So you wanna be a hunk?

by YellowJester

The new game show So You Wanna Be a Hunk offers men down on their luck an opportunity to participate in various challenges to win the chance to improve their bodies and become hunks!

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Part 1 The new game show So You Wanna Be a Hunk offers men down on their luck an opportunity to participate in various challenges to win the chance to improve their bodies and become hunks! (added: 25 Mar 2023)
Part 2 The changes on everyone’s favorite game show only escalate further as the men go head to head to compete for the body of a true hunk!  (added: 1 Apr 2023)
Part 3 The challenges continue to bemuse the burgeoning Hunks, this time with the help of a special guest. (added: 8 Apr 2023)
Part 4 The audience gets a say in the contestants’ transformations. (added: 17 Jun 2023)
Epilogue Find out where the contestants are a year from now.
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Part 1

“Welcome back to the hit game show, So You Wanna Be a Hunk? I’m your host Hunk Smitten and boy do we have a show for you!”

The man’s voice boomed out, filling the stage studio. Dressed in a bright garish purple tuxedo, Hunk’s muscles were evident even hidden behind the multiple layers of clothing he wore. Thick biceps framed a strong chest and broad back. His legs were spaced widely apart making the true girth of his thighs evident and the crowning jewel, the bulge in his pants apparent for all to see. A matching purple top hat completed the outfit, sitting on top of a mass of perfectly styled dark curls that connected to a well-trimmed brown beard. Hunk was truly the perfect word to describe this man.

“Children, change the channel—and adult,s I sure hope you are not at work. You’re going to need some tissues and lube because we have quite a show for you tonight,” he continued. “You all know how the game works by now. Our contestants are competing to become the ultimate versions of themselves. By answering questions, completing tasks, and competing in challenges our contestants can win chances to use our patented Hunkinator to earn all sorts of rewards. As a satisfied customer myself I can say you won’t be disappointed!” he added, raising his eyebrows seductively and flexing an arm, the purple fabric of his dress shirt visibly straining.

“Before we get started I would just like to mention that this program is sponsored by HunkTech. HunkTech is using cutting-edge science to unlock the true potential of men’s bodies. Thank you HunkTech for sponsoring this program.”

In the next room a staff of nearly 100 HunkTech employees worked furiously adjusting lights sound and tech to ensure that the viewers at home could get every angle of the inhumanly gorgeous Hunk. Producers made slight edits to Hunk’s teleprompter in real time based on the eye tracking of live viewers which HunkTech had access too through a hidden clause in their terms and service. To the millions watching live, however, the show couldn’t seem more real.

“The show goes on until all the contestants have either completed every rounds or no longer desire to continue. Now enough of me, let’s meet our contestants.” With that, a part of the floor opened up to the back right of Hunk and revealed a man in a glass tube who seemed to be unaware of the fact that he had just risen onto the stage in multiple cameras broadcasting to viewers at home.

“Our first contestant is Adam!” Hunk said pointing a meaty thumb behind him at the middle-aged man in the tube. Forty-five with two kids, Adam looked like a typical dad. Once he might have been decent looking but now Adam sported the typical dad bod. A gut pushed out his tucked-in navy polo shirt, his face and neck sagging with age and the extra pounds. Adam’s hair had fared no better with time; it had thinned substantially receding up his scalp and only emphasizing the prominent wrinkles on his forehead. Stress and a lack of sleep had created dark circles under his eyes and a week’s worth of stubble dotted his face not quite connecting to his wispy thin hair. Suddenly the tube sunk back into the floor, leaving Adam behind blinking repeatedly to try to adjust from the dark of the tube to the blinding stage lights of the studio.

“Welcome, Adam, to So You Wanna Be a Hunk? Are you excited?” Hunk asked, towering over the other man by nearly a foot, his imposing size making Adam look practically childlike in comparison.

“Umm, I guess so,” Adam stammered out still disoriented.

“Glad to hear it, bud,” Hunk replied patting the older man on the back with a meaty paw and nearly crushing him. “You’re the first of our contestants on stag, Adam, but don’t be fooled—the game has already begun. We’ll start with an easy first round. All you have to do is answer this question: Why did you choose to come on this show—why is it you want to be a Hunk? Remember if you don’t answer truthfully you will be disqualified before we even begin.”

Adam thought for a moment before speaking. “Well, you see, I think my wife wants a divorce. She says we are not compatible anymore. I think she’s just not attracted to me anymore, though. I’m hoping this show will give me the change I need to reignite our relationship and stay as a family for the kids.” His ears and cheeks turned red at having to admit that his wife of 15 years wasn’t into him on national television, but Adam hadn’t come this far to let humiliation stop him.

“Wow, what a touching story,” Hunk said wiping a fake tear from his eye. “Believe me, Adam, after this show your wife and every other woman, and man for that matter, in a 30-mile vicinity will be throwing themselves at you. I appreciate your honesty. Take this,” Hunk said and tossed Adam two golden coins. One had Hunk’s smiling face on it giving a big thumbs up and the other a cartoon image of a bar of soap carved onto the shiny metal. Adam caught one coin with ease but the other one bounced off his hand and he had to fumble to catch it bouncing off his hands twice before he finally palmed it. As he struggled, a podium raised out of the stage directly next to him with the word “Hunkify” emblazoned on a button in the center and a slot that looked the exact size of the coins in his hand.

“In case you are new here,” Hunk said to the camera, turning away from Adam, “contestants win Hunk-Bucks that they will use at the Hunkinator for various perks. At the end of every round contestant can spend their Hunk-Bucks and any other special reward they might have earned! You, Adam, just won yourself a basic Hunk-Buck, that’s 1 inch of height, 10 pounds of muscle, and 1 inch down there if you catch my drift. Since this is also the first round you also got a primer token, that one will get you ready to be altered by stripping away the fat from you and cleaning you up a bit.”

With that, the lights around Adam dimmed and another tube ascended from the floor. Adam was lost, he had never actually seen the show before, only applying at the suggestion of a gay coworker he had confided in. He had thought the show was going to be some kind of personal training session, but now this giant man was saying something about a machine changing his body. Would it hurt?

The tube that raised from the floor held another oblivious man. His substantial body barely fit in the cylindrical tube, his girth pressing against the glass walls in a way that couldn’t be comfortable. His face seemed to agree, scrunched up in discomfort, all three chins on display. Patchy red hair and a equally patchy red beard adorned his face including a scraggly neck beard that seemed like it had never seen the light of day nor the clean side of a razor. The man generally looked grungy, his XXXL Captain America teeshirt visibly stained with pizza grease and riding up over his belly.

“Hello, contestant number two!” Hunk practically sang as the tube around the man lowered allowing his belly to flop free. “What’s your name and why do you want to be a Hunk?”

“Hi, my name is Ned. I’m 32 and live in my parents’ basement. I have never had a significant other, I’m a virgin, and I just got fired from my job,” Ned said matter-of-factly in a monotone nasally voice.

“Wow, just one reason would be fine,” Hunk joked. “Honesty should be rewarded, though,” he added and tossed Ned the same two coins he had given Adam, both of which promptly ended up on the floor, Ned’s hands ending up in the opposite spot from where either coin was going. As he got on all fours to pick it up, the same podium emerged in front of him with the same Hunkify button as Adam.

“Hold onto those, you will have the opportunity to spend your Hunk-Bucks at the end of the round. Before that, let’s introduce our last contestant.” As he said that a third tube rose to form the stage. The man inside was the youngest on the stage, no more than 20. His backward cap and acne scars only made it more apparent nor detract from his scrawny body. The name Chad could not fit the man on the stage less, and yet his parents, naive to the fact that their son would grow up to be butt ugly, had given him the name anyways, a source of constant torment in his life. Despite his many trips to the gym over the years and his constantly evolving skincare routine, Chad had a face only a mother could love, and that mother was not his own.

Hunk gave his speech to a bewildered Chad. The kid was obviously disoriented by the bright lights and the sheer size of Hunk so he took a minute to respond.

“Oh umm, I got rejected from every frat on my campus. It’s ‘cause I look like well what I do. If I were to be a Hunk then I might look like the other guys and fit in,” he said dejectedly.

“How noble. Well, I can tell you this, after a few spins in the Hunkinator you won’t be anything like the other guys. You will be a total alpha. Chad, let me tell you, they will beg you to join their fraternities.” Just like with the other two Hunk tossed Chad two Hunk-Bucks and a podium emerged in front of him. Chad, like Adam, had never seen the show before and so just stared dumbly at the coins in his hands. “Alrighty, now that we have introductions out of the way it’s time for our contestants to get a-spending.”

While Chad and Adam had never seen the show, Ned was an avid viewer and wasted no time inserting the coins and smashing the button that said Hunkify with his fist. As he did the stage lit up with rainbow lights and confetti rained down. Adam watched in shock as a box fell from the ceiling of the stage, cutting Ned off from view. It looked almost like a telephone booth, paneled and bright red. On top was an LED sign reading “Hunkinator” periodically rotated between the colors of the rainbow.

The walls of the Hunkinator obscured most of the process but the light shining from within showed the silhouette of Ned. At first, it seemed like nothing was happening until Ned’s outline became distinctly smaller, not in height in fact that seemed to increase, but his round shadow seemed to deflate.

By the time the machine was raised back into the rafters 30 seconds later, Ned was a changed man. His captain America shirt which previously struggled to hold in his guts now hung loose on his flat stomach. He must have lost 100 pounds in the span of a few second, his arms and legs once drooping with fat was now tight and lean almost muscular. His face too had transformed no longer sagging and swollen he looked almost cute with his button nose and green eyes. Gone were his turkey neck and three chins. If viewers had not seen Ned’s shadow transform he might have thought the machine had replaced Ned with a skinnier doppelgänger. What’s more, it seemed that somehow the machine had given Ned a haircut and a shave, the man looking far better groomed and far cleaner for that matter than he had a minute ago.

Upon seeing their fellow contestant’s transformation, the other two men wasted little time in inserting their own coins and requesting Hunkification. Just like Ned, as they did so their own Hunkinators descended and obscured them from view. Blinded by a powerful light, Adam was completely helpless as he felt pricks and pulls all over his body. He had no idea what the machine was doing to him but he started to feel his body change feeling lighter and stronger at the same time. He also felt a strange tugging at his hair and the cold glint of metal on his face. Just as his eyes started to adjust the screen rose and he was back in the studio. Looking down at his body he was amazed.

His XL blue polo now hung loose on his much slimmer frame. Lifting up his shirt he saw that his gut was completely gone now replaced with the hint of abs. The rest of his body was also altered. His man boobs were gone along with the flab on his arms, both areas instead toning up slightly to give him a lean look. He looked much as he had in his 20s when sparse exercise and a high metabolism had given him a skinny and somewhat toned body. Judging by the increased weight of his crotch he guessed that too had been affected. Reaching up to feel his face he realized his stubble had been shaved and his hair had been cut into a shorter version of the one he had come in with. Even his body hair had been removed, leaving his much slimmer torso hairless somehow.

Glancing over at Chad he thought the man looked slightly bulkier although it was hard to tell in his hoodie and jeans. Chad seemed uninterested instead buttoning his pants to openly gawk at his package which Adam assumed had undergone a similar change to his own. Adam secretly wanted to do the same but he had children who could watch this and so he restrained himself. Adam also noted that Chad’s ache had cleared up leaving his skin spotless. In fact the primer token had done its work well on all three of the contestants, leaving them all hairless, fatless and smooth as a baby’s bottom. Even the scar that he had gotten from falling off his bike as a child was gone.

“Wow, goodbye flabbies and hello hotties,” Hunk said as a spotlight once again focused on him. “Now that our contestants have had a taste of the Hunkinator, let’s get the games started! Our next round is another get-to-know-you question. Contestants, what is your ideal body?”

