Steve and Zack left and headed upstairs. Todd bent before Styles and allowed Randy’s cock in his mouth and the fucking began again. It was rather comical, actually, to see the sexy Styles fucking the mountain that was Todd. Despite the physical difference in scrawny Timmy and the sizable muscle jock of Todd, Timmy really just kind of viewed him as an extension of himself. Even knowing his brother was basically a part of him, the sight of the difference was amusing.

Randy assumed the position after a while and sucked on Todd’s thick piece as Styles fucked him. Timmy couldn’t wait for what was to come, he knew he was next! The incredibly small selfish part of him couldn’t wait to feel Styles up his ass but that was dwarfed considerably by the excitement at seeing his brother getting fucked. He was just so happy for them all. After a while, though, it was Timmy’s turn.

As Randy and Todd walked out, Timmy bent before the professor and accepted the cock in his ass and Mike’s cock in his mouth, just like they always did when they said goodbye. It felt so great every single time it happened, but for this beautiful moment, it felt like the first time. Timmy tried desperately to focus on pleasing the man in his ass because he knew he was perfect and amazing and deserved it while simultaneously pleasuring Mike, who, by extension, was basically himself.

Time stopped while Styles was inside him. It was where he was meant to be, for sure. The pride at pleasuring the professor outweighed everything, so it was slightly surprising when the professor suddenly told them to switch. Timmy for sure wasn’t going to question Styles, so he popped off the cock and let Mike suck on him a bit as he watched Styles insert himself into Mike.

Eventually, the time came for them to leave. It was the saddest Timmy could remember ever being. He really didn’t want to leave the professor or go back to his dorm without his brothers. But he knew he had to. They still had lives outside of the experiment and they had to live it, unfortunately. At this point, he knew he’d drop everything just to be a part of the experiment, but really, he couldn’t yet. He still did want to be an actor, even if that was so small and unimportant compared to everything else.

As he got to the car to get his clothing on, Timmy gushed to Mike about how amazing the professor was, how great it felt to find brothers as amazing as him and the others, and how this experiment still confounded him on a deep level. There just wasn’t anything of significance happening so why was the professor still pursuing it when, honestly, it would be so much more fun just to pleasure one another and him. Why couldn’t they just serve the god-like man who was putting on the clearly failing experiment? Mike agreed readily and even pointed out that as a straight man, it was surprisingly normal to him to suck cock and get fucked, but only because it was his brothers and Styles. He expressed an attraction to women still was there and that he missed his girlfriend slightly, but nothing mattered to him more than the professor now. Timmy agreed as he put on the last of his clothing he’d removed when he entered the minivan.

Timmy was so annoyed that he even had to put the stupid crap on knowing that he’d just take it all off again the moment he got back to his dorm. Luckily, he’d stopped wearing underwear, so there was one less garment he’d have to stupidly wear. But with his shirt in place, it was time to head home. Groping, kissing, and giving a slight tug on Mike’s cock before he left, Timmy shed a tear as he watched his brother head the other way. He’d give anything to live with his brothers forever. But, for now, that just wasn’t in the cards. Maybe they could get an apartment together next year? To Timmy, that seemed like ages. Could he wait that long?

Smiling thinking about how amazing the night had gone, Timmy sauntered home merrily, recounting the evening and excitedly planning what he’d do with his brothers tomorrow night.


Part 6

FRIDAY, 2nd week

Mike sucked on Steve as the car pulled into the garage. The car ride was really only a ten minute drive from campus, but the moment the car door shut and him and his brothers had all shed their clothing, he had latched onto Todd’s cock, then Zack’s, then Timmy’s, and now Steve’s. He wasn’t sure who had been sucking him at any given time, but he felt mouths changing on his cock periodically too. It was fabulous having this bonding time with his brothers. At this point, he kind of just considered them extensions of himself. Before meeting these five amazing guys, the most amazing feeling Mike used to have was smoking pot or trying out LSD those couple of times. Now, honestly, his brothers made him feel better and higher than any drug ever had. They were more addicting too!

