Alpha time

by Musiker

Max’s favorite sex is anything with his fiancé Dale, of course. But a close second is when his personal trainer, Mister Jason, takes control and dominates him. During sex play Max calls him “Alpha”, hence the title “Alpha Time”.

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“Push. Push. Come on Max, I want one more,” Mister Jason demanded. I was doing a close-grip bench press drop set. Regular bench presses are the ones where you lay flat on a bench and push a barbell up from your chest, and they are really good for developing your chest muscles. But when you put your hands close together on the bar, it forces your triceps—the muscles on the back of your upper arm, opposite the biceps—to do most of the work, with only a little help from the pecs. This was the last set for the day, and my chest and triceps were already toasted from a tough workout.

The only time I wasn’t expected to respectfully reply to a human’s command was when I was being trained on weights or acrobatics, so instead I responded by pushing the bar slowly upward. Mister Jason was spotting me, meaning he was in position to help me get the bar safely racked if I failed this repetition of the exercise. I got the bar all the way up, then tilted my arms back and let it clang onto the rack. I didn’t sit up, though. This was a drop set, and that meant there were more reps to come.

The bar had been loaded with two 20-kg plates and four 5-kg plates on each side. That was all I could handle, this late in my workout. Mister Jason briskly removed a 5-kg plate from each end of the bar and dropped them on the floor. I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s called a “drop set”.

“Go,” Mister Jason grunted. Without pausing any longer, I lifted the bar again and lowered it to within a couple inches of my chest. My arms trembled just a little as I pressed the bar back up. I paused for a quick moment to decide if I was up to a second rep, but thought it probably wasn’t going to happen. I racked the bar again.

“Max,” Mister Jason scolded, “you should have at least tried another rep. I’d rather see you fail than never try. That’s why I’m here, in case you fail. Use me.” He dropped another 5 kg off of each side and spoke firmly. “This should be easy, dog. Give me two.”

I unracked the bar, took a breath, and lowered it. I pressed the bar back up easily enough that I could tell I had another rep in me, and maybe two more. Down came the bar, then up for a second rep. As I lowered the bar a third time, I worried that Mister Jason was going to need to give me some help on the way back up. I pushed and got the bar halfway up and got stuck. Mister Jason moved his hands fractionally, ready to grab the bar, but I shook my head and he didn’t actually touch the bar. I pressed with more determination, and the bar got through the sticking point. The rest of the rep was easy. I racked the bar.

“Three reps! Good boy.” Mister Jason’s praise gave me a thrill of joy, just as all praise does to me, but I was too out of breath to thank him. Mister Jason was busy dropping plates. “Tell you what, I’m taking the rest of the 5’s off, but I want three more good reps. This’ll do it for the day.”

I unracked the bar. It felt really light, with a whole 20 kg removed. I lowered the bar smoothly and pushed it back up. I executed a second rep just as easily, but I could tell the third rep was going to be rough. I took a deep breath and lowered the bar a bit more slowly. Getting it back up went a lot slower, but this time I didn’t stick halfway up.

“You’ve got one more in you, don’t you, boy?” Mister Jason challenged. I accepted his challenge with a quick nod. Down came the bar. Up, up, slowly up it went. I emptied my lungs with a loud grunt as my arms extended all the way. But I didn’t want to be done. One more rep would really show those weights I had dominated them today.

For the fifth time, I lowered the bar. With the bar at the bottom of the rep, I stuck. I tried to press the bar back up but nothing happened. Mister Jason once again got his hands in position to assist me, but didn’t touch the bar. I strained again. The bar budged up slightly. Now I knew I had it. I growled deep in my throat. My arms shook, hard. My triceps felt like they were cramping so hard they’d never relax again. Inch by agonizing inch, the bar crept upward. The growl got louder.

Finally, triumphantly, my arms straightened completely and I slammed the bar back into the rack with a deafening clatter. My growl became a scream of victory and I sat up, pounding my thick fists on my massive thighs. Mister Jason was hollering too, and he came around from behind the bench so he could congratulate me.

“Yeeeaaaaaaaaaah!” Mister Jason slapped his hands several times on the tops of my shoulders—he’s not small for a human, but his hands seemed tiny on my traps and delts. “Good boy, good boy, who’s such a good boy?“ He grabbed my ears and with each word tilted my head to one side, then the other. I panted joyfully, my lolling tongue adding a few drops of drool to the puddles of sweat that were all over the place.

