Love and foot rubs

by Musiker

Dale the Clydesdale and Max the dog are enormously muscular, well-hung exhibits in the adults-only Land of Eros Zoo where everything they do—including have lots of sex—is on public display. In this story, they discover why their keeper, Mister Glenn, has never asked them for sex, despite it being an expected part of their servitude. They also discover Mister Glenn has a fetish that even he didn't know he had.

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“Miss Maya! Mister Glenn!” caroled my husband as he bounded across the habitat to administer hugs. Max hugs every single person to enter the habitat we share as if they were dear friends he hasn’t seen in decades… even if they just left an hour previously. That’s a habit he picked up when Master transformed him into a dog-man—he was a people person back when we were both still human, just not quite this much of a compulsive hugger. He’s so infamous that there’s a hilarious “warning” sign by the backstage entrance to our habitat that has a picture of Max and says, “Beware of Dog—Hugs May Be Fatal.”

Damn, he is so fucking adorable. It melts my heart how he likes literally everyone. I smiled at his eagerness as I sauntered over to greet our keepers as well.

In this case Max’s enthusiasm was a bit more justified than usual. Mister Glenn had had the day off yesterday, and Miss Maya had been away for a short vacation, so we hadn’t seen her in a week. He paused to offer each keeper the briefest possible bow before scooping Miss Maya up in arms that were bigger around than her waist. Like me, he was only wearing a pair of the custom-made compression shorts Master provides us, with a velcro strap at the back of the waistband and a gap below that for his tail to fit through. At the moment that tail was wagging furiously.

“Oooooohhh, Miss Maya, Miss Maya, Miss Maaayyyyaaaa!” Six-foot-ten Max was smothering the poor, five-foot-six keeper in his massive arms and was twirling her around like a child with a beloved doll. Fortunately, we could hear giggling emanating from somewhere in Max’s pec cleavage, so Mister Glenn and I knew Miss Maya didn’t need to be rescued.

“How are you today, sir? It’s nice to see you again.” I offered a more decorous bow, then reached to shake hands with Mister Glenn. Master’s rules require all exhibits (that’s Max and me) to bow when greeting any human for any reason, but the keepers often appreciate a more informal gesture as well—hence, the hugging and hand shakes.

“I’m doing well, thank you, Dale.” Mister Glenn replied as he took my hand. He was lying.

Ever since coming here to The Zoo and becoming half Clydesdale, I’ve had an instinct for stuff like that. I can’t really tell you exactly how I know. It’s body language and scent and, well, their “energy”. I know it sounds stupidly mystical, and I know you’ve never heard of a lie-detecting horse. But horses are good at knowing who to trust, and besides, fuck you if you don’t believe me. But I didn’t press the matter. I was the slave here after all, so it wasn’t my place to pry.

“And how are you doing, Dale?” Miss Maya laughed. Max had released her from his clutches so he could say hello to Mister Glenn, and she had stepped over to greet me. For her, I knelt on one knee and bowed over her hand. Somehow Miss Maya always brings out my chivalrous side. That, and she’s a foot and a half shorter than me, and kneeling is just as easy as stooping.

“We missed you terribly, miss.” I smiled. “Did you enjoy your time off?”

“It was a blast, and I ate way too much of my uncle’s cooking!” She hugged me around the neck—which was as far as her arms could reach, given my inhumanly broad shoulders—and kissed my right ear, making it twitch. “And I see your mane missed me, too! It’s all over the place!” I lowered my head a bit more as she ran her fingers through the hairs. I nickered in pleasure; it always felt good when she did that.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m just no good at grooming.” Mister Glenn is almost never what I’d call bouncy, but he was being kinda bitchy today. All three of us looked at him, then Max and I exchanged a concerned glance. Mister Glenn is a good guy, for all that he’s very reserved. He’s always there to help when Max and I have a fight, or to help us sort through the mental baggage we still carry around from when we were human. He never snaps at people, so it was clear that he must be really upset. It hurt to see him feeling bad.

“Glenn, you are wonderful in a million ways,” Miss Maya asserted as she put her hand reassuringly on Mister Glenn’s arm. So she knew what was wrong, I figured. Mister Glenn just looked away awkwardly, blinking fast.

To break the uncomfortable moment, I stuck out my hoof a few inches and pointed to the hair growing in wild tangles just above it. “It’s really my feathers that need work, Miss Maya. Would you mind, please? The park doesn’t open for an hour and a half yet, so there’s plenty of time, miss.”