Mike used to be a bit of a rebellious pothead not too long ago. Those memories honestly seemed lifetimes ago at this point, though. Mike rarely thought about his time before he’d stayed for the experiment now though, but randomly, a thought or two might creep in. His parents, his ex-girlfriend, smoking with friends behind the 7-11, trying pot for the first time in 5th grade, seeing that band he’d worshiped for years at a concert last summer. Even now, looking back, he couldn’t even remember the name of the band he knew he’d been obsessed with for years. That didn’t matter much to him now though. Currently, the only thing that mattered to him was Steve’s cock throbbing in his mouth. This is what he loved most: making his brother feel good. It made him feel good too.

Luckily, yesterday, he got the chance to practice making his brothers feel good. When he’d gotten home Wednesday night after the amazing experience with Styles and his brothers, he saw he had a message in his inbox from Steve. He was suggesting they all get haircuts in the morning, cut class, and hang out. All his brothers had already responded positively and Mike enthusiastically sent an agreement.

So, yesterday morning, they all set out to get a haircut. Somewhat saddened by the fact that he had to put clothes back on, Mike did so. It was so frustrating to wear the stupid fabric, but he knew other people just wouldn’t understand his nudity like his brothers or Styles did. He desperately wanted to scream at the prudish idiots that it wasn’t about being nude for ridiculous perverted reasons! It was about being close to his brothers! It was about not having anything to keep him and his brothers from provided pleasure, happiness, and pride for one another! Stop making it into some stupid gay thing! But he couldn’t say any of that…they just wouldn’t understand.

Brushing a couple of his dreads out of his face, Mike walked to the designated stylist that Steve had suggested. Mike knew in the deep recesses of his mind that cutting off his dreads was something he would absolutely never have done even two weeks prior. He’d been working on these dreads for years and years. He didn’t even recall the last time he’d had a haircut. Probably around 4th grade or so? His hair was insanely long and he’d been so proud of it. Now, though…eh. They didn’t matter in the slightest. He wanted to be more like his brothers and they agreed the best way to be more similar for right now would be to just shave all their heads. That way, they’d be even more alike.

Arriving at the salon right when they opened at 9 am, Mike was so happy to see his brothers. His cock hardened in his pants instantly upon seeing Todd from a distance. His cock imprisoned in his sweatpants didn’t provide much concealing in the slightest as his bulge protruded outward, but Mike was far more concerned that he couldn’t present it to his brothers in the open right now. The bulge was clearly the best he could do until they had privacy. He proudly showed it off knowing his brothers would do the same until they could whip off the clothes behind closed doors and play with one another. Seeing all five of his brothers bulges just made him so proud of them. They were happy, horny, and hard, just like they should be when they were together.

Entering the salon with his brothers, they all lined up as each took a turn getting their head completely shaved. It didn’t actually take too long for most of the guys, who had relatively short hair, but then Mike took the chair. The stylist clearly had an issue with the tangles and knots and thickness, but over time, it started to fall away. His bulge aching in his pants, Mike just kept looking over at his amazing brothers throughout the process, bouncing his cock enthusiastically every time he saw their bulges or made eye contact. His brothers were just so supportive and amazing. It kept his cock achingly hard. He knew the stylist had to notice the bulge, but, being a professional, she didn’t say anything about it and tried, desperately to make small talk. Not really wanting to talk about much beyond his brothers and the experiment, however, the stylist eventually just gave up and kept working on the hair.

After a long while, the last of the hair fell away and Mike looked with pride at his shaved head. He looked so much like his brilliant brothers! This was perfection! Paying the stylist, Mike ran back to Timmy’s dorm with his five brothers. They didn’t want to waste another moment.