“Thank you sir,” I gasped, still quite out of breath. I let my tongue back out of my mouth and continued to pant. I tugged on the hem of my compression shorts. So much praise was making me hard down there.

“Now you know why I always tell you I’d rather see you fail a rep than never attempt it! If you’d been afraid of failing that fifth rep you never would have tried it!” He slapped me a few more times in random parts of my upper body, then grabbed my ears again. Leaning his face right up to mine, he spoke more intimately.

“I am so proud of you, good boy. You ready for some Alpha time, Max?”

“Yes please, sir!” I replied eagerly. My tail was trying to wag but it was still threaded through the gap in the bench that allowed me to lie flat without squashing my tail. I pulled it out so it could wag freely. “Alpha time” is Mister Jason’s name for play time. Ever since I first met him, he has felt like the ultimate alpha male to me, and we both get a lot of sexual arousal from him dominating me. So during play time I call him “Alpha”. We both understand I could never, ever call him “Master”.

All of our staff are scrupulously careful about making sure we beast-folk know precisely when they are working and when they are asking for sexual or other recreational services. That’s Master’s rule, and it’s in everyone’s best interest. The keepers at The Zoo are all consummate professionals first and foremost, and they all know Master will tolerate nothing less. But the majority of our keepers are attracted to work at The Zoo specifically because of the side benefits of getting to have sex with the beast-folk, and many are especially happy to do so in full view of the public.

And of course, even the most sex-loving keepers sometimes just want a massage or a game of cards. Those activities are always done in full view of the guests—funny how people who would never sit and watch two humans play a game of cards will be totally fascinated when one of the players is half-antelope or half-polar bear. As long as the staff member’s daily duties are all being discharged, Master is a very tolerant employer when it comes to his employees relaxing on the clock. After all, it’s all about putting on a good show for the guests.

Though it’s not required, keepers will usually come up with a code phrase or other customary way of indicating the exact moment when they are switching from work to play mode. There are occasions when there’s not a sharp dividing line, but it’s always clear before things get too far along that play time has begun.

“Soon. First, though, rack your weights, drink some water, and let’s get you cleaned up.” Mister Jason slapped me on the back. “Oh, by the way, leave the 20’s on, I’ve got plans for later. Just put the 5’s away.” He leaned in close again. “Good, good boy,” he whispered to me before stepping away so I could get to work. With my dick now starting to press outward through my shorts, I quickly grabbed the 5 kg plates off the ground and put them away.

I took off my shorts and walked naked and still half-erect over to the laundry chute so I could toss them in. On the way back, I heard a catcall through one of the plexiglass windows that lined three sides of our habitat, one story above. I looked up at a group of eight men and women; seeing that I had noticed them, they all hooted and blew kisses. One made a double biceps pose at me, then two more followed suit. How could I deny them? I put both arms up and flexed for them, then waggled my hips so they could see my privates bounce around. They all went crazy. One of the men pretended to faint. I laughed and waved to them. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my life?

Next I headed toward the watering trough, which was between our feeding station—really just a tall counter—and the latrine. It was a shallow stainless-steel tub about two feet long mounted at about chest height for my fiancé Dale and me; it was filled with drinking water that was automatically drained and refreshed from a spigot every half hour. There was also a button that would refresh it on demand, but Dale and I were only allowed to use the button if the trough was empty and no staff were around.

I walked over to the trough and lapped up so much water that I almost drank it all. Mister Jason refilled it and I scooped up a couple more tonguefuls of water, then stuck my hands in and sloshed the water all over my head to cool off. Mister Jason refreshed the trough one more time. I thanked him and sauntered over to meet Dale on the large strip of grass we use as a latrine and bathing area. Mister Mike, Dale’s keeper-trainer, was nearby, making sure the hoses were ready to put out warm water instead of cold.

“Nice work on those close-grips,” Dale congratulated. “I finished a couple minutes before you, so Mister Mike and I watched.”

“Thanks!” I answered. I leaned over and gave him a quick lick on the nose. For us, that’s like giving a peck on the cheek. “How did legs day go for you?” Dale reached around and squeezed my ass.

“400 kilos for 3 reps on squat today!” he bragged. And he deserved to. Dale and I had both been into weight training when we were still humans, and I’m telling you that no one I’ve ever seen in my life has the focus and dedication my fiancé has.

