I think...

by EdIam

Larry wants to think for Zack.

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“Do you mind if I sit with you?”

I looked up at the man who had asked to sit at the table with me. Smiling a strained and awkward smile down at me, clearly uncomfortable, and socially awkward as fuck, the man gestured to the open spot next to me in the booth. The poor, schlubby older looking man was balding, a bit chubby, and absolutely not the kind of guy I’d want sitting next to me alone in a bar. He stared at my expectantly, as if he wanted me in a faggy way. I had to give him props for approaching me in the completely empty bar and asking to sit with me, honestly. Especially considering this wasn’t even a gay bar, I’d never met him before, and I was clearly out of his league.

I was a 23 year old college quarterback in his final year of school. So, naturally, I was incredibly fit. My dark hair and dark eyes fit my masculine face nicely and was outlined by dark stubble that my girlfriend me told made me look like a model. My large and muscular arms were outstretched over the back of the booth I was leaning into as I relaxed and tried to set my mind at ease after a long day of school and football practice.

I was out for a quick drink before heading home after a particularly long and grueling day of classes that I’d been struggling in already, a tiring practice where the coach was putting the pressure on me harder than usual, and a fight with my girlfriend, Whitney, over the phone on my way here. She’d wanted to go to a movie tonight, but I canceled. I just couldn’t concentrate today after everything else and that pissed her off. So much so that she hung up on me as I apologized even though I was going to offer for her to come and hang at my place. So, here I was, staring at the strange man standing above me, the only two people in the bar but the bartender. To put it mildly, I was a bit annoyed.

I stared back at the man, who I recalled had been sitting at the bar when I’d walked in, actually reading alone in the bar, strangely enough. I mean, who reads at the bar? I’d glanced over him once or twice and saw him staring back at me throughout the night. We’d even connected eyes a couple times, which seemed to surprise the older man, and he’d hurriedly glance back down into the book every time. I knew when I first saw him that he was probably a fag. He was reading what looked to be an old broken down journal or something. I’d never seen the man before, but he gave off a ‘bookish’ quality. He also seemed supremely awkward; given the strange glances he’d made my way.

My mind kind of snapped out of the shock at being disturbed and approached by the strange and ugly older man so unabashedly and I merely said curtly, “No. Please leave me alone.”

His face lost the smile pretty quickly as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other as if he didn’t know how to handle the rejection. I stared back at him, not wanting him to get the impression that I was weak willed or that I would change my mind. I did notice that he seemed to be carrying the book I’d seen him reading from the bar. Seeing it up close, it looked like it had gone through the ringer. There wasn’t a title and some of the pages seemed to stick out slightly in strange spots. Clearly, the guy was reading something that was old and beaten down.

“Look, dude. I had a fucking awful day. I don’t want to be with anyone, especially not an old fag, okay? Nothing personal. Just fuck off,” I followed-up, still staring intently, showing the clear alpha I was in this situation.

The man looked shocked and hurt at my words which honestly felt good to say. “Oh, uh, okay. I’m, uh, just gonna try something. Don’t mind me. Sorry. Just, uh just…” the man lifted the book he’d been holding up to his eye line awkwardly as his arms shook nervously, opened it to a random page that his finger seemed to have been stuck in, and started over enunciating some strange words that he seemed to be reading, “Reshishina benjuni frashun en durnishina fenjuna rajina broshi von reshishina.”

He looked back up at me as he finished the garbled and strange words he said at me as if he expected me to change my mind or for something else to happen. I just continued to stare back, even more annoyed than I’d been before. My glare hardened intensely as he kept standing there, clearly ignoring my request for him to fuck off. Just as I was about to get up and threaten the disgusting queer, he spoke again, looking like he had used all his energy to muster up a small amount of courage.

“I think you want me to sit next to you and get to know me very badly.”

I had moved my relaxed arms from behind me to the seat as I had planned to get up and beat the shit out of the annoying fag, but strangely enough, as soon as he said that I wanted him to sit by me, I found that he was absolutely right. It was so bizarre how the emotions and feelings I’d had shifted so quickly, but I did suddenly want to get to know the ugly freak. I still thought he was a disgusting homo, but that didn’t change the fact that I wanted him to sit by me so we could talk. Confused, I merely replied, “Actually… sure. Take a seat. I’d like to learn a bit more about you.”

Oddly enough, the strange man didn’t take a seat next to me after I’d given him the okay. Instead, he looked down at me completely shocked, as if he couldn’t have imagined I would have ever extended the invitation. If I hadn’t had such a frustrating day and felt so annoyed, I would have found the look of confusion somewhat hilarious, but I honestly just wanted the guy to sit next to me so I could start getting to know him.

“Seriously, dude. Sit down so we can start chatting. I don’t want to be here all night but I want to get to know you a little bit,” I demanded, not even attempting to hide my annoyance with the strange man.

As if waking up from a reverie, the man shook his head and unceremoniously slammed his ass next to me in the booth. It furthered my evidence that the man didn’t even seem to know how to socially interact without looking like a complete idiot.

He clearly didn’t even know where to begin as he shuffled his book around the table and glanced my way occasionally. I was, strangely enough, fiercely curious to get to know him, so finally, I mustered, “So, what’s your name?”

“Ummm. Hi. Sorry. I’m Larry. I, uh, don’t really do this much. I don’t really know how to… uh…”

“Talk?” I interrupted, somewhat rudely. “Regardless, I wanted you to sit here and I do want to get to know you a little bit, so can you try to suck it up and at least fill me on the basics of your life?”

Honestly, I didn’t care much about his feelings. The dude had sauntered over and asked to sit by me on a bad day and I had very little patience with his social anxiety. I did want to get to know him, but that didn’t mean that I wanted to wait on him to get comfortable all day. So a glared back at him as I waited for him to tell me a bit more about himself.

“I’m, uh, very sorry. Did I make you mad? You seem really agitated,” he replied with a quiver in his voice. Clearly, I was hurting the guy’s feelings. I didn’t really care.

Fuck, I thought. The prick is going to play the victim after everything else I went through today. He came over, annoyed me, and, out of pure curiosity, I asked him to sit by me so I could get to know him. I couldn’t help but let it all out, “Honestly, yes. I’ve had a rough day and I wanted to relax in peace. Despite that, you came over, became surprisingly interesting to me, so I fucking asked you to sit down, and then you can’t even spit out a single fact about anything to let me get to know you.”

My eyes could probably have burned a hole through the guy at this point as I stared daggers at him. A part of me wanted to take his ass out back and kick it.

As I’d ranted at him, he looked as though he was retreating into himself. He looked meekly back at me and squeaked, “Oh, okay. Then… ummm… I hope this still works… I mean. Uhh… I think you feel much better and can’t help but be excited about sitting next to me. I think me being here has completely turned your day around and you’re incredibly happy I asked to sit with you.”

And just like that, he was right. My emotions did a complete 180 just knowing that Larry was sitting here with me. It really was pretty awesome of him to come over and keep me company. I had to make it better, “Oh man, little dude. I apologize completely for being so rude to you, Larry. It’s just been a difficult day… week really. But I shouldn’t have taken it out on you! In fact, thank you for coming over here, it’s so incredibly nice to get the chance to meet you!”