Adam’s podium lit up and he silently cursed whoever had made him go first in this crazy game. “Umm, I don’t know, I guess I just want to be healthy,” he said.

“Oh come on, you don’t want any muscles?” Hunk asked bouncing his pecs which were visible even through his purple tuxedo.

“Umm, yeah, I guess some muscle would be nice,” Adam said awkwardly. “I have always wanted a six-pack,” he continued at an expectant look from Hunk.

“Ahh, an abs man, I can respect that,” Hunk said tossing Adam yet another golden coin. This one was emblazoned with the image of washboard abs. Adam wondered how they had known he was going to say something about abs, but considering the fact that he had lost 20 pounds in a moment he wasn’t going to question the capabilities of this show’s production.

“All right Ned, what is your ideal body?” Hunk asked turning his attention to the next contestant.

Ned cleared his throat before reciting a clearly rehearsed speech. “Well, my ideal body is that of the 1996 comic book Captain America, 6’3”, 210 pounds of solid muscle with a big dick and 20-inch arms.” His rant continued for a while describing his fantasy of each individual body part in the same way a connoisseur might order off a menu.

“Wow, a man who knows what he wants. Let’s see if we can’t make some of that come true” Hunk said and tossed Ned another coin that he promptly dropped. This one had a flexed muscular arm on it, which Ned dove to retrieve.

“All right, and last but not least: Chad, tell us about your wild fantasies.”

“Well, man, I really want to be top dog. The type all the sorority girls want to fuck. Lots of muscles, and ohh, a killer jawline, girls love that.”

“You know, Chad, I think a lot of boys like that too,” Hunk said, giving Chad the last coin, which had the image of a sharp jaw carved into it. “Well, contestants, it’s time to get a-spending and get one step closer to that body you were describing.”

This time all three contestants entered their coins into the machine with no hesitation. Again a screen dropped over all three making just their outlines visible as some unknown process shaped them. The changes were less dramatic this time but when the screens rose it was obvious what had occurred.

Adam was blind during the process but judging by the sensations focused on his core and the image on the coin he knew what had occurred. Even so, he was not ready for the sight that greeted him when he lifted up his shirt. The cameras zoomed in to reveal a hills-and-valleys range on his stomach, six perfect abdominal muscles stacked in pairs with protruding obliques, and a deep v leading down to his crotch. Running a hand over his new six-pack he was amazed by just how solid it felt, like cobblestone.

His fellow contestants were also altered. The sleeves on Ned’s previously loose tee shirt now were close to bursting, trying and failing to connate his now-massive arms. Raising them both in a double bicep flex his sleeves finally burst to reveal the round vascular peaks of his massive arms. His forearms and shoulders had similarly expanded but the rest of his body still remained slim giving him a strange gorilla appearance. Chad too now looked downright bizarre. His jaw looked like it was straight bone, jutting out prominently from a face that was still round with baby fat.

“Well, would you look at that, seems the Hunkinator did too good of a job on you lads? Let’s keep playing so the rest of your body can catch up! The challenge for our next round was suggested by a viewer at home. Arthur from Minneapolis says: ‘These guys seem a little buttoned up for a show like this. How about you give them a kiss to loosen them up?’ What a good idea, Arthur. For our next round, all you have to do is give me a smooch. I’ll even throw in a basic Hunk-Buck if kissing me isn’t reward enough. And just to make sure you give it your, all the person who gives the best kiss will win an extra bonus. How does that sound?”

Ned seemed to think it sounded great as he wasted no time walking right up to the much bigger host and smashing their lips together, wrapping his massive arms around the man. The kiss lasted several moments, and was so intense that Adam wondered if Ned was after the bonus prize or Hunk himself. Eventually, the two separated and an out-of-breath Hunk handed Ned a basic Hunk-Buck.

“That was my first kiss,” Ned said giddily.

“Wow, and what a kiss it was. You earned yourself a Hunk-Buck. I’ll reserve the special price till I have sampled all the contestants though. Let’s see if the other men can beat that.” Chad went next hesitantly giving Hunk a peck on the mouth that quickly deepened into a kiss just as passionate as Ned’s. Hunk ran a hand over Chad’s sharp jaw as Chad grabbed the back of his head and pushed their faces even more together. Eventually, the two separated and Hunk handed Chad a basic gold coin.

“Wow ,looks like we got quite the kissers here tonight. Let’s see if the married man has a leg up, shall we?” The mention of his wife did not help the already conflicted Adam. Answering questions was one thing, but infidelity on live TV was a whole new line to cross. Yet the changes to his body that had already occurred were nothing short of amazing and he didn’t want to give that up even, if it meant him kissing this strange albeit gorgeous man. His wife would understand once she saw how great he became.

With his mind made up he walked over to Hunk. The other man towered over him and was twice as wide. Getting on his tippy toes he hesitantly put his lips on the other man. Adam had never kissed another man; in fact, he hadn’t kissed anyone but his wife in 20 years. He had no idea what to expect. What he didn’t expect was the softness, the passion, the way his body came alive as soon as he touched Hunk. What he had intended to be just a quick meaningless kiss turning into a full-blown make out Adam secretly loved the feeling of the man’s beard on his face. Hunk responded in kind shoving his tongue into Adam’s parted lips. Both men began to moan as they made out passionately, Adam’s hands began to roam over Hunk’s body squeezing his muscular arms and grabbing a handful of his ass. Adam had never been like this before, never had a such intense sexual desire not just for a man but for anyone. It was only when he thought of his wife watching him swap spit with this random man that he stopped, not so much out of guilt but because thinking of her killed his sexual fire.

“Wow,” Hunk said, his jokey TV personality lost in the passion of the moment. “Just wow. That was amazing.”

Adam just smiled dumbly, still lost in the kiss.

Pulling himself together Hunk plastered his TV smile back on and affected his upbeat voice. “Well, seems experience takes the cake on this one. Adam, you win this challenge,” Hunk responded, handing Adam two coins. One was the same as he gave the other two, the basic Hunk-Buck with the image of Hunk giving a thumbs up. The other had Hunk’s handsome bearded face lips puckered in a kiss carved onto it. Adam probably should have asked what this “bonus” augmentation would do to him but he was still too dazed by the kiss to care. He simply dropped both coins into the podium and stood there smiling as the Hunkinator did its work.

The screens lifted to reveal all three men changed. Each had gained roughly ten pounds of muscle evenly distributed across their bodies. Their legs looked a little beefier while their chests pushed out a little further. The men also grew an inch in height and gained another inch in their genitals. Adam, though, thanks to his passionate kissing skills experienced another set of changes. He was now physically built for kissing. His lips were soft pillows, never again would they be chapped and now forever tasting slightly sweet. His spit was now an aphrodisiac and his tongue had become both nimble and strong, perfect for French kissing or sensual licking. His face was now covered in permanent sexy stubble long enough to avoid beard burn but short enough to show off his jaw, which had widened and squared off. It did not have the same model-like sharpness as Chad but instead a more mature masculinity that befit his age. In short no one, including his wife, would ever be able to resist kissing him now.

“Wow, look at these three strapping men. If we didn’t have more work to do I would kiss you all again just for fun, but we still have a ways to go! I know our audience at home is probably cursing those clothes for hiding all the changes that have been occurring. So I’ll make this next challenge simple it’s time to strip down,” Hunk said giddily.

The intoxicating swiftness of the changes so far was broken and none of the men moved. Talking and kissing were one thing but getting naked on national television gave each of them men pause.

“Oh come on, you all have nothing to be ashamed of. How about I join you?” Hunk said, taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. It was obvious that Hunk was big just by looking at him, but his true size wasn’t revealed until he disrobed. The man was massive, with thick pecs covered in the perfect dusting of hair, arms like cannons, and a back that looked like a mountain range. Things only got worse for the contestant’s self-confidence as Hunk undid his purple dress pants and revealed the rest of his lower body. If it was possible Hunk was even larger on his lower half, his thighs were like tree trunks and his ass was perfectly round yet distinctly muscular. He was left in only matching purple underwear which he stuck two meaty fingers under and slowly almost teasingly pulled down waving his exposed dick to the camera. Having seen the rest of Hunk’s body one might assume the package couldn’t be as big as the rest of him—everyone had flaws, after all. Yet it seems god had forgotten about that fact when creating Hunk, or, more accurately, HunkTech had. His dick and balls were weapons of mass destruction which seemed to rev up when exposed to the open air. His balls seemed to churn and inflate growing to the size of oranges and his dick appeared to be both a grower and a shower lengthening to the size and thickness of a caveman’s club and looking just as deadly.

Any sense of pride in what they had already achieved drained away just as did the color in their faces, replaced by even larger reservations about showing their own meager bodies.

“Oh, come on, don’t leave me the only one with my junk hanging out, it’s not that cold I swear,” Hunk said, encouraging the men to disrobe. After a moment’s hesitation, Ned peeled off his at this point too-tight Captain America shirt, the sleeves already in tatters. His body was a far cry from what it had used to be. Gone were the folds of fat their existence not even marked by the extra skin people typically had after losing weight. Instead, his skin was tight against newly developed muscles. He had the body of a swimmer, a toned chest, strong abs defined although nowhere near as defined as Adams, and muscular legs. Only his arms were out of place, more in line with that of a bodybuilder than a swimmer.

Chad was next, removing all his baggy clothing to reveal a body just as if not more muscular than Ned’s. This left only Adam the only clothed man on the stage.

“Just a reminder, failure to complete a challenge will result in elimination. You will be allowed to leave with your current winning but you will miss out on all future prizes. And Adam I sure would hate to see you go,” Hunk said, a hint of sincerity in his typically generic game show host voice.

“What the hell, I have come this far. Might as well see this through,” Adam thought as he too disrobed. The previous rounds of alterations had brought all three men to a similar base level although differences still existed to be sure. For one Chad’s angular jaw, Ned’s massive arms, and Adam’s tight abs were even more noticeable now that the three men’s bodies were fully bared, each of their exaggerated features becoming the focal point of their bodies. Though the three men had disrobed they all stood uncomfortably with hands covering their groins and shoulders hunched inwards as though to try to hide their bodies.

“Well done men, that is always a challenge. Some men even back out. I am glad you three have the courage to get those bodies to the people. However, we can’t have you all looking so ashamed the whole show. For this challenge’s rewards let’s remove those inhibitions.”

“What?” Adam thought in alarm, his thoughts seemingly mirrored by Chad as his eyes went wide. He was about to say something like, “I don’t want that” before the Hunkinator descended and all went white.

The next thing he knew he was back on stage blinking furiously. Unlike the other times he had emerged his body was unchanged. However, his body language was completely different. Whereas before he tried to hide his body now he stood unashamedly open, Junk waving to the breeze legs wide open. His habit of sucking in his stomach while shirtless was gone, although now with a 6-pack instead of a gut it didn’t make much difference. Inside his mind still told him that he should be more ashamed about being indecent in such a public manner but he simply couldn’t get his body to do anything about it. His fellow contestants were similarly now more open letting him get an even better view of their bodies.

While Adam had no way of knowing what was in the other men’s clothing before they had started the game, he assumed they too had some junk added to their trunk, or would it be frunk in this? His dick had always been pretty average; he had never received any complaints but also never any compliments. Then again, his wife only really saw his dick in recent years when he asked her to check out a lump he was worried about. Now, however, his package had been pushed above average into the above “large range”—Adam estimated around two inches longer with his balls proportionally increasing in size. This tracked with the 20 pounds of muscle and 2 inches of height he had also gained from the two basic Hunk-Bucks he had earned.

Judging by Chad’s still below-average size penis Adam guessed the man had come in with a truly tiny dick, hence his lack of confidence. Ned, on the other hand, now sported a member even larger than Adam’s, meaning he had already been blessed in this area. Adam also noticed that Ned’s dick was half hard and wondered if the guy was turned on by this whole thing.