“He did it while you were doing those high-rep dips, or I would have called you guys over,” Mister Mike added. “He was pretty as a picture on every rep. Next week it’s gonna be four beautiful reps, right, Dale?”

“Definitely, sir. Thank you for the workout today, sir.”

“You’re welcome.” Mister Mike handed one of the hoses to Mister Jason.

“Yes, thank you for my workout today too, Mister Jason,” I called out. Our keepers had begun hosing us down, so I had to raise my voice a bit to be heard.

“Good boy, Max. You’re a very good boy.” Mister Jason had noticed recently that I get hard when he praises me a lot in a short time. Sure enough, my dick started to plump up even more. As I turned in different directions to get all of myself wet, I started to think about what Mister Jason would do to me during Alpha time today. In moments my dick was hard as a rock and throbbing.

The keepers turned off the hoses and Dale and I walked over to the fake mailbox that was nearby. Inside the mailbox was a soap dispenser. We each put a couple splops of soap in our hands and started to soap up. Since we were only going to get one rinse-down, we had learned to start down by our feet (or hooves, in Dale’s case) and work our way upward so we didn’t keep getting soap in our eyes.

We took turns soaping each other’s backs—so nice to bathe with a partner—and walked back to our keepers to get rinsed, rubbing the suds all over our heads on the way. After we got completely rinsed down, we stepped to the far end of the grass so we could shake without spraying the keepers. We shook our bodies just like horses and dogs do to get most of the water off, then fetched towels from their storage cabinets. Halfway through drying off, Dale put a hand tenderly behind the back of my head.

“I can’t wait for Mister Jason to be done with you,” Dale murmured into my ear, making it twitch. “Remember, after Alpha time comes cuddle time with your fiancé.” I reached down—way down—and fondled his balls.

“You’re so sexy when you say ‘cuddle’,” I murmured back. He pulled away just enough to give me that sideways-cocky grin that makes me melt inside.

“I’m sexy when I say everything,” he growled. He doesn’t growl very well, so it was more comical than alluring, which was how he intended it. I laughed and shoved him away so we could finish drying off.

The keepers had rolled up and stowed the hoses, and were approaching with a protein shake for each of us. We each knelt on one knee for our keeper-trainers and accepted our shakes with a bow of the head. Dale and I each viewed the other’s trainer with keen respect, but each of us looked on his own trainer with nothing short of awe. Not fear, certainly. Just… awe.

“Dale, finish that quickly, I’d like to see you in your privacy room,” Mister Mike announced. That was where Mister Mike always had play time with Dale, so there could be no mistaking that work time was over for now.

“Gladly, sir,” Dale affirmed. We both chugged down our shakes and handed the empty shaker bottles to Mister Jason, who held his hands out for them. “Max, can you put my towels in the hamper, please?” I took his towels from him and he walked toward the archway to his privacy room, which was decorated to look like the front of a stable with his name painted in bright blue-violet letters above the entrance. The curtain that spread across the inside of the archway was even printed to look like a gate-style stable door. I watched him as he walked, and his ears and tail were in their happy position. We both loved each other very much, but play time with our keepers was an awful lot of fun, too. Of course, looking at his tail meant also looking at his luscious ass. My cock throbbed.

“Go ahead and take care of those towels,” Mister Jason told me. “I’ll get some gear for Alpha time. Meet me in the gym.” My tail wagged in back and my cock wagged in front as I trotted over to the laundry chute.

When I was done with the towels, I discovered that Mister Jason had set aside the shaker bottles and was waiting for me by the mirrors. I walked up and stood behind his left shoulder. We looked at our reflections.

“Look at you, pup, still pumped from your workout,” Alpha praised. “You were a very good boy today.”

“Thank you, Alpha, sir.” My arousal went up a notch.

“And look at that pup’s body. So huge. Six foot ten, wide enough for two average humans to hide behind.” Alpha walked behind me. He’s very muscular for a human, but still disappeared from my view as my enormous bulk completely blocked him from the mirror. “Look at that pup in the mirror. That pup is so fucking enormous.” I started to breathe really hard. This was so hot!

“Thank you, Alpha, sir,” I panted. He stepped out from behind me .

“So, out of the two of us, who is the boss around here, pup?”

“You are, Alpha. You are my boss, sir.”

“Even though you’re bigger than me?”