I warmly smiled at him, feeling my heart do leaps in my chest due to the excitement at having Larry here sitting with me. I thought I’d wanted to be alone for the evening with a beer or two, but Larry proved that what I really needed was to meet a new friend, even if he was an older, balding weirdo like him. I probably wouldn’t want to hang out with him beyond this evening, but in this moment, he truly was what I wanted and needed.

“So what brings you here tonight, Larry?”

Larry smiled back; for the first time since he came over, looking like he was calming down a bit. “Thanks for asking… oh, I’m sorry, I never got your name.”

“Zack. Nice to meet you, Larry,” I happily responded

“Well, Zack. I think no matter what I say, you’ll be very interested and in no way confused or surprised. I think you’ll support whatever I say. I think you’ll believe me whole heartedly. I think you trust me completely.”

I smiled back at him, somewhat surprised he even had to say all of that to me. I was already insanely excited to meet him as he’d literally turned my horrible day around; of course I’d trust him no matter what he said.

“Well, uh, I’m a grad student here at the college studying Ancient Linguistics and my professor assigned me a dead language from the Middle East that I’ve been trying to decipher. I’m pretty good at figuring out that kind of stuff, but, honestly, not very good with people. I never really have been. But that’s a story for another time. My being an introvert isn’t as exciting because, well, I started figuring out the phonetics and grammar and I found out this manuscript claims to be pretty powerful magic and there are some, well, I don’t know what other word to use… magic spells in here that can do crazy things. Like control minds of people cluelessly. So I came here hoping to find an attractive man to use as a guinea pig.

“As I said earlier, I’m not very good with people. Especially attractive younger men. Because I’m gay and I’ve never had much confidence and I don’t really know what to do or say so I thought maybe using this could help me, uh, experiment and have fun with another man while seeing if the claims in the book are actually true. If I really can make a man do what I want them to do. Because, uh, like I said, I’m really nervous around people in general and now that I’m here I feel like I’m rambling and I’m so sorry that I can’t seem to shut up. Okay. Shutting up. Now. Sorry,” he finished, gazing at me intently, seemingly gaging my response as he shifted rather uncomfortably in his seat.

All I could do was smile back. It was quite an amazing confession and I couldn’t really grasp what it might mean. Of course, Larry was telling the truth. But that meant that he was going to try to do magic tonight?! I didn’t really know what to say… but he kept staring at me so I finally responded.

“That sounds amazing, Larry. Thanks for being so honest with me! I feel badly that you aren’t very comfortable with other people, especially considering you really do seem like an amazing guy. I mean, I trust you completely and I just met you! I do, honestly, hope you find an attractive guy to try the magic on. Maybe the bartender?” I suggested, gesturing helpfully toward the tall man across the way. I wasn’t even remotely gay in any way, so I wasn’t exactly sure that the bartender was his type or even that attractive. But I did want to try to make the guys’ night a bit better.

Larry followed my gesture and looked at the bartender. I knew that he probably wasn’t what Larry considered young, but I did want to support him however I could with his goal. The bartender was a man of about 45, I’d say. A slight beer belly had formed on him and he clearly had a hairy chest as it peaked above the faded tee-shirt he was wearing. He had a full, unkempt facial hair that straggled throughout his face, dark blue eyes, and a balding head. He was a bit shorter than me, probably a good 6’1” to my 6’3”. Honestly, I doubted strongly that that was what Larry meant by a young, attractive man, especially considering Larry himself was clearly younger than the man. He did seem to have fairly muscular arms that we both could see as he cleaned the mugs diligently. But, as I said, I only wanted to help.

Larry looked back at me and warmly smiled. “I can certainly try and you can see if it works too. I think you want to follow me over to the bar and help me control the bartender.”

“Of course! Let’s head over there. Would be my pleasure to help you out.”

We both sauntered slowly over to the bar and Larry sat where he’d been sitting previously and I took the vacant barstool next to him. I left my coat and other belongings at my table, knowing we were the only three people in here, I had no real reason to take them. Especially considering I didn’t think this would take very long. As much as I believed everything Larry was saying, I had no hope that he could actually control someone with mere words from an old book.

“I’m a little nervous, Zack. Could you call him over here?”

I just smirked at my new friend and his shyness. “Hey, bartender. Can I talk to you for a moment?”

The man quickly wandered over to us. “How can I help you two,” he asked, glancing at my mug and clearly somewhat confused by my still nearly full beer.

Larry quickly opened his book back to the page he seemed to have opened to when he came and sat with me and started saying the same weird words he’d uttered when I’d spoken to him.

“Reshishina benjuni frashun en durnishina fenjuna rajina broshi von reshishina.”

I laughed slightly at the nonsense he’d uttered and the confused look that befell the bartenders face, though my heart did go out to Larry. I wasn’t sure what else I could do to help Larry when nothing seemed to happen; then quickly, Larry quickly leaned into my ear and whispered, “I think no matter what happens, you won’t fully believe it worked and that neither of you are controlled. I think you’re going to even forget I said all of this.”

And, oddly enough, Larry leaned back without having said anything to me despite seeming to lean into my ear to whisper. It was a strange move, to be sure, especially after the already slightly embarrassing fail he’d had with the weird words, but he didn’t seem acknowledged the bizarre move, so I let it go. The bartender, however, did look increasing freaked out over the bizarre behavior Larry was displaying.

“Um… I’m sorry buddy, I don’t know what you said or if this is some kind of joke, but I’m gonna just get back to cleaning if neither of you need anything.”

Larry just stared back, in that same kind of awkward way he seemed to always do, “I think you want to lock all the doors and make sure all the windows are closed and then come back here.”

The bartender and I both got up pretty quickly after Larry stopped speaking, suddenly agreeing with Larry that I did want to lock up the bar and close all the windows. I, obviously, didn’t have the keys, so I asked the bartender if he would handle locking up if I got the windows. He seemed really grateful that I was going to help him, as eager as he was to do the same things Larry said. So I went around to the windows and closed them up while the bartender locked the doors. I asked him if there were any other windows I’d need to handle and he said no, so we both went back to Larry when we finished up.

Larry had a strange smile on his face when we returned. I honestly didn’t mind it; it made him appear more open and comfortable then he’d been the entire time I’d known him… which only about the last 15 minutes. I wondered if the words he’d used in his ‘magic’ book actually worked on the bartender, given the glow about him. But part of me doubted it was really possible.

“Sir,” Larry said as he looked at the bartender, “what’s your name?”

“Ben. Did you need anything to drink?” Ben asked, seeming rather annoyed with my new friend. I couldn’t entirely blame him. He’d just been trying to do some normal clean up when we both came over and interrupted him without doing much beyond reading some strange words to him.

Larry, the giddiness he’d had not fading despite the clear annoyance Ben had with him, merely responded, “I think no matter what you do tonight, it will seem perfectly normal. I think no matter what happens tonight, it will be perfectly normal to you. I think you like me a lot. I think you think I’m really cool. I think I’m your new favorite customer. I think you can’t help but smile when you see me.”

I knew, deep down, that Larry was talking to Ben, but honestly, everything he said made sense. I knew I didn’t run the bar or even own the place, but he was by far my favorite customer that had been here. The thought felt strange to me for a split second, given I didn’t really view him has a customer, but that faded incredibly quickly. It wasn’t strange at all to feel that way about him. The smile I’d had on my face merely widened knowing I was sitting next to him.

