His last hypnosis show

by EdIam

 Paul has decided to put his long career as a hypnotist to bed… along with many of the new local men he’s meeting.

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“I really do think I love you,” I whispered into my girlfriend Laura’s ear in the back of my best friends’ car. My heart did a little leap as she giggled slightly, smiled, and leaned in to kiss me.

“I love you too, Grant.”

“Get a room!” I heard my best friend, Tim, shout from the driver’s seat as he watched us through the rear view mirror. I pulled off of Laura’s mouth quickly and saw the wicked grin on his face.

Ashley, Tim’s girlfriend, turned to look at us from the passenger seat, “Oh, Tim, shush. I think it’s cute. They’ve had a rocky road and we all deserve to celebrate tonight!”

“Ya got that right!” I laughed as I leaned in to kiss Laura again. It was true; it had been quite a road and celebration was in order. We’d all graduated from high school earlier that day and after a day spent with family celebrating, it was time for us all to go to the graduation party one of our classmates, Jon, had planned out of town at his family’s place. The four of us had planned on going out there together knowing it was one of the last times for a while that the four of us could hang out as my girlfriend was heading off on a backpacking trip to Europe with Ashley tomorrow for a little over a month. Their parents had paid both of their ways as graduation presents. Being as they’d been best friends since middle school, it wasn’t a big surprise that they’d travel together, but Tim and I were definitely a little jealous that we couldn’t join them.

Tim and I had known each other since we were in kindergarten together 13 years prior. Living in this smaller town in South Dakota meant that, generally speaking, we didn’t get many new kids and families tended to stay in the area. So knowing Tim as long as I had, it was great to think that we were still friends to this day and that we’d be going off to college together in less than four months. Granted, we lived in Vermillion, which is where we were going to school at the University of South Dakota, the school I found out Jon was going to attend in the fall as well, so it wasn’t like we were moving across the country. But we were still so excited to finally be considered adults and to be able to live on our own without our parents constantly watching us in the dorms.

I’d actually met my girlfriend in kindergarten too, but I didn’t take an immediate liking to her, as most young boys tended to do. But around seventh grade, we started flirting a bit, but me being as into sports as I was while maintaining my popular jock status and her being more on the nerdy side, it really wasn’t a good fit for us as younger kids. Even in the earlier years of high school, I’d been a bit of a bully and put her, and many of the other nerdier and less popular kids, through some rough times. But in the last couple years, I’d grown up a bit and realized that nerdy or not, she was a great person. She was also hot as hell. So I’d started dating her. She was still insanely smart, but she’d really started acting much cooler and wearing less dopey clothes. Not long after, Tim had started dating her best friend Ashley, and now, about a year and a half later, the four of us were practically royalty at our school and entirely inseparable. It definitely helped that I was the quarterback of our team and Tim was our star running back and my girlfriend ended up valedictorian in the end. We really were an impressive group in so many ways and at the top of our class.

So here we were, driving in Tim’s dads’ Mercedes to our senior party out in the country. Our friend, Jon, was one of the richest guys in our school. This was mainly because his parents owned one of the biggest ranches in the area. Luckily, to celebrate, his parents had let all of us seniors decorate one of their barns, plan to get a D.J., and get the chance to party out there all night. We were even bringing a couple kegs and we were pretty much entirely sure that Jon’s parents knew that was happening too.

“Tonight is going to be amazing. I can’t believe we’re actually high school graduates now!” Laura

It was 7:00 by the time we pulled into the barn and saw Jon hustling about trying to do as much as he could on his own.

“Thank you all so much for coming out to help. I asked Mom and Dad to hire someone to do all this, but, like, they went all cheap on me. Said if I wanted the party, I had to roll up my own sleeves and do it,” Jon gushed as he approached us while we got out of the car.

“It’s no problem, bro. This will be a fucking blast,” I said in the macho guy way I used when with my friends. I grabbed his hand and gave him a quick one handed hug and tap on the back.

“We should probably get to work. My parents wouldn’t even help,” Jon leaned in and whispered to me quietly,” They’re, uh, back at the house with…another guest for, this, uh other thing.”

I couldn’t tell if Jon wanted me to probe more or if I should just be ignoring the clear information Jon was keeping from us, but I was a dude. If the guy had wanted to talk about it, he would.

“No prob, let’s get to work!” I announced to all five of us. We didn’t have a hell of a lot of time and we were expecting most of our class of 87 to show up around 8 o’clock, so we got to work.

The girls started by setting up the snacks and drinks inside the barn while Jon, Tim, and I started moving hay bales to create some seating and get everything organized so we could have a dance floor for the DJ later tonight, but Jon kept mentioned some mysterious show that his parents had set up and said we needed to set up a stage at the back of the barn. Jon continued to drop little hints about a guy that was at his parents’ house with his mom and dad. While Jon set a little mock stage for the DJ on the side of the barn and kept muttering to himself about it, Tim and I moved a few hay bales over there, growing more and more curious as to what Jon meant by mysterious show and why he was being so annoyingly vague about it.

After pressing him a few times, Jon finally said, “Okay, if you really want to know. It’s just embarrassing. Evidently, my dad’s friend Chuck, the real estate agent guy, just had a dude move into town and he was evidently an entertainer and so Chuck told my dad and evidently my dad went and met him and really liked him and… so…” Jon trailed off.

“And so, what? He’s an entertainer? What kind? Is he, like, a birthday clown or something?” Tim laughed.

Jon just stared at us for a moment and, for a split second, I thought he was going to say yes. Then he followed up, “Not exactly but close. He’s… umm… a hypnotist. Does, like, stage hypnosis stuff.”