“Now that we are all feeling nice and loose and we have those pesky clothing off, I think you know what time it is. Let’s spin that wheel!” Music blared at Hunk’s proclamation and a huge colorful wheel emerged from the floor, each section of the wheel listing a differing body part or characteristic to be altered. “But first a commercial break!”


Part 2

“Welcome back!” Hunk said excitedly once the commercial break had ended, an advertisement for a new restaurant with a ridiculously muscular chef who used his own “special sauce” in his cooking and claimed it had transformative powers. “Now let’s get this show started again. Adam, how about you give the wheel the first spin? Whatever space you land on is the alteration get. Simple enough. Good luck.”

“Umm sure,” Adam said trepidatiously approaching the comically large vertical wheel. He now walked without trying to hide an inch of his body thanks to his inhibitions being stripped away. His nervousness however was still present and so his movements still lacked confidence. Using all of his new strength Adam spun the contraption surprised at how easily it picked up speed. It spun for a few moments before slowing down, passing self-lubricating ass hole, thank god, and almost landing on hypnotic voice before eventually stopping at age alteration.

“Ohh, how fun. This one involves some choice on your part Adam. What age would you like to be?”

“What?” Adam asked confused.

“Pick an age, any age,” Hunk said slower although no less enthusiastically. “Personally, I think you would look hot as a silver fox or a young stud, but choice is yours.”

“How is that even possible?” Adam asked more to himself than to Hunk. His first instinct was to go back to his prime, 25 or something. His twenties however seemed like another lifetime, could he really go back? And besides, how would his wife feel being married to someone twenty years younger than her? Worse that would leave him only a decade older than his oldest child. By the same token, he defiantly wouldn’t want to increase in age any. Sometimes Adam had fantasized about gaining muscle or growing in height because at least those were possible, but changing ages, he had never really thought about it. Still, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he would be a fool not to choose more vitality and take advantage of this fountain of youth. He and his wife were both 47, how many years could he lose without making her a cougar?

“Umm, I’ll do 30 year old, I guess,” Adam said tentatively ultimately deciding despite inevitable strangeness he wanted as much potential time with his kids as he could get.

“Wow, excited to see that change,” Hunk said flirtatiously handing Adam a coin with a fountain carved onto it. Adam’s heart was beating fast as he returned to his podium.

“All right Ned you’re next, it’s time to spin the wheel!”

Ned was less hesitant, using his massive arms to give the wheel a hefty spin. It spun for longer than it had with Adam eventually stopping on the section labeled muscle density. Ned pumped his fist in victory.

“Well, would you look at that, denser muscles mean more strength, seems like Captain America’s is not going to be too far off after this one, Ned.” The coin he handed Ned had the outside of a person only with the muscle fiber visible.

Chad went last, spinning the wheel for the final time. The wheel passed perpetual tan eventually landing on pheromones just missing the spot labeled jackpot.

“Ahh, a classic, pheromones. The natural chemical not only makes everyone around you horny but also makes you more attractive to anymore who gets a whiff. We are going to have to be careful about this one, this whole studio is about to reek of sex hormones, as if there weren’t enough sexual tensions,” Hunk said in jest. The last coin handed out had a noise sniffing something emblazoned upon it. This gave Adam pause. What were the moral implications of granting Chad pheromones? Then again he supposed they would be no different than a pretty face or hot body, just another sexual advantage to be used.

“Well, time to cash in those rewards gentlemen. I for one think they are all very fitting.”

It felt unreal to Adam, was he really about to be almost 20 years younger? Would it mess with his mind? Would his family even recognize him? Well, they might already not recognize him already he reminded himself with his improved body. The Hunkinators went to work falling around all three men. He felt rather than saw the changes taking place. When the screen eventually raised, Adam took stock of his body.

The changes were less obvious than some of his other alterations but he could still distantly see the sighs of the erased years. For one his skin looked smoother and tighter, making his abs pop even more if it was possible. The last wrinkles that hadn’t been smoothed out already disappeared along with the small tattoo with his wife’s initials they had gotten for their tenth wedding anniversary. His hair which had been thinning horribly and receding up his head now was thick and wavy and formed a perfectly uniform hairline. No longer was it sprinkled with gray but instead a rich solid brown. He looked better than he had even in his 20s thanks to the changes won from the kissing contest and his better body. The biggest change however was how he felt, gone were the aches and pains of age. He felt more energetic and for that matter hornier than he had been since he was this age this first time and for the first time he could recall his back didn’t ache. Simply put he was a man in his prime, young, healthy, handsome, and hung. With newfound years of vitality ahead of him, he had a new lease on life and a new outlook.

His fellow competitors too were altered by the results of the wheel. Ned could only be described as looking thicker. His muscles weren’t bigger, at least not significantly, but somehow looked more solid like they were 100% pure slabs of beef. The change was especially noticeable in his arms which were still disproportionately his largest muscle. Under the skin, each fiber of muscle was visible making his imposing guns even more powerful looking.

Adam’s inspection of Ned was cut off as he caught a whiff of something. It had the sharp spicy smell of a cologne but somehow more natural. The odor seemed to go directly to his brain scratching some base part of him and making him horny and a little bit hard. Instinctively he knew the smell was coming from Chad. And to his surprise, he felt drawn to Chad, a type of primal attraction the likes of which he had never felt. Ned and even Hunk seemed to also be under his spell as all three men stared at him taking deep breaths through their noses. Chad just flashed a cocky smile pleased with the new tool at his disposal.

“All right,” Hunk said, forcing Adam back to himself. “That was quite a fruitful round. Let’s hope you lads can put your improvements to use in this next challenge as you go head-to-head with each other.”

A platform raised from the stage about the size of a bedside table along with two short stools on either side. “For this next challenge, I can’t think of any more fitting to test your new bodies than a good old fashion arm wrestling. The winner will not only be able to choose a change for themselves but a change of their fellow contestants. We have picked on Adam enough let’s have Chad and Ned go first for this challenge.”

Adam was relieved he wouldn’t have to arm wrestle right away. That relief however was overshadowed by the dread he felt at the prospect of having someone else choose his transformation. What if they tried to reverse the progress he had already made? Or worse what if they chose something from him freaky, could he end up with an extra arm?

As he contemplated he watched as Ned and Chad linked hands and began to struggle. The alterations so far had given Chad decently muscular arms however it was nothing compared to the pure beef that Ned was packing. Chad did however have one advantage—assuming the arm wrestling position left Chad’s pits open to the air, which evidently was what expelled his pheromones. The smell in the room grew thicker and for a moment Ned seemed in a trance staring at Chad and giving no resistance. Chad used this as an opportunity to push forcing the other man’s hand nearly completely flat. This seemed to snap Ned out of it and he began to push back. Ned’s enhancements proved superior as he almost instantly slammed Chad’s arm down on the table with a sound loud enough for Adam to suspect Chad’s ego wouldn’t be the only thing bruised.

“Ned wins!” Hunk yelled enthusiastically. “All you need to do now, Ned, is beat Adam, and you will win this challenge.”

With trepidation, Adam approached and locked hands with Ned assuming the position. Adam had been nervous before but feeling the strength of the other man’s grip and watching as his naked arm rippled and shifted visibly as he got ready to push made Adam even more scared. He knew he stood little chance. For a moment, he thought of pulling a stunt like Chad and using his new alterations to play dirty. What had Hunk said, something about his spit now being an aphrodisiac, maybe if he kissed Ned it would be enough to distract the man? Just the thought horrified him, what was he thinking? He was married! Adam put up more of a fight than Chad but was still ultimately no match for the beast Ned had become and eventually his arm too was slammed down on the table.

“Well, look at that Ned made a clean sweep,” Hunk said calling the match in the bigger man’s favor. “Makes my job easier. Now a deal’s a deal, Ned! You get to choose your own alteration along with that of the competitions. You can pick from the list provided or use your imagination. With our technology, there is virtually nothing we can’t do!”

The prospect terrified Adam but seemed to delight Ned who was grinning ear to ear. He didn’t even glance at the list that appeared in front of him just looked up and down at his fellow contestants like meat for sale.

“The choice for myself is easy, Hunk, I want a big dick, as long and girthy as you can make it.”

Hunk didn’t seem surprised. “Typical, but by no means a bad choice. And what about your fellow contestants, do you want to make them more endowed as well?”

“Hmm no, I don’t think so, gotta give myself some sort of advantage. I was thinking about trying to knock them out of the competition by giving them both micro penises or erectile dysfunction, but I don’t want to be a bad sport. They are both of them are becoming such studs, though, it’s a shame they are only interested in women. Hunk, could we make them gay or at least bi? I think that might make the rest of the show more interesting.”

Chad looked nearly as shocked and horrified as Adam felt. Sure he had made out with Hunk but he was straight. Was it even possible to change someone’s orientation, and, if so, what would that mean for his life as a man married to a woman? He looked for an exit and saw Chad frantically doing the same. Adam was more than happy with the changes so far. There was no way his wife would leave him now that he was a 20-year younger hunk with wash-board abs instead of a belly and a mouth made for sucking face. Adam had planned to stay to get as much of the benefits as he could but this had gone too far. He came on this show to improve his relationship with his wife after all not become no longer attracted to her.

“I have had enough, I would like to leave,” Adam said, his voice shaking slightly but firm.

“Oh, Adam, don’t be a sore loser. By participating in this round you agreed to whatever punishments or rewards you were given, it’s only fair.” Before Adam had time to mount a counter-argument Hunk pressed a button and Adam saw the familiar Hunkifiers descend to obscure the men on stage. He tried to run but it was too late as a blight flash of light stunned him making his limbs no longer work properly. Before his eyes image after image of men started to appear in rapid succession, some small some large, some hairy some smooth, all of them naked, and all of them looking directly at him. Adam tried to close his eyes but found the images still appeared on the inside of his eyelids. He had no choice but to take in the images. After what felt like an eternity the images stopped and the device ascended leaving Adam on the stage once more.

He felt the same. Frantically he thought about his wife and he thought he felt a slight pang of sexual attracted, at least he thought so, it was hard to feel anything but dread at the moment. Adam looked around at the other gorgeous men on the stage, Ned looked triumphant his cock was truly something to behold. So big and thick that it looked like it was begging to be sucked and… ohh, god. Since when did Adam think about sucking cock? And yet his mind was consumed by the things he wanted to do to the other men on stage. His anger which had previously been bubbling under all the fear fell away replaced by a deep desire. He thought he could see the same lust in Chad’s eyes. He supposed it was not too dissimilar to the feelings he would have if there were gorgeous naked women on stage only there weren’t, just a bunch of dudes, dudes he wanted to fuck.

“See, that wasn’t so bad,” Hunk said. “Win some future challenges and you just might be able to get Ned back. But before that, I think it’s time we play some trivia. The rules are simple! for each question you get right you will earn one basic Hunk-Buck, remember those, that’s one inch of height, ten pounds of muscle, and one inch added to your dick. When I ask a question the first one to push on their buzzer gets to guess. If they get it wrong the other contestants will get a try. All right, who is ready to play”?”

Adam was still flustered at his sudden change of orientation but at the mention of trivia, he came back to himself slightly. He and his wife were trivia fanatics, every Tuesday they got a babysitter for the kids and went to a trivia night with some friends. If ever there was a time to shine it was now. This thought grounded him and he tried to calm down. Not all was lost. So he was potentially bi now, who cares. He didn’t intend to be with anyone but his wife so it didn’t much matter. His brain still wanted him to leave the stage before anything else happened to him but his dick had other ideas. He could still achieve his dream body and then quit when the challenges got to compromised. This was just trivia though, what could go wrong?