Getting in the dorm room, they all shed their clothing instantly and started sucking on the erections with pride and some lust. They truly did love one another at this point and just wanted to show their brothers how much they meant to them. So, from around 12 pm until 12 am, the six brothers sucked each other constantly in random ways to practice for the next night. They knew, deep down, that the experiment tomorrow meant that they’d be blowing one another again and it wasn’t about anything beyond wanting to pleasure the brothers that they cared for so deeply.

Deciding to call it a day on the sucking cock, the six brothers ended up just crashing at Timmy’s. They were pretty hungry at that point, but Timmy just gave them random food he had in his fridge, which helped them all ease into sleep. Cuddled into a single unit, the six of them stayed hard and happy as they all passed out.

It was a restful sleep, but Mike woke with enthusiasm as he realized where he was. Reaching over, he found Zack’s unit and decided to suck on it a bit to help his brother wake. This turned into Zack waking up and sucking Randy. Within a few minutes, all six of them woke up and started sucking again. Without a word, they all agreed to skip classes again until Professor Styles science class that afternoon.

Mike realized that time really did fly when having fun and the afternoon came suddenly. Hours and hours of sucking his brothers’ cocks finally ended and, with some anger, he put his clothes back on, headed to class, and anxiously awaited getting into the minivan after class.

So now he was there, sucking Steve and loving his life more than he ever had.

Mike wasn’t really paying any attention to the movement of the car so he jumped slightly when he heard Styles say they were at his house. They all lined up as per usual, went downstairs, and took their seats.

Without even waiting a moment, Professor Styles left the room seeing they were ready. Mike couldn’t be sure, but he was fairly certain Styles seemed almost as excited as his brothers for the experiment this time. All the previous times they’d arrived, Professor Styles took his time and nonchalantly went through the motions. This time, however, it was sudden. As if Styles just couldn’t wait to get to the experiment. Mike didn’t blame him in the slightest. He couldn’t wait either! This insanely confusing and probably failing experiment had truly become his life.

The video began and Mike lost all sense of time the moment the words and pictures began flashing.

6 came to. He sucked 5. 5 sucked him too. He looked over to see 1 and 2 sucking one another and 3 and 4 sucking one another. This is what his life was meant to be. Living for his brothers pleasure. Becoming just like them. They were all one. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. This was it. They knew they always existed here. To pleasure one another. That was all that mattered when they were alone.

Eventually, they knew they had to try different things, at least for tonight. The regiment would continue tomorrow, just as it had during their entire lives. 6 knew exactly what he had to do day in and day out, just as he had since he was born. But tonight was special. He didn’t know why. He didn’t have to know why. He just knew.

So 6 fucked 1. He saw 3 and 5 sucking 2 at the same time. 4 tried to shove his own fist up his ass. Then 1 began fucking 6 so 6 motioned to 3 to fuck him and so on until all 6 were fucking and getting fucked with 1 and 5 as engine and caboose.

The clicking of the hidden door caught the attention of the brothers after a while. Master Styles walked in. 6 was riveted on him. He knew, as was right, that when Master Styles walked in, he got your attention and his commands were law. He told them how proud of how them he was and that they could continue fucking while he asked them a few questions saying it was Friday. Time didn’t matter. The day didn’t matter. Only Master Styles mattered.

“What are your names?”

In unison and in one voice, “We have no names.”

“Who do you worship?”

“You, Master Styles.”

“What is your goal.”

“To become one with each other, to pleasure one another, and to serve you completely, Master Styles.”

“Good brothers.”

And the five with cocks in asses came and 5, himself, came all over the floor. Seeing the cum on the ground, all 6 brothers allowed themselves to finish cumming, then swooped down to lick up the semen. Semen needed to be swallowed. Semen needed to be down their throats. 5’s semen was their semen so they needed to eat it.

The night proceeded by breaking more of the normal routine with Master Styles commanding the 6 brothers to do random acts to him and to one another. Master had them suck, fuck, and worship him. It was easy. It was what they were born to do.