“Not at all, sweetheart. Why don’t you bring your grooming kit over to one of the gym benches?”

“Yes, miss. Thank you, miss.”

“How about you and I head over to the couches then, Max? Let’s check out that knee.” Mister Glenn gestured toward the living area of the habitat. He took a deep breath and blew it out, like me when I’m about to attempt a really heavy lift.

“Oh! Of course, sir.” I answered, following him to the living area of our habitat. I was starting to get really worried about Mister Glenn. He was trying to pretend he was fine, but I knew better. I could tell from the moment I hugged him that he was distracted and really sad.

Although we have a love seat in our living area (an ironic name, given that it’s really hard to make love on it) we mostly use the other two, which are sectional sofas arranged together to form an “L” shape. Each leg of the “L” is much longer than a typical couch. The larger leg is also as wide as a queen-size bed, to accommodate Dale’s and my extra-extra large bodies. It’s just barely roomy enough that we can snuggle on it together while we watch T.V. or fuck each other in a bunch of fun positions. The shorter leg of the “L” is proportioned like a human-size couch, so the keepers and other visiting humans can sit comfortably. The frame is also made of steel rather than wood and the whole arrangement is bolted to the ground so we don’t crush it to smithereens or tip it over when we’re fucking.

Mister Glenn led me to the inside corner of the “L” and patted the cushion, indicating I should sit there. As I did, I glanced over to see that Miss Maya was already at work examining Dale’s feathers. Technically, Miss Maya is my keeper and Mister Glenn is Dale’s, but Miss Maya enjoys grooming Dale and Mister Glenn doesn’t as much, so he often trades tasks with her.

Mister Glenn does a lot of our physical check-ups and mental health stuff, which mostly means he pokes and prods us while we tell him about our crappy relationships with the families we left behind, or who we got to fuck the day before. I’m always surprised how he can talk calmly about the zillion different kinds of sex Dale and I engage in with each other and with the keepers and other staff, yet the one time Dale offered services to him, Mister Glenn got, like, super uncomfortable and practically ran away.

Anyway, I really wanted to ask what had him so upset, but he seemed determined to keep off of the subject.

“So, Dr. Quanh tells me you injured your knee?” he inquired, using both hands to lift my left ankle onto the cushion next to me. While we talked, he went ahead and did a thorough examination of my entire leg from my hip to the tough, charcoal-gray pads on the sole of my foot. While he was at it, he briskly trimmed my toe claws with a set of trimmers he pulled from his pocket. (My fingernails are like a thicker, tougher version of human fingernails, but my toes have claws similar to a dog’s.)

“Well, sir, my knee is actually fine today. I twisted it just a tiny bit during our last show the day before yesterday, and noticed it still hurt just a little bit when I was doing squats yesterday morning. It honestly wasn’t bad, though, sir. I only mentioned it to Dr. Quanh because it was my weekly appointment yesterday afternoon.”

Mister Glenn had me flex and extend my knee while he poked his hand all along the joint and the surrounding areas. For a moment I lost myself in contemplating how broad my quad muscle looked in comparison to his hand. The muscle just bulged for miles, causing my compression shorts to bunch up by my crotch, as if they were booty shorts. It reminded me once again what an overwhelming debt I owed to Master for the gift of the body I now had. I sat there flexing and relaxing the muscle, noticing where I could see striations in the muscle even through my fur.

“Max? Maaaaaax!” Mister Glenn was gently singing my name to get my attention. I jumped a bit, then felt my ears droop. I hate disappointing the keepers.

“I’m so sorry, sir! That was so rude!”

“It’s okay, Max,” he chuckled, patting my other thigh. “Just tell me if any of that hurt.” At least I had made him smile a little bit.

“No, sir. I’m sorry to have troubled you with it.”

“It’s no trouble at all, Max. Don’t forget, if you never got hurt, I’d be out of a job. It’s stuff like this that keep me from getting bored… or laid off.”

“Yes, sir. Whenever Dale hurts himself he always says, ‘At least the keepers will have something interesting to talk about.’” I gazed fondly across the habitat. Miss Maya had abandoned Dale’s feathers and moved on to work on his tail. He was straddling the bench press bench with his back to me. To make his tail more accessible, he had undone the velcro strap on his waistband and lowered his shorts so that a good three inches of butt crack was showing. I got insta-hard as I gazed at that muscular ass, imagining sliding my dick between those beautiful, glossy bay cheeks. I reached down and adjusted myself so my dick could extend along the leg that was on the couch. I had to tug down the hem of my shorts so my dick didn’t stick out.