“Our first round of questions is about famous men. For this first question, identify which famous man this arm belongs to.” On the screen, the image of an incredibly muscular bicep appeared. Adam was stumped, pop culture had never been a strength and especially not men’s arms. Still, Adam was surprised to realize that his own arm was not that much smaller than the man on the screen, he was even more surprised to realize that he wanted to lick the mystery muscle.

Almost immediately Ned slammed his buzzer making his podium light up red. “What is Henry Cavil’s arm in the 2013 movie Man of Steel?”

Hunk let out a deep laugh that made butterflies flutter in Adam’s stomach. “That is correct, Ned, although you don’t have to answer in the form of a question. Even so, one Hunk-Buck for you.” He tossed Ned the precious golden coin. “Moving right along, our second question in the famous males category: who was the first winner of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition?”

“Larry Scott!” Ned again had hands pushing down on his buzzer with lightning speed. This annoyed Adam for some reason, although it was not like he knew the answer.

“Very good, Ned. With another basic token, you might be on your way to joining the ranks of championship winners. All right, our last question for this round: who is the only man to have won People’s Sexist Man Alive award two years in a row?”

The room was silent for a moment as no one pushed their buzzer, then timidly Chad volunteered. “Richard Gere?”

“Very good, very good!” Hunk said enthusiastically. Adam was upset that the first round was over and he had yet to get a single question right, but he was happy at least that someone other than Ned was winning. He hadn’t forgotten whose fault it was that the thought of Richard Gere made him horny. He was surprised that Chad had known the answer, however. Looking at the man his body language was bashful but his eyes had a triumphant glint. Adam wondered if the guy hadn’t already been a little bit fruity before the show.

“That all for the famous men round! For our next category, we are going to be covering a subject you all should be aquatinted with. That is the male anatomy. Again, one right answer equals one basic Hunk-Buck. Our first question: what is the largest muscle?”

Ned seemed to have not let his failure with the last question deter him as he immediately smashed the buzzer. “Obviously, your heart,” he said in a cocky tone.

It was gratifying to watch that smirk wiped off his face when Hunk said, “Not quite, any other guesses?”

“Is it your dick?” Chad asked hesitantly.

“Haha, not for most people, although will see at the end of the show.” Adam racked his brain to guess the answer. He had taken some biology classes in college but that had been forever ago. Or at least supposedly you wouldn’t know it from his young looking appearance. Looking at Hunk the man’s chest seemed to be the largest muscle Adam could possibly imagine. That was until Hunk grinned at him and with a wink turned slightly revealing his even larger naked ass.

“The gluteus maximus?” Adam guessed. Even though he was naked something about saying the word “butt” on national television still felt wrong.

“Very good, Adam, one Hunk-Buck for you. Guess you got ass on the brain. That might be helpful for our next question. In anal sex, what is the gland that provides pleasure?” The three men seemed to be stumped by that one as none of them answered immediately. Adam suspected none of them had ever actually had gay sex, seeing as two of them were supposedly formally straight and the gay one had been a self-proclaimed virgin living in his parent’s basement. More seconds ticked by with no one providing an answer.

“Looks like this one has got you all stumped. The answer is the prostate, the male P-spot if you will. Let’s see if after the show I can’t give you all a live demonstration.” The joke made Adams heart beat faster, although with fear or excitement he didn’t know. “All right, our last question in the male anatomy round is something you have all experienced tonight. Our Hunkinator is a patented technology that safely uses a wide variety of substances including steroids to create rapid and controlled muscle growth. What is the name of the type of steroid that uses the male hormone testosterone to facilitate muscle growth?”

This time Chad was the fastest to reach his buzzer. “Anabolic,” he said. Then gave a look like he felt like he needed to explain. “I did some research into steroids when I was trying bulk up. I like this better though,” he said with a grin.

“Very good, no need for a cycle. You just earned yourself a Hunk-Buck, 10 pounds of muscle in a second is much better than a needle in butt, don’t you agree?”

Chad didn’t say anything, just stared at Hunk’s massive muscular body.

“Umm okay… moving on, that concludes the human anatomy round of our trivia. It is now time for our bonus round. Each question you get right in this round will give you not one but two Basic Hunk-Bucks.” Adam felt his heart start to beat faster at the news. So far his competition had both one two tokens to his one, and this was supposed to be something he was good at. He worried they would get too far ahead and leave him in the dust. Then if any more physical challenges came up he would be toast. He had to get these answers right.

“Our first question of this bonus round is, who is the sponsor of So You Wanna Be a Hunk?

It was Adam’s turn to reach for the buzzer fastest. It wasn’t the art history or obscure baseball facts he usually thrived on in trivia but the answer to this question might as well be. Even before the show, Adam was well acquainted with HunkTech. It had started with those Hunk-washes, the car washes for men that made them over with a shiny new coat of paint, meaning a new hunky body. Adam had considered that option for reinvigorating his marriage but those things cost thousands of dollars and required a waiting list. Still, that wasn’t all HunkTech was doing. They were the new mega-corporation, having a hand in media, technology, and even the government if conspiracy theory were to be believed.

His college friend Ashton’s law firm got bought out by them and the next thing Adam knew his friend of 30 years was some lumberjack-looking strong man who had sex with men and wore exclusively tank tops and open flannels. Needless to say, they hadn’t had much in common since, although Adam now thought they might again. Still, Adam was well aware of Hunk-Tech especially as he had heard rumors that they might be interested in buying the real estate agency he worked at.

“Very good, Adam, that is two Hunk-Bucks for you! And thank you to Hunk-Tech for making this show possible.” Hunk said. “Our last question in this round is this: Who was the first winner of So You Wanna Be a Hunk?

Adam was stumped, he now realized he probably should have watched at least one episode before he came on the show. Ned knew, however.

“Hunk Smitten was the first ever winner of So You Wanna Be a Hunk.

“Looks like someone knows their ancient history! That’s right, I was in fact the first winner of So You Wanna Be a Hunk. Believe it or not, when I came to this studio I was in worse shape than all three of you, but that my friend is a story for another time. Ned, you win yourself two more Hunk-Bucks and that concludes the trivia round. I hope no one got bored by a little use of the brain, don’t worry we will get back to the brawn as our contestants go ahead and spend their bucks.”

Each of the men inserted their winnings and just as before the three men were obscured as the Hunkinator went to work on them, altering their very flesh. Chad was the least changed, even so, the two tokens he had earned had added 20 pounds of muscle to his growing frame. Be it the added weight or his larger height or some other effect of his many transformations but it seemed the young man was growing into his jawline. It was still highly prominent but now seemed to fit him more as he began to resemble a male model, all while smelling like sex in a bottle.

Adam was slightly more altered. He had won three tokens due to his anatomy knowledge and the correct answer in the bonus round. 30 pounds of muscle, 3 inches of height, and 3 inches of their penis was a substantial amount. Pair that with the two other tokens he had gotten in the first and third rounds and he was well on his way to fitness influencer territory. He had been 140 pounds after having all the fat stripped from his frame, now he weighted a hefty, 180 of pure lean muscle. His abs were thick and prominent and had bloomed into a 8-pack as he grew taller and buffer, sitting pretty below his well-muscled chest. His previously 5’10.” height was now a tall 6”3 which felt practically unwieldy to his still-adjusting body. His dick too was foreign to him, it felt so heavy along with his larger balls, and even in the rare times he wasn’t looking at it he could still feel it like a weight tied to his body.

Ned was the most different after the latest round. He had won four Hunk-Bucks and it showed. He was now nearly as large as Hunk himself, standing at a towering 6’5” with massive cannons for arms and shoulders like a wall. Every muscle fiber was visible under his skin from his thick meaty chest to his tree trunk-like legs. The most striking feature was his dick. If Adam had thought it was large before, the added four inches brought it to a whole new level. The phrase horse cock had never been so accurate. Thick as all hell and long as a baby’s arm his penis looked more like a weapon than a human organ. Adam was worried the thing would poke someone’s eye out much less fit inside any human being. Whether it was the changes to his sexuality or the pheromones from Chad, Adam to his shame felt a twinge of lust looking at Ned’s cock. It was the type of dick only a virgin wished for, the type that couldn’t possibly be practical. In fact, all of Ned’s new body in Adam’s opinion was a little over the top. Be it the increased muscle density or just the way Ned carried himself, his muscles looked more like the roided-out hard muscles of a bodybuilder than the soft pillowy kissable brawn Hunk sported.

“All right, contestants, quite the progress has been made but it’s not over yet. From here on out our challenges get even more transformative. Our next round is a fan favorite, it’s time to pump it up. But first another commercial break!” The groans of every man watching on their computer around the world could almost be heard in the studio as their favorite program took another break.


Part 3

The commercial break ended and the studio lights turned back on illuminating the stage that was much the same except for a strange contraption sitting between Hunk and the contests. It looked somewhat like a hookah, with one central chamber full of a bubbling purple liquid the same colors as Hunks tuxedo had been. The device also had three hoses leading off it connecting to strange clamp devices.

“Welcome back to So You Wanna Be a Hunk! As we mentioned before the break our next challenge is one we have on every episode, It’s time for our contestants to pump it up! If you’re new here the rules are this, in this handy dandy Hunk Pump here we have pure liquid testosterone. That’s right the male hormone responsible for everything from muscle size to libido. Our contestants will attach these handy dandy pumps to themselves and will start pumping them up. As you can imagine our contestants will want as much of this stuff as they can get to help them become Hunks. It’s not quite so simple though, as Chad, Ned, and Adam will soon learn this stuff packs quite the punch and the more you pump the more you will feel. And so our contestants will only be allowed to keep pumping until they dump if you get what I mean. So who is ready to pump till you dump?”

Ned looked practically giddy, Chad skeptical but still excited, and Adam horrified. Was this what he thought it was—was Hunk suggesting that they were about to ejaculate live on camera? Adam knew that this was the time to back out before he became a porn star. Then he looked down at his body, the one that had just gained 30 pounds of muscle in an instant. He knew logically he should back out now, leave while he still could, but something in him rebelled, something was enjoying this too much. He had spent the last 30 years of his life feeling as his testosterone levels slowly decreased and his body became his enemy rather than his ally. Now back at the age of 30, he felt invigorated, and fantastic. What would it be like to feel even better?

Besides, Adam reasoned with himself, Hunk was clearly exaggerating. It would take a lot more than some purple goo to make him cum, a fact his wife knew all too well. He could do this, stay strong, get as much testosterone as he wanted, then leave with his winnings, that’s what he would do.

His mind made up Adam approached the machine, and his courage was put to its test when he realized the clams connecting to the hoses went around his balls but he stayed firm and tried to look as calm as he brought the clamp to his testicle. This seemed to activate the device as it started to move like a spider fitting itself into place and clamping around his dick and balls. Adam was expecting to feel a stab of pain but instead, he felt nothing but the cold coldness of the metal. There must have been some sort of numbing ointment because as he looked down he saw the central pipe connecting to the pump branched off into many smaller tubes that were connected with needles to all different parts of his balls.

“Looks like all three of you are ready and rearing to go. Remember, the longer you go without climaxing the more you will get. Now with our further ado let’s get pumping!” Hunk said excitedly.

With those words, the purple liquid started to inch up the tubes connecting all three of them. As soon as Adam felt the testosterone enter his system he knew he was done for. It felt like the most potent adrenaline rush of his entire life. Instantly his heart started to beat faster, and his dick went fully hard, more than anything he felt horny as all hell. As the seconds passed the feeling only grew, it wasn’t just his libido that was changing Adam felt different he felt more aggressive, more virile. He wanted to wrestle someone, pin them to the ground then shove his dick in them, pussy or ass—he didn’t much care in his present state. He wanted to fuck hard with his new muscular body. Adam was so engrossed in his growing masculinity that he didn’t see his other competitors, who were also engaged in their own struggle.

