Down on his luck

by BigManBigBelly

Brody was dumped by his girlfriend, who took the dog, and then was fired at his job. Depression leads to weight gain but he manages to catch the eye of a wealthy, older man who forces him to confront new thoughts and considerations.

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Brody was down on his luck. His girlfriend of four years had broken things off and he returned to his apartment today to find she, her belongings and the dog were all gone. He had no one to talk to about his day as he unbuckled his belt and peeled off his slacks. He threw them next to the door for the laundry along with his button-down shirt. He tossed size 16 dress shoes by the door, sat down on a chair and slowly yanked on a pair of grey jogger sweatpants. The pant material was soft and comfortable, though it clung a bit tighter these days around his ass and thighs after his relationship with food got cozier in the past few weeks. He sighed deeply, staring at himself in the hallway mirror, then kicked his clothes into the closet with the laundry machine. He had lost his job today too and didn’t want any reminders.

The microwave beeped and Brody removed a plate of chicken tenders, which he carried, along with a can of soda and bottle of barbecue sauce, to the couch. He mindlessly chewed through several servings of nuggets and sauce while watching a show on Netflix and perusing his phone. When he stood to grab a bag of chips from the kitchen, he noticed a sauce stain on his tank top, licked his thumb and attempted to wipe it off. He felt his belly jiggle as he wiped and looked up into the mirror again where he noticed a round patch of skin and the peek of a happy trail poking out from the bottom of the shirt. Brody had always been a bit husky, but with regular lifting and cardio, along with standing 6’2, he had always held the weight well, without too big of a belly. He flexed his arms, and they were still strong and full, though less defined than he remembered.

Tired of feeling sorry for himself, Brody peeled off his shirt and socks and tossed them across the room, giving himself one last look over and belly shake in the mirror before marching off toward the bedroom. He took off his sweats and briefs, then donned a pair of jeans and black ankle socks. The jeans were a struggle to button but his ass looked tremendous and thick. He went through a few shirts, tossing them aside when his belly showed through the bottom or when the chest was too tight, but settled on a loose-fitting graphic tee that showed off his strong arms. He washed his face, combed his hair and walked out the door in a pair of casual oxfords, before driving to a local bar down near the beach.

Once seated at the bar, Brody’s confidence felt shaken once again. He stared into the brown glass of a beer bottle and spun it around on the countertop in between sips. He scanned around the room for gals to chat with, but the few his age were already with other guys. Guys with slim waists, nicer clothes and expensive watches. Half a dozen beers in, Brody belched deeply and felt his cheeks go red. He stood to use the restroom and felt the cold air of the AC hit his stomach, trying fruitlessly to nonchalantly keep his shirt pulled down over his belly, now bloated with beer.

On his walk, he noticed a man sitting in a booth, who appeared to be watching him. Brody shifted uncomfortably in his clothes and attempted to remove the waddle from his step before entering the bathroom to pee. The man in the booth was probably late 40s, a good 20 years older than Brody. His skin was sun-kissed and well-cared for with a full head of dark brown hair, peppered throughout with greys. He sat casually, wearing a cuffed button-down in a seemingly expensive material with a bottle of red wine sitting on the table next to a half-eaten dinner of steak and asparagus.

Brody finished up at the urinal and exited the bathroom, peering over and seeing the man gone from his table. Eyes forward, he spotted the same man, from behind, standing at and leaning over the countertop adjacent his beer, ordering a cocktail. Brody took in the sight of him as he walked up and excused himself before slipping into the stool hunched over and drinking his beer between nervous glances. The man was just a couple inches shorter than Brody, muscular and appearing toned in designer clothes. His cologne was bright and seductive over the clean scent of his body wash. The older man glanced down at Brody and smirked. A strange feeling of discomfort and flattery washed over Brody before the man spoke.

“What’re you drinking, son? Can I grab your next one?”

“Oh, uhm, just… beer… Uh, Miller light I think. I should probably cap it with this one. I’ve had a few already.”

“Looks like you’re wearing one of them, actually,” the older man replied. Brody had taken a mindless swig while talking and the foam had run down his lips and cheek, landing in a few spots on his shirt. The man turned and reached his hand across to brush Brody’s chest. His pec jiggled a bit at the touch. The man then brushed over his belly and Brody felt that jiggle too. Transfixed and attempting to process the foreign sensations, Brody finally broke out of it and stood suddenly when the man introduced himself and brushed the foam off from Brody’s lips.