Before we could start giving him shit for hiring a hypnotist for our first party as adults, Jon pleaded, “I know, I know! But my dad met him and liked him and I met him too and he’s not that bad! I know he’s at the house now talking with my mom and dad and stuff and he just moved here and wanted a little work before settling down or something so, you know…I’m sorry it’s so stupid. He heard it was a graduation party and thought we’d all enjoy it. And now I’m even more embarrassed. I didn’t know how to bring it up and I’m not sure why, but in a way I think it’ll be kind of fun. Why don’t we move all this back behind the barn so it’s completely out of the way and if anyone actually wants to go see him, they can. But I’m not gonna force anyone.”

Tim and I just laughed at Jon as he rambled on and on. I couldn’t be entirely sure, but while Jon was complaining, it seemed like he was protesting a bit too much, like maybe he wanted the hypnotist to perform pretty badly. It was so ludicrous to think a bunch of 18 year olds would want something as childish as a hypnotist to perform for their graduation party. Beyond that, on a personal level, I thought hypnosis was beyond fake and anyone who believed in it was probably just an idiot. I’d seen a few things online that were clearly people pretending. I knew, for sure, I had absolutely zero interest in something that stupid, but if Jon’s father already paid the guy and set it all up, well, there wasn’t much else to be done. I could just stay clear and dance with my sexy girlfriend. Hopefully, she’d give it up again tonight so I won’t have blue balls while she was off in Europe.

After we gave Jon a bit more crap about having a ridiculous hypnotist coming, we pretty much just got to work knowing our classmates would be coming shortly. Tim and I got to work tapping our kegs as Jon continued setting things up outside. I stared over at Laura as Ashley and she kept working on the decorations they’d been focusing on. I tried focusing on the project at hand as Tim fiddled with the keg and I supported it, but I felt myself kind of zoning out as I stared at her. God, she’s beautiful, I thought to myself as my mind completely absorbed itself in her. I thought about how sexy she was when we made out for the first time, when she went down on me the first time, when I took her virginity about a month ago…I don’t even know how long I was staring at her, but my focus was so completely gone that Tim had to literally push me to get my attention. I dropped the keg I was supporting and snapped back to reality. I’d basically been in my own world thinking about the possibility of fucking her again tonight.

“What the fuck, dude?” I roared.

“Dude, you were in la la land! I was trying to get your attention for, like, two minutes. The kegs, tapped, bro. And that fucking weird hypnotist came and started talking to Jon but the old dude was literally staring at you and you were on fucking Jupiter, man! Don’t be so fucking clueless!”

Instantly creeped out that an old man, probably a pervert of some kind, was looking at me without even realizing, I looked over to where Jon was incredibly animatedly talking to the man. Despite Jon telling him where he’d perform and what to expect, the old man just kept looking back at me. It unnerved me to meet his eyes, but I’d be damned if I was gonna let some old creeper freak me out enough to look away first. I was a man now and a man does not let another man intimidate him. I kept staring back at him, presenting my incredibly muscular body in a dominant sort of way, just to show the pervert he didn’t have any control over me. I watched without flinching as the man excused himself from his conversation with Jon and walked towards me. I stared attentively as Jon watched the man go. I looked like Jon was slightly out of it as the old man kept his gaze on mine. Let the freak come over and say hi, I thought. I’ll show him he can’t just creep in on me. I was a man now. And I could easily take him with my hard earned jock body if it came to it.

Tim stood next to me, probably unsure of what was even going on. I’m sure he knew it was a display of power of some kind. He and I treated people like that in our high school and town frequently. You can’t ever let another man really dominate you. You had to be your own strong, independent beacon of masculinity. Both of our fathers acted the same way, taught us how to be men, and they, in turn, earned our respect. The hypnotist before me was a somewhat scrawny guy with a bald head, pervy looking gray goatee, and long, somewhat spindly fingers. His long legs carried him over confidently, despite the fact that I probably had a good fifty pounds of muscle on the man. And I was probably one third his age.

As he neared, his gaze didn’t even remotely flinch. He met my eyes and I met his. I’d never met a guy that didn’t get intimidated enough with my strong frame and intense stare that they had the ability to keep cool and not feel like I was more domineering. But this guy did. And as he was in front of me, he shocked me by instantly grabbing my hand, squeezing it, and shaking it like a maniac. I was so taken aback by the sudden grab that my mind couldn’t even truly process what was happening and then he began jabbering just as suddenly as he’d begun his handshake.

“Hello, my name is Paul and I saw you looking at me. It seemed as though you kept looking at me when I walked over here too and it seemed to come very naturally for some reason. It was almost as if you couldn’t look away. I do believe that was the assessment I made that you just couldn’t look away as though you were very interested in me for some reason. Perhaps not being able to look away was your way of showing you were interested in my show later. I’m the hypnotist who will perform. I’ll take it as a compliment that you seemed so interested by looking my way and that you’ll be coming to my show. I’ve been told to set up my show behind the barn. You’re free to come look while I set up, of course. It’d be easy to come look and help set up my show. If, before the party gathers, you feel the need to come look and help assist me in setting up for my show, I’d appreciate it. It can be your good deed for the day. I’ll look out for you. You look like you really want to think it over and help me out.”

Throughout the entirety of his strangely worded and bizarrely intoned speech, I just couldn’t look away from his eyes. It wasn’t really that I was completely interested in what he was saying, but the way he looked back, unblinking, was just bizarre. To top it off, he never stopped shaking my hand so erratically that it just distracted me a little from what he was even saying. Strangely enough, while it did creep me out, it also made me bizarrely more interested in going back and seeing how he was going to set up his show. It was strange, honestly, looking at him as he walked away just as quickly as he’d come, that, in a way, I couldn’t even imagine not going back there to look at him set up his show. My curiosity, at the very least, was so peaked.

“What. A. Fucking. Lunatic. What in the hell was that about?! He didn’t even acknowledge me and then just walked off. And the way he kept repeating himself. What in the living hell was wrong with that guy?” Tim guffawed as he clasped his hand on my shoulder. I just kept looking at him as he disappeared around the side of the barn.