Ben, too, suddenly changed his entire disposition. Without hesitation after the statements Larry made, Ben began smiling broadly. The vibes of annoyance he’d given off instantly evaporated. I, quite frankly, couldn’t blame him. Larry was pretty awesome and I knew I liked him a lot. How could he help not liking him too?

Seeing the change, Larry smiled over at me with his slightly awkward grin plastered on his doughy face. “Do you think the magic worked?” he giddily asked.

“I’ll be honest with you, Larry, I believe everything you told me about the book and that you were going to try it out tonight, but it’s a little beyond belief that reading a couple words can really get you to control someone. It’s a bit too good to be true,” I stated matter-of-factly as I continued unconsciously smiling at him.

“Hmmm. Perhaps you’re right. I think you should get shirtless now,” Larry said, causing me to get slightly surprised by the sudden statement for a moment.

The moment, however, passed instantly. It actually was a really good idea, so I slipped my hoodie over my head and my t-shirt quickly followed, revealing me well-muscled, sculpted, and slightly hairy chest. I was slightly amused to see that Ben, too, had taken his shirt off, revealing an incredibly hairy set of pecs and stomach. He was nowhere near as incredibly sculpted as I was, but he definitely had some strength to him, despite the belly on him. I, clearly, had a lot of lean muscle whereas Ben was built like a brick house. His smile illuminated his face as he set his t-shirt aside and continued standing before us.

“You sure you don’t want anything, Larry? On the house, for sure. Even if it is just another soda,” Ben offered enthusiastically

“No, thank you. I’m not much of a drinker. There is one thing though: I think you’re perfectly comfortable if I touch you anywhere on your body at any time. Can I feel your pecs and your abs, Ben?”

“That sounds great, Larry! Just let me know if you change your mind and want something to drink,” Ben said as he leaned over the bar slightly, allowing Larry to feel his furry chest. Larry, for his part, moved his hands quickly and excitedly to Ben’s pecs and felt all over them. It was rather amusing watching him play around with the hairy mans’ chest as I sat next to him.

I was also amused by the thought that if Larry had asked me if he could feel my chest or any other part of my body, I knew I’d let him do it as well. It was so comforting knowing that I had already felt close enough to him to let him do it. I knew, very well, that I’d never let any other man touch me, but Larry? I’d definitely let him. And then…

“I certainly like the feel of your hairy chest, Ben! I’d like to compare with Zack though. I think Ben will come around the bar and stand here next to me.” Larry said as he took his left hand and placed it on my nipple as he allowed Ben to get to the position I knew he should occupy as well. He started feeling all around my chest, stroking the light dusting of hair I had and finally focused in on my abs as Ben got to his position. Still feeling my solid muscle and noticing he was also feeling the hairy belly on Ben, I just sat back and allowed him to do so. Both Ben and I smiled broadly as our new friend compared our chests.

“Very nice, men! You’re both very fit but in very different ways. Interesting,” Larry said as he pulled his hands back in. “I’m sorry. This is very exciting to me but I’m still a little shaky and unsure. I didn’t really think this whole thing would work and I’m kind of losing my mind a little. I’m not sure what else to do considering I have such little experience.”

Ben just looked at Larry confused, but I knew a bit more about what he meant given the slightly longer conversation we’d had before coming over here. So I responded, “To be honest, I don’t know why everything is so exciting for you, but I’m happy you seem more comfortable and excited! I mean, I don’t know how much you want Ben to know, but I’m personally sorry that your goal of using that book the way you wanted may not have worked. But look at you! You’re sitting here with me and Ben! And you’re being social! And, hey, you’re even cool enough that we feel perfectly comfortable letting you touch us! I mean, that’s a rarity for me from a stranger, let alone another dude. My girlfriend wouldn’t even believe that I’d let another guy grope my chest. I mean, I don’t want to say I’m homophobic, but definitely not into other dudes,” I said with a smile and a slight laugh.

Ben, still looking dumbfounded, merely replied, “Yeah, man. I’ve known you for only about five minutes or so and already you’re my favorite customer. And gotta say only my wife has really ever felt up my chest like that. Clearly you’re likable if I’d let you do that kind of faggy stuff. Whatever social anxiety you may have had you really don’t need to have with me. Or this guy.”

“Zack,” I informed.

“Or with Zack,” Ben smiled.

Larry just beamed at the both of us. All I could do was feel great that this amazing guy had approached me and made me feel so much better today. The least I could do was to make him feel better. Especially considering he’d failed at using the book the way he’d intended and probably felt at least slightly defeated, despite the glee he seemed to have.

Then Larry responded, “So, Zack especially, you really don’t think it worked at all?”

I just smiled back at him. I honestly couldn’t help smiling back at him even if I hadn’t wanted to, “No, I’m sorry Larry. I know you may have wanted it to work on Ben, but it doesn’t really appear like it did.”

“I’m sorry, what were you hoping would work? I’m lost!” Ben interjected.

Larry just kept his gaze with me and then turned to Ben. “I think it doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. I’ve kind of realized that all of this is kind of a turn on for me. I didn’t really realize that this cluelessness would be what got my trigger going, but there you go… I think you both will continue thinking nothing is strange or different no matter what happens.”

I kept smiling, naturally, but really couldn’t comprehend what Larry meant by cluelessness, nor did I seem to care what we’d just spoken about. I did figure he might be getting turned on… he was gay after all and Ben and I being shirtless and allowing him to feel our chests may have done that. If a hot girl let me feel up her chest, I’d probably pitch a tent too! So it was understandable. Even though I wasn’t a fag and really didn’t care for gay dudes, Larry was just too cool and I couldn’t find it within myself to be mad about him clearly getting horny because of me.

Before I could really put any of the pieces completely together, Larry continued, albeit with what seemed like some hesitancy. Demonstrating the same kind of courage he seemed to have had to muster when he first approached me, he muttered, “I think you both… uh… want to get completely… naked… right now.”

I smiled at Larry warmly. Despite everything Ben and I said to try to make him feel better, it still seemed like he had some shyness to get over. Without much of a thought, I started unbuttoning and unzipping my pants to get them off as I started, “Seriously though, Larry. You don’t have to be uncomfortable with us. We both already really like you! I mean, you’re the fastest friend I’ve ever made,” I pushed my pants and underwear down, revealing my soft cock and slightly hairy low hanging balls.

“Seriously, man. No need to be shy anymore. We both like you,” Ben replied. Glancing his way, I saw he’d already worked his way out of his shoes and socks he’d been wearing and was now working on getting his pants pulled down. It was rather comforting knowing that Ben agreed with the suggestions Larry was making too, I thought, as I kicked off my shoes and worked my socks off.

Nude, I sat down next to Larry. An awkward hand reached out and gently touched my shaft. I wasn’t much of a shower, to be honest, so there wasn’t much for him to grab on to at this point: maybe 3 inches at most. When I was turned on, however, I capped out around at 7.5. Larry’s hand really wasn’t what would get my cock going, though, so he groped and played with it without much of a response from me. I looked down at his hand shifting somewhat erratically on my junk and then glanced over at him. Surprisingly, he was still looking right into my eyes like a deer in headlights. I laughed at him, “Why do you look so scared, my friend? My penis scare you or something?”

For a split second, he looked startled by my statement but quickly returned my smile with a hearty laugh. “Honestly, Zack, I really really like your penis.”

What a sweet guy. Granted, I wasn’t gay in the slightest, so his appreciation of my penis, while kind of him, wasn’t really going to convince me to make out with him or anything. If anything, his virginal hands were turning me off more than turning me. I actually jumped as he haphazardly tugged on my left testicle.