“Definitely, Alpha, sir. I’m so glad you’re here to tell me what to do, sir.”

“Even if that means giving me complete control over you?”

“That’s even better, sir! I love when I’m totally at your mercy, sir!”

He ran his hand along my arm where my triceps were.

“Flex, boy.”

“Yes, Alpha.” I straightened my arm as far as it would go and flexed my triceps for him. They sprang outward into a rock-hard formation. Alpha pounded his fist against them; the muscle was like a slab of granite. Then he tried to fit both hands around the circumference of my upper arm. It would have taken two more of his hands, at least.

“All that power. All that strength. All that muscle. Remind me, who commands all that power? Is it you?”

“No, Alpha. You command my power, sir.”

“And who decides what to do with all that strength?”

“You, Alpha. You control my strength, sir.”

“And who dominates this mountain of muscle?”

“You, Alpha. You dominate me, sir. Please, please dominate me, sir!” It was so erotic to beg to be dominated by a man so much smaller than me.

“Good boy, Max. Down.” He walked a few steps away to a pile of objects he had gathered for our enjoyment today. I got down on both knees and placed my forearms on the ground. In this position, my pecs were compressed firmly between my upper arms and my knees. Yet another delightful reminder of how grateful I ought to be for the body that was my only possession in the world.

Alpha returned with a tennis ball in his right hand and a very small object concealed in his left hand.

“Sit,” Alpha commanded. I sat up on my haunches. “Roll over.” I executed a graceful roll on the ground and came up again perfectly into my “sit” position. My tail wagged frantically.

“Fetch,” he shouted, and hurled the tennis ball all the way across the habitat. I leapt up and sprinted past the weight area to the where the acrobatics equipment hung. I’m not super comfortable running naked, because my balls are so big and heavy that they really get slammed around by my massive thighs with every stride. But I can handle it, and the discomfort involved in obeying Alpha’s command was also kind of hot. Besides flinging my testicles back and forth, my running was also causing my rock-hard erection to flail all over the place, sprinkling everything I passed with little flecks of pre-cum.

The ball ricocheted off the wall. I changed direction to intercept it, but it must have had some spin on it, because it hit the ground and rolled in an odd direction, back toward the wall. I corrected my path again, dodging toward where I guessed the ball would come to rest. Now it was slowing down, so I got down on my hands and knees.

I wasn’t allowed to touch the ball with my hands, so I scrambled over to the ball with my mouth wide open. When I caught up with the ball, I picked it up in my mouth, stood up, and bounded back to Alpha. When I reached him, I got down on all fours again and gently placed the ball at his feet. then returned to my “sit” position and panted.

“Good boy. Goodboy, goodboy, goodboy, goodboy.” I was actually trembling with arousal. “Fetch!” he shouted, his arm arcing over his head with tremendous speed. I had gone halfway across the habitat before I realized I was hearing laughter from the viewing gallery. He had played the classic trick of not actually throwing the ball.

I turned around and, sure enough, Alpha wore a wicked grin and held the tennis ball up for all to see. My shoulders, ears, and tail all sagged, but my dick ached from how hot my humiliation was making me. I returned to Alpha at a walk and returned to my “sit”.

“Awww, you’re just a big puppy, ain’t ya?”

“Yes, Alpha sir, I’m your puppy, here to serve you. Please, sir, will you fuck me now?” There was a tiny bit of whine in my voice. I was starting to get desperate for release.

“Nah, your Alpha’s gonna have a little more fun. But I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we distract you?”

Alpha snapped his fingers three times in front of my face.

“Kitty cat,” Alpha stated clearly.

Let me explain something. With Master’s permission and my own agreement, Alpha had used hypnosis to program me for certain play-time activities. Mostly, these involved getting me to do embarrassing things in front of the guests. Master made Alpha sign a bunch of papers swearing he would handle me responsibly, and I have been told many times that I can put a stop to things with just a word to Master.

I don’t understand why, but I find doing humiliating things really erotic. Being hypnotized is the same. It’s like, I’ve surrendered completely to my Alpha, someone I trust almost as much as Dale or Master. I’m no longer in control even a little bit, and that’s just so exciting, with just a hint of danger without any actual danger, and…I’m afraid I can’t explain it any better than that. Sexual turn-ons are just weird, I guess.