“I know right? He confused the freaking hell out of me. Did you see how he shook my hand? Like, what the hell. I think I’m gonna go back there and get a better look at him though. See if I figure the weirdo out,” I said somewhat matter-of-factly as my mind kept replaying the strange interaction we’d had.

“Dude, are you kidding? After he said all that and acted like a fucking weirdo? He literally rambled on like a crazy fucking lunatic!” Tim asked.

“Eh, he’s harmless. He tries anything, I’ll kick his ass. Besides, it’s just to help him set up. What is he gonna do? Hypnotize me? Ooooooo,” I sarcastically remarked as I mockingly wiggled my fingers toward Tim.

We both laughed at the stupidity of my statement and then I went over to Laura to tell her I was gonna go help the hypnotist set up. She kissed me, said she loved me again, and I headed to the back of the barn after giving her butt a playful slap.

It occurred to me as I was walking along the side of the barn that I seemed to playing right into what the man had said to me so many times. He’d wanted me to come help him and I was doing it. That did bother me to a pretty large degree considering my entire intention with staring him down was to be the more powerful man in our exchange. But, ultimately, my legs carried me closer, my mind growing more interested in figuring out the bizarre man and the strange exchange we’d had.

“Oh, I figured I’d see you come on back! So great that you picked up on my ‘subtle’ hints up front,” Paul smiled. He’d performed air quotes as he said subtle which did make me grin slightly as I walked around the back of the barn. It was a bit colder back here as the sun was setting in a way that kept the entirety of the area in the shade. Paul was standing awkwardly next to a crate he’d placed next to him. On top of the crate was an elaborate candle-holder with a long red candle setting in it.

“I don’t know why I came back here, to be honest. You probably know more about how to set all this up than I do and, besides, I’m not even very interested in what you’re going to be…”

“Oh, don’t worry, young man. Something tells me that you’ll be more than enough help. Just a few haybales here and there, some lights needing set up, and most importantly, I need to light my special candle and place it on my table.”

I looked at him like he’d just told me pigs fly as I slowly approached the man. He really was strange. I felt a small tingle of fear in my gut as I found it nearly impossible to even look away from him. He was just so curious. What he’d repeated to me time and time again was true, I honestly just could not look away from the insane man.

“Oh, by special candle, I mostly just mean that’s how I get my subjects under for the show tonight. Many hypnotists have many different ways in which to get their subjects into a suggestible state. I’m sure you’ve seen some ‘tists, short for hypnotists, use a pocket-watch or a crystal so they can get their subs, subjects being hypnotized, under control. Some just use their words to guide someone down. Some do it via sensory overload, but that is just for fairly basic, silly, and quick commands like, ‘look at me’ or ‘come help me’. I can pretty much do them all to great success. But if I want to get my subjects good and under, I use a flame,” Paul clicked a lighter as he said the word flame and brought it up to the candle to light it. The flame burned a bizarre shade of green/blue. “This candle is pretty special. The wick has a wonderful chemical compound that makes the flame particularly easy to get lost in based on those cool, simple, comforting colors.”

A part of me knew that Paul had placed himself in a position where the candle was between the two of us. The shade produced a wonderfully greenish-blue haze as Paul’s face glowed behind the flame. The shade back here really made the light from the candle even more surreal.

“Isn’t it fascinating how something so simple can produce something so beautiful? It’s just a candle I picked up at a Halloween store, but it really does produce a wonderful light. I see you’re still interested in looking at me and figuring me out. This flame can really help make me so much more fascinating, don’t you think? It’s even easier to listen to me and get lost in my face and my voice. It’s strange, though, don’t you think, how the blue dances with the green across the wick? How the blue reflects off this cheek and the green on the other? How easy it is to just watch it dance across my face. So easy to watch and feel comfortable and tired and interested and, in fact, you can’t help but feel the weight of it all on you. So easy to feel the weight of comfort. The beautiful weight of comfort. Comfortable weight. So tired. So tired. So tired. So tired. So tired. So tired. And sleep.”

I felt my head slump forward. I don’t know how it happened, but the mixture of the strange and interesting man, his voice, and the candle just relaxed me completely. Perhaps it was all the excitement of my graduation day, the eagerness for sex with my girlfriend, or the whirlwind of change my life was about to go through, but it felt so good to relax here. It all happened in less than five minutes. I’d walked back here, listened to Paul speak and watched him light the candle. And his words… the way he said them… it all just brought me into a deep sleep.

Strangely enough, I could still kind of hear him speak as I stood there in my deep bliss. It was so relaxing to just be standing here with him. I started realizing that he was actually a pretty amazing and likable guy. Anyone that I could feel this relaxed around after literally just meeting them had to be insanely trustworthy. I was also getting increasingly interested in his show and hypnosis in general. It was strange how much the word hypnosis just repeated in my mind over and over. It was an exciting word. He spoke to me a bit more and I absorbed it rather sub-consciously. I wasn’t entirely sure about everything he was saying, but something about it all felt so right. Then, suddenly, I heard him say forcefully, “Wake up.”

Scratching my head slightly, I let out a bit of a yawn. I blinked a few times and looked over at Paul smiling slightly behind a column of smoke coming off the candle. I figured he must have blown it out just as he finished telling me to wake up. It was so rude of me to literally doze of in the middle of a conversation. It was strange, I knew, deep down, me standing there sleeping with what was basically a stranger was quite a bizarre situation. But I knew, even deeper down, that he was such a nice and trustworthy man and thought nothing of it. After all, would I have passed out right in front of someone who wasn’t trustworthy?

Something felt different to me right then, though, as I looked over at him. Like there was something I knew I wanted to ask. I wasn’t entirely sure what the question was. And then, suddenly, words vomited from my mouth; seemingly on their own.