Ned clearly had a strategy he had his eyes closed and was whispering to himself. Over and over he thought about the time he had seen a guy jaywalk and get hit by two buses and a boat. It was the most unsexy thing he could think of. Chad had his own strategy he kept pinching himself on the arm as though to try to distract from the hormones flooding his system.

Ten seconds went by, then 20. Adam felt like a balloon slowly being filled with testosterone, ready to burst at any minute. By now all three men’s penises had started to leak pre-cum and were fully bloated with blood, pointing straight up towards the stage lights. Not only could Adam feel the effects of the testosterone but as time passed he could outright see it. All three men were growing, slowly but noticeably their muscles expanding. Their faces began to visibly change, cracking and widening, becoming more masculine. Hair began to sprout on their bodies and hairlines receded ever so slightly.

In a move that sparked much-heated debate from the fans (and would later be banned in future iterations of the challenge), Ned reached out both hands and placed them on his opponent’s dicks, stoking them vigorously with his powerful large hands.

Adam gasped as he felt the man’s cold hands on his prick. The shock was the only thing that kept him from instantly cumming. Chad was not so lucky—he had never experienced a hand job and so at this sexual contact he immediately climaxed, groaning as white spunk started squirting out of his dick in copious amounts. Ned, in a karmic twist, also climaxed at the sight, his devious ways proving his own downfall. As soon as the first spate of cum exited their balls, the flow of testosterone cut off and they were eliminated from the challenge.

That just left just Adam. Without Ned’s handjob, he was able to resist cumming, if just barely. As his testosterone level rose more and more he felt hornier and hornier, more than he ever had in his entire life. His brain was consumed by thoughts of sex, some with his wife but most not. It was this fact that kept him from coming, the guilt of it all. But guilt had its limits and eventually after a full 47 seconds, a new record on the show, Adam came. It was watching the veins in his forearm arms take on a purple hue and push themselves to the surface that eventually did him in. Climaxing felt amazing, like the first time he ever masturbated, like a pleasure he didn’t even know he could experience. To his horror he let out an involuntary moan, the sound coming out deeper than normal, thanks to the number the pump had done to his vocal cords.

His testosterone was now at remarkably high levels, the type only athletes or bodybuilders on steroids have. It had done a number on him both mentally and physically. His skin vibrant and flushed with testosterone was tight over his bulging musculature which had definitely expanded. He had now surpassed the 200-pound mark of pure masculine muscle. Hairs had pushed themselves through the skin on his chest arms and legs and groin. Being hairless had felt strange to Adam who had never really gotten on the manscaping fad and so he was glad to have at least some hair again. Rubbing his face his stubble felt coarser and thicker, more of a short beard. And though he still had a thick full head of rich brown hair his hairline had receded an inch or two with the influx of testosterone, back to around the place it had been when he came on the show, although now it looked sexy and manly rather than pathetic.

His experience with the pump had changed him fundamentally, he smelled of testosterone, he tasted like it, and it practically leaked from his every pore. His brain was now on constant overdrive wanting nothing more than to fuck. He felt every single emotion more vividly, anxiety, fear, anger, excitement, and a fair bit of arousal.

Ned and Chad had only made it on the pump for 22 seconds, but even that short time had changed them too. They were both bigger, with deeper voices and, most of all, much hornier. As the three turned around to resume their normal places on stage Adam couldn’t help but look at his fellow contestants’ perky asses. He wondered for a moment if he would have the chance to put his penis in one of their holes before he remember he was married—it was hard to keep that fact in mind with his current sex drive.

“Wow, look at you men. Pumped up, horned up, enhanced within an inch of your lives.” Hunk yelled into seemingly the void that existed around the illuminated parts of the stage. “There is however a crucial part of becoming a hunk that we have been ignoring. You see, muscle alone a man does not make, you need style, and for that, you need the best. Oh stylist, we are ready for you!”

For a moment there was nothing, then the click of heels against the polished floor could be heard getting slowly closer. The whole studio seemed to hold its breath as if in anticipation, waiting for whatever powerful figure Hunk had summoned to emerge sure she would be just as if not more legendary than Hunk. They were therefore surprised to see the woman that entered.

She was short to the point of being practically diminutive, only coming up to Hunk’s waist. She had a short black bob, bottle cap glasses, and wore an expensive-looking immaculate black trench coat that dragged slightly on the ground. Her lips were pressed together in a look of dissatisfaction as she entered the room, and Adam suspected this to be the face she wore most often. Ned and even Chad seemed to recognize the women and had equal looks of awe and terror on their faces. Even Adam though he knew next to nothing about fashion though he recognized her. Claudia Summor or something like that. His wife got her magazine every week.

“Gentlemen!” she addressed the contestants with a curt nod barely sparing them a glance. “Hunk,” she said with a slight smirk as if she found his name funny. She offered a hand which Hunk took in his much larger one and bent down to kiss. “Why you insist on summoning me like a hound is baffling, darling,” she said in an unplaceable European accent, a mix between French, German, and Italian. “Next thing you know I’ll be wearing a collar with a bell on it. Oh well, I suppose your taste for showmanship must be accounted for. Now, darling, what unkempt shriveling ruffians do you have for me to work on today?”

“Claudia, it’s good to see you too,” Hunk said warmly. “This is Adam, Ned, and Chad. And do give them some pity, Claudia. It is hard to live up to your standards.”

“My standards are perfection dear, perfection, and don’t you forget it.” For the first time, Claudia turned fully to study the contestants. “Pray tell darling, are you done with your little game show, or do you still need to stick a hoagie up their asses or whatever it is you do here?”

Hunk bellowed a laugh. Once he saw the look of horror on the contestant’s faces he took pity. “Don’t worry, the sandwich in the ass challenge was a one-time thing. And don’t mind Claudia, she’s a little eccentric but she’s the best in the business. You will see the results are worth her bark. To answer your question, Claudia, after you are done with them we just have one more round.”

“Darling, you know I don’t like others messing with my work, but, oh well, I suppose it can’t be helped,” she said in a huff. “All right now, which of you lummoxes should I work on first—dumb, dumber, or dumbest?”

“I’ll go,” Ned volunteered.

“Great, dumbest,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She marched over to the man and began to examine him intensely, making him bend down so she could examine his face, physically opening his mouth with her hands and studying the hair on his head with a magnifying glass she produced from her sleeve. She made him turn around several times and took stock of each body part carefully, poking and prodding him with a long cigarette holder. She even manhandled his dick at one point, moving it to the side to get a better look at his balls.

“A hung bodybuilder! Your creativity truly knows no ends,” she said dryly to Hunk. “Very well, nothing the great Claudia cannot handle.” She clapped her hands twice. “Assistants!” she called out. “There is work to be done.”

Ten men and women dressed all in white scrubs emerged from the shadows armed with notepads and various grooming and measuring tools strapped to their belts. They formed a semi-circle around Ned and gave their full attention to the much shorter woman.

“First thing we need to do is put some hair on his chest. Hunk, why you insist on shaving them all down I will never know, the man looks like a plucked chicken ready to be roasted. Calvin, give him a tight number two on the torso just as I taught you—I had better not see any hairs on the nipples. Janelle, you see to the groin area, but do have some class, woman, and use some restraint. CeCe, I am thinking of a beard, like the one we did with that ambassador, what was his name, oh never mind, you know what I mean. I will handle these rat nests you call a haircut.”

Immediately the crew got to work commencing the tasks assigned to them by Claudia or otherwise occupying themselves by buffing Ned’s skin or filing his nails into perfect round ovals. The assistants she had assigned put on white gloves before spraying a pink mist onto their designated area. Adam watched in fascination as hair began to grow out of these places, thick and plentiful. From there the assistants began to manscape, trimming down the hair to the desired length. Claudia herself stood on a step stool and had Ned’s head in her hands as she periodically cut his hair with a pair of gleaming silver scissors and used her own bottle of pink mist to make his hair longer when she desired. Ned just stood there as nearly a dozen people fussed over every inch of him.

After only about five minutes the crew stepped back and Claudia got off her stool to examine. In such a short amount of time, the team had done amazing work. Ned had come in with a disgusting neck beard and hair down to the nape of his neck that was visibly greasy. The beard had lost its life to the Hunkinator but that had only left him looking doughy. Now, though, Ned was anything but, he looked handsome. The beard, a shade longer than Hunk’s, lent a squaring effect to his face, and his hair had been trimmed down, shorter on the side with a bit of length on the top. It served to bring out the hints of red in his natural hair color and make the green in his eyes pop.

Claudia examined his muscular body closely, which had gotten its own coating in auburn hair. He now had a thick but well-trimmed bush and some hair on his chest that ended before his collar with the majority concentrated on his thick pillowy chest getting thinner as it went to the sides. Claudia suddenly stopped her inspection and with seemingly inhuman speed took a pair of tweezers and plucked a long, almost translucent hair from Ned’s nipple. “Sloppy,” she said, brandishing it at the man she had referred to as Calvin. The man blanched visibly.

“Good help truly is so hard to come by these days. No matter, this one is starting to look at least a bit presentable, although I am sure you and your ‘Hunkinator’ will mess it up somehow. Now, who’s next? You,” she decided, marching over to Adam. Her small legs took double the normal amount of time to cross the stage, her assistants trailing behind.

“What is your name boy? Big Cock, I presume, judging by the amount of creativity this show seems to have for names.”

“Umm, actually my name is Adam.”

“Yes I am sure it is, Alex. now tell me, darling, what is your deal,” Claudia said dismissively, the word deal being emphasized in a way that made his fairly sure she didn’t actually want to know his “deal”.

“Umm, well, I am married with two kids, I am a real estate agent and I play poker on the weekends with—”

Claudia cut him off with a wave of her hands, looking up from writing on her clipboard and turning around to look at Hunk. “Hunk, darling, why you choose to make all these older men look practically juvenile I will never understand. Don’t you know daddies are in, get with the times, darling, get with the times.” She turned back to Adam and began to study him as she had Ned. Adam opened his mouth to continue his explanation but she cut him off. “That will be all, darling.” A few more minutes of examination passed. She was not shy in the slightest, brazenly touching every part of his body, even at one point spreading his cheeks to look at his ass hole. Adam felt like a slab of meat before the butcher. Still, Ned looked markedly better for her ministrations, he could put his faith in this woman to do the same.

“Christopher, darling, I’m thinking we play with the DILF look, perhaps we incorporate a beard-stache. Go heavy on the upper lip and use something like a number two on the stubble. I want him to look rugged and unkempt, but in a stylish, sexy way, not an unwashed kind of way. Let’s see, what else. At least this one comes with some hair already on his body, but we need to shape it, and my god boy your cum gutters are phenomenal, we can’t be obstructing those with hair. I will handle the torso, and Calvin, dear, do take notes. The rest of you do your best to try and make this man look presentable.”

Immediately the team went to work removing or growing hair as per Claudia’s instructions. It felt strange to have 10+ pairs of hands on him, doting on his every body part. An assistant he assumed to be Christopher sprayed the same pink mist on his upper lip which made it tingle slightly and feel heavier. He then got to work shaving down the stubble Adam had grown from the kissing challenge and trimming the new growth on his lip. Adam had never had anyone shave his face; his wife had tried beforek but it had just ended up with his face covered in cuts. This man, however, was an expert and Adam was ashamed to say it was enough of an erotic experience that, to his embarrassment, his cock grew erect. He was all too aware that he had just a moment ago squirted cum all over his chest and had never really cleaned up properly. Though he no longer had any inhibitions about showing off his body, he did have the grace still to feel bad for the people who had to work on his cum-soaked body hair.

Still, they gave no complaints, just worked diligently under the watchful eyes of Claudia. Claudia, for her part, was a terror to the hair on his torso. Without mercy she spread hot wax on his abs, the wax spreading deep into the crevices between each muscle, then without warming she ripped it off removing his entire treasure trail in one fell swoop. Adam winced more out of shock than pain, which prompted Claudia to thwap him with her cigarette holder. “Don’t move, boy, it’s hard enough to work on this rock climbing wall you call abs. I don’t need you gyrating about.”