Since I’m a dog, Alpha knows it’s particularly humiliating for me to be seen by the guests behaving like a cat. The attendants are already aware that this is something we occasionally do together, so they make sure to explain to the guests about the whole domination-humiliation sex play thing, and that I’m actually having fun.

So when Alpha snapped three times and said “kitty cat”, the conscious part of me suddenly got very, very relaxed, and I felt like I was just going along for the ride and watching myself do everything that followed. The rest of me now actually believed it was a cat.

At first, I just sat there, but suddenly my shoulder itched terribly, and I knew the only way to make it stop itching would be to lick the spot and get it nice and clean. So I licked and licked that spot on my right shoulder and sure enough, it did stop itching. But instantly, my right arm started to itch instead. I groomed myself to perfection all along my hard, muscular arm.

But then my abs itched ferociously, especially around the navel. I stretched my neck and reached with my tongue, but couldn’t get all the way down there. I strained so hard I lost my balance and toppled over, but that was fine. I just rolled onto my back and kept trying to bend myself in half so I could get to that infuriating itch. I flailed my arms and legs around but just couldn’t reach.

I was confused. I always scratched itches there with my tongue. Didn’t I? Yes, I was a cat, of course I did. I just wasn’t trying hard enough. I continued to roll around on my back and thrash my body around, my tongue constantly reaching out for that damn itch. I heard laughter somewhere above me, but that was absolutely not any of my concern when I itched so badly!

Suddenly, the itch was gone. I flopped over on my side and stretched my limbs out and arched my back. It felt so good to stretch my lithe feline body. I lay there for a while, just enjoying the stretch.

That was when The Red Thing appeared. I had no idea what The Red Thing was made of, but It materialized in front of me, a Thing of blazingly bright red color. What was really maddening was, It had no smell whatsoever. I could never figure out what It was made of, but I had to find out, I had to find out!!! And if I was going to figure out this Red Thing, that meant I had to catch It. I had to catch It, and nothing in the world was more important.

The instant The Red Thing materialized, every muscle in my body tensed. Without even realizing it, I had flung my body into a crouching position and I was staring at The Red Thing with every tiny ounce of focus. My eyes bulged. My neck craned. Stealthily, I moved one hand toward The Red Thing, keeping the rest of my body perfectly still so It wouldn’t notice I was sneaking up on It.

When I judged I was within striking distance, I pounced. I sprang with my entire coiled body, flinging myself majestically forward with lighting speed. I was stretched out to my full, graceful length and landed on the ground with my hands perfectly placed to capture It. And my hands went right through It! The damn thing moved, but I swear It moved after I had touched It! I didn’t feel It, but I had to have touched It! How could It do that?

The Red Thing hadn’t moved far. It was dancing around now, an arm’s reach to my left. I pounced again, and again It eluded me. Now It was farther away, taunting me with that fucking stupid dance It does. I hate that taunting dance It does!

I was getting mad, now. I got up on my feet and ran to where It was circling playfully on the ground, but It raced off across the habitat. I dashed after It. It was a mad chase. I was racing here and there and all over, backtracking and lunging and leaping over benches and dodging around the squat racks. At one point I even hurdled over the couches. The whole time, at the edge of my awareness I could hear lots of cheering and laughter somewhere above me.

Eventually, the chase led me to the latrine area, right on the spot where I’d gotten bathed earlier. Once I was standing on the grass, suddenly The Red Dot was on me! It jumped from my leg to my opposite arm to my chest. I pawed myself all over my body, desperately trying to trap It. It stopped briefly on my left nipple, then It disappeared! The only thing that could possibly have happened was that The Red Thing was inside my nipple! I knew how to get It out though. I grabbed my pec between my thumb and fingers and squeezed. Ohhhh, it felt good, but I couldn’t stop, I had to keep twisting and squeezing until The Red Thing came out.

There were three snapping sounds nearby and I heard someone say something, but I couldn’t quite make out what was said. But right after that, my ass suddenly itched so bad that I actually gasped out loud. It was a torturously intense itch, right at my ass hole. Maybe The Red Thing had moved through my body and was there at my hole. I dropped to the grass and started to scoot my butt along the ground. The grass had a lovely, rough texture that should have helped, but the itch was still so bad. I started to whimper. I got to the edge of the grass, so I had to turn around and scoot the other way.