His name was Luke and his handsome smile had finally wavered into an apology as Brody grabbed his keys and hurried outside. During the Uber ride home, Brody replayed the scene in his head. On the one hand he was flattered, especially after feeling down about his appearance. Luke seemed to enjoy the feeling of his belly, even if it’s jiggle and size felt new to Brody. On the other hand, he had never entertained the idea of being with another man and he had been very uncomfortable in that moment. He couldn’t help but feel a friction over the event as he attempted to will away the half-chub that kept threatening to fully blossom in his tight jeans.

Glass of water on the bedside table, clothes strewn across the floor in a line leading into the bedroom, Brody lay naked under the cool sheets and drifted off into a deep sleep. As he slept, he dreamt. He dreamt he was relaxing on a raised bed beneath a canopy, flanked on either side by palm trees, tucked away from view except for the gorgeous sun and ocean lapping at the shoreline before him. Next to him, Luke from the bar was quietly reading a book before noticing Brody had awoken and turning his attention. Brody watched him put the book down over his crotch and realized the man was otherwise completely naked and smiling at him. He scanned his own body and moved to cover his crotch and belly when he found himself draped in nothing but a tiny blue banana hammock, clinging tightly around an ample ass and partially buried beneath an enormous belly.

From between them, Luke lifted a large, Curacao blue scorpion bowl and placed the straw in Brody’s mouth. As he sucked, he felt the liquid fill his guts and waves of blissful calm rushed over him. His belly grew, like a water balloon to a faucet, Luke’s hand rubbing sensually back and forth along his happy trail. The blissful feeling spread to his crotch and his cock jumped before slithering forward and filling the thong. It swelled and stretched the material, held down precariously, the bathing suit looking ready to snap. Brody finished the scorpion bowl with a deep and satisfied exhale. A dribble of juice ran down his chin and Luke reached over to wipe it off with direct eye contact and Brody felt his cock pop out the side of the thong, thudding up against his belly, throbbing.

Luke rolled over so his face was inches from Brody’s and scooped his hand down between Brody’s thighs. Brushing the length of his cock shaft on the way, tickling his balls a moment, then diving between his thighs and worming his way through sweaty cheeks until a finger reached his hole. Gentle concentric circles, a quick sting and then a pressure that suddenly felt as though it had been missing for years. Back and forth, slowly, until a second finger could slip in. Luke advanced them forward and found Brody’s prostate, which he milked and massaged between thrusts. His other arm pushed up his belly so his hand could clasp around Brody’s cartoonishly large erection. In sync, Luke stroked his cock and fingered his ass while Brody writhed about in pleasure and his breathing grew heavy.

“That’s it, son. You like being taken care of? Nice big load for me, okay? All over that beautiful belly,” Luke cooed. He craned his neck forward and met Brody’s lips while continuing his onslaught of stroking and prostate massage. Brody felt it build, the ecstasy and then finally—pop.

Brody woke up in a sweat, breath heavy, his belly feeling soaked. He flicked on his bedside light and saw the sheet around his crotch was drenched. The bliss of having just cum was still there; he knew what had happened. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of this dream. Only that it had felt really good. He tried falling back asleep to chase it for the next few hours.

Nothing to do for the day, Brody set about cleaning the apartment top to bottom with renewed vigor. He cleared the trash, collected and ran the laundry and dishwasher, dusted, vacuumed, steam mopped, scrubbed and organized. He washed his face, plucked his eyebrows, shaved his stubble and applied a mud mask while he clipped, filed and buffed his nails. All with stuff that his girlfriend had left behind in one of the drawers when she left. He brushed his teeth and threw on some whitening strips before stepping into the shower. He usually trimmed his pubes, though they were long neglected now, and left everything else. He was only lightly hairy anyway, some light chest hair and a happy trail, arms and legs not unruly either. He shaved clean the top of his shoulders and went to town shaving his pubes to smooth skin. He felt bold, laid back in the tub, spread his legs and carefully shaved around his asshole, his cheeks, his balls and taint. Washed all over and scrubbed his skin with a brush before stepping out feeling like a new man. He dried off, blow dried his hair and combed over his wardrobe a few times to find a flattering outfit that was forgiving of his recent weight gain. A few spritzes of cologne and he was ready to head out for another drink this evening at the same bar.