“I’m so fascinated by hypnosis! I’d love it if you’d teach me more about it and possibly try to hypnotize me sometime!” It was weird, as I was saying it, I didn’t really feel it entirely. I knew hypnosis was absolute bullshit and there was no way I’d ever even had a slight interest in it. But, as I finished with the words, it was almost as like they had a power over me. Suddenly, my mind was inundated with interest in hypnosis. I wanted to learn as much as I could in putting others under and to actually go under for someone else. It was such a strange shift in my feelings, that I didn’t even have time to process that the thought of going under hypnosis was giving me a semi. The new feelings of interest swept up my spine and into my brain as I felt a slight shiver. Hypnosis, I realized right then, was the sexiest and most erotic thing I had ever thought of.

“Wow,” I gasped to myself. “I never really thought very long about hypnosis. But, honestly, it seems so sexy! The idea of someone controlling someone else. The idea that you can make them feel things you want them to feel. It’s power. It’s far more powerful than anything else I can think of. Wow. It’s so hot!” I felt absolutely zero shame in exclaiming my new found fetish to Paul, who, quite honestly, was pretty much a complete stranger to me. But, as a hypnotist, I’m sure he, at the very least, knew other people who had a hypnosis fetish like I had recently realized I had.

“I’m glad you feel that way! I tend to agree. While I’ve been performing as a hypnotist for entertainment for a while, I actually have done plenty of other therapeutic work. On my own, however, I find nothing else to be sexier than hypnotizing sexy men to think and feel what I want them to. How does that make you feel, Grant?”

I couldn’t believe how hard I was in my jeans at that moment. Nothing had ever even come close to turning me on as much as hypnosis. Hearing from Paul that he, too, had the same fetish was like fate. “Honestly, it turns me on so much. Granted, I’m straight so I don’t think we’d necessarily mesh together in that way, but I’d love to learn more from you and to possible even go under for you so I can experience what it’s like. Just the idea that you can get someone to think and feel whatever you want them to makes me almost feel like I’m going to blow my load in my pants! I hope you don’t mind how forward I’m being right now…”

“Oh, not at all, my friend. In fact, I’d say you and I have a very similar interest and it’s so easy to be open and honest with someone who thinks so similarly. I’m so honored to have met such a fascinating young man with similar interests in hypnosis. I’d love to help you any way you like!”

My heart swelled with so much happiness in that moment. Despite my hypnosis fetish being so incredibly new, it was absolutely the most important thing right now. The party, Laura, everything else just fell to the wayside. I needed to learn more about hypnosis. I needed to feel what it was like to go under. My cock throbbed and leaked as I thought about the possibilities. Perhaps I could get Laura to not even go to Europe tomorrow and just stay and service me for weeks on end?! That sounded so fucking hot! “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Paul!!”

“Oh, my dear friend Grant, it is no problem. There is one thing that I want you to think on, however.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, I’m your personal hypnotist now,” as he said those words, my head swam a bit. It was hard to explain, but I felt like I was more receptive to him. Like no matter what he said next, I had to hear it. “…and so I think it would be best if I hypnotize you, you be open to letting me do whatever I want with you. After all, if you want to be a good hypnotist, you’ve got to experience it all. Including if I want to hypnotize you to have sex with me. That turns you on just as much. After all, isn’t it sexy to think that I, as your hypnotist, am controlling your thoughts and feelings too? That’ll be so much fun, don’t you think?”

I let Paul’s words kind of wash over my mind as I processed through them. He basically was asking me to let him hypnotize me into doing gay shit for him. It was a strange feeling I had: so turned on by the idea of the older man I’d not so long ago found creepy putting me under and making me have gay sex with him. He was absolutely right! It would be so much fun to let him control my thoughts and feelings! My cock heaved out a particularly large amount of pre at the idea.

“Fuck, man. I’d love for you to control me with hypnosis! That sounds so hot and I could learn so much! Damn. I’m so happy we ran into each other today. Feels like the first day of the rest of my life in so many ways.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, Grant. I kind of rushed through the little chore I had to do before we could start setting up for the show tonight, but it seems to have been effective enough.” Paul smiled at me knowingly. I just smiled back, no clue as to what he was referring to. But he was right, I could hear more and more of my former classmates arriving out front. “We should get to work. Why don’t you move those hay bales while I work on the lights. It’s getting dark soon. Oh, and why don’t you do it shirtless?”

I scoffed at him slightly. “I’ll certainly help out if you want me to, but it’s a little weird to be doing it shirtless with my girlfriend and friends just over there. They’d think I’m a creepy fag or something.” I laughed. It was nice being so open with Paul. He really was a great guy.

“Oh, I see. But, I’m your personal hypnotist, Grant. So you want to be shirtless while you move the hay bales so I can get a good look at your fit chest while you work. You want to give me a good show with your strong chest. It’s perfectly normal, don’t you think? That makes sense, right?”

“Dang, I didn’t really look at that way. I’d love for you to get a good look!” I cheerfully exclaim as I peeled my t-shirt up and over my head. I discarded it next to the wall of the barn and got to work. The sun was just barely peaking up over the hills in the distance as I got to work moving the bales. I heaved a bale up on my shoulder and walked to where I wanted to place them, ensuring Paul got a good look at my hairy, muscular chest. I know some of the faggier kids at school tended to shave or wax their chests, but my dad had a hairy chest and he was the manliest man I knew. I was proud of my furriness. The patches were all in the right place and I was sure that if Paul was gay, he enjoyed what he was seeing. The thought that he may be gay did make me a little uneasy, but this was normal man’s work. No harm in doing it shirtless in the slightest.

I had about three more bales to move when Tim came around the corner. He stopped in his tracks as he saw me. He glanced over at Paul and then quickly stormed over to me. I continued to move the bales as he approached. “Uh, Grant. You’ve been back here for almost 45 minutes. The party started and the girls are already getting drunk. Why are you still back here moving hay. And why the fuck are you shirtless? That creepy old dude is clearly queer!”