Then I got a brilliant idea—of course! A dildo would be perfect to get the itch to go away! I rushed over to the sex cabinet and desperately ripped open the door. I grabbed the first dildo I found and frantically lubed it up; my ass felt like it was actually twitching from need. I shoved the dildo in, hard, and…oh, the bliss! The itch was finally reduced to a tiny fraction of what it had been. I moved the dildo slowly in and out and it was just the right amount to keep the itch down to a minimum. I felt like I could go on like this for the rest of my life, it just felt sooooooo good.

I had totally forgotten I had ever thought I was a cat, or about The Red Thing. I was just myself again, dreamily scratching my ass itch with a dildo. Suddenly, I got the mysterious urge to do this over by one of the bench press benches. Holding the dildo inside my ass, I hobbled over to the bench press. Now I realized I really needed to be doing this in a kneeling position, so I got down on my knees and held the dildo where it was, just moving it an inch or two every now and then. I knelt there for quite a while and was vaguely aware that mysterious forces were nudging me and bumping me and messing around with my right leg, but it just wasn’t important enough to worry about. After a while I felt the same sensations on my left leg. The dildo was so wonderful, I didn’t care.

Then just as suddenly as I had so desperately needed it, the dildo was no longer necessary. My ass had stopped itching, so I set the dildo to the side on a towel that had conveniently materialized there. Then things got really fuzzy in my brain, and after a moment I realized I was lying on the bench press bench. I needed to put my hands on the bar. The bar was loaded with 300 kg, and I was vaguely worried I was supposed to actually lift that, when I was so exhausted from working out, but then I realized I only needed to hold the bar, not move it anywhere. I felt some more nudges and bumps, first on my right wrist, then on my left.

Next, I realized it was imperative that I get my knees as close to my shoulders as possible. I lifted my legs up and out to the sides and held them there for a while. My abs started to burn, but I didn’t allow my knees to wiggle one inch. Eventually, I realized I could relax because my legs and arms were frozen exactly where they were.

Then there were three snaps and Alpha spoke to me.

“Max,” Alpha’s wonderful voice called, “time to wake up.” His face was over mine, like when he’s spotting me. I realized I was frog-tied, and my wrists were tied to the heavily loaded bar. My trussed-up legs were tethered to the bar as well, leaving my ass hole in perfect position to get plowed.

I recalled with that familiar mix of embarrassment and arousal the things I had done while I was under, and realized that Alpha had been controlling me in one way or another the entire time. My cock started to drool pre-cum steadily onto the fur on my abs. I started to pant from how badly I needed to cum.

“Oh! Alpha!” I babbled. “Please, please, I’m so desperate! Please sir I need you inside me so bad, please!” My speech was laced with little whiny yipping sounds.

Alpha had stripped off his own shorts, leaving only his tank top on. It was so hot that he was still somewhat clothed, while I was totally naked and completely immobilized. He sauntered around to stand at my ass hole. I gazed at him, my little human boss man framed between my giant clawed feet and enormously bulging furry legs. He stood smirking at me, then reached over and stroked my twitching doggy dick with a single finger. I was going insane with need.

“Well…you have been a good boy today. Are you ready for your treat?”

“Oh my God, please Alpha, please please give me your treat, I need your treat so bad, sir, please!“ I sobbed.

“All right, pup, here it comes.” My hole was already lubed from the dildo, so he just rammed himself balls deep in a single powerful thrust. I could handle it, but he did startle me and I barked loudly.

“Yeah,” he chuckled as he pulled out, “why don’t you tell the world there’s a huge fuckin’ dog in here getting dominated by his keeper? Speak!” He shoved his dick deep into me again. I gave the loudest, deepest “woof” I possibly could.

“Speak!” Another thrust from him. Another woof from me. “Keep going, dog!” My woofs continued to reverberate through the habitat each time Alpha plunged himself into me. Gradually, each bark got a little more drawn out than the one before, so that soon they were half-dog’s bark and half-human’s lusty moan, all at maximum volume. I hoped that guests walking by outside the building could hear how Alpha was dominating me so they would come see me trussed up and completely at his mercy.

Alpha went on like that. He slowed down; he sped up. When it seemed like I was getting a little too worked up, he grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed. It helped some, but after too long I was really struggling to keep it in.

“Uh! UH! Please sir,” I gasped, “Please slow down sir, I’m really close!” Alpha didn’t slow down.

“No, we’re gonna come together, pup,” he panted. Sweat was rolling down his face. “I’ll count to three, then we’ll come. Ready?