When he arrived, he scanned around enthusiastically, failed to spot the older man and told himself to be cool. Brody sat at the bar and ordered a beer. Sipping, flipping through his phone and trying to be nonchalant as he glanced around the room, Brody passed the time away over a few more beers. A couple hours in, he wondered if he was being silly. One dream didn’t make him gay and why should that guy show up again anyway? He tried to imagine what he was willing to try with the guy if he did appear as butterflies flew about in his stomach. Buzzed and near convinced to give up for the night, Brody heard a gruff voice speak out from behind him.

“Well, now. He cleans up looking like a million bucks, doesn’t he?”

Luke had returned to the bar, this time in a navy blue fitted tee shirt that showed off the peaks and valleys of his toned and muscular frame.

“Please tell me I’m in time to buy you a round tonight?” Luke asked.

Brody paused, mouth agape, and then nodded to oblige him. Luke sat on the stool next to Brody and ordered them each a drink. The pair chatted about this and that, Brody answering gruffly and avoiding too much eye contact as he attempted to remain manly around the guy. In time, and with more beer, he softened up. Laughed at Luke’s jokes, answered his questions in greater detail and turned himself to face the man more directly.

“Do you like boating?” Luke inquired. “I like to take the boat out on Fridays. Feel the wind, catch the sunset over the water, probably bring a few beers and some grub. You should join me this week. Be nice with some company … Can’t say I’d mind seeing you in a bathing suit either hahah.”

Brody’s mind flashed to his dream and his cock swelled in his pants. He adjusted himself somewhat obviously, prompting a smirk from Luke.

“I, uh… yeah that sounds fun. You sure you wanna see all this in a suit though? Haha … I’ve … put on some weight. Not exactly used to this belly,” Brody responded, patting his stomach and rubbing the back of his head with an embarrassed expression.

A hunger suddenly flashed behind Luke’s eyes. “I can’t think of a better treat for the eyes, son.”

Brody blushed. “All right … but no banana hammock! Hahah.”

Luke paused, staring intensely. “We’ll see, boy.”

Brody adjusted in his seat again with a full, throbbing erection to smuggle. Luke meanwhile smiled warmly as he paid the tab for the pair of them. He then calmly but firmly placed his hand on Brody’s thigh and guided his hand toward his pocket. Brody’s mind went numb and his thigh and crotch tingled while Luke took hold of Brody’s phone, instructed him to unlock it and then added his contact information before texting himself.

“You’ve got three days before I see you on the boat, understand? Feel free to stuff your face some more until then.”

With that, Luke winked and stood to leave. Brody stared off as he exited until his attention was captured by a notification on his phone. Luke had sent him money with a message. ‘For your Uber ride.’

Brody stumbled back into the apartment, a feeling of gittiness and near-dissociation, smelling fresh linens and clean air. He stripped down to bare skin again and buried himself in clean sheets. He thought he may develop a priapism if he didn’t take care of himself soon. In his drunkenness he forgot his identity as a straight man. He clung his arms and legs around his body pillow and imagined Luke was lying next to him. He bucked his hips and replayed the encounter at the bar, spliced in with images from his prior night’s dream, until he busted a hefty load that coated his chest and belly, even lapping at his chin, after turning on his back to finish. With that, he passed out for the night.

Three days passed while Brody anxiously imagined meeting Luke in a bathing suit. He dug out an old suit, tugged it on and stared in the mirror where the reflected short legs looked like stuffed sausages and his round belly hung over the waistband. He gave up trying to tie the crotch closed, turned to the side and feared his ass would split the inseam. He headed to the store to pick out another pair of board shorts, but the colorful short shorts and speedos caught his eye. Biting his lip, he summoned the courage to pick out a few square cut mid-thigh shorts in a bigger size to try on. In the dressing room mirror, his ass filled the suit again and looked incredible. He found himself sucking in his gut while he posed, thought about what Luke had said, then let his belly hang out. Rubbed it a bit, modeled it from different angles and smiled. Then he left with it tucked into a plastic store bag.