“Well, gentlemen, I should get back to work,” I heard Ben announce from the other side of Larry.

“Okay, Ben. I think you want to stay naked all night though,” Larry stated without looking away from Ben. I was so amazed at how on point Larry always seemed to be with his suggestions. I knew he was speaking to Ben, but I had to agree that staying nude tonight was a good idea.

For a while, I just leaned forward and occasionally took sips of my beer while watching Ben continue to clean up. I imagined he knew he wouldn’t have any more customers tonight, despite it being only around 10 or 11 by now, because we’d locked up already.

So I sat there as Larry continued to grind into my penis and balls with his hand. Clearly, he’d never even touched another man’s penis, so I didn’t want to be rude and critique and amateur. Over time, however, it started to kind of hurt, to be honest. But I didn’t want to be the rude one to rain on his parade, so I tried to distract him with conversation.

“So Larry. If that little weird book had actually worked, how exactly was it supposed to let you control another person. I mean, not that I believe it could ever work, but I’m curious.”

Thankfully, the question did get his mind of his insane molestation of my junk and he pulled his hands away. Glancing down, I noticed how red and sore my cock looked. It wasn’t the hugest deal, though, as Larry replied.

“Oh, uh. Well, basically, after a person hears that sentence, it opens their mind so that any sentence, errr, command… well sentence was right I suppose… any sentence said to them by the reader that starts with ‘I think’ will become their thoughts and they won’t even think the person controlled them at all. I’ve always kind of had a thing for mind control. Especially controlling straight guys without them knowing. So when I was assigned this book to translate and worked on it, it was completely up my alley and I had to try. Especially because of the social anxiety and being a virgin and stuff. Controlling straight guys has always been a fantasy of mine so I was hoping it would work,” Larry said, clearly gaging my response.

“Strange. That seems a bit ‘easy’ don’t you think? I may be a jock and some people think I’m pretty dumb, but the mind is probably much more complex and able to resist something as simple as one sentence telling someone what to do. Seems like a bit of magic or a fairy tale to me. I’m sorry, buddy. I wish it would work for you.”

Larry just smiled back at me, appreciating the sympathy I’d provided him, “Thanks, Zack. I think you will kiss me right now.”

Without much of a thought, I leaned in gave Larry a quick peck on the lips. It was really more of a friendly thing for me, being as I wasn’t gay. Seeing him smile as I leaned back made my heart swell slightly. He really was such a likable guy. But then Ben swooped in, leaned over the counter, and gave him a quick peck too.

As he got back to his feet on the other side of bar, Ben clearly noticed the surprise on Larry’s face after the sudden kiss. “Sorry if that was too forward there, Larry. Just wanted to kiss my favorite customer. You’re actually only the second person I’ve ever kissed after my wife. Definitely the first man!” Ben announced while grinning back at Larry.

“That’s okay, Ben. But this is getting a bit complicated. Ummm. Lean in here real fast, Ben. I have a secret.”

Unsurprising, given how likable he was, Ben didn’t hesitate at Larry’s request and leaned in. I couldn’t really hear what he whispered to him, but as soon as Larry pulled away from his ear, Ben rushed off to the back. I’m not sure what he had to do back there or what Larry may have reminded him of, but he certainly went back there quickly.

“What did you tell him! He looked like he realized the stove was on or something!” I said with a laugh.

“Oh, just figured we could have some alone time to talk about the book and stuff. He agreed, clearly. We might go check on him later though, for now,” Larry started fondling my cock again, somehow even rougher than before, “it’s just us.”

He clearly was excited for us to be alone, but I couldn’t really put my finger on why. I mean, Ben was our bartender. What if we wanted something else to drink? Despite my confusion as to why Larry would want to be alone with me in a bar, I couldn’t help but grin wildly at the man as he groped me roughly.

“How does that feel, handsome?” he asked as he continued to dig into my dick.

I didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings because he was so cool, so I just responded politely, “I have to be honest, you may have some work to do before you get a boyfriend or whatever. It’s kind rough.”

Larry quickly withdrew his hand and a look of slight hurt and confusion morphed onto his face. I quickly responded, “Not that it’s bad, buddy! I mean, you’re just kind of rough. Like, think about how you masturbate and what feels good on your dick. Maybe try to do that to another guy’s dick instead of the way you’re kinda roughly fondling.”

His gaze softening after my explanation. “Would you mind if I practiced on you?”

I was a little shocked by the question considering he knew I was straight. True, he’d been fondling me rather aggressively, but that was just Larry playing around and wasn’t strange. Him actually practicing giving me a handjob? That’d be strange. “I’m sorry buddy. I’m not gay. But, like Ben and I said, you’re insanely likable and I’m sure you’ll find someone some day!”

Larry seemed to pause for a moment to gather his thoughts and then, strangely, asked, “So you don’t think the book did anything tonight?”

I laughed heartily, “Of course not, Larry. Magic or hypnosis or whatever you want to call it like that just doesn’t exist.”

He smirked slightly, “Oh, okay. But what if I said something like this? I think you want me to practice giving hand jobs on you and you’ll readily give me tips to make it better. I think you’ll find it incredibly important to let me practice on you. I think you’ll think it’s really sexy thinking I may be controlling you but still thinking it isn’t possible. Do you think that would do anything?”

His statements rumbled around in my head for a moment and I instantly realized that he was absolutely correct: it would be insanely erotic and sexy if he’d actually be able to control me. But, obviously, that just wasn’t something that could ever happen. “Obviously it won’t. Magic doesn’t exist like that, dude,” I stated truthfully as my cock started hardening as I thought about the fantasy of the strange words actually working on me filled my mind. I honestly just couldn’t help but let my grower start showing. Larry did start rubbing it awkwardly again, but it stayed pretty hard.

Regretting what I said earlier, I followed up, “Even though it clearly wouldn’t actually work, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to practice on my cock, actually. I’d be more than willing to give you some pointers.” Just to help him out, I stood up, hopped up on the bar and let him really get a good look at my erection.

“So, the main problem you have is you get kind of rough with your strokes and you dig in. And, well, obviously before, I was soft and so that roughness wasn’t pleasurable. Now that I’m hard, you want to ease into it and just gently stroke up and down, paying attention to the glans because it’s sensitive. And really pay attention to the guy you’re stroking because if they’re getting into it, then you can stroke faster and a little harder to maximize their pleasure,” I explained as he started stroking.

I had to admit, I was so turned on by the fantasy of him controlling me, as ludicrous as it was, that his strokes weren’t really what were keeping me hard as he started getting better and the light strokes. I moaned slightly as his hand rubbed slightly over my glans and I noticed a small amount of pre leak out. He quickened his pace slightly after my moan.

“How’s this?” he asked.

“You’re doing great, buddy.”

“What about your balls. Like, what if I wanted to play with those too?” he dreamily asked as he stared intently at my now full mast 8 inches.

“You can use your other hand to lightly fondle them. I know for me, I like to have my girlfriend kind of lightly pet them while she’s stroking or sucking me, so it can feel really good,” I said as he groped my balls in his other hand and began lightly juggling them.

Larry looked like he was concentrating so hard at stroking my cock and balls perfectly and I just couldn’t help myself from smiling as I looked at him. It really was so serendipitous that I’d had such a difficult day, came here, met this amazing man, and now I could actively help him learn how to please other dudes. I still was far from gay, but it just nice to be able to pay him back, even in this small way.