One!“ He pounded into me even more forcefully. I wailed in ecstasy.

Two!“ I groaned from the strain of not cumming.

Threeeee-yaaaaaoooooooooo!“ We both howled, a dog and his alpha-male cumming together. Knowing that Alpha was allowing me to share in his orgasm made it all the more blissful. I loved the simultaneous feeling of warmth inside of me and wetness outside of me where I was squirting myself in the face and chest. I licked my cum from wherever I could reach it. The rest would have to wait until I was untied. We howled and came and howled and came. Finally Alpha was spent, and so was I.

Alpha draped his arms over my shins, which were right about shoulder height on him, and let himself sag down. His breath gradually slowed back to normal. He wiped the sweat from his forehead on the bit of my leg fur that wasn’t covered in rope, then made eye contact with me.

“Very. Good. Boy,” he grinned.

“Thank you so much, sir! That was so much fun!”

Alpha sighed and gently pulled out of me. I felt empty without his dick in there, but consoled myself that there might still be time before lights out to get Dale to fill me up.

“How was your time in trance? Are you okay with everything you did?” Mister Jason asked. I gave his question a moment’s thought. It was important.

“Yes, thank you, sir. I enjoyed myself.” I smiled to show him I meant it.

“How about the bindings? You would have said something if the ropes were hurting you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes sir, they were quite comfortable. And yes, I would have told you right away if anything hurt. Thank you, sir.” He always asks these questions. Every single time. And that’s why I trust him to put me under and tie me up and do things to me in the first place.

“I’m glad. Now, Max. Legs or arms first?” Mister Jason always gave me some little choice or two to make it clear that I was in charge of my own body again, at least as much as any slave at The Zoo ever was.

“Legs please, sir. My feet are just starting to fall asleep.”

“You got it.”

Just as Mister Jason got me back on my feet and I was helping him stow all the toys we had used, we heard the park closing announcement. Up in the viewing gallery, the attendants and security officer started to gently shoo guests toward the park exit.

A pair of unbelievably sexy, muscular arms came from behind and caressed my chest. Dale and I can’t really hug each other from behind because we’re both so darn thick—even a hug from the front tends to just be clutching at one another’s ass or armpits. I know, such terrible problems to have, right?

“I was gonna wait until after bedtime snack for cuddles, but I want you now,” Dale whispered into my ear. His little mouth whiskers tickled my ear, making it twitch like crazy. Without a word, I grabbed his hand in mine and towed him double speed to the couches. I lay down sideways and patted the cushion in front of me so he would spoon with me. One of our couches is oversized, and just barely fits the two of us. He lay in front of me, using my arm as a pillow, and I licked the back of his head a few times. Then a thought came to me that I was super curious about.

“Hey, Dale?”

“Mmm-hmm?” he sighed happily.

“What do you and Mister Mike do in your privacy room while we’re doing Alpha time out here? You always say he only ever wants a blow job, but surely you’re not blowing him the whole time?”

He turned his head and looked at me for a long moment out of the corner of his eye. There was a tiny smile at the corner of his mouth.

“If you give even the tiniest hint that you know what I’m about to tell you, I will totally kill you,” he declared.

“Now I have to know!” I gasped. Dale looked at me with a bigger smile.

“We talk. About a lot of different things. And…”

“What? What?

“I hold him. Sometimes he holds me, but usually I hold him,” he murmured.

“Mister Mike likes to cuddle?“ I whispered.

“Yeah,” Dale smiled. “I’m not going to go into it, but he has some serious shit he deals with. His parents, his ex, his kids, stuff he’s been through that still haunts him. Some days are a real struggle for him. Honestly? He likes the blow jobs, but I think they’re mostly an excuse to get me alone so he can open up to me. And the physical contact is just kind of rejuvenating for him.”

“Oh my gosh, I never knew he had so much to deal with! He seems so much…stronger now that I know that.”

“I know what you mean, he’s probably the strongest person I’ve met in my life to struggle on with so much baggage. And I’m just totally humbled that he trusts me that much.”

“Of course he trusts you. You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, man or beast.” I nuzzled his neck. He reached his arm back as far as his bulging muscles would allow and rubbed my muzzle with his fingers.

“And you’re the sweetest creature ever to chase a laser pointer.” We both laughed, then I went back to grooming him. Maybe bedtime snack would be late tonight. I was getting hard again.


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