Bright sunshine shone down on the docks when Brody arrived in his new suit and a loose tank top, holding a six-pack in one hand. A catcalling whistle pierced the air while a figure in the distance waved overhead in a wide arc, signaling Brody toward a luxurious midsize vessel. Luke smiled wide as Brody approached, lean and chiseled torso, exposed as an open button-down tee shirt flowed behind him in the breeze. A pair of navy blue trunks stoped above the knee and exposed strong, toned legs and feet. Brody smiled back nervously while taking in the sight of such an expensive vessel and found himself feeling self-conscious about his body again in comparison to the older man.

“Good morning, there, son. Glad you decided to join me,” Luke offered as Brody stepped onto the deck. “You sure look handsome. And you didn’t need to bring anything. I’m lucky enough to have your company today.”

Luke gave Brody a wink after nodding at the beer he was carrying, then motioned over to a fridge, which was stocked with beer, soft drinks and liquor. The pair set off and sipped on beers while they chatted. Luke stood at the controls to steer and Brody sat on an adjacent bench, shouting over the breeze and looking around to take in the sights of the ocean, the coastline and small islands that dotted the area. They set anchor by an island and sat at the back edge of the boat to dangle their feet over the water while they ate some lunch and sipped on whiskey sours.

Afterwards, Luke threw his shirt in a cubby under one of the benches and jumped in the water, surfacing and heckling Brody to join him. Nervous, though the liquor helped, Brody peeled off his shirt and jumped in behind him. They swam around the island and then laid back to float around, watching the clouds. Brody turned over and spotted Luke’s eyes glued to his waist. Brody’s belly was breaching the water like a balloon, and feeling bold, he sucked in a deeper breath and pushed his belly out as far he could. Luke about drooled, felt his cock stiffening and dropped from his floating position, kicking to stay afloat. The two laughed and climbed back onto the boat.

Feeling more comfortable, on the ride home, Brody sat directly next to Luke at the controls, while the older man placed his arm across Brody’s shoulders. Luke would squeeze Brody’s shoulder and point off to one side when something notable came into view and otherwise spent time lightly stroking his shoulder or scratching the back of his head. They stopped again once more as the sun was setting not far from town where the lights were coming on. In the quiet breeze, Luke pulled Brody close and looked over, leaning forward slowly. Breathing irregularly, Brody pushed past his hesitancy and leaned forward too until their lips met and their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Their lips released and Luke stared for a moment before asking Brody if he might join him for dinner.

“We could eat in or out and I could lend you clothes. We’re about the same height,” Luke offered.

Brody chuckled. “I appreciate you pretending, but I’m taller and most definitely heavier than you hahah.”

“If the clothes are tight on you,” Luke replied with a greedy smile, “all the better.”

Brody blushed and agreed to follow Luke back to his place. He lived off of a private road in a wooded area not far from town, up a long driveway that pierced the tree line and continued crawling along a neatly trimmed lawn. The home was moderate in size, modern and updated, abutting a retaining wall that hugged a cliff overlooking a rocky coastline. The yard featured a garden with a gazebo, a pool and a large entertainment area, flanked by trees around the property on three sides. An 8 foot wall surrounded the property and Luke opened the gate remotely on approach for the two of them. They walked over to town first where Luke bought Brody a hat and a pair of sunglasses. They laughed about Brody’s resistance to wearing a speedo while Luke purchased him a pair with a lustful expression. They picked up dinner and stopped at a corner store to grab pints of ice cream and chocolates before heading back to Luke’s home.

At the bar, Luke fixed them another drink and they chatted while chewing through dinner. Luke ate a salad with grilled chicken and watched Brody chow down on bbq ribs and fries. Certain by now that Luke liked big guys, Brody felt unabashed and even teased him by eating like a slob, belching and rubbing and shaking his belly. They retired to the couch after washing up and picked out a movie to watch, Brody still feeling bold enough to cuddle under Luke’s arm. Luke massaged Brody’s shoulders, his plump chest, his round and bloated belly. He moved to the other end of the couch to massage Brody’s bare feet, working his way up thick and muscles calves and thighs until he reached the crotch of his shorts. The fabric bulged outward while Brody’s cock swelled inside and his breath shuddered while he lifted his ass to allow Luke to pull the shorts off past his feet.