“Could… could I try to suck it a little?” Larry asked tentatively without breaking eye contact with my shaft he was so eagerly masturbating.

“Eh, that’s prolly a bit to gay for me so it’d probably best to just keep…”

“I think you want me to suck your cock while you imagine how sexy it would be if I was controlling you to let me,” Larry interrupted while continuing his lesson.

“… but, on second thought, it’d be pretty awesome if you sucked it a bit,” I decided.

Carefully, Larry stood before me and started to lean down onto my hard cock. By this point, I’d leaked quite a bit of precum and my slick glans was shining at him. He looked up at my suddenly, “I’ve never actually done this. I’m a little worried about it.”

Without really thinking, I just smiled at him, which I couldn’t really help doing every time I looked at him. “Larry, I want you to suck my dick. It’s fine!”

He licked his lips as he leaned into my cock, satisfied with my response. He started by licking my pre off the head of my dick. It felt good, but deep down, I thought it’d feel even better if he’d somehow made me want him to suck it. I know it’s a weird fantasy to have about a guy, especially a guy I just met, as a straight man, but I couldn’t help but think of the erotic that would have been added to the scenario of his weird book actually was controlling me. Obviously, that was bullshit. But it was making my cock throb in the older mans’ mouth thinking about how erotic that would be.

He started trying to take my full 8 inches in slowly, teeth painfully scraping the sides quite a bit. It really wasn’t his fault that I was thick as well as long and it was his first blow job, so I wasn’t necessarily mad about it, but it wasn’t pleasant. He started gagging about halfway down, unable to really get much farther and he pulled off as he heaved slightly.

Eyes watering, Larry looked up at me, “Dang, it’s kind of weird having that in my throat like that. How do people not gag on it?”

I laughed down at him, “Honestly, I’m a bit bigger and thicker than most. My girlfriend, Whitney, gags on it a lot too. I’ve never sucked cock, but I think she just kinda relaxes her throat and breaths through her mouth. You can keep trying, Larry. I actually really want you to suck my cock.”

Larry smirked, an action that actually kind of made him look slightly less attractive because it was such strange look for the socially awkward man, “Why do you want me to suck your dick, Zack?”

I laughed down at him, “It’s silly, actually. But, like, it’s so hot to me to imagine you’re actually controlling me and making me do all of this. As dumb as that sounds, it’s really turning me on!”

Larry, too, began laughing. “Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought you’d think.”

Quickly, he jumped back on my cock as my mind was filled with fantasies of Larry reading those words and commanding me to let him suck his cock. In my fantasy, he not only commanded me to let him suck my cock, but actually made me want to have him suck it. It was such a hot fantasy that I realized had a semblance of truth. I really actually did want him to continue blowing me, but, unfortunately for me, it had nothing to do with him demanding it. I just really wanted him to suck my dick.

Over time, he did start getting better, controlling the gagging, and taking me deeper. It felt good, obviously, having the moist mouth eagerly lapping at my cock. At one point, he started lapping on my balls awkwardly. I grinned down at him as he did so, wishing he’d just get back to sucking my cock so I could continue fantasizing about him ‘controlling’ me.

Eventually, after about ten minutes or so, he seemed to tire of blowing me, much to my dismay. I couldn’t help but beg him to continue sucking me off because, honestly, I was having such a fun time having him sucking on me while my sexual fantasy played in my mind.

Larry stood up straight and simply stated without much fanfare, “I think you want to try sucking my cock now. I think you still find it sexually thrilling imagining I’m controlling you tonight, but still know it couldn’t be true.”

And, honestly, I did. It was strange that it wasn’t strange to me that I wanted to suck the old man’s dick right here, right now. I knew I wasn’t gay by any account but I couldn’t help but admit that sucking his cock was exactly what I wanted to try in that moment. A passing thought about him controlling me to do so passed through my mind and my cock, already as hard as it had ever been, hardened even more. I internally wished he could actually control me to suck his cock as I asked, “Hey, that’s not a bad idea, Larry. Can I suck your cock now? I want to try it out.”

He started unbuckling his pants right there and said, “Sure, my friend. I think you’ll love sucking my cock.”

I quickly got up off the bar and onto my knees as my brain realized that he was absolutely correct: I would love sucking his dick.

He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them to his feet, revealing a bulge in his tightie whities. I wasn’t surprised to see him hard, honestly. He was gay, he’d been stroking and sucking me and, even though I’m not what I’d call an egomaniac, I’m pretty fucking hot. Beyond that, I was now on my knees about to suck him off. He’d have to be completely asexual to not get hard from the experience.

Without even asking and before he could do it himself, I pulled his underwear down revealing his stubby dick. It wasn’t very long, but it was surprisingly thick. I estimated it was about four to five inches or so. I may not have been gay, but as a straight man, I’d imagine even a gay guy wouldn’t find his penis particularly appealing. Honestly, in that moment, I didn’t find it appealing in the slightest. But I still wanted to suck it. It wasn’t about it being a good looking cock, it was more about just wanting to try cocksucking while imagining the sexual thrill it would be for me if Larry had forced me to do it somehow via magic or mind control.

He tasted awful, quite frankly. I horrid mix of sweat and salty precum. If I didn’t want to suck him so badly, I probably would have vomited right then and there. Despite my taste buds telling me this was awful and my initial feelings that his cock was visually disgusting, I loved having it in my mouth. I couldn’t really figure out why, but I absolutely loved sucking Larry’s dick.

He moaned almost the moment his cock entered my mouth, “I had no idea it would… ugh… mmm… feel so goo-oo-ood. Damn, oh my-y God!”

I didn’t really listen to him in the slightest, I just loved knowing his dick was in my mouth. Even though it was my choice to suck him off, it was just so intoxicating imaging he was the one that made me do it. My cock throbbed in my hand as I jerked myself off imagining the amazingly sexy scenario.

After only about two minutes, he came in my mouth. At that point, I did start gagging as it was so unbelievably disgusting, but I just couldn’t release his cock from my mouth. I loved it being in there far too much! Seriously, I was pissed at myself that I hadn’t pulled his cock out and just start sucking him when he’d originally asked to sit next to me; I loved sucking on his cock that much.

He started trying to pull his cock away just as his semen started erupting, clearly his cock head getting to sensitive for him, but I just couldn’t let his cock escape my lips. Luckily, I was stronger than him so I held him tightly as he tried pushing me away. Eventually he gasped out, “I think you can stop sucking on my cock now!”

So I did. As much as I loved sucking him off, I knew it was time to stop. That’s when I started retching a bit, falling to my knees and spitting out the cum as I dry heaved; the disgusting taste of Larry’s cum in my mouth absolutely disgusting me.

“I’m sorry, Zack, I couldn’t hold it in.”

Between retches, “It’s okay…” I gagged, “It’s part…” I gagged again, “Of sucking cock.”

I did want to be understandable with such a likable guy, but the cum tasted horrible. For his part, Larry looked really guilty as I looked up at him with watery eyes and gagged yet again. Despite my disgust, I still grinned at him.

“I think you’re okay now, realizing my cum actually tastes amazingly good.”

And just like that, it wasn’t bad at all and my dry heaves ceased completely. I realized that his cum was pretty tasty, actually. I took the moment, as disgusting as it may have been to Larry, to actually dip a finger in the cum I’d spit on the floor and tasting it again.