Before long the work was finished, and Claudia stepped back to admire her work, handing Adam a mirror so he could do the same. His face now sported a well-trimmed mustache and a shorter layer of whiskers on the rest of his face. He looked like the dad from Inside Out, only with 100 more pounds of muscle and even more sex appeal (if that was possible). Adam hated to admit it but he looked insanely sexy and was shocked to realize his own appearance turned him on. His abs were now totally hairless below bulging pecs that had been expertly styled with the perfect amount of hair. The only other areas on his body with hair were his legs, armpits, groin, and arms which were also tastefully styled in a way that made them look unstyled. Though he hadn’t been able to see it an assistant dressed in white had taken a laser to his shoulders and back ensuring those areas stayed hair free. They had also spread a jell on his balls and armpits that served as a permanent deodorant without blocking his natural musk. Adam now had the body of a 30-year-old with the hair of a mature man and the testosterone of a raging bull.

Claudia seemed to see the look in his eyes. “Yes, yes, Claudia works miracles, this is nothing new, darling. You can thank me later, Ashton.” She walked over to Chad, the last man on stage she had yet to get her hands on. Once she neared she recoiled slightly and shot another glare at Hunk. “Dear god, man did you dunk this boy on in sex pheromones? He reeks. This nose job is far too expensive to be put through this, darling.” She must have sensed the judgment coming from Adam, because she whirled around. “Oh, do shut it, boy, I won’t take judgment about cosmetic vanity from you.” She turned to Ned. “Anything from you, boy? No, good.” She turned back to Chad. “Janelle, nose plugs, would you dear.” She put a pair of clamps over her nose and approached Chad.

In a nasal voice caused by having her nose plugged, Claudia began her appraisal of Chad. “This one looks young, although with this show you never can tell. Still, he definitely has the pretty boy look going on. I think we need to lighten this hair, let’s bring it up to a 9 or even a 10. We should also grow it out, just so we know what we are working with.” At her words the assistants began to spray the pink mist all over Chad’s body, causing hair to grow all over. Once that was done they began to rub a clay-like substance into the hair which turned darker as they worked, as though it was leaching away the pigment from his hair. As they worked with the substance, Chad’s hair went from a dirty blond to golden to near platinum.

Claudia stood back a few paces and watched her assistants work. When they were finally finished she inspected him again. With one hand she ran manicured fingers through Chad’s nearly translucent grown-out chest hair and with the other she grabbed a fist full of his newly grown-out beard, the hairs thin and blond, only really appearing on his sideburns, chin, and upper lip.

“It is as I suspected, the boy is not ready for hair below the brow. Shave him down, would you, dolls.”

Chad seemed to take offense at the implication he was less of a man. He had secretly liked being hairy. “Hey, why do you get to decide—?” he said, even as white-garbed assistants shaved and waxed his face and body, leaving every inch hairless and showing off his muscular body.

“Why do I get to decide? Paris, London, Mulan. Oh dear, now I am just naming cities I have had shows in, easy to do when you are the Claudia Summor. If you want to try to grow some hairs from your chiny chiny chin then do it on your own time, but when I am styling you I am god.”

The outburst seemed to crush Chad’s rebellious streak, and he stood there passively as Claudia and her team finished making over him. They left his golden hair somewhat longer than the other contestants’, styled into a handsome swoop that fit perfectly into his strong jaw and high cheekbones. He looked like he could be at a country club or the president of any fraternity. The team seemed to take an extra-long time on Chad. Adam wondered why until he saw, at the exact same time Claudia did, that they had transitioned from working on the man to squeezing his muscles. Unlike her, they had not been sensible enough to put on nose plugs and so had been breathing in the man’s intoxicating scent for a few minutes.

“Oh my god, pull yourself together,” she said, whacking her cigarette holder against the shins of an assistant who had taken to licking Chad’s upper thigh. “Dear god, Hunk your show truly is a nightmare. Well, it looks like my work here is done. I will be billing you for the costs of new assistants if these ones a now sex zombies. Dear god, good help truly is so hard to find.” And with those inspiring words Claudia took her leave, the sounds of her shoes clacking on the floor fading as she left, reluctantly trailed by her assistants in white.

With the whirlwind of a woman gone, Adam felt able to breathe again. It had been quite a shock to go from being surrounded by such an insular group to having dozens of people all around. It occurred to him that those assistants and Claudia for that matter had only ever known him as a 6’3” beefcake with a nearly 10-inch dick instead of the chubby dad he had previously been. And with their help, he was now even hotter.

In fact, all the men, though somewhat psychologically damaged by the woman’s ministrations, were much improved. Something about having a look that was purposeful made their bodies look better, and only served to emphasize the differing types of Hunks they were growing into. Ned looked the part of a rugged macho man, bearded and thick his powerful arms, hairy chest, and huge dick were both intimidating and incredibly sexy. Chad looked like a stereotypical pretty boy, the type that should be walking runways and clubbing in Ibiza. His blond hair and eyebrows looked good on his chiseled face and lean yet still distinctly muscular body. His dick was a respectable 8 inches and paired with his pheromones Adam had no doubt it would be getting lots of use.

Adam himself was coming into his own. What exactly that was he was not entirely sure but he knew he was becoming something more than he had imagined. No dad had ever looked as good as Adam. His handsome face adorned with a sexy mustache and stubble was enough to qualify him as a daddy. That plus juicy pecs covered in a light dusting of hair and abs better than any Twink and he was the walking sex dream of anyone with daddy issues. He couldn’t help but take pride in his new look although also had a strange feeling of unease. It was his pure sex appeal, that gave him pause. All this brawn and for what, the excuse for his wife sounded less and less convincing in his head. Pair that with his new sexual orientation and sex drive and Adam was finding it difficult to imagine a future where his wife satisfied all his needs. A dark part of his brain said, “This new body is too hot to be tied down. Why not experience all the world has to offer as a Hunk? This is your opportunity, you have your youth back, why waste it.” He tried to shut that voice out.

“Wow, contestants, Claudia sure did some great work on you. I know she can be harsh, but I have come to learn that means she really cares. As a special treat, Claudia has also prepared a whole new custom wardrobe for all three of you that you will gain access to after the show is done. It would be a shame to cover up these bodies now, you see.”

His tone became more serious and he took on a somber air. “We have reached that unfortunate time when we only have one challenge left in this episode. Gentlemen, it is very rare that we have all three contestants remaining at this point. I can safely say that both I and the viewers at home sincerely wish to see you complete your journey of becoming Hunks. However, the choice is up to you. Now is your last chance to back out! If you stay you must accept all the changes to come.”

This was it, this was the moment Adam had been waiting for. He had no idea what was next, but judging by Hunk’s words it was likely big. He should leave now, he had what he wanted and more. And yet the voice Adam had been trying to keep down grew louder. It urged him onwards, told him that if he left now he would regret it all his life. And to his shame, Adam agreed. He was enjoying this all too much to stop now. He was hooked, and addicted and he needed this one last big hit.

“I’m in,” Adam found himself saying.

“Me too,” Ned agreed.

“Same here,” came Chad.

“Hurray. I think you all made the right choice. Our last round is a fan favorite and for good reason, that’s because it’s our viewers’ choice round. That’s right, our viewers at home will be able to write in during the commercial break and decide what transformations our contestants receive. Yes, you at home, write in and we just might put your idea on the show. So You Wanna Be a Hunk will be right back with our exciting final round, viewers’ choice!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Author’s note: No, really! Email me or leave a comment if you have an idea you want me to implement for this last round and I will try to write it in. :)


Part 4

“Welcome back to So You Wanna be a Hunk!” the titular Hunk said, his handsome face smiling and his muscular arms outstretched to greet the cameras, exposing just the most tasteful bit of armpit hair.

“We are sorry about the delay but believe me we have spent that time cooking up something perfect for our here contestants. The way this last round will work is simple, our audience at home has written in with all their burning desires and wildest fantasies. Our annalists have selected at random some of these audience suggestions and are prepared to make them a reality using our contestants as a canvas.”

He turned back to the three men. “Now isn’t that exciting!”

The contestants didn’t look excited, they looked downright terrified to be so completely powerless to the whims of the audience, yet they had agreed to this, and so they knew there was no escape from what they would become.

“Let’s get right into it! Don’t worry we will start tame. Brooks from Los Angeles California writes in with the following: ‘Claudia did good work as always but I can’t help notice these boys are looking a little pasty. Think you could do something to remedy that?’ Thanks so much for writing in. Yes, Claudia did forget the tanning lotion didn’t she. Well, we might not have quite the same fashion sense as her but HunkTech can do a thing or two about that!”

With those words, a chain dropped from the ceiling on which Hunk pulled. Looking above him Adam saw the three metal buckets connected to the chain begin to tip. Like he was Carrie being spattered with pigs’ blood at prom Adam was completely drenched in a strange red-brown substance from above. Adam noticed with some interest that the substance dissolved into sweet-smelling steam as soon as it hit the ground. On his skin however, it did quite the opposite, hardening and spreading until he was caked in a thin layer of whatever the stuff was.

As he scraped it off with his finely filed nails, Adam saw underneath his skin was a perfect golden brown like the color of a perfectly roasted marshmallow. His fellow competitors too had been drenched in the stuff and were also rubbing themselves to reveal tanner complexions. Ned possibly due to his red hair was the least dark of the three, with the blond Chad in the middle and dark-haired Adam with the darkest skin tone.

“Welp, I hope that’s better for you, Brooks. I can try to give Claudia the note but she doesn’t take too kindly to criticism. Our next viewer is Ronald from Durham Missouri. He wrote in and said, ‘Hi Hunk, long-time viewer here. The changes so far have been good and all but I am personally a fan of more extreme changes. Think there could be a way you could really bring the contestants up a notch?’ Thanks for writing in Ronald, I think we have the perfect thing cooked up for you. Mutations! DNA’s own version of Spin the Wheel. Will inject each of our contestants with a sequence of octopus DNA that allows them to shape their bodies to their needs. From there will see where our Hunks’ bodies will put this DNA into their own sequence, hopefully resulting in some hot new changes for our contestants.”

If Adam had been told a few hours ago that he was going to be injected with Octopus DNA he would have called that person crazy. Now he didn’t even bat an eye. Adam barely felt the tiny needle with teal liquid puncture into his massive bicep. Tiny fragments of DNA entered his bloodstream and fell at random into the DNA sequence within his red blood cells. Within seconds the new DNA worked like a virus sending copies of itself from cell to cell fundamentally rearranging the genetic makeup of his body.

Adam, of course, didn’t know any of this was occurring, it wasn’t until he saw his chest grow that Adam had any hint as to what the injection had done. His chest previously large but proportional to his muscular body began to grow, a mix of muscle, fat, and something else pushed them outwards. His nipples grew in size and became pointier, starting to itch as his chest continued to grow. Horrified Adam reached up a hand to rub them, only to see his hands came away covered in white liquid. Inexplicably Adam had the urge to bring his hands up to his mouth. He sucked the white liquid from each finger and was struck by the familiar taste. It was milk, his muscle tits had produced milk.

Adam looked up to see a collection of screens had risen up from the ground showing the X-ray outline of the contestant and an ever-changing representation of their DNA. His own silhouette had a heat signature around his pecs confirming that his mutation had been focused there. Looking at the other screens he was able to deduce which one was Ned, the massive brutish figure, and Chad’s silhouette still muscular but less so with wide shoulders and a thin waist. Ned’s screen had activity around his whole body while Chad’s focused on his pits and groin. As time passed the areas picked up by the scanners grew and the colors used to mark the intensity of the mutation shifted as well. The blob around Adam’s chest went from a yellow to an orange and eventually a fiery red. As it did his chest grew more and more as did his nipples. The growth finally stabilized at the very edge of plausible possibility.