I laughed at Tim’s concern as I glanced over at Paul, who gave a friendly little wave as he finished plugging in all the lights. It wasn’t much, but it would do for the little show he was going to do.

“Dude, relax. Paul couldn’t move all the hay on his own and I’m almost done. You want me over there, grab that bale and I’ll get the last one.”

Tim sighed and grabbed the bale and I, too, grabbed the final one. Tim went right to the spot to place his, but I detoured slightly to get the best angle for Paul to watch my sexy, sweating, furry chest as I carried the heavy bale. Tim placed his, looked back at me, and shouted, “Hey! Queerbait! Place the fucking bale so we can go get drunk!”

Not wanting to deny Paul the view simply because Tim was impatient, I moved a little quicker but ensured Paul didn’t miss any part of my muscles move as I placed the final bale.

“Fine, let’s go drink. Unless you need anything else before I go party it up, Paul?” I looked over to the man, chest sweating and pulsating from my recent work. I knew Paul had a great view and that, for some reason, made me so proud.

“Go have some fun, boys! But Grant, could you come to my show? I’d like to be sure at least one of you young people show up. I know hypnosis is probably pretty childish to most of you, but I think you understand how much fun it can be now after our little talk! Even if it is just our little inside joke, I am your personal hypnotist now, so I’m sure you’ll come see me at 9 p.m. sharp.”

My brain fogged over slightly, but I knew I’d be coming at 9 for sure. “Of course! I’ll be here. See you then, Paul. Thanks for the great talk too, by the way!” I said with a merry laugh. I grabbed my shirt and put it back on as Tim and I walked around the corner.

Just as we were out of view, Tim pushed me up against the barn. Intensely, he began, “What the fuck was that about, Grant? An hour ago you were macho dude who was making fun of that creep. Now you were walking around shirtless around him, he calls himself your personal hypnotist, and you want to see his hypnosis show?! Did that fucking creep hypnotize you?!”

I just laughed, “Dude! What’s wrong with helping a guy out? No, he did not hypnotize me. But we had a good talk and I’m really into the idea of hypnosis now. He explained it in a way that seems cool. Don’t freak out, man. I’m just fucking curious.”

Tim seemed to accept my answer, “Okay, man, whatever. But I’m steering clear of that fag. And I’m pretty sure your girlfriend won’t want you going to it either.”

Tim let me go and we continued to walk out to the party. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I was mostly relieved he hadn’t pressed closer and felt my raging erection as I talked about hypnosis to him.

Most everyone that I’d graduated with had already arrived and began drinking. It was quite the get together already! A D.J. was still setting up his stand on the side, but most everyone was mingling and drinking. “Where you been, baby!?” Laura came lunging through the crowd at me. Clearly, she’d chugged a few drinks while I was back setting up. Ashley came tripping behind her and attached herself to Tim’s lips.

“Sorry, babe. Was helping the hypnotist get set up in the back. I got all sweaty. Just like you like me,” I joked as I pulled her in for a quick kiss. She groped at my privates as we made out slightly.

“Good to see that your little guy’s happy to see me,” she trailed off vaguely.

“Hello class of 2017!” I jumped as the voice loudly proclaimed from the speakers around us. “I’m D.J. Sparkles from KDLT and I bet you’re all ready to dance!”

We all cheered as the music started to play. I grabbed Laura and we danced together happily. I saw Tim and Ashley doing the same, although Ashley looked to be absolutely wasted and Tim seemed to mostly be keeping her from stumbling over. I couldn’t believe both of our girlfriends had enough time to get this drunk. But after thinking on it shortly, time really had gotten away from me while I’d helped Paul set up After a dance or two, Laura pulled me over to the drink table, slammed back a couple more shots and forced me to do the same, and started making out with me. I had to admit, it was pretty hot having my sexy girl so into me. I felt my dick throb in my pants as her tongue invaded my mouth.

After a couple minutes of fierce making out, Laura pulled away, gave me a strange look, and ran around the table. Confused, I ran after her. I saw her lean over slightly and begin puking just as she got around the corner of the barn. Pulling her hair back, I let her heave out all the alcohol she’d taken in. I knew she’d planned on getting really drunk tonight, the first night she’d ever really drank heavily. But I realized she’d probably gone a little overboard while I was back helping Paul.

“I, uh, think I’m gonna go back to the car and sit for a while…uh…you go have fun,” Laura wobbled up to her feet and stumbled slightly.

“You sure? I can come with if you want,” I offered.

“No. Have fun. Your party too,” Laura grumbled sickly as she walked off towards Tim’s car.

Watching my girlfriend wander drunkenly down the driveway, I decided she was right. I went back to the area my classmates were dancing and joined them. I’d been one of the most popular guys in school for a reason and I played up the room. There were so many people I’d grown up with that I wasn’t going to see again for a long time or possibly ever. So I drank a bit more, made some jokes with my friends, and danced away. At one point, I saw Tim and Ashley leave to go back towards the car too, Ashley clearly even more drunk than my girlfriend had been. Tim gave me a quick look like ‘what’s a guy to do’ as he walked his girlfriend away. Just then, I realized it was time to go watch the hypnotist show.

I glanced down at my phone quickly, 8:56. I had to get back there soon to make it in time for Paul’s show! I’d promised, after all.

Excusing myself from the dance floor, I ran past the side of the barn to find my way to the back. By now, it was insanely dark on the sides of the barn and a small amount of light peeked out from the hypnotist’s makeshift stage in the back. It looked as though I was the only person interested, and probably sober, enough to even remember to go to the hypnosis show. Rounding the corner, I took a seat quickly without really paying much attention around me. I smiled up at Paul as he lit the candle he’d placed earlier. I could see it all pretty clearly from my seat in the front row and in my haste, I noticed just then that Jon was sitting next to me. Glancing around, it seemed we were the only two that showed up.