Larry, for his part, didn’t seem to notice though, as he enjoyed the post-orgasm bliss. He sat down hard on the barstool he’d been in before, pants abandoned on the floor, still wearing his shirt, quickly softening cock dangling free. I eventually took my seat next to him again after I finished off the rest of the cum I’d stupidly spit out. My cock was still hard. As turned on as I’d been imagining him controlling me, I didn’t think my dick would soften any time soon without cumming, and I didn’t really feel like doing that right now.

“Well… that was amazing,” Larry said as his started stabilizing again.

“Honestly, it really really was. You’re the only guy I’ve ever blown and I never thought I’d love it as much as I did. You ever want another blowjob, just ask. That is if my girlfriend isn’t around!” I laughed heartily, enjoying the comradery Larry and I had developed in only about an hour or so.

“Your girlfriend? Whitney, you said?” Larry asked.

“Yeah. What about her?” I asked, kindly.

“How do you feel about her? Like, I’ve never been in a relationship. What’s it like?” Larry gazed over at me with stars in his eyes. I felt for the poor guy. He was clearly just lonely. A part of me really wished a guy would come into his life and be his, considering he was literally the most likable guy I’d ever met.

“Well, I wouldn’t say I’m in love with her. She’s my fifth… no sixth girlfriend since starting college. I kind of go through girls pretty fast, but Whitney and I have been together longest. She pisses me off pretty frequently, but, like, she’s good to me and she’s a good lay and, well, I think I could see myself falling for her deeper. Being with someone is nice, my man. But, like, it’s not everything,” I offered, trying to make him feel better.

“Yeah, I guess so… but I don’t think I could ever get a boyfriend with my social anxiety or with this body or with my busy schedule with school and studying and stuff…” Larry gazed at me deeper. If anyone else looked at me that way, I’d probably be freaked out thinking he was a creepy sexual predator. Honestly though, with Larry, he could look at me any way and I’d wouldn’t be able to feel anything other than comfort. He really was such a cool guy.

So I smiled back as he continued to stare at me in that forlorn way.

We continued in this vein for several minutes as I noticed him occasionally start to say something but stop himself. I didn’t mind; he was just so awesome and everything felt so natural with him. I just sat there drinking my beer and sometimes taking a moment to look back over at him and grin wildly.

Eventually, after I’d finished my beer, I broke the silence, “Sorry, dude, I’ve gotta go to the bathroom. Be right back.”

He still had that look of wanting on his face as I got up and headed back to the bathroom. A part of me knew he was probably looking at my ass as I walked away and I just laughed at the thought of it. Larry truly was the best.

I entered the bathroom, my thoughts on my need to urinate, and jumped slightly at the unexpected view of Ben masturbating furiously on the only toilet in the room. At his feet, there appeared to be a puddle of semen pooling around the toilet bowl. His chest hair, too, seemed to be caked in quite a bit of the stuff. I had figured the poor guy had gone to the back to do inventory or count the cash box or something, but it seemed he’d decided to come into the bathroom and jerk off the entire time Larry and I were hanging out out front!

I just smiled at the guy as he continued to furiously jerk his tool. He smiled up at me, seeming to whisper something to himself as he continued stroking madly. I sauntered over to the urinal, careful to avoid his mess on the ground, as he groaned and another small amount of juices spewed from his cock.

“Damn, man! You must be insanely horny! Have a lot of pent up emotions or something?” I asked nonchalantly as I neared the urinal.

“Not especially, actually. Just realized I wanted to come in here and masturbate nonstop. I mean, I’d planned on going home and maybe getting some action from my wife tonight, but this seemed like what I should be doing. That was my 8th orgasm, actually. Not sure how much more I’ve got in me but, damn, I need to keep going.”

“Jesus! Well, don’t mind me, just gotta take a piss. You mind?”

When he said no, I started urinating into the urinal next to the toilet. As close as I was to him now, I could faintly make out what he’d been saying to himself. It was something like, ‘oh fuck yeah, Larry. So hot. Larry.’ My lips curled up hearing the man who had mentioned his wife frequently, jerking off thinking about the amazing guy we’d both met tonight.

Just then, however, Larry came rushing in, looking like he’d seen a ghost.

I turned around suddenly, still midstream, and laughed at the sudden intrusion. “What’s up dude? You okay?” I asked.

“I, uh, yeah, just forgot Ben was in here and wanted to, uh warn you or something,” Larry responded. “You two doing all right?”

I looked over a Ben, still stroking is fairly large meat and then back at Larry. “Well I can’t speak for the horny dude here, but I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I’m good too,” Ben quickly interjected, not slowing his pace in the slightest.

Larry relaxed and said, “Oh yeah, that one earlier I said. Makes sense. Okay,” then seemed to notice us staring at him, “Nevermind that, I’m just being forgetful. Uh, Ben, I think you want to cum one last time and then join Zack and me up front.”

I saw Ben really get into his stroking as I finished up peeing and started doing the same. I definitely wanted to join Larry up front, but had a sudden need to cum. It only took me a few strokes to actually get to orgasm, however, as horny as I’d been up to now.

Spewing my gigantic load into the urinal, Larry suddenly said, “Crap. I wanted to save yours. This gets hard with two people.”

I literally had no idea what Larry could have been talking about, so I just ignored it and finished into the urinal, flushed it, and sauntered over to him. The two of us walked out. Larry told me he was going to wait for Ben to finish and, honestly, I had little else to do so I waited with him. He felt me up from time to time while we waited next to the bathroom door with him gazing at me. I didn’t mind, of course.

Finally, Ben exited the bathroom. “I can’t believe I came that much! I think I’ve only ever cum twice in one day before. That was intense.”

Larry took no time at all, however, to lean in and whisper into Ben’s ear just as he exited. Just as quickly, Ben walked over to his clothing and started putting it back on as Larry then leaned in and whispered into my ear.

“I think you want to go home with me. I think you want to get to know me better.”

Just as he finished telling me what obviously was true because of course I wanted to go home with him, Ben walked up, scrawling something on a piece of paper.

“Hey man, I realized just then I wanted you to have my phone number, so feel free to call me up sometime. I’m think I’m gonna close up shop early and go home to my wife now. Normally, I’d stay ‘til at least 2, but figured it’s okay to head home early just now.”

Ben handed the paper to Larry, who pocketed it quickly without really stopping from groping and feeling me up. I got the sense that Larry was a big fan of mine… unluckily for him, I had a girlfriend and was really only into pussy.

I started getting dressed again, knowing we’d be heading to Larry’s soon, slipping my underwear and pants on. As I reached for my shirt, Larry interjected, “I think you’ll keep your shirt off.” It wasn’t a bad idea so I agreed. Ben, too, seemed to have the same idea, as he took the shirt he’d already placed back off.

Larry finished putting on his clothes and grabbed his old journal and the two of us followed Ben out the front door as he flicked the lights and closed and locked the door. Larry didn’t pay much attention to Ben, though, as excited as he seemed to be that I decided to go home with him.

“See you both later and feel free to text or call any time, Larry. Really fabulous meeting you!” Ben hollered at us as Larry hurriedly lead me toward his car. Without even really acknowledging the man behind us, Larry rushed to his car with me following suit. He’d parked a little up the street and, to my surprise, he parked right behind me.