Adam’s pecs were now, asides from his abs, the most noticeable part of his body. His tits were now larger than his wife’s by a considerable margin. Adam wondered if she would mind? He also wondered how she would feel that she no longer had a monopoly on breast milk. He suspected if their kids were still babies she might have welcomed this change.

Seemingly out of nowhere Adam doubled over, his stomach cramping up horribly. “Not my abs!” he thought, surprised by his own mind’s vanity. Yet it wasn’t his abs that were changing—at least not exclusively. Rather, he realized he was growing. By now it was a feeling he was used to, only this felt different, like a more natural growth compared to the chemical growth used by the show. With the fingers worth of milk he had consumed the growth wasn’t substantial, maybe a half of a pound of muscle. His body expanded just a bit more, including his already large pecs. Looking down at his body he noticed his abs did look somewhat different. While still visible and prominent they didn’t jut out in such a natural malnourished way. He wasn’t sure if it was the milk or the mutation itself that had caused the shift but it well suited the treasure trail Claudia had given him. Besides he liked having some meat on his core, it made him feel like a man’s man, he would leave the mega shredded abs to the young pretty boys like Chad.

The results on the screen dictating the state of his mutation confirmed his suspicions: “Growth in the pectoral region and ability to secrete a white substance from nipples. This discharge causes muscle growth at rate: unknown.”

Adam was somewhat concerned with the implications of his changes. He would imagine most people wouldn’t pass up an opportunity for muscle growth, even if it did come from a dubious place. Would he for the rest of his life now be constantly assailed by people wanting to suck on his nipples? Or worse would some business-minded psychopath kidnap him and milk him like a dairy cow, selling his muscle growth substance for a premium. He was a father, a husband what good would this change be to him.

His competition had also been fundamentally changed by the mutations to their DNA. The image of Ned on the screen showed a heat signature in his circulatory system and in the brain. Adam noticed that the already huge man now looked somehow ever larger. His muscles looked swollen like he had just gotten a massive pump at the gym. Adam also passively noted that Ned’s dick previously rock hard was now soft, the only penis to be in that state of the men in the room.

It was clear why that was the case with Ned based only on the words displayed on the screen. “Muscle prioritization: Mutation directs a greater proportion of the body’s resources, namely blood, to the muscles. This shift in allocation enables the individual to achieve greater strength gains, more rapid muscle growth, and a perpetual ‘pump’. However, as a result of this prioritization, there is a reduction in blood flow to other areas of the body, including the brain and the sexual organs. This decreased blood supply can lead to a reduction in cognitive function and erectile dysfunction.”

It seemed more like a curse than a blessing to Adam, although he secretly thought it served the man right for the shit he had been pulling this whole show. He had gotten the huge muscles and dick he had wanted only at the cost of his brain power and ability to use that dick.

Ned was obviously having a hard time coming to terms with his mutation and Adam suspected the lower brain function was a part of it. “What… what the hell. Why my dick no work?” Ned asked, more confused than angry. Then he saw his muscular arm, big as a football, and got distracted flexing it and watching as the peak of the muscle went up and down.

Chad it seemed had not met quite so cruel a fate, on his screen were the words “Increased pheromone control”. The description enabled Adam to put his finger on the changes he had smelled. Chad’s pheromones had become a sort of constant in the room, the smell fading into the background and lending an air of horniness to the place. Suddenly though a new smell filled the room, one sharper, with more hints of sulfur and burning wood.

Adam started to feel light-headed. He saw both Hunk and Ned looking at Chad, at his Chad. Why the fuck were they looking at his Chad. If they touched a hair on his head Adam was going to beat the shit out of them. His hands curled into fists and he was about to start some sort of altercation when the smell in the room suddenly lessened and the anger-filled trance he was in suddenly fell away. He had just gotten a live demonstration of Chad’s new mutation and he didn’t think he had liked it. Through just a smell he had been nearly driven to violence to protect his fellow competitor. The kid had already been a walking sex magnet, but now he was an emotional bomb as well. Chad seemed proud of himself as he grinned, exposing white teeth and highlighting his sharp jaw. He was going to experiment quite a bit with his new control, soon as his test subject were not all bigger than him, that is.

“Wow,” Hunk said, watching all the effects of the mutations play out. “Quite the fruitful batch we got this episode. You know, it reminds me of my episode where I got my own mutation. This leads perfectly to our next comment! All the way across the pond, Declan from Cavan, Ireland writes: ‘Hunk, I don’t think its batty to say that you got a lot of sexual tension with these wee fellas, not that I can blame you seeing as how they are so cracker. I would love to see you take this tension to the next level. It feels only right you be the one to put these lads cherry seeing as they are all virgins in the way that counts and with your mutation they will never have a better first-time experience.’ Declan, I quite like that idea. Let’s go back to our roots with another challenge, shall we? No fancy machinery is needed here. Except, of course, this tool hedre.” He ran his beefy fingers over his dick twice causing it to get hard, it stood straight up and began to drip pre.

“All right, contestants, who wants to go first? Fit the full thing in and I’ll shoot my load into you.” The directness of the statement threw Adam off. A few hours ago he would be repulsed at the idea of taking that monster of a dick up his virgin ass. Now with testosterone flooding his body, the earlier sexuality change, and Chad’s pheromones he was secretly a little excited about the prospect. Ned as usual volunteered first.

“Umm, so I just sit on it?” he said in his new way of speaking, a mix between a dumb jock and a caveman.

“Well, that’s one way of thinking about it. Typically we might try to open you up with some fingers or—”

“No, I sit on big man’s penis,” Ned interrupted. Thrusting his hips back Ned ran backward, ass first directly at Hunk. Hunk seemed surprised but recovered quickly getting his dick into place to intercept the oncoming hole. Like a lock into a key, Ned thrust his ass onto Hunk’s hard dick and it slid into place with a wet squish sound. Though there was some resistance, the man’s strength was enough to shove his tight hole onto the awaiting rod. He let out a noise somewhere between a moan and a war cry as his ass was penetrated for the first time, and in quite an unconventional manner to say the least. Hunk seemed somewhat amused, winding back he took the majority of his length out of Ned then shoved it back in three times.

The third time he finally climaxed and unceremoniously pumped hot loads into Ned’s ass. Ned, who had been bellowing the whole time let out a particularly high-pitched squeal as Hunk climaxed. Then his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out, falling off of Hunk’s dick and onto the floor where he shot his own load, then started to snore loudly.

“Alas, that’s normally the typical result,” Hunk said, sounding somewhat annoyed. “He will wake up in a few minutes. In the meantime, who’s next? I promise I’ll be a bit gentler with you gentlemen! You know how it is with his type though, you got to grab the bull by the horns.” Adam and Chad looked at each other. In the other man’s eyes, Adam could see the same things he felt. Fear, awe, confusion, and a lot of horniness.

“Umm, I’ll go,” Chad said in a tiny voice, raising his hand like the student he was.

“Very good,” Hunk said, playing the part of the teacher. Chad turned away from Hunk, thrust his hips back, and squeezed his eyes shut preparing to pull a similar stunt as Ned.

“Wait wait wait!” Hunk said quickly suppressing a laugh. “There is an easier way to do this.” Hunk approached Chad and placed his hands on the man’s sides guiding him into position. He then rubbed his hand across his dick, wetting his fingers with a mixture of pre, cum, and Ned’s miscellaneous juices. One finger caused Chad to grit his teeth, two and he let out a small grunt. Three fingers and he was outright moaning. Nothing though could have penetrated Chad to be pretreated. Hunk went slower this time, gently easing his dick into Chad’s hole.

“If you want me to stop at any time just let me know,” Hunk said as he got the head of his dick fully inside of Chad.

A moan was Chad’s reply.

When Hunk’s substantial dick was halfway in the noises intensified and Hunk stopped seeming concerned. “Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop!” Chad screamed.

“Sure thing, buddy,” Hunk said and eased it the rest of the way in. The noises Chad had been making went from grunts of pain to pleasure and he leaned into Hunk seemingly enjoying every inch. Hunk breed Chad for longer than Ned but soon enough fired his creamy ropes into Chad which caused a similar reaction to Ned, with Chad collapsing and firing his load violently. Adam marveled at the man’s refractory period and also whatever he was doing to cause these men such pleasure that they passed out.

Hunk turned to Adam, the only two conscious men on the stage. “All right, big boy. Your turn for daddy’s meat,” he said in jest, although the words coming from the god of a man turned Adam on more than he wanted to admit. Maybe he would just cop out, there was no way Hunk would force him to have sex. And yet Adam remember the kiss they had shared. How it had made him feel so warm and alive? He knew he wanted more of his man, to be one with him.

The next thing Adam knew was Hunk putting his fingers in one at a time as he had for Chad. His wife had tried butt play on him a few times but her heart had never been in it, she secretly found the whole thing too emasculating for Adam and so had avoided it when possible. Hunk though had no such inhibitions. He finger fucked Adam expertly, and Adam felt sensations he had never felt before. Hunk eventually decided it was time for the real thing and Adam realized he was drooling. Sparing only a slight thought to what this might look like on camera he begged Hunk for his thick dick. Hunk obliged and Adam saw red around his vision as his prostate was obliterated. He remember how earlier during trivia he hadn’t known what the male pleasure spot was. Now he was getting hands-on instruction from the best. He arched his back as he was penetrated and to his surprise felt the short bristles of Hunk’s beard on his neck, kissing and sucking on his dominant Adam’s apple. With his hands, Hunk played with Adam’s nipples which added a whole new pleasure source to the mix. Sweat dripped into his eyes and down his back onto the base of Hunk’s penis. The liquid on his chest though, Adam realized, was his muscle-growing milk. Hunk must have been trying for that result as he cupped his hands, catching the milk and bringing it up to his lips. Drinking it, he grinned and wiped the milk that had settled on his mustache.

“Thanks for that. Hunktech won’t let me grow anymore so gotta find my own ways to get my fix,” Hunk said. Adam was all too happy to help the man who was currently providing unimaginable pleasure to him. He turned his head and kissed Hunk, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouth, Adam’s beard-stache rubbing satisfyingly against Hunk’s own facial hair. In the process, Adam swallowed some of his own milk, although he didn’t have time to see the results on either him or Hunk as Hunk climaxed and Adam felt the man’s seed fill his hole.

The cum burned for a second then he felt an overwhelming orgasmic pleasure, he felt it spread through his body, as though the cum had somehow gotten into his bloodstream. It passed up to his heart which began to beat at a wild pace. All of a sudden it was everywhere, the tips of his toes, the top of his head, nesting itself deep in his balls. Every joint, muscle, bone, and hair was filled with pleasure. Hunk’s cum was a virus that infected every cell. It was an all-consuming pleasure. Then Adam passed out.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Adam came to five minutes later. As he woke he was suddenly overwhelmed by a rush of intense pleasure and sexuality, so much so that he almost passed out again. Every part of his body was overwhelmed with a pleasure he had never known. The scrape of the slightly uneven floor on his back somehow felt like the softest of touches. The slight movement of the cold studio air on his nipples near made him cum.

And his dick. Adam hadn’t fully appreciated what it felt like to have a big dick and balls. To have the weight constantly pulling at him, to have a constant reminder of his masculinity. Now Adam couldn’t think of anything but. He could feel his balls churning out testosterone like the factory they had become. His dick rested against his balls, a heavyweight. The head brushed against his hole which was crusty with Hunks dried seed. It made him feel used, and at the same time like he wanted to use someone else in turn.

“Well, looks like sleeping beauty is finally awake. Welcome back to the land of the living!” Hunk said at his normal volume, although to Adam it sounded like the man was screaming in his ears. It reminded Adam of his college days waking up hung over. Only now he was hung over from cum, not cheap beer.