“I didn’t think you’d show up, Grant. The way you talked…are you into hypnosis too?” Jon asked me oddly, hinting at something a little deeper.

“Honestly, I wasn’t. But talking with Paul earlier today, I realized hypnosis can be rather…exciting.”

“Oh, man, I was a little embarrassed to say it with you and Tim making fun of me, but I agree! Ever since Paul came over with my dad about a week ago, I can’t stop thinking about it! And Paul has been so unbelievably helpful in fulfilling my new found passion for it. So happy to hear you’re passionate about it too! It’s kind of a weird thing, actually. Found out about the same time I realized I loved it that my dad was really into hypno too! Stick with Paul and us and I’m sure that all your questions involving it will be answered for sure. Paul hasn’t hypnotized my dad or me quite yet, even though we keep asking and asking him to, but he keeps promising he will eventually. I’m sure he’ll do the same for you down the road. I’m hoping he’ll hypnotize me tonight, given that it’s a hypnosis show and all.”

I listened intently as Jon went on and on explaining how into hypnosis he was now. I was incredibly embarrassed to admit that just my straight buddy Jon talking about it was making my cock harder than it was when I was dancing and making out with Laura. I couldn’t believe how erotic I found hypnosis all of a sudden. But before I could really process it, Paul began.

“Hello, boys. Such a shame you are the only two who showed. But I’m sure we’ll still have a good show nonetheless. Question before we begin, how likely do you two think it is that any of your friends will come back here?”

I answered quickly, “Highly unlikely. Most of them are drunk and I don’t think a majority even know about this show. Can’t say we were very open and honest about what was going on back here.”

“To be honest,” Jon began, “I kind of only had the urge to tell Tim and Grant that this was going to happen anyway. For some reason, they were the only two people I wanted to come to the show.”

“Oh that’s okay. I kind of expected this. Smaller group means more fun, really. Not too many your age is into hypnosis. I’m glad I got two big fans at the very least. Just to be sure, however, I think a little more mood lighting would make sense for the mystical, exciting, and erotic world of hypnosis,” the way in which Paul said erotic sent a shiver down my spine that went straight into my balls. My cock shivered with anticipation of what kind of hypnotic treat Paul had in store for Jon and me.

Unplugging the lights as though they were really only there for show anyway, Paul left the back of the barn in that mysterious green/blue light the candle produced. It was eerie, to be honest. I could make out Paul, but just barely, because he was only about five feet from us. I knew that if anyone came around the corner, they’d just see a strange blue/green blur, unable to make out any real shapes without getting really close to us. It was so sexy to think that we were having this private hypnotic show.

“You boys ready for the fun hypnosis show?”

My cock ached as Paul stretched out the most erotic word I’d ever heard: hypnosis. That shiver went straight to balls again.

“Yes,” Jon and I both said with a slight moan. I really didn’t want to look, but I was fairly certain Jon was turned on too.

“That’s exciting. First things first, I like to live slightly dangerously. I know the party is raging up front, but I think we’ll make this all a bit more exciting. You’re both excited for erotic hypnosis, are you not?”

Realizing Paul had combined those two stretched out sexy words made me moan loudly. That shiver was more of an earthquake and balls seemed to fill with overly excited cum. I figured that moan was enough of a clue to Paul that I was ready.

“Jon and Grant, since I’m your personal hypnotist, it would be so much more stimulating if I performed this show for you with the two of you in your underwear. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? You both know hypnosis is the sexiest and most erotic thing you can think of. So why not strip down to your underwear to really make it even sexier?”

I had to admit that the moment Paul started talking, I felt a little faint, but as he continued, it just made so much sense. Without hesitation, I took my shirt off. As I worked on my shoes and socks, I glanced over and Jon, too, was stripping out of his clothes. It made sense, really. We were both clearly so turned on by hypnosis and it was such an erotic thing that we should be next to nude. Eroticism tended to equal nudity. And it’s not like I was going to take my dick out or anything. We just wanted to be sexy in a sexy situation. I knew Jon and I were straight as hell, but that didn’t change the fact that hypnosis was so fucking hot.

Finishing up, I sat back down on the hay. It was a little itchy, of course, with the small amount of fabric between my ass-cheeks and the hay. I’d always been a tightie-whitie kind of guy, much like my dad. My parents just always bought me simple white briefs. As horny as I was now, my dick pointed straight out, obscenely tenting them.

I glanced over quickly and realized Jon was in a jockstrap. They poor guys ass was probably so uncomfortable sitting on the hay like it was! But it was his own fault, wearing a damn jockstrap for no reason.

“Very nice, gentleman. Remember, now, Jon and Grant, that I’m your personal hypnotist. So that means you’d both like to stand up here on either side of me so I can get a good look at the two of you. You won’t mind if I touch any and all parts of you either. You won’t even think of it as gay in the slightest. Just your hypnotist feeing you out. I’m your personal hypnotist, so it’s so hot to know that I have the power to hypnotize you if I wanted to. That knowledge just turns you on like nothing else ever has. As my hands wander around your sexy bodies, you both know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I haven’t hypnotized either of you yet, but you can’t wait for me to at some point.”

I listened to everything he had to say, and I had to admit, it all sounded great. It really was so fucking hot to know that this man was the key to the sexiest thing I’d ever thought about. He could hypnotize me! He could teach me how to hypnotize! Of course I’d let him feel my body if he wanted to! I didn’t mind in the slightest. Taking myself over to the right side of Paul, Jon took the left, and we stood there.

I glanced over at Jon slightly as Paul started fondling his pecs. Jon was clearly nowhere near as built as I was. He had a hairless chest, some build to his pecs, and the faint hint of abs. My hairy chest was like a model’s, honestly. Years of being active and kicking ass in various sports had easily sculpted my body. Jon did a few sports, but nowhere near as successfully as me. His parents’ riches were really why he was popular. But Paul didn’t seem to mind as he groped.