“Do you think I should just follow you there in my car?” I asked, thinking that was definitely the best way to get there.

Without really taking a moment to consider it, Larry responded, “I think you desperately want to ride in my car with me because you can’t get enough of being around me.”

Of course I couldn’t get enough of him, I thought. “I’ll gladly ride with you to your house! Honestly, driving separately would be hard for me because you’ve grown on me so much, buddy!”

We both dived into his car, I put my shirt on the floor in front of me, and Larry started pulling out towards his place. “It’s about a fifteen minute drive. I have to think about what I want to do when we get there. Have to make some hard decisions. I think you want to strip completely naked and play with your penis the whole way there without cumming.”

I didn’t quite know what Larry meant about him having to do some thinking, but I did know I had to get out of my clothes instantly and play with my cock right now. I felt so wishy-washy taking my clothes back off so quickly after putting them on, but I put that aside knowing I wanted to do what I wanted to do. No harm in doing it.

I fondled myself pretty heavily and actually had a few moments in which I imagined Larry controlled me earlier in the night again which made my cock swell in response. There really was no denying I was hornier than I’d been in a long time tonight. I tried to strike up a conversation with Larry as he drove to his place, but nothing seemed to stick. He did look down at me playing with my cock and then back up into my eyes a few times during the drive, especially at the red lights and stop signs. He had the same rather distant look in his eyes he’d had at the bar after I sucked him off. Yet again, I was struck by how the look would easily have freaked me out if anyone other than this amazing man was giving it to me.

After a about ten minutes, I gave up on conversing and just focused on my hardened cock. It was rather fun playing with it, as it usually was. But knowing I was with Larry somehow made it better. I just loved being around this guy!

Eventually, we pulled into a driveway to a pretty non-descript house. I sat there waiting for Larry to get out of the car too. While I calmly waited, I just continued rubbing myself playfully and smiling at Larry. I figured he probably thought what I was doing was pretty sexy, being the gay guy he was.

For his part, he just continued staring at me. He looked conflicted to me, but what about, I couldn’t really figure out. From my perspective, there didn’t seem to be much to think about, honestly. I just wanted to hang out with my new buddy.

Finally, Larry broke the silence without breaking the eye contact, “I think you’ll follow me into the house without thinking anything is strange about it at all and leave your clothes here.”

I did just that, following Larry as I continued playing with my cock all the way up the front stoop and into his house.

He welcomed me inside and I was slightly appalled by the mess and smell that inundated my eyes and nose. Clearly, Larry was a bit of a pack rat. There were stacks of papers everywhere, empty pizza boxes, random assortments of junk piled against walls, and an emanating odor that could only be moldy food and unwashed socks.

“Damn, man, you need a maid or something! This is disgusting!” I said with a smile, really trying to take the sting out. Despite his place actually being of the same aesthetic as a junkyard, I was still just so happy to be spending time with him that I could live with it. He went in and sat in the one spot in his living room that seemed clear of dirty clothes, dishes, and other trash.

“Yeah. Sorry. Don’t really take care of myself like I should. Never really have guests over though, so never really feel like I need to.”

Larry looked over at me with a sense of fondness in his eyes. I, honestly, couldn’t help but smile at him as I continued playing with my cock.

“I’ll be honest, Zack, I brought you here unsure of what I should do. This is too powerful for me and I don’t want much but you’ve made me feel so good tonight. I know it’s not really you but I don’t really care about that. You’re the first and only guy that ever made me feel something even slightly erotic or romantic. I don’t know what to do.”

I continued to grin at him as I stood at the door, my dick flopping around as I stroked and played with it. I honestly didn’t know how to respond to what he was saying to me but felt like I needed to. After a moment’s thought, I said, as kindly as I could, “I appreciate all of that, Larry. I’m glad I could make you feel good about yourself and everything, but I also don’t want you getting the wrong idea. I’m not gay and I do have a girlfriend. I know full well that you could find a guy if you just presented the person you showed me and even Ben tonight! Honestly, Larry. You’re the greatest guy I’ve ever met! In the matter of only a couple hours, I realized that. Just imagine if a gay guy got the chance to meet you!”

Despite me pouring my heart out and telling him exactly how I felt, Larry’s demeanor didn’t shift at all. The look of slight guilt still permeated his face and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to do while my new friend stared at me with gaze that would have creeped me out on anyone else, but I just continued playing with my cock, enjoying every moment I was spending the man. I didn’t really move from the doorway, however, not wanting to get my naked body dirty in his grimy home.

It felt almost like an eternity before Larry finally broke the silence. It seemed he’d been building the courage to say something in all the time he sat there; similarly to how he had to build the courage when he first asked me if he could sit next to him. But I couldn’t help but listen to everything my new best friend said. He just kept going and going and everything he said made so much sense. After every sentence he said, I just realized that there was literally nothing he was saying that wasn’t exactly what I’d thought to begin with.

I was homosexual.

He was the sexiest man on Earth.

I did want to be with him forever.

It all seemed so extreme for a moment or two at first, but it all fit into place as he finally finished talking to me. Naturally, I knew I had a couple things I needed to do as my cock naturally hardened like it always did whenever I was near Larry. So I called some girl named Whitney and told her that I didn’t want to be with her anymore, whatever that meant. Strangely, she started crying, but I didn’t even really know her so I hung up on her and blocked her number. I looked over at the love of my life, Larry, and smiled. He smiled broadly back at me.

I then, naturally, got to work on cleaning our house. It would take a while, so I knew I should get started. Larry sat back, stripped and started watching me clean with his gorgeous eyes, amazing body, and wonderful cock hardening. After an hour or two, Larry got bored of watching me organize, throw our trash away, and sort through everything, and went to bed. I gave my boyfriend and love of my life a quick kiss before he wandered off to bed, his perfect penis bobbing as he wobbled into a room down the hall I hadn’t ventured in yet. I figured it was our bedroom and for a fleeting moment I found it strange that I wasn’t sure, but the feeling didn’t linger. Besides, I didn’t have much time to think on the strange feeling: I knew I’d need to hurry to get the place clean so I could fuck and get fucked by my amazing boyfriend.

Three months later


And with that, we won our final game with me as quarterback of our college team. My teammates ran at me as I got to my feet, surprised I’d ran in the ball from the 15 yard line with so little time left on the clock and us down by 3. But, now, officially, we were national champions. The crowd went wild, the announcer screamed at the amazing play I’d just made, and my coach seemed to have tears in his eyes as he ran towards me and my team. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it and my teammates raised me in the air, screaming wildly.

After the trophy ceremony, interviews with journalists, discussions with the couch, conversations with scouts for pro teams, and, finally and gloriously, a shower, I dressed to head home. My teammates were all incredibly excited and wanted to take me out to party, but I politely and eagerly declined, telling them there was only really one place I wanted to be to celebrate. Despite the victory and the amazing work I’d done to win the game for all of us, they rolled their eyes at my refusal. They knew I had to get home to Larry, the love of my life.

They’d all been confused when I came out a few months ago, given my record of scoring with so many women during most of my college career. A few of them even asked about some girl named Whitney I swear I’d never even met when I first came out three months ago. Eventually, though, they got used to me being gay. I’m pretty sure they were mainly comfortable because I professed my love of Larry and only Larry, so none of them felt that I may be attracted or into them. My coach, too, was fine. My family and other friends as well. But all of them wanted to meet Larry and understandably so given how highly I spoke of him. I didn’t really feel the urge to share that part of my life with them, however, even though I loved him more than I’d ever loved or cared for any other person in my life.