“You really love Dale a lot, don’t you?” Mister Glenn sounded… wistful? Maybe?

“Oh, sir, I love him so much. I don’t even know how to say how much I love him.”

“Max…” He paused, as if reluctant to go on. “How can you tell?”

I thought a long time before I answered. “Have you ever gotten some expensive or special thing that you had wanted for a really, really long time, sir? Like a new car or phone or collectible thingie? And then, like, the next day maybe, you forget for a moment that you have it until you see it sitting there, and you suddenly remember, ‘Oh yeah, I have that special thing now that I’ve wanted so badly for so long’?” I drew in a breath.

“It’s a feeling of sudden joy, sir, that makes your heart race and makes you feel all giddy and surreal. That’s how I feel when I look at Dale, sir. We’ve been together for almost three years and I still can’t believe I get to live with him and work out with him and perform with him and fuck with him and fall asleep and wake up the next day with him still next to me, sir.”

“And he loves you back. I’d say you’re very lucky.”

“So lucky, sir. Really, really, really lucky.”

“Did you love one another before you came to live at The Zoo? When you were human?”

I turned to look at Mister Glenn with surprise. Surely he knew that answer already, didn’t he? “Dale and I were… really close as humans. Best friends. But no, sir. I was bi, but Dale was straight. He has said, looking back, that if he had been gay or bi at the time, there probably would have been sparks between us. It’s too bad, sir. If we could have hooked up, maybe he never would have gotten involved with his ex.” Mister Glenn winced. Crap, did I say something wrong?

“So… did you ever have fantasies about him?”

“Well… I did fantasize about having sex with him, sir. I’ve always liked muscular guys, and he was an amateur bodybuilder. But I always knew they were just daydreams, you know, sir? Like imagining going on a date with a celebrity. It’s fun to pretend, but you totally know it’s never going to happen. I’ve told him about how I used to lust after him, but only after we got transformed and decided to be boyfriends, sir.”

“Max…”. He paused a long time and that sad look came back to his face. “I’m sorry to ask this, but have you ever thought about the possibility that your love for one another was engineered by your Master? Like, he implanted it in the two of you when he transformed you?”

You might think I would find Mister Glenn’s question appalling. But living at The Zoo makes you see things really differently. I couldn’t deny it was a possibility. Dale’s and my romance was one of the things that drew people to come see us, which was obviously beneficial to Master, since those people paid admission. Again I thought carefully before replying.

“I don’t think that ever occurred to me, sir. And you know Master, he would be coy and give some kind of ambiguous speech that wouldn’t answer anything at all if we asked him. But, if he did make us love one another, it couldn’t have been very difficult because we were already so close. And you know something else? I wouldn’t care, sir. Not even if he admitted to manufacturing our love for one another out of whole cloth. You know all those stories in books or legends about love potions and enchantments? Those people never seem to worry about where their love came from, or if it’s artificial. I reckon this isn’t any different, sir. We love each other, period, and make each other super, super happy. I don’t care about where it came from, and I bet Dale wouldn’t care either, sir.”

“I think I might just be envious, Max.” At some point he had sat on the couch next to me, and now his head was sagging so that his chin was almost touching his chest. I could smell tears.

I knelt on the ground at his feet so I could look up into his eyes. As big as I am, I still had to fold myself in half to get low enough. “Mister Glenn, sir? Please, will you tell me what’s wrong? Please, sir?” I put my chin on his knee and tried to get him to look at me. He took another giant breath, held it, and blew it out.

“When I got home from work the day before yesterday… Amber had left me. Just packed up while I wasn’t home and left a note.”

Miss Maya needed to track down some conditioner for my feathers and mane, and since bathing was something guests liked to watch, she said she would come back a little after opening to finish my grooming. I was heading over to talk with Max and Mister Glenn, doing up my waistband over my freshly-braided tail, when I heard Max gasp dramatically at something Mister Glenn had said. Remembering that Mister Glenn had been upset, I quickly adjusted my gonads in my shorts and hurried over so I could hear what was wrong.

“… weren’t officially engaged, but we had talked about it. And after more than four years she just… walks out.”

Ohhhhhh. What was her name? Annie? Amber. Yeah, he had really been devoted to her. No wonder he was hurting. I walked up behind where Mister Glenn was sitting on the couch and did the little nicker that’s my version of clearing my throat so he would know I was there.