“What, what happened to me?” Adam asked groggily. His voice sounded so sexy to his ears, deepened from the added testosterone and who knows what else. He was having a hard time keeping track of all the augmentations he had gotten. All he knew was his body was Hunky and right now driving quite a bit of pleasure from the vibration of his longer vocal cords and the bobbing of his prominent Adam’s apple.

“In hindsight, a warning might have been appropriate but I didn’t want to ruin all the fun. Sex with me can be an intense experience,” Hunk said offering a hand to Adam.

“You mean this is—uhhhh—” Adams wasn’t able to finish his sentence as he took Hunk’s hand and was overwhelmed by the sensation of skin-to-skin contact.

Hunk barked a laugh. “It will wear off soon I promise. And yes, this happens every time.”

Adam saw that he was the last to awake, although judging by their countenances Adam suspected they too were dealing with the aftermath of an encounter with Hunk. Ned, the dumb brute, was pawing at his dick with a massive hand connected to an even larger arm. His forearm had a generous dusting of auburn hair thanks to Claudia and some poked out of his knuckles. His dick for its part truly was gargantuan, especially considering the size of its owner. Much good it did Ned, as it remained stubbornly flaccid, even as Ned played with it. Ned didn’t seem to mind as he grinned every time he stoked it, moaning softly and removing his hands when the pleasure got too much, then returning after he calmed.

Chad, for his part, was occupied by a different part of his body—he had his nose buried into his pits and was breathing in deeply. If his pheromones had felt powerful before they were all consuming now after an encounter with Hunk.

“Wow gentleman, it has been a true honor to be here with you tonight. I think it’s safe to say you have all become a Hunk, different thought you are. I know both I and the audience have very much enjoyed watching you change. Our last audience comment comes from someone who knows one of you very well. Adam, your wife Cindy from Chicago writes in and says: ‘Adam, what the fuck is going on? I turn on the show and I see you have become some muscle-bound freak, naked in front of thousands getting fucked in the ass by Hunk Smitten. This isn’t you, this isn’t the man I married. I think it might be best if you don’t come home. The kids are scared of you and quite frankly so am I.’”

Adam, who had been fondling his nipples, looked up horrified. He had done all this for his wife. Become a dream man just to lose it all. It was too much to bear.

“Oof, Adam, I’m sorry. That’s rough buddy, that’s rough.” Tears welled in Adam’s eyes. “Not all is lost, Adam. This could be a gift.”

“A gift?” Adam asked, sniffling in a mix of rage and disbelief.

“A gift, yes. Now are free to start anew. To put that newfound youth to use. Besides, these questions were supposed to give you some sort of augmentation. Your wife, I am afraid, didn’t have any suggestions but I think I may have the perfect thing for you. For all of you,” he said looking at the other contestants. “HunkTech may have given you the perfect bodies, but your minds, minus Ned, are still mostly unchanged. Contestants in the past have had a hard time adjusting, a hard time making the most of their new lives. HunkTech can help though.”

Hunk pulled out three small white jell pills and handed one to each of the contestants. “Don’t be burdened by the weights of your old life. Start a new, and choose happiness. What do you have to lose?”

What did he have to lose? Adam thought as he stared down at the blank pill. Wife gone, kids gone. Friends were either corrupted by HunkTech or too up their asses to interact with Adam now that he was too. His job was a dead end and his parents were in the grave. In his periphery Adam saw as both Ned and Chad popped the pills, their memories draining away and their expressions becoming blank. They were led away by HunkTech assistants to be reprogrammed. Now empty shells, zombies if you will. Adam thought about his kids, thought about having to go through life and never being able to see them again. He didn’t want to live with that pain. He swallowed the pill.




“Welcome back to So You Wanna be a Hunk: Last Looks where I, your host, Hunk Smitten, do a retrospective look at some of our show’s most infamous contestants and where they are now. Today we are looking back at a fan-favorite episode. Say hello, gentlemen!”

Hunk was seated on a collapsible wooden chair frame with sturdy black fabric as a seat, the contraption struggling to hold the weight and might of his ass. He was dressed in his typical purple tuxedo and top hat and was seated across from three equally powerful-built men, who all had distinct yet equally charismatic presences.

“Thanks so much for having us,” said the man seated across from the hunk on his left. He was dressed like a dad on vacation, with khaki shorts, an open Hawaiian shirt, and a baseball cap pulled low over his thick head of hair. His impressive abs and generous chest topped with pointy nipples hinted that he was not your typical tourist, however. His handsome face was square and broad and covered in short stubble with a heavy mustache above his top lip. Far too attractive to be locked down in such a mundane life.

“Yes, Hunk, it’s a pleasure to be back on,” added Chad, who was seated on the far right across from Hunk. The smallest of the three but no less attractive. His golden hair, razor-sharp jaw, and lean muscular body would make him an Adonis in any room, not to mention the pheromones that emitted from his every pore. He wore a pink one size too small teeshirt with Greek letters denoting some fraternity or another.

“Hi, pretty man. Me happy to see you again,” said the man in the middle. Ned was the biggest of all the men, even larger than Hunk. His naked body rippled with muscle throughout. Every inch seemed to be corded with power, and most were covered in a layer of auburn hair, including his own face which had a slightly unkempt beard. He was completely nude, displaying his massive dick in the middle of a tangled nest of pubes, its flaccid state making it no less impressive.

“Well, I am glad to hear it, Ned. Me happy as well. It has been exactly one year since you three were on So You Wanna be a Hunk, and it’s obvious that you all underwent quite the physical transformations. I want to hear about your lives though. How has becoming Hunks changed your day-to-day. Chad, we’ll start with you.”

“Yeah, bro, well things have been on the up and up since I went on the show. I joined a frat, Alpha Alpha Alpha!” He chanted and pumped a fist in the air. “The dudes are sick and, well, they made me the president. I get all the dick and ass I could ever want and I even got a modeling contract. So yeah, things are going pretty great.”

Chad was indeed telling the truth. As soon as he returned to campus looking like, and smelling like, sex on wheels, the most competitive fraternity had offered him an invite. They reasoned that the hottest chicks would come to their parties to try to get a piece of him. The plan worked somewhat, the frat brothers did have much more sex after initiating Chad, only most of that was with the golden hunk himself or after Chad unleashed some special pheromones, with each other. It only made sense to promote Chad to the president of the fraternity, which Chad was all too happy to accept.

This fall he had delighted in welcoming in a new class of pledges. Chad’s hazing was a bit unconventional. He had sworn each of the wanna-be members to temporary celibacy. Then he unleashed his full pheromone power and watched them squirm. None of them lasted more than a minute. Chad did his best to control his pheromones although sometimes when he was especially horny in a long lecture he would lose control. The results would often be a full-scale orgy ending with his professor’s dick down his throat. Who would have thought his linguistics professor was so hung.

As for the modeling contract it had seemingly fallen in his lap. Apparently, a talent scout had seen him wearing a sleeveless mesh shirt, courtesy of Claudia, at the mall and just knew he had to be a model. In reality, the contract was thanks to HunkTech, which wanted to show its work off to the public. Chad didn’t much care how he got the job. He loved showing off his hot body and gorgeous face and loved, even more, the activities he and the other models would do after the shows.

“Wow, Chad, quite the change, I see. Well, I am glad your time on the show was able to improve your life. Ned, let’s hear from you. You obviously came into the show with a lot of expectations and maybe even some nefarious plans. Did you get all you wished for?”

Ned seemed to have to think for a moment before answering. “Uhh. Uhh, me thinks so.” He bounced his pecs and giggled in his deep voice.

“Eloquent as always, Ned. Tell me, what has life been like this past year?”

“Uhh, me work out. And have sex. And uhh me sleep sometimes?” he said, the last part becoming a question as though he had run out of things in his life to inform the viewers about. In truth though Ned’s simple words had captured the majority of his life since the show. Ned spent almost all his day working out. He practically lived at the gym pumping iron like his body was made to do. The exercise had not been in vain. Ned had not only maintained his giant size but somehow gotten even larger since the show, his increased muscle density and blood flow distribution making him a muscle growth monster. His 6’6” frame was packed with over 300 pounds of muscle and counting.

As predicted his towering form and singularly focused mind made him an obvious choice for bodybuilding competitions, and he had taken home the grand prize in his first and all subsequent competitions. HunkTech had provided him with a special assistant to help Ned with the more complicated aspects of bodybuilding like counting calories or filling out paperwork. Their job was really quite easy seen as Ned already had a perpetual tan and a propensity for lifting weights and showing off in front of a crowd.

When HunkTech desired Ned’s assistance could also slip him a tiny pill that would temporarily fix Ned’s erectile issues. When they did, Ned would use his full might to pound in an ass or have his own muscular ass penetrated by a lucky guy or two. Mostly these were bodybuilders HunkTech was attempting to convince to be augmented by showing off their merchandise. Sometimes though HunkTech deployed Ned on a size-obsessed businessman or a rival scientist. Ned was always happy to oblige.

Although it wasn’t the life he’d pictured, Ned couldn’t be happier. Huge, hung, and brutishly handsome, the only thing Ned ever had to worry about was fitting more weight onto his squat bar and trying to fend off the gym sycophants who wanted to know his secrets. Already Ned was suspecting at the end of this recording he would be slipped a pill and allowed a little fun with his old friends.

“You’re as expressive as ever,” Hunk said to Ned, the sarcasm lost on the big man. “That leads at last to Adam. What are you up to in your day-to-day? How has your life changed?”

Adam thought about his life. He knew analytically that he hadn’t always been this gorgeous. He had seen the recording of the show and knew that once he had been a shy nerdy dad, balding and chubby. That man felt like a completely different person. Sometimes he felt like he should miss his old life, his kids, and his wife. And yet he couldn’t imagine how he would fit either into his new life.

He wasn’t equipped to be a father. His apartment wasn’t exactly kids friendly. Mostly because the place reeks of sex, although the sex toys scattered about and the naked pictures of him on the walls also didn’t help either. And as for a wife Adam loved his bachelor status far too much. He suspected he was halfway done with fucking every man on the eastern seaboard and was excited to see what the west coast had to offer. He had been with a woman or two, making extra sure to use protection, but they just didn’t hold the same appeal as men for him.

Though he lacked Chad’s pheromones, the sheer weight of his gorgeous appearance and charismatic presence are enough to pull Adam pretty much anyone he wants. He had the tools to appeal to pretty much anyone. Older men loved his young body and tight abs while young twinks loved his sexy rugged facial hair and the fact that he was a father of two. Being called both “boy” and “daddy” still feels strange to him although both groups always agree that they love his milk.

HunkTech also loved his milk and regularly paid him to send them bottles of the stuff or gave an extra fat check if he would let politicians in HunkTech’s pocket drink directly from the source. Adam loved his new life and the people loved him. He had become a bit of a fan favorite of So You Wanna be a Hunk viewers and had been back on the show a few times for a cameo or even a guest host when Hunk was otherwise occupied.

Hunk and Adam saw each other regularly, spending their time in equal parts having mind-blowingly good sex or just talking the day away over a cup of tea or snuggling in bed. He supposed the two were like boyfriends or the closest thing they could manage. Though he doubted they would ever be anything close to exclusive Adam loved having Hunk to be with, in that way, he supposed the family man in him wasn’t completely dead.

Maybe one day when he and Hunk had paid off their debt to HunkTech they could live together somewhere warm, making love all day in their eternally youthful muscular bodies. Maybe if he was really good HunkTech would even make them a kid from each of their DNA. One they could raise together. Adam smiled thinking about having another chance. He imagined being able to toss a kid around with his strong arms or reach the tallest shelves for his little one. Things he could never have done in his old life.

All that was for the future, however. Instead, Adam told the viewers the truth. “Man, I’m glad to be a Hunk.”

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