Ever since the first day I’d met him at a random bar, I knew he was mine and mine alone. He supported my college life, football career (with a possibility of joining a pro team next year at the NFL draft), and even me visiting my family and friends from time to time. He even supported them knowing about him, but we both agreed it was best, for now, to keep each other to ourselves.

Nothing compared to the joy I had crossing the threshold into our home on the outskirts of town night after night. I’d come to get used to see Larry on the couch playing video games or eating or reading or working on school work; always nude. But even though I’m used to it, my heart still flutters with love at the mere sight of him.

Since that first time I visited our home three months prior, I knew this man was my everything. As per our routine, I felt my cock harden at being around him and so I stripped out of all my clothes at the door, walked over to him, and began massaging his amazing feet.

“I saw the game on the TV, Zack! Great work!” Larry said excited for me but not looking up from the TV.

As I dug my strong fingers into the sole of his left foot, I responded gleefully, “Thanks, Master!” That was a little playful pet name I had for him. He was just so perfect.

His cock began hardening as he finally began looking down at me, peeking out from his slight beer belly. To be honest, his belly was starting to go away, given his new workout routine.

About two months ago, he’d handed me this weird old journal he’d been studying the night we’d met. After talking to him, I realized I wanted to roleplay a bit with him and read one of the sentences in the book and pretend it could ‘control’ him. I did know that there were only specific times I could roleplay with him, though, and that it should be up to him whenever I did it. I had to respect his boundaries, after all.

But we’d decided that we could pretend it worked and so he had me tell him, ‘I think you’ll work out every day for at least an hour.’ It wasn’t particularly a sexy thing, per se. But it just seemed like the right thing to do if we were going to roleplay. And for Larry’s part, he certainly took to the game and had been working out every day since then!

Since then, there’d only been a handful of roleplay moments. ‘I think you want to eat healthier’ and ‘I think you want me to call you Master’ and ‘I think you have much more confidence when talking with attractive men’ and ‘I think you’ll make sure to study for the test tonight’ and ‘I think you aren’t going to worry about taking over Zack’s life anymore’. Silly stuff like those examples.

My personal favorite, however was, ‘I think you’ll be comfortable being kinky when controlling Zack’. I didn’t know quite what it meant considering he wasn’t controlling me. He merely told me certain things that just were plain true! And it was very true that I loved how kinky Larry got with me, especially after he made a statement regarding it once.

I had exactly zero urge to ever say any sentence that began with I think around him without his say so though. He’d offhandedly commented that he only wanted the extra oomph of the roleplay to get him to do something he wouldn’t do otherwise.

Not that I cared if he got muscles or not: he was perfection in a man. After he said I could quit rubbing his amazing feet, I got to work on cleaning the mess he’d made since this morning when I left for the football game. He slapped my ass a couple times as I moved around the room and just giggled back at him and said, “Thank you, Master.”

While I was doing preparing supper for the two of us, Larry snuck into the kitchen behind me and grabbed my cock from behind as he rubbed his own perfect four inches into the crack of my muscular ass.

“Who’s ass is this, boy?” Larry asked.

“Of course it’s yours, Masters.”

“Do you love me, boy?”

“With all my heart, Master.”

Satisfied, he whispered in my ear, “I think whenever I call you boy, you’ll cum but not realize you’ve done it. I think you’ll leave it wherever it sprays and then clean it a day later.”

He always tended to play these little games with me where he’ll whisper something right into my ear that may seem off the wall at first, but once he finished, it’s almost as if he didn’t need to say it at all because it’s just the truth.

One time he’d said something along the lines of, ‘I think you only want to eat your supper out of my ass’. Obviously, it had been true then. The next day he whispered that I didn’t any more, and that was true as well. Another time, the moment I got home from classes, he whispered, ‘I think you are going to attach yourself to my dick with your mouth and suck it and drink everything that comes out of it until tomorrow morning and love every moment of it’. That was an interesting night of cum and piss: I loved every moment of it.

Another of my favorite whisper moments was ‘I think you remember who you were before you met me but can’t help but behave like the person I made you no matter what.’ I remember feeling a lot of weird feelings inside and disgust with the gay things he had me do for some reason. That night when he fucked me, I swear I thought I was in hell at the time! The next morning, though, he whispered in my ear how sexy all those feelings made me feel and that I was ‘back to normal’. Now, obviously, I have zero idea in the slightest what he meant by all of that, but it was still incredibly sexy to this day how terrified I was that night.

This was no different and I just smiled, knowing there’d probably be puddles of my cum all over the house for me to clean tomorrow. My heart filled with joy: I loved my Master and these little whisper moments.

“Good boy,” he stated as my cock exploded with cum and I finished cutting up the onions I was about to place into our salad without breaking stride.

After I prepared our plates and served them at our dining room, I began feeding Larry, like I always did.

“Good boy,” I came onto my boyfriend’s lap as I placed a cut of the pork in his mouth. After licking up my cum I’d spilled on him, like I wanted to, I continued feeding him until he finished, and then I ate my portion.

The night continued in that vein: I continued doing my normal routine of serving the man I loved and I came throughout the house whenever he said boy, I did my usual work out to stay sexy and strong for my man, and made out with Larry periodically when he wanted to until eventually, we decided it was bed time.

“I’m thinking of inviting Ben over again sometime soon. How does that make you feel, boy?”

I came onto the underside of our shared bathroom sink as I brushed my teeth and my always hard cock shuttered at the thought of the sexy, hairy bear. Pulling the toothbrush out of my mouth, “I thi… oops, I mean that’d be fun!” I corrected myself. I knew better than to start a sentence with I think if we weren’t roleplaying! I continued, “Last time he was here was such a blast. I’m pretty sure you had him cumming almost nonstop with your amazing fucking skills, Master!”

Larry smiled broadly as he brushed his teeth too, clearly having caught my near slip up but not caring. “It’ll be so much fun! Especially knowing he’s a married straight man, right boy?”

I came again as I followed up, “You know that’s my main fetish: having sex with heteros.”

“I know it is, my boy,” I came again, “because we had a good conversation about that, didn’t we boy?” I came again.

Finally, we got into bed and I assumed the normal position on my hands and knees for my Master to fuck me silly with his brilliant four inches. I’d tried fucking him the first few days I lived here, but Larry hadn’t had much sex up until then, so we gave up on that. I realized pretty quickly after that, however, that I’m a slutty bottom boy for my Master, so I preferred it this way. He did mention a few nights back that he’d consider roleplaying with me as top sometime soon. I smiled knowing my Master really got into the roleplaying when we did it. Though a rare thing for us to do, I couldn’t help but love and respect him even more with the amount of commitment he had to the statements I made to him that started with ‘I think.’

He inserted himself roughtly after applying some lube to my hole, but by now, I knew my asshole was basically his cock’s home, so he didn’t need much. He fucked me nice and slow and came within two minutes, like he usually did. That was all I needed as I came when he did. We always came at the exact same time since the first day we fucked.

I laid in my own cum as Larry spooned me. It was heaven in the arms of the man I loved. My life, my Master, my boyfriend: Larry.

“Good boy,” he said a few minutes later.

I came again as I drifted off into dreams of Larry, as was usual.

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