“That’s horrible!” Max cried. “Why would she do that to you, sir?”

“It’s The Zoo. She knows I work around all this sex, and that most of the people who work here consider sex as a job perk, and she just decided she couldn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t taking part in that. We’d had a fight about it, but I thought we had patched that up. Guess not.”

“So, never asking us for services for all the time we’ve been here was because you were being faithful to her, sir? You’re amazing! And, oh, sir! She left you anyway?” Max can be so adorable when he gets all outraged. “I can’t believe her!”

“What a bitch,” I murmured. “Uh… sir. Sorry, sir.”

Mister Glenn gave a sad little chuckle at my inappropriateness and my belated ‘sir’. He didn’t correct me, though. “Well, boys, like I said, she decided she didn’t want to believe me.”

Max knelt there for a moment looking like he was going to cry. Then he impulsively straightened up and grabbed Mister Glenn into his arms, rocking him back and forth and making his dog-whine noise. From behind I could see Mister Glenn sort of trapped in Max’s embrace with his arms spread out to each side and his hands feebly patting Max’s lats. It was about as far as he could go in the way of returning the hug. I felt like I should participate somehow, so I put my hand on Mister Glenn’s shoulder and gave it a sympathetic squeeze. Mister Glenn started to sob into Max’s chest fur.

We stayed like that for a long time, the two of them rocking back and forth and me being the awkward third wheel. Eventually I decided to add my other hand to Mister Glenn’s other shoulder, giving both sides another gentle squeeze.

“You’re really tense, sir. May I rub your shoulders?” I inquired. I could hear him take a long, shuddering breath. Then he nodded. So I started rubbing his traps in earnest. They really were tight like steel cables. Max smiled gratefully up at me over Mister Glenn’s right ear. Mister Glenn started to sniff and take slower breaths, trying to calm himself down. He sat up a little straighter and rolled his head on his neck. Max took the hint and knelt back down at his feet. That gave me an idea. It was kind of evil, but…

“You know, sir, Max gives world-class foot massages. Might I suggest you let him rub your feet? … Sir?”

Mister Glenn turned his head and gave me a half-smile. “How would you know, Dale? You’ve got hooves.”

“I had feet once, sir. Trust me, there’s nothing like one of Max’s trademark foot rubs to get you out of a rotten mood.”

“Huh. … .You know what? Yeah. I actually would like a foot rub, Max.”

Max delicately removed Mister Glenn’s right shoe. “I didn’t know you remembered about my foot rubs! That’s so sweet!” he beamed. I smiled fondly back.

I moved my thumbs up to Mister Glenn’s neck while Max lovingly pulled off his other shoe, setting it next to the first as though they were made of priceless crystal. Then Max pulled off his socks just as tenderly, folding them neatly and tucking each into a shoe. Finally, as if he were a priest lifting up a holy relic, Max grasped Mister Glenn’s left foot in his giant hands. He cupped his right hand over the instep and pressed the knuckles of his left hand into the arch. Mister Glenn sighed long and slow.

I wasn’t lying, Max really does give amazing foot rubs. When we were human roommates, I would come home from insane shifts as an E.R. nurse with my feet totally dead from walking probably 30 miles without ever leaving the emergency room and trade just about any chore for a foot rub. I think Max never washed a single dish while we were rooming together. As I gradually worked my way around to the sides of Mister Glenn’s neck, I felt just a little jealous. As he had said, foot rubs were a thing of the past for me. Not that I’d really trade back to my old body for all the money in the world.

So some time passed and I was progressing down to the muscle tissue between Mister Glenn’s shoulder blades, and he had his head tilted back and his eyes closed. I looked down and saw Max had moved on to his right foot, but he was also gazing at Mister Glenn’s toes with this intense look in his eyes. And the tip of his tongue crept out of his mouth and I could totally see he was dying to lick one of those toes and, knowing him, suck on it too. And he noticed me noticing and gave me this comically guilty look. I thought, “Oh yeah, this is so evil.” I gave Max a silent little nod and a Look of Significance and he widened his eyes at me like, “Seriously?” And I did a little head toss that said, “Seriously, do it.” Isn’t it great how married couples can have a conversation without speaking a word?

So Max opened his mouth just enough to let in Mister Glenn’s big toe and gave it one good suck. Mister Glenn sat bolt upright and the two of them just looked at each other for a long moment, Max frozen guiltily with that toe still in his mouth. It took every ounce of willpower for me not to bust out laughing.