Paul’s bulge didn’t seem quite a obscene as mine, either, but still obvious. He was probably a little smaller than mine in length, but judging by the clear head I could see in the fabric, the top of his penis was probably a bit thicker. I looked away quickly, realizing I was comparing another guys bulge with mine like some kind of homo.

It didn’t take long for him to stop with Jon and start to work on me. With Jon, it seemed like he had a slight feeling of familiarity or something. It was hard to describe. With me, however, I knew no other man had ever touched me the way Paul was, certainly no man I’d just met that day. But that was okay, honestly. He was my hypnotist and he could grope whatever he wanted. As my mind thought about him touching my penis and a small part of me felt a little strange about the thought of another dude touching me there, Paul actually did exactly what I was contemplating.

He didn’t actually touch it flesh to flesh, but he certainly squeezed the bulge my underwear produced. Looking into my dark brown eyes, Paul asked, “Tell me, Grant, how does all this feel. Knowing I could hypnotize you at any time?”

My cock throbbed with so much desire as Paul clutched it and uttered those words. “Honestly, Paul, it’s kind of the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced, just like you’d said. It’s weird, though. Before earlier today, when we talked, I’d never even thought much about hypnosis. Now, I honestly am obsessed!”

“Oh, I know, Grant. Jon, too, found out not too long ago how sexy and amazing hypnosis could be. And don’t worry, I’ll hypnotize you both at some point. For now, however, it’s important that, Jon and Grant, as your personal hypnotist, you both just stare into the fire and…”

I followed his suggestion and stared into it. It seemed harmless enough. But then, for some reason, he stopped talking. I waited and waited for what seemed like eons and suddenly.

“…go deep for me.”

I couldn’t even tell you what happened then. I was lost in the flame. I don’t know if it was what Paul had said or if I just found the fascinating blue/green flame irresistible, but I couldn’t look away. I small part of my mind could tell that Paul was still talking and that his hand was now cupping my ass, but it was so distant and so unimportant. I wasn’t realy processing anything, even the flame I was staring at. I couldn’t really describe what I was feeling beyond just saying I felt empty and free.

It could have been five seconds and it could have been five years, but suddenly, I was alert again. Blinking slightly, I looked over at Jon, who also appeared to be adjusting slightly to having been relaxed. I continued to pretty much ignore Paul’s groping of my package and ass as Jon said, “Oh my, I’ve gotta get back home! I’m disappointed you couldn’t hypnotize me even for your show, Paul. But I’m sure my dad and I will see you soon! Maybe you can hypnotize me next time?”

“Sure, buddy. See you soon,” Paul said as he kept his gaze glued to me. I let Paul’s hands feel my body as my eyes followed Jon. He grabbed his clothes but stayed in his jockstrap as he headed off into the field between the barn and his parents house. The party was clearly still raging based on the sounds I could hear coming from the front.

“Anything on your mind, Grant?” Paul suddenly asked.

Strangely enough, as soon as he asked me that question, a thought came instantly to my brain. “Where do you live, Paul? I want to work with you more regularly so that maybe you can hypnotize me sometime. Or maybe teach me how. It seems like such a fascinating thing and I just have to be involved in it!”

“Of course, my friend. I live in town. Actually, just got a great deal on a little house with a couple bedrooms near the downtown area just down the hill. Jon’s dad’s friend, Chuck, is a real estate agent and when I wandered into Vermillion a couple weeks ago, I just knew this was where I wanted to stay. Saw a sign with Chuck’s handsome mug on it, went to his office, and after a brief chat, got a really good deal,” Paul stated as he started tweaking my nipples.

“Stay? Does that mean you’re moving here?! I’m going to be staying here all summer and starting school at the university in town in the fall! That’s awesome!”

“No way! How serendipitous! I’d offhandedly mentioned to Jon I was hoping to meet a couple guys from his class that might be going to school this fall so I can make some new friends!” Paul said, with a strange hint of knowing that I put to the side as unimportant. “This hypnosis show was actually to be my last. I’m retiring, you see. I’ve had it with traveling and performing and this little town seems like the perfect fit. I’d be happy to have you over any time, especially considering the immense amount of free time I’ll be having. Perhaps teaching you hypnosis will pass the time.”

“And putting me under hypnosis?!” I asked eagerly.

“Oh, we’ll see. Not everyone is receptive, you see. I try to pay attention to those that I’m interested in and who I think may be easy to put under. They tend to be the sort that somewhat self-hypnotize themselves. You, for example, may be a great subject if I ever decided to hypnotize you,” Paul moved his hand down into my underwear and began lightly fondling my shaft as he continued, “You see, I saw you as I walked to speak with Jon about setting up for my show and who he may have expressed interest in coming to my show earlier this evening. You were helping your friend with the keg and you were staring over at what I can only assume was a girl you were interested in. I could see that you had lost yourself while staring at her. This, you see, is a strong indication that if I tried to hypnotize you…” Paul pulled moved his hand down slightly to feel my hairy balls, “…you may be very very receptive and easily controlled quickly. But we shall see.”

I soaked in all he said, my erection throbbing the entire time thinking about the possibility that he may hypnotize me some day, as he continued helping himself to my junk.

“I should let you get back to the party soon, but first, I do want to find out a bit about you. You know, in case I decide to put you under sometime. And, since I’m your personal hypnotist, you’ll feel perfectly comfortable answering any and all questions while I continue to touch you. But, to make it easier, why don’t you just take off the underwear. You feel so comfortable with me now, it’s really no big deal being naked while I stroke you off a bit. There’s nothing gay about it at all, you just know that I’m so trustworthy that it’s a good way for us to get to know one another. Besides, I think you know that the more I know about you, the more likely I’ll be to finally give you exactly what you want and hypnotize you.”