Luke stared into Brody’s eyes and opened his mouth to show his wet tongue as he approached the young man’s cock head.

“I’ve never done this,” Brody croaked.

“Gotten your dick sucked?” Luke asked.

“Not by a guy. Until recently I’d never even thought about it. It’s kind of surreal watching lips with scruff around them get near my cock… plus I can smell you and you smell like a man… good, I mean! Like your cologne. It’s just different, but… it feels good. I want your mouth around my cock.”

Luke appeared surprised, then intrigued, then devilishly horny. He interrupted Brody by rubbing soft lips against the head and running his tongue down the shaft. Brody gasped and then exhaled deeply while Luke pumped his cock in and out past suctioned lips, growing slowly more aggressive over time. Luke fondled Brody’s thighs, his belly and chest, licked his balls and hummed while plunging his throat full throttle. Brody felt his nipples, toes, fingers and lips tingle. His cock grew suddenly sensitive and his breathing erratic. He choked out that he was about to cum and Luke plunged faster. Brody clung his legs around Luke’s head, hands on top of his scalp and bucked his hips while a fat load sprayed down Luke’s throat, which was greedily swallowed.

While Brody unclenched and felt bliss spread over his body, Luke became frenzied. He stripped down, climbed on top of Brody and kissed him passionately. The two groped and tongued while Luke grabbed Brody’s thighs and hiked them up to expose his hole, triggering a nervous grunt from Brody that was muffled by their embrace. His cock head found Brody’s hole where he teased it and almost convinced Brody to unclench. Then Brody broke the kiss and pulled his legs down, breaking the spell that had overtaken Luke. The older man apologized profusely and Brody admitted it had felt good and he was tempted to try it but maybe he could start by jerking him off. Luke leaned back in the seat and happily exposed his hard cock for Brody to play with.

Geared up already, it took little time for Brody to bring Luke to orgasm. He even tried sucking on the tip and found the scent and taste enticing, but let Luke spray his load across his abdomen. Luke thanked him, gave him a kiss and went to grab a towel before the two settled in for the evening with another movie.

In the coming weeks, Brody spent more and more time with Luke, agreeing to spend the night after the first few weeks, then practically coming to live there as they spent most of their days together. They continued pleasuring each other each day in the same fashion, though Brody had worked his way toward giving a proper blow job, even if he couldn’t yet swallow.

Luke made certain Brody was fed like a king with every meal and every snack in between. They exercised together most days in Luke’s home gym where Brody mainly focused on lifting weights and building muscle. In a couple months, Brody was up to 260 pounds, a gain of 20 pounds, through a combination of new muscle and even more new fat.

One confident night, Brody did not recoil when Luke’s tongue explored his balls and flickered against the taint. Instead he pulled his thighs up to expose his hole and Luke gleefully continued his journey. Teasing along his taint and the edges of his hole, then broader licks, little nibbles, until Brody’s soft moans and puckered sphincter signaled his submission. Luke became more aggressive and ate out Brody full force. Brody whined and moaned, wiggling his hips and pulling his legs back further. Luke took a finger and slowly traced the rim before applying a gradually increasing pressure, more spit, more pressure, back and forth. With a pop, he entered Brody, found his prostate immediately and rolled over it, massaged it in circles, gently pressed back and forth against it. A foreign but incredible sensation filled Brody and forced precum to leak generously from his cock head. The pressure and ecstasy came to a boiling point and Brody let out a roar, clenching his toes and arching back as cum spewed his hard cock.

Brody became more comfortable with this role over time and even begged Luke at times, even if playfully. He shared the dream he had had the first night they met briefly at the bar and Luke loved it. It allowed the two of them to fully acknowledge Luke’s desire of stuffing Brody full and forcing his muscles and his belly to grow enormous. In time, Brody submitted entirely, allowing Luke’s cock inside of him and loving the feeling of being filled by his lover. The face-stuffing only increased and several months later, Brody’s muscles were feeling solid and bulky, though covered in a layer of fat, and his belly ballooned round and enormous to the tune of 320 pounds. But the pair were far from done with growing him. Brody was settling into his new life now just fine as a spoiled, gluttonous bottom for his beautiful and generous sugar daddy.

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