Ever so slowly, Max opened his mouth, pulled back from Mister Glenn’s toe, and whispered, “May I, sir?”

“Um… .. uh… ..” Mister Glenn dithered, then suddenly found his resolve. “Yeah. Ahem. Yeah. You know what? Hoo… Th- That felt really good, Max. Um, do it again… Please. I mean, not please, just do it.” The keepers aren’t forbidden from saying “please” to us slaves, but Master discourages it.

Max’s ears perked up and he wagged, returning eagerly to his task. Mister Glenn gasped. He arched his back. He moaned—moaned! I had never heard that before! And… was I seeing what I thought I was seeing in his trousers? Holy shit, Mister Glenn was getting a hard-on! We had discovered his weakness—Mister Glenn was into having his feet worshipped! And from the look on his face, it wasn’t a stretch to think he hadn’t even known about his own fetish.

Fuck, now I was getting hard. I leaned against the back of the couch to keep my dick pointing downward.

Max started to expand his repertoire. One by one, he sucked on each of the toes on Mister Glenn’s right foot before returning to his left foot to give those toes a turn. Then Max started licking all around his foot, returning often to suck on one toe or another. I couldn’t help but notice Max’s tool was pushing hard against the leg of his shorts.

Mister Glenn was writhing by now and emitting these cute little whimpering sounds. I decided it was time to press my luck. I leaned down over his shoulder until he could feel my breath against his cheek.

“I bet Amber never did that for you, did she, sir?” I murmured. He glanced at me with gigantically wide eyes.

“N-… n-no, that’s true,” he panted.

“May I take things a step further, sir? Please?”

“Oh-ho-hhhhhhho-okay. Yeah, go ahead, um… uh… Dale.”

Ha! Things were getting so intense he was forgetting my name. For just half of a second I considered torturing him, making him beg. But first of all, that would definitely not be the act of a slave. And second, we were already pushing the poor guy way out of his comfort zone. Instead I just breathed, “Thank you, sir,” into his ear and stepped over the back of the couch and knelt on the cushion next to him.

“Don’t stop,” I whispered to Max. He gave a tiny nod of understanding, not even slowing down his pace. I can always count on my man to back me up.

Gently but efficiently, I undid Mister Glenn’s belt and opened the button and fly on his slacks, relieved they weren’t tight jeans; that might have spoiled the pacing, and I didn’t want Mister Glenn changing his mind. Then I pulled down his slacks and underwear all at once, far enough for his erection to spring up to meet me. “Hey, not bad for a human,” I thought, “Looks to be about six inches, nice and thick.”

Bracing my right arm on the cushion next to Mister Glenn, I leaned my muzzle over his pole and gently breathed a stream of warm air onto it. Then I immediately followed that up by taking the whole thing into my mouth and letting him feel the moist warmth enveloping his tool. My tongue is long and very flexible, and I was able to get it to completely surround his dick, like a tortilla around a burrito. “Dick burrito,” I thought to myself. “Hilarious, you idiot.”

Closing my lips and applying just a touch of suction, I pulled my head back in ultra slow motion, letting my tongue slide from the base to the slit in one exquisitely smooth motion. I wanted to make this last as long as I could. Mister Glenn was clutching one of our throw pillows in his right hand while his other hand had my wrist in a death grip where I was leaning on the cushion next to him. I was willing to wager he had no idea he had a hold of me. I’d bet his entire mind, body, and soul were focused utterly on that six inches of flesh that I had in my mouth.

Just as I had only the head of his dick in my mouth I swirled my tongue around it a couple times. My lips aren’t quite as good for blow jobs as a human’s, but I more than make up for that with my strong, flexible tongue. I was gratified at the impressive noises I was getting from Mister Glenn—all that grunting and moaning was making me really damn horny too—but I also thought with a touch of pity that he was awfully easy to impress. I mean, I’m good, but I wasn’t really applying myself yet. I found myself wondering if this was maybe his first-ever blow job.

Just a touch faster than I had come up, I lowered my head down again until I had pubes tickling my nostrils. Then I started to slowly pump up and down, increasing the tempo a tiny bit each time. With my free hand—Mister Glenn was still digging his fingernails into my right wrist—I reached two fingers down into his underwear and pulled out his balls. Then I reached those same two fingers down between his legs, probing for that glorious, springy area between the base of his balls and his ass hole. Once I thought I was in about the right place I started massaging the spot, all while still bobbing my head up and down on his pole. What I really wanted to do was reach my fingers all the way into his ass hole, but again I reminded myself the situation called for baby steps. He rewarded me with a wonderful string of nonsensical babbling.