I instantly pulled my underwear off as Paul continued to stroke my penis. Standing there nude knowing there was a party just on the other side of the barn was a bit uncomfortable, but honestly, that was the only part of it that was. It was strange, feeling so close to Paul so quickly that I was literally standing there naked with a complete stranger as he touched me in my most intimate places. It wasn’t strange that he was doing it or that I was naked…it was just strange how comfortable I was with it.

Putting that aside, I began answering his questions as he berated me with inquisitions. I told him about my family, my dad, my older brothers, my girlfriend, school, plans for college, plans after college, how Laura was heading to Europe for a long trip tomorrow…pretty much any and everything I could think of that would interest Paul. Even when he started asking about my sex life, I freely provided him with the truth. Why would I hide anything from this man? Especially if being honest meant he might put me under sometime!

So I told him that I’d received a few odd handjobs and blowjobs from girls at the school, but lost my virginity to my current girlfriend and possible love of my life, Laura. He asked if I’d done anything with another guy before and I just laughed. “I’m not a fag, if that’s what you’re thinking. My dick will only ever go in a chick; probably Laura, honestly,” I stated defiantly as Laura entered my mind. My heart did a little bit of a leap as I thought of her while Paul began softly tickling my balls. My cock throbbed slightly as he did so because my balls had always been incredibly sensitive. I thought about the time Laura pulled my balls out while I was driving and went to town on them. It was so hot…my cock started to pre-cum at the thought.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Paul. I guess talking about Laura and I having sex is getting me a little worked up!” I apologized as I saw the pre drip down onto his wrist.

“Oh, that’s okay, my dear friend! But, since I am your personal hypnotist, I’m fairly certain you know full well that you should lick that pre off of me. And when you’re done, you can get dressed, go back to the party, and fuck your girlfriend later tonight. But, you know full well that after Laura leaves tomorrow, you’re going to come to my house and I might try to finally hypnotize you. That excited you so much, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, Paul, like, you have no idea how horny that makes me! I’m excited to go fuck Laura, obviously, but the possibility of you hypnotizing me tomorrow?! I don’t even think I can avoid thinking about that until then!”

“Good, good, Grant! Now, lick it up and go have fun.”

I did what he suggested without a thought. It was kind of disgusting, really, licking my pre off Paul’s wrist. But it made sense to clean him off and I did it. Afterwards, he let go of my balls and I got dressed. We had a little bit of small chat as I walked off. I asked him what he was planning on doing the rest of the night now that the hypnosis show was a complete bust.

“Don’t worry about me, Grant. I’m your personal hypnotist and everything I tell you right now won’t alarm you in the least. You’ll think it’s all perfectly normal and understandable and you won’t think twice about it at all. As your personal hypnotist, I’ll level with you and you know that none of it has anything to do you with and you’ll never feel the need to mention it to your friend Jon or his parents because it’s perfectly normal and you know they have zero interest in hearing it. I already hypnotized Jon and his father last week, you see. It’s rather fun hypnotizing men without them realizing it and making them think they haven’t been hypnotized at all. I did that with both of them. They were easy to put under, much like a young man I met today that you have no interest in at all. Putting Jon and his dad under meant I could get some necessary simple post hypnotics programmed in and from there, pretty much do whatever I want and put them under again whenever I want.

“I’ve practiced hypnosis for decades and decades, my friend, and have mastered the ability of quickly and efficiently putting attractive men under so that I can play with them, all the while them thinking I’ve never hypnotized them at all. And, as your personal hypnotist, I can confide that since I’ve hypnotized Jon and his father, I’ve been playing with the two of them a lot. They do whatever I tell them to at this point without a second thought, needing their post hypnotic trigger phrase less and less; all the while thinking I haven’t even hypnotized them once. Much like you, they discovered they had an intense fetish for hypnosis soon after meeting me and they desperately want me to put them under not knowing I already have. They practically beg me to put them under while I have my way with them, unknowingly hypnotized deeply already.

“Jon’s mother was a complication, but putting her under and making sure she ignores even the most blatant signs of strange happenings was easy. I’ve fucked both Jon and his father right in front of her without her batting an eye. Two nights ago, Jon’s father was sucking me off while having a fight with her about money. It was so hot, Grant.

“And so, as your personal hypnotist, I’ll finally answer your question, I’m going to go have fun with Jon and his dad. They’re likely already 69-ing one another as I’d suggested they do earlier today while they wait for me to return. Not sure what I’ll have them do for my pleasure tonight, but it’ll be a good time. It’ll be even more fun now that I’m retiring, staying here in town, and looking to add to my group of hypnosis slaves, all the while my slaves having no clue they are actually my slaves.”

I stared at him nonchalantly throughout the story, my eyes really only getting wide when he’d mention the word hypnosis…something about that word just instantly got my cock in need of attention. The rest of what he told me was boring. I felt kind of bad for the guy, having such a lackluster turn out for his final hypnosis show and now just going back to the house to hang out with Jon and his dad like some kind of loser. “Oh, man. It’s exciting that you’ve gotten the chance to do some hypnosis and stuff, but I’m sorry that you don’t have anything really exciting planned for the night. Sucks that only Jon and I came for your show. At least you’ve already hypnotized him! And maybe, if I’m lucky, you’ll hypnotize me tomorrow! That’ll be fun for you, I’m sure. Again, sorry about tonight though.”

“No worries, I’m sure I’ll manage. Hey, do me a quick favor tonight. As your personal hypnotist, you’re going to think of me and only me while you fuck your girlfriend tonight, okay? Nothing weird or strange about that at all to you, is there?”

“Oh, not at all. Thanks for the suggestion!” I walked over, shook his hand, and told him I’d see him tomorrow. Heading to the party, my mind was only thinking about how excited I was that I might get put under by such a fun guy. I thought, for a quick moment, I heard Paul mutter under his breath, “Like shooting fish in a barrel,” but thought I might have imagined it. After all, what in the hell would he have even been talking about?

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