Eventually, they went to the third hidden room in Master Styles’s basement to sleep. Inside was the one bed they shared since they were born. The 6 brothers piled onto the bed, cuddled together, and slept. It was 11. It was time to sleep until 7. They would continue their normal routine tomorrow.


Part 7

MONDAY, 3rd week

It was 7 am so they woke up with their brothers. They all went to the corner of their bedroom and prepared their breakfast. Protein powder, vitamins, and various ingredients that Master Styles provided them. They eat. It’s 7:30 so it is time…

WEDNESDAY, 3rd week

…to shower. They move to the shower in the second hidden room. They all lather one another as a unit. They focus on their cocks. They need to release their shared semen in the shower to prepare for…

FRIDAY, 3rd week

…workout. They work out together. They all want to look like one another. They must adjust their work out according to their shape so all can be the same size. They want to be the same size. They need to be the same size. They work out until 12 because now it is time for…

MONDAY, 4th week

…afternoon sex. They fuck one another. Sometimes Master Styles joins them. Sometimes he is at work. Today he is at work. So they fuck and suck and pleasure their brothers. They know that today is special because some people might be coming to the house. They need to pay attention and hide in the room where they fuck and suck and stay quiet if they hear the buzz from Master Styles. They may come at any time. The brothers must be ready to stop their routine and resume it when the buzz is heard again. There is no buzz today. So they fuck and we suck until…

WEDNESDAY, 4th week

…lunch. Vitamins and powder. They eat together. Always together. Then…

FRIDAY, 5th week

…housework. They clean together the Master’s home. Laundry, scrubbing, whatever chores are necessary. They are sure to keep curtains closed, to remain quiet, and to hide in the room where they sleep if anyone comes to the door. They had heard the buzz a few days prior. They hid. They hid for hours while they knew Master Styles let the men tour the home. They hid and stayed quiet as they sucked one another. They heard the buzz again. They stopped sucking one another, left the room and continued their housework that day. Master Styles said people suspect he had kidnapped the brothers. The brothers know this is ridiculous. They’ve always been there. They are his. They do what makes him happy. Caring for him makes him happy so they clean. At 4:30…

MONDAY, 9th week

…they prepare supper for their Master. Sometimes, every five days for two days, they prepare all meals for him. Sometimes, if he is home on the usual once a day days, they prepare three meals again. That ended yesterday. Today is an only one meal day. The Master buys groceries and they prepare them for him. They aren’t allowed to leave his home ever. They don’t leave his home ever. They don’t want to leave his home ever. They love their Master so they make him his meal…

WEDNESDAY, 20th week

…and then he comes home. They dote on him. He is perfect. They love him. They undress him. They honor him. They worship him while he eats. They bathe him when he finishes. They do whatever he asks of them. They love him. They love him more than they love their brothers, which is with their whole heart and soul. He is their Master so they…

FRIDAY, 47th week

…show him their progress and how much they look alike for his pleasure. He loves them and how much they appear to be the same. He’s told them that people are still looking for them. They don’t know what he means. There is no other person but him. He’s their everything. They love him. So he leads them to the education room and…

MONDAY, 125th week

…they watch the video. They never remember when it starts or when it ends, but they are sure it is right. His experiment is perfect. His experiment was right. His experiment was a success. They don’t care what his experiment was because they have him and they have each other and they love him and each other. Every seven days, their Master asks them questions about how much they love him and their brothers. They answer honestly. They have never known anything beyond their Master and their brothers. They’ve heard the buzz a few times and they hid. They haven’t heard the buzz as frequently lately. They are happy to not have to hide because they get to spend more time with their Master…

WEDNESDAY, 217th week

…so they fuck and suck and play and listen and do and perform and love and…

FRIDAY, 419th week

…go to sleep. It was 11. It was time to sleep until 7. They would continue their normal routine tomorrow.

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