“Oh!… Oh!… How can… oh fuck… .that’s… oh shit!… .uh… uh… .huh huh… shit…”

I looked out of the corner of my eye at Max, still kneading and licking and sucking away at Mister Glenn’s bare feet. We shared an eye-smile with one another; our mouths were otherwise occupied. Max winked as well, then I turned my attention back to my work.

I had reached what I think of as the “piston” stage where I shifted up into high gear. I was tasting a good bit of pre-cum now, and Mister Glenn was starting to thrust his hips upward in sync with my pistoning.

“Oh God… oh… God… . oh my God… that’s… Oh my God that’s incredible… oh my fucking God… . uh… uhh… uh-uhhh- uuuhhhhhh!”

Suddenly I was drinking down his spunk, feeling a bit disappointed. “Already?” I thought. “Damn, did that Amber girl never do anything for the poor guy?”

Mister Glenn gave a couple more gasps of pleasure, then settled down to just breathing hard while I suctioned out the last few drops. He let his head flop back against the couch and lay there staring up at nothing. He had released my wrist, so I straightened up, then stretched out companionably next to him with my arms spread along the back of the couch. I let out a satisfied sigh to let him know I had enjoyed myself too. Max was still kneeling at his feet, beaming as if he had just taken the Olympic gold medal for Toe-Sucking.

After a little while just enjoying each other’s company like that, Max rested his head on Mister Glenn’s knee, prompting him to wake up a little. Mister Glenn reached forward and rubbed Max’s head like he would a pet dog.

“Good boy, Max. Thank you,” he smiled. Max’s face lit up like the sun and his tail went crazy.

“Thank you, sir!” Max enthused. Mister Glenn turned to me.

“You too, Dale. Thanks a lot.”

“It was a pleasure, sir.” I leaned down an inch or two closer to him. “And if I may say so, sir? She does not deserve you. It’s better you found out now rather than after you got married and had a kid.” He gave me a long look. He knew I had gone through a messy legal battle with my ex, including false police reports and a restraining order, right before I came to The Zoo.

“Thanks, Dale. You would know, and I appreciate hearing it from you. It still hurts, though.” He sighed, patted my thigh, and stood up, pulling up his pants once he was upright. Realizing he was still barefoot, he chuckled and sat down again.

He beckoned to Max for his shoes and socks, and Max handed them to him one at a time as he put them on. Now properly shod, he stood up again. Max and I stood up too, to be respectful.

“I should report that your knee is all healed up, Max. I’ll see you boys at morning snack time.”

“Thank you, sir,” Max answered. “And… sir?” he paused. Mister Glenn turned to him as he adjusted his belt.

“What’s up, Max?”

“Would it… I mean, would you feel uncomfortable if we offered to do this again some time, sir? It was fun for us, and you seemed to like it… right, sir?”

“You know what, Max? Yes, I would very much like for you to offer again some time. And thank you again, boys.”

“You’re welcome, sir,” we chorused as he walked briskly to the backstage door. It was a treat to know we had put more of a bounce in his step. Max and I stood there together in silence until a few seconds after the door closed behind him.

“Did you plan to seduce him from the beginning?” Max turned to me and poked me mock-accusingly in the chest. I flexed my pec muscle just before his finger hit me, to try to make him sting a little.

“What, from the moment he said he got dumped? No!” I declared. Max narrowed his eyes at me suspiciously. “But… it was pretty soon after that,” I chuckled.

“You are so going to Hell!”

“Then I’m taking you with me,” I grinned. I slapped him on the ass. “And dammit, I’m still horny. Mister Glenn got me all riled up and now I want some of what’s under that tail of yours.” I grabbed the strap at the back of his shorts and tugged it open, then slid my hand into the side of his waistband and pulled downward, revealing the patch of white fur on his ass that I always think of as a bull’s eye for my dick. Max eagerly kneeled on the couch and leaned over the back.

“Yeeehaaaa! I wanna do you next, though. I like fucking your ass when your tail’s braided. Let’s get as sweaty as we can before Miss Maya comes back for bath time!”

“Good plan, dawg.” I moved his tail to the side. With lightning speed I yanked down my own shorts, spit on my dick, and steered it to his beautiful hole. Just as I eased myself inside him I heard a catcall of approval from a guest up in the viewing gallery. “Welp,” I thought, “guess the park’s open.”

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